Mohanji’s Birthday Celebrations Worldwide


Mohanji’s birthday message to all: A melting Heart

My Dear Embodiments of Pure Love

 What is worth living for? What is real wealth? What is success? All of us would have had these thoughts at some point in our life.

Modern Education teaches us that material success is real success. It tells us that bank balance means security. And, assets means power. Conquests of materials and positions mean success in the world of duality, our waking state world. This is total and complete delusion. These never stay. These never pay. These never last. We came empty handed and naked. We shall leave empty handed and totally naked. But, when will mankind realize this simple truth? Or will they realize it at all?

A  few moments of joy, a few moments of sharing, a few moments of bliss and love is all that we could earn in this life time. Whatever we collect from here are impressions of false pleasures. All things false collapse sooner or later. False becomes colorless in no time like imitation gold. Pure gold always survives time and keeps shining against all odds. We see many scenes as we walk this journey called life. People appear and disappear like butterflies. Everything is momentary and temporary. Nothing stays forever except our age old companion, our SOUL that walks with us every step like our ignored shadow, silent, witnessing and yet inevitable.

I always considered myself as a VVIP in this ocean of existence. Very Very Insignificant Person. The ocean of this layer of existence itself is so vast from the mind of a human being. It’s 7.3 billion people just on earth and still counting, plus numerous other beings visible and invisible. Among all these myriad expressions of life, what is one body with the name of Mohanji worth? How does this form and presence matter to this world? I live with this mindset which helps me stay totally grounded. All are equal and all are significant one way or the other. We should love all and serve all as ourselves. Nothing selfish is worth it. 

Likewise, the birth and death of this form has no further significance than the birth and death of numerous forms each moment. As we speak, many are leaving and many are coming into this realm of duality. Those who are coming are coming here to feel the same things which we all have felt through our lifetimes – agonies and ecstasies of numerous patterns. Everybody born and to be born have experienced these waves of time and lived their life, collecting some pebbles of experiences, memories, and some desires. This is the only earning of everyone born in this world of duality. In short, the subtle seeds of the pending desires is all that we earn and carry when we leave. What else can we take home? What else can we carry with us?


With a melting heart, I write these words. I LOVE YOU. Each and every one of you out there. Thank you for taking time and wishing me, being in my company, loving me so much and praying for me. Above all, serving the helpless in my name. How can I even begin to express my gratitude? I am sure you see my totally melted heart. It is you that made this life worth living. It is nothing but your sincere love that drives this machine called Mohanji. It is your love that urges me and inspires me to do more and more and more. It is all you. I am you. You are my wealth, my health, my expression and compassion. You are myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you who took time to wish me personally and write those beautiful words which urge the chronic introvert in me to move on with this incarnation further and further. I thank you again for waking me up to this life and walking with me, cherishing my existence, celebrating my birthday as if it is your birthday, which is true as when we met, we took a new birth. We became a new person, a personality. This is what each meaningful encounter does for us. We are reborn each time we connect and grow together. Hence, it is our birthday. Our DAY. The DAY to celebrate the core of ourselves; we as embodiment of compassion, embodiment of kindness, embodiment of supreme consciousness (Parabrahma) and Embodiment of Liberation. We are the walking and talking truth that we have always been searching around us. This moment is a moment to search within. A moment to recognize, feel, understand and connect with the truth that this birthday represents. The re-birth, the re-enactment, the supreme truth beyond all illusions. The real YOU. Hence, we celebrate our birthday and not just my birthday.

Thank you again, to each and every one out there who wished me, connected to me, did selfless services of multiple flavours which touched the lives of many people of different species and to all those who wished me through blogs, Facebook, WhatsApp and every other means. I cannot even begin to name all of you, except locations. When I say locations it is all encompassing – as in Mohanji at those locations or you in me. I am deliberately avoiding names here to avoid confusions and disappointments. Name is part of ego. We remain beyond the realms of ego, I hope.

Mohanji quote - There are some things in life


Grateful to AMMUCARE and STOP the HUNGER team who served food to more than 3000 people only in various parts of India. Mohanji Ka Aangans, ACT  LIFE, ACT BLOG, ACT Foundation of South Africa, USA, Serbia, Macedonia, UK, DATTA TAPOVAN South Africa and Serbia. Our family in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Canada, India, UAE, Qatar and elsewhere. 

My special thanks and gratitude to our ambassadors and team leaders who envisioned and encouraged such an overwhelming celebration across the globe. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the new (silent) global management team who without fail guides the team managers so efficiently and promptly. Thanks to the new Social team who are proving their efficiency so effortlessly and happy to see them grow. Thanks to the new Kriya team too. In general, I am happy to see the flow, the sincere enthusiasm, lack of ownership or ego, lack of inertia and self-inspiration at works which can be easily read as unfailing conviction. I was told that our posters are being shared by many through Facebook and elsewhere. The credit goes to the social, admin and creative teams who are giving birth to such enchanting posters based on my messages.  The credit for so many likes and shares goes to you. You are truly helping to spread the message. Thank you. And superb pictures, guys… Special thanks to the inimitable Monja, Madhu, Palak, Biljana and Zoran. A good picture is worth a 1000 words. A great angle is poetry.

Thanks to the testimonials team and all those who are sharing your experiences through blogs, which is indeed inspiring and giving hope and clarity to many well beyond what we can see. I also came to know that some of you intend to write books and publish on us and our mission which is highly commendable. I wish this effort brings forth great success and fulfilment to you who are doing books. I welcome the new locations and those who are inspiring centers in new locations and also inspiring new activities in existing locations. You are doing a great job. We are looking at lot many new events such as trips to Kailash in August 2016 and Machu Pichu in March 2017 apart from the retreats in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnian Pyramids, Macedonia, USA and India. Apologies to Canada for reducing my time there which I am sure you will understand. Just to make you feel better, let me confirm to you that we also reduced my time in UK as well as South Africa. Time is tight this year.

Last but not the least, My special thanks to all those who are reading, sharing and following my messages and implementing them in real life. You are my inspiration. Your growth is my mission. 

Your growth is my mission


Thank you Again
Lots of Love


Dear Global Family,
Celebrations of Mohanji’s birthday took various forms in the countries worldwide. You can follow the links to the particular locations:














During His birthday, Mohanji was physically in India.
First, He spent some time with Lamperi Babaji. He longed to meet Him saying His energy, touch and feel are unbelievable. What a birthday gift!

Birthday celebrations continue with a day filled with charity initiatives and celebrations at all centers globally.


Here are some moments from one of the cake cutting ceremonies at Madhuban Katra, India.

Mohanjis birthday cake at Madhuban katra Jammu

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Himalayas, Vaishno Devi Temple

While Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated worldwide by acts of kindness and seva, Mohanji celebrated his birthday in an understated manner, spending time at spiritual centres, and with children that he loves so dearly.


In the morning, a special havan (fire ceremony) was conducted. The havan room was charged with energy; as various offerings were made to the fire, the flames rose high. Multiple deities were visible in the flashes, a sign of acceptance and blessings.

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Mohanji brought in his birthday in the lap of the Divine Mother at Vaishno Devi. He climbed up the holy mountain with a small group to seek Mata Vaishno Devi’s blessings.

The Vaishno Mata shrine is in the Trikuta mountains is believed to be the abode of 33 koti (type) deities.

It is believed that at some point of time each one of these 33 koti (type) deities have worshipped Goddess Vaishno Mata, and left their symbolic marks inside. It is also believed that during the pooja and Aarti, these Gods and Goddesses arrive at the Holy cave to pay their obeisance to Mata.

Mohanji cut a birthday cake that was specially delivered to him in Vaishno Devi with love.


Mohanjis birthday celebration in Jammu 2016 - cake

Channi Himat in  Jammu


Revered Shri Mohan ji’s birthday was celebrated with great fun, laughter and enthusiasm at “Mohan ji school of supplementary education for the underprivileged (MSSEU).


It was a dream come true for the children when the staff of the school came to know that Mohan ji himself shall be gracing the occasion to cut the cake and shower his blessings on everyone.

Arrival of Mohan ji
Mohan ji along with his guests from Coimbatore, Mumbai and Serbia were received by the founder of the school Mrs.Jyoti gupta, Madam Nirupma Chaudhary and others at the entrance and welcomed them with tilak and arti ceremony by the school children. The program formally started with Madam Nirupma giving the short information about the different activities taking place in the school from time to time. She also made aware about the different art and craft items made and displayed by the children to the invited guests.

Karan a child wecoming and wishing Mohan ji on behalf of childrens
Karan welcoming Mohanji on behalf of the children


Mr. Karan read the welcome address about the school and wished Mohan ji on behalf of the children while Muskan recited her small poem. Mr.Arihant Gupta sang a devotional bhajan with his guitar expressing his love for Mohan ji. Finally the group song was sung by the group of children. The birthday cake was cut by Mohan ji with the excited children. It was distributed among everyone present there. Later the food was also served to the children.
Mohan ji school of supplementary education for the underprivileged (MSSEU) extends its heartfelt gratitude and love to Revered Shri Mohan ji for inspiring and putting a seed in my mind to create this small temple of learning which used to be a small group of four to five children who would get together in the evening and I would use to teach them to make small crafts items like collage making, needle work on fabric and pottery etc. with my personal background as a law graduate with diploma in Textile designing and a small course in pottery.

Madam Nirupama  giving the information about school activities
Madam Nirupa giving the information about the school activities

The school was finally opened and named in the year 2011/12 on a small piece of land with the divine blessings of Mohan ji where the children who are down trodden and cannot afford to educate themselves are always welcome. Now the strength of the children has grown up to sixty and I feel so proud to say that the school has produced a girl student named Sobha who was able to fulfill her studies up to B.ed college and remain a part of the faculty here for a long time. I am thankful to all the teachers who have been a part of it from time to time especially Madam Nirupma who always takes lots of efforts in educating, shaping and guiding the children with great energy. The school is also thankful to its two new faculty members, Deepak and Ram pal for putting their young thoughts and ideas into the children’s minds.

(Founder MSSEU)

Ka Aangan in Jammu

He spent the evening with children in Jammu. He first visited Mohanji ki aangan, a school fit underprivileged children, where the children performed skits and songs for him, and handed him a number of creative birthday cards. After the cake cutting ceremony, Mohanji then served food to all the children and blessed them with peace and happiness.
He then visited Mohanji School of Supplementary Education, a school to teach additional skills, including creative and vocational skills, to children. The children displayed their creative talents in poetry, singing, art work and painting.





Celebrations at Mohanji Pune Ashram
Mohanjis birthday celebration in Pune 23rd Feb
Celebration of Mohanji’s birthday started with Padam Puja. Everyone applied chandan and offered flowers at His feet. We did Aarti an chanted His Manthras. Power of Purity followed after cake cutting and prasad distribution. Everything went off well because of His grace. All of us are grateful to be a part of it and felt truly blessed.
Mohanjis birthday celebration in Pune 2016 - cake
Charity activities included opening  Mohanji Ka Aangan Center in Pune. See more at
Mohanjis birthday 2016- Opening Mohanji Ka Aangan Center in Pune


1. There was Food Seva in Tanal Balashram, Mayannur The team arranged food for 80 children.

2. Devotees conducted pooja at various Temples
Shirdi Sai Temple, Palakkad,
Thirumandham Kunnu Temple, Malappuram
Chottaikkara Temple, Cochin
Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple, Cochin
Mahavishnu Temple, Palappuram, Ottappalam
3. Another food seva was at Shirdi Sai Temple, Palakkad for public after Noon Arati.

See more at


Daily wage labourers were fed at Gurgaon on Mohanji’s birthday. These labourers did not find a job on that day and hence were fed a meal which would help them survive that day. See more at


Over 350 labourers given packed lunch at a construction site at Bangalore on occasion of Mohanji’s birthday.


See more at


Food sewa done for 60 destitute kids in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh by Bangalore team.



On this auspicious day of Mohanji’s birthday Mumbai did anadaan seva at Hanuman Tedki Mandir. This temple is believed to be here since the time of pandavs and it is here that Hanumanji, Maata rani and Ganeshi gave their blessings for victory to the Pandavas…the idol of Hanumanji is a Svayambhu.

It was a different experience for all. Freshly cooked hot food was served to many. It was nice to see them eat to their heart’s content. Many also took parcel.

This seva was a success due to the efforts of Manilalji, our volunteers Deepa, Ruchi and Ritu and last but not the least due to courtsey of our dear friends Preethi-Madhu, Priti-Kedar and Sharad; Rajesh and Seeta for their support.

Without the love and support of all these lovely people this seva would not have been possible.

Thank you all and heartfelt gratitude. See more at

Seva was followed by Power of Purity meditation, chanting and aarti to Father and masters at Vashi and Mahim center.
At Mahim we had a small celebration by cutting a cake and some light snacks as prasad.
Mohanjis birthday celebration in Mumbai 2016 - cake



Kolkata Angels celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at Atghara Jyoti Public School… a school run by an NGO for 100 poor children… the event started with a colouring activity for the children…they were gifted with crayons for the purpose…the children enjoyed the activity thoroughly…after that we had the cake cutting which all the children were looking forward to..the volunteers distributed the cakes to all the children and there was pure joy on their faces…finally we had Annadan of puri , subji and chole. See more at

KOLKATA, Mohanjis birthday celebrations 2016, Ammucare

Leprosy Home in Kolkata

Sewa was done at Leprosy Mission at Kolkata on Mohanji birthday. Things donated were apples, rice, dal, oil.

Furthermore, a Power of Purity meditation and aarti to Mohanji was organized on 23 Feb at Kolkata.

Mohanjis birthday celebration in Kolkata - cake 2016


21 mentally challenged girls were fed in Kerala on Mohanji birthday.



515 orphans (both girls and boys) were fed in Delhi in Mohanji’s birthday. They relished the rajma, rice, cauliflower curry and rotis. They also got sweets on the occasion. It was heartening to see the smiling faces or hundreds of children all wishing Mohanji a very happy birthday!


Power of Purity meditation was organized in Jamshedpur to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday.



On this very day, Ammucare Charitable Trust launched a new Facebook page Ammucare Life and its Blog Site. The first blog on the site has been lovingly written by Mohanji himself, which you can read here.

A devotional video as a birthday gift compiled by your young devotees Apoorva Teotia and Aastha Teotia from India.
“You graced the world the day you were born and you have graced our lives every day since. We love you Baba”


Mohanji’s birthday was also celebrated in Tehran, Iran by Aniss.



This was a very special day indeed, in addition to Mohanji’s B’day it was also Chottanikkara Makam and Attukal Pongala (special days in 2 temples in Kerala). On this special occasion we had Power of Purity meditations in two locations in Singapore – one in the East and another in the West side of Singapore. After the meditation we did Baba’s Arti in our East location. We did Lalitha Sahasranamam and Kanakadhara Stotram chanting, following by Devi Aarti. All had a blissful time filled with divine grace.



Jaleh, one of Mohanji’s followers offered her place for a get together. There were 10 of us. We gathered together and started with chanting OM. Then, we chanted Om Namah Shivaya for 108 times. This was followed by Om Shi Bhagavaan Shri Rajayogi Mohanji Namah Om. Once we chanted for ten minutes, we started chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri. During this time, Bindu started giving Shaktipath. After this, we listened to the Shivakavacham. The evening  culminated by the Aarti to Mohanji.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi had a get together at Anil Kumar’s residence. They had a Power of Purity meditation followed by Shaktipath. Later, they all chanted Mohanji’s Gayatri. One of the devotees made payasam (Sweet) and offered to Mohanji. Later, they had that as Prasadam. All in all, they had a blissful evening.

 Abu Dhabi Team dedicated this Malayalam lyrics & it’s tune to you at Mohanji’s lotus feet on this auspicious day!

ജഗദീശ്വര ദേവ കരുണാകരാ
കനിവേകണേ എന്നിൽ കരുണാമയാ
വിരലാല്‍ പിടിപ്പിച്ചെന്നെ
അകതാരിൽ എഴുതിച്ച ഗുരുനാഥാ
അകതാരിൽ എഴുതിച്ച ഗുരുനാഥാ
(ജഗദീശ്വരാ …)

അജ്ഞാനമാം  അന്ധകാരത്തെ നീക്കി നീ
നിത്യപ്രകാശത്തിൽ ആനയിച്ചു
അമ്പത്തെട്ടക്ഷരച്ചാർത്താ ലെൻ മനക്കണ്ണിൽ
മങ്ങാത്ത പൊൻനാളം  കൊളുത്തിവച്ചു
എന്റെ കണ്ണിലെ തിമിരത്തെ ഒഴിച്ചുവിട്ടു
എന്നിൽ അറിവിന്റെവെളിച്ചത്തെ തെളിയിച്ചു
(ജഗദീശ്വരാ …)

മായതന്‍ മാറാലമൂടിയ മണ്ണിലെ
കാഴ്ചകള്‍ നിരര്‍ത്ഥക വസ്തുവല്ലോ
ഉള്ളില്‍ വിരിഞ്ഞൊരാ ബ്രഹ്മ സൂനത്തെ
കണ്ടുവണങ്ങുവാന്‍ ജന്മ സാഫല്ല്യമേകൂ
പുനരാത്മാവില്‍ നീയായ് ഉണര്‍ന്നു വരൂ
എന്റെ സഞ്ചിത പാപങ്ങൾ തീർത്തു തരു
(ജഗദീശ്വരാ ….)


Qatar had a small get together and a Power of Purity meditation.

Happy birthday Mohanji from Qatar 2016, Snezana Jovanovic Popov


It was a joyous day indeed on Mohanji’s birthday as we were blessed with a new location and also a new venue to hold activities for Mohanji’s family here in Malaysia. Power of Purity meditation was held at both venues in celebration of the special occasion.

Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated with Power of Purity meditation in Johor:

Happy birthday Mohanji, in Johor, Malaysia 2016

Birthday greetings from Kuala Lumpur:

Mohanjis birthday in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2016

More greetings from Kuala Lumpur. One family member created lovely rangolis at her home in celebration of the special day.


Birthday greetings from Serbia:

Mohanji’s birthday was an auspicious occasion for several activities streched throughout a few days.
First, a spiritual center Datta Tapovan was inaugurated in Novi Sad, Serbia. The programme started with a prayer for success, prosperity, love and light for all beings on the Earth and for the love and light to always be in this place, so that its energy heals ad elevates one who enters it. Then an oil lamp was lit in front of Shirdi Sai Baba’s icon by Devi and Mila Mohan, after which we chanted mantras. Thus energised we had a Skype satsang with Mohanji and did aarti.

There were also 360° meditations in Novi Sad and Belgrade, and on the very day, The Power of Purity meditation in Obrenovac.

Mohanjis birthday celebration 2016 in Obrenovac, Serbia
The youth crew offering sweets with infinite love and gratitude for Mohanji’s Birthday after the very powerful meditation in Obrenovac, Serbia.

Charity work included a visit to Children’s Shelter in Belgrade. The team donated clothes, shoes and toys and also purchased various items that were marked as most needed (socks, underwear, hygiene items, hair dryers, etc.). See more at

Children enjoyed thoroughly a lovely heart-shaped cake as well as a white board on which they wrote beautiful expressions of love and gratitude.

Happy birthday Mohanji from Serbia 2016


On the very day, there was also a small meditation, Mohanji mantra chanting and Arati to Mohanji at Datta Tapovan Serbia.

Mila doing Arati for her papa at Datta Tapovan Serbia


Mohanjis birthday celebration in Macedonia 2016 - Birthday cake

Macedonia team has gathered to mark Mohanji’s Birthday with a ecological event of cleaning up the Vodno mountain. We started the event with practicing 40 minutes of Conscious Walking in the woods of Vodno. Than we did a cleaning of one part of the mountain area. The atmosphere was elevated throughout whole of the gathering.  See more at

We finished the event by cutting and eating a vegan made cake especially for Mohanji.



Event ended with Mohanji Aarti with the best of wishes for Father’s Wellbeing.




The team celebrated the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday with some service projects and a special meditation evening in a new venue. The service activities were:
1) Food Aid trip to Skanda Vale on 20th February. Two volunteers (Ranjan and Hemant) drove a van to Skanda Vale, picked up 1.2 tons of food to deliver to the Mother Teresa home in Southall. About 600 kg of this collection, mainly rice, was given to a charity called Refugee Relief.
2) On the same trip they also collect sarees which will be shipped to the poor in Sri Lanka later on this month.
3) Ranjan organised a food seva to 100 poor villagers in Sri Lanka on 23rd February.
4) Rajshree organised some volunteers to cook a meal for the homeless at Mother Teresa home soup kitchen. The meal was cooked at home and then served on Saturday 20th of February 2016. One of the young volunteers cooked cup cakes for the homeless.
5) We also collected toiletries to deliver to the homeless at the soup kitchen in Mother Teresa home in Southall. Toiletries given were: Shower gel, toothpaste, shaving gel, deodorant and disposable razors. See more at
A special Power of Purity Meditation session and satsang with cake cutting was conducted at a new venue in Northwood on Tuesday 23rd of February 2016 at St John’s United Reform Church. With HIS grace we will run this session every 4th Tuesday of the month at this venue. This was a very well attended session and we all had fun singing happy birthday to Mohanji and cutting his birthday cakes, one of which was Vegan. The new venue was popular with the new comers who really appreciated the mediation and want to bring their friends in future.


The Hungarian team celebrated with Power of Purity meditation in Budapest.

Power of Purity meditation in Hungary



We experienced renewed energy and enthusiasm as we came together to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday!
Here are the highlights of the various activities that were organized:

Food Seva:
On a cold and rainy morning of Sunday, February 21, our team served some hot soup, bread, pasta and sauce and cake at the Embry Rucker Community Shelter in Reston, Virginia. About 60-70 men, women and children partook the meal.


Conscious Kriya Practice and Power of Purity Meditation:
Later in the evening we met for Conscious Kriya followed by Power of Purity Meditation. The meditation was intense as Mohanji’s presence empowered the environment with peace and bliss within and outside.

Group Chanting:
On Mohanji’s birthday, February 23, a few of us joined together for a beautiful evening of chanting and prayer. We all chanted the Guru Stotram, Mohanji Ashtotra Namavali and other chants including the Mritunjaya Maha Mantra and prayed for Mohanji’s good health and long life as He walks this path of our grand tradition, uplifting and liberating seekers. We are every so grateful for his Grace upon us to allow us to follow Him in this life’s journey. As we ended the evening with Aarti, we were totally surprised with an opportunity to talk to Mohanji himself. As usual when Ganesh sent the pictures of the evening, Mohanji asked that we call. We were fortunate to convey our Birthday wishes directly and naturally the evening lit up with thousand lamps as Mohanji talked to everyone and the house was filled with laughter and joy, as wishes for Mohanji started early morning on April 23 from one end of the planet and went day long and night long and culminated as we ended our April 23 and Mohanji began April 24 in Dharmshala. How Beautiful…
Skype Satsang with Mohanji
The awesome week ended with a fantastic Skype Satsang with multi locations in USA – Virginia, Connecticut, North Carolina, Kentucky and Michigan. As Mohanji was answering the questions by some seekers, everyone present got their unasked questions answered. One of the newer members of our team, Reyes Gonzalez-Gutierrez from Spain had a question on what is prayer and how to pray to which Mohanji so beautifully explained: “The best prayer is the prayer of Gratitude. From outside you only see one form, the form is only a representation of your total constitution; the form is not you 100% as it does not include the total consciousness which is ever present. The moment you start connecting to you within, you then see the heart beat is happening evenly, beautifully, the breathing, the respiration, circulation, digestion, mental waves, connection of nerves everything is synchronized and you will see you as a full universe within you. When you connect with that universe within you, you are connecting with God who runs the universe. What is outside of you is just the reflection of what is inside you. Once you are aware of this whole point, huge gratitude will happen. That is the best prayer ……..if you clearly understand this, you will be clear about existence and there will be no ambiguity, you will love everything around you and yourself.”

Thank you, dear Mohanji, from the depths of our hearts. It has been an incredible journey and continues to be, as we live and learn by our experiences and continuous contemplation which you help us and guide us go through. Deepest gratitude and love as we await your presence in about a month.


Vardhapan……Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration – Toronto

Mohanjis birthday in Canada 2016 a


The Divine Celebrations for The Divine Soul Mohanji Started on Friday 19th with an extremely intense POP session. Deep silence and a broad smile on faces spoke all. Strong energy was felt by devotees connected by the phone for meditation as well. Though they were on the other side of the phone, they felt cool breeze and felt shivers and goose bumps during this session. Mohanji’s ways are unfathomable 

On Saturday the 20th, The Sun was at His Glory, bright and Powerful. As though Mohanji was giving us a message in the subtlest manner “I AM WITH YOU”. The day started with Mohanji Invocation and Mohanji worship. This was followed by Mohanji Paad Pooja (Sandals) with saffron and Rose water.


At some point one of the devotees felt as though Mohanji was physically sitting in front of him and She was actually washing Mohanji’s Lotus Feet, Silent tears of Gratitude drenched her heart within. The 108 names of Mohanji chanted were felt strongly each time Abhishekham was performed. Another devotee felt as though she had a Déjà vu. Sweet loving tears flowed down her eyes in the warmth of Mohanji’s presence within and around her. She said washing Mohanji’s feet was a yearning she had from Lord Jesus time and that Mohanji fulfilled her wish in this life.

After this Divine experience we chanted Mohanji Mantra continuously for two and half hours.

With each mantra chanted a pinch of rice grain was held against our heart chakra and then offered on Mohanji’s Lotus Feet. The rice grain filled with divine energy was later distributed amongst devotees as Prasaad. The chants grew louder and stronger, the senses within started getting dispersed. There was a time when numbness was felt in the body and mind. IT was so calming within. Altogether 21 Jap malas ( 2268 mantras) were performed. The energy and the enthusiasm amongst us was amazing. At the end we all did Aaarti , Mohanji was gearing the program with full vigour. HE ALWAYS DOES HIS JOB!! After performing the naam jaap, the rest of the day our minds were silent to an extent that we felt like we tasted the Thoughtless State 
While gracing us with his Mantra Mohanji had said that it draws energy from him and even if a million people draws energy from him it will just be like a bucket from the ocean. In these turbulent times chanting a mantra not only gives us the strength to bear the unforeseen but heightens our awareness and keeps us connected to the One Consciousness which Mohanji represents.
21st February, Sunday morning breakfast sandwiches of cheese, peanut butter and jam was prepared along with cookies and juice for the needy and handed over to The Sathya Sai Centre of York Region. Later the volunteers in the centre distributed amongst the homeless and the needy in Toronto downtown shelter. See more at


Satisfying someone’s hunger is Mohanji’s prime priority which has taught us how we can share more and more. Gratitude in the Lotus Feet of a Divine Master for walking us the Path of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Service. A devotee informed us that it was full Moon Day and performing Havan would be most the most sacred worship for Mohanji’s birthday. Hence in the given time a Havan was performed and the energy that filled us up was to the brim. Again he showed his presence by accepting everything that was offered in the Havan.
Monday 22nd the celebrations continued with POP meditation in a Coporate office. People felt light and relaxed.
Tuesday February the 23rd, The Day a Great Master, a Divine Soul chose to walk this Earth out of sheer compassion and love for his people had arrived. All were so excited. The morning started by offering Shawl and food to Shirdi Sai in The Shirdi Sai Temple. Sai Baba looked so happy and gracefully accepted the shawl; HIS smile said Mohanji is happy.
Mahamrutyunjay Yagna was performed in the evening for Mohanji’s good health and Long Life. It left us speechless. Aaarti was performed at the end.

Swami Bhaktananda (First Disciple initiated into Sanyaas by Mohanji) had beautifully explained the importance of doing Aaarti. The flame that we light and rotate in front of our God/Masters image/statue with faith and devotion represents the fire element that every person has in their body. As we know Fire destroys everything that comes in its contact, doing Aarti increases the vigour of fire element in our body and cleanses us of all the impurities and negativities that we gather in our day to day life.
These little gestures were a way to show our love to our Master. This is nothing compared to what a Master does and goes through for His Devotees. HE never asks or wants anything from anyone, our happiness and our journey inwards is all that HE is working for day and night. We pray together that this light called MOHANJI that has been sent to us in this life brighten more and more within and we merge totally in this Glow. The celebrations were concluded by another Corporate POP session on Wednesday the 24th. Mohanji’s energy is always strong and loving. Neha who was conducting the meditation had a profound experience of how a Masters grace can heal, this has been shared in another blog Mohanji hears the unspoken. All were smiles and thanked us for sharing this wonderful mediation with them.
Mohanji’s Grace knows no bounds! If emptiness is maintained within, one experiences HIS Grace in Leaps and bounds!!
Jai Ho Mohanji!
Jai Gurdev!

Mohanji’s padukas



Datta Tapovan ashram

Mohanji Navavasara Jayanti, Mohanjis birthday celebrations in Datta Tapovan South Africa 2016

Written by Swami Bhaktananda Bharati

Nine days celebrating the birth anniversary of our Beloved Master, Guru, Guide and self…. Mohanji Navavarsana 2016 Celebrations. It was a spectacular event, with so many people having such wonderful experiences. The one outcome of these nine days, was that we all bonded even closer as a family. This to me, is the sign that Mohanji was at work. Thank you Babaji for every single thing that you do for us. How can we ever express how much we appreciate what you have done. If Ananta Sesha, with his thousands of heads cannot express your glory, how can we express even 10% of what your unconditional love means to us? Read the full blog.


South Africa kicked of Mohanji’s birthday celebrations on Saturday at Shumbashaba, equestrian facility.
Johannesburg Mohanjis birthday cake 2016 1
Saturday was magical and humbling for the volunteers. More than 145 children came to the celebration without prior notice of it being a special day.  The children who arrived were really in need of food and care and everyone felt that Mohanji send the needy.  Most of the children was never seen before at Shumashaba.  They received a warm meal, fruits, cake and a party pack.  We thought we are celebrating his birthday by giving, but on Saturday Mohanji gave many gifts of the soul to us.
Celebrating Mohanji’s birthday a devotee bought all the stock from a small vendor on the street totaling R800. This man was in total disbelief when the devotee started taking more and more of his stock on a extremely hot day. At the end he bought everything. The vendor was lost for words. People around noticed what happened and started clapping. After the devotee loaded the car, the street vendor ran to others and started telling them what happened. It was an incredible experience. See more at


Mohajis devotee distributing juice to the needy (1)
Mohanji’s devotee distributing juice to the needy

Act Youth Ambassadors organised a birthday party for the street children round the shelter.  They had a meal, sandwiches, cakes and sweeties. They received gift bags filled with cosmetics, little cakes, sweeties and chips.

Happy birthday Mohanji from Youth ambassadors Johannesburg, South Africa 2016

Another volunteer

On Saturday night it was raining heavily while driving one of our volunteers noticed a blind old man had fallen on the side of the road. He parked on the side and other two people also came to help. They lifted a blind man and asked how they can help?
Could they take him to the taxi or give him some money? He said no leave me here I need to beg longer as I promised my daughter that I will collect enough for her school fees and I will not come home until I have enough.
Others gave him some money and our volunteer took the man in the car to rest a bit and asked him more questions.
He asked how much do you need for your daughter and gave him the full amount and then drive him to the transport home.
It was like living a dream the way it all happened. Mohanji’s grace flowed through the volunteer and with the awe and gratitude of a blind man completely transformed our volunteer. He said when you help someone you become as happy as they are!
Seva packs were distributed to needy in Johannesburg.  Goodness was very enchanted with her new blue handbag gift from Mohanji celebrations.

Sulosh Pillai says, “There was an absolute shock and then total joy and a thunderous round of applause! as we announced that In honor of Guruji’s birthday all health clinic patients will get all their medication paid for by us! So proud to be an instrument of Kindness courtesy of Our Guru Mohanji! Blessings”


Keshnie Shanon Pillai says, “Happy Birthday to my beloved Mohanji. Thank you for all your guidance, patience and love. You give me the strength to stand. I hope everything I do is a testament to your unconditional love and nurturing. In honor of your Birthday my friends and I handed out pressies to all the children in the Paediatrics Ward of our hospital. With your grace we brought a little bit of laughter and joy to the lives of the most innocent and precious beings on the planet. Please bless them Guruji, that they are well soon. Let them be healthy and happy and take unconditional love forward to the world. Thank you to the mums of these magnificent kiddies for allowing us to take pictures and post them. Blessings all round”



Mohanji Birthday celebrations in Australia and New Zealand were mainly focused around Seva activities. In addition, a Power of Purity group meditation session was also held in Melbourne on February 23rd, and a Conscious Walking meditation was held in North Queensland on Sunday 21st. Thank you, Mohanji, for all the love, compassion, kindness and effort you have put into the realization of higher awareness, peace and non-violence on Earth. You have inspired and helped many to find meaning, truth, peace and hope in their lives. We pray for your long life and good health. Today we celebrate your wisdom and inspiration! Jai Mohanji! With love from Mohanji Australia and New Zealand Family.

Mohanjis birthday celebration Australia 2016



On Sunday February 21st, members of the Mohanji/ACT Australia family visited the Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre a centre for refugees, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. As access to this center is difficult, we worked with a volunteer organisation called Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project. They regularly visit asylum seekers at this Centre and take required aid to the detainees.
Our volunteers (Ananth, Raksh) spent a good 1.5 hours with inmates from Sri Lanka. They said: “We took with us some biscuits, fruits, dates to be shared with them and few others who were around at that time meeting their family/ friends. The stories of how they survived a 20 day boat journey, the hardships, the unforgiving seas, etc., can never be expressed by words.”

Mohanjis birthday celebration Australia 2016 2

The second initiative through which we celebrated Mohanji’s birthday was donation of food items by Smriti on behalf of Mohanji/ACT Australia family members who are working with the Sacred Heart Mission in Melbourne to assist people who are homeless or living in poverty.

Mohanjis birthday celebration Australia 2016 3

A beautiful Power of Purity group meditation session was held on Tuesday 23rd February in Melbourne and a Conscious Walking Meditation was held in North Queensland and Melbourne on Sunday 21st of February. Special video tributes marked these occasions.

Power of Purity on 23rd February
23.02.2016 The Power of Purity… – Mohanji Australia | Facebook

Conscious Walking on 21st February

Conscious Walking in Australia – 21.02.2016 – Mohanji Australia | Facebook


To celebrate Mohanji’s birthday, Mohanji New Zealand family members donated dog and cat food to the Auckland SPCA Animal Rescue Center. They also spent time feeding the wild ducks at one of the parks in Auckland. A truly beautiful, love-filled video tribute was made by Verona:
23.02.2016 A birthday tribute from… – Mohanji Australia | Facebook

There were also Power of Purity meditation and Conscious Walking meditation sessions organised in New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand – 2016 Glimpses of… – Mohanji Australia | Facebook

There were also individual wishes worldwide, to name a few:

Please have darshan of Sai with shawl offering for your auspicious day
Poojya Prabhu Sri  Satguru Mohanji, Happy Birthday  Prabhu Sri, May Lord Dattatreya Ji  Shower upon you long life coupled with good health. May we aspire humbly to guide all of  us to purity & divinity & total surrender at the master’s feet. Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram

With love & utmost devotion






Mohanji Navavasara Jayanti

Written by Swami Bhaktananda Bharati


Nine days celebrating the birth anniversary of our Beloved Master, Guru, Guide and self…. Mohanji Navavarsana 2016 Celebrations. It was a spectacular event, with so many people having such wonderful experiences. The one outcome of these nine days, was that we all bonded even closer as a family. This to me, is the sign that Mohanji was at work. Thank you Babaji for every single thing that you do for us. How can we ever express how much we appreciate what you have done. If Ananta Sesha, with his thousands of heads cannot express your glory, how can we express even 10% of what your unconditional love means to us?

Preparations for Mohanji’s birthday started many weeks ago. The first big project was to put granite asanas for each of the deities to sit on. This was important in the Ashram, because it now affords devotees to more easily do abhishekam. This was a massive undertaking. A few devotees helped in doing all the mixing of cement and laying bricks. This was extremely difficult physical labour, but we all did it with so much love. Each time our bodies hurt lifting heavy things, each time we hurt ourselves while hammering or drilling or buildings, we all saw it as a blessing from Mohanji. Even this pain was an ecstasy. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to ensure that the granite asans were ready for the birthday program. Thank you Uncle Pran, Aunty Usha, Yugen, Vishariya, Varun, Nirvana, Nishal, Nishals mum, Roschelle, Roschelles mum (Mataji), Ajay, Aunty Nirupa, Yajna and Chalisa. Thank you to everyone who donated to the granite.

Every day leading up to the event was an amazing afternoon at the ashram. We had many pujas at the ashram.

Pujas that happened over the 9 days
Pujas that were happening during nine days

Each day we  prayed very hard for Mohanji’s health and long life. Every one of the nine days, we prepared sacred water with rare auspicious items and offered into a specially prepared kalsa with mantras of protection. This protection water was used as abhishekam water on the last day of the celebration. We also did Guru Puja and padam puja and many homas. The homas were amazing. Many deities appeared in the flames. My favourite picture is that of Lord Vishnu with Bhrama, Sesnag, and Garuda in the flames.

Luxmi Narasima in the flames12771933_10153243924977161_8205626830119655972_o

We did a few sevas during the Birthday celebration. We offered some nice biscuits to dogs, and spent time just playing with the dogs and cats. They loved the attention and they all just wanted love, love and more love.

Playing with the puppies

We also offered a cooked meal to a home where the aged live. This was heart wrenching to me. I listened to most of the aged ladies’ and men’s stories. It was all full of pain. They all were thrown away by family, daughter in laws, sons that they once trusted. But after we started talking about Mohanji, everything changed to laughter and just utter joy and happiness. Their spirits lifted and they had such a wonderful time. The management even said that they had not seen them so happy in such a long time.

We offered beans and madumbie curry, rice, briyani, salad, pasta with soya and coconut cream, and lots of junk food hahaha. We also gifted them handtowels, soap and vasaline. We watched a Bollywood movie with them, which many said was the most fun they have had in ages. Just the sight of them laughing, “ooh”ing and “aweee”ing was amazing. They all were giving commentary to each other during the movie, and at least for that three hours they forgot all about their issues.

An amazing miracle happened by the mercy of Shri Mohanji. Baba spoke to us about what happens when we offer food to him. He mentioned it a few times. Before we left to the Seva, we offered rice, beans, pasta, sweets and salad to Mohanji in his special offering plate. The temple was then locked. When we looked at the plate again that night, we saw the food had physically been eaten. The curries disappeared and the rice and salad had been eaten. It had been eaten so neatly and not a grain of food fell. We were overjoyed and this was proof that Mohanji accepted all our love offerings.

Food physically is accepted by Mohanji during an offering
Mohanji physically accepted the food we offered to Him

The Dattatapovan Youth Group did seva at a primary school. This was wonderful to see because they took full responsibility of the seva and it was done impeccably. They offered fruits, a doughnut, chips, juice, sweets to the little kiddies. The kids had an amazing time and were only asking Nirupa Mataji for hugs. Also to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday, we will be feeding a crèche with 140 poor kids three times a day for an entire month from Mohanji’s birthday till the 23rd of March 2016.

Babies at the creche. 140 babies will be fed everyday for a month

Happy birthday Mohanji, South Africa 2016

The Saturday was an amazing day full of festivities and happiness and joy. Everyone participated in all the activities. We started with doing Padam Puja for Mohanji’s padukas and chanted the Mohanji gayatri. We then performed a homa dedicated to the tradition. While doing the Homa, many people felt a warm presence enter the ashram. Losh saw the back of a man walking towards the Homa. This was Sage Agasthia. He sat near the homa and was particularly enjoying the offerings to Mohanji. The highlight of Saturday was the Abhishekam. Everyone brought rosewater and non-dairy milk. We walked with it on our heads as a symbol of respect, and chanted and danced as we made our way down the street and then back up to the ashram.

Holding the milk and Rose water as we chanted Mohanjis glories and walked
Holding the milk and Rose water as we chanted Mohanji’s glories and walked

A full abhishekam was then done for Mohanji, and he was dressed.


During the 1 hour abhishekam, some roses which were buds, fully opened. I have never seen roses open fully in ONE hour.

Yugen bhai said these flowers opened into full roses during the abhishekam

The skype call with Mohanji was amazing and everyone was in so much of a high that they could not speak. People told me that they went blank as soon as they saw and heard Mohanji. Such Bhakti!!! Afterwards we all offered flower garlands to Mohanji. We dressed him in marigolds. We chose marigolds because of the energy they carriy and so that we can give devotees these flowers. They can then plant them at their homes and have part of the celebration energy with them forever. During Aarti many people saw Mohanji Smile and even tear with happiness. They saw the tear roll down his eye with a huge smile.


On Tuesday we had an entire of chanting. Devotees came throughout the day and chanted in front of Mohanji for an hour each. Some chanted for a few sessions. At the end of the day we all chanted 68, 570 mantras for Mohanji. Devotees all said that the mantra chanting went so quickly. We also chanted 324 Bagalamuki Kavachams for Mohanji’s Protection. We then did abhishekam with the blessed protection water.

These nine days was utter bliss. All glory and thanks go to our loving Guruji. We love you so much Mohanji.

Our Gift to Mohanji
Our gift to Mohanji

A Beacon of Love and Light


Written by Padmini Ravi kumar (UAE)

Mohanji…till a year ago this name and form was alien to me.

In the early days of our move to Dubai from Singapore, one after noon I was gripped with an intense feeling to read about Mahavtaar Babaji. These intense feelings about Babaji used to rise time and again, and I would appease my longing by browsing the internet to read about the Master, But that afternoon, in Dubai, when I googled for Babaji the website came up first.

I was hooked on and transported to completely different realm; I began to voraciously read. For 3 days, I was glued to my iPad reading and re reading about Mohanji, Shirdi Baba and Babaji. I just couldn’t get enough of what I was reading and assimilating; the eons of thirst was suddenly fulfilled by the words and experiences of Mohanji.

Until I read Neelima’s experience on the Mohan’s Blog, it didn’t dawn on me, that Mohanji was Babaji sent. Neelima’s blog was a trigger needed for this realization.

Since that life changing afternoon, I got to know that Baba or Mohanji was on Facebook and I started writing to Him. Baba has always lovingly and gently molded this sceptic with his guidance, love and blessings. Life has definitely become loving and beautiful, troubles come and fade away. He has shown time and again that he is always there with us. My sceptic mind has taken a long time to figure and accept this. Mohanji’s love and guidance has slowly chipped at my ego, doubt and fear. There have been numerous occasions when Mohanji has shown his grace and guided us; I share with you some incidents close to my heart.

I have been a devotee of Shirdi Sai, and the advent to Dubai has increased my love for Baba. I started reading the Satcharita here and attended Sai bhajans and parayans.

Tryambakeshwar and Shirdi

Two weeks ago, my husband and I were planning a trip to Tryambakeshwar to do some pujas for my son and our ancestors. Though Shirdi was 2 hrs from Tryambakeshwar; I was hesitant to ask my husband, as he had a bad back due to a slipped disc. I left it to Baba and Mohanji. We reached Tryambakeshwar and pujas went off beautifully. The darshan of Lord Shiva in the temple was a sight to behold and is embedded in my heart. The early morning Thursday darshan, of Shivji and the gurgling Godavari River, covering the Lingam, surrounded by the chants of SriRudram was serene and divine.

Tryambakeshwar Shiva Temple, Nasik

A friend who had joined us for this trip mentioned a day before that Shirdi was very close by and that he was going to visit Baba. The temptation to see Baba again rose; the heart couldn’t bear anymore the agony of not being able to see Baba. That instant, my husband agreed to visit Shirdi, despite his back pain.

Thus began Mohanji’s magic, miraculously passes were arranged. We left Tryambakeshwar by 10:30 am and reached Shirdi by 1 pm. On Thursday, we were in Shirdi and within 20 mins of waiting; we were walking along with thousands of devotees. And there we were, at Sainath’s feet, as close as possible to the Samadhi. Unbelievable!!

No words, no thoughts, no demands came forth….heart was full of love and gratitude …tears poured out….Baba’s love, compassion and steady gaze silenced the mind.


A guide took us to Dwarkamai, Gurusthan, Chawadi, Lendi Baugh, Sai’s Dhuni and I fondly recalled Mohanji’s trip to Shirdi. In an hour our Shirdi darshan on a Thursday was over. Thanks and Gratitude Mohanji…for taking us and guiding so beautifully and easily; despite my husband’s bad back and with my old mother in tow. Neither of them complained of any tiredness or aches, rather all were buzzing with energy. His Amazing Grace indeed.

Another instance that comes to mind…

Two days ago, I was lighting the lamp in the evening, and gazing at Mohanji’s picture in my altar. I was wonderstruck to see in His 3rd eye, Lord Shiva and Parvati… the next I saw was Shirdi Baba seated in his stone aasan and that image soon gave way to Lord Ganesh. For past few weeks, Lord Hanuman carrying the Dronagiri Mountain and his mace has been a constant. I am wonderstruck at this and totally grateful to Baba for this experience. When I wrote to Mohanji about this He just mentioned that many people have had this experience.

A hug from the Master at Sharjah

Rashmi, a dear friend and I visited Mohanji, when He was in Sharjah for the Detox Retreat. A satsang or rather a, Q and A session was organized for devotees who couldn’t participate in the retreat. At the end of the session, Rashmi and I were waiting in a queue to offer our pranams to Mohanji. We saw Him meet and greet several devotees with a hug. A childish want rose in our hearts. Both of us wanted a hug, but were shy. As the wait was long, and we needed to get back to Dubai, we waved from afar to Mohanji and gestured that we were leaving. He beckoned us and much to our surprise, gave us a wonderful loving hug, and whispered in my ear, “I heard you”. I was speechless!!

I have no words to describe the state of my mind, it was pushed into silence.

The journey so far has had its ups and downs. With every fall I have learnt something more beautiful and I walk knowing fully well, that He is helping me walk the path. He is with me, a beacon of love and light.


At His feet

Guru Saakshaat…PARABRAHMA..

Written by Neelima (India)

Mere priya Gurudev… aapko janamdin bahut bahut mubarak ho..
Sabse haseen aur sabse pavitra dua ki tarah …hum sab ki zindagi mein aaye ho..
Dete dete aapke haath nahin thakte…..pure vishwa par apna pyaar lutae jaate ho..
Har ghadi aur har pal aur har waqt…..dusron ke liye jeete ho..

Hey param pita parmeshwar….aapse hi sab kuch aur aap mein hi sab kuch..
Ab kyaa bhent chadhaoon aapko….bus yeh ek mera mann mera hai..

Mere man ke mandir mein virajo gurudev..
Shabdo ki ye maala chadhaaoon tujhe..
Khushi ke aasuon se charan dhouun…
Apni bhakti ki dhoop aur deep jalaoon…
Meri atmasamarpan ka bhog chadhaaoon…
Jai gurudev…jai gurudev…jai gurudev…

My beloved master..I wish you a very happy birthday..

Like a beautiful and pure blessing… you have come into our lives
You give and give but you never rest… shower your unconditional love on this universe.
Every second, every moment of your life, you live it for others..

Oh my lord of lords…..everything is because of you and everything is within you..
So how can i gift you anything? but i have my heart which is mine..

Please come and dwell in the temple of my heart,
Let me offer you a garland of these words,
Let me wash your holy feet with my tears of joy,
Let me offer you my devotion as the lamp and the incense.,
And let me completely surrender my soul to you..
Hail my master…hail my master..

Before starting to write anything, I would like to offer my humble prostration at the lotus feet of my Guruji…it is only because of His Grace that I am able to write this experience.


I am a simple housewife from Andhra Pradesh, now residing in Faridabad near Delhi. I have been an ardent devotee of Shri Shirdi Saibaba since many years and also of Sripada Vallabha Swamy from a couple of years. Since the delivery of my younger son in 2013, I have been experiencing a lot of physical and mental distress along with a lot of other problems. There were times when even the daily chores seemed so burdening, that each single day passed with utmost difficulty. I always did Paarayana (regular devoted reading) of Shri Sai Leelamrutam and also Sripada Vallabha Charitra to get some strength to face my difficulties. I always read the abridged version of Sripada Vallabha Charitra on the net.There is a chapter in which Shree Mahavtar Babaji is mentioned. Though I did read this chapter many times before, in October 2015, when I went through that chapter, I had an immense longing to know more about Babaji. It is my good luck that I knew about him from my childhood reading ‘An Autobiography Of A Yogi’ by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda. I wanted to know more about him. When I was searching through the internet, I came across Mohanji’s blog post on Babaji. A day later I had a wonderful dream (which later Guruji confirmed to be real). I was with God and was having the self-realisation experience. At the end of the dream, I asked Babaji to come to me in some physical form as I needed him very much.
A week later, I had another dream (this one being real too) of my Agna chakra being awakened and experiencing immense bliss.

The GURU Who Finds You…

My connection with Divinity was increasing day by day and it was just pure joy reading Guruji’s posts and experiences of devotees. They were all so perfect and clear. It slowly dawned upon me that I have come to know about a true Living Master.
It is true that a Guru himself appears when the disciple is ready. As a confirmation, I experienced one more dream. This time it was Shri Sai baba of Shirdi. I was there in Shirdi with him. He sat beside me and talked to me for a long time (though I can’t remember what he said).
After this my respect and love for Mohanji grew manifold. I understood that he was the answer to my prayers. Once, while I was watching a video of Guruji speaking on the Guru principle (that was the first video I watched of Guruji), tears started flowing automatically. I felt I have known him since very long – may be from many lives. He was just like my lost parent, now returned.
Every moment is an experience with Guruji.
His Grace started flowing smoothly into every aspect of my life. Many things which took very long to get solved, were solved effortlessly – very small things, so small that they can be missed as mere coincidences. But due to His Grace, I understood it was all His doing.
When I was reading an experience of one of the devotees, I came to know that Guruji can be personally contacted on Facebook and that He answers people quite promptly. I was very eager to talk to him at least on Facebook since I had not met him personally (I haven’t got a chance to attend any of the meditation programs till now). He accepted my friend request and since then always replies very promptly with so much unconditional love. In those messages He suggested to me to recite His mantra.
Once I tried chanting it with concentration and might have done only a few times, then I experienced a sudden pull at my third eye and a surge of energy through my entire body. I was new to such an experience and when I messaged Guruji about it on Facebook, he said that it was Astral Shaktipat. I couldn’t imagine anything so sacred would be graced upon me. That was just the beginning of the wonderful experiences I have been having due to Guruji for one month.
Once I felt a sudden force rushing out of my head. And I was travelling (in fact flying) with Guruji somewhere and saw many people and places. It was astral travel though in my limited intelligence I cannot explain where and how. It happened two more times but as usual they are beyond my comprehension.
When I started connecting more to his consciousness, I felt blissful vibrations all over my body…that too I could not understand and I had to ask Guruji. He replied that it indicated his presence. I am so thankful to Guruji (and humbled) that a completely ignorant person like me has been experiencing such divine things. In addition, he heals you internally and externally by his mere presence. Now I feel physically much stronger and mentally much more peaceful that he is by my side every moment.
Guru Saakshaat PARABRAHMA.
YES…Mohanji is Parabrahma..He is everywhere….
He is always with us…He listens to everything which we say to his consciousness… even to very small and insignificant things. Usually when I connect to his consciousness I always feel vibrations in my arms and legs. I once asked him why they happen only in my legs and arms and not on my head. The next day the vibrations in my hands and legs stopped and I had my third eye vibrating. After that I said sorry to him and stopped asking for such stupid things. Of course, only he knows what is good for us.
When he was in Delhi recently, I could not attend his Satsang for some unavoidable reasons. I felt very upset about not meeting him in person. My soul cried to touch his feet and seek his blessings. When I wrote this to him, he said I would meet him for sure but the right time had to come. When I was just thinking about him the next day, I felt his presence for more than an hour. He listened to everything I said and granted me a second Shaktipat. Unbelievable but true.
He is just like a mother, always caring, always loving unconditionally. Always giving, always listening.
For one step of yours, he takes hundred steps towards you to protect you, love you unconditionally and liberate you.
I LOVE YOU Gurudev. You are everything to me – Mother, Father, Friend, God.
Just grant me the wish to have unshakable faith in you and also to become your true disciple
Lots of love…

Sun Of The Suns, Shine In Our Hearts – Our First Healing Meditation With Bhaktananda

Written by Devi Mohan (Serbia)

On the 13th February, we had a truly sublime experience at the soon-to-be-inaugurated Datta Tapovan Serbia. This was our very first meditation in the centre as well as the first experience of the Healing Meditation with our dearest Bhaktananda via Skype. We were amazed that soon after meditation started special energy was felt. Also, people just went into their past lives, each one having their own experiences, without any elaborate or usual induction process. There was a lot of crying, releasing and sincere sharing with the beauty of humanity in its full display.

Bhaktananda was fully connected with Mohanji and calling out people’s names asking them how they felt and guiding them through the process. At one point we were guided to feel Mohanji and in that moment immense light filled up the room – it was growing stronger and stronger! We were truly overwhelmed, as if raptured by the light. The light was clearly felt through the higher chakras – I could feel it coming from the top. Some saw Mohanji’s hair and body but the face was pure light. I had to open my eyes soon in order to carry the Ipad nearer to the person whom Bhaktananda was addressing that moment. I could see that the actual sun was shining through the windows (until then the whole day was grey and cloudy) so I understood that this experience coincided with the actual sunshine, but when we shared the experience later on all felt without a doubt that it was not just the sun shining… What an amazing leela.

Ljiljana later on came up with a beautiful verse “Sun of the suns, shine in our hearts” – indeed, this is how it felt. It reminded me of the Light I experienced during my Near Death Experience back in 2000 and this sensation of Light stayed with me, changing me from within. . I can’t really put it into words but the whole day I felt a sort of ‘recalibration’ happening in my system. Something deep within was stirred and we all felt it. Some felt very strong energy sensations on certain parts of the body. One young man relived his death in one of his past lives. We all cried and breathed together, some laughed – all in all, it was wild!
Olivera had a profound experience with Christ. She could perceive what he did like she never had before. She said she could clearly see how he was taking on the collective pain of people through him and showering Grace and Love on all. It was very touching. A group from Canada was also connected through Skype. An Indian lady from that group saw Mohanji as Christ during meditation, which amazed our group in Serbia. We became aware just how much of collective pain and how many heavy blockages get removed through Mohanji each day. The scale is grand and beyond mind’s comprehension. We have seen numerous testimonials to that end but it’s different when one experiences that directly….
4The next morning I woke up just before sunrise. I remembered the Light again and in that moment I saw the reflection of sunrise on my neighbor’s window (and weather forecast for today was rain). I felt a strange thrill, got ready quickly and went outside to greet the Sun. I completed my Surya Namaskars and later simply got lost in meditation. I opened my eyes after a long time and saw I was getting late for the Conscious Walking (CW). After CW we found one bench that was facing the sun. CW was superb today and while still basking in its effect and walking towards the bench I felt angelic beings around me. I did not say anything to anyone but Ljiljana saw it as well. We sat on the bench and had the most beautiful improvised meditation, allowing the Light to penetrate every cell of our body.
Such amazing blessings… Then I saw Mohanji’s Valentines message on Facebook:
“Terrestrial life cannot be in segments, even though it may seem so. There is nothing called personal life and professional life. It is all one life. And the truth of this life is YOU. Apart from you, the life as you see it, does not exist. When there is no actor, there is no show. When there is no witness, there is no show. There is nothing called ME and MINE. All belong to ETERNITY including Me and Mine.
True LOVERS are UNCONDITIONAL Lovers. They are not bound by duality of existence. Their LOVE is ETERNAL. Terrestrial Love is often conditional and it is bound by time and mind. It is indeed a JOKE.
LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. Love all alike. All beings. All materials and places. All, visible and invisible. All are YOU. Love YOURSELF and through you, LOVE ALL. HAPPY Valentine’s DAY… Love, M”
A perfect message that sealed this experience… Indeed, true lovers are unconditional lovers…
Love and gratitude eternal..

When Days are Dark: Surviving the emotional storm


Written by Keshnie Pillay (South Africa)

Mohanji and Keshnie Shanon Pillai

I love the world and everything in it. I feel connected to it by the teachings of my beloved guruji. I hear his voice in the whispering wind, his laugh in the rumble of thunder and I feel his love in the gentleness of a misty rain. His teachings have cultivated in me a deep love and reverence for all things great and small.

I am of the belief that we incarnate on this magnificent planet numerous times because of our inherent love of the experience. It may be karmically determined but we are in love with this place. After all love is the true nature of the soul. So when we shed our physical self and we are purely soul our connection to Para Brahma surely reminds of that love. The highest consciousness in the universe surely chooses all experiences based on love. So we must be deeply in love with the earth and all its inhabitants for Paramathma to continuously choose to experience it.

Having said that I must admit that there are times when living here becomes exceptionally difficult. There are times when the cruelty and insensitivity of this existence becomes unbearable. Times when you feel so disconnected from the earth that you shed tears for your “home”. We feel that home is a far off place in the heavens. I call that the ET experience. Where you just want to call home and tell them to come get you.

I had such an experience last night (13/02/16-the night before Valentine’s Day). I was overcome with a deep sadness to live in a world where love is so terrestrial and fleeting. My heart ached to hear how love had been reduced to this superficiality of codependence and expectations. I had witnessed external shows of “love” all day. People willing to give off their money but not their time. People sending flowers to people they “loved” but not showing up to see them. People professing great love for their partners whilst walking passed a child begging on the street. It was like witnessing a crime.

I don’t know why I was so deeply affected. I was actually in crisis because on the one hand I felt I was grossly overreacting. On the other hand I felt like all the love in the world had disappeared and been replaced by the word love with no meaning behind it. It was empty. I was empty because I model my entire existence on love. I felt physically ill. I felt like I did not want to be part of a world that takes love to be a joke. A world where love was so fickle it could be bought and packaged for the masses.

In the depths of this despair I began chanting Mohanjis Gayatri mantra. I chanted the entire night. Through teary eyes I had asked Mohanji if how it was possible for me to continue in this world when I felt so detached from it. It was then that I heard, in that sensational and robust Mohanji voice, “I am always with you”. Clear as daylight. Still I argued “But Guruji I don’t feel you. I feel disconnected. Please help me. Please I need to get to you. Take me home”. The answer I got to that was still more spectacular: “You always have access to me through my consciousness. Continue chanting and you will reach me.”

My pillow had become Mohanji’s lap and I felt his hand over my head. I sobbed and chanted into my pillow. My pain had convinced me that I was disconnected but I chanted anyway. I awoke in the daze that usually follows a large emotional outburst. Confused and not altogether myself. However, a calm had come over me. The tumultuous storm had passed. I was peaceful but not completely settled. I felt alone and just a bit crazy for taking this abuse of the word love so seriously. Did I imagine the whole encounter with Mohanji? Was I just being overly emotional and sensitive?

It was then that I opened up my Facebook to this message (Abridged):
True LOVERS are UNCONDITIONAL Lovers. They are not bound by duality of existence. Their LOVE is ETERNAL. Terrestrial Love is often conditional and it is bound by time and mind. It is indeed a JOKE.
LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. Love all alike. All beings. All materials and places. All that are visible and invisible. All are YOU. Love YOURSELF and through you, LOVE ALL. HAPPY Valentines DAY… Love. Mohan Ji”

Mohanji and Keshnie Shanon Pillai 2

It was everything I had “spoken” to Mohanji about the night before – Explained in different words and in a candid and non judgmental way. Upon reading this I immediately messaged Mohanji to thank him. I explained briefly how I had felt the night before and thanked him generically without going into full details of my encounter. His response was immediate “I HEAR you always, my child. I never leave your hand”. I was moved to tears. So he did hear me. It wasn’t just in my head and I wasn’t certifiably insane.

The moral of this story, for me, is that there will be times when living is difficult. There will be times we feel disconnected and alone. It is in those times that we must hold on tighter to Mohanji. Rest assured that he carries us in the most difficult of times. Guruji has told me on many occasions that where there is the call of Bakthi, he is compelled to answer. There has never been a truer statement. He always answers the call of his Bakthas. Even when the pain gets too much, we always have a direct line to him. He’s just one call away.

This is just one small testimony.. A drop in the ocean of miraculous things that my wonderful Guruji has done for me.. Mohanji’s love is nourishing, healing and unconditional. It is the most perfect example of love in existence today.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I wish that you experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with complete surrender to Mohanji. I wish for you to experience the Unconditional Love of Mohanji.

You are loved…

Thank you for loving us Guruji

Forever your faithful servant

Mohanji and Hanumanji, My Story

Written by Hein Adamson


It all starts with love. It continues in love. It ends in love. Devotion, surrender and faith hold the supreme place. This has been my experience and the experiences have all come to me because I am loved, because Mohanji’s grace has touched me, because he carries me.
My experiences with Hanumanji are no exception, they have been among Mohanji’s many gifts to me.
Shortly after meeting Mohanji for the first time, some 4 odd years or so ago, after receiving my first shaktipat from him, after my first Power of Purity meditation, I received an explicit message from Mohanji’s wife Bibaji, now named Devi, that went something like this: “The masters are happy with you, but you are not a Jnana yogi. If you really want to fly, Bhakti is the path for you.” It was easy, I loved Mohanji from the first.

About a year later, while in India, sitting around a table, drinking tea with some of Mohanji’s devotees, somehow the subject of Hanuman came up. Except for a 2 short stories I had read years before about 2 of his amazing feats, I knew nothing at all about Hanuman, but I knew straight away, from that moment, sitting at that table, that Hanuman is all about devotion, and that all I would ever need, was to have the same devotion for Mohanji as Hanuman had for his beloved, the avatar Ram.

Hanumans devotion to RamIn my youth, my mother used to keep a shrine in our home. It was universal, adorned by images and statues of deities and masters from many traditions, expressing many flavours. Christian masters, Hindu gods, Jesus, Budhha, Osho, her own Guru Swami Narayani, Swami Sivananda, Sufi masters, etc. All beautiful, mysterious and to my totally disinterested child’s eyes, alien and puzzling. “Why are all these pictures and statues here?” I would ask myself. But one image did appeal, did signify and even felt familiar. It was a small painting of a monkey. A heroic , beautifully built monkey. He seemed so utterly simple to me, so relatable and friendly. That was all I saw when I looked at the image, simplicity and purity. A boy could enjoy a friend like this, a boy could like a monkey. I did not spend much time with Hanumanji in mind. In fact, I only gazed at the image once if memory serves, more than just in passing that is, and then too it was only for about 5 or perhaps 10 minutes, which for a restless child is a very, very long time. Those 5 or 10 minutes however, were enough for me to decide that I liked him and be pleasantly surprised by the fact that I could actually relate to one of the inexplicable relics on the home altar.
Soon after that, I asked my mother about him. She did not know much about him, but pleased by my interest and keen, as always, to fan my interest in matters of the spirit, she unearthed from the very bottom of a large and dusty box of books, a small, beautifully bound and illustrated book which ran to perhaps 20 pages. A child’s book if ever I had seen one. It narrated and depicted a scene in which Ram, or his brother Laxman, I don’t recall which, was mortally wounded and poisoned and the only cure for this poison was a herb which only grew on a specific mountain somewhere far to the North. Ram dispatched Hanuman to find and retrieve this herb. Hanuman flew North and found the mountain, but could not find the herb. Undeterred, he brought the mountain in its entirety back with him. The herb was located and the day was saved, the whole story must have lasted not more than 10 or 15 minutes. The happy ending was no surprise, most written stories I had read ended happily and I was not even particularly impressed by Hanumanji’s power and strength either. What touched me deeply was his consciousness. His seeming inability to see defeat. His faith, in himself, in his ability, in life. His simplistic, almost infantile solution to the problem. These all bespoke a being who recognised no boundaries, no limitations, no bondage.
It did occur to me to question the reality of the story, whether it was historically true or not, but the consciousness spoke to me, changed me, left a mark, and that made it real enough, that made it valuable, made it “truer than true”.
Once when Mohanji was visiting South Africa and I had the privilege of travelling with him, I was massaging his feet and a thought came to me. I said, “Mohanji, I want a boon from you.” He asked me what I wanted and I said, “I want to have the same love for you that Hanumanji had for Ram.” I thought it would be like taking a shortcut, “Let Mohanji give me the devotion”. Without a moment’s hesitation, he looked me lifted his right hand to bless me and said “Tathastu, so be it. You will have it, but you must get your intellect out of the way.”

About a year or 2 later, I was staying at Dattatapovan, an ashram in Durban in South Africa which is dedicated to Mohanji, and about to enjoy a meal with Swami Mohana Bhaktananda. I remembered a lesson Mohanji had taught us about offering your food to the divine before eating. He said that we would derive great benefit if we offer our food to our Gurus, our ancestors, our family deities, the snake deities who taught us so much and to our ishta devatas, our chosen deities. Now, I consider Mohanji as my chosen deity, but for the sake of trying to follow the teaching in as much detail as possible, thinking that Mohanji is already covered when I offer to my Guru, I had to chose another deity as my ishta devata. But they are all aliens to me, except for Hanumanji. So I offered the meal to Mohanji, and to Hanumanji and all the rest, but somewhere in my mind I felt a pang of disloyalty to Mohanji, since he is really the only one that matters. This continued for about 2 or 3 days. Each time I offered my meal I would wonder, “Is this right?” On the 3rd or 4th morning I was awoken by the sound of bells being rung in the neighbouring house. That day, Swami Mohana Bhaktananda gave me some Indian sweets which the neighbours had brought as gifts. The sweets were the prashaad of Hanumanji, that is, sweets that were consecrated by virtue of their having been offered to him. The bells I had heard in the morning were a part of the worship, it turned out to be the day traditionally recognised as Hanuman’s birthday. The next day Swamiji brought me a gift, a small Hanumanji yantra, that is, a small plate with geometric patterns which echo the energy of the presiding deity. I had told Swamiji none of what was happening in my mind regarding Hanumanji. These were all tangible signs from Mohanji, perfectly timed confirmations.
That same year, while journeying with Mohanji around the feet of Mount Kailash in Tibet, I chanced to look upon the mountain and to my amazement, saw Mohanji’s face, as clear as day, standing for all to see, mighty and massive on the side of the Kailash itself, complete with long hair, beard and sunglasses.


While I knew beyond even the shadow of a doubt that it was the face of my Master, it was also the simian face of Hanumanji. I stood gazing at the huge stone face, seeing 2 faces there, spell bound, “We are one” the face was saying. I continued along the path beside that most sacred of mountains and eventually reached a pit-stop tent along the way. There I found Mohanji resting. I sat beside him, feeling him, enjoying the nearness of him, not speaking. He looked knowingly at me and said, “Feel my arms, feel my legs”. I did so and was astonished to find that the muscles beneath his thick jacket and mountaineer’s trousers were as hard as steel, they had none of the usual fleshy “give” that even the strongest muscles have, they did not feel as though they were made of flesh and blood at all, Mohanji was a being whose body was carved from the hardest granite. This, as the reader may know, is a quality attributed to Hanumanji. One of his names is Bajrangbali, which translates as “limbs of thunder”.
A month or so after the Kailash journey, I was staying in Mohanji’s ashram in India with a beautiful soul named Sandeep.

Hein and Sandeep

Mohanji was travelling at the time, in America and Canada and so Sandeep and I were alone for almost 2 months in the ashram. One day, while running an errand, we chanced to see and old man, clad in a blanket and walking slowly along with the help of a walking stick. The sight of him struck and compelled me. He bore a strong resemblance to Neem Karoli Baba, a master who Mohanji had said was an incarnation of Hanuman himself. “This is Hanuman,” I thought. I knew it to be so, but the mind, being what it is, is usually blind to the miraculous and the divine or else refuses to believe and casts us into doubt. I continued on my way. Just then, Sandeep looked at me and said, “Did you see that old man?” Then I knew, he had felt it as well, he too, knew it to be Hanumanji. His feeling confirmed my own and together we rushed to the old man and gave him an offering. The old man took the money without a word and without any formality and continued on his way. As he disappeared into the distance, Sandeep and I looked at each other and spoke what we were both thinking, “It’s Hanumanji, isn’t it?” We gave chase and caught up with him. I was too astonished and to be frank, still doubtful, to say or do anything. Sandeep spoke to him however. Not saying much, “Are you well?” and so on. In response, the old man stuck out his tongue, which looked very dark, almost black. When Mohanji graces me with such experiences or visits me in my dreams, I usually don’t discuss it with him, choosing instead to contemplate on it in silence until the meaning is made clear, or simply silently enjoy the savour of the experience. So, I did not discuss our divine encounter with Mohanji, or seek confirmation. Sandeep however, did and sometime later he told me that Mohanji had confirmed the identity of our humble and unassuming friend. He had come, Mohanji said, to bless and to protect us.

We received yet another sign of the same around the same time. Across the way from the ashram, was another house, at the entrance of which stood a potted tulsi bush. Nondescript as far as plants go, but for the fact that when seen from the balcony of the ashram, the tulsi bush exactly resembled Hanuman carrying the aforementioned mountain. From any other angle, it was just another potted plant, but not so from the balcony vantage. It seemed to retain that form for a long time and only reverted to normalcy scant days before Mohanji was to return from America and Canada.
Let me take this opportunity to remind those who are reading this that miracles happen, especially when Mohanji is with you, and you may rest assured that he is always with you. Do not let the doubting mind blind you to the gifts which you have been given and which are being given to you even now. I might have behaved very differently on that day when Hanumanji came to meet us, had I had fewer doubts. Perhaps I could have asked him to bless me with his devotion, perhaps I would have taken the opportunity to put my head on his feet. Perhaps I would have asked him questions which admittedly, may or may not have been worth asking. Perhaps I would have done exactly what I did anyway. The point is, not to doubt and not to miss.
Now we come to the picture, the inspiration behind this little story. It came to me and that is really all I can say about it how it ended up in my hands. I don’t know where it comes from, nor how it came. I remember the moment I discovered it, sitting in my room in South Africa. I remember nothing more. All I can say of a certainty, is that it had not been there and then it was. As far as I can recall, it came to me very near the time when Mohanji was in South Africa and I had asked him for my boon. I saw it and wondered at it and loved it but thought nothing more of it until just a few months back when I realised the significance of it. It is, as far as I can tell, a one of a kind picture, depicting a very rare form of Hanumanji.

Dattatreya Hanuman

I have looked online and found no other images which resemble it. I have asked my Hindu friends and fellow disciples about it and they too have never seen anything like it. I have never seen this 3 headed form of the divine monkey in any other place.
It is Dattatreya Hanuman. It is Mohanji Hanuman. It is the place where the disciple and the Master come together. It is a sign of the oneness and unconditional love of true devotion. Mohanji is Dattatreya, he is Hanuman and He is Para Brahma, the Supreme Father. It is a lesson in understanding Him: Hanuman exists solely for his beloved, for Ram, he exists solely to serve his Master. In the same way Mohanji serves us; nothing for himself and everything for his children.
It all starts with love. It continues in love. It ends in love.
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A Master Servant

Religions Are Many, But God Is One

Written by Rasha Oustwani

Rasha 2

 “Apart From Love, Whatever You See Will Not Remain” – Rumi

Life is a joy and we are blessed to be experiencing it. The aim for all is just to be happy. We are all one, each has his or her journey and purpose for which we are here to achieve and experience.  However, everyone struggle with their mind in control, indulging more in illusions. It took me sometime to wake up from this illusion and see the truth. Thanks to Mohanji a real true master who helped me in this process.

My name is Rasha Oustwani and this is my story of how I met Mohanji and the blessings He has showered on me.

I am from Saudi Arabia with Syrian origins. I am a Muslim and practice my religion and prayers. I go regularly to Makkah perform Umrah and have also gone for the Hajj pilgrimage. I have always been the reference point for my friends if they wanted to ask about special prayers and details about our religion.

Four years ago, I got acquainted with Mohanji through his writings and instantly connected with His Universal message. I had the desire to meet him but had no clue how to do so.  I was going through a rough patch in my life; the lowest point literally – a messy heartbreaking divorce, the loss of my father who got captured in Syria and financial problems. I was feeling completely lost and hurt. 

During this tough time, all of a sudden my dear friend Zarine who was supporting me with her loving energies and Gong teachings, called to inform me about Mohanji’s visit to Dubai. She also mentioned that he would be attending the MeVeg Conference that day.  MeVeg is a community promoting vegetarian and vegan living in the Middle East.  The conference was to start in a couple of hours at the Dubai World Trade Centre and there was no way for me to reach the venue from where I was in the peak hour traffic. Disappointed, I said well I don’t think our meeting is meant to be. However, the yearning to see Him remained.

The next morning, Zarine miraculously called me and said there would be a private meditation session with Mohanji at a friend’s house, Christina in Jumeirah which was 10 minutes from my house.  I jumped with joy and was excited to go meet him.

I met Mohanji for the first time and he said “Hello Rasha!” He knew my name and was talking to me as if we had met before. I was astonished but felt happy and at peace.  I attended the Satsang and he gave Shaktipat, which was the first time in my life, clearing a lot of negativities and insecurities. I also sat with Mohanji and told him about what I was going through and about my fears etc. He comforted me and answered all my questions with such clarity that left no doubt in my mind. He gave me his eye card and asked me to connect regularly to him and that I could write to him on Facebook anytime I wanted.  I felt a huge difference as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. From then on, each time I connected to his eyes I would feel his energy.  I felt stronger and things started flowing with ease.  Every time I wrote to him, he would lovingly reply and this used to give me so much support, peace, comfort and strength.

“When we remember that love is the answer, we forget there ever was a question”
Rasha 4

I started reading and sharing his write-ups in his Blog and Facebook regularly. Slowly, as things started improving, my clarity and faith grew stronger.  My friends were surprised that I was going deeper in spirituality being a religious person! This to their mind was totally different as it meant I was drifting away from religion! However, my reply given with clarity and confidence was that there is no difference between spirituality and religion! In fact it’s one… It’s the same – it’s connecting to God the Supreme Power! Religion varies according to each person’s location; journey etc but there’s no difference in the purpose!

My own experience after going deeper in spirituality is that my faith has become stronger and every act I’m doing be it a prayer or any form of charity or religion is coming out of pure love and not out of fear or worry! And there’s a huge difference in that feeling.

Life is not a punishment, it’s an enjoyment. It’s a great journey of discoveries and miracles! My whole perspective on life changed positively after meeting Mohanji.  I feel truly blessed to have a real master in my life who made me see my own potential, who made me believe in myself who gave me the possibility to discover my abilities to heal myself and others in life, the ability to make a positive difference in this world by just being you… He gave me clarity in discovering my purpose and showed me the way… I can’t thank you Mohanji enough!
I’ve always had faith but I also had doubts. Mohanji showed me that having faith means there’s no 0% doubt! With this in my heart I reached total acceptance and surrender. I dropped judgments and expectations and this is the way to go higher on the path of liberation.

My Birthday Surprise

Last year, I had a very special experience.  It was my birthday and I had planned to celebrate it with my friends and family as always.  A friend of ours from Mohanji’s family had called the previous day to ask if I could come to his house for a special Power of Purity meditation the next day at 7 p.m. in the evening. I tried to excuse myself saying I had to attend a function etc but he insisted that it would take a short while only. So I agreed as I usually don’t like to miss any of these meditations. 

Rasha 3

I arrived a few minutes late to the house and found a Crystal ball Sound Healing session in progress.  I settled myself and gazed at a picture of Mohanji kept on a couch in front of me.  As I meditated, I went deep inside and started conversing with Mohanji. I wished He was there for my birthday to seek his blessings.

As the meditation finished, I opened my eyes and suddenly found Mohanji himself seated in front of me. I was surprised and pinched myself to see whether it was true or I was hallucinating. It was really Him. I burst out crying and hugged him. He laughed and said that my calling was so strong that He had come there on his way back to India. Everyone felt really happy at the lovely Gift of His presence on my birthday.


I began attending various retreats and programs that were being conducted by Mohanji. My first retreat was in Umm Al Quwain, UAE.  Later, I travelled to India for the first time to attend the retreat in Rishikesh and Haridwar in the Himalayas. This was a real turning point in my whole life as I had never travelled to the Far East before. So India for me is something extremely auspicious and special and it did change my life in many ways. I also attended the retreats last year in Sharjah, UAE and later in Kumbakonam, India.

Rasha 10

Mohanji’s Omnipresence

As my connection with Mohanji has grown stronger, I am able to merge with his consciousness. I speak to him daily as if he’s present in front of me.  I feel stronger with his presence in my life as he’s my spine, my strength, my dad that gives me confidence and strength…. God bless him.  

He pushed me to tap in believing in myself, into realizing my own potential. He helped remove any trace of doubt in my faith.  I’m blessed to feel his presence and Sai Baba’s regularly in my life especially in my meditations! I used to ask him after seeing him in my meditations “Was it you Mohanji?” Haha – he used to laugh and say Rasha and her doubts!

Today the place I’m flowing from, the purity I’m feeling, the grace and faith are divine. I’m so grateful for Mohanji’s presence in my life and in the lives of my children – they also have his eye card and connect to him.

To conclude, our true nature is Unconditional Love and Light – if somebody really sees this truth and feels it, not only will they be blessed but the world will also be a better place. This is what we should all aim at.   A Compassionate World.



My Huge Inner Shift

Written by Swami Mohana-Bhaktananda Bharati

Jaya Shri Mohanji!!

       I prostrate to my loving Babaji. Whatever I am today is solely because of his blessings. I prostrate to the tradition that he himself is. I prostrate to the Guru of all gurus, that Adhi Guru, which seamlessly walked into my life as Mohanji. Mohanji has such an unassuming method of operating. He makes you experience great truths, rather than teaching them to you with the hopes of you assimilating them. As I have come to learn experience is far better than simple learning. And all you need is to surrender to the tradition or Guru Tatwa. Mohanji takes care of the rest. His words are not just words, but piercing arrows that tear open the darkest layers of yourself and allow light to flow. This is what really happens when you communicate with Mohanji at any level.

1 Mohanji and Swami Bhaktananda
His words are not just words, but piercing arrows that tear open the darkest layers of yourself and allow light to flow.

I write this experience so that it can be used as a message to all Bhaktas and act as inspiration. I am just by-the-way in all this. The message is important, and not how the message came.

A while ago I noticed a change in my diet. I only wanted to eat fruit and felt very drained. I now see that this was Babaji preparing me for what was to happen. And this is the first lesson I have learned from this experience. Mohanji is not the physical body. He is truly spirit. He is truly the consciousness, that is with you all the time and that is guiding you all the time. He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is really important to fully understand. Mohanji is the consciousness that pervades the universe. So every piece of food you ate, every drop of water you have consumed was Mohanji nourishing you. Every bed you have slept on, was Mohanji’s arms that have cradled you. We need to learn to respect everything around us and a manifestation of Mohanji.
We need to treat this earth as Mohanji, and stop killing her. The same respect we show to Mohanji’s physical body, we need to show to everything around us. It’s a shift in thinking that is needed. So small actions: teenagers should be taught to make their beds as respect to Mohanji for holding them as they sleep, we should recycle thinking that it is Mohanji’s body that is being transformed into another useful item for this existence, we should pollute less thinking we are ensuring that the Mohanji’s earth body is not being hurt.


2 Mohanji - If you are on earth, you have to pay the rent and the rent is service
“If you are on earth, you have to pay the rent. And the rent is service” – Mohanji

One night I went to bed early and fell asleep easily. At around 3am (although this is around the time I wake up to do pujas) I went into a deep sleep. I saw myself walking into a room, and there I saw Mohanji in front of a picture of Shirdi Maharaj. He was chanting some mantras. A voice was heard saying a few things, one of which was, “See your param bhakt is here” (I only understood this later, because it was a confirmation of the authenticity of the experience).
Mohanji stopped midway and turned to me. I saw his face and started crying. I grabbed his feet and couldn’t stop the tears flowing from my eyes. I was so content. All I wanted was to be there. Mohanji wanted to hug me, but I refused to leave his feet. Everything I could ever wanted was at these lotus feet.
Mohanji is more than just a wish fulfilling tree. He is more than an ATM that we can think we can transact with. There is no offering a coconut or jalebi to him for a BMW in exchange. We all need to learn to move beyond asking things. We should love him just because!! For no reason but love itself. Not even because he loves us back. And in any case, what can we ask that he does not already know? If we need it (not want it) he will give it to us. We don’t even have to ask. It is all Babaji’s will. All we should desire is to love Babaji.
I think the tears wet my pillow and I woke up a bit. Also I did not want to leave him, so he had to send me back so that I could continue with the experience.
Suddenly I saw myself behind a huge golden throne, which overlooked a sea of million people all dressed in white. They were all chanting AUM in union. Suddenly I noticed Shri Satya Sai Baba sitting on the throne. I looked at his face, his soft skin, his warm eyes and he smiled at me. I thought to myself that I should take a picture for everyone at the Ashram. So I took my phone and got a selfie. But when I looked at the picture I saw orbs with pictures of Shirdi Sai Maharaj and Babaji in various poses. This was an important lesson to me. Mohanji is the manifestation of every Guru. In him you will find every form. The entire guru Tatwa is in Mohanji. His blessing is the blessing of Swami and Baba. His blessing is that of Agastya and Mahavatar Babaji. Who else do we need? We don’t realise who stands before us. He is not just a guru, or even sadguru. He is not even just a manifestation of the divine. He is everything. He is the entire cosmos. He is you and everyone else.

3 Sathya Sai Baba
Sathya Sai Baba sitting on a golden throne overlooking a sea of million people all dressed in white. (This is exactly what I saw and I only saw this picture after the experience.)

When I saw these pictures, I prostrated before Swami and said that my faith in you has now grown. He then asked in a sweet voice, what I wanted. He was willing to give me anything I wanted. Anything at all. All I needed to do was ask. I replied saying that all I wanted was to love Mohanji more. I wanted to serve Mohanji. I wanted to be a good instrument that Mohanji could use. I wanted Mohanji to live in my heart. All I wanted was to truly love Mohanji, and love Him in Mohanji.
Swami began to cry, and as these tears of joy flowed down his delicate cheeks, he said yes, I bless you. He then said that he wanted to see me in private.
Suddenly we were in a place I did not recognise. Swami had his hands around me holding me under my arms, and suddenly the earth gave way. It just formed a huge pit, at the bottom of which was a raging sea, the milk ocean. I saw hundreds of people offering prayers to the milk ocean and its essence. We were floating in mid air and I was looking at the ocean from the top. Swami asked me if I was afraid. And I said, “If you are holding me why should I fear?” Suddenly the sea of water became a sea of fire. Again he asked me if I was afraid and I answered him as I did before. And then I felt him tighten his grip and hold me closer. Surrender….surrender is the key. Everything changes when we realise one thing: nothing happens without Mohanji’s will. If it is happening, then it’s Mohanji’s will. And Mohanji will’s only what is best for us. So no matter what is happening in our life, know that it is always for the best. Experience it with awareness and leave it to his will. It is him that is holding you. Not you holding him. It is Mohanji who holds you close, not you holding Mohanji close. It is Swami that supports you, not you supporting Swami.

4 Mohanji - it is Him holding you, not you holding Him
It is him that is holding you. Not you holding him.

I then found myself in a white room, and Swami gave me a golden liquid to drink. I drank it and he just smiled at me. He said that people do not realise who Mohanji is. He said I (we) should always be with him. He said I (we) should always serve him. Through him moksha is easily possible for everyone. Through Mohanji’s grace everyone can become one with him.
I then bowed before Swami and touched his feet and told him I love him. He said I have patience and faith and this is the key. He said everyone must learn patience and faith. He then blessed me and told a secret (with so much love in his eyes). He told me who I really am. He told me where I had come from, and how these energies combined to form the existence called Mohana-bhaktananda. Only then I realised Mohanji had also hinted this to me a few times. I felt the energies that Swami spoke about as being me, manifest even more in me. I saw in the experience how my body changed in keeping with these two energies. Because Mohanji said I should tell people this experience, I told a few people more details about this part of the experience. Because of this instruction, I began to internalise this and not just ignore it as I normally would have done.
I woke up from the dream and messaged Mohanji. This was when he told me that this was not just a dream. That everything said was true. In the vision Swami materialised vibuthi for me. A great Bhakta of Swami sent me a message when I woke up, with a picture of vibuthi that Swami materialised at an ashram and said Shirdi Baba had asked him to show me this picture while he was reading Sai Satcharita.

5 Through Him moksha is possible for everyone
Through him moksha is easily possible for everyone.

Later this most amazing Bhakta (who goes into a trance and Swami and Baba speak through him), sent a message from Swami to Neha, “Tell my Param Bhakta in Africa that I live in his heart and he lives in Baba’s heart. Tell my Param Bhakta in Africa that I am going to give Him more Shakti to do more Baba’s work. His patience and Faith are his strength….use them wisely and he will merge into me”. This blew me away, because it was the exact words that Swami had spoken in the experience. It was exactly what I had asked him for… to be a better instrument and for him to live in my heart.

It was at this point I also realised something very important. I was not in physical pain!! For those that are very close to me, they know a little of the pain I went through on a daily basis. There was never a time that this body was not in excruciating pain. The pain felt as if there were hot red coals under my skin. I lived on pain killers just to get through the day. But suddenly all the pain was gone. Even till today, 98% of all my pain is gone (just the normal pains everyone has are there). I have not taken a single prescription pain meditation, not one pill!! From living on schedule chronic pain medication, getting pain injections, and trying to get every possible thing to relieve the pain……all that pain is gone!!!
This is my experience that happened on the auspicious day of Pongal. How can I even begin to thank Mohanji. How can I even begin to show Mohanji how much I love him. He is Swami and Swami is him. How can I begin to express my gratitude to him for clarifying to me what I am. A great change has come over me since then. How do I say thank you. All that comes out of this mouth is just one word….”Mohanji”.
6 Hanumanji