Living with a Master, serving a living master

Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 53 & 54

I shared that we just started playing badminton again after about three months. That’s because, from the 22nd of September, Mohanji was pretty much bedridden. Probably not many people know this because he kept it to himself, but he was in extreme pain for at least two months. Then by the third month, it began to heal. The pain was strong enough to keep him awake through the night. It was located in his foot; the foot was swollen that it looked like a turtle; it had a shape of a turtle with the little toes protruding – it was that swollen. And even if the bed sheets brushed across his toes, it would be excruciating pain. 

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Girnar – Walking with Dattatreya

“Girnar is like walking on the edge of a razor blade!”

Mohanji knows all our deepest wishes and desires and fulfils them for us. It has been a wonderful blessing to be allowed to come to Girnar. “I am with you!” Mohanji always says this! His presence is always with us and taking this pilgrimage in his name was an unforgettable time connecting with him while walking and experiencing his energy in Girnar.

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The magic of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra

It is with this thought in mind that I sat to begin Maha Mrityunjaya chanting on 26 March 2020. There was a call from the President of South Africa for all citizens to pray at 18h00 for protection and healing from the Corona virus, so I decided to do the Maha Mmrityunjaya Mantra for all those infected and affected by the virus and to alleviate fear in the general population of the world.

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Blissful days with Mohanji – Part 1

“I don’t have ownership. Things happen through me. You see, the pain is certainly there, but I’ve got no suffering (from the discomfort). You guys are all struggling because you happily postpone things or your own things. Ownership causes pain while surrendering it or not owning it frees you. Will you postpone anything if you know the next minute you may not exist?”

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