True Power Lies in Humility

Mohana Hanumatananda

I’d like to share an experience that had a great impact on my being. It happened two weeks ago after our Power of Purity” group meditation in Skopje, Macedonia. Each time after the meditation we play a song and bask in gratefulness to our Master and the Tradition for the Grace. While the song was playing, I found myself inwardly with my head next to Mohanji’s Feet. I have never felt this way before because of my western mind. My mind did not understand fully what bowing at the feet of a Master truly means. It was only a theoretical, intellectual knowing but not experiential. The feeling was beyond any words, and it was one of homecoming and great protection. Nothing could touch me besides my Master’s feet. They were my soul guardians.

“Just remember this relationship. Unity.”


All the hurt, pain and sorrow I accumulated from the passing period was simply vacuumed by Mohanji’s Feet and simply was eliminated in a split second… The whole event had no duration… it was beyond time and space… It just happened, and I came to know it. I never intended it, it was simply Grace descending upon my poor self …

Next day, when I told Mohanji about the experience, he told me it was not imagination. It was real, and that He merged me into His consciousness. He said, “Just remember this relationship. Unity.”

I knew it was not imagination. Mohanji always says that whenever we meet a Higher Master, how do we know the communion was real? If the meeting made a lasting transformation and a shift, then it was real…. If nothing shifted then it is infatuation.

Now I know for sure where my head’s place is – beside Mohanji’s feet. Nothing can touch me there. And I got a glimpse of highest humility and its effects. At that humble moment of my head (mind) merging into Mohanji’s feet, all my sorrows vanished and I felt truly powerful. It was power coming from my heart center – power that liberates myself and others.

Mohanji said, “I always do my job. All you need is faith and surrender.”

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