Connected in Consciousness

Dr Gitanjali Mohapatra, Odisha (19th January 2017)

I am a staunch devotee of Sai Baba ever since my childhood, but in the clutches of Maya. I came to know of Father Mohanji from Dr Nikita Naredi , my doctor who herself is a blessed and enlightened child of Sai Baba and Father Mohanji. I am by nature a very anxious and sensitive person, always used to remain scared, insecure, and worried of every situation in life. Seeing my state, Nikita ma’am asked me if i was interested in attending the Power of Purity meditation by Father Mohanji. I eagerly showed my interest for the same.

Since quite some time I was feeling pathless in life .I was desperately asking Sai Baba to guide my life in the right direction. I always talk to Sai’s photo, question him, fight with him .Few weeks back, I was complaining to him that he doesn’t reply to me, come to me in person or talk to me. Then I learnt that Sai Baba was Mohanji. Sai Baba connects to people through Mohanji.

The Power of Purity meditation was scheduled on 8th January 2017 in the ashram of Father Mohanji in Pune.The night before I kept wondering if Mohanji was Sai Baba. I kept thinking if Sai Baba would abandon me. All these thoughts kept me awake till 3 a.m in the night. I don’t remember when i fell asleep .In my sleep, I had a vision. I still remember. In front of the wall of my bedroom where i have hung a photo of Sai Baba, stood Father Mohanji. I couldn’t see Baba’s photo. Father Mohanji was huge and tall almost touching the rooftop. He was in his usual self with open hair, wearing a long robe, colour of which was not visible as bright golden light was emerging from all round him which had lit the entire house.


Then suddenly i woke up surprised. It was almost 8:30 a.m and I had to get ready to go to the Ashram. On my way to the ashram I told about my dream to Nikita ma’am. She was very happy and told me that I have already connected to Father before meeting him. Being human, I still didn’t feel convinced. Before the meditation, I started doubting if I really connected to Father Mohanji in my dream and if the meditation was really going to help me. As I always felt I was an ordinary human with so much negative karma, how could I be privileged to have connected to a Brahmarishi?

But to my surprise when the Shaktipat was given, I could not breathe for some time, I felt dizzy. I felt as if air was unable to enter my lungs. Slowly I started breathing but gradually I lost the feel of my physical presence. It was an eternal blissful feeling as if i was in vacuum, thoughtless, detached from everything including myself. When the meditation stopped, I didn’t want to come out of that state. When I opened my eyes, I saw Father Mohanji’s photo on the wall. Involuntarily my eyes closed again and I smiled with so much peace and satisfaction. It was as if I was brimming with some positive energy. I was so much overwhelmed with bliss. I could not speak a word. Tears rolled down my eyes – tears of gratitude. I felt dhanya (fortunate). Never in my life had I felt like this. I felt as if I got what I was searching for, answers to all my questions. My gratitude is not enough for all of them present there and especially to Nikita ma’am who introduced me to the family of Father Mohanji. I pray to thee Father Mohanji and Sai Baba to continue to bless us the same way forever.




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