Intense spiritual practices

intense spiritual practices

By Swati Jarugumilli, Australia

Conscious Gapless Breathing 

During the EMPOWERED program’s questionnaire session, Mohanji told me to “Intensify sadhana” and said, “Our spiritual progress should always reflect with more compassion towards family, friends, animals, etc.” When I was trying to find out ‘how to intensify my sadhana’, I stumbled upon Rekha Murali’s testimonial about how intense the Conscious Gapless Breathing technique (CGB) was when practiced for 21 days as a challenge. On reading the testimonial, I reached out to her and expressed my interest (with gratitude) in learning this CGB technique. Rekha and Aditya Nagpal conducted a workshop for the same for five days just before Diwali in November 2021.

It was a cute little group of people who shared similar thought processes. During the first two days, there was a significant change in my behaviour to be more aware and calm than usual. This itself made me energetic enough throughout the day. But on the third day, I experienced a little sadness in a certain posture, which was not mine but from someone else. 

When I observed the feeling the following day, it dawned on me that the sadness was my mother’s when I was in her womb. I quickly cross-checked with her if she had undergone any pain while I was in her womb. She confirmed that she had and said, “During the 8th month, I tried to sit down on the floor, and that caused me pain, which made me cry a lot.” This explanation helped me understand what I had noticed during the CGB session.

Truly, CGB does stir all the heavy, un-noticed, settled emotions from the bottom of our container. By the 5th day of CGB (the day before Diwali), there was a stirring of total restlessness and extra energy that I couldn’t handle myself. Due to this, I fell back into my usual patterns of overeating and needless anxiety. Usually, managing such emotions might take days to months, depending on our constitution.

Fortunately, Aditya Nagpal announced a group Mai-Tri session on Diwali, conducted by Preeti Duggal, and how attending this Mai-Tri might effortlessly cleanse us from all that had been churned with CGB. Some of us quickly grabbed this opportunity and attended the group Mai-Tri session.

Significantly, a huge cleansing happened for all of us. From the day I had opened my eyes in this life until the day of the Mai-Tri session, the whole reel of incidents played like a quick short film. It showed glimpses of my emotions when I was hurt, or felt low, discriminated against, helpless and all of those emotions that were low in frequency. Later, the same short film played once again, but this time, it showed me how the supreme consciousness had taken care by giving me luck factors, people who love me, and how God’s hand was carrying me like a baby, protecting me from negative thoughts all the time.

There was only gratitude that was left behind and a divine motherly love that was bestowed upon me, keeping me calm and stable.

A day after Diwali, I understood that if this combination of CGB and Mai-Tri could be conducted as a package, and if we could utilise the opportunity, we could certainly experience a shift in our level of consciousness.

Beautiful was the experience of Group Mai-Tri as well, which is described below. 

Mohanji himself is the supreme consciousness to me. Else, how could my ignorant self have the ability to understand how he is operating through various souls around me. My humble pranaams at his lotus feet.

Group Mai-Tri and Empowered Program

Attending the group Mai-Tri conducted by Preeti Duggal on the day of Diwali in November 2021 was a sheer blessing that came directly from Mohanji.

Simultaneously, I was overcoming certain fears and insecurities (in career and family) through the cleansing as part of the EMPOWERED program conducted by Mohanji in September 2021.

In the group Mai-Tri session, intentions were placed to release the unwanted fears and insecurities that I felt were unnecessary. This helped me shed a certain weight from my karmic baggage. Before this, I attended CGB, and there was unprocessed restlessness and anxiety within me, which caused distractions during the Mai-Tri session.

But though the distractions kept coming back, I tried to concentrate as much as possible and listened to Preeti’s voice invoking Dattatreya’s presence. Midway during the session, suddenly, a film started playing within me, showing a short glimpse of all events and situations that had caused me sadness, or exposed me to my vulnerable nature, the small mistakes that I had made, which made me feel guilty throughout my life. I could understand that it was all me and how my soul felt when I was doing certain things just for fun. I understood my soul, and I was different in frequencies, and most importantly, my soul silently watched the show. I felt sorry for myself.

Then immediately, when we invoked the Mother Goddess’s presence, I could experience and feel Mother Kali’s fierce form. I even saw myself under the trident, ready to be hit. But there was no fear. Instead, I was happy to see how well protected I was under her trident. Then I understood that Mother’s Kali form had come to keep our ego in check (under the trident). There was only gratitude in me.

When Baba’s presence was invoked, the whole short film of various glimpses of my life started playing, just for me to look at the optimistic side of the same incidents that had previously made me sad. A constant vision showed me that Shirdi Sai Baba was carrying me as a baby in his arms like a mother. He has been looking after me since I was born, and he is there always beside me. Tears flowed, and my heart was filled with emotions. Motherly love is always pure, but Baba’s motherly love is the purest of the purest.

During the rest of the Mai-Tri session, I was blessed to have a vision of all the three (Datta, Mother Kali & Baba) in one form: mother Mohanji. He is truly a manifestation of all our prayers, in these times especially. As the session concluded, everybody shared their experiences. But the Mai-Tri energy could be felt continuously later. The more we are receptive to change, the more energy will flow into our system.

Later, while I was doing Consciousness Kriya, I felt a tremendous constant vibration that was unusually strong. So, to be on the safe side, I listened to Mohanji’s Shiva Kavacham for protection. Suddenly, I saw visions of different divine snakes. And I was in a dark room with a huge Shiva linga in front of me. The upper part of this linga was pure bright golden and white moving energy. By the end of the Shiva Kavacham, a snake had left my side and coiled two and a half times around this linga of energy and kept its hood (single) on top of the Shiva linga. I couldn’t open my eyes to leave this beautiful experience.

I attended an interview the following day, which was a scary experience for me (coding and developing). By the end of the technical round, I was offered the job. At that very moment, I felt that Mohanji had held my hands and made me cross the most fearful asteroid belt/barrier – my limiting beliefs.

All of this happened because of: –

• Empowered 1.0 program – made me contemplate on myself and become aware of my internal system

• CGB – helped stir up those heavy, settled, un-noticed things to come up in my system

• Group Mai-Tri – with the divine intervention, cleansed off all that had come up

As Brahma the creator, Mohanji conducted the EMPOWERED program and instilled the knowledge to contemplate on the self. As Vishnu the preserver, Mohanji has provided us with Conscious Gapless Breathing to move up those heavy particles of emotions from the bottom to the surface. As Maheshwara the destroyer, Mohanji, through the Mai-Tri method, is cleansing away our karmic burden.

Isn’t this what the Guru Principle means? Isn’t this what Dattathreya means? Isn’t this what Maa Mohanji has given us in the form of Kalpa Vriksham (the wish-fulfilling tree)?

How can I even thank Mohanji with mere words, who has taken a form and is living this life just for our sake? Datta is Mohanji. Mohanji is Datta.

Mohanji is the mother of all mothers. He is Prema Sai!


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 57 and 58

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 57 lesson – The power of silence 

The past days here have been very much routine, something that I’ve spoken of before. And for me, that’s waking up, doing practices for myself, make sure everything’s organized or planned for the day. And then I’ll speak to Mohanji about his activities, the day’s activities, and anything else we need to speak about. And depending on how busy he already is, or how much we need to cover, that will be the time that I spend there. 

Then we have morning aarati at 6 am. It’s important here that we all attend, and it takes place in the puja room downstairs. Mohanji will be there sitting in his chair with the windows open, and all the beings that come to see him take his darshan, the birds, and the squirrels. 

For the past few days, I’ve been keeping conversation to a minimum because I’ve had some discomfort in my mouth, causing a bit of pain, which is fine, but I’m speaking only when necessary. 

This reminded me of one of the really good practical lessons that I observed from Mohanji. I have known about it sometime before being here, but it was also reconfirmed during the Bootcamp session we had. And this is the power of silence. The fact that in any situation that we face, silence is always an option for us, and it can be really powerful. 

Before having the role I do now, I used to work in business, large projects mainly, complex technology projects. And there were always many issues because things were never planned, there were never enough people, so we were always tight for time. There were always problems. People would have their interpersonal challenges as well; some people would not get along with others. 

In meetings, there would be a competitive environment where many people want to speak over each other to get their point across. Tensions were high because of the pressures, and people would be really easy to snap. 

So what I learned from watching some of Mohanji’s videos is that silence is always an option for us in situations. Especially when I felt provoked into speaking or triggered, it was to actually respond with silence rather than reacting to that because I found those situations were often coming from an emotional place. If someone had said something, or I didn’t agree with something, the immediate instinct was to react. And that was one of the habits I had. 

This sometimes had a good effect, and other times not so good results, because it either helped move things forward, or it could turn disastrously wrong. Especially if I was critical of someone else because people remember that – the injury of words can last much longer than a physical injury. 

So I remember that silence is an option, and sometimes I choose not to speak. And actually, that would be more impactful than trying to speak because lots of people are eager to get their point across. 

This holds true now as well. I was thinking about this again, contemplating that previously I’d be very eager to speak, to share my view, but I realized that it’s not always necessary. And also, if someone is angry or frustrated, or they are in an emotional space, then just by being silent, it can be an instant diffuser to that situation that completely calms or neutralizes it. 

I found as well that sometimes people are looking for a fight or some provocation. And silence as a response has its power in those situations. 

The added benefit, something which I’ve been thinking about more as we’re walking this path, especially silence being a key aspect of it is that when there were situations where I would respond or react with an equal conversation, emotions or frustrations, they would stay much longer in the mind; the events would even replay themselves. This would cause more disturbances because it would spoil my day and also the other interactions. 

With silence as a response, the event passes much more quickly. And I see Mohanji responds in this way often in situations, too, especially when questions are asked that don’t necessarily need an answer, where they’re being asked from a place of just for the sake of asking. Using in the appropriate time, silence as a minimum response is always an option.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll be interested to know if any of you have found the same benefits of silence in your interactions. 


Day 58 Lesson – The state of stability

Today I wanted to share a learning about one of the themes for this year 2021, which is stability. 

One of the things that stands out for me about Mohanji, which comes from sitting with him day to day and observing how he interacts with the various people who are contacting him, is his stability and steadiness. 

I’ve been here for many months now, sharing each morning. The variety in scale and also intensity of the situations which Mohanji handles is very vast. Some people may think that it’s just the Mohanji Global platforms which he is looking at, but there’s much more that he’s handling, actually. He acts in a friendly advisor capacity to many people worldwide. So he’s involved with many of their activities and situations, too. 

I found that regardless of what’s happening, what the situation is, he remains stable, steady. And he doesn’t waver or sway in how he treats people. And he said this before; he always stands by people, no matter what. If they stand by him, he stands by them. 

For many people, if something is happening in their lives, it can spill over into other areas of their lives. But with Mohanji, nothing of what he’s handling ever spills over into any other conversations, any other activities. They are all very discrete and separate. He takes situations as they come and handles them as they come. There are no emotions added. Everything is dealt with and then finished and completed. 

Whether this is somebody that’s dying, someone is being born, a new baby coming into the world, or somebody who’s getting married, it’s all on a similar level to him. Because he handles everything as it is. This doesn’t mean that he’s not engaged. He’s fully engaged, but it’s a state in which I can observe where he’s operating from and how he’s living with complete calm and complete stability. 

I think this is why he has such an appeal with people because it’s hard to find people like that in the world that are so stable and steady. Because people have minds, they are swayed by emotions, opinions, concepts. And we create imaginations, expectations, and then the corresponding sorrows. This is something that I’m learning through observing Mohanji, that there is a state that’s beyond all these turbulences of the mind. It exists, and Mohanji represents that. 

It’s a good reminder because I find that I can sometimes be taken very easily for a ride by the mind. There have been situations that trigger a reaction in me, and then the mind will gladly take hold of it, compare it with other situations, dissect it, distorted it, maybe give a new narrative to it. Before I know it, it’s something completely different from the actual reality of the situation at hand. 

In the recent Invest in Awareness program, we spent a lot of time talking about the mind. The mind being a projector – what is inside us is projected outside onto the canvas of the world. So whether it’s love, whether it’s hate, or views, or opinions, it’s projected out. Then if we experience what comes back, and we like it, or more accurately, it matches our expectations, we’re happy and satisfied. But if something comes back, which we don’t like, or doesn’t match our expectations, then we’re unhappy. We even carry that event longer, creating more suffering.

This can happen at any time. It happened recently to me unknowingly. And for a time, it really tilted me and my focus, and it was created by some unconscious expectation. When it wasn’t met, then obviously, the unhappiness came. But the suffering was not so much because it was possible to recognize that it’s a situation of my mind, and remembering that steadiness of Mohanji, that he’s the same from yesterday to today, and he will be the same tomorrow. 

A good reminder and a learning for me is that whilst we have a mind, it can always be prone to its fancy, unconsciously or consciously. As I observe Mohanji handling many different scenarios, it’s a good reminder that that stability is always a real possibility. I think it clearly demonstrates where he’s operating from, which is certainly not the fluctuations of a changing mind. 


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When we lose ourselves for the sake of love


By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

What is bhakti? The answer to this question touches a chord deep within. When we lose ourselves for the sake of love, that is bhakti bhaav. The spontaneous flow of bhakti is like the waves of a haunting whale-song reaching out through the unfathomable dimensions of time to touch the chords of one’s soul. Mohanji’s love for us is like that. Unconditional. He sees neither race nor colour nor ethnicity. Just the glorious brilliance of our magnificent souls. Unblemished. Pure.

When we lose ourselves in the expression of this love for Mohanji in this world… that is the highest bhakti. This is Mumuksha. A fierce burning that consumes all of this world’s transitory expressions. We burn with the ultimate longing for the union with the Self. Look at Mohanji. There is only love. No frills. No thrills. Simple. Complete. Unfettered. Free.

The un-liberated mind is like a dark cave filled with blind spots. For some, it’s the stuff of nightmares. For others, an exhilarating journey to liberation. In a maze of cobwebs, our defining life experiences are trapped within innumerable cocoons of unresolved emotional moments. By now, we all know that both karmic and family lineage blueprints bring this drama into our daily life experiences.

It is unimaginable to estimate just how much baggage there actually is. All stamped with an inevitable departure and expiration date. This is the cosmic game of karma that is always at play. Only Mohanji’s loving grace can change that. This is also why Mohanji reminds us to keep walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel. In his all-seeing state of omniscience, our beloved Parabrahma misses nothing! Nothing.

After seeing Mohanji turning into blinding white luminescent radiance during our first satsang, everything I knew changed from that fateful moment. Call it a mind-shift. Since then my awareness of SELF increased exponentially and continues to shift, to this day. I now realise that I am that blinding light, too. That was some trigger for my awakening, beloved Parabrahma!


How absolutely exhilarating is it to wake up to our exquisite radiance. I am Mohanji. Mohanji is me. There is no separation. We are ONE. This is how we become unshakable. Unstoppable. Unfettered. Free. Free like the wind blowing through Kailash.

Connecting to our beloved Parabrahma’s consciousness is an adventure. The only way is to DIVE right in. Straight and true like Arjuna’s arrow. Getting to the other end is like crossing a bottomless river filled with unpredictable swirling currents. Only Guru knows the way. Mohanji has made this journey before. He knows how to navigate those dangerous currents. Stay close to our eternal lifeguard. Our beloved Light of Lights.

Through the gamut of emotions on this highly eventful journey, our beloved Parabrahma holds our hand ever so tenderly. Rest assured HE will never let go. Sometimes we get so caught up with ourselves that we forget HE is there. We fall prey to our turbulent emotions. Mistaken by the empty promises and the accolades of doership and ownership, we almost always miss the point of this lifetime by a long mile.


Mohanji says that in this day and age, we have the privilege to indulge in so many more deflections from the introspection of SELF. Let us examine this statement further. Social media platforms and trendy gadgets are all the rage these days. The pervasive thoughts that flit through our minds daily are more like these.

How cool do I look in my touched-up selfies? How sleek is my online presence? How many likes and dislikes did I get today? Who can I block today? Who is blocking my sun? What, too many messages about someone else! Not what the message is about. Just preoccupation with who is the message from.

Not what can I learn. Does this make sense? Does the truth in the message resonate with me? So, let us take a moment to ask ourselves. Is it about selfishness or selflessness? Am I drowning in the noise of this world? And lastly, perhaps most importantly, am I evolving?

Like music and movie stars the world over, pop star Michael Jackson was loved and idolised by millions when he was first discovered. However, as soon as he became a global superstar some of his fans turned on him. Social media was quickly and efficiently used to spread disinformation and negativity about him. Such is the fickleness of the human monkey mind.

Our social conditioning makes us envious of someone else’s light. So, we switch from light to dark without realising it. The adoring mob suddenly becomes a sneering mob which turns into an uncontrollably violent rampaging mob. This is how wars are created from mere disagreements. This is not bhakti.

These are conditioned responses from the mind, designed to stop us from looking inside. To stop us from discovering how spectacularly beautiful and complete we are. Each one of us. There are no exceptions. This is why Mohanji keeps reminding us. Not outside. Look inside. Watch how our world triggers the mind. Watch.

These days we are so desensitized by the conditioned responses that we no longer connect to ourselves. Heavily syndicated media houses control information which keeps us trapped in the external or physical world. Our early conditioning takes place in schools and later on as adults, we are captivated by mostly empty rhetoric designed to keep us passive and compliant. Most of today’s electronic and print media contrive to keep us there.

Trapped by romantic notions of external fantasies and potential lovers we forget our greatest ETERNAL love of all time. Ourselves. Shy of our nakedness, we rush to cover up our SELF. Shielding our eyes from the breath-taking splendour of nature, we sit in concrete jungles and dream about freedom. Write about freedom. Talk about freedom. This type of self-imposed behavioural isolation from our true place within nature is directly related to the degree of desensitisation we are currently experiencing in our lives.

Did you notice that we are surrounded by innumerable ‘negative’ triggers designed to arouse our basest instincts? This is why seemingly peaceful communities who have co-existed for a long time together turn on each other in the most violent ways. The question then is. Has this aggressive gene always plagued humankind?

Are our Himalayan Yogis actually wild men gone rogue? Or are they human beings who have mastered their minds and lost themselves in their radiance? It is a documented fact that some Yogis (or Yoginis) teleport, some use telekinesis, some of them manifest their thoughts effortlessly. Some are over a thousand years old. Some don’t age. They show us that our greatness cannot be hidden from us.


Mohanji stays in the world so he can reach us where we are. Open your eyes. Open your mind. Awaken to the infinite and glorious inner multiverses by connecting to our beloved Mohanji’s consciousness. Life is neither a quirky nor a romantic movie. It is filled with highs and lows. When the going is good, the whole world is your friend. When it gets tough then we discover our true friends, says Mohanji.

Those who already love themselves do not need us to tell them that. The love we receive from them is truly selfless. Some reach out in desperation when they are down. Sometimes they get out of a rut and ignore the hand that pulled them out. This is what happens when we look for Mohanji only in bad times and forget him in good times.

Again and again, we are pawns of the lower mind. Even passive-aggressive quirkiness is unsettling. Forgive and keep moving says our beloved Parabrahma. Everyone is evolving at their own pace. Judge not lest ye be judged. Our beloved Parabrahma is there 24/7. Are you? Let’s not delude ourselves. Consistency and conviction lead us within. Mohanji is equanimous. He is unaffected by ego.

People in our lives are not pawns. Every one matters. We all have good and bad days. So how can we recognise the vibration of truth that resonates so strongly in Mohanji’s words? It’s like connecting to the waves of an audible hum. An eternal hum that originates from deep inside us. But no. Phew. Some of us wake up with an agenda for our work and social media already in mind. Yes, we are ready to go at a drop of a hat. Go where? For how long? Why do we not balance life’s both short-term and long-term goals? Dare to develop consciousness with full awareness or clarity for our evolutionary growth in this short, short life.

Ask yourself honestly, did any of us wake up with thoughts of what can we do for the world today. Even better. What can I do in this beautiful Universe today? It’s time to expand our awareness of reality. Consciousness. Mohanji also said recently, it’s time to connect to my consciousness. Not to my picture or the frames. Stop. Look again.

The time for unity with our Consciousness is upon us. Pay attention to the speed of how fast life is happening to us and around us. Some may feel a sense of breathlessness. Some may feel the time in the day is too short. It’s time to tune into the wavelength of our intuitive senses. It’s time to connect to our loving guide in this life. Parabrahma Swaroop Mohanji. No matter what the mind throws at you.

Remember it’s not accolades or titles that brought us here. Only Mohanji’s grace. Let us serve ourselves in ONENESS. The beautiful world awaits. INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.

Love you eternally beloved Parabrahma Swaroop Mohanji.



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Guru Mohana Raksha Homa


Bhavani Nair and Ami Hughes share with us their experiences on the power of the Guru Mohana Raksha Homa being conducted regularly by our dear Mahesh Bhalerao at the Ashram in Canada! Distance is never a constraint and all that is required is pure intent! 

By Bhavani Nair, USA

Lately, I have been going through a difficult process of churning and accepting life events and situations that are flowing in my direction. I recently became a Mohanji Acharya, we moved to a new home, and I even received a new name! All these brought in energies that were welcoming, confusing and overwhelming all at once! With so many changes, it was hard to find some stable ground under my own two feet, but my faith and belief in Father (Mohanji) has been my anchor. I believe he is the best anchor one can have in a lifetime, and having had so many situations thrown at me at once, I wondered how and where I got the energy to handle everything so effortlessly?

A little bit of background on the situation here. At our Acharya training, we were advised by Mohanji that we should all support the Canada ashram in whatever way we can. I took it upon myself as a sankalpa (intention) that I should contribute something to the ashram for some time since we had received so much love, care, laughter and comfort of a home there. During this time, the news about a homa came out from the Canada team. I didn’t think much about it at that time since I was content with everything in my life and the recent homa conducted at the Kailash Mansarovar yatra; although thousands of miles apart, I felt the energies of it here in the USA. But I guess the higher powers wanted me to go ahead with the homa that was being offered in Canada. A couple of days into the announcement, I was asked by another devotee in the USA to participate in the upcoming homa and help the ashram. Once again, I didn’t feel the push, but something made me contact the team to let me participate since I was donating to the temple anyway. I requested them and was advised they will take care of everything and all I had to do was provide them with some information from my end. I wasn’t too sure about what to tell them, so I left the question for some time.

A couple of weeks went by and I saw someone post pictures of the homa done in Canada on a Whatsapp chat, and it occurred to me that I never followed up with the team. So, on the same day, I contacted Mahesh Bhai and he told me that he can do it on the following day. I told him that wasn’t going to work because we were going through the Pitru Paksha period (honouring one’s ancestors), and it wasn’t an auspicious time to do anything related to purchasing anything new, starting something long term or conducting any poojas. So, I requested him to perform the homa during Navratri (nine nights of celebrating the Goddess) time and Chitra Nakshatra (birth star of Lord Sripada Srivallabha). He advised me that the day I requested wasn’t possible since he was conducting prayers in his home but told me not to worry as he will conduct it sometime during Navratri and will text me the night before. I was okay with that since any day during Mother’s Navratri is auspicious. By this time, I decided that I wanted the homa conducted for my children since they were enrolled in a new school and could use the extra blessings.

As Navratri rolled in, we conducted a little housewarming prayer in our home to bring in the auspiciousness of Mother’s energy. The following morning, I woke up feeling very drained and with muscle ache. These things usually happen when one is about to get sick. I took it as a cleansing from the puja the day earlier and the energy of Mother Goddess working on subtle levels. Feeling drained and exhausted physically, I felt completely disconnected from everyone at home and on social media. My thoughts were to completely disconnect and just be with myself. Finally, on Thursday, October 3, 2019, the negativity took a turn for the worse and I felt completely unworthy, jealous, not good enough and all the comparisons that can happen in one’s mind came up. I knew deep down this was my mind’s play and being aware of this made the process easier. Despite feeling negative emotions, a wonderful awareness flowed within my consciousness. I realized that everything that has happened in my life thus far since meeting Mohanji has been done only by him. All the doubts, pain, pleasure, happiness, love, envy, shortcomings, anger were created by him to help me grow. If he gave me anger, he also provided the solution. He brought obstacles, but also brought in new ways of thinking. He brought confusion, only to resolve something that needed to get resolved. It truly felt like I was being given a window to glimpse that it was him all along and I just needed to be here in full awareness to experience and move along in my progression.

After this feeling, I thanked him for letting me get a peek into something that cannot be perceived with the naked eyes but can only be felt by grace. In the evening, as we started Mohanji’s aarati, I got really upset at my daughter for something very silly. The root cause was once again a feeling of not being worthy or smart enough. Since childhood, I have always felt that I wasn’t the brightest child. I had to work extra hard to earn everything, and that pattern extended into every aspect of my life. I always watched my friends and family in awe at how things worked out for them without even giving too much effort. But later in my life I realized, my mind was never attuned to the material way of life, it flourished in connecting to the divine and in that I realized my strength. Later, self-acceptance came with Mohanji’s teachings. So, as my anger took a turn, I started crying for no apparent reason; all while Mohanji’s aarati was in process. My little daughter came and sat on my lap to help me calm down. The older daughter, after being yelled at, also came to console me. Looking back, what I felt at that moment was Baba’s love, which has the energy to pierce one’s heart center and brings forth pain that needs to get resolved. I had experienced this pain during the Pran Prathishta (energizing the Idol) of the Sai Baba idol in 2018. This pain has the healing power which can only be felt after it has cleared all that wasn’t necessary. That night, after the big sob, I was drained and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up knowing I had dreamt about Baba, Mahesh, and the others, but wasn’t sure about the content of the dream. I made a mental note to text Mahesh about the homa since Navratri was almost over, and I had not heard anything from him. As with kids, chores took over and I completely forgot about the dream I had earlier. Later in the morning, I received a text in a local girl chat that there was a homa done in Canada for Jaya and family. Upon glancing at this message, I texted Mahesh right away and informed him that I saw him in my dream and wanted to know about the date of the homa. He texted me back, “You were informed that homa was done successfully in your dream.” I thought, “Does this man always joke and talk in riddles?” Then he told me the homa was conducted yesterday on Thursday, October 3, but since it was a busy day at the ashram, he had forgotten to text me. Along with that message, he sent me some pictures as well. As I glanced through the pictures, I could see Mohanji’s presence in the fire pit and realized that the homa was done during his birth star. After receiving this news, everything that had happened in the last few days made sense to me. I was asked to share this experience with others to show the Guru’s leela (play). However, I felt too disconnected from social media, and I felt vulnerable to share my emotions, but I informed Mahesh that if Mohanji wishes, I will certainly do so. Later that evening, while cleaning I sensed my heart center expanding and getting warm. I have Mohanji’s picture in my kitchen and felt him telling me to share with others as our Tradition encourages us to share these magical experiences to strengthen our faith and belief in the Guru.

The homa which I thought was just meant for my children, brought blessings to my whole family. It was later revealed by the Canada team that they will be naming the homa Guru Mohana Raksha Homa (Mohanji’s Protection Homa). I had no idea that I had signed up for such an auspicious event. In hindsight, it was for the best since my mind is too active and would have conjured up unnecessary things and that would have blocked the natural course of events to take place. Once again, it was all under the guidance of Mohanji and all I had to do was just be present and listen to my inner voice. I am grateful to the Canada team for helping us despite their struggles. It has been a great honour to be part of their journey since the commencement of the Ashram. Thank you Mohanji, for making all this happen even without myself being aware as you are omnipresent and know what is best for each one of us. All we need to do is follow our inner voice and let him do the rest.

Jai Mohanji, and Jai Gurudev Datta.



By Ami Hughes, South Africa

It was about a week to go to the Mohanji Acharya Training – Level 1 in Andrevlje, Serbia, and I was exceedingly blessed to be able to attend it for a second time as a refresher. Well not only that, I was miraculously able to attend the ‘Ignite Your Inner Flame’ retreat with Mohanji in Mt. Kopaonik – on the heels of the Acharya Training as well. Just how cool is that!

I couldn’t believe how effortlessly all the arrangements fell into place, including the worrisome matter of leave from work. That too worked out – albeit not without a few anxious moments initially. I was agog. Talk about Guru’s Grace. It was amply evident.

The timing of the Guru Mohana Raksha Homa was also almost on cue. I was consumed by this … er … ‘little’ matter of internal/external purification before I left for the Balkan country. I wanted my entire being to be cleansed in the sacred homa – the blazing fire of Shiva – so that I went to the Balkans empty of all mind/matter/ego concepts.

Mahesh Bhalerao, who conducts the homas at Datta Tapovan in Canada, was quite amused when I asked whether a little bronze figurine – representing this lower self with its associated bindings and limiting concepts could be offered into the fire for annihilation.

My flight out was set for Saturday, 13 Oct 2019, and I was hoping the homa would be done on Guru Day – on a Thursday before I travelled. However, Mahesh said it would possibly be held on Saturday, not ideal for me because of international travel. OK, then Saturday it is, I said to myself. My husband and sister-in-law were also included in the family homa. Five other families were also participating.

So on Thursday then, from around 18:15 ish local time, I started feeling very irritable. My body began to experience inexplicable weird sensations. My legs, especially the right began to feel strangely numb. I did not know where to place my body, nor what to do with it. The irritation level heightened. I felt IRRITATED with everything … with myself … my life … with just about everything. On some abstract level, I felt a little alarmed wondering what was happening to me! Then a flash of that light-bulb moment! The Guru Mohana Raksha Homa was taking place. I was in the throes of deep cleaning and purification. The homa was being conducted in Canada and I was feeling its powerful effects continents and oceans away!

Now I was in full ‘Awareness’ mode and began to accept and flow through whatever was happening. I was in no doubt that what I was feeling was due to the homa. Some 45 minutes later, my body began to be softly blanketed in an unusual calmness – a kind of ‘suspended’ stillness. I felt distanced from the room I was in and everything in it. I recognised a feeling of energy expansion. It began to surge, almost comfortingly through to my head, hands, and palms. The gentle fire moved to the centre of my chest and it got stronger. Then the heat intensified as it moved to my spine and the back of my chest. By this time I was almost in an altered state – but in full awareness.

I realised something. In that blessed state, ‘I’ knew I could heal as the fire was that of potent Life. This beautiful blanket of fire was powerful. I automatically extended my hands out, holding my palms in blessing … intending with all my heart for the magnificence of the energy flooding and flowing through me to reverently touch my beloved Master Mohanji and his family, in the deepest love and gratitude, to Mother Earth … to all elemental life, the animals, the atoms and cells of my bodies to everything, to all life, including my husband and family, and our ancestors and lineages.


This went on for quite a while. I was in the holy arms of the divine, in the universal flow, that state of Beingness without comparison called Love. Gradually as the ‘gentle powerful’ fire began to ease, I became more aware of my physical body and immediate surroundings. Yes, the Guru Mohana Raksha Homa had indeed taken place. Mahesh only confirmed this much later on. By then I needed no confirmation. I had already had the most tangible, powerful experiences of purification, transcendence and healing, and found it to be pure and transcendent love.

Dear Mahesh, thank you for facilitating and conducting the homa. May the grace of the Guru empower and bless you always.

How do I feel now?

I feel gratitude for the unforgettable experience, and a sense of deep purification, increasing stillness within, more expansion into love, which personally translates into alignment with the Source. This is what Mohanji has done for me. It is called Guru Raksha – being constantly under the powerful radiance and protection of the Guru or Master; and I need no convincing that Mohanji whom I consider my Spiritual Father and the pure essence of the eternally flowing river of brilliant golden light, is always with me.

To you Mohanji, all praise, all gratitude, all thanks and love.




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