“A Blast In All Directions” – Stunning Experiences and Experiments of Goran from Serbia

mohanji answers

Dear friends,

It’s been one month since, for the first time ever, I had the pleasure of having Mohanji’s company during the long-awaited trip to my country – Serbia (former Yugoslavia). His was a very brief visit of only 4 days, but it had a powerful, transformative effect…

Mohanji conducted two Power of Purity meditations, one in my home town Novi Sad, and one in Belgrade, the capital.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to be able to share this beautiful, intimate inner experience with the people from my own country – it was kind of surreal…

I will write about the experience of those meditations in my next post – would now like to share with you the experience of Goran from Novi Sad who connected with Mohanji and me very deeply ever since he attended the first meditation in Novi Sad (on April 16th, 2010). A beautiful, sincere communication/connection ensued ever since – I was deeply touched with all the developments.

A Brief Intro about Goran

It’s an honor to  introduce this unique, multi-faceted individual – a Tai Chi Master, Marathon runner, a Cardiologist, currently doing his PhD in Sports Rehabilitation, practices ‘Gong and Tibetan bowl therapy’ – but more than anything,  a sincere spiritual experientialist and a lovely human being! It was clear to me from the first encounter that he was indeed ‘ripe’ for in-depth experiences during BTW and Shaktipat because his sensitivity/purity level was already high. He stood out as the only person who was continuously smiling from within after ‘POP’

Goran was deeply impressed with the meditation Mohanji conducted in Novi Sad and said:

“The purity and Love that emanates from Mohanji is so incredibly high. It is unconditional. Shaktipat was a surprising and incredible experience, first of its kind for me. The effect of Shaktipat amazed me. I am under deep impressions, so grateful… Indeed, when the student is ready, the Master appears.

After Goran found out about the meditation that Marija (in Serbian language, ‘j’ is pronounced as ‘y’ 🙂 – please note ) was to conduct in Belgrade on May 7th, he decided to travel from Novi Sad and join in.

Before that happened, he mentioned to Mohanji that his son Dusan has a remarkable sensitivity to energy and wondered whether he should bring him along, although he is still only a teenager. I asked Mohanji and he said: “Tell him to bring Dusan. He is a high soul, a divine child. He will benefit a lot from ‘POP’.”

So friends, without further adue, this was Goran’s experience, starting with the BTW meditation on May 7th in Belgrade :-):

“Dear Mohanji, you were so right when you said I should bring my son Dusan for meditation as well. I may not be able to express my joy, gratitude and depth of the experience so well in English, but I’ll try.

I liked the meditation venue – full of positive energy. The first time I saw Marija, I felt, from the moment we met, that the instant communication at the level of Chakras was established! Her youth and serenity, inner glow… Immediately I liked her.

People slowly arrived. I stared carefully, trying to penetrate more deeply into their essence. I went to change my clothes, because I have my special clothes that I like to wear for meditation (with some black and white ornaments that I wore when I first met Biba and you in Novi Sad. I feel that this suit has absorbed great energy and creates some beautiful space around me when I wear it).

Moving on to the meditation – Marija said that she will start by invoking Mohanji’s energy and presence. Then, I can freely say that she was the right medium – it was felt immediately!

We slowly started relaxing. What happened after a while, I feel, words cannot describe! A complete feeling of weightlessness, like floating above the chair! Incredible sense of ease. Almost unreal. I had the impression that one could insert a thin cushion between me and the chair.

I enjoyed this incredible feeling, and then it happened! – I felt a gentle touch at the top of my head, my crown Chakra. What a power connection! I had the impression that I am a big energy ball, a balloon held by a tiny thread – and then the incredible joy spread up, in all directions, like a ray, but without stopping! What a feeling! What strength and sense of bliss… 

And when Marija put her finger on my forehead, the third eye, I can’t describe it – I’m feeling a strong stream of light rushing through her finger at me! A blast in all directions!

Goran: “A Blast in All Directions”

I kept feeling this flow of energy, but any expression through words is too poor to describe it! As there is a “Sun Gaze”, this has been, shall I call it, a “Divine Gaze”. Something happened to me, beautiful, and the incredible feeling of peace and tranquility, it followed me constantly.

And that smile – it was literally as if I was smiling from inside myself.

Meditation ended. After opening the eyes, I exchanged with Marija a long look that said it all. And then, something even more interesting happened. When the lights were switched on, I saw quite clearly, as if it was painted, around each participant individually, something like an aura. But then, there was more to it – I could see/feel their thoughts and feelings too! Amazingly, I could almost touch them physically, their mind! I’ve seen that surreal living blueprint in each one of them individually and the reasons why they were there!

Aura around the person shows different qualities and emotions expressed in different colors…(sourced from the net)

Four of them especially stood out – they gleamed from the sincere emotions of love. Two were females, one of them my best friend Biljana, second a lady called Tijana, and one was my son Dusan. And the fourth one, of course, was Marija – so pure and bright!

There was one gentleman who looked at my son Dusan, who was silent all the time, and said:  “He was sent here with a special purpose. Does he have something to do with Far East?” I told him that his mother is half Japanese and that he is thus quarter Japanese. And he said to that: “He is special, he is sent with some kind of a big task. He radiates so much energy.”

I was so happy, and yes, proud – as any father would be… And when I told him that Mohanji said that Dusan is a “divine child” and should definitely join us for meditation, then he was thrilled!

We stayed at the venue for another hour – time was just flying.

Dusan then spoke to me privately and said: “Daddy, I have already seen all these people who are here somewhere before, including that man and Marija.” I know that is true because it is clear to me that he can tune into the higher realms of consciousness with ease…

I shared with him my experience and he surprised me even more when he said that he too felt and saw the same ‘auras/living blueprints’ around people as I did during the meditation. My joy knew no bounds!

Then another interesting thing happened while we were outside, in front of the door. There was a man with a dog on a leash. The dog suddenly began to wag its tail in great joy, overly excited, and went straight to Dusan. The man tried pulling the dog back, thinking he may harm Dusan, but the dog was attracted like a magnet, that was obvious.

(I know from before that Dusan has a special communication with dogs, so it was really interesting to observe this – thank you Biba for sharing with me Mohanji’s experience with the dog Happy in Dubai. Dusan read the story and felt very inspired by it. The next day, he tried communicated telepathically with another dog and it worked – the dog immediately came to him and started licking his palm! Mohanji’s story left a deep impression on him…).

Post-meditation experiences

During the following few days, I saw many changes in myself and Dusan. I started having visions at night and a whole lot is now happening in my inner space.  And Dusan’s sensitivity level increased manifold. His piano classes were one sign of that.

Dusan’s piano teacher said that never during the last 5 years of practice was he able to play piano with that much feeling, beauty and subtlety. And guess what, the teacher decided that next time, Dusan should play in public!

Intrigued by all this, one evening, while holding Mohanji’s visit card and looking at his eyes, Dusan noticed something very interesting. He ran to me and said: “Daddy, I can clearly feel that this card is radiating energy – it is alive!”

Due to many years of biomedical engineering and thermovision experience in medicine, sport and industry, the scientist in me immediately decided to test this visit card of Mohanji’s through Thermovision Photo (pls note, this is not a Kyrlian photography, but something more advanced – it is done through the latest Thermovision Camera, a recognized scientific method, which is used to show visually body temperature and any kind of energy which can be transformed into heat).

Thermovision Analysis (very short and clear, simplified, so that everybody can understand):

Image 017: Thermal photo taken after holding Mohanji’s card for 30 seconds, and Image 018: Thermal photo taken after holding Mohanji’s card for 60 seconds:

Rectangle R1: Max Temp. in that area is 37.1 Cdeg – jumped to 37.6 after 30 sec!

Rectangle R2: Max Temp. in that area is 36.2 Cdeg – jumped to 37.2, entire 1.0 Cdeg, in just 30 sec!

Max temperature on Image 017 is on the small right hand finger,(37.4 Cdeg), while after 30 sec (see Image 018), Max temperature shifted to the right thumb (37.6 Cdeg).

NOTE: Two spikes on the thermal profile indicate thermal convection of the heat from hands to card. This is normal conduction process in nature. BUT, a rise of temperature for 1 deg in 60 sec, without external source of heat… not possible in strictly controlled thermal area without strong light sources, sun, or air conditioning. No pressure in fingers can produce that temperature rise, because with pressure blood goes out of the pressured area, and temperature falls.

That was a little scientific game. In the future I intend to conduct serious type of experiments to measure indirect effect of chi and divine energy.

Of course my friends, we do not need that :-). I feel all that with my heart. If you enjoyed beautiful music, you do not care which sort of wood and materials was used to build that piano. Magic is in the Maestro, not in the tools.

So sorry for my heresy of using the camera in that divine process. Some branches of science are also art, and I use my intuition to bring those divine processes to the people who do not understand. If many people understood that, all of us would be in the world with more smiles. That is why I opt to apply the science for this purpose.

To further make sure this experiment is correct, I asked Dusan to hold any other ordinary visit card in his hands (the top photo). He did so, and even concentrated to produce Chi flow in the hands. But after 1 min., the temperature remained the same – 37.4 Cdeg.

We repeated the experiment with Mohanji’s card (photo below). At the moment of taking the card in hands, there was the same temperature as above, 37.4 Cdeg. But after 30 sec, I measured a rise to 37.9 Cdeg. So, Dusan very fast, in only 30 sec experienced the temperature rise in his hands.

After Dusan, I did the experiment myself and the result was also amazing. I registered 1 Cdeg rise after 60 sec with Mohanji’s card! But then again, I am also sensitive to Chi. So I asked my elder son Nikola, who does not share this interest in Chi, to do the experiment – and we recorded a rise of 0.4 Cdeg.

For the time being that is enough of science. Now it is time for love and hugs.

Lots of love from Serbia to all of you,


Masters Speak – after BTW on May 14th

Dear friends,         

After the meditation session on 14th May 2010, Mohanji looked totally different. He was in a complete ‘Shaivic mode’. The energy was so strong that the pull to remain with eyes closed was felt for a long time after the meditation. There was strong presence of the Masters and the Q&A that followed gifted us a deep understanding about the present time.
I sincerely request all of you to read each word of this Q&A, understand and implement this knowledge in your daily life. This is the urgent need of the time.         

Present Time - all that we have


  After the meditation, Mohanji spontaneously started talking about the ‘Present Time’:         

Present time is turbulent. The best way to go through this time is to keep a very low profile. Just watch. No reactions. Performing through the intellect. No confrontations. So it will help you out of this moment.         

Some people are waiting for an opportunity to explode. The whole summer will be like that. Be in the present. You cannot escape. You have to go through it. You have to experience it. That is why situations are created to give you experiences and for you to learn to respond.         

If you see the whole universe, you see calamity in every aspect. There are upheavals at financial, political and familial level. This is the year of changes. All states and statuses are changing. Situations are changing. If you try to fast-forward now, it’s not going to help. It will only create trouble. Even at the unit level, family level, there will be a lot of pressures and chaos. There will be frictions and fights in the family.         

Turbulence on the horizon


  Outside world will also be the same way, even at political and country level. It’s a shakeup to collapse the weak. It is inevitable. With this shake up, things will change for the better. The weak will collapse. Those who can’t survive will perish. Those who can survive are of higher consciousness. Those who cannot survive are of lower consciousness. They are more future oriented and are materialistic. Those who live in the present, future will be brighter for them.         

If you cannot live in the present, future is going to be very dark for you. So, the more you expect from future, the more troubles you will have. You have to tackle the present with the intellect, with BUDDHI. Be aware of the time and relax.         

Marching confidently into the Bright Future


 Q: If someone finds him/herself in a  high position/profile, then what can be done?         

A: Exactly this is what I am saying. Whether it is a top of the family or the country, all people have their minds in agitation right now. Just watch how things are evolving. Do not react. Just respond. In this type of situation, if you think you can hold the reign, it’s bound to slip out of your hands. So just watch. Use BUDDHI and not emotion because using emotion will be bad for you and also for others.         

Everyone’s mind is like a battlefield – one spark is enough to ignite. At whatever level you are – junior or senior, in unit as well as in public, at all levels, just watch, observe and move carefully. Understand that people are creating problems for you because they are insecure. It is not because they want to create a problem for you. Insecurities are at highest level for everyone now because of the upheavals in energy levels in the world. So they would not know what to do. When they are imbalanced, the imbalance will manifest outside as well. Wait – watch – observe – respond. The more you react the more calamities will happen. It will not reach anywhere.         

Be composed - wait, watch, respond


 There is a saying, “In the feast of Ego, everybody goes home hungry.”  So that is what will be happening. More egos will come, more egoists will come up, and everyone will be/remain dissatisfied.         

Q: And how NOT to React?         

A: Ok. If you are using your intellect more than your emotion, then it automatically becomes a response. If you are reacting then understand that it is the ‘emotion’ which is working. Intellect is blocked and so unavailable. When you are using your ‘response’ power it is basically your ‘intellect’ which is in command; ‘emotions’ are not in command. Observe Your Self responding and reacting.         

Go to your spine more. Practice 360 Degrees meditation. Your push of senses will not be there. If senses are pushing you to react that indicates that emotions are in command. When emotions are in command, always the catastrophic reaction happens. It will happen at micro and macro level. Be very careful. You have to survive. Not that if you go somewhere else it will be better. NO. It is everywhere that this is happening. Read newspapers and you will know. How many people are dying every day? How many calamities are happening? Consciousness shift is clearly visible now. Those of the higher consciousness will only survive.         

Practice 360 degree awareness


  And how do you operate in higher consciousness? Start using ‘intellect’ more than ‘emotion’. You will get all sorts of questions. Just drop them. No other way. Just understand that if you are getting questions then it is your ‘ego’ that is working. You cannot do anything with ego. The more you use the ego, the more calamities will be happening.         

Message is thus: You have perfection; you have strength, rely on that. Keep the connection of the Masters – Sai Baba, Bhagwan Nityananda, and all those masters whom you are connected with and keep surrendering everything to them. They are definitely available and they are protecting. Sometimes self-reliance is not possible especially in such situations so then rely on the Masters, rely on God. Faith should not be conditional (i.e. if this happens to me then I have faith in YOU, if this doesn’t happen then my faith will be shaken). Our mind works only conditionally. If you have money I love you, if you don’t “thank you very much.” – That is how human mind works. No; it should be unconditional. Once we look at the whole perspective, higher awareness will automatically act. Before things happen we will know – that is the whole story.         

Ours is the path of pathlessness - read the subtle signs, have faith, you are always taken care of...


  Everything is temporary situation to situation. Use your intellect. BUDDHI is the stick you should walk with. Emotions must only be watched. When you are emotional, you should know that it is not essential. For instance, when you are angry, you are not involved in the anger. Whenever you want to cry, just cry because that is a sort of cleansing. You need not cry in front of all. Go to one place, be to yourself and when the clouds are too many, let it rain off. If you want to get angry, get angry – BUT, then watch yourself getting angry. Do not involve in anger. So the impact will not be there, it will not be stored.         

Q: Can we completely restrict our emotions though?         

A: Yes. Only through observation can you do that. Letting go of emotion is more of a ‘theory’ to most people. How do you do that? By watching your self getting emotional and accepting those emotions as part of yourself. Because we usually say we are emotional in a positive way all the time, but it is not so. You are emotional in the negative aspect too. So BOTH you have to accept. We can be this and we can be that; BOTH are fine and are part of you. Watch that. In that way you will lose the attachment with them. So whether it is a GOOD EMOTION or a BAD EMOTION you will not be attached with it. It will not bother you. Otherwise you will become ‘egoist’ at some point of time.         

(Question continued) So if the emotions hurt you, should you just Let Go?         

Yes. But let go does not mean theoretically. Letting Go actually; by blessing, or by forgiving, or by being detached from the emotions deep within. We are undergoing every situation. Understand that this is a part of our existence. Give importance to the situation to decipher the learning and then thank and forget. Some people stay on with the situation. Emotions are to be taken as emotions, because they are a part of you. There is nothing bad about it because it is your constitution.         

Good and Bad - integrate and move beyond...


  There is good and bad in everybody. No one is complete and perfect. Duality is part of our existence, it is like day-night, or sleeping-wakeful state. Emotions are part of duality. Everyone has a unique constitution with a bright side and a dark side. But only the bright side is shown. That does not mean there is no dark side. It is hidden. People like to present themselves properly. But your acceptance will be of your bright side as well as your dark side. You WATCH both of them….how it all works. So you will be the witness of your own emotions…. always. This will minimize the impact. Impact happens only if you are involved. The ego is hurt if someone scolds you or abuses or curses – emotions are bursting and we develop a feeling of revenge against that person. So the thoughts, words and actions become ugly and disproportionate. It will become a problem for you. But if you watch and accept them, then you are very balanced. Nothing touches you.        

Look within, laugh and rejoice - nothing can touch you!

The Healing Power of Purity – sharing by Dana

Dear friends, 

I just came from BTW meditation conducted only five days after my surgery and felt like sharing an experience about the healing power of our meditation. 

Dana and the Tulips - Embracing the Light


Being a part of ITC Ladies Social & Welfare Society, last week I promised to conduct this meditation during our monthly meeting on Tuesday (today). Meanwhile, I had triple surgery on Thursday afternoon and didn’t want to cancel the meditation since I already committed to conduct it. Besides that, I checked with Mohanji and he told me that Shaktipat would heal me further, so that I should feel free to go ahead and conduct BTW today. 

Just before leaving for meditation I didn’t feel good at all, since body is still weak after general anesthesia and even to get ready for the event was tiring for me. My neighbor Gita, who already came for the meditation in my house earlier, went with me in the same car. We reached the venue chatting, which helped me stay awake and forget how bad I was feeling. She was the only one out of around 20 ladies who knew that I had a surgery. During the committee meeting I wanted to sms Mohanji to ask him what to do since I was feeling as I will pass out any moment, but I didn’t want to be impolite sms-ing during the meeting. I told myself “Why do you need sms or Internet when you have InnerNet”(as Dr. Maya used to say) :-)? I just prayed and they already announced the meditation, so I got up giving them introduction and setting up the place. That was the last time I remember any weakness or pain… 

Absolute Purity of the Heart - makes us fly in joy


Since I was asked to finish in about half an hour, we had to skip the intro breathings. We just chanted OM thrice and I played the CD… BUT after initial 10 deep breaths which Mohanji asks us to do, power cut happened and power was back immediately, so I played the CD again. We HAD TO do 10 more deep breaths. It was a lesson for me to follow our regular pre-meditation procedure no matter what. One more reason for this power cut was there – one lady was late and the very moment she set down, and with my body language I showed her to keep her eyes closed and palms open, the power cut happened. So the since we had to play the CD again, she has done the meditation with all of us from the very beginning. 

Those who perform Shaktipat know the feeling of floating without feeling your body at all while moving from one person to another. I was so light and my tired and painful body didn’t exist at all. The only difference was a huge amount of heat which got generated – I was literary sweating while performing Shaktipat. I even felt some strange odor on my body which was not mine. I guess that all the toxins were getting released, as well as all that medicine which I got during and post surgery (and which was strange to my system since I haven’t taken any allopathic medicine since 2003). I was in a different plane altogether – old light Dana performing Shaktipat was back, and the last thing I could expect was one more power cut just before Mohanji says to bless ourselves at the end. I couldn’t play the CD again since it was almost the end of the meditation, so I just stopped with Shaktipats, set on a chair and started guiding them to bless themselves with everything that Mohanji says on the CD (I didn’t even know that I would be able to say all that! 🙂 ). I finished the last Shaktipat and told them to open their eyes (all in the same way Mohanji usually says, of course). Once the eyes were open, I asked them “So, how is your New You?” and I was actually thinking about My New Me which had no pain at all, felt so light and rejuvenated as if I never had any intervention done. Bubbly chatting started and nobody felt like getting up for quite some time. We had such a lovely experience sharing, questions which had to be answered, thought sharing,… 

All in all, nobody was bothered with the power cuts (actually Mrs. D. shared that this was the first time ever that they had power cuts during the meeting) and experience was ‘the most profound’ for everyone. Few of them shared how light they felt after the meditation, few of them shed tears while receiving blessings from their parents. Lady who came late actually practices Buddhist chants and felt so light and happy after forgiving and blessing everyone, since she was enjoying the presence of those who only smile, are joyful and relieved from any heaviness of negative thoughts and emotions carried from before… Experience was different for me (and I don’t know why I didn’t share it with them at that time). 

This was only one of many healings which I have experienced with Mohanji on my beautiful life path. Needless to mention that He (His blessings and prayers) was with me during and post my surgery which went off very well and doctor is very happy with the process of healing. Yesterday my husband asked the doctor who operated me if I should conduct meditation 5 days after surgery, since I might get exhausted. I said: “Meditation can never exhaust me, it can only rejuvenate me”… And that is what happened today… 

Gratitude at the microscopic level - sheer beauty!


At the end, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who were with me during this surgery, starting from my loving husband who neither slept, nor ate, Mohanji whose presence was constant, Dipak who was sending me Reiki healing from Delhi, Jelena who was doing bandhans for me from Rome, as well as all of you who were praying and sending me all your love and support which meant a lot. Once again I realized how blessed I am… 

And for all those who are still reading this elaborate experience sharing, I thank you for it and would like to announce that my husband got promoted and we are shifting to Delhi this Sunday. Let’s see which roles we are meant to take in this chapter of Creator’s divine play… 

With tears of joy (not pain any more), I’m sending you all my gratefulness and love, 


Comparison of Masters – a Foolish Act!, by Ananda Durlabha

The post-BTW glow


 Dear Biba,     

I would like to share with our friends the following text that I wrote  for the sake of clarity…    

Comparison of Spiritual Masters and Several Paths to Liberation     

As a seeker of Divine, I recognize that this subject is in the mind of most of us. That’s perfectly normal. I would therefore like to share with you the understanding that I have developed from various experiences with many Spiritual Masters.     

There can never be comparison of Masters or the methods they prescribe for you to experience the Divine. The guidance you receive from the Master(s) is purely based upon the path your Masters have traversed before becoming ‘Realized’. It also depends on your connection with the particular Master at a subtler plane. The connection with the Master depends on your constitution, your past Sadhanas (spiritual practices), paths you had traversed and what you need now for further growth to experience the ultimate or Realization of God.    

Two different persons with the same disease may not respond to the same medicine! This is because, though the disease may be the same (e.g. hypertension, etc.), the disease process may vary in two individuals. They are different in constitution and may require different dosages too.  Similarly, different types of paths, forms and expressions are needed in the Existence to help human beings to progress on the spiritual path. Each individual is unique. Path required for each individual will also be unique. Different paths are needed – that is why they exist. Nothing is a waste. Whatever is waste cannot stay even for a moment in this Existence.    

There are teachers of all kinds to cater to all categories of students like kindergarten, primary school, high school, intermediate, college, post-graduate & further on. A teacher of a post graduate level is not suitable for kindergarten. This is applicable to the level of Spiritual Masters as well. A Master who guides primary students in Spirituality is not valid for guiding those in the PhD class of spirituality! So why compare? All paths are valid. The Masters’ and seekers’ levels are just like your position on the education pyramid.    

Education Pyramid


 There can only be a handful of students at the top of this pyramid. Masters nurturing these students are like 24K Gold; in an extremely pure state and need to guide few disciples. These senior students are future masters getting ready to guide future students.    

There are some Masters and seekers who are like 22 K Gold. Fully pure gold does not look good from the outside and a little impurity in gold is needed to mould it into jewelry and make it attractive. So the goldsmith does not purify gold to its purest form while making jewelry.    

Impure gold appears more attractive on the outside...


 We are 24K gold by origin, but have become impure due to conditionings and afflictions. Masters who can take care of people at mass level are required to remove some impurity. The remaining impurity will be removed by Masters teaching at PhD level. 

So these Masters and seekers are somewhere at the middle of the Pyramid. These Masters should reach out to more seekers and hence need some infrastructure to guide all such beings. The programs of such Masters then need to be designed in such a way to reach out to many such seekers.     

At the bottom of the pyramid are many seekers who are just at the beginning stage, just like the gold coming out of mine. They need a Master who can address masses and impurities at a gross level. Such a Master will need a totally different style of expressing Himself or Herself and much bigger infrastructure to cater to. It’s like an 18K Gold deal – Truth cannot be delivered in its 100% pure form. Nobody will be able to digest it as they are not yet ready. So Masters guiding such beings have to be more expressive and articulate, and their methods will be mild and feel-good. They are doing a very fine job to push some beings to higher levels from here, preparing them to reach the Master at the top of the Pyramid.     

However, the expression of a Master at the top of the pyramid will be more in Silence mode as he is established at the Being level, not at the doing level.     

True Masters, Established at the Being Level, Shine at the Top of The Spiritual Pyramid


And so my friends, best is to reflect at your own development during your training with a Master and then decide on the next course for yourselves.     

No comparison of Masters or analysis of their methods is really needed. It is a foolish act.     

Sri Ananda Durlabha

BTW in Muscat on April 30th – the ‘volcano eruption’!

Dear friends,
During last Friday’s BTW we experienced a new dimension of Mohanji. It was a special, sacred and intimate experience –  first of all, the meditation was clearly fully orchestrated by Sathya Sai Baba, who gave an inner prompting to one of his very close disciples and his family to attend BTW for the first time.
Sathya Sai Baba - in Samadhi state...


 Interestingly enough, all others except Dr. Deepali and family could not make it this time (some wanted to come but were prevented by whatever obstacle in the last moment, some were out of country, and one person even came, but late, and then somehow felt he should leave – so strange…).     

During the meditation, for the first time ever, Mohanji allowed me to place my palm on his Sahasrara, as if to give HIM Shaktipat. I was dumbfounded at that moment, because I know from before that he never allows anything of the sort while in a highly expanded state (two years ago, for example, while I was still getting to know him, I was insisting that nothing will happen to me, that ‘I can surely take it’  if he touches me while in the expanded state. I literally got knocked off and slept for a few hours after he briefly touched my shoulder while in that state. After that experiential learning, he explained to me that our subtle energy meridians are not ready to withstand such an energy and that, had he touched my Sahasrara, I would have literally gotten burnt, just like a small bulb if a current of a very high voltage passes through it).
The Mighty Inner Volcano


 Having assimilated all this in the past, you can imagine how surprized I was last Friday when my right palm landed on top of his head while he was in his fully expanded state. I knew for sure that he will still have to contain himself a lot in order to enable me to withstand it, but the very fact that I was allowed to do so meant a lot to me…     

At the very first instance, the experience was very loving – his head felt so soft and warm, like that of a small baby. The experience was so sacred, so touching.
(Usually during Shaktipat I feel the hot energy flowing through my spine and reaching the recipient through the palm. In this case, the moment I placed my palm on Mohanji’s head, I felt myself dissolving as energy was entering from his Sahasrara, through my palm, and going straight into my Sushumna nadi).
My spine, and the entire inner space, soon became like a pressure cooker, filling up with this IMMENSE hot energy moving upward through the spine.  
The blissful 'volcano eruption' up the spine - a deep Kundalini experience


 There certainly weren’t any thoughts and no analytical ability at that time – mind’s labeling of the experience (like Kundalini rising etc.) happened only much later.      

  A lot has happened during that ‘volcano’ which I certainly can’t even begin to describe…    

I hardly waited to sit down and follow the pull to go deep within. By the end of the meditation, I could see myself and Mohanji sitting on the floor, at the feet of Sathya Sai Baba, who looked so incredibly cute and loving, sitting in his wheel chair – there was nothing to say, nothing to convey – a pure being state. His beautiful soft hands were all I could see clearly, and the moment they would move a little, I could feel my heart chakra expanding more, and more…
The hand of Sai - with blessings that mind can never fathom


  After the meditation I could not gather myself for quite some time and the effect of expanded heart chakra would not leave me – I was constantly on the edge of crying out of love, was so deeply touched, became so subtle, that no movement suited me. The pull was strong to close the eyes again.     

It was only after the experience sharing that I found out that Dr. Deepali too was allowed to touch Mohanji’s Sahasrara and also experienced the ‘volcano’ gushing upward. This is her heartfelt description of the experience:
“When Mohanji first conveyed to keep my hand on his head, I got confused with this unexpected gesture. It was a very unusual gesture. What surprised me is that, for the last 2-3 Fridays, I was thinking of giving him Shaktipat. But I kept quiet; considering it was a foolish idea! He gives Shaktipat through me, how can I give him his energy back! But I was a fool.
I was shy initially, but soon became comfortable. What I felt inside was entirely different experience. Mohanji was completely hollow from inside. His body formed a papery thin boundary.  I have given a few Shaktipats till today, but never felt anything like this before.
I felt a huge volcano inside, churning, full of energy and sometimes erupting out. I kept experiencing. His Sahasrara was extremely soft, like butter. Churning went on for some time, settled for some time, and then again, that energy oozed out through his Sahasrara and entered into my full body through my Sahasrara. It formed a continuous flow of energy between that divine volcano-his Sahasrara-to my Sahasrara. It appeared that there were no two individuals. That was complete merging. Duality disappeared. He then indicated to stop. His beautiful Namaskar after that melted me. I felt like crying but I had to complete giving Shaktipat to remaining people.
Though I have seen Mohanji in his real form, this experience proved that his existence is beyond that. He is not the way we see him. This experience reminded me of the story of Lord Krishna and Yashoda where He gave ‘darshan’ of complete universe in His mouth to Yashoda!
The sentence ‘Mohanji, I am grateful to you for this experience’ does not actually convey my true feelings because, with this experience, he took me beyond words and questions.”
All in all, we were both speechless and deeply grateful, aware that we have received something so precious from/through Mohanji – we literally experienced his consciousness… 
The energy in the room was amazing. Deep bonding happened between all of us present. We were like one big happy family  and, as always, nobody felt like leaving…
Blissful expressions: Mohanji with Moushami and Sudeeksha - our youngest BTW meditators


  What to say my dear friends – surprizes and blessings never cease…    

With deep love and gratitude,