OMG Mohanji, They took my Kriya Beads!

By Nameshri Chetty

So much happened since we all got back from Kailash. Most of us were still on a natural high, yet dealing with things in the real world.

It was 3rd October, a Monday 2 days prior to my leaving for India. I was getting things sorted as we were attending Mohanji’s Brahmarishi title function. Trust me! The weeks leading up to my departure was packed with duties so I was working back to back. If you may not know, I live in South Africa – a beautiful country but like any still riddled with its own issues. That morning, I was busy as usual with the children and errands. On one of my errands, I had to press a buzzer so I put the window of my car down. It was a quiet street and around 9 am and I was busy looking for assistance. Out of nowhere, 4 men came to my side of the window 😱.

One of the guys punched me as I turned to look, totally disorienting me while he pressed the button to open the car. The other guy then jumped into the passenger seat and pushed me out. They took my phone and watch off me and threw me on the ground. Then, they sped off with my car and belongings.

Okay, you must know that this happens in SA and most times it is violent. Victims are hurt, killed, raped and traumatized. But I was calm. I managed to get a phone and called my son as it was the only number I knew and proceeded to call the authorities. Not a tear was shed, nor a scream or any drama queen play. It was as if I was not even hijacked. My son Keshav then came. He called Mitesh who notified Mohanji immediately. Okay, so I was violated but all I could say was that I feel sorry for the perpetrators as they were so silly. Keshav was not impressed as I had a red face after the punch and a few bruised knuckles. As a young man, his protective side came out and he was besides himself with anger. I told him, “It is okay, my boy! It’s just things”. I spoke  to Mohanji and he said to me, “You are okay. Those things had to go.” I told him they had taken my Kriya Beads and he said, “Don’t worry. I will give you another. I am always with you.” With that, I handed the phone to Keshav who was still upset. Keshav told Mohanji, “Babaji, they punched my mom.” Mohanji’s reply was simple but powerful, “It’s only things. Mom is okay. Look after her. I love you.” After that, Keshav settled down. He said, “Mom, these guys have no idea what they did as Babaji will sort them out.”


You must keep in mind – they had taken my car and my handbag. My car was our family’s transportation and my handbag had contents an estimate value worth over R150K as well as all my documents (as I was leaving in 2 days). But all that mattered to me was my Kriya beads. Thank God! Milu had my passport with her.

At this point, I saw how Mohanji’s words had filtered through Keshav. He became calm and settled and took charge of everything. Mitesh stepped in as well, as any brother would, organising things for me while still having a sense of softness knowing what I went through. Keshav and Mitesh jointly helped me get my docs, bank cards, car and a phone sorted out in two days without a word of their own responsibilities. It seemed as if both the boys were filled with Mohanji’s Grace. Milu helped with the constant moral support as we were both pressed for time as our flight was approaching.


You must know I told no one about what had happened and went on with my days as normal. I felt that a huge weight had been lifted and saw everything that was taken was part of my past life and did not resonate with me any longer. It was the day before we were about to leave and Swamiji had come to Johannesburg as we were travelling to India together. Upon seeing him at the airport, I just cried in his arms. For me, it felt as if it I was crying on Mohanji’s shoulder. Not out of fear but pure gratitude for all that is Mohanji. Swamiji mentioned that this was a test as many of Mohanjis devotees were being tested leading up to his initiation.

On going to India, one would never say I went through that experience as Mohanji’s words to me “was just be happy and cheerful as normal as you are okay.” So off I merrily went. This trip to India was one that was going to be a quick there and back not having any expectations as lots had happened prior to us leaving. But little did we know the magnitude of Grace that we were to experience. We – Swamiji, Milica, Milu and I – reached Bangalore in the early morning. Swamiji had arranged with Amma Devi to do a special recital of the Devi Stotram for Mohanji’s protection. How beautiful! It was 4-5 hours and we were embraced in the Mother’s Grace.

The next few days were filled with pure bliss as we were present for Mohanjis initiation. On seeing me arrive Mohanji introduced me to Guruji saying this is Nameshri she was kidnapped and punched on Monday. Guruji said, “Yes. Her face is familiar. I see her on Facebook.” Ahhh! Such humility from both Guruji and Mohanji. Mohanji looks at me and says, “Look at me. Are you alright? Let me see your face.” Of course, there was nothing there but a huge smile as I was in bliss to be in the space of love.


On that day, I met Bad Cop aka Rajesh Kamath (long story) only to hear that both he and Devi were present with Mohanji during my hijacking. You must know that I was in South Africa and they were both in India. How is this possible?  Rajesh mentioned that Mohanji had asked him to leave for an errand and told Devi that he had an emergency to attend to. 🌹. After a few minutes, he comes back into Devis space and tells her what happened to me and when Rajesh came back he told him the same story. I had heard of a similar incident where Mohanji did the same for one of his other devotees

I would like to mention and make it very that clear not once during my hijacking or since it, did I feel not protected. It was as if I was not present during this ordeal, as if the human state that is fear and emotion was dulled. Just purpose was left. I subsequently heard from others about my ordeal yet those at home knew nothing about it. Oh my golly gosh! if it was not for Mohanji, things would have been worse. Like I said, I did not look like I had gone through the trauma. Not for one moment did I feel the true impact of this experience. Mohanji shielded me from a lot saying that it was a punch of karma but that I am ok

P.S: I did get Kriya Beads from Mohanji ( yippee 😉)

Jai Mohanji Jai

“I Glide on the breathe of your  Grace “

Mere Mahadev! I surrender totally to your Grace

Your forever humble, grateful and always devoted,




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I am an artist working as a full-time painter for more than two decades having my studio in my hometown of Jammu. For many years, I have been suffering from hypertension with the strong symptom of increased palpitation in the heart whenever there is a fluctuation in the blood pressure. I had many doubts about the condition of my heart but somehow I was moving on with my daily routine.

This is last year’s incident. I was working in my studio and went down to the dining room to have my lunch. Soon after my lunch, I came back to my studio to keep working on some project on my computer. Suddenly I had a massive attack of palpitation so much so that it kept on happening with such a strong continuity that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My wife immediately called Mohanji who picked up the call in one ring. My wife narrated the incident to Mohanji, who said, “Put your phone down. I am coming.” After five minutes, Mohanji called back and told my wife that I was safe and there was nothing to worry about. He asked to get my medical checkup done. In the meantime, my brother and bhabhi (sister-in-law) took me to the nursing home for a checkup. All relevant tests were done and the cardiologist prescribed some advance EPS tests which were to be done in Delhi for further investigation.


Mohanji was not in Jammu during this incident. However, I received a call from Sumitji the following day that Mohanji was coming to see me at our place in a few minutes. In fact, they were just outside our home. We were all stunned and at the same time excited to see Mohanji who came soon after with an everlasting beautiful smile on his face. As I was narrating the incident to him, he said that you don’t have any heart problems. It is only because of some weak nerves in my system that had caused the trouble. After listening and meeting with Mohanji, all my anxiety and fear had vanished and I became active and returned back to my routine work again.

Small incidents of a similar nature occurred again two to three times. My son and wife decided that we should certainly go for the Advance EPS tests which were referred by many cardiologists. This was to be done in Delhi. With Mohanji’s grace, one of his followers Dr. Harpreet Wasir at Medanta got us the appointment with one of the top electro physicist of India Dr.Balbir Singh. Medanta is one of the top notch hospitals with all the modern facilities .We packed our baggage and reached Delhi on the day before our appointment with the doctor. Next day on our meeting with Doctor Balbir Singh, he straightaway referred us to go for EPS and angiography both so that all the doubts are cleared.


I got myself admitted and all the initial tests were done. Next day, I had to go for the main EPS and angiography. I lay on the operation table inside the operation theater but there was no fear at all. Perhaps, a little anxiety. However, I could feel a very strong presence of Mohanji in every corner of the room which I could feel all through my tests. Both the tests were done just before my eyes in complete consciousness. They asked me many questions during the test and how they were trying to increase and decrease my heartbeat. Finally, Dr.Balbir concluded that he had checked everything inside my heart. According to him, there is no problem with any of my arteries and everything was normal. There was a strong shivering inside me and tears came rolling down my cheek. Once again, I could hear Mohanji telling me, “You don’t have any heart problem”. But I was completely ignorant not to have faith in my Guru and rather lived in the world of doubts and fear and wasted my precious time.



When I say I am with you I mean it. Because I don’t need a body to be with you – Mohan ji


The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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The Spirit of Sedona Welcomes You

Everyone has their ‘Sedona story’, I was told. Sedona, the magical location is a magnet for souls who aim to transcend all illusion and attain Oneness with Divine. It has been recognized as a special, high-energy place by Native Americans since ages.

Pic 1 - Devi smelling the flowers, Boynton Canyon, Sedona Vortexes.jpg
Devi smelling the flowers, Boynton Canyon, Sedona Vortexes

During the unforgettable 10 days that Mohanji and I spent in the high vibration of Sedona vortexes among the amazing Sedona people (as well as the beautiful souls we met at the Sedona Yoga Festival 10 – 12 March 2017 and during Mohanji’s Retreat in Sedona 14-17 March), so many intense inner experiences took place that I felt the inner pull to honor them through this experience sharing. I hope my words will convey the intensity and beauty of these experiences. I offer all these words to the consciousness that brought us to Sedona.

Pic 2 - Sedona Rocks and their vibrations.jpg
Sedona rocks and their vibrations

Wherever one looks in Sedona, there is beauty, serenity, and love. This is a real “spiritual folks’ paradise.” I have never seen these many shops with signs “Psychic”, “Healer”, “Aura scanning”, “Crystals”, “Restorative Massage”, “Yoga”, etc. at one place ever! However, this is not just fashion – the people of Sedona have depth and maturity and are 100% sincere in their pursuit of self-realization. This was a wonderful reminder that one should never entertain stereotyping of people. My mind certainly would not have expected this kind of a spiritual experience in America.

The people I met in Sedona told me that those who don’t have pure intentions are somehow filtered out and don’t stay in Sedona. Similarly, people with pure hearts whose aim is liberation are simply drawn to this place. It soon became very clear why Native Americans revered the red rocks of Sedona as holy. The very energy of Sedona is such that it simply feels like home. No need to prove anything to anyone, no need to justify anything, just being 100% natural – and feeling great, really great. This indeed is Yoga and there is no better place I’ve seen thus far (aside from the Himalayas) for the practice of Yoga.

PIc 3 - SYF 2017 Festival Postcard.jpg

Sedona Yoga Festival was thus destined to be superb. It’s a really amazing platform for Yoga and experiential spirituality. So many wonderful souls gathered there. An overwhelming array of high-quality sessions and workshops that included Yoga, meditation, breath-work, crystals, kirtans and bhajans, gong baths, various forms of alternative healing, etc. I hereby extend my deepest gratitude to Heather and Mark Titus and the entire SYF team who brought this big event to life and inevitably worked day and night to make it happen.

It was especially wonderful to experience the exchange of energy between Mohanji and such an amazing audience. He was a true mirror of their maturity and beauty. It was magical and deeply touching.

PIc 4 - Satsang in Sedona - Mohanji and the wonderful Sedona audience
Satsang in Sedona – Mohanji and the wonderful Sedona audience

I conducted three Yoga sessions at the Sedona Yoga Festival, representing Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga. My first session was indoors with approx. 20 people. I came a bit early and thus had time to interact with those who came early as well. I was amazed to see that most of them practiced Yoga for more than 15 years, travelled to India, have been practicing Kriya for years, and/or are Yoga Instructors themselves. I totally did not expect that. However, none of them showed any airs about any of it – they were as humble and receptive as they could be and their maturity created truly amazing group energy. This trend continued throughout Sedona Yoga Festival. I thanked them on this experience and felt truly honored to be in a position to be the instrument of Yoga teaching to such wonderful people.

Pic 5 - 1st HSTY session, Initial pranayama
1st HSTY session, Initial pranayama

Right after my first Yoga session I attended a beautiful Yoga session led by Tao-Porchon Lynch, a true inspiration to all Yogis, Yoginis and/or Yoga Instructors out there – although 98 years old, she is superb in her Yoga practice, full of life, love and enthusiasm. She really touched my heart and I so enjoyed her radiant presence.

Pic 6 - Devi Mohan and Tao Porchon-Lynch at SYF.jpg
Devi Mohan and Tao Porchon-Lynch at SYF

Second Yoga session was outdoors, on a beautiful terrace with a view of the stunning red rocks of Sedona. It was at 6am, just before sunrise. There is a big difference between day and night time temperatures in Sedona. It was thus quite cold before the Sun came out so we had to intensify our Yoga practice in order to keep warm. Exactly during sunrise the time for Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) came.

Pic 7 - Sun Salutations in Sedona at sunrise
Sun Salutations in Sedona at sunrise

In all my Yoga practice this was the first time that I really felt it – immense heart-melting gratitude and expansion while flowing with the Sun Salutations and chanting the mantras saluting the Sun, giver of life, friend of all, the one who illumines our lives… It was heavenly.

Pic 8 - morning sun and rays of light on Devi and HSTY banner
Morning sun and rays of light on Devi and HSTY banner

The following day, my third session was at the same terrace but at 10am. It was just perfect – not too cold and not too hot. It was a day of full moon and boy did we feel the magic – the full moon, Sedona vortexes, Grace of ancient Yoga practice, plus amazing group energy!

Pic 9 - wonderful group energy.jpg
Wonderful group energy

During that Yoga session the accent was on heart chakra and all of us melted into the beauty of this experience. All breathed as one and went deep into each asana, and then deep within during Yoga Nidra.

I always give great value to Yoga Nidra experience in the end. I must say that this was one of the most amazing Yoga Nidra experiences I have ever had. My consciousness expanded and I could feel all those who were present within me. It felt as if we entered a bubble of bliss – no other sound existed, only the intense vibration and sublime beauty of the experience. There were some other workshops happening outdoor at the same time, but we could not hear any of it (this was confirmed to me later on by several other people present at the Yoga session who came forward to express gratitude). Divine energy of the vortexes engulfed us. It felt like Mother’s embrace, so loving, so gentle… I chanted several ancient mantras in Sanskrit language in the end and could feel them more intensely than ever before. After the session was over, I thanked the beautiful souls present and cried for no reason. All of us were deeply touched by this experience of oneness and love.

Pic 10 - Devi leading group into Yoga Nidra - bliss
Devi leading group into Yoga Nidra – bliss

This was a beginning of an unforgettable day.

Mohanji’s Satsang in one of the big halls indoors was next on our schedule. Mark Whitwell, a distinguished teacher of ‘Heart of Yoga’, one of the best contemporary Yoga instructors from the tradition of Krishnamacharya (1988 – 1989). Mark conducted his session in the hall just before Mohanji and it was wonderful to meet him. It didn’t feel like this was the first time we meet. I kept feeling great joy within…

Pic 11 - With Mark Whitwell.jpg
With Mark Whitwell

Day continued in bliss. After years of experience of Mohanji’s Satsangs and Shaktipat, in my experience this was the most intense of them all. Engulfed in the beautiful energy of the vortexes and full moon, in company of audience of great maturity which we’ve not seen in the West thus far, Mohanji delivered a stunning talk and none felt like ending it. And then the time for Shaktipat came. Mohanji said people should stand while receiving Shaktipat and that I should stand right behind them in case some of them start falling backwards. We already experienced this once before so Mohanji wanted to ensure all are safe. Ganesh joined me in this task since Mohanji was giving Shaktipat to two people at the same time.

Pic 12 - Shaktipat on 3rd day
Shaktipat on 3rd day

The moment Shaktipat started I could feel an overwhelming heat in my body. I did not feel it this intensely since my Shaktipat initiation in 2008. Probably due to the Mai-Tri Healing practice, while holding my hand behind the Shaktipat recipients, it spontaneously happened that energy started flowing from my palm to Shaktipat recipients’ Anahata chakra. I just went with the experience thinking this could only help their Shaktipat experience. Little did I know how much this would hit me! While connecting with Mohanji in this way I guess I got sucked into the entire process of Shaktipat to the point that intensity of the energy gushing through my spine and palms was becoming overwhelming. I could feel each person and some of them were so empty of ego and so receptive that they simply jumped into the ocean of consciousness called Mohanji. This was such a grand experience/scene to behold! One lady had an entity in her. She made wave-like movements with her spine, the spirit/entity said something in a language that resembled Native American, and within a couple of seconds the entity was out, gone upward into the White Light. She was in tears and thanked Mohanji wholeheartedly. Many amazing experiences, one after another – and the gratitude people expressed was so deep, so pure and sincere… One lady cried and said she doesn’t feel like leaving because her soul has recognized the Source. There was another lady who has always been blessed with telepathic communion with ascended Masters and usually never goes to any living Master and never receives Shaktipat. She said that she was guided by her Master to come for Mohanji’s Satsang and Shaktipat and to attend all his programs. We were blessed to have her with us.

Pic 13 - Nirmal Yogi in gratitude after Shaktipat.jpg
Nirmal Yogi in gratitude after Shaktipat

Natesh and I were last to receive Shaktipat from Mohanji. It was an unforgettable, overwhelming experience and we cried like babies… After Shaktipat was over the intense energy within me just wouldn’t subside. I could feel continuous tremor within. My hands were not shaking when I looked at them but it felt like the entire body was continuously shaking and vibrating from within. I didn’t know what to do with all this energy and could clearly imagine how one could go mad from it. I remembered a story that Mohanji often recounts when a man in Shirdi asked Baba to give him enlightenment. Baba warned him that he won’t be able to withstand the energy, but he insisted. He then gave it to him and the man started running around like a mad man, creating a big fuss. After many complaints from other people, Baba gave him another Shaktipat and took it back. The man became normal again. This time I got a clear picture how that man would have felt as I was not far from the edge at which one would just go mad. We went for lunch afterwards and food helped me ground somewhat, but the heightened energy experience went on for another day or so, with frequent Kundalini movement. With Mohanji around I knew I was safe, but the experience was nevertheless overwhelming. As a friend of mine always says, just be in the child-like wonder and say “What else is possible” – there are no limits.

Pic 14 - Jantara and Devi, vortexes
Jantara and Devi, vortexes

‘Being with Mohanji’ Retreat started the next day. It was a beautiful, intimate Retreat with special people drawn to this event from various locations – unique, mature people who felt the call within and treasured every moment with Mohanji. Most of them are highly evolved souls which one doesn’t get to meet that often.

Pic 15 - Sedona Retreat, group photo.jpg
Sedona Retreat, group photo

It was a great privilege to experience this Retreat with them, to conduct morning Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga session for them and to do Mai-Tri Healing to some of them, as much as the time permitted. What I witnessed intuitively while performing Mai-Tri healing to some of them touched me even more deeply. These are intimate matters of people which cannot be shared, but I have to say that I could experience their Divinity, profound journeys of their ancient souls and was so touched by their humility. One beautiful soul called Thea gifted me her book. I read it during my journey back to Serbia and was overwhelmed by the depth of wisdom and Divine experiences that she was blessed with thus far. I learned a lot from her book and profound experiences that she shared.

Pic 16 - Mohanji and Thea, into the Light.jpg
Mohanji and Thea, into the Light

Visits to the vortexes made this Retreat even more special. Each vortex had a different note of Divine to it, but they were all so, so beautiful. I was especially moved by our first visit to an energy vortex not known by many people. This happened on the second day of our stay in Sedona, just before Sedona Yoga Festival. A beautiful soul called Mathews, who studied the vortexes of Sedona for over 20 years, guided us there. A wonderful healer Suzy joined us as well, along with our amazing hosts Monnie and Natesh who worked tirelessly, like an army of 10, to bring us to Sedona and make all this happen.

Pic 17 - Monnie, Suzy, Mohanji, Mathews and Devi - at the vortexes
Monnie, Suzy, Mohanji, Mathews and Devi at the vortexes

When we reached the location I sat down for meditation at a place that overlooks a mountain over which, as many people from Sedona have witnessed, space ships (UFOs) tend to fly the most. There was just something special about this place.

Pic 18 - A special power spot.jpg
A special power spot

With my eyes closed I kept seeing a golden and pearl-like shimmer, as if it was there to give me the glimpse of higher realms. A bit later I noticed that most of the stones and rocks in this area had this special shimmer! I was simply overwhelmed by this and could remember the golden shimmer I saw on Mohanji’s face and skin back in 2007 when Mahavatar Babaji/Mahatapa entered his body.

Pic 19 - Kachina woman in her gown
Kachina woman in her gown

The energy we felt there kept expanding our hearts and we kept bathing in it. Mohanji pointed at one spot at which energy of gratitude was especially high. Suzy and I stood there and couldn’t hold back the tears. It was out of this world… Mathews then suggested that we sit in a circle, hold hands, and tune in to higher consciousness. What happened then was beyond words, so special, so sacred. Mathews suddenly channeled a higher being with a deeper voice, who spoke a language none of us could understand. It could be Native American. We had no idea what he was saying but could feel the tone of gratitude and felt immensely blessed. Soon after, Suzy went into trance and suddenly said the following words in a different, soothing female voice: “The spirit of Sedona welcomes you.” I got goosebumps all over. It was such a grand moment. She told us later on that this is the actual spirit of Sedona, the spirit of these sacred ancient vortexes, and that it’s called Kachina woman. Suzy said that in all these years she never channeled the Spirit of Sedona. It was a grand, historical moment that this happened and it was clear that Mohanji was called to come here. One of the rocks, which we could see from the Boynton Canyon, resembles a gracious face of a woman with hair which looks like wind keeps blowing into it.

They call this rock “Kachina woman”, the spirit of Sedona. My friend Jantara shared this interesting blog with me about Hopi legend of Kachina woman.

Pic 19 - The glossy rocks on the ground
The glossy rocks on the ground

We were told that Boynton Canyon is the location where Hopi elders came first and where they interacted with the “Star People”. Higher civilizations were obviously present here since ages and there’s hardly anyone in Sedona who has not had a direct experience of extraterrestrials. This is how Native Americans describe the experience (more about the Hopis, Kachina, etc. can be found here

“The Kachinas, or Gods, were beings of a great might and power to the Native Americans. They were known to come down to Earth and help the native Americans tend their fields brining wisdom about agriculture, law and government. They physically interacted with the people themselves. There are drawings of them on cave walls.”

“Native Americans followed the movements of the celestial markers – much as we do today. They called it Star Knowledge. Beyond the land where they lived, was the sky, and that beyond were dimensional portals or sky holes. Beyond that was an area that they called the Ocean of Pitch, where the beauty of the night sky and the galaxies spun out towards them. Beyond that were the boundaries of the universe. And that set along the rim at the boundaries of the universe were 4 different extraterrestrial groups.

Pic 21 - Native American story teller tribe stars
Native American story teller tribe stars

The Hopi called the Pleiadians the Chuhukon, meaning those who cling together. They considered themselves direct descendants of the Pleiadians. The Navajos named the Pleiades the Sparkling Suns or the Delyahey, the home of the Black God. The Iroquois pray to them for happiness. The Cree came to have come to earth from the stars in spirit form first and then became flesh and blood.

Early Dakota stories speak of the Tiyami home of the ancestors as being the Pleiades. Astronomy tells us that the Pleiades rise with the sun in May and that when you die your spirit returns south to the seven sisters.

They believe that Mythic Mountain is actually the home of the Kachinas. This mountain top is a sacred one. Being the home of the Kachina spirits it is the place where all of the large mythic beings they honor in their rituals land. “We come as clouds to bless the Hopi people” is a quote passed from generation to generation.” (source)

Pic 22 -Healing Wolf, picture from her home at the sanctuary
Healing Wolf – picture from her home at the sanctuary

During the Retreat we also visited the Wolf Sanctuary near Sedona. An amazing lady called Healing Wolf who runs this sanctuary shared profound stories with us (videos and photos from this visit were uploaded on Mohanji Official Facebook page. Here is one of those videos).

It was wonderful to expand my horizons and learn all this about the Native Americans and the highly evolved extraterrestrials – somehow it all felt familiar…

Pic 23 - Mohanji and the Healing Wolf.jpg
Mohanji and Healing Wolf

On my way to the airport, a lovely soul called Trish told me how many people experienced massive space ships (size of a football field or bigger) with beautiful lights. They were completely silent, i.e. there was no engine sound of any type. People have seen space ships of various sizes – triangular, circular, cylinder-shaped, etc. The pure energy of the vortexes attracts them. There are guides offering UFO sighting tours in Sedona on daily basis. It is no surprise to anyone in Sedona that UFOs can be seen even with naked eyes (but most definitely using military night-vision goggles) every night. We went for one such sighting with a lady whom we met in Starbucks. Her name is Melinda Leslie. It was fun! One gets used to this kind of stories in Sedona very fast and simply falls in love with all that happens here.

The last venue Trish and I visited was New Age Centre in Sedona. When we started our journey to the airport she mentioned that she went to an old Psychic there, who was the very first Psychic in Sedona. His name is Victor. He gave her an amazing reading and she felt so honored to meet him. Soon after we went there, looking through many interesting items one can purchase as gifts, Victor appeared. Trish was just overwhelmed. I felt immense love and my hands just went to him and kept caressing his heart. I could feel the flow of energy through my palms towards his heart chakra and was overwhelmed by love. He immediately said “Oh, a healer” and kept smiling. We had to leave and had no time to talk, but heart spoke all that it had to say. We were blissed out like children.

Pic 24 - even a smiley is an alien in Sedona.jpg
Even a smiley is an alien in Sedona

On our way to the airport, while happily sharing experiences and insights, we suddenly had an uneasy feeling. Both of us felt like not talking about it but we felt it. Only after check-in at the airport, Trish shared with me that she was sure we were going to have a car accident. She fought those thoughts and kept calling upon Mohanji. I felt it as well and that was the time I suddenly felt a very strong urge to go to toilet. Trish went off the highway in order to find a place with decent toilet. Soon we got back onto the highway and noticed an unusual congestion in traffic – it was due to a car accident that happened… While passing by the crashed vehicles for a moment I felt that time had stopped.. We were just overwhelmed with gratitude that we sailed through all this so smoothly and proceeded towards the Phoenix airport. Amazing experiences till the very last moment – that’s Sedona. 🙂

Trish shared with me that she had a deep feeling that a powerful seed was sown during our Retreat with Mohanji.

Pic 24 - Medicine wheel at the Wolf Sanctuary, a powerful seed was sown....jpg
Medicine wheel at the Wold Sanctuary – a powerful seed was sown

We are yet to see the results of the amazing energy that we generated during this program. All of us were tuned in and got transformed by this experience. She shared with me that scientists have proven that a caterpillar and butterfly have completely different DNA even though butterfly is nothing but a caterpillar that came out of its cocoon. This is so inspiring and I truly believe Yoga and all practices that support spiritual awakening truly do change our DNA.

I leave you with this thought. 🙂

All that remains is eternal gratitude and surrender…

Pic 26 - Silent lungs meditation in the end.jpg
Silence Lungs meditation in the end

With love,

Devi Mohan

Pic 27- Devi like Alice in Wonderland among the vortexes of Sedona, in front of the rock called Kachina woman.jpg
Devi like Alice in Wonderland among the vortexes of Sedona, in front of the rock called Kachina woman


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Practical in Pune


By Martin Simonovski

After we arrived in Dubai, I used the gap of several hours between flights to find the perfume that Baba uses. After I found it, I was very happy “showering” myself with it. Anytime, I felt the smell of the perfume, our connection grew stronger and stronger. I don’t know why but on our very first meeting (25.05.2016) the first thing I said to Baba was that he uses very good perfume. 😀 Baba is a modern master who apart from very nice perfumes also wears very fancy clothes and I admire his appearance. I am not surprised at all that his documentary video was recorded in the style of Zorba-Buddha. The director knew what he was doing. After the flight to Mumbai, I finally got the chance to taste idli and chapati for the first time in my life. As the airplane was preparing to land at the Mumbai’s airport, I used the time to observe the holy land through my window. I knew that after the landing nothing would be the same anymore.

A chapati (traditional Indian bread)

While we were getting out of the airport, I was exhausted and all I could think of in that moment was a bed and a pillow. No more, no less. While exiting the airport, a man who had some sort of identity card around his neck met us and asked if we needed a ride. We followed him to the underground parking lot where four other guys who looked quite suspicious joined us. I asked them if it was really necessary to have so many people giving us company while we waited for a taxi. They answered that it was a very usual thing in India. Later, I realized that in many of the other small shops, there were usually three times more employees working there than was really necessary. After we negotiated the price I asked them again if everything was fine because the guys seemed very suspicious. They told me not to worry about anything and the vehicle that will take us to Pune will arrive shortly. After we loaded the bags, the vehicle came out of the parking lot and one of the guys asked us to give him money for the airport’s parking fee. Even though we had previously agreed upon the price, they tried to charge us for additional expenses. I asked him to stop and turn back the vehicle saying that we were going to find another ride to Pune. He replied that everything was alright and we did not need to pay any additional fees apart from the agreed amount.


The vehicle was moving on the highway and I was surprised by the traffic in Mumbai. Obviously, the main traffic rule was that every participant in the traffic created their own rules while driving but I was most surprised by the fact that the drivers in India use the horn very often without showing any signs of anger or fury. Although they appeared to drive very fast and wild, I didn’t see a single traffic accident. At that moment, I mentioned to the driver that if one can drive in India, one can drive anywhere. I want to stress the fact that the dense traffic in India requires the drivers to be very alert because one small mistake can be fatal. After the long ride lasting several hours, we finally arrived at Pune. After we entered the yard of the building where the Mohanji Baba’s ashram was situated, we were welcomed by Kirti and Palak who live there and maintain it. As soon as I entered the apartment, the first thing I saw was the large picture of Mohanji Baba together with pictures of Jesus Christ, Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Lord Dattatreya and other great masters.

The energy in the ashram was incredibly strong. Previously, I had only felt this kind of energy in the physical presence of Mohabji Baba. Even though I was exhausted from the trip, I did not feel sleepy at all. Although I hadn’t slept properly for almost four days, I felt as if I had just woken up. After we settled in, we decided to do aarati – a fire ritual. For all of you who are not familiar with this term, you can watch the following video where Mohanji Baba speaks about the meaning of the fire element). I have to admit that when I first saw this ritual more than a year ago, I thought it looked very silly and I was looking at it with a sense of irony and resentment. However, when I became aware of it’s symbolism and meaning I don’t see it the same way anymore. In fact, I do the ritual every day to energize the place where I stay. Those who have done aarati can confirm the “nuclear plant” they are left in after doing the ritual. 😀


After we completed another aarati in the night, I got ready to prepare dinner. Before we started dinner, Mohanji Baba called us on the phone and after I heard his voice, the energy rose even more. The mind was gone. Martin was also gone. The ego was nowhere to be found. There was only peace, love and happiness. We finished dinner and I was convinced that after four days of no sleep, I’d finally get to sleep “like a human being”. After I woke up, I felt very energetic as if I had slept for two whole days because I had energy to get out and run a marathon. I took the mobile phone to see the time and I was surprised to see that it was only 2:00am and I went to bed around 23:00. I asked myself if it was really possible that I had slept for only 3 hours. Yes, it was possible considering I was not the only one who didn’t have “a human sleep” that night. As soon as I had a shower, I went to the altar to meditate. Zlate and Tatjana also couldn’t sleep that night and it took us a while to realize that the energy of the ashram was very strong and we should not expect to sleep more than three hours. I sat to meditate in front of the altar and the meditation was quite unusual. I started laughing very hard and my laughter “infected” the others, so we were all laughing.

The horror started the same minute as soon as I tried to fall asleep again. The fears that I had taken with me from Macedonia, the fears that have laid in my subconsciousness for many years could not handle the energy of the ashram and started floating on the surface. I got into paranoia. I had no idea where I was and what was I doing there. In a panic attack, I started doing dumb things and I wrote messages to my best friend, who fortunately was greatly aware of what I was going through. For several days, I was very frightened. I can’t even remember all kinds of thoughts that rushed through my mind and all the fears that left my system in just a couple of days. Hours after I got happy for entering paradise – the ashram of Mohanji Baba, I realized that I was actually in the hell. My whole body was burning. My bones and skin were burning and my mind was completely disoriented and in panic. Actually, it was the mind which was in hell because the time had come to release all those fears that have been “helping” my own mind manipulate me for many years. A subject to my own instrument. How bad does that sound?

The fears continued to exit intensively for the next several days. Again, I couldn’t sleep for days. The fears couldn’t cope with the frequency that Mohanji Baba operated with in the Ashram and in those moments the only thing left for me to do was to observe without judging. While observing myself for several days, I was shocked to see how many fears I had stored in my system and how much their release helped me. I also released other emotions that I was not even aware existed in my system. Had I visited this ashram earlier, I am sure I would have run away immediately or gone mad until all fears left my system. For several nights, I slept by the altar. One night, I was completely paralyzed. The weird thing is that this time I was not scared while experiencing this paralysis. Several times before I had felt this kind of paralysis during sleep which had lasted for several seconds. This night was quite different. Apart from the paralysis, I also felt the perfume of Baba which means he was present there at the moment. I felt him working on me and moving the energy throughout my system. What an art!


This experience didn’t surprise me at all considering Mohanji Baba is an Avatar which means he is not limited by time and space. He can operate at any “time” on “several” places. All those who know me before I met Mohanji Baba are witnesses of the transformation He had on me. I also want to state that in my life, there have been a great number of people who had put efforts to “transform” me using mental games and manipulations of the “conscious” mind. However, it didn’t yield any results considering the fact that they operated on a very low level, using only their intellectual and very limited mind. At that time, I was also “privileged“ to meet with several sect leaders who also used mental and energetic manipulations. All of this appeared to be “functioning” perfectly. Only, I had not seen any significant transformation on any level among their followers. All I could notice about these kind of people was that they were totally mad and they were constantly doing activities of an esoteric nature.

Passivity in every possible way. Today I am not at all surprised that in my life I had attracted people who resist themselves and don’t want to accept the things as they are. Considering I was “without a compass” – completely disoriented and didn’t accept myself nor anything around me. All these people were just a mirrors who reflected me and their goal was to point me to myself and help me become aware of the same issues and accept them within myself. I have to admit that these experiences were very valuable to me because they helped me meet Mohanji Baba at the right time at the right place. His way of work is operating in silence where the only thing that can be noticed are the end results. He neither uses any exhibitions nor creates hope or expectation by promising people anything. His sole presence has transformed thousands of people on the planet Earth. Very often I hear people saying “I only want to be in His presence, nothing more”.

Even today, I still don’t know how Mohanji Baba operates but the results are very visible. It is no coincidence that he repeatedly says that “To be spiritual is to be practical”. It is so sad that many people use spirituality as means to escape their challenges. Not to mention the amount of people who consider themselves as spiritual and yet they are completely unpractical. That being said, I am not at all surprised when I see people who have no contact with spirituality, having a sense of resistance and dislike towards it, comparing it with religion, sects, non-government organizations, etc. I will finish this passage with the words of Mohanji Baba “You can’t become spiritual if you first do not become practical”.

Dosa (a lentil based bread)


After the “horror” was gone, Kirti and Palak taught me how to cook traditional Indian food. Kirti taught me how to cook chapati and Palak taught me how do cook dosa. The next day, we went for a walk in a nearby park and visited some vegan restaurant. Before we went to the restaurant, I had the chance to taste a very spicy food bought from the street served on a newspaper. Who would have thought that the Martin who used to be disgusted easily would be so happy to eat this food? When we went inside the vegan restaurant, I had already lost my appetite and my mind was still with the street food. The same day, I rode Kirti’s scooter that allowed me to experience the traffic in India from another angle. Although the traffic appears to be very chaotic, it functions properly.

The following day. we went to visit the garden of Osho. Although the previous summer, I had a great wish to visit his center in Pune, when I finally went there I was disappointed. To me, the place felt like a more advanced form of “Moulin Rouge”. I finally understood what some people meant when they said they have been there and “had walked more than three million kilometers”. 😀 The same day, I practiced Kriya in the garden of Osho which was situated nearby the center. The energy was wonderful. Osho is a great master and very much respected by Mohanji Baba, especially because of his practicality. It was no coincidence that whenever we talked about Osho, Mohanji Baba would say “Osho knew exactly what he was doing”. Too bad his disciples took their duty of organizing his centers a little bit “too serious”. It was time to start preparing for Shirdi – the city of the great Avatar Shirdi Sai Baba. With eagerness, I waited for the Consciousness Kriya gathering in Shirdi. I spent the last night at Pune looking for traditional Indian clothing and tasted the street food again.

Let’s go to Shirdi…



The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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I can see your heart, there’s no need to speak

By Monika Balenović

Who is Mohanji?

That’s one of the most beautiful, yet most difficult questions for me. I wish to put so many things into words because I wish so strongly and honestly to convey that deep feeling I have every time someone mentions Him, or when I remember Him. Something awakens in me and wants to yell: “He’s the most wonderful thing that could happen to me, the greatest blessing and joy and once you connect to His consciousness, everything changes.” But I’m also aware that every person perceives Mohanji differently and it’s a completely individual thing. I’ll try to put into words at least a part of all the wonderful experiences I have encountered on my way since Mohanji has entered my life and the immense gratitude I feel. One thing is certain. Nothing is the same anymore. My life has changed fundamentally and everything has got a deeper meaning. That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, through years, lives…

I’ve always searched for a deeper meaning in everything. Superficiality and playing by the rules, moving around the generally accepted concepts has always suffocated me. It used to take a lot of my energy because I didn’t know how to handle it. It seemed to me as if all the lives of people around me, including mine, had been moving on a production line, while I was looking for something more, not even knowing what it was nor where to look for it. I was sinking deeper and deeper, because I felt lost. I had a bunch of questions and no one to ask them. What is the cause of our existence on Earth? Why are we where we are? Why do we cause so much evil to our planet, people, animals? Why isn’t this world a better place for living? What is the source of illnesses? Are we just the physical body or there’s something more? What happens to us after we leave the body? Why do certain people enter our lives? What is destiny? And so on… There were so many questions, and I used to find answers and directions in various books, the ones about bioenergy and healing, among others. I started meditating, discovered a new dimension and sensed I was finally on the right track. My intuition was clearly guiding me.

I have completely removed meat, which I never loved in the first place, from my diet. Everything happened spontaneously. My body told me what to do and I did as it said. Soon, I felt the same need to cut out all other animal products, such as eggs and cow milk, and recently, I don’t even feel like drinking coffee, which I used to love so much. Everything started changing. Later, I realized it wasn’t a coincidence, and the more we are rising in consciousness, such changes become expected and normal. I opened my eyes and saw how much violence, suffering, and pain lies behind every animal that is killed. Does it really have to be that way? It doesn’t. Vegetarian, or even better a vegan diet, is wonderful, so much healthier and it doesn’t take us so much energy as meat does. I have never pushed anyone to become a vegetarian because it’s a matter of personal choice. But I was really glad to see a couple of people around me start “waking up”. Vegetarianism is certainly one of the first steps when we decide we no longer want to support any form of violence.

One day, I noticed that my dear homeopath, Spomenka Iskra Dragojevic, who has been helping me with her homeopathic medicines for years, has a Facebook profile. It had a big photo where she was hugging a man, dark skinned, in a white sweater, wearing a white cap. Considering the fact I really trust her, I was wondering who that could be since she was hugging him so tightly and affectionately. I could feel that. I was lucky enough to hug that “someone” in the same way a couple of months later. Somehow, I found out that was Mohanji. A Guru, a spiritual master from India. I didn’t know what the word guru meant, but immediately after that, I came across the text: “Mohanji, the Guru who finds you”. (You can read the text here) I wasn’t even aware that was exactly the moment when he “found” me. I felt the words and energy. I didn’t have even the slightest doubt.

As Mohanji likes to say: “Those who have eyes will see.” Long story short, the souls met.

I was thanking the people who uploaded the videos with Mohanji on the YouTube channel. I was listening to him for hours. Listening, watching, feeling, absorbing. All the answers were coming to me – to the asked and unasked questions. I found everything I was looking for. I noticed that even when I didn’t feel good, I felt peace after a few hours listening to Mohanji – a virtual socialising with Mohanji. Just peace. It actually isn’t necessary for Mohanji to be physically present. He is always here whether we see Him or not. As he says, “I don’t need the body to be with you.” And as he says, “I always do my job”. Because Mohanji isn’t a physical body. He is not what we see from the outside and we shouldn’t attach to his physical manifestation. He is Consciousness.

Mohanji will never force you to anything, His path is the path of Liberation, not binding, Actually, he just takes us to ourselves. Our soul is our best Guru. He’s there to show us the way. I used to listen to the videos with Mohanji for hours and days, and asked myself a question, “Why am I not sitting there, in that room, with those people?” Later, I realised that everything happens at the right moment. Everything comes to us by itself the moment we’re ready for it. Not earlier, not later.

At one check-up with my homeopath, Spomenka, I mentioned how much I got connected to Mohanji. Almost through tears! I got the book “The Power of Purity” as a gift. Until then, I wasn’t even aware that the book existed. It was definitely the most beautiful gift I could’ve received. The first thing I read at the back of the book was, “Those who are not meant to read this book won’t get the opportunity to find it; those who are superficial readers won’t understand the book; those who have been waiting for this message will take the hint and the next step…”

I immediately applied for two retreats with Mohanji, feeling blessed for the opportunity to meet Him, listen to Him, hug Him and sit in His aura. I was absolutely ready and open. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been connected to Mohanji, the important thing is how deep is your connection with Him. I felt I needed to postpone all my other plans and that it won’t be an ordinary encounter. And so it was. I listened to the internal call which was clearly telling me that nothing was more important than that. The only thing I was waiting and dreaming about was tightly hugging Mohanji. That was the only thing in my head. I had communicated with him many times until then, but had never met Him physically. My life was changing big time. The answers were coming from everywhere, through dreams, other people, books, texts… I knew He knows everything so there was no need to talk much. Not even to speak at all. I just wanted to hug Him and thank Him from the bottom of my soul. I understood His message and His mission. Unconditional love. Selfless service. Changing the world by first changing ourselves. Giving the Earth more than we’re taking away from Her.


I started going to meditations. The group energy is much stronger and Shaktipat is given (transfer of energy from higher levels of consciousness which removes all our blockages so the energy can flow exactly where it’s needed, and the more open we are, the more energy we get). Mohanji telepathically received all the meditations and that is really the most precious gift, an invaluable gift. Today I’m trying to contribute by spreading awareness about them since they are really priceless. There was cleansing on all levels. After each meditation, I felt light, wonderful, unburdened. I felt the energy and I used to cry quite often. I knew that it was alright and that something bad was leaving me. I was just letting it go. I had faith that everything that was happening in me was good for me, even though it was unpleasant at times.

I was going through those experiences. I started feeling Mohanji’s presence and guidance at all times and all places. I knew that was it. Without a shred of doubt. I would recommend the meditations to everyone because it triggers great cleansing. Just as we take care of the body through physical hygiene, it is important to be “clean” on the inside as well. Clean from all negativities, accumulated negative emotions, anger, fury, sadness, etc. Very often we’re not even aware what we’re carrying inside. It is necessary just to be open and have faith. Besides meditation, I was blessed to discover all the beauty and boon of yoga with the help of wonderful Devi Mohan. Besides physical benefits, it also helps us with spiritual growth by cleansing the clogged meridians in our bodies and enabling the energy to flow freely.

I was wondering in what way to thank Mohanji for everything. Are words even enough? I knew He could feel it. Afterward, I saw a woman who was thanking Him, and He just said, “I can see your heart, there’s no need to speak.”

How can we thank Mohanji?

He always says, “I don’t need anything from you. Give the Earth more than you take from her”. It implies selfless service and giving. Charity work. Before, I used to think that charity work requires a lot of time and money. Actually, it doesn’t. It requires each of us to do as much as we can. From our hearts. Our little effort may mean everything to someone. It doesn’t matter whether we feed, warm up or adopt a stray animal, help a poor man in our neighbourhood or help the hungry and the sick. The world is crying for help, and it is up to us to do as much as we can. And by changing ourselves, we’re changing the people and the world around us.

When I first saw him, I had the feeling: “He is the walking representation of love”. I have never seen that much love and gleam in the eyes. I was overwhelmed by a wonderful sensation of warmth, peace, and love. I had a feeling I was in Heaven while the Sun was shining, surrounded by all those lovely people, greenery, flowers, singing birds. I would hug Him whenever I had the opportunity. It’s interesting that I really didn’t like hugging until then, but I could hug Him all the time. After that, I spontaneously started hugging all the people around me and felt deep connection and honesty among people who were in the retreat. We were like a family. Everything was warm and sincere, full of love. I will never forget it.


I had the opportunity to utter: “Thank you for everything.” For the first time, He answered, “You deserved it. I’m always with you. Always.” And he added, “Don’t worry. I protect you.” His protection and guidance exceed the boundaries of our mind. He really is always here. I felt I really don’t have to worry anymore. All experiences I encountered on my path and which I’m yet to encounter, whether good or bad, are there for me to learn something from them. To learn a lesson and move on. As Mohanji said: “Fog is a problem for the one who’s driving the car. The one who’s in the back seat doesn’t have to worry, he or she can sleep.” Because of that, whenever I find myself in the fog, I remember I’m not the one who’s driving. There are many examples which confirmed that to me, though I wasn’t asking for any proofs or confirmations. All you need is faith and surrender.

Every satsang, every retreat was a wonderful experience. Another confirmation that I’m on the right track. Thanking once again the Masters and the Intuition which is guiding me. During the retreat, I was only able to dive deeper into myself and to shake hands with myself for the first time, to hug myself for the first time, to silence my mind and cleanse all the “dirt” which polluted my inner space and forbid me from “blossoming” in love. Facing all the negativities wasn’t easy. In my case, a few weeks/months after the retreat, I was going through great and deep cleansing. The various negativities and concepts I was fighting against started coming to the surface. I was a bit confused because I didn’t know if what was happening to me was okay. Of course, I had the support of the people who have gone through what I was experiencing and I realized it was all normal.

Cleansing isn’t always easy and painless. I was sure that everything that was going on inside me actually represents only what’s good for me. That all that was bad and ugly was leaving. I didn’t have the slightest doubt for one moment. I felt like a volcano which has started erupting lava, full of ash and dust. I found the greatest help in meditations, mantras, (Consciousness) Kriya and support of my beloved people. It’s really wonderful being in Mohanji’s physical presence and absorbing His words. Those are not ordinary words. They are directions which lead us towards gratitude, forgiveness, love, towards ourselves, words that are destroying our ego and taking us to the real Truth.

How did my life change?

There are many things which are invisible and “intangible”. I wasn’t even aware of many things I was holding in my system because we drag so many concepts and blockages from past lives. Still, so much has changed and it’s reflected in my everyday life. In the first place, I learned to love myself. What does it even mean to love yourself? I didn’t know how to explain it. I thought it meant being egotistic, and being egotistic actually means being bad. A mistake. Before Mohanji told me, “You didn’t love yourself”, I kept wondering why there had been so little love in my life? Actually, it was always there, only I was too closed towards it. How can I ask for love if I’m not giving it myself, and how can I give it others if I can’t give it to myself? That’s why it’s so important to love and accept oneself. We are the ones who chose this body, place of birth, family, we chose it all ourselves.

Many new, dear, wonderful people entered my life. Nothing happens by accident. As we’re changing, the circle of our friends is changing. Some stay, some leave. I accept it as it is. My days are filled with love. I enjoy sharing it with others – whether through conversations, texts, meditations or charity actions, it doesn’t matter. The more love we give, the more love we get. It is really like that. I discovered a splendid joy in making someone’s life at least a bit better. In the same way, I’m learning to forgive and to be less judgemental towards people. We’re all different, we all chose our birth, we all have different karma and we need to accept others as they are. Life keeps putting me into situations which give me lessons. And if we start seeing the events in our life as lessons, and not as tragedies, and we start observing ourselves while we’re thinking, feeling, reacting in each situation, we’re on the right track.

I react differently to situations, whatever comes to me, I accept it with greater calmness and faith that everything happens for the right reason and at the right time. I know I’m protected and I have the guidance at every moment. As if all the things that happened to me hadn’t been enough, I got the most beautiful present for my 30th birthday. I had the blessing of my Guru personally wishing me a happy birthday, and of “stealing” one more hug from Him.


And while I’m writing this, Mohanji is with me.

And with you.

Even though I myself had the need to open my heart and play with words, don’t worry, He can see your heart. There’s no need to speak.

Always keep growing in love and consciousness.

Monika Balenović


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Mohanji’s Birthday Echoes Worldwide

Mohanji quote - A master is only worth based on the teachings

Mohanji’s message

“Thank you all of you. Love you from the bottom of my heart for the showers of love. It gives me immense satisfaction when lots of beings of our planet feel loved and cared for. This is my true gift from all of you. Thank you for all these activities held at all these locations. Remember I love each and everyone of you. I cannot express it any better.

Thank you. Wish you good health and fulfillment in the days ahead. I am always with you. Happy to see Hanumanji installed as well. One promise is kept. Beautiful.

Lots of love


Dear Global Family,
Celebrations of Mohanji’s birthday took various forms in the countries worldwide. You can follow the links to the particular locations:














This year Mohanji happened to be in Serbia during his birthday celebrations. He conducted the satsang and leading by example he selflessly gifted himself to the world by answering all kinds of questions. Satsang was followed by vibrant kirtans and bhajans and made the audience sing and dance, while bathing in Mohanji’s energy.


In the morning ACT Serbia organized a great humanitarian action,  on the February 23th, on the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday. This time they have visited Backo Gradiste, and shared food packages for 100 families from vulnerable groups. Thanks to donations, they were able to buy and donate a ton and a half of food. They would like to thank to all members of the team, volunteers who have joined them in this selfless action and the companies that have contributed.

They heartily thank you for recognizing the importance of their actions, and they invite you to join them in  further spreading the mission of selfless support to those that need it most. See more on



“As usual, I fed the pigeons in the morning, they are hungry every day 😉 but today it is a special day and therefore I offer special photos.
Mohanji, you give so much to the world which is so priceless that we would be frustrated if we at least couldn’t have an illusion that we can repay it in some way. You say, give to the children of mother Earth the way you can. Give back to the Earth more than you have taken from it. Be kind to others, that will make me happy, that is what you can give me in return.
I’m grateful for giving me the feeling that I can do at least something in return, as I am always indebted to you for all that you have done for me.
Love you forever,
Biljana Vozarevic”



Mohanjis Birthday cake UK

“On the evening of Wednesday 22nd February, we celebrated the joyful occasion of our dearest Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday 🎉🎈🎁

Guruji was so generous enough to hold an informal satsang with us on Skype. We were delighted to be greeted by his warmth and loving energy which was definitely still present with Guruji in a different continent! We asked questions and listened attentively to His divine guidance, and laughed and smiled as he lightened our hearts.

One question which stood out was, “Guruji, you are bliss. You are everywhere, always. You are eternally that… So why is it that we are celebrating your birthday?”

“You know, there are a few reasons for celebrating any day, not only birthday. First it’s a reminder of something auspicious or something good. We even remember various occasions, happenings or the events of the past, and that has significance because sometimes a reminder is necessary to have certain confirmations of our existence. Otherwise we forget.

Second thing is out of love. Love, gratitude, are reasons for celebrating any of the Master’s birthdays. Because what they have contributed to the world, the generations are appreciating. Usually what a person who is liberated contributes to the world has a sustained effect for a few generations or at least it goes on. So this is a celebration for themselves. Most of the activities in each country are feeding the poor people, taking care of the animals, birds, fish, all these kind of things are happening. These are all confirmations of the understanding of the teachings, which means we understood, we appreciated it and we are adapting it to our lives. So when that happens, individual life gets more clarified. More clarity happens in everybody’s life. That is the reason for this kind of celebration. For example, look at any of the Masters of the past or Masters who are in the body today. Nobody celebrates the birthday by giving them gifts. Most of the people celebrate the birthday by taking care of the people who are in need, or the birds or animals. So that becomes an occasion for implementing the teaching.

These are the basic reasons for celebrating a master’s birthday. It’s not that you should do that for only one day. That one day becomes a strong reminder. Like, people celebrate Christmas i.e. the birth of Christ, then Janmashtami i.e. Lord Krishna’s birthday. All these are celebrations because these are all events which can really make you remember what we are here for and also remember the teachings. A Master is only worth based on the teachings. Otherwise, a person who has existed and meditated and left without even moving or interacting in the society. We wouldn’t know them. But somebody who has actually taken pains to come to the society and live with people and guide them, in whichever capacity possible, the best gift that person can get is live the teachings. You cannot give anything better than that to the Master. When you actually live the teachings, this celebration becomes a part of it. You actually remember, as well as you’re expressing and that gives more value to the society or the beings around you. So, overall, the world becomes a better place with such celebrations…” (From Online satsang with the UK from Serbia)

After the satsang, we sang Happy birthday in devotion, gratitude and love for everything that Guruji has done for us. We cut a delicious vegan cake for him and shared the blessed food around. Thank you to everyone who came, it was a lovely evening.
In love and light, always.”

Watch Live VIDEO from LONDON

Watch Live VIDEO from NS Serbia


On Thursday, 23rd February 2017 in Skopje, Macedonian team made a humble celebration for Brahmarishi’s birthday. The latest meditation Bliss of Silence was practised. After the meditation the team did Aarti, which was followed by mantra chanting and singing spiritual songs. In the end, the cake was served in Guru’s honour.




In honour of Mohanji’s birthday, the Macedonian ACT team visited a poor family who lives in very bad conditions. The members of this family are not capable of providing for themselves as all of them have mental health problems. We brought food for several months, clothes and cosmetic products.
Inspired by Mohanji’s teachings we are grateful for this opportunity to serve and help this poor family and a lot of other people who’ve helped in the past actions.
Jai Mohanji! See more on


Video greeting

India title

Prana Pratishta of Hanumanji Idol on Mahashivarathri (24th Feb)

Mohanji has recently donated Hanumanji idol in an ancient tmple Dharamshalla. On the holy day MahaShivrathri the pranpratishta was carried out.


Delhi/NCR had several activities related to birthday celebrations of our beloved Guruji, Mohanji. Food Seva was undertaken at Ashram Chowk, wherein about 100 plates were served. Food packets were also distributed at Jeevan Jyoti home- missionaries of charity for special children in Delhi. Food Seva was also undertaken at Gurgaon.

Additionally, Bliss of Silence meditation was conducted in New Delhi to meditate on Guruji’s teachings.

Food Seva at Ashram Chowk (DELHI)

Happy birthday Mohanji - Delhi -Ashram Chowk -Cake

Jeevan Jyoti Home (DELHI/NCR)

Food Seva in Gurgaon (DELHI/NCR)

Bliss of Silence Meditation (DELHI/NCR)


All surrendered at Baba’s Lotus Feet.


Charity was done at Vittal Babaji’s abode


Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated with Annadaan in two places in Mumbai. The team of volunteers served Soya Veg Pulav for 75 people at the Mahim Dargah. Before serving food the volunteers prayed for Mohanji’s health and wellbeing in the Dargah.

At Andheri, under the JVLR flyover, around 100 homeless immigrant workers were served upma and sheera(sweet) by the volunteers. These are people who live under the flyovers of Mumbai who come from all over the country looking for temporary construction jobs.

We had a very fulfilling Satsang and Birthday Celebrations in Mumbai on our beloved Guru Mohanji’s Birthday. We started the program with the finale of the week-long chanting of Mohanji’s Gayatri, followed by the beautiful Bliss of Silence Meditation. We then did Mohanji’s Padam Pooja and Aarti. It was amazing to see the presence of so many divine beings during the Aarti. We finished the celebration with Pot Luck dinner prepared by the devotees. Deepest Gratitude from all of us in Mumbai those who could come and those who took part in the celebrations in spirit.

Annadaan at Andheri (MUMBAI)

Mumbai- Andheri

Annadaan near Mahim Dargah (MUMBAI)

At Mahim the team had a wonderful meditation and were joined by first timer for the birthday celebrations. We started program with the power  of purity meditation followed  by Shiv Kavacham,  experience sharing and Arti. We ended with celebration with cake cutting and prasad.

Mumbai-Mahim Dargah a

Bliss of Silence Meditation (MUMBAI)

Mumbai BOS meditation

Aarti (MUMBAI)

Mumbai - Aarti a


Bangalore started with the Mohanji Gayatri 1 Mala followed by Blossoms of love meditation, Mahamritunjaya chanting and Om Namah Shivaya chanting. Did the aarti and cake cutting. Felt Father’s presence every moment.

BOS Bangalore 1


Kolkatta celebrated with chanting of Mohanji Gayatri followed by Blossoms of love meditation and Aarti to Mohanji followed by cake cutting  and prasad distribution.


Activities in Kerala on  Mohanji’s Birthday at Palakkad was celebrated as per the following schedule.


Food Seva in Palakkad town

Poojas at various temples

Mohanji Arti

Annadanam at Shirdi Sai Temple

Mohanji’s Arti at Guruvayur


Power of Purity meditation, chanting of Srimad Bhagavatham, BhagavatGeetha & Narayaneeyam followed by lunch

Archana at Guruvayur Sreekrishna Temple


Food Seva & Pooja at various temples

12000 Archana for Mohanji at Chottanikkara Godess Temple

Mohanji’s Arti


Pooja at Godess temple

Mohanji’s Arti


This year during Mohanji’s birthday we decided to have a heart to heart sharing by each family member on how Mohanji has transformed their lives and their story behind meeting their guru. In Pune we were joined by some family members from London and Hyderabad as well. It was amazing to share experiences with them and feel the same consciousness and grace granting fulfilment everywhere. We chanted, recorded all these testimonials, discussed seva activities and then did blossoms of love meditation for the first time. After that we cut 2 vegan birthday cakes for Mohanjis birthday and had ended the evening with a dinner. People did food seva individually or in smaller groups.

Pune a


In Chennai on Mohanji’s birthday, we had two groups do food seva. One group did it in an old age home. Provided them with various food supplies and fruits as requested by the home administrators. The second group went on the roads to find out hungry people. It was a hot day and hence found very few people standing at signals and outside restaurants etc. We kept driving further and reached an open ground where many old people were taking rest in shade. When we approached them asking if we could offer them some food, they were very happy to receive it. By Mohanji’s grace, the food reached the needy.

All surrendered at Baba’s Lotus Feet.

Charity activities by AMMUCARE:

Happy birthday Greeting- Ammucare



On the auspicious day of Mohanji’s birthday Ammucare in association with Sai Shradha Saburi has organised an amazing carnival for underprivileged children and children with special needs. The little ones from Mohanji ka Aangan Delhi also participated in this blessed event.





Mohanji’s birthday at Visakhapatnam was celebrated by distributing hot food to hungry homeless people and street dwellers. Many blessed us with the chants of “Jai Shree Ram” and Sadguru Sai ki Jai” which brought tears in our eyes.We met various people who were sleeping empty stomach and didn’t’t wait a second to open the food packet.We look forward to start regular food seva for these areas and seek support for same.



Mohanji’s Birthday at Guruvayur was celebrated by organizing Annadan for 100 people. Clothes and blanket were also distributed to needy.



Happy birthday cake

Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated at Mohanji ka Aangan, Jammu with great joy and fervor. Celebration comprised of Cake cutting by Aangan children along with Bhajan and songs.



Birthday Cake Kolkata

Our Kolkata team celebrated Mohanji’ s birthday at Morudyan , a shelter for homeless men with psychological disabilities.They were told that these people in shelter home are picked up from the streets and brought to the shelter for treatment and care.It was indeed touching as some of them do not understand what is happening.Team spent time singing bhajan and some of them also sang for us.. Team Celebrated Cake cutting and distributed snacks and fruits along with goody bags..


See more charity activities from India on


Happy birthday Brahmarishi Mohanji!

It is not a coincidence that it falls on the same date as the main men’s holiday when we honor all men and thank them for their care and protection. Thank you, our dear Mohanji, for your coming to this planet for protecting us, for your strength and loyalty to the principles and honor. Thank you for teaching and inspiring by your example, especially other people. Thank you, that you are always beyond all concepts and ideas of other people about you. Thank you for your unending love ❤, which we the lucky ones feel every single day. Thank you for your mission and in the sense that you bring to the lives of people. Dear Mohanji, we love you!


Happy birthday Mohanji-Malaysia

Mohanji Malaysia family celebrating Mohanji’s birthday on 23 February 2017 with Power of Purity meditation, Aarti and food seva.

Deep in Power of Purity Meditation and family members enjoying the bliss and soaking in the energies of the special day.


Packing food cooked by friends and contributed by Mohanji family members. Distributing food packets, drinks, bread and biscuits in the streets of Kuala Lumpur the same night.



Happy birthday Mohanji - cake

“In Dubai, we chanted Mohanji Gayatri, Mahamrityanjaya mantra and played Shiva Kavach. We concluded with Aarti and the kids cut the cake!”



The team did food seva for 250 people in Labour camps.



Act team serving food on a cold and rainy night to mark our Founders Birthday! Happy Birthday Mohanji!


A seva in celebration of Mohanji’s birthday – we joined to hand out hot stew and loaves of bread. Also gave out 5 litres of water and first survival kits consisting of wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, nail clipper, sanitary essentials for women, underarm deodorant, tinned food with openers and a bindbag.  Food was given out in insulated bags to keep food hot. It’s raining heavily outside and these poor vagrant homeless souls sleep in open veld in the fringes of suburbia ignored and feared by the haves. Such joy to give. Thank you beloved Mohanji for teaching us to be compassionate and loving instead.

Serving food for children and their mothers from poor neighborhood of Johannesburg. Hot lunch served with bread and juice and cake.
Children received gift packs and mother hamper box of food.

Lunch was served in a poor part of Johannesburg and food packets were distributed.


“31 mothers received gift packs from our ACT angel doctor who delivered those babies yesterday!”




cake 1

Happy birthday Mohanji - ACT South Africa

“Shumbashaba kids enjoyed a special cake. We had 100 kids and volunteers. The best part was that girls from the Shelter for abused and abandoned that Baba visits when in Johannesburg wanted to give back and cooked lunch for children who come to Saturday program.
Another example of those who have so little finding a way to give back to the ones who are in more need in gratitude to Mohanji for all that he does for us!
Atmosphere was amazing and rain was pouring for a week, but during 2 hours of our serving food. We even had sunshine. As we got into the car the rain started again. What Grace!
All that one could feel in the last few days during numerous sevas, was love towards everyone and unconditional love from our Baba Mohanji as so many beautiful souls came together to serve!
All surrendered at your holy feet Baba!”


ACT team Pretoria celebrated Mohanji’s birthday on 23rd of February by sharing cake with students in University who joined later in visiting Filadelfia Special Needs school in Shoshangue where 520 learners received fruit.
Children sang a birthday song to our founder of ACT Foundation.
Celebration continued by visiting an NGO Crèche where vegan cake and balloons were given to 40, 3-5 year old children.
Day ended with distributing vegetable sandwiches to homeless in pouring rain.
Amazing day spent in joyful celebration in gratitude to Mohanji. See more on



Happy birthday- Vegan cakes in celebration of Baba's birthday

Love, peace and bliss was the predominant feelings at the various Mohanji centers around S.A as they had joined in celebration of Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday.

The Datta Tapovan Ashram warmly welcomed devotees to partake in the chanting of Brahmarishi Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra from 8am to 5pm! Swamiji also conducted Kalsa Pooja and a homa where each person present at the ashram got the opportunity to make offerings in the homa. And a birthday celebration then commenced as vegan treats where offered to Mohanji and given as prasad to devotees.

Mohanji’s birthday celebration at Dattatapovan Ashram 2017: Morning chanting

by Suraj Chaithram


Around 50 members from the Mohanji Newcastle center attended Babas birthday celebration in Newcastle. Bhajans and chants as well as discourses about Mohanji were rendered as well as question and answers from the Power of Purity book. Each member had the opportunity to partake in the Padam Pooja to Mohanji. Thereafter celebrating with vegan cakes and treats which were first offered to Mohanji.

The birthday celebrations and treats in Newcastle


The Ladysmith center has a cosy celebration as some of their members gathered and set up a shrine in honour of Babaji. They began with invocation prayers, a beautiful birthday song to Mohanji as well as chants and bhajans. Lots of love and bliss was felt and members then experienced Mohanji’s new meditation, the Bliss of Silence before reading from the Power of Purity book. Members expressed their experience with the Bliss of Silence as amazing, out of this world and absolutely powerful.


Annlin West, Pretoria centre celebrated Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday with 200 learners at Tshwane University enjoying dance, song and vegan chocolate cakes. Further celebrations were held at an NGO creche where forty 3-5 year olds enjoyed a vegan cake, with song & dance to Mohanji. Gratitude prayer to Mohanji was offered at a Shree Vishnu temple. The evening ended with a hawan dedicated to Guruji Mohanji’s physical wellbeing and gratitude for His divine presence in this world. 108 offerings of Mohanji Gayatri and Raja Yogi mantra. Oceans of Love, Compassion & Blessings flowed throughout the auspicious day.

The Hawan in Annlin Pretoria
Hawan in Pretoria


Happy birthday Mohanji cake - Centurion South Africa

The Centurion center celebrated Baba Mohanji’s birthday last Thursday with love and adoration to Babaji. 14 divine souls celebrated this joyous day in chanting Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra and Aum chanting. Rose petals were showered by each devotee to beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji’s Padukas. A beautiful cake was offered to Baba and each devotee was presented with a gift and a red stem rose to mark this special occasion.

Beautiful offerings made to Baba Mohanji at the Centurion center

Rose petals offered to Babas Padukas at the Centurion Center


Nine members from the Stanger center gathered to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday with love, joy and happiness. Devotees joyfully sung bhajans and chanted Mohanji’s Gayathri Mantra while appreciating the divine energies of dear Baba.

Babas Birthday celebrations at the Stanger center

Other centers around SA joined in celebration by conducting Seva (selfless service) to various communities. The Seva not only ended on Mohanji’s birthday but continued throughout the weekend in honour and love to Mohanji’s teachings of Unconditional Love.

by Sholane Surjoo


 1 (2)

The USA Family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday  with a 12-hour long prayer. Since this year,we had a great blessing of Mohanji’s birthday coming so close to Shivarathri Day, we decided to celebrate both these occasions together. We started the evening with chanting and Sri Rudram and abhisekam of Shiva linga and the first arati at 6.30 pm on Friday, February 24.
The second segment of the day was dedicated to prayers for Mohanji’s wellbeing and that of all Mohanji Family around the world. The Maha Mrityanjaya mantra chanting was done for one hour starting at 8 pm. Participants from several states in the USA joined the chanting by audio. At the main center in Virginia we had about 15 people. The chanting was followed by Mohanji Ashtotram and offering flowers to the Guru paduka. The 9.30 pm Aarti was conducted for Mohanji.
After this prayer session, the youngest member of the Mohanji family, the 10-month-old Divisha cut the cake amongst the chorus singing Happy Birthday to Mohanji…
We continued offering prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba. Chanting “Om Sai Nathaya Namaha” was followed by beautiful Bhajans rendered by several people including participants who were on audio conference. Everyone present was feeling the overwhelming Mohanji’s presence. Since Mohanji was at the silent Awareness/Advanced retreat at that time in Serbia and it was past midnight here, there was no way to be able to speak to him on the phone. But each and everyone present was sincerely praying to hear Mohanji’s voice and blessings. As we were nearing the time for Baba’s Aarti and the bhajans were going on, we got a call. Lo and behold Avadhoota Nadananda calls. It was a total surprise and unexpected. He led the chants from Om Namashivaya and gave his heartfelt blessings to everyone.
The Guru Mandala has accepted our prayers and personally conveyed the blessings. A miracle indeed!
We continued our prayers with Baba ashotranamavalli and Aarti at 12.30 am followed by further chanting of Om Namashivaya and Devi mantras and offered Aarti at 3.30 am.
After each part of the program, people were leaving and finally we were left with five of us who stayed vigil all night and concluded our worship with the Bliss of Silence meditation followed by Consciousness Kriya and the last Aarti at 6.30 am.

1 (1)


In celebration of Mohanji’s birthday ACT USA organized food seva in India and in cities across the USA. A total of 1300 souls were fed on the occasion of the Masters birthday.
With the grace of the Master, 1000 people were fed in Shirdi, Katra and Bangalore. In the USA, the children of ACT participated  in their own seva activity. 300 brown bag lunches were prepared and delivered to homeless shelters across the US.

In keeping with our drive for MEGA FOOD SEVA during the month of February, being the month of Mohanji’s birthday, ACT Foundation USA wished to indulge in ACTs of kindness. As listed below:

1. Donate food either to Soup kitchens or Food Pantries.
Usually canned goods and dry food is accepted in Food Pantries.
Soup kitchens / shelters welcome brown bags with sandwiches, as also fruits, snacks and water bottles. Some also welcome our time donated to cook at these shelters/ kitchens.

2. Donations to local animal shelters – includes food and / or other supplies such as paper towels, trash bags, fleece blankets, etc.
3. Fill up backyard bird feeders!! The seva included both our four legged and feathered  friends.


True to our intent it is heartening and gratifying to see that we have been able to donate to food and animal shelters and food pantries across the USA and in India.
The numbers are :
A mega food drive in Shirdi and  Bengaluru where about a 1000 people were fed a nutritious meal of bisibelebath(rice item mixed with lot of vegetables) and Sheera (popular semolina dessert)
In CT, it was 175 brown bags of sandwiches with a fruit and water along with Vegan Mango halwa. We also intend to donate food, cat litter and paper towels to a local animal shelter.
In NC it was 72 bags with sandwiches, Bananas, baby carrots, fruit juices, chips and water bottles.
In CA it was 10 brown bags.
In NY a donation of food and clothes / appliances was made to a food pantry
In FL- we aim to donate 40 brown bags on march 11 which will include vegan sandwiches, fruits, protein bars, bottle of water and bag of chips.
We have also been taking care of our feathered friends by filling up our bird feeders!

See more on



Celebrations started from the morning by offering Shawl to Shirdi Sai during Kakad Arti in Toronto Sai Mandir, it was then followed by offering Pet Food to Animal Services.



Devotees gathered in the evening to perform Mohanjis Paad Pooja followed by Mahamrutyunjai Homa for Mohanjis long and healthy life. With energy rising devotees then sang their heart out by singing kirtans followed by Mohanji’s Aarti and Bhog.

The following day Food seva in the form of Sandwiches were offered to the homeless in Downtown Toronto. This occassion marked the introduction of Bliss of Silence Meditation that left people blissfully empty.

We were also graced by a very brief online Darshan by Mohanji, where he again stressed the importance of chanting in times of turbulance due to the ongoing Eclipse.

It is with Mohanjis grace that more and more people are getting connected to him and getting blessed.



Australian team had Power of Purity meditation followed by prahsad distribution.
In the evening they had a talk about their meditation at Shirdi Sai Temple. They got humongous support from the trustees and they addressed a big crowd. Grace allowing it, they will conduct meditations regularly in the temple premises. The first meditation there is on 25th March.

Happy birthday Mohanji - Australia


“On the occasion of birthday of the ACT founder Mohanji, ACT Foundation Australia organized a charity event to create awareness among near and dear ones about kids with cancer and to raise funds for ‘Kids with Cancer foundation Australia’ through the generous contributions from the participants of the event. The children fighting with cancer in major hospitals across Australia e.g. Monash hospital , Royal Children Hospital etc will be supported at many different levels by this drive.”



New Zealand team did charity for Auckland animals.



We are listing a few individual devotional birthday greetings, through gratitude, videos, poems, posters:

Love you Father…..thank you for everything always… happy birthday .. thank you for existing forever.

Two songs of devotion offered to Father on the eve of His birthday – Jyoti Bahl (India) and Sanjay Acharya (Canada):
1. Wo Sans

2. Mere o Mere Mohanji

Dearest Baba,

wish you a very happy birthday on behalf of each devotee in India.

Thank you for being with us every moment. Without your Grace, our lives would become unlivable. Words cannot express our gratitude to you. All we can say is:

Thank you Baba. We love You.

Happy Birthday once again.

– Team India 🇮🇳

Bharti Kapoor
Wish you a good health and millions and trillions reaching and being in your consciousness


Ananth Sankaran
Father – we all know deep within that you took this Physical form only to speed up our Journey. Words will fail while deep within our heart and in that silence, we will be thanking you for things we understand and many that we may never ever will.

Thanks for everything Father. Our request has been only one thing — please keep us focused steadfast in the Path

Namrata B. Prabhkar
On this special occasion, here are also a few words of gratitude for Mohanji,  the Master whose ‘Path of Pathlessness’ shows the way to JUST BE (originally published here)

Unconditional Love

Nothing is such a power force

It created the whole world 

Nothing but only Consciousness 

Connected me to my master”MOHANJI”

 I went to HIM for knowledge 

And an assurance for HIM to be with me

Smiling HE said I have nothing to give

So don’t expect anything from me

I only have unconditional LOVE

It is for all the beings on this earth 

And it is limitless and boundless 

You take it  until you reflect ME

Once you see yourself as me

You are liberated and free

Then we can connect effortlessly 

Devotional video, Aishwariya Samantaray

The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba – Shadows of Grace – Part I

Mohanji-Rajesh Kamath.jpg

By Rajesh Kamath


Relationships – the basic ingredients to cook the drama of human existence on planet Earth served uniquely with its tantalising and varying flavors of emotions to each person in a gourmet feast, called life. The strength of a relationship in a particular lifetime is usually determined by the longevity of the association. However once in a long while, there are certain relationships that, though brief and fleeting in association, leave lasting impressions. Mohanji’s (and by extension the community’s) association with Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj (respectfully and lovingly addressed by Mohanji as Babaji) was one such relationship. The deep and enduring love and respect that it fostered belied the fact that our association lasted all of 4 months.

Who was Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj? One of the rare elevated beings who had the good fortune to walk with Shirdi Sai Baba. The only living disciple of Shirdi Sai Baba that we had met. Aged hundred and seven when we met him. Living the life dedicated to spreading his Guru’s name and message. An ideal for surrender and devotion to the Guru. Built like an armor tank. No nonsense and in your face when it came to getting Sai Baba’s job done. Unconditionally loving and pampering to those of us who came through Mohanji. Nimble like a teenager putting people a quarter of his age to shame. A fountain of blessings that gushed torrents every time we met or called him. Mohanji’s meeting Ganeshananda Giri – a superb leela connecting two lifetimes through a bridge of Shirdi Sai Baba’s Grace – it simply doesn’t get any better than that.

Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj

Now the story of how we met this great saint who Mohanji considers a walking Sai Baba in the flesh. In 2015, the trustees of the Sai Baba temple in Palakkad wanted to film a Sai Baba documentary in Malayalam so that the awareness and message of Baba could reach the whole of Kerala and other Malayalam speaking folks overseas. They requested Mohanji to grace it by providing a voice-over for the movie and to introduce key places and stories. Mohanji always makes himself available for any project that promotes the message of Sai Baba. He graciously accepted and came to Shirdi in the second last week of December for the filming. The filming expressed the story of Sai Baba through the different places and people associated with him as mentioned in the Shri Sai Satcharitra. The Shri Sai Satcharitra is the wonderful biography of Sai Baba that details the wonderful life stories of Sai Baba replete with countless miracles performed by Sai Baba. We followed his hallowed footsteps to Nimgaon, Rahata, Sakori, etc and countless places within Shirdi. This was much beyond the usual Shirdi pilgrimage that typically features visits to the Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai and other famous spots within the temple complex.

It was an amazing walk down memory lane visiting the places that Sai Baba frequented, as well as places where people closely associated with him like Mhalsapati, Shama, Haji Abdul Baba, Laxmibai Shinde, the Dengles, etc. lived. We heard the stories of Sai Baba as related by the descendents of the few who had the good fortune to be in the close company of Sai Baba. It was like an Easter egg hunt, exploring the Shirdi most people have hitherto never seen before and knowing more of the Sai Baba that we loved and adored. It was really amazing to truly connect to the teachings of Baba by understanding how He led his life in a simple, selfless manner.

One of the afternoons towards the end of the filming, Mohanji got a message and left immediately with some of us to meet “someone”. We didn’t know anything about the person he was going to meet. We left the hotel on foot, walking past the Sansthan and Dwarakamai towards Gurusthan. With some effort, we located the hotel (Sai Balaji Guest House) where we were supposed to meet the “person”. It was in a narrow bylane off one of the roads leading from Gurusthan. It was one of those small cheap functional hotels that mostly serve as a short term “rent a bathroom” facility for people who travel overnight from Mumbai, Pune, etc. and want to quickly do their ablutions before going to the Sai Baba temple. We passed through the narrow space between the two buildings that opened into a small compound that had motorcycles parked on either side. This led to the reception of the hotel which was a small 3 feet x 7 feet space. When Mohanji spoke to the gentleman at the reception, he pointed Mohanji to the door right behind the reception that opened into a small room.

Old Sai Samadhi Mandir

As the door was opened, we saw an old sadhu (renunciate) clad in saffron robes was lying on the bed in the room with his head facing the other way. The moment Mohanji came close to the door, the sadhu called out, “Aavo Mohan” (Come Mohan) without even looking behind to see who it was. He sat up with great effort and lovingly received Mohanji. Mohanji prostrated at his feet and prepared to sit down on the ground near the bed. But the sadhu lovingly insisted that Mohanji should sit by his side. The person at the reception had told us that the sadhu was not keeping well and was put up in this hotel that belonged to one of his followers. Mohanji enquired about his health. The sadhu told us that he had severe chest congestion and had been hospitalized. The doctors had asked him to immediately get admitted in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Yet, he was completely against getting admitted in a hospital since he believed that once someone gets admitted in a hospital, the hospital becomes one’s permanent home. 🙂 He got some palliative care from them and headed back to the hotel much to the consternation of the hospital doctors and staff. He was visibly pale and ill; his voice was feeble and hoarse and halting and he was talking with some effort coughing frequently as he talked.

The sadhu then adjusted the pillows, leaned back against the wall and lit a cigarette. He enquired of Mohanji and our group. Mohanji introduced our group to the sadhu. We found out that his name was Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj. He told Mohanji that Sai Baba had told him 3 years ago in Coimbatore that he should meet Mohanji. He just gave him the name but did not tell him anything more about the person. He set about looking for Mohanji but to no avail. He found a couple of other people named Mohan but Sai Baba told him that they were not the one he was supposed to meet. Finally, after a long search, he gave up resigning to fate that Baba himself would bring them together. And now they finally met! The interesting part is that he had recognised Mohanji even before Mohanji stepped in the room. He lovingly held Mohanji’s hand. As time went by, he gradually started feeling better, his voice was more strong and he was a bit more energetic.

He told us his life story and his connection to the great Master Sai Baba of Shirdi. He was one of the two living disciples of Sai Baba. The other one lived in a remote place in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh. He had recently met up with his guru-bhai (brother disciple) a few months back. He told us that he came to Shirdi every year typically on the 20th of every December and stayed until a week after the New Year. He liked to start the New Year by taking Sai Baba’s blessings and seeking his directions. In the previous year, Babaji had asked Sai Baba permission to take samadhi (verb – a saint’s conscious exit from the body). Sai Baba told him that Babaji should take samadhi in his own native land of Tamil Nadu. He asked Babaji to build a grand temple for him near Chennai and then take samadhi in the same temple. Babaji decided to make this the largest temple so far replicating all the key spots of Shirdi such as Dwarkamai, Chawadi, Lendi Bagh and others in the temple premises, besides the main shrine for Sai Baba.

This time round, he came in for the New Year a little earlier than usual.

Babaji and Mohanji in deep conversation

Over the next three days, Mohanji met Babaji every evening with our entire group that had assembled at Shirdi. He was not keeping well at all. Yet he felt that he didn’t have any time to waste in the hospital. After all, he had a grand temple to build. In spite of his failing health, he would spend extended time with Mohanji and our group lovingly talking and discussing his life details and his lovely stories of Sai Baba. When we got in, he would open his small steel box with Sai Baba’s udi (sacred ash) which he would apply on Mohanji’s forehead and then on our foreheads, showering blessings on each person in the group. He would then order coffee for us in tiny plastic cups from the shop next door and ensure that everyone had one. It was like his prasad (consecrated offering) for us along with the nectar of Sai Baba that poured through his words. Babaji told us that his mantra was “Om Shri Sai Sharanam mama” (I seek refuge in Sai) which he chanted with his every breath. He made our group chant the mantra along with Him. It was a beautiful experience for all of us. In one of their conversations, Mohanji had opined that a third of the beings (not just humans) would be wiped out due to the change in frequency. He agreed with that assertion and also made several dire predictions that the number of calamities on Earth would increase – both natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, etc. and man-made ones such as wars, strife, bloodshed, etc.

As the group grew to know him better, people would be all over him – massaging his feet, his legs, his hands, his back, giving energy transfer/shaktipat, other healing methods, etc. and trying their best to heal Babaji. And Babaji permitted it all without any obstruction. He said that in the hundred odd years of his life, he had not allowed anyone to sit next to him, touch his body or his feet, let alone massage him. He said it is the miracle of Sai that made him allow everyone to do that here. He allowed our group this privilege because Sai Baba told him, “Mohanji’s people are my children. Allow them to do what they want.” Similarly, he said, “I walk through these streets outside this hotel. Everyone knows who I am but none dare to talk to me.” But here we were mingling so freely with him as if we shared a long and well-established relationship. Babaji would play with Mila as a child even watching her cartoons with a childlike joy. The relationship between Mohanji and Babaji was beautiful – one of unconditional love. He would hold Mohanji’s hand and Mohanji would caress and massage his chest and back lovingly. Every time, Mohanji would come back to the hotel, he would be wheezing and gasping for breath in the night.

On the last day, Mohanji and our group went to meet Babaji one last time before we left Shirdi. Babaji could not sit up easily. We learnt that his health had really deteriorated. He was running a high fever, his chest was badly congested and he was frequently running out of breath. He still smoked continuously which was not helping either. He still sat up with quite a bit of effort and help from Mohanji. Mohanji touched and massaged his chest and back. He blessed Mohanji and our group several times and also invited Mohanji to come down to the foundation ceremony of the Sai Baba temple that he was building in the outskirts of Chennai in Sriperumbudur. He also took down Mohanji’s address and promised to send Sai Baba’s udi (holy ash) and leaves from the neem (margosa) tree in Gurusthan. The leaves of the neem tree are bitter but the neem tree under which Sai Baba used to sit in Gurusthan has sweet leaves.

Bonds of unity

On New Year, Babaji would pray to Sai Baba asking for blessings for Mohanji’s extended family of followers, well-wishers and acquaintances. He would then send packets to all his extended family with udi (sacred ash) and neem leaves from Gurusthan. Mohanji strongly urged Babaji to go to the hospital and he finally agreed. Mohanji also volunteered any assistance required by Babaji during his hospital stay. It was finally time for us to go and we did so with a very heavy heart. Even though we knew Babaji for only 4 days, the love he poured on us bonded us so strongly that leaving him made us feel very sad. On top of it, his failing medical condition made us feel a whole lot worse to leave him in such a condition. Babaji assured us that the people at the hotel would take good care of him and they would take him to the hospital and wait on him there. We finally bid Babaji goodbye and moved on to our respective destinations.

Mohanji and some of our group moved back to the Pune ashram. Mohanji became sick after that and was bedridden in Pune. Since he was suffering from a similar condition as Babaji, we assumed that it might possibly be due to taking over some of the physical ills from Babaji. The same night, Babaji called Mohanji and told him that he was very sick and he would get admitted in the hospital the next day. Mohanji assured Babaji that he was sending someone to take care of Babaji. Mohanji called up the hotel owner (who was Babaji’s follower) and also informed him that he was sending someone to take care of Babaji. The hotel owner said that he was going to take Babaji to hospital himself and he had people to take care of him. Hence it would not be necessary.

Mohanji thought it over and said that it was a serious matter. He said that it could be possible that Babaji may be leaving the body soon. Mohanji mentioned that saints continue to do their work even after they take samadhi (verb – consciously drop the body). Their Samadhi (noun – final resting place) needs to be properly planned as per the work that the saint needs to perform after he leaves the body. The location, position (sitting,  standing or lying down), posture, direction they face, etc. and all other specific details need to be recorded while the saint is in the body. He gave the example of Sri Vittalananda Saraswati (Vittal Babaji) who had built his Samadhi place months before he took samadhi. Vittal Babaji had also asked Mohanji to inspect the Samadhi place to ensure everything was in order. Mohanji also gave the example of another saint who was supposed to be buried but was cremated instead by his family much to the consternation of his disciples. This was because there was no written record of the saint’s final wishes. Mohanji mentioned that this affects the saint’s future work and journey after Samadhi.

Two Masters in unconditional love

Mohanji asked me to go to Shirdi since he felt that Babaji’s people in Shirdi would not know what to do in this situation. Unfortunately, neither could I but I had lifelines available including “Call a Master”. 🙂 Mohanji said, “Take care of Babaji as you would take care of me. Stay there as long as it takes until he completely recovers and is on his feet. Do not worry about the hospital expenses. We will take care of everything, if required” At the same time, Mohanji also asked me to find an opportune time before admitting Babaji (or in the hospital) to understand Babaji’s wishes and preferences for his samadhi. I was a bit apprehensive about the latter since it was akin to asking someone about their preference for their tombstone on the way to the hospital. In spite of his advanced age, Babaji was built like a military tank. With one well-directed swing of his arm, he could ensure that I would need to note down my Samadhi preferences before posing the question. 🙂 Mohanji remarked that a saint is matter-of-fact in these matters. Death is just an event. They don’t get emotional about it. Ask him the question and he will understand. So anyway, with an assuring “Don’t worry. I will be with you throughout”, Mohanji packed me off to Shirdi.

I packed swiftly, had a quick dinner and set off to the bus stand to take the earliest bus to Shirdi. It must have been around 7-8pm. Luckily, I found a nice sleeper bus (the one you can sleep in horizontally). I lay down wondering about the interesting turn of events and what lay ahead. I couldn’t get much sleep on the bus. I reached Shirdi in the wee hours of the morning (around 2:00am or so). I got off the bus and the first thing I noticed was the bus dropped me far off from the usual drop-off point. This meant I would have to lug my luggage on the uneven road (or footpath) for a longer distance. I mentally sent a few choice cuss words their way. I walked some distance before I decided to make peace with the situation by smoking the peace pipe (aka a nice hot tea and a quick smoke). After the smoke break, I enquired with the tea seller on the location of the hotel. To my surprise, the road leading to the hotel was exactly on the opposite side of where the bus stopped! The bus uncannily dropped me to the closest point to Babaji’s hotel. So I was basically cursing the shadow of grace that was cast without asking. So often, we resist changes, people, places, events, circumstances, etc. in our ignorance that are truly blessings in disguise bestowed by the One who knows what’s really good for us.


After a very short walk to the hotel, I reached the hotel compound. It was quiet and dim with just the light above the reception desk spreading through the compound. It was close to a new moon with a clear blue sky so I could still see clearly. The staff on duty for the night was nicely sprawled on a makeshift bed behind the reception desk and unconscious to external stimuli. The door to Babaji’s room was open and I could see him sleeping on the bed. I could hear his hoarse breathing clearly in the compound. I didn’t want to wake up Babaji so I decided to just sit and wait it out till he woke up and noticed me. I twiddled my thumbs for a while until I heard Babaji call out loudly, “Kaun hai waha?” (Who is outside?). He must have stirred up from sleep and I was caught unawares. I hurriedly mumbled something about Mohanji sending me and started to walk towards his room. He immediately roared, “Andar mat aana. Bahar hi raho.” (Don’t come inside. Stay out.) This was not the expected response. So I quickly scampered back to my waiting chair, moved it carefully out of sight of Babaji and decided to waited some more.

And I was supposed to ask him about his Samadhi preferences. At this rate, I could use the time to jot down my Samadhi preferences. I hardly do any work while living. Hence, working after death is not very high on my after-I-kick-the-bucket list. 🙂 If I am dead, I’d like to stay dead. Lying down would probably be my only instruction. On a comfy bed if possible. 🙂 🙂 Anyways, I continued with thinking these random thoughts and twiddling my thumbs. I was chanting something to pass the time and I noticed a flower garland that was stuck in a weird way above the electric meter on the opposite wall. It had the shape of a bearded saint under a umbrella or canopy kneeling down and praying. Someone was praying for Babaji. Wonder who it could be? Was it Mohanji? Anyways, my job was to get Babaji to his Samadhi safe and sound. Or so I thought? 🙂 I walked through all the doomsday scenarios and what-if analyses in my mind.

The mysterious praying saint above the glowing electric meter

I then heard Babaji stir up from his sleep and sit up on the bed. He must have seen my shadow outside because he called out again, “Bahar kaun hai?” This time I was a bit composed and told him that Mohanji had sent me to be with him. He immediately told me to come and sit inside. I sat down on the floor next to his bed but he didn’t allow me. He insisted that the floor was cold and I should sit on the chair. He enquired about my journey and asked me if I needed a room to sleep. I told him that I didn’t want to sleep but would prefer to wait there with him. He suggested that I should at least freshen up since I had come from a long journey. He woke up the hotel staff sleeping behind the reception and asked him to arrange for a room for me to freshen up.

The hotel staff asked me if I wanted a good room. I said I didn’t care since I just wanted to freshen up. He literally took me on my word. He gave me the key to the room on the ground floor that was behind Babaji’s reception room which was used by the hotel staff and possibly half the neighborhood. The room looked like it had been devastated in a warzone. Walking in the bathroom was like walking through a minefield. I spent equal time washing the bathroom with water, being extremely careful to minimize contact with my surroundings, as using it for brushing, bathing, etc. Finally, when I was done, I took my position in the compound outside Babaji’s reception room.

This time I was extra careful to keep my chair at a distance to stay out of sight and avoid disturbing Babaji till morning. Interestingly, I had taken Mohanji’s words literally and expected Babaji to leave us any instant. My focus was on getting Babaji to his Samadhi. 🙂 Hence, from the point I came to the hotel, I listened attentively to the sound of Babaji’s breathing being extra careful if there was a lull or lack of sound. I could even follow his breathing from the room where I was freshening up which was the reason I preferred it in spite of it being dank and dingy. Like all things with Mohanji, this was also going to be a different ride to what my mind had planned or envisaged.

Babaji Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj

Finally, it was morning. Babaji had slept in fits and starts with intermittent long coughing bouts. He was running a high fever and was very frail. He enquired with the hotel staff to check on my whereabouts. I got out of my chair and entered his room. I checked on his health and he said he was not feeling too good. We discussed about his hospitalization and he confirmed that the hotel folks would get him admitted to the hospital late morning. He ordered coffee and breakfast for me. He didn’t have any food since he had lost his sense of taste due to the fever. He said he just had a single idli (steamed rice pancake) in the morning.

In spite of his illness, he ensured that I was being taken care of. Subsequently, the hotel owner came down to meet Babaji. I took stock of the situation with him on the hospitalization and on the means to get Babaji to the hospital. The narrow roads and by-lanes prevent vehicles from getting to the hotel so we needed to find the closest pickup point that Babaji could walk down. Babaji packed his essential items for the hospital stay and prayed to Sai Baba in the direction of the temple before letting us know that he was ready to leave. Babaji was walking with his stick for support and we were helping him navigate the road to the pickup point. An autorickshaw had been arranged to take Babaji to the hospital while the hotel folks were to reach there on a motorcycle. I went along with Babaji in the autorickshaw to the Shri Sai Superspeciality hospital and was soon joined by the folks from the hotel. We got Babaji into a wheelchair and into the hospital.

Babaji was taken for preliminary diagnosis to the admission area. Babaji was laid down on one of the beds in the admission area for routine tests. While we were waiting there, some people came rushing in with a big elderly lady who had possibly suffered a cardiac arrest. The doctors put her on the bed in front of Babaji and swiftly tried to revive her with a defibrillator a few times before pronouncing her dead. God bless her soul and may she rest in peace. However, the last thing one would expect when they enter the hospital is to be greeted by someone exiting via the aerial route. 🙂 Her relatives were coming to terms with the situation and figuring out the way forward. In the meantime, I put those unsettling circumstances behind and proceeded to push the doctors to finish the tests on Babaji so he could be moved out of the area quickly and into the ICU. Eventually, Babaji was admitted into the ICU for treatment while I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon getting Babaji’s admission papers in order and the other formalities.

Devi and Babaji

The doctors immediately commenced on treatment to stabilize Babaji’s condition. Babaji was resting most of the time only waking up to have tender coconut water or the food that was being served in the hospital. The doctors were working primarily to stabilize his condition and had not done any diagnosis of the core issue which could happen only after they did the diagnostic tests. Through the day, I kept checking intermittently on Babaji in the ICU and checking on his health. Most of the conversation were through signs or a few words. The odd thought about the Samadhi preferences cropped up but the situation did not permit any further action on it. It was miserable though to be in the ICU since the patients around Babaji were really suffering. Some had tubes sticking through different parts of the body; someone was moaning all the time, some were severely malnourished, etc. It was truly depressing to go in there every time. Babaji also didn’t seem to be like the place too much. The doctors had still not diagnosed the issue but were treating the symptoms to help Babaji gradually recover slowly and surely.

On the morning of the third day, Babaji asked me to get a batata vada for breakfast. This was the first time Babaji asked for food which is a welcome sign. Natural hunger is a good sign that the body is recovering. Batata vadas are savory potato fritters made by deep frying a potato mash patty coated with chick pea flour. Spicy and yummy! Mohanji loves them too. The best vadas are always available in the small stalls off the street. There is some strange but direct correlation between the amount of sweat and grime pouring off the cook (and possibly getting into the vada), the increased degree of substandard cooking material in use and the lack of hygiene in the stall with the amount of zing that gets added to the vada. This correlation, of course, rapidly tapers off at some point and enters the zone where the consumption of the vada gets one into Delhi belly territory and a possible visit to the doctor. So it is a fine art to use all the five senses to determine the stall that is just right for one’s consumption. Of course, deep fried spicy street food in not considered breakfast of champions in the ICU. So it had to be a covert operation to sneak in the vadas to Babaji. In hindsight, giving batata vadas to a recovering ICU patient is not the most logical thing one can do but strangely it seemed right to satisfy the request at that point in time. 🙂 In any case, I managed to get him the vadas of which Babaji relished a couple, which made the effort worthwhile.

Batata vada 🙂

The next day Babaji was discharged from the ICU. Babaji wanted a separate room for himself as he chose not to share a room with any other people. We reserved a private room for him with an attached bath and toilet. We dispensed with the usual formalities for exiting the ICU and getting him transferred to the private room. Once Babaji got comfortable in the private room, he asked me to close the door of the room, open all the windows and start the fan in the room. When all was done, he immediately lit up a cigarette using a used teacup with water as a makeshift ashtray. It was at least fascinating for a (then- and now ex-) smoker to watch someone light up a cigarette in a hospital room the day after coming out of the ICU. Priceless!!! There are things that money can’t buy, for the rest… Babaji was one bad-ass monk, I say. 🙂

One point regarding smoking that I would like to cover. People do get confused seeing saints with vices like smoking or drinking. Most of the saints closely associated with Mohanji like Shri Vittalananda Saraswati (Vittal Babaji), Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj (Babaji), Avadhoota Nandanandaji were/are heavy smokers. Even Shirdi Sai Baba smoked a chillum (pipe) regularly. Mohanji explained that there are different reasons that a saint chooses to smoke – to feel the body, to work out karma, etc. Mohanji had mentioned that at one point in time during his sadhana, he could not feel his body at all and he would chain smoke almost 40 cigarettes a day just to feel his body. Avadhoota Nadanandaji once said, “There is a difference between our frequencies. If I choose to stay in mine, I will be in bliss and you will not be able to understand me at all. Hence, I have to contaminate my body to bring it down to your level so we can have a conversation.” Shankar Maharaj, a powerful Nath saint from Maharashtra used to drink and the people sitting in front of him would get tipsy. One person remarked that when a person who was disturbed visited Vittal Babaji, he tended to smoke a lot more than usual (as a way to burn karma). It is best not to analyze why saints do certain things in the absence of having the wider view into the grand scheme of things that is afforded to them. Mohanji did mention that disciples who imitated the Masters in this respect don’t receive any esoteric benefits – they just become addicts. 🙂

The next day Mohanji, Devi, Mila and a few others were leaving Pune to go to Dhar (near Indore) to meet Avadhoota Nadanandaji for the first time. Mohanji decided to take a detour via Shirdi to meet Babaji. They arrived in the afternoon. Babaji was very glad to see Mohanji. This time Babaji was in much better shape than he was in Shirdi hotel where they met earlier. Mohanji was also seemingly in better health than when I left him in Pune. Mohanji enquired of his health and took an understanding of how the treatment was progressing. He also mentioned his travel plans to Babaji to go to Dhar and then head from there to Bangalore. He reiterated to Babaji that he had left me there to be at Babaji’s service for as long as it took Babaji to regain full health. He also asked Babaji to take complete rest and not to worry about anything including the temple project and to focus only on nursing himself back to health. After spending a of hours with Babaji, Mohanji and the group took Babaji’s leave to proceed onwards to Bangalore. Babaji blessed the entire group by applying sacred ash on their forehead and he blessed them a safe journey.

Mila giving a get well soon kiss to Babaji

Babaji was responding well to the treatment because he was getting better each day. He still needed rest and medication to completely recover and the doctors had not been able to do a proper diagnosis. The doctors recommended different tests to understand the scope of the problem and to help them diagnose it. My routine was also pretty much the same – arranging for food for Babaji like breakfast, tender coconut water, fruits, etc., getting the medicines as requested by the nurses, understanding the course of action from the doctors who came on the rounds, arranging for the tests to be done as requested by the doctors, etc. Doing whatever little I could to make him comfortable. Towards the end, Babaji also got the hotel folks to get me a scooter so it would be more comfortable for me to travel around Shirdi. Babaji was keeping tabs on me and ensuring my comfort all the time.

Two group of devotees came down from Chennai. The first was a group of students and the other were trustees from the Datta Siva Sai trust in Chennai who were responsible for building the temple in Chennai. They spent time with Babaji, enquired of his health, took his blessings and left. The nurses soon got wind of Babaji’s smoking in the room and soon the doctors did as well. Once one of the doctors scolded Babaji saying, “You don’t smoke in your temple. Do you? This is our temple. Then how can you smoke in ours?” He further continued on the ill effects of smoking and how it impeded Babaji’s recovery. He requested him to at least discontinue the habit in the hospital. I was outside when it happened. Babaji was sitting quietly like a child who had just been scolded. He told me, “Doctor ne mujhe khub danta.” (the doctor scolded me a lot) He told me that he had tried to quit several times but it always came back to him. He also put it up to Sai Baba to help him quit but it never happened. He finally just accepted it as something he had to live with. He said, “Let them scold. I can’t do much about it.” So he asked me to close the door, open the windows, etc. and lit up a cigarette to mull over it. 🙂

I had one observation during my stay at the hospital. People love to trouble saints when they need help for all of their issues, even the seemingly minor and insignificant. They expect the saints to drop everything and bend over backwards to help them out. However, when it comes to helping a saint or doing his work, the same people cannot be troubled to step beyond the comfortable or share beyond the most basic. The feelings or emotions on display at the saint’s distress are not congruent with the help and support that is actually offered. More so, people still force their way to meet him for their petty interests without regard to giving a convalescing saint time to recover. I have also seen this repeatedly with people around Mohanji as well. Even when they know that he is unwell, they force their way to have him cater to their selfish requests without the slightest sensitivity to his condition. People should understand that even though saints are beyond the body, they still have to take care of their body or suffer a shorter lifespan.

Babaji blessing Mohanji

I didn’t bother Babaji much during his stay in the hospital to avoid putting any strain on him. But I did happen to ask him his life story which I present below. I mostly committed it to memory and didn’t write anything down. Hence, a disclaimer that all mistakes are entirely due to my errors in memory, comprehension or writing.

He was born in the South of India near Kanyakumari. Babaji’s age at that point in time was 107 years old. Hence, his year of birth must be around 1908. At the time of his birth, his grandmother was told in a vision by Lord Subramanya that this child was meant for the world and not for the household. At the age of 4 years old, he was taken to the Tirupati Balaji temple for a ritual tonsuring of his hair. This ritual is generally performed on young children to symbolise the surrender of the ego to the Lord. He saw a vision of Lord Subramanya who told Him it was time to leave the family and asked him to start walking. The 4 year old child walked until he came to a Lord Hanumanji temple and stayed there for 6 months. Then, Hanumanji appeared in front of Him and asked Him to proceed to Shirdi to meet the great Master Sai Baba of Shirdi. He somehow managed to reach Shirdi which is approximately 1200kms away. How could a 4 year old child accomplish this task? This was obviously Divine play at work.

He met Sai Baba in Shirdi who took him under His wings. Once when Sai Baba was distributing candies from his bag to all the children, He did not give anything to the young Babaji. Upset by this, the young Babaji put his hand in Sai Baba’s bag, took some candies and ate them. Sai Baba got upset with this act and slapped the young boy. The young Babaji went away crying to Shama’s house. Shama was one of the oldest disciples of Shirdi Sai Baba who was deeply devoted to Sai Baba. Sai Baba never refused Shama anything. So people who could not get Sai Baba’s favour or grace would always go to Shama to place their request before Sai Baba.  When Sai Baba didn’t see the young Babaji for 4 days, Sai Baba asked Shyama, “Where is that small boy who was here?” Shama said, “He is in my house and is afraid to come near you.” Sai Baba asked Shyama to get the boy to Dwarkamai.

Shama told the young Babaji that Sai Baba had asked for him and that he should accompany Shama to Dwarkamai. The young Babaji refused to go back to Sai Baba and told Shama, “Buddha marta hai.” (That old geezer beats me) 🙂 Shama convinced the young Babaji that the slap was indeed out of love and not out of anger. When a Guru hits you like that, it benefits you in various ways and you are very special. He convinced him to go back to Sai Baba. After that, Sai Baba would share many things with him. He was around ten years old when Baba attained His Mahasamadhi (a master’s conscious exit from the body). There is a famous photo of Sai Baba with the young Ganeshananda Giri. Shyama had gifted him his new clothes. Shama is next to Baba in the brown coat holding Sai Baba. Shama is 60 plus in the picture.

Sai Baba in the Chavadi procession. Babaji is the small boy on the left holding the staff

The young Babaji continued to stay in Shirdi after Sai Baba’s mahasamadhi under the protection of Shama and others. Once during his teens (after Baba’s mahasamadhi), He prayed to Sai Baba, “You are a powerful Master and can grant any wish. I want a motorcycle, a car, twenty million rupees and a swanky bungalow.” Saying this, he took the flowers kept on Sai Baba’s samadhi  in a small gunny bag to his dwelling fully expecting the flowers to manifest into His objects of desire. He slept with the gunny bag by his side dreaming of going to Mumbai and living a life of luxury once his wishes were granted. In the morning, the flowers were still there in the gunny bag and there was nothing else even closely resembling his wish. 🙂 Frustrated, he went to Sai Baba’s samadhi and berated Him as being useless for not fulfilling his wish.

Still, he continued doing Sai Baba’s seva (service) out of his love for Baba. Around his early twenties, he was walking in the jungles around Shirdi and saw Sai Baba in the flesh walking ahead of him. Then Sai Baba came towards him. He was surprised since Sai Baba had taken mahasamadhi many years ago. Sai Baba called him near and the young Babaji was convinced that it was actually Sai Baba. Sai Baba asked him if he remembered the wishes he had made in his teen years. He told Baba remorsefully, “Of course, I remember. You didn’t grant any of them”. Sai Baba told him, “Now it is time I grant those wishes. Are you ready?” The young Babaji told Sai Baba that he was ready. Sai Baba told him, “Those two legs I gave you are your motorcycle. The body I gave you is your car. The brain I have given you is worth twenty million rupees. And the world is your bungalow. I have kept you in Shirdi thus far so that you become capable of doing My work in the world. Now it is time for you to leave Shirdi and do My work in the world.”

With the blessings of Sai Baba, he travelled through the Himalayas spreading the holy word of Shirdi Sai Baba. He also took sannyasa (vows of renunciation) in the Shri Panchadashanam Juna Akhara of the Dashanami Naga. He narrated an incident during his Himalayan travels. He accepted the hospitality of a big group of Naga sadhus. As they were seated together, he happened to mention that Sai Baba was his Guru and he extolled the virtues of his Guru. The Naga sadhus got incensed that he was praising a Muslim fakir in their midst and all of them got up to attack him. They were almost 500 in number. He sensed the inevitable and prayed deeply to his Guru. Soon, the chief of the group came out when he heard the commotion. He chastised the group and said, “You have no idea of his Guru’s stature. No one will dare touch him.” Babaji said that when you are truly surrendered to the Guru, no one could dare touch even a hair on your body.

Babaji as Solan Maharaj

On his travels, he ventured into Solan in Himachal Pradesh. Sai Baba told him to build His temple on one of the mountains there. He engaged several experts from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and other states. Every one of them told him that it was an impossible task to build since it was 100ft of solid rock topped with 60ft of loose sand. He complained to Sai Baba that even the experts have given up and He did not know how to proceed. Sai Baba told Him bluntly, “What is the purpose of your birth? Why have I brought you up? If you can’t find anyone to build it, then you build it yourself”. With the Guru’s clear directions, the young Babaji took the tools himself and set out on his task to tame the mountain. He would engage whatever labourers he could find but the local contractors would invariably lure the labourers away telling them that the crazy Swami would not be able to pay them anything. In spite of all these hardships, he toiled single handedly with whatever help he could muster and even going it alone if there was no one to help.

He carved out the mountain and then used the same stones to build the pillars of the temple. In a few years, he built a grand temple for Sai Baba there on the mountain as per the wishes of His Guru Sai Baba.  He takes no credit for this amazing achievement. He proclaims it to be a testament to the will and power of His Guru to do what others said could not be done. He is also well known as Solan Maharaj in these parts. Since then he has built 15 temples of Sai Baba in various parts of India and consecrated and installed countless Sai Baba idols in various temples in India. He has also been instrumental in setting up temples of other deities in various parts of India. He considers himself to be only an instrument of his Master Shirdi Sai Baba’s will and considers his only purpose in life is to do his Master’s will.

After a week in the hospital, the doctors diagnosed Babaji’s problem as damage to the lungs due to fibrosis. They surmised that this was due to his long winded smoking habit. Further, they said that the damage in most cases was irreversible and the medication would only help in treating the symptoms. They said that they did not have the capabilities to do a treatment for the problem and he would have to go to one of the larger cities where such facilities were available. At the same time, they suggested that his condition was fairly stable and it would be perfectly fine for him to travel to another city and start his treatment there.

Mila entertaining Babaji with her cartoon videos

So they suggested that they were agreeable to discharge him from the hospital. Babaji was also raring to leave the hospital since he wanted to get back very soon to his grand Sai Baba temple project. We completed the discharge formalities and Babaji returned back to the Sai Balaji guest house from the hospital. Babaji wasn’t happy about the hospitalization expenses. He would have much rather preferred to use every single rupee for the temple project. He tried everything possible including speaking to the hospital director to reduce the hospitalization expenses. Of course, it was quite obvious to us that it was a worthwhile investment since without Babaji’s force, drive and energy, the temple project could not be sustained at all.

I met Babaji regularly over the next couple of days to check on him. Babaji was back to his usual room #3 on the first floor of the Sai Balaji Guest House. The first day there was no hot water in the hotel so Babaji could not take a bath. He was really looking forward to it since he could not take a bath in the hospital all this while due to the intravenal equipment on his hands. He was still very happy to be back in the hotel and out of the hospital. I asked him about his plans and if he would prefer to go back to Chennai immediately as suggested by the doctors. Babaji suggested that he would stay the course as he had planned earlier, i.e., to be in Shirdi till the first week of January. He would take Sai Baba’s blessings around the New Year and do the usual routine he followed of seeking blessings for his extended family.

Babaji blessing Mohanji

He said he liked this place because you could clearly see the gopuram of the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple from his room and the reception. Babaji said that the gopuram of a temple is right above the idol. So you can pray to the gopuram and the message will directly reach the idol. He said he does that most of the time at Shirdi and his prayer reaches Baba. He said a lot of people did not know about this. He suggested to sit near Haji Abdul Baba’s kutir when you get a chance and pray to the gopuram from there. He asked me about my plans. I told him that I was willing to wait with him for as long as it was required. He suggested that I could leave the following day. He said that the temple trust folks were sending his helper from Chennai to Shirdi and he would be able to manage with him around. That night, I did spend some time at Haji Abdul Baba’s kutir looking at the gopuram of the Shirdi Sai temple. It has a beautiful view of the top of the temple.

The following day, I went to see Babaji before leaving Shirdi. He was in a chatty mood. He was talking about the dharma of a sanyasi. He said it can be summed up in, “Kam bolna, Kam sona, Kam khana” (Less talk, Less sleep, Less food) and “Let all get water and food before me” (others before self). He said that there are four types of Gurus. One is like water. All animals – dogs, cats, pigs, etc. – drink water. All religions, all castes drink water. Gives to everyone as per their desire. One is like a flower who gives fragrance to everyone. One is like an alchemist who makes his disciple like himself. One is like fire who makes his disciples walk on fire – follow the orders without question.

He said that hundreds of thousands of Sai Baba’s children come from far and wide to meet Sai Baba. Sometimes, the security folks are very rude to them which makes him very sad. He would sometimes fight with them and make them apologize. He looked at the ring on my finger and suggested that whenever you wear a deity on the ring (or necklace), make sure they are not hanging upside down when the hand (or necklace) is hanging down. After our association, I was really finding it hard to say goodbye. As the time to depart came close, I prostrated at his feet, took his blessings and his permission to leave Shirdi. I left for Bangalore via Mumbai. On the way to Mumbai, grace ensured I found a sleeper bus and a nice isolated seat where I could be undisturbed. I reminisced over the amazing week that went by and deep gratitude flowed towards Mohanji for his immense, benevolent grace to allow me to be a part of it.

Hands always raised in blessing for humanity

[To be continued]


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