In the company of Masters

By Eric Elbers, Canada

The story of the MyDattatreya website


It is often said that travellers on the spiritual path should keep good company. Being an avid reader and living in a household where the members generally have other than spiritual interests, I found reading about the life and teachings of spiritual masters an inspiring and enriching experience. Paramahamsa Yogananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Anandamayi Ma, Amritananda Mayi Ma, and many other elevated human beings became my daily company, my teachers and my spiritual nourishment. 

Therefore, it was only a matter of time until I would learn about Shirdi Sai Baba, his life story as penned down in the Sai Sat Charitra, and next, the amazing story of Sathya Sai Baba. When reading about these masters, they would, as it were, come alive for me and indeed did become my daily companions. It was also a time when I was in transition from a spiritual path that had centered on the Sound Current and the Radha Soami teachings to more broad-based Hinduism. I felt attracted to Amritananda Mayi Ma and her teachings on compassion. I recognized that my reading, to a large extent, was an intellectual occupation, and I felt drawn to more heart-based spirituality shown by the amazing ‘hugging saint.’


Then, in 2017, in an honorary magazine issue dedicated to Sathya Sai Baba, I read an article by Mohanji, in which he told his life story and his relationship with Sathya Sai Baba, who had been a turning point in his life. I felt immediately attracted to Mohanji and saw an opportunity to help an up-and-coming spiritual master in his mission. With time, a master attracts a core group of devotees around him who help and support him. A master who has been teaching for decades may have thousands of devotees and a hierarchical structure in the organization, but a master who is beginning his mission may still be approachable and welcome devotees to help him in his work. Such a Master was Mohanji. I emailed Mohanji and requested permission to start a meditation group based on his guided meditations. Very shortly, I received a reply that Mohanji had already become aware of my request even before it had reached him and had given his blessings.

In the summer of 2018, Mohanji came to Canada to dedicate an ashram in Ontario with a prana pratishta ceremony to inaugurate and empower the Ganesha, Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai Baba idols. That became an opportunity to meet face-to-face with Mohanji, who was very kind and enquired about my spiritual journey and how I had learned about him. I told Mohanji that it was my desire to serve him in his mission and become an ’outstanding’ disciple to him. This wish was fulfilled the following year when I was invited to participate in the Acharya training at the Canadian ashram, led by Mohanji himself. Mohanji told us that the correct way to measure living masters is not how many devotees they attract, but how many new masters they develop. The Acharya program was designed to develop such ‘budding’ masters. What a blessing to have been invited to participate!


During the Acharya training program in the summer of 2019, which lasted four days, I heard Mohanji many times refer to ‘the Tradition.’ I had no clue what tradition he was talking about, but it sounded intriguing to me, and soon thereafter, I learned about the Dattatreya tradition. That’s when I realized my love for Dattatreya. Even though I had grown up in a devoted Christian family [the Dutch Reformed Church], my intense reading had groomed me to recognize the immense stature and power of the Dattatreya tradition—the tradition of Avadhutas and liberation. To me, Dattatreya was not just another spiritual master, deity, or a great story, but I recognized him as the original, divine, spiritual teacher [Adi Guru] taking on many embodiments. This teacher is Divine Consciousness Itself, Supreme Reality, taking many incarnations to engage with souls to guide them back home. All the Masters I had read about were part of Dattatreya, the Supreme Teacher. This Teacher is Supreme Consciousness Itself, loving his emanations, Souls, and guiding them to Himself.

I felt I needed to give expression to my love for Dattatreya and wrote to Mohanji that I wished to work on a website dedicated to Dattatreya, documenting the great masters of the Dattatreya tradition to let people know about their lives and sublime teachings. Mohanji replied back “Yes, this needs to be done.” Encouraged, in November of 2019, I started a Facebook Group dedicated to the ‘Peerless Masters of the Dattatreya Tradition.’ Since its start in November 2019, this group has grown to more than 2250 followers, sharing news and stories about the Dattatreya Masters.

In the spring of 2020, during a Zoom Call with Mohanji Acharyas, Mohanji suddenly asked, “Is Eric there?” When I responded, he asked me to start working on the website for the Dattatreya tradition. Then, with the help of the Acharya Board, an international group of nine Acharyas was formed, and we started working on the documentation of the life and teaching of the Dattatreya Avatars and Masters. Thus, the MyDattatreya website was born. Seeing the success of the ‘Friends of Dattatreya’ Facebook Group, a Facebook Page about the Dattatreya Masters, named ‘MyDattatreya’ followed in the summer of 2020. This Page has now attracted 1348 followers.

Lord Dattatreya with Mohanji, Contemporary Datta Master


Due to the Covid pandemic from 2020 to 2022, travelling was restricted, and very few events were organized. So, as soon as it was announced that a Mohanji-led trip to Shirdi, India, would be held in December 2022, I decided to attend. It had been a long-standing wish of mine to visit the home of Dattatreya Avatar Shirdi Sai Baba. This was the chance. I also had desired to meet with Devi Amma, a living Saint in Bangalore, and spiritual daughter of Sage Agastya and Mother Lopamudra, and seek her blessings. Fortunately, I was able to combine both visits and was graciously welcomed by Devi Amma during a 30-minute private visit.

When we were speaking about Lord Dattatreya and the Masters of the tradition, Devi Amma shared a very interesting insight. She said that the incarnation of Dattatreya, as the embodied trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, had occurred due to the Divine Mother, the Shakti energy, requesting Supreme Consciousness, Shiva, to take birth as the trinity, so devotees could directly connect with the trinity of creation, sustenance and dissolution. Shiva agreed, and the well-known birth story of Dattatreya enacts this. It illustrates that it was the trinity which visited Anasuya, the pious wife of Sage Atri, during lunchtime while her husband was absent and tested her piety. And it was at Anasuya’s request [symbolizing Shakti] that the three gods agreed to be born to her as the trinity; hence, the child was named Dattatreya [Given Trinity].


Baba made me do an involuntary parikrama (circumambulation) when visiting Baba’s Samadhi Mandir for the first time in Shirdi. I entered the temple around 4:30 pm and, as is the custom, took off my shoes at the entrance I had arrived at (there are five gates) and placed them in a nearby rack. It was extremely busy in the temple with long lineups, and it took about one hour to complete paying my honours to Baba. By the time I got out, it had become dark, and moreover, I exited at a different location which I did not recognize. 

I had never been to Baba’s temple. This is a large place with buildings and crowds everywhere. It was very, very busy, but I had no choice but to start walking around the temple in my socks, looking for the rack with my shoes. Many different entrances, crowds everywhere, but no shoes I recognized. So, I made another round, and then another, and then another. No easy walking on socks on the very uneven, pebbly pavement. Clumsy and uncomfortable. After about an hour, I became more and more confused and shared my plight with a guard. Actually, three guards [trinity?] and it was the third guard who took pity on me and took me around the temple (again), visiting all places with shoe racks. And there are many! 

Finally, I was ready to give up the search and buy flip-flops for the rest of the trip, assuming my shoes had found a new owner. However, after another half hour of walking around the temple, right at the very end of the search, I spotted my shoes near Gate 3, where they of course had been from the very beginning. I was elated and relieved but also exhausted from circumambulating Baba’s Samadhi Mandir on socks for 90 minutes. Only Baba knows why he wanted me to do a 90-minute parikrama around his temple on socks, but in the end, he had mercy upon me.


Another interesting and very heart-touching experience happened on the final morning in Shirdi, on the day of my departure back home to Canada. During the previous evening, I had met a group of Mohanji devotees from the Philippines, and we had discussed returning early in the morning to visit Dwarkamai, the place where Baba had sat next to his Dhuni [sacred fire] and receive visitors. I had not been able to find the place yet, but it could be challenging to schedule a visit because to be there at a quiet time, one has to start very early in the morning. And it was going to be a long day of travelling. 

But, surprisingly, I found myself awake and quite alert at 2:00 am, so I decided to make my way to the Temple. I was very happy to see my Philippine friends again; the temple grounds were still very quiet, and we had a wonderful time walking the grounds and spending time sitting and meditating in the Dwarkamai. 

Two notable surprises occurred on that last morning in Shirdi. The first one happened while we were circumambulating the beautiful and graceful Neem tree, still alive, under which Baba had chosen to sit during his first visit after arriving in Shirdi as a young lad well over one hundred and fifty years ago.  He sat there in meditation, rain or shine, and appeared to Shirdi inhabitants as an introvert yogi, having arrived mysteriously from an unknown source. While we circled the tree, suddenly, a few Neem leaves gently whirled down and landed at our feet. Excited and deeply grateful, we collected and shared these few precious leaves from the otherwise bare pavement since they are such a rare and prized possession for Baba devotees!

Next came a really big surprise. While ready to leave the grounds after having spent time meditating in the Dwarkamai, a Temple Guard suddenly appeared from nowhere and handed me a large gift bag wrapped in orange cloth. “Here, this is for you,” he said and walked away. I was stunned and surprised. My friends excitedly said, Oh, look, you have received a gift from Baba! What a blessing!” When I opened the bag, I found it was filled with diverse prasad: flowers, coconuts, fruits, sweets, gift cloth, etc. Indeed, a sweet blessing and departing gift from Baba.

Gift from Baba: A leaf from the Neem tree near Dwarkamai


We all have different constitutions, unique talents and weaknesses, and unique histories. On top of that, we travel different trajectories towards our shared destination, a complete merger with Supreme Consciousness, also called The Divine or God. Some of us are quick-witted and quick learners; others are sensitive with a great capacity for feeling and compassion. Some of us are visual, some auditory, some intellectual and some intuitive. For me, the journey has never been accompanied by great visual experiences or cinemascopic adventures, although at times I wished it would be like that. Instead, the Divine has come as a cat on quiet feet. He has come as a whisper, an insight, a calm knowingness. While others report remarkable meetings with a diversity of Masters, to me, the Divine Presence, the Master, and Mohanji in particular,  came as a quiet companion, a deep feeling in the heart, a nudge, a wink. Rumi called this Presence ‘The Friend.’ I call it my Companion. It is Consciousness Itself, also represented by Dattatreya.

There is no way we can separate ourselves from Consciousness, nor can Consciousness separate Itself from us, since Consciousness is what we are. We ARE THAT, Consciousness Itself. We are living, breathing and moving consciousness. All talk about Self-Realization is about removing the veil of illusion that we are something else. There is no need to grow into anything, to change anything, or to become something, because we are THAT already. We are Dattatreya.

In essence, we are victims of identity theft, the mind having stolen our true identity. Therefore, it can be said that we are victims of misidentification. We identify ourselves with an illusory personality produced by the mind. The master helps to lift this veil of illusion when our legs are strong and stable enough to carry the weight of our true nature.

My spiritual journey started nearly fifty years ago by connecting with the Audible Life Stream, also known as the Sound Current, Nada or Shabda, the Voice of God resonating through the universes. This sound of creative energy is always with us. It sings through creation in a divine play of creation, sustenance and dissolution. It starts as the primordial sound of AUM and branches into the Music of the Spheres, God’s Voice resounding in His Creation. 

Nada, the audible Life Stream, the light and sound of God

Over time the Sound Current has become my constant companion, a high-pitched eeee, at a slightly different pitch in each ear, merging in the centre of the head. It is the flow of the creative energy, the kundalini through the nadis.

During Dattatreya mantra chanting on Zoom, each Thursday morning at 7:00 am [PT]], at some point, the Sound Current ‘descends’ and becomes a presence that takes over. Hands and feet start tingling with the live energy flowing through the body system. It is like being plugged into a high-voltage electric wire. That is the Sound Current, the presence of Dattatreya.

These chanting sessions are open to all, and participants have reported also experiencing this high energy. By connecting to the chanter and the chanter connecting to the Sound Current, together we are wired to this Divine energy that flows through the universe as the creative, sustaining and dissolving force. The force of the Trinity. The Energy and Presence of Dattatreya.

Om Dram Sri Gurudeva Datta

Humbly submitted at the feet of my Master Mohanji and my Lord Dattatreya.


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Empowered 2.0 – Part 4

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

Day 1 – Empowered 2.0 – Being You online workshop with Mohanji has just taken off! We are all on our way to becoming the ultimate version of ourselves. Mohanji describes this as being very powerful and akin to the state of Being You, which is his core teaching. He asked us to rethink how we view ourselves and others in society. We tend to look at people purely based on their position, possession or relations. This is a severely handicapped perspective. We are much more than that, he said ever so gently.

Breaking patterns is paramount to accelerating our journey to liberation. Being aware of how easily we get stuck in comfort zones from lifetime to lifetime had a sobering effect on alert ears that listened in full awareness. There were a lot of priceless gems that Mohanji taught us today. 

Remember. Even as Mohanji talks to us in the physical world, he is simultaneously working on us energetically. So be open and receptive and stay fully connected to every moment. Today is also a solar eclipse so enjoy harnessing the powerful energies during your sattvic practices.

Day 2 with Mohanji has kicked into high gear. Today our rapt attention was drawn to how time influences our spiritual journey. Hundreds of delegates understood what the major hindrances were in this age of Kali Yuga. The big lesson was not to accept anyone else’s notion or opinions without close scrutiny and careful analysis.

Mohanji spoke about a plethora of other precious pearls of wisdom. To name a few, some related to the illusion of relationships and how it limited connection to that specific role, notions connected to concepts, over-dependency, and stability of the mind and methods that will purify us. 

As always, much of his time was also taken up answering burning questions that came up and talking to new people. It was wonderful to see their awe and excitement at making a connection to Mohanji’s beautiful presence beyond the physical dimension. You have to be there to experience Mohanji in his full glory.

Day 3 with Mohanji revealed so many precious life-changing insights about the Power of Purity and how guilt and regret connected to the past weighs us down. Mohanji looked us deep in the eyes and said becoming a ‘time rider’ will keep us stable and fast-track us to sublime heights of bliss state. This is how we become unshakable amidst the chaos that life throws us.

Patterns transcend lifetimes and should never be underestimated. They create our realities, life and environments. Although everything else will change, patterns will remain a subset of our reality from lifetime to lifetime. Most people get stuck without ‘grace’ oiling the roller coaster wheels we call life but not us!

Mohanji discussed the binding factors that we need to be aware of and what elevates stress and abnormal behavior. Another huge learning was understanding how insensitivity to people and situations disrupt our lives.

Get to know the pulse of the people around you, and this will help us deliver stable outcomes. Mohanji gracefully covered blind belief systems and fears of an imaginary God because it comes up a lot from people wanting to migrate to a higher level of understanding.

Having the noblest intentions is a great purifier, said Mohanji ever so lovingly. Sincere love flowing from our hearts is unmistakable. Be yourself fully. Be love unconditionally. So, I guess this means we become Mohanji in essence! 

Day 4 workshop was the first of two sessions conducted by our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree. It was a sublime day of sacred practices energised by Mohanji’s energy. Many felt the shift at different levels regardless of how long they have been doing these techniques and the Power of Purity meditation. 

Day 5 with Mohanji resumed with exhilarating lessons about how stability ultimately takes us into the depths of silence. People walk to the last bit, then become disillusioned and stop just before fulfilment. In his loving and gentle way, he also advised delegates to be aware of the fluctuations of the mind, which is ruled by patterns.

So many lessons came up about the over-analysis of the intellect, ownerships, personality-driven decisions and the innumerable struggles we go through because of being trapped in cyclic patterns. Our inflated mind asks for everything.

Another big one was the lure of temptations. Like the tragically beautiful song of mermaids who caused innumerable shipwrecks, the suppressions and denials of temptations lead to the downfall of faith on the path of liberation. Mohanji said ever so lovingly that we must enjoy it, taste it, do not deny it but express it in moderation. He warned us not to fall prey to relationships, learning, people, senses because it binds us. 

We learnt that doubt is the key that evil uses to enter the unsuspecting mind of a person and use it as a vehicle. Be very aware of this trap. A key learning here was that an enlightened person operates from the level of righteous duty as opposed to that of the ego-mind. Mohanji then went on to introduce us to a beautiful Guide to Stability. This is an ingenious and most invaluable tool that will keep us firmly on the path to liberation. So exciting! 

Day 6 – the team made an exciting announcement. There is an upcoming Empowered 3.0 workshop with Mohanji from 26 February to 6 March 2022. Great news for those of us so immersed in the beauty of Mohanji’s magnetic presence without presence, and the opportunity to see him again leaves us breathless with excitement! 

Mohanji always starts the sessions amidst enthusiastic, joyous greetings from the delegates. He hits the ground running, leading us into subtle aspects that are normally difficult to digest. Mohanji talked about feelings from the physical body and the soul, respectively. That led to understanding the differentiation between dynamic change and the unchangeable state. 

Be consistent with your sadhana; he reminded us ever so gently. As stillness increases, so does witness-hood, and the latter happens spontaneously. He laughed and chided us, saying if we chase rainbows, we will get water vapour! Desires shift the mind, and we have to flow with the mind to decrease our resistance. Mohanji said he was not here to spoon-feed us. He said he was here to give us ideas so solutions would happen spontaneously. 

He went on to warn us about escapism which leads to excuses about why we cannot achieve completion in our lives. The mind is kept unstable by time. The frequency of this time is instability; therefore, it is important to trust your guide. Mohanji discussed how egoistic feelings of positions, possessions and relations delude us. Avoid regret and guilt at all costs, came the loving warning.

We were encouraged to use our imagination at all times. It is a catalyst for beautiful things to happen in life. Be aware passivity and indifference lead to regrets and guilt. Mohanji encouraged us to use our vision to visualise where we want to go in life. Many more pearls of transformation were delivered to us ever so lovingly. 

Day 7 shone ever so brightly with the exuberance, grace and competence of our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree Tottungal. What a trip it’s turned out to be! Subha expediently took us through the powerful Pause Technique, Feel Technique and the Coloured Ball meditation. Delegates shared so many incredible experiences about Mohanji’s divine guidance, which came to them as they experienced major shifting whilst practising in their own time.

The big lesson was watching in a detached way. Not doing anything, just watching; not, being pressured or pushed by the mind into action. Delegates shared how the Pause Technique is helping them reign in their turbulent emotions during challenging moments. Subhasree beautifully explained how we would find out who we truly are as we stabilise and get deeper into states of stillness. 

Mohanji had discussed the koshas, which acted as ‘deep’ pockets for deeply buried memories and, more often than not, the source of great pain – not only from this but other lifetimes. Delegates got more clarity about the churning they were experiencing. Such is this great wonderful adventure we are on with Mohanji. Truly, Mohanji has to be personally experienced for us to understand the depth and scope of the transformation we are currently experiencing.

Day 8 with Mohanji rocketed us to even greater heights. We got an alluring taste of what the upcoming power-packed Creating Masters 3.0 online workshop is going to be like. 

Following the usual welcome of Mohanji by the delegates, it soon became apparent that an extremely rare master class was in session. Mohanji dived right in, and we all followed. We learned that layers of past life impressions are made up from impressions of this and past life experiences. Emotion is the glue that makes it stick. Then Mohanji said, ‘now we are getting serious!’

He explained how this binding descends into all our realities. The huge learning was to fit into ourselves right now. When we are present, we become the presence! Anyone who has personally experienced Mohanji’s powerful, mind-blowing presence will understand the life-changing import of that statement. High-level functioning aspects like witness hood is only available in the present state of mind. We learned this is where we need to be.

Mohanji lovingly reminded us that we must become ‘Surf Riders’ in the flow of life. This was just a glimpse of the depth and scope of what we will be learning in order to become Masters. As we well know, Mohanji does not want followers, just masters. Many other elucidating concepts were delivered to us gently in bite sizes to allow us to grasp the depth and range of mastery. 

Final day 9 with Mohanji came to a dramatic close. Delegates were decidedly emotional and heart sore that this beautiful dance of transformation had come to a temporary halt. Mohanji started by recapping the superb learnings of the previous days in his disarming and easy to understand fashion. He described the Feeling Technique as being a key to achieving a seamless flow to life.

Feel feelings coming and going like bubbles, he said ever so lovingly. Feel life. Don’t just live life. Feel hungry for life. Feel nature. When nature becomes you, there is amazing connectivity.

He delivered yet another frank and sobering nugget of wisdom, saying we are like donkeys carrying a lot of weight on our shoulders, and we have no idea why we are carrying it! It was indeed sobering to picture this in our minds. We unconsciously accumulate karma without realising that we are carrying mountains of it already.

Emboldened by the learnings of the master class, we simply refuse to be donkeys carrying dead weight! We are shedding the baggage to keep up with our glorious Master, who is only interested in creating Masters. In the lifestyle of mastery, we are reducing the burden to step out unbound, unfettered and free of our mind cages.

Mohanji says that our soul is looking forward to completion. He laughed and described us as tactless gamblers who keep missing the point of taking a life and keep coming back.

Mohanji took the time to answer deep and insightful questions from delegates. From the quality of their questions, great dramatic shifts were immediately apparent. The Q&A continued with our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree, who was sorely missed yesterday. 

A highlight was our beloved Andra Bayliss serenading Mohanji with a song whose beauty touched him very much. Acharya Maheshwari Mohanji, the genius behind much of the social media strategy, is the epitome of compassion and kindness. She quickly filled us in on finding Mohanji’s incredibly potent and highly transformative blogs. 

Mohanji reaches out to find those of us destined to power walk with him in this life. Undoubtedly, there is no greater blessing. Beloved global family, we meet again in February 2022 for the Empowered 3.0 master class like no other. 



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The lock is broken

By Arun Vathavooran, UK

I have had some knee discomfort for at least nine years now. I remember the first time I discovered it; I had an issue in the knee around Maha Shivaratri time in 2012. It started with mild pain on my right knee, which I initially thought my body’s response for keeping awake all night for Shivaratri, but it lasted for a while. I saw my GP (Family Doctor) and was told that I had anterior knee syndrome and was recommended to rest. I took their advice and rested; it helped, but the discomfort didn’t disappear. I learnt to live with it; in general, it was OK unless I did a long stretch of walk or heavy lifting.

I went on a holiday with my family to Sri Lanka in 2013. While there, I managed to get an appointment with an orthopaedic consultant to check my knee. The doctor examined my knees and said, “I think you are lining up for surgery, but I would suggest delaying it as much as possible. You seem well and healthy in your thirties, so it is in your hands to look after your knees by being extra careful and not straining the knees.” I took his advice and tried my best to avoid strenuous activities to the knees.

In 2016, I had the blessed opportunity to undertake the Kailash Parikrama with Mohanji, and then the thought about the doctor’s advice came to my mind. Somehow, I managed to discard that thought and joined the pilgrimage with Mohanji. I have to say; I completed the outer kora Parikrama by walking more than 80% of the 52km trek. There is no doubt this was made possible only through the pure grace of Mohanji. My deep connection to Mohanji formed, and I got busy with my life and serving the world.

In 2019, I became a Mohanji Acharya. I attended a nine-day intensive training with Mohanji in Serbia with another 49 members from the Mohanji Family. At the end of the training, Mohanji blessed each of us with a very special and sacred Rudraksha Mala, which was energised in a very particular way. All the Acharyas keep that Mala as our most precious procession and wear it while performing as an Acharya, serving the world. Mohanji advised us to dip the Mala in sesame oil for a specific duration of time before using it. As per Mohanji’s guidance, I had dipped the Mala in sesame oil overnight and then washed and started wearing it. After that, I have used that oil to apply on the body but kept some leftover oil in a small container.

Last year (2020), my friend Vignesh Anna was doing a distance Mai-Tri session for me for some other reason. After the session, he mentioned that there was some fluid collected in my right knee joint, and I should go and see my doctor and check it out. At that time, I didn’t have any symptoms. Further, getting an appointment with a GP was also not so easy those days due to the peak of the pandemic. Time went o few months, around December 2020, I developed severe pain in my right knee. As usual, with the attitude of acceptance and surrender, I ignored it and continued with daily life. However, the pain increased within a few weeks to the extent that I couldn’t sit cross-legged on the floor to do my Kriya practice and other regular sadhanas.

One of the days in the 1st week of January, early in the morning, I received telepathic guidance from Mohanji during my Kriya practice. The guidance was to take some turmeric tablets as medicine for knee issues. I immediately ordered some turmeric tablets and started taking them the following day. In the meantime, the pain increased day by day, and I found it is very painful to walk around the house to do my basic tasks. It took a lot of time to get up from the bed and get moving around. However, I managed to do all that to the best of my ability. I also decided to seek medical advice and managed to get an appointment with my GP.

Arun with Mohanji – Acharya training Serbia

After a short examination, the GP ordered an X-ray and mentioned to me that I had some damage to the knee cartilage. She referred me to see an orthopaedic consultant surgeon for further diagnosis and treatment. I managed to book an appointment with a leading consultant who specialises in knees within a short period of time. The consultant examined my knees and explained that he suspects cartilage damage and a cyst formation as a result of that within the knee joint itself. He seemed very confident but recommended an MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis. He further said, most likely, we would have to do keyhole surgery to remove the cyst and fluid. He further said that he could also fix some aspects of the cartilage at the same time as well.

In the meantime, I was recording a video for Mohanji Tamil Facebook page with other Tamil Mohanji Acharyas and volunteers. Everyone knew that I normally sit cross-legged on the floor for such recordings. However, I was sitting in a chair this time. This was very unusual, so I had to mention about my knee issues. My Acharya sister Sathya messaged me after the program recommending me to apply some of the sesame oil that I had used to dip the Acharya mala (that oil become energised and demonstrates healing properties). I took her words as Mohanji’s guidance and applied it immediately. I continued to apply it to my knee every night for a while.

During these days, I had a call with Acharya sister Subhasree regarding some organisational matters. I mentioned my knee during the call, and she said she would do Mai-Tri for me that night. The next day she messaged me, saying, “I had completed Mai-Tri last night; Mohanji said to drop all your fears”. I was a bit surprised because I was not aware of any fears. I used to have many fears, but I have lost all of them in the past five years, one by one since meeting Mohanji. I am aware that fears can stay in the causal layer and surface when things are right for them to manifest. However, we won’t be able to recognise them until they surface up. As we move on the spiritual path, our Master will make sure that all such fears would surface so that we can face them and eventually drop them forever and progress in the path of liberation. Now my problem was how to face it without knowing what the fear was. I thought the only thing that I could do was surrender it to Mohanji. I hadn’t mentioned this to anybody but surrendered to Mohanji in front of his picture in my home shrine. I said to Mohanji, Father, I accept that I have some fear within me that I am not aware of, I surrender it to you; please do the needful for me to progress on my path.”

Then, I spoke to Subhasree to get more clarity. She said that it seemed like the fear of something was binding me like a chain to my right leg, which was the source of the problem. She also said that this was definitely from my past lives and advised me to surrender to Mohanji. Further, she has recommended that Mohanji’s “Connect to yourself” process could help me to drop my fears. I immediately joined the special Acharya program conducted for Mohanji’s birthday and took part in the process. I felt some deep relief and the feeling of something leaving me during the process and the next day.

After a few days, I spoke to my Acharya sister Moushumi about something else and casually mentioned that I had knee pain (I didn’t say anything about the background). She said she will do a Mai-Tri for me and did on the following day. After a few days, I received a message from her saying, “Anna, I was doing Mai-Tri for another person but received some guidance from Mohanji to do Mai-Tri for your knees, so I have done a session even without asking you. I felt that there was some block at the start, but a big chain and a lock that was binding your knee were broken towards the end. Now there are some wounds after having a chain there for a long time. But I feel you will feel better soon.” I replied, thanking her but did not have an opportunity to speak in detail.

In the meantime, I completed my MRI scan and waited for a follow-up appointment with the consultant. I continued to take turmeric tablets and applied energised sesame oil to the knee as well. In a few days’ time, I felt some improvement in the knee; I felt that I could walk without much pain but sitting on the floor was still difficult. I received a letter from the hospital that my consultant appointment was scheduled for 11th March (Maha Shivaratri day). They suggested that I elect to have a telephone appointment since this was a follow-up and a physical examination was not necessary (In a medical secretary’s view, it was an appointment to confirm a routine surgery and fix a date for the operation and discuss pre-operative tests).

I have decided not to stay awake all night for Maha Shivaratri this year because I couldn’t sit on the floor. However, the day before Shivaratri, I received a message from my friend and Acharya brother Rajesh Kamath asking me to join the Homa that Mohanji was going to initiate for Shivaratri. His message said, “Please join the Homa if you can; Mohanji is doing it after a long time. It is a big blessing. The last he did was in 2019 July in Kailash. These moments are rare and don’t come often. That’s why I am pushing all the close people I know to join.” I took this as Mohanji’s guidance and decided to join the Homa.

I decided to sit on the floor cross-legged as long as I could. I was so determined that I should sit on the floor at least until Mohanji was performing the Homa (For me, sitting in a chair while Mohanji performing the Homa was unacceptable). As per the instructions, I joined early and looked forward to the Homa. Quite unexpectedly, Acharya sister Subhasree called my name to start the chanting until Mohanji initiated the Homa. This was an unexpected treat because I had the blessed opportunity to lead the chanting of my favourite mantra, “Aum Hreem Aum Nama Shivaya,” on Maha Sivarathtri day.

As usual, Mohanji joined promptly on time and initiated the Homa at 1:30 pm UK time as planned. I had made an intention (Sankalpa), saying, “With the grace of Mohanji, the fear that is binding me and any other unwanted things that I carry, be burned to ashes in this Homa fire.” Then I closed my eyes and sat there in front of the Homa (by zoom) connecting to Mohanji.

After a while, my phone rang, and I realised that my consultant was calling. I answered the phone, and it was indeed him. He asked about my pain, and I said it was much better, but still there. Then he said, “To my surprise, no abnormalities were found in your MRI. Your cartilage, ligaments and everything looks perfectly normal apart from minor wear and tear at the end of a muscle outside the knee cap, this is expected for your age, and I don’t think we need to do anything else unless you are in severe pain. Even if you have pain, I would rather recommend some pain management rather than surgery.” I replied that the pain has substantially reduced, and I was happy to leave it as it is. I asked him if I have to wear a knee strap or anything to support, but he said, “No, you don’t need anything as such. Your knees looking absolutely normal; carry on with everything as usual, unless you develop any pain.” After thanking him, I ended the call and went back to the Homa.

Looking back now, I realise I had sat cross-legged for almost 15 to 16 hours (1 pm to 6 pm next morning with minor breaks for stretching, refreshments etc.). I didn’t have any pain at all! I have started to do everything as usual from that point onwards. I am writing this after a week from Shivaratri, but I have no complaints about my knees.

In summary, Mohanji has healed me by breaking the chain of fear that I was not aware of. I have to say that the beauty of the gift from Mohanji (Mai-Tri Method) is that it goes into the causal layer and removes the impressions at the seed level, even before they manifest as an ailment. Also, looking at my connection to Mohanji – I connect to him as my Guru (remover of ignorance), but he plays many roles in my life at various times. To name a few, a father (correcting mistakes when needed), teacher (imparting knowledge), protector (sending messages about upcoming health issues for prevention),  guide (giving guidance at crucial moments in life), friend (laughing out loud together when there is an opportunity), healer (through many Mai-Tri practitioners), doctor (giving a prescription to get turmeric tablets), therapist (suggesting therapeutic massage with energised sesame oil), dietitian (giving dietary advise through many channels when needed) and so on. It is important to note that he fulfills everything through various instruments and also direct telepathic messages. I surrender my thoughts, words and actions at his holy feet.


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Kalpataru Series – A day of grace and gratitude

Mohanji Laughing

By Chitra A S, Kerala, India

Mohanji has always taken care of our wishes, small or big. We realise at some point how beautifully he fulfills our wishes. I am thankful to the Kalpataru – Mohanji, The wish-fulfilling treeseries through which I would like to share how some of my wishes have been fulfilled by Mohanji and his instruments.

I had been noticing on FB the photos of Gapless Breathing done in various places. I always wondered how can I experience this powerful technique given by Mohanji. Since this is a very special technique, it only happens either on Retreats or in Acharya Programs by Mohanji Acharyas, that too only by a few who are trained. We did not have any Acharyas in Kerala who could do it. I felt I will receive this when I am eligible. So, I surrendered my wish to Mohanji.

A few days later, I messaged Subhasree and I thought of inquiring more about this training. By the end of the conversation, we had an Acharya program planned in Kochi in about 8 days, where she would conduct Gapless Breathing! She was only briefly landing at Kochi airport en route to her in-law’s place and such a program was not in her agenda earlier! I had no words to say besides thanks to Mohanji for fulfilling my wish so soon through his Acharya.

There was barely one week to arrange the program! We had no idea how many people would attend at such short notice. Nevertheless, we decided to keep it simple, organising it in my house and I conveyed the information with all the people locally that I knew. Subhasree was happy with the arrangements and we finalised the program. I was on top of the world. I could see how beautifully Mohanji was arranging this, as that day it was also the special Bhagavat Gita day and Guruvayur Ekadasi. I felt this was Mohanji’s immense blessing for me to arrange such an event at our home. Mohanji was not only fulfilling my wish, but he also blessed me with such an opportunity. I say it was Mohanji’s blessings because we were in a dilemma of whether to arrange a hall or to do at home, as we only had very few days and not enough publicity. I finally, did a ‘lucky dip’ in front of Mohanji’s photo to see where this program should be conducted – in the hall or at my house,  and the answer was ‘at your house.’

As the days were passing, initially, I was a bit worried about getting enough participants. Then I realised why should I worry about it? It is Mohanji’s program and Mohanji should decide on who can join the program. I surrendered wholeheartedly to Mohanji. I am just a participant here and was very excited as my wish of experiencing Gapless Breathing was getting fulfilled.

Subhasree and I
Subhasree and I


Mohanji heard me. My anxiety of who will be the attendees of this programme was taken care of him in such an amazing way. It was a leela of Krishna himself, which I realised a bit later. I wish to share with all of you some incidents that happened during this arrangement and the program.

One of my friends from our M family gave me her friend’s contact number to invite her and I made a call to that person. The lady on the other side felt sad because she had booked to travel to Bangalore and so would not be able to attend the program. I messaged my M friend about it and she asked me to call her again to request her to share the information about this program with her group of friends. So, again I called that lady. I could hear the lady sobbing and she started talking to me, “Madam, I was thinking about ending my life when you called me first!” I was shocked as she shared her story. I talked to her for fifteen minutes (Although using ‘I’, the words that were spoken to her for soothing her pain was entirely chosen by Mohanji) and she changed her unnecessary thoughts of suicide. I promised her a Power of Purity Meditation session soon. For me, it was a big shock initially which turned out to be a surprise at the end and I realised that Mohanji had operated through me.

After 4 days, I felt like calling a retired teacher who had come for a Power of Purity Meditation previously to my house, but she also had to attend a wedding that day. She, however, asked me for a Mai-Tri session for her neighbour some days later. But again, in the evening, for some reason I felt like calling her again to call her and invite her to attend the program in the afternoon if possible, with that neighbour. While I had slight hesitation thinking if it will look like I am persuading people to attend, later that evening I called her. I told her to avail of this great opportunity and asked her whether she really had to attend the wedding (did I just say that?). She cried saying that the wedding was not at all important and she needed to attend the program of Mohanji and shared a brief history of hers in a hurry. This came as a shock to me! I then realised it was indeed Mohanji who wanted me to contact her! But, my ego wasn’t allowing me to do so for hours. So, the Tradition decides who should attend, for sure.

pic 2

(This inspiring quote was sent to me by our Anitha Nandakumar when I conducted a POP Meditation at my house previously).

While the preparation for the event was going on, I had messaged Subhasree that I only had a Malayalam version of the book, ‘The Power of Purity‘. She spontaneously suggested that she would bring some books with her.

Finally, the day came, Subhasree arrived in Kochi and we received her from the airport and brought her to our house. After a short break and refreshments, we were ready to start the program. I was already feeling so happy that in spite of the short notice, we were about 10 of us. Before starting the program, Subhasree handed me the following things. I was delighted and speechless. I couldn’t get the words to thank her. I hadn’t expected her to bring all these things for me. A program of Mohanji in my house itself was more than anything I could have expected! This in itself was a surprise for the whole family and the participants who would be present that day!



I was speechless to see yet another leela of Mohanji and how he fulfilled my wish!

Yes, I had wished to get Guru Leela books and I also needed Mohanji’s cards, which I had struggled to get hold of. It was so sweet of Subhasree to bring all these things from the UK for me, which I understood that Mohanji fulfilling even this wish of mine. These were not simply books and cards, but pieces of evidence that Mohanji listens to us and fulfills our wishes.

As I started reciting the Bhagavat Gita and the Vishnu Sahasranama, slowly the rest of the participants joined me and we completed the chanting with devotion and focus.

Next was the power-packed Gapless Breathing session. Blood started circulating rapidly in the body during the session, which can be seen in the photos (all the faces were red). We could exactly experience the feeling of being a baby in a mother’s womb, feeling protected by our mother, thus giving us an assurance that all of us were within our favourite God or Guru and were protected by him/her.

gapless breathing

After the lunch break, we had the Group Mai-Tri session. This technique is also very special and for the first time, we were blessed to experience this. Only a few Mai Tri practitioners can conduct these group sessions. Once again, we were soaked in the powerful energy of beeja mantras, calling Dattatreya, Kali Maa, and Mohanji, and invoking the entire Guru Mandali. I really enjoyed this and didn’t want it to be over. But, the time flew by so fast and it was time to wind up.

When we offered Aarati to Mohanji, my eyes were filled with tears of gratitude, devotion and total surrender. I couldn’t thank him enough for fulfilling my wishes with so much compassion and even giving me more than I expected.

pic 5


After a tea break, everyone shared their experiences on both the sessions and Subhasree shared many Guru Leelas of Mohanji. Inspired by her, we all started to discuss our own experiences and we all felt joyful and rejuvenated after the powerful sessions. All the attendees were new to Gapless Breathing and the group Mai-Tri. Everyone felt high positive energy throughout the sessions. Some were new and hadn’t seen Mohanji yet. Gapless Breathing was breath purifying and group Mai-Tri was deeply cleansing.

These were the lovely words spoken by the participants.

“I was feeling tired and now I am feeling energetic and happy.”

“At the end of the session, my heart was filled with love, I felt joy and the pain in my leg seems to have decreased.”

“I’m feeling peaceful, silence and happy.”

“I saw Mohanji holding my hands firmly and went down some steps, and then saw myself with my family having some discussion. I’m also having a deep sleep.”

“I’m feeling happy and contented.”

“I have asthma, but now I am feeling comfortable after the breathing session. The group Mai-Tri felt powerful and I want to have individual Mai-Tri soon.”

“Earlier I had breathing trouble and I thought I had some heart issues. After Gapless Breathing, I’m feeling comfortable. Sometimes I used to feel negative energy and I felt like it was going away during group Mai-Tri. I’m feeling free and positive now.”

“I’m feeling happy, peaceful and grateful for having experienced such a beautiful session. It was an awesome experience. I used to sleep at 2 am because of the high humidity with only a few hours of sleep, but after this program, I’m sleeping well from about 9.30/10.30 pm.”

Thank you to Subhasree for being Mohanji’s instrument in conducting this beautiful program at my home.

My humble pranaams to you Mohanji, please let your grace be available to everyone through all of us. May everyone reading this post receive abundant grace from Mohanji and the Guru Mandali.



Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 6th February 2020


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Dreams of reality

Mohanji 8

Four powerful dreams are presented here which show how Mohanji does not need his physical body to connect with people, heal, assist or convey messages. Read on and relive the experiences of Jyoti Bahl, Shyama, Deloshni, and Pramod.


A dream or not a dream!

by Jyoti Bahl, India

Jai Mohanji!

I would like to share with you an amazing experience that happened recently.

One of Mohanji’s devotees, Harmeet, messaged me that her friend had hurt her toe against the bed and that her condition was really bad. She asked me to pray for her friend and to send healing prayer. As I am not into healing, I just closed my eyes for two minutes and prayed to Sai Baba and Mohanji. I just said, “I don’t know anything, I can only pray in this situation. This is the best thing that I could do for her. She’s in pain right now. So be with her.” After this, there was nothing in my mind. The next morning I was watching a video sent by someone about Shirdi Sai Baba. The message in the video was that without a guru, you can’t reach Baba Sai. So I listened to that video and I had a nap.


I had a dream. In that dream, I saw Mohanji sitting in front of me and I could see that a satsang was happening. Mila was playing around and so many activities were taking place in the form of a satsang. Mohanji was sitting in the center, and people were singing bhajans. After some time, I saw Mohanji sitting near me and I was pressing his feet. This seemed so real, that even now I can feel his feet. I was pressing his feet and suddenly he showed his two toes to me, which were totally swollen and covered in blood. I asked Mohanji what it was as I was not happy to see him in this condition. Mohanji shared that he had taken on a devotee’s pain and that only I would be able to heal this. I was surprised as to why Mohanji was saying, “Only you’re going to heal this!” I’m not a healer. I’m nothing actually, I’m a big zero. Soon this dream got over. On waking up from the dream, I was thinking, “What is this Mohanji, I didn’t understand this dream?

Mohanji 3

Then I started with my daily routine activities. Around two o’clock in the afternoon, I just sat in my puja room. Suddenly this revelation came to my mind. Oh my God! Mohanji had taken on himself the pain of the lady for whom I’d prayed yesterday. So I immediately called Harmeet who had asked me to pray for this lady. Harmeet had sent me the picture of one toe that was hurt the previous day. I didn’t know that two of her toes were hurt. So when I called Harmeet, she told me, “Di, her two toes are much better now and the doctors having ruled out a fracture, have tied her two toes together.”

I was taken aback! Mohanji had also shown me two toes. This is what he had done. I don’t have words to express as this is how a Master works.


Mohanji’s affirmation for protection

 By Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Being a part of the recent Mohanji Acharya training in Serbia was a blessing and a privilege. The training was intense and comprehensive with everyone learning so much from Mohanji.

Mohanji 2

One of the presentations that showed me a glimpse of how Mohanji works beyond the comprehension of my mind was Ivana’s presentation on Mohanji Transformation Method. It really was amazing and made me think of things that I’m not normally aware of. Negative energies and entities exist and can affect us, whether we believe in it or not. As we were leaving the hall, somebody said, have sweet dreams tonight. I laughed and agreed. Then before going to bed, I wished Mina who was sharing a room with me, sweet dreams of Mohanji and golden light and she gently said, “Wish you the same.

Mohanji light

I don’t have dreams very often but had one that night. Mohanji was in a satsang hall and I was somewhere outside the hall doing some work. Suddenly I heard Mohanji say very loudly and sternly so I could hear this outside the hall, “Those who don’t belong here can leave.” Initially, I thought he was referring to someone in the hall. Suddenly I felt something pulling the shawl of my dress. Realising something was not right, I started running towards Mohanji and the hall, calling Mohanji’s name repeatedly. The unseen force that was pulling my clothing was strong, as I was trying to hold on to it. Suddenly I felt Mohanji say, “Let go of it,” as I was running towards him. As I run, the shawl vanishes. Calling his name I woke up, it was a few minutes after midnight. I remembered Mohanji saying negative energies are at their strongest from midnight to 3 am.

Although quite shaken, I realised the power of protection from Mohanji, of connecting to him and chanting his name. I’m guided to say these positive affirmations in my mind.

I’m Mohanji’s beacon of light.

 I belong to the White Tradition.

 I’m here to add value to society.

 I’m filled with love, compassion, and light.

 I’m merged in Mohanji’s golden light.

As I said these repeatedly, I calmed down. I’m eternally grateful for Mohanji’s protection in all states of my existence (waking, dreaming, and deep sleep). I know he’s holding my hands and will never let go, taking care of me with so much love. Just as I started to type this experience to share with the others in the Acharya group (I couldn’t go back to sleep), Sanjay Bhai from Canada shared this picture with me. I really wanted something tangible for comfort and I received a wonderful sign from Mohanji to confirm he’s always there. Thank you Mohanji for the wonderful timing in sending me this beautiful picture of Sai.


Two days later, during the training one morning, Mohanji gave us all the affirmation for protection to chant in the morning, night and when needed. I was amazed to see the similarities between the affirmation and what Mohanji had guided me to say when I woke up from my dream. I am deeply grateful for the love and connection I experience with Mohanji, it’s his grace and blessings that we think of him at all. Dearest Mohanji, I remain in gratitude, humility, and surrender at your feet.



Dreams of purpose

By Deloshni Govender, South Africa

During the recent year or two, I have not had such deep yearning to be in Mohanji’s physical presence like I used to when I first met him. I am ecstatic if I can see him in person but if this doesn’t happen, I don’t have any regret or unfulfilled wishes. I feel him with me always.

This time when I left the Acharya training, I was the only one from South Africa who was not staying for the retreat and there was just this tiny part of me that wished I could have stayed. I didn’t give this too much attention because I was more than happy with the time spent with him.


Yesterday around 3 am, I had a vivid dream. I was still in Serbia and I was leaving a remote venue with a few people. We were in a taxi leaving for the airport. I was in the front passenger seat. I know this was Serbia because the driver’s seat was on the left and I sat on the right. Had this been a creation of my subconscious surely the driver’s seat would be on the right like it is in SA (which is what I am used to).

I see Mohanji in white approaching the car, so I exit to give him a seat. He sat in the front passenger seat and I then went to the seat behind him. As I sat, he gripped my left ankle and I was shocked. I told him that he can’t touch my feet as he is my Guru but he said that he was removing something.

The next thing I remember is that I was at the airport. The dream continued with me missing my flight for some reason, paying for new tickets and getting lost. No one would help me.

I feel strongly that he showed me what he prevented me from experiencing had I stayed on longer in Serbia. He clearly also removed something from me during that dream. Maybe it was that tiny desire to stay on longer? He has shown me with this dream that he allowed me to stay for the retreat because I had this dream after the retreat had just ended.

Since returning from the training, I have seen even more tangible signs of how hard he is constantly working on us.

Eternal gratitude at the feet of Mohanji and the Guru Mandala for all they do for us…Protecting us during times when we must go through experiences, removing experiences which can be karmically removed and supporting us unconditionally through it all.

No matter what experiences life may have for me in the future, I have no fear because I know that my Master is already there.


Blessings from the Master

By Pramod Nair, UK

On 5th October 2019, I had a beautiful dream where I saw that I was with Mohanji.

Mohanji was dressed in a white kurta and mundu. I was so excited to be with him. I was just walking behind him. My excitement was like a child who got to see his father after a long gap. Like a bee hovering over the beautiful flower, I was just by Mohanji.

Mohanji 5

 Mohanji was smiling and looked very happy. Mohanji suddenly turned and looked at me and said “Pramod! By the way, my work on this earth plane has begun. People will soon know my intention and purpose. We have a lot of good things to do before we leave this earth. After the project takes off, it will be on autopilot mode, there will be chosen ones who will steer it. The rest will be taken care of. I will then go into silence.

 ”But Deva what about me?” I quipped.

You do not worry, be assured I am always with you. Blessings and keep smiling.

When I woke up I knew it was a wonderful experience, as I could recap everything very clearly. It was not just a dream to forget. It was a message by Mohanji about his work for everyone on the earth plane, not only for me but for others who love him and also for those who have not met him physically.

 Love and Pranaams at his lotus feet.




Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 7th November 2019


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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— Mohanji Testimonials Team

Thankful, grateful, and blessed


By Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Preparations are on for the 4th Mohanji Acharya training in Serbia in October. I am very blessed to be attending this training again. The excitement of being able to see Mohanji in a few days time is growing day by day. Messages on the phone about the details of travelling, booking accommodations and transport in Serbia are taking place. Emails are being exchanged. As all this is happening, I’m reminded often of the many joyous moments that I had experienced during the Mohanji Acharya training in Canada, that I attended in June 2019. It was a privilege to attend the programme, to be a part of a very special group and spend so much time in the presence of Mohanji during that week.

There were many times when we were not even sure if the training in Canada was going to happen. Dates were changed a few times too and I was beginning to think that I would not be able to make it due to work and home commitments. But Mohanji’s grace was at play and a wonderful group of people met in Ontario, Canada for the 3rd Mohanji Acharya training. It was a small group. 15 excited people looking forward to the training were joined by 5 already trained Acharyas.

Acharya group
Acharya group

Every day brought so many beautiful moments. Words are not enough to express the joy and love we all received from Mohanji. Sitting at his feet, soaking in his energy, and learning from the Master himself, it was more than a dream come true. And the Mohanji Canada team were simply wonderful. They welcomed us like family, worked so hard to take care of us all, and gave us so much love. My heartfelt gratitude and love go to the whole team for all their hard work.

As Mohanji says, “Most relationships are conditional, based on expectations, if you do this for me, I’ll do this for you. It is sometimes transactional. But in a spiritual family, it is never transactional. It is never conditional and there are no expectations. Love is unconditional. When you are in such a family, you know you are at home.”

Despite the many uncertainties of where to have the training, the final decision of the venue made all our hearts sing with joy! We were in the most beautiful place, surrounded by nature. There was a lovely pond, acres of woods, unusual birds and friendly chipmunks who were a joy to watch. However, having a Shirdi Sai Baba temple at the venue, along with statues of a beautiful Lord Dattatreya and other deities, filled the entire premises with so much energy.



Each day left us with memories to cherish. One such memory is taking a special photo with Mohanji. One day, Mohanji came into the training room, wearing a beautiful red vest top and a colourful bandana. He looked so cute and during the discussions in the morning, I was thinking it would be so lovely to have a picture with Mohanji in this attire. Usually camera shy, I tend to hide away when pictures are being taken and I was surprised at myself as this thought persisted during the course of the morning.

As we broke up for lunch, Mohanji, as usual, spent a few minutes speaking with those who wanted a few moments with him, before going in. As I hovered near him, Mohanji finished speaking with the last person and turned towards me with a smile. Unsure if I was troubling him with my request, I hesitantly said, “Mohanji, you look so beautiful, can we have a picture with you please?” Without any hesitation, he promptly said, “Of course, does everyone want one?” It was a unanimous, “Yes please!”

M with shyama
Mohanji with Shyama

Mohanji patiently stood near the doorway while each person took a picture with him. Taken by George, the pictures were stunning. The vibrant red of the vest, the bandana, and the cool shades made Mohanji look so amazing. But most of all, the words on the vest, ‘Lifeguard’ was just perfect! The loving Guru, the Eternal Charioteer, the Guardian of our life and soul, was fulfilling yet another loving wish. Thank you dearest Mohanji, for this precious picture that we are all blessed to have.

Laughter the best medicine

During the training, we were all asked to do a short presentation. Although much better at it now, the thought of public speaking leaves me a nervous wreck. As it got closer to my turn, I could literally feel myself turn to jelly. Most people were wonderful at presenting and it was inspiring to watch them speak with so much confidence.

Jaya, who spoke at the end, is a beautiful person. She has an amazing capacity to remember all that Mohanji was saying. If during the group discussions I had a doubt, I knew she will have the answer. Her turn was at the end, and as with the others, we expected Mohanji to ask for feedback from the group.

After a few moments of silence, Mohanji started laughing. He was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down his face and he was rocking from side to side. I really thought he might fall off the chair. It was hilarious to watch him and we were all laughing not knowing why, but because his laughter was so infectious. In between the laughter, he managed to tell us what he was visualising and of course, that made us laugh harder. Mohanji, in the end, said she’s like a cuddly teddy bear with an AK-47, verbally firing away at the audience with her superb knowledge.

After feeling so tense, which I know was very unnecessary, it was a great way to finish the day. All the tension melted away and I was left feeling so grateful to Jaya who made Mohanji laugh so much. Jaya later said she felt deep gratitude for the grace and blessing to have been the cause for making Yogi Nath Shiva laugh! I have never seen him laugh like this in the years I’ve known him and am so grateful for this joyful memory. As you can imagine, I’ve got a huge grin on my face while writing this.


Lotus feet

One day, during the mid-morning break, Mohanji stayed back in the training room, talking casually, while a few people sat around him, near his feet. A couple of the ladies started to massage his feet and I know what a blessing it is to have such an opportunity. It happened so naturally and it was beautiful to see the joy in their faces. Wishing I could join them, I just sat and listened to the conversation flowing around me. Being an introvert is a nuisance at times, especially when one wants to be physically near and interact with the Master. But he knows each one’s inner-most thoughts and blesses us in the most unexpected ways.

On Thursday mornings, abhishekam (ritual bathing) to the Shirdi Sai Baba statue is done in the temple. On the first Thursday of the training, we all had the privilege of watching Mohanji bathe, dry, apply perfume and decorate the statue. Mohanji’s focus, love, and reverence while performing the rituals were amazing to witness. The energy created was so powerful and it enabled us all to feel Baba’s presence very much. We were also fortunate to take part in this abhishekam.

The day before Mohanji was leaving Canada, on Thursday, abhishekam was being done again. I was watching the Canada team do the rituals, their love for Baba mirroring Mohanji. Suddenly Sanjay beckoned me forward. Giving me some perfume oil in the hand, he asked me to apply it to Baba’s feet.


I was overjoyed! Sitting at the lotus feet of Baba and applying perfume to the feet that felt so much alive, I felt as if Mohanji was fulfilling my desire to massage his feet. As I realised this, my heart simply melted. Tears of joy and gratitude formed. It was also a reminder to me that Mohanji’s physical form represents the Tradition which encompasses all Masters of the Datta Tradition. At that point, Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai, and Mohanji, all became one. I was at the feet of the Tradition, being showered with love and blessings. My most humble and loving gratitude to the Masters of this beautiful Tradition.

Kailash to Canada

A couple of days after the training had started, when talking with one of the Canada team members, I realised that Mohanji was leaving Canada two days after the training finished. We had all made arrangements to leave on the last day of the training or the next day. I had made plans to be picked up on the last day too.

The morning after this conversation, I was thinking to myself that I would love to stay the extra night to spend more time with Mohanji. I was reluctant to ask anyone as we had to vacate the house as planned and I did not want to trouble anyone from the Canada team, they were already doing so much for us.


At lunchtime, I was walking towards the lunch hall, speaking to my husband back in England. Suddenly, I realised Mohanji was feeding or watching the chipmunks on the bird feeding stand and George was taking photos. Not wanting to intrude, I stepped aside and put my phone away to be silent.

As Mohanji turned to go inside, he spotted me lurking near the bushes and said, “Ah Shyama, come inside.” A little startled at this unexpected request, I thought perhaps Mohanji wanted to ask me something about the UK team and followed him inside.

Mohanji was about to have his lunch, and so sweetly, asked me to join him. I don’t know why, but I was so surprised that George had to literally push me into one of the chairs to make me sit down. And the first thing he said to me was, “When are you leaving for London?” The in-dweller of our hearts, the one who knows all our thoughts and desires, gave me the opportunity to tell him my plans and also ask if I could stay an extra night. And ever so graciously Mohanji said, “Welcome, welcome any time,” leaving me feeling totally accepted and loved.

Staying that extra night and day with Mohanji and the Canada team fulfilled another desire, something that I had not consciously wished for, but think of, almost every day. It has taught me with no room for doubts that our thoughts, whether positive or negative, make a huge impact on our lives. Mohanji says, “What you talk to yourself is your destiny. What you talk inside are commands to the inner universe which the outer universe reciprocates. Watch your thoughts.”

During my Kailash pilgrimage in 2016, after the dip, I had watched a couple do pradakshina (circumambulation) to Mohanji on the banks of Mansarovar. Their love and devotion to Mohanji were palpable and I had thought how very blessed they were. The prayer below is one of my favourites and whenever I say it, I would remember this incident.

Sign of surrender

On the last day of Mohanji’s visit to Canada, after the morning aarati, while he was standing before Baba, we all did pradakshina (circumambulation) to Mohanji. What a wonderful blessing it was to do pradakshina to the Guru who is the focal point of my life; the centre, source, and essence of my life.

This was something beyond a desire or a wish. I don’t know what penance I had done in the past to deserve such a divine blessing. We were all emotional, knowing Mohanji was leaving in a few hours. Our hearts were overflowing with love, devotion, and gratitude. As we prostrated, Mohanji’s feet were being washed with our tears. Every time I think of that moment, my heart expands with love for this precious gift.

“When the mind is with the Master, you are with the Master. When your body is with the Master, there’s no guarantee you are with the Master. Your mind is elsewhere, that’s where you are. It’s not that you’re not visiting Shirdi or you are not in Shirdi, it doesn’t matter. If your mind is in Shirdi, you are in Shirdi. If your mind is with the Master, you are with the Master.” Mohanji

My Acharya training was something which was beyond what I had imagined. Many more incidents, all filled with grace, reminds me that when we surrender with love, humility, and gratitude, grace flows. I recently read this quote, “Life is a series of thousands of miracles. Notice them.” With Mohanji in my life, this is so very true. Big and small miracles remind me that He is with me and within me, every moment.

May I always remain thankful, grateful, and blessed at his lotus feet.




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