Grace through Faith & Surrender

Real life experience shared by Devotees


Dr. Harpreet Wasir, Preeti Duggal, Ekaterina Nestorovska and Reena Kumar share their experiences that show the presence of Mohanji’s protection and grace at every moment, regardless of His physical presence. If we have a strong connection to our beloved Guru, not only does He taken care of us but also those who are connected to us.

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Dr. Harpreet’s Experience Sharing:

We begin with Dr Harpreet’s recent experience of grace and protection.


“I had three difficult cases to operate upon. A heart valve replacement surgery followed by two heart bypass surgeries. The first two patients were from Iraq who had come to us because they could not afford surgery there. Before I start my surgery, I always dedicate it to Mohanji  and also leave the results to Him after I finish.

At a critical juncture when the heart was beating in my hand during the surgery, I got a call that my mother, who is aged 80 yet an active gynaecologist, had slipped and fallen. In the middle of the surgery, I somehow managed the decision to get her to the emergency department. With Mohanji’s grace, she reached the X-ray room of the emergency department around the same time as I was leaving the operating room.


When my mother was on the X-ray table, all the doctors who examined her were sure that they would find hip fractures or a spinal fracture. When I reached the emergency department, I realized that I was carrying Mohanji’s eye card in my chest pocket which was highly unusual. I realized that I badly needed His presence for my cases today and, hence, had kept it. I kept the eye card in my mother’s hand before her five X-rays were due. I told her to hold it and just remember Mohanji whom she has met only once.


I stood in utter breathlessness and in complete surrender to Mohanji. I just put my mother in His care. I was in a state of utter silence and thoughtlessness, simply connected to Him. Most astonishingly, despite the doctors being sure of a fracture, all the X-rays were normal and I was able to take her home for pain management.

On reflection, I realised that I carried His card not just for the patients who came to me for surgery, but most unexpectedly for my mother too. It feels like Mohanji, being a Guru, pre-emptively knew about this event. He gave me serious patients so that I would keep His card in my pocket so that it could be given later to my mother for her protection, thus ensuring all her X-rays were normal.


As a doctor, I work with people’s lives. But I always feel that it is He who does it through me. He pre-empted all events as He always does for those who have utmost faith and surrender. It is for all of us to know that Mohanji not only takes care of the present but also of the future. Our faith is always answered.”

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Jai Mohanji,

Dr. Harpreet Wasir, Delhi

Preeti Duggal’s Experience Sharing:


Preeti Duggal shares here how Mohanji’s grace was evident at a time of crisis, enabling Preeti to embark on a sacred pilgrimage as planned.  When we surrender, grace flows…

“I would like to share the rays of grace which Father always showers on us unconditionally. To attend the Bosnian pyramids pilgrimage, Preethi Gopalarathnam and I were flying from Mumbai to Frankfurt en route to Zagreb. When we reached the airport, the airline staff informed me that my ticket for the journey had not been booked. It was booked only for Preethi Gopalarathnam. The travel agent had forgotten to block the seat for me and, hence, the ticket was not booked.

It was a moment of panic for a few minutes, but as always Mohanji was our saviour. At the last moment, we had to buy a ticket which was luckily available though at twice the price. The flight from Frankfurt to Zagreb was full, but with His blessings, we found a seat in a flight a few hours later. Seated alone at Frankfurt airport, I realised how with very little difficulty, Mohanji had arranged my trip. At 2:30am in the night, He checked with me if everything was fine.  I have no words but only gratitude and love for Him. Thank you Father for always being there for me at times of crisis. I learnt a big lesson too. Never take things for granted.”


Madhusudan Rajagopalan, who was a witness to this incident, added his views on this incident as below:

“This incident happened between 12:45 to 1:15am for a flight scheduled to leave at 2:55am. Look at how grace worked – they were very coolly dealing with the situation (acceptance) and planning alternatives instantly (practicality). How amazing that the tickets were available at such short notice for both legs – onward and return. Mind you, their return was from Belgrade to Mumbai, so it was a multi-city itinerary, not a plain return ticket.

Due to all this drama, they were able to reach immigration only by 2.30am and amazingly, the flight was delayed! As Mohanji always says “Big problems are solved through minor hardships” and that’s what had happened here; eagerly laid plans were not disrupted and valuable lessons were learnt about extra diligence while planning a journey;  and of course ample demonstration of how He works silently to protect us. I don’t think we even fathom how lucky we are!”

fire of awareness

Jai Mohanji,

Preeti Duggal, Bangalore

Ekaterina Nestorovska‘s Experience Sharing:


Ekaterina Nestorovska states how she experienced  the protection of  Mohanji at a time when she felt vulnerable. As with many of us, this is just one of many such incidences in her life. Ekaterina’s connection and faith in Mohanji and His unconditional love and protection towards us all is shared beautifully here.

“At work today I was asked to stay late and it was dark by the time I had left. To get to the bus stop, one has to walk through a deserted road which has no lights, houses or people. It’s a well known unsafe area. As I was leaving, I felt an impulse to listen to a protection chant  sung by Mohanji and played it through my headphones. As I was hurrying to reach the bus stop, I noticed a man on the other side of the road who passed me by, walking in the opposite direction. He suddenly turned around and started following me. As it was so dark and lonely, anything could have happened and no one would have known. As he started whistling, I started repeating Mohanji’s name. I didn’t have any fear and had faith that I was protected. I, of course, had the urge to walk faster to get to the main road and to the bus stop. Once I got there, the danger was gone.

When I got home, I saw a huge dog lying at my front door. I felt as if it was a sign of protection. I went in quickly to get some food to feed it. Everything happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to think much. But it truly felt like I just have to be in the hands of Mohanji and flow with whatever comes. There is nothing else to do!

Jai Mohanji,

Ekaterina Nestorovska, Skopje, Macedonia

Reena Kumar’s Experience Sharing:


Reena Kumar narrates her experience of how Mohanji’s divine protection ensured that her son Ronit was able to sit for his exam and do well, despite a serious accident.

For me, Mohanji is sakshat bhagwaan (God incarnate). He is so compassionate and listens to his devotees. My son Ronit is very careless and casual as one tends to be during adolescence. During his tenth grade, he rarely studied. I used to be worried about his attitude. Before the exams, Ronit was able to meet Mohanji. Mohanji looked into his eyes and said “Don’t worry.” A few days later, Ronit met with an accident before his last exam. By Mohanji’s grace, his eyes and brain were fine. However, he had severe injuries to the hands, shoulders, legs and feet. Usually, no one waits for an accident victim in Gurgaon, but 18 people waited with Ronit and called us. His scooter was in a terrible condition. It couldn’t be moved but people helped me park it as my husband took Ronit to the hospital in his car. By Mohanji’s grace, I was offered water and someone dropped me home.

My son wasn’t able to study for his Maths exam as he had severe pain and went for the exam on a wheelchair. When the results were about to be declared, we were very stressed as Ronit had sat for the exam without any preparation. He got 70 marks in maths. That could be possible only with Mohanji’s grace. Mohanji had saved his year of work. Ronit told me, “Mohanji had said ‘Don’t worry’ before the accident. He was with me, Mumma.”

Mohanji’s grace was evident again on the day of the results helping Ronit with what he wanted to study further – science. In his school, admission into the science stream was impossible with Ronit’s result (71 percent). Because of Ronit’s casual attitude, the principal was reluctant to allow him to take science and said that it was impossible. My husband prayed to Mohanji and wrote to Him. Ronit and my husband waited for three hours and Mohanji’s reply came. He said “I am proud of Ronit.” At the same moment, the principal rang the bell and agreed to give admit Ronit into the science stream. She told him, “You are exceptional to get science at 71 percent.”

Such is the grace of our Master that we can neither understand nor express enough gratitude. He is infinitely kind, loving and caring. We must recognise His leelas (divine play) and follow His teachings. We should try on our part to be humble and good representatives of our Guruji. Wherever we go and whatever we do, Mohanji’s name should rise higher and higher and spread around the globe.

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Jai Mohanji.

Reena Kumar, Gurgaon.

The real life experience shared above, reiterates the following.

Faith can move mountains and create miracles. The divine grace and protection of Mohanji towards those who love Him is always evident. No matter what the situation or which part of the world we are in, when we ask for help, He’s always there to protect and guide us.

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The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Dimensions of Conscious Walking

On this auspicious day of International Yoga Day we celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Conscious Walking created by Mohanji. Today, three new methods are being added by Mohanji to the practice, to powerfully enhance, transform and elevate the practice of Conscious Walking. The techniques open up new dimensions into Conscious Walking and have huge benefits. We experienced that during our recent retreat at Berovo in Macedonia.


5J0A0186The first method is to be practiced only while walking consciously. While walking 3 to 4 people hold the hands while walking. This technique helps open up the heart chakra, multiplies the energy created by the Conscious Walking, and changes the energy pattern from vertical rotation to horizontal waves connecting heart centers. This method produces energy waves and increases Iccha Shakti or will power connected to our heart center.

While we do Conscious Walking we are stabilizing our energy inside our aura and within the auric boundary of our personal field. While holding hands and walking, it will become like a wave through the heart center of every practitioner. If there is lack of will power, inertia or depressive moods, with this method, all these states will reduce or completely dissolve based on its intensity. This is because the energy flows like a wave that cleanses the heart chakras.

5J0A0232Next stage is – if we lift our hands and up from the elbow and at the chest level – than it will create the effect of a pyramid and the energy will be one of action. Kriya Shakti or power of action will get enhanced.

Next two methods should be done only after a minimum of 30 minute Conscious Walking. They enhance the effects of the conscious walk and stabilizes the energy generated through the walking. The methods could be alternated.


After a 30 minute’s walk, after we stabilized our energy, we sit down on an insulated space – a chair or a mat, not on the ground. Spine should be erect. Eyes closed.

5J0A1907From the root of the spine (perineum) we slowly and internally chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA through the back of the spine, and reach the top of the head, center of crown chakra. From the top of the head and down the front side through the chest and down to the perineum we chant SHIVAYA NAMAH OM. This method is done for 15 minutes.

You will feel that your body is like a Shiva Linga. So, from the back part of the Shiva Linga it’s flowing all the way up and than it is coming down through the front of the Shiva Linga. Shiva Linga represents consciousness beyond limitations or dimensions. This method will stabilize and energize us.


5J0A1957After a minimum 30 minute’s walk, as we stabilized our energy, we sit down on a chair or a mat, not on the ground. Spine should be erect. Eyes closed.

We look down, and our head is down, shoulder erect, only the neck bent. Imagine the sun is rising. As the sun is rising, our head should also be rising all the way up slowly. And while the sun is rising, it should reflect on our face – that means, we should have a mild smile, and as the head is going up the smile should increase. When the head is all the way back as much as we could comfortably go, imagine the sun is at 12:00 noon. The eyes are up in Shambavi mudra, tongue is curled back inside the mouth in Khechari mudra. The face should be really bright with a smile. So, 12 noon should be our brightest smile.

From 12:00 noon the sun is setting, you are slowly bringing your head forward and down from the neck until the chin touches the chest, and slowly your face becomes normal again. The smile on our face should tell us how much of sun adorns the sky. We can still have a mild smile after sunset. This is one cycle. This cycle is repeated at least 18 times.

This method teaches us two things. One is that sun always rises, so there is nothing called permanent dark times. Dark times are part of the sunrise. Dark situation is absence of the sun, but it doesn’t mean that the sun doesn’t exist. So, you are making yourself aware that the sun is available, and you are experiencing the sunrise in your life. This method could be suitable to change our habitual negative thoughts and feelings into positive attitude. When we consciously think and connect to the sun, we experience tremendous positiveness and lack of inertia.

If any of the methods are not clear how to be practiced please write to or contact a local CW group in your area so that the CW moderator can explain the method in person.

3rd Anniversary of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2018 (International Yoga Day) we mark our third year of practicing Conscious Walking technique. Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation created by Brahmarishi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and yet has so many tangible benefits. In the words of many global participants, it calms the mind and increases focus, creates a strong protective layer around the body, inner peace, joy of oneness, increases awareness, cultivates mindfulness, and the benefits are endless.

Please relax, breathe deeply, take our hand and we will guide you shortly throughout the many experiences of the participants from around the globe. Conscious Walking indeed changes lives and touches us deeply. We are eternally grateful to the creator of this beneficial tool for spiritual elevation, Brahmarishi Mohanji.


“Conscious Walking for me is a beautiful technique which helps me calm my mind and move more focused through the day. When I do the Conscious Walking I feel like Mother Earth cherish every step of mine. Just after few minutes of Conscious Walking attention shifts to my spine, integrates and it takes me to deeper realization that everything in this Universe happens for a reason.”

– Dragana Tešanović from Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

12274313_1522744401381875_4628332664461493241_n“While doing CW I experience that I’m walking in an oval shape energy ball. I get lost completely  in that energy ball and sometime self withdrawal is hard from that energy.”

– Manisha from Toronto, Canada 

“Conscious Walk is way beyond the normal outward walk. Actually, it’s not a Walk for me but it’s a “Run” towards “Actual You.” CW has changed and is directing my life to internal journey. It’s not only that, but has also created a strong protective layer around me. Thank You MohanJi for giving us and The World, A Very Simple but Very Powerful way of Meditation.”

– Sanjay Acharya from Toronto, Canada 

CW (7)

“CW is walking toward our inner peace and connecting to ourselves in silence, with help of the element of air through breathing and the element of earth by walking. It is a journey to ourselves through slow walking.”

– Svetlana Milenkovic – Filipovic  from Vrsac, Serbia

For me, CW is the time which spend with my body…. feeling every parts of it…. Feeling pure joy of oneness with the nature… Joy of existence in the body and on our beautiful planet.”

– Maja Ozegovic from Vrsac, Serbia

11217516_1469170143405968_2930067410096562502_n“CW is a movement meditation where we merge ourselves with the nature and focus on our bodies in silence.”

– Hajnalka Pantovic from Vrsac, Serbia

“For me, CW is one of the fastest and most wonderful ways of achieving inner silence. At the same time, it connects me with myself and the whole creation… When I walk I feel that the whole Universe is within my consciousness… Space and time literally disappear… They merge into one eternal Now.”

– Suzana Vemic from Vrsac, Serbia

13221326_1619850491671265_528461184409498020_o“CW is a technique which helps us to dive into ourselves, to merge with ourselves and remember of our true nature over the time!”

– Felicija Zebeljan from Vrsac, Serbia

“CW takes me deep within into a meditative state from where I do not feel like coming out. It makes me feel protected with a shield of Divine Energy. I feel I am inside a Ball of Energy which is invincible from outside. It is so powerful that it takes me almost a full day to step out of the Energy Ball to do my daily chores.”

– Punam Kapoor from Canada 

“I feel meditative state – happiness during CW. When I walked  first time in the presences of Mohanji , After few minutes, I felt my  some energy is rotating through my body…felt so much happiness.. within 10 -15 minutes, I started walking in dancing motion.. 

 I  enjoy my moments of  Conscious Walk  with the inner-self. CW helps me to harmonize myself from the daily routine and stress.”

– Alpa Acharya from Toronto Canada

12748100_1573100229679625_8664186515604402874_o“This technique that Mohanji gave us is truly wonderful and so important. I don’t have words to thank him enough. Conscious walking helps me a lot to feel myself deeper. To be here and now, more then ever before. To wake up the spectator inside of me, and to accept myself.”

– Jasna Stojkovic Hadzic from Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“A powerful meditation which connects us with our higher self, helps us realize our potential and feel the happiness within.”

– Elena Dimitrovska from Skopje, Macedonia

“Through Conscious Walking I felt the meaning of being centered in the spine. It also helps me to stay calm and aware, irrespective of the external influences.”

– Mohana Guru Priya from Skopje, Macedonia

12485930_1544396082550040_1541125363487539973_o“During the last two or three times on Conscious Walking few thoughts came into my mind. Later I realized that those thoughts were actually answers to some important questions that i had, at that point of time. With Conscious Walking we consciously get closer to our self, to our soul, which is all knowing.”

– Boban Kitanovski from Skopje, Macedonia

“The technique Conscious Walking given by Mohanji is as an elixir for my life. It gives me energy, equanimity and freshness. I offer my gratitude to Mohanji.”

– Tanja Trajkovska from Skopje, Macedonia








“Conscious Walking is a technique that I practice regularly for 2 years, it helps me to be more presents, to connect to myself and to connect with the nature around me. I feel more energy, better concentration and deeper inner peace after every Conscious Walk. When I started practicing this technique i used to have a lot of pain in my spine and  bad body posture. After 2 years, the pain in my spine is completely gone, and my body posture is better. I recommend to everyone to try this technique. Thank you Mohanji.”

– Tamara Ljubenoska from Skopje, Macedonia


“Conscious Walking is my quickest way to connect to Mohanji’s consciousness. After the 30 minutes of being one with the universal knowledge and energy, I feel my consciousness gradually rising. I recommend it to all.”

– Stefan Acimovic from Skopje, Macedonia


28514479_2042158229440487_7801644372307633299_o“Inner silence is most precious
amount of love is copious
Walk with foot gentle like petal
while heart is full of love and mettle

Burning with the thirst for God
awareness makes our minds broad
expanding hearts with compassion
freedom within through such passion”

– Biljana Vozarević from Novi Sad, Serbia


“At first there were more sensations. Mind often chats, but I try not to listen to it. Sometimes I am overflowed by a feeling of happiness, sometimes of love. Sometimes I feel or think of Mohanji and tears start rolling accompanied by warmth. After this walking meditation a feeling of peace and silence stays in me for a long, long time. As if everything becomes brighter and lighter.”

– Predrag Dobrovic from Novi Sad



“At first I feel nothing, then I feel beautiful, then nothing and then beautiful and nothing.”

– Natalija Dobrovic from Novi Sad


“I will gladly describe the peace in my soul and all the things I feel when I walk consciously. 

I don’t know whether I use my heart or my soul to walk… I can hear the peace. I listen to the rhythm of my heart. I’m disconnected from the outside world. I feel myself and I’m important to myself. I feel I’m HERE and NOW. The feeling of happiness is immense… I’m full of love (which I want to give to the planet). The mind is calm, I’m relaxed…

In the end I feel this is some kind of new world, and I’m happy, full of energy. That’s when I feel I’m more stabile (physically, but in the first place spiritually).”

– Marko Božović from Loznica, Serbia


Dimensions of Conscious Walking: Methods for enhancing CW

Watch Mohanji talk about Conscious Walking: Part 1Part 2

Few videos from CW practitioners: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 ,

Read more about Conscious Walking: Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Testimonials from practitioners: Part 1

If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Rituals to Awareness

mohanjichronicles - Mahesh Bhalerao

By Mahesh Bhalerao, Canada

Mohanji: Energy of Thousand Suns

Many of those who are connected to Mohanji know of His tremendous energy that can feel like sahasra sooryaya (a thousand suns), and be difficult to handle. It is hard to put a frame around the energy of someone like Mohanji who is beyond frames. He transcends ordinary human nature and thinking levels. I was very fortunate to accompany Mohanji on his first visit to Brazil, which was immediately after the trip to Machu Picchu in Peru. On  April 10, 2018, we left for Sao Paulo at noon reaching there at 8pm. During the stay in Brazil with Mohanji, I had a number of remarkable experiences in the eight days that followed. Everyday, I was witnessing His leelas (divine acts), and the miracles taking place in front of everyone, a few of which I would like to share below.

Awareness of Mohanji’s Omnipresence

I must say that this time around, I felt much more connected to Mohanji, feeling His presence even when He was not around. Early one morning as I was doing my daily sadhana (spiritual practice), I felt as if the portion of the house where Mohanji was sleeping was not attached to the building. Then I got the feeling that Mohanji had left the room and gone somewhere very far in space. I went into a state of panic, but started reciting the Mohanji Gayatri mantra, praying to Him to come back and not leave us. After an hour of prayer, I felt His presence in the room. Mohanji had returned to His room! I was experiencing this vision during sadhana (spiritual practice) and not seeing with my physical eyes.

Mohanji’s Omni Presence

Later during breakfast that morning, I told him of my experience during sadhana (spiritual practice). He confirmed that he had indeed been busy travelling astrally. Though I had heard about His astral travel before, this was the first time I had the personal experience that He was not in the body and felt His presence when He came back.

Mohanji is omnipresent, this awareness was now clear to me.

He is always listening: Everyday Mohanji, George and I would sit together for lunch. It is usual practice for me to offer my food to Mohanji (not physically, but through prayers) before I start eating.  When I would pray mentally in this way, Mohanji would pick up something to eat from my plate and would say, “Ok, start, I have received it”.

I never realised the true meaning of this until one day as I offered my prayers and was about to start eating my meal, he said to me, “I did not receive your food; your mind was somewhere else”.  I was taken aback when I heard that because it was true that I had been distracted because my mind was partially occupied with something else. Respectfully, I asked him to repeat what he said, and he asked me, “Who do you offer food to, before you start eating?” I replied, “I offer my food to you, Father, as always”. Then I realised that I had never told him before that I always offer the food to him. That day I had not done my prayers with full attention, and so the food had not reached him. My guru bhai (brother) George who was sitting next to me, asked Mohanji, “Did you receive my food?” and Mohanji immediately replied, “Yes, I did”.

George – My Guru Brother

I was not sad at that moment, because I was experiencing the moment of truth. Here was my Lord, my Bhagwan (God) in front of me, my saakshat Vishnu svaroop (the true incarnation of Lord Vishnu) telling me that although He had not received it, it was fine and gave me the slice of mango that He had in His hand. At that moment, I could sense that my ears had gone red hot as soon as I ate that mango. I couldn’t talk much, I was feeling ashamed. Overall, it was a clear indication that

Mohanji listens to you and He is always with you. 

Awareness of Supreme Consciousness in Mohanji

On our second day in Brazil, we decided to travel to Rio de Janeiro to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer. This 38m tall statue of Jesus, that stands atop Mount Corcovado, was built to counter the increasing acts of “Godlessness”. In this statue, Jesus is standing with his arms wide open as if he is ready to give everyone a big hug. To reach the statue, one has to take a cable train ride up the mountain which is a beautiful experience.

Statue the Redeemer
The Redeemer – Standing tall to remove “Godlessness” and ready to hug everyone

The initial plan was to go by car from Sao Paulo to Rio and back. However, since this involved long travel time, we decided to take a flight. We booked the plane tickets and left for the airport. However, due to heavy traffic on the way to the airport, we missed our flight. However, this gave me an opportunity for rectifying the mistake I had done while booking the tickets. I felt as if Mohanji was just saving me from more frustration due to the mistakes in ticket booking.

Not only this, I realised later that how divine beings and Gurumandala comes down to help in every act that involves Mohanji. This happens in a much subtle way, unrecognised for general public, but who is closely connected to Mohanji will be able to recognise this.

We were guided to a post office from where we could get the ticket that could take us right up to the top-level, near the statue. This post office was not in a visible place, but we had divine help with us! Though I couldn’t recognise at that point, a blessed soul (may be one of the Nath Gurus who came in disguise), took us right to the correct spot from where we can buy the ticket. Of course it was Mohanji in the first place who had guided me to approach this gentleman, amongst the big crowd in the airport. Looking back, I now realise, it was all the leela (divine Act) of Gurumandala. This gentleman himself was a visitor there who came for some official meeting and was not conversant of the local area. But he guided, lead the way right up to the ticket point, spending his precious time trying to help! Re-visualising the scene once again, where this gentleman and I were walking ahead and Mohanji slightly behind, it was as if the body guards marching ahead, clearing the way for the Master!

This was not just a lesson in humility that I learnt from Mohanji, watching him  how he was addressing people in the most humble and respectful way while  requesting information, but also I recognised (though bit later) that how Gurumandala came down to facilitate every thing.

This is just another evidence of the true stature of my Guru – Parabrahma!

I learnt a lesson: it is not merely about listening to or reading Mohanji’s teachings but also living them and recognising the subtlety.

Though this was something I knew, I had never experienced it.

When it was time to board the cable train, the girl at the counter informed us that we would reach the top around 5 PM and that it may get dark. She showed us the scene up hill on her television at the train boarding station. The whole area and the statue was fully covered in clouds. One could not see anything. Further, there was a possibility of rain which meant the possibility that the clouds may not only continue to completely obscure our view of the statue. Hearing this, both George and I turned to Mohanji. He said, “No, we will go”. He joked “We have a pact with the weather”. We knew he meant it. Without any hesitation, we got on the train. When we reached the top, it was almost 5 PM just as the girl had informed us. As expected, we saw that the statue was completely covered by clouds. Even though we were taking pictures, Christ’s statue was fully covered with clouds and we had to stop.

Communion with Nature – with compassion

At that point, Mohanji simply turned around, looked at the statue and waved his hand in the air as if to clear the clouds. It was a direct message to the clouds: “Please clear off!” As if on cue, the clouds started moving away from the statue and everyone nearby was overjoyed to see the sunshine. I stood there stunned; looking at Mohanji for whom playing with Nature was part of his leelas (divine acts).  He was talking to the clouds and they were moving around as per His instruction! It was a well-orchestrated play and the Christ in front of us (Mohanji) was conducting that play.

Assurance – Clouds have moved away


Mohanji wanted George to take a good picture of the view of the islands down below. He called us to that side of the hill. Once again, clouds were obscuring a clear view. Mohanji said “Just wait. It will clear now”. Suddenly, all clouds were swiftly moved to one side and the whole vision of the island and its surroundings became crystal clear. As soon as we finished taking pictures, clouds covered the view once again.
We further walked to the other corner of the hill to take in a different vista. I could see that the clouds were scurrying out of our way again – as if the clouds did not want to block the view of our Christ (Mohanji). While other people had their attention on the statue of Christ and were busy taking pictures, George and I were absorbed instead in the living Christ (Mohanji) in front of us and his leelas (divine act). Mohanji, whom I consider as Christ himself, was standing next to us, demonstrating through His leelas (divine acts) that nothing is impossible for us if we have full faith. He himself will fulfill the smallest wish of a bhakta (devotee) who has unshakeable faith.

CLear SKy
A clear view with clear sky!


As we started walking downhill, rain started. Everything was picture perfect.
Mohanji often speaks of – “connection, conviction and consistency” and if we can keep them growing, His presence within us will be maximized. While gazing at the statue, Mohanji remarked that it is a reminder of the path that leads from “Rituals to Awareness”. Mohanji is always with us all the time and we should always recognise, surrender and feel gratitude.

“You and I are One”

||Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji||
Surrendering at your Lotus feet,

Mahesh Bhalerao, Canada

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Walking With Mohanji

By Lata Ganesh, USA

Mohanji 8

Following Mohanji on this Pathless Path of our Tradition, we are blessed with quite a few experiences from time to time:  some that we can perceive and some that we can’t, some experiences teach us valuable lessons while other ones transform us, and then there are yet other experiences that can only be described as mind-boggling!

I share below a few subtle experiences from the last category.  I perhaps lacked clarity at the time of occurrence to interpret them, but eventually I did connect the dots. While I had been completely alert at the time of having these experiences and for sure knew them to be real, I was still a little hesitant about sharing them, a part of me wondering if they had come from imagination, or whether they were hallucinations.

It was only after a recent experience, a long and most intense one that happened during the course of an Awakening Yoga Nidra (AYN) session, that I began to connect all the dots.

I shall start with a verse from Sri Guru Gita, the supreme scripture where Lord Mahadeva himself imparts the knowledge of the Guru Principle to Devi Parvati:

yenedaM darshitaM tattvaM, chitta chaityaadikaM tathaa; Jaagrat svapna suShupt yaadi, tasmai shri Gurave namaH

He enables the mind to perceive this world, although we cannot know Him with the mind; The witness of all three states of mind – Waking, Dreaming and Deepest Sleep, I prostrate at the auspicious feet of the Guru, the remover of ignorance.

Back in 2014 during Mohanji’s visit to Virginia, USA, we had arranged for a satsang at the local Shirdi Sai Baba temple.  At the end of the satsang, it was time for the evening aarati (ritual of offering light with reverence in front of an idol or murti).  The temple priest requested Mohanji to conduct it and as He started performing the arati before the idol of Shirdi Sai Baba, to the soulful singing of the aarati song by the gathered devotees, I fell into a deep trance.  In front of me, I no longer saw Mohanji’s physical body –  all I was seeing was a huge pillar of bright effulgence.  Mohanji and Sai Baba had merged together in a vertical beam of light.  I was ecstatic while witnessing this divine grace.


The same year there was also a retreat with Mohanji at Yogaville in Virginia.  There would be yoga sessions in the mornings, conducted by Devi Mohan and the chants during the session were being sung by Natesh.  Natesh was on his guitar singing a beautiful verse on Goddess Durga.  Mohanji was not physically present at the event hall, which was a few blocks away from where the retreat lodging was.  As I lay down deeply relaxed in shavasana pose after the yoga session, I saw a most powerful vision of Mohanji.  Though the form was physical, He was on a different plane, a thousand times brighter than the earth plane.  There was no one around him. He was walking gently, as if on clouds.  Though His physical form appeared the same as we see Him normally, the radiance was multi-fold.  This vision lasted for a few minutes.  The vision was so intense and so clear, that even by simply remembering it today, I can actually feel the experience right away.

Another unique experience that completely blew me away and still does, was one in Sedona in 2017.  Sedona is well-known as an area having several powerful energy vortices. Once again, I was attending a retreat there with Mohanji.  A guided meditation was to commence in the presence of Mohanji. Being one of the organizers of the retreat, I had to be seated in the front row a bit closer to Mohanji, to make myself available and alert in case anything was needed during the session.  But as the session began, instead of sitting alert I somehow slipped into deep meditation.  I don’t know for how long I was immersed in the peace and silence, but suddenly I felt myself going deeper and deeper, as though I were falling from high above, or one could say sinking slowly deep into the earth, all so gently that there was no fear.

Suddenly I was seeing Mohanji flying and he was pulling me up and making me fly beside him.  I was out of that dark room, flying in the open in beautiful sunny Sedona surrounded by red rocks.  Mohanji took me on a tour of the city.  Those familiar with Harry Potter books will know what a Quidditch game is.  This experience was exactly like flying mounted on a broomstick, except there was no broomstick!  Mohanji was turning back and looking at me with a twinkle in his eye. It was a most exhilarating and fun-filled ride.  Is this how astral travel is done?  I have no idea, but I can say for sure that Mohanji took me along on some kind of travel, flying beside Him. I could see the red rocks of Sedona, there were some caves, and then finally we came to a place where there were tall buildings. After some time, I came back to awareness of my body and surrounding.

I was completely shaken.  I opened my eyes to realize that the audio recording was still playing!  Mohanji’s eyes were open and He was looking straight into my eyes! He indicated to me to come closer as He wanted to say something. The audio track needed to be changed during the meditation process.  He said, “You were supposed to be alert and not fall into meditation.  You had a job to do!”  What could I say in reply?  I was still reeling from the experience and somehow stumbled back to the table where the audio system was, and barely managed to find the next track to play.  I have no clue what this experience was about, but know for sure that it was REAL.  There was no mind play here, nor was I hallucinating.  This was genuine and I am grateful to Mohanji for having nudged my skeptic mind towards the realm of spiritual possibilities.

Mohanji 4

Saturday, March 3, 2018 –   Awakening Yoga Nidra session with Devi Mohan (Session was via Zoom with Devi from Serbia). This was the very first Awakening Yoga Nidra session being offered by Deviji to the Mohanji USA family.  I had in the past, been fortunate to be part of Devi’s yoga sessions that included brief Yoga Nidra at the end.  But I had never participated in a full-length Awakening Yoga Nidra session before. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Our Zoom session with Devi was scheduled for 11 am and hence I was fully rested and fresh.  As I had no preconceived ideas or expectations about the session, I was approaching it with a very open attitude. I feel compelled to say this, because of the experience I went through during the session.  I want to clarify that I was not asleep nor was I dreaming or imagining any of the visions that were to unfold.

As Devi was starting the session, I was very relaxed. In an attitude of complete surrender to Mohanji’s energy, I offered my prayers to Him and to the Guru Parampara, fully open to receive the divine blessings. During the entire hour and a half or more, I did not feel even the slightest interference from my mind.  There was not a single thought distracting me.  This was rather unusual for me, as even though I am normally able to experience brief periods of stillness of the mind, I can say for sure that until this experience, I had never experienced such an amazing state of non-interference of thoughts, for such an extended period of time.

As the session began, Devi began guiding us expertly through the process of bringing up various emotions, and going through these emotions and deeply embedded past experiences attached to those emotions. The session then moved to allow the participants to walk towards a holy hill.  When I followed this guidance, I continued to feel a total calmness and determination in walking out and venturing forth –  far, far away towards the hill.  It was an intense and beautiful feeling.  I approached the temple of all faiths – in my own vision it was an old deserted Shiva temple on the hill-top, and there was no one around. I was very much overwhelmed with emotion at this point and my eyes welled up with tears at the sight of Lord Mahadeva in the temple. Dissolving with love for the Lord, I offered my prayers in deep gratitude. I left the temple completely drained of emotion – but in a body that was half snake and half human (the upper part of the body was that of a snake or naga with raised hood, and the lower portion that of a young boy in a bright white dhoti and with human legs).  This form was brilliant and absolutely fearless, and there was an accompanying feeling of the deepest purity and firm resolve.

Mohanji 5

I continued walking in that form. I could feel the spine of my body to be very erect and warm, literally merged with the upper form of the snake, with the hood resting on my sahasrara. But there was absolutely no feeling of fear, even with such physical closeness between the body and the hood of the naga. I kept walking with absolutely no emotion, but steadfast with determination.  After passing the Ganesha shrine and offering a prayer, Mohanji appeared.  Mohanji’s form looked brilliant, and was devoid of any emotion, calm and very focused. (This was the same intense form of which I had a vision, back in 2014 at Yogaville as mentioned earlier in this piece).  There was no greeting or conversation. He led the way ahead while my form walked a few steps behind Him in total surrender and no other feeling.  (For lack of better words, I am using the word “I”, being unsure who this being was?!)

I continued following Mohanji who walked swiftly towards a dark cave, then stopped. I was instructed to go inside.  As I walked forward and got inside the cave, I could actually, physically feel the movement of my form, of this half-naga young boy, as a slithering into the cave.  The cave was dark and in the center was a beautiful shiva linga – a sphatika linga, translucent blue and crystalline. It was self-luminous, illuminating the dark cave.  As I circled the holy linga, its pure and calming energy completely engulfed me. When I came out of the cave, I could see Mohanji waiting outside.  I continued to walk behind Him as He moved towards a dark forest.  Again, there was no fear or apprehension but just a detached steadfastness, and my spine was totally erect and vibrating during this time (this I could feel in my body lying down on the mat as my spine felt rigid and very hot. I could not really sense the frame of my body, it was as though it was expanded).

I was then guided by Devi to enter the forest while Mohanji stayed behind.  Even though the forest was totally dark from the very dense vegetation, I had still no sense of apprehension. I walked bravely through till Devi guided us to a ditch in the middle.  We were to look inside the ditch and bring out the entities.  I did not see very many entities when asked to bring them up, and I recollect that there were about three which I embraced and then let go, and proceeded to walk out of the forest. But this time as I walked out to meet Mohanji again, the half-naga/half-boy form had turned into a pillar of bright light.  The light was much closer to Him as though merging, during the walk. Mohanji’s form was even brighter than before.

Hovering “I” on Bosnian Pyramid with Mohanji 1, experience

Even though He had a human form, it was not the Mohanji we see physically.  He was a super-energized form, very intense.  As I walked behind Him in that light form, the form of Mohanji disappeared as we reached the abode of Mahavatar Babaji. I could hear Mahavatar Babaji’s gayatri mantra being played on the audio system.  I did not see Babaji’s form there.  Mohanji’s form merged into the form of Hayagriva, seated in meditation under the tree.  By then, I could not see any form of myself at all. But I could feel that I was present there. I chanted the Hayagriva mantra loudly and clearly and prostrated to the Lord.


Aum jnanaananda-mayam devam, Nirmalasphatika-kritam; Aadharam sarvavidyaanaam Hayagrivam upaasmahey

As soon as I prostrated in the vision, I saw the form of Lord Hayagriva change into that of Mahavatar Babaji.  Babaji’s Gayatri, with the words

Mahavatara Vidmahe, Satguru devaya Dhimahi, Tanno BABAJI prachodayaat

continued to play on the audio system during the Awakening Yoga Nidra session, but I was hearing instead loud and clear, the words Tanno MOHANJI Prachodayaat.

I felt myself in a trance.  Mohanji’s form was merged with Babaji and the words of a new Gayatri mantra were revealed.  I remember the words as the following:

Om Parabrahmaaya Vidmahe, Mahaa-avataaraya Dheemahee, Tanno MOHANJI Prachodayaat


In the subtle realm of Gyanganj, Mohanji had merged into the form of Mahavatar Babaji, and I was among a group of followers chanting the above Gayatri.  There was the radiance of brilliant light everywhere. It was a very overwhelming moment. After this, Devi guided us to visualize a unicorn. However, I was simply unable to bring a unicorn into my visualization.  What I saw in front of me instead was a huge peacock with a shining vel (lance) hanging by its side, the beautiful and brilliant vahana (vehicle) of Karthikeya, son of Shiva.  The peacock then carried me out of that space and around the mountains to the lake.


Now at this point, a very strange thing began to happen.  For the rest of the session, all my visions were occurring before Devi’s guidance came. It was like I was visualizing, and Devi was doing a running commentary of it.  It was as though she was witnessing what was happening.  Surreal!  One of the visions of the Divine Mother Parvati overflowing with love and compassion, was very profound. As the session ended, the intensity and magnitude of what I had just had gone through, made me fall totally silent within. I was just awestruck by the experience.


Kartik_Ganesh_with Maa

I am deeply in gratitude to Mohanji for all that He has given me, and for carrying me along with Him and opening my vision to get a glimpse of me within. Mohanji had told me the first time I met him, that we are deeply connected.  I am not sure I clearly understand the meaning of that connection.  I have never asked him directly about it.  I have been very patient in my spiritual journey.  My receptivity has certainly intensified over the time and I have also deepened my sadhana.  This along with the supreme grace and compassion from Mohanji has allowed me to experience this intense and beautiful connection.  I am so thankful to our dear Devi whose deep devotion to the Tradition makes her a true and dedicated instrument to pour the light of grace on us.

Mohanji 7

As I recall this extraordinary vision revealed during the Awakening Yoga Nidra experience, I recognize my own ancestral connection with the deity Naga Subramanya, a form of Lord Karthikeya also known as Muruga, who is worshipped as the Lord of the Nagas. It was my forefathers who had built the temple for Naga Subramanya that still stands today in the village of Lakshmi Narayana Puram in Palakkad, Kerala, in South India. My ancestors had also been worshipping the “Vel”, symbol of Lord Muruga for generations.

Lord Muruga is the son of Mahadeva (Shiva) and Parvathi Devi.  Mahavatar Babaji is known to be an avatar of Lord Muruga.  Mohanji, during a satsang in Sedona, revealed his connection with Sage Bhoganathar, the Guru of Mahavatar Babaji. This vision only clarifies and confirms the connection with Mohanji, Naga Loka, Babaji and our Golden Tradition, and the grand collaboration.

It is only after seeing this vision that I went in search of a picture of our Kula Devatha (ancestral deity), Naga Subramanya, which I share above.  There is the Vel and the Peacock and the Naga’s hood and the form of Subramanya as a little boy.  Believe me, I had never ever seen this picture before and I feel that it is the Awakening Yoga Nidra event that has led me it. Please read Mohanji’s earlier blogs on Naga Loka and his visit to Palani and Sage Bhoganathar’s samadhi.

I end this blog with deep love and respect for my Guru, Brahmarishi Mohanji.  It has been a very interesting, intense and enlightening journey and I am sure that it will continue to be so, as the mystery and meaning of spiritual connections keeps unfolding little by little.  But all I wish for now, is to just remain at His Golden Feet.

Mohanji_at Golden feet

ajnaana-timiraandhasya / jnanaanjana-shalaakaya chaksur-unmilitam yena / tasmai shri-gurave namaha

Salutations to that Guru who applies the collyrium of knowledge with a sharp needle to open the eyes blinded due to ignorance (lack of spiritual knowledge).



Lata Ganesh, USA.

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Birth of True Self

By Milica Bulatovic, South Africa

Beingness is Unity


We are one consciousness. I am never away from you. There is no existence in separation. Beingness is unity. We are one and never separate. – Mohanji

I am Milica Bulatovic from South Africa.

I would like to share my recent experience that led me to complete peace through faith in my Guru Brahmarishi Mohanji and acceptance of life’s circumstance that most people would call difficult or even extreme.

It all started with the birth of my second daughter, Sofia Sage, on 19th January,​ 2018. In Serbia, this day is called Bogojavljenje meaning the day God appeared. My first realisation was that I couldn’t label her as mine. I would look at other mothers in the room in the ICU and couldn’t understand why we call children ours. She belonged to everyone equally as she belonged to me. She had an incredible energy of peace and serenity in the first few days until the pain took over. She had a very powerful energy too that I only realized after she left her physical body.


Doctors had diagnosed her with a rare congenital heart disease which was inoperable. Through the Grace of Mohanji, I gathered the courage to accept this and live each day in full faith. The doctors could not understand my decision to continue with the pregnancy, when they had informed me in the 5th month of pregnancy. They had advised immediate termination!  In my heart, I could never even think of termination. How can it be my choice? From day one, we didn’t receive a warm or helpful assistance from the doctors and this carried on till the last day of Sofia’s short life. But to live with integrity is the only way, no matter what others may say. They only see from their level of understanding.

I always believed that everything in life happens for a reason and so did the birth of this incredible soul that graced us with her presence for just a short time. I still gave it my all, did all the research as well as consulted the best specialists in the country to offer the best service to Sofia. After everyone confirmed the same prognosis, I settled into acceptance and looked after her the best I could do with the awareness that I had.
There were many challenging moments and a week would seem like a year but I flowed from one situation to the next without getting or experiencing thoughts of hardship. My mantra was to stay natural and be myself at all times no matter what others may say.

If I needed to cry, I did. It would be just for a few minutes and I would feel lighter as I wouldn’t lose myself in emotions. The understanding of what is really happening would come and I would learn more about myself in this way. I didn’t realize that by choosing this mantra, I chose to fully accept myself which led me to more powerful experiences. My heart was opening and embracing all situations instead of closing down with fear. I learnt this is where true strength lies, in acceptance and love.


The true strength lies in Acceptance & Love

Every day more acceptance would come in and what seemed unbearable two weeks ago was accepted with complete peace. I decided to face things head on and fear just dropped away. No residue of any previous times would be there to make me heavy and to accumulate as I dealt with all as it came and started a new day each day.
Only now I realize that by not allowing emotions in, I lived in the present fully which allowed me to be more stable to assist Sofia in the best possible way I could. In the present moment, there are no fears and anxieties. Often deep truths would just come through me and I would share them with all around me as the truths were transforming. I could recognise how Mohanji was making me aware!

This has increased the gratitude in my heart and the humility for this existence. People were telling me that I am going through so much but I could immediately think of many other situations happening somewhere else that were much worse. I simply didn’t feel any pain. I started to understand that when something triggers painful emotions this only means that we have those unresolved emotions from the past within us. Something that also made a huge difference was the understanding I had that Sofia’s soul chose this experience and it was mainly for our growth and learning.

We spent many weeks in hospital and those were the most trying days. We had to share a room with many other people and other children in pain crying sometimes for even 24 hours. Sofia was incredible. She allowed it all to happen even though every movement of her body was so uncomfortable. She would cry a lot but she still chose to stay with us. I remember every time we had one or two good days, a glimpse of hope would come to me that she is doing better. She would get worse very soon to keep me from getting off the road of acceptance and telling me that she is not staying.

A glimpse of Hope at times

I often wondered what was keeping her alive as her heart could hardly pump and her breathing was so difficult. I felt that there was so much more to all this than eyes could see. What powered Sofia’s heart cannot be explained by science but it was her soul’s purpose and unconditional love. We forget that we are part of the universal energy that cannot be depleted and has no beginning or end. We have the ability to connect to it but we choose to live emotional dramas. When I felt physically tired, I would remind myself of this and connect more deeply.

Whenever I was at a breaking point physically, help arrived and we just carried on until one day a palliative care doctor came and told me that we could take Sofia home even if she was on oxygen, fed through the nasal gastric tube and on morphine. At first, I was really surprised because it had never occurred to me and she warned me that she may also leave us at any moment and we had to be prepared for that. At first that really scared me and my husband but I really wanted us to go home and be in a peaceful environment as it was becoming unbearable in the hospital. I went with the flow of events and I felt that was exactly what we needed.

As we arrived home, the fear of her passing away in my arms alone at home disappeared as acceptance of all settled back in. I have to mention that my darling friend Barbara came and stayed with us for few months as Sofia was born. Barbara was a true angel and a huge support. She was there every time I needed help and I didn’t have to ask. Another angel sent by the Tradition to assist selflessly. At home, I learned everything from taking care of all of Sofia’s needs (as nurses were helping before) to settling into my own being and fully accepting it all. I started living in the moment and allowed myself to be completely natural. I noticed how each situation shaped me into a more accepting and patient being. There were no feelings of hardship or unfairness.

I was becoming more aware of myself and most situations were great learning curves. It felt like life was testing me if I could really live all the spiritual lessons I had learnt. There was no thinking. I was just flowing and a lot of situations were extreme. There was no room for questioning anything. Over the weeks, I noticed that my mind had settled down and I was in total peace when I closed my eyes. All that transpired would never upset me. I simply accepted it all. No room for regrets and doubts. She will be with us for a short time and I couldn’t allow regrets later. I chose to be conscious all the time.

I realized how physical reality when lived from the conditioned mind is unreal. I would look around and clearly see how people reacted from past unresolved emotions. That further showed me the way and encouraged me not to go that way and be aware even more. What became obvious to me was that what is real is not visible to our eyes and cannot be perceived with our mind. Only after opening yourself up to higher realms do you feel glimpses of what is real. All this awareness was getting delivered to me telepathically by Mohanji. This happens when you let go of all conditioning and have full faith in your heart.

This was only possible because of constant loving guidance, blessings and the safety net provided by Mohanji for many years. Guidance would come from His quotes, blogs and even telepathically. I realized long ago that we need to first feel safe before we can start to let go. And now looking back at years of letting go, I realized that it was all letting go of unreal and fictional patterns created by our minds. As my mind settled down, I noticed that even though thoughts would come out of nowhere and emotions would arise instantly, I would stop them from taking me away from the path of awareness. I remembered very well how life is when you allow emotions to rule you and I didn’t want to go down that road again.

This is how I stayed in peace most of the time. Just observed everything and higher awareness would just come, guide me and teach me. When we are based firmly in truth, nothing can unbalance us. Looking back, it is very obvious now how every event in life happens for a reason. We can choose to be emotional about it or accept and learn from it. When we learn from it, we honor life. We realise that life is a gift when used for higher purpose. Then no pain will ever affect you. This is what Sofia showed us. We are given life, but we don’t own it. This body is on lease from God, choose wisely and consciously what to do with it. Life is truly a gift.

Our biggest gift is to love unconditionally. It is then that we reflect God in our life. Every Saturday is a day of seva (unconditional selfless service)  in my family. We take part in the ACT Foundation Food Seva to 200-300 children from impoverished backgrounds. We take part in the preparations that hapen on Fridays and serving of food  to the children on Saturday. I would make sure Sofia had the best care that day to allow me to continue in my seva activites. One Saturday, I was driving back from Seva and saw a tiny tree bent to the ground. I gasped as in a split second I understood the truth about being empty so God could fill you in. I had been observing trees for a few years now.

I feel trees and plants are connected to higher consciousness. You can cut them, shout at them, they can be in bad weather, you can kick them, give them water or not, yet they never complain. They stand majestically still in full acceptance. It was a split second that I felt this truth deep within myself. My mouth literally opened wide in recognizing this truth and felt it so deep within. Resistance comes from the mind when we energize it and allow it to take us into its control. It led me to understand that the life we experience on a physical level is an illusion if we allow mind to perceive reality. Once mind is more peaceful, all guidance and clarity come when they need to. By fully accepting my situation and honoring Sofia’s choice, I would never pray or ask Mohanji to save her. However, in return, I received complete peace of mind and emptiness.

I don’t even have a need to know more. All that comes, comes for a purpose. I don’t need to accumulate information that isn’t necessary for existence as a being. The flow of life will bring to us what is needed at every moment in time. It is best to trust that and allow awareness to fill in the gaps that no mind state allows. Knowing nothing (being empty from conditioning) is like homecoming. Coming back to your true nature. Pain becomes pain once mind tells you it is painful. Next time catch this moment and don’t allow mind to lead. Just experience life as it happens. I noticed this one morning when sitting in the Sun. Until my mind told me that the sun was too strong, I didn’t have a sensation of heat on the skin.

I just observed everything completely neutrally, no reference points just watching and responding to all of Sofia’s needs and the other drama that was happening with people around me. At a certain point, I had to have the help of a nurse at home as feeding became challenging and there was so much more. Simply, it was possible for one person to look after her any more. To find the right person took a long time. As I would finish training one nurse, something would happen and they would leave for many different reasons. It was becoming very tiring and didn’t feel like we received help at all.

Until one day, in the last week of Sofia’s life, an incredible person came into our lives. Gladys was just perfect. Gladys knew when to leave us alone for privacy and when to take over. She would know when to speak and when to be silent. So non-intrusive like most were.  She learned fast all that needed to be done and I felt like she was an extension of me. As in many such moments, I realized  how we should never really  worry even for a second. Again, the flow of life brought the right person when it was absolutely necessary and when certain karma was resolved.

Lately, I almost felt like threads of karma that had been very entangled for a long time were being untangled. I was starting to see the light penetrate through. All seemed clearer and lighter. Awareness would simply come in all situations of why certain things happened the way they did without me ever asking. Life becomes easier to accept no matter what happens. There is a point in life with Master’s Grace when inner guru is discovered and heard. When the flow of life and the inner guru meet, life takes on a new meaning. You start seeing life in many different aspects and with deeper understanding without being caught in those moments. The Master shines His love and light so bright that we just need to open our eyes and see the truth. Thats exactly what Mohanji was doing. We just needed to be receptive and open.

When we express our true nature to the world, there are no roles to play. I didn’t identify with the role of a mother to Sofia. I didn’t get lost in that identification. I was just neutral, giving her all the love possible and not getting caught in emotions. To be honest at certain still moments while I was holding her, it felt like she knew everything. She was aware of so much more. In those quiet moments, it felt like an exchange of energy and awareness. When she looked at you she looked through you. I always sensed she can see it all. Her look was like looking at eternity. No beginning, no end.

Two days before she left her body, I was gifted a very special afternoon. It was a public holiday and it was very peaceful at home. A very pleasant and sunny day. Sofia needed me to hold her that day. She was becoming very uncomfortable so I held her in my arms while she was sleeping and we sat in the garden the whole afternoon. Energy was incredible. I felt pure Grace surround us. As my elder daughter Sara joined us, she felt it instantly too. It felt like hundreds of angels were sitting with us. Sara shared that there was the presence of Masters. I felt truly grateful for that day and it still feels like a dream. It was interesting that my sister dreamt that night that we were all sitting at my home surrounded by Masters! The next morning, she shared her dream with me.


Pure Grace Around


That night Sofia got very unwell and the next day was hardest for all. She clearly was in huge discomfort and could barely breathe. It seemed like, the previous day gave me all that I needed to be completely calm and give her all my pure love and care. For some people who were with us that day, it was unbearable. But when I allowed myself to flow, an invisible force, Mohanji’s Grace took over. I realized that once you let go of concepts, you simply flow. If mind is still, there is no reference point, then every moment is like new.  No heaviness stays with you.

So I didn’t recognize the situation as hard or difficult and I could respond better to her needs. Mohanji had explained to me that she was an elevated soul and that this happens very rarely that such a soul comes as a blood relation. I felt blessed. She decides when she will go and she knows what is best. The last day came and I was alone with Sofia as she was in coma since the night before, so there was no need for any help. I did all my chanting, performed Sai Baba aarti (which started playing on its own) and Mohanji aarti and sat in complete peace with her.

It was 29th of April. She left at the exact moment the moon was ascending on Buddha Poornima – the day when Ganeshananda Giri left his body two years ago. This was also Avadhoota Nadananda’s birthday. What an auspicious day! She attained the highest and chose the exact time for “rocket speed dissolution”, as Mohanji wrote to me. At the moment of her passing, Sofia and I merged forever in love without a trace of pain or sadness. When we love unconditionally, there is no room for pain or any emotion.
That morning, there was a magnificent pink sunrise. Pink was never my color of choice but lately I often see it. Even the sunset was pink for few days after. So I checked meaning of this color and found out that pink is the color of the universal love of oneness!

Every moment is important as it is given to us to fulfill our purpose. Our breath is given to us. Two years ago, when I was attending a weekend program with Mohanji, he had asked all participants to share what they have learned during the progarm. I shared that there is nothing to do but just be.
Today I feel that there is no need to even be. Just merge.
There is nothing to express but You.
I find my home in You.
This came to me as, even the need to contemplate, stopped.

As Sofia took her last breath, I felt her become part of me or I became part of her. It was not a heavy moment. It was a moment of freedom. Her body was pain-free finally and I understood that she never suffered as she was fulfilling her purpose. When purpose is clear, nothing can stand in your way. Numerous miracles were experienced after her passing. I felt completion and subtlety that I didn’t feel before. Mohanji gave me the strength to face it all, and held me tight and cleared the way and did so much more than we could possibly ever know.

The next morning as I was offering food to the birds in Sofia’s name, I felt how Mohanji’s hand is feeding them. Instantly, I felt deep within how those beings benefit tremendously when we offer food in Mohanji’s name. A deep feeling of how serving Mother Earth is serving Mohanji, serving creation. I literally felt how Mohanji received the food as He is in everything and everyone. It led me to deeper understanding of what energy exchange happens during Act Foundation Seva. As I walked to the altar and prostrated first where Sofia slept, I had an urge to pour water over Shiva Lingam as the true meaning came to me. I never perform any ritual if I do not fully understand the meaning. I realized by offering water you offer water to the whole creation. By honoring Shiva Lingam, you honor your higher aspect, until the day comes when there is no separation.
As I finished pouring water on the Shiva Lingam, I noticed, a heart shape was formed in the bowl where water was, from remaining water.


Milica_Heart in Bowl Water
Heart shape formed in the water


Then I noticed that Shirdi Baba’s photo has moved from where I left it last night. It was the leela of Master telling me that I am always with you. We waited a very long time to get approval for cremation and had numerous issues with documents and doctors. Finally we received the date. The day before cremation, I took my malas out that I didn’t wear since the day Sofia had passed away. I noticed that my Kriya mala was much longer than it normally was.


Milica_Mala Miracle
Rudraksh Mala grown longer!


I was so amazed. I wrote to my dear friend Delo who had re-strung both the malas a few months back, just to share with her and check if she remembers if they were of the same length. She confirmed that she used the same amount of string for both and they were both of the same length. She then shared with me that the following day, when Sofia’s cremation is scheduled, was Shani Jayanthi – the birthday of Lord Shani, the ruler of Saturn. I immediately felt within that we are continuously being blessed and was left speechless but humbled and deeply grateful. Immediately I understood why we had to wait for the cremation day for so long. During the cremation as I went within and chanted,  I felt my heart opening so vast like never before and white light shot into infinity from my crown chakra.

The ability to love and expand our hearts is where we find our true nature. Our true rebirth is in our hearts. I was given by Mohanji, Sofia and Tradition what was best for completion of karma and my spiritual growth. It was all perfectly orchestrated for higher elevation and higher awareness of miracles of life. For long now, I have a feeling of amnesia, that there is so much to remember and nothing to learn. Now it feels that it is remembrance of my true being, that has begun.

None of the experiences and inner discoveries would have been possible without Mohanji.

From the depth of my being I wish love and light to all. May we all wake up to the truth with your guidance and love.

With surrender and deep gratitude to Mohanji,