By Stasa Misic, Serbia

Right at the beginning, I have to say that I have always had a wonderful life as far as material things are concerned, as well as the love of my beautiful family. I never really lacked anything, and I always had everything I needed and more. This only means that I had chosen perfect parents to whom I am grateful, for accepting me as their daughter. Since childhood, I have been tormented by questions on the meaning of life, that is to say, its meaninglessness. Does it really all come down to being born, studying, working, and dying? In one word: suffering! What’s it all for? I had a thousand and one questions to which my mother could not answer, so that in the end, she even bought me a book, ‘One Thousand Questions and Answers’, thinking that this will put her out of her misery. However, I found no answers to my questions in that book. I recall how even in preschool, I was pondering upon the question: “If I hadn’t been born and did not exist in this world, would I know that?”

My intensive search for answers began in the year 2000 when I fell into depression. That’s when for the first time, I experienced homeopathy, which without a doubt helped me the most. The cause of my sorrow was the course of my life which, upon finishing secondary school, was no longer going down the ‘normal’ path. Everyone around me was finishing their studies on time, getting a job, getting married, having children, while I was feeling completely stuck in the midst of it all. Absolutely nothing in my life went the way “it’s prescribed, and it should be”. Of course, that’s when I started reading many books on spirituality. One of the first ones was ‘Awakening’, which was bought once again by my lovely mother, who made the right choice this time.

After that came other books, TV programs, videos… followed by the workshops on psychological wellbeing and self-help. I tried all sorts of things and methods, which I practiced scrupulously, continuously, and for a long time to change my life in a material sense (and by that, I don’t mean just financially). But nothing was happening. While applying each of those methods, I’d always develop a big expectation. I wouldn’t have been doing them in the first place if I hadn’t been expecting some positive results, at least in some aspect of my life. But nothing was happening. Afterwards would always follow disappointment and sorrow. And then I’d lift myself up once again, giving it another try, which would always end up with the same negative outcome.

Then came May 2013, and my first meeting with Mohanji in a satsang in Novi Sad. I remember him answering the first question on free will, saying in his first sentence that free will is just a myth and that it exists only before we take this body. At that moment, I had a feeling as if I was relieved of an enormous burden, and I felt an incredible lightness! Since then, I started attending the meditations regularly, and the next year followed the first retreat as well.

Soon I discarded all the techniques I used to practice, which were only adding to my burden, and I simply started gradually accepting life circumstances. Thanks to Mohanji, I now realized that the only thing that I can change is the way in which I perceive my situations in life and nothing else! And even more important, I was paying less and less attention to what others think I should do with my life and whether they think my lifestyle is normal or not. Peace started settling within me. Of course, this peacefulness still gets disrupted, but the states of peace and bliss are becoming longer and longer. 

My life, as seen from the outside, was still the same! Nothing has changed! I still don’t have a ‘normal’ steady job, nor my family, husband, nor children. I have nothing that is considered ‘normal.’

However, deep inside, I have changed. I no longer have expectations, and for that reason, I also don’t have disappointments because of something that didn’t happen. I accept life situations more and more, and the urge for an impulsive reaction is less. I also started releasing myself from the guilt for not doing things differently. I stopped forcing myself to be something I’m not. And all those people who were making me feel guilty and who had plenty of ‘wise’ advice for me are gone from my life. I also started interfering less in other peoples’ lives with my advice, as I finally realized that everyone has their own path to follow and that it could be no other way, no matter how disastrous this path might look to us, the outsiders! 

Naturally, I am still far from that complete inner purity, and I still get upset, bothered and angry by others. But when it happens, I am aware of my anger, and I try to see the situation from a different perspective. For who am I to determine whether something is right or wrong and whether someone should behave differently?!

Apart from meditations, Conscious Walking, Kriya, and Yoga, I found incredible help in Mohanji’s blogs that I have been translating for a long time and my modest volunteering engagement for Mohanji Foundation. I am very grateful for this opportunity to do something that I immensely enjoy doing and which is at the same time beneficial to others as well.

Never in my life have I searched for a Guru, nor did I have any idea what is the purpose of having one. It all simply happened the way it did because it had been written so even before we came here, just like Mohanji said. I try as much as I can to go with the flow of life, resist less, and give my maximum in the given circumstances. And all those other desires that I used to have, I no longer long for. If they are meant to come true, at the right time, they will; and if not, it only means that they weren’t supposed to happen in the first place.

I’d like to express my infinite gratitude to Mohanji for finding me, as well as to all the people who led me to him and to all of those who helped me realize Mohanji’s immense spiritual power. Not everyone has the privilege to comprehend His immense spiritual stature and power. I don’t know if I would have, hadn’t I been surrounded by such wonderful people who helped me in it.

Finally, of course, I’d like to express my gratitude to my wonderful parents and the entire family who have been supporting me immensely in all this in every sense of the word.

Infinitely grateful!


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 17 & 18

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 17 Lesson – Intense expressions (which some see as scolding or anger)

Good morning, everybody. 

Today, I wanted to talk about the intense expressions of Mohanji, which some people might consider to be scolding, as people close to Mohanji will have known and would have felt. And this came to mind today, and I thought to share my learnings from this, as some people might confuse these moments with anger. Mohanji has said, and other people have said it, it can be difficult to be with the master because there is unpredictability there. 

In one discussion with Mohanji and others at the house, we spoke about other masters who have wilder methods with their disciples. Some of them scold, some abuse and some have even been known to beat their disciples. And, on the face of it, this can seem extreme or confuse people. 

But what I’ve learned from reading, even from before meeting Mohanji, is that masters are always purpose-bound. Their job is to elevate people, so it’s never anger as such or scolding that comes from them. And masters, especially those within the Dattatreya tradition, have no boundaries. So they use many methods to get the job done. 

For example, I don’t know if this master was from the Dattatreya tradition, but someone told me about a Master in the Himalayas who would actually throw rocks at people. And I think, so don’t quote me on this, that people would actually come to see him, and getting hit by one of these rocks was a blessing because it would take something away from them. 

Mohanji also spoke about Gorkhe Guruji, who is a very famous Master with a ferocious reputation. Some of his disciples are really high flying serious businessmen in India, like the owners of massive corporations. And he abuses them completely when they go to see him, calls them crooks, cheats, everything. And they still go. But in that, he’s taking something from them. And Mohanji met him as well. And to the surprise of his disciples, he was completely honoured by Gorkhe Guruji because they thought he would receive the same treatment of being abused. But he was even asked to sit on his chair, which is a huge honour. I’ll talk about that in another recording. 

But coming back to the point, when I hear stories like that, I’m thankful to be with Mohanji because he is incredibly kind, very patient, and caring. But there have definitely been times when I’ve been on the receiving end of a blast, as you can call it. It is incredibly uncomfortable, even gut-wrenching, very intense, and it’s like a visceral feeling that touches right to the core. It’s like recognition and nervousness in the stomach that something hasn’t been done quite well. 

But what I’ve learned from these situations is that there’s always a purpose. And it’s not anger; it’s not scolding; it’s actually an intense expression. It’s an intensity of expression. And these expressions remove blockages. It might be that some negativity has developed, and depending on the size of the blockage, the level of intensity of the expression will rise accordingly. For example, if you had to move a boulder, you’d be using much more force than if you had to pick up and move a stone. So, it’s completely situation dependent. And also, once it’s happened, once something’s gone like a blast, or once this intensive expression is finished, there’s nothing further, there’s no lingering, there’s no coming back to it – it’s been, it’s gone, it’s done. 

I’ve been with Mohanji now for quite a few months. And there’ve been a few times that I’ve experienced the range of this intense expression. And I know it’s always for a reason. And afterwards, I feel that something is transformed, something has been moved. And that’s a very big difference between someone being angry or someone scolding because that leaves a residue. 

I think when someone scolds or they’re angry, it generally doesn’t leave a good feeling for the person on the receiving end or for the person doing it. So, you can sort of bucket these into two categories. One is when expectations are denied, which creates anger, and this is actually a weakness. And anger is always a weakness because it contaminates the person who’s angry. It stays with us; it disturbs our inside world, our system and leaves a residue. And then, there could be regrets and guilt, which can even affect self-esteem. Then the other, milder, category is when a mother out of care and consideration for a child might scold the child. So she displays anger and has a good intention, but this also can leave an impression. 

I’ve observed and noticed that, when this situation comes, Mohanji’s reaction reflects my inner state. Depending on how I am, you can gauge the interaction; it’s almost like a good barometer. It’s a reflection back; it’s a mirror. So if I’m open, peaceful, and come with more awareness of the situation, then intensity is much less. Then it’s more of a conversation, a discussion of points for improvement or minor corrections. 

But if, for some reason, I come to him with a defence, negativity, or even with ego or pride, then that’s a different story. And especially ego and pride, they definitely take a hit. Because in this situation here, the ego doesn’t really have a place. You know, we’re practising selflessness, humility. And so, to be egoistic and have a lot of pride, I don’t think it would be possible. And this is part of the daily practice of living with humility. As Mohanji says, “Man minus ego is equal to God.” So that’s the journey. 

What I think and what I’ve learned is that these moments of intense expression are beneficial, actually, as a warning, as a guide, that I am maybe moving off track. And depending on how far you’re about to go off track or move in a certain direction, the intensity of that expression will rise to put you back on track. So, this intense expression is a guide, a help, and a prompt to come back to the right track and keep walking. 

Today’s lesson was about the intense expressions of Mohanji and other masters, who do that for a purpose and not out of anger. I hope you have a great day ahead, and speak to you very soon.

Day 18 Lesson – Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress. Act, learn from mistakes and grow. 

Good morning, everybody. 

Today, I share a lesson that continues on the general theme of ‘action first’ and moving activities forward. And it’s about making mistakes, learning and moving on. 

Mohanji had shared many stories about mistakes that he’s made, the misfortunes and the serious events that affected his life—for example, losing his daughter Ammu and being betrayed in business. Then, he was completely character assassinated, too. But still, he kept walking. And even now, he regularly shares that he is not afraid to make mistakes, nor does he believe that his directions, ideas, or vision are always the best. In fact, he encourages me and others to have better ideas. He says, “If you can take my vision and improve on it, I’m very happy.”

That’s what he wants. And that’s the way he’s set up all the platforms, each of them with their country heads and teams, because he would love for everybody to take steps to improve everything because then the platforms have benefited, which means the world has benefited. And this also means that the future generations, who will come and inherit the platforms, will also benefit. So, each team has their head, and they are completely autonomous; they have their own free will to shape the direction within the broad boundaries of the vision. That is a real privilege. 

So one lesson I’ve learned from Mohanji’s approach and how he works is to take action first, be bold, and do what you believe in as best as you can. If there’s a purity of intention behind it, then go for it. I had the tendency or the habit (probably due to the fears of making a mistake, being judged, and the fear of what other people might think) to make sure everything was fine and correct before taking action. So everything would have been perfected: the presentation had to be correct, everything well-considered, all options assessed, I’d look for advice or consultation from other people, etc. And in the end, not much would happen, only ideas and discussions. 

So with strong encouragement, this was one of my pushes to take steps, to put ideas into action. Because only then, as I’ve learned now, do you create an experience for your life. Only when I’ve actually done something: have I created an experience for my life. And it’s only from having that experience that you can actually learn something and grow. But if you don’t do anything, don’t take the opportunity, then there’s no possibility for that growth to happen. And that can bring stagnation, frustration, and it can lead to disillusionment, which happened to me sometimes here. 

I also learned that one of my biggest fears, the fear of making a mistake, was a fear of what other people might think. But, there’ll always be people who like an idea or something, and people who don’t, and then there’ll be some who probably won’t even care anyway. So that’s a fear that doesn’t really bring much worth. 

The lesson is that it’s better to try and allow mistakes to happen and then use them for improvement. However, it’s not about making mistakes purposely, knowing that you’re going to make a mistake. It’s just about having the awareness that you don’t have to be perfect. Perfection isn’t needed because it can be the enemy of progress.

The same goes for consulting people and getting advice because sometimes, the more opinions we take from people, the more confused we can become. And with such a big organization like this, this is the case because there are many people who you would ideally like to consult and consider, but considering the time it would take, it’s just not practical. 

So, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s better to move ahead and create something because it can be evolved, rather than spending too much time on discussions to reach a consensus. That isn’t practical, especially given the size and the breadth of this organization, which covers so many different countries and time zones. So, it’s better to generally have just a couple of people sanity check things with and then get moving. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that work is done at the disrespect of other people or in spite of others, and moving things forward requires careful handling. Because, on the flip side, I’m also learning that fast action can cause unexpected consequences and mistakes when you’re moving so quickly that you lose sight of people and things. So again, as long as an issue can be marked as a mistake and improved upon, it’s okay. 

This awareness, this learning that is moving into action and accepting mistakes will be happening, and improving them is bringing me more freedom. I can feel that. And when the purpose is higher, the fears lessen. And, most importantly, at the end of the day, it’s a life that’s been experienced. 

So, I can express, make mistakes, know that that’s fine, learn and keep growing. It’s like the freedom we had when we were growing up as children, falling down and getting back up again. 

That’s the message for today, sticking with that theme of acting now, acting today, and accepting that mistakes can happen and not letting perfection be an enemy of progress.


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An Eye Opening Mai-Tri Session

By Preeti Duggal

The world is reeling under the COVID pandemic. Millions are affected and many are dying. There is a huge scarcity of medicines, hospital beds, oxygen, and so on. There is chaos everywhere. The second wave has been like an explosion in India. 3 hundred thousand people are getting infected daily. The Maitri practitioners are also inundated with healing requests. Yesterday, I received a healing from a person from Delhi. A very well known figure in his profession who also works for our foundation. He had tested COVID positive and was worried about his wife and three children. He requested healing for his family. I immediately agreed.

To understand the degree of infection, we usually scan the aura of the person during the mai-tri session and look for patches that penetrate it. But what unfolded was truly an eye opener and amazing. In this session, I could see a white layer like a protection shield around the family that was saving them from the COVID effects. It looked strange because I had never seen it before. I prayed to Mohanji for clarity. I saw various animals (cows, dogs, cats, pigs, goats, and so on, encircling them and and giving them protection. These animals were absorbing all the effects of covid virus to keep the family safe. On further enquiry, it was disclosed that this family has an animal shelter on the outskirts of Delhi where they take care of abandoned, old and sick animals as their own family. Some are rescued from butchers. Some are disabled and diseased. All are well taken care of as family members. In fact, the wife knows each of them by name and the animals respond in kind to her loving attention.

It was revealed that these innocent and beautiful beings came forward to protect the family in return to what the family had done for them. This was overwhelming and I had tears rolling down my eyes. It was an eye opener. The infection level for this gentleman was very high but he has no symptoms except for low grade fever for thirty minutes three days ago. None of the other family members had any symptoms. Someone may ask why would they get infected in the first place if they were protected? Mohanji showed me that this person had fear of the pandemic which weakened his protection shield allowing the virus to enter the body easily. Now I realise why Mohanji stresses on connection to Mother Earth and its beings, and doing annadaan (food donation) for the hungry and needy.

Our misplaced ego of superiority has completely detached us from Mother Nature and our fellow beings. We torture and butcher animals for the paltry pleasure of a few mins. These innocent ones cannot even complain about the heinous torture that they have been suffering at the hands of humans for years. Animals, forests, oceans, mountains – none have been spared by humans. It’s time to wake up and look into the mirror. Nature has turned the tables on us. The fear and pain we gave and still continue to give, to the beings is coming back to us as COVID. The isolation, pain, suffering felt by these he[pless beings for years is now being felt by us for the first time. We are forcibly confined to our homes just as we confined poor helpless beings in zoos for our entertainment. The virus is almost like nature’s vengeance that has shaken the entire human world. Have you wondered why none of the other beings are affected?

Mohanji has said that we have to start walking backwards. Connect with nature and start to respect other fellow beings. Think of becoming vegan or at least vegetarian so that we eat with awareness and ensure that our food is not the cause for another being’s pain or suffering. Imagine babies being snatched away from their mothers and kept hungry so we can consume that milk and milk products. I feel that if we lose this chance, we will be left with nothing for ourselves and the coming generations.

I thank Mohanji from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful experience.

On this apt occasion of Earth day. let’s pledge to do at least one good thing for Mother Nature and its beings everyday.


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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Transformations through group meditations – Part 2

By Malaysia Meditation Group

Intense 41 days Spiritual Practise – The Power of Purity Meditation        

The idea to organise an intense global sadhana for 41 days was conceived in a dream of one of our Mohanji Acharyas. In the dream, Mohanji had informed her to organise the sadhana. It was complete with instructions on how to do it, to the extent of what is to be written. He said that when the Power of Purity Meditation is practised every day for 41 days in a group, a powerful golden grid is created around the Universe, which helps us flow into space to connect to the loving and healing energies instantly.

It took her a while to plan and also to find the resources to run this program. With the blessings of Mohanji, after communication with teams globally, the event was launched on 4 June 2020 and ended after 41 days on 14 July 2020.

Here is a part of the diary of the journey by the Malaysia group!

4 June – Day 1

The energy was very intense, even during the breathing exercise. I felt a tingling sensation in my head area, and it spread throughout my body. It was then that I saw Mohanji, who had come to grace the mediation with his presence.

During the meditation, my body felt so hot, as if it was on fire. I could feel the heat in my breath, and my eyes were burning. My head was aching so much. It felt like someone had stuck a dagger in my head, and I could hardly think. 

During the day, somehow, I was guided to take Shirdi Baba’s vibuthi. I mixed it with some water and drank it. But then my head still felt heavy, and I could not keep my eyes open. I thought I would just lie down but fell asleep for 3 hours. I woke up feeling very refreshed. I had not slept this well in such a long time.

5 June – Day 2

The day started with some technical issues. I was wondering why no one had come on board for the meditation with only five minutes to the start. “Was my facilitation that bad, that no one came back?” This was the thought that played in my mind, hahaha! A quick message to the group revealed that they were already in the waiting room, and they informed me that it showed I was in another meeting.

I just froze for a while, not knowing what to do, and I was guided to exit the meeting and restart again. Yay! All were still there in the waiting room. Although feeling a little flustered, I calmed down very quickly and just focused on what I had to do. The energy was again very intense. Midway through the meditation, I saw that many masters in golden light had graced us with their presence. I could not see who all of them were, but I had a glimpse of Lord Dattatreya and Avadhoota Nadananda! It was like the whole Guru Parampara had arrived. Shirdi Baba appeared in a dazzling, bright golden light. He held out his hands, and rays of golden light flowed from his hands onto all of us, showering us with blessings.

7 June – Day 4

We were all soaking in the guidance of Mohanji’s voice when my PC suddenly shut down. It was so sudden that my thoughts were suspended in mid-air.

Somehow I was quickly guided to reboot my PC. Surprisingly I was very calm. I waited for the PC to reboot and restarted the meeting again. All this happened within a few minutes. I restarted the meeting and saw that everyone was still there and some had opened their eyes. I started the meditation music, and I was guided to begin exactly at the part where Mohanji says, “When thoughts enter… not resist…..just watch the thoughts without participating…..see them come and go.” The words were so appropriate to help everyone settle back into the meditation.

I, too, settled in when suddenly I felt a surge of energy and felt engulfed in a brilliant and blinding golden light. I was suspended in the middle of it, and soon, my body just disappeared into the light. It was as if my body had turned into light, and I could not see myself anymore. My heart area felt so expanded. I had wanted to stay in this state forever but then duty calls. I had to facilitate and end the session. 

On checking later, some of the participants had opened their eyes but flowed back into the meditation when it restarted. One commented that Mohanji’s super-powerful voice guided us back even though we strayed away for a while. Another person had felt very distracted over the last two days, but today she had an amazing experience as she was totally lost in herself.

11 June – Day 8

Today again, I had another challenge with my computer. It decided that it wanted to update itself. Thinking that it will not take long, I decided to let the process continue. Fifteen minutes had passed, and it still had not completed.

By then, I prayed to Mohanji to speed up the process. But Mohanji had other ideas. I was guided to move everything to another location. It took some time to set up the whole thing, and I noted that I still had less than 10 minutes to start the session. Somehow during this time, I had remained calm and focused. 

At the back of my mind, I thought that the meditation would not be the same since there is a change of location. Today, a new person joined us, so I explained the whole process to her.

It took a while for me to settle into the meditation. I was also keeping an eye open for people who may be late. It does happen that people get disconnected and have to rejoin the session again.

My body was swaying gently with the energy flow. Towards the end of the meditation, I could feel myself travelling at turbo speed through this place full of people. It was so fast that all I could see were shapes of buildings and people. At the end of the path, I saw an old person with a long beard in a flowy, white gown standing at the door of a building. I zoomed past him, penetrating the building and soon felt myself being propelled into a golden like aperture. I found myself in a cave-like structure, and it was filled with golden light. Seated at the end of the cave, shining in bright golden light, was Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. She was sending out a lot of energy (Shakti) which I understood from her she was sending out to the Universe. I was so immersed in this state, and before I knew it, the meditation was ending, and I had to close the session.

What an amazing experience, so I guess it does not matter where I sit for my meditation! Jai Mohanji!

Today many others felt the intense energy, and they shared this:

  1. Thank you so much. It was a very, very intense meditation. I cried a lot, and I feel very light and relaxed. Thank you, everyone. (She just joined us today and her first time experiencing the Power of Purity Meditation)
  2. It was very intense. I felt severe pain and pressure in my chest as if there was some cleansing—otherwise a wonderful and powerful experience.
  3. I just want to share this with you. I felt some burning sensation from my stomach for a while in today’s session, and towards the end, I saw a pair of eyes just flashed for few seconds, just a glance!

15 June – Day 12

Towards the end of the meditation, Shirdi Baba once again graced our session. He tossed several handfuls of vibuthi on us. The vibuthi turned into golden particles as they descended on us. At the same time, the wispy, dark mist was seen leaving our system, floating upwards and vanishing into space above us. 

As the process took place, a giant white cloud formed at the top of the space we were all in. The cloud was swirling, and violet light was circling it. Golden light streamed down from this cloud and covered all of us. I then felt Baba touching my head. I felt so spaced out that it was so difficult to come back. 

I feel so blessed to be part of this group, as the collective energy from you brought us all to such a beautiful space. Gratitude to the masters. Jai Mohanji!

Day 40

Today is the 40th day of our intense sadhana, probably another ordinary day, I thought. Today as soon as we finished our breathing exercise and slipped into the meditation, a bright light appeared, and in the light, I could see many masters moving forward in a semi-circle. In the centre was Satya Sai Baba. The light engulfed all of us, and we were transported to this space. In this space, all of us were seated in a circle around the masters. Our bodies radiated golden light. Golden rays of light from the masters connected to each of us, and we started to move in a circular motion around the masters. The motion picked up, and we were spinning at high speed akin to test tubes in a centrifuge*. 

Mind, as usual, started thinking that this is all an imagination. But then I felt my whole body vibrating, especially in my stomach area. Tears started to flow. We were bathing in this golden light throughout the meditation. Towards the end of the meditation, I found myself in this tunnel. The walls were golden in colour and moving in a circular motion. It was in continuous movement, and I could feel the light getting brighter at the end of the tunnel. Somehow I was not allowed to proceed further into the tunnel, as the meditation came to an end, and it was time to bring awareness back to the body.

Note :

* A centrifuge is a laboratory device used to separate fluids, gas or liquid, based on density. Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing material at high speed; the centrifugal force pushes heavier materials to the outside of the vessel.

Bliss of Silence Meditation from 6 to 26 September 2020

16 September 2020

I was feeling very tired too. It has been almost ten years trying to run the activities for Mohanji Malaysia. Thinking to myself, I need a break, but how can I stop when there is no one else to help to facilitate sessions. Suddenly this morning, during the Bliss of Silence Meditation, when I was about to zone off, Mohanji appeared. He was wearing a white kurta and orange dhoti, the same outfit when I first met him in Singapore. Many people were trying to put some shackles on his feet, but he just walked off with the shackles. 

Perhaps he is sending the message that he is always with me from day one and nothing is ever too heavy to carry and to just keep walking.


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Miracle at Kumbh Mela 2021

By Soma Seal, Ammucare President, India

Annadaan – feeding hungry stomachs is beyond any boundaries of species, caste and creed. When one feeds hungry beings, purification happens. This is why Annadaan is considered as Mahadaan – a donation of the highest stature. Especially when done on certain auspicious occasions, Annadaan brings immense fulfilment.

In my role as President of Ammucare, I have been fortunate to be in the middle of continuous Annadaan for a long time. Especially since the onset of the Covid pandemic, I have witnessed and observed several miracles. I would like to share one such amazing incident that happened yesterday (19/4/2021) in Haridwar, the venue for this year’s Kumbh Mela festival. 

With Mohanji’s guidance, Ammucare has organised daily feeding for the Sadhus (wandering saints) at the Kumbh Mela as this is a divine opportunity to serve. Especially with the challenges due to the Covid situation, doing this seva consistently has been a challenge; several hurdles have come up. However, our determination to continue this seva (service) has been strong since Mohanji explained the purpose of this seva in clear terms. The Kumbh Mela is a special occasion when several elevated saints, otherwise deep in their sadhana in the Himalayas and elsewhere, come down to mingle with the common folk and shower their blessings.

Mohanji also guided us on the right attitude to conduct this seva – “Serve everyone like you are serving a Royal or God. The food should be of the highest quality. The attitude should be of complete reverence and respect. You never know who could be receiving your food – it could be Sai Baba, Mahavatar Babaji or any other deity. Don’t be deceived by outward appearances. Thank everyone you are serving from the bottom of your heart.” 

Thanks to the dedication of our local volunteers and our generous donors, we have been serving food to people for almost ten days now. I must especially call out the contributions of Savitri Chitrapu, our Ammucare coordinator, and Mr Vasudev Sharma (Sharmaji), the Ammucare coordinator on the ground in Haridwar, in enabling this noble seva. Whenever we have not been able to serve, we have arranged for food packets to be made and distributed to people at various locations in Haridwar. Within a week, our team had managed to serve over 1000 meals. 

Once we started our Annadaan at Kumbh, Mohanji advised us to serve the Sadhus at Har Ki Pauri, the most auspicious bathing Ghat in Haridwar. He guided us that saints of the highest stature would tend to congregate there, and we should not miss the opportunity to serve them. However, as we started working on this, the government imposed a weekend lockdown, and our activities were delayed. 

Yesterday (on 19th April 2021), it became possible for us to arrange for this Annadaan at Har Ki Pauri. Sharmaji and a few other volunteers prepared around 100 food packets and took an auto-rickshaw (three-wheeler) to deliver this to the Sadhus at Har Ki Pauri. Sharmaji narrates his experience below. 

“It was about 6 pm and getting dark. Shortly before we were about to reach the Ghat, on a quiet and dark road, we spotted a Naga Sadhu by the roadside, next to a forest area; he was calling out to us ‘Hey, where are you taking the food; bring it to us. This food is for us.’ Not taking him seriously, we turned a deaf ear and continued on our journey. However, a few moments later, our auto-rickshaw stopped, and even when we tried to push it, it would not start again. We noticed that the Naga Sadhu had come close to our auto-rickshaw and was repeating what he said earlier, “Your auto will not move forward. Food which has been sent for us cannot go to Har Ki Pauri!”

By now, we realised that this call was not to be ignored. There was something electrifying about that person. So we parked the auto-rickshaw by the side of the road, took the food packets out and followed the Naga Sadhu into the forest. As we walked deeper into the jungle, it became darker, and suddenly, the few street lights went off too. Soon we saw a group of 11 Naga Sadhus gathered there! They were waiting for the feast! They were chanting and singing songs on Lord Shiva and Lord Dattatreya

We were totally mesmerised to witness this divine atmosphere. After offering prayers, we quickly served the food packets to all the Naga Sadhus there. We took care to offer the food with respect, and the sadhus blessed us as they accepted the food. Some of them even had second servings! While serving the food, I just mentioned to them that this Annadaan was happening with the guidance and advice of Guru Mohanji. 

One of the Sadhus said, “He is an Avadhoota. You will never understand him. He is beyond your comprehension and understanding. You do not know his grandeur. We know your Guru is far away, but wherever you look, you will see him. He is everywhere. Yes, he will come to Haridwar next year. Good that the food has reached us.” 

I had goosebumps after I heard the Sadhus speak such high praise about Mohanji! The Sadhu then asked, ‘Where is the dakshina?’ We immediately offered dakshina (respectful offering of money) to all the Sadhus. Then one of the Sadhus said, “Child, you give us dakshina today but remember it would reach someone by tomorrow. Hmm, the food was meant for us.” 

After feeding the Sadhus, we walked back to our auto-rickshaw on the road. It was very dark by now, but we were in a different world altogether, still trying to assimilate this miraculous and divine experience. The experience was not yet over, though! As soon as we started the auto-rickshaw, it started immediately, without any further push or effort. The same auto had refused to move sometime back when we were in a hurry to reach Har ki Pauri! Just as it had stopped automatically, it started automatically too!

With absolute awe and contentment, we returned home safely with just one expression – Thank you, Mohanji, for giving us this opportunity.”

When Sharmaji narrated this incident to Savitri and me, I had goosebumps too. This place is not unknown to Sharmaji or the others, but no one had spotted these Naga Sadhus there before! In fact, Sharmaji and the team went to the same location today (20/4/21) to serve the Naga Sadhus again, but there was no trace of anyone there, just a few dogs in the vicinity. 

I could only then think back to several other occasions where grace has made the toughest of sevas possible – be it Annadaan or disaster relief or clothing drives or so many other activities of Ammucare. It also served to remind me of a couple of important lessons:

  1. Like many others, I may not recognise or fathom Mohanji’s stature. However, statements about his stature and grandeur from a Naga Sadhu are a timely reminder that there is much that my eyes can’t see or my mind can’t process. After all, this saint has never met us before, and neither are we likely to see him again. He is a renunciate with no interest in the material world. So what motive could he have in describing Mohanji? Perhaps it was just to open our eyes to higher dimensions and piece together facets of Mohanji’s grand plan to raise the entire Earth’s vibrations.
  2. It gave me greater clarity as to why Mohanji gives certain directions. Time and again, I have seen that his directives often seem extremely challenging at the outset. But when we take the right steps with full faith, doors open, and the road ahead becomes clearer. After all, if I had not persevered with the effort to serve at Har Ki Pauri, this entire experience might have been lost to us. This additional clarity not only helps us serve better but, more importantly, helps us receive much more grace and blessings. Before I conclude, I would like to pose a few questions for your contemplation:
  • Why was the Naga sadhu waiting by the road, just when our vehicle was to pass by?
  • Why did he stop just our vehicle? How did he know us?
  • How did the Sadhu know that food was being taken in the auto (when it was not visible from outside, and certainly not from a distance)?
  • How did he say, “This food is not meant to go to Har Ki Pauri”, when we had not told him our plans
  • Why did the auto not move at that moment but moved easily later in the evening from that same spot?
  • How did the Sadhus recognise Mohanji? Or that he is far away? (Our coordinators had not told them that Mohanji was currently in Europe)
  • What made them describe Mohanji as an Avadhoota? Was it sheer chance that they were singing songs on Lord Dattatreya, the Tradition that Mohanji represents?
  • What did he mean by saying the dakshina would reach someone by tomorrow?
  • Who were these Masters? Where did they come from? 
  • Why was nobody there today? Did they go somewhere else? Or did they vanish?

I have been thinking about this since yesterday. I came to the conclusion that these Sadhus were divine for sure, however unbelievable it might seem to my thinking mind. We have heard and seen that all the great Masters come for Kumbh ever since it began. I have experienced this in earlier Kumbh Melas (Nashik in 2015 and Prayagraj in 2019), and this experience was another confirmation of that experience. It was also a reminder that Mohanji is at the Kumbh Mela through us, and he is doing his work. 

Do contemplate a little, and you will understand what we witnessed, and you will experience it too. 

My deepest gratitude to Mohanji, for giving us this eye-opening experience. 

PS: If anyone would like to contribute to the Annadaan at Kumbh Mela, you can do so at or contribute via Paytm For any other questions, please write to us at donations


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 20th April 2021


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

We reserve the right to delete, edit, or alter in any manner we see fit blog entries or comments that we, in our sole discretion, deem to be obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, in violation of trademark, copyright or other laws, of an express commercial nature, or otherwise unacceptable.

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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 15 & 16

Day 15 Lesson – Consistency is difficult, but it transforms

by Christopher Greenwood

Today is a lesson about consistency and how it can transform when we’re committed to a path. And it came from a conversation with Mohanji, as I was curious about experiences that people have because I have never really had any amazing experiences or visions. For example, even though I’ve been practising Kriya yoga for over two years, I only see black. That’s because my eyes are closed: I don’t see anything else. So I was curious about this, and I asked Mohanji. And as it can be the way with Mohanji, if he feels something needs to be answered differently, he shifts it. So he shifted it to a more important message of consistency on the path. This was a light discussion, and it was quite fun. 

He said that some people have various visions, and you can never be quite sure whether they are visions or projections. And he has said before that a real vision would transform you; you will know that you’ve had one. For example, he said, on a different type of vision, someone had said, “I don’t need Mohanji to be a medium for Shiva. I’m speaking directly to Shiva now”… or something like that. And Mohanji rightly said, “When did I ever say that I’m a medium for anybody?” Earlier that day, I had done a Shiva Lingam abhishekam. So he joked at me because he said, “You know, when I asked you to do a Shiva Lingam abhishekam, I asked you to pour water on the Shiva Lingam, not pour water on my head.” That made me laugh! 

And again, we continued to speak that he doesn’t pretend to be anybody else. He is Mohanji, and his job is to take us directly to Shiva. He’s not carrying anybody on his shoulders or being the middleman. He’s showing us the way; he’s giving the path and (as I’ve shared in the previous messages) the platforms to help us. So any visions, hallucinations, or projections are something we need to handle. And he said the best method is always to stay surrendered to the Guru, whichever Guru that is. And he shared the story of Deepaka. And I only know this vaguely, so I share what I can remember because I think it’s a great story. It really rounds up this message. 

Deepaka was serving his Guru consistently. His Guru is a crazy guy from the story, always abusing him, beating him, shouting at him. And at some point in their journey, the Guru developed leprosy. So he quickly became immobile and couldn’t move. And the wounds started getting really bad – they were oozing with pus. It smelt horrible, flies and everything. And Deepaka would clean the wounds every day and help his Guru. 

And the Guru would abuse him. For example, when he was hungry, he would abuse Deepaka: “You haven’t given me any food. I’m hungry; I can’t move. How can you do this to me?” So then Deepaka would go and beg for some food. And when he came back, then the Guru would abuse him for leaving: “You’ve left me here, you don’t care about me.” So he couldn’t do anything right at all. 

And in the story, Shiva was impressed by this. And he came to see Deepaka and said: “I’ve seen your great devotion. I’d like to give you a boon. Anything you want, I can give you.” Deepaka thought, and the only thing which came to his mind was for his Guru to be healed from all his diseases.

“But I’m Shiva; you don’t want anything from me?” “Nope. Just for my Guru to be healed.” Shiva left. Deepaka was excited, and he went to tell his Guru that Shiva came and he would heal him. Again, the Guru beat him up really bad, saying, “Trying to get rid of me, aren’t you? Had enough of serving me? You know I have to pay my karma. How will I do that if I’m healed?” Just abuse, abuse, abuse… 

Deepaka went back to Shiva and just said, “I’m sorry, Shiva, but please don’t give me anything. My Guru was really angry.” So Shiva went away. 

The point is that he had integrity: he wanted nothing. Then Vishnu heard about this and came. Vishnu asked him, “What can I give you?” Deepaka straight away said, “If there’s any gap in my bhakti towards my Guru, any gap in my devotion towards my Guru, please fill that up. I don’t want any gap between him and me. Please bless me that my devotion intensifies.”

So obviously, he didn’t tell his Guru this because he knew what would come next – the abuse and whatever else. But the Guru knew, and he asked, “So Maha Vishnu came, right?” Deepaka said, “Yes, he came.” The Guru said, “Well, now you’ve become bigger than me; you’ve actually grown higher than me. You’re much higher than me. You know, it takes thousands of years to have the darshan, the sort of darshan of Maha Vishnu you attained. And you’ve got that just by serving me.” And at that moment, the Guru completely stripped himself of all the diseases, and he was fine. He said, “I don’t have this disease; I just tested you. In that test, you passed, and you became bigger than me.” 

That was the story that was shared with me; this is what happens when your commitment, conviction and integrity are strong. So to be careful of illusions was the message. To be careful of visions and to stay surrendered. He said as well at the end, that of all the messages, to sum up, that consistency is really difficult, but it transforms, and you’ll experience that yourself. And instead of searching for glories and anything else, glories are sure to come if we apply to work. 

And I remembered I was curious how best to serve when I first connected to Mohanji. And I really enjoyed the simplicity of his message. Because even though I’m physically close to him now, so now I have that opportunity; back then, I didn’t. And his message was very clear. The best service you can do for a Guru or someone that you consider to be a Guru is to live the teachings – helping the helpless, leaving the Earth better than when we came, adding value to society, all the things that we’re doing for all the platforms – is service. 

Day 16 Lesson – Visualize before starting a task. Set determination higher than expectations

Today’s message is another one of how Mohanji is really effective in work, completing tasks, activities and management. He gives such great advice. And at the moment, within the office, we have a strong focus on increasing visibility, promotion, and the right presentation of all the platform activities. So we asked the question: how can we make these platforms reach every corner of the world to reach more people – bring the awareness that we all benefit from, to more people. 

World Consciousness Alliance

And one of the platforms we have is the World Consciousness Alliance (WCA), which has Andra Baylus as the President. Simply put, WCA stands for humanity, towards raising the awareness of people to the highest level of human refinement: the highest potential that humans can express in the world, such as compassion, kindness, unconditional love, integrity, responsibility. And we’ve created this platform for the world to bring on performing artists, entertainers, and unite actors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and various other personalities to speak the message that now is the time to unify skills and bring a positive shift to the consciousness of the world. So, it’s a grand global vision. 

And in the past two weeks, we were speaking with the team about videos that we should be looking to create more of a promotion for the platform. So I started working on a concept of this to help the activity, and I was going to propose it to the team today or tomorrow. I put in a lot of effort and did my best. But something was missing. And I had the opportunity to ask Mohanji his view. 

He’s quite straightforward. And I say, quite straightforward. In fact, he’s completely straightforward. He said he couldn’t feel much from it; it had no impact at all. He spoke about some practical tips to adjust my approach to some of these activities. It led to a conversation on how to make work more effective so that our activities carry inspiration for us and bring contentment to the work we’re doing. Because I think he must have felt I was becoming a bit deflated by the critique session. 

And so we spoke, and this is my understanding of what he said – and therefore not his exact words, I want to be clear on that. It’s mainly around visualization of a task before you start doing it. And then also, around the fact that disappointments come when we have more expectations than determination over a task. That’s around visualizing something before you begin and making sure that our determination exceeds our expectations so that we don’t become disappointed. He said that before you undertake any task, it’s good to just sit with it for some time, don’t dive into it straight away. Just sit with it, and visualize it and picture what it could be. What’s the highest potential for that activity that you can achieve? And that’s because you need to know where you want to reach before you start walking. And so to visualize all aspects. 

And in this case, who’s the audience? What is the message you’re trying to convey? What’s the attention level of people? That’s an important thing these days. And also, if the total stranger, fresh off the street, was to look at it, what are you expecting him to feel or do? And how should certain people feel once they have this? Are you expecting them to share it with friends? Will they talk about it? All these types of things to visualize as a whole picture. 

And he also mentioned that today’s attention levels are very low, whereas distraction levels are very high. So with everything we’re doing, if we’re considering visual and audio, we have to remember that the subject itself has to be very attractive, or the visuals itself have to be very attractive to catch attention. 

So that’s the first tip he shared: visualize the activity before you dive into it. 

And then the next one was around success. For Mohanji, success to him is contentment. And from contentment comes happiness. So not necessarily be too bothered about any results or anything but that you’re content, that what you’ve done, is good to the best of your ability. He says the reason why many people aren’t successful is that they’re too focused on the result. They are focused on this specific result that might or might not come, and when it doesn’t come, they are disappointed. If it does, they are happy with the result rather than the goal or the vision. So whenever expectations supersede determination, we’re open to disappointments. And that’s because we put the result and what comes from that, over and above the determination to achieve a goal or to see through a vision. 

Because if you have more determination, you won’t be worried much about the results. And if you don’t get the result you want, you are fine if your expectations are not met. Because if it hasn’t helped towards the goal or vision, you’ll do something else, change course or try something new. But if you have all your expectations pinned on them, and it doesn’t happen, then what comes next? Dissatisfaction, discontentment. Motivation takes a hit. 

Determination should be connected to a goal that has clarity: there should be a very clear goal. There should be clarity about what is going to happen, what’s going to be achieved, and then determination becomes the friend to make that happen. And then it’s all about sheer determination of the result. 

These are two things that I’ve picked up that I can now take into my work and complete this task. Because I didn’t fully take into account that picture in a rush to get something done to move straight into activity, I missed this visualization piece – which actually meant it’s become quite inefficient because now I need to rework, which I wasn’t expecting to. 

And then, he also mentioned as well that there’s a difference between working hard and working purposefully. Working purposefully means we’re beginning to express a vision. That is, we are purposefully expressing a vision, whereas working hard is just an activity. For example, he said, “You know, a donkey works hard. But he’s got no idea why he’s working hard or what he’s carrying. He’s just doing it for the sake of it. Whereas working purposefully, you’re working towards a goal; you’re working towards a vision. And there’s actually little contentment if we don’t know what the vision is or what we’re working towards.” 

A side product of having that clear vision and goals and working with purpose is that the distraction level is less; you’re less open to distractions because you’ve got a focus on where you want to go and what you want to achieve. 

So these were the two main things that came out of that conversation: 

  1. Visualization before starting an activity – look at all the aspects and facets which make up that; what does every piece of it look like, and how does it feel.
  2. Ensure that our determination is higher than our expectations, so we’re not so open to disappointments and what comes from them. Remembering that satisfaction comes from completion, seeing a vision expressed in the world, and a job well done to the best of our abilities, not the result itself. 


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 20th April 2021


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

We reserve the right to delete, edit, or alter in any manner we see fit blog entries or comments that we, in our sole discretion, deem to be obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, in violation of trademark, copyright or other laws, of an express commercial nature, or otherwise unacceptable.

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Humane Airports

By Christopher Greenwood

From racial profiling to humane airports, a vision from Mohanji for the future after a recent incident when travelling by air. We share a summary of the eye-witness account by Chris Greenwood on the harassment at Frankfurt airport and the days following that.

Discrimination at Frankfurt Airport

Yesterday we arrived in Slovenia, and I would have liked to have shared a more positive message this morning. But unfortunately, I had the opportunity to witness discrimination and extreme harassment first-hand at Frankfurt Airport as Mohanji cleared through the security of our transit route from Mumbai to Frankfurt. Then we were transiting from Frankfurt to Ljubljana. I had never seen anything like this before. Obviously, I have a UK passport and a fair complexion, so I have never experienced any discrimination myself. But to witness this was a shock because it’s the first time I’d seen it first-hand. 

As we were travelling, we went through the transit security, and we went into separate lanes because Mohanji was going business class and I was going by the usual. As we went on to the other side, we’d usually wait for each other. I’d passed, and I couldn’t see him. So I collected my bags and looked up the line. I could see him right at the top of the line. He was surrounded and was being interrogated by two police officers. Also, all the security guards were around him too, all the staff who operate those machines which are checking, scanning, x rays and things like this. 

As I got closer, I could see that they were ripping out everything from the bag that he had. He was carrying a backpack. There was obviously a laptop and things like this, but there were also some very important personal documents too. All the cards were indiscriminately taken out of the wallet; every single pocket was emptied, everything was being questioned. 

They started under the premise of checking for explosives. I’ve had that check before; usually, they have a swab of cloth, and they run it across all the materials in the bag and then put it into a machine because it can pick up something that the explosives have. Then they check it, and that’s enough. But here, it just seemed completely over the top. Everything was taken out, everything questioned one by one, “What’s this? What’s this? What’s this?” And then also with money, “How much money do you have? Why are you carrying this money? Where did you get it from?” Completely unnecessary, especially for someone who’s travelling in business in transit; it’s perfectly fine that you’re carrying money. I can only put this down to complete harassment. Towards the end, I could even notice the body language on the usual security staff was changing. I could see that they felt uncomfortable by the situation that was happening. By the end, a third policeman had joined in this interrogation. It was a really unpleasant experience. 

I understood from Mohanji’s previous travels that in Frankfurt Airport, he had experienced the same problems. Afterwards, when I was looking on the internet, some other people were sending me articles; it’s not uncommon apparently for it to happen at that airport. It has a history of it, of people indiscriminately being harassed as they make their way through the airport. It really soured the last leg of the journey yesterday. It was complete disrespect, discrimination and harassment. 

Discrimination at Frankfurt Airport cont.

Yesterday I was on the Frankfurt Airport Facebook page. Ironically, they had posted a day earlier a picture and a hashtag against racism. So I wrote a message on that picture to let them know what happened, what we had suffered or experienced, and that I was the witness to discrimination and racism. The response that I got back was very casual, non-committal, lacking any sort of sense of responsibility. For me, this has given me an insight into how lightly people treat these matters when actually, it’s a very, very important matter for many people. 

After reading the comments, I came to know that many people have experienced a similar situation at that airport; this was not an isolated incident. What that agency is doing is reflecting on the airport as a whole. 

As I think back to the event, all the bags were unpacked. Everything was taken out; every single item chucked into the tray like trash, then just handed over to us in trays, non-apologetic, non-committal, not even a second look, a second glance. It’s that disrespect that needs to change. People should be able to travel in transit and be treated well, treated with respect despite the colour of their skin and their ethnicity. 

It’s worth fighting for 

We’ve been writing letters and contacting every possible authority to make sure that it receives the profile it deserves. It’s an important task. Not because it’s for Mohanji, but because the mindset has been indoctrinated into people over centuries, prejudices have been passed down through societies and families; these have contributed to this situation. The people, who are in power on the ground, can be individually immature or lack the right training in ethics. 

This is a prime example of what the mindset is of the majority of people. We can then look at why Mohanji has created all these platforms, such as the World Consciousness Alliance. It is founded to raise the awareness of this generation to the highest human potentials of kindness, compassion, unconditional love, bringing it up from the levels of anger, hatred, jealousies, prejudices to something much higher, where everybody’s treated well and respected. It’s the same with the Early Birds Club. These platforms are bringing people together beyond all man-made barriers, prejudices and judgments about one another and bring people to a unity where everybody is respected, regardless of race, religion, caste, culture, creed, and colour. 

What was experienced in Frankfurt were utter discrimination, contempt, and real racial profiling. It’s very, very important that we all stand up and fight for things like this. Having spent time with Mohanji, he’s always maintained that for him, all lives matter. This includes people, animals, plants, all species; everything has its relevance in the world. We should meet everybody with equality and respect. Nobody’s higher; nobody’s lower. Everybody has their place. So this is what is worth the fight. 

As for me, going through these past two days, it’s been a real experience and a practical lesson and making sure that I do what needs to be done now. This includes the speed at which we’re working to make sure people have been contacted and that all the letters have been checked by the relevant people. Life presented this situation; there’s no rehearsal. It’s a practical lesson of speaking when you need to speak, writing when you need to write and acting when you need to. All activities are moving ahead, and we’ll see what comes from this in time. But for sure, we’re taking this as far as it can possibly go. 

Act at the right time 

We are using this time very well to do what we can to raise the visibility of this deplorable incident to the highest authorities possible. And multiple friends are now taking this forward to give support which is amazing. So, it’s moving forward; we have momentum. The purpose is not for apologies; it’s for a complete shift in mindset, where people are treated with respect regardless of the colour of their skin, to end this racial profiling that’s happening. 

Looking back on what Mohanji has spoken in all the lessons that I’ve shared, the whole effort for me is making the best use of the opportunity that has been given. This didn’t have to happen to Mohanji, but it did. And because of his standing in the world, people will take notice. Even if a security guard now thinks twice before performing such an act, we would have helped others. The lesson which I can take away from this is that everything and everybody has their time, every situation has its time, configuration, place. And if we don’t act at that point in time and don’t do our best, then the rest of life might not give us the opportunity. This can be seen with many things in life; you can look at great artists, entertainers, politicians; there was always a time when they were present when they were relevant. In this context, today, this incident of racial profiling has relevance now. In five years, maybe not so; whilst we can, we’re using the momentum to take this as far as it can go. 

Like this incident of racial profiling, we’re doing the best that we can whilst it’s present and with us now. Mohanji shared before in satsangs that many people are chasing something which they don’t have and are aspiring for something which is not with them now. In that bargain, they’re missing today. Or waiting for a better opportunity to do something tomorrow, “Okay, it’ll be better if I do this tomorrow. Maybe I’ll write about it tomorrow.” But then there’s no guarantee that this will come. Whilst goals are good while setting a vision and setting a plan to achieve something is also good if it’s at the expense of missing today, and in the pretext of achieving something tomorrow, then we miss what’s with us now, that opportunity for fulfilment at each and every moment because the future will be different. The whole configuration of situations, and even ourselves, our personal makeup, our mindset, how we think, will be different. This is why today, with this practical thing which we’re doing, it’s a lesson of what needs to be done today should be done today and to the best of our effort.

Making a change 

We’re moving forward with good momentum to bring awareness of this terrible incident of racial profiling and sheer racism that happened to Mohanji at Frankfurt Airport. This is not because we’re looking for an apology. It’s because it’s completely against what we stand for as a family, as an organization. We’re doing it because we want change; we want to change the pattern of injustice that’s systematic across many parts of the world, particularly Frankfurt Airport. Looking into this matter in more detail, I’ve seen many more accounts of people who have experienced similar situations, harassment, abuse, humiliation, all under the pretext of security checks, even to the point where people are now afraid in some cases to travel through airports and security screening. It is terrible when you think about it; you’re making legitimate travel somewhere, but you’re completely concerned as you’re going through that security check-in, what’s going to happen to you, how you’re going to be treated if you’re going to be subjected to abuse. 

So this is a change which we want to make so that nobody else has to suffer this. It can be practical what that change is: right training for the people who are in these positions of power, on how to handle people with respect, with good ethics, and good behaviour. Not to treat people as a suspect when they’re moving through these airports. There could be some way for people who have experienced this to give feedback so that there can be a learning for the airports – a system where they can recognize what’s happening, maybe even a ranking. Things can be done, and this is what we’re pushing for. 

I was thinking about the usual responses, which can happen in a situation like this because now the profile has been raised to quite a level. What are the typical things that people will do? What will people say? I think the usual way, which is already being experienced now, is starting with one – it didn’t happen – minimizing it, trivializing it, which is sheer avoidance. Then the next one will be, “Well, that’s obviously just a routine check. That happens to everybody. The police and the guards were doing their job; the world is a dangerous place, those checks are important.” Basically, trying to justify the situation and the actions. Again, completely avoiding it, escapism. Then I think the third one, if they can’t handle what’s coming, and they can’t accept any mistakes or find any other way to avoid it, then what could happen is that they look to slander the person that’s involved. They talk bad about the person. They make them look like a demon so that whatever happened to them is justified, “Okay, he was a bad guy, so what you did was right anyway.” And they can even pay people for this. 

I was thinking through these because, under pressure to attempt to save themselves and their face, they could resort to many options, trying to make a diversion from the actual issue at hand. They can shame a person by justifying their actions.

I thought that there might even be more paid slander so that the whole issue is eclipsed and avoided. But we keep going because we have a clear purpose now, and that is to bring a change to this pattern of injustice. 

Ahimsa (non-violence)

Today I wanted to start with a quote, which I shared some weeks back, that I feel has permanent relevance. It is from Albert Einstein. He said,

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

Albert Einstein

Yesterday Mohanji gave a very powerful meeting, and clarification about the reasons why we’ve decided to take a stand against racism, racial profiling, and the harassment people are subjected to at the airport security checks. Especially in Frankfurt Airport, where he was harassed, which happened once before as well. 

In this meeting, he clarified with all the country heads, all the leaders of the teams, the advisors about the incident at Frankfurt and why we’re making a stand. This is not for his apology. This is not for him personally; it’s to bring a change in the world where no one else has to suffer that harassment, racism and outright discrimination. From the incident to now, it’s been incredibly quick. All the activities have been happening, making sure that things are visible for people and that the right people are being contacted, such as higher authorities. 

Over the past day, some people had worries, concerns and confusions on whether our activities to raise the visibility of this issue were in line with Ahimsa or non-violence, one of our core principles. So Mohanji clarified Ahimsa really well. He said that Ahimsa is not creating violence in thoughts, words or actions. It’s ensuring that no one is harmed because of our thoughts, words and actions. It’s about our interaction with the world. But that doesn’t mean that you lie down and become a doormat for everybody. You also have to protect yourself and take action based on the merits of the issue at hand. Not that you go out and attack somebody, but you assess what it is and then take appropriate action. 

After the meeting yesterday, we spoke some more. He explained it in a way that sometimes you have to act. For example, if somebody is coming to you with a knife, intending to harm you or kill you, what would you do? You can’t ask them to sit down and meditate and think about what they’re doing. You have to handle it as it is. Or if a mosquito is coming and biting, you can’t calmly sit, chant and hope it will go away. You have to do something about it. 

The incident at Frankfurt is not just personal; it’s for a much larger good too, where many people have experienced this treatment. And probably all across the world as well, something similar is happening. These people don’t have the platform, the voice, or the reach which we do. So we can do something to use it well. 

To help my understanding as well, he shared some more clarifications or illustrations about Ahimsa. We spoke about Krishna, and he said that like Krishna, he likes to be practical. Krishna waged many wars; many people died in those battles. Pretty much all the kings at the time were wiped out. So in itself, the act of war, fighting, of death could be seen as violence, and there would have been some. But it was done for a much larger purpose, for dharma, for a greater good. Like that, each action can be taking on what it’s doing for others too.

Something else which I liked from Mohanji’s briefing yesterday with all of the country heads and team leads is that he reiterated that we should be speaking when we can, when we have the time, when we have the opportunity, and when we have a voice. He said that’s especially important because if we don’t, if we’re passive, then this is the example we are setting for the next generation. And we leave them also the burden of what we had to carry. 

Speaking out 

For me personally, this has been a real living example of the teachings, lessons and messages that I’ve shared over the past weeks and months because it’s almost as if it all came together in this situation to give a real example of how Mohanji approaches life. And the way he approaches life gives me the best lessons. Suppose I was to just think personally about my experience with this situation and share some of the things that I feel in my growth since meeting Mohanji. In that case, I can see a change from how I’ve handled this situation to how I probably would have done two years ago. I probably would have been very reluctant to speak about this; I would have had a lot of fear and unsure of what I should do. 

But when I wrote my posts, which was my eye witness account, I felt that I had to speak because I had witnessed it; I was there. It could have been anybody, but it wasn’t; it was me. I felt a need to share what I’d seen, so at least people understood how the situation happened. A year and a half ago, maybe I wouldn’t have done this, but this time around, it was a natural thing for me; there’s been an injustice; I’ve seen it, so I should speak about it. 

I feel that for me, thinking about it demonstrated that some of the teachings that Mohanji has shared have at least settled somewhere. I can say I’ve taken them all in; I will never say this because there’s always much, much more to learn. But at least that aspect of not being worried about what people think, what people might say, how I would be seen, has completely gone. There was no second thought to do this, so this is something which I recognized. 

Since then, being close to Mohanji and seeing how he is approaching this whole situation is again incredibly inspiring. It’s re-establishing everything that was said before in many talks. If we have the opportunity to speak, we should, especially when there are many other people out there who would have experienced this situation and didn’t have the opportunity or platform to share their voice. 

Mohanji made a really great podcast that is coming out today, titled “We must speak because they cannot“. It is not just about this incident at Frankfurt, but this is for every being that doesn’t have a voice – we should speak for them, we should take that as a responsibility. 

What inspires me about Mohanji’s approach to this situation is that he’s willing to take this all the way. He’s not worried about what may or what may not happen. For him, there’s a clear purpose, and that’s to bring about a change where everybody is respected; no one should feel unsafe when they’re legitimately travelling through Frankfurt airport or any other airport, no one should experience security harassment. All these agencies that are involved in that process should adhere to good ethics. 

This is the goal. How we will reach there will change, we have to be flexible. Mohanji said openly that something good might happen, something bad may happen. People could shame, defame, and give slander in an effort to save themselves. We don’t know what will happen. But what he is clear on, though, is that we’re moving for a purpose. As he said before, whilst our heart is beating, we should do something for the world; we should do something for a purpose. Not just to sleep, eat, drink, and other things like that. We can make a difference. 

For me, when I read between that a little bit more, it shows to me that he has no real attachment to any image or idea of the image about himself. He’s willing to go all the way out there, put himself out there, regardless of what may come. And he knows that whatever comes, he’ll face it then. Also, he’s focused on purpose. He’s doing what needs to be done now, today because it happened now. As he’s mentioned, and as I’ve shared in other lessons before, there are no rehearsals in life. It’s now; doing what you can now. 

Today, we’ll keep going, and more people are coming to support this. It may not be possible that from this, everybody begins to love all beings, all creations and wants to live in complete harmony. But possibly, and at least, they should be having that basic level of respect and understanding, where people are treated equally as humans with decency. Then there’ll be humane airports, which is one of the hashtags which we’re now promoting as well. We want to have humane airports where everybody’s treated with respect.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 14

Day 14 Lesson – Don’t be too quick to buy opinions

by Christopher Greenwood

I am always amazed at how Mohanji managed to handle all the situations, tasks, and events of the day with complete calm, composure and clarity. He is steady and unshakeable.

I asked him how best to handle delicate people, situations, and issues – when it comes to an opinion about the other person. They may have shared this out of genuine concern. But when you are not sure, what is the best thing to do? How to handle the situations and opinions of people? 

He shared, “We should never get too carried away with the opinions of people because if we act, it’s our relationship with that person which can suffer. Best to take time to assess the situation thoroughly and then make our decision.”

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Today is about a lesson which I have observed from Mohanji. Over the past month, and more specifically, we were speaking yesterday. I asked him really how he handles all the situations that come to him so effectively, especially when dealing with people. He is handling many situations, lots of tasks, activities and personal situations too, and a large portion of these are usually in relation to other people. But he handles each situation as an individual case, with care. He dutifully weighs up what action is required next. He gives absolute clarity – always cool, calm, composed, and steady, and rarely is there anything wrong in the action too. 

So when I asked him how we should deal with people, especially opinions, or the situations emerging, and when we’re not quite sure on what actually the situation is, he shared this with me, and I share it with you. 

So he said, “We can’t get too carried away when we hear information from somebody. Suppose somebody comes with an issue, a situation or a problem about a person. We shouldn’t be too quick to take their view because we don’t know what position it comes from, what position they are speaking from, especially if it’s likely to impact your relationship with that person. Because once it’s damaged, that’s very hard to repair. So when someone tells you something:

  1. Assess the whole situation, the past, the present, the future, analyze it, how it is.
  2. Take time to understand it.
  3. Take a decision. 

He said, “Otherwise, how are decisions made – mostly based on emotions, from our own inherent stored data: ‘I know this person is like this, oh, yes, that’s how that person is.’ And we’re basing it just on what we know, what we have inside and our emotions. But we don’t know what’s happened to the person since we last spoke, or in general. They could have become enlightened the other day!”

That we don’t actually know people is the point Mohanji was trying to make – every day could be different. So when we say, “I know him, I know her”, we know them generally, but we only recognize the pattern as that person called, let’s say, Christopher or somebody else is. So that’s all we’re saying – when we say, “I know them. I understand something about their pattern.” But we don’t know why or what made the pattern. There’s no way to say; we only understand something in general. 

But one day, it could change. And if it changes, then is our assessment right or wrong? It will be totally wrong. So for him, Mohanji said, he can’t really make a decision that way. Don’t get too carried away when you’re looking to make a decision. Always look at the merits of what’s presented in front. Also, the mood of that person who might be sharing some information could be very bad whenever they come, so they see it negatively. And that means then that if their opinions are coloured in that way, then our opinion could be wrong as well. 

So when we bank on the opinion of other people, it can be very wrong. And especially if we get carried away, it can go very, very wrong. 

So someone tells somebody, “I’m a very bad guy, I was in the pub, I was doing this, I was doing all these bad things”. And then someone tells that to somebody, how would they react? If they didn’t agree with it, potentially they could lose a relationship. 

He said that we should be very careful of—especially those who have leadership positions. So always take time to make a decision. Don’t get carried away with people’s opinions. We need to know what position they are talking from. Because it could be revenge, they might want to tarnish some person’s name, so they talked about that person. And because they’re talking about him, other people will listen and say, “Oh yes, this person must be so bad. Okay. Did you hear what such and such said?”

And so don’t be quick to make the decisions too fast. Take time, understand. And that’s not to be passive or insensitive. But it’s important for us that when we decide, it should be well assessed. It’s very important because it’s you, it’s us, that have to live with the repercussions of whatever action we take. 

And then Mohanji also mentioned something which is very rare. He said, “But even if you do hear that someone’s done something bad, or not so good, or you don’t agree with it, why don’t people first talk to that person? Why would they rather take opinions more quickly, rather than say to that person, ‘Look, all these people are saying these things about you. They’ve said that this has happened, this situation, this circumstance. What do you think about that? I mean, if it’s happening, you probably need to change.’ Give people the option to come back on track. But mostly, people don’t. They accuse, criticize, scandalize. You have to remember that that comes with a price that has to be paid, and it’s not the person who told you, it’s you actually who will pay – if you’re saying things”. 

So, best to use time and make decisions well – that’s the message; it’s today. 

I wish you a great day ahead. And I hope you’re enjoying this. Feel free to share them with anyone that you might think is interested. Have a great day.


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Transformations through selfless service


The Testimonials Team is happy to publish a series of beautiful experiences by our volunteers. Selfless service brought forth wonderful experiences that helped them recognise and accept the various transformations happening within them. We share here two profound experiences by Sankaranarayanan Meetna and Chitra Aylam.

Transformations after meeting Mohanji

by Sankaranarayanan Meetna

Like any other ordinary man and totally new to the spiritual world, when I met Mohanji, my overwhelming feelings were mostly in the form of anxiety and doubts. I often asked myself about my preparedness and my eligibility for any possible entry to this new wonderful world. But very interestingly, each time a new question or doubt awakened within me, I happened to get an answer either through a speech or a blog/FB post of Mohanji

Sometimes I felt that through these valuable hints, Mohanji was directly addressing my doubts and questions!! 

It has been six years since my first meeting with Mohanji. I don’t know about the spiritual part, but yes, there is an emotional transformation within me. Earlier I was very serious about all happenings in my life, like thoughts, patterns, persons, acquired properties etc. Quite often, I used to fall prey to my anger and cry for self and others’ perfection. Honestly, I can say that after I started learning through Mohanji’s teachings – blogs, speeches and satsang etc., slowly but steadily, he made me understand the need and importance of ‘Self Awareness’ in all walks of life. 

Mai-Tri Method

Among the numerous things I received from Mohanji, an important technique was the Mai-Tri method. I had been suffering from a headache for quite a long time. One day the problem got very acute, and I decided to get a Mai-Tri done. With Mohanji’s grace and the effect of Mai-Tri, I got complete relief from my headache.  

On another occasion, I had participated in the online Group Mai-Tri Method session conducted by Preeti Duggalji during the peak days of the Covid 19 pandemic in July 2020. During that session, I experienced a bright light energy fly away from my Swadhishtana Chakra level. Though I was not sure about the effects of this, overall, I felt so pleasant after that. I hope a sort of inner cleansing must have taken place because of this Mai-Tri. I express my gratitude to Mohanji and Preetiji for this beautiful experience.

Participation in Seva Activities

With Mohanji’s blessings, I could participate in a few seva activities also. The first seva activity I participated in was at Kurnool during the Ugadi Seva in 2017 – an annual offering of seva activity for the Shiva bhaktas going to visit Sri Sailam Shiva Temple. It was an eight-day-night service camp, including oil massaging of Shiva bhaktas’ feet, serving food/drinking water, medical treatment, resting place for the bhaktas etc. Masters – Nadananda Guruji and Mohanji were enormously pouring their blessings on the Shiva bhaktas and gave the energy to the seva volunteers who were involved in seva activities throughout day and night. The vibrations from Shiva Mantra chanting by both, Shiva bhaktas and the seva volunteers bound them together as one entity, as both surrendered fully at the feet of Lord Shiva. Thus the seva would become above all doership and ownership barriers. It transforms from mere performing karma to a divine state of oneness. Everything felt fully dissolved in Shiva Tattwa. 

With Mohanji’s blessings in 2019, I could participate in the ‘Sabarimala Ayyappa bhakta pada seva camp also. This service was specially meant for those Ayyappa bhaktas going to the Sabarimala pilgrimage by walking more than 60 km through dense forest. Here our seva activity was oil massage of Ayyappa bhakta’s feet.

Conscious Walking and Consciousness Kriya

Before applying for Consciousness Kriya training, I used to practise Conscious Walking alone. I would start the walk around our apartment premises early at 5.30 am. The walking path was almost three fourth of a kilometre around the apartment block. I used to walk about eight rounds, enjoying the nature and strengthening my connection within. 

And after a wait of almost six years, I was blessed to enrol into the Consciousness Kriya practice. I had applied online for the CK training programme. On 12th December 2020, I underwent the CK training programme online and have been practicing consistently since then.

To conclude, all these techniques and practices helped me immensely. Slowly this ‘self-awareness’ started to give different colours to my habits and my overall outlook towards the world. I am so impressed with Mohanji’s teachings of “how to get relief from anger and disappointment”. He explains that we need to accept everything and everybody the way they are, not change them according to our requirements. This also enabled me to get rid of my unnecessary worries and fears!

I am unable to claim any specific spiritual transformation within me during this period. However, I am sure of one fact without a doubt that I am a bundle of so many karmic residues which are difficult to break or dissolve. I do not have any detail of the same. Only one thing I know is I badly need the help of the Master. Since the Master can understand everything within in no time, only the Master can help me out in this matter. I hope he has already started some work on me by hammering, hitting, pulling and pushing over and over again, as the rigidity is so strong in order to mould me to a different shape.  

I hope many more experiments and testing periods are on the way. 

Without wasting any more time or doubting his power and disrespecting the Grace of the Master, I humbly surrender fully at the feet of my Master Mohanji.

I’m truly blessed for having so many experiences during my journey as a seeker. My humble and ultimate prayer to Mohanji is to guide me towards the path of Eternal Liberation kindly. I express my humble gratitude and pranaam to Mohanji and prostrating at his feet.

Awareness through Service

by Chitra Aylam

Kerala was hit by floods in 2018, six months after I first met Mohanji. I had known only very few followers of Mohanji by then. When I saw people in panic, I quickly called my immediate family members and discussed what to do on our part. Seeing my fellow beings in such a plight and keeping quiet was not possible for me. At the same time, I sent an email to the volunteer team by searching on the website for activities initiated to assist the people in Kerala but didn’t get any reply. So, after two days, I messaged Sri Devadas, who promised to let me know. Within one or two weeks, I started buying, sorting, packing, distributing, attending to many calls through WhatsApp, messenger etc., which was almost a 20-hour work. 

But, when I saw people didn’t even have enough clothing and were waiting for some organizations to bring them food and water, I understood that Mohanji initiated every work I was doing for a good purpose. Each time I stepped out of the house to buy for the service, I would find many others offering the same stuff without being asked, guided by the Masters to reach out to the right persons. I understood that in the absence of ego, the Guru works through us; the only thing that matters is faith in the Master.

Now, during this pandemic, Kerala is more strict compared to other states, and it is difficult to hand over stuff to patients, inmates of any orphanages or the deprived directly. But, recently, when I went to the palliative care (hospice), two hours away from my house, I found that someone whom I have not met yet but connected with the hospice (where so many inmates are waiting for their last call) had arranged with the Director for my visit to those patients. I could see the leela of Mohanji here too. Significant learning is – Mohanji does all the work, and I am just an instrument for him to work through.

Daily at home, birds come for food and water because all the hotels nearby are closed during this period. For me, every sharing gave me an insight into where I stand now and allows me to be grateful for whatever I have with me. Sharing is caring. When I see the beautiful smile on the receiver’s face, a pleasant feeling of contentment fills my heart. I get benefitted when I feed my fellow beings, whether human, animals, plants, birds or fishes. So many people have lost their jobs or salary has been cut. So, only through kind words we can change the depressed states of many. 

I bow down in gratitude to dear Mohanji and Ammucare Charitable Trust for raising my awareness level regarding ‘Daan’ (giving). 


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 8th April 2021


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 13

Day 13 lesson – Blessings from Sathya Sai Baba

By Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday when I went to speak with Mohanji about the Invest in Awareness program I had conducted that day, he told me that Devi Amma talked to him to say that something very, very important had happened. Devi Amma is the saint/Siddha who gave Mohanji the title of Vishvamitra (Friend of the Universe). 

Devi Amma was conducting a full-fledged honour to Sathya Sai Baba for his birthday on Monday, 23rd November, and he appeared personally to receive the offering. There were only her niece, nephew and two German people with her.

He (Baba) spoke to her and told her that he was really proud of the work that Mohanji was doing in the world and how he is doing it. He (Mohanji) has his full support. She could then see Mohanji in a subtle form bowing to Baba. Baba blessed Mohanji and showered him with flowers. 

It was very important for Mohanji and all of us in the Foundation/platforms. We are often unaware of the support, the grace, and the backing that Mohanji, the platforms and all its people have from the Tradition.

Good morning, everybody. I hope you had a great day yesterday. 

For me, yesterday was really busy. And as sometimes can happen, it was also busy for Mohanji. So we didn’t really speak too much. Some days are like that because I don’t want to disturb him and there’s plenty of things to be doing. 

But in the evening, I had some updates to share. I had conducted a program for Invest in Awareness, which I mentioned yesterday. It went really well, and I wanted to share how it went – who attended, any feedback, this type of thing. When I spoke to him, he told me that a very important thing had happened yesterday and he relayed this story. He said that Devi Amma had been trying desperately to reach him. His phone was being unavailable, so she eventually connected to Rajesh. For those that don’t know Devi Amma, she’s an established saint. Mohanji says she’s a living Siddha who’s deeply connected to Sage Agastya and other Masters. And it’s she who actually shared that Mohanji is a great Master who has been sent here to spread unconditional love, both on Earth and beyond – Vishvamitra, or friend of the Universe. 

So Mohanji told me the story – that Devi Amma had called, and he said that he would take the call from his room. She told him something very, very important happened yesterday. And this was on Sathya Sai Baba’s 95th birthday on 23rd November. She was performing a full-fledged honour to him, and he actually appeared. She was with her niece and nephew, and also two German people were there. But other than that, there was nobody else with them. 

Sai Baba came, and Baba actually accepted the offerings from her. He said: “By the way, I’m really proud of Mohanji. I really like his work and the way he does it, and I’m fully supporting him.” And she said she could then see Mohanji in subtle form, bowing down to him. Then Baba touched Mohanji’s head and blessed him, and put a lot of flowers over him. He basically endorsed the activity – our activity, the Mohanji Foundation’s activity. 

This was really big for Mohanji and the whole platform because it’s endorsed then by Satya Sai Baba. And he said these kinds of things are what keep us moving because it’s not easy to walk against such negativities and obstacles. People might not understand that’s the support that all this has behind it. Those who matter, like Sage Agastya, have told Devi Amma numerous times that he’s really proud of the way that Mohanji works. And it’s because Mohanji doesn’t take nonsense, he’s full-action. 

Devi Amma also said that Sai Baba had told her to say this. And she was very, very proud. 

Now, obviously, I’m somewhat naive, and so I asked, “What do you mean he physically appeared – like in front of her, like as you’re sitting in front of me now?” And he told me, “No, no, it’s in an energy form, the same way that other people around the world feel Mohanji’s presence from time to time. And it’s the subtlest visible as the gross can perceive”. So Devi Amma probably could see a lot, but the Germans might not have been able to see, but they would have felt the presence. And apparently, he spoke a lot about Mohanji. And that’s why Devi Amma really wanted to connect, to tell Mohanji about this. 

And so for Mohanji as well, he was saying that he really appreciates it coming from Devi Amma because when all of the people were talking bad things about him, she was the one that supported him. And she said that’s because it was her duty.

He shared as well something of the time before (I think 2014) when Mohanji suffered a really big attack, and many people were out to tarnish his image. And he asked Devi Amma, “Why is all this happening? Is there something I’m doing wrong?” And it was really, quite a difficult situation. And although he’d never spoken to Agastya before, he really wanted to this time because he was disturbed. And he told her that a group of people had turned against him, cut off his money, spoke tremendously bad things, and his partner took away the company. Mohanji just wanted to know if there was something wrong he was doing and if there was, then what lesson he should learn. 

So at that time (2014), she had a discussion with Sage Agastya, and the next day, she and Mohanji met. She relayed what Agastya had said, saying: “I’m really proud of Mohanji; he is my son. Why this is happening is because I have to remove certain things from him. People are not letting him grow. They’re not letting him do his job or progress. And he has a big job to do on Earth. And some of these people are very small-minded, and they’re not allowing him to take steps forward”. So he (Agastya) had to take them off his path. 

And when she asked what lessons he should learn, Agastya said, “No lessons for him. He came accomplished in this life, and he has nothing to learn in this life. He only has to reveal, and he will reveal at his time”. And then he said, “They have to learn, the people with him (including us), because he is sent by us to bring people back to the Satya Yuga, to raise their awareness sufficiently to enter into that Satya Yuga frequency. So they have to learn, not him. And if they can’t handle him, it’s not his problem. It’s their problem”. 

So there was the answer. And I can see a big resemblance to Mohanji there in style. And if Mohanji is the son of Agastya, then – like father, like son – no beating around the bush, straight to the point. 

That’s the story from yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy the day ahead. Speak to you soon.


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