A new life

By Mimansa Arora, India

On Mohanji’s birthday, I want to dedicate this testimonial in gratitude for whatever he has done for me and all the transformations he has graced my life with. I have gone through these experiences multiple times but never sat down to pen them.

I met Mohanji physically at the end of 2021. However, my journey started in 2020. At the beginning of 2020, I had been through a very turbulent time; much of it was because of my own wrong choices and decisions, putting my faith in people who did not have my best intentions.

I made choices that I never thought I would make. Looking back, I could have handled things better, but it didn’t happen that way. However, my idea of self crumbled – who I thought I was and what I thought I would do. My self-image was destroyed, leading to an absolute lack of self-confidence and trust and no idea what to do. Everything spiralled down even further; I had no idea how to get myself out of the internal state, and the external mess created. 

This went on for a while and got way worse. There was guilt, anxiety, self-pity, self-blame, and a lot of pain, the pain I had caused to others and the pain that was caused to me. I had no acceptance of what was happening and would spend all my energy replaying everything in my mind for a better outcome.

I was always connected to Sai Baba; it depended more upon how much I needed him. However, the connection was always there with him – like a friend. Throughout this time, I would pray to him to help me anyway.

This went on for a while, going from darkness to some light and back to darkness. I was aware of some terms related to spirituality, karma, the law of attraction, etc. Around this time, the lockdown happened, and even though it brought loss to many, for me, it was like some fresh air. I could go back home, away from everything and everyone, and make some changes to the state I was in.

I understood that things, situations, and people were being removed from my life to help me, but still, I deeply drowned in all the emotions of the lower frequency. I was dragging myself through days, relying on guided meditations to sleep at night. My family could sense that something was not right with me, but I was too reserved to share anything. The thought of affecting them added more to the pain and guilt.

My acceptance was too low, and soon, I hit rock bottom. Everything piled up and led to self-hatred; I hated everything about myself, and when my parents would take care of me, I felt unhappy with that too. All I knew was that I needed help and couldn’t continue like this. The idea that I might have to experience more pain in life, just like everyone, scared me deeply.

I could not accept things getting added to the weight that I already had, and the idea that I might have lifetimes more to live was too dreadful. I started looking at ways not to accumulate karma, burn karma, and get out of karma, but I realized that it is not as easy as googling it and finding a solution. Throughout this time, I would share everything with Baba. He made his presence stronger and would send help in all ways, but I would still fall back after some time.

I started watching YouTube videos about Baba and stumbled upon one of the channels dedicated to people sharing their experiences about him. On that channel, I saw videos of Mohanji speaking about Baba. At this point, I was not looking for a Guru, nor did I think I needed a Guru. I simply liked Mohanji’s videos; he spoke simple words with clarity. I watched more videos of him, and one of his videos really touched me and brought about a change.

He spoke about how, no matter what, one should never entertain negative emotions like guilt, hate, and anxiety. Until this point, I believed that one is not truly apologetic if one doesn’t feel guilty and take responsibility for everything happening around them. Once I started accepting his teachings and chose to give up on such emotions, it felt like I could finally breathe. Suddenly I had hope, and slowly with time, the weight of everything became lighter. 

Sometime later, someone recommended the book, “Autobiography of a Yogi”, although that person had not read it. That book changed my life; the possibility a human can have in one lifetime and the possibility of a technique to get done with everything was too fascinating. There is a part in the book where Kriya is referred to as the rocket technique to liberation that stuck with me. And I understood that this was what I needed. 

After that, I read books about many Masters and their relationships with their disciples. All the books emanate much love. The books really helped me and made me stable, but I was not content with them; I wanted someone to come and guide me in their physical presence. I prayed intently to Baba to send a Guru my way. To make myself eligible, I tried chanting, yoga, and a few different things. All I wanted was a Kriya Guru, and I firmly believed I would get one. I was unsure how long it would take, but I was ready to wait.

I was watching Mohanji’s videos all this while, but I was unsure if he was a realized Master, more so because of how humbly he shared his knowledge and was exceptionally down to earth. My mind had many doubts; how did he get Kriya if he didn’t have a Guru? He did not appear like a typical Guru, and he did not speak like a typical Guru.

There came the point where I looked everywhere and was bombarded with forms of Kriya applications from different Traditions, but I was too low on confidence to make such a big decision by myself. Since Mohanji’s Kriya form was the first one that came my way, I filled it out and sent it with a prayer to Baba that if this is my path and my Guru, let this form get accepted. 

Within a week, the reply came, and the application was selected. It was my absolute faith in Baba with which I accepted and understood that it was Baba’s guidance. After that, my life was never the same; everything fell into place, grace came from all directions, and things started happening in my favour.

I came out of all the negative emotions; they left me totally, so much so that now I can’t even believe that there was a time I lived like that. It seems like a memory of some past life. My relationship with Mohanji took its sweet little time to develop. Many tests happened, too; some I failed to see, some I passed, but he did not leave me through them. 

In the past two years, I have had miraculous experiences, which I will share soon.

I will conclude this one with just one more incident. When I was going home during Covid, I remember feeling uncertain and crying about the life that I thought lay ahead of me. Still, when returning to college, I distinctly remember feeling absolute gratitude for the change that had happened in my life, for the love, grace, and absolute care that I had experienced only because of Baba and Mohanji. 

The transformation was so apparent that even my mind could not deny it. Mohanji truly gave me a new life; he brought me out of self-hate to so much love that it just expressed itself to others around me. There is no way I could see it coming, and there is no way my gratitude can do justice to the grace showered upon me. There is no way I deserve all this grace.

I end this testimonial with gratitude to Mohanji for everything and to Baba for giving me the greatest gift of a lifetime, the presence of a living Master. Mohanji, please always keep me at your feet.


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Guru’s guidance

Three beautiful testimonials of how Mohanji guides us in various ways, whether it is through spiritual practices or dreams; his protection and guidance are always with us when we truly seek from the heart.

Power of Purity meditation and Mohanji Energy Transfer

By Princy Sreekumar, India

Jai Mohanji. I would like to share my experience during Mohanji Energy Transfer during Power of Purity Meditation. The moment Arpanaji touched my forehead, I felt like I was standing on a highway of light. I could see Mohanji’s face like the bright sun pulling me towards him. When Arpanaji was holding her hand on my head, I was moving towards the light. 

At that moment, I knew how much time it would take me to reach the light, and usually, Arpanaji won’t hold her hand on my head for that long. It made me think I may not reach light before that. But she only took her hand after I reached the light, keeping her hand on my head longer than usual. The moment I reached the light, I heard the voice saying, “Follow the light,” and I started moving ahead in a light tunnel. 

In between, something else was pulling me, and it was taking me some other way which was darker. At that moment, again, I heard the words, “Follow the light.” So I start following the light and move towards it. Many a time, I got pulled by less bright roads or some not-so-lit tunnel, and each time, I heard the voice to follow the light. That voice guided me back to the light. I could relate this to what is happening in life. 

Even though we want to be our true selves, to be the pure being and be one with the light, many distractions pull us – old patterns, not having the courage to break them, and trying to fit into the frames our family, friends or society put on us. Many may be going through the same as I am now. We should bring our focus back to the light; as Mohanji is there with us, we should utilize the opportunities and always yearn to follow the light. 

My deepest gratitude to Mohanji, ‘one of the brightest lights ever to exist,’ for being there for us. Each time I come for group meditation or do some seva is like Mohanji pulling me back to light from all those distractions of this mundane world. 

Thank you so much, Arpanaji, for giving us the wonderful opportunity to soak in the energy of Mohanji. Thank you for the delicious food, and really appreciate the effort you have put into preparing it. Thank you to all the participants and Arpanaji for sharing your experiences; I felt so much bliss. It was hard to leave the place; I just wanted to keep listening about Mohanji and all your experiences with him.

Dream lesson – The danger of not following instructions and losing a Master

By Joanna Marie Allas-Fojas, Phillippines

I just woke up from a dream of Mohanji today. In my dream, Mohanji was with his group of disciples in a huge city like New York. It was a very glamorous and seductive city but very chaotic. We went there for an event. I was with his group of disciples, and Mohanji was taking care of us, guiding and giving us instructions on what to do while we were with him. Upon giving instructions, he left with his team. I really wanted to be with Mohanji and wanted to get his blessing (alone). I left my group of mates and followed Mohanji all by myself, which was not part of his instructions. I saw him in the church alone, and I wanted to go near him. 

I said to myself this is the chance to approach him, but I didn’t do it because I felt ashamed. It seemed inappropriate because this was his alone time, and this was not part of the instruction or program given to us. Then I walked past Mohanji and bowed my head down, not looking at him. Then I saw a group of Indian people approach Mohanji, and he gave them his blessings, and each one received a gift. I ran towards the group and went to Mohanji to get my blessing too, and when I saw him, I got shocked because he was no longer wearing his white robe, his hair was short, and he wore regular clothing, a blue shirt and jeans but he still looked like Mohanji. 

Then he was saying something to me telepathically… that I was not using my time efficiently enough and that I was not following his guidance and instructions. Because of this, I may get lost in the path, and it will all be too late because the tiny door of liberation is closing soon. He also said that I was wasting my time following his physical body and that it was an illusion. I was losing my time playing around with Maya by following my illusionary desires (material things) of this world. My attention was easily swayed and drifted to all that was unnecessary. Then Mohanji left… I was alone.

I went back to my group mates and but I couldn’t find them! I was retracing my path, but I seemed to forget the way back. Then I found myself in this scary dark building with lots of people, but I didn’t know any one of them. People seemed frantic and scared. There were groups of military men and politicians trying to contain the people. The people around told me to give my passport or documents to them or else they will lock me up there. 

The men had guns, and I gave them my passport. I was so afraid and almost crying. Luckily I managed to sneak out of that crazy asylum. Before I left, I tried to remember that place and the name of the politician who took my passport so that I could go there again and get my passport back. During this time, I was already lost. I stumbled upon unknown people in that very dark, crowded, and scary place. The once beautiful and fancy city became a nightmare.

I was calling Mohanji, but it seemed he couldn’t hear me. I couldn’t find my way back. I met other Filipino people and friends on the way, but they couldn’t help me because they were too stuck in limbo and Maya. I felt alone, afraid, confused, and devoid of bliss and happiness because I got lost. I kept on walking and walking. Everything seemed dark, cold, and scary. There were too many people, but their lives were empty, full of fear, and aimless. 

I then went into a theatre. A famous Disney show was about to start. I was given a VIP seat and was very much tempted to stay and watch it with famous celebrities beside me. But I stopped and reminded myself about my purpose. This was not what I wanted and not what I was looking for, so I left the theatre and continued looking for my Guru and finding my way back to him.

I search and search for Mohanji everywhere, but it’s a big city with gigantic buildings and millions of people walking around. Looking for Mohanji was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I tried to go back to our accommodation area, but I didn’t know the address, and I didn’t know which bus to take or where to go. I was getting desperate and afraid.

During this time, I am calling Mohanji. I tried remembering his teachings by going within my heart and connecting to him from there. The more I connect within, the more I feel I am near my spiritual friends and group mates again. Then my phone rang! My divine Mohanji friends were also looking and trying to contact me! But I couldn’t answer the call because the signal was weak, and I didn’t have enough charge to call them back. 

I was walking and walking, trying to feel the presence of Mohanji in that city, but it was very hard to feel because the energy of the place was too dense. I felt too that the door was going to close soon. I prayed sincerely from the heart that I’ll reunite with my divine friends again, or else I might lose them forever and get trapped here in this world of Maya/illusion, never knowing when will I see my Guru Mohanji again. Thus my dream ended.


 1. Our time with Mohanji is short and precious.

 2. It is easy to get trapped in the hypnotic call of Maya and but the Door of Liberation is tight and tiny and is closing soon.

 3. Always listen to the instruction of the Master/Guru and follow up to the tiniest detail.

 4. Be in the company of saints, divine friends, and spiritual family, and never leave them.

 5. Go and aim for liberation now. Do not deviate.

Messages through dreams

By Mary Rose, Philippines

Mohanji is the reason for so many changes happening for the betterment of my life. I want to thank him for his constant presence in my life. I just want to share my three dreams of Mohanji, and I hope the messages will reach your ears and your heart.

The first dream I had was way back in 2019. I can still remember it like it was just last night’s dream. I was in an outdoor cafe, and there were lots of people. Some I knew, some unknown. Everyone was wearing white. As I walked amongst the crowd, I saw Mohanji. He was talking to someone intently, and he caught a glimpse of me, but he didn’t say anything nor show any visible reaction. We just looked at each other. This dream happened when I was still learning and discovering who Mohanji is. It showed me the purity he carried, and as I was seeking him, he already saw me even when I was one of the many in the crowd, showing me that when the time is right, the Guru finds us.

The second dream was in a huge garden of an estate. Still with lots of people, and this time, I didn’t recognize anybody. Someone was flying or paragliding at times, and I thought it was me, but then I was walking in the garden. I found a bench made of concrete and sat there, just amazed by everything I saw. Across the bench was this huge door, and suddenly it opened, and Mohanji came out. He was carrying a book. Mohanji sat with me and opened the book. It was a very old book based on the hardcover. It looked like it was made of gold but dirty.

When Mohanji opened it, there was a watch inside. I couldn’t remember if it was an old or a new watch now. He was telling me some things, but sadly I couldn’t remember what was said. Mohanji gave me a hug and left. Although I couldn’t remember his words, when I saw Mohanji in his white robe and showing me a book with a watch, I felt that it was time for me to step up in my spiritual journey. 

My third dream was during the time I was practicing the 49 days of Mohanji Gayatri mantra chanting. In the dream, we had just finished our hike from Mt. Kailash. I was with Mohanji and some other people. We were in a hotel or cabin lobby and outside was covered in snow. I saw my pieces of baggage, and as soon as we got the keys, Mohanji told me to go to the room and rest. I went to check the room, which was on my right side, and it had lots of beds with clean sheets, white and crisp. The bed looked so soft and comfortable. I remember his words to me. Rest, and I will take care of everything.

In this dream, Mohanji showed me that when I am connected to him, all I have to do is trust his guidance and protection hence the words, “Rest now, and I will take care of everything.”

Thank you for taking me with you to other dimensions, Mohanji. I am grateful, and I’ll always be grateful. Even if I may not get a chance to meet you personally, at least in my dreams, I was able to hug you and travel to Mt Kailash with you.

All in all, since 2018, Mohanji has always been there for me. Though I may never have met him in person, he never fails to answer in some form or another whenever I ask him something in my mind. The Guru leads us to ourselves, and Mohanji did that for me. I am eternally grateful that he saw me from among the crowd, even though it took me a while to realize that he is always walking by my side, guiding, protecting and mentoring me. 


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Experiences with Mohanji, India 2022 – Part 4

Linda Abrol, Netherlands

Yesterday afternoon, on the 31st of August, I had the unexpected good fortune of attending the Ganesh Charturti event with Mohanji, and I was still staying with Harish and Neetha, two dear friends I had not seen for a decade. Harish was, in succession to his father, Dharmadarshi NC Nannaiah, the Managing Trustee of the People’s Trust, a charity that had incessantly worked the past forty years for the welfare of eighteen of the poorest villages in the countryside around Bangalore.

After waking up at 4.30 this morning, I did my daily sadhana practices. When I opened my eyes, a beautiful surprise awaited me. The reflection of the candlelight, shining through the transparent frame of a small Shiva picture, created a cross of light on Mohanji’s heart on the picture behind it. From a physical point of view, the appearance of the cross was perfectly explainable, but it was a miracle for my heart and gave me an intense feeling of being connected. Born a Christian, the very first thought I had during the satsang with Mohanji in Onderdijk last year in 2021: ‘This is how the disciples of Jesus must have felt at the feet of their Master by the waterside two thousand years ago.’ I posted the picture on the Mohanji Netherland app, and this was the immediate and astonishing reaction that followed from Selma, one of the devotees: 

This is really remarkable… Early this morning, I did a prayer to Jesus. I said that I just wanted to be in his presence; I closed my eyes and just kept seeing Mohanji in front of me, I often feel Jesus and Mohanji as one energy, so I jokingly said to Jesus: ‘You will have to give a sign with a cross or something hahaha’.I fell asleep…and see this picture now that I just woke up!

After visiting the People’s Trust project in Sriramanahalli that day, we went to Mohanji’s home address, where we were expected at half past three. Because the main road to the airport had been blocked, it became a bumpy ride through small villages and fields, which made them silently wonder if we would be too late this time, too. But no, we were kindly received, and Mohanji entered his reception room after a few minutes, dressed in white cotton trousers, a plain cobalt blue t-shirt and his hair in a ponytail that had been twisted into a bun at the back of his head. It looked casual and gave us the feeling of talking to a good friend. He inquired about my trip to Kerala.

At Mohanji’s right hand was a beautiful, lifelike painting of himself. To my surprise and amazement, the booklet In Silence with Mohanji, which I had only recently written and was published by Gurulight, was leaning comfortably against his picture. It gave me an enormous feeling of connection and also recognition of the – for me – life-transforming experiences that are described in the book. Rajesh told me afterwards that Mohanji had placed the book there himself a few weeks ago and, in the meantime, had shown it to several people and also given it as a gift. That touched me tremendously and made me think of Swami Gopal Baba, my deceased Master. He, too, did not give direct compliments, but through others, one heard how happy he was with your work. 

A week earlier, a spontaneous thought had come to me: how wonderful would it be if Mohanji would come and visit the People’s Trust project. After all, People’s Trust had already committed itself for forty years to social work for eighteen of the poorest villages around Bangalore and had provided children from poor families with free schooling, nutritious food and much more. One never knew what cooperation or inspiration from both sides with Ammucare (Mohanji’s charity foundation in India) might result from it. Harish had brought a leaflet of the Trust and handed it to Mohanji. Mohanji looked at it calmly and agreed to come. The condition was that there would be no ceremony or garlands, gatherings, speeches, etc. He just wished to come incognito as a mere guest. That, too, is great, so Harish had no problem with that commitment. 

Soon our conversation became what could rightly be called a satsang. Mohanji visibly enjoyed answering the in-depth questions that were asked. When Milica came and pointed out the time and that his next meeting would start elsewhere, he replied nonchalantly: ‘Just tell them I’ll be there in twenty minutes. No, tell them to start already.’ The importance of silence was discussed at length, and briefly, he explained daily life techniques. Freely translated, the technique went like this: Imagine a busy road (symbolising all the mind matter and daily concerns), and on the other side, you see a quiet bench. Now stay focused only on the peace that the bench radiates. As if you were looking right over the passing cars and buses. After a while, there will only be silence. No matter how many cars pass by.

Mohanji also told us about the tremendously beneficial effect of Pitrupaksha, freeing you from the karma and inclinations of your ancestors. And he also said that even without giving annadaan to saints and the needy, you could already experience a great difference in your life by simply offering all your food and drink to the following six forms of Gods: 1. Ganesha, 2. Kul Devatas (to the God who your family worships), 3. Naga Devatas (High souls who return to earth in the form of snakes – nagas – because then they are most likely to be left alone and to function unseen as saviours of the consciousness of the world), 4. Ishta Devatas (your personal form of God), 5. Pitru Devatas (the ancestors), and 6. Gurus.

He spoke about how Mina (a devotee from Serbia) sat next to him on the floor in Novi Sad, Serbia, while he was busy with the messages on his phone. He heard her inwardly repeat the question: Who is Mohanji beyond the physical body? He looked up from his phone and told her to touch his big toe. Finally, after wondering about this question for five years, she got a fulfilling answer when Mohanji took her on a wondrous journey to the sun and through the universe. She has described her experience in a three-part blog. Mohanji asked me to share the link to her experience with one of the attendees, and now I am sharing it with you. Read the first part of her incredible experience: https://minaobradovic.wixsite.com/understandingtruth/post/mohanji-the-universe-a-true-experience 

He took all the time for us and, when a few more people arrived, for them too. Calm, interested, clear and loving as always, he asked us not to leave yet, but to remain seated while he spoke to the other guests. When he finally had to go, he asked us to stay for a meal. We felt at home and welcome and accepted the invitation with both hands.

The arathi in the house mandir started and was similar to the arathi during the Ganesh Chaturti event one day ago; anyone who wished could participate in the flame-waving. Being able to experience this sacred ceremony at Mohanji’s own home will certainly add a special dimension to my daily Mohanji-arathi at my home temple. Mohanji’s parents were watching with shining eyes, and I felt strongly attracted to them. Realising at that moment that calling Mohanji my bada Bhaya (big brother) included them to be my parents as well! While the others were in the living room, I had a long conversation with both of them. They did love the bustle in their house. There were people coming and going all the time. Mohanji’s father had been a surgeon and had worked till old age. If I remember correctly, he was seventy-two when he finally stopped performing surgeries. 

He told me that when he saw me, he thought: ‘I know her. I have seen her before, but where and when?’ Then he went to his sleeping room and returned with a triumphant look and a copy of my booklet. He pointed at the picture on the cover, showing Mohanji and me. That was why I had seemed familiar to him! Now he knew! He smiled. He had even read all my testimonials and therefore felt he already knew me. I was delighted. Mohanji’s father wondered why I did not write a thicker book about Mohanji. His idea was to add new experiences to the book and let it grow. Both parents were so sweet and involved. Mohanji’s mother was a woman of great integrity, and when I mentioned that because of their great example, the world had gained such a Divine Friend, tears ran down her cheeks. We looked deep into each other’s eyes and shared the emotion.

We had a delicious meal of dosa and puri, and when I asked Rajesh why he was not eating with us, he said that he had eaten before, and that his current habit was to eat no more than two meals a day. I smilingly asked him if that was difficult for him because I knew from translating Miraculous Days how fond he was of food. To which Aditya, president of Mohanji Foundation India, said that Rajesh had changed a lot. So he had not only given up smoking (as he wrote in the same book) but also eating a lot since he was with Mohanji. Transformation with Mohanji is unforced and lightning fast; I have had the feeling (and the experience). 

Rajesh, as coordinator of Gurulight, helped enormously with the process of translating and publishing MAST and In Silence with Mohanji, and I had never seen him in person, although we must have exchanged dozens if not hundreds of messages with each other. So he got not one but more than four hugs spread over arrival and departure. After which, I asked him if he had already received a hug from me. After a short photo session with all of us, we said goodbye smiling, satisfied, grateful and happy.

Three beautiful days with my friends later, my flight was leaving at 6 o’clock in the morning of the 4th of August. My loved ones at home were joking that they were doubting whether I was coming home this time or making a new impulsive decision again to stay in India. But this time, I arrived safe, grateful and immensely happy. Being inwardly connected to Mohanji all through the process, I felt safe, loved and cared for, and I was guided to the right people and given the right inspirations and prompts at all times. I had continued my daily Shiva Kavacham listening sessions every night in Vedasudha Hospital, and I felt confident that nothing untoward could happen to me. 

To be continued after the coming blood test results from the hospital in the Netherlands are released within two months…

Links: Pitru Paksha: https://www.facebook.com/sacredbharat/posts/pfbid0XFgpugrVEfhsVNbKv5EvSjeA1ywZAsZ81chctPPcXzUnBKvP7hxNZktFiacLoRFel(https://spiritualpracticecalendar.wordpress.com/)


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Experiences with Mohanji, India 2022 – Part 2

By Linda Abrol, Netherlands

After being diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disease, I miraculously and rapidly ended up in an Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala by a renowned Indian-Swiss doctor: Dr George.

I had a difficult time practising Kriya. My mind was even more busier than at home, and at home, it was extremely turbulent in my head. It is not related to a certain amount of work. It is always busy in my head. I would say that it is related to my digestive system. I noticed years ago, for example, that concentration in meditation would prove a challenge after eating pepper, even black pepper. 

Coffee or strong tea would make my mind race like a rollercoaster. And nowadays, even while avoiding these things, I can’t get my mind in an off-mode most of the time. And I notice that my digestive system is getting more and more sensitive with ageing. Especially here in India, where the food preparations are totally different than at home, I notice my mind is getting in overdrive despite the two or three massages and the homas and yoga every day. I have no duties here. I am being pampered like a princess, still feeling so restless. 

So, while sitting in silence for a while after the Kriya practice this morning, I found my head almost bursting with activity that made no sense at all. I was feeling somewhat hopeless. The noises of the environment didn’t help much either. A stone factory was located at a neighbouring plot, and the work started exactly during my Kriya timing (I had to change my timing twice, for they seemed to start earlier every day). I made one last attempt to experience some peace. I connected to Mohanji’s Shiva-Silence. As I read in one of his blogs, I visualised his Shiva form in and all around me, including all the vibhuti in his hair that appeared one day in India. 

Vibhuti (Holy ash) flowing from Mohanji’s head

I mentally took one step backwards. I became aware of my awareness. This works sometimes. But it doesn’t work all the time. I think it is grace that makes it work. But this time, I suddenly reached another dimension from one moment to the other. I became almost totally thought-free. It was as if my mind slowed down from 200 km an hour to 3 or 4 km. Sounds were not outside of me anymore. I had disappeared. Everything was within me but not disturbing me at all. If I must describe what was left of ‘me’, I would say that I was a slow-moving wave. Empty and full at the same time. No mind, no desires, no fears, no nothing. Just peace. A fluid kind of peace. Everything was within me. And clear. No question to be answered. The words ‘Thuriya state’ kept coming up a few times. Thank you, Mohanji!

After a few more cleansing massage therapies, my mind started getting calmer and calmer. Negative thoughts and ‘to-do thoughts’ would disappear almost completely. Between therapies and homas, I enjoyed translating the second half of ‘Miraculous Days with Mohanji’ to Dutch, which I was able to complete at the end of my stay. In this way, I stayed connected to Mohanji all the time. And to Rajesh, the author, who wrote this amazing and easily accessible mixture of deep spirituality, true faith and devotion, miracles and humour. Actually, what I did was work, and work was, of course, discouraged while in the clinic, but for me, it was mainly relaxing, so I simply didn’t call it work.

Shortly after the treatments had started, I had a strong feeling: your blood is ok now. This was strange because nothing had really happened. The therapists were only preparing my body. ‘We make the body weak at first, and then the toxins will be released much more easily.’ But somehow, the thought released the feeling of being sick. The mental identification with sickness seemed to have been replaced by: I am fine, and the body is under construction

In hindsight, the rest of the ‘retreat’ as I would now call my stay became a pleasant holiday with occasional awkward massages, but that was quite manageable. It soon became clear who resonated with whom, and two weeks before my departure Christiane and then Thuliya arrived. Two soul sisters – that’s what I would call them. Outside, the rain was pouring down, and the atmosphere inside was getting warmer and cosier. Whereas in the first detox week, I still had all sorts of mealy-mouthed detox thoughts leaking out of the depths of my being along with the toxins (Nobody likes me. I say all the wrong things. I am nothing, uninteresting, lonely. Very stupid (and the worst): You let yourself be spoiled and pampered like this. It really proves that you are useless to society. That last one came from very deep and insidiously stuck in my mind and definitely came from a previous life. 

A seer once told me about a previous life as a rich English daughter, in which I really had nothing to fight for or live for. Everything came flying, so to speak. I felt so bored and useless that I became ill and died at the age of twenty-five. Hence the feeling of being spoilt was a threat to me rather than a blessing. And hence, probably, my severely useless feeling as I spent the last six years rehabilitating from whiplash and then a broken shoulder tendon. And that is probably why I was so happy when Mohanji made me feel useful again! 

In this life, I love to serve people. The feeling of being able to add value to the world after a long rehabilitation period, to have a purpose again! Old traumas create beliefs. Suppose ‘dying of uselessness’ from the previous life has become a belief – deeply rooted in my subtle body, then it is logical that the past ‘useless’ rehabilitation period reflected and triggered that belief in my system: you are useless now, so you will die. A life-threatening disease was born. 

I realised that this whole issue was a mental detox, and I let it run its course but did not identify with it. I looked at it as an observer, a witness, without suppressing the feeling, and I spoke casually about it. Together with my openness about the inner mess to other guests (patients sound so sickly), their hearts opened up to me, and some of them left their Swiss unintelligible German behind for a while to include me in the conversations. Apparent indifference towards me at the start quickly changed to – I immediately saw that you were something special. And: I’m going to miss you very much when you go home. 

So, not only did the company of the other guests become very warm and pleasant but also my body soon felt calmer, much better than at home. When Dr George went back to Switzerland after eleven days, he said to me: ‘It’s nice to see someone who is always smiling.’ And the smile came from within. Not the scared, bare-toothed laugh. (My inner voice once said that when I used to laugh my teeth out, I was actually afraid. I can now see the truth of that).

Every day, I realised how special it was that I was there in that hospital and how, since I have known Mohanji, everything has actually accelerated. And how strange it was that I meant it when I said: ‘I have a feeling this is going to heal, even though officially there is no cure for it. And if not, I’ve had a nice life. I have nothing to lose.’ Of course, I have a lot to lose, but underneath there is a quiet undercurrent. I can’t even call it acceptance. And it has nothing to do with my head. It just is. And then again, I think: how special is it that after one year with Mohanji, I have made such huge leaps in all areas of existence. Like a ‘blossom’ that bursts open and releases the fluff. 

Every evening, I would wave goodbye to the people who were going home. Even though it was night, I liked to make sure that no one left on their own. I myself left at a reasonable time on 30 August and was waved off warmly by the doctors and by my new friends, Christiane and Thuliya. Now, I will have to wait two months to have my blood checked in the hospital at home, and everyone is curious about the results.

Herewith, part 2 of this testimonial comes to an end. This whole wondrous experience was staged and guided by Mohanji’s grace from the initial shock of the very beginning to the wonderful and surprising end of an adventurous and unexpected extra journey. More on that later in parts 3 and 4.


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By Cathy Johnston, UK

October 2019, a low point in life, inevitably led me to the one possible place in which to unearth the real skills required, to face the cruellest of tsunamis that were gradually creeping forward to engulf my Mum. A pivotal point in the tapestry of my entire existence, the one single jewel in the crown of my story, nowhere else before this place ever really existed, nor, for that matter, mattered at all.

At that lowest of lows, when I’d reached the stage where I could no longer look up, destiny brought me to a meeting with Mohanji at a mountainside retreat in Serbia. This was the day my real life unwittingly began. Little did I know, at that most confusing and perplexing of times, how much I would grow to depend upon wholly and deeply love this complete and utter stranger.

However painful the experiences before my meeting with Mohanji, nothing compared to the inevitability of saying the longest of goodbyes to Mum. I always knew this would be the hardest wrench in my life, and yet! Miraculously (others have observed), I have this newfound inner strength shining forth as I feel this power emanate, this cope-ability with the full security of safely being ‘held’.

I am never alone and feel him whenever I wish. He is my forever constant, my always ‘there’. He’s in my every teardrop; he soothes my weary brow. When my chest heaves and sighs, he’s in it. Holding my hand that’s holding my Mum’s, guiding the right words of comfort when confusion engulfs her, tormented in grief.

Words fail to do justice to the inexplicable and profound showers of grace delivered by Mohanji and the palpable guidance I’ve genuinely felt and feel as I write. Unconditional love can only be experienced to comprehend fully; that the love we’ve believed to receive whilst living this mortal life doesn’t come close to the ocean-deep love of a benevolent God.

Mohanji’s simple yet profound practices have brought steadiness to the uncertain waves of the dramas of life. Chanting his name during moments of broken sleep, I can lull myself back to a dreamy slumber, enabling my spirit to face the surprises of the new dawn ahead.

Because of Mohanji, I’ve learned to appreciate these precious moments, alone with Mum, as I hold her beautiful, artistic little hands in mine, hands that brought joy through her paintings and strokes of her erudite pen.

As I stroke her gorgeous, silken, grey hair, realising that this, this moment, this here and now, is a real chance to ‘be’ love, to ‘show’ love and to fully ‘know’ love with the very best friend I’ve been so lucky to have, on this journey called life.

How privileged I am to be able to help Mum in her greatest time of need. How lucky is she, with Mohanji in the wings, guiding her away from the inevitable pains of her drawn-out end. As harrowing and distressing as these moments could seem, I have him to come home to; to nourish my being.


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Master’s infinite love and kindness!

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I feel that Baba Sai has to work really hard and long for my spiritual growth. I feel I was in inertia mode, not understanding what Baba was trying to teach me. In short, there was no urgency to reach my purpose, but Baba knew how trapped I was in my patterns and knew I needed a good kick, and he brought me to Mohanji. 

I saw an intense change in my frequency. I have always heard people saying that you burn a lot with a living Master. The very first program (sadhana) that I did with the Mohanji family was a 41-day Power of Purity meditation. I felt something inside me shift. Actually, I tasted ecstasy for the first time in my life. I was happy, purpose-oriented, singing all the time, getting up early, doing spiritual practices, and eager to be useful to the world. This was sheer Guru’s grace. However, it didn’t last very long as I could not maintain it.

I started getting tired and felt fatigued all the time. I was struggling to keep up with my practices. Well, when you are blessed with something so precious, there are bound to be tests to see if you are steady or you run away from your Master in adverse situations. Now, I had reached a point where I felt it was hard to even sit down for half an hour after waking up. 

I had taken medical leave from work and was home for about four months, but the irony was that even after four months of rest, there was no improvement, and the doctor could not figure out what was happening. In between, some cells started showing up in my blood, which was not good and could indicate worrisome blood disorders.

All through whatever was going on, I didn’t complain; this was his grace that I was mentally stable. Mohanji has taught me to be grateful and in complete surrender mode always, no matter what. This was my time to apply that teaching, and I was able to do so with his blessings. Mohanji said, “I will take care. I am with you.” Knowing this, I never worried about the outcome of this unknown illness. I was in total acceptance mode, prepared that he was holding my hand, whatever would happen.

Mohanji has been very, very kind to me. I work in the medical field, and I love my job. Keeping my physical limitations in mind, I started with part-time, working alternative days. Some of my blood work did show some autoimmune activity, but it was not that prominent to blame the autoimmune condition for my extreme fatigue. An autoimmune condition is when your own body cells start recognizing your organs as a foreign body and start killing or destroying them. 

I remember it was October 2021, and I had participated in a food donation activity during the month of shradh, organized by Ammucare. After the rituals finished, the very next day, I saw Mohanji in my dream. In my dream, I saw that I was in my maternal family’s house, and Mohanji came there. I saw my maternal uncle and his family, my maternal aunts and their families and also there was a very weak old man lying in bed in one of the rooms. It felt like he was someone in the family, but I had never seen him in my life. 

I wanted to massage Mohanji’s feet, so I asked him to come to the room to lie in bed so he could rest, and I would get the opportunity to serve him. I found that the old man was lying in the same bed on one side. I went into the kitchen to bring oil for a massage, and when I came back, Mohanji was lying on the floor close to the bed. 

I felt so bad and worried and said, “Baba, why are you lying on the floor? Please lie on the bed.” I helped him get up and lie on the bed. It seemed as if Mohanji had no energy at all; he seemed very, very tired and fatigued. Here my dream ended. When I woke up, I thought this was strange as no one in my maternal family knew Mohanji. How come I saw them all in my dream with Mohanji? What could be the significance? 

That’s when I realized that Mohanji took some ancestral karma from my maternal side on himself. As autoimmune runs in my maternal family, it all made sense, and probably the old man in bed must be my very first ancestor from where it all started. This dream came in October 2021, and presently it is June 2022. 

I am almost back to where I used to be. Don’t know where all those pains and fatigue went. Even when the pains are there, they don’t limit me. This is all the sheer grace and kindness of my Guru towards me. I have no words to thank Mohanji for his Infinite unconditional love. I prostrate at the lotus feet of Mohanji and thank him for taking care of all of us in the ways we need; always grateful to you, Mohanji.

Empowered Series

The Empowered program was announced for September 2021. I was unsure if I should attend this program as it was a nine-day program, and I was working full time then. Although videos were available to watch later if you missed the program, being in a different country and time zone, time always seems short. Therefore I was in a dilemma. I prayed to Mohanji that if you want me to join the program, please give me a sign. 

Just one day before the program started, my friend called me and said, “I feel you should come for this program.” I considered it a sign from Mohanji. So I joined the program. In the program, I did get a chance to talk to Mohanji. I asked him that because of my physical condition, I could not do my practices, which troubled me. What could I do to improve? 

Mohanji replied, “Don’t punish your body; take care of your body. Park your mind with the Supreme Consciousness/Guru, and the rest will come to you on its own.” He gave the example of Hanumanji and Ram. I am so grateful to my Baba Mohanji. He has been so kind to hold my hand and show me the way even in my test. I did stick to that advice and followed it with all my heart. I feel I am being transformed every moment. People around me see the change within me. I feel so much calmer and more stable within. 

After Empowered 1.0 came Empowered 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. For the rest of the programs afterwards, I knew for sure that I had to attend no matter what. These four programs have been more than amazing – A manual on how to live our life, how to do our dharma and still be detached; how to recognize and come out of our fears and patterns, and how to channel the mind to bring out the positives all around. 

I never understood life so well before. Rather than burning yourself on why this happened and staying in the past, move on to the present. A beautiful present filled with your Master, his blessings and numerous opportunities waiting for you! 

I knew about many of the teachings and ethics of life before but never understood how to truly apply them in my life. Never had that awareness or urgency to shed the unnecessary burdens I was carrying. Thank you, Mohanji, for bringing me to this Empowered workshop and for giving me the opportunity to bloom! Always grateful, koti koti pranams at your lotus feet!


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The Journey of the Ring: From Baba’s Boy to Baba’s Son

Written by Biljana Vozarevic and Dirk van de Wijngaard

Biljana V.

Biljana and Mohanji

This year’s Guru Purnima (13th July 2022), a group of close and dedicated volunteers from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and the Netherlands, gathered at the Mohanji Centre in Novi Sad to be in Mohanji’s presence. I also had the great privilege to celebrate this auspicious and joyous occasion with our beautiful Mohanji family. During the function, we gave Mohanji flowers, fruits and other offerings to express gratitude for his divine presence in our lives.

We also bowed down and touched his feet to physically demonstrate our surrender with deep love to his all-encompassing consciousness. I realised the deeper meaning of touching a Master’s feet. It denotes our surrender to rid of ownership, release our burdens and set an intention for our vision and ultimate life purpose. Thus, we can stay focused on achieving and expressing our highest while keeping our egos under control. It does not matter whether we bow down physically in Mohanji’s presence, in front of Mohanji’s image or even mentally. Can it be any simpler?

Touching and kissing the lotus feet of Mohanji, my Guru, Guardian, Guide and Goal, is the greatest gift I can get in all my past, present, and future lives. May He always permit me to be the servant of His servants, nothing more, nothing less.” – Dirk

When we gave our offerings to one of his assistants, he accepted it with a smile and gratitude, yet detached and disinterested. He blessed the offerings and later had them distributed among the assembled people. The pure intention of gratitude, respect and love in our hearts mattered more than our offerings. Sincerity and receptivity were the most precious gifts we offered from hearts melting in gratitude. In return, we received something precious beyond lifetimes, taking us to liberation and complete dissolution. I felt his occasional subtle smiles reveal his inner joy at the transformation he effected as he worked on us.

I realised that he cared not whether we gave him a million dollars or just a flower. From my Consciousness Kriya initiation as a fresher to the many times I volunteered as a photographer at various programs during my decade-plus association with him, Mohanji always behaved the same way. The growth of the mission has not changed him in any way. He always showed the same detachment and dispassion to avoid contamination by name, fame, adulation, wealth, and other Maya’s (the grand illusion) traps.

As Sai Baba has said (from the book ‘Sai Satcharita’- Chapter 13), “Though I have become a Fakir, have no house or wife, and though leaving off all cares, I have stayed at one place, the inevitable Maya teases Me often. Though I forgot Myself, I cannot forget Her. She always envelops Me. This Maya (illusive power) of the Lord (Shri Hari) teases God Brahma and others; then what to speak of a poor Fakir like Me? Those who take refuge in the Lord will be freed from Her clutches with his grace”.

When one is highly active in adding value to the world and increasing humankind’s awareness to being kind humans, one has to contend with opposing forces who aim to keep all beings in suffering and illusion. They even try to corrupt or contaminate Masters, trying to do good in the world, and, if that does not work, destroy them. The Masters of the Tradition know that and support Mohanji’s mission because it is the need of this time – to raise Earth’s vibration and re-establish dharma. Mohanji does this on a wide scale through various platforms that support the many varied and unique expressions of 7.5 billion people on the planet. He reminds people of their full potential and urges them to be themselves. 

One of the function attendees was Dirk van de Wijngaard from the Netherlands. He had lived with Sathya Sai Baba and is now Mohanji’s staunch devotee who is in deep loving communion with Mohanji all the time. Dirk says, “Sai Baba and Mohanji are one and the same. Mohanji is my all-in-one Guru (spiritual Master). If I pray to Krishna, Mohanji will appear as Krishna; if I pray to Radha, Mohanji appears as Radha, and so on. In my meditation, I can see everyone in Him! Mohanji is not his body, just as Krishna, Rama, Jesus etc., were not limited to their respective forms. Mohanji only uses his body so that you can experience His light, presence, guidance, and divine love. Mohanji can also come to love or test your devotion in any form – a bird, cat, dog, crazy man, beggar, weird person, etc. When you become a serious full-time devotee, you will always feel Mohanji’s presence and will never be alone anymore!”

Guru Poornima at the Mohanji Centre, Novi Sad

During the function, Dirk related his extraordinary experiences with Sathya Sai Baba and Mohanji. Before leaving, Mohanji asked us to continue our experience sharing. Then Dirk told us more stories. I could feel how Mohanji was working through him. His rhythm, tone, cadence and messages were similar to Mohanji. Dirk illustrated his learnings with examples from his life. Surprisingly, Dirk had never listened to Mohanji before Mohanji’s program in the Netherlands the previous month. A few of Dirk’s messages follow.

The following message from Mohanji has been the guiding principle in my life, “Turn pain into purpose. All successful people who have excelled in something had some pain in life.”

Do not be arrogant, self-important, or egoistic; else, life will pull you down. Be humble always. He related the following story to elucidate the point better. A lorry driver, proud of his earnings of fifteen thousand rupees, looked down upon rickshaw drivers who earned barely fifty rupees. This went on for a while. Once while driving, he was laughing at the rickshaw drivers when a bee entered his mouth and stung him. The piercing pain shocked him, and he lost control over the lorry. The lorry turned over, and it was severely damaged. When he filed damage claims with the insurance company, the officer inquired, “How did the accident happen?”. He responded, “A bee entered my mouth and stung me.” The officer replied, “Your insurance does not cover this.” He ended up paying his entire salary for the damages. That is how life orchestrates events to humiliate arrogant or conceited people.

Be Humble

In many cases, we don’t know what we need, what is good for us or our eligibility. Hence, we ask for the wrong things or get much less than we can receive. Masters give us what we need, not what we desire. They always give us more than what we deserve and our eligibility. Hence, it is best to leave it to the Master to decide what is best for us. Mohanji always emphasises the need to be focused in our approach. He says, “When you knock on one door countless times, you are a seeker. When you knock on many doors, you are a beggar. Follow One Master – One Path – One System – One Goal.”

A baby cries when hungry, thirsty, tired, or demanding attention. Who attends to it? Usually, the mother or father. If the baby is alone, other people would say, “Oh, no, someone’s baby is crying.” Similarly, who responds when you pray while sad, desperate, or eager for divine presence? Your Master! Because your Master connects to you through the love in your heart. Remember that when you pray to all Masters, nobody is responsible, and hence, none may come to help. If you pray to one Master, they come to help you, just like parents do for their aggrieved baby.

Your deep connection to one Master ensures grace from all Masters since they are one consciousness. Any Master suitable to provide the necessary help may show up. It is similar to your parent’s close family and friends being available to help you because they love your parent and, consequently, their child – you. Were it not for the parents, their close friends and family have no connection to you.

An Answer to my Longing

In striving to be one with Mohanji, a wish had crept in and kept growing. I was longing for regular communication with him and working under his direct guidance, as I did ten to twelve years ago. I already have responsibilities in his mission to lead or work as a member of several global teams. By connecting with Mohanji, I can see what is needed and attend to it or start new initiatives. But this desire was torturing me. I often wondered how to get closer to the fire (Mohanji). Instead of longing for a merger, the Maya-induced separation, slithering like a snake, entered my mind. I didn’t tell anyone about it, nor was I consciously aware of it much.

Translating Dirk’s talk filled me with profound wonder and awe. He told us about his sudden unplanned trip to Novi Sad. He wanted to spend Guru Purnima (13th July) sitting in a corner in silence in Mohanji’s blissful presence. On 9th July 2022, around 3.30 a.m., when Dirk was in deep meditation, Mohanji telepathically told him, “Dirk, I want you to be with me on Guru Purnima. ” Dirk asked, “For silent meditation, Mohanji?” Mohanji replied, “Yes.”

Dirk wondered how to arrange finances to buy flight tickets from the Netherlands to Belgrade and accommodation in Novi Sad. A friend offered to pay for the tickets, and the Mohanji community arranged for his stay. With all obstacles removed, Dirk came to Serbia on 12th July for the first time in his life. Yet, he felt that he had been there in previous lives. In the early morning, as usual, Dirk got up at 2.30 a.m., took a bath, recited his prayers and mantras, and made a beautiful flower garland for Mohanji for Guru Purnima. Later, Mohanji, his staff and Dirk travelled by train to Belgrade and arrived there early in the morning.

Dirk had planned to be in complete silence the whole day! But funnily enough, Mohanji invited him to talk about his experiences at all the sessions. Man proposes, God disposes. Dirk spoke several times in different cities. He held the audience spellbound as they listened to him in rapt attention. People were eager to hear about his experience with Sathya Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Mohanji. Masters orchestrate events based on dharmic purpose, i.e. the cosmic order, not personal desires. 

Mohanji told us about Shirdi Sai Baba’s appearance in different forms after the prana pratishtha (ritual to infuse an idol with the deity’s energy) of his idol in the Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in South Africa. The first time he came as a beggar who spoke perfect English, sat down but asked nothing. Mohanji directed one of the team members to donate clothes and a blanket to him. Later, when Mohanji was having a meal, he heard a voice, “You are eating inside, while I am hungry outside.” He looked outside and saw a dog. Realising it to be Shirdi Sai Baba in a dog’s form, Mohanji asked someone to feed the dog well. Thus, he impressed upon the audience to serve all beings with equal love and respect since deities and Masters can appear in any form.

After Dirk had related his experiences with Sathya Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba and Mohanji, Mohanji turned to me and said, “See! We don’t talk via WhatsApp or any other way. It is all telepathic communication.” Thus, he addressed my longing. I realised that I should strive to communicate with him within- through meditation, Kriya or just deep silence. It was a wake-up call. A huge relief as I understood that Mohanji is always with me. There is no need to see or communicate with him. Of one heart, we communicate internally, and the message clarity will improve with time as I tune in more and more. This ‘innernet’ communication is not bound by time, space, or even the body. I am grateful for that forever.

In this regard, Dirk sounded out a warning, “Please remember- ABC: Always Be Careful. Many mentally sick or selfish, egoistic people may say, “Mohanji speaks through me”. They tell you nice stories or what you may want to hear, offer Shaktipat or promise enlightenment. Some may even ask for money in return. Never believe them. Stay single-pointedly focused on Mohanji, who only wants your love through duty, discipline and sincere devotion. You can achieve the highest through sincere and honest prayers and selfless service to the poor, helpless, needy, animals, flowers, trees, birds and fishes. Just thinking of Mohanji can make your heart warm and the tears flow. Be assured that Mohanji is always with you and gives the darshan in the ashram of your heart.”

He continues, “Mohanji is all Gurus, all deities, all beings – Dattatreya, Krishna, Rama, Sarada Devi, Radha, Parvati, etc. Mohanji’s divine love is always available to those who need pure divine guidance. If you love him, you need nothing else. Only as full-timers can you experience his stature and purity. Your connection and dedication make Him responsible for you. He is helpless before those who surrender completely to him. He has been watching over us over many lifetimes and has come here only to take us back to our real home. Surrender 100% and live his teachings – you will never be alone anymore. I have spoken about my life story (given below) to inspire everyone to become full-timers and unconditionally connect to Mohanji’s lotus feet. Never question where He takes you because if you become a full-time devotee, you are already home! There is no need to go anywhere else.”

In addition to Dirk’s comments, I would close with this word of caution mentioned by Mohanji in his book, ‘The Silence of Shiva’

“Let me make one thing clear. This body, existing today, is called Mohanji, and it will remain so till my last breath. People may confer titles before or after this name, but the name stays the same. This body is not Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Sai Baba, or Jesus. These are names of bodies (of certain people) of the past. Their consciousness is certainly One, eternal and eternally available. Hence, one can connect to them effortlessly. One may see the reflection of their object of connection in me. That does not make me that object. There could be resemblances and character similarities, but one is certainly not the other. A son may resemble the father, but he is not his father. Do not be affected by or connected to me while imagining or thinking of this as someone else’s body. That will lead to disillusionment and disappointment. Do not be disillusioned.”

Dirk van de Wijngaard

Dirk and Mohanji

At just eight years, I lost my mother. She was raped and murdered. Sorrow and grief rent my heart, tearing me apart and accumulating immense pain and heaviness. My drunkard father always scorned me. At twenty-nine, my wife eloped with my ‘best’ friend. After she left, I was no longer interested in life and people and started drinking heavily – two bottles of whisky/cognac and twelve litres of beer daily!

On 25th June 1989, I had a clear dream where a man with a full Afro hairstyle, a mole on his cheek, wearing an orange-coloured lady’s night dress, was sitting on a huge lotus flower.  In a loving motherly voice, he told me, “Now the time has come to tell you about the Love of Life and the Life of Love, come to Me, and I will give you a mission.” I thought I was going mad.

The next day I went to see my doctor regarding my liver issues. I told him about the previous night’s dream of this ‘Turkish’ man with an Afro and asked if I had gone crazy. The doctor replied, “No, you are not going mad. You have a serious liver problem. You are hardly eating food and are coughing blood. Unfortunately, you barely have six to nine months to live!” Then he asked me to wait a moment and went inside to get something. He returned with a book titled ‘Sai Baba Avatar’ and asked if the man on its cover was the one I saw in my dream.

Cover of the book ‘Sai Baba Avatar’

I exclaimed,” Yes, that’s him – the Turkish man with the Afro hairstyle.” The doctor said, “He is Indian, not Turkish. His name is Sathya Sai Baba- an Avatar who lives in India at Puttaparthi.” Puttaparthi conveys the meaning: put apart ‘I’. (No ‘me’ or ‘mine’. No ownership.) The doctor continued, “I cannot save you from death. You have nothing to lose anymore. Please go there.” With help, I arranged for tickets for my maiden flight experience to visit India for the first time in my life, accompanied by the only trusted friends of a thirty-three-year-old alcoholic – two bottles of whisky and twenty-four half-litre bottles of beer.

I went to Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram in Puttaparthi. Being an alcoholic, no one paid me any attention. When I went for darshan for the first time, seva dals came to me and informed me that Sai Baba had invited me for an interview. I thanked them and said, “I am neither religious nor pure or devoted like the others. I can never be with such holy people. Also, I am a dying alcoholic. Please take someone else!” But, Sathya Sai Baba’s commands were words-of-law. Not giving up, the seva dals helped me to my feet and brought me gently to the interview room in Sathya Sai Baba’s presence.

He asked me, “How are you?” I said, “Good.” Baba said, “No, no, no,” and he tapped me on the chest thrice and saying, “Swami knows, mother pain, mother pain, mother pain.” I burst into tears, and they flowed abundantly like a waterfall. Sathya Sai Baba knew everything about me, including the agonising, traumatic wound from childhood. He materialised vibhuthi and told me to eat all of it.

After the interview, I was taken to the hospital. I soon became violently sick and had a high fever. Three holes appeared on my left foot, with puss slowly and constantly oozing out. This lasted for seven days.  The doctor who came to see me looked at the flowing pus and asked, “May I ask you a question?” Sick and ailing, I responded in a weak whispering voice, “Of course.” He asked, “Did you drink a lot of alcohol?” I affirmed. The doctor assured me, “Sathya Sai Baba is completely cleaning your liver!”

I am still with Sathya Sai Baba. He came now in the form of Mohanji. Mohanji has no form and contains all forms of all Gods. His real ashram is in the hearts of His children who live His teachings with pure and sincere selfless devotion.” – Dirk

I soon recovered fully, feeling like a newborn. When I later went for darshan, I was called for an interview with Sathya Sai Baba again. I thanked Him for His help and asked, “How can I honour God?” Sathya Sai Baba laughed and said, “God does not need any honouring. Selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy is the only way to serve and please God.”

I met some people and built my first orphanage in Kengeri, India. Later, I asked the Sathya Sai Baba community in the Netherlands to help His efforts to render selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy. My efforts did not meet much success. Hence, I made good on my promise to Sathya Sai Baba by starting my charity organisation and spoke on several forums, platforms and places about selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy. We built orphanages, old-age shelters, hospitals, job training centres, schools offering free education to ‘harijans’ (literally God’s people – referring to the oppressed lower castes), etc.

Initially, all the donations were used for charity work in India and later also in Nepal. In a few years, we adopted twenty-six villages in India and fourteen villages in Nepal. I attribute all this to Sathya Sai Baba’s grace and people’s belief in me. Subsequently, when I went for Sathya Sai Baba’s darshan, I was again granted an interview. Five other influential ladies, possibly from the government, were in the interview room. As was my usual practice, I kissed His Lotus Feet nine times and sat by His feet.

When one of the ladies came forward, Sathya Sai Baba said, “Don’t touch!” She protested, “But Swami, this boy is kissing Your feet so many times?” He replied very politely, “Yes, he does the same in Holland at least twice daily!” The omniscient Master knew I kissed a photo of His Holy feet nine times, at least twice daily. I have also experienced the same omniscience with Mohanji.

Sathya Sai Baba told me He was pleased with my sincere devotion and hard work for the poor and needy. He then materialised a gold ring with four huge diamonds and put it on the ring finger of my right hand. When I left the interview room, I met a diamond grader from America who exclaimed, “Wow, these four diamonds are of perfect quality. Their value is at least two hundred thousand dollars; you are fortunate!”

On hearing this, I ran to my room, slammed the door and spoke to Baba’s picture, crying profusely, “Why did you give me this ring? I don’t want gold or diamonds. You, my mother and father, are seated in my heart. I only want your love, nothing more, nothing less. I thought you were real, but you are fake! All I believed in was fake! Tomorrow, I will return this ring. If you refuse to accept it, I’ll commit suicide!” I cried the whole night.

The following morning I went for my ‘last’ darshan. When Sathya Sai Baba walked through the audience, he gazed silently at my teary eyes and gestured to let me come for an interview. In those days, the audience would be two to three hundred thousand. Some had visited Sathya Sai Baba every year for 20 years and yet not had an opportunity to touch His feet or get an interview! I have a sincere request to all Mohanji’s followers. Please realise that you have a once-in-a-eternity chance right now. You don’t realise how lucky you are. Sathya Sai Baba is now Mohanji! Shirdi Sai Baba is now Mohanji! Krishna is now Mohanji! There will be hundreds and thousands of people who can attest to Mohanji’s omnipresence and omniscience.

The same five ladies were in the interview room with Sathya Sai Baba. Immediately, I returned the ring to Swami, kissed His feet nine times, and then started to massage Sathya Sai Baba’s feet. After getting rid of the ring, I felt I could fly- so happy, relieved, and free.

Swami then threw the ring among the five ladies. As they scrambled to get their hands on it, Sathya Sai Baba silent spoke to me telepathically. “My boy, I very well know why you came here. You always come just for Me. Those ladies are more interested in miracles or presents and treat me like Santa Claus!  They have come to improve their career, name, and fame. I act like a shopkeeper and ask them, ‘What do you want?’ I give people what they want. If you ask for coffee, I give you coffee. If you ask for me, I give you myself.” Swami’s loving motherly face turned into a fierce, stern countenance as He thundered, “Return that ring!” The ladies immediately returned it to Him.

Sathya Sai Baba said, “Last night, my boy cried the whole night because I gave him gold and diamonds when all he wanted was Me. He decided that I was fake and refused to perform his usual practice of touching my feet and kissing them nine times.” He thankfully skipped mentioning my suicide threat. Thus, Sathya Sai Baba demonstrated His omnipresence. Mohanji does this often as well. However, many people miss the hints, even when they sit right before Him! 

Sathya Sai Baba then touched the ring to His third eye and thrice blew gently on it. The four diamonds were transformed into nine precious stones. He slid the ring on Dirk’s right finger. It was twice as big. Sai Baba said to the ladies, “Oh! This ring is too big.” He gently tapped the ring, which immediately shrank to the perfect size. I tried to take it off, but Swami stopped me and firmly said,” This is for my boy’s protection.” 

I looked at Sathya Sai Baba’s loving gift from a different perspective, “Through love for God, be the brightness that you are – complete, realised and fulfilled.” It is not eight plus one or seven plus two, but nine – fullness, total oneness, completion. With this insight, it made perfect sense. I melted and humbly and lovingly accepted the ring with gratitude. However, I was unsure why I needed protection. 

The protection ring

The ring was called Navaratna (nine ratnas or gems). Nine is a holy number signifying completion. The ring had eight hearts around the ring’s periphery, with a star in the middle that touches each heart. Each heart had a gem connected to a planet, the Sun or the moon. The gem positioned in the centre star was related to the Sun since it is the centre of the solar system. One of the gems was connected to the moon to align the mind and emotions. The single-pointed concentration of the mind devoid of emotions is essential for enlightenment. This is the symbolic meaning of the moon on Shiva’s head, secured by his matted locks. The rest of the gems were connected to other major planetary bodies- Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, etc. The gems are particularly suitable for prayer during the full moon.

The same night, I heard the loud cries of young girls in my meditation. In the morning, I met a professor from Nepal and mentioned the strange crying. The professor asked, “Have you never heard of trafficking?” I said, “No”. He explained how children as young as five were kidnapped from poor villages in Nepal, drugged, taken thousands of kilometres away from their homes, and sold for three to four hundred euros in the brothels of Delhi and Mumbai. I immediately understood my purpose, which required protection.

I travelled to Mumbai and Delhi and started two rescue centres, ‘Rescue Foundation’ in Mumbai and ‘STOP’ in Delhi, with professor Roma Debabratta and then set up rescue teams at these locations. I acted as a tourist paedophile, befriended the brothel keepers and rescued the children with the help of my team. Every rescued child who returned home to her mother made me intensely happy as I felt as if I were returning to my mother. The operation was dangerous and life-threatening. My Indian (brother) friend was indeed killed. The underworld had put a bounty of a hundred thousand US dollars to have me dead. Many a time, I felt the ring’s powerful protection. We have rescued around four thousand children and put hundreds of pimps and traffickers behind bars with sentences of fifteen to twenty years. In twenty-five years, the organisations have become self-sustaining and receive worldwide sponsorship that provides the funds required for this noble initiative.

This is Rama, the first girl I rescued from the Delhi brothels. She was only 12 years old and raped by 20 ‘customers’ daily. After the rescue, she underwent many operations and also HIV treatments. She later worked in our rescue team for ten years. Dedicated to her duty with discipline and devotion, she helped hundreds of victims. She passed away two years ago. I feel she is still with me as my Guardian Angel and always helps me be a good servant for God’s children like herself.” – Dirk

With growth came recognition, name and fame. I became famous and even appeared on television. Once, I heard Sathya Sai Baba’s voice in my meditation, “No name! No fame! Be a star, not a film star!” The next day, I quit the organisations I had run for twenty-five years. 

On 5th June 2022, just when Mohanji visited the Netherlands, Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in my dream early in the morning. They said, “Hey, boy, get up and give the protection ring to our son.” Being unsure, I clarified, “To Mohanji, Swami? Sathya Sai Baba gave an exasperated look to Shirdi Sai Baba and asked, “Are we talking to an idiot?” Turning to me, he said, “Yes, of course, Mohanji. Who else?” I knew it was not just a dream but a real communion. I asked Devi (Mohanji’s wife) for a private, confidential meeting alone with Mohanji and Devi.

In the meeting, I explained the command from Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba and handed the ring to Mohanji. Mohanji simply said, “Ok,” and accepted the ring. With Sathya Sai Baba’s direction, ‘No name, no fame’, I swore my daughter Parvati to secrecy about the handover of the ring. With Mohanji’s advent into our lives, I have also ‘handed’ over my daughter, Parvati, back to her real father, Mohanji!

I always beg ‘my’ daughter Parvati, ‘Please never, ever, be a part-time follower’, because when you become a full-time follower, Mohanji has to be with you full-time and give permanent darshan in the ashram of your heart.

A few days later, Parvati travelled to Montenegro for a retreat with Mohanji. When people enquired about the ring, Mohanji answered, “Oh! Dirk gave it to me. Ask Parvati.” So much for secrecy! No secrets with our divine beloved, Mohanji. He is always transparent as he lives his teachings and showcases his example with his life, just like Jesus did. I pray that we understand the real Mohanji and not wait until He announces, “My Father and I are one.” I humbly beg everyone, “Please become full-timers, not part-timers,” Jesus had only twelve disciples, Buddha five.

I long for nothing else in this world but to remember, live and practise Mohanji’s teachings. I cry daily, knowing and feeling Mohanji’s infinite unconditional love for me. I would gladly refuse a million paradises just to be with Him. I never ever want to be alone anymore. Mohanji is my world, universe and all that I have been longing for all my lives. Helping hands are better than praying lips! I offer my body, mind and soul to be a willing instrument for whatever Mohanji wants to do through me.

Jesus has returned in the form of Mohanji and is asking you to join Him. I implore all to surrender your ‘crazy-horse’ mind that keeps you bound through temporary pleasures to a fake life full of pain. You can walk with Him full time if you attune your heart to Him and practise his teachings. It is as simple as ABC – Always BConnected. Hold Mohanji’s divine hand and never let go. Swami Mohanji is a Universal Atomic Bomb of Divine Love. We all should work hard to put his teachings into practice and please Him with our selfless service. Our faithful, sincere, pure, single-pointed devotion and unconditional love activate this bomb to explode in the whole Universe, thus allowing all beings to feel His divine love. I wish to split into 7.5 billion atoms and inject each living creature with the pure divine love of my all, who has now come as Mohanji.

My humble pranaams at the Lotus Feet of Mohanji, my Guru, Guardian, Guide and Goal. May He bless me with an uninterrupted flow of divine love towards His Lotus Feet and make me the lowest and humblest of His servants. I want nothing more, nothing less.

Jai Sai Mohanji!

Dirk, “Servant of his servants, nothing more, nothing less.”


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 139 & 140

Christopher Greenwood

Day 139 – Trust stabilizes and protects

Good morning everybody. I hope that you are doing well.

This morning I read a quote from Mohanji about Baba Muktananda, a disciple of Bhagavan Nityananda, another powerful master who lived in Ganeshpuri, and his samadhi is not far from where our centre of benevolence will be. The quote said that the secret power of a disciple is unshakable trust in his/her guru. When Baba Muktananda was asked how he attained his spiritual powers, he said that it wasn’t through practices or meditation; it was simply that he never asked his guru, “Why?”

Baba Muktananda

Mohanji says that this kind of trust stabilizes, protects and makes a person invincible.

I shared a similar story in a past recording about Deepaka, whose guru abused him and put him through all sorts of challenges and tests, but he stuck firmly with his guru, and that’s how he attained his prowess. For me, this is a good point to reflect upon because much of the time I spend with Mohanji can be incredibly unpredictable. I’m sure anybody who has spent some time will be able to tell you the same. Sometimes you will be tasked to prepare something important, so you spend a lot of time making sure it’s correct and then, at the last minute, plans change and will no longer be required. 

Constant shifting and changing, if you took a step back, you may think that there’s something not quite right here. How can this change so quickly? It’s incredibly dynamic, and I’ve learnt that the journey is much smoother if I flow with the events as they happen and trust that it’s all contributing toward a good and positive outcome. 

Sometimes, I may not understand the reason behind actions that can cause the feeling of confusion, but I know this as the pushing of comfort zones, breaking patterns and frames that I have created. Without the unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary incidents, I may not awaken from my slumber of long-held patterns and comforts. This often means that there’ll be situations which push my comfort zone because I would have been expecting something, or I would have become familiar with something and settled. I think these things, which might seem strange in a way that is unexpected and out of the ordinary, are important because I would never have been woken up from my slumber of long-held patterns otherwise.

I remember a conversation which I had some time ago with Mohanji. We were talking again about why it’s so important to be wary of doubts. I feel that this question: “Why? Why is this happening? Why is it done this way?” is a slippery slope. After all, this question naturally sows a seed of doubt, and that’s all the mind needs to begin judging, comparing and creating separation.

Mohanji has said that once doubts set in, judgments can start, and comparisons begin sooner or later. There can come a separation in mind; once that’s set, it can very quickly turn into a physical separation, and alienation follows.

Today’s quote was a good reminder for me, bringing back the memory of these conversations. It’s a point for reflection because I recognize that in all the work which we’re doing, I have faith that what we are doing, what Mohanji is doing, is always for a higher and benevolent cause. 

I may not understand it. I may not see the whole picture or the complete vision, but there’s always something positive for me, the world, or others. There are numerous pieces of evidence of this that I have seen. You only need to look at all the platforms that are selflessly traded and the transformation it has brought to thousands, if not millions of people.

Have confidence that he knows what he’s doing.

Hope you have a great day ahead.

Day 140 – Appreciating the good in others 

Good morning, everybody!

I’m always amazed at the sheer number of people Mohanji is in contact with daily to move activities forward. He communicates and works with people worldwide from early morning until late evening. We have many activities happening globally through the various Mohanji-founded platforms. Alongside that, Mohanji has a number of roles in an advisory capacity for people doing equally great things in the world.

I’ve observed that he always sees the good in people, the best in people and their potential. He finds a way to encourage their talents; he empowers them to thrive in what they’re good at. It is the same for everybody who comes to him, even those who’ve ended up betraying him or talking bad about him. He never places expectations on people, nor does he talk too much about their weaknesses. Instead, he encourages and appreciates their talents, which you can visibly see gives people confidence, self-esteem and energy to do great things.

My lesson from this was that, more often than not, people gravitate to the bad things about a person, their deficiencies, and what they are not good at. For the thousands of good things someone does, we focus on the one bad thing that completely eclipses that person’s talents and good qualities. 

I include myself in this because I’ve realized that it’s easy to form an opinion or a criticism or take a view on what somebody has or hasn’t done. Thinking on this a bit more deeply, I realized this was due to an expectation placed on them on how they should or shouldn’t have been, which is entirely unfair. 

The practical lesson I’m taking from this is that now I’m consciously shifting my mindset to recognize that we all have weaknesses, yes, but more than that, people have great talents and capacities. If I can identify that more; recognize and encourage those qualities, the righteous qualities of those around me, it can make a difference.

I feel if all began to appreciate the good qualities in people, then that gives more support and guidance, which in the end, can turn into much more being done for everything which we’re contributing to.

I hope you have a great day.

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Let your faith heal you!

By Elham, USA

Mohanji’s grace has always flowed in my life since I met him in 2014. This testimonial is one of many blessings that he showered on me, and I will cherish all his blessings for the rest of my life and can’t ask for more. Surrendering this testimonial at Mohanji’s lotus feet.

In April 2022, Mohanji was coming to the USA after four years and this was very exciting news for me. In the past couple of years, due to Covid, we could not travel to meet him. I could not wait and started counting down every day. As always, when it comes to meeting Mohanji, challenges will start happening, and to me, it’s a testing time of faith and conviction. It’s not easy to reach Mohanji; it’s not that we want to meet him. Pure intention is needed, and then, by his grace, barriers and obstacles are removed. 

Due to some circumstances, it was impossible to participate in the USA retreat, which meant we could meet him only for two days in Sedona! I was deeply sad about losing this precious chance. A few days went by with sadness, plus tears kept coming, and then I started surrendering to him. I told myself I would enjoy and cherish every moment of these two days to make them eternal moments and won’t stay in sadness. The closer we got to the events, the more opportunities to meet Mohanji were coming up! We learned about a fruit tree plantation in Phoenix, a satsang in LA, and later on, two more fruit tree plantations in San Francisco! WoW! Grace, Grace, Grace!

I need to give a little history about my health. I used to have hypothyroidism for more than 20 years, healed by Mohanji’s miraculous touch in October 2019, and I already wrote about that. Also, I have had two herniated and degenerated neck discs since 2015 due to some injuries. Hope nobody is familiar with such pain, but it can be very paralyzing. I had pain every day, from low to extreme pain, changing based on my activities or even mood. Anything could trigger that. Any simple daily chores were painful. This feeling that my nerves were getting smashed was there all the time. 

Treatments didn’t work, and I had to go for surgery, but I was not interested in such an approach. Sometime back, very severe pain started and lasted for five continuous days, nonstop from waking up to sleep, and no pain killer helped. I was wondering if it’s karmic, and I need to go through it to accept it more easily. I asked Mohanji, and he just said, “I understand.” Then he said, “Get help from Homeopathy and Ayurveda.” That’s it! The pain stopped completely in less than a couple of hours, and I never experienced such high intensity of pain anymore! 

Finding Homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors in my area took time, but finally, after some time, I started taking those medications. It was helpful on the pain level, but still, the pain was coming and making me slow in my tasks and even affecting my eyesight. 

The time came to travel to meet Mohanji. My husband Farshad and I traveled to Phoenix by driving, and even though the week ending the trip was not easy, and I had pain every day, when we started traveling I didn’t feel any pain during those times that I was driving. Driving was one of the pain triggers.

We went to the airport to welcome Mohanji in Phoenix, and it was incredible to have his heavenly hugs! Immediately you feel freshness, love, peace and happiness. I was floating in the air and couldn’t believe that finally, we had met again. 

There was a fruit tree plantation event in Phoenix, and it was so hot that the sun was shining strongly. Mohanji was standing there, and George, who was in front of him, looked at Mohanji and said it would be good to have some clouds! We all laughed and knew what that meant. Mohanji smiled, and a few minutes later, he pointed at the sky with a finger and said something. Shortly clouds moved in front of the sun, and a very pleasant breeze started coming! 

I was enjoying each moment, and more grace was coming my way. In Sedona, a couple of times, we could be with Mohanji in his accommodation by his grace and invitation and also through my lovely Milica, for which I’m so grateful. His accommodation was just five minutes from our hotel, and being this close to his stay was another joy. For me, it was the first time to see him outside of programs. He was sitting on the sofa, so simple and silent, seemingly on his phone, but who knows where he is working and whom he is helping. This mind won’t know. 

We had the blessing to massage his feet which was a long-time wish, and he made it happen, and this was our gain, not that he needed a massage or anything else from us. He was fulfilling wishes one by one! I’m sure it’s not about me only; others also experienced this too; Mohanji gives love to all without any expectations, but the mind may forget and expect more from him if we are not grateful for what has been given before. 

In Sedona, Mohanji started having severe coughs. On the second day, it increased so much during his speeches. My heart was wrenching with each cough. Such sudden changes in Mohanji’s health were a sign that he took something from someone or even many people onto his own body. I couldn’t bear to see him in pain even though he does not suffer from pain.

Then I closed my eyes and went into a kind of meditative mode but could hear him speaking. I could hear some words bolder and louder. I heard him speaking about the connection and devotion of Hanumanji to Lord Ram. Then I heard these words, “Let your faith heal you.” It went deep into my mind, but I didn’t know the story behind those words. On the same day, I heard this quote from Christopher in a conversation, and I got more curious to know where it came from, but I didn’t ask, and it slipped from my mind. 

Later on, it came out that Mohanji took a severe lung ailment from an old lady at her final stage of life. She had a deep wish to live longer and had desires to fulfill. She prayed deeply, and as always, Mohanji answered sincere prayers. He says, “I don’t have any choice.” He is so innocent. These coughs and discomfort in breathing were there till the end of his travel to the USA. Even though it only reduced gradually, he didn’t stop anything, any plan, any program or interview. He was determined and selfless.  

Even though we didn’t have any plans of going to San Francisco, and it seemed impossible with my husband’s job, everything fell into place, and we could travel there with less than two days’ planning and stay in the same hotel with Mohanji. Such grace! 

One of the plans in Phoenix was to visit a Sai Baba temple which got cancelled due to lack of time, and I had the wish to go to the Sai Temple with Mohanji. In SF, without planning in advance, we visited a very beautiful Sai Temple with him! He fulfilled another wish. It’s like he has thousands of ears and eyes!

There were two fruit tree plantation events in SF. It was amazing to witness many people who came to express their love and respect for him. Nobody wanted to lose the chance to hug him or touch his feet. After SF, we all headed to LA. For us, it was a great blessing that he was coming to our city, where we met him for the first time in October 2014. He hadn’t come back here to the West of the USA until this time, after more than seven years!  

Another grace! I came to know that the house that Mohanji was staying in LA with his team was only 20 minutes away from where we live, and this, in the vast LA, means a lot and doesn’t happen accidentally! I was unsure if I could meet him there and not be a burden, and I prayed to him, “You are here just 20 minutes away from me, and I still look at your picture!” He heard my heart. 

He showered grace on me and said, “When I’m here, you can come every day, and you can come wherever we go.” I was flying! There’s no limit to his kindness! And it was amazing that every evening he would say, see you tomorrow morning. His unconditional love has the power to melt hearts. He is the rarest gem on Earth. He doesn’t belong to anyone. Nobody can own him, and he belongs to the Universe, to every being who seeks help, hope and light. It is a perfect delusion to think anyone can own Mohanji. As the Masters have said, “Mohanji is a friend of the Universe.”

It was the best time of my life, sitting and looking at him, walking with him, having the chance to bring a cup of water or such things and once he ate from what I made! So many wishes came true only by his grace.

Satsang in LA was amazing and so powerful. Almost all participants were meeting Mohanji for the first time and listening to him with all focus. After the satsang, he didn’t think about his health condition even though it was very cold, standing for such a long time and giving so much time to people to come one by one and talk to him, ask questions, sign books or receive his blessings. 

With his presence, LA was different, the crazy heavy traffic became so smooth, and cars moved out of our way. Everything was bright and shining. Nobody was out of his eyesight. When Farshad was coming after work to meet him, Mohanji asked if he had eaten and kept saying, “Eat something”. He is always working on people and, most of the time, in some ways that the mind can’t understand. 

Once, when I was overwhelmed with emotions and tears were rolling down, without looking at me, very calmly, he said, “Elham, have tea.” I said, “I’m fine, Father, thank you.” After a few minutes again he repeated and I said the same! At that moment, it came to me, what was I doing? Why do I keep refusing! There is a reason for what he says, always. He repeated that for the third time, and this time I said yes immediately and got tea, and after just a couple of sips, I felt so calm, no tears, not emotional anymore and something had been washed away from my heart! This was a repeated lesson for me that never resist when Guru tells you to do something; even if the mind says something else, just follow. 

Even though I was waking up early, going to sleep very late and was doing so much driving, I was not feeling tired and felt so fresh and energetic. Those dreamy days went by so fast, and Mohanji and the team flew out. After Mohanji flew out, we hosted Deviji for a few days, and as always, being with Devi and her energy is incredible! So dynamic and happy! 

After all those intense energies and everything that happened in that short span of time, everything needed to settle down. Soon one day, again, I remembered the quote and asked Farshad what Mohanji said about it. Farshad explained to me, and this is the story if some of you don’t know like me. 

When a person approached Jesus Christ for healing, Jesus asked him one question. Do you believe I can do it? The person said yes. Then Jesus said, “Let your faith heal you.” 

This was very meaningful to me. I already experienced healing by Mohanji for my thyroid, and I knew he had the power to do any healing. Then I started realizing something more and more every day. At first, my mind could not believe it, but I was sure after a few days. There was no more pain in my neck! It is impossible that I don’t have any pain within a couple of days, and now I do not have pain even though Mohanji is not here physically!

A few days later, I heard Mohanji had a stiff neck! I understood what that meant. A stiff neck is something I’m very familiar with after many years of neck issues. I was sad that he took this onto himself; it was a very strange moment as I was happy that there was no pain when I heard this. 

I was thinking nobody does such an act of love, without even mentioning it, without any propaganda, very silent, very humble. If you ask him about such things, ask whether he has done that; he will only smile at you. You never get an answer because Mohanji is so humble. Mohanji always practices being insignificant. Sometimes he even gives the credit for a miracle or healing that he has done to someone else. This could be a test of ego for the person too. 

It’s not possible to thank him. Words are so small in front of such greatness. I felt I should write and share this as a way to express my gratitude, and it may reach someone who needs it. People often get many things from Mohanji, either healing or material wishes, but sometimes they don’t say at all. Maybe they think that they might lose it, or sometimes the mind manipulates the experience, and they think it happened by itself or it’s because of their hard work. 

Acknowledging the source opens the door for more grace to flow. It also helps deepen the connection and to increase the faith. It took me time to write this testimonial, so meanwhile, I started sharing it verbally with whomever I was talking to, and I noticed I felt even more improvements in my wellbeing. Through this healing, the quality of my life increased so much, and this is priceless to me, and every morning I wake up with gratitude to Mohanji. Thank you, Father.

I humbly surrender my whole existence at the feet of my Lord, Mohanji Baba; always at his lotus feet.


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Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Through the ACT platform, we have a great opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in Ukraine at this time of need. With more guidance and inspiration from Mohanji during his recent visit to the UK, Mohanji ACT Foundation President Jay and Mohanji Foundation, UK President Vijay are leaving on a journey to the borders of Moldova, carrying food, clothes and medical items. Driving in the ACT/MF van (and supported by TEECH, a UK based charity that supports us in various ways), they will be taking the ferry to the Netherlands and driving through Germany, Hungary, Austria, and Romania to reach the northern borders of Moldova to help those displaced from Ukraine.

The Balkans ACT team and other volunteers from the UK will join Jay and Vijay in Romania a few days later. A lot of planning and preparation is taking place, and it is wonderful to see how grace works in facilitating activities for smooth travel, and I share some incidents below.

Yesterday, Jay and I took the van to Skanda Vale to collect food hampers for school children. During the previous two trips, we had collected 2 tonnes of food from Skanda Vale for those displaced from Ukraine. Their kind and generous support have enabled Mohanji ACT Foundation to feed thousands of people over the last decade, and we are so grateful for their loving support.

As we got in the van early in the morning, my eyes fell on the cards Mohanji had placed in the van a few days ago. The most beautiful light emanated from his hand on one of the cards, giving us tangible evidence of his presence, protection, and blessings for all activities we carry out using Mohanji’s platforms. I was reminded of what he had told us one morning, “When we serve using Mohanji platforms, which are based on purity, the merits that we and our lineage receive is manifold.” It was also a wonderful reassurance that his energy and protection are with the van and the drivers as they serve the world, whether it is a short drive down the road or a long trip across many countries.

While I was driving, Jay spoke with Priti to organise the ACT4UKRAINE sweatshirts to be printed. Since we only had two working days to get them done, the printing company we recently used quoted us a very high price. Our hearts sank at the cost involved, and we decided to try another place outside of London. This lady not only agreed to do the sweatshirts for half the price, she actually came home the following day to show us samples of her work and also offered some free t-shirts printed with the same design! How amazing! Mohanji brought the right person to us at the right time, someone with the same mindset of helping others, with whom we will work together for our future printing needs.

Hanumatananda was doing the ACT4UKRAINE design, and he had sent the initial design to Jay. When shared with Mohanji, he asked for the silhouette to be added. While driving in the van, Jay was messaging Hanumatananda to request if it was possible to make the necessary changes, hoping he would see the message before reaching Skanda Vale, where wifi is not always available. As always, it was a rapid response and the design options were sent within the hour, shared with Mohanji and the correct one sent to the printer despite all of us communicating from such different time zones!

After spending some blessed time with the Skanda Vale community (with blue skies and sunshine, nature and animals) and collecting the food hampers, we returned the same day, reaching home at nearly 1 am. Before going to bed, I went into the prayer room to say goodnight and offer my gratitude to Mohanji for the beautiful day. I was very tired and wasn’t really paying much attention to the other pictures or figures at the altar, but somehow my eyes fell on a small picture of Baba encased in glass.

I noticed a beautiful light in the area of his heart, a pink heart in front of the glass and small golden wings near the heart. It was so very beautiful and unmistakable even to my eyes which don’t normally ‘see’ subtle things even after a circle is drawn and an arrow points to it. I remembered reading some time ago that Baba’s aura is huge and a beautiful pink colour, which was shown to me in the pink heart.

Both these tangible experiences on this wonderful day were really magical. The day started, continued and culminated with love and light. Immense gratitude to Mohanji and Guru Mandala (Guru Subramanium, Sathya Sai Baba and all the Masters); they bless us to add value to the world through their teachings, example, inspiration, guidance, energy and protection.

And our heartfelt love and gratitude to all who have supported the ACT4UKRAINE initiative.


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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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