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Then came May 2013, and my first meeting with Mohanji in a satsang in Novi Sad. I remember him answering the first question on free will, saying in his first sentence that free will is just a myth and that it exists only before we take this body. At that moment, I had a feeling as if I was relieved of an enormous burden, and I felt an incredible lightness! Since then, I started attending the meditations regularly, and the next year followed the first retreat as well.

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My tryst with destiny – connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness

I was knocked off for 1-2 minutes after experiencing this divine form of Mohanji. Thousands of images and thoughts started flooding me. The image which Sri Sathya Sai Baba showed me 30 years ago flashed before me. He is the one!!! A deep understanding of the vision I had 30 years ago and the emotional roller-coaster of my life all came to a standstill. 

Connection With Masters, experience of grace, Healing experience, Life experience, transformation experience

Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8 – “A state of Expanded Consciousness”

We have a beautiful sharing by Ilina, who found that connecting to the Master helped her overcome a deep-seated emotional trauma in her life. Through the process of ignoring her mind’s negative chatter and surrendering her expectations, she had a wonderful experience which helped her momentarily see the underlying Consciousness in all creation.

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