Dana’s Shift – Facing the Primal Fear Head On

Dear friends,   

It is so interesting to observe how nicely progress is happening in all the layers of our existence, just by strong faith and surrender.   

Dana's Smile From Within


 We had a relatively smaller meditative group yesterday in Kolkata, and that gave me sufficient time to meditate as well (which is usually not the case due to my task of performing Shaktipat). The moment we finished with the breathing techniques and started the meditation, I saw one saint, all in white, sitting in a lotus position and floating around. I just offered my pranaams to him and continued following the meditation. When I felt that it was a time to get up and finally give Shaktipat to everyone, it was so increadibly easy – I felt as if I didn’t even move at all.   

We had one new participant who not only came for our meditation for the first time, but meditated for the first time in her entire life. While giving her Shaktipat I felt that she was so open and energy was nicely flowing… and suddenly, to my great surprise, I got a glimpse of HER PAST, when she was on the boat with so many other people –  chaos, waves, water all around, and all of them finally reaching the shore. I couldn’t connect what that was and why I saw it, but obviously it was deep rooted and got released during the meditation, so I caught it.   

Later on she explained to me that during her college days she went for a cruise on a small boat (around 15 of them altogether). While they were passing under the bridge, one boy jumped on the front part of the boat and it started sinking. She was on the opposite side, finding herself in the air and sinking after that as well. She was on the same side where engine was, so the fear of getting injured was even higher. Luckily she knew how to swim, but there were 2 girls who did not. She saw them drowning and rushed to send some guys to save them once she reached the shore. They ended up in a hospital, but I don’t know if they have survived or not. These kinds of impressions get really deeply imprinted in the mind.  

Enu had a very deep and nice experience and couldn’t stop talking about how light she was feeling after the meditation… We all did…   

Straight from the meditation we went to attend one classical Indian music event for a short while and came home. My family was having a dinner and I was just sitting on a terrace since I couldn’t even move after this high energy experience. Body was not listening at all. I recognized the same vibration as from the time when Mohanji was “working on me”, i.e. preparing me for the high energy task of performing Shaktipat. For few hours I was almost like a plant… until I finally closed my eyes to sleep…   

I woke up in the morning after a very intense dream… Dream in which I would have felt so much of fear only if I was not who I was – the new Me… Dana who has such a strong faith that even natural catastrophes can not affect her… 🙂  

Dare the Storms of Life


 This was my dream:   

I was somewhere in South-East Asia with my cousin Nina (from this life), one more lady and her little daughter (I don’t know them) and  I don’t know what we were doing there (you know how it is in a dream :-)…). Suddenly on we noticed a TORNADO (twister) on the horizon, moving in our direction very fast. It looked so scary since I’ve seen something like this only in movies. Everyone started panicking and running, but I was just looking at it and it changed its direction to my right. Little girl who was with us started running, so we had to run after her.   

From the hill where we were, we came down to some field. Behind the forest I could see tornado coming towards us again. I was just trying to come up with some kind of strategy how to keep everyone together and safe, so that, even if we get sucked in, we don’t get hurt (oh, what an all was going through my head). Twister was really twisting left and right, but I knew that it was coming towards us. It looked like some kind of a monster which sucks in all the living beings that it notices in its surrounding.   

The Overwhelming Force of Tornado


 Finally, I made some knots which we all were holding on to while laying down on the grass. My left cheek was on the ground and tornado was approaching us from my right. The entire Earth was shaking and I was looking STRAIGHT AT IT, as if it had eyes and a soul. Less than a meter in front of me, it just stopped. I was still looking at it and that was the moment when I realized that I had NO FEAR at all. I was feeling so expanded, one with Mohanji, one with all the Masters, one with the entire Creation… Just the same as I feel during the meditation… Twister was still in front of me for a while, and then it turned and continued to the left… I woke up and felt that I was not the same any more…   

Dana in the Bliss of Loving Service - Orphanage in Nepal


Without any explanation, I just sent a short message to Mohanji, asking whether he was doing anything on me yesterday (hm, mind always likes confirmations). He replied:   

“You underwent a great shift. It strengthened you further. I was there. I changed your constitution to handle much more. It was time. You will start to experience my consciousness more often than before. You will be guided more than before.”   

I’m silent friends… No more words needed… Only gratitude for all the blessings…   



2 thoughts on “Dana’s Shift – Facing the Primal Fear Head On”

  1. Please allow me to be a proud sister for a moment , and say that I’m truly impressed with the speed at which Dana’s spiritual progress is happening.

    I remember the days when I tried telling her about Mohanji, but she was too impressed with other feel-good, sugar coated options on the spiritual market . I spoke to Mohanji about that once in 2007, and he told me:

    “Let her be. She can play around as much as she wants, but sooner or later she will come to Shiva’s path. And then, there’ll be no looking back – she will then progress at a very high pace.”

    And this is exactly what happened. Dana was the first person who had a full-fledged Shamballa experience by simply connecting to Mohanji’s third eye;

    is one of the rare few who received Shaktipat initiation from Mohanji;

    assumed a lot of responsibility with Ammucare Charitable Trust in India, and did such a good job, with utmost sincerity.

    And now this experience.

    Thank you my dear sis for sharing this inner experience with us – one sure way of knowing we are progressing towards the ultimate Self-Realization is the way in which we deal with our deep rooted fears – when they ‘hit’ us unexpectedly (as the seed of the karma sprouts without a warning). In such moments, indeed, there is no time to think and strategize. We come to know, right then and there, where we stand spiritually…

    May we all be guided by the Masters to overcome our greatest fears, remove all the blockages, and realize the Ultimate in this life itself!

    With love,


  2. Thank you for sharing your dream! I’m always amazed by the messages that come through in some dreams… to me they can be as powerful and clear as meditations.

    I had a dream recently, not about any danger, but teaching me to be calm and still in the midst of distractions.

    In this dream, I’m sitting in a room and a moth or butterfly comes at my face very excitedly. I react to shoo him away and damage his wing. Of course I can’t repair it and feel bad, but as he flies off I know he’ll get what he needs heal on his own.

    Upon waking, I realized that if I had left him alone, he would have either landed or flown away!

    Thanks to Mohanji for so many messages in so many accessible ways <3


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