A pure and simple desire fulfilled

by Hetal Sagar, India

On Thursday, 8th February 2024 (Guruvar), the first puja of Guru Datta at the Mohanji Center of Benevolence, Ganeshpuri, was conducted.

Lord Datta at the MCB, Ganeshpuri

We had no plan to go, but a day before, Aditya Nagpal texted my brother asking if we were coming, and then suddenly, we decided to go.

We took sweets (prasad for offering) and mats for sitting. When we were about to reach Ganeshpuri, my brother called Aditya to pick him up as we were reaching his residence. He said we were early, so we decided to take Bhagwan Nityananda’s darshan first. We got down and started for darshan.

We had no plan to take anything with us, but the flower seller lovingly called us, so we took a garland and coconut for the offering. He also suggested that we go to the hot kunds first (there are many hot water kunds). They are said to have healing powers.

It is said that sage Vasishtha, Lord Rama’s Guru, held a great yagna for which he created many hot kunds here (more than 360) and installed Lord Ganesha’s idol, which is why the name Ganeshpuri was given to this place.

So we first went to the hot water kunds, dipped our feet in the warm and soothing water, sprinkled some water on our bodies and heads, and went straight to Bhimeshwar Mahadev Mandir. When Bhagwan Nityananda first came, he lived here in 1937. 

Then we went to Bhagwan Nityananda’s Samadhi Mandir. As it was early morning, there were only a few people, maybe 3-4. The atmosphere was quiet, serene, calm, and peaceful. The life-size idol of Bhagwan Nityananda (6th Avatar of Dattatreya) is so beautiful that it really seems that he is actually sitting and giving his darshan to his devotees; that loving and gentle smile on Bhagwan’s face is so captivating that one gets immersed in it. Feeling overwhelmed and with teary eyes, I stood before his murti (idol). 

Bhagwan Nityananda Samadhi Mandir

I just stood there, kept looking at him, and did not say anything. I thanked him with all my heart for calling us. The priest gave us the garland and holy water. And guess what? The same garland was placed around our Datta idol during the puja at the MCB by our Maharaj Rameshji. We can see the divine connection between Bhagwan Nityananda and the Lord here. This was truly majestic.

After the darshan, as we were about to leave, we came across many dogs and decided to feed them. What a lovely start to our journey. As we know, there are always 4 dogs besides lord Dattatreya, representing the 4 Vedas.

Then, we drove straight to the MCB in Ganeshpuri with Aditya. As we arrived, we came across another dog and fed him. And he was with us, just lying down during the whole puja. Isn’t that amazing?

There were a few items to be brought, so my brother and Aditya went to get them, and I stayed back. There was no one else, just me, Lord Dattatreya’s idol, and Mohanji’s eye card. It was so quiet and peaceful, just the chirping of birds, the barking of dogs, and the cool wind blowing. The land is beautiful, with trees around it.

I saw someone coming from afar, a Mohanji devotee named Ulla from Denmark. A wonderful soul, she is volunteering on this land. I learned a lot from her. After some time, they came with the necessary materials, and by that time, the priest also arrived. Aditya brought with him a big and beautiful picture of Mohanji. Looking at the picture, I felt as if Mohanji himself had come. I could not take my eyes off the picture. They kept it below the idol, and it looked amazing. And a desire arose inside me to hold that picture. 

Before the puja began, Aditya mentioned that the priest Rameshji Maharaj is Sulakhe Maharaj’s brother and has served 40 years in Ganeshpuri, and Sulakhe Maharaj served 40 years in Shirdi. What an incredible service by the brothers. I felt so grateful to be a part of this wonderful puja.

Some others also joined by then. There were a few of us, and everyone got to participate in the puja. Maharaj told us to sprinkle mustard seeds on the land and break a coconut on the gate. Then, after the puja, the seeds were to be sprinkled around the land, which Ulla and I did, chanting Lord Dattatreya’s name all the way. Some more people came afterward. Everyone took pictures, had prasad, and we had a great time.

After the puja, everyone left, and Aditya invited a few of us to his home nearby. As we were about to go, Aditya asked who would hold this picture of Mohanji and Lo! I became so excited that I wanted to go ahead and take the picture in my hand. I was so happy and fulfilled as I held Mohanji’s picture in my arms throughout the drive. As we reached and entered his house, we were invited by another bigger picture of Mohanji. Besides the picture, the soil from Shirdi was kept, which Sulakhe Maharaj gave along with udi.


Aditya started arranging chairs, switching on lights, and arranging things as we entered. And I was still holding the picture, even after a few minutes, he did not ask me to give him the picture. I wondered why he was not asking. Finally, I asked him where to keep the picture, and only then he took the picture from my hand. Mohanji let me hold his picture in my hand as long as I wanted, and no one took it from me until I gave it back on my own accord. I felt so grateful and happy. We had a lovely time together and shared some snacks, too.

Thank you so much, Lord Dattatreya, Mohanji, and Bhagwan Nityananda, for this divine opportunity. Thank you for fulfilling my inner desire; I felt deeply touched. I experienced a deep connection to Mohanji by holding this beautiful picture for a while. 

Pranams at the lotus feet of our Guruji Mohanji and the Datta Tradition.

Hetal holding the picture


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