Premiere: BTW with Mohanji in Munich, Germany – by Marina

Mohanji in Munich, the spring idilla


Dear all,   

To describe BTW session with Mohanji here in Munich on April 14th, I could just say „It rocked!“ and close this report. 🙂   

 That sense of clarity, empowerment and joy we felt. But of course there were also those more tender and gentle facets. Let me try to find the words to give you a better picture.   

First of all I am absolutely delighted that Mohanji has now „covered“ Germany from North to South so to speak (Hamburg, Friday 9. April and Munich, Wednesday 14.April 2010).   

Munich at peace


He touched people’s hearts deeply with his genuine way and it was amazing to see people’s transformation happening within one evening. What an incredible treasure of service to human kind Mohanji is doing by making himself available to us. What a wonderful „package“ through which we receive all the energy, healing, insight, time and widening of the heart. And there really are no words to describe my gratitude, joy and wonder about being part of all this.   

One of the messages I received today from a couple of meditators who joined our evening in Hamburg touched me very much. It was their reflection on the past days after Shaktipat, how well they feel, full of power, verve and vitality. And that they can not wait for the next opportunity to participate in the „Power of Purity“, with Mohanji and/or myself.   

During yesterday’s meditation in Munich we had again major releases of old stored inner baggage. People’s faces softened no matter how agitated their state was when they arrived. Opening hearts, smiles, lightness, peace and love prevailed. I would also like to mention that the actual location got transformed: Mohanji and I had noticed a significant shift in the atmosphere of the meditation room shortly after our arrival, before we even started the meditation. Mohanji was already seated in the front overlooking the room when he suddenly called me to „have a look“. And yes we were both staring into the space in front of us and were amazed how the aura of the room had changed, how it became still, yet sparkling.   

Marina and Mohanji, the glow


People who came in assumed their seats and remained in noticeable silence, all very naturally. After the Power of Purity meditation we rounded the session off with a new breathing technique, which was given to Mohanji already in Hamburg. He called it „drawing water from the well“ – for cleansing impressions from the deep past. While Mohanji chanted AUM everybody else was breathing in slowly, pulling the air from Muladhara chakra up to Sahasrara, and then letting the breath out in one quick drop, letting it fall out with a jerk of the stomach muscles. It had a great impact. People were collected during this exercise and afterwards. It really made everyone joining and becoming ONE, the whole group turned into one breath. Beautiful! 🙂   

One meditator from Berlin who joined us in Hamburg managed to come again all the way from Berlin to Munich. In Hamburg he went through deep cleansing. His experience brought him back and this time he was connecting to Mohanjis chakras, and their status was reflected now on him. He was much more clear, upright and together.   

The hug that says it all


One other surprise was a lady who had the inner pull to come all the way from Luxembourg. She had met Mohanji for the first time in India some time ago. And after that trip to India she always kept a photo of Mohanji in her purse (together with the pictures of her children) hoping to see him one day again. And just yesterday evening she realised the soul connection: she was Mohan’s mother in some past life.   

Mohanji and his 'mother' 🙂 - a soul connection..


Needless to say that Mohanji and her were overjoyed and touched by the encounter yesterday.   

We had people describing that after the meditation and Shaktipat they felt deeply touched, lighter/relieved, grateful and more at peace. One other lady’s family issues with parents and own children popped up. Her anger, stress and agony came through during the meditation and we talked about it later on. Mohanji encouraged her to have patience and recommended that with her continuous blessings of her family the relationships will improve, also if the current disputes seem unsurmountable.   

By the end of the evening the lady’s tensions had very much dissolved, in fact she was almost like a mellow cat. 🙂   

May I also share with you at least some snippets of the topics we covered during the Q&A after the meditation:   

– Shaktipat cuts old unnecessary bindings. When these cords of impressions get cut, a gap between one’s mind/intellect and one’s spiritual evolution appears. In this it is normal to feel confusion or like crying etc. We have to understand that mind and intellect are repetitive, whereas spirituality is evolutionary. But this gap will reduce in the course of time. However, a student has to have extreme patience. This gap could cause disillusionment hence steadfastness to one path is essential. Till the journey is completed. This disillusionment can cause physical, emotional or intellectual agony. Invariably a spiritual student is supported by a master suitable to his stature.   

– Connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness (e.g. focus on his eyes) allows us to participate in the big buffet. „Why do people settle for junk food when they have a big buffet in front of them – the big buffet of Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Krishna consciousness! Catch such consciousness NOW! Using this lifetime!“ Mohanji raised his voice, lovingly! 🙂   

– The difference between reacting and responding: reaction always comes from emotions. Responding comes from the intellect. The more you react, the more you are self-distructive. The more you respond using your intellect, the more balanced you are. But please note, intellect is not to be confused with the ego-mind!   

– We also talked about 2012 and the big chance for people to make a shift to higher consciousness. .. All that’s remaining to be said is:   

What a blessing that Mohanji was here! And what a perfect timing! It’s spring time, the season of growth and re-birth. And today is Vishu (new year in several parts of India). Happy Vishu! Blessings of well-being and prosperity to you! As fireworks is an important part of Vishu celebration you might appreciate my improvisation/ attempt to create a mini-inhouse- firework   

The Vishu Fireworks in Germany 🙂


 Well, one prediction we heard these days was that Mohanji will be coming more often to Europe in the future. Yes, please!  🙂   

Mohanji blending with the Maximilanstrasse look and feel, Munich


 Now, please allow me to thank all the lovely people and entities who – often even without being asked – offered help and support with my organisation and clearing of the events and locations. Sending you lots of love.   

May you have the strength to live and stand up for your truth.   


Grace of Mother Mary, BTW in April 2010

Mother Mary - one of the real apparition photos


Dear friends,  I would like to share with you the loving experience of our BTW in Muscat last Friday (April 8th). It was a great joy to have the chance to host dear Dr. Samata as our our guest in Muscat.         

Since she too was initiated into Shaktipat by Mohanji, and this being her first actual Shaktipat giving experience, I suggested that this time I will simply meditate with others, while Dr. Deepali and Dr. Samata should perform the Shaktipat (that was my unique opportunity). 🙂          

As soon as we started the meditation, I felt an instant and strong connection with Mohanji – tremendous build up of energy around the third eye. At one point, the heaviness of the body and “stone statue” effect hinted the presence of the amazing spiritual giant, Mahavatar Babaji, who has been showering us with blessings lately.          

At that exact time, Dr. Deepali gave me Shaktipat – it felt like a very, very heavy male hand, with the effect that intensified the “stone statue” sensation manifold. I was ‘frozen’, with no thoughts, no movement of any sort.     

The next thing I recall after some time was a warm, loving Shaktipat which made my heart expand – it was like a flower petal, which lifted me (the ‘frozen statue’) upward and brought about the most loving, motherly sensation of lightness. My entire being was rejoicing! That was Dr. Samata’s hand.          

Dr. Samata after BTW - with the loving glow of Mother Mary


I was amazed how strikingly different and profound both Shaktipats were – indeed, that evening a new dimension of BTW was revealed to me. Shaktipat is so sacred and the way it works remains a mystery – at times I wonder whether I am worthy of being its instrument…          

After the 2nd Shaktipat, I went so deep that coming out of meditation was extremely difficult. I would have given anything to remain in that state for some time more..  Eyes were sealed, body motionless, awareness expanded, heart exploding with Love…. With great struggle, I first moved one hand, then the other, and finally, after some time more, managed to open the eyes.          

As I observed the expressions of the people around me, I could tell that all were kind of  “stoned” and were still digesting the experience…          

Post-BTW expressions - Kamlesh, Vinod and Prof. Hassan


 I enjoyed the experience so much that suddenly a great joy overwhelmed me – I became the same old ‘bubbly Biba’ as we all shared our experiences. I was glad to hear that I was not the only one who “took off”, i.e. went so deep.          

Sudeep was still in a trance-like state and was not behaving like himself. He gave a few crisp statements about Dr. Samata and I both being very close to Mother Mary during the time of Jesus Christ (this was only a confirmation of the insights I received during past life regression in 2008..). He said that, at first, he thought it was me giving him Shaktipat and then only realized a subtle difference, but great similiarity between the two, and understood it was Dr. Samata.          

Sudeep after BTW - deeply touched


 I was looking at Dr.  Samata with so much love while Sudeep was sharing this, because, deep in my heart I knew that what he was saying was true. I could even see Mother Mary in her and that really touched me. She then shared that she felt ‘complete merging’ with me while giving me Shaktipat, and also felt very strong connection with Sudeep (above whom she even saw Mahavatar Babaji at the time of Shaktipat), and with Moushami, Dr. Deepali’s daughter, who is another sweet soul with Mother Mary connection.         

The Eternal Heart-melting Beauty of Mother Mary


 I could feel the tears welling in my eyes, especially because it now became clear to me why Dr. Samata did something completely out of the way for me, a total stranger at that time, when I was experiencing the bottom of my financial crisis in Dubai two years ago.          

I will briefly share that story with you now:          

In short, I reached a point at which I had no money, got kicked out of the temporary accommodation without prior notice, and simply had nowhere to go – the experience was agonizing. Moreover, Mohanji was in India at that time and I had nobody to turn to – I felt helpless. I asked a few friends whether they had a guest room to offer me as a temporary solution, but it so happened that, at that time, nobody had one available, and the only answer I would get was “Sorry, but….”          

Then Dr. Manjari told me about her friend, Dr. Samata, who was at that time living in the posh area of Dubai (Dubai Marina) and who, without any hesitation, offered me a room in her apartment on the 46th floor. In disbelief, I moved into a room covered with glass, with the most stunning view of Dubai.           

Dubai Marina and luxury of the "New York of the Middle East"


  As a result of this most unusual encounter, Dr. Samata got introduced to Mohanji and connected with him very deeply. Two years later, as it often happens on the spiritual path full of ups and downs that make us grow, Dr. Samata faced her own challenges of life and moved into another apartment, this time in Mumbai. And it so happened that the first guest she hosted in that apartment was Mohanji (during his last visit to Mumbai).          

Moreover, the wellbeing workshop that she recently conducted in Muscat was her first corporate workshop abroad – the person who picked her up from the airport was, again, Mohanji. 🙂          

Sudeep, (who also, like Mohanji,  lived in the time of Jesus, intensely connected with the Master), was happy to see Dr. Samata ‘shifting gears’ and becoming successful in her work internationally – and we all met at BTW last Friday, celebrating our soul connection in this most profound way.          

What a divine story – even Holly/Bollywood directors can’t match the plot.         

I don’t know whether you had this experience, but there is something so sweet about meeting people with whom we were connected deeply in previous lifetimes – no words are needed, no big intros. Through the eyes, the ‘window of the soul’, we recognize/remember so much – even the birth and death cycle and all the wordly Maya can’t nullify the soul connections – that what is genuine, of true Love, is never lost…          

Biba- photo taken in 2007, after experiencing Mother Mary in meditation


 With deep love and bright light from my heart to yours,          


Ganeshpuri Trip – Bhagawan Nithyananda’s Unexpected Welcome, 20 Feb, 2010

Young Bhagawan Nithyananda - original blissful image


The first time I heard of Bhagawan Nithyananda was on Jan 3rd, 2010 when Mohanji posted his “Growing With the Master” blog post. Until then, the only Nithyananda I heard of was the contemporary Paramahamsa Nithyananda. 

I thus I asked Mohanji bluntly: “And who is now this Nithyananda?” He told me that Bhagawan Nithyananda was a great Master, a real Avadhoota from Siddha Yoga tradition, who lived in the first half/mid of 20th century. Mohanji said that, speaking of Nithyananda, he simply felt the pull to mention this Master as well due to his amazing  stature. 

Furthermore, on 25 Jan, Mohanji posted “FAQ – The Loud Silence” in which he again mentioned Bhagawan Nithyananda (also known as Bade Baba, or ‘big Baba’, due to his height). I knew what this meant – Bade Baba’s presence was not leaving Mohanji’s inner space. 

The glaring thejus and shining third eye of Bhagawan Nithyananda


Little did I know that, on the subtle level, this “pull” from the great Master was his way of inviting Mohanji  to visit his holy abode in Ganeshpuri… 

The opportunity to do so opened up very soon –  in Feb 2010, since we were able to club this trip to the already planned Shirdi Trip on Mohanji’s birthday, Feb 23rd. I was happy to visit another Shaivic Master’s samadhi shrine, and was open for an adventure without harbouring any expectations. 

One thing is for sure – I never expected that the experiences at the abode of a Master I never heard of before would reveal to me so much about the true nature of our spiritual path. Indeed, it was like going home. 

This is the story of how this leela happened :-): 

There were several people who were supposed to join us, but, interestingly enough, in the end they all dropped off, except for Dr. Samata. Our merry trio was thus to head off to Ganeshpuri on 18 Feb, very early (3.30am) in order to reach our destination by 5am, as advised by Mr. Palival from Ganeshpuri. 

We were asked to reach there in time to participate in the morning invocations of Guru Gita at Swami Muktananda’s samadhi (Swami Muktananda was the direct disciple of Bade Baba who carried his legacy across the world). 

Muktananda, direct disciple of Bade Baba, left body in 1962


However, the taxi driver that Dr. Samata arranged got lost on the way, i.e. was not able to find our small hotel, and in the end reached almost an hour late! We were definitely not happy about it and prayed that, somehow, we reach on time for the invocation. 

And that is EXACTLY what had happened – it was a miracle how we managed to reach so fast – as if we flew on the road. Moreover, upon entering the Ganeshpuri campus, we realized there are so many junctions and no signs to guide us which turn to make. The driver did not know the way either. However, guided by intuition and Master’s grace, we arrived straight to Bade Baba’s samadhi and then had to come back to a nearby samadhi of Swami Muktananda where Mr. Palival was waiting for us. Everything flowed with ease, the atmosphere was purely satwic and, to my great joy, we also had sufficient time for a warm cup of chai at the canteen before the Guru Gita chants started at 5.30 am. 

As soon as we stepped into the hall and settled down (where many people were already seated neatly, with Guru Gita in their hands), the chanting began. It was as if they were waiting for us. The timing was so perfect. We immeditaely immersed ourselves into the bliss of Guru Gita (later on we bought a CD with Guru Gita chant in the voice of Gurumayi, direct disciple of Swami Muktananda – I play this CD almost every day now…) 

Gurumayi (Swami Chidvilasananda), direct disciple of Swami Muktananda


I must say that, for me, this was an unprecedented experience. The collective chanting and the atmosphere was overwhelming. There were two Indian men and one  western lady who chanted Guru Gita jointly (since it is like a Q&A between Lord Shiva and Parvati)  – their voices were blending so perfectly that it sounded like the music was coming straight from the angelic realms! The female voice was especially divine I loved it and simply soaked in it. The overall vibration level of the place was just superb – a true abode! 

Soon after the chanting was over, Mr. Palival took us to a charming and silent Swamiji, another direct disciple of Swami Muktanada. We soon met this frail, unassuming, and yet so radiant and profound man – Swami Sevananda (since he politely requested us to avoid taking his pictures, we obliged and hence can share with you only the one below, taken from the back.) 

Mohanji with Mr.Palival and Swami Sevananda, a direct disciple of Swami Muktananda


Swami Sevananda escorted us to Nithyananda Samadhi. This was indeed amazing and totally unexpected. We felt honored. It became all the more evident to us, that our dear brother Dipak Haksar has conveyed the message of our arrival there in great detail, and the whole Ganeshpuri reciprocated to his love and deep affection. 

Moreover, since the ‘coincidences’ and sincerity of people greeting us were so intense, it was clear to us that it was Bhagawan Nithyananda who was orchestrating it all. This trip indeed was His invitation without which nothing can actually take place (we were told that this happens to all those who are fortunate to somehow reach Ganeshpuri). We felt His divine presence in each little grass and stone of this divine abode – his energy, showered on us from the supraconscious realms, was so intense and unmistakable. 

Swami Sevananda soon ‘handed us over’ to a lovely man called Rakesh, the Chief Administrator at the Nithyananda Samadhi. He again invited us for a cup of chai and radiated so much love that we felt deeply touched – oh that beautiful home-like feeling, inner sense of recognition… 

His loving actions were way beyond common politeness. He felt especially connected with Mohanji – loving vibes were bursting out of both. He garlanded Mohanji, gifted him a scarf  – he simply did not know in what other way to express his love. 

Bubblying Joy and Embrace - Mohanji Honored With a Scarf By Mr. Rakesh, Chief Administrator


I was just observing all this and my heart was expanding with joy. I also noticed that something was happening in my inner space. Several times I felt a distinct tickle on the top of my head and soon understood – it is Bade Baba, blessing us. Oh, what a giant. His presence was felt so clearly –  the love that he showered us with made all of us so joyous that we didn’t know what to do with all that love :-). 

We soon stepped outside, in front of Samadhi mandir… 

Mohanji, Mr. Rakesh and Biba in front of Samadhi Mandir


… and Mr. rakesh took us for a tour to the most sacred places at Ganeshpuri: 

Entering Shree Kailas Nivas, Bhagawan's Holy Abode


As we entered Kailas Nivas, we again felt overwhelmed – I somehow felt that Bade Baba was above us like a cloud, merging with us, and guiding us to his most intimate places. It was amazing to see his personal items, touch his bed, favorite chair, see his photo images, feel his energy – we were indeed soaking in and breathing Bade Baba. 

Bhagawan Nithyananda's Bed - Mohanji in Deep Surrender


He opened all the rooms which are otherwise not opened, except for cleaning. It is usually not allowed to take photos at these sacred places, but Mr. Rakesh made an exception for us – after all, at one’s home, everything is allowed 🙂  It was indeed a “home coming” for all of us. 

There was something so enchanting about the chair on which Bade Baba used to sit – it felt it was just yesterday that he sat there… 

Bhagawan's Favorite Chair


I was so thrilled and eager to learn more and more about the spiritual giant of Nithyananda – I did not know his stature was that great and was surprized that I never heard of him before. 

Bhagawan in His Chair, Surrounded With the Devotees


It is a great honor to write a few words about this extraordinary Master, who, as Mohanji said, blessed the Earth by his presence. 

Just like in case of Shirdi Sai Baba, nobody knows when and to whom he was born as a child – Bade Baba was found by a village lady called Unniamma, who had a dream of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva bathing on the banks of a river. That vivid dream woke her up around 3.30amin – she decided to go to her landlord’s house rather early. It was raining and, after the flash of lightning, she saw with her own eyes a child lying on a bund, with a big snake behind it, as if protecting the child. It was Unniamma who brought up this unusual child who was clearly different (e.g. he loved to play pranks, like diving into a lake and disappearing for some time; would expalin difficult philosophical concepts with great clarity and wisdom at a very young age, etc). When he was ten years old, he embarked on a pilgrimage to Kashi, many other holy places and then Himalayas. His wandering (Parivrajaka) lasted for about ten years. He then returned to Kerala for a while, and then went to Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma. Some time later, he returned to South India, where he soon became famous due to many miracles that he performed and various siddhis that he displayed (like materializing things, appearing at several places at the same time, living undergrouond for many days without oxygen, food and water, walking on water as if it is solid (like Jesus Christ), talking to animals and sharing his food plate with dogs and cats (who would, in front of him, blissfully eat together), etc. 

He never stayed in one place for more than a few days, but, wherever he went, people flocked to see him. Just like Shirdi Baba, he distributed whatever was given to him before the day was over and never cared for fame. 

There are many interesting stories from Bade Baba’s life –  I’ll share one with you, just to give you a glimpse :-). 

One day he got caught in a train without a ticket and was asked to get off the train immediately. He obeyed without any complaint and was soon seen standing on one leg on the train station (as always, wearing nothing but his langoti around the intimate parts), his arms folded, with a big radiant smile on his face. For quite some time, the train just wouldn’t move – all were startled because nothing was wrong with the engine and there was no obvious reason why the train would not start. Then a few passengers approached the T.C. and Engine Driver, saying: “That man you ordered out, he is a divine being. Please take him back in the train.” And sure enough, as soon as Nithyananda boarded the train, it started. 🙂 

In 1923 he reached Mangalore. Surrounded by many devotees, at one point, he went into a Samadhi state and remained in the same for a long time. He was motionless, like a statue. Here’s a vivid description of what happened next: 🙂 

Bhagawan Nithyananda - 'the time was not yet'


Bade Baba’s Mahasamadhi was meant to happen at one place only – in Ganeshpuri, the only place where the wandering saint finally settled in 1940s and remained there till August 8th, 1961 – when he uttered the last words before taking Mahasamadhi: “Sadhu became Swami, Swami became Deva, and now it is Sthira Samadhi.” 

This was the first booklet (in a cute format of a comic) that I read from all the goodies we bought at the galleria in Ganeshpuri. Unlike Mohanji, it was only then that I understood just how amazing is the stature of Bade Baba – I was so deeply touched and felt so grateful that I got to pay the homage to this extraordinary Satpurusha. 

His abode, Ganeshpuri, is especially sanctified because of his continuous presence there at the latter stage of his life. I highly recommend to all who visit India to definitely come to this indescribably tranquil and serene abode of a Master, a great Siddha. As soon as you enter the temple you will undoubtedly feel the world slipping away and calmness and serenity descending on you. The blessed peace of most refined silence is tangible here. No voices are raised and people speak only when necessary. 

Bhagawan Nithyananda - Bursting With Causeless Joy and Unconditional Love


And yet, the place is brimming with joy – one feels expanded from within, deeply enriched. A Master who operated fully from the being level till date transfers that experience to all those who visit Ganeshpuri with a heart full of gratitude. 

There were so many amazing moments in Ganeshpuri that sometimes I had to pinch myself to believe all of this is really happening. Swami Sevananda, in his silent way, at one point invited us into the Samadhi Stan, which usually only priests enter. He also ordered a big mala and asked Mohanji to garland Bhagawan Nithyananda’s moorthy – I understood that he must have recognized something in Mohanji which prompted him to do this. Moreover, we were allowed to prostrate at the samadhi itself, which was followed by another surprize – Swami Sevananda paid money from his own pocket to arrange a Paada pooja for us -we were speechless. Those were such special, auspicious, sacred moments… 

After this visit, I understood Mohanji much more, and understood our spiritual path with further clarity. Can it be that simple – to JUST BE, radiate That, maintain purity, serve unconditionally, and everything just falls into place – there are no patterns, no rigidity, no big plans, no second agendas.. The path of the Siddhas, blessed by many Great Ones. And here’s a definition of a Siddha guru: 

“A Siddha Guru is a spiritual teacher, a master, whose identification with the supreme Self is uninterrupted. The unique and rare quality of a Siddha Guru is his/her capacity to awaken the spiritual energy (Kundalini) in seekers through Shaktipat.” 

Hm… sounds rather familiar 🙂 

All this was going on in my mind and brewing in my heart as we bathed in the energy of Ganeshpuri. 

We also attended the noon Aarati after which Mr. Rakesh, Dr. Samata, Mohanji and I shared many laughs, expressing sheer joy. 

Sheer Joy - Rakeshji, Mohanji and Child-like Dr. Samata


Mohanji was in his ‘full element’, radiating so much love  – and I could tell that Mr. Rakesh just could not let him go 🙂 

Magnetic Radiance


After enjoying a wonderful Satwic lunch, in the company of our dear Swami Sevananda (who again appeared before us to make sure we are fully taken care of), we bought many lovely CDs, books, insense and essential oil fragrances in the Galleria. 

Finally, Swami Sevananda took us to Muktananda Samadhi, which is not opened every day – we happened to visit Ganeshpuri during one of the two days in a week when it is open. Fortunately, not too many people were there, so we could sit there and meditate. Again, profound sensations in the inner space, expansion, joy… We then  attended the noon Aarati, with our hearts overflowing… 

It was so lovely to be in the company of Swami Sevananda, who shared with us many of his experience with Swami Muktananda and really showered us with love ( knowing that he has so many other responsibilities, we were truly honored by the amount of the time he gifted us). He was with us till the very last moment – in the end,he gave us the packets with prasad, sending us off lovingly. 

Leaving the place that so felt like home, we made a vow that we will return when possible and stay at least for a few days, simply to be… 

As we were leaving Ganeshpuri, I enjoyed sitting next to Mohanji in the car, observing how happy and deeply fulfilled he was – his entire being was smiling. 

Mohanji's Heart Smiling


We could not agree more with the following sign that we read in Ganeshpuri: 

“He [Bade Baba] is considered to fulfill anything and everything that a person wishes for in life, in a righteous way. It is an experience of all, that no one goes empty handed from His Great Pilgrimage.” 

I must confess that I was not supposed to join Mohanji for this trip, since I started working only a few months ago and already took too many leaves. But it was Shirdi Baba and Bade Baba, I know, who made sure I don’t miss this experience. The very thought of their love and grace brings tears to my eyes instantly……. 

With deep gratitude and surrender, 


BTW With Mohanji in Hamburg, Germany – sharing by Marina

Mohanji's hand - invoking the Light


 Dear All,   

I just got back to Munich and honestly I have no idea how to describe the marvellous and powerful day we had in Hamburg yesterday, Friday 09 April.  🙂   

First of all there were two very good reasons for me to be in a celebration mood:   

 1.     The first ever BTW & Shaktipat session conducted by Mohanji in Germany.   

Hamburg Welcomes Mohanji and the First BTW in Europe


 2.     Me/Marina meeting Mohanji in his physical form finally again after one year.   

Marina - Reporting from Germany, Sharing the Joy


My joy knew no bounds when I picked up Mohanji from the airport in Hamburg yesterday morning. I haven’t seen him since I left Dubai in February 2009. Although we are always connected, we never did this sort of a “first time ever meditation event” together. And here we were, together in the city were I grew up and studied, back in the country to which I return after 14 years abroad. Really special!   

Whereas we had a slighty overcast sky in the morning, by early afternoon when Mohanji and I were talking and preparing for the meditation the sky was royal blue and cloudless.   

Mohanji in Hamburg - Lake Alster


Please note that we have seasons over here and spring has only just arrived after a long hard winter. It is absolutely delightful now to observe the budding trees and blossoming flowers. One can feel that plants and animals are bursting to get back out. So in all this energy of spring, the time of rebirth, renewal and growth, Mohanji was about to conduct the first BTW session in Western Europe! 🙂   

But I better talk about the actual BTW event. Just how could I describe the indescribable?   

We opened the doors at 6:30 p.m., started at 7 p.m. and did not move from our seats until after 10 p.m.! A satsang of more than 3 hours 🙂  It included pranayama, meditation, Shaktipat – given by Mohanji and myself – followed by an intense and beautiful talk by Mohanji sharing his wisdom, insights and stories, as well as answering the questions of our meditators.   

I am not going to bore you with descriptions of the preliminary organisation of the evening. Of course I wanted to reach as many people as possible with the news that Mohanji (unknown here in the West) was coming over. So placing ads, making and handing out flyers, the room search/booking/ preparation (chairs, flowers, light…) etc kept me busy over the past weeks. But I enjoyed it very much.   

In the end we had people coming from London (friends with whom I already had BTW in London earlier were traveling all the way to Hamburg just to meet Mohanji!), from Berlin and the area in and around Hamburg.   

Mohanji and the BTW-ers in Hamburg


 Everyone who arrived was greeted by Mohanji with a big smile and hug, handshake or shoulder pat, then sat down and swiftly went into silence, with open or closed eyes. Mohanji was also sitting and ready to go… The heat building up inside of me was reaching a kind of a peak, still bearable though (Already in the morning, my energy levels were going up and, with every hour in the course of the day, my trachea/windpipe felt more and more like a chimney and the inner heat was rising constantly). Even before the meditation, we were all drinking lots of water to support the system.   

Mohanji in Hamburg - meditative state


After the welcome and a short introduction we went straight into aum chanting and pranayama. Going through the different breathing patterns I felt that we could easily spend a whole evening with Mohanji just practicing how to breath properly. And what a privilege would that also be! Anyway, vibration levels increased and we started the Power of Purity (German version).   

It was a lovely and receptive group and we sat in this wonderful, ever increasing space of serenity and peace. The atmosphere was very affectionate and personal, which made it really easy to let go of everything, just absorb the love stream and allow a profound inner connection to the divine energies.   

During the meditation it was palpable that people underwent very deep cleansing. One lady was having flashes of her past life, as she told us later on, another was faced with a very old, but actually irrational fear of death. Mohanji confirmed during the sharing afterwards how everyone had made significant shifts and released inner blockages.   

 Not everybody wanted to share their experience or ask questions, but that’s was OK too, of course.   

In any case, it was clearly perceivable that people were in a very deep state of introspection and/or “travelling” during the meditation. The love energy in the room and the shiny eyes were unmistakable after we “returned”.   

Mohanji and the ladies - the glow


Giving Shaktipat with Mohanji present was just wonderful and I felt deep gratefulness for this opportunity to let others benefit from the higher healing energies, deep love, joy – and purity.   

And the beauty is also in the spectrum of experiences we had – there was depth as well as lightness in all of this. Laughter and tears, movement and stillness, questions and confirmations, sense of humour and matter of fact, … all natural, all authentic.   

Mohanji and post-BTW smiles in Hamburg


One new challenge for me was to keep pace with Mohanji’s talk as I was translating into German what he was saying. And I have discovered that also translating “through the third eye” works! Mohanji talked about many important things, the soul and its liberation, about various masters, spiritual “laws”- all spiced with lovely stories and experiences from his own life or quotations from the old scriptures. We could have sat with him forever.   

In fact, after we finished and got up people naturally surrounded Mohanji again, hugging him, asking questions, taking photographs. ..   

With a review of all those impressions and a light meal in a nearby restaurant Mohanji and I ended the day just before midnight. A long but magnificient day it was.   

Mohanji Smiling Behind the Image of a Hamsa (the great Swan)


And about the “miraculous phenomena” I experienced with Mohanji –  like how the heavy traffic just vaporised when I had Mohanji in the car driving through the city from his hotel to the location of the meditation, or those animals and smiling  children that kept popping up and surrounding us the minute we sat down somewhere … – well, I might talk about this some other time. 🙂    

Enough for now.    



P.S. BTW Munich with Mohanji next Wednesday!   

Mohanji's Hand - "Blessing The World"

English to Hindi – Baba’s Grace Witnessed, by Dr. Deepali

What is this English to Hindi? And…what is witnessed? We are all so conditioned by our languages and barriers of various kind, that most of the time we remain blind towards the grace that transcends all such barriers and is showered upon us when we expect it the least. For this reason, I would like to share with you something that I witnessed which helped me in going beyond the language barrier, going limitless and embracing a miracle unfolding before me. 

Deepali and Sanjay at Baba's feet after BTW, 26 March

The story goes like this…..

One day I told Mohanji that we really need to have Power of Purity meditation recorded in Hindi – because Hindi is our national language!  There are sooooo many Indians who do not understand English – how can they benefit from this meditation in English? Mohanji agreed instantly.

I asked for the script immediately. But somehow it never reached me until 3 weeks ago. I was busy with my work till March 2010 and understood later on that the timing was indeed a Divine plan.

Friday the 12th March… after meditation, I asked for the script again. Few days have passed. It was Wednesday 17th March. I have a habit of checking mails in between my work. While being busy with my patients and teaching, around noon time, I saw this mail from Biba…. … “here you go dear Deepali- for translation! ” Frankly, I could not resist opening this mail and printing the script.

I do not know what happened after that. I only know that it wasn’t the same Deepali. There was a complete shift in my consciousness. I immediately started doing the translation.

Let me tell you, I am not very friendly with languages. It is not my expertise. In fact I have suffered many times due to inefficiency in languages. But this shift of consciousness was so strong that, I just started playing with the language, and it went so smoothly. I completely submitted myself to the Existence and the translation got done within 24hrs, including the time for routine household, work and sleep as well!

The real punch of the story is not the way the translation happened, but the way it was revised and recorded in Mohanji’s voice!

On the following Friday, after meditation, I decided to read the script for him. That scene was beautiful. He gave me Sai Baba’s prasad to eat and said,

“Ok. Now read. Baba will speak.” Wow. While I was reading, he was continuously looking at Baba’s photo in his altar. Nodding his head, he would say, “Ok. Go ahead. Baba accepts this”.  Then, “No, Baba said that you have the freedom of adding a few more words to deliver the proper meaning in Hindi”! Beautiful! Reading was over within 15-20 minutes.

The real challenge was ahead. Mohanji has lost touch with speaking or writing in Hindi. He had learnt Hindi during school time. Apart from the experience of answering in Hindi during Kumbha Mela, which was also his testing time, he said he does not speak Hindi. We wrote the entire Hindi script in English transcription!…  aramse baithiye….. etc. 🙂

On the day of recording, though he was too busy with work, he still managed to further revise the script with my husband Sanjay and myself. Straight from the work, we reached the recording studio. Next one hour was completely different experience for Sanjay and me.

Mohanji in the flow of reading out BTW script in Hindi

As Mohanji put on the headphones and uttered the first word…… surprisingly, his voice was completely different…. deep and divine, full of power and compassion. He delivered emotions of each word with his voice. He had difficulty in pronouncing a few words.  

I am not very subtle in understanding, but what I saw was- Baba was present and He was very serious, sitting full time behind Mohanji.  Whenever Mohanji would get stuck with words and struggle 2-3 times, Baba would look at him and me. Pacifying us, but at the same time in powerful action. And then a miracle would happen before our eyes and words would just flow through Mohanji. I was confused and thought “Is he speaking the same words as I wrote?!”  It sounded totally different. Mohanji gave life to those words.

A smile that means "It is completed!"

I am not hallucinating. I am a person of reason and science and I can not accept miracles easily. Being a medical doctor, I like to talk evidence-based. I was introduced to spirituality just 1½ year ago. Slowly, I am able to understand the blend of spirituality and science. This happening confused me in the beginning. But, knowing Mohanji’s Hindi before and comparing that with what happened during recording, this event re-enforced the truth in me that anything is possible when divinity is at work. I own my experience. I also leave it open for all of you to experience. 

Recording was over within 20 minutes only. We had to edit/re-record only 3 short sentences! Astonishing!

After the recording was over, Mohanji looked fully exhausted, drenched with sweat. The AC was supposed to be off during recording, but that was not the reason for sweating. I had seen Biba recording in the same studio, but she did not sweat so much after her recording. Mohanji later explained that.

Furthermore, he completely lost his voice! He could barely speak as if he had voice only for the recording in Hindi! It took 2 days for his voice to recover.

Total time required for recording and editing was just 2 and a half hours. We did not have any problem with editing. Computer worked well, recording system also worked effortlessly. As if the whole thing was properly planned by Baba.

Mohanji’s response to the whole happening (in his words) was:

……. “Indeed, Baba was present. I was worried about my accent. How much ever I try, I will still have the Malayalam accent. Apart from that, there is no problem. There were very less re-takes, considering the fact that I do not know Hindi, its pronunciation and dictum. Baba arranged everything. This was His will”. …….

Mohanji also explained that he underwent a massive expansion during recording due to Baba’s presence. Then he had sudden contraction when Baba left after meditation. This sudden and massive shift in energy caused this exhaution and sweating! He said wittily, “Don’t you sometimes get exhausted after giving Shaktipaat?”  This satisfied my medical mind.

Mohanji smiling after recording of BTW in Serbian, March 2010

This was a very powerful experience for me, as I witnessed, ‘Impossible becoming possible’; there is nothing like… ‘I can’t do it’! or ‘I am not an expert’!… Limitlessness!… our true tradition.

It was also the first time for me to witness ‘Present becoming Past through me’ (I had this ‘history in making’ feeling – I truly witnessed the happening that, once recorded, the meditation lives forever)! It was also great learning of ‘accepting realities without reasoning’.

The “Power of Purity” meditation is all about cleansing ourselves and preparing for higher learning. The “Power of Purity” is also about love and compassion – it tells us that we have no enemies, no hatred.  We spread only love and remain always grateful to all and to the Existence. Children are future. They too should be exposed to this thinking. It is our responsibility. Let’s meditate with them. Let’s take them with us. The Shift is approaching. This is Baba’s message.

Let this Hindi meditation reach everywhere and spread the message of love. Let it clean the baggage of karmas from this planet Earth. This is the ‘seva’ we should do.

Let’s copy and distribute CDs of this meditation. For those who have access to schools, please make an attempt to conduct this meditation in the schools as well.

Biba has already translated and recorded this meditation in Serbian language as well.

Biba at the studio during recording of BTW in Serbian

Bengali and Marathi translation is on the way. Please come forward to translate into other languages too. 

Both Hindi and Serbian versions are uploaded on the site

Please download, listen and conduct the Hindi meditation, and experience the grace.  

Mohanji, Sanjay and I sincerely thank you for this opportunity to do this wonderful seva. I also sincerely thank Denny who helped in recording and editing.

Dear BTW friends, I wanted to share this divine experience with all of you. I thank you all for reading it. Sai Satcharitra explains, “By narrating experiences one had directly with the Master, you are offering the same grace to readers and listeners”.

Mohanji, I am grateful to you for plunging me into a situation in which I could get this amazing experiential understanding of higher learning.

With love, gratitude and complete surrender,


Outpour of love from Shernaz

Dearest Guruji,

I wanted to write personally to thank you for the lovely divine experience we all had last Friday, April 2nd. We were just 5 devotees present that day (Ma, Sarika, Abdul Rahim, Rekha and me) but the intensity was so very strong, unlike anything we’ve EVER experienced before. 

Shernaz and an orb of a Master after one BTW in Dubai...

 Friday morning, immediately after finishing Sai Saptah at home, your face was continuously appearing in front of me. I felt that I was completely soaked with Baba and your divine energy. I was overwhelmed with devotion towards my Guruji.  Tears of love and joy were flowing down my cheeks and that moment I had the urge of keeping your big pictures in my Mandir and my room.

Before the BTW meditation, I picked up 2 pictures of yours to bring them home. Then, while waiting for others to come, I connected with your 3rd eye to seek your blessings. The connection was so strong that I felt you were standing in front of me and blessing me. When the tape started and we heard your voice, the connection became more intense and I got completely soaked with your energy. I immediately felt the presence of Babaji and Baba and thanked them for being present in the room to bless us. Before Shaktipat I always express gratitude and seek the blessings from Masters and you, my dear Guruji.

 This time while giving Shaktipat, the flow of energy was in surplus.  I sensed as if a tap was open and a spurt of energy was flowing from my arm and I felt a strain to lift my hand from devotees head. I gave them Shaktipat twice and that too for a longer time.  Just then the CD stopped, for whatever reason. I thought for a moment that, if Dr. Pradeep was present now, he would just continue with his yoga.  I was helpless and instantly sought your help mentally. Rekha got up and put another CD, and so we started meditation all over again. This time the CD was OK.  Mohanji, wasn’t this a divine plan to make us receive even higher dosage of divine energy??  Well, that’s what I felt. So off we went for another lovely blissful journey. Devotees had triple dosage from me and then Ma also gave us Shaktipat. So can you imagine how much divine energy we all soaked in??

 As usual, after the meditation, no one wanted to open their eyes. I’ve never seen Abdul Rehman radiating so much of divine energy as I did that day. We all know that he is a lovely soul, but on Friday, his face was SHINING with divinity. He went on thanking me for giving such powerful Shaktipats. I told him that I was just a medium and that he should thank my Guruji and the Masters that were present that time. Even Sarika was lost during meditation. She usually complains that she finds it difficult to meditate, but that day, the experience was very different for her. Ma also came to me and kissed me saying that she enjoyed the Shaktipat. Why was this meditation a little different and much more intense than the rest??

 Guruji, no words are enough to THANK YOU for all that you have done for ME and my family. You have changed my life completely and brought me closer to spirituality. My devotion for you is growing more and more each day.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

 I feel that some of your devotees are rather ignorant. They think that they will benefit only when you personally give them Shaktipat. They feel that Shaktipat given by others has less or no effect at all and hence they do not attend  BTW meditations every Friday. They only come when you are present. How to tell these devotees how much they are missing…

Thanking you once again.

 In Baba’s yaad,



Mohanji’s reply:

Mohanji - loving expressions, April 2nd

My dear Shernaz,

This was an event, not just a meditation. Eligibility was the factor here. You wanted my picture and it came to your hands. This is Baba’s leela. Mohan and Baba – We are one consciousness and not separate from one another.

I have written about the spiritual seekers in my latest blog post, “The dharma of existence”. Some people will come and go. Some people will stay. Some people will travel with us through the end. We need not be worried. What Baba told me right in the beginning was, “I am sending people to my own meditation class. You and I are one. Even if one person comes, conduct the meditation as normal. Never stop it, unless I tell you.” Honoring this command, I am doing all these unconditionally, without any expectations.

I know that people do not understand that whoever I have empowered to do Saktipat, are myself. They are operating in my consciousness. The effect is just the same. In fact, I am doing Saktipat through them. They shift to my consciousness during that time. All of you have experienced that shift in energy and consciousness and there is no need for further proof.

So, let’s not worry. It is our faith that matters. Shernaz is Mohan as much as Mohan is Shernaz. One consciousness. Whenever you connect to me, you are becoming me. You are certainly experiencing this too. Just stay with your experience. Just stay firm with your faith.

You are connected to me in this life and beyond. You were connected to me in your past lives too. This is no co incidence. We all are here because of the divine collaboration. We are here to serve the dharma of existence.



The Mighty BTW on Good Friday, April 2nd – Mahavatar Babaji’s Grace


Spreading the Joy!


Dear friends, 

I will never forget how special yesterday’s Good Friday was. We had a few dear guests from Dubai, and Sudeep also had guests from India, so we all met during the day and enjoyed a lunch at Sudeep’s villa, followed by the bliss of the warm wind, sound of waves and all other wonderful sensations the beach can offer. 

Moushami and Mohanji radiating right from the Being level


We all felt great joy for no reason and Mohanji especially was radiating so much love and happiness – we were all hugging him, joking around – the whole day was just was so sweet, vibrant and lovely! 

Cute smiles - Hrishi, Mohanji and Sudeep


But of course, the photo session could not end without us ladies gathering around Mohanji for a group photo 🙂 

Mohanji and the ladies


After a small break, we all gathered together again in the evening for BTW in the Qurm villa. The place was packed but we managed to create enough space in between people for performing the Shaktipat. 

From the very beginning we felt a mighty energy presence descending upon us like a cloud. I felt like a hollow bamboo and was especially spaced out after Mohanji gave me Shaktipat. I could feel an intense presence of a Shaivic energy and it took me some time to get up to perform Shaktipat because body was slowly becoming immobile (luckily I got up just on time before the body ‘froze’). After some time I understood – it must be Mahavatar Babaji, only his energy is that intense and overpowering with love.  

It was a great honor to perform Shaktipat and merge with that energy, disappear in it… I could feel that all were going very deep and, for most, receptivity for Shaktipat was superb -I could feel their bodies were becoming like stone statues and many had difficulty in raising their right hand into a blessing position. 

By the very end, I reached Sudeep and Hrishi, and at that time intense presence of Mother Mary, followed by that of Jesus, overwhelmed me completely. I melted and melted in their love, my heart was bursting with joy and gratitude, and did not feel like ending the Shaktipat – I could feel their presence so clearly, their love so immense and pure – those moments were so deeply sacred, so special. What a wonderful way of marking/celebrating Good Friday, indeed… 

When the time to open the eyes came, half of the people could not do so – they just continued to sit there like blissful statues, or opened the eyes but continued to gaze at the distance still experiencing that powerful energy in their inner space… 

Vaidehi and Hrishi right after BTW


The ladies to my left looked especially beautiful, with a profound expression in their eyes – that of deep love and heart-melting vulnerability. 

Mrs. Vinod, Rajeshwari and Dr. Deepa - post-BTW expressions


Mohanji did not say anything about any Master’s presence. He did not even talk about it. But, many of us, including me, felt the presence of Mahavatar Babaji. Incidentally, before anyone could say that, Mohanji started narrating his personal experiences with Babaji. 

In short, he spoke about his first experience with Mr.Teong, the “Babaji boy” in Malaysia, who is always in meditation and communes with Babaji 24/7. That was his first experience with this great Master who taught him a special mudra through Teong. Mohanji narrated how Mr.Teong always keeps a small, laminated picture of Babaji, with him, which he does not show to anyone. He does not even allow anyone to touch it and carries it always in his shirt’s pocket, next to the heart. This was the gateway for him to reach Babaji’s realm. However, he gifted that same picture, as per Babaji’s instruction, to Mohanji before they parted. It was a touching experience. It expressed the true unconditional love of a sadguru and reflection of that love through his perfect disciple. 

Then, he described how he met Mr. Scott Key who also communes with Babaji often and lives in isolation. Soon after meeting him, Mohanji had a direct communion with Babaji, in 2005. And then, in 2007, he had a six hour long communion with Babaji while in Dubai, which I also partially witnessed (he was completely immobile and his entire body, especially the face, was glowing). He also mentioned about a few prophesies and predictions, which need not be thought upon at this point in time. 

Post-BTW Joy and Lightness, April 2nd, 2010


All in all, the whole talk on this Friday was about Babaji – how He communicates, how it feels when his presence overwhelms or inner space,  how he reaches us only when the time is right, His message, etc. I have never heard Mohanji explaining his personal experiences with any Master in such detail and was wondering how come this happened now. 

Later on, I understood why. 

Rajeshwari (who came with her family from Mumbai to visit Sudeep and meet Mohanji, and attended BTW for the first time), said that she never experienced that kind of effect during meditation – her body completely froze and the grip of energy, the blank state of pure Beingness, was just so amazing, that she didn’t want to come out of it. Moreover, during BTW, she felt a certain presence which touched her heart deeply. For many years now she’s been praying and thirsting INTENSELY to meet/experience Mahavatar Babaji, but it never happened. She could not understand why and wondered what else to do to reach Babaji. She had many questions about Babaji in her mind and, during this elaborate experience sharing, Mohanji answered them all. She was overwhelmed.  

Abhijit and Rajeshwari connecting deeply and receiving healing from Mohanji


It is amazing how the Masters work and fulfill our deepest desires when the time is right – if we ask with sincerity, with intensity, our wish shall be granted when we expect it the least, in the ways our mind cannot even fathom/imagine.  Rajeshwari was amazed how she happened to come to Muscat, met Mohanji and attended BTW without ever thinking that she could experience he beloved Mahavatar Babaji in that way – because her thirst was so strong, she benefited so much from meeting Mohanji. Her husband Abhijit was very receptive as well, which is why the effect of meditation and Mohanji’s presence was immense. 

All in all, to end my account of yesterday evening – Rajeshwari’s and everyone’s questions were answered in detail. This was one of the longest Satsangs ever. Mohanji kept on explaining and no one wanted to leave. He answered everyone’s question with his usual clarity and simplicity, as well as humor. 

Actually, right from the lunch time, Mohanji was in expanded state and some people who were around him, developed a headache due to the high energy. Everything settled down properly and all illnesses got cleansed with the meditation and Shaktipat. Everyone was happy and relaxed in the end. 

Big time churning and cleansing happened, not only in Muscat, but also in Dubai where meditation was going on at the same time (Mohanji mentioned during our Satsang in Muscat about his presence in Dubai, where his consciousness was present at the same time – I smiled when I read Shernaz’s mail about the overwhelming experience all of them had – so sweet…). 

By the end of our Satsang yesterday, Mohanji smiled and said: 

 ‘I give all that I have, I give fully – not 99%, but 100% always. I never tell you to come back again to get more. That is not my tradition, nor my path. I fill up your vessels completely, according to your individual capacity – I give you all that you can take.” 

“We are talking about centuries of samskaras, centuries of karma. Cleansing takes time. You need patience and persistance. Meditation may be the same, but it is used only to bring people to a certain level of awareness. I am doing 80% of the work, you just be open and receptive. I am the annihilator.” 

Mohanji, being himself, simply Being...


Thank you for reading one more BTW sharing of experiences and joy. 

Stay connected, through the loving Light of the Masters/Divine that unites all of us.