How I met Mohanji

By Jelena Fassbender, Serbia

This year in August, it‘ll be ten years since Mohanji appeared in my life and took me under his divine wings of protection.

Although I shared my story of how I met Mohanji on many different occasions, I would like to put it on paper form as well, as a possible inspiration for others to share their experiences too and as a reminder to myself to sit and write more! Therefore, I sincerely thank Monika Dizdarevic, who inspired me to make this step.

It all started in Berlin in 2013 when my marriage hit bottom. At that time, I was an unhappy married woman who left her homeland Serbia, friends and family and a decade of numerous attempts to pursue a career as an actress, with deep wounds and suppressed pain caused by unfulfilled dreams, broken relationships and poverty.

I met my husband in the summer of 2011 in Berlin. It was love at first sight, and soon after we met, we decided to get married. After seven months of knowing each other, I became Frau Fassbender, ready to start a fresh new life in one of the most welcoming cities in the world.

In the beginning, it all seemed well between us. We were different, our cultures and habits too, but I believed I would be able to accept them, digest them and learn to live with them.

Then reality hit. My long-term depression, fears, painful memories, everything came crashing down on me. I was in a foreign land; I didn’t know the language, I didn’t have friends and contacts, I was jobless, and I was unhappy with my marriage!

My husband loved me but was limited within his capacity, and he could not fully understand my depths and accept me. Little did I know that acceptance from his side wasn’t possible because I was the one who was sabotaging myself. I was the one who was torturing, judging and rejecting myself, unaware of the fact that he was only the reflection of my inner state. I had expectations. I was angry and scared; I was lost. The idea of reinventing myself was creating even more resistance in me. The pattern of victimhood in its peak!

By this time, our marriage became an agony for both. We constantly fought about everything.

One morning, I was alone at home, sitting in the kitchen, with the laptop in front of me, without any solution for my problem. Nothing seemed possible. Divorce was out of the question; I was not ready to accept that my marriage wasn’t going to last, but I couldn’t continue living in such misery either. Why this life? What’s the point of me being alive? I disappointed my family and friends; I was a complete failure, and so many other heavy thoughts ran through my head. Suddenly, I felt that the walls of my kitchen were coming towards me, and it was like the space around me was getting smaller and smaller. I’m going to suffocate; that’s it. The end is near.

I felt a heavy and sharp pain in my chest, but I managed to take as much breath as possible and said loudly: “GOD, PLEASE, HELP ME!”

Then I looked at my laptop and saw a notification on my Facebook. Its title was “How To Heal Your Life”. The video was about the book written by Louise Hay. I watched the video and immediately downloaded the book, and read it that same day. In the book, dear Louise says that the first step on a healing journey is to stop at least one bad habit immediately.

That day LIFE gave me a chance, and I didn’t want to blow it away. I decided to quit 17 years of a heavy smoking habit. If that will bring me out of “living on the earth” hell, I am ready to do whatever is necessary. I was determined.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me – like I’ve never smoked. Then I thought coffee doesn’t have the same taste without cigarettes and alcohol as well, so I quit them too. Soon after that, It was the same with meat. At that time, I also had big issues with some strange sort of pimples on my face and by removing all these habits, my face began to look better.

In a recent conversation with Mohanji, I mentioned that many of our people had/have skin issues, including himself. He said to be in the presence of the Master, one has to raise the frequency, and for many, the skin is the way to cleanse negativity; it’s a part of a cleansing process.

Soon after I read Hay’s book, I recognized an enormous hunger to understand the real cause of my suffering and the suffering in general. I thought, whatever is happening, my husband and I deserve better lives, even if we divorce.

I became eager to learn more about who, how, when, and what I truly am. That’s how I got in touch with many important spiritual books. One led to another, and two of them seriously helped me. The first one is the one and only Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. The second one is A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle.

Therefore, I am and will be forever thankful for books and their authors that opened many doors and put me in a better place within myself, but that was obviously not enough.

After three months of literal isolation from everybody and of constant reading and accumulation of knowledge, on one particular day, I suddenly felt very upset, like an animal before an upcoming earthquake. I was walking nervously from one room to another, not knowing what could possibly calm me down, and no book seemed comforting enough at that moment. I needed tangible proof that I was on the right track and not going insane.

I decided to check FB, and guess what? The first that popped up on the feed was an article with the title “Mohanji, The Guru Who Finds You”. The title immediately caught my attention. That name Mohanji was somehow familiar to me. Then I remembered I heard about an Indian Guru, Mohanji, from Milan Bojic, a friend who opened the spiritual world door for me long ago when I still lived in Serbia. Still, I couldn’t remember anything more than that.

While reading the article, one sentence resonated with me very deeply: “Mohanji says: “The Guru is not a form or a person. Guru is a principle. It could take a human form and talk or come as a message from nature.” ….. or pop up on Facebook!

After I read the article, I went onto Mohanji’s website, and there I found guided meditation called Power of Purity. To my big surprise, this meditation was translated into many languages, including Serbian too. I decided to give it a try.

It was a quiet summer afternoon. I was alone at home and was more than ready to experience the meditation, mainly because I’d never meditated before. Power of Purity was my first meditation ever. I sat down on the bed, put the sound on and started to follow the instructions of the soothing voice of Devi Mohan. The atmosphere was solemn.

The heat overwhelmed my whole body. At first, I felt scared of the unknown feeling, but I decided to continue, no matter what. Then something happened which was beyond my wildest imagination. The moment I put the right hand in the blessing position, I felt a strong spiral vibration coming right out of my palm. I could clearly see how it reached my parents, my brother, and my friends and blessed them with white light. I was in shock and started to cry uncontrollably and continued to cry even when the meditation was over. I couldn’t move out of bed for more than an hour. I was heavy but light, strangely sad but unexplainably happy. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love, a new kind of love, which was unknown to me until then.

Then I managed to get to the balcony and get some fresh air. To my surprise, all outside objects were very sparkly, and I couldn’t hear the noise from the streets. There was silence everywhere. I was in awe.

Then I felt a need to calm down. I went to the living room and intuitively picked the biggest book from the bookshelf, with the most beautiful architecture in the world and started to turn pages with maximum concentration on the content. By evening, I finally managed to calm down and fall asleep.

The next day, I wrote to Milan Bojic, hoping he would have an answer to what actually happened to me. Milan was visibly excited about my story. He said: ”Well, your Guru has appeared. There is nothing more important and sacred in life than to meet your Guru. You have ridden the wave, Lela! Don’t get off it, ever!”

So it was—the life before the Guru and the life with a Guru.
My rebirth happened that afternoon in August 2013.
Mohanji introduced himself in the most unusual and unconventional way. His way!

Since then, everything in my life has changed. EVERYTHING! Heavy baggage of lifetimes, full of expectations, anger, fears, unfulfilled desires and many other emotions, became so light.

At the first retreat, in a one-on-one session with Mohanji, he told me: “We have a lot to do together for this world, you’ll see.” Back then, I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Is he going to direct a movie or produce a movie? OMG…how limited our minds can be!!!

Now, after 10 years with Mohanji, I understand what he was talking about. His deeds speak for themselves! Mohanji is a platform. He created it for all of us. It’s on us to use it well and contribute with our talents to make this world better. Since I met Mohanji, I have lived a life of abundance. I have friends all over the world. I have a home and a family. I have clarity, mission and purpose!

Yes, people, that’s life in the presence of a living Master. One has to be, to live, to experience all those blessings, to be able to try to understand the love that the Guru has for each one of us. The unconditional love that he showers on us, regardless of how many times we fall.

What does he need from us? Nothing. He is presence, a mountain, the brightest sun that is always shining and is always available. It’s up to us whether we want to be plugged in.

Through all these years, I’ve learned that consistency, conviction and connection to the Guru (in my case – Mohanji) are the most important for grace to flow. Life is difficult without grace, and we all know how painful it can be. With the Guru’s grace, life is like a big pillow. Even when we think we got some bruises, they vanish within the shortest period, taking us one step closer to the final destination, total DISSOLUTION.

Mohanji’s grace, please, be with me always to make my human birth purposeful.


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Walking with Mohanji

By Krishnan G. alias Vivek, Kozhikode, Kerala

The Grace of Brahmarishi Mohanji, available to one and all, is indescribable.

I hail from Kozhikode, Kerala. I have been a spiritual seeker since my youth. I was always keen to know about enlightened Masters and used to read biographies of various spiritual Masters. I had to face a challenging situation in my office in 2020, during the start of this pandemic. Being an HR (Human Resources) professional, I was forced to lay off many employees due to the financial crunch my company faced because of the Covid situation. Losing a job is the worst thing that can happen to a person, and imagine the plight of the person who has to forcefully remove the employees?. Needless to say, the sad faces of the people who had lost their jobs haunted me like anything.

I was desperately searching for peace of mind, and that’s when I came across the Mohanji Foundation’s website, and I immediately contacted the officials for techniques to calm my turbulent mind. That very evening, I received a call from Devadas of Palakkad that an online meditation session called ‘Power of Purity‘ was to be held through Zoom, and he asked me to connect to Kishore, who was going to conduct the same if I so wished. The meditation session had a profound impact on my life and my state of mind. I became calmer and was able to face challenges with more clarity and focus, and became a devotee of Mohanji.

“Peace is our very nature and the nature of all beings. Acceptance helps peace. Awareness stabilizes it. Restlessness rests only in the mind.”


Mai-Tri Session

On 20th January 2022, I was down with a high fever and was tested positive for Covid. Unfortunately, within two days, my two-and-a-half-year-old son, wife, father, and mother were all down with Covid. I desperately needed Mai-Tri sessions. So I contacted Devadas for the same but found out that he and his family members, all of whom are Mai-Tri Practitioners, had been affected by Covid. He gave me another person’s number, whom I called and found that he too was down with Covid. I did not know what to do in that situation. I prayed to Mohanji for help, and suddenly, Chitra came to my memory. I called her up and explained my situation, for which she readily agreed to do a three-day Covid Mai-Tri Sessions. We recovered soon, and so did my father and mother.

Chitra said Mohanji’s grace is protecting us like a kavacham (armour), and the impact of Covid was very low because of that. While doing the session for me, she said that she’d had a vision of a royal divine cow, which was fully satisfied, and she asked me whether we own cows or have a farm. I said, “No”. But then, suddenly, I remembered one of my bedtime stories told by my grandfather about the cattle he’d owned in his village in Kannur district and how he lovingly used to milk the cows. My grandfather had also been fond of a particular cow. This struck me like a thunderbolt; the appearance of a royal cow during my Mai-Tri session and my grandfather having a farm all seemed connected.

We don’t know or understand the spiritual messages and the grace that animals shower for generations. Chitra told me that the vision indicated that it would be good for me to feed cows.

I was in confusion about whom to contact and how to do the same because I did not know anybody who had cows in my city. Not everybody would be interested in giving permission for cow feeding during this pandemic. I discussed this with Chitra, and she told me she would enquire and get back.

The next day, she messaged me with the mobile number of Dr. Madhuraj and told me that he had cows in his house. He is the brother of Dr. Jyothirmayi, who is active in the Mohanji Foundation, and added that his home was located in my area as per the landmark. Another surprise was waiting for me as I called him and understood that I had known him since my childhood. I had noted him as a spiritual person since my childhood days. His home was only a kilometre away from my house, but I did not know that he owned cows. I really became excited to meet the person I admire after a long time. I thanked Mohanji for connecting me to him again after such a big gap.

I was bewildered and happy at the same time. I was searching everywhere, but Mohanji gave me this surprise near my house. What should I call this? Grace? Love? Compassion? I don’t have words to describe the happiness I experienced. I went to Dr. Madhu’s (Madhu Ettan) house. He was really happy to let me feed the cows, hug them and be with them. This was absolutely a magical event that happened in my life. I’m forever indebted to Brahmarishi Mohanji for showering so much compassion and grace on me.

I understood that if we make ourselves available with utmost humility, he will be there with us always, holding our hands tightly.

Manisha Patel, Canada

When you walk with a master like Mohanji, it’s not about having everything good in life. It’s about self-transformation while heading on your journey towards your merger with the Master. It’s not about gaining materialistic things; it’s about achieving and experiencing oneness with the Master. It’s not about fulfilling desires; it’s about awareness of contentment with what we have. It’s not about securing your future, but it’s about being in the present and accepting the moment we have now.

Life was very different before Covid started in early 2020. I had many plans and desires to live life as per my plan. I was thinking of quitting my job, having a break from work for six months and being semi-retired to be more available for Mohanji foundation work. Then Covid happened; my husband’s business closed down because of lockdown, which never came back to normal, and since then, I have been working six days a week.

As per our family plan, my husband and I should be at ease after working for 13 years in Canada. We should have relished the fruit of our hard work in Canada. At the moment, my husband does not have any business income; hence I’m working six days a week. We are extremely grateful to Mohanji for giving us the richness of awareness and understanding that he has a better plan for our journey with him. He has helped us develop unshakable faith and awareness. He made our family richer with his blessings and love in our hearts and lives. Lots of shedding happened. Faith increased instead of ego, and doingness transformed into beingness.

Earlier, I used to cry and worry about the future and old age. Now I have only the current moment to live. I don’t know if I will be alive tomorrow, whether the business will get sold or not, and what we will do if our business gets sold. We know only one truth in our life: “The biggest asset in our life is Mohanji.”

He brought more stability during this uncertain and turbulent time. He brought awareness of acceptance and contentment. He brought awareness that his presence in your journey is more important than any materialistic thing when your journey is with him.

I am always grateful for your presence and uncountable blessings, dear Mohanji!

At your lotus feet!


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The Omnipresence of Mohanji

Whatever the activity – Guru Raksha Homa, meditations or a simple wish, these four testimonials show the unseen hands of Mohanji embracing his devotees with love and compassion.

Experience in Shirdi

Alok Nath, India

It’s my first time in Shirdi. The day after the Kriya initiation, I went to Shirdi Baba temple early morning and felt the lightness when reaching near the samadhi. Then, I attended the group Mai-Tri as part of the retreat, prayed to Mohanji and ancestors, and tried to be present there. Preeti Duggal Ji started the process, saying it was Mohanji who was doing it. After some time, I started to feel vibrations in the right side of my face, cheek, neck and shoulder, where there were already energy blockages from an accident. It went deeper as time progressed; it became so intense, like all toxins were being pulled from my jaw bone and neck. My face was moving towards the right side like someone was walking around and pulling it, and I was resisting it. It became heavier as she said, “Kali Ma is here, Mohanji is here, Sai Baba is here.” My head was already bent down when she said we could bow down to Baba. It was that intense healing; I couldn’t even put my head up; it was totally bent with energy vibrations on the right side. It was very hard for me to open my eyes when the process ended. 

In the afternoon meditation session that day, I slept intensely. Q n A sessions with Mohanji gave me more clarity. The next day, it was Power of Purity meditation after the Satsang. It was the best one I have ever done; I could easily follow it deeply. Earlier times, I couldn’t raise my hands in a blessing position, but this time, it was smooth; the energy was totally different. 

Then came conscious dancing. I even thought about whether I should attend the event. When the process started, they said Mohanji was there, but I thought it was just an event for fun in the end. I tried not to resist and moved with the flow. Different emotions were rising, and tears started to appear, which she said could happen initially, but I thought it wouldn’t. Dimensions were shifting with grace. It was really hard for me from the heart chakra; I couldn’t talk much when it reached the throat chakra. It clearly showed me the blockage in expressing. When bhajans were on, tears were rolling on their own. Whenever I focussed on the outside, especially through my eyes, I was losing the flow of the process. Then I could hear Preeti Duggal Ji telling all to close our eyes to feel more. Everybody was enjoying in their own ways with Masters’ Grace. Thanks to Devi Ji for designing this session. 

The next day, there was a tree plantation, and I left Shirdi with Masters grace to nearby Ankai fort where there is an Agastya temple. Many things are still happening. Even if I don’t understand, I can see how background work is being done from above for all to receive grace. THANKS TO ALL.

Meditation Miracle

Jelena Raičević, Serbia

Jelena shares a testimony of the “Power of Purity” meditation held in Belgrade, Serbia. Many people experienced that Mohanji comes astrally to be with the participants when his meditation is practiced. 

First, I felt that Mohanji was standing behind me and that he placed his hand lightly on my shoulder. Then, as my palms rested on my knees while meditating, I felt his palm on my hand. When he let go, I saw that he started walking around the room, tapping/caressing people on the tops of their heads. He came near my friend Sanja, who was also meditating in the room and had never met Mohanji before. He held her hands and gently tapped her head. Then he hugged her. Then he returned to me and held both my hands. His hands were below, and he kept mine above, on his. Somebody told me that this way of holding hands is typical for Mohanji in everyday life, that he often holds his hands in the way described. Later, when we completed the meditation, my friend Sanja asked me, “Hey, did you hold my hand during the meditation?” We were one and a half meters away, so there was no way that I would have been able to reach her. I said I didn’t. She said, “I felt it physically, and also the warmth of the palm on mine.” I responded that it wasn’t me and that I saw Mohanji had come and held her hand. She said, “I felt it was him, but I didn’t want to seem like I’m imagining, so I thought, perhaps it was you.” 

Guru Raksha Homa

Mahesh Balerao, Canada

Guru Raksha Homa was performed for three families on Thursday, 29th April 2021. These three families requested to get the Homa performed on their behalf. The families were from India, USA and Canada. 

During the Homa session, Mohanji’s energy and presence were observed and captured on the camera. Every time I start a Homa, I always connect with our Guru, Mohanji. At the start of the Homa, chandan smell was experienced and to confirm Mohanji’s presence, a big letter “M” was visible in the Homa fire.

Mohanji, as the fire element, can burn any unwanted, unresolved, past lineage situations/karma and protect the whole family and their lineage. Guru Raksha Homa is very specific for lineage karma situations and unburdens the weight of unresolved situations. Fire is the only one of the five elements that remains pure and burns the negative or unresolved situations. 

When the Guru Raksha Homa is performed at the right time and space, Guru Mohanji steps in to resolve family lineage problems. Based on acceptance and only if karmically allowed, the Homa protects the current situation and helps the past seven generations and seven generations in the future. Lineage has karma which is passed on to every generation, and the complicated relationships make it even heavier. Mohanji removes and burns unwanted situations that are causing or creating problems to take the whole lineage towards liberation. Our path and Tradition leads us towards liberation (freedom).

Yesterday, when I was performing the Homa, I observed and realised the same – the burning of unwanted karma. While performing the Homa, I could see and feel the exact situation of a devotee’s house burning and destruction happening. Homa pictures with black, dark smoke represented the same, and at the same time, I heard Mohanji speaking and talking to birds and animals, making them happy and making sure that they were not affected by the fire; he was with the animals and birds in the property site to help them feel comfortable and calmer. Later, the devotee confirmed that the burnt house had the presence of many birds, and a peacock actually came and sat on the rooftop. They have never seen a peacock before in the neighbourhood!

Mohanji’s energy was working in 360 degrees and sucking up the whole negativity sitting there, and then Ganesha appeared from Mohanji’s energy, indicating a positive turn. Ganesha was seen planting the Nagvel – the green leaf we use for puja or any auspicious ceremony. It was a situation where Mohanji blessed the devotee beautifully.

Mohanji then started working on another family. This family has deep-rooted connection with Mohanji over generations. The family is going through relationships problems.

Although their connection to each other was very strong, they were not content in life and had difficulty facing the experiences and facts of life, having doubts and second thoughts when decisions had to be made. Often, the intellect created situations for the family to separate, and their relationships were broken. 

Mohanji, as a Guru and our energy source, did cleaning and hovered over the past-life situations to restore friendship and companionship. It was a lack of understanding and not helping each other to understand the soul aspects of relationships. Within Mohanji’s energy, Siddhas confirmed a powerful connection with the family. They performed fire rituals within Mohanji’s energy and discussed the relationship between companion souls, and restoration of relationships happened through Mohanji. 

Love and peace were prevalent, and Mohanji’s presence was fully felt in the situation, showering blessings on the children and their future activities.

Surprise Divine Birthday Wish

Bhumika Arvind, Canada

I am writing today to share Mohanji’s limitless kindness and compassion. It was my son’s seventh birthday. A day before, I had contacted Preeti Duggal to find out what to do with Baba’s shawl that I had recently received. She guided me that it’s okay to wrap my son in the shawl for protection and love. On the day of his birthday, the day was going along. I checked my email and was just blown away. There was a birthday card from Mohanji. I couldn’t believe it and stood there staring at it. I rushed to share with everyone at home, especially my son. He was busy playing with his new toys. But when I showed him the card from Mohanji, he paused and looked at it; I still remember that look on his face; he was surprised and curious but at the same time very happy. 

I wrote to Preeti di sharing what had transpired and how unexpected but such a beautiful, divine gift and blessing it was. I take her for being such a beautiful tool in Mohanji’s hands. She mentioned it is grace, but she didn’t share anything with Mohanji. 

I shared the recent update with my husband. I knew this was Mohanji’s leela, but my husband went on with his detective work. So he tried calling people at the Mohanji Datta Tapovanam Ashram to figure out who may be involved and to express gratitude for this blessing. He ended up with a more puzzled look than when he started his detective work. 

Mohanji, it is you and you all the way. There is no way I can pay back your compassion and kindness. And there is no end to your divine play. Mohanji, you keep orchestrating so many leelas simultaneously and fulfilling many devotees’ desires. Your divine play has at times brought solace to me; other times have been a hit on my ego; brought me contentment and peace during distress. And I am deeply grateful for everything that you do; it is only your grace that I am made aware of your leelas, but I feel it in my heart that you do much more behind the scenes that I don’t know and maybe will never know. It will only happen with your grace. I hope that I stay in your consciousness always and forever, Mohanji, no matter what!


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Transformations through group meditations – Part 2

By Malaysia Meditation Group

Intense 41 days Spiritual Practise – The Power of Purity Meditation        

The idea to organise an intense global sadhana for 41 days was conceived in a dream of one of our Mohanji Acharyas. In the dream, Mohanji had informed her to organise the sadhana. It was complete with instructions on how to do it, to the extent of what is to be written. He said that when the Power of Purity Meditation is practised every day for 41 days in a group, a powerful golden grid is created around the Universe, which helps us flow into space to connect to the loving and healing energies instantly.

It took her a while to plan and also to find the resources to run this program. With the blessings of Mohanji, after communication with teams globally, the event was launched on 4 June 2020 and ended after 41 days on 14 July 2020.

Here is a part of the diary of the journey by the Malaysia group!

4 June – Day 1

The energy was very intense, even during the breathing exercise. I felt a tingling sensation in my head area, and it spread throughout my body. It was then that I saw Mohanji, who had come to grace the mediation with his presence.

During the meditation, my body felt so hot, as if it was on fire. I could feel the heat in my breath, and my eyes were burning. My head was aching so much. It felt like someone had stuck a dagger in my head, and I could hardly think. 

During the day, somehow, I was guided to take Shirdi Baba’s vibuthi. I mixed it with some water and drank it. But then my head still felt heavy, and I could not keep my eyes open. I thought I would just lie down but fell asleep for 3 hours. I woke up feeling very refreshed. I had not slept this well in such a long time.

5 June – Day 2

The day started with some technical issues. I was wondering why no one had come on board for the meditation with only five minutes to the start. “Was my facilitation that bad, that no one came back?” This was the thought that played in my mind, hahaha! A quick message to the group revealed that they were already in the waiting room, and they informed me that it showed I was in another meeting.

I just froze for a while, not knowing what to do, and I was guided to exit the meeting and restart again. Yay! All were still there in the waiting room. Although feeling a little flustered, I calmed down very quickly and just focused on what I had to do. The energy was again very intense. Midway through the meditation, I saw that many masters in golden light had graced us with their presence. I could not see who all of them were, but I had a glimpse of Lord Dattatreya and Avadhoota Nadananda! It was like the whole Guru Parampara had arrived. Shirdi Baba appeared in a dazzling, bright golden light. He held out his hands, and rays of golden light flowed from his hands onto all of us, showering us with blessings.

7 June – Day 4

We were all soaking in the guidance of Mohanji’s voice when my PC suddenly shut down. It was so sudden that my thoughts were suspended in mid-air.

Somehow I was quickly guided to reboot my PC. Surprisingly I was very calm. I waited for the PC to reboot and restarted the meeting again. All this happened within a few minutes. I restarted the meeting and saw that everyone was still there and some had opened their eyes. I started the meditation music, and I was guided to begin exactly at the part where Mohanji says, “When thoughts enter… not resist…..just watch the thoughts without participating…..see them come and go.” The words were so appropriate to help everyone settle back into the meditation.

I, too, settled in when suddenly I felt a surge of energy and felt engulfed in a brilliant and blinding golden light. I was suspended in the middle of it, and soon, my body just disappeared into the light. It was as if my body had turned into light, and I could not see myself anymore. My heart area felt so expanded. I had wanted to stay in this state forever but then duty calls. I had to facilitate and end the session. 

On checking later, some of the participants had opened their eyes but flowed back into the meditation when it restarted. One commented that Mohanji’s super-powerful voice guided us back even though we strayed away for a while. Another person had felt very distracted over the last two days, but today she had an amazing experience as she was totally lost in herself.

11 June – Day 8

Today again, I had another challenge with my computer. It decided that it wanted to update itself. Thinking that it will not take long, I decided to let the process continue. Fifteen minutes had passed, and it still had not completed.

By then, I prayed to Mohanji to speed up the process. But Mohanji had other ideas. I was guided to move everything to another location. It took some time to set up the whole thing, and I noted that I still had less than 10 minutes to start the session. Somehow during this time, I had remained calm and focused. 

At the back of my mind, I thought that the meditation would not be the same since there is a change of location. Today, a new person joined us, so I explained the whole process to her.

It took a while for me to settle into the meditation. I was also keeping an eye open for people who may be late. It does happen that people get disconnected and have to rejoin the session again.

My body was swaying gently with the energy flow. Towards the end of the meditation, I could feel myself travelling at turbo speed through this place full of people. It was so fast that all I could see were shapes of buildings and people. At the end of the path, I saw an old person with a long beard in a flowy, white gown standing at the door of a building. I zoomed past him, penetrating the building and soon felt myself being propelled into a golden like aperture. I found myself in a cave-like structure, and it was filled with golden light. Seated at the end of the cave, shining in bright golden light, was Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. She was sending out a lot of energy (Shakti) which I understood from her she was sending out to the Universe. I was so immersed in this state, and before I knew it, the meditation was ending, and I had to close the session.

What an amazing experience, so I guess it does not matter where I sit for my meditation! Jai Mohanji!

Today many others felt the intense energy, and they shared this:

  1. Thank you so much. It was a very, very intense meditation. I cried a lot, and I feel very light and relaxed. Thank you, everyone. (She just joined us today and her first time experiencing the Power of Purity Meditation)
  2. It was very intense. I felt severe pain and pressure in my chest as if there was some cleansing—otherwise a wonderful and powerful experience.
  3. I just want to share this with you. I felt some burning sensation from my stomach for a while in today’s session, and towards the end, I saw a pair of eyes just flashed for few seconds, just a glance!

15 June – Day 12

Towards the end of the meditation, Shirdi Baba once again graced our session. He tossed several handfuls of vibuthi on us. The vibuthi turned into golden particles as they descended on us. At the same time, the wispy, dark mist was seen leaving our system, floating upwards and vanishing into space above us. 

As the process took place, a giant white cloud formed at the top of the space we were all in. The cloud was swirling, and violet light was circling it. Golden light streamed down from this cloud and covered all of us. I then felt Baba touching my head. I felt so spaced out that it was so difficult to come back. 

I feel so blessed to be part of this group, as the collective energy from you brought us all to such a beautiful space. Gratitude to the masters. Jai Mohanji!

Day 40

Today is the 40th day of our intense sadhana, probably another ordinary day, I thought. Today as soon as we finished our breathing exercise and slipped into the meditation, a bright light appeared, and in the light, I could see many masters moving forward in a semi-circle. In the centre was Satya Sai Baba. The light engulfed all of us, and we were transported to this space. In this space, all of us were seated in a circle around the masters. Our bodies radiated golden light. Golden rays of light from the masters connected to each of us, and we started to move in a circular motion around the masters. The motion picked up, and we were spinning at high speed akin to test tubes in a centrifuge*. 

Mind, as usual, started thinking that this is all an imagination. But then I felt my whole body vibrating, especially in my stomach area. Tears started to flow. We were bathing in this golden light throughout the meditation. Towards the end of the meditation, I found myself in this tunnel. The walls were golden in colour and moving in a circular motion. It was in continuous movement, and I could feel the light getting brighter at the end of the tunnel. Somehow I was not allowed to proceed further into the tunnel, as the meditation came to an end, and it was time to bring awareness back to the body.

Note :

* A centrifuge is a laboratory device used to separate fluids, gas or liquid, based on density. Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing material at high speed; the centrifugal force pushes heavier materials to the outside of the vessel.

Bliss of Silence Meditation from 6 to 26 September 2020

16 September 2020

I was feeling very tired too. It has been almost ten years trying to run the activities for Mohanji Malaysia. Thinking to myself, I need a break, but how can I stop when there is no one else to help to facilitate sessions. Suddenly this morning, during the Bliss of Silence Meditation, when I was about to zone off, Mohanji appeared. He was wearing a white kurta and orange dhoti, the same outfit when I first met him in Singapore. Many people were trying to put some shackles on his feet, but he just walked off with the shackles. 

Perhaps he is sending the message that he is always with me from day one and nothing is ever too heavy to carry and to just keep walking.


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Shiva – the place where all rivers meet

Ulla Shiva

by Ulla Bernholdt, Denmark

I want to share my personal experience during the six-day program of Shivaratri 2021, which I feel transformed me and has led me to higher awareness.

The program consisted of different modules led by Mohanji Acharyas, including daily blog reading, chanting, homa, Conscious Gapless Breathing, meditation and experience sharing leading up to Mohanji’s satsang on Shivaratri and a 12-hour live Homa from his home. In one of the scheduled zoom calls, Mohanji Acharya Sjarn read a Mohanji blog about Shiva, a blog that I have read before and may have understood from a mental point of view.

Shiva State of Consciousness – an aspiration of every yogi

But this time, I felt different. While listening, I could feel Mohanji’s energy very tangibly inside me moving up my spine to the top of my head. I spontaneously began to see inside my head the different teachers and Masters that I have connected with and all the different processes that I have practised at different stages in my life. It then dawned upon me that the driving force, the connection and the source of all experiences behind them were Shiva.

Shiva is the red thread connecting all the beads from seemingly quite different processes I have encountered – from Christ to Zen to Mohanji’s Consciousness – just to mention a few. The scattered pieces of a puzzle began to synthesize. The energy and joy rising from that realisation were almost uncontainable. I had been searching for the One – the indivisible, and Shiva had been there all the time! Oh, what joy!

Actually, I was not home while listening to that zoom call. I was riding my bicycle while trying to concentrate on listening to every word at the same time. There I was in the middle of the road and the daily business as usual, and it seemed a bit surreal to me, compared to the feeling I had inside of elevation and expansion, feeling overjoyed, ecstatic, and immensely grateful to Mohanji and the Tradition. I felt like flying! The scene reminded me of the one in a feature film: E.T, riding the bike in the air, do you remember it?

I have been meandering through many rivers (following many different paths), and in a split second, during the reading of Mohanji’s blog, I found myself in a place where all the rivers come together.

I felt I was watching the source of the rivers, the Sangam where rivers meet, and the sea where they end, all at the same time. To me, Mohanji is such a place. Because he encompasses all aspects in every one of us, every state we are in and every stage of our evolution, and he responds accordingly, allowing us to have our individual expression and course. Many a time, I have heard him answering people according to their mode. Once, we were taking a dip with him in the Ganges’ holy waters during a Himalayan retreat, and a person asked if the Ganges really is that sacred or if it is just a symbolic representation, a myth? Mohanji answered that it is just a symbol, according to the doubting mind of the questioner. At least, that is my personal interpretation of the situation.

Another reminder for me of the unity of Shiva was that during the daily zoom calls, I reunited with friends I have met and spent time with a long time ago in some other contexts than with the Mohanji family. Here, we were brought together again by the love of Shiva.

One of the elements in the meetings was Mohanji’s Power of Purity meditation which I have been fortunate to conduct for other people many times, but not being able to participate in myself more than a few times. In the meditation, I felt Mohanji’s hand on my forehead and the top of my head receiving his Shaktipat.

The whole process starting with the inner cleansing, participating in Conscious Gapless Breathing, fruit fasting, chanting, and culminating with Mohanji’s Satsang and the powerful Homa has been such a gift without any effort just like the flow of a river following its natural course. I am sure our Shiva, Mohanji, has enabled many of the participants to explore deeper aspects of themselves during these days.

As I end this testimonial, I would like to thank all the Acharyas and participants involved in the process and our dear Guru Mohanji for their untiring selfless service and intention to reach higher awareness of Shiva.


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My Journey to Mohanji and his impact on my life


by Vijay Ramanaidoo, UK

First meeting

My journey to Mohanji began in September 2010 when my wife Ranjana and I met up in London with a couple who were old friends of ours from our time in Muscat, Oman. They told us about a Spiritual Master called Mohanji, the managing director of three companies, married to a Serbian lady, and living in a villa in Muscat. They had written some blogs of their spiritual experiences with Mohanji, and they encouraged us to read them as well as Mohanji’s blogs. They also gave us a picture of Mohanji’s eyes and asked us to connect to Mohanji through the eye card.

Although a little sceptical, I read some of the blogs and wrote back to our friends saying how much I had enjoyed reading the blogs and thanked them for introducing us to Mohanji’s writings. I then forgot about Mohanji for some time until I had a very significant dream. In this dream, I was in a hall that had a wall with long glass windows. On the other side of the window was a corridor. Through the window, I saw an Indian man with a beard and a white kurta walk purposefully down the corridor together with a few followers and enter into the hall. I followed him into an adjoining kitchen where he held me by the shoulders, pressed down hard on one shoulder to bend me backwards on one side, pressed on the other shoulder to bend me backwards on the other side. Then with both hands around my chest area, he grabbed what seemed to be a subtle body (mine or someone else’s, I do not know) and threw this out of my physical body. He then struck me hard on the third eye area with the flat bottom of his hand. I lost consciousness in the dream, and it seems physically too. When I woke up, I remembered the dream very clearly. The person in the dream resembled Mohanji!

My curiosity was aroused. I tried the Power of Purity meditation early one morning while sitting at my computer and continued to read his blogs. I bought the Power of Purity book from Amazon, which made a huge impression on me. The clarity in writing with clear explanations on various spiritual topics enlightened and resonated very strongly with me. It all seemed to make a great deal of sense.

In October 2011, our friend from Oman contacted me again to say that Mohanji was coming to London for a shipping conference! She said that we could perhaps organise a meditation session while he was there if we wanted to. I replied that I would be delighted to organise the meditation sessions, and if Mohanji wanted to, he could stay at our house instead of staying in a hotel. Mohanji very kindly agreed to this suggestion. I contacted Mohanji directly by email, and we made arrangements for his visit.

Mohanji arrived in London on the 4th of November 2011. It was a very significant moment for me as this first meeting was the start of a life-changing journey! We held a Power of Purity meditation session in my house during this trip, followed by a public meditation and Satsang programme with about 65 attendees. Many of the attendees had amazing spiritual experiences, which was the start of an amazing journey for some of them. We also made time to visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare and did some sightseeing around London.

Mohanji’s first trip to the UK was a wonderful and unique opportunity for me. I was able to be with Mohanji while he was still working in the worldly sense, and I was able to see him in multiple modes of existence; as the MD of a company, as a tourist and as a Spiritual Master. Our discussions were very easy-going; it felt like I was speaking to an old friend. 

After five hectic days, it was time for Mohanji to leave for Shanghai. As I drove Mohanji to the airport, he said that if anyone wanted to conduct meditation sessions, I could give them the Power of Purity Meditation CD. Furthermore, he said that helping people to reduce their karma (through conducting these meditation sessions) was one of the best service activities that we could do. 

Following Mohanji’s visit, we started conducting the Power of Purity meditation sessions weekly, rotating the sessions between different people’s homes. These meditation sessions were to kick-start Mohanji’s activities in the UK. A seed of activity was planted, which subsequently grew into a young tree with many blossoms.

Shaktipat initiation

Soon after meeting Mohanji, I went to visit him in Serbia, where I met him at a satsang in Belgrade. After the satsang, he asked me if I would like to join him and Devi to stay at Devi’s parent’s house in Novi Sad for the night. I hesitated and told him I had already checked into my hotel in Belgrade, and all my belongings were there. He said, “No problem, we’ll go to the hotel and wait for you while you pack.” So after packing, I travelled to Novi Sad with Mohanji, Devi, and Biljana. The next day, Mohanji gave me a long Shaktipat and said that he may initiate me into giving Shaktipat (now called Mohanji energy transfer) at a satsang that evening. I was astonished and very hesitant as I did not feel worthy of such a responsibility, and neither did I know how to give Shaktipat.

That evening, during the meditation session, Mohanji called me over, pressed on various chakra points and gave me Shaktipat again. After the meditation session ended, he informed me that I have now been initiated to deliver Energy Transfer! Although I felt very blessed, I was extremely hesitant to deliver Energy Transfer to others even though Mohanji had given clear instructions and guidance. I still did not think I was worthy of being given this responsibility.

I returned to the UK and eventually started delivering Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET) to the participants at our meditation sessions. Many people had the most amazing experiences whilst receiving MET. Once, when I stopped giving MET temporarily (because of feelings of unworthiness), we had a meditation session after which one of the participants remarked that someone had given them a very powerful MET, much more potent than normal, even though no one had done so! This was obviously Mohanji in subtle form. During that period, some of the other participants complained about not receiving MET as they had found it very beneficial. Those complaints convinced me that I should never allow my thoughts of unworthiness to interfere with my new duty. To this day, I am astounded at the impact of energy transfer and the amazing experiences people have had, which can manifest as heat, light, vibration, messages, and visions. I am in awe of Mohanji’s power and humbled that he continues to use me as his instrument. 

Registration of Mohanji ACT Foundation and Mohanji Foundation UK

During his first trip to the UK, Mohanji mentioned that he and Biba (Devi) had set up Ammucare for service activities in India and ACT Foundation for service activities in the rest of the world as a platform to serve the needy. He mentioned that they had set up ACT Foundation in Dubai, but the registration costs were so expensive that they could not continue, and he was looking to see if it was possible to set it up in another country. I said nothing at the time as I had no idea how to set up a charity and did not feel like taking on such a big responsibility. However, the seed for Mohanji ACT Foundation was sown there and then. I started my enquiries and with his grace, about a year and a half later, in 2012, a UK registered charity constituted by a Trust deed was set up with Mohanji, Devi, myself, Rajshree Gohil and Ranjan Premachandra as the first Trustees.

Setting up Mohanji ACT Foundation gave me opportunities to do seva on a much larger scale. Being a small charity, we managed to leverage our work by reaching out and working with other charities and organisations. We first started by working with Mother Teresa homes in London to buy, cook and serve food to the homeless. We also initiated a Food Aid service activity with the Skanda Vale Ashram in South Wales, who have an excess of food donated to them by pilgrims (over 60 tonnes per year!). They agreed for Mohanji ACT Foundation to be one of their food aid partners. Every couple of months or so, we hire a van and make the 5 hour trip (10 hour round trip) to the ashram to collect 1500 kilos of food at a time, mainly rice, pulses, lentils, oil, flour, tea, coffee, and vegetables. About half of this food is donated to Mother Teresa homes to feed the homeless/poor families. The other half was given to other charities that support refugees and the world’s poorest people. Over the past few years, we have collected and donated in excess of 9,000 kilos of food each year. The food we have collected has gone to refugee camps and poor communities in Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Ghana amongst others.

We also collected and distributed some of the hundreds of sarees and dhotis donated to Skanda Vale by the pilgrims every year. Skanda Vale does not currently have the facility to send and distribute this clothing abroad. So, we stepped in and have shipped them to refugee camps and poor communities in Sri Lanka and India, where we work with the local organisations such as the Sathya Sai organisation of Sri Lanka to distribute clothes to the neediest villagers and refugees. We have supported many overseas projects financially and given aid to areas struck by natural disasters, e.g. Serbia during the huge floods in Eastern Europe, the Philippines after a devastating tycoon, Jammu in North India, the coastal areas of South India during floods, Haiti, South Africa and many countries in Eastern Europe. We have also helped to support animal shelters and build wells for clean water in Sri Lanka.

The highlight of my work with ACT Foundation was in October 2015 when Jay Jeyaseelan (the current Mohanji ACT Foundation President) and I, along with Branco and Milos from ACT Foundation in Serbia, supported an aid trip organised by Hope and Aid direct (the UK registered charity that has been helping refugees in various parts of the world) to Kosovo with a cargo of 40 tonnes of food and clothing transported by 4 lorries. Mohanji ACT Foundation contributed many tonnes of food and toiletries for this aid project. This was primarily a trip to see where the aid we were giving was being distributed. Many of the people we visited were living in dilapidated, crowded accommodation and had to suffer the extremely cold temperatures in winter, which could reach as low as -20 degrees centigrade. We experienced the immense joy of giving the boxes of food, clothing, educational materials, and toiletries to poor families. Watching the smiles on their faces was such a humbling experience. 

After setting up Mohanji ACT Foundation, Mohanji asked me whether we could set up Mohanji Foundation in the UK. This charity was to take forward the spiritual aspects of Mohanji’s work such as the meditations, retreats, Kriya, Mai-Tri Method, pilgrimages, etc. and annadaan in ashrams, while Mohanji ACT Foundation would focus on social service. After spending a lot of time to get the objectives right, the charity was finally registered as a UK charity in February 2018 with Mohanji, myself, Subhasree Thottungal, Hemant Panda and Ranjan Premachandra as the first trustees. Since then, with the hard work of the trustees and the help of a number of dedicated core team members, the work of the charity has increased substantially. 

Kailash Pilgrimages

Mohanji has blessed me twice by allowing me to go on Kailash pilgrimages with him in 2014 and 2016. The first pilgrimage was the Outer Kora trip in July 2014. This was a momentous trip full of divine grace, which helped us to overcome the many immense obstacles we faced. On the morning of the day we were going to cross into Tibet from Nepal, there was a massive landslide ahead of us on the route we were about to take with huge loss of life. Grace protected us and amazingly, we were able to continue our journey using helicopters. I had the unique opportunity to travel in the first helicopter with Mohanji and Devi, landing on the border in Kodari before crossing into Tibet. While up in the air on the helicopter with Mohanji, I was in bliss and thought to myself that if I were to die right now, I would die happy! 

I suffered very badly from altitude sickness on this trip and wasn’t sure I could make it. However, before starting the parikrama, I bowed down to Mohanji and took his blessings. He said to me, “You will do well. Surprised, I decided to start by walking together with him. Incredibly, with his blessing, I managed to walk the whole parikrama over the three days without using a pony! This was surely only possible with his grace. After completing the parikrama and leaving Kailash by coach, I looked up at the sky through the coach window and to my astonishment, there was an incredibly clear figure of Shiva in cloud formation! Mohanji had given me the perfect end to the pilgrimage by giving me the darshan of Lord Shiva.

The second Kailash trip in 2016 was the Inner Kora trip, which was one of the most challenging things I had ever done in my life. There were 18 of us. The Inner Kora group had to walk, as ponies cannot be used for the more difficult Inner Kora trek. Again, same as the last trip, I suffered severely from altitude sickness and even fell unconscious on the morning of the parikrama! 

The second day of the parikrama was one of the most memorable days of my life. In the morning, we trekked to Charan Sparsh, a very auspicious spot where we would touch what is considered to be the feet of mount Kailash (although Kailash is many kilometres away from that point). Mohanji then turned to me and said that those who were feeling tired could rest here, but whoever wanted to could climb up onto the glacier and trek further along to get a better view of the North face of Kailash. The sherpas made a makeshift rope up which Mohanji climbed. Of course, the rest of us followed suit and climbed up too. He led the way, and we trekked, further along, to see magnificent views of Kailash in the distance, the ice and snow melting in places to form rivulets which trickled down to form larger streams. After trekking for a while, Mohanji asked us to say a prayer for merging with the consciousness of Shiva and turn around 360 degrees on the spot. After doing this, we all sat down, and Mohanji chanted the holy Shiva Kavach – the prayer for protection to ensure our safety for the dangerous trip ahead.

Mohanji sat on a rock and sent some of us forward to trek all the way to touch Kailash. He sat and watched us like a divine guard, ensuring we were protected while we endeavoured to go on the extremely dangerous trek. We trekked on for many more hours, frequently stopping to catch our breath. Eventually, the terrain changed from rock covered glacier to ice and then snow. As we got closer to Kailash, we realised that it was not easy to touch it as there was a deep gorge with long icicles next to Kailash preventing us from reaching it. But at one place, there was a natural bridge of ice and snow that allowed us to cross the gap and reach a small ledge on Kailash where we could stand. I slowly made my way up to this snowy bridge. I removed my hat and very carefully walked across the bridge, and stepped onto the ledge of Mount Kailash. I removed my gloves and put my hands and forehead onto the face of Kailash. As I touched Kailash, it felt like touching an energy field that was cool and vibrant. It was welcoming and loving energy. My head, hands, and body drank in that wonderful vibration and energy for a few minutes. I thought of Mohanji, whose grace and blessings had enabled me to reach this point. I also thought of Sathya Sai Baba and Lord Shiva, whose bountiful grace had allowed me to reach this point. I thought of my family, my ancestors and my whole lineage on behalf of which I was doing this pilgrimage. Friends, relations and the rest of the group came to my memory and everyone else that I could think of so that as many people as possible could get the benefit of me touching Kailash. I was elated. I had touched Kailash! At this point, I felt that I needed nothing more. I had reached the ultimate. If the trip finished now, I would be happy. 

As we turned back and walked back down, the weather started changing. The blue skies disappeared like a fog of cloud quickly descended on us. Small hailstones were showered upon us, and the atmosphere became dark, cold and clammy. We could hardly see the ground ahead. With Mohanji’s grace, Lord Shiva had bestowed the most amazing grace on us. Right up to the point where we were able to touch Kailash, the weather was absolutely beautiful with clear skies so we could reach safely and see Kailash in full glory. If the bad weather had come upon us earlier, we might well have had to turn back without touching Kailash. The hail turned to rain, and we got soaked through. The ground became more slippery, and we had to watch our steps more carefully. We carried on down as night descended, slowly making our way back to camp and headed straight to Mohanji’s room, where we offered our love and gratitude. We had walked for 13 hours through a dangerous landscape, and his grace had protected us.

The third day of the Inner Kora trip was just as tough, made more difficult due to fatigue and even higher altitude. It was on this day that I received great teaching from Mohanji. It was at a point where we had to climb up a steep glacier using ropes. However, only one person could go up at a time. It was extremely dangerous and scary. Rocks were falling on us from above as the others climbed up, and we did not have hard hats on. We had to sit on the frozen glacier, waiting our turn to climb up, getting colder and wetter. The glacier was at an angle of almost 45 degrees. One slip, and we would go rolling down the mountain to our deaths. I was very scared, as were all the others. I kept on shifting my position to sit on the stable ground, so I didn’t slip down the mountain. Phaneendar and Mohanji were just behind me. Phaneender was extremely scared of slipping to his death (as we all were!). As he shouted out in fear, I heard Mohanji shout loudly to him, 

‘If you have fear, you have no faith’


Those words were meant for me, too; I reflected on those words and relaxed a little. What did it matter if I slipped and fell to my death? If this is what the divine had in store for me, so be it. Mohanji’s teaching or Mahavakya (divine utterance) that day on the icy, cold, treacherous mountain slope filled me with courage and faith. His divine utterance on that day helped me and the rest of the group complete the Inner Kora trip successfully and stood me in good stead for further challenges in my life ahead. 

Ahimsa The Vegan café

The next major event was almost as challenging as the Inner Kora trip and touching Kailash. This was setting up Ahimsa The Vegan Cafe in London. Mohanji first raised this idea with me while I was on the first pilgrimage to Kailash in July 2014. We had travelled by helicopter after a landslide and had stopped at Kodari in Nepal, which was on the border of Tibet. While we were waiting to have dinner that evening, Mohanji spoke to the UK group about promoting vegan food and veganism as an expression of Ahimsa (Non-Violence). He was promoting veganism out of compassion for all the voiceless animals that are helpless and are suffering unspeakable cruelty, abuse, torture and slaughter at the hands of humans. 

However, vegan food options were limited. He described an incident in the USA when he and Sumit had to travel for a long time to find a place that served vegan food. When they did find one, it was extremely expensive. He thought to himself that there was no point in preaching to people about veganism when there were very few options of vegan food available. At this time, he came up with the idea of inspiring the creation of affordable, healthy, fast food vegan outlets across the world. The impact of this would be tremendous, saving the lives of millions of animals, improving our health and making positive changes in the environment. Mohanji went on to say that Sumit (who was the main organiser of the Kailash trip and a restauranteur) had done a lot of research into this and was taking this forward. A name for the restaurant had already been decided, Ahimsa Vegan.

I was fascinated to hear this. I had first turned to a vegan diet in 2002 when I came to realise that although I followed a vegetarian diet, there was immense cruelty and pain inflicted on cows and their offspring in the dairy industry. I bought into the idea of Ahimsa Vegan immediately, and a desire grew within me to play a small part in taking this forward. When I got back to the UK, I started thinking about the task at hand. I have a scientific background and have never set up a company before, never run a business, nor did I have an interest or experience in cooking or catering.

I started my research on this project by visiting various vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the UK. At Mohanji’s suggestion, I approached a friend of mine called Neeshal, who was a chef at the Hilton and had cooked at one of our retreats for menu ideas. We got a team together, including Rajshree (my sister-in-law), Mita and Hemant, who were all happy to invest their time, energy and funds to take this project forward. This team worked extremely hard and sacrificed a lot of time and energy to bring this to fruition. Each one of us had different strengths, and together, we made a strong team. Grace flowed like a waterfall. A wonderful example of this was when we were getting frustrated, trying to find a suitable location. One day, we all got together in a car and visited lots of different areas to see which one would be most suitable and decided on Pinner (North West London) but could not see any ‘For sale’ signs for suitable premises. 

When I went to work a couple of days later on Monday, I searched the internet on my phone for suitable premises and found a place in Eastcote that was about a mile away from Pinner. When I phoned the agent to enquire about the Eastcote property, he said that he does not have one in Eastcote, but he has one for lease that has just come on the market in Pinner! The road sign immediately outside this property was ‘Love Lane’! 

We put together a business plan and started negotiations with the vendor. Eventually, after nearly eight months, we signed the lease and started the building work in October 2016. On Mohanji’s advice, we removed the whole shopfront to change the position of the door and improve energy flow, stripped out the shop and completely revamped the place with modern décor, furnishings, and new equipment.

On the 16th of December 2016, Mohanji came to inaugurate Ahimsa, The Vegan Café in Pinner! He came for three days all the way from India, despite a hectic schedule! We were blessed, and we had a highly emotional opening with supporters and friends. After so much hard work, Mohanji’s dream was coming true. We were indebted to Sumit and sister Anuradha, who came from India to give advice and support the launch. Their input was invaluable as they had set up the first restaurant in Shirdi. We noticed that whenever we had any difficulties and challenges, grace would descend, and a solution found. Mohanji has constantly been guiding us and giving our wonderful team energy, grace and blessings. His speech on the opening day was truly inspiring. The Café is a statement to the world that vegan food can be healthy, tasty, ethical and cruelty-free.

Since opening the Café, there have been many challenges, but we have overcome them one by one with his grace. We have now celebrated the second anniversary of our opening on the 20th of December 2018. I cannot deny that this has been a tough challenge. The teaching given by Mohanji that day on the Inner Kora trip in August 2016 while I was sitting on the icy glacier waiting to climb up the mountain has sustained us. “If you have fear, you have no faith.” Thank you, Mohanji!

As I sit down in Ahimsa The Vegan Café today on the 22nd of December 2018 (Datta Jayanti) finishing off this article on my laptop, with Mohanji’s picture up on the wall of the Café in front of me, I can’t help but reflect on that day over seven years ago, the 4th of November 2011. On that fateful day, I was waiting anxiously at Heathrow airport terminal 3 with my 10-year-old son Vivek and a bunch of bright orange roses in my hand to meet Mohanji for the first time. Little did I know how he was to change my life and what experiences lay ahead of me! This was the start of an amazing new journey in my life. What a journey it has been so far! 

I offer my love and gratitude to Mohanji, Sathya Sai Baba and all the Masters of the Tradition for helping me and my family sanctify our lives by serving in so many different ways. I bow down to you all with immense love and gratitude in my heart. Thank you!


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Connection through Power of Purity

By Madhuri, Karnataka, India

I am Madhuri, and my parents and I are ardent devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba. My connection with Sai Baba began when I was two years old when all members of my family were traveling to Shirdi for my younger brother’s tonsure ceremony. Till today, my father reminds me of an incident that took place on that trip. Everyone in my family says that as a baby, I had always been calm and placid and never troubled my parents for anything – except for that time in Shirdi.

And it goes like this – there I was, the obedient and naive child, in a hotel room in Shirdi, suddenly crying and pestering her parents to get her some ber (Indian jujube) fruits. Though they were puzzled by my behavior, my father decided to appease me and go on a search for those ber fruits. I held his hand as we went to the door, and as we opened it, we saw an old man standing there, resembling Baba. He gave me a handful of ber fruits from his two pockets saying, “Munni, ber lo…” (meaning – child, take these ber fruits). My father was taken aback and uttered these words unconsciously: “Look, Baba is giving you fruits”. Then the old man disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. The next day, my father searched the entire market in Shirdi for the fruits, but nowhere could he find any. And that was the beginning of my connection with Shirdi Sai Baba.

Time passed by, and at the age of seventeen, I read the book, ‘Sri Sai Satcharitra’ for the first time. Since then, I have read it many times and continue to read this sacred book. Having experienced many miracles, my conviction and faith in Baba are strong, especially since Baba used to appear in my dreams. But once in a while, my ego does bring forth doubts (due to lack of knowledge of the Supreme Consciousness). A few months ago, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Mohanji, where he explains his connection with Sai Baba and many other Masters. I kept gathering information about Mohanji and watched many videos of him and Devi Mohan. I was fascinated, but at the same time, after getting to know about his powers (about existing in the astral plane, astral walk and Shaktipat), I was nervous about connecting to him. Hahaha!!

It was the night of the last Monday in the Hindu month of Shravan and all Mondays in this auspicious month are said to be special to Lord Shiva. In my dreams that night, Mohanji appeared (without scaring me!) and asked me to connect to him. After waking up, I found that I had lost all my fear. Then I connected to him through his eyes and listened to the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra for almost the whole day.

Later, I learned about the book by Mohanji, called ‘The Power of Purity‘. As I opened the book, I wondered if I would be able to understand it. But it is written in such a crystal clear and understandable way and in such simple language that it clears away all doubts. As I read it, I felt like I was savoring the celestial nectar of the Ultimate Truth. Truly, those were eureka moments for me! I feel blessed to have discovered this book by his grace. I recommend everyone to read this beautiful book.

Another blessing I recently received was when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of the Power of Purity meditation by Mohanji. I thought to give it a try even though I’m not much of a meditator. I started waking up at around 4 am along with my mother. My mother practises mantra meditation, keeping all her Masters in her mind. It’s just been three days since I started practising this meditation. On the first day, I felt very happy, confident and powerful. The second day I felt the total opposite, not wanting to talk to anybody and wanted to be left alone. The third day at around 4:30 am, I listened to Mohanji’s ‘Hreem’ mantra, and after that, I did the Power of Purity meditation. After completing both, I slept (as Mohanji says, sleeping immediately after meditating gives more benefits). As I woke up in the morning, I felt very good, and my self-esteem was very high. The whole day I attracted whatever important information and knowledge I needed. This particular meditation is meant for expressing gratitude and sending positive energy to the world. I would urge others as well to give it a try.

Hopefully, one day I will get to meet Mohanji in person. My humble prostrations at his lotus feet! May Mohanji keep showering his blessings on all of you.


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Blessings Unlimited

Mohanji yelllow

Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

“You didn’t come to me, I came to you. That is how much love I have for my people.” Mohanji

Whenever I read or remember this quote, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and have tears flowing down my cheeks. I come from a family in Kerala, India, where both my parents and in-laws do not believe in following a Guru’s teachings. So even though I was very religious and used to visit temples frequently, I never believed that a Guru would walk into my life and change it forever.

I always had the desire to do social service, charity work, and to help people who were in need, but was always skeptical because I did not know if it was reaching the right hands most of the time when money was donated. I never used to feel happy because of the above reason. I was working back then and did not know any organisation to go all out and to be among people to help directly.

During Power of Purity Meditation – Thus Spake Mohanji

Then Mohanji came into my life in February 2017, and even though initially it was through blogs and videos (I had finished watching all his videos and read all the blogs before I physically met him), the connection was already strong by the time I met him in January 2018, in a satsang in Thrissur, Kerala. I still remember I was waiting for the satsang from December onwards and was so excited about meeting my Guru for the
first time. My soul was rejoicing and my heart was so expanded in happiness as if I had found a treasure for which I had been waiting many lifetimes. I remember praying nothing should go wrong and that I should reach Thrissur from Cochin on time. Needless to say, my experience there was so profound all throughout the satsang.

From the time I met Mohanji, he has fulfilled all the true desires I had sincerely wished for. It was during the 2018 Kerala floods that I joined Ammucare, and we as a team could reach out directly to many needy people in distress and  I was feeling so happy because that innermost desire to serve was getting fulfilled. It is only his grace and experience from Ammucare that helped me to start doing the ACT activities here in Ethiopia from the very first week we landed here. People here warned us saying Ethiopia is not safe but I was not a bit scared as Mohanji had assured us that he is always with us and was taking care of us. He has always said,

“When you start taking responsibility for the well-being of the world, the world takes responsibility for your well-being too. Life is always reciprocal in kindness.”

There had been a phase just before we moved to Ethiopia when I was completely down due to an incident and I was constantly praying to Mohanji to guide me so that I could accept the situation with awareness and let it go. I was not able to forget the incident and every morning I was waking up with a heavy heart as I was more or less free at that time as my husband had just left for Ethiopia and we were to move there in a few months’ time. As usual, Mohanji always listens and one day, a week later, I got a request to write on the Mohanji Consciousness page. I was not sure if it was my cup of tea but I agreed as I felt I will be more close to my beloved Guru’s consciousness. I started writing and within 2 days the weight of the incident started reducing and within a week I forgot all about it even though it had been a serious incident of betrayal which had broken me down completely. I still feel it was a miracle that had shifted my mind from it. I became my normal self again in a few weeks’ time and it had lost its importance in my life. Without any struggle from my side or any self-talk, I had accepted the incident even without my conscious knowledge as a part of my karma and moved on.

During Power of Purity Meditation – Thus Spake Mohanji

Now, I’m coming to the present incident that happened recently during the 41 days of PoP sadhana. I love to do the Power of Purity meditation as it makes me feel so blessed and rejuvenated. Moving to a new country had forced me to do the meditation alone. Since I knew the importance of group energy during meditation for blockage clearings, I had an ardent desire for PoP to be conducted online as a group. When I enquired back then in December 2019 before the Covid-19 situation, I came to know it was not possible to do online sessions. Last month in June 2020, suddenly one day, I came to know that 41 days of PoP sadhana was going to be done online and my joy knew no bounds. Another desire in my heart was thus fulfilled in a few months’ time. Immense gratitude to Mohanji for making this impossible thing possible.

Registered with South Africa Mohanji Acharyas, my sadhana began beautifully. About 15 days into the meditation, I started getting severe headaches. The migraine was so bad that even with migraine painkillers like Ibuprofen, it would not go away. It would fade for some time, and come back with more severity. After each meditation, my third eye would throb and the headaches became unbearable.

Mai-Tri - Mohanji Foundation

Since it was getting impossible to bear the pain daily, I asked Mai-Tri practitioner Savithri Vasudevan for a Mai-Tri session. After the session, she told me a lot of blockages across lifetimes were getting cleared through the body. She told me once the blockages are cleared, I will be fine. But I was finding it so difficult to get up in the morning for the EBC routine with the head throbbing badly. 10 days continued this way and since it was not getting any better, I asked her for another Mai-Tri session. She said it is not required and later told me that Mohanji had asked her to work together with Mohanji Acharya Preeti Duggal. Preetiji, immediately messaged me saying that I should take Baba’s Udi in water till the headaches subside.

I did not have Baba’s Udi with me but have read many experiences of devotees in the Sai Satcharitra that it is the faith and devotion that matters. So I chanted Baba’s Gayatri 9 times, and drank the water mixed with the Udi I had with me. I got engrossed in my work and later within an hour or so found that my continuous headache of 10 days had reduced considerably. I was feeling very happy but decided I would continue to
take the Udi every day till I recovered completely. The next day, I got up and found my headache had reduced further and it was only like a very feeble heaviness in my head. Within 2 days, I was completely fine and my headaches had disappeared. They have never returned after that day and I completed my 41 days of meditation successfully. The miraculous power of Baba’s Udi cannot be explained in words. It was Mohanji who introduced Sai Baba to me and told me the power of Udi when my son had been sick. I have known all great Masters of the tradition only through Mohanji. I also started reading the Sai Satcharitra every Thursday. It was only with Mohanji’s and Baba’s grace that we could visit Shirdi for the first time last year.

Sai Baba – Experiences With Mohanji

I feel so grateful for all the blessings and grace that has been showered on me and my family and my only wish now is to always remain surrendered to Mohanji and the Masters of the Tradition so that I can move steadfastly on the spiritual path. Koti koti pranams to the lotus feet of Para Brahma Swaroop Mohanji.



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My encounter with Mohanji

By Vanita Bunwaree, Mauritius

It all started in April 2020 during the confinement period due to Covid-19. I went to many Masters till 2009; although I was practising, I did not seem to evolve on the spiritual path and I was getting quite frustrated. Sometime back in December in 2019, an old friend kept talking about Shirdi Sai and the experiences he encountered, but I just listened casually.

Mohanji and Sai

In March 2020, after the lockdown was announced, I thought why not read a bit on Shirdi Sai and I google-searched him and his teachings. I came across the famous and holy book Sai Satcharitra, which I asked my friend to lend me to read. Reading through the pages, I started developing faith in Baba. I started doing Baba’s naam jaap and asked him to give me his darshan. I was also watching Youtube videos on Sai Baba devotees and came across Mohanji’s experiences with Baba.

One night during my meditation, I kept trying hard to see Baba’s face but instead saw Mohanji’s face. Again, I tried to see Baba but saw Mohanji and I felt a strong connection especially on my forehead region. Days later, again in meditation, I saw Mohanji and felt my breath going up and down the spine. Then I understood that Shirdi Sai wanted me to connect to Mohanji. From that time, I started reading everything on Mohanji, his experiences, his blogs, his meditations. I went through all Mohanji’s pages on Facebook and whatever the country, I followed the FB pages.


I felt I needed support as I was all alone and I knew no one in my country who was connected to Mohanji. I did send messages to a person in my country but there was no reply. I started to practice Power of Purity (POP) and 360 degrees meditations. While reading about the Mai-Tri method, I felt I needed to do it. The occasion appeared in May when I saw an invitation for group Mai-Tri with Preeti Duggal. I enrolled and went through the transformative process. The next day I called Acharya Preeti and again related to her my experience of coming across Mohanji and told her, “Please, when you meet Mohanji give him all my love.” In my mind, I thought that I have never met Mohanji physically, will he know I exist? I wanted to see/hear from Mohanji.


Few days after the Mai-Tri session while scrolling through pages of Mohanji, I came across the invitation for ‘The Power of Forgiveness’ boot camp. I eagerly enrolled and we got the instructions for the boot camp day by day. It was such a well-designed programme with meditations that were well spaced, the reading part for each day, the selfless seva (service) to animals, and the Mai-Tri sessions done out of so much love.

The first day, I had a few queries and that is when I came across this beautiful and selfless person, Mohanji Acharya Lakshmi. I went through this boot camp with all her support and love. Some days, I felt strong emotions surfacing with lots of energy that I could not sleep and she kept guiding me. The 5-speed breathing told by Lakshmi had instant effects. Immediately, I could feel a change in the body’s vibrations. During the boot camp, my thoughts kept drifting to Mahavatar Babaji and I could see his image clearly in my mind. I even related this to Lakshmi as I thought my mind might be playing tricks but she told me if the thought is on Babaji, it means that I am connected to him. I realised that she was sent by Mohanji to guide me.


On the last day of the camp, she told me that Swamiji will do a live session of Mai-Tri on zoom. Initially, I thought I would do that the next day as the time in my country would be 9 pm and my mind was telling me to postpone. Then by afternoon, something told me to go through it. I went through the Mai-Tri process which was conducted by Swami Mohana Bhaktananda Bharati. As he guided us through the intense mantras of different deities and gurus, I felt intense energy and a lot of emotions came up. Swamiji kept telling us to release in whatever way; screaming, crying, shouting, even cursing, if we feel like releasing. I went through all these processes and at the end of the process, I felt much lighter.

The next day, I felt a lot of anger and irritation surfacing but Lakshmi reassured me that things were getting released. That day, I sent a message to Swamiji to thank him for the Mai-Tri session and I was overwhelmed when he replied to my message by saying, “All this happened due to your devotion and love and you have a special place in Mohanji’s heart and he is sending a bit of extra love to you.” It was as if through Swamiji, I got the answer to the message I sent through Preeti Duggal on sending my love to Mohanji.

The next day, after boot camp, I asked Lakshmi if Swamiji has written or said anything about his transformation with Mohanji or if there was any blog that he had written and if he was a ‘normal person’ before he became a Swamiji. After some minutes she told me, “You are lucky! Tonight, he will talk on his transformation on Mohanji page.” Listening to Swamiji gave me immense faith and conviction that for every person irrespective of his past weaknesses, we can all be transformed.

This boot camp has indeed been very special and full of love. I was guided step by step by Mohanji through Acharya Lakshmi and other Acharyas.

Power of Purity – 41 days


Soon after, I sent a mail concerning a query I had in meditation to Mohanji Acharyas. At the same time, the 41 days of PoP was being launched and they asked me to join. I did join in and the energy field I experienced was very different from the PoP which I practice when I am alone. I felt an intense silence that was growing after about 7 days of practice.

During that period, something strange happened. I asked Baba when he would give me his darshan. That day, I invited a friend of mine to come home the next day at 3 pm. He casually said he had a surprise for me. At first, I thought it was a material item but later that night, I had a strong thought in my mind where I heard Baba saying that he will come to my house tomorrow. At the same time, it occurred to me that the surprise was about Baba. I told my friend, “Tell me, the surprise is Baba, right?” He was taken aback and said, “How did you know?” He also added that before I told him to come to my house, the night before, he ordered Baba’s photos and the shop told him they would be ready at the same time and day I asked him to come to my house. I was filled with joy understanding Baba’s grace and I remembered the story in the Sai Satcharitra where Baba gave his darshan through his photo to a devotee.

I can only say that I feel blessed and grateful that in a short period, I have been offered so many opportunities by the grace of Masters of the Tradition to accelerate my growth and evolution on the spiritual path.

Mohanji and Sai


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My Grace Story

Mohanji in blue

By Sonia Vaid, India

I bow down to my Gurus, who showed me the path of light:

The way a Guru manifests in our life is a personal and surreal experience for many. As a creatively inclined person, with an agile mind always on a ferris wheel of thoughts, I had created a perfect scene in my mind regarding my quest for a spiritual Master.

I had envisioned that one day a sparkling bright light would enter my heart and surround me in a glittering halo that would enable me to ascend into a higher realm. But truth and reality are stranger than fiction!

It was the spring of 2019 when I’d started yoga classes under the direction of a beautiful soul named Pooja Gandhi. There I met a spirited young lady named Rajni Sharma, and together we embarked on a journey to align our mental and physical states.

I would often hear of frequent references to ‘Mohanji’ made by both these wonderful girls during our conversations after the class. Their love for ‘Mohanji’ was indeed endearing, and it ignited my curiosity to learn more about their Guru’s philosophy and teachings.

I expressed my desire to them and instantly received Mohanji’s book, ‘Power of Purity’ as an answer. I read the book slowly, savouring the parts I understood and rereading the parts which I didn’t have the wisdom to comprehend. It spoke to me even when I opened it randomly!


In search of the fragrance:

A couple of days later, I sensed a distinct scent in my home. It was strange as the intense April heat had dried up all the flowering plants in my garden and there weren’t any fresh flowers in my house either.

I went into my garden to see if some flowers had magically bloomed overnight. Blame it on my mind that thrives on fairy tales and fantasies!

Sadly, the flowering plants and rose shrubs in my garden told the story of a dry summer spell. Strangely, the mysterious scent still hung around the house. I put this incident behind me as another one of my ‘strange experiences’ and life went on as usual.

During one of our ‘satsang sessions’ that followed every yoga class, Rajni mentioned something about fragrances that often trail spiritually evolved Gurus to signify their divine presence. Although my mind resisted this theory, I narrated the ‘fragrance episode’ to them.

“Maybe Mohanji was there in your home!” she said, much to my bewilderment.

“What was your Guru doing in my home?” I asked her in a teasing tone and gently brushed aside her assumption, oblivious to the beautiful surprise that awaited me.

Some days later, I came to know about Mohanji’s arrival in Delhi and expressed my desire to see him in person.

The destination:

Some dates have a special place in our hearts, and 19th May 2019 is one such date for me when I experienced the joy and bliss of Mohanji’s esteemed grace.

I arrived at the venue for his talk on ‘Power of Positivity’ with no expectations or preconceived notions, but with the pure intent of engaging in a spiritual discussion which would be a novel experience for me.

With Mohanji’s esteemed arrival, a serene calm descended on the room, and soon everyone warmed up to the light emanating from their Guru.

Power of Positivity

All through Mohanji’s talk, I didn’t lose sight of him even for a moment and kept gathering the pearls of wisdom in rapt attention. The precious moments soon rolled by, and I realised that I had completely lost track of time in the ecstasy that prevailed around me.

Mohanji’s words and demeanour were as gentle as the beautiful interaction between him and the seekers. He kept answering their queries in his unassuming and straightforward way and captivated the audiences’ hearts.

As Mohanji got ready to take his leave from the assembly, people started taking turns to hug him with love and reverence. Each seeker patiently waited for a blessed moment with their beloved Mohanji.

When I came face to face with Mohanji, I greeted him with folded hands and stepped aside. His compassionate smile warmed my heart, and before I could fade away in the crowd, my friend Rajni pulled me into a conversation with him.

“Mohanji, this is my friend who had asked, ‘What was your Guru doing in my home?’”
I smiled nervously at this unexpected disclosure and bowed before him again.

He smiled at me with a loving gaze and held my folded hands firmly to bless me. The best way by which I can describe that defining moment is that it felt like I had found a loved one whom I had lost long ago. I felt anchored.


The next moment I was sobbing like a child in his embrace. There was no stopping the floodgates of emotions. Mohanji held me for a long time and comforted me like a father would comfort his child. It took me a while to get a hold over myself, and as I became conscious of the people around me, I felt a strange synergy of gratefulness.

I must confess that my emotional outburst had embarrassed me beyond words, but as I stood and looked at the multitude of teary-eyed people, I realised that I was not alone.

The Shift:

It has been a year since I met Mohanji, and in this duration, I’ve had several experiences that reiterated my belief that a higher power is watching over me. My perception of life and its challenges is changing. I’m gradually transforming into a seeker on my soul’s journey. Each passing day reaffirms my faith in the Power of Positivity, and I have learnt to bow down before the divine with a grateful heart. I know that the seed of faith is sown and all it needs is careful nurturing.

I believe that a Guru appears in our life to lead us away from darkness into light and to uplift us to reach our higher purpose in life. I’ll always be eternally thankful to Mohanji for spreading his fragrance and grace in my life and being there to hold my hand when I needed him the most. I pray that may the river of his eternal love always overflow, and may we continue to drench our souls in its divinity.



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