An Invitation to India – Part I









By Martin Simonovski

Sunday night! After one hell-of-a-week, I decided to try to fall asleep. The whole week was full of fears, fury, anger, hatred and similar emotions. After the failed attempt to fall asleep, I decided to turn on the mobile phone and see how “life” was going on the social networks.

The first thing that I saw were the missed call and the message on Whatsapp “Martin, are you there? This is Mohanji”. “Yes Baba

“Martin, I can now feel you are very connected to me. Do you want to start working with me on a global scale?” I was shocked! Even now while writing this blog, I still can’t believe I got that suggestion. Yet, that was not all. “Yes Baba, of course!”

After he told me that he will give my contact information to his assistant, we talked about the local challenges that Mohanji Macedonia was facing at that time. I was immediately relieved when I heard him saying that everything was going to be alright. He said that he will personally take care of the challenges and create a better environment. That was not the end of the conversation.

“Martin, why don’t you come to India to work together and do something very big?” At that point, I really had no idea who I was or where I was. After several seconds of silence, I answered him saying that I was not sure if can provide the money for the airplane ticket and for the stay in India. “You just come here and don’t worry about the rest” were the words which concluded the subject.

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When I asked my colleagues what they thought about the idea their words were “We have to find money to get him to India. A blessing like this must not be rejected”. They were witnesses to what had Mohanji done for me until then, let alone what he has done for me until now to this moment, while I am writing this blog. However, we will talk about the experiences from 26 May 2016 in another blog, or perhaps in a small book.

My family immediately learned that Mohanji invited me to go to him in India. I don’t know why but I got a feeling that they were not surprised by this at all, and today after 2 months when I am back at home I am convinced that they were not surprised at all by the invitation. When I mentioned that I will need money for the airplane ticket their answer was “We will provide you with a ticket!” At that time I wasn’t sure if this was just a dream or Mohanji Baba had intervened. Today I am sure it was the later. J 100% sure!

Immediately after the conversation with my parents, I sent a message to Mohanji Baba informing him that I have started with planning and providing money for the trip to India. He replied that I should not push (force) myself too much. He also told me that we will travel together all the time. That was the peak (culmination).

The same day, I went for a walk with my friend Vladimir and we talked about the procedure for getting a visa to India. Vladimir had already been to India twice and he knows the whole procedure to the smallest details. I have to mention that Vladimir helped me with the visa documents and the trip to Sofia. Vladimir completed all the work for me related to the visa and the trip to Sofia by filling all the documents and providing me with a ride to the Indian embassy in Bulgaria. Vladimir, if you read this blog, please know that I love you and respect you very much and I am limitlessly thankful for your selfless help which allowed me to get to my Master. Also, thank you for preparing me spiritually for the great meeting.

I had less than a week to prepare for the embassy interview and the preparations didn’t go smoothly. The whole week was full of challenges that were followed by intense fears and doubts. In just a few days, Mohanji Baba managed to arrange large number of challenges for me that awoke many fears and doubts in me. I started wondering if I will ever get to India. These were all tests which strengthened my will even more to get to him and do something huge. In one of the conversations with my colleagues I heard a statement “Dude, this guy is really steeling you”. Yes, he was ruthlessly steeling me without giving a second thought. We both knew that I will go to India though with my limited intellectual mind I could not predict how the preparations to India would go. Only Mohanji knew that and nobody else. In any case I can assure you that the preparations were not at all easy.

Many times I was thinking about giving up and staying where I felt safest at that moment – in the golden comfort zone. However, Mohanji obviously had different plans for me. In fact, he had very different plans. In this and in the following posts, I will share all my experiences from India with the readers so they will learn who Mohanji Baba is and what values he introduced to my life. Many of his disciples have been witnesses to my transformation. In order to make at least some contributions to their development, I decided to share the experiences that I had with Mohanji in these posts. These posts will also serve as a reminder in case some day I fall under some negative influences and go against Mohanji Baba – the Avatar whom I owe all I have been so far, all I am at the moment and all I will be in the future. In all these posts, I will make sure to inform all the readers about what Mohanji Baba has done for me, so that the same readers remind me of the blessings I got in case I fall under some bad influences and start speaking bad about Mohanji Baba just like some other people have done – people whom Mohanji helped the most. Those who know me before my very first meeting with Mohanji know what I am talking about.


Thanks to my friend Vladimir, who managed to arrange the interviews with the Indian embassy for both of us to be on the same day so that we can share the expenses for the trip to Sofia. I finally learned that “I will be having the interview with the consul of the Republic of India” at 01.12.2016 at 11:00. Actually, it wasn’t me who had the interview with him but we will talk about that later. Soon after I managed to buy an airplane ticket and prepare the documents for the upcoming interview. I started preparing for it. The doubts and fears were becoming stronger and stronger. They insisted to change my mind by any means so that I will stay in Macedonia and continue enjoying the golden comfort zone that promised me the same monotony. The fight was not at all easy. As the time was going by the doubts and fears almost won the battle. While I am writing this text today, I finally realize what Mohanji Baba meant when he said “You know that I am a lot more powerful than your fears!” I know, Baba!

The day for the interview came. The night before the interview we arrived at the Riste’s ashram in Shtip, where I had my first retreat with Baba. Riste, thank you for your great help that allowed me to get to Baba. I deeply believe that you will get what Mohanji Baba told you about your visit to India. The morning of 1 December, we left to Sofia. When the border clerks heard my response to the reason for the trip to India, they were dazed. However, they let us enter Bulgaria. Taking into consideration the Balkan-orthodox schemas of thinking, I was not surprised at all. Among the Balkan people currently I am considered as a “crazy sect representative” who is desecrating the religion and will burn in hell. Fast and steady the religions are losing the domination on the planet earth and their methods for spreading fear and guilt will be replaced by love and freedom.

We continued with our trip to Sofia but we had hard time locating the Indian embassy. After several minutes of wandering, I got the feeling that I knew the way to the embassy. With great confidence, I told Riste to turn the vehicle right and go straight ahead on that street. Everyone else thought there not even a theoretical chance that the embassy would be that way. I am not sure how I convinced Riste to turn right but soon after he did, we saw the Indian embassy on the left side of the street. Jokingly and with great happiness I asked my companions “Do you now understand now how Mohanji Baba works!?”

After we completed the procedure at the check desk, I was called for a talk with the consul. Actually it was Mohanji Baba who was called for a talk, not Martin Simonovski. During that conversation, my energy levels were significantly higher than usual and I could see things about the consul that I thought, until then, existed only in the spiritual theory. I will speak on this subject more thoroughly in another blog because I am still at the very beginning of my spiritual growth and I don’t have these spiritual abilities constantly.

While we traveled back to Shtip, we enjoyed the beautiful energy and the talks about the great masters that left their mark on this planet. There are no words to describe the energy that gathers when we connect to beings of that type. Indescribable. The energy continued to follow us in the dreams too but we will talk on this subject on another occasion. The morning while we waited for a bus to Skopje, Macedonian police officers asked me if I was released for the weekend from a nearby penitentiary, a subject that was tightly related to what we had discussed the previous night. A few days (hours) later, I got the same question one again.


After two days, I finally got back to Skopje. The fears and doubts still continued and intensified even more. I thought that the weekend right before I fly to India will be more peaceful. To the contrary, it was getting harder and harder. Guided by the instructions of Mohanji Baba to observe without judging, I somehow managed to cope with the fears. “The Monday” came – the flight day. I arrived at the Skopje Airport at 11:00 and was informed that the flight to Dubai will be delayed for three and a half hours. You can easily guess who was behind this. There was a good reason for it. When the time came, I finally got on the airplane to Dubai and I was relieved thinking that this was the end of the challenges and that from now on the “easy” part comes. No more challenges!

I couldn’t have been more wrong…


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  1. Swasti om 🐳

    Dear Martin, thank you for this beautiful blog. So nice to see you describe your fears and worries. It is not easy to stay at your guru’s feet. I am experiencing the same, nice to know I am not alone to feel that. I do often ask, ” what if I betray you.” He answers, “l’d still love you.” Please rest assured dear one, those who “betray” are also guided to do so. Is it possible for characters in a book to rebel and say, ” we don’t believe there is an author.” Without the AUTHOR’S permission?
    So beautiful to read your words from the heart. You are lucky to have such amazing friends and family.
    in loving grace of Mohanjibaba.

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