Serving the Master and Experiencing Shiva – profound sharing by Dr. Pradeep Ullal

Date: 01  March 2010  

Place: Rajesh and Shristi’s Residence, Karama  

Shiva is revered as the state of ‘purest consciousness’. So pure is this infinite power, that it does not have any attributes like form, shape, color, identity or any attribute. Shaivic path is called the path of dissolution, where we have surrendered to Shiva fully after we have activated the powers of divine shakti through ardent kriya sadhana and sought liberation from all identification, desires and accumulating karma.  

Kundalini Shakti Emerging Through the Sahasrara and Hair of Shiva


 In the path of dissolution, there is no lure for any gains and death is welcome any moment. The Fearless has no death. All desires have to be annihilated and the soul is ready for the liberation from the jananamarana (life and death) cycle.  

Many great spiritual masters in India have observed that a few earthlings will draw the courage to sustain their quest in the fiery shaivic path, while most seekers choose the path of longevity and comforts where there is greater emphasis on acquisitions and lesser on liberation. This leads to false intimacy with the external Gurus and hopes pinned onto these external saviors who are going to take us to the promised heaven and gift us with boons and blessings that will trigger abundance that is supremely aspired for on this physical plane.  

To read and talk about Lord Shiva is itself an ecstatic experience for an ardent Bhakta. Today, the rare event that unfolded is beyond any description. However I am required to articulate an experience for at least inspiring a few aspirants on this path.  

The Explosive Power and Glory of Lord Shiva

Sitting in the presence of Mohanji in immensely expanded state of consciousness is an experience to be treasured for any receptive sadhaka. What more could I ask for this afternoon, when Mohanji knowingly asked me to do some ‘marma’ work on him.  

I gladly accepted this opportunity to serve the Master. When I put my hands on Mohanji, suddenly a deep feeling of gratitude took over me. The currents began to flood my space and this instant connection became more intense, as I began to work more on his marma points along the body. Mohanji’s body began to expand like the body of Virata Ishwara. The spiraling currents within me ushered me into Rudra Avasta.  

There was a raging fire within that was worshiping the body of Shiva. I was in meditative prayer and chanting continuously as my hands were being guided by a mystical force.  

The Upward Pull of the Mystical Cosmic Force


 As my hands moved along vigorously, I could sense Mohanji entering into deep silence and then into absolute stillness. I bowed in deep gratitude and sat next to the Master absorbed in turiya avasta (4th state of consciousness and super awareness).  

As I sat next to Mohanji, I had a beautiful opportunity to experience glimpses of the pure state of Shiva. The river of grace then began to flow and soon descended upon me and my dear friends Manoaj, Shristi and Rajesh, who sat immersed in meditation next to Mohanji.  

Such was the impact of the shakti flow, that I felt the immense currents and energy explosions in my subtle body for the next 4 hours. My body began to heat up unusually and the nadis expanded to accommodate the flow of currents. I was reeling in divine ecstasy. There were shifts happening that I couldn’t fathom or comprehend. In surrender there are no questions and no logic.  

There was a ring of fire that had formed around all of us, while the shaivic energy working on each one of us. We remained in awe for such an amazing grace descended upon us.  

Lord Shiva as Nataraja - in the Ring of Fire


 Mohanji opened his fiery eyes after several minutes. He had a far out look as he slowly began to return back to normal from his expanded state. He then explained to us of how rare this event was. He expressed his satisfaction in having witnessed us receive this blessing of Lord Shiva. He went to also add that I had performed ‘Tandava Puja’ on him and received this blessing from the source, enabling myself to open the floodgates to receive the explosive energies.   

Mohanji After Shiva Experience - the Fiery Eye That Says It All

Mohanji also reiterated the significance of intense sadhana and preparation to receive the high intensity currents, w hich can never be overlooked or under estimated on the shaivic path. This event allowed us to experience energies that were extraordinary and yet delivered so smoothly and unconditionally. We are so grateful to Master Mohanji for relaying this power to us.  

Mohanji has always stressed upon the ‘siddha path’ and how the ‘kriya’ and ‘bhakti’ marga have prepared aspirants to receive the eternal blessings of sadguru. Enriched by this magnanimous experience, we were absorbing pearls of wisdom that Mohanji shared with us.  

Third Eye of Lord Shiva


In midst of this conversation, Mohanji also explained my past life connection with him and Biba, which was really interesting. I can’t share all of it here, however there was an element of deja-vu for me. He explained how I had the same opportunity to serve him with marma therapy during my past life meeting at an ashram in India. We have crossed many lifetimes and now met again, and the familiarity and the exchange of energies continued to be overwhelming.  

Mohanji told me to write about this experience while he was leaving for a meeting. The explosions within me were so overpowering that I barely managed to write a few lines and finally rested myself on the couch for a little while and enjoyed the flow.  

It’s indeed hard to write about all that happened during this eventful afternoon of energy explosions. It would be over zealous to even expect a vicarious experience even by reading about it. I have experienced tremendous magnetic pull from above my crown over the last 9 months, but today the intensity took me to another level altogether. It kept growing and orbiting around and then made several corrections in my subtle body as it descended.  

Having experienced years of energy explosions within me, I am glad to share that what I experienced today has no comparison to anything before. Mohanji did hint that it was a blessing for us to have absorbed the experience and made the best out of this expanded state of consciousness. The good news is that there is more coming our way. 🙂  

Mohanji's Shiva Experience in Feb 2008 - with Mystical Cobra Protecting the Third Eye, and Vibhoothi Emerging From Sahasrara Assuming the Shape of Kailash Mountain


 Surrender is an amazing state. We don’t know what to expect and have no desire for the next big leap. As Mohanji says, when we truly surrender, the quantum leap just happens without the need for asking.  

What more inspiration can one get 🙂  

Lots of love,  

Pradeep Ullal

11 thoughts on “Serving the Master and Experiencing Shiva – profound sharing by Dr. Pradeep Ullal”

  1. Dear Pradeepji,

    Yes, I am the sole witness of what you experienced yesterday. Having spent almost 7 hours with you after the ecstatic meditation we all fell into, I could see the stillness and surrender in you. I could immediately see the changes in your states.

    All throughtout, my chest kept pounding with the Sahasrara (Crown Center) spinning. The twin heart meditation (as some call it) was at its best. I could even feel the amrita flowing from the Sahasrara till the Lalata Chakra (Crown to the base of the palate).

    Truly, this was one of the best gifts that we could receive from Mohanji.

    Guru Bhiyo Namah…..


  2. Thank you dear Pradeep for sharing the profound insights and realizations from your long years of sincere sadhana. If anyone deserves this depth of inner experience, that indeed is you, and am sure that you, and all those who are preparing their bodies to receive higher energies and are able to surrender fully, shall receive much, much more…

    I throughly enjoyed the clarity of your expression – your guidance, wisdom and sharing of experience is greatly appreciated by all the BTWers.

    With love,


    P.S. I sure am waiting to hear the story about our past life connection 🙂

  3. Dear Pradeep,
    You have added a special touch to this day which began for me ecstatically due to the blessings of rain. Enjoying the drive to the office, past the Zabeel Park and Palace road, I was one with nature, as I asked my son to drive still slower to soak in such rare moments of heavy downpours in this country. My heart was already overflowing with gratitude to the Divine for this beautiful experience and it has expanded further, reading your blessings and experience with Mohanji’s Shiva consciousness.
    I wish you all a joy filled day and look forward to seeing you all soon for the BTW meditation this evening.
    Love, Peace, Gratitude & Light

  4. wow pradeepji what an experience- I wish I would have been with you all. Any way mohanji always says dont worry you are always connected. see you al for the BTW meditation this evening.


  5. Right here is the perfect site for anyone who would like to understand this topic.
    You realize a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that
    I personally will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject that has been discussed for a long
    time. Great stuff, just great!

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