Maha Kumbha Mela – The Trip, Part II


As we returned to the Siddha Ashram camp, with deep impressions of mighty Avadhoota still fresh in our heart and mind, another interesting experience awaited us. We noticed a young man with very pleasant vibes and glowing eyes, chatting casually with the French guests at Siddha Ashram – Mohanji and I both had a same thought: “What a radiant man. He somehow resembles Osho.”  

We approached him and a sweet, bubbly conversation ensued. I could tell that he loved Mohanji’s energy instantly. He told us his name – Swami Yogananda, disciple of Swami Paramananda Giri, a great Master whose ashram happens to be right across the street from Siddha Ashram. Yogananda told us we should definitely meet his Master who comes to Haridwar only twice a year and that too for only three days (this time due to Kumbh Mela). He spends most of his time in their other ashrams and abroad, since they have a very big following in Russia.

In Energy Embrace – Swami Yogananda and Mohanji, Haridwar, Feb 11th, 2010

He told us: “Why don’t you come and meet  my Master. He is a Self-realized being.” Mohanji said: “OK, no delays. Let us then go right now.” Two other ladies from France, Elisabeth and her daughter Marie, who both connected with Mohanji and myself deeply as soon as we first spoke, were happy to join us as well.

Within two minutes, we reached the area of the ashram where the enlightened Master Paramananda sat on a small stage, with many people seated at his feet. As soon as we arrived, Swami pointed out to the people in front of him to make space for us – we thus got to sit right in front of him! That indeed was a great honor, so unexpected. Surprisingly enough, nobody complained about giving up their precious ‘front row seat’ and all seemed very happy. As soon as we bowed to Swamiji seeking his blessings, I felt that my whole being was smiling – great joy was bubbling out of me for no apparent reason. With folded hands I requested Swamiji to bless us to do greater, more effective Seva for humanity.

Biba and Mohanji At the Feet of Swami Paramananda Giri, Haridwar, Feb 2010

I told him that, at present, Mohanji is teaching meditation, that we are doing whatever charity work we can in our free time, but feel that is not enough. He gave me a very warm smile and blessings, paused for a while with eyes half closed, and I could tell that he is ‘scanning’ us through his third eye.

At one point he shifted his gaze towards Mohanji. He started asking him questions in Hindi (like: “What is the difference between desire and necessity?”; “Do you have faith in Kumbh Mela?”) and I was amazed to see Mohanji answering all those questions with ease, in what sounded like FLUENT Hindi. I knew very well that his command of Hindi is very basic. Besides, I could not really figure out what was the point of this sudden Q&A session. It was then that I understood – he was testing Mohanji to gauge whether he has any ‘mettle’ or is just pretending. After Mohanji answered five or six such questions, Swamiji smiled and said: “Good, I am pleased with your knowledge. I bless you. You will become very famous.”

Bathing in the Energy and Blessings of Paramananda Giri

The atmosphere was all charged up and we couldn’t get enough of this loving Swamiji’s vibes. However, we didn’t want to be selfish as there were many other people who waited for their turn. We thus left with a final blessing.

Swami Yogananda took a few photos for us (shared above) and was beaming with joy because we got to see his beloved Master. He spoke to us about his Yoga teaching and the fulfilling life in service of his Master, which was what he consciously chose to do in his life. I was enjoying the glow in his eyes and his bubblyness – deep inside I knew this is not the first time we meet…

There was something so exciting and liberating about being in a place filled with so many Self-realized Masters, approaching them in the most unassuming way. I loved the fact that Mohanji and I had nothing to prove and that, while being 100% natural, things were just unfolding on their own. I now understood experientially the point he explained to me earlier – we are in unconditional service of the Guru Tatwa, the very Guru principle that we all carry within us. Therefore, those who have ‘the eyes to see’, the Self-realized beings, will naturally appreciate the unconditionality and innocence of our approach. There is no pattern, no role play, no reputation to protect – we are simply flowing like a river, open to the grace. This is what I always wanted my spiritual path to be like – my heart, indeed, was full!

We returned to Siddha Ashram right on time for a delicious dinner – what a day! Before retiring to sleep, Mohanji told me that his connectivity with the Avadhoota still continues. At one point, I witnessed him entering into telepathic communion with the mighty Avadhoota.

The Unforgettable Eyes of Our Avadhoota

I was overjoyed to note down the profound message he gave us:

“Look at the world, how busy everybody is. All people have so many things to do, things to prove. Who is waiting for you? No situation is waiting for you. Whatever you think is waiting for you HAS BEEN CREATED BY YOURSELF. Your inevitability is Maya, it’s unreal. Whether you exist or not, the world will go on. The same stars will shine tomorrow, whether you are here or not. Relax and realize that.”

Mohanji’s eyes and cheeks were glowing and I just did not know what to do with all the joy I felt – I was too energized to sleep and basked in the nectar of all the blessings for quite some time more…


 The Maha Kumbh Mela – Shivaratri Day, 12 Feb, 2010

50 Million people were expected to flood the banks of holy river Ganges on this day to take the most auspicious ‘snan’, dip in Ganges. We felt very excited and energized by the very thought that, yes, we are here, blessed to experience Shivaratri at this most amazing spiritual gathering!

Since we were told by the main Sidha Ashramite that there won’t be any program before breakfast at 8.30am, we took it easy and decided to get up only around 8am. Luckily, due to the sharpness of Mohanji’s sixth sense, he peeked out of the tent just on time to see the last person leaving the compound. He ran to ask how come all are gone, and was told that there was a change of plan and the whole group from Siddha Ashram just left for Kumbh Mela!

I got ready within 1 min. and ran out of the tent in my slippers, unaware that 22km of walking was awaiting us that day.

The walk towards the main area of Kumbh Mela was glorious – initially I felt a bit cold, but due to the brisk walk the body became warm very soon. The energy was oozing out of the body as we all sang and marched forward with radiant smiles.

I was amazed by the multitude of posters of so many Masters – aside from Pilot Baba, I have never heard of any of them. I was like a child in a candy store – so overwhelmed, did not know where to look first! 🙂

The Breath-taking Statue of Lord Shiva, Haridwar (image sourced from the net)

  As we were passing by the gigantic statue of Lord Shiva, I could feel immense joy welling inside me – I had to pinch myself, the scenery was just so unreal. (Due to warnings of pick-pocketing, I did not bring my photo camera with me, so you’ll have to rely on my words and a few images borrowed from the net…)

Haridwar has a very special flavor – especially the main bridge across Ganges and the main snan area. Such powerful vibrations! Rivers of people were flooding from all the directions, but somehow the experience was not as bad as I imagined it to be – hats off to the organizers! There was only one point when there was a lot of squeezing, pushing and shoving, but mainly all went smoothly.

The Magic of Haridwar (image sourced from the net)

Seeing the Naga Babas, fully naked, smeared with Vibhooti, was quite a scene. One of them was climbing a big rod in order to hoist their flag, after which all of them were scheduled to go for the snan, and others could follow only then. Naga Babas were so innocent, like children. I was amused. Mohanji told me that they are revered, respected and feared at the same time because, if objected/interfered, they could become violent and dangerous. I smiled and thought to myself – “Only in India” 🙂

Naga Babas on Mahashivaratri – and a cool Sadhu (sourced from the net)

After some time, we witnessed a truly glorious spectacle – there was a long procession of Masters, all in chariots covered with flowers, with their disciples walking behind them in utmost humility. That was a sight to behold. At one point, our sweet Swami Yogananda suddenly appeared in front of us, clearly overjoyed to see us, especially Mohanji. We felt the same. He said that the chariot with his Master is soon to come. We all stood at the same spot on a side of that road when the beaming face of Swami Paramananda Giri became visible. At one moment he noticed Mohanji and myself and reacted so beautifully, with a delight of a child – even after his chariot passed us, he kept turning his head, smiling at us and blessing us profusely. We were simply overwhelmed!

Mohanji advised me to establish eye contact with each Master, if possible, express respect, and be open to receive blessings – Shaktipat through eye contact is common with very high Masters. I soon experienced one such sacred moment – there was one Master (still don’t know his name) who looked at us and clearly saw something. He looked for a few seconds with razor-like sharpness and I could feel something happening within me, a great surge of energy. He then threw 3 candies right at us. I caught one and the other two were fought over by the people around me. What a blessing! I don’t think I was breathing throughout that entire procession – the experience was so wonderful, unforgettable.

 The Snan -the coolest ever cleansing bath

It was already mid afternoon when our snan time came. Our friend Krishna, who connected with Mohanji very deeply, told us about the best spot for snan that he discovered during the last four Kumbh Melas he attended. The water was clean and current not so strong, so one could even swim. I was overjoyed upon hearing that.

Mohanji told me that during snan one should take minimum three full dips (with head under the water) in order to get the cleansing  effect – however, the more dips, the better. Sure enough, the water was ICE COLD, but luckily at that point sun emerged behind the clouds and, as soon as I started swimming, the water temperature became bearable. While swimming, I took more than 20 dips and enjoyed the experience thoroughly!

After changing into dry clothes, each one of us prayed and blessed Mother Ganga with a flower, imagining we are decorating her flowing hair with that rose. The sacredness and subtlety of this moment really touched my heart. Moreover, Krishna surprized us with Sai Baba’s vibhoothi which he offered to us to smear the forehead.

The Shaivic Sharpness in Mohanji’s Eyes Right After The Snan

What followed was even more unexpected and intense – Krishna then arranged for us to perform Pooja to Shiva Linga with Ganga gel (water) and Bilwa leaves.

Pooja for Shiva Lingam, with Ganga gel and Bilwa leaves – right after the Snan

Mohanji told me that it is believed that each Bilwa leaf we offer to Shiva, reduces the sins/bad karmas of three lives. I really felt like a new person after the Snan – so much lighter, so energized and yet so calm. What a blessing!

Biba, Krishna, and our French friends – performing the Pooja

After performing the pooja, the poojari of that small ashram gave each one of us a special Prasad – a green fruit, similar to dates in shape and size, which is said to be the favorite fruit of Shiva. I have never seen or tasted this fruit before. We were so happy that we spontaneously fasted the whole day and this was the first food we consumed on this special Shivaratri – “All Divine plan”, said Mohanji.

As we explored this small ashram on the banks of Ganges, we noticed a lovely statue of Dattatreya – Mohanji was overwhelmed.

Silent Blessings of the Adi Guru – Dattatreya

By that point, the Poojari seems to have developed a special liking for us and invited us to see the Swayambhoo Lingam (appeared by itself) and the special statue of Kali at their Shakti Peetam (the power centre of the ashram) – he offered to perform pooja for us at this special place, with prayers for each one of us (seven in total – for most of the French guests, lunch was more important than the Snan…).

Goddess Kali and Swayambhoo Lingam

What divine experiences, all so unexpected!

Upon return to the Siddha Ashram, we relished the taste of the best dinner ever (after a whole day of fasting and walking more than 22km, anything would have tasted just perfect!) and spent some time chatting with the French guests of the ashram.

Some of them were very connected with Native Americans and were trained how to perform certain rituals. There was a special tent for that purpose only and we were surprised with the beauty of one image of eagle on the floor made out of grains.

Native American Symbol with a Surprizing Shirdi Sai Blessing

Mohanji then noticed the image of Shirdi Baba on the wall of the tent – we looked at each other and smiled. He then asked the French guests whether they know who that Master is – not only did they not know who that was, but also did not know how it came there. The magic of Shirdi Sai soon spread all over the tent. Mohanji started explaining them the stature of Baba and shared with them some of his experiences with Baba. They were completely glued to Mohanji from that point onwards and could not stop asking questions. One French gentleman said: “I have seen the image of that Master several times till now, and always wondered who he is. Am so happy that I finally got my answer.” 

The crowning event of the evening was the unexpected Pooja to Shiva Linga that Swami Nardanand, with all of us participating actively, conducted in his tent around 10pm. What was even more unexpected was the sublime musical performance of our friend Krishna, who blew us off our feet with his voice and music.

Divine Performance of Krishna, With a Cute Orb in His Hair 🙂

And then another huge surprize – Swami Nardanand sang one kirtan and started playing tabla! That was just too much. I knew that again we’ll be too energized to sleep :-).

Our Quiet Swami Nardanand Surprized Us Again!

 Leaving Haridwar, Train Back to Delhi

We could not leave Haridwar without seeing Mohanji’s spiritual mother, Vanamali Amma, one more time – at sunrise time, we packed our bags quickly and left to Vanamali Ashram (in nearby Rishikesh). A few hours with Amma and Swami Mohanji were so precious – her ashram is on a small hilltop, overlooking Ganga and foothills of Himalayas. The view from her terrace and yard is breathtaking. I felt fully expanded basking in the light of the morning sun and enjoying this view.

Pure Satwic Lunch Made With Love – Vanamali Ashram, Rishikesh

Everything about Amma is so pure and satwic that one can’t but be touched by her mere presence. She personally cooked a divine lunch for us, which we enjoyed as the most precious gift from the Almighty. Refreshed, we were ready for the 6-hour-long train ride back to Delhi, where two BTW meditations awaited us the following day.

A radiant tall man welcomed us at the train station in Delhi around 11pm. Initially I did not know who he was, but after 30 min. or so understood finally that the person is Dipak Haksar himself – I was deeply touched by his humility. This was the last thing one would expect out of a top official of a successful establishment. He really put his heart and soul into organizing two BTW meditations (in Delhi and Gurgaon) on Feb 14th.

Moreover, all of this was done out of a ‘gut feeling’ since he never met Mohanji before, but, due to his previous sadhana and high sensitivity level, was able to recognize Mohanji’s stature from the moment he first saw his photo on website.

All Divine leela… 🙂

First BTW in Gurgaon, after Mohanji’s visit – sharing by Richa and Anju Sharma

Dear Friends 

 On Saturday, 20th Feb 2010, we experienced our first BTW meditation in Gurgaon, post Mohanji’s visit to Delhi. I must say it was such a wonderful experience to ‘feel’ for myself the wonders of this beautiful technique. 

The meditation was held at Mr.Dipak Haksar’s residence and I must thank him for having put all this together. It gave me an opportunity to get in touch with myself and get answers to some of the ongoing problems and the turmoil that each one of us go through in life. 

Delhi/Gurgaon Team - Gurpreet, Mohanji, Dipak Haksar, Biba and Richa Sharma - met to share joy after amazing BTW meditations in Delhi and Gurgaon on Feb 14th


I distinctly felt the presence of Mohanji as if he was surveying each one of us and guiding us all along. While we received the Shaktipat from Mr.Haksar, there too Mohanji’s presence was very evident. 

What was strange was, though we were supposed to do the Power of Purity Meditation, somehow both the CD copies did not work and we ended up doing the 360 Degrees Meditation! It went so smooth and gave me a feeling of freshness and clarity. 

Many Thanks. 

Richa Sharma 


Sharing by Anju Sharma: 

The Smile of Anju - Gurgaon, India

Dear Friends, 

The FIRST BTW in Gurgaon after Mohanji’s visit was successfully conducted by Deepakji at his residence, which, I must say, is a holy abode in itself – I was highly energized at the very instance of entering the place! The whole setting decor and overall energy of the apartment truly complement the spiritual stature of Mr. Haksar, whom I was fortunate to meet for the second time thanks to Mohanji’s BTW. I don’t know whether I have the permission of Deepakji or not to say this, but I feel that who ever visits Delhi or NCR must visit Deepakji’s residence, which in itself is a wonderful centre of energy and divine power. 

I am very lucky to have attended this meditation and so grateful for gaining so many blessings from all the gurus, saints and the ALMIGHTY who indeed can be called by many names – Allah, Wahe Guru, Ram, Christ, etc. 

I hurried for the first BTW on 20 Feb, worried I’d be late, but reached Central park just in time. Deepakji started the session with the reciting of the OM/AUM mantra -this simple and yet so powerful Mantra harmonizes the physical forces with the emotional and intellectual forces. When this happens, one begins to feel truly complete. (It is for a reason that every Mantra in the Vedas, Upanishads and various religious traditions (sampradayas) within Hindu religion begin with Om or Aum – the primordial sound, the sound that is said to have its origins at the time of the creation of the cosmos – also referred to as the ‘Big Bang’). 

The CD used for this session was the longer version, as told to us by Deepakji – the voice of Mohanji and the music started to enrich us and slowly we let our mind and body sublime to the holy bliss and the UNKNOWN JOURNEY of inner awakening. 

I could feel the surge of energy when Deepakji’s hands touched me for Shaktipat and felt it even more strongly the second time when he gave all of us the second Shaktipat. Novice as I am in this newly found spiritual journey, I felt the presence of many gurus – it was a divine experience and this time I was so engrossed that I felt as if I was in deep slumber, floating towards the sky, all the time aware of Mohanji’s presence. 

This was the longer meditation session than the usual one and, as Deepakji said, we were meant to take this session. As we all shared our experiences afterwards, like a nursery kid, I listened in awe to Deepakji when he explained about the ascendent and descendent gurus, about his own journey/path and blessings from the various gurus. We had the pleasure of talking with his daughter and wife too, who also shared their spiritual experiences. 

I returned home that day with the joy of being benefited emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thanks to Mohanji and Deepakji, the whole experience brought me to realization that only through devotion, faith and constant guidance shall we be led ahead. 

With regards, 

 Anju Sharma 

anju14sep@gmail. com 


Gul’s BTW Experience and Healing through Love – Dubai, 19 Feb

Namaste to my BTW family, 

Just as I love being present at the BTW meditation each Friday, I cannot resist sharing them when they are still fresh in my mind. 

The Bubbly Gul - Dubai


Last evening’s BTW was like my first experience of BTW. After Pradeep took us through the breathing and centering, I was very still and calm, with deep concentration on the inner eye but I could hear my heart beating loudly near my left ear. 

Once the meditation began, I was following every single word of Mohanji’s guidance and did not travel anywhere but was very conscious of a gripping alert presence in the room. 

I went through a surge of gratitude for all my gurus, teachers, guides and mentors thanks to who I am where I am today on my journey. I was also very happily thanking my spirit angels and guides whom I have felt to be blessing my many thoughts and prayers lately. I was very grateful for saving both my nephews who were at the Pune bomb blast site last Saturday just 2 hrs before the blast, enjoying chocolate mousse at the German bakery. 

Angel image on the sky - a real life photo


My heart was also overflowing with gratitude for the good news from the eye doc who informed me that my eye vision had improved, my number had decreased from 2.5 to 1.5(!) and besides, there was no sign of an early cataract that had developed in my right eye 18 months ago. I was thanking my gurus profusely for the tools of healing, EFT (emotional freedom technique), pranayama, and for the grace of all the divine Masters for this miracle which strengthens my faith further that our bodies have the ability of curing itself naturally, easing out any dis-ease. 

Pradeep is such a powerhouse of magnetic energy. Even before his hands touched me for Shaktipat, I felt a strong wave of energy pushing me and then hands clasped my forehead and back of the head as if to steady me. I knew this time that it was not only Mohanji, but the energy of many Ascended beings, Gods and Goddesses that he was channeling during the Shaktipat. 

When I received the second Shaktipat from Shernaz, as always I felt so fortunate to receive a second round of Shaktipath like a child receiving love from both the parents. While blessing all my family and friends after raising the hand in the blessing position, the energy circulation was so electrifying that I could not help enjoying the sensations of circular movement in both my palms, receiving and sending out the light and blessings, being a conduit of His divine energy. 

When I was blessing the deities and the Masters, I saw the face of my sister-n-law’s guruji Shri Shri Krishnanandaji of Shakatapuram, blessing everyone in the room with his calm serene smile. 

Towards the end, while blessing myself, I felt a deep fulfilment and peace which reminded me of my first BTW experience six months ago. 

Thank you Mohanji for your love and blessings through BTW meditation which acts like a fresh shower washing away any impurities from our mental and physical states. 

With love & gratitude to everyone who makes the BTW meditation possible. 


The Path of Self-Discovery- through Love and Healing, into the Light


Another lovely experience from BTW Dubai on 12 Feb: 

Last Friday I had an eye problem, a sharp stem of a potted plant poked into my right eye while feeding food to the plants!  When after a few hours the pain was still there and I could not focus properly, and could read double, I was in a dilemna as it was a Friday and clinics are closed.  Fortunately, Shernaz’ doc was available with Divine grace!  Not wanting health obstacles to come in my way, I decided to go for the BTW meditation straight from the clinic where the opthalmologist gave me some drops and medications. 

The BTW was very special that day, Mohanji  was at the Kumbh Mela but with us throughout  and Pradeep’s preparatory session was just awesome. 

When I received the first Shaktipat on my third eye, it was light and ice cold and I thought it was Shernaz, but when the pressure of the hand increased on the Sahasrara, I knew it was Pradeep.  As the intensity increased, I saw Mohanji right above my head, giving me direct Shaktipat, stating my eyes would be perfectly alright and to let go of any doubts.  I was whirling into a deep well of oblivion with the force of his energies, his face was very serious, not smiling, as if he was trying some magic and wanting it to happen.  Much later, Shernaz’s loving hands soothed my nerves, like a healing balm, and I wanted to give her a hug then, for mothering me with so much love. 

After the meditation, Pradeep gave me some more healing on my eye and I could feel the pain sensation seeping out of my eye in waves as if someone was pulling out some transparent threads and clearing my vision. 

Thank you Shernaz and Pradeep, your beautiful healings had instant effect and I was cured 50% then itself, even before putting any drops!

Maha Kumbha Mela, The Trip – Part I

Dear friends,

The Kumbh Mela Trip with Mohanji was definitely the most intense and most fulfilling trip of my life!
So much happened during those few days – the intensity of the blessings that were poured on us, one after another, was beyond my wildest imagination!
When we just started the trip, Mohanji told me that he received a telepathic message from Shirdi Sai that day. He said:” I AM TRAVELLING WITH YOU.” I was so deeply touched. And that, indeed, was experienced throughout the trip – we witnessed various signs of Baba’s presence at almost every step – from minor ones to mighty blessings that normally could never be experienced. It was great fun!

The Child-like Smile of Mohanji – on our way to Kumbh Mela, Shatabdi Train

The way our accommodation was arranged in the last minute was itself a miracle. It was completely guided by intuition and aided by Dr. Pradeep Ullal’s connection with Swami Nardanand from Siddha Ashram. Even though this humble Swami never met Mohanji before, he told him he would be honored to host us at his modest/improvised Kumbh Mela ashram set up.

I was mentally prepared for discomfort and ‘tapas’ – cold weather, tents, basic food, if any, poor toilet facilities, etc. And yet, I knew it was worth it!
50 million people at one place is no joke (gosh, five times the population of my country, that too all gathered at one place – beyond imagination!)

The first miracle we witnessed was at the very instance of arriving to the Train Station in Delhi. We stayed with Mohanji’s cousins Shaju and Bindu. Shaju accompanied us in the taxi to the Train Station that morning. It was around 5am and we were definitely not pleased to see the taxi car’s engine shutting down each time the car would slow down or stop. As the traffic intensified, the engine malfunction was more evident and more frequent. We were wondering whether we’ll even make it to the Train Station! Exactly in the moment that thought came, Mohanji noticed Shirdi Baba’s small photo near drivers’s stirring wheel. He smiled and told me: “Oh yeah, we’ll make it. Baba is taking care of it.” Sure enough, we reached the Train Station right on time, but poor Shaju had a lot of trouble on the way back since the car also ran out of fuel. 🙂
Second blessing happened as soon as we arrived to Haridwar – Vanamali Mataji (who considers Mohanji as her spiritual son -her beautiful ashram in natural surroundings is in Rishikesh, next to Haridwar) and her main disciple, Swami Mohanji, managed to reach the Train Station to welcome us.

Vanamali Amma with her ‘spiritual son’ – Haridwar, Feb 11, 2010

What a surprise that was! We heard that not even rickshaw will be able to move through the crowd and thus never expected to see them. They immediately took us to a restaurant for a lovely lunch – we were all bubbling with joy! It was so beautiful to bask in the glow of Amma’s eyes and enjoy her presence – what an auspicious way of starting our Kumbh Mela experience!

The Joyous Gathering in Haridwar – Biba, Vanamali Mataji and Mohanji

The next blessing awaited us on the way to Siddha Ashram – we were wondering whether we’ll manage to find a rickshaw, and sure enough, soon one arrived – as we were entering, a small photo of Shirdi Baba glued was smiling at us from inside the rickshaw :-). I felt very excited and knew the whole trip will be a great adventure!
We soon arrived to Siddha Ashram and went straight into the tent of Swami Nardanand who gave us a warm welcome.

Mohanji and Nardanand Swamiji, Siddha Ashram camp, Kumbh Mela 2010

He said that we arrived just on time as he was about to leave in order to take the group of Yoga practitioners from France whom he hosted for Kumbh Mela to see someone extraordinary. He said: “Today, if we are blessed, we’ll have a chance to meet in person a REAL AVADHOOTA. There are not many real ones out there. He is a fully realized being, a complete renunciate. He has no name, but some have named him “Langhoti Baba” because he always wears only that small cloth (Langhoti) to cover the intimate parts. He lives on a tree and mainly stays away from people.” Mohanji and I were overwhelmed – we arrived right on dot! Sai Ram!

On Our Way To See The Avadhoota

We just dropped the luggage and started to walk. Mohanji was mainly walking next to Swamiji and they were talking in Hindi. After 30 min. or so of a lovely walk in nature on the banks of river Ganges, we finally reached our destination and beheld, right before our eyes, a beautiful tree with the most peculiar accommodation unit improvised among its branches. I was really excited!

Avadhoota’s Tree ‘House’

Unfortunately, the great Avadhoota was not there – one local man who was waiting for him as well said that he must be taking a bath in Ganges and will hopefully come sometime soon. We all sat around the tree and meditated. The place was really magical. We prayed sincerely that he graces us with his darshan.

Practicing ‘Shradha and Saburi’ Under the Tree of Avadhoota

However, after almost two hours of waiting, sensing that the group enthusiasm is slowly waning, Swami Nardanand at one point said: “It looks like the Avadhoota does not wish to see us. We should slowly get going.”

Disappointment was visible on everyone’s face. Mohanji got up and started walking with Swamiji. I was somehow reluctant to go because I was so sure that I would see the Avadhoota that day.

Avadhoota’s Tree, Swamiji and A Small Orb

I was putting my sport shoes on, cleaning the dust from my trousers, observing the tree for a few seconds longer, and then, by the time I looked up, Mohanji and Swamiji were gone. I walked towards the Ganges and looked in both directions, but could not see them. I had a strong intuition that I simply MUST find them! After looking intently for some more time, I suddenly caught a glimpse of Swamiji’s orange robe in the distance, in the direction opposite from where we came. That very instant I JUST RAN over the stones and bushes, as if I ran for my life, and soon reached Mohanji and one more man by the name of Krishna, who were trying to keep pace with Swamiji.

Another 10 minutes or so of brisk walk through bushes, and suddenly we saw a group of five people sitting under a tree. It was the Avadhoota, right there in front of us!!! What a great blessing! A strong energy field around him ‘hit’ me immediately and I kind of lost my breath. His eyes were mainly half closed and he instantly reminded me of Lahiri Mahasaya’s (the great Kriya Yoga Master) expression. Avadhoota was very slim and youngish, with braided hair and nothing aside from ‘langhoti’ on his body.
I sat next to Mohanji right away and bowed to the Avadhoota, deeply touched. I could hear him reacting to my bowing with a brief audible smile. I was so deeply touched that I could not think of anything nor convey anything telepathically –all I know is that my heart was beating SO HARD, as if about to jump out of the chest any moment. I knew from the past experiences what that meant – presence of a very high Master.
It was a great honor to be in his energy field – I knew that only those who are eligible can have this experience, and felt so indescribably grateful. The feeling I once had during astral encounter with Mahavatar Babaji kept coming to me again and again – I had no doubt that this Avadhoota was experiencing the consciousness of Mahavatar Babaji.
Even though I felt like keeping my eyes closed, after some time, I focused my attention on the Avadhoota. There was something so sweet and humble about his posture – he exuded the cuteness and majesty of a cat when it sits confidently and then wraps its tail around the body. 🙂 His skin had a beautiful glow and his purity touched my heart.

Our friend Krishna was the first one who spoke – he said in Hindi: “We are sorry if we are disturbing you”. The young Avadhoota smiled some more and spoke very little, in Hindi – later on Mohanji translated to me the wisdom pearls that he uttered – he was mainly referring to the being level and going beyond all the physical needs, beyond sadhana, notions of chakras, Kundalini, etc. (since I have not realized the meaning of those words through my own spiritual experiences, I will leave that part to Mohanji to convey to you, if possible).
Mohanji spoke to Avadhoota several times and each time he turned his gaze towards us I felt shivers/current in my spine – the very glance of his eyes was a Shaktipat. The experience was overwhelming.
At one point Swami Nardanand left to try to fetch his French guests. In the end, he managed to bring only a few of them, that too at the time when the Avadhoota was already fetching his stick, getting ready to leave. Out of politeness, he sat for another minute or so as the new people were arriving, but I could feel that his powerful vibrations were now completely withdrawn.
In the commotion that ensued while the new visitors were getting seated, Swami Nardanand said briefly that it is OK to take a photo. I was feeling too shy to even reach out to the photo camera in my bag – it was just so inappropriate to even think about doing that without the Avadhoota’s permission. Mohanji then prompted me by saying: “It’s OK, go ahead.” As I was taking the camera, I prayed to this amazing Master to bless us with an image of his which will serve as an INSPIRATION to all spiritual seekers who will get to know about him.
Since I was sitting to the right side of him, I was expecting to take a photo of his profile only. However, at the VERY SECOND when my camera clicked, he turned towards me, placed his hands in a prayer position and looked up. Tears came into my eyes when I beheld the priceless gift that he gave us – I knew it in my heart that he recognized the purity of our intention and thus gave us this one more final blessing.
It is my honor to be in a position to share this photo with you – the expression in his eyes indeed speaks more than anything he could have ever conveyed to us through words:

The Amazing Grace of Avadhoota (Langhoti Baba)

A second after this click, Avadhoota got up, and with a help of his walking stick, disappeared fast inside the bushes. I was speechless.

I took a photo of another sadhu with a very long braided hair who was happy to pose for the photo, but the expression in his eyes was nowhere close to that of our Avadhoota.

Sunset In The Hair of a Sadhu, Kumbh Mela, 2010

While walking back to the ashram we beheld the breathtaking sunset over the holy river Ganges

The Sunset Over Ganga Nourishing the Heart

– with Shivaratri day and so many other experiences still ahead of us, I was looking forwared to taking a purifying dip in a river enriched by the vibrations of so many Great Masters like this Avadhoota over centuries.

As we walked back to the Siddha Ashram camp, Mohanji told me that Shirdi Baba too was like this Avadhoota when he was young. He was found sitting under a Neem tree, immersed in bliss – nobody knew who he was, what his name was, and how he lived without food or shelter.

Shirdi Sai Baba as a Young Avadhoota – Original photo

I was glad that the young Avadhoota from Maharashtra grew into a giant of Shirdi Baba and became a beacon of Light and unconditional guidance to so many people till date.

I wonder what will the future of our young Avadhoota by the Ganges river bring… Of one thing I’m sure – in which ever way the Universe guides him to serve, we are incredibly blessed by the very presence of such a being on Earth.

                          (to be continued…)

BTW Muscat on Shivaratri – by Dr. Deepali

Dear Biba and Mohanji, 

What a divine situation! Mahashivaratri, Mohanji’s home, Friday and the day when Mohanji had his holy dip in Ganges at Kumbha Mela! 

The Ultimate - Shiva Consciousness


The meaning of Mahashivaratri is to awaken from the dark night, awaken the Kundalini shakti. It was indeed a great honor to experience deep meditation on this Friday, 12 Feb 2010.
This was my first time to conduct an independent meditation in Muscat (actually, I am just an instrument, not the one who conducts). 

I started with complete gratitude and surrender to Mohanji and Baba, and deepest gratitude for the energetic gathering of 15 motivated and dedicated devotees who accepted my new role. 

Dr. Kamlesh said that, during Shaktipat, he felt strong presence of Shiva himself. What a blessed soul you are Dr. Kamlesh!
Prof Hassan…. His head expanded so much that he said he could not balance it. He also thought his body was splitting into upper and lower half….. later on, left side was going up and right down. He could barely drive home. Gitanjali also had a deep floating meditation. Everyone had their own unique experiences! 

Sweet Aditi bathing in the depth of inner bliss, BTW Muscat, 12 Feb


When I was giving Shaktipat to Aditi, to my surprise, I could feel all her 7 chakras beautifully encircling the body. A beautiful blissfl tear on her left cheek added to her glow. 

While giving Shaktipat to Mohanish, I felt the energy body surrounding him. 

With Sanjay, I could feel the strong third eye connection between him and Mohanji! Everyone’s Sahasrara was warm and active. All received energy beautifully. 

What do all these energy experiences convey? Mohanji was not present there physically but everyone experienced him, felt him. Though none of us saw him physically apart from his photo, he gave a beautiful ‘darshan’ to all of us in the meditative awareness. He is present and yet absent! Even though he is physically absent, we are still in his womb full of auspicious energy. The BTW meditations are simultaneously conducted at various places like Dubai, Kolkata, Germany, etc where Mohanji offers his grace astrally. Oh… Sai Baba, we are grateful to you for this strong experiences and understanding. 

Our Youngest BTW Meditator This Time Around 🙂

Sanjay and his family had been to Shiva temple in Muscat prior to coming for the meditation. He kept coconut received from the temple in the Baba’s shrine. After meditation, the coconut was offered, the holy water was sprinkled everywhere in the house, and thus all had that sweet water and coconut. 

After reaching home, Sanjay continued his meditation till 3.30 in the morning. 

Would like to say a big thank you to Firoz who beautifully decorated the hall, and to thank Dr. Deepa who brought delicious Prasad in the form of potato cutlets and Thandai, the special drink of Mahashivarathri, that we all enjoyed. 

With deep love and complete surrender,

Astral Shaktipat – New Discoveries

Dear friends,  

Yesterday’s BTW was sweet and surprising. Dr. Deepali and I agreed that both will perform Shaktipat and she asked me to ‘prompt’ her when the time is right for her to start. However, that was a mind’s decision which stood no chance once the real experience took over.  

Hardly a few minutes passed after the meditation started, and I clearly felt Mohanji surrounding me with his energy and passing on the Shaktipat astrally. I was amazed how powerful it was – the whole room started revolving around me and I felt too intoxicated to stand up. I just enjoyed my state of ‘spiritual intoxication’ until suddenly a physical hand reached my Agnya and Sahasrara – it was Dr. Deepali, performing Shaktipat for the first time (in Muscat) after her initiation. 🙂  

The Radiant Smile of Dr. Deepali, BTW Muscat on Feb 5th


After her Shaktipat I still felt intoxicated, but to a much lesser degree, i.e. I was able to get up and do my duty. I strong feeling of merging with all the recipients of Shaktipat made my heart expand.  

I started with Bery (Ma Grace), who came from Dubai as our special guest – I could feel her sinking blissfully to the ‘bottom of the ocean’, exuding great peace and calmness.  

Ma Grace Radiating, Celebrating Colorful Aliveness


Soon I reached Gitanjali, who, on the other hand, continued going upwards. She started breathing really deep and I could feel her astral body levitating. And then, at one point, I had a clear glimpse of her (looking much younger and radiant) floating in the Universe, with galaxies in the backdrop, much beyond our planet. This is the first time I saw something like that, that too so clearly! Later on she confirmed that that is exactly what she felt – she was simply radiating and could not contain her joy!  

Gitanjali Radiating After Her 'Galactic Journey', BTW Feb 5th


As I was moving around the room performing Shaktipat, at one moment I glanced at Mohanji’s photo placed on the sofa where he usually sits – his eyes PIERCED me and, for a moment, I felt that the Earth stood still. The experience was so strange, if not scary (if I did not know who Mohanji was, I would have definitely become frightened). The fierce expression in his eyes was kind of too strong to bear – I assume I shouldn’t have looked (that is the instruction Mohanji gives when present physically during BTW, but I didn’t know that applies to his photo as well…- I guess learning lessons never cease…)  

Mohanji At The Feet of Shiva - Piercing Eyes and The Glow


I continued with the Shaktipat task and soon performed Shaktipat for Vinod and his wife Priti, both at the same time. I could feel them individually but also as a couple – beautiful, loving rays of bonding were flowing between them, and they were both very receptive. Vinod told me later on that before Dr. Deepali and I gave him Shaktipat (which felt very warm), he also received one COLD Shaktipat on the third eye at the very beginning – he could feel it clearly and the experience it gave him was wonderful. I was so pleased with his sensitivity level and confirmed that, indeed, that was Mohanji who was giving Shaktipat to all of us astrally.  

As I said before, it is wonderful to have Mohanji with us physically, but there is a point at which we have to grow to experience him (and the Masters that work through him) at a much deeper level, i.e. reach a point at which the subtle frequency of the higher realms becomes our tangible experience.  

All in all, yesterday’s BTW was truly enjoyable, especially for me, because it crowned an already amazing day spent in a continuous inspiring conversation/experience sharing with Bery, a dear friend and one of the greatest artists and spiritualists I have ever met. Her artistic name is Ma Grace, which truly suits her because she is like a loving mother to all, has served selflessly for many years, raising endless funds for orphan children across the globe, and continues to touch many people’s live through her ‘healing through art and joy’ workshops in which many people, especially women dulled by routine life, realize just how much life energy we all have and how it feels when it flows and expresses as joy and creativity. Moreover, Bery’s paintings literally radiate energy and have a healing/harmonizing effect.  

Paintings That Come From/Radiate Grace


This kind of grace can be earned only after one braves many tests of life and proves worthy/eligible to receive it. To see someone of her age being as light as a child, living on her own, across the globe, with no guaranteed material income, is a true inspiration.  

May our world be blessed with more people like Ma Grace who are ready to live their passion/life’s purpose courageously, with the HEART OPEN and vulnerable, at all times.  

Keep The Flame Alive - No Matter What!


With love,  


Compassion of Master Mohanji – Our Gratitude, shared by Sudeep

Dear Biba,  

Let me share my thoughts and personal experiences that are continuously happening by the mere presence of Mohanji, a precious gift of Divine to all of us who have the great fortune to be around Him!  

Sudeep radiating


My wife Shampa, who came to visit me here in Muscat for some time, needed Baba’s help and protection to come out cleansed from many lives Samskaras, which continue to give her a lot of mental and emotional anguish, as well as physical pain.  



I just had to request Mohanji. At first I thought I will visit Him after work along with my wife. In spite of his very busy professional schedule, He accepted to visit my home instead and bless us. This is only possible with great compassion that oozes out of enlightened state of the Master. We were all touched by His immense compassion, unconditional love and great humility!  

Shampa normally feels strongly connected with Jesus and Shirdi Sai Baba only and is not willing/able to accept any other form as her Master. Spiritual workshops and retreats do not appeal to her either and I did not really know how to help her.  

The first great surprize happened the moment Mohanji walked into our house – I was amazed to see Shampa touching Mohanji’s feet, which is something she would never do just like that. She was instantly receptive to Mohanji’s energy. After the Shakipat Mohanji gave her, she underwent a deep cleansing experience and felt very light and fresh. I could see her aura totally changing in front of me – she was glowing! She felt completely dissolved in Mohanji’s energy field.  

It was amazing to see Mohanji ‘downloading’ the messages from Shirdi Baba for Shampa right before our eyes. We all felt tremendous presence of Shirdi Sai and Jesus, and were deeply touched by their love.  

Baba said, through Mohanji, that He is always protecting my wife. He said that whatever she needs in this life has been given to her and no big spiritual sadhana is needed. Her illness itself is her cleansing. Furthermore, Baba said that He has already appeared to Shampa physically and she knows that, but still does not have enough faith. She must always be inviting life, with faith in Baba, and not invite sickness and death. This way she will reach great heights in this life itself. At the same time, even I received Jesus’s communion – He said that Shampa is getting “life solution” today!  

I am sharing this in deep gratitude to the Masters who are so compassionate and unconditionally loving. This is a great miracle in our lives, enough to take us to the enlightened state, the state of ‘Nithyananda’ in which all enlightened Masters live.  

We need Masters’ grace and blessings to attain the ultimate. Spiritual practice alone won’t help. Therefore, the gratitude has to flow naturally, from the heart, before we can experience the Grace. Masters have no bias, their grace is always flowing and always available – the bridge that is to be built from our side is our gratitude… I say this out of my personal experiences with several Masters.  

Mohanji , we bow to you with deep reverence, honoring your Enlightened state, Shiva state of consciousness.  

With love and deep gratitude,  

Sri Ananda Durlabh (Sudeep) and Shampa

BTW Muscat on Jan 29th; Thaipooyam

Dear friends,     

Our last BTW Muscat was crowned by the Full Moon energies and Thaipooyam – considered to be the birthday of the aspect of Shiva called Subramanian (Lord Murugan).     

The Sweetness and Blessings of Lord Murugan

   The experience was magical. Throughout the evening, I was constantly getting the Shamballa feeling and the most subtle but powerful presence of Mahavatar Babaji. I was very happy when Mohanji confirmed it to me later on –my feeling was correct, He was there!     

(A small digression – since that evening, I continuously feel the pull to listen the following You Tube clipping with 108 mantra recitations of this Immortal Himalayan Yogi and intergalactic Master beyond comprehension:     

I must thank Sudeep for bringing this beautiful video discovery to my attention. If listened with devotion and an open heart, you will definitely feel the heat in the spine and gentle Kundalini movements…)    

The Magical Himalayas - Mahavatar Babaji and the Blessed Disciples

 The energy during Shaktipat was intoxicating and overwhelming. Right after BTW, in honor of Murali Krishna Swamiji, who embodies the consciousness of Lord Subramanian (pls read the experience of Mohanji with Swamiji from July 2009 -enclosed below), while still basking in the post-BTW bliss, we listened to the recording of one powerful Sanskrit chant in his honor. It threw us deeper into the loving grip of the energy experience in which all thoughts cease and the magical depth of the inner world opens up. Throughout the Satsang part, I kept feeling the pull to withdraw back into the inner space and keep the eyes closed (and this time it really was possible due to our friends Firoz and Lakshman who volunteered to prepare food for all of us that evening – thank you so much, it was delicious!) As a matter of fact, even when all the people left the villa, I still remained in the room to JUST BE in this magnificent energy, in deep gratitude and surrender.    

Coinciding with the Shaivic energies of the evening, we also happened to install the freshly framed  ‘life-size’ poster of Shiva, a loving gift from Dr. Pradeep Ullal (we had it for a while now, but the framing was getting postponed – as if it waited exactly for this special evening). Little Moushami was so cute when she said: “I love this picture so much – I feel like looking at it all the time. He looks so wonderful. I must admit that even during BTW I had to open my eyes a few times to look at him” 🙂     

Aditi and Moushami - admiring the splendour of Shiva image

  Aditi, who is our second youngest BTW-er and the most quiet one too, conveyed to me subsequently the following summary of her overall experience with Mohanji: “I would like to thank Mohanji and Biba for blessing me with magic in my life, leading to amazing emotional and academic achievements.”     

The Satsang portion of the evening was deeply insightful and stirred something deep within all of us. Mohanji spoke with great authority and with a Shaivic flow. I promise to transcribe it soon -for the time being, will share with you one excerpt:   

Satsang With Mohanji, Jan 29th - glowing eyes and cheeks

  “There is a lot of pollution happening on Earth, on various levels, and human beings are not able to cleanse it. In the same way, there is a lot of pollution happening in the cosmos too. The energy is released with every thought, and since so many of the thoughts are negative, the cosmos is getting filled up.     

There are some beings in the space, subtle beings/saints, who are doing a lot of cleansing of this pollution in the cosmos, which, I think, is something nobody is aware of, nobody has spoken about – because it is on a much larger plane. From that perspective, earth is one speck, one grain – cosmos is that large. And so, there are many thoughts, many energy releases polluting so much. That negativity is being cleansed by various Masters, much higher Masters, who don’t even have a body – because it is too gross. They are like scavengers, trying to cleanse these pollutions happening so that the whole cosmos remains pure.     

This is a bit too tough to explain but I just wanted you to have that thought in the mind – any thought, any sound, any kind of contamination of the earth, water, etc. affects our system, especially on the higher plane. If you do not understand the Creation, that aspect of Parabrahma, Father, or Allah, then it is too difficult to understand how the Creation after created works in each plane of consciousness. So, if we say the consciousness of Shiva, we consider that to be equal to the consciousness of the Supreme entity, within which we all exist.     

 I told you last time, how do I know when you think about me or pray to me? Because you exist within me. My consciousness expands to such a level that every thought of yours I understand, all words I understand, all the transactions I understand.     

Mohanji and the glowing third eye - at the feet of Shiva

   Just like that, we are all within the Parabrahma, the Supreme Creator. When we raise ourselves to the level of Shiva, his consciousness, we raise to the level of the Cosmic Consciousness, within which all is. You may not understand the whole concept I just said, but it is deep- let the seeds be there, let it grow. So that you at least start getting the glimpses of that consciousness, the Shiva consciousness – then other things will melt on their own. For example, even if the candle is not lit, when it stands near the fire, it will start to melt. Whatever is solidified does not have much value. When the thought is strong, it takes the space – but once it starts melting, it dissolves and the space is created. When a problem is there, it occupies our space, but when it dissolves, we get the ‘so what’ feeling and let go. In the due course of time, everything dissolves, including the body. Then, it’s only the consciousness. […]Detachment will automatically happen, but if we force it, it will never happen. Actually, the whole path is that of dissolution.”     

Then Dr. Sanjay shared that, ever since he started reading the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, he is able to understand Mohanji much more. All others who read this living book agreed.    

The entire Satsang continued with sincerity of sharing from the heart and with deep gratitude to the Existance that gives us all these amazing experiences…     

With love,     



Account of Mohanji and Murali Krishna Swamiji Meeting in Dubai – July 2009     

Mohanji came to Dubai for a few hours only just to meet Murali Krishna Swamiji. When we arrived to the apartment where Swamiji was staying, we waited for him to complete his morning Poojas and were the first ones to enter his quarters.     

The moment of Swamiji’s and Mohanji’s meeting will always remain deeply imprinted in my memory as one of those rare highly auspicious and sacred moments of life – it looked/felt like, after a long time, two powerful magnets were finally joined and the energy just exploded! Mohanji bowed at his feet and in that moment Swamiji took his hand and would not let it go for the next one hour.     

Thejus and the Glowing Cheeks - the Unforgettable Intensity of Loving Energy

  There was an immense outpour of love as Swamiji spoke for at least half an hour continuously, his leg shaking due to high energy while the “downloading process” was happening from the higher consciousness.     

I sat at the feet of  Swamiji, deeply honored by being able to witness this scene. Two of them were so deeply immersed into each other as if nothing else existed in the Universe! I observed the most loving expressions of divine intimacy visible on Swamiji’s face – his eyes and cheeks were glowing and tears were welling in his eyes as he showered Mohanji with the purest love… Even though they spoke in their native Malayalam, I could feel the deeper meaning of the words by observing Swamiji’s body language and the tone of his loving whispery voice. At one point, I simply had to close my eyes as I started to experience an immense build-up of energy within me. It felt as if, in presence of two of them, a powerful energy was unleashed, energy that is obviously natural to them, but is hardly bearable to others.     

As this field of energy hit me, my spine started burning like a living lava and then the heat slowly started building up in the back of my Anahata, as well as in the front. At one point, my Anahata was burning so much that I lost my breath completely! I remained breathless for a while, sustained by the energy, and that took me into an indescribably beautiful state of bliss… After some time, Swamiji’s downloading/monologue slowed down and a conversation between two of them slowly started to develop.     

Murali Krishna Swamiji and Mohanji, Dubai, July 2009

   He treated Mohanji with a lot of respect and offered him a chair to sit on after noticing that his knees could be hurting. I could hear the words “Dakshina Murti” and “Mahavatar Babaji” being spoken in the midst of Malayalam – that arose my curiosity and eyes would no longer remain shut. I must have looked like a little puppy in front of a tasty bone 🙂 , eager to know what’s going on, so slowly they involved me in the conversation.     

Mohanji translated for me every now and then, explaining why two of us were brought together – Swamiji said that my path is that of Karma Yoga and Mohanji’s that of Gnana Yoga, (i.e. he is meant to impart knowledge on others and I am meant to serve and support him). Swamiji said that this has already started but will take off in a big way in a year’s time and that we’ll do a lot of great Seva for humanity together because he is devoted to uplifting the helpless and needy as well. I was so deeply humbled.     

However, it was only after we came out that Mohanji explained to me fully what Swamiji said during the ‘outpour’ part – I will narrate the parts that are not too intimate for sharing…     

Mohanji said that the moment he walked in, Swamiji outpoured his immense love and compassion, saying that throughout the years he was aware of everything that Mohanji went through, that he could feel his pain, the pain that only a special soul could withstand and bear with such dignity. He spoke in metaphoric sense that “iron, when thrown into mud, will definitely rust after some time, but gold thrown into mud, no matter how deep it is, always remains gold and will shine in the same way once taken out.” Swamiji said that anyone else would have probably committed suicide if forced to face the same circumstances and that, now that Mohanji’s testing time is reaching to an end, and the “heavy clouds” are leaving, he will start to display his full stature – will start to “shine like a sun, in its full glory” within next one year.     

With regards to the pain that Mohanji experienced after losing his daughter Ammu at the age of 4, Swamiji said that she is not dead but is waiting to come back to be with Mohanji again. He said that she embodies the consciousness of Krishna and is a very high soul.     

Furthermore, Swamiji said that Mohanji carries a part of Dakshina Murti and Mahavatar Babaji within him and that his connection with Mahavatar Babaji will become more visible/prominent very soon (and connection between Mahavatar Babaji and Lord Murugan, whose consciousness Swamiji embodies, requires no explanation). He added that “in the near future we will go together to one special place of Babaji’s in Tamil Nadu” (I hope this “we” includes Biba 🙂 …).     

Smiling Hearts Melting In The Thejus

   In the end, Swamiji tied a thread around Mohanji’s wrist, reinforcing their connection, and gifted him a special rudraksha to be worn around the neck. He reinforced that we will be doing lots of great Seva for humanity and will travel to many sacred places together.     

I was truly overwhelmed by all this and it took me some time to “digest” all the information. After Mohanji told me the part about his connection with Dakshina Murti, the images of the statue of Dakshina Murti in Nithyananda Swami’s Bidadi ashram (especially its facial expression and the magical, sacred moment when the first rays of morning sun would caress his glowing cheeks), suddenly came to my mind. I used to get so enchanted by this amazing statue and could not pinpoint that mysterious something in his facial expression that was so real and familiar to me.   

Glowing Cheeks of Dakshina Murti - The One Who Imparts Knowledge Through Silence

Now all the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together…     

Divine works in the most amazing ways and its mysteries are indeed the very juice of life, the path and the goal…