My experiences in Kailash and Tiruvannamalai in 2019

By Chakradhar Yakkala, Switzerland

I had planned to go to Kailash in 2018, but it didn’t work out for technical reasons. Mohanji said that you were meant to go with me next year and instead sent me to Muktinath. Muktinath is a Vishnu temple located in a remote region of Nepal.

This year, during our Satsang in Kathmandu with Mohanji, he asked me to speak briefly about my journey and experience at Muktinath. He also mentioned that the journey to Muktinath is far more difficult than the Kailash pilgrimage. At that moment, a thought crossed my mind, “If that’s so, then the Kailash pilgrimage is going to be a cakewalk for me.” Contrary to what I had thought, the Kailash pilgrimage was the most intense roller coaster ride of my life, yet it was fulfilling and liberating at the same time.

To briefly put things in perspective, Mohanji informed all of us that most people (in yoga) talk only about the functional pranas (life energies – prana, apana, samana, udana and vyana) but not the structural pranas. Dhananjaya is one of the structural pranas that comes from your ancestral lineage. It’s one of the first to enter immediately post-conception and the last one to leave after death.

This prana is an ancestral thread that binds us to the lineage and rules over our daily actions and the flow of life until our death. His plan during this pilgrimage was to cleanse this structural prana, so a huge transformation could be brought upon the recipient. He warned and prepared all of us beforehand that no matter what hurdles or obstacles came our way during the pilgrimage, we needed to understand that it was all part of the cleansing process.

As we embarked on our journey, everything was fine. However, upon reaching Saga, a city in Tibet (4640 meters altitude), I started experiencing altitude sickness. I had chosen not to take Diamox, which prevents altitude sickness, so I could experience the pilgrimage exactly the way it is. High altitude brought in physical weakness, indigestion, severe bloating and headache.

The next day, we left for Manasarovar in the morning, and before boarding the bus, I vomited several times, but the feeling of bloatedness remained the same. At Manasarovar, I had become extremely weak due to excessive loss of bodily fluids and electrolytes. In that state, I also accepted that the headache had married me permanently.

On the second night at Manasarovar, just the day before the planned Nandi Shraadh (ancestral cleansing) and Lagu-Rudra Yagna (fire ceremony), my headache got to an unbearable intensity. I struggled so much that night that I welcomed death over the suffering. The next morning, Mohanji asked me how I was feeling. I mentioned that I was in a recovery phase. He responded by saying that he was awake the whole night working on all of us.

I couldn’t wrap my head around his statement because if I had suffered so much pain in the night and couldn’t bear the intensity, how much pain and suffering he took upon himself for all of us? Yet, there he was in front of me, smiling, embracing, and energizing everybody around him.

Still in a state of unbearable headache and weakness, I saw Sulakhe Maharaj, the chief priest of Shirdi. It was only because of my deep connection with Sai Baba of Shirdi that I met Mohanji. I bowed down to touch Maharaj’s feet and prayed to Baba internally to help me find the strength to go and finish the journey.

After receiving his blessings, I went back to my room and sat on my bed, feeling exhausted and powerless. While resting, out of the blue, one of my roommates, Rajkumar Aylam Sundareswaran, asked me if I wanted to have vibhuti (sacred ash) from Shirdi. Feeling surprised, I asked him why he felt he should give the vibhuti to me at that moment.

He replied that when I was sitting on my bed exhausted, he saw Sai Baba standing next to the bed and looking at me. Therefore, he felt like offering the vibhuti to me. Hearing his words, I felt very good despite my miserable state, knowing that both Baba and Mohanji’s powers were always with me to help me through this situation regardless of my strength.

Four nights passed, from the time we reached Saga till we set off for Kailash parikrama (circumambulation). I hardly slept during that time due to health issues, and this weakened me further. However, despite all this, I wanted to do the entire Kailash parikrama on foot.

At the beginning of day one, I met my Tibetan porter and pony caretaker. Both being women, I felt blessed and lucky since they were so gentle and caring. The porter woman carried her two or three-year-old child on her back, whereas the pony caretaker’s child was eight to ten years old and walked alongside. I walked slowly on day one and had to sit now and then to regain energy.

During the journey, when I would get tired, the porter’s kid would say hello to me and would ask for my hand and pull my fingers to walk along with his mom. That little kid’s presence throughout the parikrama, his smile, his hellos, and holding my hand whenever I needed strength or whenever he felt like holding, created an entirely different ambience and a unique flavour of experience for me.

In short, he immensely assisted me during my parikrama, and his innocent smiles brought such sweet emotions within me that gave me a certain level of ease despite my tiredness.  After the end of day one, I was exhausted and fell on the bed, but I couldn’t sleep at all despite my exhaustion. One more night of sleeplessness.


I just sat up on the bed for an hour or so doing Mohanji’s Gayatri mantra, trying to tap into his energy. While doing that mantra japa, I experienced a subtle cooling touch on my back. I understood that Mohanji was assuring me that he was with me always. Finally, in the moments of sleep at night, I woke up several times because I felt extremely dry, accompanied by severe headache and breathlessness.

Early morning of day two, during breakfast, I struggled to even lift my spoon. This was my weakest point where I felt I was so close to crashing. Our dear Mamuji (Narinder Rohmetra) observed my state and said, “It’s my strict instruction that you are going to sit on the pony, and I’m not going to have any discussion with you on this matter!” I obeyed his command and sat on the pony, but I didn’t like it at all. It hurt me from within to break my original intention.

I truly wanted to walk the entire Kailash parikrama on foot like a penance, no matter what the cost. After a kilometre or less, I got down from the pony and tried to walk as slowly as possible. During that time, a string of thoughts arose within me. A couple of days before the parikrama, I had a small chat with Mohanji.

I said, “Father, I experienced a state of absolute stillness in your presence last year (at Bosnian pyramids), a few days after you initiated me, but I couldn’t stay in that state. I want that state forever!” He replied, saying, “Yes, I’ve given you the taste of honey. It’ll come to you. You just have to integrate.” I got reminded of that conversation during my walk to Dolma La Pass.

My original agenda for visiting Kailash and doing the parikrama was to achieve an absolute stillness of mind, which is synonymous with liberation from the mind. However, here I was at Kailash, struggling to achieve that state. During that moment, I also felt that Mohanji always provides abstract answers to my questions. On top of it, he often asks me to drop my mind as if I could do that myself.

If I could do that, I would have done that a long time ago. There would be no need for me to come to him. I also thought that all the Gurus were alike. Despite being capable of transmitting a permanent state of stillness, they don’t give it despite perceiving an intense yearning for that state in a disciple.

With these questions running wild, the seeker of stillness within me was raging, and it transformed me like a ball of fire. As Kailash is the abode of Shiva and many other exalted beings, I submitted to them my request in an absolutely fiery state, “All you people, I know you can liberate me from my mind, but if you’ve no intention of giving me that state despite knowing how much I yearn for it, at least liberate me from my body, and today itself!”

My hunger for that state of stillness became so strong that I felt it was better to die rather than to be in the body and not to have that state. So, in two hours, I was catapulted from a state where I couldn’t even lift my spoon (due to lack of strength) to a state where I became a ball of fire with enormous momentum. Because my anger touched its peak where I didn’t care if I lived or died, there was a different kind of strength to me that was alien-like, definitely not from my body.


In that fireball mode, I walked with such power and intensity (like never) towards Dolma La pass (5630 meters altitude), the highest point in our parikrama. My speed was such that my porter and pony caretaker couldn’t catch my pace. I rushed up to Dolma La Pass and sat there for some time, soaking in the energy, waiting for them to join me.

After they reached me, their faces showed their surprised expression, especially after witnessing my struggle on day one of the parikrama. I informed them of my decision to go to Gauri Kund (the lake of the Divine Mother) and be back shortly. I went to the Kund and drank the most amazing water, which gave me an extra boost and momentum. Later, I got back to the parikrama track effortlessly.

From Dolma La Pass, there’s a descent of a few kilometres and then a flat walk of 10-12 km. With newfound strength, I was sometimes running while descending. One Sherpa observed me and tried to compete. He ran alongside, and while he surpassed me, he looked at me and joined his hands (as a sign of respect) and gave me a kind of expression like, “Man, there’s no match between your size and speed.”

After the descent, there was no anger or fiery mode left in me. I was happy and elated that despite all the sickness I had experienced in the past five days, I could do the toughest part of the parikrama on foot. Ironically, it was the easiest for me because that fiery energy carried me forward during that time.

In the excitement of finishing the toughest part effortlessly, I ate so much in Tibetan tents I could hardly walk later, haha! It was a never-ending flat walk where my gait was like a snail. Once I finished day two on foot, I lay on my bed for a short nap. After the nap, I realized all the health issues I had faced until that day had completely left me. I felt rejuvenated, and I was jumping around throughout the evening without any problem. After five days of sleeplessness, I slept happily after day two of the parikrama. On day three, it was a short walk, which felt like a breeze.

After finishing the three-day parikrama almost entirely by foot (except that one km on a pony), we returned to Darchen. I was so relaxed that it felt as if the mountains of bliss and gratitude were sitting within me. Once in Darchen, I desperately wanted to meet Mohanji the same day, but he didn’t come out of the hotel room. During the time when we all were performing the outer kora parikrama, Rajesh Bhai, Dhritiman Biswas (DB) and Riana Gasper from our group went to the inner Kora path to perform a ritual for the wellbeing of the entire Mohanji family.

At the end of my parikrama

I also realized that DB was my roommate, and I had an important message for him. I went out looking for him and was informed that he was with Mohanji in his room. Mamuji sent me there to convey the message to DB. Once I reached Mohanji’s room, I was lucky to hear some of the unbelievable stories narrated by Rajesh bhai and DB to Mohanji. They both narrated the dangers they faced during the inner Kora path.

I’ll mention a few points from that conversation. Rajesh bhai narrated how a Sherpa who accompanied them wasn’t willing to help them at all until a certain point. His attitude changed suddenly, and he became extremely helpful. Mohanji responded, “That was because Mohanji entered him”. Upon hearing Mohanji, Madhu informed us of his confusion when ‘Father’ said bye at 8 PM on the first day of the parikrama and went inside his room that evening.

Mohanji simply said, “I cannot be in the body if I’ve to work on all those people.” He then asked me, “Yakkala, do I look tired?” I said, “No, Father, you don’t.” I profusely thanked him for invisibly being with me, cleansing me, and supporting me throughout the journey. He asked me if I was happy, and I replied affirmatively. Then he asked me again the same question he had asked a few times before, “Did you drop the mind?” I said, “I tried but couldn’t; you, please do it for me.” He didn’t say anything to my statement, so I left it at that.

Two days after leaving Darchen, we reached Timure, a small village in Nepal next to the Tibetan/Chinese border. There I laughed almost non-stop for half a day. Preeti Duggal and Sonia Gandhi were witnesses to that phenomenon. It was a lovely bonding that happened with many people in our group; it truly felt like a family reunion. The next day we returned to Kathmandu, and I had a huge smile spread on my face.

Mohanji saw me and asked again, “Are you happy?” I replied in the affirmative, and he told me that I was shining and should remain like that always. During our evening and last satsang, Mohanji mentioned the night before the ceremonies for ancestral cleansing, some of us were close to death. At that moment, I clearly understood I was one of them because, as mentioned earlier, that night death was better than living since the pain was unbearable.

After returning to Kathmandu

My journey didn’t stop after the Kailash pilgrimage. I wanted to visit Tiruvannamalai, which is regarded as the Kailash of the South. I mentioned this to Mohanji, and he said, “People usually go to Tiruvannamalai and then come to Kailash. You are doing it in reverse.” I told him that I had done many things in my life in reverse order, and this was just one more addition to that. Luckily, my flight for departure from Kathmandu was at the same time as Mohanji’s, and I had a chance at the airport to sit near him while waiting for the boarding call.

Just a few minutes before leaving him to board the flight, I asked, “I want to achieve liberation from the mind (absolute stillness of the mind). Could you please make that happen for me?” He said, “Tathastu”, which means “wish granted” or “so be it.” That response from him settled me for good, and I was convinced that I would reach that state I’d longed for. My elation had no bounds as my purpose of coming to Kailash had been fulfilled and granted by Mohanji. In other words, by saying “Tathastu”, he promised to elevate me to that state of stillness, and I was extremely happy about it.

While in Tiruvannamalai, I got in touch with a seeker who lives there with the help of my dear friend Judith (from our Kailash group). I was told he could help and be my guide. After I met him, he informed me that he could take me to the top of the Arunachala mountain. Many Siddhas (ascetics who have achieved enlightenment) reside in their subtle form inside this mountain. We decided to start the climb in the evening to avoid any problems since it is prohibited to reach the top nowadays.

I saw him going up the mountain barefoot effortlessly, so I thought maybe I should also remove my footwear and go like him, as the mountain is sacred, after all. I also took off my footwear and walked along with him. I got hurt a bit from the stones and rocks but managed to reach the mountain top by 6 PM. He showed me a place on the mountain top considered the feet of Shiva, and asked me to bow down there. He then lit a lamp at a nearby place, explaining to me that it was his Gurusthan (place of his Guru).

He used to reach that mountain top every day to serve his Guru, who used to consume just one small glass of milk and one glass of tea per day. His Guru stayed at the same place for seventeen years until people started to throng to him. His Guru had left his body just last year, and he was a little upset about it. This man was a real devotee. He either talked about his Guru, his teachings or his work and nothing much beyond. Once at the mountain top, I meditated, and the experience was like being on fire. I guess anybody would feel the same in that space if they were subtle enough.

In India, there are five temples that represent the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air and space), and the Tiruvannamalai temple represents the element of fire.  During meditation, it rained, and after I came out of my dhyana (meditation), it was dark. I walked down the mountain alongside my guide barefoot. In the darkness, I stepped on sharp rocks now and then, and since it rained, so many small stones were sticking to my feet. At every step, these small stones would press against my feet so badly that I screamed out of pain every few steps. After I came down the mountain, my dear guide gave me a stick for support.

He walked effortlessly up and down the mountain barefoot and told me that his feet were used to it. I used the stick and walked towards my hotel limping. Surprisingly, upon reaching the hotel, I looked at my feet and couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a single cut or a bruise.

Two days later, my guide took me to a Vishnu temple in the nearby village. There he took out a beautiful idol of Mahavatar Babaji and requested the temple’s priest to consecrate the idol of Babaji by touching it to the deity in the sanctum sanctorum. Later, he offered that idol of Babaji to me and said that he got it custom-made for somebody else but felt like offering it to me. I was so touched and overwhelmed at that moment.

Out of curiosity, I casually asked him when he gave an order to the sculptor to make the idol. The date he gave me was exactly the time when we were all performing ceremonies at Manasarovar. It felt like all the cleansing during Kailash and Tiruvannamalai had given me the eligibility to receive Babaji.

Idol of Babaji I got

On my last night in Tiruvannamalai, I wanted to perform a parikrama of the auspicious mountain. As I was walking, my guide asked me to stay at a certain place and wait for him until he finished drinking his tea. As I waited, I saw there was a saint with a long beard who was completely absorbed in another world. A few people were serving food close by as prasad (consecrated food), one guy was prostrating at him, and one lady was cleaning the place, but he seemed not to care about anything or anybody.

He didn’t even glance at them. I wanted to go and touch him, but someone there prevented me from doing so. I sat down in front of him and tried to gain his attention, but he wouldn’t look at me. I finally gave up and decided to leave. While I was getting up to leave, it felt as if somebody spoke to me telepathically, and it was more like a command. The message was, “Aye, bow down and leave!”

I then prostrated full length to this saint and prayed to him to bless me for achieving stillness of the mind. When I raised my head after prostration, he was looking at me. He raised his hand in a blessing position and gently nodded his head in a manner to make me understand that he gave his blessing for what I had asked. After that nod, he again looked up and entered into the otherworldly state. I was curious, so I went to the people that were serving prasad and enquired about this saint. They told me that he had been in silence, at least for the past seven years. I felt so privileged to have received his blessings.

Wherever I went, I’ve just asked for the stillness of the mind because Mohanji gave me a strong taste of it last year (for a brief period) at the Bosnian pyramids. There was an extraordinary intoxication in that stillness. In that state, I experienced an upsurge of awareness and perception to a phenomenal scale that I’d never imagined possible. Later, when I returned to my previous, noisy state of mind, it felt terrible.

If I had never known stillness, I would have been just fine, but one taste of it left me craving to return and remain eternally in that state. Stillness empowers you to ride any waves and situations of life. If you are devoid of that stillness (a state which most of us are in), you cannot ride life but will only remain vulnerable to various situations of life. I wish and hope that every person who is reading this is blessed by an experience of absolute stillness so that you’ll incessantly crave it later, just like I do.

Finally, I would like to thank Mohanji immensely for all his blessings and the cleansing work he did on me. It washed away layers of dirt I had unconsciously accumulated. Only a Guru whose love knows no bounds can do what Mohanji did for me. I would also like to thank all the people that worked for the Foundation tirelessly, making this pilgrimage possible for people like me. A special thanks to our Mamuji, the two brothers Krishnan Aylam and Rajkumar Aylam, Nikita, George, Rajesh bhai and Judith for helping me at different points in this journey.


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The lock is broken

By Arun Vathavooran, UK

I have had some knee discomfort for at least nine years now. I remember the first time I discovered it; I had an issue in the knee around Maha Shivaratri time in 2012. It started with mild pain on my right knee, which I initially thought my body’s response for keeping awake all night for Shivaratri, but it lasted for a while. I saw my GP (Family Doctor) and was told that I had anterior knee syndrome and was recommended to rest. I took their advice and rested; it helped, but the discomfort didn’t disappear. I learnt to live with it; in general, it was OK unless I did a long stretch of walk or heavy lifting.

I went on a holiday with my family to Sri Lanka in 2013. While there, I managed to get an appointment with an orthopaedic consultant to check my knee. The doctor examined my knees and said, “I think you are lining up for surgery, but I would suggest delaying it as much as possible. You seem well and healthy in your thirties, so it is in your hands to look after your knees by being extra careful and not straining the knees.” I took his advice and tried my best to avoid strenuous activities to the knees.

In 2016, I had the blessed opportunity to undertake the Kailash Parikrama with Mohanji, and then the thought about the doctor’s advice came to my mind. Somehow, I managed to discard that thought and joined the pilgrimage with Mohanji. I have to say; I completed the outer kora Parikrama by walking more than 80% of the 52km trek. There is no doubt this was made possible only through the pure grace of Mohanji. My deep connection to Mohanji formed, and I got busy with my life and serving the world.

In 2019, I became a Mohanji Acharya. I attended a nine-day intensive training with Mohanji in Serbia with another 49 members from the Mohanji Family. At the end of the training, Mohanji blessed each of us with a very special and sacred Rudraksha Mala, which was energised in a very particular way. All the Acharyas keep that Mala as our most precious procession and wear it while performing as an Acharya, serving the world. Mohanji advised us to dip the Mala in sesame oil for a specific duration of time before using it. As per Mohanji’s guidance, I had dipped the Mala in sesame oil overnight and then washed and started wearing it. After that, I have used that oil to apply on the body but kept some leftover oil in a small container.

Last year (2020), my friend Vignesh Anna was doing a distance Mai-Tri session for me for some other reason. After the session, he mentioned that there was some fluid collected in my right knee joint, and I should go and see my doctor and check it out. At that time, I didn’t have any symptoms. Further, getting an appointment with a GP was also not so easy those days due to the peak of the pandemic. Time went o few months, around December 2020, I developed severe pain in my right knee. As usual, with the attitude of acceptance and surrender, I ignored it and continued with daily life. However, the pain increased within a few weeks to the extent that I couldn’t sit cross-legged on the floor to do my Kriya practice and other regular sadhanas.

One of the days in the 1st week of January, early in the morning, I received telepathic guidance from Mohanji during my Kriya practice. The guidance was to take some turmeric tablets as medicine for knee issues. I immediately ordered some turmeric tablets and started taking them the following day. In the meantime, the pain increased day by day, and I found it is very painful to walk around the house to do my basic tasks. It took a lot of time to get up from the bed and get moving around. However, I managed to do all that to the best of my ability. I also decided to seek medical advice and managed to get an appointment with my GP.

Arun with Mohanji – Acharya training Serbia

After a short examination, the GP ordered an X-ray and mentioned to me that I had some damage to the knee cartilage. She referred me to see an orthopaedic consultant surgeon for further diagnosis and treatment. I managed to book an appointment with a leading consultant who specialises in knees within a short period of time. The consultant examined my knees and explained that he suspects cartilage damage and a cyst formation as a result of that within the knee joint itself. He seemed very confident but recommended an MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis. He further said, most likely, we would have to do keyhole surgery to remove the cyst and fluid. He further said that he could also fix some aspects of the cartilage at the same time as well.

In the meantime, I was recording a video for Mohanji Tamil Facebook page with other Tamil Mohanji Acharyas and volunteers. Everyone knew that I normally sit cross-legged on the floor for such recordings. However, I was sitting in a chair this time. This was very unusual, so I had to mention about my knee issues. My Acharya sister Sathya messaged me after the program recommending me to apply some of the sesame oil that I had used to dip the Acharya mala (that oil become energised and demonstrates healing properties). I took her words as Mohanji’s guidance and applied it immediately. I continued to apply it to my knee every night for a while.

During these days, I had a call with Acharya sister Subhasree regarding some organisational matters. I mentioned my knee during the call, and she said she would do Mai-Tri for me that night. The next day she messaged me, saying, “I had completed Mai-Tri last night; Mohanji said to drop all your fears”. I was a bit surprised because I was not aware of any fears. I used to have many fears, but I have lost all of them in the past five years, one by one since meeting Mohanji. I am aware that fears can stay in the causal layer and surface when things are right for them to manifest. However, we won’t be able to recognise them until they surface up. As we move on the spiritual path, our Master will make sure that all such fears would surface so that we can face them and eventually drop them forever and progress in the path of liberation. Now my problem was how to face it without knowing what the fear was. I thought the only thing that I could do was surrender it to Mohanji. I hadn’t mentioned this to anybody but surrendered to Mohanji in front of his picture in my home shrine. I said to Mohanji, Father, I accept that I have some fear within me that I am not aware of, I surrender it to you; please do the needful for me to progress on my path.”

Then, I spoke to Subhasree to get more clarity. She said that it seemed like the fear of something was binding me like a chain to my right leg, which was the source of the problem. She also said that this was definitely from my past lives and advised me to surrender to Mohanji. Further, she has recommended that Mohanji’s “Connect to yourself” process could help me to drop my fears. I immediately joined the special Acharya program conducted for Mohanji’s birthday and took part in the process. I felt some deep relief and the feeling of something leaving me during the process and the next day.

After a few days, I spoke to my Acharya sister Moushumi about something else and casually mentioned that I had knee pain (I didn’t say anything about the background). She said she will do a Mai-Tri for me and did on the following day. After a few days, I received a message from her saying, “Anna, I was doing Mai-Tri for another person but received some guidance from Mohanji to do Mai-Tri for your knees, so I have done a session even without asking you. I felt that there was some block at the start, but a big chain and a lock that was binding your knee were broken towards the end. Now there are some wounds after having a chain there for a long time. But I feel you will feel better soon.” I replied, thanking her but did not have an opportunity to speak in detail.

In the meantime, I completed my MRI scan and waited for a follow-up appointment with the consultant. I continued to take turmeric tablets and applied energised sesame oil to the knee as well. In a few days’ time, I felt some improvement in the knee; I felt that I could walk without much pain but sitting on the floor was still difficult. I received a letter from the hospital that my consultant appointment was scheduled for 11th March (Maha Shivaratri day). They suggested that I elect to have a telephone appointment since this was a follow-up and a physical examination was not necessary (In a medical secretary’s view, it was an appointment to confirm a routine surgery and fix a date for the operation and discuss pre-operative tests).

I have decided not to stay awake all night for Maha Shivaratri this year because I couldn’t sit on the floor. However, the day before Shivaratri, I received a message from my friend and Acharya brother Rajesh Kamath asking me to join the Homa that Mohanji was going to initiate for Shivaratri. His message said, “Please join the Homa if you can; Mohanji is doing it after a long time. It is a big blessing. The last he did was in 2019 July in Kailash. These moments are rare and don’t come often. That’s why I am pushing all the close people I know to join.” I took this as Mohanji’s guidance and decided to join the Homa.

I decided to sit on the floor cross-legged as long as I could. I was so determined that I should sit on the floor at least until Mohanji was performing the Homa (For me, sitting in a chair while Mohanji performing the Homa was unacceptable). As per the instructions, I joined early and looked forward to the Homa. Quite unexpectedly, Acharya sister Subhasree called my name to start the chanting until Mohanji initiated the Homa. This was an unexpected treat because I had the blessed opportunity to lead the chanting of my favourite mantra, “Aum Hreem Aum Nama Shivaya,” on Maha Sivarathtri day.

As usual, Mohanji joined promptly on time and initiated the Homa at 1:30 pm UK time as planned. I had made an intention (Sankalpa), saying, “With the grace of Mohanji, the fear that is binding me and any other unwanted things that I carry, be burned to ashes in this Homa fire.” Then I closed my eyes and sat there in front of the Homa (by zoom) connecting to Mohanji.

After a while, my phone rang, and I realised that my consultant was calling. I answered the phone, and it was indeed him. He asked about my pain, and I said it was much better, but still there. Then he said, “To my surprise, no abnormalities were found in your MRI. Your cartilage, ligaments and everything looks perfectly normal apart from minor wear and tear at the end of a muscle outside the knee cap, this is expected for your age, and I don’t think we need to do anything else unless you are in severe pain. Even if you have pain, I would rather recommend some pain management rather than surgery.” I replied that the pain has substantially reduced, and I was happy to leave it as it is. I asked him if I have to wear a knee strap or anything to support, but he said, “No, you don’t need anything as such. Your knees looking absolutely normal; carry on with everything as usual, unless you develop any pain.” After thanking him, I ended the call and went back to the Homa.

Looking back now, I realise I had sat cross-legged for almost 15 to 16 hours (1 pm to 6 pm next morning with minor breaks for stretching, refreshments etc.). I didn’t have any pain at all! I have started to do everything as usual from that point onwards. I am writing this after a week from Shivaratri, but I have no complaints about my knees.

In summary, Mohanji has healed me by breaking the chain of fear that I was not aware of. I have to say that the beauty of the gift from Mohanji (Mai-Tri Method) is that it goes into the causal layer and removes the impressions at the seed level, even before they manifest as an ailment. Also, looking at my connection to Mohanji – I connect to him as my Guru (remover of ignorance), but he plays many roles in my life at various times. To name a few, a father (correcting mistakes when needed), teacher (imparting knowledge), protector (sending messages about upcoming health issues for prevention),  guide (giving guidance at crucial moments in life), friend (laughing out loud together when there is an opportunity), healer (through many Mai-Tri practitioners), doctor (giving a prescription to get turmeric tablets), therapist (suggesting therapeutic massage with energised sesame oil), dietitian (giving dietary advise through many channels when needed) and so on. It is important to note that he fulfills everything through various instruments and also direct telepathic messages. I surrender my thoughts, words and actions at his holy feet.


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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Incurable to being cured

By Arpana Nazre, India

I have been in the IT industry for quite a long time now. Along with it come the stress, project deadlines, late nights, long hours, working weekends, sedentary lifestyle, competition, and politics. Everything you can think of that could affect your body in some way or the other. The longer you are here, the more damage it causes. If a balance is not made, it can even be fatal to your physical and mental health. Of course, there are good things too, like money, stability, etc. However, here I would like to write how the industry and other factors triggered an ailment on my physical being.

A couple of years back, I was in a very good project, but at the same time, very demanding and taxing. Extremely stressful, working late nights, and a very demanding superior, added to the woes. Also, it was a Canadian project, so most of the meetings used to happen late in the nights. This went on for almost a year and a half. By the end of the year, I started developing painful joints. Thinking that it was due to sitting for long hours in front of the computer, I just neglected it. Whenever I used to get up from my seat after sitting for long, my joints would be stiff, and I would almost limp to even go to the nearest bathroom. Over time, it started getting worse. My knees would become swollen. I couldn’t get down from the vehicle and walk after driving to the office. Slowly, my ankle joints, elbows, shoulder joints, everything started showing signs of inflammation and pain. A time came when I finally had to visit the doctor. After the initial tests, the doctor suspected Rheumatoid Arthritis (referred to as RA henceforth).

I was hoping that it would be something minor and would be healed with a little medication. But as fate would have it, the blood reports confirmed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Until then, I knew nothing about it. Upon further investigation (thanks to google), to my horror, I realised that it’s a chronic disease and that there is no cure for it. RA can just be brought under control with medication. And usually, the medication would last a lifetime. I was devastated. How the hell did I get this? Why me? And I felt that I was too young to get arthritis. How will I manage the rest of my life? So many questions were unanswered.

The day I came to know about it, I was so depressed that I messaged Mohanji about the issue. He just replied – “Talk to Subhasree from London.” I contacted Subhasree to know that even she was suffering from the same issue and had been on treatment for some time. She immediately called me, consoled and convinced me that things would turn for better with treatment, lifestyle change and of course, supreme faith in the Guru. She guided me to a naturopathy treatment centre in Kerala. At the same time, I consulted a Rheumatologist and started medication. He didn’t give a definite timeline for the treatment and just said it might take time as it differs from person to person. The medication was also a low potency medicine given for cancer treatment. It had side effects like extreme hair fall. It was horrific to think that I might be bald soon!

Even after the medication, when the pain didn’t subside, the doctor advised steroids. I was extremely scared of taking steroids. But at the same time, I didn’t have another option either. At that moment I remembered an incident where Mohanji had mentioned to another devotee that if medication is needed, to take it, but offer and surrender to Mohanji, and he sees to it that it doesn’t have any side effects. So before taking it, I just prayed to Mohanji to help me, so it doesn’t cause other side effects on my body other than what it is meant for. Finally, I also took two steroid injections. The pain subsided, but again after three months, I had to take another dose. By this time, I had started exploring other options of holistic treatments. I went for a 10-day detox in a naturopathy hospital in Kerala.

Meanwhile, going back in time, when the RA was first detected, in the first week, we had meditations in Preethi Duggal’s house in Bangalore. After the meditations, we started speaking, and I happened to mention to Preetiji about my RA condition. She gave one look at me and said, “I don’t think it’s got anything to do with a physical ailment. This looks like more of an emotional issue which has erupted as this condition.” She also advised me that I should go for Mai-Tri Method. At that time, I didn’t know much about it. Since it was something that was given by Mohanji, I had complete faith that it would help. So I requested Preetiji to do Mai-Tri for me and booked an appointment with her.

The day came for the session, and Preetiji just asked me to lie down. Mohanji Gayathri was playing beautifully in the background. I knew Mohanji would take care, come what may. She started the process, and we didn’t talk much, but I could feel the heat in her hands while moving over the various chakra points of my body. I just surrendered completely to Mohanji and relaxed. After Mai-Tri, when I got up, I saw Preetiji sitting on the floor, as if she was handling something of high intensity or frequency, and almost shivering. She then slowly got up and came to the chair beside me. She started telling me what she saw during the Mai-Tri Method.

“First of all, your faith in Mohanji was so high that you were completely open for Mohanji to work, for his energy to work. The receptivity and faith in you were so high that Mohanji’s healing energy was at a high intensity. Since the energy was so high, I was not able to take it at one point, and I started shivering and had to sit down. Second, I saw that this pain is because of the trauma you are carrying from one of your previous lives, where you had a very abusive husband. In that life, you had been physically and mentally tortured to a great extent and had died because of that torture. I could see that you still had bruises all over your body, and burnt marks like those made by cigarette butts on your body while you were dying. This was the trauma which was carried over lifetimes, and it had manifested in this life in the form of this ailment. I could see Mohanji clearing the blockages in your body, and since you were so receptive, the energy was flowing beautifully through all your chakras.”

I was in a state of shock. But it was what it was. Then I realised why Mohanji says never carry the memory or emotion of any particular incident. It gets stored in every cell of our body, and we even carry those emotions and memories over lifetimes. Since these memories become impressions, these impressions manifest in similar situations. When an issue happens, look at it objectively. If something has happened, if it’s wrong, try to correct it. If it’s an abusive relationship, and nothing can be done, move out. Please do not take it passively. Instead, be objective enough to take action or move out. This way, we are not storing stuff. If you are feeling sad, cry it out, but then there is no need to store and lament over it for years. Mohanji says forgiveness of self and others, and acceptance are the biggest gifts you can give to yourself, and that is what the Power of Purity Meditation helps us to do.

With this one single Mai-Tri session, I could feel in the coming days, almost 60% of my symptoms of RA had come down. One of the days when I met Mohanji, I asked if I should get Mai-Tri done again. He said, “You should check with your practitioner and if need be get it done.” I decided if one session can help so much, a couple more would help me clear this issue altogether. Meanwhile, I did various other alternative things. I also went to the Bosnian Pyramids and the Ravne Tunnels with Mohanji, which is said to have healing energies. Upon return, I scheduled another appointment for a session of Mai-Tri with Milica from South Africa. By this time, I had already reduced my dosage of the medicines from twice a day to once a week.

Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

Mai-Tri with Milica was another divine experience. Milica would tell me then and there as to the results of energising and healing each chakra in the body. She saw that Mohanji was healing me with divine bright light, and a major blockage from the solar plexus region was removed by him. It looked like a huge black ball. She asked me if any of my grandmothers had a knee problem. I tried to recollect and realised that my paternal grandmother had knee pain and swelling for as long as I could remember. She had passed away a few years back, though. She mentioned that I was carrying her pain, and that was the reason I was still suffering those joint issues. She was hovering around me, and then Mohanji stepped in and healed my grandmother, and asked her if she needed anything else or was it ok if she is released from this plane? My grandmother said she wanted to be released. So Mohanji healed and released her to the divine white light. Oh, my God!!!

I have learnt two things from all this. We carry our lineage karma, which includes physical ailments too. And with Mai-Tri, Mohanji is healing and helping the lineage also, just not us. How much more compassionate can one be! Aren’t we supremely blessed, that Mohanji is not only releasing us from our miseries but also our ancestors from all this? My medication by this time had reduced to almost once in 15 days, or whenever I used to feel the pain.

After all this, it so happened that I applied for the Kailash pilgrimage. As we all know, Kailash is an ultimate journey for a person in this lifetime. We were given a set of instructions of physical and breathing exercises to do, to prepare ourselves for this tough journey. It was almost a month before Kailash, and yet I was not able to do any of these due to various reasons. Just 15 days before the journey, my son suddenly fell ill with a high fever. Later, I came to know it was a viral infection. It so happened that after his viral attack, I happened to fall sick with the same thing, though something like this had never happened before. Maybe it was another form of test/cleansing for Kailash (which Mohanji confirmed in Nepal, en-route to Kailash). I became very weak and developed rashes all over my body. Forget about exercises; I was not able to get up from my bed. At the same time, my RA suddenly flared up. My knees were suddenly swollen. My left foot was completely swollen. I was not able to wear my sandals. All this when I was about to embark on a physically demanding journey?

I started my RA medicines again and got back to twice a day dosage. In spite of taking the medicines continuously for 15 days, the swelling didn’t subside. I was getting more and more anxious about doing the 52 km parikrama in Kailash. But somewhere internally, I knew if Shiva has called, he will take care of it. I don’t have to worry. And I surrendered to his will. It could also happen that due to the cold weather, this condition could get worse and out of hand. Finally, I kept all the medicines with me and just prayed that whatever happens, I would face it. His will is my will. Just being there would be good enough for me, even if I don’t do the parikrama.

When we reached Nepal, we had a satsang with Mohanji in Kathmandu. During one of the breaks, when I went to prostrate to Mohanji, I told him about my condition. He said it was not just me; almost everyone was facing some issue or the other in their lives before coming to Kailash. He also mentioned that Kailash was not an easy journey. And this was all a part of the cleansing process. Setting foot on the land of Kailash itself needed a certain kind of eligibility, and not everyone could do it. So even if we were making the journey by the grace of the Guru, we all had to go through the purification process, which we had all been going through for months.

I told him that I wanted to do the parikrama and asked him to help me with it. He just replied – “You will, why not?” That was just enough for me. I knew he would take care, and I don’t have to worry. It has been my previous experience with other Mohanji pilgrimages that although we are not completely physically fit for a demanding trek, in his energy and with complete surrender, we are different people altogether – highly energetic, no signs of fatigue, stress, strain, etc. It proved to be true on this trip too. Though we were in the coldest of regions with low levels of oxygen, I didn’t have any signs of fatigue or any of the symptoms of RA. I even forgot to take my RA medicines, though I was carrying them along with me. That was the level of energy that we were in.

At Yamadwar, I prayed for liberation, and to let go of all that is not required for spiritual progress, be it physical, emotional, materialistic relations, things, etc. I did the entire parikrama, some on a pony and some on foot, without a single sign of weakness, breathlessness, or joint pain. Nothing! It was a breeze!! How powerful are our Guru and his grace? How compassionate and loving he is, in spite of all our misdoings, helping us sail through the toughest journey like it was child’s play. When we have faith and surrender, Guru’s grace will give us the toughness and the tenacity to go through any situation, and that is what I experienced in this holy journey to Kailash.

When I came back home from the trip, I forgot all about the RA. I stopped taking the medications too. It’s been four months now, and I have neither felt the signs of it till now, nor have I felt the need to take medication. From impossible to possible is what Mohanji is all about. I am M-powered! No amount of words can convey my gratitude to the Guru and Guru Mandala for showering me with so much grace, love and care. It was not only me, but even the lineage has also been healed.

I bow down with deep gratitude and surrender to all the Masters of Guru Mandala and Mohanji for healing me from this impossible ailment and ridding me of it completely!!


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 4th October 2020


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Service at the abode of Shiva: only Master’s grace

By Dr. Nikita Naredi, India

Traveling to Kailash was never in my bucket list until a few years back.  I had heard many experiences of various devotees and had even read the book, ‘Kailash with Mohanji’ in bits and parts. It was mesmerizing to read and hear about Kailash and the  ‘Kailashis’ but nothing stirred me enough to consider my trip to Kailash; probably Shiva did not consider me eligible at that time. Kirti Khandelwal, a beautiful member of Mohanji Family from Pune would always nudge me, “Didi, you must go to Kailash,” and I would brush it aside thinking I am not physically or psychologically fit enough.

It was again in 2018, I had to go on an official trip to Rajasthan for a fortnight when Kirti reminded me about considering my trip to Kailash. She also asked me to read the book ‘Inner Kora’ which is a compilation of the experiences written by the devotees who were fortunate enough to circumambulate the inner Kora of Kailash along with Mohanji. She thought that reading the book would inspire me to consider the Kailash yatra as it had done to so many others. Incidentally, I had this book with me since the 2017 Rishikesh retreat where Mohanji himself had blessed and given me this book; but I could somehow never even open the book till then. So, the book accompanied me during this Rajasthan tour of duty. Once I started reading the book, I found it fascinating and in no time I was devouring page after page. As I was nearing the end of the book, the yearning to be there in Kailash was taking shape inside me. By the time I finished the testimonials of the other ‘Kailashis’, this yearning had turned into a resolution. My mind was all ready to be a part of this ‘Journey of a lifetime: Kailash with Mohanji.’ I believe that this was my ‘inner calling.’

Having decided to be a part of this journey, the process was set into motion. Kailash being in China; I being in the Indian Armed Forces, official permission had to be sought to travel abroad. But, before this permission, the permission of our very own ‘Shiva’ had to be taken to confirm my eligibility to step on the holy land of Kailash. The permission came in the form of a reply to my text message to Mohanji – “Go ahead”. The grace flowed. The official permission was a cakewalk. It was much later that I was made aware of the application of one of my seniors who had also applied for a trek to Kailash, with some other group, which was promptly rejected. The grace really flowed for me.

With the actual dates of travel creeping in fast, came the excitement and also doubts. Excitement is self-explanatory, but doubt started filling me and consuming me. I was afraid. “Will I be able to manage the trip?” This was bolstered by the fact that I never considered myself to be physically fit and enduring. I could barely jog for a short distance before slowing down to a walk. But the resolution to give it my best shot prompted me to build up my stamina. I started my endurance building with long walks and jogs. But these runs were irregular both due to commitment at work and, at times, procrastination. The only regular thing I was doing in that period was ‘surrendering’. I would surrender to my Master, Mohanji, and to the Master of the Universe – Shiva. I would say, “If you have called me, I am sure it is only you who can make me sail through”. My husband and my daughter were also very supportive and encouraging throughout the preparation process and their role in my determination cannot be belittled.


Time flashed by and we were in Kathmandu on 5th August 2019 to commence our yatra. It all started with a beautiful evening ‘satsang’ with Mohanji and meeting the other enthusiasts from all over the world; a greater part of them not known but were soon going to become like family.

Being a doctor, my duty for the trip was assigned and I was briefed by Dhritiman Biswas, whom we fondly know as DB, about my role as a doctor to the group. He also made a statement that day, “Your hands are going to be really full as we proceed”.  I really didn’t understand the weight that the casual statement carried till I finished my Kailash Parikrama.

The ensuing day at Kathmandu visiting temples and bonding with the other co-travelers was indeed joyful. The helicopter ride to cross the border was mesmerising but the long road journeys on the bus and staying at different destinations every other night was getting all of us out of our comfort zones.

We reached Keyrung through an exciting helicopter ride and the Indian pilgrims were fortunate to reach a day earlier as the crossing-over formalities were smoother. We rested and relaxed before our international counterparts joined us the next day. The highlight of this stay was the impromptu satsang with Mohanji which commenced at 9:30 pm at night and culminated at 00:30! What a beautiful session we had; questions answered and blessings showered.

The arduous journey was yet to begin. As we ascended in altitude and the long drives on the bus started, many of us started getting sick. Motion sickness, headaches, nausea: a few ailments which were common to all. I was not immune to any of these (doctors get ill too) but an invisible grace and energy kept me going and encouraged me to help people with small and big ailments. The altitude was already taking a toll on all of us and this was evident at Saga. Along with Riana, a beautiful soul from South Africa who had participated twice before in this sacred journey, I took a round of all the rooms checking on everyone. Some were down with headaches, some with breathlessness and others anorexic. The whole group was spread all over the hotel on different floors and believe me; we both were going from one room to another without any difficulty.  The ‘voltage’ for this was being provided by the source. My responsibility as a medical care-giver to the Kailash family was very different from the specialty I practice, but what I was doing at that moment felt new but strangely familiar.  A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment had already settled in, not knowing what lay ahead.

Another arduous journey with both morale and health going up and down, we reached the banks of Mansarovar: Our first destination…

In spite of the happiness and satisfaction of landing on the holy land; most of the group members were not really well that night. I was called by Mohanji, instructed to take a round of all the rooms and meet all the members of our family and look into their health. Most of them were under the effects of high altitude and the resultant hypoxia.  The oxygen levels of a few were really down and we administered oxygen to them. The altitude was already taking a toll on a few.  The next morning everyone was very excited about the dip in the holy lake: a dream of every Hindu. However, due to the new policy by the Chinese government, we were prohibited to do so. We were sad but acceptance is what we have been imbibing since we joined the Mohanji family. We were all given our share of water to bathe and we loved every moment of it when all the members were helping each other with the ice-cold serene divine water chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya.’

In spite of the ups and downs, each of us was full of gratitude to the divine, and our Master for getting us to this holy soil and being with us physically and spiritually too. I was beckoned every now and then by my comrades due to their ill-health and never once did I get overwhelmed, moving from one place to the other. The purpose of writing this and reiterating the same facts is just to highlight that my journey to Kailash was for this larger purpose. Gratitude to my Master, my Guru. My first-aid kit which I was carrying with me was made full use of, and I was thanking my husband who is also a doctor for cajoling me to carry more of the medicines. Again, I don’t take any credit for this because I knew I was being facilitated and empowered by Mohanji to do this job. Had I ever imagined that my profession would be made use of at 18000 feet?  Gratitude again to Shiva….

The next morning at Mansarovar I got up feeling really sick, feverish, splitting headache with hardly any energy. After freshening up, as I got out of my room, Rajesh Kamath told me, “Big Boss is calling you.” He meant Mohanji. His tone was not too assuring. I started wondering if I had faltered anywhere. Let me be frank; feeling a bit apprehensive, I went to Mohanji’s room. He looked at me and said, “Colonel, I want to tell something to you.  Listen very carefully. You will be compassionate towards everyone when it comes to helping and treating people but you will not be sympathetic.  Do what is correct and I am with you. Don’t listen to anyone when it comes to professional advice.” He was very stern when he said this. I did not understand an iota of the connotation of his words and just nodded in affirmation. He said again, “Do you understand?” I just said, “Yes.” I also told him that I was not feeling too great that morning. He said, “I know it.” He asked Ivana, a beautiful Mohanji Transformation Method practitioner, and an accomplished person, in an assertive tone to do a session for me and build a ‘Kavach’ (an armour) around me so that no negativities or physical strain affects me. Believe me, that Kavach was indeed an armour which made me last the entire Parikrama.

After Mansarovar, we were to embark on our most solicited journey: the trek around Mount Kailash. All excited, the whole group assembled at the ‘Yam Dwar’, which marks the starting point for the circumambulation. It is said that at this sacred site, we have to leave our past behind. As we cross it, we begin a new life all over again. Some on ponies and some on foot like a bunch of small kids embarked on the first day of the Parikrama.  Everyone was assigned a pony and a porter to assist in the trek.


From now on, everyone had to be on their own, walking at their own pace; walking, soaking in Kailash, chanting mantras, or just being with themselves. The terrain was difficult but the view and the serenity were breath-taking. The other beautiful aspect was the bonding with the porter and the pony man. After a couple of breaks, the 12 km trek culminated in Dirapuk where we visualised what we were striving for: the North Face of Kailash. It seemed we were in the lap of Shiva’s Abode. Each and every one of us was beaming and gleaming with delight, happiness, and gratitude. It seemed we were so close to the holy mountain. After we had parked ourselves and our luggage in the assigned rooms,  a few of us got out to climb a small uphill area to have a closer view of Kailash. Some were clicking pictures and others sat chanting and meditating. Along with my sister Nikunj who was also there for the Kailash yatra, after a few pictures to commemorate our victory of the first lap, we sat down to meditate and listened to ‘Shiv Kavacham’. It was indeed an out of the world experience.

Suddenly I heard someone calling out for me fervently.  Someone from our group was really sick and I was asked to go and attend to her. I rushed down the hill to reach her room. She was lying on the bed, looking very pale and even cyanosed (bluish discolouration). Her heart was beating very fast and the oxygen levels were very low. After examining her, I was very sure she had suffered an acute insult due to hypoxia. She needed urgent medical care. We were not completely equipped to provide any emergency care except oxygen which I immediately started. Sumeet immediately suggested that another group from a different organisation was having a medical camp and that they would be better equipped. Their location was slightly far and that we had to go downhill and again climb up. He asked me, “Doc, will you be able to manage that?” as I had to go and give the medical jargon to retrieve the equipment and drugs. I immediately said, “Yes”. We had to really go downhill and once I had acquired the things climbing up would have been a challenge especially in that emergency, when the time was of paramount importance. Even today as I write, I don’t know from where I got the energy, strength, stamina, and endurance to keep pace with Sumeet and climb up to reach our halt camp. I gave her the emergency drugs, settled her but she needed immediate evacuation.

That is when I had to be firm and assertive. I declared she needs to go down to be taken to a hospital right now. I had to face a lot of resistance. There were many opinions: many felt she will settle down; healing would help her, she has completed the first day of Parikrama and her journey would be incomplete, and so on. But her physical condition was not good. There were senior members in our group with mixed responses but our dear Mamu said we have to do what the doctor says. Everyone was finally convinced, parallelly, arrangements were made for her transportation. It was getting darker. With assistance, we shifted her to the vehicle and from there she was taken to Darchen and admitted to the hospital. In medical jargon, she was progressing from acute mountain sickness to high altitude pulmonary oedema, which if not timely intervened, can be fatal. She was admitted to the hospital for three days and with medical help and above all Shiva’s grace, she was discharged. That is the time when Mohanji’s words dawned on me, “Be compassionate but not sympathetic. Execute what is correct.” It was not me. It was him who was making me take decisions.

nikita 2

The second day of the Parikrama is supposed to be the toughest. It entails a very steep climb, much rarer oxygen, and greater altitude when we cross the Dolma La Pass. Enveloped in the divine energy, with blessings from the supreme Parabrahma, we reached Dolma La Pass. It was enthralling …. It was unbelievable… only one trick did the magic, ‘Om Namah Shivaya”. Then came a new dilemma! At the Pass, we could see the beautiful emerald green Gauri Kund; the divine water where ‘Maa’ the Shakti used to purify herself. Going to Gaurikund is again a daunting task. We all started contemplating whether we could manage or not. I started remembering Deviji’s experience of her climb and descent to Gaurikund.  During her presentation, she had categorically mentioned the climb up after Gaurikund darshan was the most challenging. I doubted myself again. Would I be able to make it? My porter and the pony man both dissuaded me but again some inner voice shouted, “You have reached here. Why will you not go to Gaurikund and have a feel of the nectar?” With the other companions, we reached down and were at the banks of Gaurikund. With the mesmerising view of the green water, divinity at its best, we all washed ourselves with the holy water and carried some in bottles for our group members who could not make it and our families back home.

As I was ascending, the thoughts keep pouring.  What I had done to get this reward? Blessings from my ancestors, my family, my patients, and above all, our living Shiva, our Guru. Back at the base camp in the evening after the toughest day, we all felt victorious because what lay ahead for the next day was a cakewalk; the last day of Parikrama – the easiest part. We completed our last leg enjoying, smiling, soaking in the place, collecting memoirs, and finally reached Darchen. Once we were in the hotel, everyone was thanking, appreciating, and encouraging me for the medical help which I could provide by his grace and it only filled me with gratitude. Meeting our friend who had fallen critically ill was most satisfying.


At that moment, I earnestly wanted to meet Mohanji who was waiting behind at the hotel facilitating our yatra, giving all his energy to every member connected to him. We were told he had not consumed any food until the time we were back. He is our Father, Mother, Friend, and Divinity in a living form. I asked Madhu if I could meet him. He fulfills all our desires. I was called. As I reached his room, He was sitting on a chair. I fell at his feet. Tears started rolling down…. His words were, “Doctor, you have done an amazing job.” His words stirred the level of satisfaction and victory which probably was even more than the feelings I got on accomplishing the highest degree of my profession. I reaffirmed, “I did not understand the words you had spoken at Mansarovar till I was cornered to take the major decision.” He knows everything which is going to unfold; every word he utters has immense connotations.

I bow at his feet for taking me to Kailash which is indeed a journey of a lifetime and even more than that to do service in this Holy Land….

nikita 1


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Thankful, grateful, and blessed


By Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Preparations are on for the 4th Mohanji Acharya training in Serbia in October. I am very blessed to be attending this training again. The excitement of being able to see Mohanji in a few days time is growing day by day. Messages on the phone about the details of travelling, booking accommodations and transport in Serbia are taking place. Emails are being exchanged. As all this is happening, I’m reminded often of the many joyous moments that I had experienced during the Mohanji Acharya training in Canada, that I attended in June 2019. It was a privilege to attend the programme, to be a part of a very special group and spend so much time in the presence of Mohanji during that week.

There were many times when we were not even sure if the training in Canada was going to happen. Dates were changed a few times too and I was beginning to think that I would not be able to make it due to work and home commitments. But Mohanji’s grace was at play and a wonderful group of people met in Ontario, Canada for the 3rd Mohanji Acharya training. It was a small group. 15 excited people looking forward to the training were joined by 5 already trained Acharyas.

Acharya group
Acharya group

Every day brought so many beautiful moments. Words are not enough to express the joy and love we all received from Mohanji. Sitting at his feet, soaking in his energy, and learning from the Master himself, it was more than a dream come true. And the Mohanji Canada team were simply wonderful. They welcomed us like family, worked so hard to take care of us all, and gave us so much love. My heartfelt gratitude and love go to the whole team for all their hard work.

As Mohanji says, “Most relationships are conditional, based on expectations, if you do this for me, I’ll do this for you. It is sometimes transactional. But in a spiritual family, it is never transactional. It is never conditional and there are no expectations. Love is unconditional. When you are in such a family, you know you are at home.”

Despite the many uncertainties of where to have the training, the final decision of the venue made all our hearts sing with joy! We were in the most beautiful place, surrounded by nature. There was a lovely pond, acres of woods, unusual birds and friendly chipmunks who were a joy to watch. However, having a Shirdi Sai Baba temple at the venue, along with statues of a beautiful Lord Dattatreya and other deities, filled the entire premises with so much energy.



Each day left us with memories to cherish. One such memory is taking a special photo with Mohanji. One day, Mohanji came into the training room, wearing a beautiful red vest top and a colourful bandana. He looked so cute and during the discussions in the morning, I was thinking it would be so lovely to have a picture with Mohanji in this attire. Usually camera shy, I tend to hide away when pictures are being taken and I was surprised at myself as this thought persisted during the course of the morning.

As we broke up for lunch, Mohanji, as usual, spent a few minutes speaking with those who wanted a few moments with him, before going in. As I hovered near him, Mohanji finished speaking with the last person and turned towards me with a smile. Unsure if I was troubling him with my request, I hesitantly said, “Mohanji, you look so beautiful, can we have a picture with you please?” Without any hesitation, he promptly said, “Of course, does everyone want one?” It was a unanimous, “Yes please!”

M with shyama
Mohanji with Shyama

Mohanji patiently stood near the doorway while each person took a picture with him. Taken by George, the pictures were stunning. The vibrant red of the vest, the bandana, and the cool shades made Mohanji look so amazing. But most of all, the words on the vest, ‘Lifeguard’ was just perfect! The loving Guru, the Eternal Charioteer, the Guardian of our life and soul, was fulfilling yet another loving wish. Thank you dearest Mohanji, for this precious picture that we are all blessed to have.

Laughter the best medicine

During the training, we were all asked to do a short presentation. Although much better at it now, the thought of public speaking leaves me a nervous wreck. As it got closer to my turn, I could literally feel myself turn to jelly. Most people were wonderful at presenting and it was inspiring to watch them speak with so much confidence.

Jaya, who spoke at the end, is a beautiful person. She has an amazing capacity to remember all that Mohanji was saying. If during the group discussions I had a doubt, I knew she will have the answer. Her turn was at the end, and as with the others, we expected Mohanji to ask for feedback from the group.

After a few moments of silence, Mohanji started laughing. He was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down his face and he was rocking from side to side. I really thought he might fall off the chair. It was hilarious to watch him and we were all laughing not knowing why, but because his laughter was so infectious. In between the laughter, he managed to tell us what he was visualising and of course, that made us laugh harder. Mohanji, in the end, said she’s like a cuddly teddy bear with an AK-47, verbally firing away at the audience with her superb knowledge.

After feeling so tense, which I know was very unnecessary, it was a great way to finish the day. All the tension melted away and I was left feeling so grateful to Jaya who made Mohanji laugh so much. Jaya later said she felt deep gratitude for the grace and blessing to have been the cause for making Yogi Nath Shiva laugh! I have never seen him laugh like this in the years I’ve known him and am so grateful for this joyful memory. As you can imagine, I’ve got a huge grin on my face while writing this.


Lotus feet

One day, during the mid-morning break, Mohanji stayed back in the training room, talking casually, while a few people sat around him, near his feet. A couple of the ladies started to massage his feet and I know what a blessing it is to have such an opportunity. It happened so naturally and it was beautiful to see the joy in their faces. Wishing I could join them, I just sat and listened to the conversation flowing around me. Being an introvert is a nuisance at times, especially when one wants to be physically near and interact with the Master. But he knows each one’s inner-most thoughts and blesses us in the most unexpected ways.

On Thursday mornings, abhishekam (ritual bathing) to the Shirdi Sai Baba statue is done in the temple. On the first Thursday of the training, we all had the privilege of watching Mohanji bathe, dry, apply perfume and decorate the statue. Mohanji’s focus, love, and reverence while performing the rituals were amazing to witness. The energy created was so powerful and it enabled us all to feel Baba’s presence very much. We were also fortunate to take part in this abhishekam.

The day before Mohanji was leaving Canada, on Thursday, abhishekam was being done again. I was watching the Canada team do the rituals, their love for Baba mirroring Mohanji. Suddenly Sanjay beckoned me forward. Giving me some perfume oil in the hand, he asked me to apply it to Baba’s feet.


I was overjoyed! Sitting at the lotus feet of Baba and applying perfume to the feet that felt so much alive, I felt as if Mohanji was fulfilling my desire to massage his feet. As I realised this, my heart simply melted. Tears of joy and gratitude formed. It was also a reminder to me that Mohanji’s physical form represents the Tradition which encompasses all Masters of the Datta Tradition. At that point, Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai, and Mohanji, all became one. I was at the feet of the Tradition, being showered with love and blessings. My most humble and loving gratitude to the Masters of this beautiful Tradition.

Kailash to Canada

A couple of days after the training had started, when talking with one of the Canada team members, I realised that Mohanji was leaving Canada two days after the training finished. We had all made arrangements to leave on the last day of the training or the next day. I had made plans to be picked up on the last day too.

The morning after this conversation, I was thinking to myself that I would love to stay the extra night to spend more time with Mohanji. I was reluctant to ask anyone as we had to vacate the house as planned and I did not want to trouble anyone from the Canada team, they were already doing so much for us.


At lunchtime, I was walking towards the lunch hall, speaking to my husband back in England. Suddenly, I realised Mohanji was feeding or watching the chipmunks on the bird feeding stand and George was taking photos. Not wanting to intrude, I stepped aside and put my phone away to be silent.

As Mohanji turned to go inside, he spotted me lurking near the bushes and said, “Ah Shyama, come inside.” A little startled at this unexpected request, I thought perhaps Mohanji wanted to ask me something about the UK team and followed him inside.

Mohanji was about to have his lunch, and so sweetly, asked me to join him. I don’t know why, but I was so surprised that George had to literally push me into one of the chairs to make me sit down. And the first thing he said to me was, “When are you leaving for London?” The in-dweller of our hearts, the one who knows all our thoughts and desires, gave me the opportunity to tell him my plans and also ask if I could stay an extra night. And ever so graciously Mohanji said, “Welcome, welcome any time,” leaving me feeling totally accepted and loved.

Staying that extra night and day with Mohanji and the Canada team fulfilled another desire, something that I had not consciously wished for, but think of, almost every day. It has taught me with no room for doubts that our thoughts, whether positive or negative, make a huge impact on our lives. Mohanji says, “What you talk to yourself is your destiny. What you talk inside are commands to the inner universe which the outer universe reciprocates. Watch your thoughts.”

During my Kailash pilgrimage in 2016, after the dip, I had watched a couple do pradakshina (circumambulation) to Mohanji on the banks of Mansarovar. Their love and devotion to Mohanji were palpable and I had thought how very blessed they were. The prayer below is one of my favourites and whenever I say it, I would remember this incident.

Sign of surrender

On the last day of Mohanji’s visit to Canada, after the morning aarati, while he was standing before Baba, we all did pradakshina (circumambulation) to Mohanji. What a wonderful blessing it was to do pradakshina to the Guru who is the focal point of my life; the centre, source, and essence of my life.

This was something beyond a desire or a wish. I don’t know what penance I had done in the past to deserve such a divine blessing. We were all emotional, knowing Mohanji was leaving in a few hours. Our hearts were overflowing with love, devotion, and gratitude. As we prostrated, Mohanji’s feet were being washed with our tears. Every time I think of that moment, my heart expands with love for this precious gift.

“When the mind is with the Master, you are with the Master. When your body is with the Master, there’s no guarantee you are with the Master. Your mind is elsewhere, that’s where you are. It’s not that you’re not visiting Shirdi or you are not in Shirdi, it doesn’t matter. If your mind is in Shirdi, you are in Shirdi. If your mind is with the Master, you are with the Master.” Mohanji

My Acharya training was something which was beyond what I had imagined. Many more incidents, all filled with grace, reminds me that when we surrender with love, humility, and gratitude, grace flows. I recently read this quote, “Life is a series of thousands of miracles. Notice them.” With Mohanji in my life, this is so very true. Big and small miracles remind me that He is with me and within me, every moment.

May I always remain thankful, grateful, and blessed at his lotus feet.




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Kailash not too far!

Kailash pilgrimage 2019. Mohanji and a group of nearly 100 yatris were at Lake Manasarovar. Thousands of miles away in a small part of South Wales, UK, in the Skanda Vale ashram, NellyAnne, Subhasree and Moushumi were doing Consciousness Kriya in the presence of the Lord Dattatreya idol. Their deep connection to Mohanji and their practice of Kriya with conviction and consistency had blessed them with incredible visions and experiences!

Incredible is the grace of Guru Mandala that through these visions of Mohanji in Kailash, it was proven yet again that when Mohanji travels on a pilgrimage, He just doesn’t take people physically, He takes everyone connected to His consciousness spiritually too!

Read on to feel the power of this grace!

By NellyAnne Noronha

I had registered my application for the Kailash trip 2019 with Mohanji. However, due to unavoidable reasons, I couldn’t make it. I accepted this as divine will and decided to go with the flow. I was reassured by Preeti Duggal ji, a core member of Mohanji family, that with Mohanji’s grace and blessings I will be able to experience the entire pilgrimage despite not being there in person. This assurance reminded me of Mohanji’s words during the satsang in Pinner in 2018 (my first meeting with Mohanji physically),

“Everyone present here is not because of a coincidence, We have all been connected for many lifetimes.”

Connection to Guru and the Tradition is shown in many ways. Another form of reassurance I received was through a sudden visit to a Sai temple in Wembley. This was certainly the call of Sai Baba! The visit to the temple became very special as unexpectedly I was able to be a part of a very sacred ritual as well as I receiving a shawl that was used to adorn Baba’s idol as a gift! The following day I saw a photo of the chief Priest of Shirdi offering a garland to Mohanji at the first meeting of all the Kailash Yatris in Kathmandu. This was indeed a reminder of the statement of Preeti Duggal ji. Experiencing Kailash Yatra with Mohanji!


The Master continued to shower his grace when I got a chance to join the ACT Foundation team for the Skanda Vale charity food stall on the 10th and 11th of August. On the 11th of August, there was also a special function of the reunion of Lord Muruga with his consorts.

After closing our food stall, Subhasree, Moushumi and I reached the hall where there was a multitude of people already sitting and enjoying the devotional bhajans. In a miraculous way, all 3 of us got some space to sit next to the Sisters right in front of the altar. We realised this was none other than Mohanji listening to the true cries of love and showering his grace on us to fulfil all our desires. Suddenly the Swami invited all 3 of us along with the community members and a few other volunteers to participate in the special ceremony of sprinkling petals of flowers to Lord Muruga and his consorts while chanting the auspicious 108 Namavali. This was beyond the ordinary and I knew from the bottom of my heart that it was Mohanji and the Guru Mandala’s blessings for us. We were closely participating in such a powerful and auspicious ritual, while the other devotees with Mohanji were at Kailash Mansarovar! The grace didn’t stop there. We even got the chance to join the procession with fire lamps in our hands going inside the main temple and we witnessed a very powerful aarti offered in the main Garbhagriha. During this I saw several Divine beings appear as beautiful lights moving up and around, dancing to unheard celestial music playing in the background, while Mohanji was blessing the devotees on the banks of Kailash Mansarovar.

Mohanji_blessing_at Manasarovar.jpg

I was deeply touched and moved to tears as I went through these divine experiences. This was no less than a direct pilgrimage to Kailash! These were truly blissful and gratifying experiences.

After these sublime experiences at the temple, we decided to visit the Lord Datta temple. The place was so serene that we all decided to do Kriya sitting in front of Lord Datta. Suddenly, I noticed a light shining from the Datta idol which was then replaced by the smiling face of Mohanji.

This was the most blissful experience for me as I felt Mohanji himself reassuring me of our connection, and my presence with him and the other devotees in Kailash.

Mohanji at the Datta Temple in Skanda Vale

My sincere gratitude to the Divinity and the entire Guru Mandala for such grace and blessings.

By Subhasree Thottungal

11th August 2019. A very auspicious day. While Mohanji and about a hundred devotees were at Kailash Manasarovar, we were in Skanda Vale during the same weekend, doing a charity food stall. The entire Skanda Vale was in bliss in celebrating the special function of the reunion of Lord Murugan with his consorts. The function brought so much awareness of the divine presence and high energy in this powerful place. I felt Mohanji’s presence there every moment. Mohanji and Skanda Vale have a special equation, which I have realised with some divine awareness, as narrated in my earlier blog, ‘The truth beyond revelations’.

Soon after the ceremonies inside the Subramanyam temple, with heightened energy and deep gratitude, Moushumi, NellyAnne and I went to the Lord Datta’s temple. It’s almost a year (1 year on 15thAugust), since this Lord Datta temple in Skanda Vale had come into existence and Mohanji had done the prana pratishta of the Lord Datta idol! As Mohanji had said at that time, a part of His soul is inside this Datta Idol! Whenever I visit here and see Lord Datta, I feel Mohanji’s presence.

Datta Prana Pratistha 1
Mohanji doing the Prana Pratistha of Lord Datta in Skanda Vale, 16th Aug 2018

When I reached the Datta temple, I felt the urge to do Kriya there. Moushumi and NellyAnne joined in too. Kriya in front of Datta took me to a different plane altogether. As if I was transported elsewhere! And then appeared this divine vision!

The vision of Mohanji in his white attire, sitting in front of Lake Mansarovar, with lots of people seated around him. The blue water of Mansarovar with tiny waves, blue sky with white clouds showing the presence of many divine beings. Though I could see many human beings, the only face that was clear was Mohanji’s.

When I finished Kriya, for a few moments, my hands were numb. I opened my eyes and looked at Datta’s face.Such a striking smile as if Mohanji was standing there and smiling at me and saying, “You wanted to see me at Mansarovar, right? Are you happy now?”

We all knew that on this same day Mohanji was at Mansarovar with all the other devotees. Mohanji had assured us, we will be with him, in spirit. How true is that!

The vision I had during Kriya showed this through the divine communion with my Guru.

Mohanji in front of Manasarovar, 2019

The very next day, I received a picture someone sent from Kailash, which showed that the previous day, on 11th Aug, Mohanji sitting in front of Mansarovar and devotees around him! Mohanji in his white attire! Such a resemblance between my vision and this photo proved everything! The vision during Kriya was indeed a divine darshan that Mohanji showed me sitting in front of Datta thousands of miles away, but not too far from him, not too far from Kailash. Such grace. Such love from my Guru. Words falling short to describe!

This was not all. I was reminded of such grace happening in two earlier years when Mohanji had been to Kailash. Although I was far away physically, I still had the darshan of Mohanji in Kailash. I must write those two accounts too.

August 2016. Mohanji was in Kailash with about 80 devotees. I had been following the updates regularly. Photos from Kailash were not just beautiful scenic images. They had life and were passing the Shiva tattva energy. The power was such that sitting on the seashore of Lanzarote (a small island, part of the Canary Islands in Spain, where we were on a family holiday), a small hillock just inside the sea, felt like Kailash. “Om Namah Shivaay” chanting came out spontaneously. Suddenly, the clouds above took a circular form. The epicentre lying just above the tip of the small hillock! Morning sun rays piercing through these clouds indicated definitely something divine!

At that point I had such connection with Kailash, I felt as if I was with Mohanji in Kailash. I thought, next Kailash with Mohanji, I must go.

The year passed. Kailash with Mohanji in 2017 came. However, I couldn’t go! While Mohanji and the devotees were in Kailash in 2017, devotees all over the world were doing a 24 hour long continuous chanting on 16th July 2017. In London, at my home, we were doing the group chanting, during which I had a vision that

Mohanji was standing inside Mansarovar. The water was blue coloured and crystal clear. I then saw all the Gods & Goddesses, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Saraswati and all the other Gods in the sky, showering flowers on him.

This vision was so clear and so divine. After the chanting was over, I shared this vision with everyone and expressed my gratitude to Mohanji for giving me darshan while in Mansarovar.

Two days later, a photo came in with the update from Kailash, the photo of Mohanji inside Mansarovar. This matched the vision I had during chanting.

Mohanji inside the Manasarovar, 2017

My heart was filled with deep gratitude to have received this darshan despite being physically so far away in London!

However, somewhere inside me, I had a slight feeling of guilt. Where did my desire for Kailash go? How did I leave this opportunity to go to Kailash with Mohanji in 2017? A few months later, in November 2017, I got a chance to be with Mohanji in Serbia and I couldn’t hold myself but to express this feeling of guilt to him. The spontaneous answer that came from Mohanji, left me speechless.

“I just don’t carry people to Kailash physically, I carry people spiritually too. You have been to Kailash with me spiritually. Your desire has been fulfilled. Hence no more desire.”

Well, what more did I need to understand?

Indeed Mohanji carried me with Him in 2016 and in 2017 too! This year in 2019, before Mohanji left for Kailash, I had no doubt, I knew Mohanji would carry me with him, along with all the other devotees connected to him. Mohanji’s message for all connected to Him,

“You are inside me. How can you be separate from me?”

filled my heart with gratitude and profound love for the unconditional love and compassion he has for me, for all of us!

Through this vision during Kriya in front of Lord Datta, Mohanji proved this yet again! Not that I needed any proof. But he knows that this naïve heart still desires every single vision of my beloved Guru, physically or astrally! His darshan makes me pure, makes me complete, liberates me from all worldly desires.

I am so deeply touched by the grace that the Tradition and Mohanji shower on me (in fact on all of us), much beyond our expectations and imaginations. My deep gratitude to Mohanji my Guru, and this sacred Tradition that we belong to!

Jai Shree Datta.

Jai Mohanji.

By Moushumi Patankar

On the 10th and 11th of August, my family and I were with the ACT Foundation team for the food seva in Skanda Vale. On the 11th, after attending the powerful reunion ceremony of Lord Subramanyam, Subhasree, NellyAnne and I went to the Lord Datta temple.

When we were in front of Lord Datta, we decided to sit down for Kriya.

As soon as I sat, I felt as if my whole body was rotating in 360 degrees. After a few moments, I saw beautiful lights; blue/light green just like the colour of a beautiful lake, orange/ yellow/gold like bright sunshine or a havan (sacred fire). I then saw many faces. The first face was of my beloved Datta swaroopa Mohanji who was right in front of us, smiling at us. And then a thought, aah so many faces along with Mohanji’s! In the end, just before finishing Kriya I saw Mohanji’s aura!

I realised the vision I had during this Kriya in front of Datta was of Mohanji with the other Kailash Yatris in front of Mansarovar! Without any expectations, without any imagination, Mohanji and Lord Datta graced me with this divine vision, so far away from Kailash.

My deep gratitude to Mohanji for filling every single moment of my life with his grace.

Mohanji_with_devotees_infront of Manasarovar


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