Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 203 and 204

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 203 – Living experiences

Today, I wanted to share some of my experience learning and being with Mohanji about his view on people and my lifestyle choices, habits or patterns. Earlier, I would ponder, “What would Mohanji think if I was doing this? Is this okay?” as if he were keeping track. I’ve learned and experienced that Mohanji likes to leave everybody completely free – free to have their own experience and live their life as they desire. 

Mohanji sees his role very simply. If people want to attain the highest in this lifetime, he’s here to guide them. But other than that, he has no interest in what people do in their private lives. We create our karma through our actions and then un-create karma through our actions, service, or other activities. It’s our experience. That’s how he sees it. 

So, why should he care? Or why should he interfere? If that’s the experience that somebody wants to have, no problem. It’s them who will be paying the bill. So, he doesn’t mind; really, he doesn’t take any interest or note.

 This was an essential understanding for me because I had a wrong notion that he would take a view on what was good or bad. But actually, he doesn’t have to do that, because it’s all each one’s experience. The lesson I learnt was quite powerful – a more profound recognition of responsibility in my life, an understanding that my actions have consequences. Only I will experience those consequences regardless of the people around me. If I do something – it’s I creating my destiny. I need approval or validation from myself on what’s good for myself, my conscience and what I’ve decided to do in life.

In summary – All our habits, desire, inclinations, habits or religions are individualistic. It is our choice. But we need extreme determination and discipline if we aspire to attain the higher. Then Mohanji gives guidance, and discipline is required to consolidate ourselves and our energies. The senses always draw us, so if we’re scattered (our mind is all over the place) with the senses roaming, then it’s impossible to have that consolidation and take that step to mastery over the mind. Having that single point of focus or goal is important.

For example, brahmacharya, which some people would have heard about. The view on this is that attention is always on supreme consciousness, which means that attention is always focused there whilst walking, talking, eating, or doing anything. That’s the discipline. 

Abstaining from pleasures of life should be because you are trying to attain the higher, not through suppression of desires or instincts. 

Mohanji always cautions against anything unnatural or suppression based because this can lead to postponement later. Suppose there’s an experience to be had, and it’s impossible to see it in the objective light of awareness and pass through it. In that case, it’s better to be fully lived or experienced because that’s one experience done and completed.

 So, to move forward from these habitual pleasures and everything else requires determination and discipline. Overall, Mohanji doesn’t keep track of people’s personal choices because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s us creating that karma and un-creating it.

Day 204 – Trust & Integrity

I’d shared the message before about trust and betrayal – what to do when people trust you, and also with those who betray you. This was based on what we do as part of the tradition in those circumstances. 

When somebody trusts you, stand by them, and make them feel safe. And when someone betrays you, move away and thank God or the higher for showing their true face.

In a recent Serbian Volunteer meet, Mohanji also asked how we can bring trust into the world as it is needed now. He followed by speaking on integrity and its power in today’s world. I found these two things quite inspiring. So I am sharing them again today.

He asked, “How do we bring trust into this world?” That’s what we’re doing now, through our activity, through being trustworthy. Through all the platforms, we’re performing selfless service and showing and demonstrating that trust in the world. The way to do this is to trust yourself and deliver trust in everything you do. We are doing this through all the platforms, delivering trust to society in many ways.

 Mohanji continued that this requires integrity, which is being yourself – your highest self. When we act with integrity, it means our words are powerful and accurate. He reminded us that our life should be powerful, meaningful and authentic. If we are this, if this is what we are giving to society, being genuine, caring, trustworthy and authentic, then our value goes up. It becomes our real value.

 I thought it was a great thing to contemplate.


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 26th March 2023


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