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A devotee speaks

I had never seen Ram in my life. Nor Shiva nor Krishna. Not even Sai Baba. But Mohanji blessed my life by showing himself to me, in the form of all these deities. I want to express my gratitude for this and bow down to him a billion times. I want to express my deep gratitude for the darshan (visions) he gave me on this birthday. Mohanji, I bow down to you a billion times.

Life experience

Ahimsa, the Vegan Way – a True Inspiration from Guru Mohanji

As Mohanji says, “If you are sure the world must change its ways, the only way to make it happen is to start with changing your ways. Transformation is essentially individualistic before it becomes collective. And the world is what we have made of it through generations of insensitive existence.”

I would like to share a transformation that took place within me with Mohanji’s love and grace.

The next day I was cooking paneer and two things happened simultaneously. I remembered at some point during the retreat Mohanji saying that the Guru we are seeking is within us. At that moment, I had the amazing feeling of Mohanji’s presence filling my body. As Guru and God merged into one, the decision of becoming vegan was one of the easiest choices to make. How can I give the most compassionate Guru something obtained by means of cruelty and suffering? That moment was the turning point for me to change.

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