eye card

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Protection during surgery

We got to the hospital at 7 am, and after all the initial admission procedures, we were told that the consultant would be coming shortly. He came at 8 am and told us that initially, he thought it was a Bankart tear. However, when he saw the MRI in the morning, he realised it was not a Bankart tear, although that was his diagnosis based on the X-rays. I immediately remembered Moushumi’s words after my son’s Mai-Tri session.

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My first brush with Mohanji

If I had researched, I would have found out that Mohanji is the Guru who finds us. Honestly, I did not come to the satsang with Mohanji because of Mohanji. I came, firstly because I regularly followed the events from that area, secondly because I didn’t want to miss an event like this one in my town and, thirdly I expected to meet my ex-lover (in a workshop before this one, I did the technique of untying from him while he was sitting a few rows away from me, but I was not ready to talk to him. I was feeling strong and stable enough to put an end to that story now, with love and peace).

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