An Unexpected Visitor – Mohanji Style

By Viji Sagar USA
It was a challenging day at work, interlaced with technical issues, deadlines, fire drills and personnel issues.  Everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong that day.  I was so focused on resolving the issues at hand that I didn’t even think to reach out to Mohanji  for help.  But I did notice that throughout the day my agnya (third eye) was hyperactive.  I thought about it for a second and moved on.  By the end of the day all issues were resolved, not the way I would have liked it to be, but resolved none the less. With a sigh of relief and a sense of accomplishment, I went to bed early. 
When I woke up the next morning, I was drawn to the room where we have a small altar. I was mentally busy planning for my day ahead, anticipating and preparing to meet more challenges,  that I tried to ignore the feeling.  The pull was so strong, it was like the energy was doing somersaults in my agnya (third eye)….  I could not ignore it anymore!! 
When I finally gave in and went to the room, I saw a single footprint on the floor below Mohanji’s picture.  It took a minute to register what I was seeing. I looked around to come up with logical reasons to prove that it was not what I was thinking it was, but all evidence or lack thereof,  pointed to the fact that we had a visitor.  I showed it to an individual, a logical thinker, who came up with every possible “practical” explanation of how it would have shown up there.  However, deep within me, I knew we had a visitor.  Just to be sure, I took a picture and sent it to Mohanji right away for confirmation. 
There have been many instances when I have asked Mohanji to show me a sign that he was with me.  And waited and waited till I went blue in the face, yet no sign.  But when I least expected it, and did not ask him for a sign, HE showed me that he is with me through every challenging situation. AND that he is the doer and not me.   He first confirmed his presence through the sensation in the agnya.  And then with the footprint.
Of course, I still had to write to him about it and get confirmation as well ;-).  Hari Om!!

M Grace – Emergency Intervention

By Gabriela Orban, Oman


My name is Gabriela. I am from Romania and have been working in Muscat since 2005.


Gabriela and Rajeshji doing arati
Gabriela and Rajeshji doing arati


I met Mohanji 4 years ago and now cannot imagine my life without his Grace and our BTW spiritual family. I truly enjoy our weekend gatherings – during Arati to Sai Baba, even though I do not understand the words, I definitely feel this supreme energy in my heart and my palms heat up a lot every time.

During BTW meditations I always have amazing, beyond the physical body inner experience and can feel Mohanji’s astral presence very distinctly.

Since October 2012 I started feeling connection with Mohanji and his consciousness even more deeply. He worked on me a lot and removed many negative things/impressions from the past that were stored in my subconscious mind. He also jokes with me a lot and I enjoy the informality of the guru-disciple relationship. One time he gave all of us Shaktipat and when I woke up in the morning the next day, I could still see the imprint of his thumb on my forehead! I was really amazed and immediately shared the photo with Biba.


Gabriela - early morning imprint on the forehead
Gabriela – early morning imprint on the Agnya Chakra


I shared some of my experiences with our lovely meditation group from Muscat, but never wrote about any of them because I am shy… However, the experience that happened a couple of days ago touched me so deeply that I felt the prompting to share it in this way and hopefully inspire more people to benefit from connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness.


On 22 Feb, a day before Mohanji’s birthday, we experienced for the first time the cleansing through fire (“havan”) in Barka, a 1h drive from Muscat. That experience was amazing – I can’t possibly find the right words to describe the feelings, emotions, energy. What I didn’t know was that the full effect of the cleansing was yet to come…


Next day was Mohanji birthday. On that day two important charitable (seva) initiatives happened…. Biba with one group went to special needs centre and offered them items that they needed, and Rajesh with another group gave cooked food for 100 poor people. I helped Rajesh to pack and distribute the food. While we were driving around distributing food I suddenly started to feel really sick – stomach pain, weakness, yawning, etc. simply overwhelmed me.


We finished the distribution and went straight to our BTW centre for the Pada Pooja (worship of the feet of the guru), Arati and birthday cake cutting. This was the second time for me to participate in the Pada Pooja of Mohanji and it was yet another amazing experience during which one cannot withhold the tears. I told Mohanji what happened to me and he reassured me that this is part of the cleansing and that I will be fine in two days.


Food distribution for 100 labourers in Oman


The next day I felt very weak, tired, sleepy, struggling to finish my working day at school. I could not wait to reach my apartment and literally crashed in bed around 8 pm. I woke up in the middle of the night and got really scared by a sudden choking sensation – I was sleeping on my tummy and felt a huge weight on my shoulders and on my neck. I knew nobody was there physically and could not understand from where the weight is coming – there was no time to think and analyze as I couldn’t breathe. I immediately called Mohanji’s name, invoking his presence. That same second all that heavy weight got removed! I felt how it went out through that point of my spine and I then fell asleep again.


I woke up at 5 am fresh, peaceful and truly grateful. I sent a What’s Up message to my beloved guru briefly thanking him for his help in this horrible experience. To my great surprise, he replied very soon, even though it was so early in the morning. This gesture of his unconditional love further touched my heart. I could sense a smile on his face and I started to cry instantly… – for being sooooo blessed in this life….


With deep gratitude and complete surrender,




Gabriela & M - radiance and beauty
Gabriela & M – radiance and beauty









An Astral Travel with Mohanji

Written by Sandeep Mishra

 Sandeep Mishra

With the permission and blessing of BABA (Mohanji), I am writing my experience of how I came in contact with Mohanji and how he accepted me in his family.

 I am a devotee of Sadananda Maharaja, though I had never seen him physically. But I and my whole family are very well connected to his consciousness. Connection has been approved by numberless miracles at home with each member of the family.

 I had this concept in my mind that spiritual gurus, who sustain a ménage all, are not worth visiting or even reading 😦 .  As I had read about Sai BABA, Sadananda Maharaj BABA, Bhagwan Nityananda BABA and Gajanan Maharaj and they all were found infant without parents. As Mohanji , always, says that concept binds.

I came to know about Mohanji on internet while reading a blog Pilgrimage to Bhagawan Nityananda’s Shrine at Ganeshpuri and Shirdi Sai Baba’s Shrine.  I was very much fascinated with Mohanji’s picture with The Nath mandir priest. Though I had visited Ganeshpuri before, reference of Nath mandir in this blog made me curious and wanted to visit again. I did visit ganeshpuri again and visited Nath mandir.

The Nath Mandir priest, on uttering Mohanji’s name, made us to see the god and goddess on the inside wall. Though I was attratected towards Mohanji but not totally convinced. While meantime I noticed one thing that whenever I tried to meditate inspite of SADANANDA BABA face Mohanji’s face started coming in vision with very strong aura. I came to know that Mohanji is on facebook and I tried to connect with him and he accepted me as a friend. 

Mj with priest at Nath Mandir_saint2compressed

I constantly felt that I could communicate to Sadanada baba or could have got a chance to be with him physically. I liked Mohanji’s teaching and I thought that SADANADA BABA wanted me to try and read all this and practise. It is as if through Mohanji Sadananda BABA is speaking and instructing me. With this faith or concept I started practising. One day I had an amazing experience in BABA’s room doing floor seva and practising what Mohanji has taught. It was a wonderful experience, but I did not understand what was happening. I let it go and while reading another book I came to know that what I experienced was no-mind or Timeless state (which I, later, discussed with Mohanji and he confirmed it). Mohanji accepted me in his group and he answered my questions, most of the time very foolish and idiotic question too.  I saw him blinking in his picture on my desktop background and when I asked him he said, “Yes, I just did” 🙂 <3. Whenever I look into his eyes or he answers my question, I get a strange sensation in my spine. When I told him about this he told that sensation is his presence in my spine.

My cousin brother has a friend who is Sai BABA’s great devotee and could see future or what he says, “BABA speaks through him”. Due to some personal reason my cousin brother called me to meet him. He predicted that this Diwali was going to be significant. As soon he said this line I came to know that something spiritually big was going to happen :). After that while chatting with Mohanji I asked him once that I want to see him personally, want to visit him. He replied that I always see him. That time I was practising seeing BABA in everyone and got amazed how he got to know it. One thing I noticed about him: if you write him with pure devotion or emotion or with real curiosity, then only he answers. He never entertains fake devotion or emotion or formality.

One day before Diwali morning I had a strange dream, which Mohanji, later, told me that it was an astral journey. The journey started like this. I first visited SADANANDA Ashram (as before doing any good work or travelling I always visit the Ashram).  After I met some people, saw them, spoke to them and enquired how they are and all.  After that suddenly I saw a Grand stage and lot of people standing on the stage wearing white robe and whenever I tried to see their faces it was Mohanji’s face. Though I could distinguish whether they were male or female , but the faces were same as Mohanji’s face. I saw BIBAJI with Mohanji’s face and saw her pointing Mohanji’s attention towards me and letting Mohanji know  that I was there. I was sitting on the ground crawling and crying when I saw Mohanji’s face I could see whole space or universe in that. I was so frightened I started crying louder (I don’t know how to explain it, I was scared by looking at the face but his face was intense).

Then Mohanji came forward and by holding me by my shoulder , he lifted me and I woke up. When I woke up I felt so energetic. When I asked Mohanji about this he told in this astral meeting he removed my fear and uplifted me. This dream washed away all my confusion and everything. I came to know that Mohanji and Sadadnanda Maharaj are one. As Mohanji was knowing everything what I was practising and he orchestrated the show (ASTRAL) in such a way that I could see all this what I was practising and gain faith in him.

We  are all so blessed that he choose us to be with him and guide us. I pray in your lotus feet BABA please keep loving and guiding and protecting us like always.

Thank you BABA, Thank you for everything 🙂  ❤

Mohanji 3010

The Birthday Celebration that Touched the World – Mohanji – February 23rd 2014

Dear Friends,

On 23rd of February, 2014 the whole BTW Family Worldwide celebrated our Father’s Birthday through many Seva activities, programs, and happenings. It was a  day when we globally focused our energies for noble thoughts, feelings, words and actions. We were inspired and guided by His words, “…Clothes to the poor and needy, food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless. This is the communication that I like. This makes me feel happy and rich within. When you do such good deeds, please inspire others also. Let this become a movement. Let this become spontaneous. Let hearts swell with love and compassion. ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ should melt, wither away, and become ‘Ours’ and “Everybody’s.’ Selflessness should become your very nature. Through positive thoughts, words and actions, when you enrich your consciousness, you get closer to the supreme consciousness, which makes us inseparably ONE…” With His grace, opportunities for selflessness appeared and we used them wholeheartedly.

“If you express non-violence in your daily life, for me this is celebration. Your spontaneous expression of kindness, compassion and love towards all beings, without discrimination, is celebration for me. If you consistently express love, compassion and kindness to all beings, including nature, it is indeed celebration for me. Then my time on Earth becomes truly worthwhile.” – Mohanji

Here’s a summary of  all the activities and how Mohanji’s Global Family celebrated Guruji’s Birthday and touched many people’s lives.

– Seva at the Centre for Special Education in Oman
This humble little centre caters to children with Special Needs and various other challenges beyond the barriers of race, religion, nationality, etc. and accept children of all age groups up to 18. Sufficient funds were collected to cover at least ¼ of their total requirement of mainly medical support, furniture, IT equipment, educational toys and tools. Food to 100 laborers was distributed as well.

– Celebrations in the USA
Official USA Newsletter was released, and Tribute to Mohanji video created.

– Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration at Madhuban Katra
Mohanji’s Birthday celebrated at Madhuban Katra. Food to 108 slum children at “Sai Ka Aangan” Shirdi Sai Baba’s temple in Gurgaon was distributed as well.

– Special Pooja and Mass Feast
Ramayan Paath (non stop reading of Epic Ramayana) was organised, and  a mass feast was sponsored  for more than 1500 people.

– Mohanji’s Birthday Celebrations in Mumbai
Annadaan (Matar Aaloo sabzi and Puri) was distributed for large number of people.

– Food seva at Ludhiana, Punjab
Annadaan – Home made aloo-poori and toffees were served to kids.

– Celebrations at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu
Special Magic Show was being organised at  Mohanji ka Aangan for more than 150 slum and underprivileged children.  After the magic show all the children did Mohanji’s Aarti, and were served lunch afterwards.

– “Mohan Ji Seva Foundation School” celebrated at Channi Himmat in Jammu
A birthday cake for under privileged children from “Mohan Ji Seva Foundation School” and food seva. Display of baskets from waste materials.

– FOOD for SOULS, Delhi
Dog Sewa Drive was conducted and  nearly 250 dogs in all were fed.

– Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration at Vrindavan
The “chappan bhog” was offered to Banke Bihari ji deity at Vrindavan on behalf of Mohanji, and after that 300 people, including the widows, were served food.

– Mohanji’s Birthday celebration at Baba ka aangan in Gurgaon

Special magic show was being organised for the under-privileged kids of Baba ka aangan, Aarti conducted, and cake was being offered.

– Mohanji’s Birthday Activities in Pune
Clay Modelling workshop for the blind students at Poona School and Home for Blind. 58-60 packets of food with sweets was being made and distributed after Mohanji’s Arati. 

– Seva at Patna, Bihar
A set of quilt, sari, coat and some kilograms of wheat were given to ten needy people.

– Celebration at Kuruvapuram Sreepaada Datta Peedhom
Abishek and pooja being performed of Dattatreya idol

– Celebration at the Shirdi Sai temple in Palakkad
A special pooja done on Mohanji’s behalf. After the noon arati of Sai Baba, Mahabhishekam and annadaan were performed by all. More than 350 people participated in the annadaan.

– Mohanji’s Birthday at the Irwin’s Animal Rescue Centre, Johannesburg
A whole day spent walking, playing with, and feeding the animals at the Irwin’s Animal Rescue Centre.

– Mohanji’s Birthday celebrations at Merudanda Ashram, and Seva at Chesterville Secondary School in Durban
Merudanda Ashram had a two day celebration for Mohanji’s birthday that ran over Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday a party was organised for the grade 11 science class of a rural school called Chesterville Secondary School.

– “In the Spirit of Sharing” – Durban, South Africa
Serving of food and distribution of clothing items to the poor.

– Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration at Verulam day and Frail Care Center
A half a day at Verulam day and frail care center was spent with the elderly. 

– ACT Serbia with a Charity initiative in Sangaj, suburbs of Novi Sad
Packages of food were packed and distributed for 10 families. Each package contained flour, sugar, oil, corn grits, pasta, biscuits, juice, potatoes, onions.

– Seva in the UK
Sandwiches given at the King’s Cross Station in London.

– Other happenings on Mohanji’s Birthday

“Feel we are one. Express Compassion, Love and Gratitude towards existence and fellow beings. Exist in Love. Express it fully. Meditate. Shed your skins of conditionings and for once, be yourself. Be your SELF. Express your SELF. Love everything wholeheartedly, without expectations. Love Unconditionally.” – Mohanji

Seva at the Centre for Special Education in Oman
By Biba Mohan

“Mohanji’s birthday was an intense, blissful day filled with many amazing activities. The birthday gift that all of us in Muscat organized for Mohanji was 3-fold.

1) It started with a milestone charity initiative which really touched my heart. I’ve been in Muscat for four years now and for various reasons could not identify a genuine charitable cause that would be suitable for ACT. We therefore kept doing a low-key random feeding of the laborers among a couple of friends, but nothing more substantial.

That changed on Mohanji’s birthday, 23 Feb 2014.

I came to know about Centre for Special Education in Darsait, Muscat through Dr. Pushpa and Dr. Ghajanan. This humble little centre caters to children with Special Needs and various other challenges beyond the barriers of race, religion, nationality, etc. and accept children of all age groups up to 18.


The Centre has been allocated a couple of rooms/ a wing of the Indian School in Muscat. For some reason, they are not receiving any government funding and are functioning purely on donations. Somehow they are also mainly missed during charity drives of the established local charities which give preference to Omani children. This is what really resonated with me and the mission of ACT.

We received a list of items they require at present (mainly medical support, furniture, IT equipment, educational toys and tools, etc.) and managed to collect sufficient funds to cover at least ¼ of their total requirement.


This is just a beginning and we surely intend to do more. After talking to the Head of CSE, Dr. Analpa, it became evident that the children who leave the Centre are by no means ready for what awaits them and there is no effort taken by the government or social institutions to integrate them into the society. A lot of work to be done… One girl and one boy in the wheelchair especially touched my heart with their sad eyes and gentle smiles. One girl shared with us her embroidery work and her eagerness to use her talent for support of the children of this Centre.

We left the Centre with the grand feeling that ground has been set for us to express our love and support towards the needy children of Mother Earth in our immediate surroundings.


2) Distribution of food to 100 laborers – cooked and packed with lots of love by our BTW family members was done just before Mohanji’s birthday celebration at our home.


3) Pada Pooja, Arati of Mohanji and Prasad including birthday cake (to Mila’s delight! She could not wait to sing “happy birthday dear Papa” and made all of us melt with her sweet voice when she did so) crowned this beautiful day of high energy and continuously expanding heart.

Celebrations in the USA
Shared by Ganesh

“We had a beautiful celebration here in Virginia – an evening of music dedicated to Mohanji.




We also had a yummy birthday cake which was cut by the youngest devotee Njeri while all of us sang the Birthday sing!


This was followed by a wonderful vegetarian feast for all attendees!


We formally released the US Bless The World Newsletter. Also we created a Tribute video for Mohanji.”



Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration at Madhuban Katra

Mohanji’s Birthday celebrated at Madhuban Katra. Food to 108 slum children at “Sai Ka Aangan” Shirdi Sai Baba’s temple in Gurgaon was distributed as well.



Special Pooja and Mass Feast

Ramayan Paath (non stop reading of Epic Ramayana) was organised by Mr. Kamal Kishore Gupta and Mrs. Reva Gupta at their house on occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday. It commenced on His birthday and concluded the next day afternoon.

Ramayan Paath 1

On Mohanji’s birthday after the commencement of Pooja a mass feast was sponsored by Mr. Kamal Kishore Gupta and Mrs. Reva Gupta for more than 1500 people.



Mohanji’s Birthday Celebrations in Mumbai
Shared by Seema Bhatt

Annadaan: This was a very satisfying experience. I have been doing Annadaan since last Jammu retreat every Thursday but yesterday was a different experience.
We had made Matar Aaloo sabzi and Puri( same quantity which we distribute every Thursday at the same place).
But yesterday large number of people turned up ( much more than every time) and they were flocking to take food. There was such a rush and the food got over within 10-15 min.

It felt different and a contentment came over when we saw small children, men and women sitting on street side having the food with love. The feeling I got this time was clearly different.

POP meditation: We were just three of us, that is Vikram, me and Lavanyaa. The experience was however very beautiful. We clearly felt Mohanji giving Shaktipath.
For me personally there was feeling of cleansing. I was very uncomfortable, my whole body suddenly started itching badly and there was intense restlessness. However after some time, deep peace set in. Lavanyaa and vikram both had different experiences.

Food seva at Ludhiana, Punjab
By Mansha Gupta

We organised annadan at 12:00p.m. Home made aloo-poori were served to kids and ofcourse toffees too. What is a b’day without sweets, right?




Celebrations at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu
By Sumit

Mohanji ka Aangan is a centre of learning for slum and underprivileged children in Jammu. The love and care flows in abundance everytime everywhere in Mohanji ka Aangan.


On Mohanji’s birthday a special magic show was arranged for these children as gift from Mohanji. It was first time in their lives that they watched this kind of live entertainment show.



More than 150 children were present and they all attended Mohanji’s birthday celebrations. After the magic show all the children did Mohanji’s arti, the most touching part was that each and every child could do Arti to Mohanji. The children were served lunch after the Arti.


cake cutting 3

cake cutting 4

cake cutting 9

On this occasion 3 cakes were ordered and youngest among the children studying in Aangan formed a small group and cut the cake. This was a very special moment for them as they were cutting the cake for the first time. When the first cake was cut, all the children became very excited and were all the time clapping and singing Birthday song for Mohanji.

feast 3

feast 6

feast 9

“Mohan Ji Seva Foundation School” celebrated at Channi Himmat in Jammu
By Suman Gupta

On the auspicious day of Sadh Guru dev Mohan ji Birthday “Mohan Ji Seva Foundation School” of supplementary education for the under privileged children celebrated his Birthday with great happiness and fun at Channi Himmat in Jammu.


A birthday cake was cut by the youngest child and distributed among the children s and others present on the occasion.


Food seva was also offered to the children s during the program.


Some of the children who have been learning to make baskets from the waste materials and news paper also displayed their products in the process.

FOOD for SOULS, Delhi
By Bharti Kapoor

With Father’s guidance and grace past 2 weeks I have been working on a noble cause “FOOD for SOULS” to create a sanctuary where we work together for healing of the world and its creatures. Helping the needy, that includes animals. And what a perfect day on FATHER’S birthday to start for others too, there are 15 people in all who have come forward for this compassionate cause (other then btw core group).


We did a drive to feed the hungry stray dogs and create an environment that they can live a respectful life, and arrange for their sterilization so that they don’t breed further.

We started at 5 am in the morning and have just finished an hour back @ the Dog Sewa Drive. We fed nearly 250 dogs in all.


We also did Power of Purity Meditation, and every person said that they felt SHIVA and KRISHNA. Such divine energies in Delhi.


Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration at Vrindavan

The “chappan bhog” was offered to Banke Bihari ji deity at Vrindavan on Sunday on behalf of Mohanji. And after that 300 people, including the widows, were served food. As it was orchestrated by the priest and happened around the temple complex, there are no pictures for this. To give a bit of context, a month back we were at Vrindavan for 5 days retreat and had a great time with Mohanji in the place of Krishna, place of love and devotion.

“One hand extended for selfless service is manifold times better then two hands joined for a prayer”

Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration at Verulam day and Frail Care Center
By Sulosh Pillay

In honor of Rajayogi Mohanji Guruji’s birthday celebration we spent half a day at Verulam day and frail care center. It was a bittersweet experience whilst we were grateful to spend time with these wise old souls. We were silent witness to such sorrow and pain, with not one of us coming away with dry eyes. We gave each person a bag, a bath towel, a pen, toiletries and hand sanitizes amidst ” Thank you Ma God will bless You”. One old mum clutched my hand and pleaded with me with tears streaming down her face to ask her children to take her back home in her words, ” Ma I don’t know where I am, this is not my room, I live in Springtown please, I take my both hands to you, please ask my son to take me back home ma, I won’t be a nuisence to them”, one old mum held onto Kesh and Irene’s hand and sobbed while she recounted her sad tale” and she said “I am  waiting for my  son who said he would see me on Friday but he has not come yet, my one daughter lives in  Pretoria and my big daughter lives down the road from here but they don’t come to see me, I also have a grandson who lives and works nearby and even he has not come to see me” others mechanically thanked us and had a far away look in their eyes, still others just wanted us to hold their hand while they told us of their aches and pain, just in need of someone to listen to them. Such disintegration in our family lives was very painful to witness. We need to look after our elderly they once were the only source of love and stability to us yet now they are discarded as old shoes! Maybe it is impossible to care for some yet we do have the ability to at least visit and show our unconditional love, that can’t be much to ask for!


As Guruji said to me today,  “This is just man created suffering.” We can’t remain silent and pretend all is well, we need to take a stand and each one take one and spend some time visiting these beautiful souls and give them some place in the Sun. We are grateful to Our Father for instilling in us to Serve, Serve and Serve, this is what this journey is all about. We don’t necessarily need money for this but sometimes we just need to BE THERE for others! What a heart wrenching day but yet what a blessed day! May we grasp back our humanity and serve all living Beings because We are Them and They are Us we cannot be in blissful ignorance amidst so much loneliness. While we having so much fun Lets not forget the lonely Ones, their only desire is to be loved.

Mohanji’s Birthday celebration at Baba ka aangan in Gurgaon


Mohanji's Birthday Celebration
Sai Baba Idol Installed at Gurgaon Sai Temple by Mohanji in 2011




Mohanji’s Birthday Activities in Pune

We started with Mohanji’s Gayatri and a profound meditation in the morning. His presence was extra strong today 😉

Arti before Annadan (1)

This was followed by Clay Modelling workshop for the blind students at Poona School and Home for Blind- for completely blind and partially blind Boys aging between 10yrs to 17yrs. Sculpture was taught as a medium to add another dimension to their understanding and expression. Basic geometric forms like sphere, cone, cubes etc were introduced followed by animal models and things students wanted to learn. This proved helpful for them and we intend to continue this seva.  This workshop was emotionally, physically and academically enriching for them. They could vent out their emotions, sensitise their touch and learn math, art and science by modelling.




Our evening was further enriched by cooking food together for AnnaDan (food distribution) for the homeless.

We made around 58-60 packets of food with sweets and went out for distribution after Mohanji’s Arati. Mohanji’s grace is so abundant that we found so many truly needy and hungry people on the streets. They were all so happy and satisfied to eat hot dinner, sleeping with a full stomach. (btw this made me realize the ever growing number of homeless many just live on a day to day basis with out food.. it’s alarming!)


It was a great day from the time we woke up till bedtime.. truly enjoyed feeling the warmth and love of HIS eternal consciousness (( ❤ ))

BTW Pune Team

Seva at Patna, Bihar
By Usha Singh

“Hatia is a village close to Patna, Bihar. It is also the place, where on 23rd February, Mohanji’s birthday that I was inspired to carry out seva work. Subsequently, I gave a set of quilt, sari, coat and some kilograms of wheat to ten needy people. This act left me satisfied and full of warmth and I could feel Mohanji’s eternal grace flow through me.”

Celebration at Kuruvapuram Sreepaada Datta Peedhom



Abhishek of idol of Dattatreya on Mohanji birthday
Abhishek of idol of Dattatreya on Mohanji birthday
Pooja being performed after the abhishek
Pooja being performed after the abhishek

Celebration at the Shirdi Sai temple in Palakkad

On 23 Feb 2014 early morning 5am, aarati abhishekam with milk and a special pooja that was done on Mohanji’s behalf marked the beginning of his birthday celebration at the Shirdi Sai Temple in Palakkad, India. The priest performing the pooja took utmost care to complete all the ceremonies and on top of that also recited Vishnu Sahasra Naamam with deep devotion. Mohanji’s friends and relatives were present at the temple and all said the experience was really beautiful.

At the noon aarathi of Sai Baba, Mahaabhishekam was performed, followed by annadaan (donation of food) performed by all present. Donation of food to the needy is a beautiful and effective way of cleansing one’s karma and experiencing the joy of unconditional love. More than 350 people were present for the noon aarathi and all of them were fed in the annadaan. It was a sumptuous feast and a truly memorable experience. The temple organizers and many other devotees enthusiastically took part to make the function a grand success.

Mohanji’s Birthday at the Irwin’s Animal Rescue Centre, Johannesburg

Irwin’s Animal Rescue Center is a non-profit organisation that takes in all unwanted, tortured, sick and lost dogs and cats.


Because of Mohanji’s deep concern and love for animals, we have decided, with the help of friend Abigail, to spend the day walking, playing with, and feeding the animals.

To quote our sister Sulosh, it was a bitter-sweet experience. When we entered the gate to the cages, there was an instinctive excitement in all the cages, of which there are many! It was as though the dogs knew that something was going to happen. They barked and yelped with joy, jumping the fences, wagging their tails and just generally making a racket!


We walked the dogs down the road, or rather the dogs walked us! We had to sprint to keep up with them, they were beyond excited and pulled us along with sheer joy at a moment’s freedom to run.

Mitesh was the only one that could really keep up, speedwise, haha. The rest of us oldies hopped along as best we could, it was laughable!! This was the joyful part of the day for us.

After that we just walked through all the cages, to interact with the dogs. They all pressed themselves right up against the fences, just to be stroked and loved and spoken to. They just couldn’t get enough.


But it was when we looked into their eyes, that we all felt like sobbing. Without exception, each of them were pleading. Those eyes were saying: “Please take me, please love me…..” Its impossible to convey this here in writing. Annette gave them Shaktipat wherever she could, and many little paws reached out through the fences, to be held and touched.

We also took some food, and fed them little treats – frankly, they were more interested in us than the food – another sad sight to behold.


Some of them were so over-excited, a few even managed to jump over the fences! One doggy was so besides himself, he kept jumping into his water container, in and out, in and out – it was just mud all over him – what fun…

We intend doing more regular visits there, to help the amazing staff and the wonderful work they’re doing.


Happy birthday Mohanji, we hope we could make your day a little richer. All was inspired by you and we thank you for the opportunity.

ACT Foundation (South Africa)

Mohanji’s Birthday celebrations at Merudanda Ashram, and Seva at Chesterville Secondary School in Durban
By Yashik Singh

Thank you Mohanji, for allowing us to be a part of your birth celebrations. It was your birthday, but we all feel as if we are the ones that got all the gifts. But that is a sign of a great master. A master like Mohanji always gives, and never once thinks for himself. Even if he wanted something, what can we give? Every flower, every candle and every gift is made up of Parabramha. In truth we can not even give ourselves, because we too are made from him. Nothing is separate from him. This year’s birth celebration was no different. He blessed us all with so much, and we at Merudanda want to offer our gratitude to you Shree GuruDev.

After some thought, we decided that we should do some seva at a rural school in Durban called Chesterville Secondary School. Particularly, we wanted to have a part with the grade 11 class that take physics. There were many reasons for this, but looking back we can see the hand of Mohanji guiding each and every step. Nothing happens for no reason. This class has predominantly students from child-headed households. Although they are so young, just looking into their eyes, you can see how weighed down they are by life and circumstance. They all live in squatter camps and low cost housing in a township called Chesterville.

We started preparing the party packs the day before and were wrapping up the prizes for the different competitions. The party pack consisted of sweets, chocolate, fruit and juice. As prizes we gave wonderful, brightly colour maths sets that consisted of two set squares, a 180° protractor, a 15 cm ruler, a metal compass, a 9 cm pencil, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a divider and a 10mm stencil. We also had stationary packs as prizes, which consisted of brightly coloured folders, books, rulers, pens and other stationary. We also had a huge 1mX1m ludo game and bafana bafana t-shirts as prizes


The day started at 9am with setting up the classroom, one of the very few in the school that has an electricity plug point. There was so much of excitement in the air as the students gathered in the school. They kept their distance from us, maybe they were not too sure what was happening. But after Uncle Kay spent some time with them, and a I had a very short chat with them about Mohanji, they literally entered the class room dancing. They all followed each other in a line and were singing as they walked in. They encircled the class looking at the goddies and got more excited and sang louder. They were so happy and felt an immediate connection to someone they have not even seen. We all just smiled as we saw the kids dance in, and we know why Mohanji sent us here………love…….just to share love and tell them that Mohanji is there for them. They are never alone.

The formalities started with a talk describing why we are having the party with them. We spoke to them about Mohanji and introduced them to Biba and Mila. One look at Mila’s picture and they all “awwwwwwwe”ed in delight. We then spoke to them about Mohanji message and some lessons he teaches in a way they could understand and relate to. We spoke about always working hard and goal setting (moving from tama to rajas), being embodiments of love, being forgiving and selfless, and having faith and purity. They all were engrossed, and we all could feel Mohanji working on them. Love surrounded us all.


Then the party started with games. The first game was drawing Mohanji. Every single kid tried, even if they could only draw a circle with eyes. But that showed us how fast Mohanji works. He broke through their fear and made each child fearless. Lol, even Uncle Kay joined in and drew!!! The kids drew amazing pictures. They were so good, that we had a hard time choosing the best three. So we decided to give four prizes!!! One kid, who shared first prize, looked at Mohanjis face and said: “I see Jesus”. This was so evident in his drawing. The Jesus consciousness just oozed out of the picture. When we saw it, all we did was stare. The kids were so happy to win, and danced and clapped. This really is an important lesson to us…..gratitude! They were so thankful for what they got. We need to learn from them. We have so much, but we keep on asking for more. Mohanji keeps teaching us to be grateful for what we have. We all really understood this lesson seeing these kids.
The second game was writing down what they learned from Mohanji. We put up the slide with Mohanjis pictures, and they all connected to him and they wrote such amazing things. We started reading a few, and honestly we could not hold back the tears. The stories were just amazing. One will stick with me forever. Thubelihe wrote that she failed matric very badly and she decided it would be best for her to start at grade 11 again. Because of this, she was on the receiving end of many painful jokes. Many people make fun of her, and she wrote that her very own neighbours “are saying bad things about me and some are saying I am wasting money”. She was really sad, really depressed, and having such a hard time at school. But she wrote that after listening and connecting to Mohanji : “ I will pass”, “I believe in myself”, ”when I look myself in the mirror I see the climatologist I want to be. I am proud of myself”.

Mkize wrote: “I learnt Mohanji is a good caring man from India” and “don’t have sugardaddys because they will destroy your life”. Fundiswe also spoke about sugardaddies: “don’t love sugardaddy”. Sugardaddies are a big problem in the poorer areas of South Africa, where older men exploit younger girls and end up making them pregnant and increasing the incidence of HIV and other STDs. Mohanji knows this, and thus guided them


Fundiswe also stated that after listening about Mohanji, she believes in god because god believes in her. So many kids said they love Mohanji and that Mohanji is their hero. They said that although they have a hard time in life, they want to be like Mohanji and help people. They cant to meet Mohanji. We could not choose a winner, because all of them opened up and let their feeling out. So we decided at each of them will get bafana bafana (the beloved South African national soccer team) tshirts as a prize.
We then had a singing competition, and five students sang. Two students made up songs for Mohanji where they chanted his name and clapped. The other three students sang soul stirring gospel songs. So much love was in their voice, their voice choked with emotion. But really, the most amazing part of this about this happened afterwards. One of the girls came up to me and said that she is a professional singer in a choir and that she has sung in the playhouse. So I asked her why she did not put more effort in the song she sang, because she made it a joke while singing. She said that was because of what she learned from Mohanji. Mohanji teaches you to be selfless. She said that she already won prizes for singing, so she wanted the other kids to win prizes for singing to. That really touched my heart. It is a lesson that we have to learn.

There were three other games/competitions. They comprised of painting, making bead necklaces and hand chains (which very surprisingly the boys absolutely loved!!) and making birthday cards for Mohanji. Their love for Mohanji showed so evidently in what they painted and in the cards they made. It was a difficult task choosing the top three for each of these activities.


The kids were then treated to a wonderful and tasty meal of vegetable briyani, dhall, salad and the most divine soji I have tasted. They had bhajia and biscuits as they watched a movie. Most of them haven’t seen a TV bigger than a standard ruler, so they had an absolute blast.
The best part of course, was the cake!! We ordered a beautiful cake with Mohanji picture on it. Imagine, a white and yellow cake, with Mohanji seated in white. A red lotus over his heart, with “we love you” written in it. And his motto of faith and purity bordering him. It was soo soo divine. We did not really want to cut it, but luckily we did because it was sooooooooooooo tasty.

We realised that we need to give these kids something more lasting. Since they have not had physics teachers since 2010, Merudanda has volunteered to teach them physics until they get permanent teachers. The gift of knowledge is one of the most precious gifts one can give. It lasts forever, and it helps the people around them.

Sunday Celebrations of Mohanji’s birthday at Merudanda Ashram

The second part of Mohanji’s birthday was at Merudanda Ashram itself and consisted of an entire day of prayer and penance. It was a day that was filled with the joy and peace of chanting, pujas, abhishekam, homa, and meditation. The entire day was charged with a totally distinguishable energy in the air. It was a time we all contemplated on who we really are, what we truly are doing with our lives, and made us think about our priorities. There was never a time that there was no activity done, killing tamas with rajas, as Mohanji teaches.

Shree Rudram was chanted while doing abhiskam to this Shiva Linga
Shree Rudram was chanted while doing abhiskam to this Shiva Linga

The day started at 4am, with the offering of Shree Rudram to Mohanji and abishekam  to a special and rare naturally green Baneshwar Shiva Linga. Shree Rudram is an ancient chant from the yajurveda and is the most precious and adored set of mantras to Lord Shiva in the form of Shree Rudra. It is a prayer asking Lord Shiva to become pleased and happy, and shower protection to those that recite of the rudram. It also speaks to the fact that it is Lord Shiva or God that has become all things. Shree Rudram says: “ Salutations and salutations, To him who looks ugly, And to him who looks just as everyone in the world. Salutations and salutations, To him who is a great soul, And to him who is a weak being. Salutations and salutations, To him who rides a chariot, And to him who does not have a chariot. Salutations and salutations, To him who is a chariot, And to him who is the leader of the chariot.” During this time it dawned on us that our own Mohanji shares these very same qualities. In our mind, we heard: “Salutations and Salutations, To him that gives shaktipath, And to him that receives shaktipat. Salutations to him that is shaktipat.”

The commissioned painting of Mohanji
The commissioned painting of Mohanji

I then offered Mohanji one part of this birthday present.  I commissioned an international artist, Collin R, to paint a picture of Mohanji and it honestly superseded all my expectations!! It is as if Mohanji is right in front of you. The painting is remarkable and Mohanjis eyes have so much of energy coming out of painting. I could feel waves of hot heat coming out of the altar and painting. I had to literally move backward, and also move the seat in front of the alter backward.  The artist also had an amazing experience with MohanJi. He finished the painting in two days and three nights. He said there was an energy that just came over him. He had other work to do, but could not do it as thoughts of Mohanji just took over his mind.

MohanJis birthday alter. The four lovely bouquets was offered by Simeel
MohanJis birthday alter. The four lovely bouquets was offered by Simeel

The painting itself has truly been blessed by Mohanji as there are Siddha signs and symbols that was not on the photograph of  Mohanji I gave the artist. Firstly, the orange moon and dot is a sacred sign representing, among other things, Devi or shakti. That sign is on the painting and not the photograph given. Secondly, if you look closely at Mohanji’s forehead, you will see a meditating Shiva in yellow. Thirdly, the artist said that he was just compelled to add “white spots and areas” on Mohanjis hair, as if something was on it!! Vibuthi!!!! The artist, unknowingly painted ashes on Mohanjis hair!! And the astonishing part of this is that the artist is a Christian and at that time did not know much about Hinduism.  At that time he did not know about ashes, or Shiva mediating, for the shakti symbol. And the best part to me was that at the exact time he handed the painting over to me, a local radio station was playing “ Manasa bhajere Guru Charanam” which I heard when I got to the car. After hearing Mohanji sing this at the Grasemere Sai ashram, this Guru bhajan has an even deeper meaning to me.

Ajay chanting the Mohanji gayatri mantra
Ajay chanting the Mohanji gayatri mantra

Chanting of Mohanjis gayatri mantra then commenced. A sankalpa was taken to finish 108 malas, or  11, 644 mantras of the  Mohanji gayatri, with all benefit going to the whole world  for world peace, and physical, emotional and spiritual healing of all beings. This was an amazing experience. It is so difficult to describe the surge of energy that was generated with this very first mass sankalpa of chanting Mohanji’s gayathri mantra in the world. There was such a powerful presence felt in the ashram, and we all felt such intense processing of karma as we each volunteered to chant the mantra. There was no time from start to finish of the japa, that there was no one chanting for Mohanji.

Vickasen Chants as the pujas are done
Vickasen Chants as the pujas are done

There was always someone chanting at every second of the day until the goal was reached. Everyone had wonderful experiences. One young man, Mr Ajay Singh, had never heard Mohanji’s gayatri mantra before, let alone chanted it. He was so reluctant to say the mantra and it took a lot of convincing from everyone for his just to sit there with me and try to chant. With a soft broken voice he tried to chant, his voice drowned into mine. Suddenly I noticed a surge of energy within him, and spontaneously he started chanting the mantra louder and loude. After that, he looked forward to going and chanting while others took a break. There was a total change in character, he became so brave. Mrs Shivani Naidoo also never heard Mohanjis gayatri before, but she happily chanted and later commented that it was so therapeutic for her.

Semas turn to chant
Semas turn to chant

For the first time a full puja for Mohanji as the central deity was done, which included invoking Mohanji into a kalsa and worshiping him with different scented powders, jewellery, flowers, a mala, holy water, and other sacred substances. This puja including chanting of the Guru Astakam, Guru Padukam Strotram, MohanJi Sharanam Astakam, and Shree Datta Moola Mantra Strotram. The puja also consisted of offering Mohanji the “Mohanji Kavacham” as one part of his birthday present. This kavacham was inspired by the Mahamritunjaya kavacham, and is a prayer to Mohanji to protect us. It was recited and offered for the first time in the world on Mohanji’s birthday. Here is the kavacham:


Om Asya Sri SadGuru MohanJi  Kavachasya ,

Sri Shradha Rishi, Pavritam Chanda,

Sri Raaja Yogi MohanJi devathaa , Om bheejam,

Joom Shakthi , Sah keelakam  Hroum ithi thathwam,

MohanJi Kavacham sadhane pate viniyoga. 

For the armour of the true Guru MohanJi , the sage is Faith , The meter is Purity ,

The God addressed is King of the Yogis MohanJi, the root is “Om”, the power is “joom”,

The nail is “Sah” and the principle is “Hroum” , this all is  being chanted.

Aum ParaBrahmaya Vidmahe,

ShivaTatvaya Dhimahi,

Tanno  Mohan Prachodayat

Om. Let us meditate on the self-enduring, eternal, self-sufficient cause of all causes, the supreme Brahman,  the one who is the essence of Lord Shiva (auspiciousness). May that MohanJi, who is the truest of Gurus, inspire and illumine our mind and understanding.

Kalsa Stapana puja
Kalsa Stapana puja

Shree SadGuru sira pathu , devo MohanJi mama,  ( May the true Guru Mohanji, protect my head)

Shree SadGuru lalatam pathu , devo MohanJi mama,  (forehead)

Shree SadGuru brovow pathu , devo MohanJi mama (eyebrows)

Shree SadGuru nethre pathu , devo MohanJi mama (eyes)

Shree SadGuru cchruthee pathu , devo MohanJi mama (ears)

Shree SadGuru gandow pathu , devo MohanJi mama (neck)

Shree SadGuru naasam pathu , devo MohanJi mama (nose)

Shree SadGuru mukam pathu , devo MohanJi mama (mouth)

Shree SadGuru skandhou pathu , devo MohanJi mama (shoulders)

Shree SadGuru hasthou pathu , devo MohanJi mama (hands)

Shree SadGuru vaksha pathu , devo MohanJi mama (chest)

Shree SadGuru payaadanguli pathu , devo MohanJi mama (fingers)

Shree SadGuru Kukshim pathu , devo MohanJi mama (belly)

Shree SadGuru guhyam pathu , devo MohanJi mama (Reproductive organs)

Shree SadGuru Katim pathu , devo MohanJi mama (waist)

Shree SadGuru ooru pathu , devo MohanJi mama (thighs)

Shree SadGuru paadhu padho , devo MohanJi mama (feet)

Shree SadGuru paahadhi moordha pathu , devo MohanJi mama (feet to head)

oṁ tryambakaṁ yajāmahe sugandhiṁ puṣṭi-vardhanaṁ

urvārukam iva bandhanān mṛtyormukṣīya māmṛtāt

OM We worship Shiva, the Three-eyed Lord who is fragrant and who nourishes and nurtures all beings. As is the ripened cucumber (with the intervention of the gardener) freed from its bondage (to the creeper) May He liberate us from death for the sake of immortality.

Mould of Mohanjis feet
Mould of Mohanjis feet

Worshiping of Mohanjis sandals was done with the 108 mantras of the Mohanj Pada Puja. With each mantra a flower was offered to Mohanjis feet mould, Mohanji’s sandals and Shree Shirdi Babas feet. Every one moved from station to station offering flowers, and again this did not stop the continuous chanting of Mohanjis gayatri mantra and the continuous abhishekam of the Shiva Linga.

After this, we all did the Power of Purity meditation. It was an amazing feeling. We could all feel Mohanji churn our minds and pull out what was not necessary. The shaktipat was so strong and everyone just sat for a short while taking in the beautiful energies of Mohanjis presence.

Offering flowers at Shirdhi Baba’s feet
Offering flowers at Shirdhi Baba’s feet

The day ended with another birthday cake being offered and the arthi. The cake was lovingly made by Arav and Shai, and was even tastier than the gourmet cake made by the prestigious Fulham bakery for the previous day at Mohanjis party.  After the arti, we then had a long convocation about the time Mohanji was at Merudanda Ashram and all the memories we had of that time. We all were tired, but there was a sense of accomplishment. All we wanted to do was make MohanJi happy, and we all felt that we achieved that  precious goal.

As I said in the beginning, it was Mohanji’s birthday, but it was us that seemed to get the presents. Although they come from impoverished conditions, and go through unbearable suffering, they teach us to help faith and hope and always see the best in a situation. No matter what situation you are in, happiness is an internal matter. Peace of mind comes from inside of you. As Mohanji teaches, you do not need to run to a forest to have peace. Peace is found in your inner space and not the outside space.

MohanJis second birthday cake, bakes by the two little babies of the Ashram, Arav and Shai
MohanJis second birthday cake, bakes by the two little babies of the Ashram, Arav and Shai

Thank you to Ramesh, Seema, Arav, Shai, Ajay, Uncle Kay, Aunty Mala, Vickasen, Tashmin Didi and the kids, Shivani and here family, Shikara and her family, AmiJi and her family, my parents, and Sanam and her family

Regards, and lots of love

“In the Spirit of Sharing” – Durban, South Africa
By Vishal Mothilall

In commemoration of Shri Mohanji’s advent as an opportunity to spread love through the serving of food and distribution of clothing items. A blessed experience to bring smiles onto the faces of children as they gleam in happiness. Thank you for the guidance.



ACT Serbia with a Charity initiative in Sangaj, suburbs of Novi Sad

Sangaj is a Romani (also known by the exonym “Gypsy”) settlement situated in the industrial zone in the suburbs of Novi Sad. Instead of clean air they breathe the exhaust fumes of NIS Petroleum Industry of Serbia and other companies in the working zone North 4. Nobody with awareness of what it is that they take into the lungs with each breath would live there voluntarily. Red and white tower from the refinery which other citizens of Novi Sad watch from afar can be almost touched by Sangaj inhabitants. Ecology-wise, inhabitants of Sangaj are already underprivileged.


Members of “ACT Foundation” with all the volunteers are not able to clean that air, but we have been given an opportunity to help individuals from Sangaj in another way. We organised a donation of that which is, besides air, substantial for survival and what they surely are missing – food.

Our charity initiative on 23rd Feb 2014 was a beautiful way of celebrating the birthday of Mohanji, Founder of ACT. When a good team, enthusiastic mood and excellent organisation joined together, like a powerful wave they intensified positivity in our surroundings, so benefits are felt by even those who are not in direct contact with us. With pure heart we gave the gifts to those who needed them most, and today the recipients were the most impoverished families without any income or social help in Sangaj.

Gratitude to Ms Marijana Pavlovic who helped us identify the needy families and do the required coordination in line with our procedures designed to ensure recipients of aid are eligible for the same.


We prepared packages of food for 10 families. Each package contained flour, sugar, oil, corn grits, pasta, biscuits, juice, potatoes, onions… Aside from the purchased food packs, ACT volunteers brought their own packages of food. Furthermore, we donated clothes and toys and the final contribution ended up being was a beautiful loving gift for the needy. One little girl was very enthusiastic about a doll she received as a present. Her face lit up and she immediately started playing with it, chirping with joy, even though the house was full of people unknown to her.


One of the aid recipients was a woman called Marijana, age 38. She is a mother of 12 children, the oldest being 19 years old and the youngest one being 7 months old. She is slim and youthful though she certainly cannot afford any creams for her skin or any anti-aging products. She lives on the verge of existence and but one could never make out that life is hard for her – she does not invoke any sympathy. Each one of them faces numerous problems of daily existence, but there is a sort of heroism out of necessity in that struggle for survival. Her husband does rough physical jobs that he finds in newspaper ads. He carries various loads, or works at the construction sites in Novi Sad. These jobs come sporadically. They all have health insurance but they do not receive any social help. Their grown-up children have started to contribute with their own efforts in a way they can.

It was truly wonderful meeting these people. We are grateful for this opportunity to help and make somebody’s life beautiful at least temporarily and experience the joy of giving.


This initiative was beyond mere donating – it was an offering with love during which both sides benefit. By feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, shoes to the barefooted, clothes to the naked, we bring life where there is slumber and colors where everything is grey. We disperse the darkness, anger and lethargy as the light does not ask whom to illuminate, it gives unconditionally.

With love,

ACT Serbia team

Seva in the UK
By Aditi Singh

“Living in London and on way to work, King’s Cross Station is a permanent fixture in my daily commutes. On 23rd February, Mohanji’s birthday, I was stirred to indulge in seva work. Consequently, I ended up giving sandwiches to the needy I have seen wander around the station everyday. When they accepted the food, the various emotions of gratitude and thankfulness that played out on their faces invigorated me. I felt the upcoming stress at work dissolve then as I headed to the office, feeling Mohanji smile down at me.”

Other happenings on Mohanji’s Birthday

– Another activity was the “chappan bhog” offered to Banke Bihari ji deity at Vrindavan on Sundayon behalf of Mohanji. And after that 300 people, including the widows, were fed food.

– Caroline from Australia besides the POP sessions in Airlie Beach has also started doing POP meditation at the Proserpine Nursing home.

POP Nursing home

– The Mohanji calendar booklet is launched


– Many posters were made, and here’s a short selection:







– New Facebook group Mohanji Canada has been created.

Screenshot 2014-02-25 19.45.32

“The Power of Purity Meditation” video has been created.

Screenshot 2014-02-25 19.46.38

– The picture of Dattatreya was launched and it will be distributed to the temples in North India.  There will be more versions of the picture coming in future. To start with, 5 temples in Gurgaon have already agreed to install the picture of Dattatreaya. The various versions of Datta picture will be available for download (A2 size) soon on, which can be framed and put in the temples across the world.


Please follow this link for more photos from the Celebrations.

And finally, you can hear Mohanji’s Birthday message for the whole BTW Family.

Love Always

BTW Team

The Living Pictures of Mohanji

Written by Sabrina Koletić 

I carry memories of those early days when I was establishing contact with Mohanji over the photograph. Back then I did not even realize the wisdom the infinite intelligence of His consciousness. I think He knew how much I am related to Sai Baba without my telling Him. Each time I took a picture of Mohanji in my hand, instead of Mohanji I always saw the face of my beloved Baba. It was like magic, a delight for the eyes , but I was not aware that this was only the beginning of a journey to some hidden depths in consciousness that are waiting for my awakening. The experiences of connecting with Mohanji over the photographs are indescribably beautiful. There were days when I saw him open his mouth and say something. But I did not or could not hear him. Perhaps I was not ready to hear. My heart was full of love, my eyes were enamored by unusual scenes, and my mind did not know how to explain what was happening. And the soul? The soul was patiently waiting to be expressed in all its beauty.

The experiences of connecting with M over the photograph are indescribably beautiful.
The experiences of connecting with Mohanji over the photograph are indescribably beautiful.

A few days ago I took another photograph of Mohanji, and I told him, “Thank you for all your teachings Guruji. Words are so small or weak. Look here, look into my heart; I am sending you all the love in this world.” I looked at the photo from which love radiated. Suddenly, his eyes filled with tears. (Either he was happy at my affection or sad at the ingratitude the world constantly returns to those who love unconditionally.) “I know you’re sad, I can feel it” – I told him! And the communion started. In my head I heard a clear voice while the eyes from the photo watched me lively.” So many blind people with healthy eyes, so many deaf people with healthy ears, so many of those who were killed and those who are killing.” I’m holding the photo aware of the strength of emotions coming out of it. Suddenly, Mohanji looked to one side, then to the other.

Guruji, I continue, I know that you direct us constantly towards unconditional love. How does it look like when you are unconditional love? How does it feel? What is this state of consciousness, to be unconditional love for 24 hours a day? Suddenly his eyes were directed at me with a lot of intensity. The photograph was alive! While the body was seated holding a picture in hands, the consciousness was reaching new heights. Mohanji was no longer in the picture, he was in front of me and took me into a state of consciousness that I had never experienced before. I do not know what words to use to describe it to you. As if I was not in the body, aware of his presence, not asking questions, he took me on a journey that I will never forget. I felt a true unconditional love, like I’ve become one with the Mohanji’s state of consciousness. Nothing else mattered any longer. Just that moment in existence, which has neither beginning nor end. I touched the beauty of existence that I do not know how to explain. Where have I been? I do not know, but I do know I want to go back to that state of consciousness, where everything is somehow beautiful, holy, every atom radiates with love, all around me is love.

Mohanji lives this beautiful state each moment. He gave me a glimpse of his state of perpetual bliss. He gives unconditionally each moment. How many are ready to receive it whole heartedly? How many have gratitude for what he gives? How long do we maintain gratitude? Even gross  ingratitude of people cannot stop the flow of unconditional love from Mohanji. Sabrina has never met Mohanji physically. The connection is beyond physical. It is in the unlimited realm of metaphysical. It is reality. It is truth.


How does it look like when you are unconditional love? How does it feel?
How does it look like when you are unconditional love? How does it feel?

The Master Consciousness – Beyond what the eyes can see

Written by Sabrina Koletic

On the day when Rishi Prabhakarji left his body, I had a vision of Mohanji dead and lying in a white sheet of cloth. Traditionally in India, dead bodies are kept on a fresh white sheet of cloth with lamps lit around the body at all corners. I never knew or heard about Rishi Prabhakarji or about the rituals in India associated with death, such as white cloth etc. This vision of Mohanji’s death was totally unexpected for me. An indescribable peace radiated from his face. I was puzzled and restless on seeing this.

The next morning I was amazed when I read this status on Mohanji’s Facebook profile:

Rishi Prabhakarji
Rishi Prabhakarji

“Woke up with the news of Rishi Prabhakarji attaining Maha Samadhi. Natesh Mahadevanji was organizing my meeting with him later this year. That could not happen. I have not physically met Rishi Prabhakarji. But, I have conducted a short satsang to his disciples and answered their questions a few months ago. Rishi Prabhakar has contributed a lot to the spiritual world and many spiritual teachers of today have gained a lot from him. He has always been silent and in a way behind the curtain refusing sensations and glitters which comes with a price. He never craved for name and fame. He always performed his dharma with absolute conviction and equanimity. He was ever ready to guide anyone who contacted him irrespective of his position in the society. A true Yogi. A true gift for the world. I sincerely believe that the generations to come will acknowledge and respect Rishi Prabhakarji’s contributions to the modern day seekers who are deluded with glitters. I deliver my humble homage, prostrations and respects to a great saint who walked this earth. I respect you and love you, Rishi Prabhakarji. You will always remain as a guiding force, a beacon of light. May you continue to guide the real seekers of the world who seek the truth and not sensations. I love you.. M”

So I asked Mohanji whether this was a dream or a vision, and it’s meaning. He very kindly explained it to me. That night (morning in India) a great yogi, Rishi Prabhakarji had attained mahasamadhi. All enlightened teachers walk on the same white path of total liberation and share a united consciousness. So in his death Mohanji’s unity with his physical existence also died.

Unity in Consciousness
Unity in Consciousness

He said to me, “In the context of united consciousness between all those who walk the white path, the path of total liberation, what you saw is not a dream. When he left, a part of me died – the part that was linked to him as an entity in flesh and blood. You saw the aspect of me witnessing the event and manifesting it like a mirror. It will seem like my death to someone like you who is deeply connected to my consciousness without barriers or constant doubts. In unity of consciousness, all units have the same relevance. Just like the cells of our body get replaced with new ones, there is constant appearance and disappearance happening simultaneously in the manifested level of consciousness. This is visualized as physical death in this realm (realm of earth). Hence, what you saw is my connection or vision through my eyes to that wholesome consciousness; it’s manifested state and the death of that state, in the form of an event. You saw my death, which is true from that angle. Hope I did not confuse you with this explanation. All are one. All are purpose-bound. All are relevant. Everything matters.”

Mohanji has been guiding us in the path of pathlessness or total liberation. Even though we do not understand the levels and realms of operations of the master, we have seen his numerous expressions of kindness, love, compassion and seeming anger only for the sake of kindness and love.

When anger is expressed out of pure love, it is unconditional and totally benevolent to the receiver, if only he accepts it with surrender which will lead to his total transformation. When anger happens out of selfish expectations, it is conditional love. Mohanji’s expressions are always unconditional and to shake up tamas or inertia of people who come into contact with him. As Mohanji has explained time and again, all the masters of the golden tradition of great Yogis, work in united consciousness. There is an intranet running between all these gurus. They do not meet or talk often, but they support each other at their chosen work. They work hand in hand towards raising the consciousness of the planet without expectations. They are one in many bodies. This does not happen with various other teachers or exponents of spirituality that we see in the world today. They do things to convert people to their way of thinking while masters of the golden tradition of liberation only transforms people to higher awareness. There are no second agendas.

Mohanji is guiding us in the Path of Pathlessness or total Liberation.
Mohanji is guiding us in the Path of Pathlessness or total Liberation.

The golden tradition never binds while cults bind. Cult gurus always operate in isolation while the gurus of the golden tradition always operate together even though seemingly separated. In this context, when I saw Mohanji’s death, it only signified another master linked to him has left his body. It immediately reflected through Mohanji to those who are connected to him. It signified the unity of consciousness between masters of the tradition. All are one. Mohanji demonstrated to us in real life, his eternal message of unity in consciousness.

I sank deep in contemplation. As one of your family, I want to know how it feels to be a guru? Mohanji receives thousands of e-mails per week and respond to all, who pray to him to fulfill their needs. People adore him because he has achieved a state of consciousness that every man craves for. Guru is love – unconditional love.

What does the guru want from us? Nothing! Guru always gives. He gives himself fully to each of us. And what do we, His worshippers, do? Do we really live his teachings? Can we achieve a state of consciousness where Mohanji is? I believe we can, and I believe that Mohanji wants that for each of us. Every day presents to us the opportunities of learning and acquiring the wisdom, which are signposts towards a higher level of consciousness. Are we aware of its infinite possibilities? Everything is energy and energy is composed of light. Each of us is pure light, distinguished only by the frequency of oscillation.

Guru is love – unconditional love
Guru is love – unconditional love

It can’t be mere coincidence, there is good reason why our souls gathered around Mohanji and chosen Him to be our teacher. We all experienced his love, felt His presence when we remembered Him, and received His guidance. Is not it time that our Father felt our infinite respect, gratitude and love for him? Shouldn’t we prove ourselves His worthy disciples? We must consider, what else we can do for him or the world which is him? We should try to give back much more than we constantly take from him.

In gratitude to our Father, let us always feel, become and spread unconditional love!


Oh Dear Love Divine, Will You Be My Valentine?

Written by Biljana Vozarevic

(Dedicated to Mohanji)

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Oh dear love divine

please be my Valentine!


My thoughts are no more scattered

they are focused on YOU

you can’t be touched when flattered

you only value what is true


Then accept this my devotion

accept whole me onto you

I celebrate what you mean to me

I’m attached to you like a glue


When my heart beats you hear that

How possible? How sophisticate!

You’re an epitome of silence

peace, bliss and non-violence


I have that one main goal

to see I’m one with your soul

Let me be freer and freer

let me love without barrier


Even a second I won’t hesitate

to use each moment to celebrate

love that you amplify, magnify

till all identities nullify


We’re one yes, yes we are

I’m always there where you are

stars sparkle while hearts dance

in eternal God’s romance


Oh dear love divine

please be my Valentine!