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Protection through a dream

I haven’t been able to meet Mohanji in person yet, and after reading so many devotees’ experiences every day, a thought began bugging me: would I ever be as close to him as some other devotees are, like those who are able to text or talk to him anytime? I began talking to Mohanji’s picture, and said, “Please don’t be inaccessible to me. I have no way to contact you directly; neither do I feel the need to. But please make sure my mental connectivity to you becomes so strong that I will never need to rely on any physical means of contacting you!” With this prayer, I ended the ‘conversation’…

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Grace at the time of need

One day, I received a call from my mother who was concerned about my dad as he was feeling unwell and increasingly uncomfortable with some heartburn. She was very worried and asked me to come as she was calling an ambulance.

As soon as I got to their place, I could see that my father was struggling. He was uncomfortable and had been feeling this way for a few days. Within a few minutes, the paramedics came and identified an issue on his ECG. He was told to go to the hospital with them and my mother was becoming anxious.

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