My experiences in Kailash and Tiruvannamalai in 2019

By Chakradhar Yakkala, Switzerland

I had planned to go to Kailash in 2018, but it didn’t work out for technical reasons. Mohanji said that you were meant to go with me next year and instead sent me to Muktinath. Muktinath is a Vishnu temple located in a remote region of Nepal.

This year, during our Satsang in Kathmandu with Mohanji, he asked me to speak briefly about my journey and experience at Muktinath. He also mentioned that the journey to Muktinath is far more difficult than the Kailash pilgrimage. At that moment, a thought crossed my mind, “If that’s so, then the Kailash pilgrimage is going to be a cakewalk for me.” Contrary to what I had thought, the Kailash pilgrimage was the most intense roller coaster ride of my life, yet it was fulfilling and liberating at the same time.

To briefly put things in perspective, Mohanji informed all of us that most people (in yoga) talk only about the functional pranas (life energies – prana, apana, samana, udana and vyana) but not the structural pranas. Dhananjaya is one of the structural pranas that comes from your ancestral lineage. It’s one of the first to enter immediately post-conception and the last one to leave after death.

This prana is an ancestral thread that binds us to the lineage and rules over our daily actions and the flow of life until our death. His plan during this pilgrimage was to cleanse this structural prana, so a huge transformation could be brought upon the recipient. He warned and prepared all of us beforehand that no matter what hurdles or obstacles came our way during the pilgrimage, we needed to understand that it was all part of the cleansing process.

As we embarked on our journey, everything was fine. However, upon reaching Saga, a city in Tibet (4640 meters altitude), I started experiencing altitude sickness. I had chosen not to take Diamox, which prevents altitude sickness, so I could experience the pilgrimage exactly the way it is. High altitude brought in physical weakness, indigestion, severe bloating and headache.

The next day, we left for Manasarovar in the morning, and before boarding the bus, I vomited several times, but the feeling of bloatedness remained the same. At Manasarovar, I had become extremely weak due to excessive loss of bodily fluids and electrolytes. In that state, I also accepted that the headache had married me permanently.

On the second night at Manasarovar, just the day before the planned Nandi Shraadh (ancestral cleansing) and Lagu-Rudra Yagna (fire ceremony), my headache got to an unbearable intensity. I struggled so much that night that I welcomed death over the suffering. The next morning, Mohanji asked me how I was feeling. I mentioned that I was in a recovery phase. He responded by saying that he was awake the whole night working on all of us.

I couldn’t wrap my head around his statement because if I had suffered so much pain in the night and couldn’t bear the intensity, how much pain and suffering he took upon himself for all of us? Yet, there he was in front of me, smiling, embracing, and energizing everybody around him.

Still in a state of unbearable headache and weakness, I saw Sulakhe Maharaj, the chief priest of Shirdi. It was only because of my deep connection with Sai Baba of Shirdi that I met Mohanji. I bowed down to touch Maharaj’s feet and prayed to Baba internally to help me find the strength to go and finish the journey.

After receiving his blessings, I went back to my room and sat on my bed, feeling exhausted and powerless. While resting, out of the blue, one of my roommates, Rajkumar Aylam Sundareswaran, asked me if I wanted to have vibhuti (sacred ash) from Shirdi. Feeling surprised, I asked him why he felt he should give the vibhuti to me at that moment.

He replied that when I was sitting on my bed exhausted, he saw Sai Baba standing next to the bed and looking at me. Therefore, he felt like offering the vibhuti to me. Hearing his words, I felt very good despite my miserable state, knowing that both Baba and Mohanji’s powers were always with me to help me through this situation regardless of my strength.

Four nights passed, from the time we reached Saga till we set off for Kailash parikrama (circumambulation). I hardly slept during that time due to health issues, and this weakened me further. However, despite all this, I wanted to do the entire Kailash parikrama on foot.

At the beginning of day one, I met my Tibetan porter and pony caretaker. Both being women, I felt blessed and lucky since they were so gentle and caring. The porter woman carried her two or three-year-old child on her back, whereas the pony caretaker’s child was eight to ten years old and walked alongside. I walked slowly on day one and had to sit now and then to regain energy.

During the journey, when I would get tired, the porter’s kid would say hello to me and would ask for my hand and pull my fingers to walk along with his mom. That little kid’s presence throughout the parikrama, his smile, his hellos, and holding my hand whenever I needed strength or whenever he felt like holding, created an entirely different ambience and a unique flavour of experience for me.

In short, he immensely assisted me during my parikrama, and his innocent smiles brought such sweet emotions within me that gave me a certain level of ease despite my tiredness.  After the end of day one, I was exhausted and fell on the bed, but I couldn’t sleep at all despite my exhaustion. One more night of sleeplessness.


I just sat up on the bed for an hour or so doing Mohanji’s Gayatri mantra, trying to tap into his energy. While doing that mantra japa, I experienced a subtle cooling touch on my back. I understood that Mohanji was assuring me that he was with me always. Finally, in the moments of sleep at night, I woke up several times because I felt extremely dry, accompanied by severe headache and breathlessness.

Early morning of day two, during breakfast, I struggled to even lift my spoon. This was my weakest point where I felt I was so close to crashing. Our dear Mamuji (Narinder Rohmetra) observed my state and said, “It’s my strict instruction that you are going to sit on the pony, and I’m not going to have any discussion with you on this matter!” I obeyed his command and sat on the pony, but I didn’t like it at all. It hurt me from within to break my original intention.

I truly wanted to walk the entire Kailash parikrama on foot like a penance, no matter what the cost. After a kilometre or less, I got down from the pony and tried to walk as slowly as possible. During that time, a string of thoughts arose within me. A couple of days before the parikrama, I had a small chat with Mohanji.

I said, “Father, I experienced a state of absolute stillness in your presence last year (at Bosnian pyramids), a few days after you initiated me, but I couldn’t stay in that state. I want that state forever!” He replied, saying, “Yes, I’ve given you the taste of honey. It’ll come to you. You just have to integrate.” I got reminded of that conversation during my walk to Dolma La Pass.

My original agenda for visiting Kailash and doing the parikrama was to achieve an absolute stillness of mind, which is synonymous with liberation from the mind. However, here I was at Kailash, struggling to achieve that state. During that moment, I also felt that Mohanji always provides abstract answers to my questions. On top of it, he often asks me to drop my mind as if I could do that myself.

If I could do that, I would have done that a long time ago. There would be no need for me to come to him. I also thought that all the Gurus were alike. Despite being capable of transmitting a permanent state of stillness, they don’t give it despite perceiving an intense yearning for that state in a disciple.

With these questions running wild, the seeker of stillness within me was raging, and it transformed me like a ball of fire. As Kailash is the abode of Shiva and many other exalted beings, I submitted to them my request in an absolutely fiery state, “All you people, I know you can liberate me from my mind, but if you’ve no intention of giving me that state despite knowing how much I yearn for it, at least liberate me from my body, and today itself!”

My hunger for that state of stillness became so strong that I felt it was better to die rather than to be in the body and not to have that state. So, in two hours, I was catapulted from a state where I couldn’t even lift my spoon (due to lack of strength) to a state where I became a ball of fire with enormous momentum. Because my anger touched its peak where I didn’t care if I lived or died, there was a different kind of strength to me that was alien-like, definitely not from my body.


In that fireball mode, I walked with such power and intensity (like never) towards Dolma La pass (5630 meters altitude), the highest point in our parikrama. My speed was such that my porter and pony caretaker couldn’t catch my pace. I rushed up to Dolma La Pass and sat there for some time, soaking in the energy, waiting for them to join me.

After they reached me, their faces showed their surprised expression, especially after witnessing my struggle on day one of the parikrama. I informed them of my decision to go to Gauri Kund (the lake of the Divine Mother) and be back shortly. I went to the Kund and drank the most amazing water, which gave me an extra boost and momentum. Later, I got back to the parikrama track effortlessly.

From Dolma La Pass, there’s a descent of a few kilometres and then a flat walk of 10-12 km. With newfound strength, I was sometimes running while descending. One Sherpa observed me and tried to compete. He ran alongside, and while he surpassed me, he looked at me and joined his hands (as a sign of respect) and gave me a kind of expression like, “Man, there’s no match between your size and speed.”

After the descent, there was no anger or fiery mode left in me. I was happy and elated that despite all the sickness I had experienced in the past five days, I could do the toughest part of the parikrama on foot. Ironically, it was the easiest for me because that fiery energy carried me forward during that time.

In the excitement of finishing the toughest part effortlessly, I ate so much in Tibetan tents I could hardly walk later, haha! It was a never-ending flat walk where my gait was like a snail. Once I finished day two on foot, I lay on my bed for a short nap. After the nap, I realized all the health issues I had faced until that day had completely left me. I felt rejuvenated, and I was jumping around throughout the evening without any problem. After five days of sleeplessness, I slept happily after day two of the parikrama. On day three, it was a short walk, which felt like a breeze.

After finishing the three-day parikrama almost entirely by foot (except that one km on a pony), we returned to Darchen. I was so relaxed that it felt as if the mountains of bliss and gratitude were sitting within me. Once in Darchen, I desperately wanted to meet Mohanji the same day, but he didn’t come out of the hotel room. During the time when we all were performing the outer kora parikrama, Rajesh Bhai, Dhritiman Biswas (DB) and Riana Gasper from our group went to the inner Kora path to perform a ritual for the wellbeing of the entire Mohanji family.

At the end of my parikrama

I also realized that DB was my roommate, and I had an important message for him. I went out looking for him and was informed that he was with Mohanji in his room. Mamuji sent me there to convey the message to DB. Once I reached Mohanji’s room, I was lucky to hear some of the unbelievable stories narrated by Rajesh bhai and DB to Mohanji. They both narrated the dangers they faced during the inner Kora path.

I’ll mention a few points from that conversation. Rajesh bhai narrated how a Sherpa who accompanied them wasn’t willing to help them at all until a certain point. His attitude changed suddenly, and he became extremely helpful. Mohanji responded, “That was because Mohanji entered him”. Upon hearing Mohanji, Madhu informed us of his confusion when ‘Father’ said bye at 8 PM on the first day of the parikrama and went inside his room that evening.

Mohanji simply said, “I cannot be in the body if I’ve to work on all those people.” He then asked me, “Yakkala, do I look tired?” I said, “No, Father, you don’t.” I profusely thanked him for invisibly being with me, cleansing me, and supporting me throughout the journey. He asked me if I was happy, and I replied affirmatively. Then he asked me again the same question he had asked a few times before, “Did you drop the mind?” I said, “I tried but couldn’t; you, please do it for me.” He didn’t say anything to my statement, so I left it at that.

Two days after leaving Darchen, we reached Timure, a small village in Nepal next to the Tibetan/Chinese border. There I laughed almost non-stop for half a day. Preeti Duggal and Sonia Gandhi were witnesses to that phenomenon. It was a lovely bonding that happened with many people in our group; it truly felt like a family reunion. The next day we returned to Kathmandu, and I had a huge smile spread on my face.

Mohanji saw me and asked again, “Are you happy?” I replied in the affirmative, and he told me that I was shining and should remain like that always. During our evening and last satsang, Mohanji mentioned the night before the ceremonies for ancestral cleansing, some of us were close to death. At that moment, I clearly understood I was one of them because, as mentioned earlier, that night death was better than living since the pain was unbearable.

After returning to Kathmandu

My journey didn’t stop after the Kailash pilgrimage. I wanted to visit Tiruvannamalai, which is regarded as the Kailash of the South. I mentioned this to Mohanji, and he said, “People usually go to Tiruvannamalai and then come to Kailash. You are doing it in reverse.” I told him that I had done many things in my life in reverse order, and this was just one more addition to that. Luckily, my flight for departure from Kathmandu was at the same time as Mohanji’s, and I had a chance at the airport to sit near him while waiting for the boarding call.

Just a few minutes before leaving him to board the flight, I asked, “I want to achieve liberation from the mind (absolute stillness of the mind). Could you please make that happen for me?” He said, “Tathastu”, which means “wish granted” or “so be it.” That response from him settled me for good, and I was convinced that I would reach that state I’d longed for. My elation had no bounds as my purpose of coming to Kailash had been fulfilled and granted by Mohanji. In other words, by saying “Tathastu”, he promised to elevate me to that state of stillness, and I was extremely happy about it.

While in Tiruvannamalai, I got in touch with a seeker who lives there with the help of my dear friend Judith (from our Kailash group). I was told he could help and be my guide. After I met him, he informed me that he could take me to the top of the Arunachala mountain. Many Siddhas (ascetics who have achieved enlightenment) reside in their subtle form inside this mountain. We decided to start the climb in the evening to avoid any problems since it is prohibited to reach the top nowadays.

I saw him going up the mountain barefoot effortlessly, so I thought maybe I should also remove my footwear and go like him, as the mountain is sacred, after all. I also took off my footwear and walked along with him. I got hurt a bit from the stones and rocks but managed to reach the mountain top by 6 PM. He showed me a place on the mountain top considered the feet of Shiva, and asked me to bow down there. He then lit a lamp at a nearby place, explaining to me that it was his Gurusthan (place of his Guru).

He used to reach that mountain top every day to serve his Guru, who used to consume just one small glass of milk and one glass of tea per day. His Guru stayed at the same place for seventeen years until people started to throng to him. His Guru had left his body just last year, and he was a little upset about it. This man was a real devotee. He either talked about his Guru, his teachings or his work and nothing much beyond. Once at the mountain top, I meditated, and the experience was like being on fire. I guess anybody would feel the same in that space if they were subtle enough.

In India, there are five temples that represent the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air and space), and the Tiruvannamalai temple represents the element of fire.  During meditation, it rained, and after I came out of my dhyana (meditation), it was dark. I walked down the mountain alongside my guide barefoot. In the darkness, I stepped on sharp rocks now and then, and since it rained, so many small stones were sticking to my feet. At every step, these small stones would press against my feet so badly that I screamed out of pain every few steps. After I came down the mountain, my dear guide gave me a stick for support.

He walked effortlessly up and down the mountain barefoot and told me that his feet were used to it. I used the stick and walked towards my hotel limping. Surprisingly, upon reaching the hotel, I looked at my feet and couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a single cut or a bruise.

Two days later, my guide took me to a Vishnu temple in the nearby village. There he took out a beautiful idol of Mahavatar Babaji and requested the temple’s priest to consecrate the idol of Babaji by touching it to the deity in the sanctum sanctorum. Later, he offered that idol of Babaji to me and said that he got it custom-made for somebody else but felt like offering it to me. I was so touched and overwhelmed at that moment.

Out of curiosity, I casually asked him when he gave an order to the sculptor to make the idol. The date he gave me was exactly the time when we were all performing ceremonies at Manasarovar. It felt like all the cleansing during Kailash and Tiruvannamalai had given me the eligibility to receive Babaji.

Idol of Babaji I got

On my last night in Tiruvannamalai, I wanted to perform a parikrama of the auspicious mountain. As I was walking, my guide asked me to stay at a certain place and wait for him until he finished drinking his tea. As I waited, I saw there was a saint with a long beard who was completely absorbed in another world. A few people were serving food close by as prasad (consecrated food), one guy was prostrating at him, and one lady was cleaning the place, but he seemed not to care about anything or anybody.

He didn’t even glance at them. I wanted to go and touch him, but someone there prevented me from doing so. I sat down in front of him and tried to gain his attention, but he wouldn’t look at me. I finally gave up and decided to leave. While I was getting up to leave, it felt as if somebody spoke to me telepathically, and it was more like a command. The message was, “Aye, bow down and leave!”

I then prostrated full length to this saint and prayed to him to bless me for achieving stillness of the mind. When I raised my head after prostration, he was looking at me. He raised his hand in a blessing position and gently nodded his head in a manner to make me understand that he gave his blessing for what I had asked. After that nod, he again looked up and entered into the otherworldly state. I was curious, so I went to the people that were serving prasad and enquired about this saint. They told me that he had been in silence, at least for the past seven years. I felt so privileged to have received his blessings.

Wherever I went, I’ve just asked for the stillness of the mind because Mohanji gave me a strong taste of it last year (for a brief period) at the Bosnian pyramids. There was an extraordinary intoxication in that stillness. In that state, I experienced an upsurge of awareness and perception to a phenomenal scale that I’d never imagined possible. Later, when I returned to my previous, noisy state of mind, it felt terrible.

If I had never known stillness, I would have been just fine, but one taste of it left me craving to return and remain eternally in that state. Stillness empowers you to ride any waves and situations of life. If you are devoid of that stillness (a state which most of us are in), you cannot ride life but will only remain vulnerable to various situations of life. I wish and hope that every person who is reading this is blessed by an experience of absolute stillness so that you’ll incessantly crave it later, just like I do.

Finally, I would like to thank Mohanji immensely for all his blessings and the cleansing work he did on me. It washed away layers of dirt I had unconsciously accumulated. Only a Guru whose love knows no bounds can do what Mohanji did for me. I would also like to thank all the people that worked for the Foundation tirelessly, making this pilgrimage possible for people like me. A special thanks to our Mamuji, the two brothers Krishnan Aylam and Rajkumar Aylam, Nikita, George, Rajesh bhai and Judith for helping me at different points in this journey.


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Intense spiritual practices

intense spiritual practices

By Swati Jarugumilli, Australia

Conscious Gapless Breathing 

During the EMPOWERED program’s questionnaire session, Mohanji told me to “Intensify sadhana” and said, “Our spiritual progress should always reflect with more compassion towards family, friends, animals, etc.” When I was trying to find out ‘how to intensify my sadhana’, I stumbled upon Rekha Murali’s testimonial about how intense the Conscious Gapless Breathing technique (CGB) was when practiced for 21 days as a challenge. On reading the testimonial, I reached out to her and expressed my interest (with gratitude) in learning this CGB technique. Rekha and Aditya Nagpal conducted a workshop for the same for five days just before Diwali in November 2021.

It was a cute little group of people who shared similar thought processes. During the first two days, there was a significant change in my behaviour to be more aware and calm than usual. This itself made me energetic enough throughout the day. But on the third day, I experienced a little sadness in a certain posture, which was not mine but from someone else. 

When I observed the feeling the following day, it dawned on me that the sadness was my mother’s when I was in her womb. I quickly cross-checked with her if she had undergone any pain while I was in her womb. She confirmed that she had and said, “During the 8th month, I tried to sit down on the floor, and that caused me pain, which made me cry a lot.” This explanation helped me understand what I had noticed during the CGB session.

Truly, CGB does stir all the heavy, un-noticed, settled emotions from the bottom of our container. By the 5th day of CGB (the day before Diwali), there was a stirring of total restlessness and extra energy that I couldn’t handle myself. Due to this, I fell back into my usual patterns of overeating and needless anxiety. Usually, managing such emotions might take days to months, depending on our constitution.

Fortunately, Aditya Nagpal announced a group Mai-Tri session on Diwali, conducted by Preeti Duggal, and how attending this Mai-Tri might effortlessly cleanse us from all that had been churned with CGB. Some of us quickly grabbed this opportunity and attended the group Mai-Tri session.

Significantly, a huge cleansing happened for all of us. From the day I had opened my eyes in this life until the day of the Mai-Tri session, the whole reel of incidents played like a quick short film. It showed glimpses of my emotions when I was hurt, or felt low, discriminated against, helpless and all of those emotions that were low in frequency. Later, the same short film played once again, but this time, it showed me how the supreme consciousness had taken care by giving me luck factors, people who love me, and how God’s hand was carrying me like a baby, protecting me from negative thoughts all the time.

There was only gratitude that was left behind and a divine motherly love that was bestowed upon me, keeping me calm and stable.

A day after Diwali, I understood that if this combination of CGB and Mai-Tri could be conducted as a package, and if we could utilise the opportunity, we could certainly experience a shift in our level of consciousness.

Beautiful was the experience of Group Mai-Tri as well, which is described below. 

Mohanji himself is the supreme consciousness to me. Else, how could my ignorant self have the ability to understand how he is operating through various souls around me. My humble pranaams at his lotus feet.

Group Mai-Tri and Empowered Program

Attending the group Mai-Tri conducted by Preeti Duggal on the day of Diwali in November 2021 was a sheer blessing that came directly from Mohanji.

Simultaneously, I was overcoming certain fears and insecurities (in career and family) through the cleansing as part of the EMPOWERED program conducted by Mohanji in September 2021.

In the group Mai-Tri session, intentions were placed to release the unwanted fears and insecurities that I felt were unnecessary. This helped me shed a certain weight from my karmic baggage. Before this, I attended CGB, and there was unprocessed restlessness and anxiety within me, which caused distractions during the Mai-Tri session.

But though the distractions kept coming back, I tried to concentrate as much as possible and listened to Preeti’s voice invoking Dattatreya’s presence. Midway during the session, suddenly, a film started playing within me, showing a short glimpse of all events and situations that had caused me sadness, or exposed me to my vulnerable nature, the small mistakes that I had made, which made me feel guilty throughout my life. I could understand that it was all me and how my soul felt when I was doing certain things just for fun. I understood my soul, and I was different in frequencies, and most importantly, my soul silently watched the show. I felt sorry for myself.

Then immediately, when we invoked the Mother Goddess’s presence, I could experience and feel Mother Kali’s fierce form. I even saw myself under the trident, ready to be hit. But there was no fear. Instead, I was happy to see how well protected I was under her trident. Then I understood that Mother’s Kali form had come to keep our ego in check (under the trident). There was only gratitude in me.

When Baba’s presence was invoked, the whole short film of various glimpses of my life started playing, just for me to look at the optimistic side of the same incidents that had previously made me sad. A constant vision showed me that Shirdi Sai Baba was carrying me as a baby in his arms like a mother. He has been looking after me since I was born, and he is there always beside me. Tears flowed, and my heart was filled with emotions. Motherly love is always pure, but Baba’s motherly love is the purest of the purest.

During the rest of the Mai-Tri session, I was blessed to have a vision of all the three (Datta, Mother Kali & Baba) in one form: mother Mohanji. He is truly a manifestation of all our prayers, in these times especially. As the session concluded, everybody shared their experiences. But the Mai-Tri energy could be felt continuously later. The more we are receptive to change, the more energy will flow into our system.

Later, while I was doing Consciousness Kriya, I felt a tremendous constant vibration that was unusually strong. So, to be on the safe side, I listened to Mohanji’s Shiva Kavacham for protection. Suddenly, I saw visions of different divine snakes. And I was in a dark room with a huge Shiva linga in front of me. The upper part of this linga was pure bright golden and white moving energy. By the end of the Shiva Kavacham, a snake had left my side and coiled two and a half times around this linga of energy and kept its hood (single) on top of the Shiva linga. I couldn’t open my eyes to leave this beautiful experience.

I attended an interview the following day, which was a scary experience for me (coding and developing). By the end of the technical round, I was offered the job. At that very moment, I felt that Mohanji had held my hands and made me cross the most fearful asteroid belt/barrier – my limiting beliefs.

All of this happened because of: –

• Empowered 1.0 program – made me contemplate on myself and become aware of my internal system

• CGB – helped stir up those heavy, settled, un-noticed things to come up in my system

• Group Mai-Tri – with the divine intervention, cleansed off all that had come up

As Brahma the creator, Mohanji conducted the EMPOWERED program and instilled the knowledge to contemplate on the self. As Vishnu the preserver, Mohanji has provided us with Conscious Gapless Breathing to move up those heavy particles of emotions from the bottom to the surface. As Maheshwara the destroyer, Mohanji, through the Mai-Tri method, is cleansing away our karmic burden.

Isn’t this what the Guru Principle means? Isn’t this what Dattathreya means? Isn’t this what Maa Mohanji has given us in the form of Kalpa Vriksham (the wish-fulfilling tree)?

How can I even thank Mohanji with mere words, who has taken a form and is living this life just for our sake? Datta is Mohanji. Mohanji is Datta.

Mohanji is the mother of all mothers. He is Prema Sai!


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Transformations through group meditations – Part 1

Please read and enjoy these beautiful testimonials from around the globe. The amazing benefits of the Power of Purity meditation is truly felt by so many who enjoy practicing it regularly.

By Cathy Johnston, UK

Being a newbie to the Mohanji family (I met him last Nov) has been a whirlwind of self-discovery and excavations of self-limiting beliefs. The feelings of lack of self-worth (with roots firmly embedded into my childhood) are not something I’ve ever known how to overcome. No matter how many achievements or challenges I’ve defeated, these deeply rooted feelings continued to mess with my monkey mind.

After the first week of PoP (Power of Purity) group meditations I began to feel really crappy about myself, my latent insecurities were predictably bubbling up to the surface and a dark blanket of foggy self-doubt began to engulf my every thought. I began doubting my surrender, my connection and all things Mohanji, and felt utterly miserable and at a complete loss.

I was aware that my emotions were once again stealing my joy and ‘ruling’ my life and even though I could acknowledge where these familiar feelings were coming from, I just didn’t know how to get a grip of them, how to climb out of this destructive cycle. Until of course, Mohanji once again came to my rescue!

Mohanji spoke to me twice in succession following one of last week’s meditations. I had gone downstairs and whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil I clicked onto FB and scrolled aimlessly onto a video someone had posted of Robbie Williams and his wife counselling a young teenager about her anxieties. (I have never been a fan of Robbie, to be honest, but for some reason, I was drawn into this conversation).

The message from Robbie to the young girl (from Mohanji to me) was that ‘her courage and her bravery were more powerful than her self-doubt’. Another Mohanji’ light bulb moment’ for me and the second time Mohanji has spoken to me (indirectly this time) through music, the language of love.

My mood was completely lifted, and I smiled at the playfulness of Mohanjis grace and then, one of the next items I clicked on was a photo quote of Mohanji’s saying; “Surrender is an attitude and not from the mind”.

The two most mind dominating clouds I’d been struggling with all week just gone! In a puff of smoke just as the kettle boiled! My courage is undoubtedly far more powerful than my self-doubt and my attitude more powerful than my mind (at least that’s what my poor mother would say).

Thanking Mohanji for this second stab at a more faith fuelled life and to all of the Mohanji family for their unconditional love and support.

In the wee, small, tortured hours

When monkey mind awakes

Torments and pokes my patient soul

I seek the safety of your face.

A dog-eared image in your stead

When there’s no place left to go

Is the soothing balm

To quell my fears

And back to sleep, I go.

By a participant from Australia

What an incredible boon it is to be part of this group meditation. When we started these 41 days of PoP, I wasn’t really convinced that a bunch of people in different locations, seemingly only connected by zoom could really create an amplified meditation experience but I quickly came to feel that these meditations were more powerful than they had been when I just did it by myself. Then yesterday morning this was taken to a whole new level.

I had set my alarm for 5 am to do my Early Birds Club activities before the PoP at 6 am but having made the mistake of not placing the alarm far enough away that I had to get up out of bed to turn it off, I was fast asleep again seconds after hitting the switch. I awoke again at 6.30 am and realised meditation was halfway through. I didn’t want to disturb the group so I thought I would just do my own PoP later in the morning and fell asleep again, but my group leader Mohanji Acharya had noticed that I wasn’t there and had made an intention to bring me into the group energy field anyhow.

I felt very peaceful, and when I slept again, I had an incredible dream. In my dream, I came across a group of people having some program, so I just sat down with them and joined in. Someone behind me placed their foot on my spine and gave me shakti (energy/power). After that, I started levitating and floating around, so peacefully and happily. After this ‘program’ finished, I was told the master it was organised around had already left and gone off to another country for the next program.

It was the most amazing dream I have had in forever, and the Mohanji Acharya told me that my strong intention to join, the group’s intention to bless every member (and so many others), and the love and grace of Mohanji had transported me astrally into the meditation while I was still lying asleep in bed. So now I will never again doubt the power of the ‘group energy field’. 

Thank you so much Mohanji, thank you so much Mohanji family for including me and carrying me when I tripped up. 

By Britta Burmehl, Germany

I am in a situation of being separated from my husband after 25 years of our relationship. The meditation programme was a great support for me during this time. It has given me a lot of inner peace and quiet. Through the process of blessing, I had the feeling that I was able to do something for everyone who is involved with my family, and I hope to find a good and peaceful way to interact with all of them. 

My husband was on holiday for 2-3 weeks during this time. I knew that he was very angry with me. I was very worried about seeing him again and did not speak to him during this time. Through the meditation, I focused on love and gratitude every day, blessed him and hoped we would find a loving and peaceful way together. When he came back, the meeting was very peaceful and appreciative; I had not expected that at all. I think that regular meditation contributed a lot to this peaceful meeting. 

The meditation helps me to start the day differently than usual. I am more attentive with my thoughts than before and feel that I can be much more connected to myself with inner peace. Also, meditating in the group has been very good for me. I felt very cared for and supported and felt that I am not alone. I am very grateful to all who have contributed to the fact that these meditations take place. We in the group decided to continue after the 41 days because this connection through meditation does us all very good. I hope that many more people can participate in this wonderful meditation.

The 41 days of POP meditation did me a lot of good; I can only recommend it to everyone! In love and deep gratitude.

By Aarati Sarma, Dubai

Before I pen down my thoughts about the journey of 41 days of PoP meditation, I surrender myself to the lotus feet to express my gratitude to Mohanji for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this beautiful journey. As we all believe life’s a journey, I feel very blessed to be a part of this journey with Mohanji’s grace, to connect to his consciousness. I feel this journey came right in time, and it was a real breakthrough for me. I can’t thank the Mohanji Acharya enough for all the efforts and time put in for clearing all my doubts and being so patient. I don’t know how it was done, but the intention for the day had always been relevant to my experience at that point in time, and it helped to put things in that perspective. 

I am just writing to express how grateful I am that a Mohanji Acharya came into my life and helped me broaden my eyes to meditation and self-reflection. I can feel that the practices have changed my perception of myself and the world, and unfold the old patterns in my brain, and a new beginning has already taken hold. I strongly feel dedication and determination is the key to the practice. 

Meditation has personally helped me to find a balance and acceptance of things in life as they come. Slowly the benefits of meditation started to show up outside in life, for example, to be able to respond to a situation instead of reacting. 

The meditation and the most inspiring quotes of the day gave me instant joy and put a smile on my face and made my day much lighter. Words are not enough to say thank you to the Mohanji Acharya for enriching my life, widening my horizons and for always being available throughout. Whatever I am today is because of Mohanji and his loving instruments.

By Sowmia Kolanjinathan, India

“Am I living a life of lie?” was the question that brought me all the way to Mohanji through my Sai. As a 24-year old girl, I never had clarity in what I was seeking in this world of spirituality.

My spiritual journey began partly at the age of 15, but my analytical mind and gathered up knowledge, I seriously considered spirituality as a subject to just know and research upon. I read many books along the path about Robert Adams, An Autobiography of a Yogi, Himalayan Master, Sri M and so on.

I was like a curious kid who wants to know what people and my Baba say about the mind, and getting Brahma Gyan (spiritual wisdom). Too much experience gathered in my system theoretically. What next? I pleaded to Baba to show me the real path, what is real divinity?” Baba miraculously guided me to Mohanji’s blogs and videos, where I got to ask numerous questions from the Ask team on Mohanji’s website. Destiny welcomed me with divine angels in the form of Mohanji Acharyas as my mentors!

Like the wind which flows directionless, my wavering mind and concepts found direction when I was invited to join Mohanji’s 41 days of Power of Purity meditation. At first, I was quite hesitant and took so much time even to give a try, but something in me pushed my limitations, and in the last minute, I got myself enrolled.

I created a routine in myself, and as I was enjoying the practice daily, I could witness a lot of ego and hidden emotions coming up to the surface as a test to my research of knowing myself. Mohanjii became so close to me, I truly felt deep within that Baba put on a play to hand me over to my Guru of many lifetimes, it’s not a falsehood of illusion but a sense of deep revelation. My joy knew no bounds.

My practice was good, everything is going fine, and then appeared questions and doubts, was PoP actually working for me, how can I get logical confirmation, how will I know if it’s real or mental projections? Thinking about Mohanji and putting these questions to him, I went to sleep, and my casual routine continued. 

The very next day after my PoP session, I felt a new out of league experience. I suddenly felt the floor beneath me in the middle of the meditation, and till the end, I could feel the whole room, my table, books, and tumbler, everything vibrating with a different kind of energy which I cannot explain in words but could sense. When I shared this with my Acharyas, I was guided to witness the process with gratitude.

My mum came to my room the very same night. She is 54 years old and is undergoing menopause and has a history of troubled sleeping pattern. She is not into any meditation or spirituality but is also a great devotee of Sai. She came and helped me to arrange my bookshelf and wardrobe, in the very same room where I have Sai Baba’s portrait and do my meditation. She was talking casually and doing the chores, and after a few minutes, she said she felt sleepy and lay down on my bed beside me.

I thought she might be tired and took it casually and went with my doings. After an hour, I felt an urge to check up on her and tried to wake her up with fear because it seemed unusual to me. When she woke up, she was way too quieter than normal, which honestly scared me a little, but I could see her eyes were so bright and crystal clear.

I asked, “Mum, are you okay?” and she replied, “Sowmi, I never had this kind of alluring peaceful sleep since childhood”. I lovingly mocked her by saying, “Is 60 minutes eye closing a little nap!” But something struck me inside. I said, “Yes Mom, you seem so normal and at peace” and she replied saying, “Yes, Sai made me have a holy dip at his feet, I feel like a new-born, it’s not a usual sleep…” and she smiled and walk away as usual.

A moment of silence echoed within me, and then the tears started rolling down! Didn’t Mohanji give me the answer again! You little poor girl, I gave you the real experience you crave for, and you still doubt if it happened to you. Now, are you satisfied to hear that I’m with you through the words of your Mom? Mohanji, you know me, and no one is a stranger to you. As I realised that his power and energy is with me always, my questions dissolved in the ocean of bliss. “When you dissolve into the question itself; the Master does answer in an unassuming way”. 


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An Unexpected Meeting and a Transforming Glance

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Mina Obradovic

By Mina Obradovic, Serbia

With Mohanji and Nath Master

Part 1

Mohanji has often been heard to say that as the Mai-Tri healers continue their healing practice they will completely merge with His consciousness over time. Their eyes will eventually become Mohanji’s eyes, and their senses will merge with His. Although I have practiced healing for a long time, I have been completely detached from that expectation and hence did not anticipate this to happen.

It so happened that I had the blessing of the opportunity to visit a very powerful temple in the company of Mohanji. This particular temple was fenced in, and access was possible only by walking via a long road. As we walked, I was often glancing up at our destination, and on one such glance, spotted in the distance an old man with a white beard standing outside the temple. He had white hair falling over his shoulders and was clad only in a small piece of white cloth. His body stood still and his chin was slightly lifted up, as he was looking towards the open sky. I had not noticed him previously.

Upon reaching the temple, I walked towards the spot where I thought the old man had been standing and was surprised to see a white dog there instead. The dog radiated energy. He stood by Mohanji for a long time. As I was standing next to them, I closely observed their vibrations and felt both emanating infinite calmness and peacefulness. I felt,“Somehow, they are so similar.” I realized that the energy radiated by Mohanji and the dog were extremely similar. When I meet Mohanji, His human characteristics are diminished as Divinity takes over. Similarly, this mysterious white dog gave no glimpse of an earthly nature. He did not run around nor display any oscillation or emotion in his behavior. Only stillness, which is the nature of a true Master, was predominant and very obvious.  After a while, when our group moved on, he started walking around too.

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Mohanji and the Nath master posing as a dog

I knew in my heart that this dog was really the old man that I had spotted. A strange force drew me towards him. Kneeling down in front of him, I gazed at him and my hands spontaneously touched his feet. This act of reverence was done discreetly to avoid the notice of the people around me. As we were having lunch at that time, I desired to feed him. So, I rushed, grabbed some food and returned to the dog. Mohanji said, “Do not feed him. He does not want to eat now.” On a conscious level, I obeyed and accepted Mohanji’s words and withdrew. However, a desire to feed him remained unfulfilled in my subsconscious.

On the way back from the temple, I had to share this experience with Mohanji. With a smile, He said, “Yes. That was a Nath Master. He was here to bless us in the form of a dog, and has left now.” I blurted out in incredulous excitement, “But he was actually, physically there! He was not transparent or only energetically present! It seemed as if he was made of flesh and blood!” Mohanji replied, “Well, this happened only because of your own transformation, which is the result of your extensive healing practice. I have told you before – the more you practice healing, the more your eyes will become like mine. That is why you were able to ‘see’ him.”

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - MIna and the Nath mater posing as a dog

I slowly started experiencing exactly that – Mohanji’s eyes instead of mine and His consciousness in everything. I wondered why others did not see this Master in his human form instead of his form as a dog. Soon enough, the answer came – there was not “me” existing. Whenever Mohanji settles in somebody to display a miracle, the person and his/her identity become unimportant. The eyes that saw him were Mohanji’s and the subtlety that helped me experience His eyes during this particular moment was the Tradition’s will to convey an important message to humanity. They reminded us that we are often not loving and kind to animals who love unconditionally, let alone humans. The message is to treat all beings with reverence, love, and kindness since the forms of those beings can be those of Mohanji or any other Master from the Tradition in disguise. We can never tell.

To me, my God is my Guru, Mohanji. However, I ask myself, does it benefit anybody if we treat only the physical form of Mohanji with reverence, love, and kindness? No being is different from Him. I could never have dreamed that the dog would be a Master. Harming such a one, a saint in another form, through thought, word or action can have serious karmic consequences, prolongment of our spiritual journey and inevitable suffering. Saints often hide behind personalities and various bodies. They often do not want to be recognized.

Sometimes they can appear normal and usual, or they may choose an unappealing, angry, egocentric or rude exterior. Sometimes they may come to us in the form of the old and the sick, as birds, cows, flowers, or even as a child in order to bless us. Sometimes they may be exactly the person that we live with, that we may be taking for granted. Do we really know our parents, wives, husbands or children? We think we know them because we live with them, but that is not a criterion for knowing any soul and its path. Again, Masters hide in many forms. If we fail the test and react with ego to a saint’s seeming expression of ego – we lose. We NEVER know whom we are interacting with. Even a single thought of anger can produce a reality of suffering.

Part 2

A few weeks later…

Our group moved on in our travels from the location of the temple, to another town. My mind kept revisiting that encounter with the Nath Master many times. During one such time, a spontaneous prayer arose within me to meet him again, although I released that thought immediately afterward and promptly forgot all about it.

Later that evening, I had gone out to dinner with friends. When it came time to leave the restaurant, I wanted to use the washroom. Therefore, I told my friends that I would be joining them downstairs in a short while and to wait in the car that was going to pick us up. When I came down, there was no one outside the restaurant except for a white dog. He lay there on the ground in a most relaxed way, with only his head and eyes moving slightly. I gently caressed his head. Sitting in front of him, I started talking to him. I do not recall what I said, but I do remember that I spoke for a few minutes! I was not joking or playing. I was sincerely sharing words with him, as I was certain he understood me perfectly. I smiled when some restaurant employees there saw me with the dog and said, “You should take him home!”

Remembering Mohanji’s constant need to feed everybody wherever He goes, I too thought, “I should give some food to this dog.” The only place where I could find some food for him however was in a fast-food restaurant, and that was some bread and butter. Although dogs sometimes eat meat, I avoid feeding animals non-vegetarian food. I put the plate with the bread in front of the dog. He sniffed at it, but would not eat. Therefore, I broke the bread into pieces, but he still refused it. I speculated that perhaps he was not hungry, or that maybe the bread was too dry.

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Mohanji and the Nath master posing as a dog 2

With my fingers, I broke the bread into even smaller pieces and mixed the butter in thoroughly. That worked, and I was very happy to see him eat it then! My friend Priti Rupee was also pleased to see him eating and took a few pictures. We had to get going, so I said a goodbye to him and left. On our way back home, a thought suddenly flashed across my mind, “That was the saint from that temple. He heard your prayer and came back again to fulfil your wish.” Deep inside, I knew it was the truth but the nature of the wavering mind is such that one is never fully sure.

Weeks passed before this incident came to my mind again. I decided to share it with Mohanji, saying that I was unsure whether it had been the saint that I had previously met in the temple.. He said with conviction, “It was him.” Hearing this confirmation from my Guru himself, I could barely hide my excitement. The Tradition had fulfilled my desire on the very same day the thought of it had occurred! I remembered that I had wanted to feed that saint when we were still in the temple, when Mohanji asked me not to do it. Just as this desire of mine, everything is heard by Tradition and nothing is forgotten by Them. Their precision and lack of hesitation channeled a message that in our path there is no space for imagination, swaying, delaying, doubting or irresponsibility. If Naths work with such a precision, a disciple of Nath must BECOME that precision.

I have heard it said many times, that Masters always hear the sincere desires of seekers. Now the truth of those words had eventually become my reality, as I was constantly experiencing fulfilment of each one of my desires. “Be good. Do good.” That is Mohanji’s teaching that is to be practised with everyone at all times. That is the highest truth that Mohanji has blessed me with, that I am still trying to learn. One day, I hope to reach the point of unconditional love towards all. Here, I would also like to express my gratitude towards Priti Rupee, for taking such lovely pictures.

Shaktipat through eyes

During our group’s stay in Mumbai, there was an informal satsang (discourse) with Mohanji. We sat casually on the floor in front of Him, while He was speaking to us about something. Suddenly, He stopped and looked directly at me – straight into my eyes.

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Mohanji looking with kindness and compassionAt first, it seemed like a normal glance. I smiled and we continued looking at each other. The gaze was longer than expected. I then realized that He was working on me – I was being healed and cleansed. It continued for a while and while my gaze was locked on Him, suddenly in my peripheral vision I could see dense smoke around us.

Heat was coming in waves, with short breaks in between, burning my chest and head. He said with a smile, “I told you – you cannot stand fire.” I smiled weakly, as much as the limitless energy permitted me to move. I was hardly able to move or look anywhere else. Looking at His eyes continuously, it seemed as if more of the black smoke was appearing around us. It grew so dark, that after a moment, I could not see His face at all. I had to blink a few times to see His eyes again. In the very same moment after I noticed the smoke, He said, “So much of weight leaving”. I smiled in response, silently expressing my gratitude. In one moment, it ended. He turned His gaze away from me and smiled. I was… speechless. A few other people that were with me, and I were in that spell for perhaps a couple of minutes later. We felt no need for words. I have no idea how long it took but it felt like an hour in His energy. The intensity of the Shaktipat must have increased. I do not know.

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Mohanji in meditation

There was the profound feeling that a deep heaviness from the past – very familiar to me, had been removed from me in those couple of seconds, by the power of my Guru. For many years of my life since childhood, I had felt it in the center of my belly as a dense ball of dark smoke, heavy and uncomfortable. It had been provoking all kinds of negativities in me – insecurity, fear, anxiety etc. I had had no control over it. It had been sitting within me – a dormant volcano, very quiet at most times and at other times, abruptly erupting sending me into a frenzied vortex of anxiety. After this release, I knew it had finally left me completely. No trace of it had remained. Even if my subconscious mind doubted the reactivation of the volcano, from the long feeling of familiarity with it, it never did. It never came back again.

Just a few seconds in Mohanji’s presence had transformed me thus. We may not be aware, yet He works on each of us, each moment, while eating, while sleeping, close or far away from us – always. He doesn’t waste even a moment in serving the world and His sincere seekers.

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Master and disciple - I am always with youThis incident is just one of the few instances that He has actually allowed His work to be recognized so tangibly. Since meeting Mohanji, I have experienced so much transformation, and have ALWAYS received firm proof of His Grace being the cause of it. Yet, no matter how tangible the proof is, a person who does not have the “eyes” will still be unable to see. Only eyes that crave Grace will recognize Grace.

Prostrations and profound gratitude to my Guru.

Thank You, Mohanji.

In humility, and with love to all,

Mina Obradović
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