Macedonian Retreat – Stories of Finding a Guru

 The Story of my Guru

Written by Mohana Shanti Priya

shanti a

One day I woke up with a strange feeling. His eyes lightened my morning. His words made the best morning melody. What was that?! Was that a dream?

Many students and I went into some room and there was him. A black man with curly hair which was falling on his shoulders. He had a beard and was clothed in white. He was supposed to teach us some melody, and started to sing. “Oh, I know this song! I told him. Then, he looked at me and our eyes met. He had big dark eyes and a deep look, as if all the answers were in his look. A source of the truth! I felt as if there was something he wanted to tell me. When the students went out of the room, we stayed there. We were staring at each other and we couldn’t stop that. He said to me, “EVERY TIME WHEN I LOOK MYSELF INTO THE MIRROR I SEE YOU.” I was confused. What did he want to tell me? Who was this man?

3 years later, one of my friends told me about some good meditation. In the meantime, I was going to many different meditation places, and I couldn’t find myself. They were replacing the spirituality with a business. They were looking at me as af I was a box of money. Oh, no! What a disappointment! I was looking for something more. And I knew that it exists but I was disappointed. However, I decided to visit that place whose name was “Mohanji Center”. After the first meditation I felt a difference. Finally something good. Also, it was for free and there was only a box for donation. I didn’t know anything about Mohanji, I didn’t even know who he was but I knew that his meditation was working and that every day I was feeling better. After a few months they said that he would come. I couldn’t wait to see him. On 26th June 2016 we went to Tatyana and Zlate’s home to wait for Mohanji. I was excited and I was wearing sari J. While we were waiting for him to show up, I heard a voice. I ran outside and there was him. A black man with curly hair, which was falling on his shoulders. He had a beard and was clothed in white. He had big dark eyes and a deep look, as if all the answers were in it. A source of the truth! We embraced each other as if we know each other whole life. It was the most beautiful hug ever!

Since I met him the fear has disappeared from my life. Everything has changed. And I’m so thankful to him…to my Guru who I was looking for all my life.

Shanti <3


Jai Mohanji!

You Don’t Want to Hug me?

Written by B.F.

Mohanji in Macedonia

Already tired enough, trying to reach all places I have planned to, feeling the beginning of a sickness as my throat is already soar (No, I am not taking medicines, I had enough toxins and chemistry within my body over the years,  this time it’s a NO).

It feels like I cannot wait to meet Mohanji, I want to RUN towards him, NOT WAIT to experience his presence.


He is here, in front of me, in front of our eyes. Love is all over the place J…and I spread my my emotions all over, as they are usually over present  in me. Therefore I spread them all over, to each soul that I find pleasant. I can possibly do that any moment, to show how I am a clean and a beautiful emotional being… but why?

I could feel the answer by being in Mohanji’s presence.


He does not shower everyone with attention, laughter, free hugs and such drama.

He has got such a pure soul and a strong presence shining inside out. That is all I can feel and it is a beyond-words-experience for all of us most probably.

…On the second day of the retreat I already noticed that for some reason I am either sitting in front of him, either very close to him, even talking to him without a particular aim to do so… So weird, I was scared to even talk to him …Why is he even talking to me, I do not feel entitled to his attention…

Well now I understand why. He appeared in this life time to show me another way of being, another way of showing love and attention without the necessary “forced love giving” I am so prone to do.

As we were walking in nature, I hugged Shanti. And then suddenly I could hear Mohanji behind my back saying: You do not want to hug me?

I hugged him and on our way to saying bye to him I turned my back and there was a river of tears rolling down my face …

How is it possible for a human being to radiate with such inner power so that by a single phrase such as: You do not want to hug me? He made me cry with such pain and a sudden appearance of a deeply rooted sadness…

My answer to his you do not want to hug me phrase felt like:  OMG hug you?! I mean hug you?! Sure I would be in ecstasy to do so but I am afraid I will disappear!!!! …

This is Mohanji.

He is Omni present. He is love…or to my mind it would be more appropriate to use the word energy instead of love … Do I have problems with the word LOVE? …Erm…

Roger came with me to the retreat see who Mohanji actually is. And of course he wanted to be there, too.

Yes, him, Mohanji the guy who transformed me and will do so until I am willing to be completely open and free of concepts so that he can operate his grace through me …

I asked Roger, “So tell me Roger how do you feel about this all, how do you feel about Mohanji and this retreat?”

Roger answered, “It feels like I do not need anything else. Everything is prefect the way it is. Just feels so easy and nice to be around here and in such setting. It’s lovely, what else shall I say…”


Mohanji’s effect on me

(27th of May to 31st of May 2016 in Macedonia)

We are back in Skopje.

Suddenly I feel such a wall around me. I feel like I am on such a high and protected place that actually no one and nothing can touch me. It feels very powerful. I feel extraordinary safe.

It feels like there is a shield around me that no one can break through.

There is a strong barrier of protection at a place where I myself could not establish one for quite some time.

I can feel an added power around me, someone or something is protecting me.

Suddenly my words are sharp and straightforward, my emotions are very balanced. A new phase in life has just begun.

Another transformation, a bonding with my inner strength and a bonding with everything around me.

I feel my own self, a sense of worth; I feel how much validation I need from myself and others. No more than this, yet not less than I want to be valued and appreciated. I do not and will not compromise the value of self. I matter.

The words come out sharp and aligned with exactly how I think and feel. They do not hurt anyone but they get to the point I want to prove.

I feel more love towards myself, I feel freedom, I can see a vision and a renewed strength.

I carry on with life, but it feels like I am at the very beginning of it. I feel that kind of freshness and sharpness of vision and mind.

This beginning does not push me back to the past, as beginnings used to do so for me.

I can finally feel a sense of bravery within me, step by step, and with certainty I face the uncertain future.

I can see the final destination, yet I do not see an end… I am overexcited for my liberation, for the future of self.

Ready to face all challenges, ready for this life and it’s already set up games.


With deepest love and appreciation towards Mohanji,



Jai Mohanji!







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