The Divine Symphony

Written by Jelena Pribicevic (Serbia)

Jelena 1

I heard about Mohanji in 2013. The first thing I read about Him is that He is a Guru who finds you. when the time is right (it was a text in “Life Positive” magazine). Drawn by the text and its vibration I continued to follow Mohanji and his writings online. I started practising the Power of Purity meditation on my own.

The following year I had the privilege to attend Mohanji’s Satsang and meditation and to receive Shaktipat. He also hugged me and that hug expanded my heart and rejuvenated it. Since then an incredible and intense inner connection with Mohanji began. I would receive answers from him through dreams and various ideas/suggestions about my energy healing work and ways of spiritual progress would usually come during meditation.

Jelena 2

During our last Power of Purity meditation I saw Shiva, Vishnu and then Mohanji appeared.  When I rested my head on his heart I saw/experienced his true form and size. I saw that his body is just like a shield that he uses to communicate with us in an easier way. He is not that body, he is the entire Universe. Endless. I was like a baby rocking in the bliss of the Universe and the Grace I experienced made me cry from joy. I could see the way in which Mohanji communicates with us, how he guides us and leads us Home. Words fail any attempt to describe something so grand and omniscient.

Jelena 3

When the meditation completed, I saw vibhuti had appeared on my trousers. I was completely amazed and dumbfounded. I just knew it is a very great blessing. My mind objected and tried finding other explanations. I asked Mohanji and he said, ” Presence can be manifested in various ways. Let your faith lead you.” Indeed, faith is all it takes for grace to flow.

Mohanji is like the one who plays his melody all the time and we are like radio receivers. It is necessary that we get tuned properly to be able to communicate with him. Once we get connected, we begin to sway in that blissful rhythm in a Divine Symphony.

I am grateful for all the grace and blessings.

With love


Mohanji – Infinity

Written by Sanja Obradovic (Serbia)

Sanja 1

This is a story of Sanja Obradovic, who suffered the presence of a horrific entity in her body for most of her life. Through a dramatic excorcism that Mohanji conducted in his physical absence, through Shaktipat instruments – Devi, Hana and Dejan in Feb 2016, Sanja was free to start a new life. Her experience sharing after one of the Power of Purity meditations in Serbia in February was really touching and inspiring. This is how she described this experience: (Remember, while this is happening, Mohanji was physically absent in Serbia. He was in India and not in Serbia)

I was born on 16th February, 1968. I’m not very talkative, but will, briefly, in my own way tell you about the road I travelled with Mohanji. I will tell you the story that has its beginning and end. Unfortunately, and fortunately, our road started at the dark side of the universe, the space where there is no peace, light, flowers, trees, mountains and nothing of all those wonderful earthly and divine beauties.

Since I was three months old, there was a presence of a being of high intelligence and multiple transformations, which settled in me when I was 12 years old and turned my life into chaos and madness.

There was only one way for him to leave, and that required faith, serenity and love. I have acquired these in the meantime, but above all I needed Mohanji, because now, I was ready to let go. 

What is this man? Who is this man? Where did he come from? What is the reason? What is this human mind? It is infinite.

While kneeling in front of Mohanji, half-conscious, lost in space and time and in the distance, I heard a voice, “Let go, Sanja”.

“I would gladly let him go, but he is refusing to let me go,” I am not the one saying it. And it continued, day after day, year after year.

On a beautiful sunny day, 8th February, 2016, Mohanji (Non-physically), Devi, Hana, Dejan and I, made the circle, the final round and brought this story to the end. The being of high intelligence was asked to return to universe with love and find its peace.  I am thankful it has gone and taught me a lot. This soul is saved and I was born again. I see the light and I see the light of the day.

Now I sing mantra, I hear chanters – they do not disturb, dogs’ barking – I am not afraid… I cry and smile, grateful for everything, everything that is. I am.

A firefly, a spark and a busy bee,
landed on my palm,
made my day, my life,
sensible and calm.
And as Pava listens quietly,
looking for a solution,
I see in him my salvation.
Now I can continue, from where I paused
for this road,
many a stumble and fall has caused.
Surrounded by people, silence crushes me,
pain is in my chest, and the din follows me.
What’s going on, how it happens,
that even with them, there is loneliness?
Ring tightens, squeezes ever stronger,
who was it that made my happiness bitter.
And I asked myself, “Is there happiness at all?”
In this waste bin, over flown.
As I call on God and pray for salvation,
from waste bin I hear the voice of redemption.
I listen a little, defy the din,
and take that friendly hand that offered has been.
And so I walk slowly
to meet the sun, on the road of happiness,
not all in this bin is ugliness.
When I clear this life’s swirl,
then my soul in peace will hurl.
A life novel for all of us writes,
but not all in a book fits.
Passing thoughts are mighty fast,
but sometimes they stop and last.
They create a film, frame by frame
when all is considered there is a sense of almost fainting.
While looking at life as if on painting,
it seems it takes place in quick sand.
Dragging me slowly, ever more deeper,
and the fear grabs me, madness at hand.
I accept all as God’s gift,
for this is a mental shift.
Mire pulls me, fills my mouth
and all my life to my eyes is brought.
I cannot see, I am left without hearing,
whose quiet voice is to my soul hollering.
There is no firm ground beneath my feet,
only this soft muddy seat.
But then comes God’s own gift,
my Guardian Angel pulls me from mud swift.
His strength throws me in a deep whirling abyss,
here in the darkness, there is no peace.
The demons of darkness are tightening the ring,
and my hands and feet strongly binding.
My voice was stolen by an apparition,
I beg of you, dear God, grant me salvation.
A cry tears from the blackest dark,
extinguishing every soul’s spark.
I woke up not so long ago,
but do not see life as a permanent flow.
The attack left no mark,
the memories are not so stark.
But still, when I close my eyes,
before them monsters arise.
It has been long and I’m wasting,
how many monsters this maze is hiding?
The feeling is here, but slight
God, lead my soul to the road to light.
My verses have a dreadful cast,
because the soul feels a cold storm’s blast.
That’s life, one might say,
because in the darkness he did not stay.
Has anyone stumbled in rain,
while a stranger his thoughts tried to rein?
I may seem to blunder,
but life is full of wonder.
All this may not make sense,
but the fear grabs my soul with suspense.
Such weight, I could not have imagined
but strength I have recovered.
I’m spinning out of circle,
the others are stronger lads,
intelligent being’s descendants.
Now it spins me like a cat
but to that I will put an end.
Beholder you are, and artful,
but you will be defeated by my love’s pull.
I love myself and all that is mine,
you’ll go back to dark chambers thine.
There is love in me and happiness and brightness,
you will be chased away by God’s holiness.
God is in everyone, he has me strengthened,
go to your master in the wasteland.
Shine, you creature cunning,
because in me love is dwelling.

Sanja 2
Sanja Sharing her experience at the POP meditation

Sanja 3

And so, Mohanji and I have come to the very end – knowledge and awareness.

Love yourself
for once,
you will be alone.
Know yourself,
for dark is frightening.
Hug yourself,
to avoid monsters attacking.
Rock yourself,
thank your mom.
God is in you,
you are not alone.

Thank you is not enough, there is no word, there are no words which can describe it, but if you could gaze into my soul and my heart you would see eternity.

I am grateful to all spiritual fathers who have shown me the way I was to tread, the way to Mohanji, the Master of love, light and simplicity.

Born again

Beyond the Doors

Written by Tatyana Povarintseva (Macedonia)

Tatyana 1

The experience I would like to share proves the truth about the unity of all Masters. I hope it would be an inspiration for all seekers of truth.

It happened during the Power of Purity meditation in Macedonia on March 9th, 2016. I mention the date and place here so that other participants can recall their experience as I know that the meditation was very special and unusual for other meditators.

2 Satsang in Macedonia
Satsang in Macedonia

A couple of minutes after the beginning of the meditation, I received Shaktipat. During this process I saw a ray of light coming from above, entering my body and expanding inside. It opened itself like a fan unfolding 360 degrees and then suddenly an explosion of light happened. I felt like my personality disappeared in a second – I didn’t exist any more. There were no thoughts, no body, and no feelings, nothing… Just consciousness and space which contained nothing and everything at the same time.

3 Shaktipat by Mohanji

After a while I started feeling like being Mohanji. I should mention at this point that since my first POP meditation I have been constantly experiencing this — I’m often aware of myself as being one with Mohanji. To be more precise, I witness being inside his body, looking at others with his eyes, bathing in his consciousness. So it might sound strange, but in a way I have got used to such an experience. It is still a miracle for me but I am not confused by it, as by now I am quite used to seeing it happen.
However, this time it was different.
Tatyana’s personality vanished completely; what was present was only the
observer, the witness. Right away I realized that I was Mohanji and the feeling was so intense that for a moment a few thoughts and worries appeared, “How will people see me? Will they see Tatyana’s body or Mohanji’s? They might get frightened if they see Mohanji instead of Tatyana”. Trust me, I was not sure at all if the changes were still on a subtle level or they appeared on a gross level as well. It seems hilarious now, but I was touching my face with my hand — checking if I had a real moustache, because I was sure that I was inside Mohanji’s body and felt it :).

Soon I gave up and just ignored these fears. After that immediately I was moved somewhere further, with a high speed to some different realms. My consciousness travelled to another plane. I realized that I had got transformed to somebody else, to be clear, I entered the consciousness of another being… I felt his arms outstretched, opened to both sides… and at once I found myself being Jesus, being in his consciousness and looking through his eyes. To my surprise, it happened to me despite the fact that I’ve never felt connected to Jesus before, neither deeply prayed to him, nor read the Bible. It appeared to be just a pure experience of his consciousness, without any expectations or knowledge. Simple as that.

I should explain at this point, that I’m Mohanji’s channel, so during the meditation he transfers energy through me to the meditators. That’s why a bit later I came up to the altar to do some preparations for the energy transfer. Although I was supposed to connect to Mohanji’s eyes, I was looking at Dattatreya’s picture instead. With all due respect to the instructions, I have been “breaking” them for several months already. I feel like connecting to Datta, because for me it’s still Mohanji but in a different form, which is less physical, more radiant. I don’t see any difference between them, honestly.
So I was looking at Dattatreya’s picture and right away I realized that Datta was standing behind me, energising my body with high energy. I became electrified, the energy was very powerful and it was burning out all the unnecessary baggage, and God knows what else, but still not burning out my organism. Everything was extremely intense but not more than my body could handle. I started transferring energy to the meditators and my arm, hand, fingers were moving on their own full of electricity. Again, during the transfer I felt as being Mohanji, our consciousness was one. Tatyana was far away and simply watching. I dissolved.

As soon as the meditation finished, I heard the inner voice, “And now you’re Tatyana”. I became sad for a moment, as it was so nice not to have a personality at all, nor your body, nothing — being light, being Mohanji, Jesus, being everything and nothing. But okay I knew it was right, everything that happened was right. It took me a while to come back to my body. What an unpleasant feeling! I had my time after the meditation, sitting still and silently enjoying the sweet energy from the source. After a while I made myself stand up, came and bowed in front of the altar. For a moment I looked at Shirdi Sai Baba statue and straightaway I was not just looking at him, but became him. I spent several minutes like that and when the experience finished, finally made myself go home. I couldn’t speak until the next morning; I didn’t want it to end at all and allowed myself to be silent.


All that has happened during this meditation was a great and precious experience for me for which I’m forever grateful. It showed me that we are all one; the division is just an illusion. I was aware that every person, not only me, is Jesus, Sai Baba and Mohanji at the same time. We are all one. And it’s not just intellectual knowledge for me any more. It had not been intellectual even before to some extent, but this experience made it even stronger.

There is no difference between us. Even the concept of disciple and Guru disappears when there are no borders between our consciousness. Believe me, you’ll never find where one finishes and another starts: Mohanji doesn’t exist, I don’t exist, Sai Baba, Jesus don’t exist. There’s only this huge ocean of consciousness which manifests in a variety of forms. The truth is, when I experienced being one with Mohanji, Jesus and Sai Baba during this meditation, it was the same for me, the same state which has no name or attributes of their personalities or special characteristics.

This is why now I feel that every Master is like a door. There are different doors which you can come across. It can be a thick, heavy metal door, an old wooden door with peeling paint, a soft padded door full of decorations. You look at them; they are so unique and attractive… But when you open one of them, as soon as you let the door-handle go, there’s no door, it’s not important any more, it doesn’t exist… When you enter there’s only space of nothingness which is everything at the same time… And different Masters are just different doors which lead us to the same space.

Love you.

Walking in the Presence of Master’s Grace and Love – Part 1

Written by Riana Gaspar (South Africa)

Riana 1

Master’s Grace is always there whenever you need it (however, never take it for granted when faith falls short).
As I look back over the last few months, I realise that the only thing that stood between me and probable death or grave injury was my Master’s love and Grace. I share with you a couple of major incidents which shook me completely, but brought out how a Master’s Grace works across oceans.
Saturday 5th March was one such fateful days! The people who saw the incident could not believe that I walked away unscathed as the accident almost defied the laws of physics.
Before I dive into the incident, allow me to give you a quick background.
The car I used to drive was very old and used to repeatedly break down time after time. Eventually I had to let it go.
The option left for me was to use public transport. However, in South-Africa, public transport is really dodgy and overcrowded minibus taxis are a seriously bad idea, more so when one is a white female and travelling into the slums areas of Johannesburg.
A couple of days later I went into my home temple and prayed to Mohanji – that I was seriously scared of going to work by taxi.
I clearly heard his voice: “It’s taken care of”.
The next morning a friend of mine was at my gate at 6:30am with her old car! All she said when she gave me the keys was that she could not sleep the whole night thinking about me and that she had to bring the car to me immediately. Her consciousness did not allow her to sleep knowing that in the morning I would disregard my safety to help others while she slept comfortably. (I run a shelter for abandoned and abused teenage girls in downtown Johannesburg which is a very rough area).
Her car doesn’t run fast, however that is not an issue for me as long as I can go from point A to B. At least we now have transport in the shelter again.
Thank you Baba for the loan of the car!
Coming back to the incident on that Saturday …
Due to the slow pace of the car, I was driving on the left hand lane on the freeway. With my previous car, I would have been flying in it on the outer right hand lane. I was driving on the freeway with a couple of Mohanji’s devotees – Ami Hughes and Sjarn. They were a couple of cars behind me on their way to a Power of Purity meditation at Nameshri’s house in Johannesburg. Normally Ami would have been way in front of us and we could have been eating her dust. I was expecting her to come flying pass fast as they were running late for the POP meditation.
Suddenly, the car on my right hand lane clipped the first car on its right side and then smacked hard into the side of a second car. The impact caused the driver to spin around and at about 120km per hour dashed head on into the concrete barrier on the far right. It immediately spun around again and headed straight towards me at a high speed. There was nowhere for me to go! Even braking would have been too late.
All I remember doing was scream out Mohanji’s name!!!
The oncoming car as if guided by unseen divine hands veered away me and instead crashed into the embankment on the left side of the freeway. I managed to come to a standstill just within less than a few meters away from the crumpled car. The distance was little between my car and the crashed car that when the ambulance arrived, it could barely get its nose in between our cars.
As I rushed to the crashed car all I could do was pray that there were no children in it. The front wheel caused the door of the crashed car to get stuck and I have no idea how I got it open. Divine play again! At this stage I was petrified because the lady driving that car was slumped over the steering wheel with the airbag engulfing her face. All I could get out of my mouth was – “Please Mohanji Please”. I pushed her back gently towards the seat, saw her eyes roll back in her head and she passed out immediately. I refrained from moving her as I was not sure about injuries to her spine, hence I started channelling Mohanji’s shaktipat immediately to heal and provide solace to her.
A man rushed over and the first thing he asked me was, “How did you miss that? It looked like you were pushed sideways away from her car.” Ami and Sjarn arrived seconds later and contacted the ambulance and police. I passed Sjarn the accident victim’s phone, and she phoned the last number on display, it became evident that she was on the phone when the accident happened.
As the victim started regaining consciousness, all I could do was hold her in my arms, give Shaktipat and pray fervently to Mohanji. A few minutes later she regained full consciousness but had no recollection of what had transpired. Fifteen minutes later she was able to climb out of her car just before the ambulance arrived.
I still can’t believe how the victim walked out of the car after that horrendous crash. What a divine play of Mohanji! That day Mohanji saved not just me, but the victim and many others maybe. Thank you Mohanji also for protecting Ami and Sjarn.

After the incident I was in shock but with so much gratitude that Mohanji is in my life in this volatile time. To get rid of the adrenaline spike I went for a long walk when I arrived home. Thinking how we waste time and our abilities. How easily everything can change in a split second. As I was walking the only sound I kept on hearing was the impact, the dull sound like a plastic coke bottle bursting but much, much louder. Smelling and seeing the smoke in the car interior as I pulled open the door, not knowing if the lady was alive or dead…
Slowly the sound and vision got replaced with calmness and more gratitude. I heard Mohanji’s voice telling me not to be afraid of wasting time but to be aware of every action. To live the moment in unconditional love and His grace will flow.
I live in eternal Gratitude and Grace of my Guru, Mohanji!

Guru Paduka Leela – A Spiritual Experience

Written by Suman Gupta (Jammu, India)


गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः ।
गुरुरेव परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥१॥

The Guru is Brahma, the Guru is Vishnu, and the Gurudeva is Maheswara (Shiva)
The Guru is verily the Para Brahman (Supreme Brahman); Salutation to that Guru

Some time ago during Guru Dev Mohanji’s visit to Jammu, I had requested Him to give us an appointment to enable us to take his feet impression. The basic idea behind this was to take the feet impression, make a mould and then do a mass production in terracotta, cement or in metal to distribute among Mohanji’s devotees across the world. Who would not have loved to keep a pair of this creation at their altar?
One day Guruji sent a message through Sumit Partap that since he was in Jammu, he would like to give some time to the process in the afternoon. I requested the assistance of one of my sculptor friend Vikas Khajuria who had done his MFA from Baroda University, one of the premier art institutions in the country. He very happily agreed to join us since he had met Guruji a few times and had become his ardent devotee. Vikas reached my home an hour before Guruji and started the process of preparing the clay plates on which the feet impression was to be taken. My wife Jyoti who herself is a fine ceramist was also assisting Vikas for the preparation of clay.
Guruji reached our home in the afternoon and very soon told us to start the process. We brought the two clay plates that had been prepared to take the impression of both hands and feet down into the room where Guruji was sitting. As soon as we started the process there was something mysterious and beautiful that happened. Suddenly Guruji’s body became so light that the soft clay plate surface seemed difficult to take the impression. We started with his hands but had to press them with our own since whenever he tried on his own the impression came out very light. The same thing happened when we started to take the feet impression. We thought perhaps the clay had hardened but it wasn’t so. In fact as soon as he put his feet on the clay the whole of his body had become so light that we literally had to put lot of pressure on his legs so that we could get the proper deep impression on the clay. Finally, we were able to finish the process with his Grace and put both the plates required for the mould in the studio till the next morning.
Next day there was lot of exhilaration to start the process of taking the mould and continue with the next step of production. We decided to take the first mould with the white cement since it is more solid and permanent than the plaster of Paris (POP) and can be reused many times. On a bright sunny winter day, Vikas reached our place in the morning along with one of his sculptor friends Naresh. We started the process very soon and put a thick layer of white cement mixed with water on the clay surface on which both the impressions were taken previous evening. The mould was to be dried for at least three to four days after which they were to be opened.

Opening the Mould

2 Opening the mould from clay
Opening of the mould from the clay

After a few days, we began the process of opening the mould. Everyone was very excited and emotions were on a high. The real impression could now be seen on the white cement mould. My wife Jyoti and I very carefully separated the clay from the cement mould plates and washed them smoothly with the soft hair brush so that it wouldn’t damage the real surface.

3 Separating the white ccement mould from the clay
Separating the white cement mould from the clay


4 After opening the hand expression mould
After opening the hand expression mould

First we cleaned the hand impression mould which came out beautifully but was a bit light in impression.

5 Hand impression on white cement
Hand Impression on white cement

However, when we opened the foot impression mould there was something very interesting which appeared just below Guruji’s the left foot fingers which we were not able to identify.

6 Feet impression on the white cement mould
Feet impression on the white cement mould

At that time, Guruji along with a group of devotees was in Vrindavan for a retreat. The next day morning, I received a call on my mobile from Shashank who was also in the retreat. He mentioned that Guruji had been inquiring about the foot prints. I told him that it had come out so beautiful that even the lines on the skin of each foot could be seen. However, we had not been able to identify the symbol which had appeared on his left foot. Then I sent an email to Shashank containing all the images of the feet and hand prints for Guruji’s approval. On seeing the images, Guruji revealed a phenomenal news that the shell like figure which appeared just below the left foot fingers was the “Shankh” (Divine Conch) related to the symbol of “Maha Vishnu”.


7 Shankh (Conch) on Mohanjis feet
Shankh (Conch) on Mohanji’s feet

The excitement was at its pinnacle on hearing this news and we got ready for the final process which was to make a latex mould for mass production.
I went to Delhi to acquire the required material since it was not available in Jammu and after a few days started making the latex mould. Once again, this process too came out as per our requirement. We were all very thrilled that everything was moving smoothly and according to the plan. We even joked that at this rate we would be able to complete the entire production in no time.
However, the Gods had other plans. As soon as we stared the process of production the whole story changed immediately. Vikas and Naresh made a POP plate as a support for the latex mould since it is very flexible and cannot hold the weight on its own. This was done according to the requirement of the mould. The first mix of POP was put on the mould and we waited for about an hour for it to dry. The moment we opened the plate there appeared so many cracks that we had to destroy it. We thought there wasprobably some technical flaw and decided to redo it with everything intact.
We again prepared another plate and waited to let it dry. As it was late the evening and getting dark we decided to open it the next morning. The next day as soon as we opened it, the POP mould got so stuck up with the latex mould that we had to break the plate once again to keep the real latex mould free. Now, this was something very strange and peculiar happening with so many professional artists working on a process which was so simple. Yet it seemed so difficult as if some strong force was preventing it. We again started the same process and once again to our shock, the result was the same. The whole plate got broken the third time. We felt very disheartened and ashamed so I sent a message to Guruji and wrote about the whole episode. The reply I received from him made me so humble and cleared my mind that there are forces which are more powerful than human eyes and mind can ever assume and they work according to their own plans. Guruji told me that this particular hand and feet impressions were only meant for my very own temple since his intentions and purpose at the time of taking these impressions were for me only. Hence, it could never be reproduced for anyone else. Had my intentions been different at the time of this process there never would have been any problems at all.
Jyoti and I along with the other artists bowed before the lotus feet and hand impressions of Gurudev on the white cement mould and very humbly put them near the altar of my temple. Since that very day it has taken a special place in our temple and increased the energy level inside the altar. Just recently when a vegetable doctor from Coimbatore visited our home and went near the altar to see the Plates, he said he could very clearly see the symbol of Maha Vishnu on the left foot.
Jai Mohanji!

Fulfilment and Completion in the Master’s Silence

Written by Hein Adamson (South Africa)

I recently had the privilege of spending some time with Mohanji during which I experienced some of the ways in which He operates especially in the subtler dimensions. I feel that, as a seeker, this understanding helps to build faith and deepen surrender.
I remember someone once asked Mohanji about Karma, He answered in 1 word: “Fulfilment.” We must fulfil our Karmic agenda before we can reach liberation. During the time I spent with Him, I saw how He facilitated, created the circumstances and brought people together in such a way so as to have a smooth and graceful fulfilment of our agenda.

An Eventful Birthday

I live and work in a small town in India called Katra, which is essentially a way station catering to pilgrims who come to visit the Divine Mother Vaishno Devi. Katra lies at the base of a mountain near the top of which is cave. Divine Mother resides in this cave; a trek of some 14km from the town.
It was my birthday, I had planned to take the day off and relax. I hoped that in some way I would feel Mohanji with me that day, have a confirmation of His presence. That morning, I got a phone call informing me that a lady called Maja from Serbia, had come from overseas to spend some time with Mohanji. She planned to visit the temple of Divine Mother that day and Mohanji had asked whether I could accompany her. So, someone would meet me on my birthday and that someone was sent by Mohanji – a clear sign that He was indeed with me.
When we met, we felt very comfortable with each other. On the way to Temple of the Divine Mother, we had a beautiful journey, sharing experiences and speaking openly about our lives without any reservation. We both felt blessed and grateful to be together at that time, in that place. After visiting Mother’s cave, she had an intuition that she and I were married in a previous life. I felt grateful to Mohanji to have brought us together in that place from two different countries. Any unfinished business between us had been completed in a very easy way; one less item on our collective karmic agendas.

After visiting Divine Mother

Returning to Katra that evening, I got another phone call, this time from Mohanji to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me that He loves me. I was elated and could not thank Him enough – for the gift of the day in good company, for the smooth journey up the mountain, for the peace I was feeling and for the simple gesture of a phone call.

Living with the Master

The next day we travelled to Jammu, the nearest big city where we would meet Mohanji. I only wanted to see Him, touch His feet and say thank you. Instead, He invited me to accompany Him to Dharamshala and spend a few days with Him. 
The next day, the three of us were on the road to Dharamshala. We spoke casually and freely, without formalities. The lady asked Mohanji, “What was the moment of enlightenment like?” His response: “Who ever said I was enlightened?” He did go on to say a little more though: “I don’t know if there was a moment, if there was, it was probably when the ash flowed from my head.” Mohanji narrates the experience in Babaji Beyond Definitions, part 3. “There was no big bang or anything like that. I used to meditate and dive into silence in the mornings but after that moment,” he said, “I became established in silence, I became perpetually silent.”

I have seen Mohanji in an intensely dynamic and active mode before; relentless travels, punishing schedules, large crowds and so on. This time I saw Him in a quieter mode, although he was always working; writing, responding to messages, guiding the mission remotely.

The Ashram in Dharamshala

3 ashram in Dharamshala
The ashram in Dharamshala

The atmosphere at the ashram in Dharamshala was informal and relaxed. There was Satsang, but it was spontaneous, unplanned. Mohanji was very ordinary, very simple. There have been times when I have come to Him expecting something larger than life, something visibly miraculous and then wondered why He pretends to be just a normal person. Although to me, He is the Father, a tangible expression of the Highest, a tangible expression of God, I have come to suspect that the nothing-out-of-the-ordinary, behaviour which I have so often seen Him express and which I saw again this time is totally natural. I might say that He is not a normal human being and in my experience that is certainly true, but I might also say that He is the most human being I have ever met. This time I found this expression of simplicity very comforting. All the while, I could feel that beneath the interior, the truth of Mohanji which is so much larger than what I could behold is by no means hidden or secret. It is just so very subtle, so very still; that it is hard to perceive. That is the real Mohanji. He said, “My true nature is hard to see because people only look at the expression. Inside I am sattvic, but my expression is rajasic. Awareness is sattvic, alertness is rajasic.”
During the visit, I saw a book lying near Mohanji; a book on Dattatreya who belongs to our Tradition. I had read some of it on previous occasion and mentioned this to Mohanji. He said, “What is the use of reading?” I said, “There is no use when I have access to you.” He nodded. I asked, “If I know that, why is there still a desire to read such books?” He said, “Because you have an intellect”. I suddenly felt a weight lifting from my shoulders, I could feel the desire to feed my intellect become diluted and it was a feeling of immense relief.

Temple visits

4 Havan at the Jwala Mukhi Temple
Havan at the Jwala Mukhi Temple

I’d like to share another instance of fulfilment and completion which happened at this time. Maja and I went to visit two more temples to the Divine Mother which was near Dharamshala. At the second temple called Jwala Mukhi, after completing the main Darshan, an old man approached us and guided us to another temple within the complex. He spoke in Hindi and although I don’t know much Hindi, I caught a little here and there of what he was saying. The temple which he lead us to was connected to a great saint of ancient times named Gorakhnath.

5 The old man that Mohanji sent to guide us
The Old Man that Mohanji sent to guide us

I was fascinated with Gorakhnath, ever since I began to understand that Mohanji is also a Nath Guru, of the same tradition. I saw some monks there who wore large hoops through their ears, a sign that they were disciples of the Nath Tradition. I had wanted to meet them for some time and I was grateful to have been granted this wish. By visiting this temple, I felt I had completed yet another item on my karmic agenda – again facilitated by Mohanji. In fact, I have no doubt that the old man was sent by Mohanji to ensure that we didn’t miss the chance to visit that second temple.

Eternal Silence at the Guru’s Feet

One evening near the end of my visit, Maja, Rajesh and I were sitting with Mohanji. I noticed the skin on top of His right foot was looking very dry and was starting to peel. I knew from past experience that this is usually a sign that He was doing work in other dimensions or was using his body to do some major karmic cleansing for someone. I had massaged His feet the night before and there was no sign of it then, so I knew that it had to have happened that day. I pointed it out and said, “Mohanji, what did you do?” He simply said that He was doing some work and gave no more information. I felt a pang at this and reached out to put my hand on His foot. I kept it there for a long while and after some time began to feel a deep silence growing within me. There was conversation, but I didn’t really register much of it. I was enjoying the stillness which was flowing from Mohanji into me too much to pay much attention to what was being said around me. At one point I looked into Rajesh’s eyes and saw in him the same deep silence which I was feeling, the same blessed emptiness, I saw in his eyes that he had recognised something in me as well. After a while Mohanji pulled His foot away and I slowly began to normalise. However, I think something had shifted – it seemed Mohanji had given me a glimpse of his own silence – the same silence present in me, Rajesh and all beings.
I understood in that moment, that all the great spiritual traditions, all the vows of renunciation, all the methods, paths and vigorous disciplines practiced through time have but one aim – to achieve this state that is natural to Mohanji, what He simply is and what is available to us merely by being in His presence. That is our tradition, our path is to remain always in His presence and by presence I don’t mean physical proximity.

A Tryst in the Woods

6 A Tryst in the woods

One day we all went for a walk in the woods. We arrived and followed Mohanji into the incomplete temple adjacent to the woods. It is a stark, mostly unroofed temple with only 3 murthis and nothing else. No altar, no priest. We prostrated and started on our walk. Mohanji lead us as we jogged mostly without much talking. On the way back Mohanji spotted an old man sitting on a bridge; he told us to stop the car and give something to eat and drink to the old man, we went into a samosa shop. I initially thought we should get 5 samosas and in my mind I saw the 5 fires traditionally offered to the Masters during Aarthi. Rajesh ordered 3 samosas and I said, “I think we should get more than 3.” So he ordered 4. As we paid and left the shop, we realised that the shop keeper had charged us for 5 samosas and we had paid and got 5 in the bag. As we approached the old man he held out his hands to receive our offering, without formality, as if he had been expecting us. He had sharp, piercing, crystal clear blue eyes. Later I asked Mohanji who the old man was. He said, “That is not important. What is important is that he was expecting us and it was no coincidence that we were there.”

Mohanji’s birthday

We all travelled to Jammu so that we could spend Mohanji’s birthday with Divine Mother Vaishno Devi. We were passing by a small Hanumanji temple when Mohanji stopped the car. As was expected, there were monkeys hanging around the temple and Mohanji asked me to feed them some bananas. I peeled a banana and moved towards the monkeys when Mohanji called out that I should first offer them to Hanumanji. Anyone who has encountered monkeys know they are quite wild and grab anything out of your hands. If you are carrying any food in your hands you can say goodbye. I was surprised when they backed away from me the moment I changed direction and moved towards the temple, even though I was holding a peeled banana in my hands. I offered some to the Hanumanji statue in the temple and the priest gave me a few sweets as Prasad. I then went back to the car to give the Prasad to Mohanji. Again the monkeys maintained a respectful distance while I gave the sweets to Mohanji. Only then, as I approached the monkeys, did they come for their bananas. I split the bananas into small pieces as Mohanji had instructed and held the pieces out while the monkeys came to collect the fruit from my hands. I think that they were not ordinary monkeys at all; I believe that they were Hanumanji’s disciples.
7 Rajesh and I on his motorcycle
Rajesh and Maja were travelling separately on his motorbike. After a while, I switched places with Maja and went the rest of the way with Rajesh. About half way from Jammu, we realised that we had a flat tyre. The tyre was not simply flat, but completely ruined. We rode to a few places along the way trying to find a spare, but since it was a Sunday; shops were closed. Eventually we found an old man at a scooter shop who made a call and arranged for a nearby tyre-shop keeper to make an exception, open up his shop and sell us a new tyre. He couldn’t install it though, so he called some of his friends in nearby shops and eventually managed to install the tyre. All in all, it took 4 people, from 4 different shops to get us squared and away – all this on a day when businesses were closed. Later, when we told Mohanji about it, He said, “I told you to get the bike checked in Dharamshala before leaving, but you trusted your own mind and look what happened.” I said, “Even though we didn’t listen to you, you still arranged all that to get things fixed.” He said, “I had to. You were praying to me for help, so I had no choice.”

8 Homecoming - at Mamujis house in Jammu
Homecoming – at Mamuji’s house in Jammu

Our initial plan was to ride straight to Katra and bypass Jammu altogether, but we decided that it would be best to spend the night before moving on to Katra. We stayed at Mamuji’s place that night. You can read about Mamuji here. Two people had come from Mumbai to visit Mohanji on His birthday. In all there were 8 of us. I felt an overwhelming sense of home coming and contentment that night. I felt so much love for these people and so much gratitude to be with them, in that place at that time. Mohanji was not with us physically, but we were all His children and were all there because of Him. I felt as though we were 8 little planets, drawn by the gravity and basking in the warmth of our Sun.
The next day we found ourselves in Katra, ready to scale the mountain to visit Divine Mother. Two more people, a Homeopath and a naturopath from South India, had joined our party. This again was not a coincidence. I started speaking to them and found that they prescribe simple vegetable solutions to their patients. I had been looking for a way to introduce something unique and positive into our menu at the restaurant where I work and here it was. This seemingly random coming together of people for a higher purpose – yet another example of fulfilment arranged by Mohanji.

9 Feeding the cows
Feeding the cows

As all of us were walking up the mountain, one of our party shared a vision she had while walking. She saw herself in a previous life, travelling up the same mountain, performing full length prostrations all the way up. She too was coming full circle.
I hope that the reader has, through this story, also understood Mohanji a little more. The truth is; we cannot see what the Guru sees. He operates from a much higher level of consciousness. We can only get hints and intimations through experiences such as these and the best way to be with Mohanji is to let go, to flow, to move in trust and in faith.

Jai Mohanji!

Time to Counter Negativity with Chanting

Written by Swami Mohana Bhaktananda Bharati

Yashik Singh
Good news!! We are all moving into an age where we will reap all the fruits of the spiritual seeds which we have been sowing. We are going to enter into a period of utter spiritual bliss i.e. a time where a little spiritual practice will reap a multitude of rewards. Moksha will be easily achievable with surrender, faith, purity and grace. This is a mini Golden Age. An age of easy access to grace and mercy. However, before we can reach this time, we need to be prepared. We need to be purified and cleansed in order to empty our inner cup. It’s only with an empty cup that you can collect the nectar of grace.

The Golden Age is near

This process of cleansing is happening right now and it will continue until 2017. In fact, it started in 2015. The planets are moving in such a way as to facilitate this upheaval. A famous Western astrologer Lousi Acker explains that Venus is in Leo and is in square Saturn at 28 degrees of Scorpio between July 10 and August 10, 2015. The depressed global economy will make life more difficult for just about everybody. There will be an emotional undercurrent of insecurity and melancholy as the human condition gets harder because of the economic and environmental state of the world. Mercury turning retrograde in mid Libra is roughly square Pluto and opposition Uranus in mid September. Mercury turning retrograde is closely sextile Venus in mid September. There will be shocking, breaking news stories. These could be real or contrived (as in problem reaction solution, false flag events), for purposes of mass psychological manipulation. Emotions will run awry and uncontrolled. Relief will come in 2017. Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces in 2017. This trine in water signs will encourage empathy and compassion at the emotional level. This will encourage a heart chakra level of understanding that transcends external conditions of wealth and social status. Many people will by that time have experienced reversals of fortune and highly unusual events affecting their own lives that will increase their emotional understanding of the human condition.

I cannot begin to explain how important it is to make full use of this time and also to be very guarded. It is very important to be fully aware and exercise all your spiritual discretion at every step, particularly until June 2017. There will be many spiritual temptations, many spiritual attacks, many ways of trying to deceive you from the white path and all these will come in an outer form of spiritual liberation. Be aware!! Think about each thing that has being presented to you. Before accepting anything, use your discrimination and see if it is part of the Tradition’s teachings.

Before accepting anything, use your discrimination and see if it is part of the Tradition’s teachings.

I would like to justify these statements and advice, by relating a few experiences that have happened to me and to other Bhaktas that have come to ask for advice.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was in a shop with the most beautiful deities and yantras. Anyone that knows me will know that being surrounded by beautiful deities and yantras is heaven to me, lol. There was a man there that noticed me and walked to me and started talking about Kashmir shaivasim and yantras. He said someone would like to meet me. I instinctively looked up at a staircase, and saw a Guru walking down. He was dressed in a dhoti and a t-shirt. At first I mistook him for another well known Master, but today while I was looking at Facebook, I saw a page that I was prompted to like. It was this Guru’s page. He was dressed in the exactly same clothes, same color, he is from the Kashmir Shaivasim lineage and to top it off, there was a picture of him in his very close devotee’s shop. The shop is exactly the shop I saw and the man in the vision was the devotee.

I prostrated out of respect. I prostrated with love and humility and honor to this Guru. I have learned a very important lesson since meeting Mohanji: Guru is a tatwa, an energy and not a body. From all the experiences I have had, I see all Gurus in Mohanji and all Masters as an expansion of Mohanji. I see this in the ashram every day. Many saints and Masters visit it daily. About the ashram it is said, “Because Mohanji lives here, all Masters live here”. I prostrated wholeheartedly to this Saint and he placed his foot on my back. I felt a surge of energy, a different type of energy. I felt as if I was being blessed with spiritual power. I felt my body expand and I felt the power to burn grew in me. It’s difficult to explain in words, but it was as if the seeds of siddhis where growing in me. And with it the ego that comes. This Guru then said to me, that he wants to initiate me into a secret practice that will let these powers grow and become more intense. He placed his hand on my head.

I politely put my hands together and said that I cannot accept this initiation or siddhis. I am Mohanji’s disciple and will only accept what that comes from Mohanji or only after I ask Mohanji’s permission. I did not mean to seem rude to this Saint, but everything in my inner core said that if you accept these powers then your spiritual growth is killed. Ego will kill everything. He then gave me a big smile, patted my back in approval and I woke up. This was a test.

There will be many distractions put in your path, many temptations.

After speaking to Mohanji, I realise this is a big sign of the times. There will be many distractions put in your path. There will be many temptations that will be dangled like golden carrots in front of you. Be careful!! Do not run after stones when you can achieve diamonds and gold. Liberation is our goal. Remember Mohanji’s words: “Bondage is of various types. All attachments are bondage. All expectations are bondage. All relationships are bondage. Guru can be a bondage. Disciples can be a bondage. Body, mind and intellect are a bondage. Knowledge is bondage. All habits are bondage. Dependencies of all kind are bondage. All samskaaras are bondage. Thus, life is full of seen and unseen bondage. This makes liberation even more difficult. The best way to transcend bondage is through higher awareness. We need to grow in awareness every single day. We need be aware of things that come to bind us, even if it initially seems as spiritual and beneficial.”

Darkness also comes dressed in saffron. When I was younger, I visited a Hanumanji temple. When I walked inside the temple there was a huge, amazingly beautiful deity of Hanumanji. The priest at this temple could speak to this deity and the deity would give remedies for problems. When I walked in, the priest came to me with messages from “Hanuman”. Apparently, I needed to appease Hanuman who was angry with me. I needed to bring 5 kinds of meat to the temple, cigarettes and two bottles of whiskey. I was even given brands of cigarettes and alcohol and types of meat to buy. This Hanuman has very expensive taste hahahha. Clearly, there was an entity living in this deity. I could feel the negativity and dirt. This was not Hanumanji. The outside form was a deity of Hanuman, but the inside was something completely different.

It is important for us to be aware. Not all that we see is the truth. Not all that we hear is the truth. During this time; negativity, negative people and darkness will be most active. They will want to persuade you to leave the path of light. They will spread doubt, lies and purposefully deceive you with rumours. All this will happen behind smiles and acts of devotion. Even worse, they also take on the forms of well-known Masters. They take these forms in order to deceive. An entity of lower nature can come in any form, especially in the form of recognised Masters. This is to delude the followers and take them away from their faith. Never bite this.

One devotee experienced this. In his dream Mohanji appeared, and gave him the lottery numbers. He forgot the numbers when he woke up. He is now obsessed with finding out what the lottery numbers were. It has been months, and that is the only thing on his mind. The devotee has moved away from surrender, from seva, from satsang, from a true connection with Mohanji. Every thought is the lottery numbers. That was not Mohanji.

Another Devotee had a dream that if he gives Mohanji material wealth, all his dreams will be fulfilled. What will Mohanji want with material wealth? Mohanji is the Master of the Universe. Mohanji is the Universe itself. Everything is contained in him. What can we offer him that is not already his? In truth, the love we show to him is actually his already. We own nothing. Mohanji will ask you to feed the poor and needy. In fact, He comes to us in the form of beggars to consume the food just so that we are released from bondage.

Some devotees are having dreams of Mohanji, where Mohanji is asking for strange and absurd things. Be careful!! Don’t fall into this trap. Remember it is Mahamaya’s job to keep us bound to this world. When there is an opportunity to expand our consciousness and move away from this illusion, Mahamaya will try her best to delude you. This is a means for negativity to attack. They attack suppressed desires in an attempt to distract you. Mohanji says, “Staying in the path of liberation is not easy. Every person sends messages. Every message comes with an attachment. Every attachment is like a virus. It makes your system dull and sometimes even sick. When we are constantly in the web of life, we stay trapped and bound. Liberation needs serious practice. We cannot suppress karmas and attain liberation. We have to exhaust karmas and get there. We have to grow with awareness and detach because we do not need it. It is far different from the state where we reject because we cannot reach it.”

Remember that if a visitation is not for the purpose of elevation or awareness or answering a prayer or cleansing, then it is not the work of Masters. The Bible makes it clear: “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.” (2 Corinthians 13:14)

One South African devotee dreamt of Mohanji, and he gave the instruction to grow in purity and faith in himself. Another devotee, Ajay, dreamt that he was called to a hill with three saints sitting there, and they told him that they were coming. Two days later the ashram Dattamurthi arrived. During a difficult time Nirvana physically saw Mohanji appear in front of her. She was left with more confidence, and a stronger connection. Nirupa Mataji’s Muslim neighbour saw Mohanji (whom she did not know) walk in Nirupa Mataji’s house. They have become more dedicated to Mohanji and confident that he really is with them every second of the day. These are true experiences of Mohanji. These are positive experiences, that bring faith and make one walk on the white path.

Mohanji has spoken about these entities before: “Always, whenever there is a positive, there is a negative – there are entities of negative nature. They are as powerful as the positive. They are children of the same God, but by nature they are negative.

Positive negative lightness darkness
Whenever there is a positive, there is a negative

The difference is: the positive always liberates you and keeps you liberated while the negative always binds you and keeps you bound. We can clearly see the influence on the spiritual path: somebody who follows a powerful Master for a long time suddenly twists his/her mind and goes into a completely different path. This is a clear sign of influence of the negative. They try to tease you all the time and if the hook falls, then you are pulled, but many people who are deeply connected to a Master will never budge, they will never fall, but the moment you are weak – that is the moment the hook falls, you are hooked. This is why the deep connectivity to the consciousness of the Master of the white path is essential to stay tuned. If that connectivity is maintained, nothing can enter you or your household. There are even negative entities who talk great spirituality, but understand that they are binding, because they induce fear. Any path which puts fear in you is reasonably of the negative nature, but any path which liberates you from fears is of a positive nature. This is a clear sign you can follow.

Mantra, kirtan, chanting
Deep connectivity to the consciousness of a Master of the white path is essential to stay tuned

Also, the negative entities usually play from the back side, they don’t come up front. They can’t attack directly. I like direct fight. They know they can’t do anything. So they pass by and try to stab my heart, but they cannot. Then I throw everybody out from the whole region.
So, how you protect yourself is very simple: connect to a higher consciousness, it can be Jesus, Krishna or any entity who is established or well connected or well represents the white path; then usually no one can touch you. Many people cannot connect to a living Master, because there is a personality to handle. They can easily connect to a Master who lived before. It doesn’t matter, as long as you connect to a higher Master, whether in the body or not in the body. Once you are connected, it is his responsibility. Also it is said in the scriptures – ‘If a person chants Gayatri mantra for example, he cannot be eaten by vampires’. It’s a proverb but there is a deeper meaning in it. A person chanting a mantra increases his vibratory level to a great height and in that vibratory level, no normal entity can reach him or touch him.”

So let us chant. During this time let us hold onto Mohanji’s mantra and chant. Chant as much as you can. When working, when at gym, when looking after your parents, when cooking, etc. occupy the mind with the name of God. The name of God is not different from God himself. At creation we are told that, “The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” (Job 38:7).

 asesagha-haram viduh

One who chants the holy name of the Lord is immediately freed from the consequences of unlimited sins, even if he chants indirectly i.e. to indicate something else, jokingly, for musical entertainment, or even neglectfully. This is accepted by all the learned scholars of the scriptures. (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 6.2.14)

This Chanting or singing Gods names are vital for us right now. Chant at least 10 malas daily. Chant any mantra you connect to. I love chanting Mohanji’s gayatri:


I feel so much lighter and am given strength to deal with life’s challenges. This mantra brings illumination into your innermost spaces. Chanting this mantra will shine a bright light in all dark circumstances and will show you the higher truth in all of life’s changes. The other mantra I love chanting is:

Aum Shree Bhagawan
Shree RajayaogiMohanji
Namaha Aum.

This mantra connects you to Mohanji and allows you to merge with him.

So the moral of this blog is to be careful of what you are presented with, especially until June 2017 and counteract the darkness with awareness that will grow from chanting. All my love to each of you and may Mohanji always bless you all.

ye kuryuhpitr-tarpanam
preta-janyam ca rAksasam
svApa-dottha-bhayamna hi

The drinking of Lord Hari’s name amounts to offering oblations to the forefathers; removes the fear of demons, ghosts and RakSasas; and destroys diseases, obstacles, and the fear of poisonous snakes and wild animals. (Haribhaktivilasa 9.41-42)

Mohanji Hears the Unspoken!

Written by Neha Parekh (Canada)

Neha 1

I, a meagre servant at Mohanji’s Lotus Feet, remain ever indebted to the overflowing Grace and Love that is experienced even before the senses realize it.

I would love to share this priceless and wonderful healing experience that shows how a Master takes care of His devotees without being asked. I will humbly try to convey in words the Grace of My Prabhu Mohanji.

I had been having some pain in the back of my left knee for the past few weeks. This discomfort would restrict me from sitting for long on the floor for meditation and Consciousness Kriya. I tried a couple of things to comfort my knee like heat therapy, yogic exercises, sitting positions, etc. but none of these helped much . Yesterday morning after my daily Kriya practise when I tried to get up, my back of the knee gave away and pulled me down. My eyes welled up immediately with pain. This pain was not for the physical body that was experiencing it, but for not being fit enough to serve my Prabhu.

I usually practise Consciousness Kriya sitting in front of Mohanji’s Divine Padukas. During my Kriya practise, without having spoken any words, my emotions were conveyed to Mohanji. When I was about to get up, the excruciating pain made me look helplessly at the Paduka and say with unspoken gestures to Mohanji to help me through this pain not for myself but for my yearning to serve HIM in all possible ways which was limited due to this pain.  Soon after, I left for work. That day I had Power of Purity meditation at work. When I was going through the breathing exercise with my colleagues, my face, neck nape and head region became hot – it seemed like I was in front of an open oven. This feeling stayed for a few seconds and had me wondering that in spite of a snow storm with temperature of -12°C where was this heat coming from? One voice that came to my mind was “MOHANJI”!!! 🙂 HE is always with us and in us. HIS energy is constantly guiding us. So the warmth was MOHANJI  . Later during the meditation I suddenly felt a round saucer like air pressure above my left knee, just an inch above. I did not feel the same on the right knee. The pressured air remained upon my left knee for a few seconds and suddenly I could sense it fell down on the ground between my two feet. I was shocked, was that real? This episode was constantly playing in my mind and kept me thinking as to what was it that I had experienced. At last in the evening I got the answer, it had to do something with my morning unspoken prayer to Mohanji 

The next day when I practised my Kriya again, with awareness, I noticed that the pain that was troubling me since last few weeks had vanished. Mohanji had heard my unspoken pain of being incapable to serve my Master and had healed it immediately during the meditation.

Mohanji is listening, when we don’t speak, when we speak and before the thought arises in mind.

Neha 2
This is the power of a true Master. His ways are unique and unfathomable. He makes us walk through the karmic cycle, makes us go through its effect to the fullest in a shortest time frame and heals us by releasing from the bondage. Such is his Grace!

Blessed am I to serve You Master… Blessed am I to be able to take Your name!!

Neha 3

Jai Mohanji!

A Growing Garland

After Vardhapan… Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration in Toronto, Canada, Mohanji’s Life size Darshan picture was offered Jasmine Garland on 28th February, late in the evening. On the next day the Garland grew longer…



The Divine Celebrations for The Divine Soul Mohanji Started on Friday 19th with an extremely intense Power of Purity meditation. Deep silence and a broad smile on faces spoke all. Strong energy was felt by devotees connected by the phone for meditation as well. Though they were on the other side of the phone, they felt cool breeze and felt shivers and goose bumps during this session. Mohanji’s ways are unfathomable 
On Saturday the 20th, The Sun was at His Glory, bright and Powerful. As though Mohanji was giving us a message in the subtlest manner “I AM WITH YOU”. The day started with Mohanji Invocation and Mohanji worship. This was followed by Mohanji Paad Pooja (Sandals) with saffron and Rose water.

20160220_094900_HDR a


At some point one of the devotees felt as though Mohanji was physically sitting in front of him and She was actually washing Mohanji’s Lotus Feet, Silent tears of Gratitude drenched her heart within. The 108 names of Mohanji chanted were felt strongly each time Abhishekham was performed. Another devotee felt as though she had a Déjà vu. Sweet loving tears flowed down her eyes in the warmth of Mohanji’s presence within and around her. She said washing Mohanji’s feet was a yearning she had from Lord Jesus time and that Mohanji fulfilled her wish in this life.

After this Divine experience we chanted Mohanji Mantra continuously for two and half hours.

With each mantra chanted a pinch of rice grain was held against our heart chakra and then offered on Mohanji’s Lotus Feet. The rice grain filled with divine energy was later distributed amongst devotees as Prasaad. The chants grew louder and stronger, the senses within started getting dispersed. There was a time when numbness was felt in the body and mind. IT was so calming within. Altogether 21 Jap malas ( 2268 mantras) were performed. The energy and the enthusiasm amongst us was amazing.


20160220_110215_HDR a

At the end we all did Aaarti , Mohanji was gearing the program with full vigour. HE ALWAYS DOES HIS JOB!!



After performing the naam jaap, the rest of the day our minds were silent to an extent that we felt like we tasted the Thoughtless State 

While gracing us with his Mantra Mohanji had said that it draws energy from him and even if a million people draws energy from him it will just be like a bucket from the ocean. In these turbulent times chanting a mantra not only gives us the strength to bear the unforeseen but heightens our awareness and keeps us connected to the One Consciousness which Mohanji represents.

21st February, Sunday morning breakfast Sandwiches of cheese, peanut butter and jam was prepared along with Cookies and Juice for the needy and handed over to The Sathya Sai Centre of York Region.


Later the volunteers in the centre distributed amongst the homeless and the needy in Toronto downtown shelter. Satisfying someone’s hunger is Mohanji’s prime priority which has taught us how we can share more and more. Gratitude in the Lotus Feet of a Divine Master for walking us the Path of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Service. A devotee informed us that it was full Moon Day and performing Havan would be most the most sacred worship for Mohanji’s birthday. Hence in the given time a Havan was performed and the energy that filled us up was to the brim. Again he showed his presence by accepting everything that was offered in the Havan.

Monday 22nd the celebrations continued with POP meditation in a Coporate office. People felt light and relaxed.
Tuesday February the 23rd, The Day a Great Master, a Divine Soul chose to walk this Earth out of sheer compassion and love for his people had arrived. All were so excited. The morning started by offering Shawl and food to Shirdi Sai in The Shirdi Sai Temple.


Sai Baba looked so happy and gracefully accepted the shawl; HIS smile said Mohanji is happy.
Mahamrutyunjay Yagna was performed in the evening for Mohanji’s good health and Long Life. It left us speechless. Aaarti was performed at the end.
Swami Bhaktananda (First Disciple initiated into Sanyaas by Mohanji) had beautifully explained the importance of doing Aaarti. The flame that we light and rotate in front of our God/Masters image/statue with faith and devotion represents the fire element that every person has in their body. As we know Fire destroys everything that comes in its contact, doing Aarti increases the vigour of fire element in our body and cleanses us of all the impurities and negativities that we gather in our day to day life.
These little gestures were a way to show our love to our Master. This is nothing compared to what a Master does and goes through for His Devotees. HE never asks or wants anything from anyone, our happiness and our journey inwards is all that HE is working for day and night. We pray together that this light called MOHANJI that has been sent to us in this life brightens more and more within and we merge totally in this Glow.

The celebrations were concluded by another Corporate POP session on Wednesday the 24th. Mohanji’s energy is always strong and loving. Neha who was conducting the meditation had a profound experience of how a Masters grace can heal, this has been shared in another blog Mohanji hears the unspoken. All were smiles and thanked us for sharing this wonderful mediation with them.
Mohanji’s Grace knows no bounds! If emptiness is maintained within, one experiences HIS Grace in Leaps and bounds!!

Mohanji’s Growing Garland of Unconditional Love and Service

A growing garland - Mohanjis birthday celebration 2016

Mohanji’s Life size Darshan picture was offered Jasmine Garland on 28th February, late in the evening. On the next day the Garland grew longer. Should we say Amazement? Well Mohanji always shows us how Gracefully He accepts all that is offered to Him with Pure Love and Devotion. The growing garland depicts the Growing Love and Compassion all around the world. Unique are The Great Master’s ways to reciprocrate their Love for their Devotees, this time He showered us in the form of a Growing Garland.

Jai Ho Mohanji!
Jai Gurdev!