Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 97 & 98

lessons 97 & 98

Christopher Greenwood

Day 97 Lesson – Time to laugh 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing very well. From time to time, when I go to Mohanji’s room to speak to him about something, he’ll be sitting there with his phone, giggling to himself and laughing. He really enjoys laughing. Although our work is very serious in the world, he completes it all with lightness, fun, and humour—especially the recent trips with friends. 

I think many who have met Mohanji or attended retreats will know and experience that side of Mohanji because he has a really good sense of humour and a very quick wit. He says that those who can laugh even at the height of their sorrows are always happy. 

Today, for a change, as many of my voice recordings are about the pace of the activities and how Mohanji is moving forward with everything we’re doing, I remind myself that there’s always time to laugh and smile. In fact, someone from my team said this yesterday. I wanted to share a story that Mohanji shared with me and others. Maybe people have also heard it during one of the retreats or satsangs. But it really cracked up everyone listening. 

The story was about a Swami. For a long time, this Swami had refused house visits. Traditionally, people will invite the Swami or the guru to the house. He wouldn’t go to see anybody at their home for a very, very long time. But there was one devotee who was really insistent; his only wish was that he would come and visit the home just once. He had a huge desire. After asking and asking and asking, eventually, the Swami agreed. He broke his rule, or he relaxed his rule that he wouldn’t go to anybody’s house. 

Swami came, they had food, and everything was good. Then it came time for Aarti; Swami was sitting there, with his long beard, and his eyes were closed. This person was doing Aarti with fire, with a lot of devotion, bhaav, and so much feeling that he got carried away with the moment. He also closed his eyes. And the next thing, a few seconds later, the Swami’s beard was on fire, smoke and flames, and the Swami was furious. He got up and ran out of the house, saying that he’d never come back again. 

It was really funny. Mohanji was completely creased over laughing with this story, as was everybody else. Even now, I still remember him trying to speak and not laugh. 

Sometimes in the morning, I’ll come in, and he’ll be giggling, checking the Facebook activity. A video will come up because he likes a 70s British comedy called ‘Mind your language.’ It’s very silly. He showed me one of the episodes the other day. It’s about an English school, where you have everybody from different countries; like an Italian person, a Spanish man, someone from India. All of them come together in one class to learn a language, so there’s just miscommunication happening all the time with these stereotypes. It’s really funny, like a Fawlty Towers style comedy. 

I hope you have a good day and that there are many opportunities for you to laugh. Speak soon.

Day 98 Lesson – The connection 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

At the moment, the annual Global Summit 2021 is taking place for all the Mohanji platforms. This includes everything; from the Foundation to Ammucare, ACT Foundation, Early Birds Club, World Consciousness Alliance. It’s all of them coming together, all the heads of these platforms, the individual countries, and the activity heads, such as the Sadhana and Mai-Tri teams. Everybody comes together to set the focus for the year ahead and share in discussion on any important topics that need to have alignment across the teams. 

For me, this is my second year attending. I have found it both times a humbling experience because you get to hear of all the great work, which you might not normally hear about, that’s being conducted globally across the world through all the activities. Especially so given the situation with COVID, many activities have been taking place, even though we’ve had difficulties. 

There’s a large global presence in diverse activities; there is a focus and strengthening of the teams ready to take more steps ahead. Especially with the Mohanji benevolence centres, which are also on the way, we’ll finally have our own physical space where we can meet and conduct activities. They will exist as the representation of what the tradition stands for. 

When I see this, I have even more admiration, respect, and appreciation for Mohanji. He has been the source for all of it; it has come from him. What I’m learning as well on the spiritual path, since being with Mohanji, is that in life, I have to face the realities that are in front of me. In this instance, it’s Mohanji who’s brought forward all these various platforms and activities that have brought us all together. He’s the reason why people are probably listening to this, too. 

It’s only through Mohanji that all of this is able to come to me. Especially the awareness of things such as the Tradition, Guru Mandala, all the various Datta masters that have existed throughout the heritage. I’ve read about the tradition, but what I come back to is I haven’t seen or experienced the tradition itself, what it is. I only know that it’s there because of Mohanji. And he’s the representation of it. 

The same goes for other things like Guru Mandala; I know it as a concept, I have the actual picture, but I haven’t seen the connection it’s meant to portray, I haven’t touched it. Again, I only know of it because of the connection to Mohanji. He has brought that to me. Only through connecting to him, I have that awareness of it. 

I’ve heard Mohanji share a great illustration to highlight the learning of being practical, staying with the connection in front of me. He says that when you have electricity in your house, you have a plug socket, that’s the electricity, and that’s the socket that’ll give you light when you plugin. This electricity is, of course, all outside the house and in other people’s houses. But that’s not available to me. So, what you can do is plug into the connection that’s in front of you. 

I remind myself of this as an ongoing lesson because it’s only through the connection with Mohanji that awareness of all these possibilities increases. It’s only through that connection I’ve been able to benefit so much and gain fulfilment from all these platforms, like many others across the world, too. That’s the reality that’s in front of us; that’s the connection that’s there. 

There’s another story Mohanji shared, which I also come back to in my mind: when someone asked another person if the Guru and the God came both in front of you, which would you bow down to first? The answer was, bow down to the Guru first because that’s who took you or gave you the opportunity to meet God. 

Therefore, the lesson is to make sure I’m sticking with my reality because all these other things of the tradition, Guru Mandala, lineage, etc., I can’t actually touch or experience, but I do know that I can experience what’s in front of me. 

I hope you have a great day ahead, and I’ll share another message very soon.


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Shirdi experiences – part 1

By a Mohanji follower

When I began writing this testimonial, I thought I must begin at the point when I learnt about the retreat in Shirdi with Mohanji and the kriya initiation. Then I thought – no, this tale had actually started a few months earlier. Well, over a year before, actually, when I’d come across a blog in which I had read about Mohanji for the first time and seen his pictures. No, in truth, it began years ago if I had to link up the moments neatly. And then I realized I might have to write a booklet of sorts to narrate the entire story from the start, even though it consisted mainly of very simple moments. 

A prayer answered

So, after extensive debates with myself, which involved some unnecessary name-calling on both sides, I’ve decided to begin from a point in mid-2021, when I started to read seriously about Mohanji, listen to his talks and read his books. 

Every single thing I read or heard resonated very deeply with me, and I started to feel an intense devotion towards Mohanji. An instinctive belief took root that I had finally found my Guru. 

I prayed for a chance to meet Mohanji in person. In June 2021, I received training in Consciousness Kriya, and from that point, I was also eagerly waiting to be initiated into Kriya by Mohanji. Empowered 1.0 helped deepen the faith that Mohanji was my Guru, and my wish to meet the Master increased greatly.

The powerful saint of Shirdi

I had always believed in Sai Baba, but until I came across Mohanji’s talks on the internet, I had not known much about his life. But Mohanji’s powerful talks on Sai Baba encouraged me to purchase the Sai Satcharitra. By the end of the first reading, I felt that the entire book was a very powerful, spiritually cleansing mantra.

I did the parayan of the sacred book a few times, and each time, I would feel that something had changed for the better within me by the end of the reading. Also, if I had done the parayan for any particular reason, my wish would be fulfilled, or if I was facing any emotional/mental turmoil, I would receive insights that would soothe and calm me down. I encouraged some of my loved ones to read the Sai Satcharitra, and they too benefited tremendously and developed a deep faith in Sai Baba. 

There is a temple near my home, and many deities are worshipped there. One of them is Sai Baba. Over the past 3-4 months, every time I visited the temple, I would tell Baba – “Please call me to Shirdi” or “Please let me come to Shirdi.” At the same time, I was also praying for an opportunity to meet Mohanji and seek his blessings. 

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When I first heard that Mohanji would be coming to India, I was thrilled beyond measure and decided that I would travel to whichever part of India he was visiting. And then I received the next message that he was going to be in Shirdi. It felt as though the universe had opened up a big bag of blessings and poured them over me. 

A surprising sight

I was still grinning widely at the message about Mohanji’s visit to Shirdi when my mother called me. For many years now, she has followed the practice of giving freshly cooked rice to crows in the noon before we have our lunch. Usually, my father offers food to the crows. But he was busy that noon, so my mother asked me to do the needful. My mind was full of Shirdi and Mohanji as I carried the rice and emptied it in the designated spot. Two crows came and sat a little far away and began cawing. Then a raven flew up and perched near the rice. Immediately, another raven joined the first one and then a third one came flying.

I was taken aback because it is very rare to spot even one raven in the area. In fact, in the ten years or so that we have been living in the house, I’d seen ravens just once or twice before, and at the most, I’d seen two together. And this noon, three of them had appeared all of a sudden. I was startled for a minute. Then, for some reason, I found myself smiling and assuring the birds, “Yes, I’m going to Shirdi.” If anyone had seen me at that point, I have no doubt I would have been made to undergo a serious psychiatric evaluation.

Anyway, the first item on my to-do list was to apply for leave from the office. I remembered that a colleague had applied for leave on 17th December, the scheduled date of Kriya initiation. My heart sank for a moment since it meant that I would probably not be granted leave as we were short-staffed at that point. Then I vaguely remembered that she had posted something about that leave in our group chat just 2-3 days ago. I quickly checked the chat and saw that she had postponed her leave to the 20th from the 17th; another blessing. 

A request for grace

But there was one more issue. As per my menstrual cycle, I was to get my periods on the 18th or a day earlier. It’s part of my personal code that I do not visit temples/chant mantras/touch any spiritual objects if my periods are going on. The idea of visiting Shirdi and not being able to take Sai Baba’s darshan was unbearable. I became so anxious that I started doing a parayan of the Satcharitra with a request to Sai Baba that I should be able to take his darshan. 

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But then, on the second day of the parayan, I happened to watch a video in which Mohanji was talking about Sai Baba, and he’d said that we shouldn’t ask Baba for anything and should just surrender to his will. I felt guilty after hearing that, so I mentally asked Sai Baba to forget that I had asked him for anything before doing the parayan. I completed the remaining days of the parayan without having any prayer in mind. 

I think it was probably after I had completed the parayan or was close to doing so that I saw a dream one night. It was a long, convoluted one, but one moment of the dream was crystal clear, and I still recall it vividly. I saw Baba’s luminous form sitting on the stone, and he told me something to the effect that, “You were angry because you were kept away from saints such as Swami Samarth of Akkalkot. But I’m with you now.”

The dream moved me intensely because until I’d met Mohanji, I’d expressed my anger towards the divine many times over the years over a feeling that my prayers for a Guru were being ignored. But I’ve understood now that prayers for spiritual growth don’t go unheard. The dream also alleviated my anxieties related to the trip.

Was it really -? It was. But was it?

On the morning of 17th December, I left home at about six in the morning and waited outside for the hired cab to arrive. Then I learnt that the driver had parked in the wrong place. After giving him the directions, I stared impatiently at the turn in the road from which the cab would be arriving. It was dark, and in the dim illumination of the street lights, I saw an elderly man dressed in an orange/saffron kurta and white dhoti with a bag slung on a shoulder walking on that road. He was quite far from me, and there wasn’t sufficient light, so I couldn’t see his face. As I watched him, I idly remembered the experiences of Sai Baba devotees that I had read about and heard in the previous months and how Baba often appears in the guise of an old man. 

The thought had just popped up in my head when the old man glanced in my direction, and while continuing to walk, he raised his right hand as if in a friendly greeting. It surprised me, and I turned quickly because I was sure his wave had been meant for someone behind me. A middle-aged couple walked on the road behind me, but they seemed engrossed in a conversation. I turned again swiftly. The old man was still walking, he was still looking in my direction, and his hand was still raised. Totally confused, I stared at him blankly until a wall hid him from view.

The cab arrived, and the astonishment over the incident with the old man was forgotten briefly. Later, when I thought about it again, I felt a doubt that I had probably hyped up the entire thing in my mind. Maybe the old man had really just waved at someone further down on the road behind me. But in my heart, there has been no space for any doubt. It remains peacefully convinced that the unbelievable happened…  

Again, my mind is holding up a huge placard with doubt as I type this, but my heart is waving it off with a peaceful smile. I surrender both at Mohanji’s feet. 

Stranded and confused

I was to get down at a particular spot in Thane, where I was to meet with four wonderful souls and travel together to Shirdi in a different vehicle. All of us were eagerly waiting to meet Mohanji for the first time.


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I reached the designated spot by 6:45 am but learnt that the cab that was to take us to Shirdi had taken another route and stopped at a different place. Since I was completely unfamiliar with the area, it was difficult for me to understand the directions given by the driver of the other cab, and somehow, the location sent on the phone too wasn’t working properly.

To give you an idea of my situation, I was standing on a narrow service road, close to the foot of a major flyover, and vehicles were speeding past. There was no one around whom I could ask for directions, and to get a rickshaw, I would either have had to walk to a signal that was about 15 minutes away with my heavy bag. Or I would have had to walk for a while in the other direction, cross the road and wait for a rickshaw and just pray that the driver would be familiar with the area and would know the new meeting spot. The sky was just lightening, and there wasn’t anyone around whom I could ask for guidance. 

Unexpected help arrives

Just then, a rickshaw stopped in front of me, and the driver got down. He asked me where I wanted to go with a lot of kindness. I was hugely relieved and got him to speak to the cab driver. The auto driver told me he knew precisely where the place was and said it was about 6-7 kilometers away. He said he had been heading in the opposite direction but had spotted me standing on the service road with a lost look and had taken a U-turn (and also broken a traffic rule, I think) to reach me just to guide me about the route I needed to take. 

I asked him if he could take me to the right spot. He refused apologetically because he would have had to travel on the wrong way down a major road to do that. He told me to walk to the nearest signal, gave me clear instructions about what I needed to tell the driver of whichever auto I would find, and told me about some landmarks too. I thanked him sincerely, but I was still feeling quite confused as I picked up my bag and started to walk to the signal. 

But the auto driver suddenly changed his mind and asked me to stop. He said he would drop me at the location but would charge a higher-than-usual amount. I was so grateful that I almost told him that I would pay him double of that! 

A silent guardian

The driver of the cab that had brought me to Thane had not stirred while all this was going on. He had told me that he had recently moved to Mumbai from Bangalore and was very unfamiliar with the city, which is why I hadn’t thought of asking for his help. And I’d assumed he had continued to wait there because he was talking on the phone or was probably resting. But as soon as I got into the rickshaw, he drove off, and I realized only then that he’d stayed back just to ensure my safety because of the isolated nature of the spot where I was standing.

It felt as though kindness was pouring on me from all sides. The auto driver dropped me at the right place without needing to check with the other driver again or asking anyone for directions. Before he left, I told him gratefully that Baba had sent him to help me, and I truly believe that. 

Eventually, after a pleasant journey, we reached Shirdi in the afternoon, and after a short rest, arrived at the venue for Kriya initiation.  

To be continued ……

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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 95 & 96


Christopher Greenwood

Day 95 Lesson – Set in place what you need to today 

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Yesterday was the beginning of the annual Global Summit. (Date was the 14th of February 2021, if this is being listened to later) All the heads of Mohanji platforms, all the individual teams within the Mohanji Foundation – such as the Kriya team, the Sadhana team, and all individual country teams come together in this unifying event. All shared the activities that were completed last year and set the focus, the goals, the orientation, and the objectives for the coming year. 

Madhusudan, the CEO of Mohanji Foundation, introduced the day, kicked off the summit (which will last for a few days), set the format, and gave a great overview of the plans for the year. He spoke about our spaces, the Centers of Benevolence (which are coming up), the land in Ganeshpuri – what is happening there, plans, and the intentions of all the elements to be put in place. I’ve shared some of those before., but these will be messages to the world of living in harmony with nature, a safe space where people can come and take part in their practices. 

The land in Ganeshpuri is by the river, so there will be bathing Ghats going down to the river. There’ll be a Shiva Linga probably installed for people to worship. There’ll also be a forest with all the animals, beings and the 27 trees associated with 27 stars that are aligned to everybody. (Everybody is connected to a particular tree, animal and bird). When you offer to that tree, it helps your life as well as your lineage.

So, aspects like that will be included in these spaces, locations for practices – such as caves for meditations, halls for yoga, satsangs, and meditations, and a place where food will be served 24/7. It is quite exciting to listen to the progress being made there. 

Mohanji reiterated that we can always be looking to do more; what more can we do today to reach the hearts of more people. He reminded us that we have this one life; let’s use our time well, be effective, and live a fulfilling life. This is the theme I wanted to speak about today because Mohanji also had a conversation on the same subject this morning with a close friend (who’s in business and has many plans for the future and various business opportunities coming up).

Mohanji always supports and encourages people, especially if they’re making a living, supporting themselves, and giving stability to others. Mohanji asked him an interesting question; he asked, “This is all good, but how much time do you have on Earth?”

I think that’s quite an impactful question. Whilst, I’ve learned from Mohanji that we should make the most of our time each day, today, there was a new dimension of how Mohanji sees his life. He is always waking up with the question, “What more he can I do?” As we spoke more, he said that he’s very realistic about life – about the reality of life. For example, say he lives maybe up until 80 years, from where he is now that’s probably only 7000 days left. So for him in that respect, each day matters, and each hour probably matters as well. 

Mohanji also adds that what’s possible today might not be possible tomorrow. We can’t guarantee that the environment will be the same; we can’t guarantee that the health will be the same. For Mohanji, it’s a hardcore reality that today is the day. Whatever needs to be set and put in place should happen when it can be. Delays can happen; there are things that you can’t control. But putting steps, completing what needs to be done, and setting what needs to be done today, is something which he was reiterating. There’s no time to waste!

What arose for me from that message was not just doing the activity, because he also asked the question, “Are you satisfied? Is there contentment in the activity?” I think that’s important learning, which I’m finding too. More than just doing an activity and taking steps to move things forward, am I also putting what needs to be done in place today? Ask (ourselves) if there is satisfaction, contentment and fulfilment in every activity.

I’m learning that as important as the activity is, it is also the attitude that matters. It is important to set an attitude in place each day because if there’s criticizing, complaining, judging, being angry, frustrations, it’s probably not worth it. With every day being important, there’s no time to waste. There’s also no reason for activity and life not to be fulfilling. It was another depth to his message to use time well, not to waste any time and to be extraordinarily realistic, that today is the only moment that we have, so to set in place whatever we need to today. 

Yesterday was another example of how quickly Mohanji works and how swiftly he puts things in place. We had a request for a call with Mohanji from some doctors, introduced by a friend, and they wanted to contribute towards some of the activities. So late last evening, after the event was over, I arranged the call. They had a good talk. It was in Malayalam, so I couldn’t understand much. After it finished, Mohanji just asked me to put them in touch with one of the ladies, Savithri, running the animal care activities in Shirdi. 

I shared the number and connection, and they had a phone call/conversation within minutes. It all happened in the space of 20 minutes. What transpired in that 20 minutes is that – they had been looking for a doctor or a series of doctors for a long time in Shirdi (they desperately needed them). It so happened that these were the exact type of doctors they needed; thus, they came together and made an agreement within 20 minutes. It was organized in such a way that what they had been looking for, for some time, came about. Mohanji put it in motion and set it in place. 

I hope you have a great day ahead and will speak to you all soon.

Day 96 Lesson – Being there for people 

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

This year’s theme for 2021 is flexibility, stability, and friendship. I thought today it would be good to share a conversation I had with Mohanji yesterday morning. For me, it summed up very nicely, a lesson that I’ve learned since being with Mohanji, which is we can always be there for people, and we can always stand by people. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to take on everything they’re going through, their situations, problems, or troubles. We can keep a nice healthy boundary so that we’re still there for them, but we don’t take on all their trash too. 

I found that this in the past, and even now, is important for my stability because I’d become very involved in someone else’s troubles trying to help, especially if we want to look out for people and help them. I thought this was a good message to share and something that can bring stability and help build great friendships. 

These aren’t the exact words, but this was the general message. Mohanji said that sometimes in life, we really won’t know the value of something until it’s gone, and once it’s lost, we regret it. Like everything in our lives, there’s a formation stage, an appearance stage, and then a dissolution stage. For every event in life, there’s a history, a cause, which can be internal or external. 

Internal comes from what we’ve collected over lifetimes, and through this life, maybe like prejudices, bad memories, hatreds. External can be something like, if we didn’t like the first impression of someone, then we take that, and it can cause us to take on something and a situation to occur later. 

When we think that every situation has its cause and it’s probably personal to the person as well, whether internal or external, we can recognize then that every situation and everybody is unique. So, it’s quite impossible to know the true cause of a situation somebody is going through. 

I shared this message with the help desk and the engagement team, who deal with people daily. It’s important that when we speak with people and counsel them, the utmost that we could probably do is to strengthen them. For those suffering, we can strengthen that side, and that’s probably only a real possibility sometimes. 

When somebody says there’s a problem or a situation, what can we really do? We’ll never know the full reality of how that occurred, or we don’t know the cause. Hence, the most practical thing is probably to stand in solidarity with that person. What’s good about that is we don’t have to accept their version of a situation or problem or trouble. That’s theirs to take. We don’t have the whole picture, but what we can say is, “Okay, this has happened. And I’m here, and we can walk together now.” Thus, we don’t have to let people put all the burden onto us, but we can stand, strengthen and stabilize. 

Mohanji also said at the end of the conversation that the easiest way to solve a problem, especially relationship problems, is by loving and letting go of the past, accepting weaknesses, forgiving and forgetting. Nobody is perfect, and we can’t truly love another unless we accept all imperfections. 

That was a nice message which he gave yesterday morning. I hope you have a great day ahead, and I shall speak to you soon.


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Just keep moving

just keep moving

Anonymous Testimonial. Translated by: Maja Otovic 

How I rose above the suicidal thoughts with Mohanji’s help…

Since 2015, I have been feeling tired of this life. I was only 23 years old. University, family, and private life all seemed all right, but nothing was ok upon a deeper look. All of these aspects of my life were filled with hardships, struggles, problems and existential uncertainty, creating anxiety in me. 

For that reason, I did not feel like living. Just thinking about the future, I could not imagine myself as someone who was graduating from university, finding a job, a partner, having kids, working until retirement and then dying. It all seemed to be forced and unnecessary.   

Who gave me this life? Who has forced me to live in this world full of suffering, selfishness and danger? Who conditions me to leave this world through some natural or destined death? Out of that feeling of impotence, the best solution seemed to be to take things into my hands and take my life away.

That’s how it was in my head, and to make things harder, each time I’d think about it, my heart would hurt, and I’d start crying. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, hide in solitude and wait for those thoughts to pass by. I knew that was not the way and that thinking this way was unhealthy, that the people who love me would suffer.

By the way, from 2015 up to 2018, this was on my mind almost daily. As if two people were living inside me: one that does not feel like living, and the other one suffering from such thoughts. Since 2018 it has been happening less and less, and up to this day, I watch my thoughts closely so that I don’t fall into the same trap. 

How has Mohanji helped me free myself from those disturbing thoughts?

I heard about him at that same period; that is in the year 2015. I investigated about him trying to draw certain conclusions, as there was a peculiar curiosity in me to meet this man. I understood from my investigation that he is an authentic person and a humanitarian with a firm belief that the world can be a better place and that he is working on it. 

It was in May 2016 that I first saw him. As he entered the room where some 50 people were waiting for the satsang to begin, I started crying all of a sudden. As the tears were rolling by themselves, in my head, a thought appeared: ‘The world is saved.’ Mohanji is someone who has made a decision, proven through each word and action of his, that he will serve the world, that he will shed light, peace and love on everyone who comes to him. And to this day, he sticks to his decision. 

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After that first encounter, I had an opportunity to attend various satsangs and personally talk to Mohanji. He gave me good advice that was applicable to all situations, offered a solution to my difficult state, and in the end, warned me about something that indeed came true. 

I realized that the suicidal thoughts often ensued from the expectations of others, my expectations from myself, problems, existential fears, etc. I wanted to run away from it all. But, through understanding and accepting its root cause, I stopped feeling sad and instead focused on the true values. I’d ask myself: “Does that really matter?” The reasons for not living became irrelevant, secondary, imposed and ‘in my head,’ while the reality was different.

The purpose of serving the world has helped me, pushed me forward, and given me the strength to do even more than I thought I could. There is so much to do here, and I’ll give my best to make the lives of future generations better and happier. 

As of our first conversation and up to this day, my life has been filled with purpose thanks to Mohanji, who is my friend, support, and guardian angel. In my free time, I volunteer in ACT Foundation, a humanitarian organization that Mohanji founded. It provides basic resources for all people and beings of the earth. ACT gives support, solace, hope and spreads love. Many of those close to Mohanji are not only my friends (and how much that means when you need a friend) but are available to the entire world (through Acharya programs, online chat on mohanji.org and other platforms founded and supported by him).

May be an image of 2 people, sky and text that says "We can carry nothing from here when we die except the residue of the goodness of our hearts. The residual goodness travels with us beyond our death. Be good. Do good. Love all. Serve all. Mohanji RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY"

Nowadays, there seem to be difficulties, problems and struggles in my life, but it is not all that bad, and my heart is joyful. I have faith in dear God, and I’m grateful to him for giving me a life full of challenges and filling it with even more help and support. 

A piece of advice for those who feel suicidal: for determining the cause and finding the way to rise above such thoughts, you can look for help from a psychotherapist or a spiritual master/priest. It goes deep, and one needs to dig deep within oneself and light up those dark corners. That’s why it’s important to have stable support and guidance.

And in the end, I share with you some of Mohanji’s quotes that were most important to me and that have been my refuge:

“Never give up on life.

“Just keep moving.”

“You are love.”


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 93 & 94

Christopher Greenwood

Day 93 – “Does Mohanji ever get irritated with all the people wanting his time?” 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

As we’re planning for the Turkey retreat with Mohanji, it’s a stark reminder of the reality that we’re facing now in the world. It’s a complex situation, and many considerations have to be taken into account. 

I was thinking back to my Acharya training a few years ago, where Mohanji said that we can expect to see many calamities in the coming years, especially between 2020 and 2022, running then until the end of 2020s. I don’t think I could ever have imagined what we’re facing now—such an unpredictable situation. 

One thing I’ve noticed, especially in recent months and weeks, is that many of the meetings we’re having are around spaces. That’s very important because these spaces in the future will probably be a place of solace and stability for many people. 

The vision for each is going back to the ways of the tradition; living in harmony with nature, beautiful, spacious, with forests, with water, with all the elements, with good vegan food, locally grown and organic products, wholesome practices, chanting, kirtans, yoga, and spaces for meditation and connection to the self. 

As the world turbulence increases, it will be much more difficult to find peace and a space to connect. Because if it’s not calm and peaceful outside, and it’s uncertain, how can you connect inside? So, many of the meetings are about moving everything forward step by step with what we have.

Coming back to Mohanji, his philosophy is “Do it today, no postponement, no delay, it’s now”. Because tomorrow we don’t know. But if we take a step today, at least we’ve taken that much. 

Yesterday, I received a great question from somebody. I felt that the answer I was sharing was also useful for this voice recording because it could give more of a dimension to Mohanji about how he approaches life, and especially how he approaches people. The question was: “Does Mohanji ever get irritated or show any sign of emotion when dealing with such a high volume of different people, where some people may be genuine, and others have impossible expectations?”

It’s a good question. Coming up to a year now being this close to Mohanji, I’ve shared that many different types of people come to him and connect to him in different ways. In fact, it’s completely unique. I’ve been in situations where somebody has asked a question to Mohanji. They got one answer. And then someone else has asked the same question and got a completely different answer. 

The same for me, when I’ve asked Mohanji a question, I got an answer. Then, if I asked him the same question again, he’d give something else. So now, I generally take the first answer. Otherwise, it can be confusing. This may seem simple on the surface, but I believe and perceive that he’s connecting with all possibilities. At a specific time, he responds to what’s presented to him. So, every interaction is unique, based on the situation, as per the time, the space and the person present. 

I’ve also noticed that he simply gives what he can regardless of their background, position, wealth, or status. His approach is something that I’m learning from watching him as well, because people who come to him, there’s no judgment from Mohanji’s side; there’s nothing. He really lives and treats people with respect. That is what we should be doing with everybody we meet – recognizing the positive qualities in them and nurturing them. Even if there are negative qualities, there’s good in everybody. That’s what we want to try and bring out. 

Regarding the irritation aspect: from my speaking to him and some situations which have happened here, he doesn’t get irritated or angry emotionally in that sense. There’s only ever an intensity. It’s not anger, but I feel an intensity. It could look like that on the face of it, but it’s more of a shakeup when tamas or laziness starts to creep in. Especially when the ego starts to sprout, he gives a big hit, which can really shake you up. But once it’s over, it’s over; he doesn’t hold on to that experience. It completely leaves his mind, and sometimes he won’t even remember. 

So, it’s always situational. What I’ve experienced as well is, depending on my mental state at the time, how connected I am internally, whether I’ve got a bit of a scattered mind at that time, or I haven’t got as much focus or clarity, I’ll get the corresponding response back. He is like a mirror; he gives me that reflection so I can understand where I stand that day. 

I’ve always thought, but I can’t tell for sure (because Mohanji doesn’t speak about this), is that Mohanji can always see why people are coming to him. And if he can’t see it, his attitude is that he is a dog of the tradition – loyal, faithful, and ever ready to serve. He then feels everybody who comes in front of him has been sent by the tradition, and he really respects that. Everything that comes to him, whether it’s bad, good, or a gift, is straight away offered to the feet of Baba and the tradition. 

That’s Shirdi Sai Baba, who has played a big part in his life. Therefore, he’s always treating people with respect, humility, and love. When we were travelling, and actually everywhere else, straightaway everybody’s welcomed, with water, food, whatever they need, he makes them feel comfortable. 

A learning for me is to put aside my mind and my opinion and accept that whoever is meant to meet him will meet him—the reasons why I don’t know. I also don’t need to know. I just recognize that there will be a purpose behind it. 

Another thing I’ve noticed is that often, beyond what a person’s status is, their position or the power, the purest of hearts that call him, the sincerest ones, he reaches them. And he’ll go to lengths to respond to a pure call from the heart in a variety of different ways. 

Expanding on that question, “Does he ever get irritated? How does he deal with all the people when some of them are genuine, and some might have impossible expectations?” I think the best example of this is that previously, he knew that some of the closest people would actually betray him. And if he didn’t know, he accepted it as it happened. In the past, there were some challenging times when those closest to him completely tried to destroy him, tarnish his image, and make sure that there would be no more Mohanji in the world. 

There’s no anger; there’s no resentment for him. He believes that life will take care of that. Also, he often says that he is here to give people their fulfilment, in whatever way, shape, or form that is. So, if their idea of fulfilment is to have the experience of tarnishing his name or betrayal, then for him, he is here as the method for that experience to take place. Either way, for him, everything is fulfilment. Nothing is good or bad. It is what it is. And the karmic cycles will do whatever is needed to address those. 

From these observations, and from the learning about the mind being the seat of emotions, and the fact that what we project out into the world we receive corresponding experiences back, it makes it easy to see what it’s like when someone’s operating from a state of no-mind or very minimal mind. No emotions are really kept. There’s just a response at the time; whoever’s in front, and whatever has to be delivered is delivered. 

I hope you have a great day ahead. I will speak to you soon.

Day 94 – Mohanji revealing

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

I’ve mentioned before in previous voice recordings that there’s never a dull day living with Mohanji; there is always activity, movement, and momentum. He has a very clear focus on what he wants to achieve. It really amazes me because, over time, more and more are coming to life, various projects are coming forward, which are all complementary to the one purpose of raising the awareness of the Earth, raising the consciousness to a frequency where Satya Yuga or a Golden Age could become a reality. Each day, each hour, each conversation that he’s having is focused on how things can be moved forward in that direction. 

For example, he gave great orientation to the team leading the land developments for the Centers of Benevolence – about the next steps given this time and the challenges with COVID, how quickly we can move it forward, doing what we can with what we have. 

We’ve been planning the Turkey retreat to be organized well. Today also marks the beginning of the Global Summit. This is the annual event of all the heads of all the platforms across the Mohanji organizations, where we come together and reflect on what we accomplished in the previous year, and then look forward to the year ahead – what are the goals, what would we like to achieve, etc. This kicks off today. 

Lately, I’ve been observing that the speed has increased with all the new activities that are coming forward. For example, I shared one of the alignments between Ammucare and another group of people who will come together to form some great projects and initiatives, about which more details will be shared in the future. 

As I witnessed these as well, it reminds me of a message Devi Amma shared to Mohanji. This was during a time when he was going through serious adversities; many people were going against him. That was clear character assassination. And whilst he was doing everything he could for the good of the world, all these things were happening to him. At that moment, he wanted to know if there was learning that he needed to take from that. 

Mohanji asked Devi Amma, as she is connected to and in communion with Sage Agastya, to ask him about it. His reply was that there’s nothing for Mohanji to learn. In fact, he has come fully accomplished, and all he needs to do now is reveal himself. 

As these new activities are coming and taking shape, I see them as different dimensions of Mohanji’s purpose and vision in the world, especially in alignment with the ancient Sanatana Dharma principles of righteousness. One of those events, which clearly indicates that, was yesterday’s big event. It was the inauguration of the Sri Jagannath temple Trust in the UK. This temple Trust asked Mohanji to become an advisor to that activity. Their mission is to bring Lord Jagannath, Krishna, the Lord of the Universe, to the UK. It is a grand vision. 

Those things don’t happen, as I believe and understand, without the blessings of the Lord, without a plan. So, asking Mohanji to be involved in that and him agreeing and fully supporting that again aligns with those principles of restoring righteousness. 

I’m not a scholar, an academic. I haven’t studied too many spiritual scriptures in depth. But one statement which always stuck in my mind, which was shared at the Acharya training, was from the Bhagavad Gita when Krishna was speaking to Arjuna. And he says: “When there’s a decline of righteousness or a decay of Dharma, I happen.” 

When I look at all the activities within Mohanji global platforms, they aim to promote righteous ways of living, Ahimsa or non-violence, responsibility, respect for everything around. 

Another initiative that is coming forward was only spoken about on the bus as we were going to visit the land in Chikmagalur, where the centre of exclusive sadhana practice will be. The conversation was about the fact that there’s not really a way for people to become aligned to Sanatana Dharma principles. People who believe in the path of living righteousness, Ahimsa, non-violence, living with respect, high human refinement – how can they connect with it more formally? 

I am not quite clear about it, but there’s something within the Hindu system where it’s not easily possible to become recognized as being aligned to that way of living. So, they set out to bring together an idea where people could go through a formal ritual, process and registration so that if they wanted to and felt inclined, they could say – I’m a Sanatana Dharmi or a Hindu. 

This will be a formal process where people can take on that responsibility and a commitment to living that way of life with a new name. So, this was only a thought a few days ago, and with the pace at which Mohanji is moving, it’s now ready to implement and rollout, and it will be coming soon. It’s another dimension of what Mohanji is bringing to the world. Rather than a lesson, it’s an observation of what’s happening and the speed at which it is happening. 

An interesting thing I wanted to share as well, something which I’m recognizing as being consistent, is the change in the shape of Mohanji. 

Yesterday, when it was time for the inauguration event of the Shree Jagannath Temple Trust, we prepared everything to be ready; the camera was there, and the microphone was checked. Mohanji took some time; I think he went to see Amma and Acchan. When he came back into the room, he was different. Not completely different, but his hair colour, facial complexion, and body shape had changed. 

As we recorded the session, we set the lighting up as we normally would do. It was no different from any other event we tried to set up for. But for some reason, no matter what I tried to do with the lights, I couldn’t reduce the brightness displayed on the Zoom session. It was incredibly bright and golden, and no matter how much we turned the lights down, it remained. It was interesting, very interesting. 

I’ll leave you with that for today. I hope you have a good day ahead and speak soon.


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Master’s presence

Mahesh Bhalerao, Canada

Living in Mohanji’s Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada, we often feel Mohanji’s presence without presence, and I would like to share something beautiful that happened recently.

Every year before Lord Dattatreya Jayanti, I do the sadhana of Guru Charitra parayan. Shri Guru Charitra is a holy book of the Dattatreya Tradition written in the 15th century. The book recounts the holy life of Shri Dattatreya, Shripada Shri Vallabha (around 1320 A.D to 1350 A.D) and Shri Narasimha Saraswati (around 1378 A.D to 1458 A.D), their philosophy and teachings. It contains many mantras from the Vedas, shlokas and stories. The language used is 14th-15th century Marathi. It can be read daily or as a Saptah Parayana (7 days) or in 3 days.

For the last three years, I have done it for seven days. Now that my reading speed has improved and I can understand the teachings better, I felt that I could finish the parayan sooner and opted to go for three days. For any such sadhana, I keep Mohanji’s picture amongst other things at the altar, but this time I also placed Mohanji’s eye-card in front of me.

I would pray every day before reading, asking Mohanji to forgive me if I have done anything wrong, for any mistakes in reading, or if I’m not focusing, to please make sure my mind is there when I’m reading. I would also ask Mohanji to please listen to me – that was my prayer all the time.

On the 18th of December, there was a retreat in Shirdi with Mohanji. I wanted to attend and paid for it. The first satsang was at 1 am in Toronto, Canada. Before this, a group Mai-Tri session was conducted beautifully by Preeti Duggal. It was a powerful session, but as it was after midnight, I started to feel sleepy, yawning as the satsang started.

Mohanji came in and said he would answer some questions. Then he must have felt something about the group energy, and as I was yawning, he suddenly said, “People are sleepy, and they are yawning; let’s do the 5-speed breathing.” This was shocking for me; it was as if Mohanji saw me yawn and was speaking! Madhu’s wife, Preethi, did the breathing technique, making us stand up etc., and I also followed the instructions, feeling awake afterwards and ready for Mohanji’s satsang.

The satsang started, and all was going well. Suddenly, I thought that my skin was feeling dry for some reason, and I wanted to apply some moisturising cream to my hands. It’s quite common to get dry skin during winter, and this thought occurred to me out of the blue. Listening to the satsang on the speaker system, I went to get the cream bottle and started applying the cream onto my hands very nicely and slowly, fully focusing on what I was doing, not really listening to what Mohanji was saying.

The very next sentence I heard from him was, “For example, when we put some cream onto our hands ….” and that startled me again. Oh my God, Mohanji, not only are you listening to me, you are watching me! So I immediately put the bottle away from me and then onwards started to pay full attention to the satsang. 

Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 4, January 2019 – Experiences With Mohanji

After their lunchtime, we had Datta celebrations here in the ashram, and I heard Mohanji saying we should share our leela (experiences); that’s what prompted me to share these lovely moments of Mohanji’s omnipresence with everyone. Every now and then, Mohanji has given darshan here in Mohanji Datta Tapovan ashram; every now and then, he has confirmed his presence here, that he’s here and watching over us.

That day was beautiful; we were laughing and enjoying every moment. It was Poornima (full moon day), it was the 18th (1+8 makes 9, a special number in numerology), and we were celebrating Lord Dattatreya Jayanti. It was a very special day for us at Mohanji Datta Tapovan ashram.

It so happened that I also had my Consciousness Kriya level 2 training on that day. My gratitude to Lord Mohan Dattatreya for giving us this sacred technique. Mohanji is our Tradition. Mohanji is our gateway to the universal truth. By following his teachings to take the journey inwards, may we reach our ultimate goal.

Mohanji Canada team feels so blessed to have Mohanji in our lives. Our loving gratitude to Mohanji, Lord Dattatreya and the Tradition.


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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 91 & 92

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 91 Strength in Conviction

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

These past days have been really busy. There has been no rest from Mohanji. In the space of hours yesterday, he kicked off another new initiative with Ammucare and some friends whom he had met on the recent trip to Kerala. I’m consistently amazed at how quick initiatives are coming together, people are coming together, and new ideas are coming forward. There’s a real pace. 

This morning, and part of yesterday, I was reflecting on the concept of gratitude for what Mohanji has developed for the global family that we all have, which we’re all part of, and we all share. We’re seeing how many people who left Mohanji in the past for various reasons now want to come back. But often can’t because either their ego blocks or the space they once had is no longer available as now there are new people, a new organization, and a new situation. 

I have to recognize the reality that people who were once extremely close to Mohanji are now not. I can’t exclude myself from that understanding, so I have to ensure that my attitude and behaviour display gratitude. That’s important because taking any of this casually or lightly, I feel, is a sure way for the tradition to take action, as it has before. 

Mohanji himself has always said to me that he never asked anyone to come, and he’ll never ask anyone to leave. But people’s complacency, disrespect, and ungratefulness can make that happen. The tradition works to move forward this mission, as well as to protect Mohanji and will ensure that there’s intervention. Whatever course needs to take, will take place. So it’s an important reminder for me.

I share the thoughts now that what I’ve been learning is a good reminder to myself, just to maintain that awareness and not to fall into any complacency. We have this platform, the Mohanji platform with its variety; all the things that are being founded with more coming. This opportunity for me to speak to you all like this is only possible because of one man and his hard work. That presence in the world has been built up in many ways across the years; it’s his hard work, vision, conviction, clarity of thought, and purity of intention that has created this.

Spending more time with him, seeing who he interacts with, how he is, especially as a leader, and as someone who is well experienced in business, it would be very easy for him to walk into a CEO position or a consulting job and earn a fortune. Even now, he is advising businessmen who have portfolios of high-earning businesses; he is advising them through complex situations, free of cost, and with no expectation.

Observing him here in the house for nearly a year now, I see his needs are very minimal – simply three meals a day (that’s what he takes) as well as some products for having the shower and clothes, and that’s it. Even when he receives a gift or money, the first thing that’s done is offered to the Lord; then, it is gifted. If received in a temple (when we’re outside), then he will leave it with the temple where it’s been received as a thank you for using that space. Everything that comes to him, he takes as a gift from the tradition, and he gives back accordingly. I’m sharing all this to give a picture of what I’m learning myself, as it is good to keep it as a reminder so that this attitude of gratitude can be cultivated. 

Coming back to who Christopher Greenwood really is! What relevance do I have now that I’ve had the privilege and experience to meet and talk to many great people worldwide? Through the World Consciousness Alliance, I have spoken/interviewed some of the leading stars in the Indian film industry and other fields of work. As just Christopher Greenwood, it would have been incredibly difficult to make those contacts and arrange those, but as Christopher Greenwood from the Mohanji Foundation, there was no problem; everything was smooth. It’s a good reminder that I’m riding on one person’s hard work despite all the adversities he faced in life. I would never get this kind of access or the power that the platform provides if there wasn’t all of that effort and that opportunity to make a real difference in the world and contribute to raising Earth’s consciousness. 

It wasn’t my intention to create this message as a poster or anything promotional; it’s more to expand my thought process and learnings over the past few days. I feel it’s good to share some of these learnings in more detail since being with Mohanji especially recording these messages, as conviction has developed. 

Also, learning that authenticity is a strength. Learning to overcome that fear of society and what others may think has been a real strength for me, and it actually helped me anchor my connection with Mohanji. ‘How do I know that?’ was a question I tested myself with. A couple of years ago, when I was first connecting with Mohanji, I would have hesitated to say that I was with Mohanji or following him proudly. I was a little bit worried about what people would think and speak about me. Now, all these that I would consider as very small insecurities. 

Just as an observation, not a judgment or anything, when I listen to others, within my friend circle or outside of the family, and even within, I find it easier to tell when someone is trying to hide or shy away or play down the connection for whatever they’re doing in life, especially their connection and how they’re presenting that with Mohanji. It shows insecurity, or maybe there’s an ego block or lack of confidence. It can also come across as pretentious or not so authentic. 

I know that people can feel that because you’re trying to hide a reality, which is your reality, our reality. So that’s been a big learning for me to own and share the reality that I’m experiencing day today. Suppose I’m worried about what others may think. In that case, I’m giving up my own personal experience of life and reality for the sake of other people’s changeable minds – one day they may appreciate, another day they may reject. So why do that?

This is an important lesson because only when the conviction has developed and solidified has it given the energy that can move activities forward really well. I’ve experienced that people can take things more seriously, especially what we’re doing in the world, and they should because we’re making a difference. It’s something that everyone can be proud of, especially to be with Mohanji, to work with him. 

It’s a good reminder for me and those who benefit from this because it’s certainly not for his benefit. He said before that, “I experienced that and didn’t need any of this at all.” He is especially not expecting any glory, but it’s beneficial for me. This has resulted in a shift in attitude within and learning that is now bringing more people in connection with Mohanji. Now my friends, family, and others who are not so much in the family feel the difference. In reflecting on my learning, I realize the strength comes with a clear conviction in my own reality of life and experience—especially my connection to Mohanji and my time to his activities.

I’m thinking that if we want to reach more people, more hearts, it’s this which is going to be useful for everybody to develop – conviction and authenticity – because that’s the visibility which people will be attracted to and being part of the Mohanji family is getting doors opened. When I think of the time before, I’d be shy to say that I was part of the family, especially in the early days when I was doing the Invest in Awareness. I can now look back and realize that because I wasn’t accepting that other people were reacting in the same way, they weren’t accepting it either because the connection wasn’t completely there. I feel when that connection is not there or the reluctance is setting in, it’s only a matter of time before detachment can happen and estrangement can set in.  

Coming back to the start of the recording: like now, all the people who have left Mohanji before (in the past) for various reasons are wanting to come back, I think one would know what is here is available only once, it’s gone. I also say this as a lesson to myself with a full understanding that although this is my reality today, and I can speak today what I feel authentically – one week from now, one month from now, a year from now, I can’t say. I understand that there have been many before me in this situation and within the family. In life, there can be no guarantees of what comes in the future. 

This sharing was more deeply about gratitude and pulling together some of the lessons that I’ve learned over the past days, weeks and months. Because of Mohanji’s hard work over the years, I’m grateful that doors are opening for my expression and experience of life. Now, many people I connect to wouldn’t be possible if I weren’t part of this beautiful Mohanji Global Family. Being part of the family has brought a real positive relevance to life.

Hope you have a great day ahead and we will speak soon.

Day 92 Lesson – Challenges of giving time to all 

Good morning everybody, I hope you’re doing very well. 

Now that we’re back in Bangalore, the routine that we had before is settling in. For me, this means I can come back to some stability to progress with the tasks, which were very difficult as we were travelling. 

In the morning, I spoke to Mohanji about the activities for the day. At the moment, one of the main things is planning for the retreat in Turkey. Given the current situation, especially with COVID, there are many more considerations. This will be the first time people have been able to meet Mohanji physically in a very long time, especially from Europe, and many people would really like to speak and meet with Mohanji. 

Being in charge of the office, it’s constant learning as it has to handle many requests for Mohanji’s time. Sometimes, unfortunately, people can become disappointed, and they feel terrible because they believe there was a denial, or more accurately, it felt like a denial, even to the case where they write bad things about us, or about Mohanji – that he doesn’t want to see people, or that there are only certain people who can now meet him. 

Personally, that’s tough, as neither the team nor I would ever want to deny anybody but the main reason it’s tough is that Mohanji especially will never deny anybody. Some new people may connect with Mohanji and others who have been with him for a long time, but to everybody who comes to him, he gives everything that he can. Essentially, he’s available as he’s here for the world. The situation now reeling with COVID has made it very difficult. There are some practical challenges of having access and time and especially travel. I’m sharing this to give an example of what it’s like working and living here; these are some practical considerations.

Often we will have a request come in, which might not be suitable for Mohanji – the answer might not be his cup of tea or something better suited for other people to handle it. This may be around health matters or complex issues, maybe with relationships or businesses, which might be better handled by a lawyer, someone who knows the law in the countries, or even the authorities if it’s something serious. There are all sorts of requests. 

Some people might be distressed, and they demand to speak to Mohanji now as if there’s a direct hotline to Mohanji. We always do our best to accommodate these, but sometimes it’s not possible because maybe I can’t reach him at that time, or he’s busy or taking a rest. Some people expect that immediate response, which can be difficult, especially if there’s a program. 

This was the case as well during his travel. You may have heard from my previous recordings, right from morning until evening, there was already a plan, and a schedule was taking place, and then that changes, so you constantly have to adjust. Then on top of that, the other requests for the time to see him and for conversations – it can be a real tough thing to coordinate. 

For me, this is the hardest part of the role and living here. Even though hundreds of people have had the chance and might be satisfied with the responses, it can take just one person who has become upset as we couldn’t meet any of the expectations to start speaking badly. Often this comes back as an attack on the team, but mostly, it’s an attack on Mohanji himself, sometimes blaming him, baseless assumptions, stories, reasons why time wasn’t given. Even though the most plausible responses have been given, it still leaves that feeling of denial, which sometimes turns into an attack. This is a shame, in my opinion, because it gives a distorted impression, especially because Mohanji is here for people. 

I think back to the Kerala trip as an example of this. When we were at his family home in Palakkad, a stream of people came and went, visiting, and there were no restrictions. No questions like, “Who are you, and why are you coming?” Mohanji was available for all. People were coming to see him, taking his blessing, some staying for a longer time. This was even more so at the Sai Baba temple in Palakkad. That was the main event. There was a small room and a chair, a table, and a couple of sofas, which looked out onto the Sai Mandir. The door was open, so people would come one by one, and everybody was welcome. It didn’t matter who came; some simply came to see him and leave, others brought gifts, others were looking for advice, and Mohanji was there until the last person had had their time.

Whatever money and gifts he received, he left them there out of respect for the tradition of using those premises. The same applies as well here; even if gifts arrive at the house or someone has come, and they brought a gift – it’s first offered to the gurus. I’ve learned from Mohanji that the way he operates is that he sees everything that comes to him as sent by the tradition, whether it is people, gifts, money, or anything else. First of all, it’s a thank you given at the feet of Baba, who’s in the pooja room.

Personally and for the team, it’s now a continuous refinement of approach and process so that we can fulfil everybody as much as we can. It’s a delicate balance because of the activities we’re trying to move forward and the time and the meetings taking place day to day.

The pace is increasing now, as there are many more activities coming up, and all of those are for the benefit of others and the world. I am really looking forward to the Centres of Benevolence being established as it will be better for the whole family; there’ll be a permanent place where Mohanji will be. He will be staying in one place, in each locality, probably between Europe and India, so it will be much easier for people to come at their time and see him.

Hope you have a great day ahead and speak to you very soon.


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Empowered 2.0 – Part 4

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

Day 1 – Empowered 2.0 – Being You online workshop with Mohanji has just taken off! We are all on our way to becoming the ultimate version of ourselves. Mohanji describes this as being very powerful and akin to the state of Being You, which is his core teaching. He asked us to rethink how we view ourselves and others in society. We tend to look at people purely based on their position, possession or relations. This is a severely handicapped perspective. We are much more than that, he said ever so gently.

Breaking patterns is paramount to accelerating our journey to liberation. Being aware of how easily we get stuck in comfort zones from lifetime to lifetime had a sobering effect on alert ears that listened in full awareness. There were a lot of priceless gems that Mohanji taught us today. 

Remember. Even as Mohanji talks to us in the physical world, he is simultaneously working on us energetically. So be open and receptive and stay fully connected to every moment. Today is also a solar eclipse so enjoy harnessing the powerful energies during your sattvic practices.

Day 2 with Mohanji has kicked into high gear. Today our rapt attention was drawn to how time influences our spiritual journey. Hundreds of delegates understood what the major hindrances were in this age of Kali Yuga. The big lesson was not to accept anyone else’s notion or opinions without close scrutiny and careful analysis.

Mohanji spoke about a plethora of other precious pearls of wisdom. To name a few, some related to the illusion of relationships and how it limited connection to that specific role, notions connected to concepts, over-dependency, and stability of the mind and methods that will purify us. 

As always, much of his time was also taken up answering burning questions that came up and talking to new people. It was wonderful to see their awe and excitement at making a connection to Mohanji’s beautiful presence beyond the physical dimension. You have to be there to experience Mohanji in his full glory.

Day 3 with Mohanji revealed so many precious life-changing insights about the Power of Purity and how guilt and regret connected to the past weighs us down. Mohanji looked us deep in the eyes and said becoming a ‘time rider’ will keep us stable and fast-track us to sublime heights of bliss state. This is how we become unshakable amidst the chaos that life throws us.

Patterns transcend lifetimes and should never be underestimated. They create our realities, life and environments. Although everything else will change, patterns will remain a subset of our reality from lifetime to lifetime. Most people get stuck without ‘grace’ oiling the roller coaster wheels we call life but not us!

Mohanji discussed the binding factors that we need to be aware of and what elevates stress and abnormal behavior. Another huge learning was understanding how insensitivity to people and situations disrupt our lives.

Get to know the pulse of the people around you, and this will help us deliver stable outcomes. Mohanji gracefully covered blind belief systems and fears of an imaginary God because it comes up a lot from people wanting to migrate to a higher level of understanding.

Having the noblest intentions is a great purifier, said Mohanji ever so lovingly. Sincere love flowing from our hearts is unmistakable. Be yourself fully. Be love unconditionally. So, I guess this means we become Mohanji in essence! 

Day 4 workshop was the first of two sessions conducted by our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree. It was a sublime day of sacred practices energised by Mohanji’s energy. Many felt the shift at different levels regardless of how long they have been doing these techniques and the Power of Purity meditation. 

Day 5 with Mohanji resumed with exhilarating lessons about how stability ultimately takes us into the depths of silence. People walk to the last bit, then become disillusioned and stop just before fulfilment. In his loving and gentle way, he also advised delegates to be aware of the fluctuations of the mind, which is ruled by patterns.

So many lessons came up about the over-analysis of the intellect, ownerships, personality-driven decisions and the innumerable struggles we go through because of being trapped in cyclic patterns. Our inflated mind asks for everything.

Another big one was the lure of temptations. Like the tragically beautiful song of mermaids who caused innumerable shipwrecks, the suppressions and denials of temptations lead to the downfall of faith on the path of liberation. Mohanji said ever so lovingly that we must enjoy it, taste it, do not deny it but express it in moderation. He warned us not to fall prey to relationships, learning, people, senses because it binds us. 

We learnt that doubt is the key that evil uses to enter the unsuspecting mind of a person and use it as a vehicle. Be very aware of this trap. A key learning here was that an enlightened person operates from the level of righteous duty as opposed to that of the ego-mind. Mohanji then went on to introduce us to a beautiful Guide to Stability. This is an ingenious and most invaluable tool that will keep us firmly on the path to liberation. So exciting! 

Day 6 – the team made an exciting announcement. There is an upcoming Empowered 3.0 workshop with Mohanji from 26 February to 6 March 2022. Great news for those of us so immersed in the beauty of Mohanji’s magnetic presence without presence, and the opportunity to see him again leaves us breathless with excitement! 

Mohanji always starts the sessions amidst enthusiastic, joyous greetings from the delegates. He hits the ground running, leading us into subtle aspects that are normally difficult to digest. Mohanji talked about feelings from the physical body and the soul, respectively. That led to understanding the differentiation between dynamic change and the unchangeable state. 

Be consistent with your sadhana; he reminded us ever so gently. As stillness increases, so does witness-hood, and the latter happens spontaneously. He laughed and chided us, saying if we chase rainbows, we will get water vapour! Desires shift the mind, and we have to flow with the mind to decrease our resistance. Mohanji said he was not here to spoon-feed us. He said he was here to give us ideas so solutions would happen spontaneously. 

He went on to warn us about escapism which leads to excuses about why we cannot achieve completion in our lives. The mind is kept unstable by time. The frequency of this time is instability; therefore, it is important to trust your guide. Mohanji discussed how egoistic feelings of positions, possessions and relations delude us. Avoid regret and guilt at all costs, came the loving warning.

We were encouraged to use our imagination at all times. It is a catalyst for beautiful things to happen in life. Be aware passivity and indifference lead to regrets and guilt. Mohanji encouraged us to use our vision to visualise where we want to go in life. Many more pearls of transformation were delivered to us ever so lovingly. 

Day 7 shone ever so brightly with the exuberance, grace and competence of our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree Tottungal. What a trip it’s turned out to be! Subha expediently took us through the powerful Pause Technique, Feel Technique and the Coloured Ball meditation. Delegates shared so many incredible experiences about Mohanji’s divine guidance, which came to them as they experienced major shifting whilst practising in their own time.

The big lesson was watching in a detached way. Not doing anything, just watching; not, being pressured or pushed by the mind into action. Delegates shared how the Pause Technique is helping them reign in their turbulent emotions during challenging moments. Subhasree beautifully explained how we would find out who we truly are as we stabilise and get deeper into states of stillness. 

Mohanji had discussed the koshas, which acted as ‘deep’ pockets for deeply buried memories and, more often than not, the source of great pain – not only from this but other lifetimes. Delegates got more clarity about the churning they were experiencing. Such is this great wonderful adventure we are on with Mohanji. Truly, Mohanji has to be personally experienced for us to understand the depth and scope of the transformation we are currently experiencing.

Day 8 with Mohanji rocketed us to even greater heights. We got an alluring taste of what the upcoming power-packed Creating Masters 3.0 online workshop is going to be like. 

Following the usual welcome of Mohanji by the delegates, it soon became apparent that an extremely rare master class was in session. Mohanji dived right in, and we all followed. We learned that layers of past life impressions are made up from impressions of this and past life experiences. Emotion is the glue that makes it stick. Then Mohanji said, ‘now we are getting serious!’

He explained how this binding descends into all our realities. The huge learning was to fit into ourselves right now. When we are present, we become the presence! Anyone who has personally experienced Mohanji’s powerful, mind-blowing presence will understand the life-changing import of that statement. High-level functioning aspects like witness hood is only available in the present state of mind. We learned this is where we need to be.

Mohanji lovingly reminded us that we must become ‘Surf Riders’ in the flow of life. This was just a glimpse of the depth and scope of what we will be learning in order to become Masters. As we well know, Mohanji does not want followers, just masters. Many other elucidating concepts were delivered to us gently in bite sizes to allow us to grasp the depth and range of mastery. 

Final day 9 with Mohanji came to a dramatic close. Delegates were decidedly emotional and heart sore that this beautiful dance of transformation had come to a temporary halt. Mohanji started by recapping the superb learnings of the previous days in his disarming and easy to understand fashion. He described the Feeling Technique as being a key to achieving a seamless flow to life.

Feel feelings coming and going like bubbles, he said ever so lovingly. Feel life. Don’t just live life. Feel hungry for life. Feel nature. When nature becomes you, there is amazing connectivity.

He delivered yet another frank and sobering nugget of wisdom, saying we are like donkeys carrying a lot of weight on our shoulders, and we have no idea why we are carrying it! It was indeed sobering to picture this in our minds. We unconsciously accumulate karma without realising that we are carrying mountains of it already.

Emboldened by the learnings of the master class, we simply refuse to be donkeys carrying dead weight! We are shedding the baggage to keep up with our glorious Master, who is only interested in creating Masters. In the lifestyle of mastery, we are reducing the burden to step out unbound, unfettered and free of our mind cages.

Mohanji says that our soul is looking forward to completion. He laughed and described us as tactless gamblers who keep missing the point of taking a life and keep coming back.

Mohanji took the time to answer deep and insightful questions from delegates. From the quality of their questions, great dramatic shifts were immediately apparent. The Q&A continued with our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree, who was sorely missed yesterday. 

A highlight was our beloved Andra Bayliss serenading Mohanji with a song whose beauty touched him very much. Acharya Maheshwari Mohanji, the genius behind much of the social media strategy, is the epitome of compassion and kindness. She quickly filled us in on finding Mohanji’s incredibly potent and highly transformative blogs. 

Mohanji reaches out to find those of us destined to power walk with him in this life. Undoubtedly, there is no greater blessing. Beloved global family, we meet again in February 2022 for the Empowered 3.0 master class like no other. 



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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 89 & 90

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 89 Lesson – Smashing of subtle expectations

We’re now back in Bangalore. The whole month has been incredibly busy, really intense and hectic with travel plans. We travelled many hours between the temples and locations on the most recent trip. I think we were probably on the bus one day, maybe for 11 hours altogether. 

But despite all this, I’m amazed to observe Mohanji because there’s no rest. The pace continued as soon as we arrived back, with people meeting him, calls, messages, other work, organising all the activities for the land building in Ganeshpuri and other places. He’s tireless, whereas I felt tired from this travel. Now, settling back into a routine after the trips, it’s coming back to some familiarity. 

I have to say that travelling with Mohanji was a real shakeup for me. I knew it would be busy; I knew it would be quite fast-paced and hectic. But it was a realisation for me of all the subtle expectations that I have in day-to-day life, which I hadn’t considered before. Usually, when I think of expectations, it’s the big things; trying to have a job, have a position, live in a particular location, maybe being treated a certain way by people. Those are the most obvious things. 

But I’ve realised, from what it was like during the travel, that it was very difficult to continue work and progress with some of the activities during travel. I had a lot of expectations of the mind, which I wasn’t aware of. Even things like waking up at a certain time or sleeping at a certain time, having a certain drink, or all the things we take as comforts in our day-to-day lives. Once they’re taken away, it’s a complete shakeup. 

Here in Bangalore, the routine is generally settled; it has a fast pace, there are definitely all the activities which we’re doing, but there’s a structure. For example, I have some time set aside for this, even recording this message. So, I can move things around quite well if I need to. But when I was travelling, there were some days when I really had to be aware of the time. 

Mohanji’s operating philosophy, and how we work in the office, is “no postponement, no delay, it’s now”. This was taken to an extreme level. For example, I would have 10 minutes to get myself ready, arrange all my things, pack my bags, helping Mohanji, make sure he was ready to go, and ensure that everything was ready for the morning ahead. Even if I thought I had those 10 minutes just to take a bit of a break – if I didn’t use that well too (for example, to record this message), then later it could be a few hours. I would have to scramble to try and find a quiet place or set aside some time as we were travelling and meeting people to record it. 

So it was an intense version of making the most of the time, being flexible, doing what you have to do now. All of that disrupted the expectations, which I didn’t even know existed. Even food, sleeping, it all shifted, and there was very little sleep. That learning or the practical experience of anchoring and stabilising during all that turbulence has been learned from this trip. 

But looking at Mohanji, and I know I can’t compare, but just looking at how he operates – he never shifted. He was stable as ever, as when he was in Bangalore. In fact, he sped up in some ways because there were more activities, the dynamism of the day, new people to meet, suggestions to go on certain trips, and things like that. Incredibly dynamic, and no tiredness, no lethargy. After those long days, I could feel tiredness coming in, but for Mohanji, there was none, regardless of time, activities, or the number of people he was meeting. He gave the same presence, and he consistently gave the same presence.

On Sunday, we travelled back from the land in Chikmagalur, which we went to visit. This is where the exclusive centre for serious sadhana will be. And before that, it had been full days of travelling; sometimes 6-10 hours a day travelling between these temples because they are very far apart. Mohanji is always up in the early morning and finishes late. Everything continues: calls continue, work continues, the daily 4 am Club messages continues.

So, on Sunday, even though we had travelled six hours, he had a satsang planned for the evening. We set aside some time to account for traffic and to come back home, get some rest, and then do the satsang. But there wasn’t time; there were traffic delays. We had to stop somewhere at a restaurant on the way and set things up to do the satsang there. Mohanji also continued giving a talk to the volunteers of Ammucare afterwards. But again, there was no tiredness. 

There’s a subtle difference now, which I’ve noticed spending time with Mohanji. For me, this gives insight into the bigger dimension of Mohanji and his operating stature. Because I’ve never actually heard him say, “I’m tired.” The only thing he has ever said is, “I feel fatigued; I have fatigue in the body.” Though that was a small thing, it’s a massive difference when I’m thinking about it now and having this thought thinking about all these subtle expectations that I have. 

Because going through the Bootcamp and learning more from Mohanji’s teachings, those expectations are always in mind, at the mind level. Then, if that’s where I’m operating from, the expectations are being challenged, crushed, and this tiredness is there. Then when there is no mind, there is probably no tiredness. 

So that’s why he says, “I feel fatigued”, because the body obviously takes on from the journey, from the travel on bumpy and winding roads, and things like this. It’s a very subtle difference that I was contemplating this morning. He never says “I’m tired” or “I feel tired”. It’s only: “I feel fatigued.” 

The lesson emerging for me is how to develop that flexibility in all situations so that the purpose, activities, and everything else continues, as per the flow of life, as per the flow of and the day, the hours and the changes that happen within life. That’s one of the key things for the year 2021 – flexibility, along with stability and friendships. 

Day 90 Lesson – Cultivating Gratitude

Yesterday evening, I was thinking about gratitude and how it needs to be cultivated. Because I find that as life is moving, and events are speeding up, there’s real intensity in pace, and certain routines are settling in, it can be easy for me to lose sight of all the things that I have to be grateful for. So, gratitude in itself is a practice, and I’m recognising that it requires nurturing. 

I’m working towards cultivating a deeper attitude of gratefulness so that it becomes natural and free-flowing. It’s interesting; I thought of this yesterday, and Mohanji’s quote for today is on gratitude, so it fits well for the morning message. The quote says, “If our attitude towards life is gratitude, we will have lesser expectations and disappointments. Life will be relatively peaceful. Attitude matters.” I think it’s a nice quote for today. 

Being with Mohanji and being connected to him, I have recognised many things in my life to be grateful for. Also, I feel it’s the same for others because I know from spending time with him how he takes on a lot from people he meets and who are connected to him. 

I’d read before in books that true living Masters can take on the troubles of others. They even reduce the karmic weight of people by taking it on themselves. And they burn this somehow. So, let’s say, for example, if you had 100 lifetimes to live, coming into proximity of a Master, they could reduce this to, say, 50 lifetimes. 

Also, the weight and the intensity of life can be reduced. No way can there be smooth sailing in life, but what can happen is that they reduce the intensity. I feel this is the same as what Mohanji does. I say that because being with him every day, I see the changes in his body, especially between the times before and after he meets with people. His feet can swell to maybe double the size, rashes develop on his skin, and his stomach especially can grow to maybe three times the size of what it usually is. This is quite a problem when he’s in a formal dress because everything will fit well at the start of the satsang, and it will really be tight towards the end. It is a noticeable change. 

Also, back in October, when there was a planetary shift, immediately when it happened, Mohanji took a hit to his foot, and he was bedridden for three months. I can’t explain what it was like to witness because it was a night and day shift. The day before we were playing badminton, he was walking around. Then the next day, he had been up all night with severe pain, tremendous pain – his whole leg would be shaking. Even if the bedsheet gently brushed against the side of his little toe, it’d be excruciating. 

Mohanji quote - I am grateful | Mohanji Quotes | Flickr

He wasn’t suffering, but you could tell that the physical body had severe pain and couldn’t move. It was a real insight for me into how that could happen. And although I can’t see what’s happening, I can put together the events and recognise that he’s doing much more for people than we can actually see. And for the most part, as well, people don’t even know. They’ll probably experience it in their lives, but they don’t see how he’s working or the effects that are happening on his physical body. 

I’m sharing this not because Mohanji wants this to be known. He hasn’t even spoken to me about what’s actually happening. When I see all this, and also hear stories of the ungratefulness that’s happened throughout Mohanji’s life (when people had turned against him, scandalised him even when they had significant life changes for the positive), it’s a reminder of how easy it can be for people to lose sight of what’s been done for them. The simplest recognition we can have is to remain with the attitude of gratitude. 

There is one example that sticks in my mind. It is about a divorced lady. She was interested in what will happen in her future. Hence, the astrologer told her that she would meet a man sometime soon, she’d get married, and it would be five years of terrible suffering because he wouldn’t be what he seemed to be, and it’d be too late once the relationship starts. 

She actually met this person, and she spoke to Mohanji about what the astrologer said. Mohanji said, “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” She didn’t get married to this man, but they lived together for five weeks. And apparently, it was tremendous suffering; there was severe abuse, all kinds of really bad things happening there. So, she ran away. 

Then she came back to Mohanji and said that it was terrible. Mohanji told her to go back and speak to the astrologer and check the status with him. She went back, and the astrologer said, “By this time, you should have been married and existing with terrible suffering.” She replied that she experienced it all, but it lasted for five weeks instead of five years. 

Sometime later, this lady went against Mohanji for something else he didn’t even know about. I think he might have been blamed for another situation in some of her relationships. Even though he did so much for her, she still showed ungratefulness or the expectation that her whole life should be smooth. This caused her to leave Mohanji and show this real sense of ingratitude. 

That’s the message for today – remembrance of seeking to cultivate and nurture gratitude.


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