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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 35 & 36

But generally, every day, the teaching that I’ve picked up from Mohanji is a possibility for something new. We can always be looking at things afresh, seeing what else we can do, looking at what other opportunities are there, what else is out in the world, and how we can do more. And this also brings a fresh perspective to my own life as well. There’s more acceptance: Okay, this is where I am, and I have these capabilities; what can I do? This helps with clarity; there’s not so much confusion. Thus every day can become an opportunity where we can try something, reinvent ourselves, do something. Sometimes hang-ups have come in the way for me here, though, as well, so I have had some insecurities pop up, or I didn’t think I was capable of doing something.¬†

friend of world, Living with a Master, serving a living master

Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 7

“Get it moving” is a phrase you hear Mohanji say a lot when you are working closely with him. He is practical, and rather than discussing ideas, he wants to see action. Results. Because that means people in the world are being benefited.

“True wealth is what we give to this Earth and not what we take” is one of my favourite quotes from Mohanji, and I’m learning by living with him to increase my capacity to move into action.

Living with a Master

Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 1

One of the things which Mohanji had said to me when I took up this position, and also where I am now, spending time with him at home in India, is that there are many people across the world, who would love and are craving for the opportunity to see him physically and be in his presence. So, never forget that. And do what you can to serve those people, so that you can, through some way of your own, share the experience and give people a feeling and a flavour of what it’s like to spend time with me.

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