Gapless Breathing

my ride with mohanji
Gapless Breathing, Healing experience, Mai Tri, Miracle experience, Protection experience, transformation experience

My ride with Mohanji

I met Mohanji for the first time in October 2017 and have been meeting him regularly since then. More than the teachings and the worldly activities of Mohanji, what attracts me to him the most is the stillness he carries and the energy he exudes. Every time I visit him, I just plug into his silence, and I enjoy that silence within myself so well. It is like a drug for me, intoxicating and invigorating but never incapacitating. In addition to that, he always pushes my awareness a notch higher every time I meet him.

Ulla Shiva
experience of bliss, Gapless Breathing, Homa experience, Meditation expereince, Power of Purity Meditation, Spiritual journey, transformation experience

Shiva – the place where all rivers meet

While listening, I could feel Mohanji’s energy very tangibly inside me moving up my spine to the top of my head. I spontaneously began to see inside my head the different teachers and Masters that I have connected with and all the different processes that I have practised at different stages in my life. It then dawned upon me that the driving force, the connection and the source of all experiences behind them were Shiva.

Acharya Training, Gapless Breathing, Healing experience, Kalpataru series, Life experience, Lord Dattatreya, serving a living master

Kalpataru Series – A day of grace and gratitude

Mohanji has always taken care of our wishes, small or big. We realise at some point how beautifully he fulfills our wishes. I am thankful to the “Kalpataru – Mohanji, The wish-fulfilling tree” series through which I would like to share how some of my wishes have been fulfilled by Mohanji and his instruments.

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