Living with a Master, serving a living master

Lessons living with Mohanji – days 41 & 42

More recently, it’s been a bit more difficult, and I really appreciate Mohanji’s response to the people who have asked, “How do I serve you? What is the best way to serve you? I’d like to spend more time with you”. He gives them a simple answer, which I’ve heard many times before, but it’s a great reminder for me and for others too. He said: “The best way to serve me is to simply live my teachings, bring brightness to the world, and share with the world your gifts and your talents, and especially help the helpless”. That means he’s happiest when others are happy, when they are looked after and cared for, especially when all beings have been fed, and their bellies are full.

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The grace of a living Master

My spiritual journey started with my first Guru, Sufi Saint Baba Jahangir. But it was just a ritual at that time. Even though Baba’s teachings are very powerful, I found it very complicated to understand the deepest meanings of his core messages with my limited capacity and knowledge about spiritualism. My lack of insight was such that I was not able to understand Baba’s teachings about liberation, detachment, unconditional love, no expectations, silence, etc.

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Transforming through love

Our meditation group found Danica, a 12-year-old girl who is affected by cerebral palsy and meningitis, living in the coastal area of Cogon. She is the third in a family of eight children. Her mother died of a heart ailment in 2017. The father is a fisherman. When the group found her, she was skin and bones, dying of malnutrition. Darry, the father was lost in despair because of the death of his wife. Immediately, the group supported her family with food supplies for three of the younger children.

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