Trust is the essence

By Rijesh K, London

I came to know about Mohanji in 2016 when my senior colleague Subhasree introduced us to Mohanji and his teachings. We supported Subhasree by getting involved in charity activities lead by ACT Foundation UK and also started participating in the Power of Purity meditation and HSTY Yoga sessions that Subhasree used to conduct for us after work. I felt amazing transformations within myself after I started doing the meditations. Somewhere inside me, an inclination towards spirituality was there, which got more defined and streamlined as I connected to Mohanji’s consciousness and continued the meditations.


Slowly I started doing 360 degrees meditation regularly, which took me to even deeper experiences. Along with my regular day to day life with work, family etc., I continued the meditations. In October 2017, I got my first opportunity to meet Mohanji during a one-day programme in London. Meeting the Master in his physical form was a wonderful experience. I was able to feel and witness the changes in frequencies around me and the energetic changes happening in and around me.


I received yet another golden opportunity to be with Mohanji for a day in August 2018 during the London retreat. I felt my connection with Mohanji growing stronger. In the meantime, a few months before this meeting, I had experienced a miraculous escape from what could have been a nasty car accident. My friends, my wife with our 5-year-old son were all with me inside the car during the accident. We emerged without a single scratch, while the car had to be completely written off. We knew immediately that it was Mohanji who protected us. When I met Mohanji in August 2018, I felt an amazing assurance that he is always holding our hands in all situations.

During the year, Subhasree had moved out from the project and our meditation and ACT activities had nearly stopped. However, the lamp of connection to Mohanji was still very much alive.

Very recently, I had a profound experience which reassured  me that Mohanji is with us every moment.

About 3 months back, my mother had a brain stroke. I rushed from London to India. In this difficult time, I thought of Mohanji and also requested Subhasree to pray to Mohanji for my mother. It was not an easy situation as my wife was expecting our second child and was due very soon. Soon, I experienced the grace of the divine that came through Mohanji’s blessings. My mother recovered very soon from that stroke and went back home without any nasty after effect. In my heart, I knew this was a miracle by Mohanji. I returned to London and soon our second child was born.

A few weeks later, doctors diagnosed that my mother’s tumour in the brain was cancerous. They suggested that she undergo some intense series of radiations. However, after a few sessions of radiation, my mother’s condition deteriorated. I rushed to India again. At one point, the doctors said that nothing can be done and advised taking her home and keeping her in palliative care for the next few months as long as she survives.

My mother was very happy and peaceful when she reached home. Within 3 days of bringing her back home, one night after a very peaceful day with meeting some relatives, having dinner with all, she went to bed as usual. As I was sitting near her and massaging her hands, I felt as if Mohanji was sitting next to her. I even saw Subhasree sitting along with Mohanji, next to my mother. I was feeling very sad watching my frail mother. Slowly my mother was sinking and soon without much pain and suffering, she took her last breath early the next morning.


I then realised that the presence of Mohanji that I felt near my mother was surely what helped her in her peaceful and smooth exit. It was also worthwhile to mention that, on that day, I was wearing a ‘Mohanji T-Shirt’!

The next day, when I went to collect the ashes, as the people were about to pour water to cool down the ashes, suddenly out of nowhere, it rained for a few minutes. The ashes became cool and I was able to collect it. For me, this was a clear sign that my mother’s soul has departed happily and she indicated it this way.

I can’t thank Mohanji  enough for making my mother’s journey so smooth. I am glad that she left happily, content and without suffering a lot.

This whole episode has reassured me that no matter how often I meet Mohanji or communicate with him, the connection to his consciousness that was established once, stays alive. When we have total trust and faith, with just a thought and remembrance, Mohanji comes to help us, protect us. In these few months of difficulties, Mohanji was certainly holding my hand and the way he ensured the smooth and peaceful exit of my mother, I realised the power of the connection with consciousness.

This was indeed a miracle that my heart recognised.

Thank you Mohanji for being with us and touching so many people’s lives in miraculous ways!

“If someone trusts in me, I always do my best.” – Mohanji 



Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 24th October 2019


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