A journey from gross to subtle

by Madhuri Araligidad, India

Much anticipated call from Mohanji

It has been two years and a couple of months since I got connected to Mohanji, or rather the advent of my sat-guru Mohanji in my life. There has been a huge transformation in my spiritual evolution and awareness level then and now. Transformation is visible in my constitution.

On May 10, 2021 (on the birthday of Shri Yukteswar Giri), Mohanji’s consciousness opened a big door for me by connecting me to a clairvoyant, a wonderful channel of Mahavatar Babaji. Since then, my family members, close relatives, and I started taking guidance from Babaji for our material and spiritual quest. Babaji told me to hold on to my guru Mohanji and to be consistent with my sadhana. That is how my daily practice of Power of Purity meditation started.

One day while sitting for POP meditation, I slipped into deep silence. The state was so deep without a single thought, and time felt totally still. Suddenly, a string of energy touched my consciousness and revealed a message. It goes like this: “Emotional state… Threatening thoughts”.

After this message, I slowly started gaining body consciousness and understood that it was the energy of Paramhamsa Yogananda Baba himself. In hindsight, I got the answer for my unnecessary mental malaise, which had been bothering me for the past few days. I honestly got elated and also a bit surprised over the fact that no-mind state can fetch the divinity itself. When I got to talk to Mohanji over the phone, Mohanji confirmed that it was Yogananda Baba’s message. After taking guidance from Babaji and following the master’s instructions sincerely, we could witness the grace factor flowing, and many pending issues started resolving.

On February 20, 2022, I got the wonderful opportunity to talk to Mohanji in the morning around 8 AM via phone. Until then, I had only met Mohanji in the dream state or astral meets. When I listened to Mohanji’s voice at the other end, I got exhilarated and uttered, “Mohanji… Mohanji… Mohanji…!”. He lovingly said, “Yes..Yes!”. Without further ado, I narrated all my astral encounters with Mohanji, and he confirmed all of them and said, “Yes, I did ! That is how I communicate”.

One time while I was watching Mohanji’s satsang video, at some point, I saw an exquisite flash of purple-coloured light from Mohanji’s right palm. I could not believe my eyes. While talking to Mohanji, I also asked for confirmation, and he said, “That is a state!” and confirmed that experience. Mohanji also showered many blessings on me and said, “I am with you, Madhuri!”.

Meanwhile, I also handed the call to my brother; he also got lots of blessings. Then it was my mother’s turn; she got exhilarated and saturated in Mohanji’s blessings. Mohanji told her, “Main baccho ke saath hamesha rehta hu aur rahoonga !” (I am and will always be with your children!). My brother and I asked Mohanji to keep us intact on the path as the energies of Maya (grand illusion) are dense. Mohanji blessed us by saying, “Tathastu..Tathastu..Tathastu!”. Mohanji also asked us to visit the Kukke Subramanya temple.

Let me back up a bit: A couple of weeks ago, as I was eagerly waiting for this much-anticipated call, Mohanji astrally called me (in a dream state) and told me that he would indeed talk to me. On February 23, it was Mohanji’s birthday, and we saw the entire live program on youtube. This time my connection felt even deeper as I had talked to him just a couple of days ago.

Now, after hanging up the call, it was time for us to think over the Kukke visit and follow the master’s words ASAP. We discussed all this with our father. He immediately agreed, and on March 3 this year, all 4 of us set off to Kukke Subramanya temple. The rituals went very well, and we also visited Dharmasthala Manjunatha Swamy temple, a powerful 800-year-old lord Shiva temple, en route to our return journey.

Both the powerful temples are situated in the lush green, serene western ghats. One can literally feel the high vibes after stepping into these temple premises. Even priests were extremely dedicated to the service of the Lord and did all the rituals sincerely for each devotee. We also partook of the delicious prasad in both temples.

As I was basking in the serene vibes of dense forest in the vehicle on the return journey, my attention went up to the sky. I could clearly see the hollow outline formed by clouds, and it was unmistakably Lord Shiva’s form that appeared in the sky. It was huge and beautiful, and there for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, I could not capture it on my phone. It must have surely been the blessings of Mohanji.

We were almost halfway through the journey, and suddenly my brother started throwing up heavily. It was truly disconcerting to see him in such a state. He kept taking Mohanji’s name mentally. We attributed it to changes in food, journey, summer condition etc. After a couple of minutes, a strong message hit my mind. It said, “It will happen two more times”. By not paying much heed, I immediately brushed it aside. To our surprise, the same thing happened with my brother intermittently. He threw up. He looked feeble after heavy throw-ups, that too at midnight. We reached home safely around 4 AM and breathed a sigh of relief after a tiring yet beautiful journey.

I slept around 4:30 AM. I went into a deep slumber after a few minutes. There I met Mohanji astrally. Mohanji was happy with our pilgrimage and said, “When some negative stuff is being removed, such things will happen”, alluding to my brother’s throw-ups. Mohanji also manifested a heap of Udi; I took a pinch of it and applied it to my forehead. When I turned around to talk to him very excitedly, Mohanji disappeared into thin air. Upset that the astral meeting was over, I opened my eyes. I narrated this entire incident to my mother and brother; he was very happy and thanked Mohanji profusely.

My communion with Mahavatar Babaji

As my connection with Mohanji started stabilizing, Mohanji began to open new doors for me by making me recognize the presence of other powerful masters walking this planet earth and tirelessly working to uplift human consciousness. I want to name those masters with deep respect and with sincere gratitude. They are Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, Pujyasri Athmanandamayi Mataji, and Brahmarishi Pitamaha Patriji. I voraciously watched their videos as my intellect was craving spiritual knowledge. My awareness level has skyrocketed since then; all these masters came into my dreams along with Mohanji and gave messages. Patriji vacated his body on July 24 2022; his wisdom truly lasts for eternity.

I still remember how Mohanji met me astrally and prepared me when Brahmarishi Patriji was vacating his body. It so happened that, on Sunday, July 24, I went into deep slumber around 3 PM after meditation. I met Mohanji astrally and communicated with him through deep silence, looking into his eyes and vice versa. Little did I know that I was about to hear unfortunate news the very next day. On July 25, on Youtube, I stumbled upon a video. A live stream was going on, “Mahasamadhi of Patriji”. I was totally shattered that day; I felt a great void in my heart. Mohanji says, “Masters’ physical presence on planet earth itself is a huge grace and blessing. One should not take it lightly.”

In September this year, my brother got the wonderful opportunity to meet Mohanji in person at his Bangalore residence for the first time. The meeting went extremely well! Mohani gifted the “Miraculous Days with Mohanji” book. He gave us four blessed cards, one Udi packet and his beautiful blessed photo and asked my brother to hang it on the wall facing east.

Power to discern, power to let go, power to detach, all these qualities are being enhanced because of consistent sadhana and connection with Mohanji. I can connect to myself more and more, and at deeper levels, I bask in the beauty of silence. A murky mind can never fetch the subtle beauty of life. The journey is highly individualistic; we are truly more than our physical bodies. Once we shed our physical body, the spirit still continues its journey in astral realms. Loving oneself against all odds is the key.

The learnings for me are: good vibes, peace, a clear mind, and lightheartedness are the essential ingredients for a healthy, happy and successful life. The surrounding vibes are only sometimes conducive to practising productivity. The energies pulled me down, and I also succumbed to such energies. At this time, one quotation from Mohanji comes to my mind, “Life does not come tailor-made”. This keeps me going, and also grace has always protected me.

I would like to end this writing with a quote close to my heart, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”. What an Avatar our beloved guru Mohanji is!


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Gratefully yours

By Maja O, Ecuador

Dear Ones, this is a humble attempt to recollect some moments on my journey with Mohanji as an expression of gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. As I am reluctant to write, I dare do so only because I was propelled to do it during my meditation. I surrender it fully to my Gurudeva Mohanji’s lotus feet.

I met Mohanji in 2010, on his first visit to Belgrade. I was invited to meet him by a dear cousin of mine whom I respected deeply. The reunion was held at Toma’s place, and a small group of people gathered and listened to the satsang. During the discourse, my ego kept judging Mohanji’s words as if testing him based on my previous spiritual experiences that I considered significant. My final verdict was that this man speaks the truth and has experienced it. But it was only from the mind/intellect level that I approached Mohanji, as the ego did not allow a deeper connection.

A couple of days later, we had a big satsang with Mohanji, to which he came directly from his wedding in a different city in Serbia. (To be honest, I don’t quite remember clearly whether this particular experience happened in this event, but it did happen, and I relate it to this occasion, though in full honesty, my memory is not clear, and it might have happened later on.)

In any case, even before knowing that Mohanji had arrived at the venue, in my heart, I felt bright light emanating in joy upon feeling Mohanji’s presence. It was screaming with overwhelming happiness: “Finally!” I was taken by surprise when I looked at my chest and asked: “Ok, I seem to be very happy to meet him. But who are you, and where have you been hiding so far?” My soul was silent. It cared not for my mind’s chattering.

Before Mohanji left Serbia on his first visit, I made a mental request to him. We were lined up to receive Shaktipat, and when it was my turn, I looked at him and asked him in my mind to resolve my current situation. Back then, I was struggling a lot to get a job, and I had a lot of family and health issues. For years I was trying to find any job abroad, that I thought would be the solution, and even though I kept knocking on many doors, they remained closed.

Needless to say, he delivered even more than what I had asked for. Some four months later, I was in Mexico, on the Caribbean, selling diamonds. I did not have to chase this opportunity; it landed effortlessly in my lap. This experience not only helped me regain my strength and confidence, but it was also the beginning of my living abroad.

Living abroad also meant not being able to see Mohanji often. However, whether I was aware of it or not, he has always been with me. Our connection is also reflected in the lives of my family members, and I will briefly relate the two most important events. When my mother was about to pass away, Swamiji Bhaktananda kindly accepted to do a Mai-Tri for her.

Through him, I found out that Mohanji was with my mom at the moment of transiting. With his grace and her good deeds, she was able to attain liberation from the birth-death cycle, that she would no longer be reincarnated on Earth. Her soul had moved to higher realms as she continued her journey to complete dissolution. I had a close relationship with my mother, and after hearing Swamiji’s words, I could not hold back the tears of deepest gratitude overflowing from me.

Every time I think of it, I have tears of joy. It was as if Mohanji fulfilled one of my biggest wishes, and whenever he reminds us to think of what we should be grateful for in our lives – I think of this. Even as I write this now, my heart wants to explode as tears roll down in gratitude and joy.

Another event is related to my father’s car accident. He was in his 70s and was driving really slowly on a very fast inter-city road. Another car at full speed hit him from behind, and as he flew up in the air, the car turned and landed on the ground upside down. The old, small Peugeot was completely demolished. My dad had just a small scratch on his leg. He was completely fine, other than being in shock. He was fully aware that it was divine grace that had saved him, as it is a complete miracle to walk out unhurt from such an accident.

It was clear to me that it was Mohanji’s divine hand that was holding my father as he was flying in the air. I also knew that it would be hard for my family to accept and believe in it. This reminds me of how little I personally am aware of the things Mohanji does for me every day, even beyond this time and space. 

I’d also like to write about a challenging period when I was about to see Mohanji and attend his programs after five years of not being in his physical presence. The first hit ended up at a very low frequency where my body was in pain, my ego was hurt, and my mind was blaming Mohanji for it. I was even considering cancelling my participation. But luckily, as soon as my mind and ego rebelled, I asked myself how do I really feel about it. My soul saved me by giving me a message that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t go. It was the only answer that mattered, and I proceeded with my plans ignoring all the nagging of my mind in the background.

Once in Serbia, I was unpleasantly surprised. Certain friends of mine who used to be deeply connected with Mohanji since day one were no longer with him and were telling me untrue stories about him. I was not expecting this. Their words confused me, as I could clearly see that they believed in their own stories, and yet I was unable to come to terms with their words and who Mohanji really was through my interaction with him.

I feel gratitude for the blessing that came through a new friend whose one simple sentence cleared the sky and made room for me to breathe the fresh air of truth again. Upon asking Mohanji about it, mainly about how could it be that these people truly believed the negative things they were saying, which was untrue, he simply said that we all have our weaknesses and should be alert and aware.

I feel love for these people, and I did not feel anything negative towards them. I just see them confused and am praying they will be blessed with more clarity and that they will come out of it with the least possible karma for them. And in this context, it is useful to remember how Mohanji always reminds us to trust our own experiences and not the opinions of others.

So finally, I was able to reach the retreats and face Mohanji’s constant poking. I was not the least upset because of it, as I was aware that Mohanji is pure love, but the truth was that I had come with some resistance. By the end of the retreats, he cleared this completely and placed deep devotion in my heart. What surprised me about the programs was how different they were from past ones. Before, he used to be physically present with us almost all the time, and we would go through constant experience sharing together.

Nowadays, he makes us connect more to his consciousness so that we are not attached to his physical body. Another difference I noticed was the clear increase of power that was emanating from him. My impression was that it had to do with the ceremony of bestowing the Brahmarishi title to Mohanji when Avadhoota Nadananda transferred his spiritual powers onto Mohanji. The great Masters were showering him with blessings even without him asking for it.

Before, we received Shaktipat every so often at the programs (or at least that was my impression). But this time, we had to wait till the end of the retreat. I remember the guy on the bus sitting next to me, enthusiastic about it as we reached the tunnels Ravne in Bosnian Pyramids: “Wow, it’s coming! We gonna receive it! Finally! Shaktipat!” I have to admit I couldn’t help thinking: “Why is he getting so excited about it; what’s the big deal?” But I did not say anything to my fellow friend.

However, once the Shaktipat commenced, literally a volcano started erupting from within me, and it wouldn’t stop. Only Mohanji knows what got burned in that sacred fire of Shaktipat. And it was yet another reminder for me to not be so easily judgmental and to respect deeply every aspect of the Tradition as my understanding of it is so small and limited. 

One of the deepest transformative experiences I went through, thanks to Mohanji, was the Mai-Tri process and the Empowered program. It was through the Empowered program that Mohanji gave me stability, as well as the awareness through which states of fearlessness, silence and stillness, and thoughtlessness were made possible. It was as if he poured on us the blessings and grace needed for reaching our true selves, and all we had to do was follow his guidelines with dedication and merge into the consciousness so readily waiting for us.

Experiences of these states were important for me when working with Mai-Tri practitioners, as they assured deeper connection and surrender. I have gained much clarity, and so much of karma has been cleansed through the amazing practice of Mai-Tri given to us by Mohanji. I’d like to thank all of the practitioners who have worked with me. I am especially greatly thankful to the Mai-Tri practitioner from the USA, whose faith and full surrender to Mohanji have made this practice a completely transformative experience. Thanks to her, I have been given clarity on how much I have taken things for granted in my life and how high my expectations were instead of focusing on the blessings present here and now.

It is thanks to Mohanji that I can eat the most delicious food of grand variety, live in a house made of natural materials in the nature that I wished for, and have the opportunity to serve, which brings joy and meaning to my life, as it also cleanses my karma, have friends who are my true soulmates, and learn daily from the people and situations in my life.

I used to think that I was not receiving enough because I could not afford to go to the retreats and pilgrimages. I was shown that I have exactly what I need for my spiritual growth here and now. I’ll give just one simple example. The Mai-Tri practitioner explained to me the attitude that I lack and need to develop in this lifetime, which would bring an important transformation in me. The very next day, I received a voice message from one of my best friends, who is the epitome of these qualities. She wholeheartedly expressed all those previously mentioned by the practitioner.

My Guru was right there in front of me, and it was not by mere chance that we call each other soul-sisters and that we regularly thank each other for all the valuable lessons. And all the people of the place where I live have also taught me and have changed me, of which I now have more understanding and appreciation. In short, Mohanji has provided the perfect conditions that were needed for my particular spiritual growth. Gratitude opens us up for receiving the grace which is definitely flowing to us in abundance. We just need to put the right glasses on (or remove the glasses of the mind) to see things properly.

This was just one aspect of what the connection with Mohanji can bring. A deeper one is found through silence. There’s much more, and this text does not do justice to all that I have received from Mohanji and the Tradition, but I wrote only about what came to me now. Mohanji urges us to share experiences for our own sake and for the possibility of inspiring others. So I thank you all who have read this, and I surrender it fully to my dearest Mohanji’s feet, to whom I owe everything. Eternally grateful for all the love and light you have blessed me with, Mohanji.


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Deep desire fulfilled

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I have been Sai Baba’s devotee for a good 21 years. My journey with Sai Baba started from Sathya Sai Baba. I was very young at that time and didn’t understand what the Tradition had blessed me with. Although I was with a living Master, I didn’t put that much effort into my relationship with my Master. Before I understood Baba’s stature, he left his mortal coil. 

With Mohanji in my life, I felt it was a second chance given to me. People used to travel from far places to see Sathya Sai Baba. While I was in India at that time, I didn’t put in the effort to go and see him. I did not understand why living Masters are so important. 

One day, sitting in my temple, I talked to Mohanji, and I said to him, “Mohanji, when you come to Canada, please come to our house and stay with us. I know you always say that there should be no expectations from Guru. This is my desire, but I am happy with whatever you decide. I have wasted the opportunity with Sathya Sai Baba, and I want to use this chance given to me with you to learn and grow.” 

After this conversation with him in the morning, I received a call from Sanjay bhaiya in the afternoon stating that he feels I should have Mohanji’s Padukas! Mohanji partially fulfilled my desire that day itself. Having Mohanji’s Padukas means having Mohanji in our house, living with us.

In August 2021, Mohanji came into my dream, and it seemed like he was in Canada while I, along with a few other people, were talking to him. All of a sudden, Mohanji said, “Let’s go to the Conestoga mall!” I replied, “Mohanji, I’m not sure if they’re open right now because the timings after Covid have become really short.” My dream ended there.

When I woke up, I realized the significance of the words “Conestoga mall” was to tell me that he is in the same city where I live. At that moment, I still hadn’t caught the real meaning. I thought he was telling me that he would come to Canada soon. Time passed, and finally, in March 2022, Mohanji came to Canada. I couldn’t even imagine that he would come to our home as the trip to Canada was very short. Yet, he proved me wrong by letting me know that he would come to our house. I was again in tears of gratitude and thanked Mohanji for his kindness. 

Mohanji had to go to British Columbia (B.C.) for a few days, so Mahesh bhai said that he was not sure when Mohanji would be able to come but perhaps, on 23rd March. I have a habit of asking Baba’s answers through little chits. Just to know when Mohanji was going to come, I made a few chits and placed them at Baba’s feet. The answer was 29th March. I did all the preparation for 23rd March but told my husband that Mohanji would not come that day. He will definitely come on the 29th. Later that day, Mahesh bhai explained how coming that day would not be possible and it would materialize only after Mohanji came back from B.C.

As I needed to arrange a day off from work, I asked Mahesh bhai when he thought Mohanji’s visit would be feasible. Mahesh bhai said he is not yet sure as Mohanji was unwell. I replied to him by asking him to convey to Mohanji not to worry about coming to our place as his health is more important, and I am very happy and content; he has already showered immense love on me.  

Mahesh bhai and I agreed that Mohanji would not come to our house. In the afternoon, Mahesh bhai called and said, Mohanji did not agree to it. He says I will go to her house; I will keep my promise; she has been praying for this for so long! So, the visit materialized on 29th March, just a day before Mohanji went to the USA. Although the visit was short, he fulfilled all my wishes and gave me immense contentment! I can never pay the debt of his infinite love.

Thank you, my Mohanji, for everything! Thank you for holding all your children so close to you! Koti koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Acceptance through dreams

I got connected with Mohanji in mid-2020, but I still had my tests through situations and dreams. Finally, I got accepted. I remember it was 20th June 2021 when I had an early morning dream. In that dream, I saw myself along with my younger daughter at a beach-like place. There was sand and water, along with some curtains with flowers in an open space. The wind was also blowing. It felt as if it was some kind of retreat, a dream of some sort of a festival. I saw Mohanji, and he allowed me to touch his feet. At the festival, I also saw Preethi Gopalarathnam (Mohanji Acharya from India). 

The dream ended here. I didn’t catch the significance. The same day, I came across a blog in which it was mentioned that touching Mohanji’s feet is a sign of his blessing and grace. At this point, there was no announcement of any festival. On 23rd July, a festival happened, to be precise, it was the “Festival of Consciousness.” It happened within 15 days of my dream, and guess what? Preethi had also travelled from India to Europe to attend the festival. Mohanji showed me this place to confirm that the dream was not just a dream but the truth. 

Thank you, Mohanji, for accepting me as your child. I will always be very, very grateful to you for your love, kindness, and compassion for all your children. You leave none longing for your love! Koti, koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Festival of Consciousness 2022 – Coming soon!


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Guru’s embrace

By Turinski Branislava, Serbia

Translation: Maja Otovic

I read in one text that Mohanji is the Guru who finds us. I have to say that he found me long before I found myself, long before I knew who he was or that he even existed. I think it was the year 2015. A friend of mine shared a friend’s post on her Facebook page.

The picture showed a man in white attire, surrounded by many women and a few men. They seemed to be on some path in a forest (later, when I was there in 2020, I remembered that picture, and I knew it was Park Ravne 2 in Visoko, Bosnia). My thoughts ran fast: “Who does he think he is? Pretending to be Jesus, wearing a white robe, and everybody acting as if they’re under a spell.” When I wanted to see the same post a couple of days later on my friend’s profile, it was no longer there. Now I believe that it was not there for my eyes only.

About a month passed, and the same friend shared a post from her friend’s profile: “It is a blessing to have the eye card.” I remember my thoughts and reaction: “What they won’t think of just to fool people and make money off them!” Of course, nowhere did it say that the card was on sale, but only that it was a blessing to have one; however, my mind started racing. Needless to say, a couple of days later, I could not find this post on my friend’s profile.

And then, I think it was at some point in 2017 I read that the Guru was coming to my town. I let my imagination run wild, picturing him decorated like a Christmas tree. Why so, I do not know. Maybe because I had identified him with actors adorned with gold that I watched in Indian shows, the play of the mind was then endless…

I told my now ex-husband that I wanted to go and see what a Guru looks like, so that I could tell others that I had seen a living Guru because the ones I had heard of until then had already transcended from the physical body into another realm. “Are you nuts? They’ll drug you, sell you into slavery, take your organs. That’s a dangerous cult.” I blocked the person whose Facebook posts my friend shared on her wall in panic.

Then life’s path took me to a crossroads…

I put on heavy shoes and dressed in self-accusation, hatred, pain, jealousy, envy, and all negative emotions and thoughts that were coming my way because I myself chose to be filled with them. The reason was a divorce, for which I now feel very grateful, but back then, I’d been able to see only pain and hatred. Another door opened for me. In those days of temptation, my path turned orange. I joined the ACT Serbia Foundation. My heart got to know the power of serving and unconditional love.

A few months later, on 22 February 2020, we had an activity. The person who had posted about the man in white attire, the eye card, the Guru’s visit, the one whom I had blocked on Facebook, invited me to the Happy Center. “Let’s have a coffee together and walk through the labyrinth.” In that post, I remembered it said: “Guru’s visit and walk through the labyrinth”. I was curious. In my mind, they were labyrinths of high green fences. There was also a fear: “What if she pours something in my coffee… but I am not going alone; there will be a total of seven volunteers. But what if…”

However, my curiosity was stronger than my fear.

If you could only see the look of disappointment on my face. With too many expectations and excitement, disappointment was inevitable. There were just some piled rocks instead of a labyrinth of high green fences. Only when I crossed all 108 blocks and reached the center, did I feel the energy flowing through my legs, then up my spine, towards the head. For the first time, I was drunk with such high energy, as if I was levitating, as if I was not walking; I heard a call from a distance for all of us to enter the Happy Center. Thoughts started racing. Thoughts of fear…what if… white slavery, organ trafficking, cult…

Curiosity won over fear again. Later, I felt grateful for the curiosity and my victory over, as now I can clearly say, unnecessary fear. I was embraced by that beautiful energy, covered in the smell of frankincense, white sage, and incense. Amazed, I sat on a pillow and closed my eyes. When I opened them, my eyes wandered toward Mohanji’s picture. “Where can I buy this picture? Out of all his pictures I see here, this one is the most beautiful.”

“You can buy them all in Novi Sad or Belgrade, but not this one. This one is received, that is, the Mai-Tri practitioners receive it.” “That is the most beautiful picture. Those eyes of his…” The next thing I remember was a call into Mohanji’s eyes. I was at the foot of some mountain. Mohanji and somebody else were on its top. They were telling me something, but I could not remember what. I know that I felt good and that I was at peace. When I came back to my body, I heard the other volunteers talking, but I could barely say: “I was called into his eyes. I was at the foot of some mountain. He and another person were telling me something.” 

I did not feel comfortable saying the name Mohanji; instead, I said he as I shared my experience. After listening to me, “Welcome”, said Maya, the seemingly physically fragile woman who embraced me with such power, tenderness and warmth. Where was I being welcomed to? Did I set off somewhere in order to arrive? All of the present volunteers had warm smiles on their faces, and I did not understand a thing. Well, I was not asking to go somewhere. I’d just had the urge to look at those eyes in the picture; it was not done with a purpose.

As dawn was approaching, one of the ladies said, “Let’s have a picture. First, I’ll take a picture of you, and then you can take a picture of me.” I published the picture on my Facebook profile. Above the picture, there were nine hearts. At first, I did not get it that I put two extra hearts, as we were only seven volunteers in total. I was about to erase two of them when I received the first mental message from Mohanji: “The two of us are also there; don’t erase those two hearts. Me and Baba are there.” “Who am I talking to? Who are you? What “Baba” are you talking about? (translator’s note: “Baba” means “granny” in Serbian) These are all younger women. There are no grannies here.”

“Me, Mohanji, and Sai Baba are there.” “Maya, I am talking to someone! He says he is Mohanji and that there is some Baba (granny) there. I am telling him there are no grannies here, but only younger women.” “This is Sai Baba”, Maya said, pointing towards the altar. I was ashamed of my ignorance, but I took it as a sign that I was ready for new teachings. Later, through meditations, dreams, and Reiki treatments, I received messages from Mohanji that I lived with full acceptance. For example, right after sending my first experience sharing, I got a message that it should not be published. I could not understand why I was told not to publish it back then, but I obeyed and stopped the first publishing. Now, it is time to publish this text.

After that day – 20 February 2020, my connection with the Master started becoming stronger day by day. I got answers from him in various ways, through Facebook posts on Mohanji Official page, video recordings, and texts from his book The Power of Purity. Through connecting to him, I received the answers to my unexpressed questions. That was a true blessing.

My true wish was to get a hug from Mohanji. In Divcibare, on 20 May 2021, my wish came true. I physically met the Master, and I felt blissful in his embrace. The peace and unconditional love that I received that day filled my soul. Initiation into Kriya and the first Shaktipat… one by one, the lights in my chest began glowing. I got closer to the light so that I could shine brighter, more today than yesterday and even more so tomorrow. It all continued from the retreat at the Bosnian Pyramids.

That strong pillar of light that illuminated me during the meditation intensified the light in my heart. I had a feeling that I was filled with light. It was within me and around me. In such moments, one should express gratitude for all the grace. As the retreat drew to a close, for some reason, I had a dispute with the organizers because I wanted to attend the satsang on 14 June 2021. As usual, and for my highest good, I got a message in my sleep: “All that you need, you have and will receive through Shaktipat. I will give, and you will take as much as you can; you won’t take any more tomorrow rather than today. Give your spot to somebody who needs it more.”

In the morning, even though I had paid for a suite just to spend one more day in the Master’s aura, I made a decision to do as the message said. On my Viber, I got a call from a dear friend: “It all happened as you said. The flight to Abu Dhabi has been cancelled. I am in Belgrade, getting back to Visoko. I’m worried I won’t be able to attend the satsang as I did not register. Whom should I talk to?” “Just come. I’m not going, so you can take my spot; you need it more. Say that you will attend the satsang instead of me.” “Thank you. Thank you so much,” my friend was overjoyed. “Thank you, Mohanji,” I thought. And that’s how the message came true. Somebody needed it more, and she went instead of me.

I was sitting in meditation and looking towards the hall where the satsang was taking place. As if I was present there, through connecting internally, I felt peace and unconditional love given as blessings from the Master.  Then a group together with Mohanji came out of the tunnel. “Come with us; it is time for individual pictures.” said someone. I will receive another hug, my heart sang. Once again, I’ll be in the aura of the Guru.

“You did not attend this satsang, so you can’t take a picture,” said a dear soul from the organizing team. I wanted to explain that the reason was not a lack of interest in the satsang, arrogance, or the cost, that it was not anything like what she (might have) thought. However,  I did not feel like justifying myself to her or explaining that the reason for my cancellation was Mohanji’s message that I had received in my dream – to give my spot to someone else who needed it more.

Without any explanation, without ego, without feeling insulted or angry, I took a step back and watched all the others who were lucky enough to be in the Guru’s embrace. I was happy to just look at him with physical eyes. He’s always with me. These were just moments of physically looking at him. Suddenly, the organizer said, “I was only kidding; of course, you can take a picture with him.” Like everybody else who took a picture, I got the hug I had longed for. Without uttering a single word, the Master and I understood each other in those moments of silence. His hug was the embrace for my soul. My hug was the openness towards the peace and unconditional love that I embraced in all its glory.

The days continue… I shine brighter; my heart is illuminated.

Peace, love and light to the world.


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Shirdi experiences – Part 2

By a Mohanji follower

I took my seat in the hall and began waiting for Mohanji. I was happy and excited. My mind, however, was oddly quiet and vacant. But it had been more silent than usual from the time I had signed up for the retreat. Also, though this retreat was a dream come true for me, I’d not arrived with any particular expectations. My biggest wish was to be in Mohanji’s physical presence finally. Something in me was just not interested in thinking of anything beyond that. 

I vividly remember the moment Mohanji walked into the hall. I was asked later how it felt to see Mohanji for the first time, and I couldn’t think of anything to say – and even now, I am drawing a blank while trying to think of the best way to describe how I’d felt in that instant. Was it joy? Peace and calmness? Excitement? Yes, it was a mixture of those emotions, but it was also much more… 

I was completely elated and overwhelmed. My eyes were full of tears, and I was smiling. I felt intense vibrations in my feet and calves as if the floor was pulsating with energy as Mohanji walked past the rows of seekers. There were no thoughts of the past or future in my mind. I felt very present and in the moment, fully aware that I was experiencing something extraordinary. That’s the best I can do to describe my state of mind. During Mohanji’s talk, tears kept filling up my eyes now and then for no particular reason. 

Then the Kriya initiation began. The atmosphere in the entire hall changed once the initiation started, and the very air seemed to be vibrating with sacred power. As I took out my dakshina, my mind began to behave like its usual self and started to tell me about all the things I had done wrong and was going to go wrong.  

Was the dakshina appropriate? Was it enough? When I would walk up to Mohanji, would I stumble and fall and drop everything and ruin the divine atmosphere? This last concern was not baseless since I have a hard-earned reputation for being as graceful as a drunk bull in a china shop.

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A gaze divine

Soon, I was walking to the side of the stage with my dakshina in hand. As I stood there while waiting for my turn, the worries eased, and a quietness fell within me. As I walked onto the stage and approached Mohanji, he looked at me. Mohanji’s eyes looked red, and at that moment, I felt as though I’d received a glimpse of something incomprehensible to my mundane brain. I’m not capable of describing it further. 

During the initiation, Mohanji’s fingers on my forehead felt abnormally hot, and though my mind was empty, there was a feeling of being in the presence of an immense power. Later, when I was standing for the group photograph, I realized I was swaying like standing on a boat. I tried to control it since I was standing with everyone for the picture, but the swaying continued. I tried again with more determination, and it finally ceased. 

The following day, I woke up early and went to the Samadhi Mandir for darshan with some wonderful new friends. I had carried my Sai Satcharitra with me in my bag, and as we began moving towards the main hall, I took out the book and held it with no particular intention. Then I thought – it would be nice to get a leaf or petal from Baba to keep in the Satcharitra. 

After darshan, we left the hall and went towards the neem tree. At that point, a member of our group kneeled down and reached through the steel bars to pick up some fallen leaves, and she gave me one too, which I accepted with great happiness and love, and felt very moved that such a small wish of mine too had been fulfilled by Baba. Then we visited the Chavadi too and stood outside on the road outside Dwarkamai for some moments. Overall, my wishes related to Sai Baba were all fulfilled that morning.

The day began with a group Mai-Tri session, which was really powerful. I felt wonderful internally by the end of it, but there was a crushing pain in both my shoulders. I’ve had pain in my shoulders for years now, but it usually afflicted one shoulder at a time. And the pain had never been this severe. It actually felt like my shoulders were breaking. Also, my head felt very heavy, and extreme drowsiness overcame me. It wasn’t ordinary sleepiness. It felt as though I’d taken a powerful medicine and was dealing with its effect. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was almost afraid that I would fall off the chair and cause a small planet-sized dent in the floor. 

Mohanji arrived soon, and when he remarked that everyone looked sleepy, I felt a little relieved that I wasn’t the only one struggling to be awake. Mohanji asked everyone to do the five-speed breathing to get rid of the drowsiness. Preethi Gopalaratnam guided us through the process. It helped me feel more alert, but the sense of drowsiness continued during Mohanji’s morning satsang. When there was a lunch break, I was worried that I would feel even more drowsy after a meal. Instead, as soon as I’d finished my lunch, all the drowsiness vanished, and I felt refreshed. A Mai-Tri Practioner confirmed later that the session had been very powerful, and the drowsiness and pains were indicative of the energies working in me. 

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The devotion of Hanuman

During Mohanji’s second satsang that day, I listened with full alertness, and tears continued to flow out of my eyes frequently. When he began speaking of Hanuman’s devotion to Shri Ram and how Hanuman would not tolerate even a word spoken against his Lord, I couldn’t control my tears. His words had reminded me of an argument I’d had with someone close to me about the Shirdi retreat. They knew very little about Mohanji, and their only intention had been to make sure that I would be safe during the trip.

While they had not expressed anything hurtful, the doubts that I had sensed in their questions had upset me, and I had responded harshly. I had felt astonished later at the rage and hurt I’d felt in those moments. And I realized that the incident had helped me understand just how much devotion and faith I had in Mohanji, and my lingering irritation towards that person turned into gratitude. 


After the powerful satsang, Mohanji gave Shaktipat to several people in the hall, and I was fortunate to be one of them. During Shaktipat, an almost unearthly peace and silence filled up my insides. As I stood with my eyes closed and hands joined, a white light appeared in my vision towards the left. The inner peacefulness and stillness lasted for a long time afterwards.

Later, many people queued up with books, crystal bracelets and malas to get them blessed by Mohanji. They talked to him about their doubts or problems or just conversed with him happily. I decided to get my purchases blessed the next day and just sat watching Mohanji for some time, trying to think about what I could say to him when I finally got the chance. And as has been my experience during the Empowered classes, I couldn’t think of anything to ask him or tell him. I only wanted to be in his presence. 

When we were returning to the hotel after the programme, it struck me that I wasn’t feeling tired at all, and I hadn’t felt tired on the previous day too despite the long road journey to Shirdi. And that was astonishing, considering even a 20-minute walk is usually enough to make me think I have earned two full days of rest. I realized Mohanji’s energy and blessing were keeping all exhaustion at bay. That night, I got my periods. I walked to the photograph of Sai Baba in my hotel room and thanked him happily for having permitted me to take his darshan that morning. 

The next morning, Mohanji’s satsang was yet again powerful, profound, and also full of humour and warmth. Laughter rang out through the hall again and again. I had all my usual periods-related aches and pains, and shoulder pain from the previous day had not subsided fully, but I was oblivious to all of it. When it was time for Mohanji to sign and bless books and other articles, I quickly joined the queue with a book and two bracelets in a pouch. 

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Digambara, Digambara

I was also carrying a coin that I had received (along with other prasad) via courier from the Sripada Srivallabha Mahasamsthanam in Pithapuram after registering for a puja online. I had become a devotee of Sripada Srivallabha Swami ever since I’d read his charitamrutam at the end-2020 and had also accepted him as my Guru. And strangely, it was after that turn in my life that more and more of Mohanji’s teachings began to come my way, and an inner transformation began. And I’ve felt since then that Sripada Srivallabha Swami guided me to Mohanji.

Coming back to that morning in the retreat, I had a brief confusion if I should ask Mohanji to bless the coin too. Then I decided to go ahead and keep the coin in the pouch. Instantly, the song that was being played in the hall changed to “Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara”. I think it played for a couple of minutes, and then the previous song returned. I almost laughed in a burst of exhilaration. 

As I moved closer to the stage, I tried to think of something I could ask or share with Mohanji. But nothing crossed my mind. The contentment of being in Mohanji’s presence continued to overrule everything else in my head. And ultimately, I remained silent and just smiled happily as Mohanji signed the book and blessed the bracelets and the coin, and I felt intense gratitude as I touched my head to his feet.

The dance of the Ganas

As Mohanji left the hall, I felt sad, but there was also a strong feeling that I had gained something miraculous that would not be lost. And needless to say, I was extremely grateful for the grace that had allowed me to be in his presence for three consecutive days. 

However, once Mohanji left, I became conscious of all my physical discomforts. I felt listless and tired and had considerable pain in my shoulders from the previous day. I struggled to sit through the Power of Purity meditation. Mentally and physically, I felt very reluctant to participate in Conscious Dancing, which was scheduled as the day’s last event. I even wondered if I ought to go back to my hotel room after lunch and leave for Mumbai. 

But there was a strong instinctive reluctance to leave, so I found myself sitting in the hall when it was time for Conscious Dancing. But the whole process was explained so beautifully and with such wonderful energy by Monica Nedic that I rose to participate with considerable interest and enthusiasm. It was very intense and brought up a lot of emotions, but it was also powerfully healing. And I’m so glad and thankful that I was given a chance to experience it. 

Towards the end, we had the choice to either sit with our eyes closed in meditation or dance. I sat down with my eyes closed. The floor was reverberating with the energetic footsteps of those who were dancing. 

A thought of Lord Shiva’s Ganas flitted through my head. And my imagination showed me a picture of the Ganas dancing exuberantly in joyous abandon around their beloved Lord. 

Then Mohanji appeared in place of Lord Shiva, and all those who loved him and devoted to him became the Ganas. The thought and imagery caused a wave of emotions to engulf me, and tears flowed down my face. 

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Unforgettable visit

I was on an emotional high for days after my return to Mumbai. And then, by the grace of Sai Baba and Mohanji, I was granted the opportunity to revisit Shirdi in January 2022. I was able to take darshan in the Samadhi Mandir thrice over two days. During the first two visits, I was preoccupied with anxieties and could not pray peacefully. 

During the third darshan, I was still thinking of some issues rather than praying while walking towards the hall. But as I moved ahead in the line and began to come closer to Baba’s samadhi, I was suddenly hit by a strong feeling of Baba’s presence pervading everything around me. It was a very intense, emotional, blissful feeling that ‘Baba is everywhere’. It overpowered me wholly, and I forgot all my worries. The feeling persisted after I left the Mandir and began to walk to the exit. It was as if I could sense Baba’s presence all around me at every step. Baba was in the air itself. It was a very intense experience, and I had a hard time concealing my tears from my family. 

This was the first time I had such an indescribably beautiful experience. And I know without a shred of doubt that it happened only because of Mohanji’s grace and blessings. I love visiting temples and have had the good fortune to visit many shrines over the years, including the Samadhi Mandir. I have often felt exhilarated and moved by the power in holy places. But this had been unlike anything I’d felt before. And not only did it grant me a tiny insight into the eternal truth that divine consciousness pervades everything, but it also helped me understand how transformational the presence of the Guru can be in our lives. 

A resetting of the inner self

Over the next week, my parents and aunt developed fever and cold, and they tested positive for covid, and so did I. But despite the chaos and general anxiety, I instinctively felt that the situation was a blessing from Sai Baba in a way that couldn’t be grasped logically and that Mohanji and Baba were with my family throughout and taking care of all of us. There was a constant sense of being held carefully by loving hands. 

I also believe the powerful teachings and techniques imparted by Mohanji through the Empowered programmes helped me handle the tension and worries with much more stability and calmness than usual. It enabled me to do whatever I could to take care of my family without being too disturbed by all that was happening. 

On the whole, after the Shirdi retreat, I’ve felt as though my inner self has hit the reset button and that I’ve finally reached a major turn in the road that I’d been travelling towards for ages. 

I offer my humble pranams, filled with deep devotion and gratitude, to my Guru, Mohanji, for his divine grace and presence that has blessed my entire being and pray for eternal refuge at his holy feet. 

Shirdi experiences – part 1

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Kriya initiation – a rebirth


By Shobha Thorve, India

During one of our Kriya sessions, I got the news that Mohanji was going to initiate us on 17th Dec 2021; I could not contain my excitement and happiness. Since that day itself (which was around 21 days prior), daily, I was waiting for the day of Kriya initiation. The day was supposed to be the one when I would have met Mohanji for the first time (me being a new baby in Mohanji’s family since November only), and day and night, I was fully engrossed in Mohanji’s thoughts only.

Finally, the day arrived, and we left from Mumbai to Shirdi for the program. The moment I stepped into Shirdi, I started feeling Mohanji’s beautiful and soft energy a lot wherever I was, the hotel, the neem tree and the venue for initiation. After the Kriya session conducted by Jyotirmayi ma’am, my eyes were completely glued on to him when I saw Mohanji for the first time. His childlike innocence, simplicity in words and speech were all so endearing. It was the epitome of unconditional love and compassion sitting in front of us. 

With bated breath, I waited for my turn for Kriya initiation. I saw such beautiful expressions of the Kriya initiates as some were utterly silent, some emotional and all of them just completely in gratitude towards Mohanji. When I stepped in front of Mohanji, my heart was beating very fast, and I kneeled in front of Mohanji (also feeling Datta and Vittal Baba himself), surrendering myself completely. I could feel the divine touch of Mohanji’s fingertips on my forehead, which changed my entire existence, my inner configuration. The energy which he transferred to me was something that my physical body couldn’t take up, and for some 5 minutes, I was into a completely different realm. 

When I opened my eyes looking at Mohanji, Shobha was no more there. I just felt my breath moving in my chest, my heartbeat, every atom of my body, the prana flowing in me, my mind, my ego, my intellect, all my five koshas; just everything belonged to Mohanji. I was just relishing the ecstasy of the new birth with Mohanji’s divine touch. That was the end of me as an individual and what just remained was the pure love of Mohanji in me. I was just sitting quietly, not feeling like talking to anyone and just being in the beautiful presence of Mohanji.

I saw how with so much love and kindness, Mohanji received everyone that evening, blessing them very much with his grace and love. I have never seen such a Guru in my life. I had read/heard of Guru Dattatreya through his incarnations like Sripada Srivallabh, Swami Samarth, and Sai Baba, who gave himself completely to us. He was just selfless and unconditional love. I saw that Mohanji was also unconditional love personified, innocence personified, compassion personified, humility personified, simplicity personified, and personification of all the possible adjectives one can find in the English/Sanskrit/Hindi dictionaries or a dictionary of any other language.

Mohanji’s presence, words, energy, love and expressions filled me with the grace of Datta himself. The only words that echoed in my heart were gratitude towards Datta for blessing me and all present there with his grace. Mohanji warmly and lovingly accepted the quilling portrait, which he made possible with his guidance through me. His blessings, words and love are something that has made a house in my heart forever.

This was the most beautiful day of my life, which I don’t know for how many lifetimes I had waited for; to be with my Guru, be with Gurudev Datta himself, and receive the promise that he will be there with us for lifetimes.

My search for eternal happiness, eternal contentment ended at Mohanji’s feet. In Shirdi with the Kriya initiation, Shobha was left behind, and the one who returned back was the daughter of Mohanji, who is madly, deeply in love with him. My heart yearns only to do his seva by living his teachings and serving everyone around, considering him in all of them.

Now, whenever I step outside and feel the energy of the sun, coolness of the moon, the air, water etc., I feel it’s Mohanji’s love all around. Life has become so beautiful and filled with his love now. I just can’t stop thanking Mohanji for accepting me for who I am, loving me, receiving me, and making me his own (Mohanmayi as I refer to myself now).

Thank you to all the people in the Mohanji family for enabling this beautiful transition. I couldn’t have asked for more in life.


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A new birth after death

by Sita, Netherlands

Since Mohanji visited our Gopal Baba’s ashram in 2018, I followed him on several Facebook groups. I became more and more impressed by how much he does and initiates worldwide.

In spring, I came in touch with Subhasree from London. In one of our conversations, I told her, it feels so good what you all are doing. It makes me happy, but I think I cannot join. I feel Sathya Sai as my father, Gopal Baba as my mother. I can’t change my loving spiritual divine parents. But maybe Mohanji can be a brother, holding my hand when I miss my parents too much. (Gopal Baba left his body in June 2020, and I still often feel so sad.) Subhasree laughed and said, “Sita, when you feel like this, it will be like that for you!” I smiled inwardly; surely, it couldn’t be that easy.

That night Mohanji appeared in my dream and told me that we are his children and we would always be welcome in his family. I woke up, deeply touched and surprised. Could it really be this simple? Anyhow, I did feel less sad and more energized.

The following day, I contacted Subhasree again and told her about my dream. I believe in giving back, so I asked if I could help with something. A few weeks passed, and I was added to a team to edit a book on Mohanji. I really liked doing that and learned a lot from this book. Also, I recognized much in the experiences of the writer (Mina). Eric, who lives in Canada, was managing a Facebook page for Mohanji Netherlands in the editing team. We had some nice spiritual conversations, and suddenly he asked if I would like to help him? Of course, I said yes. 

Another dream happened. Now Mohanji gave me some clear instructions about daily yoga practice. Again the early morning found me grateful and full of energy. With every dream, joy and happy expectation took the place of former sadness.

Not even a week passed, and Eric said we need someone in the Netherlands to help start a new group of people, and I think you can help with that too. Now doubts started to raise their ugly heads, and I was confused. Could I do this? Didn’t this mean I left my Guru? Both Eric and Chris helped me to cross this river of doubt. I prayed a lot, and a friend from India suggested I pray, ask and open Sri Sai Satcharitra.

This came up: Chapter XXXV. 

You do away, destroy the Teli’s wall (sense of difference) between us so that we can see and meet each other face to face.

A weight was lifted from my heart. The next day at the Sai temple, I had my first experience of feeling Mohanji’s energy as well as Sai Baba and Gopal Baba’s. It was so wide, welcoming and blissful. Feeling grateful for all these confirmations, I prayed to Baba; please give me a rose to bless my new adventure in life. Kannaiah picked up a rose that had fallen from Baba after bhajan. He took the rose in his hand and threw it immediately in my lap. My tears flowed easily that Sunday, feeling wonder and very grateful.

A few days later, my grandson Krishna came running into our house and said, Daddy and Mummy are coming with my sisters; we have a surprise. Daddy prayed, and we cried together. Needless to say, this made me curious. Sure enough, a little later, the complete family bounced into our living room. Our son-in-law said, “You know, Sita, I discovered something so good and amazing; I discovered Mohanji! I only watched his videos; I started to do the meditations, and everything changes!”

Really? Apart from us, they too were touched by all Mohanji teaches and does for humanity. 

The next day, Mina and Christopher welcomed my husband and me in the start-up team for the Netherlands and my children too! As soon as this welcoming zoom call was over, we received a message from Christopher that Mohanji had plans to come to Holland. This was Friday evening, 30th July. We were over the moon but expected this visit to be next spring. Saturday 31st July, he sends a message that they might arrive on 5th August!!! I was in total shock, a happy one, but still, shock.

It all depended on the arrival in time of Mohanji’s passport, which had been renewed and was on its way back. Ha! That one was familiar to me. Every visit of Swami Gopal Baba to the Netherlands had been a chance for the Masters to test our faith by the last-minute arrival of the needed papers to travel from India. So I decided to ignore this little drama and simply started to organize. 

For sure, I needed the help of the Sai temple, but Kannaiah, the leader of the temple, had at first his doubts as I had. We are so attached to our Gopal Baba. But on Sunday night, 1st August, Kannaiah felt he could whole-heartedly invite Mohanji to the Sai temple, which was wonderful for we had had quite some training with Swami’s stay in Holland in 2001, 2004, 2014 and 2019. He sent Mohanji a beautiful video invitation, and Mohanji said he would be happy to come.

The following days passed like a happy dream, creating an opportunity for Mohanji to speak in a church and the many little things that come with making a program. Mohanji arrived on 6th August, a fresh, sunny day. We went to the airport to welcome Mohanji, who I had met only in my dreams. The moment my eyes met his, I was simply happy, so happy. It felt like coming home after a long walk through the desert. 

More than one year had passed, a year in which I had been so incredibly sad. Sure I had tried to be happy again, I really tried hard! But there had always been a cloud before the sun. Only when he visited me in my dream, I felt a little consoled but then waking up was death again.

Now, at the airport, in just a fraction of a minute, a cloud was lifted from my heart. Mohanji’s eyes smiled at me, and my heart smiled back. 

On 11th August, we waved Mohanji and the wonderful team goodbye at the airport. Only five days had passed; it can’t be true; it felt like five weeks. My heart was so full; I don’t remember it could hold so much love. Or maybe my heart is stolen, and only the light is left. 

My head is full of all the teachings, sometimes deep, sometimes little bits like snacks, sometimes confronting, other times soothing. It is just one wonderful, fantastic dream, a dream no one could even imagine. Yes, I must be dreaming! But please don’t wake me up. Thank you, Sai, thank you, Gopal Baba, thank you, Mohanji, for so much grace and blessings.

-Your daughter and sister Sita


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My Journey to Mohanji and his impact on my life


by Vijay Ramanaidoo, UK

First meeting

My journey to Mohanji began in September 2010 when my wife Ranjana and I met up in London with a couple who were old friends of ours from our time in Muscat, Oman. They told us about a Spiritual Master called Mohanji, the managing director of three companies, married to a Serbian lady, and living in a villa in Muscat. They had written some blogs of their spiritual experiences with Mohanji, and they encouraged us to read them as well as Mohanji’s blogs. They also gave us a picture of Mohanji’s eyes and asked us to connect to Mohanji through the eye card.

Although a little sceptical, I read some of the blogs and wrote back to our friends saying how much I had enjoyed reading the blogs and thanked them for introducing us to Mohanji’s writings. I then forgot about Mohanji for some time until I had a very significant dream. In this dream, I was in a hall that had a wall with long glass windows. On the other side of the window was a corridor. Through the window, I saw an Indian man with a beard and a white kurta walk purposefully down the corridor together with a few followers and enter into the hall. I followed him into an adjoining kitchen where he held me by the shoulders, pressed down hard on one shoulder to bend me backwards on one side, pressed on the other shoulder to bend me backwards on the other side. Then with both hands around my chest area, he grabbed what seemed to be a subtle body (mine or someone else’s, I do not know) and threw this out of my physical body. He then struck me hard on the third eye area with the flat bottom of his hand. I lost consciousness in the dream, and it seems physically too. When I woke up, I remembered the dream very clearly. The person in the dream resembled Mohanji!

My curiosity was aroused. I tried the Power of Purity meditation early one morning while sitting at my computer and continued to read his blogs. I bought the Power of Purity book from Amazon, which made a huge impression on me. The clarity in writing with clear explanations on various spiritual topics enlightened and resonated very strongly with me. It all seemed to make a great deal of sense.

In October 2011, our friend from Oman contacted me again to say that Mohanji was coming to London for a shipping conference! She said that we could perhaps organise a meditation session while he was there if we wanted to. I replied that I would be delighted to organise the meditation sessions, and if Mohanji wanted to, he could stay at our house instead of staying in a hotel. Mohanji very kindly agreed to this suggestion. I contacted Mohanji directly by email, and we made arrangements for his visit.

Mohanji arrived in London on the 4th of November 2011. It was a very significant moment for me as this first meeting was the start of a life-changing journey! We held a Power of Purity meditation session in my house during this trip, followed by a public meditation and Satsang programme with about 65 attendees. Many of the attendees had amazing spiritual experiences, which was the start of an amazing journey for some of them. We also made time to visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare and did some sightseeing around London.

Mohanji’s first trip to the UK was a wonderful and unique opportunity for me. I was able to be with Mohanji while he was still working in the worldly sense, and I was able to see him in multiple modes of existence; as the MD of a company, as a tourist and as a Spiritual Master. Our discussions were very easy-going; it felt like I was speaking to an old friend. 

After five hectic days, it was time for Mohanji to leave for Shanghai. As I drove Mohanji to the airport, he said that if anyone wanted to conduct meditation sessions, I could give them the Power of Purity Meditation CD. Furthermore, he said that helping people to reduce their karma (through conducting these meditation sessions) was one of the best service activities that we could do. 

Following Mohanji’s visit, we started conducting the Power of Purity meditation sessions weekly, rotating the sessions between different people’s homes. These meditation sessions were to kick-start Mohanji’s activities in the UK. A seed of activity was planted, which subsequently grew into a young tree with many blossoms.

Shaktipat initiation

Soon after meeting Mohanji, I went to visit him in Serbia, where I met him at a satsang in Belgrade. After the satsang, he asked me if I would like to join him and Devi to stay at Devi’s parent’s house in Novi Sad for the night. I hesitated and told him I had already checked into my hotel in Belgrade, and all my belongings were there. He said, “No problem, we’ll go to the hotel and wait for you while you pack.” So after packing, I travelled to Novi Sad with Mohanji, Devi, and Biljana. The next day, Mohanji gave me a long Shaktipat and said that he may initiate me into giving Shaktipat (now called Mohanji energy transfer) at a satsang that evening. I was astonished and very hesitant as I did not feel worthy of such a responsibility, and neither did I know how to give Shaktipat.

That evening, during the meditation session, Mohanji called me over, pressed on various chakra points and gave me Shaktipat again. After the meditation session ended, he informed me that I have now been initiated to deliver Energy Transfer! Although I felt very blessed, I was extremely hesitant to deliver Energy Transfer to others even though Mohanji had given clear instructions and guidance. I still did not think I was worthy of being given this responsibility.

I returned to the UK and eventually started delivering Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET) to the participants at our meditation sessions. Many people had the most amazing experiences whilst receiving MET. Once, when I stopped giving MET temporarily (because of feelings of unworthiness), we had a meditation session after which one of the participants remarked that someone had given them a very powerful MET, much more potent than normal, even though no one had done so! This was obviously Mohanji in subtle form. During that period, some of the other participants complained about not receiving MET as they had found it very beneficial. Those complaints convinced me that I should never allow my thoughts of unworthiness to interfere with my new duty. To this day, I am astounded at the impact of energy transfer and the amazing experiences people have had, which can manifest as heat, light, vibration, messages, and visions. I am in awe of Mohanji’s power and humbled that he continues to use me as his instrument. 

Registration of Mohanji ACT Foundation and Mohanji Foundation UK

During his first trip to the UK, Mohanji mentioned that he and Biba (Devi) had set up Ammucare for service activities in India and ACT Foundation for service activities in the rest of the world as a platform to serve the needy. He mentioned that they had set up ACT Foundation in Dubai, but the registration costs were so expensive that they could not continue, and he was looking to see if it was possible to set it up in another country. I said nothing at the time as I had no idea how to set up a charity and did not feel like taking on such a big responsibility. However, the seed for Mohanji ACT Foundation was sown there and then. I started my enquiries and with his grace, about a year and a half later, in 2012, a UK registered charity constituted by a Trust deed was set up with Mohanji, Devi, myself, Rajshree Gohil and Ranjan Premachandra as the first Trustees.

Setting up Mohanji ACT Foundation gave me opportunities to do seva on a much larger scale. Being a small charity, we managed to leverage our work by reaching out and working with other charities and organisations. We first started by working with Mother Teresa homes in London to buy, cook and serve food to the homeless. We also initiated a Food Aid service activity with the Skanda Vale Ashram in South Wales, who have an excess of food donated to them by pilgrims (over 60 tonnes per year!). They agreed for Mohanji ACT Foundation to be one of their food aid partners. Every couple of months or so, we hire a van and make the 5 hour trip (10 hour round trip) to the ashram to collect 1500 kilos of food at a time, mainly rice, pulses, lentils, oil, flour, tea, coffee, and vegetables. About half of this food is donated to Mother Teresa homes to feed the homeless/poor families. The other half was given to other charities that support refugees and the world’s poorest people. Over the past few years, we have collected and donated in excess of 9,000 kilos of food each year. The food we have collected has gone to refugee camps and poor communities in Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Ghana amongst others.

We also collected and distributed some of the hundreds of sarees and dhotis donated to Skanda Vale by the pilgrims every year. Skanda Vale does not currently have the facility to send and distribute this clothing abroad. So, we stepped in and have shipped them to refugee camps and poor communities in Sri Lanka and India, where we work with the local organisations such as the Sathya Sai organisation of Sri Lanka to distribute clothes to the neediest villagers and refugees. We have supported many overseas projects financially and given aid to areas struck by natural disasters, e.g. Serbia during the huge floods in Eastern Europe, the Philippines after a devastating tycoon, Jammu in North India, the coastal areas of South India during floods, Haiti, South Africa and many countries in Eastern Europe. We have also helped to support animal shelters and build wells for clean water in Sri Lanka.

The highlight of my work with ACT Foundation was in October 2015 when Jay Jeyaseelan (the current Mohanji ACT Foundation President) and I, along with Branco and Milos from ACT Foundation in Serbia, supported an aid trip organised by Hope and Aid direct (the UK registered charity that has been helping refugees in various parts of the world) to Kosovo with a cargo of 40 tonnes of food and clothing transported by 4 lorries. Mohanji ACT Foundation contributed many tonnes of food and toiletries for this aid project. This was primarily a trip to see where the aid we were giving was being distributed. Many of the people we visited were living in dilapidated, crowded accommodation and had to suffer the extremely cold temperatures in winter, which could reach as low as -20 degrees centigrade. We experienced the immense joy of giving the boxes of food, clothing, educational materials, and toiletries to poor families. Watching the smiles on their faces was such a humbling experience. 

After setting up Mohanji ACT Foundation, Mohanji asked me whether we could set up Mohanji Foundation in the UK. This charity was to take forward the spiritual aspects of Mohanji’s work such as the meditations, retreats, Kriya, Mai-Tri Method, pilgrimages, etc. and annadaan in ashrams, while Mohanji ACT Foundation would focus on social service. After spending a lot of time to get the objectives right, the charity was finally registered as a UK charity in February 2018 with Mohanji, myself, Subhasree Thottungal, Hemant Panda and Ranjan Premachandra as the first trustees. Since then, with the hard work of the trustees and the help of a number of dedicated core team members, the work of the charity has increased substantially. 

Kailash Pilgrimages

Mohanji has blessed me twice by allowing me to go on Kailash pilgrimages with him in 2014 and 2016. The first pilgrimage was the Outer Kora trip in July 2014. This was a momentous trip full of divine grace, which helped us to overcome the many immense obstacles we faced. On the morning of the day we were going to cross into Tibet from Nepal, there was a massive landslide ahead of us on the route we were about to take with huge loss of life. Grace protected us and amazingly, we were able to continue our journey using helicopters. I had the unique opportunity to travel in the first helicopter with Mohanji and Devi, landing on the border in Kodari before crossing into Tibet. While up in the air on the helicopter with Mohanji, I was in bliss and thought to myself that if I were to die right now, I would die happy! 

I suffered very badly from altitude sickness on this trip and wasn’t sure I could make it. However, before starting the parikrama, I bowed down to Mohanji and took his blessings. He said to me, “You will do well. Surprised, I decided to start by walking together with him. Incredibly, with his blessing, I managed to walk the whole parikrama over the three days without using a pony! This was surely only possible with his grace. After completing the parikrama and leaving Kailash by coach, I looked up at the sky through the coach window and to my astonishment, there was an incredibly clear figure of Shiva in cloud formation! Mohanji had given me the perfect end to the pilgrimage by giving me the darshan of Lord Shiva.

The second Kailash trip in 2016 was the Inner Kora trip, which was one of the most challenging things I had ever done in my life. There were 18 of us. The Inner Kora group had to walk, as ponies cannot be used for the more difficult Inner Kora trek. Again, same as the last trip, I suffered severely from altitude sickness and even fell unconscious on the morning of the parikrama! 

The second day of the parikrama was one of the most memorable days of my life. In the morning, we trekked to Charan Sparsh, a very auspicious spot where we would touch what is considered to be the feet of mount Kailash (although Kailash is many kilometres away from that point). Mohanji then turned to me and said that those who were feeling tired could rest here, but whoever wanted to could climb up onto the glacier and trek further along to get a better view of the North face of Kailash. The sherpas made a makeshift rope up which Mohanji climbed. Of course, the rest of us followed suit and climbed up too. He led the way, and we trekked, further along, to see magnificent views of Kailash in the distance, the ice and snow melting in places to form rivulets which trickled down to form larger streams. After trekking for a while, Mohanji asked us to say a prayer for merging with the consciousness of Shiva and turn around 360 degrees on the spot. After doing this, we all sat down, and Mohanji chanted the holy Shiva Kavach – the prayer for protection to ensure our safety for the dangerous trip ahead.

Mohanji sat on a rock and sent some of us forward to trek all the way to touch Kailash. He sat and watched us like a divine guard, ensuring we were protected while we endeavoured to go on the extremely dangerous trek. We trekked on for many more hours, frequently stopping to catch our breath. Eventually, the terrain changed from rock covered glacier to ice and then snow. As we got closer to Kailash, we realised that it was not easy to touch it as there was a deep gorge with long icicles next to Kailash preventing us from reaching it. But at one place, there was a natural bridge of ice and snow that allowed us to cross the gap and reach a small ledge on Kailash where we could stand. I slowly made my way up to this snowy bridge. I removed my hat and very carefully walked across the bridge, and stepped onto the ledge of Mount Kailash. I removed my gloves and put my hands and forehead onto the face of Kailash. As I touched Kailash, it felt like touching an energy field that was cool and vibrant. It was welcoming and loving energy. My head, hands, and body drank in that wonderful vibration and energy for a few minutes. I thought of Mohanji, whose grace and blessings had enabled me to reach this point. I also thought of Sathya Sai Baba and Lord Shiva, whose bountiful grace had allowed me to reach this point. I thought of my family, my ancestors and my whole lineage on behalf of which I was doing this pilgrimage. Friends, relations and the rest of the group came to my memory and everyone else that I could think of so that as many people as possible could get the benefit of me touching Kailash. I was elated. I had touched Kailash! At this point, I felt that I needed nothing more. I had reached the ultimate. If the trip finished now, I would be happy. 

As we turned back and walked back down, the weather started changing. The blue skies disappeared like a fog of cloud quickly descended on us. Small hailstones were showered upon us, and the atmosphere became dark, cold and clammy. We could hardly see the ground ahead. With Mohanji’s grace, Lord Shiva had bestowed the most amazing grace on us. Right up to the point where we were able to touch Kailash, the weather was absolutely beautiful with clear skies so we could reach safely and see Kailash in full glory. If the bad weather had come upon us earlier, we might well have had to turn back without touching Kailash. The hail turned to rain, and we got soaked through. The ground became more slippery, and we had to watch our steps more carefully. We carried on down as night descended, slowly making our way back to camp and headed straight to Mohanji’s room, where we offered our love and gratitude. We had walked for 13 hours through a dangerous landscape, and his grace had protected us.

The third day of the Inner Kora trip was just as tough, made more difficult due to fatigue and even higher altitude. It was on this day that I received great teaching from Mohanji. It was at a point where we had to climb up a steep glacier using ropes. However, only one person could go up at a time. It was extremely dangerous and scary. Rocks were falling on us from above as the others climbed up, and we did not have hard hats on. We had to sit on the frozen glacier, waiting our turn to climb up, getting colder and wetter. The glacier was at an angle of almost 45 degrees. One slip, and we would go rolling down the mountain to our deaths. I was very scared, as were all the others. I kept on shifting my position to sit on the stable ground, so I didn’t slip down the mountain. Phaneendar and Mohanji were just behind me. Phaneender was extremely scared of slipping to his death (as we all were!). As he shouted out in fear, I heard Mohanji shout loudly to him, 

‘If you have fear, you have no faith’


Those words were meant for me, too; I reflected on those words and relaxed a little. What did it matter if I slipped and fell to my death? If this is what the divine had in store for me, so be it. Mohanji’s teaching or Mahavakya (divine utterance) that day on the icy, cold, treacherous mountain slope filled me with courage and faith. His divine utterance on that day helped me and the rest of the group complete the Inner Kora trip successfully and stood me in good stead for further challenges in my life ahead. 

Ahimsa The Vegan café

The next major event was almost as challenging as the Inner Kora trip and touching Kailash. This was setting up Ahimsa The Vegan Cafe in London. Mohanji first raised this idea with me while I was on the first pilgrimage to Kailash in July 2014. We had travelled by helicopter after a landslide and had stopped at Kodari in Nepal, which was on the border of Tibet. While we were waiting to have dinner that evening, Mohanji spoke to the UK group about promoting vegan food and veganism as an expression of Ahimsa (Non-Violence). He was promoting veganism out of compassion for all the voiceless animals that are helpless and are suffering unspeakable cruelty, abuse, torture and slaughter at the hands of humans. 

However, vegan food options were limited. He described an incident in the USA when he and Sumit had to travel for a long time to find a place that served vegan food. When they did find one, it was extremely expensive. He thought to himself that there was no point in preaching to people about veganism when there were very few options of vegan food available. At this time, he came up with the idea of inspiring the creation of affordable, healthy, fast food vegan outlets across the world. The impact of this would be tremendous, saving the lives of millions of animals, improving our health and making positive changes in the environment. Mohanji went on to say that Sumit (who was the main organiser of the Kailash trip and a restauranteur) had done a lot of research into this and was taking this forward. A name for the restaurant had already been decided, Ahimsa Vegan.

I was fascinated to hear this. I had first turned to a vegan diet in 2002 when I came to realise that although I followed a vegetarian diet, there was immense cruelty and pain inflicted on cows and their offspring in the dairy industry. I bought into the idea of Ahimsa Vegan immediately, and a desire grew within me to play a small part in taking this forward. When I got back to the UK, I started thinking about the task at hand. I have a scientific background and have never set up a company before, never run a business, nor did I have an interest or experience in cooking or catering.

I started my research on this project by visiting various vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the UK. At Mohanji’s suggestion, I approached a friend of mine called Neeshal, who was a chef at the Hilton and had cooked at one of our retreats for menu ideas. We got a team together, including Rajshree (my sister-in-law), Mita and Hemant, who were all happy to invest their time, energy and funds to take this project forward. This team worked extremely hard and sacrificed a lot of time and energy to bring this to fruition. Each one of us had different strengths, and together, we made a strong team. Grace flowed like a waterfall. A wonderful example of this was when we were getting frustrated, trying to find a suitable location. One day, we all got together in a car and visited lots of different areas to see which one would be most suitable and decided on Pinner (North West London) but could not see any ‘For sale’ signs for suitable premises. 

When I went to work a couple of days later on Monday, I searched the internet on my phone for suitable premises and found a place in Eastcote that was about a mile away from Pinner. When I phoned the agent to enquire about the Eastcote property, he said that he does not have one in Eastcote, but he has one for lease that has just come on the market in Pinner! The road sign immediately outside this property was ‘Love Lane’! 

We put together a business plan and started negotiations with the vendor. Eventually, after nearly eight months, we signed the lease and started the building work in October 2016. On Mohanji’s advice, we removed the whole shopfront to change the position of the door and improve energy flow, stripped out the shop and completely revamped the place with modern décor, furnishings, and new equipment.

On the 16th of December 2016, Mohanji came to inaugurate Ahimsa, The Vegan Café in Pinner! He came for three days all the way from India, despite a hectic schedule! We were blessed, and we had a highly emotional opening with supporters and friends. After so much hard work, Mohanji’s dream was coming true. We were indebted to Sumit and sister Anuradha, who came from India to give advice and support the launch. Their input was invaluable as they had set up the first restaurant in Shirdi. We noticed that whenever we had any difficulties and challenges, grace would descend, and a solution found. Mohanji has constantly been guiding us and giving our wonderful team energy, grace and blessings. His speech on the opening day was truly inspiring. The Café is a statement to the world that vegan food can be healthy, tasty, ethical and cruelty-free.

Since opening the Café, there have been many challenges, but we have overcome them one by one with his grace. We have now celebrated the second anniversary of our opening on the 20th of December 2018. I cannot deny that this has been a tough challenge. The teaching given by Mohanji that day on the Inner Kora trip in August 2016 while I was sitting on the icy glacier waiting to climb up the mountain has sustained us. “If you have fear, you have no faith.” Thank you, Mohanji!

As I sit down in Ahimsa The Vegan Café today on the 22nd of December 2018 (Datta Jayanti) finishing off this article on my laptop, with Mohanji’s picture up on the wall of the Café in front of me, I can’t help but reflect on that day over seven years ago, the 4th of November 2011. On that fateful day, I was waiting anxiously at Heathrow airport terminal 3 with my 10-year-old son Vivek and a bunch of bright orange roses in my hand to meet Mohanji for the first time. Little did I know how he was to change my life and what experiences lay ahead of me! This was the start of an amazing new journey in my life. What a journey it has been so far! 

I offer my love and gratitude to Mohanji, Sathya Sai Baba and all the Masters of the Tradition for helping me and my family sanctify our lives by serving in so many different ways. I bow down to you all with immense love and gratitude in my heart. Thank you!


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My first brush with Mohanji


By Vesna Misic, Serbia

My beloved ones, this post will be different from the previous ones. Today, I will tell you how I met Mohanji. It was in 2016, in my hometown, Pozarevac (a small town in Serbia). About a year before that, I heard about Mohanji, clicked on his name on the internet without feeling anything special, and that was it. I did not investigate more deeply about who that man was, even after the decision to go to a satsang. I guess it was because I had to be completely unprepared, empty, with no ideas and expectations of him. The very me of that very moment.

mohanji hand

And what was I like at that moment? A 48-year-old woman who had only two things on her mind: one – to raise her child, and two – to raise herself in a spiritual sense. I felt that I did not need a God or a Guru, so I searched on my own with the help of books, workshops and lectures on spiritual topics. At first, God did not agree with that because he ‘had’ me working in a church store. The priest was my school friend and it was the only place where I could earn money as a single mother with a small child who often got ill.

Working in the church, I established a relationship with Jesus in my forties. I consider it one of the most important events in my life. It was completely transformative. However, as a woman from the ‘western world’ and not at all traditional, I was often in situations that caused me resentment, especially because I was directly subordinated to the priest, so I used to say: “For God’s sake, is he a priest, or a pasha?” (Pasha – a government official during the Ottoman Empire. In the Serbian language – by the way, the Serbs were under the Turks for five hundred years – it is a synonym for a man who is powerful, arrogant and authoritative).

If I had researched who Mohanji was, I might have realized that he is a character and a soul I had seen in my regression therapy three years earlier (a fascinating experience, but it didn’t clarify anything to me about my life so far. It just showed me that my soul had been rebellious for centuries and that it did not tolerate authority). If I had researched, the surprise wouldn’t have been complete, nor the story that interesting. I love interesting stories (and our Guru likes to fulfill the wishes of his disciples). If I had researched, I would have found out that Mohanji is the Guru who finds us. Honestly, I did not come to the satsang with Mohanji because of Mohanji. I came, firstly because I regularly followed the events from that area, secondly because I didn’t want to miss an event like this one in my town and, thirdly I expected to meet my ex-lover (in a workshop before this one, I did the technique of untying from him while he was sitting a few rows away from me, but I was not ready to talk to him. I was feeling strong and stable enough to put an end to that story now, with love and peace).

I arrive at the satsang with my sister and the story immediately begins. Perfect setting, fine development of the event activities, gradual introduction of characters, fascinating details! My ex is not here, which is unbelievable, because he would not miss an event like this. But my sister’s and my mutual friend is here and she almost indecently insists that we sit in the third row (my sister and I always sit in the back). There is a huge man who is sitting in front of me and I think that I will not be able to see anything, but, all of a sudden, he moves his body to the side; not the chair, but his body (he was sitting like that the whole time, unnaturally bent to the left). So I have an overview like I’m sitting in the first row. Directly in front of me is an armchair, upholstered in white canvas, placed on a raised podium. Next to it is a table with flowers. I immediately conclude: this is excessive, pompous. Some young women are hovering, checking the podium and the armchair, handing us some cards, with blissful smiles on their faces. I’m looking at the card… Eyes… I don’t feel anything special. In fact, my friend and I are talking as if we are possessed (I don’t have a habit of talking a lot before a workshop. On the contrary! I try to calm down and concentrate).

devi and Mohanji



Devi and Mohanji are coming in. Mohanji steps on the podium and sits in an armchair, wearing a white dress, as if it was a cassock, only white. His snow-white socks catch my eye. “Who keeps his socks so perfectly white?” I wonder in awe, and almost in fear, because I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was to do it for my priest. Devi is standing next to the podium and talks about him and his mission. Devi is standing on the same level as we are and Mohanji is sitting in an upholstered armchair on a raised podium, with his hands on the arms of the chair, somehow he is all spread out, self-satisfied and self-sufficient. He is looking around the hall, scanning us. Those young women are sitting in front of him on the floor, with their legs crossed, looking at him in fascination. I like Devi (except for her huge devotion to her husband); I don’t like Mohanji. What the hell is this? Is he a Guru or a Pasha? (Please forgive me for these words and keep in mind that I do not want to disturb anyone! Quite the opposite! I am just honestly talking about how I experienced it then).

white socks

As Devi is talking about Mohanji’s mission, Mohanji enters into meditation. People are still restless, especially my friend and I, which is really not typical for me, and I wonder why because I follow all the instructions at events of this kind as a hard-working student (well, at that moment I didn’t know that I had never been to a similar event before). I finally manage to calm down and close my eyes. I immediately felt sadness. At first lightly, then stronger as if it took a while to settle itself down. It was climbing up on a scale, and soon enough, it found its right strength and stayed there. I was confused. It was not clear to me what was happening. Why sadness? Well, I often felt that in my meditations, but this sadness was different from all the previous ones. Sadness like: “But, man, where have you been all this time? How could you let yourself be gone for so long? Do you know how terrible it was here without you?” That sadness was quite strong, but somehow timeless, static, all-encompassing, as the very core of the notion of sadness. I started to cry. I felt that he was trying to calm me down as if he was telling me that everything was fine, that it was beautiful we finally met, that I should be happy, but I kept repeating: “Where have you been for so long?”

At moments, rather short ones like flashes, I felt the kind of love I had never felt before. The rest of the time it was like pulling a rope between him and me, a little tug of war in which he fought showing love and I showing sadness. I could feel a strong rush of unconditional love and his smile towards me, and my stubborn, persistent, definite: “But I am very sad.” Then, an even stronger rush of love and a smile that stops at my wall of pain. After four, five bursts that were strong and long, I began to be overwhelmed by incredible love. Then, slowly and carefully, in order not to offend the sadness, love overtook the place of sadness. It was a strange love, never experienced before, all-encompassing, joyful, and bright.


When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by his wide smile, as if he was smiling at me. With that smile, he said something like: “Don’t be so sad. Up there, we’re together all the time.” At the end of the program, Mohanji gave Shaktipat. I didn’t know what it was. I stood in front of him, with his thumb on my third eye, and absorbed his energy, feeling the wonderful vibrations, over and over again, as long as there was room in me for them. And, you will surely agree with this, since then, Mohanji has been with me every day. He is my greatest and wisest friend. I can trust him completely, because not only is he pure love, but he is also free from the influence of emotions and patterns when he gives me advice and instructions on what is good and should be done. He is my mirror. Every time I get angry, I say to my teenage daughter: “Stop fighting me. Just listen to me and do it. Just do it”, then I hear him say to me, only without anger, calmly: “I tell you the same thing.”

How would I evaluate, describe my spiritual path four years later? I am at the age of a spiritually rebellious teenager. It just seems I was stuck in that part of the road for many lives. It is high time I grew up!

Much love.

Mohanji in white



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My Grace Story

Mohanji in blue

By Sonia Vaid, India

I bow down to my Gurus, who showed me the path of light:

The way a Guru manifests in our life is a personal and surreal experience for many. As a creatively inclined person, with an agile mind always on a ferris wheel of thoughts, I had created a perfect scene in my mind regarding my quest for a spiritual Master.

I had envisioned that one day a sparkling bright light would enter my heart and surround me in a glittering halo that would enable me to ascend into a higher realm. But truth and reality are stranger than fiction!

It was the spring of 2019 when I’d started yoga classes under the direction of a beautiful soul named Pooja Gandhi. There I met a spirited young lady named Rajni Sharma, and together we embarked on a journey to align our mental and physical states.

I would often hear of frequent references to ‘Mohanji’ made by both these wonderful girls during our conversations after the class. Their love for ‘Mohanji’ was indeed endearing, and it ignited my curiosity to learn more about their Guru’s philosophy and teachings.

I expressed my desire to them and instantly received Mohanji’s book, ‘Power of Purity’ as an answer. I read the book slowly, savouring the parts I understood and rereading the parts which I didn’t have the wisdom to comprehend. It spoke to me even when I opened it randomly!


In search of the fragrance:

A couple of days later, I sensed a distinct scent in my home. It was strange as the intense April heat had dried up all the flowering plants in my garden and there weren’t any fresh flowers in my house either.

I went into my garden to see if some flowers had magically bloomed overnight. Blame it on my mind that thrives on fairy tales and fantasies!

Sadly, the flowering plants and rose shrubs in my garden told the story of a dry summer spell. Strangely, the mysterious scent still hung around the house. I put this incident behind me as another one of my ‘strange experiences’ and life went on as usual.

During one of our ‘satsang sessions’ that followed every yoga class, Rajni mentioned something about fragrances that often trail spiritually evolved Gurus to signify their divine presence. Although my mind resisted this theory, I narrated the ‘fragrance episode’ to them.

“Maybe Mohanji was there in your home!” she said, much to my bewilderment.

“What was your Guru doing in my home?” I asked her in a teasing tone and gently brushed aside her assumption, oblivious to the beautiful surprise that awaited me.

Some days later, I came to know about Mohanji’s arrival in Delhi and expressed my desire to see him in person.

The destination:

Some dates have a special place in our hearts, and 19th May 2019 is one such date for me when I experienced the joy and bliss of Mohanji’s esteemed grace.

I arrived at the venue for his talk on ‘Power of Positivity’ with no expectations or preconceived notions, but with the pure intent of engaging in a spiritual discussion which would be a novel experience for me.

With Mohanji’s esteemed arrival, a serene calm descended on the room, and soon everyone warmed up to the light emanating from their Guru.

Power of Positivity

All through Mohanji’s talk, I didn’t lose sight of him even for a moment and kept gathering the pearls of wisdom in rapt attention. The precious moments soon rolled by, and I realised that I had completely lost track of time in the ecstasy that prevailed around me.

Mohanji’s words and demeanour were as gentle as the beautiful interaction between him and the seekers. He kept answering their queries in his unassuming and straightforward way and captivated the audiences’ hearts.

As Mohanji got ready to take his leave from the assembly, people started taking turns to hug him with love and reverence. Each seeker patiently waited for a blessed moment with their beloved Mohanji.

When I came face to face with Mohanji, I greeted him with folded hands and stepped aside. His compassionate smile warmed my heart, and before I could fade away in the crowd, my friend Rajni pulled me into a conversation with him.

“Mohanji, this is my friend who had asked, ‘What was your Guru doing in my home?’”
I smiled nervously at this unexpected disclosure and bowed before him again.

He smiled at me with a loving gaze and held my folded hands firmly to bless me. The best way by which I can describe that defining moment is that it felt like I had found a loved one whom I had lost long ago. I felt anchored.


The next moment I was sobbing like a child in his embrace. There was no stopping the floodgates of emotions. Mohanji held me for a long time and comforted me like a father would comfort his child. It took me a while to get a hold over myself, and as I became conscious of the people around me, I felt a strange synergy of gratefulness.

I must confess that my emotional outburst had embarrassed me beyond words, but as I stood and looked at the multitude of teary-eyed people, I realised that I was not alone.

The Shift:

It has been a year since I met Mohanji, and in this duration, I’ve had several experiences that reiterated my belief that a higher power is watching over me. My perception of life and its challenges is changing. I’m gradually transforming into a seeker on my soul’s journey. Each passing day reaffirms my faith in the Power of Positivity, and I have learnt to bow down before the divine with a grateful heart. I know that the seed of faith is sown and all it needs is careful nurturing.

I believe that a Guru appears in our life to lead us away from darkness into light and to uplift us to reach our higher purpose in life. I’ll always be eternally thankful to Mohanji for spreading his fragrance and grace in my life and being there to hold my hand when I needed him the most. I pray that may the river of his eternal love always overflow, and may we continue to drench our souls in its divinity.



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