Mohanji – The Heart of Kailash

A loving and sweet devotee of Mohanji had such a wonderful “dream” of Mohanji. This vision truly is a message for all of us. She has kindly offered to share her dream:

There stood Mohanji, the same Mohanji in different shading
There stood Mohanji, the same Mohanji in different shading

“There stood Mohanji, the same Mohanji in different shading, under different colour spotlights, I was asked by The Divine, White light to choose one. Normally I go for green, red or even yellow but this time I choose grey, charcoal. It was the colour of Kailash. I choose Mohanji surrounded by grey. Then I get a clear instruction from Pure Light: “The more Mohanji touches soul beings the darker he gets (not dark soul, but he will resemble Kailash)”. “He becomes the heart of Kailash, Shiva himself, his physical appearance will be Kailash”. Oh my gosh “The Heart of Kailash.”

This communion with the divine is mind blowing. Mohanji was seen with different lights that illuminated him. His color changed from red to green to blue and so may other different colors. This indicates that Mohanji is a reflection of our own mind. We see Mohanji with the condition of our mind. Some need a father figure and see Mohanji as a father. Some see Mohanji as a teacher, a friend, a Guru, a brother, even a menace to society and a fraud. But these are all only a reflection of what is in our own mind.

But once we see past the conditionings of the mind we start seeing the true Mohanji. We require light to see with our physical eyes. Without light, the physical eye can not see. Similarly when we see without the conditioning of our mind we see the truth. That is symbolically shown when the color “grey” was chosen in the communion. A dark color showing the absence of the illusion of light that we are conditioned to see with. Grey also represents ash; the sacred ash which is symbolic of total annihilation of all terrestrial identifications. This is the same ash that Shiva wears on his body. It has great symbolism.

Mohanji is the every essence of Kailash.
Mohanji is the every essence of Kailash.

Once we see without seeing, we reach a state where we experience (not see) Mohanji and at that time we realise that Mohanji is the “Heart of Kailash”. Kailash represents that formless powerhouse that holds the universe together. Kailash is like the mountain that equally helped devas (gods) and asuras (demons) to churn the ocean of milk. That non-biased entity that sustains the universe by “just being” and not by intentionally acting.

He is the every energy of the universe that sits still witnessing and sustaining.
He is the every energy of the universe that sits still witnessing and sustaining.

Mohanji is the very essence of Kailash. Yes he is Guru, friend, protector, giver of spiritual blessings etc…. But he is more than all of these. He is the every energy of the universe that sits still, witnessing and sustaining. He is the “Heart of Kailash”.

Mohanji and the Path of Pathlessness as I See it

By Hein Adamson

I first met Mohanji 3 years ago and in that time I have learned a lot and seen a lot. I have had the privilege of seeing my Guru in different contexts and situations and I have spent close, intimate time with him for extended periods. Mohanji’s Path, the Path of Shiva, the Path of Pathlessness, is both challenging and at the same time effortless, simple and yet mysterious, plain yet indescribably beautiful. The purpose of this writing is to share some of the things I have learned and seen, to share some of the pitfalls and glories of the journey thus far.

The Love Unconditional and the Love Relentless
The Love Unconditional and the Love Relentless

The Love Unconditional and the Love Relentless

One of the things that drew me to Mohanji is that he lives by what he teaches. He embodies and exemplifies his teachings and the fundamental teaching, the base of his tradition, is unconditional love. I have never seen or experienced anyone who expresses that as explicitly as he does. I have seen him spending hour after hour and day after day concerned for an individual half a world away, he will not rest until he has made every conceivable effort to bring some relief and solace to one who is suffering, who is lonely, who needs a helping hand or who needs to feel that someone cares.

Of course, we are free and we often choose to suffer as I myself have chosen many times. But Mohanji never lets us go, he walks with us every step of the way, in my case, every need is being taken care of and provided for by my Guru, from the totally mundane like food and shelter, to the totally sublime like purpose, elevation and belonging.

I have often disregarded his guidance and his teachings only to fall flat on my face and come crawling back to his feet and time after time, without fail, he welcomes me with open arms. Many people have said negative things about me to Mohanji, to the effect that he is wasting his time on me and a host of other discouraging things, but he never sways, he has remained objective and pulled me up inch by inch. I have nothing to offer, I have no skills which could be exploited and no money from which he might profit, it’s all love and only love.

I am not the only one either, I know of a few cases in which he personally sponsored seekers and devotees to enable them to travel with him, to join him on a retreat or to take a pilgrimage with him and there is zero expectation of return from anyone. It goes even further even that: many people who have been on the receiving end of gifts from Mohanji, who have had life transforming experiences in his presence, have, in the height of ingratitude, betrayed these gifts and gone so far as to spread the most heinous and brazen falsehoods about him. Yet despite this he remains unaffected and his love remains undiminished, no one is ever rejected, no one’s welcome is ever worn out. Once you are a part of Mohanji’s family, you will never be without family again.

The Master and the Mirror.
The Master and the Mirror.

The Master and the Mirror:

He has no agenda whatsoever outside of delivering to the person who comes in front of him according to their eligibility. He never worries about the future, he never worries about the next year or the next day or the next hour, he flows form one moment to another with a grace and elegance seldom seen in this world. I have travelled with him for 27 uninterrupted days, spending nigh on 24 hrs of the day with him, long enough know that this is genuine and cannot be pretence, no one could maintain that level of grace and flexibility for that long if it weren’t real.

There have been scientific experiments conducted on Mohanji which evince that he has essentially no mental activity (see ). I once asked him whether he ever meditates and he replied as follows: “I have no mind, what will meditate?” There have been occasions when I am contemplating on Mohanji, trying to better understand who and what he is and arrived at the conclusion that there is no such thing as Mohanji. What we are seeing when we look at Mohanji is nothing more or less than a reflection of ourselves. He is a perfect mirror, empty, pure and objective. The Masters all share this quality of emptiness and reflection, they become the person who is in front of them. When I came to him with doubt, he reflected doubt, when I came to him with anger, he reflected anger and when I came to him with love, he reflected love. I have seen this time and again with many people who have come in contact with him. He always says that his job is to guide us to ourselves, to reveal ourselves. I often think of Mohanji and become very uncomfortable, I have to wonder, at those times, why am I feeling this way when he represents love and liberation? Contemplating thus I inevitably come to the point where I realise that I am not uncomfortable at all, it is the “devil in me” that becomes restless. But what is it? What is the devil in me? That’s an easy question to answer: It is my mind…

The Infinite and the Mind.
The Infinite and the Mind.

The Infinite and the Mind:

For the vast majority of us the only operating platform we have ever known is the mind. The mind through which we perceive the world is little more than a bundle of impressions and conditioning, it is a garbage bag where we keep all of our baggage and our junk. Mohanji and the rest of the Enlightened Masters throughout history have always been without this garbage bag. They operate not from the mental plane but from the plane of consciousness which has no boundary and no limit. This, I think, is why we find it so difficult to understand them.

We try with limited faculties to understand the unlimited, we try to understand divine expressions using terrestrial means. Try as you might, you will not succeed. I have tried, I have tried my entire life, over and over again to grasp the consciousness that Mohanji represents, to fit it into some sort of neat criteria or frame, to give it some sort of identity, but it is too alive to be put into a box that way, just when I think I know what he is about, he frustrates my conclusion by expressing something else. The fault, I have realised, lies not with him but with me. He is available, he is accessible, he is near, but to access Mohanji you have to become Mohanji and to become Mohanji, Hein must cease to be, he has to die his natural death every day.

The Spontaneous and the Liberated.
The Spontaneous and the Liberated.

The Spontaneous and the Liberated:

I have never known Mohanji to be contrived in any way, nor have I known him to plan anything beforehand. Everything happens now, expressions happen now, giving happens now, liberation happens now. This moment is his only reality, he completes what can be completed now and leaves nothing half-finished with the idea that he can do it later. Whatever comes his way is accepted fully, he offers no resistance to any development or situation nor does he hold on to any emotions. I have seen him put on a show of anger for the sake of a seeker, he will blow up entirely and then be laughing the very next moment. He is not bound or enslaved by these expressions. He remains detached.

There was at one point going to be an ashram in India which fell through. At a time when he existed basically as a nomad with no base and really no rest, a place to settle would have been a welcome relief. But despite the fact that it did not work out, he went about his business as though nothing had happened. He has faced revilement, jealousy, rejection and open enmity but continues to flow and to love unconditionally no matter the circumstance.

The Purpose and the Mission.
The Purpose and the Mission.

The Purpose and the Mission:

Mohanji is the most intense and productive person I have ever met. There is literally not a moment which passes him by without being utilised. He sleeps very little, sometimes as little as 3 hours a night for a few nights in a row and even then is busy functioning and carrying out his mission on other planes and dimensions. Every breathe he takes, every movement, is loaded with clarity and purpose. He is totally and completely purpose driven, 24 hours of the day, without stint, without interruption.

On a terrestrial level, he is always travelling, going from one program to the next, delivering clarity and elevation through his discourses and meditations, which are always free of charge. On other levels he delivers subtle experiences to many people across the world in the various time zones. Sometimes he fights battles on astral and other levels for the sake of his devotees, the signs of which are visible even on his physical body. He often gets ill from absorbing and churning the karmic baggage and negativities of the people he comes in contact with. He never brings any attention to the subtle work he does and stoically takes everything in his stride.

The purpose is so simple it beggars belief: Liberation. Liberation from habit, from limited patterns and from conditional thinking. In short: liberation form anything and everything which could bind us in any way.

The Tragedy and the Betrayal
The Tragedy and the Betrayal

The Tragedy and the Betrayal:

When the truth confronts you, you have two options: Heed the voice of truth, take the opportunity to release your conditioning and preconceived notions, to transform, to liberate yourself. Or, kill the one who speaks the truth, scandalise him (As in the case of Sai Baba, Mata Amritanada Mayi and Bhagawan Nithyananda), crucify him (As in the case of Jesus) or poison him (As in the case of Socrates and Osho). In short, to shut him/her up as quickly as possible and get him to stop saying things which might require me to re-evaluate my life and my priorities.

This message is in part to make an appeal to anyone who might come in contact with a Living Master, be it Mohanji or any other: let go your limitations, let go your ideas about what a saint should or should not be. Drink up his presence and his gifts with humility and gratitude. Above all, do not miss the opportunity they represent. We never know how long it will be before another True Master comes to us, it could take many lifetimes before we once again attain the eligibility required to benefit from an enlightened presence.

There is, to my mind, no greater tragedy than to miss this chance. I know very little, but I do know that once you have surrendered to someone like Mohanji, to a True Guru, everything in your life happens for one reason and one reason only: To liberate you. It does not matter how the Guru expresses himself, what he says or what he does, his purpose is to set you free, and your purpose is let him do it.

The Family and the Unity.
The Family and the Unity.

The Family and the Unity:

I have seen and heard about Mohanji coming into contact with many great Saints and Masters both living and not. Through Mohanji, many have experienced Jesus, Mahavatar Babaji, Sai Baba and Gorakh Baba to name but a few. On a terrestrial level any Master who meets Mohanji or Mohanji’s devotees has always shown love and affection. Masters like Vittal Babaji who is the standard bearer of the Dattatreya Tradition, Devi Amma from Whitefield in Bangalore, Baba Nataraja in America, Swami Chaitanyananda who has been entrusted with caring for Vasishta’s sacred cave and Gorkhe Guruji in India have all welcomed Mohanji with love and openness. We are one family, we are one soul. The Golden Tradition of Liberation and Love is everywhere. That is what Mohanji represents and that is what he makes available to us by his presence in our lives.

The Path and the Destination
The Path and the Destination

The Path and the Destination:

I am ignorant and as such will not go into much detail about the depths of the Path of Pathlessness. I will only say that here, there are no rules. Nothing is forbidden and nothing is seen as wrong, nothing is even expected of you. All you need to do is be natural and stay connected to the Guru’s consciousness. That is the only practice you need. Elevation, experience and knowledge are all provided by the Master. Surrender and Faith are the only prerequisites. Grace is all you need and grace is showered in abundance.

For me Mohanji is both means and destination. I don’t know about God or enlightenment, but I know that Mohanji can deliver me into the lap of the supreme. Whether I can understand it or not, whether it tallies with my limited notions or not, whether I find it pleasant or not, whatever he gives is absolutely in my best interest.

My eternal Love and gratitude goes to Mohanji now and ever!!

“It’s Always Too Big or Too Little.”

Saints of all ages have gone through it and it will happen in future as well. This is our society, this is our playground and it is our rules. Who these saints are? and what they think! We are happy in our comfort zones, in a prison of our own though, happy with the same repetitive suffering, singing the same painful song again and again. We don’t want to come out of it. And, if saints try to show us a way out, which looks enchanting at first glance but is not easy to follow and for which we don’t have the courage, we have weapons with which to eradicate them from society.

You know, we don’t always need crucifixion to eradicate them. We have some other ways to kill a personality too. It’s called character assassination. We love to keep a dead saint’s picture on our altar but we don’t have the guts to walk with a live saint.

According to my own knowledge and experience, saints are the channel that we user to commune with Existence. They represent a lifetime opportunity to have a look at the other side. Sorry, I am not going to talk about karma or things of this nature, they are boring and I don’t even know whether they are true or just some made-up stories. But, what I have felt in the physical presence of a saint or one that we call connected, I cannot ignore.

I have been on the roller-coaster ride, of course the mental one, of trying to understand saints and their way of working and I always came to a conclusion which was contradictory to my general belief. Yes, I definitely realised the subtle impact behind that later and wondered why I couldn’t catch those things in the first place. What I understood was that if I have to conclude something, I need past event’s recollection in my mind with which to compare. If I don’t have one, I cannot come to any conclusion and then I start making stories, which are again the same old past event’s reflection with negative emotions. That means there could be some event in the upcoming present about which I could be clueless (no past data to match), then what would I do? If I accept my own inability to understand that event, it is shame on ME (yes, the memory bundle of myself). This means I don’t want to accept my defeat, intellectual defeat which is really painful for my Ego and personality , on the other hand , these saints don’t even have some extraordinary things about them, like being a human with wings, or a human with horns. They look like normal people. Why should I listen or get defeated by them?

Sathya Sai Baba
Sathya Sai Baba, who contributed more than we can ever know.

But I realised that, although saints do not have wings, they can take you to heights which we cannot imagine. They don’ have horns and their protection is invisible but it is surer (If you understand what I mean). I know this is really emotional but I cannot explain how I landed on this. It is like no data of has been found to match in kind. Surrender.

I have been reading life stories of saints. These stories are really fascinating, no doubt about it. But in all these stories I felt one repeating occurrence: the heavy abuse of these saints by the society at the time. Society tried to assassinate them either physically or by abusing their character. Hadiakhan Baba was taken to court, wherein he had to prove that he was the incarnation of the earlier Hadiakhan Baba, he did so and this has been documented. Sathya Sai Baba was accused of trickery and when that was not enough, there was an attempt to implicate him in some sexual scandal. Shirdi Sai Baba was threatened with court and rumoured to have impregnated Radha-Krishna Mayi. Socrates was poisoned. Jesus met with the same fate terrestrially.

Shirdi Sai Baba liberated many by many means.
Shirdi Sai Baba liberated many by many means.

The impact of the work done by the higher consciousness would not be visible immediately, but it is the one thing which we could have seen and felt, especially when looking at the lifespan of the saints who are not in body at this moment. We know that saints have manifested the conventional from unconventional act and this is whole reason we bow to them. Shirdi Sai Baba transformed the village of Shirdi completely. Sathya Sai started so many schools, so many colleges and so many hospitals, not to mention the many other social services of which we are not aware. What did they get out of it?

One of the incidents I would like to narrate is from Bhagawan Nithyananda’s life: This is from the early stages of his life. In this story, he sees a woman walking on the street; he jumps towards her and touches her breast. People on the street seeing the young sannyasi’s hideous act started running behind him and while running Bhagawan Nithyananda says: “This one will live”. People couldn’t catch him and when they gathered around the woman, she disclosed the meaning the sannyasi’s act: She had already lost a few kids in labour. By touching her breast Bhagawan removed something, after which she could give birth to a healthy kid which would live well. The whole purpose of sharing this story is to demonstrate that this woman was a stranger to Bhagawan Nithyananda and the action he performed to bless her was totally unconventional and unacceptable. If we could imagine ourselves on the street that very day when Bhagawan did this act we could see ourselves running behind him in rage for doing this act. I am not blaming ourselves completely, trust me, I am blaming the clarity in the execution of work of the saints which we could never understand.

BHagwan Nityananda
Bhagawan Nithyananda, one of the biggest renunciates the world has ever seen.

When we talk about the glories of saints, such as how they removed peoples’ diseases through totally controversial treatment: the treatment which could have enraged the disease; Removing asthma by letting the patient smoke chillum pipe, diarrhoea by ground nut and many more. Actually, it is very common that saints give some uncommon treatment to critical diseases. We all gladly accept these acts of the saints and always admire it. Why? Because these acts don’t alter our basic concepts much and it is acceptable by society and by us because it’s in our immediate favour. But, when the same saints try to shake other basic roots of concepts which are tabooed, then we start to criticise them.

Like I said in the first line, this has happened, is happening and will continue to happen. Masters on our path always say not to marry the guru, marry his consciousness. But we always ignore that line and try to marry the guru’s personality. Definitely when there is personality, there will be expectation and then unfulfilled expectation leads to all this drama. Lord Krishna, one of the biggest personalities to ever walk this earth. We worshiped him and we always refer to him as the God of Gods. The society in his time didn’t even spare. 16008 queens? LOL. Practically impossible. If possible, then that person is definitely not an ordinary human being and we cannot make comparisons or lay blame. Subtlety takes time to reveal itself to gross. Sometimes generations.

Shri Krishna
Sri Krishna: Universal Master or Womanizer?

I won’t talk spiritual trash at all, but I want to say one thing: Whenever one wants to form an opinion about anyone, be it a saint or anyone else, please, see how much other people have contributed their own opinion and thought into yours. Presumption and assumption lead a person nowhere, both spiritually and practically. Before blaming someone, look into yourself and ask yourself whether you are worthy of laying blame on someone or whether you have enough understanding to see the whole picture.

Sandeep Mishra , MSc Aeronautical Engineering ,University of Glamorgan, UK

Experiencing the Guru Tattwa

Written by Neha Parekh and Nilesh Parekh

My journey with Mohanji started just three months back by “accidentally” viewing him on one of Sai Baba’s blogs and since then me and my wife Neha went through his various blogs and you tube videos and felt deeply connected with him.

We were very fortunate to be with him while he was in Canada. We got a very great opportunity to view him very closely and day by day it felt as if we were melting and Mohanji was getting bigger and bigger in us.

Words will always fall short of what one feels, the only thing that I can think of is this Prayer at his lotus feet:

You are the real goal of our life

           we are slaves to our wishes, putting bar to our advancement……
You are the GOD and power
           to bring us up to that stage.
Nilesh and Mohanji at Bluffers Park.

Nilesh Parekh

Complicated as it may sound in theory, it is as simple as can be! The theory I was born and brought up with made me think “GURU” is someone we pay our respects to, someone we need to be more than cautious while serving, someone who might be annoyed by a little mistake. The fear of incorrect performance would always play on my mind. It would thus be a binding relationship, no free will to be natural as such. This made me a little skeptical while approaching any Saint or Mahatma. But to my amazement: all the barriers, constraints and blocks were demolished a few months ago. It was on 11th April 2014, I was browsing through YouTube in search of a new link for Sai Bhajans. Something on the side caught my eye, it was a link that said: ”Mohanji’s Shirdi Sai experience”. I overlooked it as I usually do not like to open any link besides Bhajans. I scrolled to the next page, and the next, but it was as though this link kept following me, calling me to click. I wondered who this Guru was, but since it said Shirdi Sai,I surrendered at Sai’s Feet that were drawing me as would a magnet to click it. I opened that link and heard Mohanji for the first time in my life, amazing. After a while I felt as though the voice became the background and Mohanji and HIS presence engulfed me. It is hard to explain. My eyes burst out with unknown tears welling in the corner of my eyes: I was Ecstatic. I felt I had FOUND MY BABA. I felt the trembling with me. I was mesmerized by Mohanji’s Presence… I was sure this is My Sai’s Leela. Nilesh walked in just then and I showed him this link, and what happened next? We both were glued to Mohanji and HIS Videos. We would steal time out of our busy routine to be with Mohanji’s blogs and videos, later we would discuss with each other about what we heard or read. Thus Baba started this small satsang between us on daily basis. Thus Baba was bringing us closer as spiritual partners.

A spiritual family enjoying each-other’s presence

Next day at work, as unusual as it may sound, but I tried frantically calling the numbers available on I emailed a couple of ID’s that were listed there. To my amazement, a gushing pour from all IDs came across giving me the necessary info I was looking for. I had to get connected to Mohanji, but little though I knew: HE was already connected with us! J Mohanji Team was so helpful in directing me to MY SOURCE, MY MOHANJI!  Deep Gratitude to Lataji, Ganeshji and the Mohanji’s Office team. I was directed to Charudidi who handles the Canada communication. A wonderful Soul! She helped us by further explaining about Mohanji’s Grace and the different experiences she had during her stay in Muscat, thus strengthening our Faith even more.

I silently started yearning for more. Like my hunger for more of Mohanji‘s spiritual talks was never satisfied. We started following HIS blog where HIS schedule caught our eyes. I silently started wishing for HIM to visit Toronto, but it was not a part of HIS Travel Schedule and secondly, I thought how could a naïve girl like me who is ignorant about HIS stature dare to invite HIM. But to my astonishment, about 3 months from the first connection with HIM over YOUTUBE: MOHANJI WAS WALKING OUT OF THE GATES OF TORONTO AIRPORT WITH OPEN WIDE ARMS. BEARING THE MOST ADDICTIVE SMILE ON HIS FACE. MY PRABHU! MY KRISHNA HAD ARRIVED TO ANSWER SUDAMA’S CALL! UNBELIEVABLE! AND THOSE WORDS: “NEHA I AM HERE FOR YOU”. MELTED MY HEART AWAY! MY HEART DID A THOUSAND SUMMERSALTS. I WAS LIKE A KID IN A CANDY SHOP! J

In this era of kaliyug, not once did I ever think that Lord Krishna would go to Sudama. My Mohanji came in Krishna’s form to fulfill the desires of naïve girl like me. Who knows not what is PRABHU, who is just but blinded by HIS love, who knows nothing besides the DIVINE LOTUS FEET OF MY PRABHUJI! JAI HO!

Since two days prior to Mohanji’s arrival in TORONTO, my heart randomly kept humming two lines of a bhajan to my amazement ,that says:



We were overwhelmed, our joy knew no bounds. Nilesh and I were behaving as though an we were adolescents falling in love for the first time in their lives. GRACEFUL! WONDERFUL! AMAZING….! OMG! I am at a loss of adjectivesJJJ Mohanji came into our lives walking straight through our hearts and now HE DWELLS WITHIN OUR HEARTS. HE IS IN US AND WE ARE HIM. IT’S AN AMAZING, HEART-MELTING, WARM AND LOVING FATHERLY-MOTHERLY FEELING HE BESTOWED UPON US! WE FEEL ON TOP OF THE WORLD! LIFE COULDN’T HAVE BEEN BETTER THAN THIS! HEAVENLY!

I thought about the theories of Guru that I have learned through my childhood that were all proving wrong.


Whomsoever offers me a leaf or flower... it is mine anyway
Whomsoever offers me a leaf or flower… it is mine anyway

We were very nervous about the programmes in Toronto as this was the first time we were conducting on this scale. But it was Pure Grace of MOHANJI that one after the other all the events rolled smoothly to our amazement. Many were connected; People were flocking to see Mohanji. It was HIS GRACE. The first POWER OF PURITY meditation in Toronto was overwhelming. People were touched. And what can I say about Mohanji’s Shaktipat? Just beyond words. So many souls touched, so many lives transformed, life has a different meaning for many since after meeting Mohanji. GRACE, GRACE AND MORE GRACE!

What could I offer at HIS Feet but my heart full of Love! Selfless service and unconditional Love is what I have learned is the Best offering to my Guruji’s Divine Feet. His teachings are as simple as can be. He said do not get into complicated theories, SPIRITUALITY IS SIMPLICITY. FLOW LIKE A RIVER AND BE A STREAM OF FRESHNESS TO MANY. BINDING IS BLOCKING AND FLOWING IS EVOLVING. GIVING IS HAPPINESS AND SHARING IS BEAUTY OF EXISTENCE. TUNE IN TO NATURE. NATURE TEACHES US SIMPLE LESSONS OF LIFE……CONNECT WITH NATURE AND LOVE ALL UNCONDITIONALLY.

A Divine Father and His Beloved Child.

The transformation within is inexplicable. Perceptions have changed, preconceived notions have dissolved. All is all a new life where in serving and loving as the main Motto has emerged. From this point in time, nothing is more important than being valuable to the world, being useful to the needy, and being open to changes. SERVING MY GURU BY LIVING HIS TEACHIGS!

To sum up Mohanji’s Grace in a few words is a an impossible task. But In a short span of time spent in Mohanji ‘s Grace, the teachings HE has imparted will remain with us for eternity. HE brought out the true essence of our being. Taught us to leave our prejudices behind, and see all as one. HE inspired us and shook our rigid beliefs, molding us in a manner so simple and effective. So clear yet so possible, HE gave us these tools to use our potential to the fullest. Showering unconditional Love at all times is the main sewa we can offer in Our Prabhu’s Feet

Thus, this experience was a heart drenching, soul touching, and Uplifting.



2014-08-26 - Mohanji - Canada - Niagara Falls (9)
Inseparable.. We are Family. We are One!!


Life is full of SURPRISES, at every turn there is some ANXIETY

It makes us CURIOUS at times putting us on an edge that is THRIFTY

Why does it AMAZE us so much? Have you ever wondered about your own INQUIRIES?

We come INNOCENT and SERENE into this WORLD, all alone in our TRANQUIL self.

But we end up in BONDINGS that are STRONGER than the knots in a SHIPSHANK tie

The PROXIMITY with each one in this space gets CLOSER than the actual REALITIES

ATTACHMENTS we fall into even before we realize different  ENTITIES

What are we? Why are we here? And What are we doing   ……

Are some QUESTIONS that are farther than the far from our PRACTICALITIES

What is this that has us BOUND so strongly?

where did it all come from puts  me in a state of utter BEWILDERMENT

It was all here, everywhere, every time…………It was ME who had ACCEPTED this

It was ME who had ADORNED this and walked this path in IGNORANCE and CARELESSNESS

There is a Particle they say in the UNIVERSE…………GOD is the name and everywhere HE RESIDES

HE came to me in a GESTURE so SUDDEN, that it made  my senses PARALYZED

STUNNED I was and ASHAMED I am….. for lost I have the valuable years that were earned by me in my past SPECIES.

Though grateful I am to HIM that The Path HE showed was LIT UP once again by HIS GRACE

A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE was when HE came walking in my life in the form of a MASTER

A MASTER who showed me who ACTUALLY was me…………..what is the purpose of my LIFE


HE held my tiny hand within HIS strong hands and plucked my KARMAS as though RIPENED they were

HE MOTHERED my soul and FATHERED my GROWTH………HE DEMOLISHED my EGO and made me start AFRESH














2014-08-26 - Mohanji - Canada - Niagara Falls (89)
A True Guru would go to the ends of the Earth for a sincere devotee… Even to Niagara Falls.. 🙂




Neha Parekh

Romancing the Himalayas

Written by Zoran

At the feet of my Master

Divine Interventions

The journey to the Himalayas with Mohanji was fixed on my mind since year 2012. A group of some of the closest devotees went on to undertake this journey with Mohanji, and came back to their homes completely transformed. I read about their experiences, and I immersed myself in the photos they shared. I could not get a visa back then, so the passion to go to Kailash remained even stronger.

When I came to know that this year, the Chinese lifted their rule that 5 people from same nationality can only get a group visa, I was overwhelmed with joy. My heart and soul was already transported in Kailash, and I immediately started making plans for the trip.

Without the blessing of my wife Anelija this journey would have not happened. She selflessly sacrificed herself so that I can experience Kailash. She didn’t ask for anything, she didn’t put any ultimatums or conditions, she just gave me wings and let me go on this journey. I’m eternally grateful to her. Since we have three little children, she had to take care of them through these 18 days by herself. I wanted to make it easier for her, but how I didn’t know. I talked to Mohanji about this, and prayed silently to him for any help possible. Within a week time a friend of ours came to mind that maybe she can help out since we knew she had babysitting experience. I knew it was Mohanji’s Grace that opened up that possibility of meeting this friend. Some would call this a coincidence, but being a witness to many such Miracles performed so unassumingly by my GuruDev, I knew at that moment His Hand was being involved and divinely intervened.

It was a week before the departure for Kathmandu, when I got an email from the organizers of the Yatra saying that there is a problem with the Chinese visa. The Chinese Government created a new rule that a minimum of three people from same nationality can only get an entry visa. I was the only one traveling from my country so I was advised to immediately send two more passport copies from anyone with same nationality, so that a group visa can be issued. That was the only way. One passport would be my wife’s. But I had no one else available to ask for such a favor. Then I remembered. Two days ago, a friend of mine who comes to the weekly Power of Purity meditations had to send a last minute scan of his passport for an Indian visa. It was late at night, and no printing shop was working at that time so that he can scan and email the passport copy. We were assembling for Satsang and were already late. A voice in me told me – help him, go to your office scan the passport and email it. So, we promptly finished that and continued to Satsang. He needed the visa since he was going to Prashanti Nilayalam in Puttaparthi. The scan of his passport stayed on my office computer, so I only had to call my friend and ask him for the favor and send the copy right away. When I called him, he agreed open heartedly. Talking about divine interventions. Again, I knew whose divine hands were involved in this. 🙂

I sent the passport copies and I prayed for it all to work, but deep down I doubted. I was so stressed, and had no faith that things will work out. I thought, how will they let me in at the border with a group visa, and two people on it are missing. 🙂

Accident at Istanbul airport

The day came for flying to Kathmandu and starting the Yatra. I had a connecting flight via Istanbul. My connection was 9 hours difference so I stayed at the airport and while waiting I was reading the “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master” by Sri M. Sitting at a café, 2 hours from departure, a heavy plastic signboard fell on me. As I stood up to go to the departure gate, I barely touched the construction, and since it was already broken it fell on my hand, and chopped a part of my index finger. At first I didn’t notice I was wounded. Then, when I became conscious I saw blood streaming from my finger. I couldn’t stop the bleeding. The people working at the café were looking at me hopelessly and didn’t know what to do. One of them even brought a glass with ice. Blood was pouring out of my finger and I was feeling slightly in panic and helpless. Finally one of the managers of the café called someone and they soon took me to an emergency room where they managed to stop the bleeding and put a bandage. The doctor said I will be in great pain for days so he prescribed me some painkillers. I was chanting Mohanji’s Gayathri all the time, and prayed to Mohanji for help and for everything to be OK. I had to hurry and catch the plane for Kathmandu. I was protected from a bigger accident. I could have hurt my leg or and eye, and my trip would be finished. This was just a wake up accident, and my awareness levels were already elevated with this event. I knew that I’m in for an even more challenging adventure but I still didn’t know what to expect.

“Do you see the Celestial Beings?”

The Celestial Beings at Kailashnath Mahadev

We assembled at Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kathmandu and had a few days to visit Pashupati Nath Temple, and Budhanilkanta Temple. On our way to the Tibetan border we also visited the Kailashnath Mahadev statue near Kathmandu, the highest Shiva statue in the world with 143 feet (44m). There I had a beautiful communion with Mohanji. The sun was setting down, and the whole scenery was majestic, overlooking the Kathmandu valley.

Standing at the footsteps of the Shiva statue, Mohanji called me to stand next to him and started guiding me into some kind of a trance. He said, “Zoran, look at the horizon where the sun is setting behind the mountains. Now bring your focus down where the city disappears in the haze. Relax your gaze, and look above the haze with half closed eyes right in the space between the horizon and the city, without focusing. Do you see the entities?” As I was following the instructions, I started seeing a multitude of lights shimmering all over the valley. I felt my consciousness expanding effortlessly. There I was next to my Master, and he was revealing another mystery to me. He said, “They are always there, the Celestial Beings. We just need to train ourselves so that we can see them.”


Crossing the Tibetan border

There was a huge landslide wiping off the only road leading to the Tibetan border. Helicopters were promptly organized and in groups of 5 people we were being transported over the landslide and to the border. The waiting at the helipad seamed like forever. I came first at the flight off ground with Mohanji , Biba, Sumit, and Swami Govinda, and I hoped I will enter the first helicopter with Mohanji. But, though I was in the first five, Phaneendar took the fifth seat. I was quite disappointed, and I thought I will never fly over. Mohanji said that at any moment the helicopters can be called off on a rescue mission since the landslide wiped out a lot of houses on the hills as well, and there were any casualties. I had to learn patience that day, and fly with one of the last groups of people. We came already late and the border was closed so we had to sleep over near the border along a beautiful river that was dividing Nepal and Tibet. That night I developed a high fever. I already started feeling the higher altitude symptoms.

A lot of people were stranded in Nepal and were not being able to go forward to Tibet. Our group was flowing through the challenges as if protected and helped by some higher force.

Next day early we traveled by bus to the Chinese border. It was the moment of truth for me. If I pass the border I felt, I will see Kailash in this lifetime. It seamed I was not the only one being single on a group visa with two “ghost” visa applicants on the paper. The organizers knew what they were doing, and there was no problem whatsoever of entering Tibet for any of us. Our group was consisting of people from 12 different nationalities and we all entered China. It was a miracle again, since the Chinese were very problematic this year with issuing visas. When we crossed the border I was already ecstatic and knew that from then on everything will be uphill. 🙂

At the Mansarovar lake

The view that cleanses lifetimes of karmas.

Traveling via Nyalam (12,300ft), and Saga (15,200ft) towards Lake Manasarovar (15,100ft). The hypoxia symptoms were hitting hard. I was having bad headaches, and nausea. The chilly and spicy food made it even worse. I eased it all with a bread and butter diet, and masala and ginger tea.

The second round of dips next to my Brother

The moment we arrived at the army check point at Lake Manasarovar the hypoxia vanished. The sight of the lake and Kailash on the horizon was a true healing. As soon as we stopped to take the first dips I was good as new. Mohanji was not wasting any moment, so while he entered a small group of us followed him inside. Sumit was helping Father to safely enter the waters since it was quite slippery on the rocks. Mohanji started taking the dips. It was a beautiful sight. I felt Mohanji’s energy was like one of a newborn baby. He was vulnerable as a flower and yet so powerful like a volcano at the same time. When he finished the dips we started doing abisheks oh him and he was blessing us in return by pouring water on our heads. I took the first dip at His feet. The water was ice cold, so each dip blocked the thought process and I was thrown into a state of no-mind. When I exited the lake I saw my body and in my mind’s eye it looked enlightened. My skin, and my toes looked completely different. They looked perfect as they are. 🙂

Blessed at the Ji’Wu Temple

We accommodated at a guesthouse near the lake with an amazing view and an old temple nearby. On the second day we had a beautiful fire ceremony, and after that another round of dips in the lake.

Ji’Wu Temple on the hilltop

The night before the Parikrama, as I was relaxing on my bed, a voice in my head was calling me to go to the temple on the hilltop. I was being pulled out of my bed and off I went to the temple. The weather became windy and there was nobody around the temple. Nothing, I thought I was just imagining the voice. And as I decided to go back to the guesthouses, a Tibetan family appeared out of nowhere. I started following them around the temple, feeling pulled by something. Then, an old man who I guess was the guardian of the temple showed up and they started talking something in Tibetan. Then he opened a door leading to one cave. It was a man made cave where a lot of saints were meditating I came to know. They started touching the stones with carvings on them, and prostrating at the photos of the saints. I was following and repeating all the rituals they did. As I was prostrating I was feeling all the saints blessing me to have a smooth Parikrama. That’s why I came, I thought. I came to be blessed. Then, we entered one bigger cave with lots of photos, lamps, and Tibetan symbols inside. I prostrated again, thanked the saints for blessing me and made the exit. It was getting dark so I rushed back to the guesthouses while a group of 5-7 dogs were barking and making a wild pack so I rushed even more. 🙂 I came back safely to my room and quickly went to bed. That night I slept like a baby, and woke up in the morning fresh anew and ready for the Parikrama.

The Mighty Kailash

Parikrama starts

There is nothing one can do to prepare for this kind of pilgrimage. The body’s reaction to low oxygen is unpredictable. One could be very well fit at sea level altitude but at 5700m one’s fitness is irrelevant. The relevance falls to Grace and surrender only. I had a knee and ankle pain for months. I was sure I’ll have difficulty with the long distance walking. But, as that day started all of the pain was gone. The first five kilometers walking were bearable and enjoyable with the streams and mountains. The second half of the journey was horrific. I could only make few steps and then was grasping for oxygen. My body was screaming for rest. It was overwhelming. Luckily, I took a good advice to hire a porter for my backpack. I was against paying someone to carry my bag since it my mind it was as if I’m cheating the experience of Kailash. But, I was advised and realized it was all an ego trip story. My porter was a warrior. It was his 20+ Parikrama trip so far, and the whole thing was a child’s play for him. In many ways it was intimidating, and he was pushing me and pulling me all along. I had to stop and pause many times to catch hold of my own pace. It was a key moment for me – catching my own pace. All along I was either rushing to catch up with Mohanji, or the porter was pulling me to keep up with his pace. When I arrived at the guesthouse at Hirapuch camp, overlooking North face of Kailash, all I wanted was to crash on my bed. And that’s what I did. One thing I was certain of – if I was to make it the next day it would be only with Mohanji’s Grace, nothing else. My body was already depleted, and there was no way it would be prepared and fit for walking another 22 km on a steep climb with such thin air.

Second day of parikrama

Next morning, I woke up fresh and strangely my body felt well prepared. I saw Mohanji near by, so I went to touch his feet and ask for a blessing and smooth journey. He said “Don’t you worry, everything is arranged.” 🙂 These words were enough for me to be sure I will make it walking through the whole 22 km. He cleared all doubts for me. I was led by two thoughts, one of which was to walk slowly, and the other to follow my own pace no matter what.

Walking with Mohanji in the Himalayas. It was my dream come true.

When I saw the hill I needed to climb, it seamed so overwhelming. Ponies with yatries passed me by. Tibetans from 7 – 77 years old were ascending the hills as if taking a walk in the park. Seeing me how I struggle to walk and grasp for air, they were handing me foods, candies, drinks and herbs. Some even took me by hand and encouraged me to continue walking. I saw them all as extensions of Mohanji. I was been taken care of. The journey was very challenging. It was the most difficult thing I ever did in my life – climbing towards the Dolma La Pass. The air was so thin my legs were moving fueled by Grace only. I arrived at the top and started descending towards the Gauri Kund lake. It was all down hill from there. I still had more than four hours of walk until the next sleep over guesthouse. The road was more or less straight but never the less overwhelmingly energy consuming. Chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” inwardly and thinking of my family and ancestors, and that I walk the parikrama for all of them as well, kept me moving ahead. Arriving at the guesthouse all I wanted was to hug Mohanji’s feet and gratefully melt. And, that’s what I did. 🙂

Third day felt like walk in the park. Six kilometers of almost all the way straight walking beside Mohanji. It was my dream come true. Mohanji arranged everything so that most of us make it smoothly through the parikrama. It was all his orchestration. He summoned us in the Himalayas so that he can cleanse us from our karmic baggage and bring us home safe and more light. He took a lot of heavy baggage on himself and burned it. One of the visible physical baggage’s he took over was a knee pain. He had to take a pony for the Parikrama cos he took over the knee pain of someone who prayed to him for help with their severe knee problem.

Hanumanji’s sand dunes in Tibet
Hanumanji’s sand dunes in Tibet

It’s been a month ago since we got back from the Kailash trip as I write this. I’ve changed at so many levels. I have left a lot of baggage in the Himalayas. For good, and for ever. How do I know it’s forever? Since, through the years, all the miraculous transformations I’ve been through where Mohanji was the catalyst are permanent. The peaceful power of the snowy Himalayan mountaintops is still here inside my inner space. My boundaries were being pushed, expanded and on so many levels even wiped off.

This journey was the beginning of my lifelong romance with Shiva. Kailash is already calling me once more. With Mohanji’s Grace only…

I humbly offer these experiences at the lotus feet of my Gurudev,


Divine Calling and Meeting in Toronto

Written by Manjari Deepak Parekh

Sadar Pranam to Poojyashree Sri Mohanji,

We take this moment to write few lines about our presence with Divine Existence Poojayashree   Sri Mohanji.

2012-08-10 - Mohanji - USA (14)

It imparts great rejoicing and enchanting sensation to share our little experience of HIM, with our beloved brothers and sisters who crave perpetually to be with Poojyashree .

We know this write-up is possible only with His Grace and Kripa (grace) and we dedicate this to His Pious Lotus Feet.

We did not know about Poojyashree before HE arrived in Canada. We had glanced at his visiting card sized photograph shown by His ardent devotee Neha Parekh to whom we are grateful that Poojyashree decided to be with us in Canada. All Divine Plan.

All encompassing hug, all encompassing Love.
All encompassing hug, all encompassing Love.

When we went to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Scarborough as usual in the morning, we felt the presence of Mohanji in the Mandir (temple) and in moment it flashed that Mohanji is offering Kakad Aarati to par Brahaman Sri Sai Baba.

A few days passed by, and Mohanji arrived on Monday, August 25 2014 in Toronto. Neha conveyed to us that Poojyashree has conveyed a feeling of having Darshan of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba at the Scarborough Temple to perform Shej Aarati. We just got ready to be with HIM at the temple. We were about to leave when Neha called and told us that today it will not be possible as Poojyashree needed rest to get over the jet lag after a long flighl from India. Instead Prabhuji will be there for Kakad Aarati on August 26.

Connection, devotion, unity
Connection, devotion, unity

Listening to this message from Neha, tears started flowing and we could not believe it. We were reminded of that momentary glimpse which Poojyashree had shown us a few days ago before his arrival in Toronto….

This remains our first experience of Divinity in HIM and even though we had not had his physical Darshan, HE gave us the message that I am Here and Now.

Our hearts filled up with Joy and we were in tears, craving for his Darshan the following morning. We finally arrived at the moment of having his Darshan at Sri Shirdi  Sai temple. We had a message which conveyed to us a feeling that Sai is happy to embrace Poojyashree’s presence in the temple. We relayed this feeling to Nilesh Parekh and requested him to pass it on to Poojyashree. It had been revealed to us by Sri Mohanji  when we were with him at our residence on September 4, that HE listened to our voice and conversation of August 26. This had been our other enchanting experience with him. We felt that he is beyond time and space and He can be with us if we sincerely connect to HIM.

During HIS presence in Toronto, we felt him with us every day at the temple, while performing Aarati, while doing Pari Kramma around Sai Baba and while offering Archanam and flowers.

Finally, the moment arrived which we had been craving for. Poojyashree accepted our invitation to be with us at our residence on the evening of September. On that day, in the morning, we had glimpses of Poojyashree merging with  Sai-Baba. This was after Abhishekam was performed to Sai and  garlands were being offered to Baba. WE just could not hold ourselves back. Tears started flowing, we felt helpless. What can we offer to the Divine? Everything belongs to Supreme Divinity even our soul is HIM…

There is no Scale to measure the Grace that YOU Shower! How can I express my gratitude?
There is no Scale to measure the Grace that YOU Shower!

Poojyashree told us quite affirmatively that He had been listening to all talks which We had with Baba at the temple during his stay and away from temple at Neha’s residence in Toronto.

WE do not know. We cannot comprehend what had been happening to us. While writing this, we feel that He is guiding us, we were supposed to share these moments of ours with everyone but Divine had a different design in delaying too…

We had been to Pittsburgh at Sai Mandir and Lord Venkateshwar Balaji on September 16. While praying at Sai temple in Pittsburgh we felt his presence too.

When I pray, it is  a merger of consciousness
When I pray, it is a merger of consciousness

We could not hold ourselves back. Words may not be sufficient to express the feelings but it gives us immense joy and bliss to share the feelings and experience we had with Baba and Mohanji with our brothers and sisters who are seeking divinity through our revered Guruji Poojyashree Mohanji.

May Sri Mohanji Bless us all with the Bliss of Purity and Perfection in every sense of Divinity and Piousness.

Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti

We bow down to Lod Dattatreyaji

With utmost Humility and Honesty we offer our sadar pranam to you all

Sai ram Sai ram Sai Ram

Manjari Parekh


Joy in my Father's house
Joy in my Father’s house






Is Mohanji a Real Guru?

Written by Yashik Singh


This is a question that we all ask at some point in our relationship with Mohanji. Whether we are disciples, devotees, well wishers, just curious or even cynical, at some time in our contact with Mohanji we will ask if he is really a Guru, or someone we can just learn from or just another fraud. In my experience, Mohanji himself, does not make it easy with his all so subtle ways and teachings. There are no lightning bolts from the sky or him going into a trance and speaking differently or him levitating (well, usually). He just is … He is simple and unassuming. And in his simplicity, the mind and intellect will naturally ask this question: Is Mohanji a real Guru?

Mohanji 55
He is so simple and unassuming.

Mohanji - Ami Imzaia Before we go on, we should quickly define a guru. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a Guru as “a religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism”. But in truth a Guru is much more than this. There have been many interpretations to the word Guru (and thus the role). Some say “Gu” means darkness and “Ru” means light, indicating that the Guru takes you from darkness into light.

Mohanji - Sharon Pillai

The Guru Gita says “Gu” means beyond qualities and “Ru” means devoid of form, thus giving attributes to the Guru. Guru also means “heavy” or “weighty”, and thus is compared to a weight that holds paper down and prevents it from flying away. A Guru similarly holds the disciples mind down and prevents it from flying away with the senses. In the musings of my mind, I sat thinking about this. I asked myself if Mohanji is a real Guru.

Mohanji - Neha Parekh

If I thought about all the things I have read about Mohanji then the answer is easy, but I wanted to assess this from my own personal experience. I began thinking about things that I perceived directly about Mohanji to answer this question. As always, we should look at the examples of beings that we trust to objectively assess a situation. Who better to ask about a Guru than Hanumanji and Vibhisanji. They were supreme devotees, praised by everyone. If they reached such heights of spiritual glory, they certainly will be able to teach us how to choose a Guru.

Hanumanji, the one who is the repository of incomparable strength, all the virtues and good qualities,  the foremost among knowledgeable beings
Hanumanji, the one who is the repository of incomparable strength, all the virtues and good qualities, the foremost among knowledgeable beings

Hanumanji first served Sugreeva who was hiding in a cave from his brother Bali. At this time Hanumanji’s powers remained dormant and Sugreeva could not manifest them in Hanumanji. But as soon as Hanumanji met Shri Ram, he knew that he was his master and Shri Ram manifested Hanumanji’s dormant abilities. This teaches us two very important lessons. A true Guru is one that does not have any fear and secondly has the ability to manifest change in a disciple. Can I find these qualities in Mohanji from my own experience?

Mohanji - Zoran Stefanovski

When Mohanji was in South Africa, we were driving together to the Ganesha temple. On our way, at a four way intersection, an oncoming car sudden turns to his right, even though we had right of way. I slammed the break, and stopped before hitting him. Then I noticed Mohanji’s arm stretched over my chest. This was Mohanji’s instinctive reaction to protect me rather than placing his hands over himself to protect his own body. This shows the absence of fear for himself and protection for someone else, just like Shri Ram.

sri ram
Sri Ram

A few days ago while at the gym, I was looking at someone swimming in the pool. I was using the bicycle closest to the pool and looking at the swimmer and the water. Then suddenly it struck me. I am near water! I have a phobia for large bodies of water and before Mohanji, I found it very difficult to even walk near a pool. I used to feel dizzy and nauseous. But now, without even realising it, I’m cycling near a large swimming pool. Ok, so that is a check for Hanumanji’s two lessons.

Vibhisana as King of Lanka

Vibishan was very dedicated to Ravana until he learned of Shri Ram. He left Ravana and took shelter under Shri Ram’s feet. Ravana eventually kicked Vibishan out of Lanka but Shri Ram made him King of Lanka. This teaches us many things, one of which is that a true Guru is not egotistical and freely gives to his disciple. It is not just about knowledge. Ravan was a brilliant scholar, even greater than most sages of his time, but Vibishan still left him. In Mohanji, you do not find a trace of egotistical personality traits or a power mongering nature. And this is shown by what makes Mohanji and his tradition special: Shaktipat. Mohanji never once said that it is vital that only he is there physically to give shaktipat. Neither did he ever say that if he is not physically present we must use a photo of him. No instead he initiated people to act as mediums. Why was this necessary? He could have dominated and shown absolute power if he did not do this. Mohanji does not need me or other initiates to be there to deliver shaktipat. But because Mohanji has no ego, because it is his nature to give, and because he loves us…he honours us with the ability to act as a facilitator for shaktipat. So he fulfills Vibishanas lessons too.


Scripture declares a Guru as having three qualities: (1) “One whose vision (all five senses) is stable without the need of an object of desire (even God) for staring”; (2) one whose mind is stable without meditation or any need for any support”; and (3) one whose Prana (breath or energy) is stable without performing conscious Pranayama, She or He alone is the Yogi, or the Guru worthy of our attention and services.” I have seen all these three qualities in Mohanji.

Mohanji - Manjari Rao Mohanji’s senses are all under complete control. When he stayed in South Africa, I noticed that he was equally happy whether you gave him bread and butter or a meal with five curries to eat. Although in physical pain and tired, he still conducted all the meditations he had to, went to all the functions he had to and fulfilled his obligations. So that fulfills the first criteria.

Mohanji - Nilesh Parekh

As for the second quality, we all have seen pictures of his brain wave scan that scientifically show that his mind is always in a meditative state. Mohanji mind is always under control. MohanJi has scolded me and a second later he was praising me. He never gets angry the way we do. His mind is always still.

Mohanji - Deloshni Govender

And finally the third quality. I have never seen Mohanji do any pranayama. But his prana is so balanced and strong that when he did pranpratishta at Merudada Ashram, I felt cold marble murthis turn warm and a hot “breeze” shoot out of a linga. Of course there are more incidents that confirm all this but I wanted to only use what I experienced and saw with my own eyes. And from all of this, undoubtedly, MOHANJI IS A SADGURU.

mohanji-yashik-singh-from-durban-south-africa Mohanji - Carolyn De Leo

Unconditionality Sparks Transformation in Canada

Divinity is the one thing which never changes, which is never absent, in which we exist. But we are not aware of it, or we are only momentarily aware of it, we often forget. To remind us of this simple fact divinity or existence takes the guise of a Master or Sadh Guru and comes into our lives like an explosion, or like a huge wave that washes over us and leaves us transformed, reminding us how loved and cared for we are, how protected and guided. It usually comes unexpectedly, seemingly out of the blue, when we most need it and when we are most receptive to Divine Presence. Afterwards everything is different, essentially because we are different, we’ve had a taste of unconditional love and a glimpse of the Supreme Consciousness. This is how Mohanji came to Canada, with this purpose, with this unconditionality and Love. Many were eagerly awaiting his arrival, many knew little to nothing about him and were inexplicably drawn. Still others were directed to him via messages from Higher Masters like Sai Baba and many simply found themselves at Mohanji’s feet, basking in His Love.
Here are a few experiences and expressions of the effect that Mohanji has had on our family in Canada:

Our Moments with Poojya Sri Sri Mohanji

Written by Manjari Deepak Parekh

Mohanji in Canada group photo
In Toronto, BTW Canada

It happens without prior design.
Divinity showers upon us.
No deserving ability. But Purity and Piousness embrace us at the doorstep.
Such Grace and Bliss we perpetually experience. Here and Now.
We felt the presence of our parents in whom we have not only seen eternity, but they are our Lord. Can we expect more?
2013-01 - Mohanji - Wayanad - Retreat (79)
When your master paves the path to embrace Eternity and takes on a deep dive into the unknown. Meeting Sri Sri Mohanji is just an enchanting and joyous experience.
“No, no, no.” We would exclaim. Proclaim profoundly that it is Existence itself, as experience vanishes into Hiranya Garbha of the Lord of time, where Existence is beyond enchanting time, beyond space and boundless.

Mohanji in Canada 2
We express humility and devotion, but WE are blessed when Mohanji receives our expressions.

We take this moment to express our gratitude to Poojya Sri, by shedding our tears of Joy at the feet of our master, coupled with eyes that weep and long for his Darshan while HE is beyond vision.

What we can do but aspire to be with HIM. Until we feather away in the winds of Time immemorial.

May we bow down to Lord Guru Dattatreyji with utmost sincerity and devotion.

Mohanji in Canada 3
Baba and Baba, unity in diversity
Mohanji in Canada
On Hindu Heritage Day, the embodiment of Sanatana Dharma, or The Eternal Religion, celebrating the Tradition.

Poetic Expressions of Devotion and Gratitude

by Sanjay:

It is not possible for me to say anything about Sakshat Sai Bramha. . I am blessed by the presence
HIS Lotus Feet in my home. It was morning on Ganesh Chaturthi when Sakshat Sai Ganesh
entered my home. It was one of the most Blessed days of my life as I am blessed with a lot of Bhakti.

Sai Mohanji is beyond the Shabda Bramha. Here is a small attempt to express my feelings in Hindi.

Aap Ke PunitPawan Charan Hamare Ghar Jo Aaye, Shabri Banne Ka Bhagya Hum Paye !
(Dear Sadhguru, as Your sacred lotus feet came to my abode, I feel like Shabri who was blessed by Ram)
Aap Ke Charan Aashru Se Kya Dhoye, Kevat Banne Ka Avasar Hum Paye !
( When we washed you lotus feet with our tears of joy, you gave us chance to become Kevat )
Karke Hamre Bhojan Ka Swikar, Mano Mila Hame Vidurji Jaisa Pyar !
( By accepting food offered by us, you made us feel loved like Vidhurji )
Aap Ke Mukh Se Nikli SaiSatCharitraVani, Laga Jaise Hue Dwarikamai Se Aakashvani !
( The Sai Sat Charitravani from your mouth, it is like your heavenly sound from Dwarakamai)
Aap Ke Varad Hast Hamare Shir Par Aaye, ShukhShanti ShradhaBhakti Khub Jo Paye !
( keep your blessing hands always on our head and please bless us with Happiness, Peace and Devotion.)

Love You A Lot Mohanji.


At the Ram Temple, Mohanji once expressed Ram as one aspect of Himself.
At the Ram Temple, Mohanji once expressed Ram as one aspect of Himself.

Shaktipat and concept of non-duality

by Sundisha

I was fortunate enough to ride in the car with Babaji on the way the Satsang in Mississauga. That allowed me to get some time with Babaji prior to having listened to any of his discourses or teachings. When I learnt that Babaji was visiting, I was interested to meet him but was away that weekend for the Satsang, but then later learnt of a Monday session in Mississauga.
I was thankful to ride with you all, together with Babaji, throughout which we had some interesting and insightful talks about shaktipat and other things.
It was an honour for me when Babaji offered to give me shaktipat that evening, even though it was not pre-scheduled. God had a plan, I believe, and through this series of events, I was able to receive shaktipat from Babaji that evening.
At the temple in Mississauga, Babaji offered some great teaching about Hanumanji and how He is the symbol of devotion, and the key lesson that I took away was this aspect of realization that Babaji weaved into the talk: The concept of duality versus non-duality.
After the temple, when we went back to Vaughan, it was great to have some time for interaction with Babaji. I did not have many questions but the discussions were very down-to-earth and straightforward. Babaji is a simple man, with a simple message. The shaktipat was an intense experience and on this path that we are on, I am thankful to have met Babaji.

It has been my pleasure and good fortune meeting with you all.

God Bless,


A blessing beyond  the power of words to express.
A blessing beyond the power of words to express.

 Soothing Guidance and Peace of Mind

By Deepti Aggarwal

About 5 years back, I was involved with a Dubai based group that followed Mohanji. The group met weekly on Friday evenings and had an hour long session wherein we did meditation followed by Shaktipat. Time and time again, during the 3 year period, there were many instances where we benefited from Mohanji’s guidance and meditation.
Lately however, I was finding that my regular spiritual practice was interrupted and irregular and I was finding it harder to fall back into the rhythm that has supported my growth. My children were at a critical phase of their lives where they were about to leave home for university and there was much distraction both emotionally and mentally.
Mohanji’s arrival in Toronto brought much needed peace of mind and guidance our way. During the shaktipat, I found the calm, for a few seconds, which has eluded me recently.
That night, I felt physically energized, unable to sleep. At 3am, I wandered out into my backyard, amidst the gentle wind rustling the leaves of trees and the moon and stars sparkling clean in the aftermath of the light rain that had fallen earlier. It felt like the world had been reborn, waiting to offer its gifts.
My heart welled with gratitude for everything that life had sent my way, especially my children. Instead of feeling the pang of separation, I was feeling joy at having the opportunity to have them part of my life. I wandered back in and fell asleep. Surprisingly, I was not tired the next morning for having had less sleep than I normally need to function.
The following week, I found my meditation routine once again. As well as a deep set resolve to move back toward a routine that will continue to support my spiritual growth.

Enjoying the narural surrounds in Toronto
Enjoying the narural surrounds in Toronto

Know that I am always Alive, experience it and identify the truth


By Vinayneeti Shori
Baba’s words are true even in this kaliyug. He is with us every moment, He comes to our rescue even today… Mohan Ji is none other than Baba himself. He is Para Brahma, living God on Earth. When Baba was in His physical form, many fortunate people understood Him to be God. Similarly, we have Mohan Ji amongst us, He is one with God. He is the source, the divine source on this planet.
I got a new life because of Mohan Ji’s blessings. I am feeling short of words to express my gratitude to Him.
Two Years ago, a very evil spirit came into my body. He talked to me and told me that he would never ever leave me. He wanted to kill me and take me with him. But, my Baba would never let this happen. I was suffering from panic attacks, stress and too much anxiety. I stopped meeting people, talking to them and socializing. Whenever I tried to share my pain, my agony, with anyone, no one believed me. People used to think that I was suffering from a disease where the brain gives you signals that there is a spirit inside the body. Even my family didn’t believe me. I was totally alone….Totally alone. I used to talk to Baba: “Baba tum mat pita tum bandhu, Sakha.”  “Baba You are my friend, You are the only one who knows what I am going through. No one on this whole planet knows about me.” I had strong faith that I am in Baba’s sharan and my Baba would come and bring me out of this problem. He came, He actually came in the form of Mohan Ji. Mohan Ji is none other than Baba Himself.

On Hindu Heritage Day, the embodiment of Sanatana Dharma, or The Eternal Religion, celebrating the Tradition
On Hindu Heritage Day, the embodiment of Sanatana Dharma, or The Eternal Religion, celebrating the Tradition

On Rakhi day, Baba gave me a message that everything is going to be alright in my life. I was thinking about this message again and again: “Baba, how will you take this devil out of me?” In these two years, Baba produced so many opportunities for taking him out of me, but, being a weak soul, I failed in everything. Moreover, the thing in me didn’t let me do what I was supposed to do. Then, a week before Mohan Ji’s visit, a very close friend of mine had a vision that I was sitting near Mohan Ji and all my chains broke. She told me to meet Him when He comes to Toronto. At that time I didn’t know much about Him.
The first day I met Him, I listened to His satsang and when he gave me Shaktipat, I experienced His energy. As He placed His hand on my head, tears started rolling from my eyes, I cried like anything. Even after receiving the shaktipat, I kept crying for a while. The second day, as He placed His hand on my head, this devil came into my eyes and I felt Mohan Ji’s energy fighting him out. On the third day, as soon as He placed His hand on my head, a sudden burst of energy hit me. The evil was bursting into my eyes and face and I felt Mohan Ji’s energy battling with him. My whole body was shaking with Mohan Ji’s energy. Tears flowed continuously from my eyes. After getting shaktipat, I was not able to open my eyes. I sat there while other people were getting shaktipat. Mohan Ji is a perfect master, a master par excellence. While giving others shaktipat, He was simultaneously putting His energy into me. After about 10 minutes, He called me to Him. As I opened my eyes to go to Him, I felt Him as Sakshat Baba sitting with His feet on the white sheet. I tightly caught hold of His feet and felt I was actually holding Baba’s lotus feet. As I was holding His feet, feeling a lot of energy moving into my whole body, He asked for a paper and a pen. He wrote a mantra for me to recite afterwards and gave it to my friend. He was doing everything so coolly and was absolutely confident and sure about what He was going to do. Then, I felt a gush of energy pulling something out of me. I shouted: “Baba, Baba.” for about 5 minutes and guess what… He was gone forever. Mohan Ji told me: “You are free now, he has gone forever.” I felt that my Baba had come and freed me from the devil. I kept crying and shouting: “My Baba came, He came for me. He did come as He promised He would, for his children. He actually came, He came…” I felt Mohan Ji as Sakshat Baba sitting in front of me. Mohan Ji cleansed me, blessed me, placed His hand on my head and gave me His charnamrit with a white petal in it. I am the luckiest person on this planet on whom such a great soul , Para Brahma Himself, showered His grace abundantly. Within 5 minutes I was fine. I was saved from a ferocious devil and given a new lease of life. When Baba saw that being a weak soul, I couldn’t do anything He Himself came as Mohan Ji, placed His hand on my head and took the devil out of me.  Nobody other than God could do this.

The humility of an enlightened soul, the humility of a Master
The humility of an enlightened soul, the humility of a Master

Mohan Ji had to take a different body from Baba to come into this world, but, His consciousness is same as Baba’s. He is one with Him. He gave me assurance that He would be with me always, that He would protect me always. I am extremely happy to have Mohan Ji in my life who is so great and at the same time, so humble, that He answers all our questions. However ignorant the questions we ask Him are, He replies each question without getting annoyed. His love is unconditional. I am not even the dust of His lotus feet; still he blessed me so much. He knows everything about me. He is omnipresent. The more I know Him, the more I adore Him. I am a very simple person and want to express a lot about Mohan Ji but I am feeling unable to express myself. I am so very thankful to Baba for sending Mohan Ji into my life. I am blessed!!
Chahey lakhan hon juban yeh gun nahi ga sakdi,mere Baba tera karz ada nahi ker sekde…………
Jai Sai Ram!!

The humility of an enlightened soul, the humility of a Master
The humility of an enlightened soul, the humility of a Master

Sweet Miracle in Divine Company

By Ashutosh Doshi

Mohanji, the name itself means: ‘Lord Krishna’, the Almighty Supreme.

My meeting and acquaintance with Mohanji, or Guruji as I prefer to address him, was itself was immediate and unplanned.

 Mohanji once said that He only sees Himself wherever he looks and that He smiles when We smile
Mohanji once said that He only sees Himself wherever he looks and that He smiles when We smile

Jyoti (my sister from Delhi) informed me about Guruji, his books and all his teachings and the sudden urge to meet him arose and the next thing I knew, he was coming visit to Toronto. Met Guruji for the first time at a Satsang and was engulfed by his patience and explanations.

On my request Guruji immediately came to our abode and blessed it. I had the enormous pleasure of driving him from Temple to home.

At home Guruji was very kind to accede to my request of talking to Jyoti for 2 minutes and thereby fulfilling her long time desire.

On my personal meeting with Guruji felt an air of serenity, total calmness and an everlasting charming aura from the Great Spiritual Master. We talked on various topics ranging from Kailash to Martial Arts and at times had a strong feeling of chatting to a long time dear friend in the form of Guruji, with absolutely no barriers. So receptive and blissful!

I wanted to take Mithai (sweets or candy) for Guruji but could not do so, but the Miracle here was that I had the fantastic pleasure of having Ladoos as lunch with Guruji. On the evening of the same day, I had gone for Satsang and again had the pleasure of having Kheer as dinner with him.

Sweets with the Supreme Spiritual Master, can one ask for more?

One step at a time, one step after another, the arrival at the destination is certain.
One step at a time, one step after another, the arrival at the destination is certain.

So fortunate and so blessed. Memorable Moments spent with Guruji in his divine company, would be forever cherished and remembered. I am ever indebted.

Lastly my heartfelt prayers and koti koti pranams (a million salutations) to Shri Sadguru Sai Baba, it was only with his blessings that of all this was possible.

“Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Raja Dhiraj Yogi Raj Par Brahm Shri Samarth Satchidananda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.” Aum Sai Ram

(Praise be to the True Guru Sai Nath Maharaj, who is the Lord of millions of galaxies, king of kings, who is the Supreme Father and Lord of Yogis.)

Thank You.

Whether you cover a metre or a mile, the important thing is to keep walking!
Whether you cover a metre or a mile, the important thing is to keep walking!

The Kailash Within

Written by Palak Mehta

Kailas parikrama with Mohanji was a secret wish, a yearning that Mohanji fulfilled. My only intention was to go and melt with Kailas, it’s a vortex which keeps calling you, pulling you like a magnet.  From books and others’ experiences it seemed like a physical place which is all powerful, peaceful and transforming. But Kailas was much more than just that, it was much more than I had anticipated.

At your divine lotus feet eternally.. beyond the body.. beyond life on Earth........:)
At your divine lotus feet eternally.. beyond the body.. beyond life on Earth……..:) In Katmandu | Pic courtesy: Sumit

The closer we were to Kailas, the more I realized that this was a place not of this Earth. It’s the land of Gods. Dev Bhoomi. This realization was crystal clear for even an average person like me. As we approached Mansarovar, the air felt magical, the rocks on the mountains spoke, the formations in the clouds were the assuring and comforting greetings of my creator. I was falling in love. I saw Hanuman Ji in the clouds, it wasn’t just a glimpse, it was a darshan which was so reassuring and loving that I started to melt.

The first sight of Mansarovar was a cerulean blue shimmering against the warm sun and some moments later the sight of Kailas welcomed us. Shiva’s face with the hair tied up in His usual form appeared in the clouds to the left of Kailas. It was indeed a sight to behold. I was jumping like a 2 year old, exclaiming to everyone around not to miss it, but everyone seemed to be completely soaked in their own experience of Kailas. The most beautiful part is that this is the darshan I secretly wished for, to see Shiva in this form. I had not dared affirm it to my conscious mind because I wanted to be completely blank, without any expectations whatsoever , yet He gifted that to me. So unconditionally, so lovingly. We also saw a black dog at the same time. Dogs are symbolical of the tradition and kept appearing at various places throughout the journey. From just before Bharti Aunty dropped me at the airport, till the last day of the parikrama. This was only the start.

Shivas face on the left of Kailash with Black Dog
Shivas face on the left of Kailash

During the dip in Mansarovar Lake, Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra and ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ were my legs. Having Him enter the lake first was reassuring and one could simply follow. The first dip, burnt away something in my system. My whole body, my spine was exuberating the powerful energy of the icy cold water. I cried like a baby. Ceaselessly. Profusely. Uncontrollably. The intensity and energy of the lake was so overwhelming that it wasn’t possible for me to contain so much grace and blessings. Dip after dip I kept crying, even howling. It was unburdening. It’s funny when I think of it, especially when Phaneendar joked that the huge ripples in the lake were because of my tears. Ha ha, but when I think of it, I had no other choice really. It was completely out of my conscious control.

While we performed Mohanji’s Abhishek in the water, I noticed the tejus in His eyes. It was Shiva! Unmistakably Shiva. Kailash was right in front of me and it was Mohanji. Before starting the Kailas Parikrama I asked Mohanji if I could do His parikrama first. Doing His parikrama first, only felt right and was a huge blessing for me. He is my Kailas and the reason why I got to know about Kailas or could ever go there.

Mohan is Kailasa, Mohan is Shiv
Mohan is Kailasa, Mohan is Shiv;

This was beautifully affirmed by Shiva Himself. After Mohanji performed Abhishek to Kailas before the dip, a mighty ‘M’ appeared on Kailash. The clouds hid every part of Kailash apart from that mighty ‘M’. 😀 It was Shiva acknowledging Mohanji’s presence 🙂

Tears dwelled Mohanji’s eyes when He looked at Kailash..
Tears dwelled Mohanji’s eyes when He looked at Kailash..

The grace of the dip and Mohanji fulfilling each wish was baffling. All I could do was just look at Mohanji with a big ‘thank you’ written on my face. . Luckily Sabu clicked at this exact moment!  his priceless picture is attached below.
Thank You for fulfilling my deepest desires always, for giving more than what one could ever ask for, for coming to Earth for us and finding me here and literally rescuing me from my own mind, for always being there unconditionally, for making me whatever I am today and giving me whatever strength I have to face life in its full glory.

The face of Love Pic courtesy: Sabu
The face of Love
Pic courtesy: Sabu

We spent the night at Mansarovar. During Brahma Murta, visibly excited to ‘see’ the celestial beings I got up several times with room mates and went outside towards the lake. To my dismay, I couldn’t see anything and whatever little light I saw in the lake was not tangible enough for my eyes to sense the celestial beings. Everyone around seemed to see them so easily and were satisfied with the darshan they got. After sometime everyone went to bed and so did I. But my mind was still there, like an excited child wanting to see the magic happenings outside in the dearth of night I kept turning restlessly with no sleep. Finally after sometime with strong chilly winds blowing I felt the energy within me to venture out again. This was Mohanji’s energy otherwise I would’ve surely missed this chance and slept. This time there was no one around. The vastness and magnitude of the black sky jewelled with stars and smudged by moonlight, powerful cloud formations, enormity of the mountains, the reflected Mansaorovar in the moonlight. It was all so powerful that to even imagine that kind of power is a little frightening. ‘Shiva is truly Bhole Baba’, I thought. Extremely loving and easy to please, yet enormously powerful who can shake the whole existence in a single blow.
This ‘mighty’ Shiva graced me with the sight of a big glowing celestial being hovering over the lake. All my doubts of seeing faint lights earlier had vanished. This could not be anything else. There was no other light source coming from anywhere. It was a blinding white light expanding against the black shadows of the lake. I even saw a beautiful reddish pink one with that. With the chilly winds cutting through my face I heard heartfelt chants coming from my far left in the mountains. It was a man’s voice, melodious and sincere. A heavenly experience, most likely praying to Shiva.

The Parikrama: Divine Planning

Mohanji mentioned that the Kailash Parikrama depends on the individual’s karma and only if one has complete surrender does grace benefit them.

Everything about the parikrama seemed magical. So many people from all over the world, Shiv Bhakts, Buddhists and others, coming from various backgrounds with an inherent serenity in all. My gut told me to take a pony and use it when I’d need it as I really wanted to finish the whole parikrama, in any condition. The porters and ponies were no other than Shiv Gana (Shiva’s attendants). My porter and Pony were certainly chosen by Mohanji and that’s the intention I had given. She was a sweet Tibetan girl who scolded me when I got lazy or too tired to walk but was so gentle and pampered me completely when she saw me silently overexerting my body.
She was sent by Mohanji and Shiva and I’m eternally grateful to her. She gave me a lot of strength when I felt my body wear out.

My Sherpa was Shiva Gana (Shiva’s attendants) for sure!
My Sherpa was Shiva Gana (Shiva’s attendants) for sure!

The parikrama on the first day finished reasonably smoothly but it was followed by extreme cold, storming headache, rain, some wet clothes and the Mighty north face of Kailash right in front of us. I felt totally ungrounded in that energy field, the crown chakra of mother earth- Kailash. We could see Kailash in front of us from our Balconies. It was an extremely cold and wet night and my only saviour was Mohanji. I was floating! Everyone’s voices were coming from a hollow pipe and I was just praying to make it through the night and not fall sick. Despite this, we all were rejoicing and it felt like big a party with Mohanji.

I was really touched by the bhakti and surrender of some people. Dhrittiman, Sumit and so many who walked the whole way in spite of the hardships. Each one had amazing experiences and Dhrittiman was the only person who was able to go and actually touch the Mountain- Kailash. That night Dhrittiman’s shoes were wet, Sumit had a very high temperature, Namrata was taking oxygen periodically, Rajesh Kamath didn’t have enough warm clothes and had a storming headache. Dr, Deepali, Dr. Spomenka, and others kept nursing everyone in spite of their own physical challenges. All my socks were wet and when I asked DB ( Dhrittiman) how he planned to dry his only pair of shoes in such weather conditions and no heaters, he just smiled, looked at Mohanji and said, ‘That’s not for me to take care of!’  With faith and devotion like that who can but not expect miracles to happen! DB’s shoes were dry the next day and so were mine! Namrata felt much better and stronger and another seemingly coincidence was that Vijji had an extra pullover for Rajesh. I kept seeing Mohanji take everything on himself and burn it. Silently in His usual unassuming style. His back literally became like stone sometimes. He went through knee pains, head aches. My personal experience was that my head ache, fatigue came back once the Parikrama was over, but during those three days, I know it was only His grace taking care of me.

The next morning I was woken up abruptly by my porter. Without getting enough time to pack properly or to take the altitude sickness homeopathic medicine ( a complete blessing so sweetly arranged by our team) or eat breakfast, I had to rush with my porter to the pony. It was a tough start for the most challenging day. Yet when I reached the Dolma Pass, the highest (at an altitude of 5850 mts / 19193 feet), toughest part of the parikrama, with very little oxygen; I met Mohanji on the way and was totally energized. Sumit’s deepest desire to go to Gauri Kund and do pooja was fulfilled by Mohanji who actually waited for Sumit at Dolma Pass for about half an hour. When Sumit, Biba di, Swami Govinda, Rajeshji (from UK), Panditji and Hein went to Gauri Kund, I stayed with Mohanji, completely soaking in divine bliss.

At Dolma Pass with the grace that held me throughout
Infinite Grace- With Mohanji at Dolma Pass (highest altitude 5850 mts)

The sight of the precious Gauri Kund, being with my divine Father on the toughest point, and seeing the rustic, broken mountains around, which shuddered during Shiva’s tandav was complete grace. I was jumping up and down the mountain like a monkey! I knew Mohanji was breathing for me, keeping my physical body fit and my headache in control.

Mohanji on Kailash
Mohanji at Gauri Khund                                                              Harsh weather in Kailash that tests all your limits..

The toughest part felt like a breeze and was soon over. But during the descent my body completely wore out and I just couldn’t keep up with Mohanji and everyone. Mohanji walked as if He was gliding.  I just collapsed. Random people on the way helped me. A young Chinese lady gave me some bitter herbal medicine to keep the heart strong, another woman walking past held my arm during the decent and helped me from not falling. My body was so exhausted that every step seemed like a humungous challenge. I just had to reach the lunch point because there was no shelter anywhere else. Kailash has its own tests (one after the other!). Sudden Hailstorms accompanied by harsh winds, low oxygen, extremely warm sun and unpredictability.

Rajeshji (from the UK, who commendably walked the whole way because of his firm faith) was a complete blessing to say the least. He would stop with me from time to time, encourage me to move on. After some time I was flat on the ground again. Complete energy drain. I couldn’t move a toe. Rajeshji gave me a sip of Gauri Kund water, and wow! I was brought back to the present moment, energized and refreshed. It was super powerful.. hard to imagine the purity of such water. Taashi, from our tour organizers really helped me reach the lunch spot. That was my only respite. He held me and took me there. On seeing Mohanji there I just broke down. I cried unstoppably. My body was exhausted beyond measure and I felt breathless, a vacuum inside and things leaving me. Sumit and Hein were of great comfort. Mohanji asked Hein to help me and really I can’t thank him enough for being there at that time.

With the bro- Hein, in front of Kailash and 'Om' symbol on it
With the bro- Hein, in front of Kailash and ‘Om’ symbol on it

We somehow found my pony and the journey after that seemed never ending! The majestic beauty of Kailash gave a lot of strength. It was then that I realised that something very heavy had left my system. My body was completely burnt out but I felt lighter, like I’ve been gifted with something new inside me. I felt very grateful because I was protected and though it sounds a little dramatic, I returned back alive from all that.

The third day felt like a smooth morning walk. My wish to soak in Kailash slowly, at my own pace, alone, in silence, was fulfilled. I could make videos, exchange smiles with familiar strangers, express gratitude and just BE there. Amazing how the minutest of wishes were fulfilled each time by my Divine Father.

group pic after finishing the parikrama

The Birthday Gift

My birthday fell on the 10th of August and we completed the Parikrama on the 9th. The successful completion of the parikrama during my first trip ever to Kailash and that too with my Guru was the best birthday gift I could possibly receive in this lifetime. I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of grace and love showered on me. Before leaving India, I had been looking for the perfect Shivling to get it dipped in Mansarovar and blessed by Mohanji. Sadly I couldn’t find it. At Nyalam I saw some but wasn’t feeling the pull from them and Mohanji said I could look for it ahead. We never got time after that and parikrama started.

Mercury Shivling blessed by Mansarovar Lake- The Birthday Gift
Mercury Shivling blessed by Mansarovar Lake- The Blessed Birthday Gift

On our journey back after the parikrama, the thought of not being able to get the Shivling occured to my mind. I completely warded it off so that no amount of expectation or disappointment might enter my system after these immense blessings.
On the 9th Evening, Preeti Duggal, no less than a human angel for me, hugged me and gifted me a mercury Shivling which was dipped and blessed by Mohanji in Mansarovar Lake and whispered into my ear that this gift was from Mohanji.
Tears of Gratitude and Joy rolling down my cheeks yet again! I shared this with Mohanji who had an ear to ear, adorable grin on His face. Divine Father listens to every prayer, fulfils every wish, nothing can explain the Love of a Guru. It’s truly infinite.

Soul Family

Endeavouring on the ultimate pilgrimage together with your soul family is no coincidence. We shared the tough times, rejoiced in the good ones, embraced the loving ones. There was definitely a reason why a group of certain people were bought together, mirroring and helping out each other. I found out so many past life connections (Thanks to amazing and soulful Za Gi)!
The Pilgrims were from various backgrounds yet everyone felt ‘Home’ with each other. It was amazing to share similar experiences of Mohanji’s consciousness happening to people all over the globe who’d never met each other. It was truly an honour to meet these amazing people ! Thank You All of You and for the love we share..You rest in my heart.

Mohanji's Kailashis 2014
This collage could contain close ups of only some of us, the group pic has everyone in it 🙂

Life After Kailas

Mohanji says big shifts have happened in people, now it’s up to us to maintain the sacred inner space.
In just few post Kailas days I started to feel the changes. I could feel the External world mirroring the internal one more tangibly. There is more clarity with respect to the reason for tough situations, accompanied by peace of mind, fearlessness, increase in efficiency and conviction. I also witnessed strong hits of negativity in my mind right after the trip was over. Somehow I had expected this. These were my personal tests. I felt stormed with strong ego based emotions that I never knew existed in me within 2 days of returning back. Felt like a cleansing but also hits of intense ego. At that moment DB (Dhrittiman) said something very powerful.
‘Just fill your inner space with chants or thoughts about sewa (service) work. It is very easy to fall prey to negative thoughts when the inside has been wiped clean. ~ Om Namah Shiva ‘. This was a complete opportunity in disguise! It lead to some positive life changes that I had been trying to make for years now and an even stronger prayer to keep the Kailas within me alive always.
What ‘Kailas with Mohanji’ has given us, we might realise years later if we are subtle enough. I’m eternally grateful to Mohanji who turns all my dreams into reality always. For now my prayer is that the Kailas within only dwells in deeper with time… the Mohanji Consciousness within only dwells deeper in my heart with time. Om Namah Shivaya !

Held in the arms of God
Held in the arms of God,pic courtesy: Laavanya Singh