With Mohanji in Kashi 

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By Sanjay Acharya, Canada

I was thrilled to receive an invitation from the CEO’s office to attend the Varanasi Event in November 2023. It was an auspicious function called “Koti Parthiva Lingarchana.” For the welfare of the world and the preservation of dharma, the city of Kashi hosted a historic event in the month of Kartik (November). One crore (10 million) Parthiva Shivlingarchana was performed. Kashi is Avimukta, a city never forsaken by Lord Shiva. According to mythology, it was at this place where the Lingam of Lord Shiva was first established and worshipped on Earth as the symbol of his perpetual presence. That was why I was with Mohanji in the most auspicious city – Kashi (Varanasi or Banaras).

It was Thursday, November 21, 2023, morning; the group reached the most powerful temple of Lord Kashi Vishwanath. We were blessed to have Jagatguru Suryacharya Krishnadeonand Giriji Maharaj (Pithadhishwar Suryapith Gurustan Murlimandir, Dwarika) and Shri Sulakhe Maharaj of Shirdi with us. We were excited to have the holy darshan of Bhagwan Shri Kashi Vishwanath.

With Mohanji’s grace, we received VVIP passes for direct access to the temple entrance. I was just behind Mohanji at the first entrance. Someone explained that the group had VVIP passes to the security guard. The guard allowed us to enter, and we crossed the first step. Mohanji entered, and I followed. We reached the final security entrance, just before the temple gate. Suddenly, I saw that there was nobody from our group behind me. Something went wrong (I don’t know), and the security guard stopped our group’s entry. After some time, I saw only Sulakhe Maharaj behind me, no one else from the group! It was time to enter the most powerful Shiva Temple – Kashi Vishwanath. At the final entrance, I could enter the temple behind Mohanji (it was purely Mohanji’s grace). I saw that they stopped Sulakhe Maharaj from entering the temple, too!

Finally, Mohanji and I were the only people inside the Lord Kashi Vishwanath Shiva Temple. This was unbelievable! Was this a mere coincidence? Mohanji then offered the garland to the Shiva Lingam, and the very next moment, the priest (pujari) took the garland (which Mohanji offered) and put it on Mohanji’s neck. This was as if Lord Shiva was saying, “Mohanji, you and I are one; you are Shiva.” It was a precious moment to witness. Mohanji was looking at the Shiva Lingam, and I was constantly looking at Mohanji and chanting Mohanji Gayatri (Om Para Brahmhane……..). The connection between Mohanji and the deity was powerful, and I was mesmerised looking at my beloved Guru. It felt like I was in a space where nothing moved, nothing touched us, and in ananda (bliss). Only my Guru existed.

After this, the priest took another garland and put it again on Mohanji’s neck. For me, it was like the priest himself was offering a garland to Mohanji as if he recognized Mohanji as Shiva. Then, the priest took a couple of wet bilva patra – bilva leaf (Aegle marmelos Correa, Shiva’s favourite) from the Shiva Lingam and sprinkled holy water on Mohanji. The entire action appeared as though the priest was doing the rituals for Shiva in Mohanji’s form instead of the lingam.

Bilva leaf – Kashi

Obviously, I also received a few drops of holy water on me. I only looked at Mohanji and kept chanting Mohanji Gayatri, witnessing with deep love and emotions. Suddenly, the priest took one garland from the Shiva Lingam and put it on my neck. I was so happy to receive this prasad; I felt Shiva Mohanji had placed the garland on my neck! 

Before I could recover from the blessings that were being showered on me through these precious moments, one more priest stood a couple of feet away and observed Mohanji’s Leela. He had a bunch of garlands with him, too. He picked one with great enthusiasm and threw it at me in one swift movement. It was so fast, and before I realised it, the garland directly landed on my neck without touching my head, face, or even hair! I was so shocked and was looking at him with expressionless eyes! I was emotionless, expressionless, no tears, no happiness….no feelings…..Nothing!!!…..Just nothing; blanked out. Time stood still and there was only Mohanji as Shiva. 

Meanwhile, Mohanji stepped back and stood near the wall of the temple. It is a very small space inside the temple. Finally, my highest blessing moment was touching Mohanji’s lotus feet inside the powerful Kashi Vishwanath Temple. I did not want this most precious moment to end. It was like I was witnessing Lord Shiva’s Nirakar Roop (Formless) in the form of Shiva Lingam and Lord Shiva’s Sakar Roop (Physical Form) in the form of Mohanji. 

With deep gratitude, I surrender and offer every moment I witnessed that day at Mohanji’s lotus feet. 

Har Har Mahadev! Jai Mohanji!

Shambho Mahadeva!


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