My last wish: a story of healing and goodbye

by Preeti Duggal, India

Preeti Duggal shares her last wish as she witnessed an incident as Mohanji’s PA in Australia on 18th March 2024.

In Mohanji’s cozy chalet in Australia, there’s this particular room made of glass that feels like it’s always bathed in sunshine. It’s a peaceful spot where a statue of Baba is surrounded by constant prayers and a never-ending glow from a lamp. Recently, this room has become a sort of hospital for birds that got hurt really badly. Some of them get better here, but some of them end up passing away, surrounded by all the love and care from Mohanji and Baba’s energy.

Something really touching happened today (18th March 2023). I was bringing in Mohanji’s breakfast when Thea mentioned that the parrot we found hurt yesterday wasn’t doing too well. When I walked into the sunroom, I saw Mohanji there, gently giving the parrot drops of water mixed with some holy ash from Baba. It seemed like the bird was scared or hurting at first, but it started to calm down, its eyes half-closed and looking peaceful.

Mohanji then asked me to put some of the holy ash on the parrot while saying a prayer. We watched as the parrot’s breathing slowed and looked completely at peace. We left the bird in the sunroom and went back to the main area. Mohanji was checking his phone, but I could tell he was still connected to the bird, helping it in its final moments.

I went back to check on the parrot, and although it was still breathing heavily and its eyes were closed, it seemed totally at peace. Suddenly, I felt this urge to do a Mai-Tri healing prayer. My hands warmed up, and I could feel the energy flowing through them. It hit me that this wasn’t just any bird – it felt like it was a special soul, maybe a wise yogi or a spiritual Master, who had taken the form of a parrot. It seemed like it knew Mohanji would be leaving soon and wanted to make sure it didn’t miss the chance to leave this world surrounded by such a powerful, loving energy.

When I went back to where Mohanji was eating, he looked at me and simply said, “This bird came here to die.” That moment made me realize the depth of a Guru’s love, caring for every being’s smallest wishes.

This whole experience made me think about my own last wish. When my time comes, I hope my last moments are filled with that same kind of love and peace. I hope I can hear only Mohanji’s voice, see only his face, and think only of him. As I take my last breaths, chanting his name, my eyes only looking at his smiling face and only hearing his voice, I finally merge into his consciousness.


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