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Kalpataru Series – A prayer from the heart!

“You call me and I will be there!” That’s what Mohanji always affirms to his global family. We, with our limited minds, may not fathom the intensity of these words but our experiences help us understand the power of these words. He listens to our every wish with love and fulfills it for us immediately.

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Kalpataru Series – A loving hug

That’s what Mohanji is for his devotees. Nothing is too small or too big. A wish that’s made with a pure thought and a call to Mohanji is sure to be fulfilled. No, this is not a claim. This is what hundreds of devotees have been experiencing every day, across the globe.

In this series, we will present some testimonials, true stories shared by devotees on how their wishes have been fulfilled by Mohanji.

— Testimonials Team

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