Consciousness Kriya – An Accelerated Spiritual Evolution

Written by Milan Bojic (Serbia)

 Milan shaktipat

Man’s life, the greatest mystery of all, is being revealed and hidden in front of our eyes every second. Most people don’t see a thing… they don’t comprehend, don’t realize. Only the very few manage to catch the glimpse of insight and higher knowledge, that is mostly due to merits they gained from long term exhausting self-improvement, together with blessings and grace of the Masters and Traditions they belong.

Since ancient times, Masters have only one mission to which they sacrifice everything – liberation of people from the enslavement of the illusion. There are lots of Masters that walk this world, and even more so that don’t walk, but watch over it. There are a lot of traditions that these Masters belong to, but there’s only one Ocean as a source of them all, to which they all flow into.

Nath tradicija

Dattatreya, Nath and Kriya traditions belong to the highest and most ancient Golden Tradition whose existence has only one purpose – Liberation. They are the origin of the greatest Masters that have ever walked this world, and who selflessly spread sacred initiations and knowledge to those who are ready to implement them in their struggle for liberation. With God’s grace, as well as the blessings of Dattatreya, Nath and Kriya traditions, it was my faith to be initiated into one of the holiest techniques leading to liberation.

Consciousness Kriya belongs to an advanced type of spiritual practice that has as its main goal the work on Kundalini energy. Mohanji, a spiritual Master who received this sacred knowledge along with the permission to share it with eligible disciples, says that Consciousness Kriya is somewhat like a rocket. Its efficiency and power to launch you into spiritual heights is incredible.

Mohanji says that Consciousness Kriya is like a rocket. It has power to launch you into incredible spiritual heights

My personal karma wanted me to receive this holy knowledge in Rishikesh, India, in 2014, with the first group of initiates.


My energetic system at that time was still unstable and changeable. Consciousness Kriya technique seemed so simple, and yet so compact and complex, and it felt to me it was the missing link I needed in my spiritual progress. In the beginning, it was hard to stay focused on energy movements and guided breathing processes. More often than not, sensations and attention would go their separate ways. Even so, I was persistent and worked hard every day continuously.


First shifts were evident after barely a month. Energy channel within the spine became passable, and I could clearly feel the movement of energy. I was feeling strong activations of Bindu and Ayna chakras, but the crown was still shaky and unstable. After a couple of months of practising, crown chakra too became very active.

DiagrammaChakraKundalini-B-pNumerous activations of energy and spiritual experiences followed. Sometimes intensive experiences simply went one after another, and sometimes long periods of stagnation would test my patience and steadiness. Even when I’d come to terms with the fact that I’m no longer making progress, I’d continue practising.  Crazy determination and discipline are maybe the two most needed qualities during the periods of stagnation. Practice for the sake of practising, practice as a routine, practice as the way of life, without thinking about the results, effects, sensations, experiences…  Just doing it, just flowing, without thinking. Shakti loves it. Kundalini adores it. Once awakened, it itself calls you. She doesn’t allow you to stop, she makes you tickle her and raise her.

Just when I had lulled myself into a nonchalant Kriya practice, there’d come a round of blasted experiences burning everything in sight. Eruptions and cataclysms, visions and insights, long term cleansing and falls, long crying and sobbing, periods of unconditional love and purity were changing places with agonies of sorrow and senselessness. Destruction and creation were taking place within me, in my being. They were tearing me to pieces, then putting me back together. What a rocket this is, dear Master. Thank you for launching us on it.

After the first year of practice, I started experiencing spontaneous Kriyas, without any use of procedures and techniques I was taught through initiation. Shakti was dancing by itself in my spine. Then I noticed an interesting thing: at the time when I used to do my practice, Kundalini would activate by itself, reminding me, like an alarm clock, that it’s time to wake up.  If by any chance I’d skip my Kriya scheduled time during the day, Shakti would activate by itself, and I’d dance with her spontaneously, without any preparation.

Crown chakra became stable and almost always active. I was managing to maintain vertical breathing through most part of the day, no matter where I’d be. Surely there were periods of downfalls, but they’d only make me elevate higher afterwards. Shakti was awakened and active. Rocket was doing its job on autopilot. What a wonderful ride.

Just when you’re used to a certain level attained through practice, an even bigger cataclysm first tears down all you’ve gained, and then it elevates you to a new, by far more stable level.


After two years of practising, I stopped being surprised. I know what Shakti is like. I love her and adore her. My personality is her slave, my consciousness her master. Sometimes a wild girl, sometimes a caring mother, she always gives me what I need. Now, after two years of hard work, in a simple and spontaneous manner I was fully revealed the meaning of a spiritual practice under the name of Consciousness Kriya .

naslovna slika

With the blessing of the beloved Master, I would like to state this cognition:

Consciousness Kriya  is an extremely advanced spiritual technique obtained through initiation by Enlightened Master. For that reason, the process of its performance cannot be shared with public. What can be said is that it is a technique that combines mantras, visualizations, special body posture, and several specific breathing techniques. Each segment has its own order of execution and duration.

During the performance of each one of these segments, disciple goes through certain states and achieves effects that ultimately lead to a rounded and complete end result. During one of those performances of Consciousness Kriya , I experienced fully the meaning behind each of these segments, which the Master didn’t reveal in the initiation nor when giving further instructions.

First segment of Consciousness Kriya (mantra) represents the condition of being in Divine state of consciousness from which we all came from. It is the source of us all.

The second segment of Consciousness Kriya (downward breathing) represents the decent of our soul from the Divine state into material body.

The third segment of practice (horizontal breathing) represents common life of man.

The fourth segment of practice (breathing upwards) represents reascension to Divine state of consciousness from which we came from.

Therefore, the whole process of Consciousness Kriya  practice represents one entire life cycle!

When performing one Kriya, we are actually going through one life in a small scale. By performing hundreds of Kriyas, we are going through hundreds of little lives, and thus our karma is speeded up, burned and dissolved.

That is why our Master used the word ‘rocket’ when describing this technique. Through Consciousness Kriya , we are capable of accelerating our spiritual evolution for thousands, or even millions of lives that lie ahead of us.

It took me two years of work to discover the meaning behind Master’s words: “You have received a spiritual rocket”

I wonder, with a smile, what could be revealed after five years of practice?

kundalini budjenje

Jai Mohanji!



In the Presence of a Living Master

Written by Mimi (Macedonia)

 Mimi 1


“Be natural, be conscious about everything” – These Mohanji’s words are whispering in my ears all the time, they are like answers to every question, bringing me back to the center over and over…

Last year, I had attended a Satsang in Skoplje, very spontaneously and without any expectations. If you ask me now, I remember that experience like a dream. I am not sure how I found out about the event, but I remember that a really strong feeling pushed me towards it.

For the first time in my life I had the feeling that I knew nothing, though I had spent years of reading and learning about spirituality.

I was speechless, I felt like all my knowledge was breaking into a thousand pieces and I was sitting in front of him like a child who sees a Teacher for the first time. I was blessed with Shaktipat and went home.

A year later, I found myself at the ‘’Alexander the Great’’ airport with my friend Mohana Hanumatananda (Zoran, before he got his spiritual name) awaiting Mohanji and Devi, impatient and with a smile on our faces, like children expecting their father to come. One year had passed, a year full of personal transformation. I had said goodbye to many concepts, people, rituals… a period in which many masks had fallen. I felt more vulnerable yet at the same time determined that there is only one way to the soul and it begins here and now before His Grace.

In the Presence of a Living Master

I had often read about different experiences and miracles that people experienced in the presence of Mohanji, but for me the biggest miracle and gift was the chance to be in the presence of a Living Master.

For seven days I had the opportunity to be with Mohanji looking after his travel arrangements and stay in Macedonia to ensure it was comfortable and pleasant.

What did I do to deserve it?

I often received questions from people like, ‘’Do we talk?’’, ’’What is Mohanji like when he is not in front of people?’’, “What does he like?’’, ‘’What are his demands?’’ etc.

Mohanji is a simple, humble, quiet man, full of understanding and compassion, dedicated to his mission day and night.

Every day, he would use every available moment to reply to numerous messages he would receive from people without showing any fatigue. Therefore, I kept quiet most of the time until he asked me. For me it meant EVERYTHING that I had the opportunity to be next to him and to help organize the events and create a better atmosphere.

Two days passed and I had a feeling that I was floating between two worlds with a thousand thoughts. Questions such as, “Am I doing everything right?’’, “Is everything good enough?”, “Is he satisfied with the arrangements?” were ringing in my ears all the time…

Actually I wondered if I was fully participating or just following every move he made and taking care of his needs. That evening when we arrived in front of the building where he stayed I asked him if I could hug him, I tried real hard to hide the tears in my eyes.  I will never forget that hug because I felt released, every part of me was relaxing and every rule, agenda… everything was gone. He knew how much burden I was carrying in my soul so he gave those few seconds to make me feel a kind of relief and advised me to get good sleep. On the way home I was crying, those were tears of joy…

Next morning, we travelled to an ashram in Stip where the weekend program was arranged with 30 participants. I didn’t have many expectations but sensed that something important was going to happen. Also some dear people from Serbia who wanted to be close to Mohanji for a few more days, joined the group. A different kind of energy filled the space – it was as if a storm was coming…


The Retreat At Stip

During the retreat, a meditation was conducted where Mohanji opened our hearts and souls…

I was crying a lot… people around me were crying a lot…I knew that something big was going to abandon me and free my inner space. Each time I thought I couldn’t do more, I was exposed to a bigger pressure. I felt pain…That was a state of total surrender… Never before had I felt myself so different than before, so deep and so real. I cried out everything that bothered me leaving me utterly empty and silent. At one moment I even forgot my name. Everything that connected me with my previous life didn’t matter. There was neither time nor space…

Mimi 2

Nothing I did or said could show how grateful I was. It was wonderful to see myself without ego, identity, false masks. I was in a state of Pure Love. I felt a deep pure love for the Master and for everything that surrounded me.

I was quiet all day; I didn’t have a need for conversation. The only important thing for me was being in his shadow, waiting for an opportunity to be useful.


Back to Skopje

After returning to Skopje we organized wonderful meetings with all who waited to meet Mohanji and were unable to attend the weekend retreat. During the first Satsang, Mohanji talked about the evolutionary process of humankind, and the second Satsang was dedicated to all women, mothers and their role in the process of educating new generations. With admiration and full attention I listened to every word he said, conscious about our connection… He also gave answers to many questions unasked removing all dilemmas and touching every heart present.

Seven miraculous days passed as if in one moment… His influence was everywhere and one thing was sure – nothing was going to be the same again. With tears we waved goodbye at the airport, but also with a promise to ourselves that we would give everything to keep this blessed condition as long as possible.

With infinite love and gratitude,

Jai Mohanji!


Macedonian Retreat – Stories of Finding a Guru

 The Story of my Guru

Written by Mohana Shanti Priya

shanti a

One day I woke up with a strange feeling. His eyes lightened my morning. His words made the best morning melody. What was that?! Was that a dream?

Many students and I went into some room and there was him. A black man with curly hair which was falling on his shoulders. He had a beard and was clothed in white. He was supposed to teach us some melody, and started to sing. “Oh, I know this song! I told him. Then, he looked at me and our eyes met. He had big dark eyes and a deep look, as if all the answers were in his look. A source of the truth! I felt as if there was something he wanted to tell me. When the students went out of the room, we stayed there. We were staring at each other and we couldn’t stop that. He said to me, “EVERY TIME WHEN I LOOK MYSELF INTO THE MIRROR I SEE YOU.” I was confused. What did he want to tell me? Who was this man?

3 years later, one of my friends told me about some good meditation. In the meantime, I was going to many different meditation places, and I couldn’t find myself. They were replacing the spirituality with a business. They were looking at me as af I was a box of money. Oh, no! What a disappointment! I was looking for something more. And I knew that it exists but I was disappointed. However, I decided to visit that place whose name was “Mohanji Center”. After the first meditation I felt a difference. Finally something good. Also, it was for free and there was only a box for donation. I didn’t know anything about Mohanji, I didn’t even know who he was but I knew that his meditation was working and that every day I was feeling better. After a few months they said that he would come. I couldn’t wait to see him. On 26th June 2016 we went to Tatyana and Zlate’s home to wait for Mohanji. I was excited and I was wearing sari J. While we were waiting for him to show up, I heard a voice. I ran outside and there was him. A black man with curly hair, which was falling on his shoulders. He had a beard and was clothed in white. He had big dark eyes and a deep look, as if all the answers were in it. A source of the truth! We embraced each other as if we know each other whole life. It was the most beautiful hug ever!

Since I met him the fear has disappeared from my life. Everything has changed. And I’m so thankful to him…to my Guru who I was looking for all my life.

Shanti ❤


Jai Mohanji!

You Don’t Want to Hug me?

Written by B.F.

Mohanji in Macedonia

Already tired enough, trying to reach all places I have planned to, feeling the beginning of a sickness as my throat is already soar (No, I am not taking medicines, I had enough toxins and chemistry within my body over the years,  this time it’s a NO).

It feels like I cannot wait to meet Mohanji, I want to RUN towards him, NOT WAIT to experience his presence.


He is here, in front of me, in front of our eyes. Love is all over the place J…and I spread my my emotions all over, as they are usually over present  in me. Therefore I spread them all over, to each soul that I find pleasant. I can possibly do that any moment, to show how I am a clean and a beautiful emotional being… but why?

I could feel the answer by being in Mohanji’s presence.


He does not shower everyone with attention, laughter, free hugs and such drama.

He has got such a pure soul and a strong presence shining inside out. That is all I can feel and it is a beyond-words-experience for all of us most probably.

…On the second day of the retreat I already noticed that for some reason I am either sitting in front of him, either very close to him, even talking to him without a particular aim to do so… So weird, I was scared to even talk to him …Why is he even talking to me, I do not feel entitled to his attention…

Well now I understand why. He appeared in this life time to show me another way of being, another way of showing love and attention without the necessary “forced love giving” I am so prone to do.

As we were walking in nature, I hugged Shanti. And then suddenly I could hear Mohanji behind my back saying: You do not want to hug me?

I hugged him and on our way to saying bye to him I turned my back and there was a river of tears rolling down my face …

How is it possible for a human being to radiate with such inner power so that by a single phrase such as: You do not want to hug me? He made me cry with such pain and a sudden appearance of a deeply rooted sadness…

My answer to his you do not want to hug me phrase felt like:  OMG hug you?! I mean hug you?! Sure I would be in ecstasy to do so but I am afraid I will disappear!!!! …

This is Mohanji.

He is Omni present. He is love…or to my mind it would be more appropriate to use the word energy instead of love … Do I have problems with the word LOVE? …Erm…

Roger came with me to the retreat see who Mohanji actually is. And of course he wanted to be there, too.

Yes, him, Mohanji the guy who transformed me and will do so until I am willing to be completely open and free of concepts so that he can operate his grace through me …

I asked Roger, “So tell me Roger how do you feel about this all, how do you feel about Mohanji and this retreat?”

Roger answered, “It feels like I do not need anything else. Everything is prefect the way it is. Just feels so easy and nice to be around here and in such setting. It’s lovely, what else shall I say…”


Mohanji’s effect on me

(27th of May to 31st of May 2016 in Macedonia)

We are back in Skopje.

Suddenly I feel such a wall around me. I feel like I am on such a high and protected place that actually no one and nothing can touch me. It feels very powerful. I feel extraordinary safe.

It feels like there is a shield around me that no one can break through.

There is a strong barrier of protection at a place where I myself could not establish one for quite some time.

I can feel an added power around me, someone or something is protecting me.

Suddenly my words are sharp and straightforward, my emotions are very balanced. A new phase in life has just begun.

Another transformation, a bonding with my inner strength and a bonding with everything around me.

I feel my own self, a sense of worth; I feel how much validation I need from myself and others. No more than this, yet not less than I want to be valued and appreciated. I do not and will not compromise the value of self. I matter.

The words come out sharp and aligned with exactly how I think and feel. They do not hurt anyone but they get to the point I want to prove.

I feel more love towards myself, I feel freedom, I can see a vision and a renewed strength.

I carry on with life, but it feels like I am at the very beginning of it. I feel that kind of freshness and sharpness of vision and mind.

This beginning does not push me back to the past, as beginnings used to do so for me.

I can finally feel a sense of bravery within me, step by step, and with certainty I face the uncertain future.

I can see the final destination, yet I do not see an end… I am overexcited for my liberation, for the future of self.

Ready to face all challenges, ready for this life and it’s already set up games.


With deepest love and appreciation towards Mohanji,



Jai Mohanji!







Conscious Walking – 1 Year Anniversary


This 21st June 2016 we celebrate 1 year of launching of dynamic meditation technique Conscious Walking created by Mohanji. As we look back at the past year we feel so much gratitude for the blessing that Mohanji has showered upon us by gifting this powerful technique to the world. We feel immense gratitude towards all who participated in the conscious walks, in organizing them and spreading the word far and wide so many more can benefit.

What started as a small conscious step on International Yoga Day, became a big step on a worldwide scale spreading to many cities and countries globally. Conscious Walking events have been and still are organized regularly in USA, CANADA, UK, ROMANIA, HUNGARY, SERBIA, CROATIA, MACEDONIA, UAE, QATAR, INDIA, SOUTH AFRICA, MAURITIUS, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND.



We celebrate and rejoice in this anniversary, and look forward to see many more benefitted from practicing Conscious Walking in the world. We cordially invite you to read through the selection of many testimonials of practitioners from around the globe.


Experience sharing from Yohan, UK:

“After being inspired by yesterday’s Satsang, waking up to a wonderful fresh sunny morning, with a headache, I thought, why not go for CW in West Harrow Park? Set the alarm for 30 minutes time and off I went. The cool breeze and warm sunlight was magical. Then the alarm went and needed to hurry back home for work as I was already late. The inner voice commanded stop and chant the Gayatri and Surya Mantras. I duly obeyed and the chanted Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra. Love was pouring through and I could feel the presence of Sathya Sai, Shirdi Sai and many archangels. When I opened my eyes I could see the golden white prana throughout the entire park. No headache. Just gratitude and divine love. Mohanji has given us an amazing gift, with practice, it will transform us.”


Experience sharing from Daniela, Croatia:

“Before any kind of sound was created, silence must have existed. Without silence, there is no sound. Silence is the foundation. Sound is an upgrade. Silence is form, sound is content. Silence is absolute, sound is relative. When we walk consciously, focus is on silence between inhalation and exhalation. In fact, focus isn’t on the silence itself, but on something in us which existed as the absolute foundation before there was any kind of content. Focus on silence isn’t just Silence, but a true encounter with ourselves.”


Experience sharing from Ágnes Horányi, Hungary:

“I was feeling as if I had done it a lot of times before. When I started, after a while I felt my body was so heavy that I didn’t know how to move. Then I let my body be moved by everpresent force, as I couldn’t feel myself as a mover of my body any more. Such a beautiful feeling.”


Experience sharing from Kristina, Croatia:

“As I gradually became aware of the gaps between breathing in and breathing out the breathing itself became slower and the gaps became longer. At one point I started to feel I could cease breathing. After Walking I sat in a meditation, breathing through my spine up and down, facing towards the sun. I love Conscious Walking and the feeling of lightness after.”


Experience sharing from Ljiljana Stojsic, Serbia:

“After today’s Conscious Walking in our beautiful park, 
which since this morning was shrouded again in tender white, snow cover, I felt wonderful and holistically regenerated, energized, happy and enthusiastic. During the walk I felt a deep joy, gratitude and love and the precious unity among us all, for which I’m so thankful. That profound and already confirmed realization of the unbreakable bond between everything and all of us and the knowing that we are all connected in such a powerful, beautiful way, is for me the greatest divine gift received so far. 
I’m eternally grateful.”


Experience sharing from Seema, South Africa:

“When you worship the ground you walk on and the people that make your life worthwhile, you realise that life is so simple. We just complicate it. CW has helped me be calmer, more focused and happy.”


Experience sharing from Jelena, Serbia:

“I felt like walking lasted for hours, but I wanted more. Supported, grounded, conscious of everything happening inside, but all around me as well. I felt the connection and Oneness with Mohanji presence as always.”


Experience sharing from Zoran, Macedonia:

“When I started the meditation I had so many thoughts racing one after another…I was sure it will be a struggle to meditate effectively… but half way through the momentum of consistent practicing of CW got the gears and pulled me through in the clear space of witnessing and centering in the spine. It was yet another wonderful CW experience.”


Experience sharing from Daniela, Croatia:

“When we walk consciously, we walk as quickly as it suits us, mostly it’s a average speed – neither too fast, nor too slow (in my case). Focus is on the spine. Walking happens automatically, as well as looking downwards. Focusing on the spine also comes automatically at one point. Nevertheless, there is a moment in Conscious Walking which doesn’t come automatically. It requires our full attention. When we walk consciously, we direct our attention towards the small break which comes in between inhalation and exhalation. I’ll name it SILENCE (that’s what it is actually).

In between that two fragments of Silence, there’s an inhalation or an exhalation. Inhalation is a path from point A to point B, while exhalation is a path from the point B back to the point A. That’s how we’ve got a feeling that there’s time needed to get from the point A to B, and than back to the point A.
 A and B points are those small fragments of Silence which comes in between inhalation and exhalation. The whole process can also be depicted as a circle – a path which leads us back to that starting point again.

As breathing comes naturally and continuously without stopping, there’s no way for us to overstay in that point of Silence. It seems that it constantly escapes us and that our attention keeps going to the inhalation or exhalation while it stops briefly in that very same point of Silence. In Conscious Walking by Mohanji, we have to be aware of that small break between inhalation and exhalation. We have to be aware of the Silence. It is impossible to study that point, it’s impossible to stay in it, because it’s situated in a gap.

The problem is probably in the very same perception of what is going on in the process. What if there exists only that point of Silence and nothing else? What if there’s no longitude, not even a circle, nothing but that very same point?

Distance is actually a path which a point takes through time. There’s the Point, there’s Time, and there’s the Path. But in fact, there’s nothing but that very same Point – everything else is just a manifestation of that Point. These different manifestations create the illusion that the Point seems to vanish and time is needed to go back to that Point.

If I’m focused on that point of Silence, I never even come out of it, neither I come back to it, because it’s present in every moment as a Foundation. The foundation which allows those inhalations and exhalations to flourish


Experience sharing from Caroline, Australia:

“Before the Conscious Walk, I connected to Mohanji’s consciousness through the eye card and listened to/mentally chanted Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra on my phone. I find that connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness prior to the Conscious Walking meditation enhances the effect of my practice. During the Conscious Walk, I was watching the frenzy of thoughts arising and falling in the choppy sea of my untamed mind. Quite honestly, I was also skeptically thinking that today’s meditative walk was not really effective for me in my preoccupied state of mind. Finally we reached the end point of our Conscious Walking circuit, where we usually sit and meditate a while longer under a big, beautiful tree. I finally unlocked my eyes, and raised my head, only to find that I could hardly move. I felt quasi-paralyzed by such a feeling of deep peace, that all I could do was sit and bask in profound silence and bliss for the next ten or so minutes. The inverted pyramid meditation that we practiced next provoked an incredibly strong tingling sensation in my lower body, especially while chanting on the root chakra and meditating on my connection with Mother Earth. I felt so connected, grateful, at peace, loved by and in love with Mother Earth and all of Creation. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of universal consciousness, oneness, unconditional love or the unfathomable nature of the Supreme that I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Mohanji for guiding me to this glimpse of a greater glory. With deep gratitude and love, from Caroline in North Queensland, Australia.”


Experience sharing from Shivani, UK:

“Conscious Walk today… I have been practicing this since its launch in June. Everyday (nearly) for about 15-20 minutes, I do conscious walk barefoot. Apart from the profound silence that engulfs me suddenly, it also helps to totally connect with Mother Earth. As I place each foot forward, its like kissing the ground with my feet. I have felt totally grounded and the energy from the earth leaves me refreshed for the whole day. Practicing walking consciously has greatly facilitated the development of mindfulness in ordinary daily life. Learning to establish awareness during walking, when I am physically moving with my eyes open has helped me to arouse that same wakeful quality during other activities, such as practicing yoga, eating, washing dishes, or driving. It is easier to arouse mindfulness while walking to the shop, through the park, or during any other time. Meditation has begun to permeate my entire life. 
Sai Ram.”


Experience sharing from Sanja, Croatia:

“We had beautiful autumn morning, perfect for walk. When we have just started walking, lot of thoughts was running through my mind and I thought that it will ruin my conscious walking because I cannot focus. All of a sudden, my legs became really heavy, as if it weighed 100 kilo, it made me to walk even more slowly, and as I walked very very slow- my mind simply went off. I realised that even if I wasn’t walk fast in the beginning, my mind was in the fifth gear, so when I slowed down my physical movement, mind went off and I enjoyed all of benefits of conscious walking.”


Experience sharing from Ana, Macedonia:

“Same as every Sunday, it was wonderful…

I felt as if I am one head above myself

I had a feeling that I am taller, bigger

I was merged with nature, light as air…


But, what amazed me the most was our devotion and conviction 🙂

As young aspirants with huge faith, we gathered under the rain to walk consciously.

Lazar didn’t even bring an umbrella with him 🙂

And I wonder

at is that energy, what is that force?

What is that which guides us and drives us to renounce it all?

And what is that which makes me so devoted to Mohanji’s Path?

My devotion is getting bigger and bigger, and no bad weather can stop me from practicing the technique

I even ask myself?

What if the Guru tells me to jump in the river?

Would I do it?

I think that I would 🙂

Because I would know that it is good for me 🙂

Because that is the way you love ones Guru


And mine… already belongs to MOHANJI”


Experience sharing from Neha Pareh, Canada:

“Ever since Mohanji has introduced Conscious Walk in our lives I have experienced that 30 mins of conscious walk each day since the past few days during my lunch hour is bringing in unbelievable stillness in my train of thoughts. I am actually smelling the breeze, hearing the birds chirp, seeing small insects that might come beneath my feet….😦 which I have many times been so unconscious about in the mad rush of this current life style. I am more conscious of each word that is let out, each thought that happens within the mind and each action that displays an expression. My food habits have changed remarkably. Each portion taken is consciously thought for. I am getting more aware of my emotions, like my anger, fatigue that the body experiences and the frustration of not getting what we believe is correct. I see clearly The meaning of Life, why have we come here and where are we going. Unconditional Love and Service is the only means and way to serve The Divine and Liberate. This technique aides us in realizing our main purpose of Liberation . Its an amazing tool to get back to oneself. With time we have become more and more dispersed…spreading far and wide in all directions, with Mohanji’s Grace and teachings, we are now becoming more aware of where we belong and what is our true nature. He showed us the way to get to the roots, He teaches us to be Love..which is our true nature….. Ananda is our nature and we must work hard to reach it by getting close to our inner self. Thank You Mohanji for imparting this very Priceless and simple method to realize our PurposeThank You Mohanji for being so generous and loving. All Your hard work …and we are getting the techniques ready on a platter……….still we at times are inconsiderate of what we receive and end up comparing with others…….
Love is Myself, Love is Thyself, Love is everywhere…………..we fail to recognize that
Recognize Him He is That, dive within, You Will find That
Mohanji is That……..We are That….
its a long and Conscious walk ahead to realize That. 
But if we Consciously Walk with Divine’s Graceful hand in hand 
than …….. nothing can stop us from reaching That 🙂
Awaken Thyself and Consciously Walk along this Path,
There maybe unknown turns and pot holes deep down this Path,
But Do not assume You are left all alone by your side.
Cause,,,,, HE is ALWAYS Walking along Your side,
HE is walking Your steps , HE is clearing Your Path….
He is the Light that is beaming gradually and Consciously within your heart.
Experience Thyself, within each step, feel the Oneness with Mother Nature 
Come on all lets get up and Consciously Walk along this Path…
Atleast now Recognize Thyself……… You are That. You are That.”


Experience sharing from Mirjana Andres-Rogović, Croatia:

“I wasn’t expecting it will be that powerful. Even after first few minutes of conscious breathing, the walk became almost bodiless, I didn’t feel my ankles, which otherwise slip and twist on rocks, and in the moments between in breath and out-breath all stones became slightly blurred, and than in that brief moment of total peace, they became round and even like eggs in a casket. As if I was looking with my Soul and not with my eyes. When I came tip the end of the road, I felt i could move ahead walking further on the sea. It was difficult to stop, as if I was blocked in flight, because when I did stop the trees continued moving as if moving away from me, and that continued for some time. WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL. LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.”


Experience sharing from Nirupma, India:

“Conscious Walking for half an hour in the morning has given me solace and peace. You become one with yourself. Your whole body gets filled up with love, tears flow. And after CW when you sit on a bench in the park with closed eyes it seems as if you are part of universe, everything is moving and you are floating in it.”



If you would like to learn to practice Conscious Walking kindly write to and the CW team will guide you further. You could also connect to our global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.


Fiery Days at Andrevlje – Serbian retreat 2016

Experiences of Participants at Andrevlje, 13-18th May 2016

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic


Mohanji on Andrevlje (68)a 1920x1300

“Whatever is real is never lost


Various participants asked Mohanji questions and related their experiences during the retreat at Andrevlje in May 2016. These have been recorded and transcribed faithfully by Biljana. They provide a glimpse of the tremendous depth and intensity of the experiences that participants underwent as well as the clarity, wisdom and patience with which Mohanji answered each question. We trust you will read and be inspired.

Note: Some participants’ names have been kept anonymous as per their wishes.

1 candle
Keep the flame of inner yearning for liberation burning



I’m simply stunned by this meditation we have just had. I don’t know if I can properly explain it, but when my mind is turned outward by default, I would just connect to you, visualize you and go inwards. What I tried to do it this time I just tried to Be (just let it be as a witness of mind) instead of always trying to chase after something and I had a much better result during the meditation. What I have and sometimes what I get is that I am aware of my body; I get sensations which are sometimes unpleasant, in contact with people or with my thoughts. I talked to some people and they suggested that I give love to them, nurture them and today, during the meditation, when you said to hug, I tried to caress parts of my body. This time it wasn’t like a washing machine, it was more like a turbo lift.

(laughter in the audience)

Because my head kind of exploded…

I think “I” was finished 🙂

2 When you stir the dirt at the bottom, water is upset and gets muddy, let it all go away leaving the water pure
When you stir the dirt at the bottom, water is upset and gets muddy, take it all oout, let it all go away leaving the water pure


P: My experience is that I am so much aware when I see anything, a personal thing, etc. I have a thought such as, “Oh, she is cute… I like her shirt. He is getting on my nerves. He is fake”… And I am thinking, “Well, I would like to experience when people don’t have those thoughts, when you just meet someone and experience, well, I sometimes have it. However, now I am aware how much I am constantly judgmental. First I think something not very nice and then I find something nice, but that doesn’t count. I know that doesn’t count…”


I would like to work on myself so that like that I have different experience that I don’t have constant comments in my brain and would like to know if there are people on this earth who have different experiences. For example, oh, what a nice white shirt, ha ha.

M: Appreciation is different. Appreciation is good, “She is nice, she is fine” However, when we are judgmental, that’s a different thing.

P: So it isn’t a judgement when we say, “Oh, he looks good in green”

M: No. It is appreciation, It is good.

P: And if he is wearing a shirt that he likes but I don’t like it, it is not good?

M: You are not wearing it, right? As a matter of fact, you have nothing to do with it. If you want to comment in a non-judgmental way, with love, it should pass without a problem. Being intrusive will cause friction and eventual alienation.


P: For example, that is judgement, right?

M: Yes, that is judgement. See, everybody has their choices. All the people wear what they like to wear, they have preferences. So, it isn’t actually our job to say anything about that. Someone may have a similar opinion about our dress style as well.

P: I know that. That is the reason why I am asking myself why I am having comments like that.

M: That’s a program. The mind is programmed to judge.

P: It is not a nice experience. So you are telling me when we think nicely, it isn’t judgement. Do you ever have those thoughts, “I don’t ever like what this person is saying?“

M: It is prejudice. These are all different things.

P: I would like not to be prejudiced.

M: We have quite a lot of prejudices in our system and a lot of judgmental attitudes. These two are detrimental to our progress. When you judge somebody, the world will judge you too. It’s a vicious cycle which we have created. So it is good to appreciate, “Oh you have done well,” and in a positive way, you can nudge someone to do better.

P: How to stop being judgmental? What is the practice that we should do?

M: Just be aware of what you are talking. When you are aware of yourself being judgemental, immediately the words will stop. Most of all, talk only when essential. Embrace the beauty of inner silence as much as you could.

P: Now I am aware that I am on a good path. Thank you.

3 Precious energising technique of Conscious walking
Precious energising technique of Conscious walking


Olivera Miskic

Photo session (169)
Sisters Milica and Olivera shining with bliss and melting in devotion

When I am breathing deeply, especially during Consciousness Kriya, I have noticed that I am quite aware of the right side of my aura or whatever it is. It took me some time to realize that the left part is somehow dark or that I am not quite aware of this. Then, during breathing, I … started to lighten this part. That is my experience, and every time I meditate with deep breathing, especially in Consciousness Kriya, I have this experience. That is why I wanted to share it. I also wanted to ask what to do or not to do…?

M: Each person has their experience; there is nothing to do or not to do. Just follow that and flow with it and it will go by itself. As long as you are doing it right, it goes on. Don’t expect the same result to happen twice and also do not expect anything to happen always. Do not analyse it, left side, right side is mind’s game. Mind wants to have answers. Just flow with it.


4 Mohanji in light mood while he patiently listens, still cleansing the participants
Mohanji is patiently listening in light mood, while still cleansing the participants



P: This is my first retreat and I didn’t have any expectation. Actually I have been crying for the last two days and I cannot stop it… but that’s ok.

M: That’s the way it should be. You need to shed all your stored up baggages.

P: I want to say that it is an amazing experience for me and that I am very happy that I met all these people and that I met you. That’s it.

M: I am also happy that you are here. As long as your mind is here, I am happy. 🙂


5 Meditation and chanting
Meditation and chanting


P: It is my first retreat as well and it was really intense for me so far, especially the first day, I even felt sick, but I understood it is a good thing. I was really enjoying the meditations, yet only the part when we were in peace and gratitude, soaking within, my body had some weird agitation, and it just tended to move for no reason. I don’t understand why that happened.

M: That’s because when mind has to be still, it will do everything possible to shake you up. There is a story where a guru told his disciples, “You can think about everything except a black monkey”


So you will only think about the black monkey. There’s no other thought.

P: I only want to say to you I love you.


M: I love you more.


6 Silent lungs meditation made participants be with their hearts fully, lovingly embracing themselves, bringing them to the tears
Silent lungs meditation made participants be with their hearts fully, lovingly embracing themselves, bringing them to the tears


Dubravka Stojkovic

Photo session (38)

P: During the initial days Mohanji always asked whether anybody has aches or pains, noises, etc. I must say that I did not have any such manifestations, though I have come for the second time to the retreat, not the first time. So I asked someone,“Should I have any aches or not? “They said, “We don’t know either. “ So I would like to know whether we who did not have any physical suffering, vomiting, pains, headaches… is it still all right?

M: It is working, you are seasoned. When the effects are of subtler nature, as I worked on a subtler level, it takes time to manifest. For some people it manifests fast, for some slow. It depends on your orientation. It does not mean that you did not experience anything.

7 Open satsang, fully packed with people and Mohanji gave shaktipat to each one afterwards
Open satsang, fully packed with people and Mohanji gave shaktipat to each one afterwards




P: I wanted to say to her, just wait…


I am not here for the first time, and…

M: Nor it will be the last time


P: … For two days I thought it was nice and beautiful, I had just a little headache and that is it, two days more and hurray. I though Mohanji did his job at my previous retreat. However,


today, I am in a washing machine.


P2: Welcome


P: I did not expect that, but I know that this is a part of the process. Today I feel tired and I just feel like sleeping. Before lunch I thought for me this day is over, and I will see you all tomorrow.


8 Bliss of inner silence
Bliss of inner silence



P: I would like to continue after this ’however,’ that she mentioned. I had hundreds of this ’howevers and buts’. Regarding the fact that I have been in spiritual practices for 15 years, I have been cleansing myself, I changed a few gurus. I thought I have cleansed myself pretty much and there is no more. However now I felt deep experience. Today I was “three in one – with crying, laughing, dancing and madness“I felt now that I had been stuck, I had stopped exercising, walking, and all kinds of good activities I used to do. Attendance of some programs does not mean one works on themseles if I do not apply it in life. I’ve started in the nick of time now and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart as this has brought me back to life.

9 Chanting per each energy center guided by Mohanji
Chanting per each energy center guided by Mohanji



P: This is my fourth retreat. During a retreat I feel great, but after the retreat finishes…eh, then the show starts…

(laughter and applause)

So with this cleansing I do not know, but it seems that I am dirtier than the dirtiest XXX


I have been cleansing for years, but since He touched me last year, everything collapsed. Until I came here, He had removed each and every support in life which I thought I had and could rely on.


However, I feel that peace and serenity, and I do not understand – as if I have settled my life. How is it possible? Settled life, and literally everything fell into the water. That is interesting to me.


M: You lost track and I put you back in the track.

P: During this year I felt all kinds of things. I cannot find an expression, but do not take me wrong, I did not know what to do and I was completely disoriented. Everything fell apart and then the mind says I don’t know.  I have lived with that mind for years and experienced all kinds of things, and suddenly I need to throw it away, so it started rebelling in various ways: first that I have fear of Mohanji, then I communicated with Him and the fear disappeared. Then I had doubts, as if somebody was telling me, “Don’t you see what he is doing to you!


He is taking everything from you, destroying you….“ Then even that went away. In my occupation, I closed a drugstore. Instead of closing it for 40 days, I cannot close it for six months. Everything fell apart, only my family stayed. He managed to remove all my friends from me


… and after all that I have come here again.


10 Laughing lightly and loudly like small children
Laughing boldly and loudly like small carefree children


M: After all that isn’t there a way of earning for a living that remained? I took away only the fake stuff. They were supposed to go anyway.

P: Well, now everything is clear to me, but it wasn’t clear while I was going through it. I was going through hurricane, and immediately afterwards through an earthquake, tsunami, everything!


M: It has to be because you have been handling these fake stuff for long. Even though you know it is fake you tend to like it and you hold on to it, but it will not take you anywhere. Whatever is real is never lost.

P: Yes, yes, it is clear to me now.

M: Even though there is an expiry of rent and you must move out, how do you still survive with this drugstore? It is still with you. No landlord allows a tenant to stay after the expiry of a contract.

P: Here and there some patient comes.

M: They have thrown you out of it and you survived.

P: Yes.

M: I have given you everything you deserve. I just took away only the fake stuff. You don’t need the fakes. We tend to live with them and we stagnate. Good.


Monika Balenovic

13 Connecting to the soul of another person, respecting and asking for forgiveness
Connecting to the soul of another person, respecting and asking for forgiveness as we may have interacted in past lives

This is my first retreat and I feel that I cannot say thank you enough. I was deeply connected to you months and months ago and I felt that I should come. The moment I saw on Facebook that Mohanji is coming to Serbia “I said, I am going – I know I should be there.” That was a clear intuition that I should come and it’s absolutely brilliant experience and I feel like staying ten days more, ha, ha.


… but ok.

M: Then people from other locations will kill  me if I stay here more.


P: Everything was so wonderful. I didn’t have any sensations at the beginning. I didn’t have any aches or pains and was wondering, “Is everything ok?” Is it something that I didn’t let go? Is it ok if I do not have any sensations?

Yoga (17)
Early morning Yoga

I still didn’t have any bad experience, let’s say. I just feel I don’t need food. I eat because I know I should eat and it is good to be in that restaurant with other people, but I don’t need food. However, I need more sleep.

M: That’s a change at subtler level. Each body will respond as per its orientation. It’s natural.

P: Also, in meditation I constantly feel vibrations in the third eye and root chakra, and I am still struggling with my mind – I cannot keep quiet.

M: All of us are.

P: Thank you.

I would like to share one interesting detail from the last day of the retreat. Personally, I believe it is a message – a message of love. On my tissue, after I had a little nosebleed, I really had what to see:

Message of love




P: When I came here, I had very strange feelings. I could not sleep until 2am… everything was telling me it is not right place for you – you should go from this place. I cannot explain with words that kind of feeling. However, day by day, I started to be myself. Today was really amazing experience. I feel as if I put down 3 tonnes off my shoulders and I feel light like a feather. I don’t know how to thank you.

(to audience) I had a problem with addiction i.e. gambling and drugs and was obsessed with it every night, along with having a family and job. I could not focus on anything else except my obsession. From the moment I met Mohanji, he did something to my lower stomach, only he knows what, I feel as if I have never been addicted to anything in my life. I feel very pure, clean. It’s an amazing experience for me! I don’t know how he does it, but he just does it.



Adriana Jovovic

Photo session (82)

P: I am not here for the first time. I was happy because I did dot have any pain until this morning. I had such a contraction in my stomach region. Today during the shaktipat, it stopped. Thank you so much. However, before I came here, I could vouch for myself that I loved myself always saying, “You love yourself.” Today, after meditation and practices we did, chanting, etc. for the first time I felt pure love for myself. It stayed for about a few second, never mind, but for the first time I know WHERE I should go and what feeling to achieve. Thank you so much! There are no words to express this, but we are lucky that you can see our heart on top of everything.


Milos Pavlovic


I’ve been with Mohanji for two years and I attended many retreats, each of which was very special for me. This is the first one where I came with full faith and surrender and of course, without any expectations. I can say that for the first time I really felt emptiness which is very, very powerful and whoever felt it knows what I am talking about and while the music was on and while we were all dancing, I simply needed to remain in that peace so I just stood and enjoyed it. Because my mind tortures me, like everybody’s does, e.g. my past which is not so important, but there were a lot of stress and ugly scenes, etc. It is not important now, it has all catapulted me where I am today, and that’s why I am here. However I just wanted to enjoy it. It is a fantastic feeling and I am more than grateful to our Master and we are all really blessed as he came into our lives.

Yesterday I told him privately and now I want to share with you all, I simply cannot describe how happy I am to serve him, he trusts me and gives me a chance, together with some people of course, to organize retreats and various programs in the future. As I am happy, I am sad as well, because I cannot show him how humble I am in front of him, and how much I love him. Because he gave me an opportunity to be with him, talk to him, share ideas with him and simply… that is that speechless side that I cannot express… I am so humble before our Father and I love him so much, I’ll do everything for him, and that is it.

18 Announcing the opening of Mohanji Foundation Serbia
Announcing the opening of Mohanji Foundation Serbia

And it is so sweet to me when Mohanji speaks Serbian, it reminds me of myself when I speak English.



Dejan Jovanovic

CW (27)

P: To me, it is maybe most interesting to see, as we are deeply connected, how it will work in your physical presence, we have never physically interacted, and I thought there may be a big gap. So now it is interesting to me to see how it will be working.

Thank you for everything, I cannot express enough love I feel and how much you deserve.

19 heart is the track markation called 'the path of health' on fruska gora, through love to overall wellbeing and liberation

Jai Mohanji!

In The Eyes Of The Storm: Mohanji’s Visit To Balkan (2016) – Part 2

Written by Mohanji (Serbia) Team

Mohanji’s recent visit to the Balkans was a truly memorable one for many people. This time those who have known Mohanji for some years clearly felt a difference, a kind of intensity, in his overall presence.

Devi Mohan said, “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Mohanji and being in his close proximity as a spiritual devotee and a wife since January 2007, I must say that I’ve not witnessed this kind of intensity in Mohanji ever before. Intense activity was usually coupled with short periods of some rest.

1 Mohanji and Devi
Devi and Mohanji – connection beyond the boundaries of life and death


But this time, there was ceaseless activity throughout – an intense schedule of back-to-back programs during the day with no rest whatsoever and intense activity in the higher planes during his sleep. (I used to observe him sleep. He had his distinct style. His breath pattern used to tell me where he worked – a mix of sleep and ‘work’ on subtler planes, the latter being distinguishable by a different pattern of breathing, softer and hardly audible. His breath was often not even audible and chest would become so quiet as if he was not on earth. This time, his whole sleep was like this and would last just a few hours. As soon as he was on bed, he would leave and the body and breath were totally silent until he woke up). In other words, it didn’t take much time to notice that Mohanji had ‘shifted gears or shifted planes of existence from earth and beyond’.”

The Blissful 5 Days with Mohanji at the Bosnian Pyramids

Following the retreat at Andrevlje (Serbia), we continued on to Bosnia to visit the Bosnian Pyramids, the world’s oldest step pyramids and a spiritual powerhouse. Interestingly enough, the weather in Bosnia before we arrived was 15 days of non-stop rain. It was sunshine while we were there. Rain started again after we left. Sunshine happened only for us! Mohanji took care of everything… The first day after arriving at Bosnia, we were sitting together with the tour guide Ajdin who spoke about the heavy downpour of the previous 15 days and the forecast of similar weather for another week which threatened a total washout of our programs.

2 Bosnian pyramids - Ajdin
Our lovely guide Ajdin explaining the energy of the underground tunnel Ravne


Mohanji casually stated “Weather will not be a problem. Don’t worry.” All of us present looked at him in disbelief. What is he saying? How can he overrule the official weather forecast? But, exactly that happened. Bright sunshine greeted us the following morning and the rain never bothered us until we left. While we were leaving the rain came back. It was nothing short of a miracle and all of us witnessed the power of this casual statement of his.

The bliss of the experiences that we had in the energies of the pyramids and Mohanji is indescribable.

3 Bosnian pyramids
The stunning Bosnian pyramids


We were also blessed by the presence of Jan Esmann from Denmark, a Master of his own right, who wanted to join us ‘incognito’ and participate in Mohanji’s program. It was pure Grace to witness the love and mutual respect that Jan and Mohanji shared. For the first time ever we experienced a Shaktipat from Jan and Shaktipat from Mohanji one after the other. It was like a powerful blessing of Devi and Shiva one right after the other – an unforgettable experience.

4 Shaktipat
The bliss of double Shaktipat – from Jan Esmann and Mohanji, with Natesh melting us with his kirtans

There were many new people who had never even heard of Mohanji before and he thus had to work even more hard to first make them receptive and then help them release deeply stored pent up emotions and traumas. It all worked out so beautifully in the end of the program and the transformation in people was more than evident.

One could write a book about our experiences in the underground tunnel Ravne, pyramid of Moon and pyramid of Sun, which were especially intense. Sudeshna gave a beautiful description of many of our experiences in Bosnia in her blog: The Bosnian Retreat

Huge transformations happened to many people on top of the pyramid of Moon when Mohanji took us through an impromptu pranayam plus chant and it all hit straight at the heart, throat and stomach chakras which immediately started releasing the stored blockages. It was an amazing day on top of the feminine, motherly pyramid of the Moon. Mohanji’s intensity and the participants’ willingness worked miracles.

5 group photo on Pyramid of the Moon
Smiles after the intense processes on top of the pyramid of Moon


Dr. Osmanagic also came to spend time with Mohanji. He talked at length with all of us as the founder and the visionary of this project. Mohanji also explained his understanding about some of the new findings and artifacts and explained their relevance.

6 Mohanji and dr Semir osmanagic
Inner radiance – Mohanji and Dr. Osmanagich


We went up the pyramids of Sun and Moon and experienced various energies which worked as powerful healing to most of us. We spent a lot of time each day inside the healing chambers of tunnel Ravne as well. The vegan food (which definitely is not common in Bosnia) was another experience.

Five blissful days in Macedonia



After Bosnia, Mohanji and Devi continued their journey to Macedonia. A Kriya initiation followed by a two-day program in Stip and two Satsangs on the last two days, interspersed with many private consultations and a visit to a beautiful monastery Lesnovo, marked the trip to Macedonia.

The blissful group at the end of the two-day program in Stip, Macedonia
8 satsang, cleansing in Stip, Macedonia
Cleansing during the 2-day program in Stip, Macedonia


Ana organised a radio interview with Mohanji with Zoran being the translator. After the program Zoran told Mohanji: “Mohanji, you are a teenager. Your energy is unbelievable.”

9 Mohanji - radio interview in Skopje
Mohanji in the jovial mood during radio interview in Skoplje


Mohanji gave new names to Zoran and Ana as per their request. They are Mohana Hanumatananda and Mohana Shanti Priya respectively.

Two interesting moments from Macedonia deserve to be highlighted.

One was the unique flavor of Shaktipat that Mohanji gave at the very end of the program in Stip. It was much more soft and loving than usual and he looked very different.

10 Mohanji changed before our eyes
Mohanji changed before our eyes


It did not take us much to figure out that it was the energy presence of Jesus Christ that we experienced through Mohanji’s Shaktipat. The experience is too sacred to be expressed in words.

11 Mohanji - Jesus energy
Jesus’s energy presence through Mohanji during Shaktipat in Stip, Macedonia

The Satsang in Skopje after the program in Stip was another memorable experience. Mohanji was extra jovial that day with some of the participants asking complex questions rooted in the deep knowledge of the scriptures. As Mohanji always says, he likes to be challenged. At one point he started talking about various subjects such as higher civilizations, history of human kind in view of the soul connection with the higher civilizations, the technologies with which pyramids like the ones in Bosnia were made, the nature of the waves and how they gain propulsion once in touch with ether etc.

12 Mohanji downloading from Akash
Mohanji downloading from the Akash and sharing most complex knowledge with utmost ease

Djole from Belgrade who joined us in Macedonia commented that he studied Tesla waves and was surprised to hear Mohanji talk about this profoundly complex topic with such unbelievable clarity.

Devi said, “While translating, I was amazed by Mohanji’s knowledge of all these intricate details. I have never heard him speak about this before. I felt so blessed to witness the obvious ‘downloading’ of the higher knowledge which was shared with all of us in such a relaxed manner. Mohanji came up with answers that awed the entire audience. I remembered a moment from my postgraduate studies in USA when I read a sentence from Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” in which he said that showing off one’s book knowledge is the height of human stupidity. True achievement is in becoming able to tune in and download universal knowledge from the Akashic records, which are like a huge universal library accessible to all. That’s when my studies kind of lost their charm and the ability to tune in and connect with the universal knowledge became one of my secret goals. I hope to achieve that in this life, but being in a position to witness Mohanji doing exactly that at present is a great inspiration and a very big blessing in itself.”

13 Devi blessed to translate
Devi – blessed to translate the words freshly arrived from the higher realms

Nobody really understands his ways – how much he works, where and how he works unless they look within themselves, beyond the obvious and feel the changes that have happened to them before and after meeting Mohanji. Working tirelessly, he always gives to everyone much more than they expect, unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. He always melts at the devotion of people. He is always keen to give anything and everything they pray to him for. He has often been misunderstood and victimized by many but he continues to serve with his evergreen smile and care in his eyes. 


14 Mohanji tuning in before starting with intense cleansing of people
Mohanji tuning in before starting with the intense cleansing of people


Jai Mohanji!

You can read the first part of this series “In The Eye Of The Storm: Balkans (2016) – Part 1 here


In The Eye Of The Storm: Mohanji’s Visit To The Balkans (2016) – Part 1

Written by Devi Mohan and the Mohanji (Serbia) team

The intensity and power that Mohanji displayed during his recent visit to the Balkans this year was something we had not seen before. It was as if a storm hit us, a powerful wave that stirred so deep within all those who were open for transformation – it changed our lives forever in the most positive way.

1 Mohanji – the smile of inner stillness, the speed of a storm
Mohanji – the smile of inner stillness, the speed of a storm

Many people came and waited for Mohanji to arrive. The love, commitment and compassion to themselves, Mohanji and the golden path of liberation were very clear. Every moment of Mohanji’s time in the Balkans was utilized one way or the other. We hardly saw him take rest but he never appeared tired. Mohanji attended to all of us with deep warmth and unconditional love without any expectations. He gave himself to us completely.
Mohanji began his Balkans tour as he landed in Belgrade on May 9th, 2016 close to midnight after a very intense travel schedule in South Africa and UK with hardly any sleep. On May 10th 2016, he conducted two superb Satsangs in Pozarevac and Belgrade, which pretty much set the tone for this trip. Two days later he conducted another Satsang in the city of Vrsac, which was received amazingly well even though the city had never seen any Spiritual Master conducting such a program. In the midst of the super tight schedule, the organizers (Andrija and Marija) managed to arrange a TV interview as well:

2 Vrsac - interview in the studio TV Banat

Loving moments after the Satsang with Mohanji in Vrsac at 'Tacka  Susretanja'
Loving moments after the satsang in Vrsac at “Tacka susretanja”

Devi Mohan added: “It all flowed so beautifully. The feeling was ‘just walk and the ground before your feet will form.’ I am deeply humbled by this experience and am still ‘digesting’ all that I witnessed and experienced during Mohanji’s programs in Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia…”

In the following paragraphs Mohanji Serbia team is happy to share with you certain highlights from this visit of Mohanji, i.e. moments that stood out in their beauty and divine intensity.

A Skeptic Finds Her True Calling

One lady (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent us the following testimonial after the mega Satsang in Belgrade: “I had heard and read the name Mohanji many times with curiosity. However, my mind was not yet ready for any master in my life and it kept saying, “What can any teacher do for me?” It was a heavy day in the office and Mohanji’s program was at 7pm. We were told that he may come late because he was coming after a long program from the town of Pozarevac, which is two hours away. So, I was reluctant to go. Mind kept saying ‘go home.’ But, I wanted to see this man. I wanted to know what he had got to offer.
Somehow, my feet took me to the hall. By the time I arrived, the hall was almost full. I was ushered in and soon I heard that there was no more space and people were being sent away. It intrigued me. Why were so many people coming to see Mohanji? He is a married man with a child and how is he different from us? I asked this question to an elder lady sitting next to me. She said, “His very presence is powerful and transformative. He heals. He is honest and unconventional. He is real.” Again my mind told me I am chasing rainbows and wasting my time. I was becoming impatient. Then, suddenly, he arrived!

3 His entry had the power of 1000 people entering the room together a
His entry had the power of 1000 people entering the room together.


He walked in quickly and I felt he was gliding as if he had no feet. I was meeting him for the first time, yet I felt as if I had known him forever. His arrival made such an impact in the hall as if 1000 people had entered the room together. I had never felt something equal or even comparable to such force or energy ever in my life! He is indeed very powerful. A strange and curious fragrance filled the room. A kind of sandalwood smell! Was this his body fragrance or the perfume that he was wearing? He stood there on stage, looked at all of us, did Namaste and sat down. He started talking. His wife was with him – a beautiful Serbian woman called Devi who translated effortlessly whatever he spoke. He was energetic and humorous. My body started changing in his presence. First, I felt I had no legs. My whole body felt like melting. The lady next to me said, “His presence will melt us from inside. Do you feel it?”

4 His presence will melt us from inside - do you feel it
“His presence will melt us from inside. Do you feel it?”

I could not speak and just nodded. I was feeling as if Mohanji was talking inside me. He was not outside.
Mohanji answered many questions that evening. He displayed only energy and presence with no fatigue or jet lag. I felt as if I could spend my whole life with such a powerhouse. He hardly felt to me as a human being. He made the whole room burst with laughter. Even I laughed. But, I never felt myself. I was gone.



A deep urge rose in me to hug him. “I must hug him and hold him in my arms at least for a moment.” It seemed impossible. Just then, one woman in the front row who was crying out of joy asked Mohanji, “May I hug you?” Mohanji replied with a smile “No problem. After the talk…” WOW, I thought. “This must be magic if not a miracle.” How all our deepest desires get fulfilled in the presence of Mohanji! He cannot be human. I understood the reason for my soul bringing me here against my mind’s objections.
The talk ended and I saw a queue getting formed in front of Mohanji in no time. He got up and came down the stage. He started hugging people. I thought it was already very late. When will he complete hugging all of us? And I felt that those who were hugging him did not want to leave him and were clinging on to him. The queue was slowly moving. Mohanji was also moving towards the door.

6 Mohanji gifting people precious moments of personal interaction
Mohanji gifting people precious moments of personal interaction after the Satsang

Finally, he came to me. The moment I saw him up close and personal, tears flowed from my eyes. He hugged me as gently as a flower. So soft and motherly! A strange thing happened to me. My whole body melted except where his arms touched me. It felt as if there were no other parts of the body, everything else had vanished. Only that small part of the body remained where his hands held me, just to remind me that I was alive on earth! A million dollars cannot buy that experience. I felt overwhelming joy and freedom sprouting from inside i.e. A fountain of happiness. This man is extraordinary. I am willing to give my life to him. I told him, “I am willing to die for you and your mission on earth, oh GOD.” He said, “Why die? Live. Live for the world. Live to spread love. The universe is me. Serve the universe unconditionally.” He left me and I still felt him the whole night and the following day. I realized that I had found my “Home.” The effect was that I gave up on animal products and embraced unconditional love. Now I only see, feel and live Mohanji. I am Mohanji. Only He exists. He hugged everyone who waited for him that evening, and then sat down to sign the books, photos and bless the pendants. He had no fatigue. He is something else… What more can I say?”

7 Mohanji taking time to sign each Power of Purity book with love
Mohanji taking time to sign each Power of Purity book with love


Surreal Moments From Andrevlje, Fruska Gora, Serbia


The merry group at the Retreat in Andrevlje, Fruška Gora, Serbia in May 2016
Fruška Gora is a beautiful mountain in north Srem, Serbia with a small part of its western side overlapping the territory of Croatia.

The merry group at the Retreat in Andrevlje, Fruška Gora, Serbia in May 2016

The Retreat in Andrevlje, a famous hiking area, on the slopes of Fruška Gora, had a special flavor this year. The beginning looked like a slow and calm opening as Mohanji kind of slow-pedaled perhaps due to many new participants. He displayed silence and calm. By the second day, he started to intensify. Many people could be seen struggling, but shedding their emotional weight rapidly. We could not find a pattern and there was absolute unpredictability. However, the highlight was spontaneity. Everything flowed smoothly and even the hardest and most difficult rocks of blockages melted. The processes that Mohanji used had the effect of opening the chakras and releasing a big load of stored emotions which made people experience causeless joy and relief, as well as grief leaving their system. By the third day, it was sheer fire and felt like a huge internal software change had been done.

9 People kept coming and coming
People kept coming and coming… Even though squeezed in to the maximum, nobody seemed to mind

The Satsang on Sunday, the third day of the Retreat, was open to all and attracted so many people from across Serbia that they were barely able to fit into the hall. People sat wherever possible and also outside the hall in the corridor. Mohanji spoke with a lot of clarity and love which transformed people before our very eyes.
In the midst of the Retreat, a TV crew from Serbia’s main TV channel (Prva TV) interviewed Mohanji and Devi and conveyed a beautiful atmosphere of Andrevlje during Conscious Walking, Yoga and meditation. The video can be viewed here:

TV Prva – Duhovni učitelj

10 becoming child again in the energy of a master
Becoming child again in the energy field of the Master

The processes within people who attended the Retreat were intensifying. On the 4th day something amazing happened…

The Three Eyes of Shiva – Cleansing Through the Agni (Fire)

Since ancient times in India, Shiva’s eyes and third eye have been described as “Surya Soma Agni Lochana” – Surya is Sun, Soma is Moon, Agni is the fire from Shiva’s third eye. We have been blessed to experience this effect from Mohanji during the Retreat in Andrevlje…

11 Shiva burning the demon
Shiva burning the demon through his third eye (image sourced from the net)

While Mohanji was busy with his standard ‘one-on-one’ sessions (brief private consultations with the Master during the Retreat), he asked Devi to conduct a spontaneous experience sharing session in another room. All the program participants gathered and the atmosphere of spiritual intimacy and love was palpable. Many opened up for the first time and spoke about their innermost experiences held deep within as a heavy weight for many years. We saw clear signs of melting and cleansing from age-old hidden impressions, emotions, trauma and fears. Mohanji had done his job of triggering a release of the baggage of hidden blockages. Tears of cleansing, release and gratitude kept coming. One lady confessed before her son that she intended to commit suicide at one point in her life but didn’t do it. That was something she never told anyone before and felt this was the time to share it. Similarly, other people agreed to come forward, stand before the group and share… This took more time than planned. After completing the quota of ‘one-on-one’ for the day, Mohanji walked in with quick steps and the usual intensity and determination on his face. He requested that we continue even though the sharing was in Serbian. He sat in his chair and observed everybody in silence while we immersed ourselves in the experience sharing. He was happy to sit among us and do his ‘invisible’ work.

12 Mohanji on Andrevlje - eyes that convey all there is to be said
Mohanji in Andrevlje – eyes that convey all there is to be said

We therefore continued and at one point heard him saying in a very stern and loud manner: “Move, move!” We didn’t quite understand who was supposed to move and where, but could only notice that he was looking in the direction of Natasa Haska. She used to sit in the back row and stay away from Mohanji. This time, she chose to sit in the second row. Mohanji saw something hidden in her (which was something that happened to her during challenging times of her life when she had to deal with the loss of her daughter, cancer, and many other severe tests of life) and as Mohanji revealed to us later, these negativities were challenging and provoking him while she was looking at him with anger in her eyes. This was Natasa’s second Retreat with Mohanji and this was the moment when she was finally ready to release them. At one point he looked at her with such intensity that fire came through his third eye straight into the negativities, forcing them to leave Natasa’s energy field and go into the White Light.

13 photo taken after Mohanjis Shiva experience in 2008
Mohanji did not move from his chair. He just kept staring at her. He asked the people in the front row to move aside and also Dusan who sat behind her to move off the line of his eyes. The people in the front moved. Dusan said he could not.

14 Paining of Mohanji and Shiva by Palak Mehta
Painting of Mohanji and Shiva by Palak Mehta


This is how Natasa described her experience:
“After my daughter’s death in 2009 and cancer in 2013 I knew it was time to change everything in my life.

15 Natasa in the top right corner
Natasa (in the top right corner) during cleansing processes in Andrevlje – always stern and serious…

I started attending Yoga classes and observing everything in life from a different perspective. As I continued practicing Yoga I noticed that different, more positive people came into my life. Through them I came to know about Mohanji’s Retreat. I attended the first Retreat in May 2015 with an expectation that I will be practicing Yoga, possibly change my sleeping pattern and with it my lifestyle, change my diet and hopefully stop smoking.

16 Morning yoga on Andrevlje
Morning Yoga during Retreat in Andrevlje – breathe through the pain with a smile…

After first two days of the Retreat I felt unseen anger and frustration coming out from within. I thought that I entered some sort of a sect or a group of lunatics. When I saw Devi Mohan with her flower in the hair, I felt like ripping it from her hair – the anger within me just exploded. I did not express anything verbally but my eyes would have expressed it. Still, I somehow pulled on and stayed till the end of the Retreat. I felt some sort of relief and went for the weekend trip to Bosnian pyramids as well.
Don’t ask me how and why I applied for the Retreat this year. I came with a hope of gaining some clarity about what was going on within me, but overall I was in a bad mental condition. With each day of the Retreat my condition was getting worse. A part of me wanted to run away from there but my intuition was saying that I should stay. After the one-on-one with Mohanji I sank completely. Among other things, he told me that I kept playing a victim, that I closed myself into a shell and that I was being repulsive towards people. That hit me hard. However, he ended with: “You take one step and I will take 10 steps for you.” That stayed with me. On the 4th day of the Retreat something indescribable happened, something that destroyed all my doubts in Mohanji, his powers and this entire story.

17 We did it - Natasa smiling
“We did it!” smile of Natasa – with Mohanji and her friend Ivana after all is over

During experience sharing that day I shared the pain of my life with other people and thought that I would be able to speak about it in a cool, emotion-free way that is typical of me. However, when I started talking the tears started gushing from my eyes, I was suffocating in my snot and for the first time in four days I started feeling hot. I kept sweating. When I finished talking I could not understand why this was happening and what I even said. After my speech Mohanji appeared in the room, sat on his little stage and as we continued with experience sharing he started looking in my direction. He fixated his eyes on me and I fixated mine on him. Something like fire was coming from his eyes towards me. It was then that I suddenly started to cough and felt as if I was about to vomit. I felt that something was coming out through my mouth. Some energy invisible to me moved out from my body, the time stopped completely and I could see nothing and no one, only my eyes and His eyes. When all of that ended, all I felt was a pleasant emptiness and relief. The pain that I always had in my chest was gone. At that moment I did not know what He had done (I came to know about the removal of the entities within me later on), but in that moment I knew that he had destroyed all my doubts and indeed made those 10 steps for me… The next day I woke up totally relaxed and happy, something that I haven’t felt in many years. I was weight-free and no longer had any doubts in Mohanji’s powers. What can I say…? All that remains is deep gratitude.“

While Mohanji was staring at Natasa, we continued sharing experiences since Mohanji had asked us to continue. But those people who were seated near Mohanji and near Natasa could feel sudden rise in temperature as if there is fire in the room. Since Mohanji operates silently and subtly, we never knew what exactly he was doing. He did such heavy cleansing to all the participants, rapidly and quietly. He was working hard when with us and also when alone. Many people felt his presence in the room, either delivering energy to ward off their headaches due to cleansing or other sensations of the body when stored negativities leave the body. Every individual was attended to.
All Retreat participants were so happy for Natasa. Devi took the flower from her hair and put it on Natasa, as a symbolical crown of her transformation. Natasa indeed looked so different and her inner beauty was shining forth.

18 A different smiling - Natasa with flower in hair
A different smiling Natasa, with the white flower gifted by Devi

During this intense experience, the person who sat behind Natasa and was supposed to move (but didn’t) was Dusan S., who happened to be sitting right behind Natasa and the “flame” of Shiva’s third eye hit him head on. He could witness it completely and he did not know that Mohanji was focusing on Natasa and not him. He could not bear the heat. While Natasa was rather quiet and hardly released any sound except the cough, it was Dusan who started releasing the strangest of sounds very loudly. He could not withstand the energy and was about to collapse. Mohanji signaled that we continue with experience sharing but at one point we couldn’t ignore Dusan – he was breathing heavily, crying profusely, he fell down from his chair and to the ground, then stuttering somehow came to the stage where Mohanji sat, bowing down in a sort of delirium, holding his feet and crying profusely. It was as dramatic as it could be. Once he gathered himself we asked him to explain what happened. All that he could tell us at that moment was that he suddenly saw nothing but Mohanji’s eyes and his third eye with utmost intensity, while everything else simply disappeared.

19 Surya soma agni
Surya Soma Agni Lochana Shiva’s third eye is fire!

He thought his heart would explode and that he would just disappear in this intense energy. He could not feel his feet and when he got up from the chair he fell on the floor. He also felt immensely cleansed from tons of backlog. Here’s how Dusan described the experience:
Mohanji’s Eyes Changed My Life

On a lighter side, we also sang, danced and celebrated a birthday as well during this hectic one week. It had everything we could possibly ask for.

Bhajans, kirtans, dancing and fun – all blended perfectly with the cleansing processes

All the people who came transformed for good. They went home lighter and grateful.

21 Devi blessed to translate words coming from higher realms
Devi – blessed to translate the words freshly arrived from the higher realms

Mohanji always tells us how the Higher purpose drives him and that the same has been the case with all the Masters in the past. We saw that clearly this time – this kind of tempo could not have been maintained by anyone who functions within typical human boundaries. It is so beautiful to have Mohanji around us as a living proof that this kind of purity, intensity, selflessness and dedication is indeed possible and achievable to all of us.

22 Mohanji - driven by purpose
Mohanji – driven by the purpose

The storm passed us and left expanded hearts and inner transformation. Mohanji Serbia team is forever indebted to Mohanji for all the blessings that he bestowed upon us. We eagerly await his return to Serbia, for which the new Mohanji Foundation Serbia team is already preparing.

Mohanji Serbia team during last meeting with Mohanji at Datta Tapovan prior to his departure

….To be continued

Jai Mohanji!

The Bosnian Retreat

Written by Sudeshna Saha (India), May 20-25, 2016



How did Mohanji happen to me?

Please bear with the foreground.

The year 2015 was a very restless year to start with, as I had to shift from one city in India to  another for the fifth time in 10 years since marriage, which meant packing and unpacking, finding a rented house, locate a good school, sell some old stuff, buy new, bid farewell, find the right packers and movers etc. etc. Although I was now a seasoned player in the art of shifting, but hated the rigor/gruel of settling and unsettling in a city. Finding a seat in a good school in a metropolis like Chennai has always been a nightmare for parents as it means paying huge donations or finding a jack to get you a seat. And I needed TWO seats for my two angels! By God’s grace everything went well and my elder daughter managed to get a seat through a written entrance test in a very reputed school without donations and my second daughter too got through in the sibling quota. But all this at the cost of 6 months of restless nights and anxiety of various hues.

Life seemed perfect to me till I shifted to Chennai, in May 2015. That was the beginning of things to come. I do not know how and why, I was getting sucked by a whirlpool of negative thoughts with aversion to everything around me and most of it was coming out as anger and frustration towards the school, the system of education and performance of my child. Everybody explained to me that she is only in Grade 3 and that it was not so important to score high at this stage of life. But slowly and steadily I was heading towards something more drastic. I could not eat, sleep or even put my thoughts in place. I had not had a wink of sleep for about 2 months, I had even given up food, doing my daily chores, interacting with people, taking phone calls, to the extent that I was a kind of pushed into uttering these words to my husband, ‘I wish to die’. I was thrashed against the wall for having said that and was termed an ‘escapist’.  Frantically, my husband, who is otherwise a very caring person, was now angry, nervous, shaken and dilapidated, decided to fly me to my friend in Mumbai, a healer, who tried all her means to bring me back from the state I was in.

I was aware that, what I was saying and doing was not me but an external entity which had docked inside me and was uttering and making me do things to tarnish the good image people had of me. My soul would cry helplessly but this foreign entity would tell me that I am of no use to my family and that I must cross-over. I was in a living stinking body with some unknown force guiding my movements, thoughts and actions, which made me look like an idiot, who cannot even wash her own body, let alone cook, feed the kids, teach, drive or shop, which I would do so easily and naturally. My body started to stink so much that I would be pushed away by my kids and my husband would ask me to sleep in a different room. I could not feel my children, my husband and no emotions would bother me. My friend would take me to temples where I would be completely restless and would want to run away. Music, Bhajans and any sound was an irritant to me. While my real soul would want to cry but was stifled and no tears would spill out, till one day when I actually tried to kill this physical body and be relieved of all this. But I fortunately failed in doing that too. It was now the turn of medical practitioners to try their hands on me. All they could do was to put me to sleep. I was now given sleeping pills and antidepressants and within two months I was addicted to it. This was a phase wherein I started to cry for every little thing. Without medicines I would be reckless with a shooting pain in my head and I would frantically pop in the pills and go to sleep.

My next door neighbour, Rekha Murali, was a witness to all of this and I would often tell her, “Please help me, I feel somebody is sucking out my happiness”.

Having seen my state of affairs, she had written to Mohanji about me and he had instructed her to give me the “two eyes”. She had pleaded me to keep it in my Puja room and look into them for at least 5 mins a day. I would try, but could not manage more than 30 sec or maximally 60.

Rekha would always mention about POP (Power of Purity ) meditation, a guided 45-minute meditation in Mohanji’s voice, but for some reason or the other, we could not do it. We somehow made it a point to start the new year, Jan 1, 2016 with good vibes by doing the POP. We were successful!!! Though I could not concentrate or hear the instructions properly, it gave me a direction. I followed it up with another 3 sessions alone at home, with headphones and by Jan 10, 2016, a span of 10 days, bridged the gap from addiction to medicine free state. I was relieved of all pain and each POP guided me to show my gratitude to different sets of people, which I generously did. Miracles do happen and Mohanji’s POP did it all!!!

Furthermore, I have been a hypothyroid patient for the past 23 years, but clinically my doctors were unable to relate my situation to it as I currently have much higher levels of TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormones) than what I had at the time when I was insane. Everybody, including me could never imagine such a sudden coming back, to the extent that I, who has never been a confident driver, decides to participate in a Car Rally, supposedly the longest one called “Times Women’s Drive”, an all Women rally, organized by Times of India.

I was definitely giving credit to POP but not the man himself. I had not connected to the physical form of this person, neither did I have any intention to know or see him, given my aversion to the clan of so called “babas”, due to my childhood experiences of them, which my parents had connected to.

As an ode to what POP meditation had done to me, I enrolled for “A day in Mohanji’s consciousness” in Chennai on March 8, 2016, just the next day after I had come back from the car rally. I never spoke to him, although the volunteers asked me if I wanted to talk to him in person. I never took the opportunity which was easily thrown to me. I was just okay being in his presence and absorb, as I really had no words and I knew I could only cry and actually howled throughout the day long session. They asked me to share my experiences which I couldn’t. After receiving my first ever Shaktipat that day, I am TRANSFORMED. I have never, ever felt so confident about myself and each passing day I see people with only LOVE and I am receiving only LOVE!

Satsang during Chennai’s one day program

After this one experience, I am drawn to an unknown land and I who have never travelled out of the country alone, is pulled into this beautiful land of Bosnia and Herzegovina, just to be in the presence of this enigma called –MOHANJI.

Words are too binding to describe the experience, and the feelings too overwhelming to be put across as I am limited by my vocabulary.

Mohanji is ‘humility’ personified – a spiritual leader with a difference. He is first a friend who knows to remove the shackles that inhibit the person from being their true selves. He becomes one among us when it’s fun and play, he is the strict director when it comes to work, a meticulous organizer in terms of implementing the schedules and an intense spiritual guide who just simplifies the whole serious gamut of it, with talks which are so easily digestible and understandable. The best part is, he will make you feel all of it with self-realization through his divine presence while you sleep, eat, talk and do your daily chores. He grows into our conscious and sub-conscious state and tingles every cell of our body into a renewed, rejuvenated being.

About the Bosnian Retreat

When I told friends and relatives that I was going to Bosnia to see the Pyramids, the first reaction was invariably, “Of all places Bosnia!? We did not know there were pyramids in Bosnia at all!!!” I also had not known until Mohanji mentioned it in the Chennai satsang.

A period of four and a half days, was time bound with well-scheduled programmes. Absolutely, “no time wasted”. Food and stay was at its best. The day we reached, it was raining and the weather was gloomy and chill. I did not know what to expect from such retreats, and was somewhat reserved and withdrawn knowing that I was the only Indian from India other than Mohanji. But each member of Team Serbia made things so easy and comfortable, and the first welcome hug from Mohanji made me feel so much at home.

I am not going to say anything about the Pyramids in this testimony, as it is an experience to savour in person. Our guide Ajdin (pronounced as “Audeen”), explained to us about the 38000-year-old architectural phenomenon with great passion, threading in the spiritual aspect so beautifully and explicitly. Mohanji made us experience this phenomenon carrying us to higher realms.

On first day in Bosnia… This heart on heaven shows how much divine is happy with our love.


Miracles on the Pyramid of Sun

Our guide was surprised to see bright sunshine the first day we started with our trek. He said, “It has been raining since the last 15 days and we could hardly believe when Mohanji said that the weather will not be a problem”. We remained blessed with bright sunshine all the days. It drizzled on the last day when we climbed the Pyramid of Sun, but all along we never got wet!!! We could see downpour, with thunder and lightning on hills on either side of the pyramid, while sunshine prevailed on us. Miraculous! We would have frozen had we got wet.

Here is a picture showing Mohanji trying to ward off the clouds.

Mohanji warding off clouds on the Pyramid of Sun
Clouds and rain on hills a
Clouds and rain on the hills


I am lucky to have captured a picture of Biljana Vozerevic (at her request), the Trishul which appeared on her forehead while meditating on top of Pyramid of Sun. This was actually a red tilak ( holy vermilion which Indians put on forhead – on third eye) which was put on her by Jayashree, an Indian girl from London at the hotel in the morning. This picture was clicked around 3pm in the afternoon, after we had come down from the pyramid and Jayashree happened to notice this on the bus. As a reconfirmation, Biljana asked me to notice if it actually looked like a Trishul. And to me it did. Biljana kept the whole thing to herself, as she was laughed at by the people at home, who simply put it down to frowning. But I decided to ask Mohanji and he confirmed it was!!! It means presence or connection with Shiva.

This is what she shared with me in her own words, “This was after I meditated on top of the pyramid of the Sun. I melted and disappeared in love and tears. I did not hear anything around. When I came out of meditation, everybody had left. I ran and ran down to the bus and after a few kilometres, I  met a few people on the way, so luckily, I managed to rejoin the group.”


At the Pyramid of Moon

On the way to the Pyramid of Moon on May 23, 2016, we halted at a base which was so green and beautiful. A girl from London, Agnieszka, sat beside me while I was basking in the natural beauty around and see the mesmerizing beauty ‘Devi’ posing for snaps. She asked me if I wanted to have a photo clicked with Mohanji, to which I agreed quite reluctantly.  She asked for my phone and said, “Come, all are clicking, I shall click for you”. I followed in her direction, without much interest. I am happy and grateful to her for this precious click. Observe these pictures closely.


The Halo moves from the Centre to left, up and to the top of Mohanji’s head.

I had shared this with my Chennai group of Mohanji’s disciples and here are some of their reactions, without their names:

“Is it a Shiva Linga ….  appeared on Mohanji’s throat? This is really a blessing.”

“What is this bluish aura near Mohanji’s chest?”

“Amazing Sudeshna! You are blessed! Is it Shiva’s eye?”

“I see a peacock feather.”

“Such an amazing capture. I see the Shiva Linga and also a subtle rainbow necklace and a semicircular halo on the linga…thank u so very much for sharing your experiences and these amazing photos.”

To me it is Mohanji’s blessing and I can see a halo with some face in the centre which I cannot identify. Also a stream of rainbow running across.

After we reached the top of the Pyramid of Moon, Devi taught us a new breathing technique and Mohanji guided us at each level and at the end of it, there was a huge outburst of emotions in all participants. What a cleansing phenomenon! I could feel the breeze stand still while we breathed and a gush of one directional wind sweeping out all negative emotions and thoughts which were immediately followed by Mohanji’s intermittent instructions “Relaaaaax”.

White clouds-energy portal on the top of the Pyramid of Moon


At the Tumulus

It’s supposedly a spiral energy vortex. When we were climbing we could hear this loud gnawing sound of excavation which was quite annoying and definitely a disturbance for meditation. Surprisingly the sound stopped abruptly when we commenced meditation and they resumed soon after we completed the meditation process. Our guide pointed out the miracle and I blurted, “Did anyone ask them to stop?” Mohanji just smiled and I knew what he meant.

The Power of Shaktipat

The Bosnian retreat was different, as for the first time, we were blessed with two simultaneous Shaktipats by Jan Esmann from Denmark and Mohanji.

Shaktipat from Jan Esmann and Mohanji (1).JPG

Jan interestingly had met Mohanji for the first time, who was, regardless of his intention to be a silent participant, thrown into the limelight by Mohanji. I was given this piece of information by Jan himself as we happened to travel to the airport together.

I also believe that the atmosphere during the Shaktipat turned electrifying with the musical renditions of Natesh Ramsell. What followed was even amazing with strong vibrations of love and faith being passed through intense hugging sessions with all participants.

Blessed are the people who get Shaktipat. Brings in a complete transformation.

Blessed are we to have Mohanji in our lives, who can distantly read our thoughts, feelings and does what needs to be done. All I know is, have faith and the rest is taken care of.


Vote of thanks

I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Team Serbia for their prompt replies and meticulous arrangements. Though Mohanji felt more needs to be done to improvise, but at the receiver’s end, I saw no flaws. Thanks to Devi and Biljana for their wonderful Yoga lessons; Natesh, for his soulful music at every Yoga Nidra session and at the hour long Shaktipat session.

Thanks to all the participants who were all so cooperative and in tune with each other to make this the most harmonious trip. Each face oozed divinity and true to Mohanji’s preaching that God resides in each one of us, we just need to recognize HIM.

Special thanks to Hana, Mila and Dragan who healed me in different ways. Nikolina who responded to my calls and emails. Agnieszka, for gifting me this wonderful click! Ajdin, our guide for his knowledgeable and spiritual explanations.

We were lucky to have Dr. Semir Osmanagich, the man who discovered and named the Pyramids, explain to us about the history and the power of the pyramids. He seemed to me extremely spiritually evolved by his talks.

With Semir Osmanagic  (2)
Mohanji with dr Semir Osmanagic

Thanks to Hotel “Park” for the comfortable stay.





Sudeshna Saha

Chennai, India

The First Power of Purity Meditation in Ladysmith, S. Africa


Experience during the first Power of Purity Meditation

in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Written by Sholane & Salona Pillay


Mohanji altar

Baba Mohanji made our wishes come true yet again

A few months ago while I was meditating I envisioned my family doing the Power of Purity meditation in the family temple at my grandparents’ home. I felt Mohanji was guiding me through this. I just didn’t know how it would come together as my family didn’t know Mohanji then. I wanted Ladysmith, my hometown to know Mohanji, too. Soon my parents came to the Durban retreat and were very happy meeting the Mohanji family and Mohanji Himself. My sister Salona went to spend some time at home after the retreat and Mohanji blessed her to start the meditations. Yesterday, Salona, my grandparents & parents started the Power of Purity meditation at the temple in Ladysmith.

Salona’s experience

It was such a beautiful experience which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We began by reciting the Shree Ganesha mantra as we always pray to Ganesha first, followed by Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra. Thereafter we humbly invited Him to come and guide us during the meditation. We connected with His eye card for 3 minutes, followed by the Aum & Mmmm meditation and five-speed breathing. I am grateful to Mitesh Bhai for his guidance on this. Thereafter we did the Power of Purity meditation.

During the meditation, I saw Mohanji dressed in white, coming from the lamp. He walked  and helped all of us to sit correctly and comfortably. He then took a seat near a meditating Shiva murthi. Again during the meditation He walked between everyone spreading light and came to sit in the front, between His photo and the big Shiva Lingam. Mohanji then put His hands out and blessed us. White light appeared pouring from them. I also saw the Devas and Devis in the frames and murthis come to life, blessing everyone. At one point I saw Shree Hanuman’s (Kul Deva) massive and strong feet as He walked into the temple. I also saw Mohanji as Shiva.

After the meditation, I opened a page in the Power of Purity book and my mum read the question and answer which was very apt for the day and created waves of change in us. We then played “Govinda Damodar Madhaveti” with our eyes closed. We concluded by doing Mohanji’s Aarti.

My grandfather Nana who is 75 years old and has health issues managed to sit without pain the entire duration, he had so much energy and enjoyed the experience. Nana’s hands were shaking as he felt Mohanji’s light and heat energy healing him. My grandmother Nani saw a light in the shape of Mohanji and Mum saw white light during the meditation. My dad also enjoyed the meditation and breathing although he has the flu.

I am very grateful for this experience and Mohanji’s love, blessings and guidance. Today we have done the meditation within the family but next week we are looking forward to open the meditation to others and officially start the Power of Purity Meditations and Conscious walking in Ladysmith. I had a feeling that Mohanji wanted me to do this, hence He sent me to Ladysmith for a while. I also felt a little scared as to how would I, being a bit of an introvert, do this. But after seeing Mohanji present at the meditation guiding all of us, I have no fears. I am really looking forward to next week.

Reading this from Salona made me feel emotional to know that Mohanji, my Babaji walked through the temple which I grew up in and blessed everyone and will continue to bless more people. He is always with us all.

Jai Mohanji

India – The Journey of My Soul

Written by Maja Racic (Serbia)

For a long time the only thing I felt as my soul desire was to go to India. Though, there  seemed to be no reason or connection with India, I just knew I wanted to go.

Apart from the financial strain of arranging the travel, the prospect of leaving behind my two-year-old toddler Tajna (2) and her two older siblings, Anja (15) and Andrija (14) was certainly daunting.

Maja Racic 1
At the Golden Temple – Amritsar


However, for the first time in my life I wanted to do something just for myself. I rationalized to myself saying, “Yes, I am a good mother, and will be even better if I am satisfied with myself.” My children encouraged me saying, “Go, do something for yourself. You have always taught us to follow our way. Thank you for everything you have done for us. Go and make your dreams come true.”

I am grateful to my family and friends for being happy to see me finally go on my journey.

Mohanji – Teacher, Guru, Higher Consciousness, Universe


When I was ready for exploring new dimensions He showed up out of nowhere. I remember his profound words to me on my first retreat at Vrdnik in 2012. He asked, “What was your reason for coming to this retreat? You have never met me before.” I said, “I just read an email and felt I should come.  I have never met these people before.” Looking from this perspective today, that was a calling, one of many coincidences. The answer, “I don’t know,” is a wonderful thing. Should there be a reason for our presence somewhere? THE SOUL KNOWS. It is the mind that is looking for answers, clarification, analysis, and a story.


I do not know how everything for my journey got arranged especially since I had not made any plans. I am thankful to my inner feeling and surrender. Even though I was trying to make a plan such as: where to go, what to do there, which town to stay in and which hotel to book, what the temperature would be like, which clothes to take, how much money I need,… what else I can control…, Mohanji’s answer was always the same, “Just come and don’t worry.”

Who is Mohanji?

I read his blogs, listened to his Satsangs, asked a thousand questions, and then beyond all these things, deep inside I felt the Truth that resonated within Him. HE liberates by removing any pre-conditions and beliefs. HE is love. I believe in everything that Mohanji is and right now HE is on my path. I see the light. Even though I do not ask questions out loud, I get answers. In all situations, I ask for help, I get an answer – either through meditation, mantra, Consciousness Kriya, connection with His eyes or by reading His book “The Power of Purity”. The answer comes through various channels but I recognize the source. The source is always the same i.e. MOHANJI. At that time I still did not know who and what Mohanji is, but I had faith, feeling of protection and trust, and I couldn’t wait to head for India…

3 With Mohanji and other devotees
With Mohanji and other devotees

From the first day everything was organized perfectly, but there was no plan. Even though at the moment it looked as if we knew the program in advance, where to go and what to do, everything kept constantly changing giving a feeling of incredible freedom and lightness. This is how “Going with the flow” really looks. It is simply impossible to control so many different characters of people, events, cities, temples, etc.

Mohanji – Moving With Lightness

Sometimes, during the journey, I thought of stopping and taking rest especially with all the terrestrial and physical “difficulties” but realized it was impossible. Mohanji kept moving though he would endure physical discomfort, too. Everything in nature is constantly moving and Mohanji also moves in perfect harmony. The thing that connects people around Him is incredible commitment, love, grace, warmth, FAITH, utter humility and surrender. It is FAITH IN MOHANJI – the light that guides them on the path of their own experiences.

4 With my friend Hein
With my Friend, Hein

The Miracle

My initial experiences on this journey were enjoyment, permanent happiness, excitement, freedom, openness, acceptance, blessing of being in Mohanji’s energy.

And then, the game of the mind started… Mohanji and people around him = my mirror. I started to listen to various experiences, stories of various miracles that people experienced with Mohanji. What about Me? I started to compare myself to others and ask questions, “Where is my miracle? Is it possible that my mind is so blocked that I am unable to feel anything? What should I do? How to open myself up to understand?” I meditated and chanted mantras every day. Whenever I remembered, I paid attention to my spine and breathing. During the day, I ate healthy food. I was willing to open myself completely. However everything seemed futile. I felt sad, angry, desperate and dissatisfied.

Suddenly, I understood. A sort of a miracle happened – one of inner insight and knowledge. I began to accept myself as well as the fact that each one of us has our own personal experience with Mohanji, personal taste and perception. In my story, thus far, the tastes had been different, however with Mohanji, one has to try everything and enjoy, even spicy and hot tastes, both sweet and bitter experiences. As I experience life, I live this magical moment in Mohanji’s energy in the depths of my silence. It does not matter if I am unable to see my past or future lives or know which planet I came from or whether Mohanji is a guru, avatar, alien, an ordinary man…

At that moment, these answers, coming from my expanded heart made me feel peaceful, happy, natural, satisfied without any reason. I felt a divine sparkle in me and knew that all of us had that seed inside us. We only needed to surrender and accept our nature.

I took a look around and could clearly see that nature was talking to me without any word. I could completely expand and become one with it. It was like a mirror and a guru, too. There was nothing “special” in it as it was the source of the universe out of which all our creations originated. Nature teaches us through silence – it shows us all our elements and our states without any word or story. It does not bind – it allows each of us to experience life in our own unique way with no frames and definitions.

5 Maja Racic

Primarily, we reach our answers while we are in our own silence. Mother Nature is my temple, I walk barefoot on her, I surrender to her, and she gives me freedom. MOHANJI = NATURE = JESUS = SAI BABA = BUDDHA = CONSCIOUSNESS = UNITY = SOUL.

I realized that when we experience complete emptiness within us, we become a mirror to others because all the stories that are happening around us are not important any more. I started to cry and laugh out loud. It was liberating. I thought of Mohanji being in this form in my body. Being empty, everything around Him on this journey was my thoughts, projections, delusions, programs and beliefs. It became clear that the only religion I recognized in Mohanji is love, compassion, non-violence. I recalled his words: “Be natural. Be happy.”


We need to have the Faith that what we really believe in, we live it. Miracles are happening all around us. We are the greatest divine miracle of creation and when that realization happens, we arrive at our destination – liberation.

Who is Mohanji?

Mohanji is everything that I am. 7
Mohanji is everything and nothing.
Mohanji has neither beginning nor ending.
Mohanji is peacefulness and constant moving.
Mohanji is inner peace and inner voice.

He is the voice of our soul that is constantly calling us, and that is why we are searching for and overcoming all frames, all boundaries, because we all certainly tend to reach that destination. On the path of our soul, we all tend to understand who and what Mohanji is.

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself what it is that your soul desires. Pursue your own path, and you will find your answers in your own silence, in your peace of mind, beyond all expected frames… MOHANJI = THE WHITE PATH. Turn on the light within you and spread it.

Jai Mohanji!