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Kalpataru series – A call from the heart

A few days back I came to know about the Power of Purity (PoP) group meditation and something inside me inspired me to be a part of it. I heard people saying group meditations are very powerful, it is like lifting a log together versus one person lifting it and now from my experience, I can say all those beautiful people were right. I am only halfway through 41 days of PoP meditation, but I feel what people call bliss!

dream experience, experience of bliss, experience of grace, Lord Dattatreya, Mahavatar Babaji, Meeting Masters, Shirdi Sai Baba, Shiva, Travel experience, truth

Eternal Grace

Flashback to March 2018: On the last day of the Machu Picchu trip, I had this weird dream early in the morning, where I saw Mohanji going away from me. I was a bit disturbed by this dream and ended up speaking to Mohanji and requesting him never to leave me.

He said to me, “I’ll never leave you.” Then after a pause, he said, “Come to Badrinath.” 

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