The Flowing River – the continuation of the journey


By Subhasree Thottungal

The small stream that originated some time back is getting fuller and fuller with new streams getting merged and together forming a bigger stream. The aim is this stream converting to a river and merging into the final destination, the ultimate, the vast ocean.

Thus is the life in spiritual path with Guru Mohanji. Experiences after experiences, each day gets enriched. No theory, no stories. Only real experiences. Enhancement of a usual materialistic life engrossed only bothering about self – “me and mine”. Rising from there to the world of selfless compassion for the world, moving away from own materialistic interest – a huge jump that is only possible because the Guru is holding the hand and taking you forward. No looking back, no falling down as the Guru and Guru Parampara is there to hold securely.

Well, continuing from my last expression about the spiritual journey with Mohanji since July 2015, I would like add my experiences thereafter.

Post London Retreat – July 2016

The London retreat in July 2016 finished. Mohanji returned back to India. Two days later, his blog appeared. He wrote about his meeting with Avadhoota Nadananda in Bangalore straight after landing in Delhi. In this blog, he mentioned about a pious event that will take place during the Navaratri festivals in Oct 2016. This will be the day when Avadhoota Nadanandji (Mohanji calls him Guruji) will confer a title of a very high stature to Mohanji as per the instruction of his Guru Mandala. Reading through this blog, i got goosebumps. A spark rose in the heart. Can I be there to witness this “once in a life time event”?

Kailash in Lanzarote!

Days and weeks passed. Month of August 2016. A team of about 80 people had gone on Kailash parikrama with Mohanji, many of them were from our UK group. I had been following the updates regularly. Photos from Kailash were not just beautiful scenic images. They had life and were passing the Shiva tattwa energy from these photos. The power was such that sitting on the seashore of Lanzarote (a small island part of Canary Islands, Spain, where we were on a family holiday), a small hillock just inside the sea, felt like Kailash. “Om Namah Shivaay” chanting came out spontaneously. Suddenly, clouds above, took a circular form. The epicentre lying just above the tip of the small hillock! Morning sunrays piercing through these clouds indicated definitely something divine!

5 days of holidays in Lanzarote turned into an amazing experience of “a taste of Kailash”. Kailash calling! Mind argues– “Kailash? Impossible”. Well let’s see…only if Shiva wants and Guru helps.

Attending Brahmarishi Title ceremony!

We return from holidays. After a few days, Kailash team returned too. We get together and team shared their experiences. During this discussion, Vijay bhai mentioned about the title ceremony in October, which is now official, where the “Brahmarishi title” to be conferred upon Mohanji by Guruji. A spontaneous question came out. Are we allowed to go? He said a small number of people are invited and he would anyway check with Mohanji and confirm. A couple of days later he confirmed that we can go and gave the details of whom to contact, etc. Having crossed the first step, the joy was immense but practical situation wasn’t easy. It was school term time, work was quite busy. How could I justify travel to India? This didn’t seem possible. My heart sank. Then a voice came, “Why worry? Leave it to the Guru. If it is destined, you will be there to witness such an important and lifetime event of your Guru.” I left it all to Mohanji and my routine continued.

After a few weeks, a work related meeting came up for which a visit to India was required. That too in Bangalore! Attending the Brahmarishi title ceremony seemed possible now. Adjusting the dates slightly, I planned my travel. I had to reach there just a couple of days before so that I could attend the event as well as attend the work meeting. All sorted. Tickets booked. Deep gratitude for the Guru was resonating inside my heart to have made this so smooth, sorting out multiple things, which otherwise seemed quite difficult. The complete surrender, the unconditional faith doesn’t go waste – I am completely convinced about this now.

Few days later, my loving grand ma-in-law (Muthi Amma) passed away and her 11th day shraadh ceremony fell right on the day I was reaching Bangalore! Muthi Amma was a very loving soul and I loved her immensely. We shared a very lovely bonding since the first step I made into her family home after my marriage, 16 years back! We both didn’t understand each other’s language. But love and affection need no language! Our bond had become very strong in the passing years. She was bedridden for last couple of years. At the age of 90, with very less memory, hearing and sight, she would still recognise my touch and call to her as ”Muthi Amma” and would respond feebly – “Subhasree maru makala” (meaning daughter-in–law). She would hold on to my hand for long and wouldn’t want to leave it when I get up to leave. Passing through memory lane, I wished I could attend the final day of her ceremonies – the 11th day when the family gives their respect to the parting soul and praying to the almighty to let the the soul rest in peace. Looking into the practical situation of school day, work schedule etc., it wouldn’t have been possible for me otherwise to go and attend this ceremony. But now, with this travel planned, it seemed possible for me to attend her 11th day rituals.


My heart filled with gratitude for my Guru. From a point when I was unsure about being able to go for Guruji’s event, it now turned into a trip that gave me the opportunity to fulfill not one but three important activities – attend Muthi Amma’s 11th day rituals, attend Brahmarishi title and attend my work meeting. Such is the power of Guru Mohanji! Everything happened so normally that it didnt seem like any miracle. But indeed the way in which the situation was shaping up, and the smooth flow, only my heart knew, it was the grace of my Guru, no less than a miracle! Finally the day came. After attending the ceremony for Muthi Amma, I reached Bangalore to join the Mohanji family (who had travelled from across the world) and travel together to Kurnool.


I had the first ever opportunity to put my steps in the holy ashram of Guruji Avadhoota Nadananda, in his Siddhaganj ashram. An extremely powerful Shakti siddha pitha (a place enriched with power of Shakti). It is impossible for a common man to enter there. Guruji told us when we first met, “Only with the grace of Guru Mandala, people who are called for, step into this premise”. This was indeed overwhelming. The shaktipath (chants), the pious and enriched environment was also completely flooded with compassion with selfless love and caring. Not only from Guruji but also from the ashram inmates who were serving us as if we are Devatas (divine beings)!

The next day will be a new birth for our beloved Guru Mohanji. His parents and family were also present. This was not just a title ceremony. It would be a ceremony of transfer of spiritual power from a siddha Avadhoota to Mohanji with the grace and command of the entire Guru Mandala! To be present in that ceremony is not just to be a mere witness the function. It’s also being soaked into the divine energy and complete purification of every single person who were present in Siddhaganj! Guruji announced that before the next morning’s ritual, there would be an extraordinarily special ritual for Guru Mandala puja that night. This is to invite the entire Guru mandala to descend down to Siddhaganj and grace the pious occasion. With the eagerness in mind, i sat in the puja hall thanking Mohanji in my heart for having been given this opportunity to experience all this.

Suddenly, a message comes from London. A friend of mine has been in critical condition after brain strokes admitted to hospital. A young person, barely 40 yrs old with a very young family! Lightening struck. Sitting at that powerful Gurumandala puja, only prayer coming out of heart, “Oh lord, oh Guruji, please protect him and his family”. The assurance was felt during the puja itself. Mantras coming out of Guruji Nandanandaji, the rituals performed by Mohanji with great sincerity and devotion, it didn’t seem any less than a maha yajna happening in the heaven itself. The power in the room was immense, the presence of Guru mandala and divine power was evident. The presence of divine energy was clearly felt by everyone who were present in that puja at that time. To be present in that moment, in that environment is definitely a reward from good karma that I must have done in previous lives! Heart never stopped thanking Mohanji silently, for making me eligible to take part. I will remain obliged forever!

After being soaked in powerful ceremonies for two days, I witnessed and felt the unconditional love & divine power. I was completely speechless not only to feel Mohanji’s power but also drenched in the simplicity, powerful yet loving and caring “Guruji” – Avadhoota Nadanandaji. Coming in the direct presence and interaction of Gurus of such high stature! This was beyond my expectation and imagination. Their achievements are much above my naïve intellect and knowledge about spirituality. I had not read much about Guruji before I met him, but no literature or bookish knowledge could have given the experience that I experienced in these two days in Siddhaganj.

Before leaving from Kurnool, I got a brief chance to talk to Mohanji and Guruji about my friend’s condition. Just in few words though, amazing assurance came from both. With complete faith on my Guru and the Guru mandala, I returned to my work place and then back to London. The prasad for my friend who was struggling for life in the top neurology hospital in London, was Guru’s blessing, assuring message and my prayers. From a stage of almost impossible to recover (top neuro surgeons of London were not even able to assure anything at all), eventually my friend recovered and was back home absolutely normal, talking, walking, memory intact, in just 4 to 5 weeks. A lot of prayers from all his nears and dears had definitely worked. However, I was completely assured how my guru Mohanji and Guruji Nadanandji and the entire Guru Parampara came to his protection!

Another important message was delivered to me, to be compassionate and selflessly love the world. “Keep doing your best for the world. I shall always be there for you. When you think, I shall listen. Just keep your faith against all odds and stay connected.” This meant a lot. The connection with Guru parampara was clear, the power of the guru parampara was crystal clear. Deep gratitude Mohanji!

Mohanji has been the father, protecting.

Mohanji has been the mother, showering unconditional love and compassion.

He has been a friend, spreading joy.

He has been the Guru to guide the right path every time, each time.

He is present in the consciousness all the time. Not just personal life, but even my work life has been enhanced so much with his presence. Even when I have to work long hours continuously for many days, no sign of stress comes near. With the chanting of his Gayatri Mantra, amazing strength, positivity and confidence appears. No matter how hard the situation is, it turns out in my favour. Many instances in work life that have slowly unfolded this power behind the peaceful and stress-free successes! I am sure, I am not alone with this experience. Most of the people who have been connected to Mohanji would have surely felt this amazing powerhouse behind the everyday life.

An offer of Sadhya with love

Another incident I would also like to share. This reminds me of the story of Shabari from the Ramayana epic, who fed Lord Rama with utmost love and affection.

Well, it was Onam, a festival of Kerala, when a traditional Kerala feast (called Sadhya) is prepared. As usual, I prepared sadhya for my friends and I offered naivedya in front of my Guru’s photo and a wish came spontaneously – Will Mohanji ever come to my house? Can I prepare and offer sadhya to him? May be in 2017, if he comes to London! Then during the meeting in Kurnool, I realised that Mohanji’s trip to London in 2017 is not confirmed yet. Felt sad. Heart cried, “Will I never be able to invite him to my home and offer him sadhya?” Then assurance came–“leave everything to him. He knows!”

The sadhya - Subhasree Mohanji blog 2.jpg

Around a week’s time after returning from Kurnool, I heard a pleasantly surprising news – Mohanji may be in London in Dec! For a very short time though. I couldn’t believe my ears. The dying flame lit up. May be he will come to my home! Tried to keep my faith intact. The day of his arrival was nearing. His trip to London was really short, just for 48 hours! But Vijay bhai confirmed, Mohanji will indeed come to my place one evening and I can prepare the sadhya! I was on top of the world. Finally the day came. My rheumatoid arthritis pain was in flared up mode, so much that I wasn’t able to even hold a knife. But who cares, Sadhya had to be cooked and indeed it was. God and Guru not only listen to the devotee’s yearning but also facilitate everything to ensure that it gets smoothly done! As per the schedule, Mohanji arrived and we had an excellent satsang that lasted for more than 1 hour. Mohanji was in a very jovial mood, cracking jokes, teasing someone. Everyone who was present wouldn’t stop laughing. Mohanji’s face was glowing and shining with laughter.

We were experiencing Krishna!

Amazing side of Mohanji, we all witnessed that evening. Finally, he came on the dining table. I was nervous and shaky . Will he eat at all or just do a taste? Will he like the sadhya?Well, my fear and nervousness was diminished soon when Mohanji, like a true Malayalee, started enjoying the sadya and even took more servings! He complimented many times – “Food is delicious. Reminded me my childhood”. He ate. He ate well. That was a wonderful moment for me filled with joy and satisfaction. I felt exactly like Shabari. My desire was completely accomplished.


After dinner, the satsang continued again with an even more cheerful mood. The entire atmosphere was so joyful. No one wanted the satsang to end. But he had to fly back to India the next morning. So we had to wind up. When he left my home, he made sure that I was satisfied. It was not only the fact that he liked and enjoyed the sadhya well but also that he completely drenched us with joy. He gave me much more that what I had wish for. My heart expanded for my Guru had given me so much love. What have I done to deserve so much? Head bowed, heart filled with gratitude and love.

This was the last event of 2016 and those were definitely the best moments with my Guruji. And most importantly, it taught me that with complete surrender to Guru, your wishes will be fulfilled. Mohanji left, but the aura, the joy and the positive vibrations stayed and will stay for ever! How can I thank you enough Guruji for filling my home with so much positivity, joy and love? As each day passing, the stream is indeed getting wider and deeper. 2016 has been an amazing year with many experiences and wonderful meetings with my Guru and I have treasured each of them in my heart.


Mohanji! Gratitude for giving me this opportunity and being in my life. At this point my heart sings these lines…

“hamen raston ki jaroorat nahin hai, hamen tere pairon ki nishan mil gaye hai”

(I don’t need any path anymore, I have found your foot prints to follow!)

Surrendering at your feet my Guruji. Jai Mohanji!

Surrender - Subhasree Mohanji blog.jpg


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