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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 45 & 46

When I think back to the actions I was doing at the start, and now as well, most of the tests have put me in a situation where I can break through my resistance. For example, I was very reluctant and resistant to speaking in public about my experiences, even though I can do it. I’d learned how to do that; I spent many years practising it during my professional career. But it wasn’t something that came. Naturally, there was always resistance, and there still is now, but not so much. 

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Incredible healing of the coronavirus

I was diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus on Monday, after doing the test last Tuesday (17th March 2020). The diagnosis was definitive, with a slight collapse of the left lung, but nothing significant. I was shocked and quite devastated. I never thought it would be me; I cannot describe my feelings and the definitive moment, where I knew that I was going to have to really beat this adversary, no matter what.

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