In Reverence of Guru Purnima 2021

On this auspicious day of full moon, 24th July, 2021, Mohanji has shared a message on the importance of Guru Purnima as an opportunity to connect to our inner Guru, a state or a space that can elevate us to our highest level, the highest potential of our existence on Earth. Read his full message here.

A lot of people around the world expressed gratitude in various ways, which you can see below.

Festival of Consciousness

After nine years of retreats, now first-ever, a big Festival of Consciousness was organised and again in Serbia, in the Balkans.
This festival was born from a desire to create an extraordinarily positive platform, which delights both mind and body, that guides people to connect with their most authentic self. The courage to connect is a necessary remedy for the stress of modern living. The vision of the festival is to take people to a liberated existence, free from the bindings of the mind through awareness, self-acceptance and nurturing the universal values of truth, purity, compassion, non-violence and unconditional love. With the goal of creating a better world for the future, all our activities are united by a simple motto – Adding value to the world. Find out more here

Ammucare Charitable Trust

Guru Purnima was celebrated all over India by our Ammucare team with enthusiasm through various seva activities such as annadaan, fruit tree plantation, animal feeding and distribution of dry groceries.

See more here

Launch of Shree Jagannatha guided meditation by Mohanji

During the auspicious time of Guru Purnima we are excited to announce the launch of the Shree Jagannatha guided meditation, by Mohanji!
Mohanji has dedicated this meditation to Shree Jagannatha for all the devotees of Krishna. This will aid in transforming the devotees through the power of Bhakti yoga: devotion, unshakable faith and love for their deity. This meditation is available in English and Odiya language. 
For more information and to download the meditation, visit:

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Mohanji’s message for Himalayan School of Traditional Languages

Watch Mohanji’s message for Himalayan School of Traditional Languages here

CANADA Celebrations

Mohanji Datta Tapovan Canada Ashram

We started celebration with Shirdi Baba’s Abhishekam, offered New Clothes to Baba, Lord Ganesha and Lord Datta. We also welcomed Baba’s Palkhi on this occasion. Mohanji’s Paduka Pujan with Guru Stotram was done to express our gratitude on this auspicious day.

Homa was conducted with Mohanji, Sai Baba, Lord Dattatreya and Mata Kali’s 108 names to seek blessings and for the well-being of Mohanji Global Family and for the people of the world. 

On following Sunday we had Bhajans/Kirtans and dance celebration at the Ashram. Few new Devotees visited for the first time in the Ashram and had powerful divine presence of Mohanji. Food offering was distributed to all the devotees on these days of celebration.
We offer deep gratitude to our Gurudev Shri Mohanji. Surrendering to Mohanji’s Lotus Feet. 

USA Celebrations

Guru Purnima – Offered in love to our beloved Mohanji

The USA family had organized a very grand Guru Purnima celebration this year starting on July 1.  A 21-day program daily evening variety program beginning on Thursday, July 1 ended on July 21st.  Each day’s program was unique and offered a special perspective/practice from the teachings of our beloved Guru Mohanji. Thursday, July 22nd was set aside as a day of service or seva. We culminated the celebration on July 23rd, the day of Guru Purnima itself, by honoring Brahmarishi Mohanji with an elaborate Guru Paduka Puja followed by various chants and bhajan/kirtan evening.

The 21-day program kicked off with an introduction where Mohanji Acharya Lata Ganesh and Andra Baylus, both from Virginia, spoke about the significance of a spiritual master or Guru in a person’s life and the concept of the Guru tattva (Guru principle).

On the second day, Sreyashi Chakraborty (Indiana) introduced Mohanji’s signature Power of Purity meditation, which always has a powerful impact on participants and where many feel the presence of the master.

The third day was a Saturday evening, well-timed for a relaxing ‘bhajan sandhya’ or evening of devotional music. The singers presenting bhajans of their choice were Sreyashi (Indiana), Geeta and Vandana (California), Jayashree (Iowa), Anu and Lata (Virginia) and young VishnuPriya (New Jersey).

On Sunday July 4, Mai-tri practitioner Tina Arya (Michigan) conducted a healing and restoring Online Mai-tri session.

On Monday July 5, Mohanji Acharya Bhavani (NY) gave a talk on the significance of the Supreme Feminine followed by playing of Mohanji’s recitation of the Devi Kavacham. This Sanskrit chant is said to create the effect of a shield of protection from negativity as a blessing from the Divine Mother, and participants spoke up after the program to share that they could feel powerful waves of energy while they listened to the chanting.

On July 6, Mohanji Acharya Vidya Iyengar (Florida) read sections from Mohanji’s book ‘The Power of Purity’, followed by a discussion.

The first week ended with a topic discussion on Surrender, conducted by Sreyashi (Indiana) and Sabyasachi (Maryland). There was lively participation from the audience who shared their life experiences on the subject.

The second week started with a talk and discussion on the Golden Datta Tradition by Sabyasachi and Mohanji Acharya Jaya, who also chanted the Siddha Mangala Stotra, a hymn attributed to the first guru of the Datta Tradition, Sripada Srivallabha.

The next day July 9 was fortuitously New Moon Day as well as Lord Shiva’s asterism or Arudra nakshatra. Mohanji Acharya Geeta Iyer, gave a short introduction to, and recited the Shri Rudram. This Sanskrit chant is renowned as the most powerful protective and healing hymn associated with Lord Shiva.

The next day was a Saturday, a good day to sit down to do the long 360 degrees meditation. This was introduced by Jyoti Lal (Texas). There was a feeling of deep peace and centeredness in participants after the meditation.

Sunday July 11 was an evening of kirtan or devotional singing led by Mohanji Acharya Natesh Ramsell (Sedona, Arizona), on his guitar. He is well-known in the US kirtan circles, having cut many CDs to his name.

The next day was a much-awaited day of experience-sharing by those in the US family, who had traveled to Mount Kailash with Mohanji. These were Mohanji Acharyas Bimal and Bhavani (New York), Vidya Rajagopalan (Connecticut) and Tina Arya (Michigan) who kept the audience rapt with their memories of that pilgrimage. This was followed by a playing of Mohanji’s chanting of the sacred Shiva Kavacham.

The next day July 13 was chosen as an evening to chant Lord Krishna’s famous mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavatey Vasudevaaya’ where Sreyashi, Geeta, Vidya Rajagopalan and Sumathi took turns to chant the mantra.

On July 14, there was a discussion on the topic of Gratitude conducted by Tina Arya and Kalpana Mewara(Texas), with the audience being welcomed to share their own thoughts and experiences.

The next day, Thursday, was the perfect day to listen to the VIshnu Sahasranama, as chanted by Sangeeth Jayanthan (NY). A brief introduction about this much-revered hymn of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu was given by Geeta Iyer.

On Friday, July 16 Mohanji Acharya Pia Puatrakul of Maryland a HSTY yoga instructor, conducted a relaxing yoga session for the benefit of the program participants.

Saturday July 17 was a delightful evening of music ensemble. Benjamin Sands Jr. Abhik Nath and Pia Puatrakul (all from Maryland) sang and played on their musical instruments, on the theme of Mohanji’s core teaching – Unconditional Love.  They were ably supported by a mesmerizing performance on the harp and cello by Laina (Sedona).

Mohanji Acharya Laurie Amodeo (NY) offered a second online Mai-tri session on Sunday July 18.

On Monday July 19, Lori (Sedona) and others joined to speak on the subject “In Gratitude with Nature”, based on the Dattatreya Tradition.

The next day happened to be the holy day of Ekadashi, and especially suited to chant mantras on Lord Rama. Mohanji Acharya Geeta spoke on the significance of the sacred name of Rama, followed by the chanting of ‘Shri Rama Jai Rama Jai Jai Rama’ by Jaya, Vidya I, Geeta and Vandana.

July 21 was chosen as a day to have a topic discussion about Guru’s Grace. Jayashree and Manu (Virginia) shared their thoughts and were joined by several members of the audience who spoke with gratitude about their experiences.

All in all, it was a beautiful series, helping the participants to build up connection to Guru Mohanji as well as cleanse, energize and stabilize themselves in preparation for Guru Purnima on July 23rd, a day when blessings from the compassionate and benevolent Guru are said to pour down on those who have prepared themselves to receive.

Thursday, July 22 was dedicated to food seva, annadhan.  Teams from around the USA served food at various local centers.  Anu and Lata served cooked food and fruits at the Lamb Center Homeless Shelter in Fairfax, Virginia.  Texas teams headed by Lakshmi Nair and Jyoti Lal for cattle feed at the Texas, Gaushala, and The City House Homeless Shelter in Houston, respectively. The members also served prasadam at the local Shirdi Sai Baba temple. Shambo and Uma in Connecticut walked around the streets offering warm food to the hungry. Our children from Mohanji families, Aeshon (California), Cooper (Tennesse) continue to offer unconditional seva in their communities and are a great inspiration. Detailed reporting will be provided by ACT USA Team.

As you have seen Mohanji family spread around the United States came together in unison, harmony, love and purpose to acknowledge, celebrate, experience and share the extraordinarily magnificent Grace of Mohanji.  Friday, July 23rd was a beautiful culmination of offering Gratitude to Mohanji.  A day started with group Consciousness Kriya sessions at brahmamuhurta, bringing together several CK practitioners within the country. 

As the moon was illuminating the skies in the east coast, we started our Guru Purnima function with a very loving and devotional Guru Paduka Puja and the chanting of Mohanji Ashtotra Namavali by the group in Virginia.  Followed by the Guru Paduka Stotram offered at Mohanji’s lotus feet in New Jersey (Sangeeth) and the Siddha Mangala Stotram offered to our Golden Datta Tradition in Iowa (Jaya).  The sublimity of the auspicious occasion was heightened by sweet devotional singing once again bringing together our bhajan singers from California (Ashish and Runa) to Sedona (Natesh), Indiana (Sreyashi) New Jersey (Vishnupriya) and Virginia Lata, Ben and Anu).  Benjamin Sands offering of “Unconditional Love” was followed by Natesh’s “Guru Mohana Charanam Sharanam…”, a befitting conclusion to this auspicious day. 

Please watch Guru Purnima Celebration on Mohanji USA Facebook page.

2021 Gurupurnima energized the entire country with a new wave of positivity and hope as we look forward for Mohanji’s exclusive USA satsang on August 14. Jai Mohanji.

Charity in Ethiopia

We were really blessed on Guru Purnima to serve a sumptuous lunch along with a bottle of water to 277 homeless and underprivileged people in Ethiopia.
Vegan lunch was served along with injera and 6 side dishes including rice.It included Messir,Shiro,Attar,2 Veggies and rice.This was served very lovingly to the needy by the volunteers.
They were really happy and relished the food.Few, even asked one more packet for dinner which we gave happily.Their smiles were really precious and tugged the strings of the heart.
The seva was conducted spanning across Cmc, Bole, and Gurushola in Ethiopia.
Birds were also fed as part of the celebrations.

South Africa

Mast (The Eternal Song)
South Africa’s Guru Dakshina to Mohanji on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima 2021

Early Birds Club Kids

As a part of Gurupurnima Celebrations, the Vedic Kids students Khyati and Anwita from New Jersey, USA performed a beautiful role play depicting the Guru and disciple relation in an amazing manner. Both the kids have planned and enacted this on their own. 

To join such sessions, register with Vedic Kids using this Google Form link – (open to all kids from 5-18 yrs)

Please spread the joy with family and friends!

Individual wishes

Prathibha Nair and Neelu Vepu

From time immemorial Gurus and Gods are guiding mankind from the darkness of ignorance to brightness of knowledge.

A humble offering to Mohanji on the eve of Guru Poornima – Guru Paduka Stotram
Thanks to Neelu for bringing this to life with the beautiful visuals.

Jyothi Bahl, Danesh and Neelu Vepu

On the occasion of Gurupoornima we dedicate this song at the Lotus feet of our Gurudev Mohanji thanks so much Gurudev for being in our lives and for giving each one of us a purpose to live.
Gratitude always

The singer: Jyothi Bahl; video made by Neelu Vepu


A beautiful Bhajan by Manaswini Mohanji

Sunila and Hari

108 Names of Mohanji, written by Sunila, chanted by Hari Maboothiri
Enjoy this beautiful chant:



A very happy Guru Poornima dear Mohanji (guruji) and to the entire guru mandala and guru tattwa! It’s almost been a year for me being in your consciousness and it’s my first Guru Poornima after your advent in my life. Being a devotee, it’s a big day for me as well. You are truly leading me to light. This soul needed master like you. You are my agape love: the highest form of love one dedicates to his/her guru/lord. I cherish your advent in my life. This vulnerable child always at your lotus feet. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!!!

Sri Rudram 41 day program – part 2

Sri Rudram is a powerful Vedic hymn dedicated to Lord Shiva, extolling him as omnipresent in every aspect of nature, beings, movable and immovables etc. Through chanting these divine verses, we request Lord Shiva to turn down his fierce exterior and show us his benevolent form. In the Chamakam, we place all the requests, both material and spiritual, before the compassionate Lord Shiva. Rudram Namakam and Chamakam remind one of Mohanji’s quotes in which Lord Shiva is described as embodying both the microcosm and the macrocosm.

With Mohanji‘s abundant blessings, the 51-day Sri Rudram online sessions conducted by the Himalayan School of Traditional Languages culminated successfully on the 25th of June 2021. This program entailed ten days of learning to chant the Rudram with the right pronunciations and intonations, followed by 41 days of daily practice and chanting in the online sessions.

Mohanji blessed the group for the efforts and insisted that these sessions should be done frequently and consistently. This was Mohanji’s loving message to us all.

“I congratulate all of you for completing the 41-day Rudram chanting effectively, and I congratulate all the people who organized it and conducted it. This is a very powerful thing. At this point in time, when immunity is extremely important, these chants will accent and empower the structure of our constitution. I wish all of you to continue this as best as you can and as long as you can. This will help you to stabilize, strengthen and align yourself. I wish you great success in life, and as always, we are one family; we are together. We will always walk together.

Lots of love – Mohanji

We had several participants from different time zones and in different time slots created to facilitate global chanting. We share some of the heartfelt insights from the participants during the wrap up on the last day of chanting.

Sathya Shivakumar, India

During my children’s summer vacations in May this year; I was contemplating enrolling my son on Sri Rudram classes. He had learnt under professional guidance for almost a year after his Upanayanam and was reciting flawlessly but lost touch as he wasn’t able to chant regularly over the last few years. I thought that summer would be the ideal time when he could dedicate some time to revise what he had already learnt.

A few weeks prior, I was asked to work alongside Revathy, and in my mind, I was visualizing Sri Rudram workshop where like-minded Acharyas and others can learn under professional guidance under the aegis of the Himalayan School of Traditional Languages (HSTL).

Imagine my surprise and delight when Revathy called and said to me, “Sathya, we have to organize Rudram chanting”. My mind raced, “Wow, Can Mohanji hear everything? This is impossible. It appears he does not want us to sit on a bright intention and procrastinate.”

I was really excited. I shared my thoughts on arranging someone well versed in Sri Rudram to conduct the sessions. Revathy voiced her concerns. She told us that Mohanji had mentioned that we have to start this with available resources and not postpone. Mohanji emphasized that, “Sri Rudram purifies the chanter and the environment!”

We had a few planning meetings, and it was decided that we would have three sessions to accommodate the various time zones. I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to lead the chanting during one of the time slots.

I prepared my notes on the meaning of the stanzas of Rudram and also Mohanji’s quotes on Lord Shiva that beautifully describe Lord Shiva as the all-encompassing one. It was suggested that my son could put his Rudram training to use and teach those joining the 3:30 pm IST time slot. Wow! Here I was thinking of having him revise and recollect his training, and now he was being suggested as the trainer! From trainee to a trainer, what a leap! I took it up without hesitation because I felt Mohanji was empowering.

With the participants in the session being much senior to him by age, my son had to put in the effort and intensity to go from being a laid back student to the lead chanter of each session. It was the most unanticipated and yet most practical way of revising what one has learnt. When we teach others, it is indeed a different learning experience. 

What we already know gets reinforced, and some unlearning takes place at the same time. We also develop patience and humility. I saw all this happening with my son. Each Rudram session was powerful. I would say that it is the sheer grace of Mohanji and the immense cooperation of all the participants that the entire 51 days went off without incident.

We thank Mohanji for giving us this golden opportunity of putting things together and bringing people together. He is giving us a platform where we are being empowered. We have to work on that and progress more and more. He is giving us this space to become lead chanters. We have to put in sustained effort in the future too.

Chitra AS, India

I had aspired to learn Sri Rudram for a long time. I had seen my brothers learning and chanting. I had known a person explaining Rudram but found it very difficult to follow.

I wrote to the group in Palakkad but did not get any favourable response. I was really eager to learn and wanted to know if any online course was available during the pandemic times. I mentally submitted a prayer duringaarati to Mohanji and pretty soon I saw the HSTL flyeron Facebook.

Thanks to Mohanji for making this possible. I had a thought whether the style would be Yajur Veda or Sama Veda. Now I feel that more than the style, the pronunciation is very important. Initially, I was in the morning batch and the time was not convenient. Later I joined the afternoon slot. I thank Revathy, Sathya, Skanda and all the group members for arranging this session.

Anoop Das, USA

I had learnt the Sri Rudram about thirty five years ago. I have been thinking about resuming again and even bought a book. It has been with me for five years. A month back, I discussed this with my friends Sangeet and Sowmya. Within ten days, I received a WhatsApp message from them about this event. Even though I am not directly part of the Mohanji group, I came to know through them. I am fortunate to be a part of this group. Even with the cross country trip I am on, I was particular about doing the last few sessions. It is 5 am here. Thank you to Skanda and Bhavan for the teaching. It was great relearning and doing some unlearning as well.

I have never learnt the Chamakam part and this was an opportunity to learn that as well. Thanks to Skanda. I had learnt it from my Grandfather and a lot of nostalgic moments were coming back. Sathya’s brief of each anuvaka was really useful. We know some Sanskrit words and can guess the meaning, but the significance of each anuvaka added to the learning. It added to the learning experience. The meaning part and summary was a great learning for me. Even though it was online, it was really effective. It is good to see youngsters doing the chanting and teaching. That is a great blessing.

Sreeja Mohan

I saw the poster and thought an older person would teach us Rudram. Then I saw Skanda, a young teenager, chanting so fast and was pleasantly surprised. I called and told my friend “The boy who is teaching is about my son’s age! I thought it was going to be an old professor”. Taking turns and chanting the stanzas helped. Bhavan’s style, during the morning sessions, was totally different. Slowly, Anuvaka by anuvaka, I took it up and practised. I am really grateful that Lord Shiva and Mohanji blessed us and gave us this beautiful opportunity. 

Sangeeth and Sowmya, USA

I once attended an Ekadasha Rudram program where the Sri Rudram is chanted 11 times, along with other Vedic hymns. I was a part of it during the prayers, the reverberations in the room and the energy was beautiful and unique. I never had an opportunity like that again.

Maybe I wished also but did not share that with Sowmya. When this opportunity came up I was really happy. The group energy, commitment, and everyone’s effort was inspiring. There was personal development also.Thanks to Skanda, Revathy and Sathya. and thanks to Mohanji for giving us this wonderful experience where we learnt much more than the Mantra.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 43 & 44

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 43 Lesson – The family and people of the house 

Good morning, everybody. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy time of celebration connected with all your families. 

This year I am spending this time with my Mohanji family. Recently, someone sent me a message asking what it was like in the house and if I could share some more details on what the other people are doing who are staying here. I thought this time of the year when people come together as a family would be a fine opportunity to share that message. 

In the house currently, first, we have Mohanji’s parents – Achan and Amma, who oversee what’s going on in the house, whom Mohanji respects a lot. Achan is the head here and then obviously Mohanji, who we all know. Next, Rajesh, who’s been with Mohanji for many years and authored the ‘Miraculous days with Mohanji’, is a really great book (probably one of my favourites) for its honesty; its humour. Then there is Ananth, from Australia. Next, we have Geeta from Nepal, who manages the kitchen. This is the core family, the regular birds, the squirrels, and all the small beings who come for food and see Mohanji. 

Besides the core family, there are the Masters who are also living here. I don’t actually see them, though Mohanji has told us that they’re present here. Sometimes in the evenings, they will all be walking around and wandering about. 

Lastly, there is Preeti, who’s not staying here. But, she makes sure that everything is well organized here in the home and that we’re all well looked after. 

Now I’ll go through everybody, one by one, with a bit more detail to let you know what they’re up to. 

Achan, let’s start with Achan; Mohanji’s father is someone whom I really admire. He’s the personification of dedication and sticking to a purpose. He recently finished translating the divine book Sri Sreepada Srivallabha Charitamrutam into Malayalam. It is astonishing that when he was translating from English to Malayalam, he realized that the English translation didn’t have the essence; it didn’t have that flavour of the original script he had read because it didn’t do justice. So he, who is now 87-years-old, decided to learn a completely new language – Telugu, which is the language of the original manuscript as he wanted to ensure that the essence was maintained intact. This is dedication. This has been his focus for months since I’ve been here. He is an incredibly disciplined man. From dawn to dusk, he’s doing that work. He wakes up, he has his coffee, and he goes to work. Then breakfast and goes back again. After lunch and dinner, too, he is working relentlessly. Now it’s completed and going through the final stages of proofreading. This will be launched in early January. A great achievement, fantastic feat! He also keeps us on the straight and narrow for the protocol of things around Aarti and things like that. He taught me a lot in that respect. 

Amma and Achan with Mohanji

Amma, Mohanji’s mother, is like a hawk. Although she’ll be sitting there, she notices everything that’s going on in the house. She keeps a very keen eye on all the movements, particularly on Rajesh. She even knows when he’s been overeating. One event the other day made me realize this. We all have our cups in the house; Mohanji has his cup, and I’ve been using a particular one because it can hold more liquid than the other ones. So she knows what cup I use. The other day I took Geeta a cup of coffee; she was upstairs. She was curious and asked, “Where’s Chris going with that cup? Is he taking that to Mohanji because that’s not Mohanji’s cup?” She especially likes Rajesh and keeps a keen eye on him, and he too plays with her and teases her. I think she has quite a soft spot for him. Rajesh’s consistency in losing at the badminton matches makes her laugh a lot.

Rajesh has many activities within the foundation. He supports all the major programs that take place. Rajesh ensures that all content for the prep session for the recent online retreats was created. He’s also involved in some of the ashram’s work and heavily involved in Guru Light – 

 the book publishing division. It was Rajesh who actually worked very closely with Mohanji to complete Mast and then ensured that it was available on all outlets such as Amazon. He makes sure that all supplies are well kept and stocked, manages provisions in the house, food orders, any sort of work that needs to be done. He keeps a keen eye on gardening chores and ensures that it’s all well-kept. 

The most admirable thing which Rajesh does is waking up around 3 am and performing Homa daily. This has special importance because I’m not sure many people know about it, but Mohanji has always taken responsibility for the people who believed in him. He makes sure that they and their families are well-taken care of. He says, “If someone gives me their time; if someone takes one step towards me, I’ll take ten steps towards them.” He always gives more from his side than what he gets back. So he’s always taking responsibility for people. What Rajesh does every day, as Homa, is additional protection for all the people who love Mohanji and their families; that’s been taught to him by Mohanji directly. 

I didn’t know this, so I was quite taken aback when I found out that’s happening not only for all of us who are connected to Mohanji but also extends to our families. So Mohanji is really looking after the extended family. No money is taken for this. It’s purely as a Seva to all those people who are standing by Mohanji. 

Ananth has quite a challenging situation because he’s still working full time. His work time zone is in Australia. He’s up very early in the morning so that he can attend his work calls. He’s the main assistant to Mohanji; he helps with whatever’s needed, makes sure that the medication for Mohanji and his parents are always taken care of, that morning drinks and meals are all in the right order, and serves the meals. He coordinates tasks with the local people as well.

He is the vital technical support for the foundation – all the infrastructure for the websites, for Facebook, and payment gateways; all backend stuff, such as emails, which helps the machinery run, which we probably take for granted, is all due to Ananth. He is instrumental in setting up for the live meetings and even down to editing videos. He’s also learning the ritual of Homa at the moment, so afternoons one can see him practising it. 

Geeta is from Nepal, and she makes sure that we’re all well looked after, and our bellies are all full. She’s preparing fresh meals daily for the entire household – fresh vegetables and things like this. She runs the tight ship of the kitchen, and we help where we can. As Ananth is up in the morning, he helps with the preparation there. Later, we clean dishes and do whatever else that can be done. Thus we’re all working together. 

Preeti isn’t staying here, but she is always in support. She’s always making sure that supplies are coming on time to the house, surprises us with food and anything needed, such as furniture or equipment that we were getting for the live videos, ensures they’re all arranged from town by taking those trips there. She also comes on special occasions to make sure we have all the equipment and material for the poojas. 

On this special day, it’s nice to share with you some more information about the people that I’m staying with. I can say from my experience; it’s been really lovely to stay here. I have been here quite a while now, and it really does feel like home, really does feel like family. That’s the atmosphere that Mohanji really fosters as well, this friendliness. 

I’ve said before as well in previous voice recordings; I’m sure that this is what the atmosphere and the culture will be like too at our spaces when we have them – the Centers of Benevolence, and the Temples of benevolence, so when people come here, it’s as if they have come home, and are part of the family. 

So on this day, I hope you’re having a great time with all your families, good foods, celebrations.

That’s it from here about the current family at this house. I wish you all the best; I hope you have a fantastic day, and speak to you very soon.

Day 44 Lesson – Story of Mohanji’s time in Iraq

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing really well. 

Today, I wanted to share the story of Mohanji rather than any specific lesson. Over the past recordings, I’ve shared several lessons around the theme of efficiency, productivity, organization. Mainly it’s part of some of the key discussion points I have with Mohanji in the mornings. Mohanji himself is incredibly efficient; he makes sure that nobody is waiting on him for work to move. This approach and attitude have made him successful now and in his earlier business life, where he rose in position from a sales executive to a country head of five countries in the shipping industry. An amazing accomplishment!

Once, we were speaking about plans for activity in the morning when he shared a story – a page from his business life – to give an idea of how he handled situations. I thought it could be of interest because it’s something that I hadn’t heard before. 

This story is dated 2004, during the Iraq war; Iraq had been invaded, and the war was on. Mohanji, who was in a senior position in those days, had an assignment to go to Iraq, which he accepted, he was alright with taking those risks, but he had to do a few things before he left for Iraq.

The first was to create a will with the insurance company (because some people don’t necessarily come back) even though the Indian government had banned its nationals from going to Iraq during the war. So he went to make the will, and as part of that, he decided that he wanted to donate his organs if any of them were usable to help the poor. He thought, “I don’t need the body once I’m gone. So why not give away if it’s possible for someone else.” 

Second, he also wanted to make sure that all the savings, whatever he had in the bank, went to his first wife and whatever came out of the insurance that would go to his parents. He said that the insurance guy was quite taken aback at how calm Mohanji was about the situation. He asked him, “Are you not worried? How can you be so calm about this? Potentially bad things might happen to you.” Mohanji replied, ‘I’ve got a job to do. And what will happen, I don’t know. So I’m making sure now that this is all set outright.” Thus he set off for Iraq amidst the war.

In Iraq, they travelled by road to where he was staying, a British camp near Basra. The camp was well protected and stocked with food and chef as well. All the walls were high, maybe 10 meters high or so. It was almost like a prison, but there were a few cottages inside. On the way to the camp at Basra, Mohanji saw beheaded bodies lying on the side road and many dead bodies as well on the way. It was a tense situation all around. He had seven bodyguards with him at that time, three four-wheelers at his disposal, a rifle, and a bullet-proof vest. One of the bodyguards, Mohanji said, was one of the main bodyguards of the famous ‘The Beatles’ in his time. 

When he was stationed at Basra, the British Army Base, he was responsible for overseeing the loading and unloading of oil tankers and commodity ships supplying the British and American Forces. Each day, Mohanji and his security guards went via different routes to the port to observe when tankers were being loaded and other commodities. As the situation was quite perilous, they would often go across the desert to make sure that they weren’t attacked and things like that. But even still, he said, often one would find dead bodies while driving past in the desert.

Each day, the chief bodyguard would chart a new route and plan to travel in a different vehicle. There were constant changes and alterations because they were being watched. Within the Basra camp itself, amenities were fairly limited; there was no TV, internet, entertainment, newspaper, mobile phones at that time. So it was purely just the work, like being in prison almost. 

One morning Mohanji had to head out to the port and sign the papers, but they weren’t ready yet, which was a bit unusual. So he said, “Okay, no problem. I’ll do it, I’ll send the car, and they can bring the papers back. When they come back, I can sign them, and the next day, I’ll take them back.” Mohanji arranged this, and two of his bodyguards took the Jeep.

On the way there, the bodyguards stopped at a makeshift roadblock which proved fatal. Later, it was discovered that a 12-year-old boy detonated an explosive device on the Jeep and completely destroyed it, killing the two bodyguards. That would have been probably the vehicle that Mohanji would have been travelling; he missed that very closely. This incident now implied that somebody must have let these people or the locals know about the situation, about who Mohanji was, where he was travelling to; the dangers increased. This meant the chief bodyguards and people would be under the radar of the locals as well.

There was a local man who was one of the leaders within the local area. He came to visit Mohanji at some point to arrange the shipping logistics and things like this. When he went back home, there was a note on the door for him saying, “We know where you went; if you go again, we’ll chop your head.” So, these were the messages which were being shared, “Don’t come anymore.” 

Mohanji said that everybody was carrying guns. Even he had to carry a gun from time to time, and the bodyguards would train him how to use them. But in the end, he wouldn’t carry it because they had surrounded him. This was the prevailing situation with all kinds of things happening around. Like Mohanji mentioned earlier while travelling by road, there would be dead bodies strewn, people were being kidnapped for ransom, even school children were not spared and kidnapped for ransom, even though the parents couldn’t pay much. 

As is Mohanji’s style, he sees humour in some of the most serious situations. He added that one of the funniest incidents was that, during that time he was there, shipments were going all the time; people were unloading the ship, putting it into trucks, and then they took it where it needed to go. There was a cargo load of manhole covers, the big sort of metal manhole things which you would put on some drainage system and this cargo was going by road. Times were such that everybody was trying to eke a living by taking stuff or thieving because some of it was worthwhile; even farmers would do it.  

It so happened that two of the local farmers decided to capture this truck and take the manhole covers. It’s a big load of these very heavy manhole covers; later, they went down to the local market to try and sell them, carrying one or two. Obviously, no one was going to buy them; they tried for a few weeks. They just had this big truck of manhole covers, which nobody wanted. 

During that time, the insurance company would payout to the company transporting these (because it was a thing that could happen), then they would have their money returned and send another shipment. These farmers were chasing around, trying to find someone who could buy them. In the end, they found the location of the port of the company, and they came back with the truck convinced that they could sell back these manhole covers to the port. After some negotiations happened to and fro, they eventually sold the truck for much less than what it was worth. 

This was one of the stories from more adventurous times for Mohanji.

I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you have a great day ahead.


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My ride with Mohanji

my ride with mohanji

By Chakradhar Yakkala, Switzerland

I met Mohanji for the first time in October 2017 and have been meeting him regularly since then. More than the teachings and the worldly activities of Mohanji, what attracts me to him the most is the stillness he carries and the energy he exudes. Every time I visit him, I just plug into his silence, and I enjoy that silence within myself so well. It is like a drug for me, intoxicating and invigorating but never incapacitating. In addition to that, he always pushes my awareness a notch higher every time I meet him.

Earlier this year, I attended the retreat that happened in Istanbul in February 2021. I learnt and practiced Conscious Gapless Breathing there for the first time. One day after finishing that practice, as I lay down, as usual, to relax (with closed eyes), Deviji played some soft music. During that period, my breath rate dropped below a certain threshold. As one’s breath and mind are interconnected, not a single thought occurred on my mindscape while the awareness was at its peak. In such a state, I saw an expanse of a blue-colored matrix that had no limits. It was all-pervasive, and various forms were appearing and disappearing on it. I could not recognize any of those forms except Mahavatar Babaji. He appeared briefly, and His gaze had immense love, which I could never articulate in words. If he had continued that gaze for a little more time, I would have definitely gone mad with love.

I enjoy travelling, so after the retreat, I planned to travel across Turkey. After a few days of my solo travel, I felt dull and had severe body aches. I ignored them and pushed myself to quench my thirst to explore without listening to my body. After 90% of my expedition, I reached Izmir, a metropolitan city in Turkey.There I was struggling to talk and developed a persistent cough. I tested myself for Covid-19, and as one would expect, I was tested positive. I isolated myself in a hotel room and took the medication given by Turkish Government health care workers. I suffered from a severe cough and intermittent labored breathing.

I informed Mohanji of my situation, and he wrote back reassuring me that he is with me and watching over me always. He blessed me and asked me to connect more to his form. Thus, I spent a significant amount of time each day just looking at his picture. At this time, I recalled an event that happened during the retreat in Turkey. During our 1-1 time with Mohanji, he gave me a powerful mantra and asked me to chant it every day. That mantra is about being free from all kinds of diseases and having perfect health. I felt that he must have foreseen the situation that would take a toll on my health; hence, he gave me that mantra.  

A few days later, the cough became persistent, and every time I coughed, it felt as if somebody was piercing me with a knife in the diaphragm. I received a message from Mohanji during this time. He wrote I had a severe attack, but he had reduced the intensity of it.The same evening, my breathing was severely impaired, and I had to call for an ambulance to get admitted to a hospital in Izmir. The following morning, I felt it was time for me to go back to the soil. I could accept the severe bodily pain I was going through but could not accept dying in pain, as I had always dreamt of dying in a blissful state. So I wrote to Mohanji, “If I have to die, please make me free of pain”, as I did not want the pain to be my last experience of life. Mohanji replied that he is doing everything he can about my situation, and there was no need for me to worry.

I stayed for almost a week in the hospital on oxygen support.  I constantly watched another Covid positive man that was sharing the room with me. He was in his 70s or 80s, suffering terribly, and looked like he might die any moment. Whenever I felt a bit low, I would close my eyes and visualize Mohanji in the center of my forehead. I would experience a strong presence of him and in no time would feel normal again. After I got discharged from the hospital, I informed Mohanji of my status, and he told me that the worst is over, and I am on the road to recovery. He also mentioned that a lot of cleansing has happened, and a sort of re-birth will occur.

After getting discharged from the hospital, beginning of a new life

From the time I tested positive, my friend Judith from Switzerland wrote to me daily to check how I was doing, updated Mohanji regularly of my status, organized prayers and Mai-Tri sessions for me, where Mai-Tri practitioners from Switzerland and UK took turns and did Mai-Tri for me on a daily basis. She played the role of a Mother when I needed help the most, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to her and all the people who prayed and performed Mai-Tri for my recovery.

Once I returned home to Switzerland, I noticed that no matter what was happening in my life, I was just in gratitude all the time for still being alive. The most precious thing in our life is that we are alive, and most people tend to forget this and take life for granted (and expend a lot of time indulging in petty emotions). There is no guarantee that we are going to live next moment, so be grateful that you are alive now. Every morning I would wake up, look at Mohanji’s pic in my bedroom, smile and remind myself that I am still alive. One day when I woke up and smiled looking at Mohanji’s pic, he sent me a telepathic message, “Look, look.” At that very moment, my awareness got absorbed inward. I could see that although my body was awake, my emotional and psychological structures were dormant (literally sleeping) within me. I could see some energy (like electricity) flowed through those latent structures, and only then, they became alive and awake within me. This process happened within a span of few seconds after waking up.

Thus, my experiential understanding shifted from “I am this body and mind” to “I am the energy that is empowering this body and mind.” There is a world of difference between knowing this fact theoretically by reading some books or listening to some Masters and knowing it experientially. Once your identification shifts from the body and mind to the energy that flows through them (even for a brief period of time), you become inclusive in nature because you realize that it is the same energy that is flowing through and empowering every being.

After a considerable amount of recovery post Covid, I started practicing Conscious Gapless Breathing again. One day while I was lying down and relaxing after the practice, I wanted to get up but could not. Instead, something else got out of me, and I was witnessing myself in a different space. That space was just empty, slightly grayish, a little dark, and was extremely powerful. I was looking at myself sitting in that space and was observing the central axis in me. As I sat there, I remembered my friend and tried to transmit that power to him also. Sometime later, I did not know how to return from that space to my body as I have not figured out the mechanics of life yet. So, within myself, I said, “Mohanji, Mohanji, Mohanji”, and I was able to get back to my body from that space. Only then I could actually move my body and get up from the floor.

Recently, I attended the retreat in Montenegro. I went to Mohanji to thank him for being with me when I needed him the most. His words were, “So you went to hell and came back.” The following day, Mohanji said, “I heard that you were crying a lot”, referring to my struggle during Covid. I replied, “I thought it was time for me to go.” He then said, “It is a good practice, right? Now, when the time comes to go, you are already prepared!” I agreed affirmatively.

The following day of the retreat, the participants that were leaving early were told to come and receive Shaktipat (energy transfer) from Mohanji. When I went to receive Shaktipat, he said to me, Chakradhar, you are leaving! Why are you leaving? I hesitantly replied that I wanted to travel and explore Croatia, and that is the reason for my early departure and not participating in full retreat. Then he said to me, “You should go where your soul guides you, not where your mind guides you. See, you previously went where your mind guided you in Turkey, and you fell sick; before that, your soul guided you, and you were healthy, right?”

I said to myself, all these Gurus use heavy vocabulary such as soul guidance, guidance from the higher self, etc., and I have no clue what they talk about. I went up to him a few minutes later and asked, “How do I know if the soul is guiding me or the mind is guiding me?” He said that it is very simple. “If your mind is guiding you, it is seeking for repeated experiences and pleasures; if your soul is guiding you, it is seeking for transformation and silence.” These words were so simple, yet so profound. He then added, you are a scientist right; this is elementary stuff!

I left for Croatia and was happily exploring city after city. The last stop in my itinerary was Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is a 295km2 forest reserve, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there in the midst of nature. On my last evening there, I walked to a restaurant that was 30min away from my accommodation. On my way back, I felt like walking a bit in the forest before returning to my hotel. I walked on a well-demarcated path on the periphery of the forest for some time.  I saw some marked trails that led into the forest, so I took a turn and walked alone as there was no one around. The marked trail ended at a certain point inside the forest, and I was supposed to go back on the same marked path where I had come from.

I have always had a wild streak in me since childhood. Very few people in my life have seen that side of me. As a result, I have experimented quite a bit in my life and with my life. Sometimes, it turned out to be great and, at other times, terrible, but I have always learnt some amazing lessons. Instead of walking back, I entered the forest. I said to myself, “Although it is an unmarked territory from here, let me explore it. If I continue in this particular direction, I will still reach my accommodation, but through the forest. I have already walked this far in this direction, and I do not want to turn around now. Let me walk all the way!” Thus, I continued to walk inside the forest for almost an hour in the direction I thought was right.

Then, it dawned on me that somewhere I made a wrong turn and have walked deeper into the forest. Otherwise, it should not have taken this long for me to reach my accommodation. I had no clue where I was, and it was already 7:15 PM, and the sun was about to set. A bit of frustration, and a bit of fear started to creep in. I visualized Mohanji in my heart center and asked him, “Could you please guide me?” He guided me to walk in a particular direction. I walked in the appointed direction for approximately 40 minutes. I felt like I had arrived nowhere. By then, I already got a few cuts and bruises, and the heel of my right foot was bleeding continuously. I felt a bit dejected, not able to clearly figure out which way to go. I again got a message from Mohanji, “Keep walking son, even if you do not see any clear path, keep walking in the same direction I showed you.” I continued walking for 20 more minutes in that direction and stopped again, not knowing if I was doing the right thing. Once again, Mohanji sent me a message, “Keep walking, son; you are almost there.”

I continued walking for 15 more minutes. I was so dehydrated that the surface of my lips started to peel off (I neither carried any water nor I had come across a pool of water in that part of the forest I walked). On the other hand, that forest is home to bears, wild dogs and wolves. I took out my phone that was running out of battery and thought of calling the owner of my accommodation. I wanted to inform him of my status in case I managed to survive the night with wild animals and dehydration, so he could send a search/rescue team the following morning. Once again, I felt the message from Mohanji, “Continue in the same direction for ten more minutes; if you still do not see anything, make a phone call, but not now.” So trusting the message, I continued for another 10 minutes, and to my amazement, I reached the village where my accommodation was, just 5 minutes before it became completely dark. Only then, I understood why Mohanji said to me in Montenegro, “Do not go where your mind guides you!” Hahahaha!

Although my story appears to be different on the surface, on a deeper level, I feel that it is very similar to the stories of most people. Most of us walk into traps; somebody who has a physical compulsion will walk into one sort of a trap, another with an emotional compulsion will walk into a different sort of a trap, and similarly for the one with psychological compulsions. The bottom line is that unconsciously most of us walk into traps; what kind of a trap you walk into differs based on the predominant constitution you carry. Moreover, in many cases, by the time one realizes that they are stuck in a trap, they might have dissipated a significant amount of their lifetime and life energies. The only way to avoid it is to enhance your awareness and to connect to a higher frequency that will nurture, assist and facilitate the evolution of your awareness.

Finally, I would like to thank Mohanji immensely for always making my perception and awareness evolve, and would like to stress the fact that if someone connects to him, he is available to that person always. One needs to have the necessary subtlety and receptivity to recognize it and cherish it. 

The Master who never leaves your hand


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Lessons living with Mohanji – days 41 & 42

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 41 Lesson – Round-up of the 41 days – If there’s a transformation, it’s worth it 

Good morning, everybody. 

Today is day 41 of the ‘Lessons Living with Mohanji’ series. Firstly, I wanted to say thank you so much for everybody’s support and the private messages that have been sent. I didn’t have any expectations on how far this would reach people. I’m really happy to contribute to our global family in this way, especially if it’s helping with the connection to Mohanji and our purpose because we have a lot to do in the world. 

Mohanji reminds me of this constantly: what more can we do? How can we improve everything? We have great platforms, and each of them has its vision, purpose and objective in the world. How can we use them to reach more people? 

Mohanji gives clarity and guidance for this constantly so that raising awareness and the collective consciousness of the world can be achieved. He said before that he’s here to bring Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, to Earth. In satsangs and here in the house, he’s clarified a few times that actually Satya Yuga already exists. It never left. It’s a frequency, a higher frequency we can connect to. For this to happen, we collectively need to start living the highest potential of human existence – kindness, compassion, unconditional love. 

This is a potential inside us all. Mohanji is available to take us there. But as I’ve mentioned before, he says that it’s for us to walk; he can only guide us, but he’s holding our hand on the way. 

Over the past days, I’ve spoken about the beauty of the Mohanji platforms as opportunities for our purification and for giving back our skills to the world, which benefits us and our entire lineage. What we invest in now will serve us and the future generations to come. I think it’s worth it. 

I’ve also shared many messages about the operating stature of Mohanji as I experience him. There is no nonsense; there’s only today, no postponement, no delay, no procrastination – it’s now. Also, before being spiritual, he’s more practical, and he doesn’t rest. It is a fire in the house: we either move and transform, or we get burned. There’s no “Okay; maybe I’ll be doing this”. It is being fully committed, or maybe it’s not the right thing for us. 

I’ve shared some overview of the house, daily life, interactions with family, his parents, and all the beings around the house. There’re also some extra dimensions of his work, which aren’t completely perceivable to me, but I know they exist. They are becoming more apparent; the longer I stay here, the more I can observe. 

As today marks 41 days, I wanted to focus on transformation. This is probably the main lesson I’ve been able to take from my time here and from my life generally. Since I’ve been connected to Mohanji, there’s been a transformation in my life for the positive. Sometimes there have been big turbulences and quite challenging situations. As soon as I connected to Mohanji, lots of things started to shift in my life. But what I found is that by keeping steady, understanding what purpose I set for myself, accepting situations as they come, riding with that flow of life – there’ll always be a positive outcome at the end. 

Now, I would say that I’ve come from a relative depth of unconscious existence. I used to spend the majority of my time just crashing through life, from one experience to the next, chasing them. Many of them have been drunk, unconscious states. But now, there’s much more clarity and contentment in my life. I hope that listening to these messages would have helped me share that transformation with you all.

Mohanji has been open about this, too. He said that unless there is a transformation for you, it’s not worth being here. Especially in regards to me staying here, he said, “If it’s going to become too much for you and it starts to become a burden and suffocation, then maybe now it’s not the time. I don’t want to make people crumble; I want people to have a happy life. But if you’re willing to transform, then I’m happy to take you to the highest, or wherever you can reach”. He also said that he’s not here to make followers; he’s not interested in collecting more followers. He’s here to make masters. So, it will be our own progress that will be a benchmark of our connection, conviction and our alignment with this path of liberation. 

He also mentioned that transformation doesn’t have to be dramatic so as to become enlightened straightaway. Even if we’re shifting from a lethargic and no-movement state to one where we have purpose and are taking small steps, it’s worth it. Even if it’s about becoming less angry or less affected by situations of the world, it’s worth it. 

So, I’ll end the recording today with an open “Thank you” to Mohanji for all he’s done for me personally, for the opportunity that I have to speak with you all, and for his kindness and friendship, for the time that I’ve been here with him in Bangalore, as he’s looked after me so well—even with the basics, providing shelter, great food, and deep companionship. 

I had intended to conclude these sessions after 41 days. I didn’t intend to carry on. But as there are people here willing to listen, I’ll keep sharing and keep speaking until it’s no longer useful for people. If you have any specific questions about what it’s like to live with Mohanji, I’m really happy to answer. Feel free to make use of me as I have the opportunity to be here. I’m happy to answer any questions, no matter how small or trivial you think they may be. 

The final “thank you” goes to my office team; they do such great work supporting this, especially the one who’s transcribing all of these recordings. I won’t share the name because maybe they’ll get embarrassed. 

As I’ve mentioned in one of the last messages, we’re looking to extend the team, too. So if anyone reads this and feels a calling, write to me, and we can discuss. 

Have a great day ahead, and I wish you a happy day.

Day 42 Lesson – To serve Mohanji is to live his teachings 

Good morning, everybody; I hope you’re doing very well. 

I was thinking back this morning of the reasons why I started these messages. It was to share with people what it’s like to live with Mohanji because I understand that it’s a unique situation to spend this much time with him here. Also, we have an unprecedented situation (COVID) where people cannot meet Mohanji physically, which could potentially get worse as we see a new strain in the UK. It really is an unprecedented and unpredictable time. 

I also know a number of people would like to serve Mohanji personally, e.g. prepare his food, clothes, administer any medicines, and generally help with personal duties. When he’s travelling, this work is greater than when he’s at home. But now, since he’s here, it’s mainly about preparing meals and making sure that everything is well arranged for the live video events, this type of thing. 

But what I’ve come to know, actually, is that he’s more than capable of looking after himself. He’s very independent and a very private person. He’s spoken in public many times that he’s an introvert by nature. He likes having personal space and time to himself, which is why I try to keep my best focus in the meetings we have in the morning. Then, he just updates me in the evening, so we use his time efficiently. 

Also, I understood that he allows everything from people; whichever way people would like to connect to him, he allows. There’s a lot of people who feel compelled to serve him, and he allows that because they gain satisfaction from it. But I sometimes think that it might be easier for him just to do the tasks himself. However, he’s fantastic in allowing everybody who desires to serve him to do so. 

More recently, it’s been a bit more difficult, and I really appreciate Mohanji’s response to the people who have asked, “How do I serve you? What is the best way to serve you? I’d like to spend more time with you”. He gives them a simple answer, which I’ve heard many times before, but it’s a great reminder for me and for others too. He said: “The best way to serve me is to simply live my teachings, bring brightness to the world, and share with the world your gifts and your talents, and especially help the helpless“. That means he’s happiest when others are happy, when they are looked after and cared for, especially when all beings have been fed, and their bellies are full. This is sometimes why, when I’m speaking to him in the morning, he can suddenly stop, and he will ask me, “Have the birds been fed? Can you hear them?” because he’ll hear the birds chirping away or making noise. I’ll check, I’ll go outside, and I can see that they haven’t been fed. So, I’ll feed them. But it means that he’s felt their hunger. 

So, to serve Mohanji is simply to live his teachings. This is the best service we can give. The best ritual he advises to people is feeding the hunger of all beings because that helps us, and it helps them. 

Before working closely with Mohanji and staying here, I had my own experience of understanding this. It was over a year ago now, when I’d recently become an Acharya. After the training, he sent all of us an email, which was really, really kind; it really touched me. He was offering assistance. He said if there’s anything he could help with at all, we could write to him and ask for help. Then he would do his best to fulfil that.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the kindness which he showed because he had just given us so much during the Acharya training. I thought, what more could I ask for? That night, I thought to myself that I would just like to have something really ordinary, something very human and basic, a human experience with Mohanji, e.g. to share breakfast, a Dosa breakfast. Then I went to sleep and had a dream with Mohanji; it was a very vivid dream, where we were at a Mohanji style retreat. I was packing, but it looked like I was going to be late and miss the bus that was going to take us from one location to another. Then Mohanji came into the room and said, “Don’t worry, you can travel with me to the next stop”. On the way, we stopped for some food; it was breakfast time. We went into a café, and that was my chance to have a Dosa breakfast with Mohanji. So I ordered Dosas to eat with him. I ordered two and had just enough money for those. One was ready, so I went back to the counter, collected it, took it back, and gave it to Mohanji sitting at the table. Then I went back to collect the other Dosa from the counter, when, in a flash of an eye, the cashier turned into a homeless person or a beggar who simply asked me for money, “Do you have money?” I didn’t have any because I had just bought the Dosas. I asked if he was hungry instead. He said yes, so rather than sitting with Mohanji, I sat down with him, and we split the Dosa in half, and we ate it together. I must have woken up then and remembered that. 

That was profound for me because I clearly understood that having breakfast or feeding the hungry and the helpless was the same as having it with him. That stuck with me. 

I didn’t know that I’d have a chance to eat Dosas for breakfast with him after this, especially here at the house. 

So today, this is the message that to serve Mohanji is to very simply live his teachings and help the helpless where we can. When we do this, he actually feels it, and he knows. 

Have a great day ahead.


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Bliss in Meditation

Here are some beautiful experiences shared by participants on Mohanji’s guided meditations. Many participants had profound experiences and were amazed at the consistency with which they were able to do this sadhana. RimJhim, Padmini share some insights from this meditation which enriched them and Charles jokingly refers to them as ‘The Mohanji shortcuts’.

Rimjhim Prasad, India

I am very new to the Mohanji Foundation. Honestly, I did not know what to expect out of this meditation, but I started my journey in good faith. About a week back, when I sat for meditation, I felt sick with heaviness in the head, backache and nausea. I thought I would never be able to complete my meditation that day. But to my surprise, not only did I complete my meditation successfully that day; since then, I haven’t experienced any pain in my neck and head region, which is very common with me. The next day when I sat for meditation, suddenly there was an outburst of tears, and throughout the meditation, they were pouring out uncontrollably. But that night, I slept like a child. When I got up the next day, I felt very light from within, as if a lot of burdens I had been carrying since I don’t know for how long has been removed. I haven’t met Mohanji, and I do not know if I am actually connected with him, as I’ve never had any spiritual guru or guidance earlier. 

I surrendered myself to Mohanji, saying that please let me complete my meditation today as I’ve vowed to experience the 41-day meditation without missing a single day! I’ve started my journey in good faith, and may he guide me and bless me always!

Padmini Ravi Kumar, Dubai

On 15th June, the Bliss of Silence meditation was very turbulent to start.

As the breathing began, many people and many faces unknown, of different races and from different periods were flashing in my mind. It was like a rapid succession of picture slides flooding in, flashing in front of me; the mind was spinning.

There were times when I didn’t hear Mohanji’s instructions in the meditation. This flashing of faces went on for some time, and suddenly when Mohanji told us to go slow in our breathing without our lungs being aware, somewhere at that point, the madness or flashing pictures stopped all of a sudden.

A sentence flashed in my mind, or I heard (I am not sure), 

“Silence is the substratum on which sounds dance.”  

This was very clear. 

Then Lord Shiva, larger than life, appeared. He was all-encompassing; there was only Him, nothing else!

Soon after, a vision of Krishna sprouted, followed by many Krishnas and myriad people doing ‘Raas’ with him.

Then I heard Mohanji’s voice asking us to be aware of the body as part of the meditation.

I bow in gratitude to Mohanji for this beautiful opportunity for group meditation and for enabling me to get deeper into the silence within.

The Mohanji Shortcut by Charles Ndifon Londi

Humanity generally loves shortcuts to go somewhere or to achieve something in life. Why spend so much time and energy going all the way when there is a shorter route to get something or arrive at a destination? This expediency is particularly noticeable in the political and social milieux, where people take shortcuts to power, wealth, and fame no matter the consequences to themselves or their society. Here we look at shortcuts, from the spiritual perspective, not in a very favourable way.

Many gruesome stories abound of people in the socio-political sphere who tried to short-circuit life by using shortcuts and ended up regretting their actions. It would appear that one’s real intent, most probably of an altruistic nature, would determine if taking a shortcut is worth it. They involve a lot of creativity on the part of anyone who is in any situation, so they could be very personal and unique to different individuals.

As a Mohanji student, I have come up with what I call the Mohanji Shortcut to help keep my heart centre open and ”Just be love for a few more moments, just be love forever” as Mohanji prescribes in Blossoms of Love Meditation. I have found out, and many can attest, that it is not so easy to demonstrate the love that Mohanji talks about. Each individual is love already, as Guruji says since the fabric from which we are cut is love, but a keen observation proves that the perception, recognition, and realization of ourselves as already beings of love not needing to seek love but just to express it is another thing altogether. In fact, it is not easy to work from the Master’s prescribed point of view as the mind sometimes goes crazy, keeps judging, analyzing, condemning, seeing things in categories rather than as a whole.

Even after doing the meditations diligently, you may sometimes hear the mind saying, ”You are undeserving of my attention. You are crude, rude, ungrateful, unkind, and scheming, and I don’t want to have anything to do with you” regarding another person. This may be accentuated by the fact that some people may want to use you as a footstool because you talk to them about love, as outlined by Mohanji. So they want to attach to you, take advantage of you, and abuse the love that you so generously pour out in various forms. ”Oh, he/she is a God-loving person”, they say and think you can put up with just about anything. I have experienced this countless times, and it is ongoing. However, I reckon that as free beings of love, we also have the freedom to give or withhold love using our sense of spiritual discrimination. This may entail an opening and closing of the heart centre, which Mohanji wants us to keep open constantly. This is where the Mohanji Shortcut helps keep one in a constant state of love awareness consciously and unconsciously.

What I jokingly call the Mohanji Shortcut is remembering to do everything in Mohanji’s name where I cannot help myself, where the mind overrides, and I become judgemental with so many ‘whys’. Since Mohanji Consciousness is the highest state that we all aspire for, doing acts in his name in normal and difficult circumstances when the mind interferes helps to keep the ‘I’ or ‘ME’ factor in abeyance and behold, love, steals into my heart without me knowing. And sometimes I have fun walking, eating, chatting, sleeping, dancing, taking medication, etc., in Mohanji’s name. I find that doing things in his name engenders sweet remembrance of the Master and that which he represents– the Universal Supreme Consciousness. In one situation, when in a quandary of what to do or say, I just asked myself, ”How would Mohanji act in this situation?”

The answer that flowered was ‘with love.’ All that Mohanji presents (talks, retreats, seminars, Guided Meditations, books, and discourses) and represents is a shortcut to unblemished supreme consciousness/awareness of life.


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Sri Rudram 41 day programme – part 1

Śrī Rudram is the most sacred prayer-chant to worship Lord Shiva. It is a Vedic chant taken from the Krishna Yajurveda’s Taittiriya Samhita. It comprises of two parts, the Namakam and the Chamakam. It is believed that wherever the Rudram is chanted, that place becomes free from disease, drought, thefts and other ills. The Shiva Purāṇa explains that by chanting Rudram, one gains both worldly pleasures and liberation. In the current situation, where people are facing extremely challenging times, HSTL is proud to bring this sacred chanting program to raise positive vibrations in society.

By Ramesh Krishna, India

I came to Rudram chanting and learning class by chance. I take it as blessings from Lord Shiva that I am even here. April 27th, I had to undergo slipped disc surgery which is considered serious as it involves delicate bone disk replacement in the cervical spine. The operation was successful; however, during the post-operation consultation, the doctor mentioned that around 7% of people lose their voices due to damage to the vocal cords. This news was a bit concerning for me then, but with the grace that did not happen to me.

Few days after my discharge from the hospital, my wife showed me the FB page of Hari Narayanan Namboothiri. I take Bhagwatam classes with him, and while glancing through his page, I came across the HSTL Rudram chanting and learning session flyer. I had an interest in learning Rudram for many years and saw this as a great opportunity while I was at home recovering.

With this great opportunity, I had some concerns. It was difficult to chant for long, and I had to drink lots of warm water after a brief talk. During this time of hesitation, I remembered Hari Narayanan shared a poem on many occasions which went like, “What is the use of a tongue if you cannot chant with it? Eyes that do not see Krishna, what is the use of eyes? If you cannot hear Kirtans, then what is the use of ears?” As I considered the poem, I understood the meaning and decided to take the course. As I was recovering, my voice was coming back slowly.

During the first few days of the chanting sessions, I had to drink warm water to soothe my throat during my allotted part. However, as days passed, I felt comfortable chanting the entire Namakam and Chamakam with my fellow participants. Even the negative aspect of my health later turned into positive energy. I only missed a few days in the beginning due to my circumstance; after that, I made it every day!

In the beginning, I had few apprehensions about the whole process of learning Rudram online. It is said, one needs to learn Shri Rudram directly from a Guru face to face. But as the days passed, I was astonished that I could feel the blessings of Mohanji and the grace of Sri Parameshwaran, and I felt as if Sri Bhavan were sitting next to me and teaching me. I got to experience face-to-face teaching from a guru, and I did not feel at all this was an online course. If I felt I was making mistakes while chanting, I sent messages via WhatsApp and would get corrections immediately. I felt very grateful for all the support.

I am also very grateful to the entire HSTL Team, Sri Bhavan, Dr Revathy, Dr Unnikrishnan, Anoop, and all my fellow participants during this chanting session. Lastly, I wish you all the blessings of Sri Parameswaran and the Grace of Mohanji. Jai Mohanji! Aum Namah Shivaya!

Image: Gurulight

By Hemant Panda, UK

Jai Mohanji, everyone! I would like to share my experiences of chanting Rudram over the last 41 days. I have been chanting Rudram for the last few years. We do that in a group once a week, every Friday. When we chant in a group, any mistakes that we make get camouflaged amongst everyone’s chanting. And anything that we learn or correct during that week is forgotten by the time next Friday comes.

What the daily chanting has given me in the last 41 days is, first of all, when we chant in the mornings, the mind is fresh and active. Secondly, because it’s daily, whatever we learn, we remember to follow through for the next day. Thirdly, this was more like re-learning Rudram all over again because we were going through learning modules; any errors I was making while chanting, I was able to identify and correct them.

There is a big difference between chanting Rudram and chanting Rudram correctly. Those who are familiar with Rudram will know that it is full of intonations and mātrās (rhythmic patterns). When you chant correctly or knowing that you are in a position to chant correctly gives you immense satisfaction; these 41 days have really helped me towards that.

I also discovered that when we do meditation or Kriya, the mind wavers, and it takes some time before we realise that the mind has gone somewhere and to bring it back. But while chanting Rudram, I found that it’s a continuous meditation process for 35-40 minutes. To chant with precision, the mind must be actively focused and engaged in every word, pronunciation and intonation. The moment the mind wonders, we realise it because we make errors. The intonations and mātrās simply won’t flow the way they should. This has been another advantage of chanting continuously – the mind has been able to be engaged throughout the process.

More than the chanters who have made an effort to chant, I would say the biggest credit should go to the teacher because chanting is one thing, but teaching Rudram is an incredibly challenging job. Particularly to a group of people who are not familiar with the language or do not necessarily have an orientation towards the way of precise chanting, intonations and mātrās – a big thank you to Shyama for that.

Most importantly, immense gratitude to Mohanji for starting this initiative, allowing us to participate in the chanting and for his grace and blessings throughout these 41 days. It has certainly helped me build discipline, fix the errors that I used to make while chanting, and, more importantly, allowed me or given me the confidence to chant solo, which I had never been able to do before.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated, to the teacher and to our dear Mohanji for allowing me to participate in this programme.

By Anitha Rajan, India

I am a student of the HSTL (Himalayan School of Traditional Language) Sri Rudram chanting and learning sessions. The experience I received was on our 41st first day of chanting. It was only the grace of Mohanji which made this experience come to life.

It started like any other day. I sat down with my notes to chant along with our teacher Bhavan. That is when Revathy suggested to everyone, “Just close your eyes, listen and try to feel the chant.” I closed my eyes as instructed and started to listen and soak in the vibrations of the chant.

A few moments later, I had a vision where I saw a giant right leg resting on the ground. I also saw someone’s hands firmly clasping and hugging that leg. I was not sure if they were my hands. A few moments later, I saw a left leg, placed at a distance from the right one. At the same time, a right hand came into view, holding a big trident rooted firmly to the ground next to the feet. Now I could see the face of the being that I was witnessing. It was a very handsome figure with a majestic face and features, which I could not recognise. The entire figure shown now was of a beautiful and fair being. I consider this as a Shiva darshanam (vision) gifted to all of us by Mohanji.

At the end of our chanting, the profoundness of the image or vision did not dawn upon me. However, the following day, it filled my heart with so much love. I wanted to share this beautiful experience with everyone as Mohanji always advises us. Thank you to Lord Shiva and Mohanji for this life-changing experience. Aum Namah Shivaya!

Image source: Pinterest

Shambhavi Agrawal, UK

I had wanted to learn the Lalitha Sahasranama for a while now, but I felt it was too difficult, and I would never be able to chant it. When I saw the Sri Rudram learning course, I thought, let me try. I know I can’t do but let’s try.

I am amazed at how quickly I learnt to chant the Sri Rudram. It may not be perfect, but when I could not even read a line and now can chant 11 Anuvakas, it’s a miracle. On the last day, when we were chanting, and Mohanji’s message was played, I felt that my body pores opened, and the whole Rudram was travelling inside me. The only thought that came up was that Mohanji had initiated me with Sri Rudram. That experience was so beautiful that tears start flowing when I think of it; my loving gratitude to Mohanji for his blessings.

Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

The 41-day Rudram Namakam and Chamakam learning and chanting programme has been a beautiful journey of grace and blessings. While helping others learn to chant, I have also learned and discovered so much, not just in improving my chanting but also in discipline, self-confidence, willpower, gratitude, and humility.

The Central European Time (CET) zone group had participants from many countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. It was wonderful to see how much effort and time participants put in to learn this beautiful and powerful Vedam.

My love and gratitude to Mohanji for this amazing time together. Not only did we have the opportunity to learn something powerful together, but we were also able to send the positive and healing energy and the vibrations of the group to Mother Earth and all her beings, especially to all those affected by the current pandemic.

My gratitude to all the participants who joined early every morning with so much enthusiasm; and to the HSTL team for the loving support, and most of all to Mohanji for his presence, blessings and love, which are ever-present with us.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – days 39 & 40

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 39 Lesson – Making enemies

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Yesterday I shared some observations of being with Mohanji each day; there are some changes in his body, depending on what’s been happening. For example, before and after Satsangs, or the recent Bootcamp program, his stomach swelled up to quite a large size. 

I also gave an idea of what it’s like in the morning here. I’ll normally go into the room, and if he’s busy, I’ll sit down and wait until he’s done. I’ll continue with my work. There’s rarely any chitchat; there’s no idle talk because that’s how I have a relationship with him; for others, it could be different. For me, it’s very matter of fact. We’re using the time well because there are things to do during the day; we come together, have a succinct conversation as we talk through the main points. If there are any messages or calls that come whilst we’re speaking, Mohanji takes them; I’ll sit, and then we’ll get back to talking. 

It’s very informal here. Mohanji will generally be dressed in something comfortable; sometimes, it can even be topless, depending on the state, because he can generate a lot of heat. I don’t know how many people listening have been close to him; if you have been close, sometimes you can feel the heat when he’s at work. Sometimes when I go into the room, it’s tangibly hot; there’s a lot of heat, a lot of fire there. 

We were speaking yesterday because Mohanji had some trouble with his foot in September, which meant he wasn’t mobile for some time. It’s better now. He’s keen to resume badminton in the next few days, quite excited that we will be playing again. This reminded me of one of the other lessons he shared with us when we were on the court one time. 

As I mentioned before, he plays with full commitment. There’s no playing just for fun. When he’s playing the game, he’s playing completely. Usually, we play doubles; I’ll be paired with Rajesh mostly – we are a duo, and then Mohanji and Ananth – the other duo. When Mohanji plays, he makes a joke that he’s making an enemy of us. He says that he has to create enemies so that he has the satisfaction of beating or winning, in a joking way, not so serious. But game after game, we lose many times because those two as a duo are pretty good. 

One day he gave a deeper insight into this. We were talking, and he asked, “Isn’t this what we do through in life all the time, create enemies for ourselves.” We said that we go through life, and we create our own enemies; we tend to find someone or something to be in opposition to. Then we can have that satisfaction of fighting and eventually winning. And he said, “You can see that within the whole of society and people’s lives – how people create enemies and even fight with themselves. In the mind, enemies are created, and then all work, effort, and focus are put into pulling them down or opposing them, or fighting, or being in conflict, and people enjoy this. People are proud as they have the satisfaction or the pride that somebody has been beaten, whether it is an argument, positioning, or discussions, or even something larger, such as big conflicts between countries – an ego is happy.”

Then Mohanji said that in life, there are no enemies if you look at it completely. He said, “We create them. And for what reason do we do this? Does it bring any benefit? Does it contribute to our life? We put in a great effort to create an enemy, maintain them and then defeat them. Time after time, we make new enemies, which give us the temporary satisfaction of winning.”

I understood that this was a good thought for all of us, and this question came to me this morning again – are we making enemies? For what reason? Are there really any enemies?

With the Bootcamp coming to a close yesterday, we had a recap session with Mohanji. He spoke about acceptance. If we accept life as it is, then there are no real enemies because we understand that everybody is as they are, as per their orientation. Again, I was thinking of it this morning – who are the enemies in life. Hopefully, soon we’ll be back playing this week, and we can create our enemies again, have someone to fight and struggle against whilst we play the game. 

I hope you have a great day.

Day 40 Be Alert & Be Aware to catch Mohanji’s teachings

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I wanted to talk about the need to be alert and aware always when you’re with Mohanji and when I’m with Mohanji because it’s very difficult to catch. In the middle of a conversation, even if it’s just general about something practical, sometimes he’ll give a diamond of wisdom or priceless teachings, and it’s very easy to let these moments slip by if I’m not alert. When I asked him about this, he said he’s not interested in kindergarten or ‘feel good’ spirituality. He’s delivering substantial material, and he’s here to make masters, not to collect followers, which means we have to be alert.

I know from being with Mohanji that some people have spent considerable time with Mohanji, and I wonder what may have been lost or are still waiting because it hasn’t been recorded. So, I think it could be a good idea that anyone who has spent time with him talks about it like this, and all these diamonds of wisdom and teachings can be collated. I feel a sense of responsibility to share what comes because some of the insights he gives are real diamonds. Through these recordings, I have tried to do that, but still, due to the pace of the work and activities, sometimes, if my attention is not completely there, it can be very difficult to pick up.

Mohanji will rarely say – this is important, take a note of this, or give any detailed reasons. He’ll deliver something, and it’s up to me or the people who are in front of him to be aware and assess what it is and its value. He completely flows, and what needs to come at the time will come, so most of the time, for him, it’s forgotten because he’s just flowing!

He also really values efficiency, which is why he always looks to complete things within 24 hours, and then we’re moving forward. He also doesn’t stand any Tamas, lethargy. If I repeat something or ask a question to clarify a few days later, it’s a disaster; he would say that we’re both wasting our time. So one has to be alert with him, or one misses it. We all have to be alert and aware; otherwise, we will miss it ourselves. While we have Mohanji, and if liberation is our goal, I think we can make the best use of his time as he’s here for us and the world.

I’ll give a small example of this. And then a bigger example, too.

Once when I was speaking to Mohanji about some event we were planning, he told me to check the Rahu Kalam timings. I didn’t know what this was at the time, but this is the inauspicious time of the day in Vedic astrology. So generally, you avoid doing anything significant like starting a project, or an activity, making decisions, or signing any documents as it’s an inauspicious time. It’s set for each day in the almanac or panchang, so if you’re beginning something or you need to do something important, it’s best to avoid that time of the day, as per Vedic Astrology. 

At one time, we were planning an event, so he asked me to bring his mother’s calendar, which has all the details on there (she keeps good track of everything, in the house and outside). This calendar had dates and had the auspicious times, and he read them out for the week. I took note of that. Then that was it, the event happened, and we chose the right timing.

Then a month later, Mohanji asked me what time we should sign a document; I hadn’t realized that those timings were the same for every day of the week. I thought it was just specific for that week. So I didn’t really take a note beyond that and register it, so we could check it each day, each week if we’re planning an activity. I asked, “So each week is the same?” He just simply said, “Why do you think I told you this? Now we’re talking a month later, and we have to talk about it all again. Why are we wasting time like this?” So, to that level of detail – you might think of it as something small, but you have to be aware. This is the same for the big teachings as well.

Mohanji is always giving clarity at the time, and he says, you can ask me as many questions as needed at that time. But he’ll never explicitly say this is what you need to think about. So, in the above incident, I assumed it was only needed for that week, but it wasn’t the case. Over time, and especially the time I’ve lived with him here, I’ve attended most of Mohanji’s meetings, the Satsangs, and the programs, and he has given a lot of information. Recently in the Bootcamp, he was giving the whole roadmap to liberation, practices, and the processes to achieve the ultimate.

In one of my previous recordings, I spoke about Devi Amma, and Satya Sai Baba visited her. She was performing birthday puja for Baba when he appeared and spoke to her. He said that he is very proud of the work that Mohanji is doing. Devi Amma is also deeply connected to Sage Agastya, who told her that Mohanji doesn’t need to learn anything while he’s here. He has come fully accomplished; all he has to do over time is reveal what he’s doing all the time, that’s if we can catch it.

For example, a couple of months back, on the 10th of October, Mohanji was scheduled to implement just a 10-minute meditation which he hadn’t prepared, but he spontaneously gave an Awareness Meditation that focused on the gap or the space between the inhalation and the exhalation, and it was for 10 minutes. After he finished, he turned to us in the room (we set up the camera and sound) and said that he had just given an Avadhoota practice. If people caught it, they would reach great heights because finding that gap between the breath is the key to heaven.

Then yesterday, during the Reinvent Yourself retreat, he hadn’t planned anything – he doesn’t like to, in some ways. Mohanji connects to the energy of the group and then delivers as per what’s needed. So yesterday, he delivered a process called Chidakasha, which is incredibly powerful, and many people said they felt it. He said that this was an advanced ascension process, which masters give; an incredibly powerful process because it aims to install the guru inside us, behind the third eye, and activates the pineal gland, which opens up people for completely vast dimensions. He said people usually say to install the guru in the heart for connection, whereas this is bringing the state of the guru into you so that you merge with that state and you become it. It was the same with the second process, which was finding silence, and this could also take people deep inside.

I wonder how many people caught that. He delivered perfectly, but then it’s our job to catch it, be alert, and be aware of what’s being provided. So now, reflecting on that, I want to create a section in the office team where I can have a group of people who are dedicated to capturing this kind of information, packaging it as processes, courses, even books. In this way, precious material that comes is properly documented for now and for posterity. I start the search for that team today. 

I hope that was useful for you and interesting. And the key message with Mohanji – Being alert, being aware.

Click here to listen to Christopher’s podcast


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Bliss of Silence meditation – part 1

These two beautiful testimonials of grace and blessings were experienced during the Bliss of Silence global 41-day programme. Suveetha shares with us her moments of true inner silence and Sankaranarayanan his mergence with the formless omnipresent divine energy. As shared in these stories, Mohanji’s love and blessings are ever present for all the participants who took part in this programme.

By Suveetha Ganesh, Australia

Jai Mohanji. I surrender everything I write of this experience at the feet of my Guru Mohanji. I am Suveetha, and I live in Melbourne. I attended a zoom meditation session on Bliss of Silence on 16th June 2021 conducted by Mohanji Acharyas Zoran and Sanjay. It was a beautiful experience. I was totally floored by the way Mohanji had orchestrated me being present in this session. Another participant also narrated her powerful experience with the meditation and the circumstances in which she joined the session when she hadn’t really planned on it initially. The most amazing part was that the circumstances that she described that she was in and the suppression of speech in certain situations also totally resonated with me. 

I just sat there in awe at the sheer grace of putting people in similar situations for meditation and helping them release the required baggage. I have noticed this in many other Mohanji programs varying from Mai-Tri sessions to meditations. The experience has been really powerful and almost magical, as I would like to call it. To me, Mohanji is a real-life superhero with magical powers, and my journey of spirituality with Mohanji has been nothing less than that out of a larger than life comic series. 

I started looking at my experiences with the same curiosity of reading a comic book, and in a very weird way, it helped me look at the whole thing from an open perspective. On deeper thought, I felt this was the best way suited to my generally easy-going personality. I love humour and enjoy a good laugh to deal with even the most gruesome events in life. It was very interesting that this aspect of me was also reflected in my meditation experiences many times. This also strengthened my faith in Mohanji and his compassion to reach out to people as his phrase goes, “Just be the way you are”. 

I have never experienced such genuine care and attention to detail or anything like this in my entire life. I am truly grateful to Mohanji and Guru Mandala for giving me these beautiful experiences and now for empowering me to write about them. Now, I will get back to the experience that I was writing to share. As the meditation began, especially with the visualisation and the sound of the waterfall in the background, I started feeling some intense vibrations in the upper part of my body. Along with this, at some point, I felt like the water from the waterfall was hitting me and my body and that I was the water reservoir under the waterfall. 

A voice in my head told me to calm down and breathe deeply and watch it again. Suddenly, I realised that I was in the water reservoir and I could feel the vibrations of the water falling, but I remained very much undisturbed, just like the water underneath. At that point, as if by magic, my body stopped vibrating and calmed down, and I could feel the detached observation of the water reservoir as it looks at this turbulent waterfall. The waterfall appears to disturb the stillness of the reservoir; however, the deep undisturbed aspect of the water is always still. It felt like a powerful revelation for me as I am going through a period of turmoil in my life regarding relationships, emotions and people, much like the hitting waterfall. 

However, as I connected deeper into me, I could see the still undisturbed part of me watching these events, much like the reservoir. This was what I understood from the experience as it related to my life. As I narrated this to Zoran, he explained that the vibrations are forms of release for letting go of complex and suppressed emotions or patterns. 

That explained a lot as I went through the meditation; I had various sensations in different parts of my body, especially around the heart chakra area. I was feeling anxious at the beginning of the meditation and felt it rise up and down in intensity throughout the duration of the session. I was surrendering my anxiety at his feet and requested him to help me resolve it, and then as if by magic, I felt the anxiety evaporating into the light, and I started feeling lighter. 

Towards the end, as Zoran played the ‘I am Light’ song, I was feeling so much joy that I had tears in my eyes, and it felt like I was having a dance party in that waterfall space with Mohanji and a Shiv Ling ( I know right! haha…). I was amazed at the intensity of joy experienced, and it deeply resonated with the experience of the other participant as she described it. And the overwhelming love and feeling of being held and protected like a little child was just an awesome feeling. 

At the end of the session, Alpa had narrated the presence of a bright background light that was visible on Zoran’s screen sometime in between the session. She had graciously decided to capture a photograph that was shown to the rest of the participants too. This had tears in my eyes at the sheer magnitude of his grace and all the blessings he showers on us unconditionally. I am enamoured by this love and care of a Parent that attends to a child’s need even when she doesn’t say it. 

This, for me, is a reaffirmation of his famous words “I am with you. Always,” in Harry Potter style! This experience and even writing about it has been nothing short of bliss. I express deep gratitude for this opportunity to share it with everyone. 

By Sankaranarayanan Meetna, India

Today (23.6.2021), during the 41 days’ BoS (Bliss of Silence) Meditation, I had an abundant grace from Mohanji, enjoying some very interesting experiences which I would like to share with you all.

Shapes came from shapelessness. Life happened from life-filled consciousness. Duration is the measuring tape of the mind. Mind-less state is a timeless state. All realities are projections of the mind and hence they change with time, space, attention and perception. It becomes truth when the mind is removed.

Mohanji on Truth as it is

As usual, before the start of the session, there was an open discussion and thereafter an explanation on Mohanji’s quote on, “Truth as it is”. I could not understand much about the various points discussed like time, space, measuring tape, shapelessness, mindlessness etc. Maybe due to my lack of proficiency/fluency in English, I preferred to keep quiet.

During the meditation, the way as guided by Mohanji, I imagined the face of my Master (Mohanji) in my heart centre and tried to connect with him. Slowly I could see Mohanji’s body growing and expanding, from the normal size to so big and spreading everywhere. I experienced a state of beautiful stillness at this point. Suddenly I felt my body had started moving forward at an abnormal speed and entered into Mohanji’s omnipresent shape and merged with him.  

My conscious mind was still partially active. Thus I could sense it sending a high alert signal. Without having a second thought, I tightly caught hold of Mohanji’s hand. My body kept moving forward, holding Mohanji’s hand. The movement was so quick, and then my body parts started to shred off like lightweight feathers. Finally, I saw myself completely shapeless and formless.

My formless self, while engulfed in Mohanji’s omnipresent shape, was still struggling to move forward. After a while, I could see Mohanji was nearing towards a divine bright light. I am sure and fully believe that it could be nothing but the SOURCE.

This experience gave me a chance to understand concepts like Time and Space were totally irrelevant for Mohanji in reaching out towards the Source as both these Divine Consciousness are one and the same and merged together and formed the Omnipresent and the Omnipotent.

Likewise, when the starting point and the destination happens to be the same, words like Time and Space proved to be meaningless altogether. The distance, if any, between these two is for Mohanji just a fingertip length away. 

Whereas, for me, due to a lack of knowledge and misconceptions of the mind it seemed to be millions of light years away. That’s why I was forced to struggle and cross over many obstacles as I tried to move faster even inside Mohanji’s energy field and holding his hand.

All shapes are the creations of the mind. In the mindful state, it creates different shapes of its choice like an artist delivering his beautiful creations in an empty canvas using different colours. However, in a mindless state, all shapes vanish and are invisible. Thus, in that state, the word ‘Shape’ is meaningless too.

Eventually, when the Consciousness and senses returned back to my body, the mind slowly took charge of the entire ‘stage show’ once again. It resumed its marvellous creations of different shapes once again by collecting and assembling all needed minuscule particles from all around.

Finally, my actual question still remains. What is Actual Truth? Mohanji will surely pull me out of this thick darkness forever. My ears are earnestly waiting for his loving voice “Tatasthu”.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 37 & 38

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 37 Lesson – Broad types of people 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing very well. 

Recently, the main focus for me has been the Bootcamp sessions that we are organizing. There are two a week, plus two recap sessions, which means a lot of the insights that I’m sharing are coming from Mohanji based on that perspective. 

I have a background in business, and my connection with Mohanji is businesslike. It’s like a mentorship almost, which is why probably a lot of these messages are more motivational in nature or could be considered corporate because that’s probably more my orientation. I’m sure others would have a very different flavour of their lessons from Mohanji for sure.

What I find with Mohanji is that he has a great ability to simplify profound teachings into really small, baby food formats that we can take and digest. He manages to condense all the information so that it’s really accessible for us. The same goes for his general awareness insights. And here, sometimes the pace is really quick; he tells me, “I can’t give this to you in a simpler format than this; it really is baby food format”. Then he jokes, “I still keep giving the baby food, but for some reason, the baby doesn’t grow”. 

A recent insight that I really liked is one about six categories of people. Now, this is a very general classification. But it helped me understand where I am and what level I am operating from to adjust my attitude and working style. Sometimes, it’s only when we’re given a framework like this that we can understand ourselves better. I find that true for me. I can recognize where I am – both accepting it and then also striving for something more. 

These are the six categories of people:

The first group is people who have no goal and no aim in life. They are blissfully unaware people; they are sleeping, eating, drinking, they have no problem, life happens unconsciously. 

Then there’s a group of people who have a goal, but unfortunately, they don’t know what to do; they cannot bring it into action or formulate a plan. But they have something they want to achieve. 

The third type is the people who have a goal and a plan but lack the will or drive to put it into action. They have no confidence or fire; they use excuses or give reasons for putting something off. There’s lethargy and inertia there. 

The fourth group has a goal, they have the will, and they have a plan. But then they seek the opinions of others. Maybe they don’t fully have the confidence, so they ask others what they think they should do. In that situation, they get so many different ideas, opinions, suggestions, both good and bad, that they become completely confused and disorientated. In the end, the motivation is gone, and they don’t do anything. 

The fifth group are those who have achieved something. They have a goal, a plan, and will. They also have the determination to see it through to the end. But once it’s achieved, that’s it, they’re happy, and they don’t do more, don’t progress further. They’ve reached where they wanted to, and then they stagnate. From this point on, life becomes routine and mechanical. This happens in companies with certain positions, someone really tries to reach a high position, and as soon as they reach there, they become used to what they’ve got and take it for granted. They simply relax and just do the mechanical activity. No growth happens, and potentially discontentment seeps in.

Then there is the sixth group: the exceptional people, the legends of the societies. They have a goal; they have a plan; they have the will and determination. But once they’ve achieved something, they don’t stop there. There’s always something new for them to do and achieve. They keep going. They keep improving, growing, finding new ways and new ideas. These are the people who really bring new ideas and innovations into society. 

When I heard this, I thought about myself. I think it varied through different times in my life, but broadly, I was seeing myself straddling between five and six, depending on what I was doing. I would have definitely been more suited to the fifth category in the past, especially in work, achieving something and then, “Okay, I’m where I wanted to reach now, no problem.” 

Now I am striving towards, “Okay, what more can I do” and use this classification to understand myself and others better. It’s a very simple classification but also a really useful framework. I hope it’s useful for you too, to think of the six categories. So, the first people with no goal, no aim, they’re completely happily unaware of life. Then the second, they have a goal but don’t know what to do. 

The third group has a goal and a plan, but they lack the will or drive. The fourth group have a goal, a plan, and the will, but then they look for the opinions of others, and in the bargain, they end up not doing it because of all the conflicting ideas. 

The fifth group has a goal, plan, will, determination, and once it’s achieved, they stop. Stagnation happens. And the sixth is the legends, who have a goal, a plan, determination, and who don’t stop, they keep ongoing. 

I hope you enjoyed that today. I hope it’s useful and speak to you soon.

Day 38 Lesson – Witnessing changes in Mohanji’s body

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. Today, I wanted to share an observation rather than a specific lesson. 

Each day I see Mohanji in the early morning when I go to his room. He’ll be sitting in his chair and replying to messages and voice recordings that have come in overnight. Usually, the morning is quiet, where he’s settled, so I don’t disturb him. If the oil lamp needs filling, I’ll do that, and if Ananth is busy with a work call, I’ll make herbal tea for Mohanji. I’ll then sit and reply to messages myself, check the Mohanji official pages, the YouTube pages to check how they’re performing. 

This regular routine, especially if I’m sitting there for a while, gives me time to observe Mohanji because we see each other every day. I notice that there are real, prominent changes in his body; it’s always changing. Now, you may think, “Well, every person’s body changes, we get older, we put on weight, we lose weight”, but this is more fundamental. The most apparent change is before and after a public Satsang. His stomach can sometimes become twice the size, if not more than it was before the Satsang. When I asked Mohanji, “What happened? How come your stomach got so big like it’s double the size of what it was before”; he simply said, “I do my job”, and “I’ve got a lot of work to do”. 

I understand that as if he has taken stuff from people, and it’s churning through his stomach. Now, he’s never said this openly to me. But I believe that’s what’s happening. He’s taking things from people who he meets, speaks with, and interacts with within these Satsangs. And he’s burning it away somehow, and people are probably not even aware that he’s doing it. 

Similarly, from one day to the next, his feet take a different shape or a slightly different form. Or his skin will be different. Or I’ll be preparing clothes for a Satsang, and a shirt which fitted him yesterday is now either too loose or too tight. It’s so obvious, so noticeable that you wouldn’t know how it’s even possible. 

The biggest change I’ve witnessed is a recent one. Mohanji is often busy for a large part of the day, and when I go to meet him, his expressions can vary. I wouldn’t say his moods because they’re not moods; it’s just his expression. Generally, what he’s connected to is the expression he is displaying at that time. More recently, it’s been of something more stern, serious or even ferocious. 

His shape, his physique has also changed. I noticed this the other day because he’ll have his chair in the room, and I’ll sit down. If he goes to the bathroom, he’ll walk, and I’ll see him from behind. I noticed that his shoulders got much broader, his arms got bigger. It just wasn’t the same person as two or three months ago. His physique is that of a warrior now, very different from before. 

A week ago, I came into the room one morning; I sat down and noticed blood on the floor around his feet. There were some spots, maybe three or four, but it was clearly blood. I asked him: “How is this happening? Did you cut yourself somewhere?” And he said: “I don’t know. I haven’t noticed anything”. When I checked, there was a wound on his foot, in a place where it wouldn’t really be possible to injure or cut. Also, I know from living with Mohanji that he’s not clumsy. He’s very precise in all the things he’s doing. He simply said, “I’m doing a lot of work, you know, sometimes it shows on the body”. That was it. 

I’ve heard from people who practice Mohanji Transformation Method that they witness Mohanji at work in different planes. He can have different forms there; sometimes, he’s ferocious and warrior-like. I’ve heard some incredible stories. And I’ve read, before meeting Mohanji, that masters can take on a lot from people onto their own body – situations, events, etc. They have the ability to transfer it to themselves. Also, if they are working on different planes, it can reflect on their body, too.

So, I can only witness what’s in front of me, but it gives me some understanding of how Mohanji, who hasn’t left the house for several months, can suddenly develop the physique of a warrior without going to the gym, without working out, or without training. 

So that’s an observation for you today. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you have a great day ahead.

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