Meditation Experience

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Bliss of Silence meditation – part 1

As usual, before the start of the session, there was an open discussion and thereafter an explanation on Mohanji’s quote on, “Truth as it is”. I could not understand much about the various points discussed like time, space, measuring tape, shapelessness, mindlessness etc. Maybe due to my lack of proficiency/fluency in English, I preferred to keep quiet.

Meditation Experience, Power of Purity Meditation, truth

Transformations through group meditations – Part 2

The idea to organise an intense global sadhana for 41 days was conceived in a dream of one of our Mohanji Acharyas. In the dream, Mohanji had informed her to organise the sadhana. It was complete with instructions on how to do it, to the extent of what is to be written. He said that when the Power of Purity Meditation is practised every day for 41 days in a group, a powerful golden grid is created around the Universe, which helps us flow into space to connect to the loving and healing energies instantly.

Meditation Experience, transformation experience

Blossoms of Love

The mind is a monkey. It has to jump in and share its opinion on this glimpse of the state of pure love. So, my next thought was – if I live like this, with a wide-open heart, the world will dry my heart into pieces easily. So, how do I protect it? How do I live with an open heart and at the same time keep it protected?

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