Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 93 & 94

Christopher Greenwood

Day 93 – “Does Mohanji ever get irritated with all the people wanting his time?” 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

As we’re planning for the Turkey retreat with Mohanji, it’s a stark reminder of the reality that we’re facing now in the world. It’s a complex situation, and many considerations have to be taken into account. 

I was thinking back to my Acharya training a few years ago, where Mohanji said that we can expect to see many calamities in the coming years, especially between 2020 and 2022, running then until the end of 2020s. I don’t think I could ever have imagined what we’re facing now—such an unpredictable situation. 

One thing I’ve noticed, especially in recent months and weeks, is that many of the meetings we’re having are around spaces. That’s very important because these spaces in the future will probably be a place of solace and stability for many people. 

The vision for each is going back to the ways of the tradition; living in harmony with nature, beautiful, spacious, with forests, with water, with all the elements, with good vegan food, locally grown and organic products, wholesome practices, chanting, kirtans, yoga, and spaces for meditation and connection to the self. 

As the world turbulence increases, it will be much more difficult to find peace and a space to connect. Because if it’s not calm and peaceful outside, and it’s uncertain, how can you connect inside? So, many of the meetings are about moving everything forward step by step with what we have.

Coming back to Mohanji, his philosophy is “Do it today, no postponement, no delay, it’s now”. Because tomorrow we don’t know. But if we take a step today, at least we’ve taken that much. 

Yesterday, I received a great question from somebody. I felt that the answer I was sharing was also useful for this voice recording because it could give more of a dimension to Mohanji about how he approaches life, and especially how he approaches people. The question was: “Does Mohanji ever get irritated or show any sign of emotion when dealing with such a high volume of different people, where some people may be genuine, and others have impossible expectations?”

It’s a good question. Coming up to a year now being this close to Mohanji, I’ve shared that many different types of people come to him and connect to him in different ways. In fact, it’s completely unique. I’ve been in situations where somebody has asked a question to Mohanji. They got one answer. And then someone else has asked the same question and got a completely different answer. 

The same for me, when I’ve asked Mohanji a question, I got an answer. Then, if I asked him the same question again, he’d give something else. So now, I generally take the first answer. Otherwise, it can be confusing. This may seem simple on the surface, but I believe and perceive that he’s connecting with all possibilities. At a specific time, he responds to what’s presented to him. So, every interaction is unique, based on the situation, as per the time, the space and the person present. 

I’ve also noticed that he simply gives what he can regardless of their background, position, wealth, or status. His approach is something that I’m learning from watching him as well, because people who come to him, there’s no judgment from Mohanji’s side; there’s nothing. He really lives and treats people with respect. That is what we should be doing with everybody we meet – recognizing the positive qualities in them and nurturing them. Even if there are negative qualities, there’s good in everybody. That’s what we want to try and bring out. 

Regarding the irritation aspect: from my speaking to him and some situations which have happened here, he doesn’t get irritated or angry emotionally in that sense. There’s only ever an intensity. It’s not anger, but I feel an intensity. It could look like that on the face of it, but it’s more of a shakeup when tamas or laziness starts to creep in. Especially when the ego starts to sprout, he gives a big hit, which can really shake you up. But once it’s over, it’s over; he doesn’t hold on to that experience. It completely leaves his mind, and sometimes he won’t even remember. 

So, it’s always situational. What I’ve experienced as well is, depending on my mental state at the time, how connected I am internally, whether I’ve got a bit of a scattered mind at that time, or I haven’t got as much focus or clarity, I’ll get the corresponding response back. He is like a mirror; he gives me that reflection so I can understand where I stand that day. 

I’ve always thought, but I can’t tell for sure (because Mohanji doesn’t speak about this), is that Mohanji can always see why people are coming to him. And if he can’t see it, his attitude is that he is a dog of the tradition – loyal, faithful, and ever ready to serve. He then feels everybody who comes in front of him has been sent by the tradition, and he really respects that. Everything that comes to him, whether it’s bad, good, or a gift, is straight away offered to the feet of Baba and the tradition. 

That’s Shirdi Sai Baba, who has played a big part in his life. Therefore, he’s always treating people with respect, humility, and love. When we were travelling, and actually everywhere else, straightaway everybody’s welcomed, with water, food, whatever they need, he makes them feel comfortable. 

A learning for me is to put aside my mind and my opinion and accept that whoever is meant to meet him will meet him—the reasons why I don’t know. I also don’t need to know. I just recognize that there will be a purpose behind it. 

Another thing I’ve noticed is that often, beyond what a person’s status is, their position or the power, the purest of hearts that call him, the sincerest ones, he reaches them. And he’ll go to lengths to respond to a pure call from the heart in a variety of different ways. 

Expanding on that question, “Does he ever get irritated? How does he deal with all the people when some of them are genuine, and some might have impossible expectations?” I think the best example of this is that previously, he knew that some of the closest people would actually betray him. And if he didn’t know, he accepted it as it happened. In the past, there were some challenging times when those closest to him completely tried to destroy him, tarnish his image, and make sure that there would be no more Mohanji in the world. 

There’s no anger; there’s no resentment for him. He believes that life will take care of that. Also, he often says that he is here to give people their fulfilment, in whatever way, shape, or form that is. So, if their idea of fulfilment is to have the experience of tarnishing his name or betrayal, then for him, he is here as the method for that experience to take place. Either way, for him, everything is fulfilment. Nothing is good or bad. It is what it is. And the karmic cycles will do whatever is needed to address those. 

From these observations, and from the learning about the mind being the seat of emotions, and the fact that what we project out into the world we receive corresponding experiences back, it makes it easy to see what it’s like when someone’s operating from a state of no-mind or very minimal mind. No emotions are really kept. There’s just a response at the time; whoever’s in front, and whatever has to be delivered is delivered. 

I hope you have a great day ahead. I will speak to you soon.

Day 94 – Mohanji revealing

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

I’ve mentioned before in previous voice recordings that there’s never a dull day living with Mohanji; there is always activity, movement, and momentum. He has a very clear focus on what he wants to achieve. It really amazes me because, over time, more and more are coming to life, various projects are coming forward, which are all complementary to the one purpose of raising the awareness of the Earth, raising the consciousness to a frequency where Satya Yuga or a Golden Age could become a reality. Each day, each hour, each conversation that he’s having is focused on how things can be moved forward in that direction. 

For example, he gave great orientation to the team leading the land developments for the Centers of Benevolence – about the next steps given this time and the challenges with COVID, how quickly we can move it forward, doing what we can with what we have. 

We’ve been planning the Turkey retreat to be organized well. Today also marks the beginning of the Global Summit. This is the annual event of all the heads of all the platforms across the Mohanji organizations, where we come together and reflect on what we accomplished in the previous year, and then look forward to the year ahead – what are the goals, what would we like to achieve, etc. This kicks off today. 

Lately, I’ve been observing that the speed has increased with all the new activities that are coming forward. For example, I shared one of the alignments between Ammucare and another group of people who will come together to form some great projects and initiatives, about which more details will be shared in the future. 

As I witnessed these as well, it reminds me of a message Devi Amma shared to Mohanji. This was during a time when he was going through serious adversities; many people were going against him. That was clear character assassination. And whilst he was doing everything he could for the good of the world, all these things were happening to him. At that moment, he wanted to know if there was learning that he needed to take from that. 

Mohanji asked Devi Amma, as she is connected to and in communion with Sage Agastya, to ask him about it. His reply was that there’s nothing for Mohanji to learn. In fact, he has come fully accomplished, and all he needs to do now is reveal himself. 

As these new activities are coming and taking shape, I see them as different dimensions of Mohanji’s purpose and vision in the world, especially in alignment with the ancient Sanatana Dharma principles of righteousness. One of those events, which clearly indicates that, was yesterday’s big event. It was the inauguration of the Sri Jagannath temple Trust in the UK. This temple Trust asked Mohanji to become an advisor to that activity. Their mission is to bring Lord Jagannath, Krishna, the Lord of the Universe, to the UK. It is a grand vision. 

Those things don’t happen, as I believe and understand, without the blessings of the Lord, without a plan. So, asking Mohanji to be involved in that and him agreeing and fully supporting that again aligns with those principles of restoring righteousness. 

I’m not a scholar, an academic. I haven’t studied too many spiritual scriptures in depth. But one statement which always stuck in my mind, which was shared at the Acharya training, was from the Bhagavad Gita when Krishna was speaking to Arjuna. And he says: “When there’s a decline of righteousness or a decay of Dharma, I happen.” 

When I look at all the activities within Mohanji global platforms, they aim to promote righteous ways of living, Ahimsa or non-violence, responsibility, respect for everything around. 

Another initiative that is coming forward was only spoken about on the bus as we were going to visit the land in Chikmagalur, where the centre of exclusive sadhana practice will be. The conversation was about the fact that there’s not really a way for people to become aligned to Sanatana Dharma principles. People who believe in the path of living righteousness, Ahimsa, non-violence, living with respect, high human refinement – how can they connect with it more formally? 

I am not quite clear about it, but there’s something within the Hindu system where it’s not easily possible to become recognized as being aligned to that way of living. So, they set out to bring together an idea where people could go through a formal ritual, process and registration so that if they wanted to and felt inclined, they could say – I’m a Sanatana Dharmi or a Hindu. 

This will be a formal process where people can take on that responsibility and a commitment to living that way of life with a new name. So, this was only a thought a few days ago, and with the pace at which Mohanji is moving, it’s now ready to implement and rollout, and it will be coming soon. It’s another dimension of what Mohanji is bringing to the world. Rather than a lesson, it’s an observation of what’s happening and the speed at which it is happening. 

An interesting thing I wanted to share as well, something which I’m recognizing as being consistent, is the change in the shape of Mohanji. 

Yesterday, when it was time for the inauguration event of the Shree Jagannath Temple Trust, we prepared everything to be ready; the camera was there, and the microphone was checked. Mohanji took some time; I think he went to see Amma and Acchan. When he came back into the room, he was different. Not completely different, but his hair colour, facial complexion, and body shape had changed. 

As we recorded the session, we set the lighting up as we normally would do. It was no different from any other event we tried to set up for. But for some reason, no matter what I tried to do with the lights, I couldn’t reduce the brightness displayed on the Zoom session. It was incredibly bright and golden, and no matter how much we turned the lights down, it remained. It was interesting, very interesting. 

I’ll leave you with that for today. I hope you have a good day ahead and speak soon.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – days 39 & 40

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 39 Lesson – Making enemies

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Yesterday I shared some observations of being with Mohanji each day; there are some changes in his body, depending on what’s been happening. For example, before and after Satsangs, or the recent Bootcamp program, his stomach swelled up to quite a large size. 

I also gave an idea of what it’s like in the morning here. I’ll normally go into the room, and if he’s busy, I’ll sit down and wait until he’s done. I’ll continue with my work. There’s rarely any chitchat; there’s no idle talk because that’s how I have a relationship with him; for others, it could be different. For me, it’s very matter of fact. We’re using the time well because there are things to do during the day; we come together, have a succinct conversation as we talk through the main points. If there are any messages or calls that come whilst we’re speaking, Mohanji takes them; I’ll sit, and then we’ll get back to talking. 

It’s very informal here. Mohanji will generally be dressed in something comfortable; sometimes, it can even be topless, depending on the state, because he can generate a lot of heat. I don’t know how many people listening have been close to him; if you have been close, sometimes you can feel the heat when he’s at work. Sometimes when I go into the room, it’s tangibly hot; there’s a lot of heat, a lot of fire there. 

We were speaking yesterday because Mohanji had some trouble with his foot in September, which meant he wasn’t mobile for some time. It’s better now. He’s keen to resume badminton in the next few days, quite excited that we will be playing again. This reminded me of one of the other lessons he shared with us when we were on the court one time. 

As I mentioned before, he plays with full commitment. There’s no playing just for fun. When he’s playing the game, he’s playing completely. Usually, we play doubles; I’ll be paired with Rajesh mostly – we are a duo, and then Mohanji and Ananth – the other duo. When Mohanji plays, he makes a joke that he’s making an enemy of us. He says that he has to create enemies so that he has the satisfaction of beating or winning, in a joking way, not so serious. But game after game, we lose many times because those two as a duo are pretty good. 

One day he gave a deeper insight into this. We were talking, and he asked, “Isn’t this what we do through in life all the time, create enemies for ourselves.” We said that we go through life, and we create our own enemies; we tend to find someone or something to be in opposition to. Then we can have that satisfaction of fighting and eventually winning. And he said, “You can see that within the whole of society and people’s lives – how people create enemies and even fight with themselves. In the mind, enemies are created, and then all work, effort, and focus are put into pulling them down or opposing them, or fighting, or being in conflict, and people enjoy this. People are proud as they have the satisfaction or the pride that somebody has been beaten, whether it is an argument, positioning, or discussions, or even something larger, such as big conflicts between countries – an ego is happy.”

Then Mohanji said that in life, there are no enemies if you look at it completely. He said, “We create them. And for what reason do we do this? Does it bring any benefit? Does it contribute to our life? We put in a great effort to create an enemy, maintain them and then defeat them. Time after time, we make new enemies, which give us the temporary satisfaction of winning.”

I understood that this was a good thought for all of us, and this question came to me this morning again – are we making enemies? For what reason? Are there really any enemies?

With the Bootcamp coming to a close yesterday, we had a recap session with Mohanji. He spoke about acceptance. If we accept life as it is, then there are no real enemies because we understand that everybody is as they are, as per their orientation. Again, I was thinking of it this morning – who are the enemies in life. Hopefully, soon we’ll be back playing this week, and we can create our enemies again, have someone to fight and struggle against whilst we play the game. 

I hope you have a great day.

Day 40 Be Alert & Be Aware to catch Mohanji’s teachings

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I wanted to talk about the need to be alert and aware always when you’re with Mohanji and when I’m with Mohanji because it’s very difficult to catch. In the middle of a conversation, even if it’s just general about something practical, sometimes he’ll give a diamond of wisdom or priceless teachings, and it’s very easy to let these moments slip by if I’m not alert. When I asked him about this, he said he’s not interested in kindergarten or ‘feel good’ spirituality. He’s delivering substantial material, and he’s here to make masters, not to collect followers, which means we have to be alert.

I know from being with Mohanji that some people have spent considerable time with Mohanji, and I wonder what may have been lost or are still waiting because it hasn’t been recorded. So, I think it could be a good idea that anyone who has spent time with him talks about it like this, and all these diamonds of wisdom and teachings can be collated. I feel a sense of responsibility to share what comes because some of the insights he gives are real diamonds. Through these recordings, I have tried to do that, but still, due to the pace of the work and activities, sometimes, if my attention is not completely there, it can be very difficult to pick up.

Mohanji will rarely say – this is important, take a note of this, or give any detailed reasons. He’ll deliver something, and it’s up to me or the people who are in front of him to be aware and assess what it is and its value. He completely flows, and what needs to come at the time will come, so most of the time, for him, it’s forgotten because he’s just flowing!

He also really values efficiency, which is why he always looks to complete things within 24 hours, and then we’re moving forward. He also doesn’t stand any Tamas, lethargy. If I repeat something or ask a question to clarify a few days later, it’s a disaster; he would say that we’re both wasting our time. So one has to be alert with him, or one misses it. We all have to be alert and aware; otherwise, we will miss it ourselves. While we have Mohanji, and if liberation is our goal, I think we can make the best use of his time as he’s here for us and the world.

I’ll give a small example of this. And then a bigger example, too.

Once when I was speaking to Mohanji about some event we were planning, he told me to check the Rahu Kalam timings. I didn’t know what this was at the time, but this is the inauspicious time of the day in Vedic astrology. So generally, you avoid doing anything significant like starting a project, or an activity, making decisions, or signing any documents as it’s an inauspicious time. It’s set for each day in the almanac or panchang, so if you’re beginning something or you need to do something important, it’s best to avoid that time of the day, as per Vedic Astrology. 

At one time, we were planning an event, so he asked me to bring his mother’s calendar, which has all the details on there (she keeps good track of everything, in the house and outside). This calendar had dates and had the auspicious times, and he read them out for the week. I took note of that. Then that was it, the event happened, and we chose the right timing.

Then a month later, Mohanji asked me what time we should sign a document; I hadn’t realized that those timings were the same for every day of the week. I thought it was just specific for that week. So I didn’t really take a note beyond that and register it, so we could check it each day, each week if we’re planning an activity. I asked, “So each week is the same?” He just simply said, “Why do you think I told you this? Now we’re talking a month later, and we have to talk about it all again. Why are we wasting time like this?” So, to that level of detail – you might think of it as something small, but you have to be aware. This is the same for the big teachings as well.

Mohanji is always giving clarity at the time, and he says, you can ask me as many questions as needed at that time. But he’ll never explicitly say this is what you need to think about. So, in the above incident, I assumed it was only needed for that week, but it wasn’t the case. Over time, and especially the time I’ve lived with him here, I’ve attended most of Mohanji’s meetings, the Satsangs, and the programs, and he has given a lot of information. Recently in the Bootcamp, he was giving the whole roadmap to liberation, practices, and the processes to achieve the ultimate.

In one of my previous recordings, I spoke about Devi Amma, and Satya Sai Baba visited her. She was performing birthday puja for Baba when he appeared and spoke to her. He said that he is very proud of the work that Mohanji is doing. Devi Amma is also deeply connected to Sage Agastya, who told her that Mohanji doesn’t need to learn anything while he’s here. He has come fully accomplished; all he has to do over time is reveal what he’s doing all the time, that’s if we can catch it.

For example, a couple of months back, on the 10th of October, Mohanji was scheduled to implement just a 10-minute meditation which he hadn’t prepared, but he spontaneously gave an Awareness Meditation that focused on the gap or the space between the inhalation and the exhalation, and it was for 10 minutes. After he finished, he turned to us in the room (we set up the camera and sound) and said that he had just given an Avadhoota practice. If people caught it, they would reach great heights because finding that gap between the breath is the key to heaven.

Then yesterday, during the Reinvent Yourself retreat, he hadn’t planned anything – he doesn’t like to, in some ways. Mohanji connects to the energy of the group and then delivers as per what’s needed. So yesterday, he delivered a process called Chidakasha, which is incredibly powerful, and many people said they felt it. He said that this was an advanced ascension process, which masters give; an incredibly powerful process because it aims to install the guru inside us, behind the third eye, and activates the pineal gland, which opens up people for completely vast dimensions. He said people usually say to install the guru in the heart for connection, whereas this is bringing the state of the guru into you so that you merge with that state and you become it. It was the same with the second process, which was finding silence, and this could also take people deep inside.

I wonder how many people caught that. He delivered perfectly, but then it’s our job to catch it, be alert, and be aware of what’s being provided. So now, reflecting on that, I want to create a section in the office team where I can have a group of people who are dedicated to capturing this kind of information, packaging it as processes, courses, even books. In this way, precious material that comes is properly documented for now and for posterity. I start the search for that team today. 

I hope that was useful for you and interesting. And the key message with Mohanji – Being alert, being aware.

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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 19 & 20

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 19 Lesson – How I developed belief, faith and trust in Mohanji

Good morning, everybody. Today, I wanted to share an experience and lesson about the importance of belief and faith. The idea to share this today came from a talk with Mohanji this morning. 

We were discussing the ‘Invest in Awareness’ program. And he was sharing great content about the path of spirituality with a reminder that it is an individual journey. And all he did in his life was to find himself. And now he is guiding others to find themselves. This is his focus. 

We spoke briefly about belief. My mind instantly recalled a situation months ago here at the house when I had to believe what my mind could not comprehend because there was no other explanation. And how I did that was by having trust in Mohanji and then using a filter of my own logic to reconfirm why I have trust in Mohanji so that I could believe that this situation happened. 

So as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have any capacity really to see beyond the ordinary. I know others do, Mai-Tri and MTM practitioners. And I’ve heard many stories. But whilst I find them entertaining and definitely fascinating, I’ve always just kept a watch that, for anything I’m doing, I’m relying on my own experience and belief rather than anybody else’s. Although I trust people, I know that some people can change their minds. And this is some advice, which I picked up from Mohanji when I first met him two years ago at a Satsang where he said, “Nobody has to believe anything blindly. There’s plenty of room for people to take their time, have their experience, and develop a belief or a trust.” He also said, “Once you’ve decided, then stick to that because that’s then a benefit for you. Because then you can go further. You start digging where you stand, and eventually you’ll reach water.”

And this came from a story. One morning, we sat downstairs for our morning meeting. This was months ago. And Mohanji was giving guidance or instructions on tasks I can’t quite remember. But we were speaking; I was sitting on the floor, Mohanji was in his chair. And we had eye contact, and we were speaking. And then, mid-sentence, he just stopped. His eyes turned to the window, looking in a different direction, complete silence. And I was confused because this was a complete shift. Imagine you’re talking to someone, just having a conversation, it’s flowing, and then all of a sudden, they just stop and look the other way. It’s a big shift. 

Then he stood up, which is even more strange, walked a few steps ahead. All in silence, we weren’t speaking. Then he took a cushion, he put it on the floor in the middle of the room, and then he came down to his knees on the cushion. So, I’m sitting; he is now a few steps in front of me on his knees facing the window. And then he went into a push-up position. And I was completely confused. I really couldn’t understand. I was thinking, is this an impromptu morning workout session? Am I meant to take something from this and join him, start doing some push-ups? I didn’t know. So he started doing some push-ups. I can’t remember the number. But then he stood up, put the cushion back, sat down, started looking at me and said: “Right, what was I just saying?” As if nothing had happened, as this was all just a play in my imagination. 

Now, if you picture that scene, it’s quite abrupt. Just to watch all this happen, and then it to finish – I was amazed! And Mohanji must have clearly felt my confusion. And he just casually said someone was dying. They were in the hospital. I think he said the person was on life support. And he said they were praying to him. So he had to help, and he had to bring the person back to life. 

Now, we were just talking about something very mundane. And then this situation happened. So I couldn’t contain myself and instantly asked with a very confused mind: “But how is that even possible?” To which he responded: “Well, what do you want, a scientific proof?” And my mind gave up; I realized it would be impossible to comprehend. 

And I’ve had a similar experience when I first met Mohanji a couple of years ago. The situation happened where my mind just couldn’t take it.

But this was the lesson for me that has come together now, restarting that conversation around belief and faith, which I thought might also be useful for some other people. Because what I’ve realized is that when I can’t see for myself, and when I say ‘see’, it’s not just physically, it’s perceiving the deeper work that’s going on behind everything that Mohanji does, but I’m aware of something happening. Not much has been spoken to me, yet I’ve had a big transformation in my life. It hasn’t been: Okay, now you do this, now you do that, this is the teaching, like a school. It’s just happening. It’s naturally happening. 

So when there’s a situation that’s beyond comprehension, what do you do? What do I do? So I had two options, really: I could believe it, or I could reject it. What I realized helped keep me steady in that belief because I could easily have taken the view that this is just absolute craziness. But now, I realized that and the method that I’ve been using, which we spoke about this morning since I had met Mohanji two years ago, is that when I can’t see something for myself, I have to develop a belief. That’s the only thing really that I can hold on to. But it’s not blind belief. I have to have a belief in something, something that I choose to rely on. 

And this is where the belief and the sort of logical understanding have helped because I’m a rational, logical person. And what I realized was that I completely trust Mohanji. I feel completely safe. And I had to use my logic again: Why? Why did I trust? And how was I so sure that I had this trust? 

So, for me, the lesson is that I have a few reminders that I can always go back to if my mind sort of wavers. And the first one very clearly is that he asks nothing from me. Nothing! All this is of my own, the opportunity has arisen, and then it’s my own free will and contribution. Yes, I’ve experienced a big transformation in my life since meeting Mohanji. So my own experience of being with him is something I can trust, knowing that he doesn’t ask anything. Then the second one: he is completely consistent. Everything he’s spoken about since I’ve become aware of him, he lives that message. And I’ve been with him for months now. And he’s living exactly what he says since I first came into contact with him. 

And then there’s also zero pressure for me to follow him or be with him. So he needs nothing and is completely secure; humility personified. So then I realized he has no reason that he would make this up. I saw this event, I saw this experience, he told me frankly, and that’s what happened. So I have that belief. And I think when you can develop that belief with more conviction, that’s when it becomes faith. I think this is something else that’s important. 

So this is the message for today that maybe can also help people in their own thinking or belief – trusting their experience and using logic to help their experience or belief get strengthened and faith strengthened. So I’ve learned that belief is incredibly important when you can’t see or experience something for yourself. 

And believing in a trusted source. So having something that you can trust to anchor that belief too is important. So first believing in myself, my own experience, and then believing in a trusted source if that’s not available, and for me, I know that I completely trust Mohanji.  

Logic brings that further understanding so that it stays steady. 

That’s the message for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you enjoyed this story and could imagine that situation which happened. It was quite a shock. 

Have a great day ahead.

Day 20 Lesson – Who is Mohanji Part #2

Good morning, everybody. I hope you have a great day ahead. 

Yesterday, I spoke about my faith and belief in Mohanji, how that developed, how I had to use my logic to move past some hurdles. Today, I continue this theme alongside a question I asked in earlier recordings: ‘Who is Mohanji?’. Because still now, the more time I spend with him, the less I really know about him. I just can see what I can see, you know, what’s inside me. And whilst I’m focused on very terrestrial matters, there’s always something much more happening. Many people are connecting to him; he reaches many people, despite the fact he is physically sitting in front of me. 

And he doesn’t display; he doesn’t show, he doesn’t try to explain. And if I ever ask a question, or someone else asked the question, he simply says, “I do my job”. And this was difficult to understand at first because there’s little outward display. Now it’s just come to an acceptance and trust. 

And he’s also completely fine with saying, “Those who have eyes to see will see, and those who don’t, it’s okay.” And I was surprised because this even relates to other Swamis too, because he confuses them, as Mohanji doesn’t come from one of the traditional paths or routes. He is self-made. 

But those who are practising Mai-Tri and MTM can see the work. When I’ve asked him about this too, whether that’s the whole picture or is there more going on, he again smiles and says, “I do my job, I’m doing many things.” So there’s little outward display. 

But an experience I wanted to share is one of the more subtle ways that Mohanji can work and give people experiences. But you have to be really attuned to catch them. I think someone said this to me before as well that Mohanji is very unassuming, and he could easily just slip into the shadows if you let him; he would just go. You have to keep a keen watch. 

And before I met Mohanji, I was searching for a long time. I was looking for answers. But answers to the questions I didn’t even know. There’s just something I was searching for—so many spiritual communities, a yoga practice, the Theosophical Society, and even Freemasonry for many years. So in deep questions, I was searching and searching. 

And one question that stuck with me since meeting Mohanji was: These previous paths, do they also reach the source? It was a small mind question. I avoid taking these types of questions to Mohanji because I respect his time; he’s got a lot to do. And I want to keep the interaction purely on what we’re doing with the work. And I also knew that this question was just for my mind sake, just for my interest. But it was playing on my mind for some time. 

Downstairs is an office room with a bathroom adjoining it, and it has a bookcase with many great books in there. Mohanji had gone to the bathroom, and I came, and I took a towel so that he could dry his hands afterwards. And as he came out, he looked at the bookcase and said: “Causal body”, and walked out; there was no discussion. I remembered at that point that when with Mohanji, everything has the potential to be a lesson if you have the observation. Because generally, his life is a message. He lives his message. He lives his teachings. 

So I decided, “Okay, Causal body, there’s a book there, let’s have a look at this.” I picked up the book to read it later. And then, when I read it, and I quickly skimmed through all the sections that I was drawn to, of course, I found clear answers to the questions which were clogging my mind. And my mind was happy, and I put the book back. 

This may seem very small, but it was quite profound for me at the time. Because again, there was no display, but he did his job. Even for the smallest annoyance, I had in my mind, even though I hadn’t verbalized it to him, I got my answer, and then that was gone.

I don’t know really, who Mohanji is, how he’s working, but it’s definitely more than I can perceive. And I remember in the earlier days before I was actually living with him, I was trying to understand this as well: ‘Who is he?’ Because I couldn’t quite put it together. And one thing which really stuck out for me is when I was watching Facebook, the posts and the photographs were coming up of all the people that he was meeting, especially all these great masters, all these great saints who had their own stature, they were big in their own right. When you look back at all of these, they show such reverence to Mohanji. They shower him with reverence. And all of them are from different lineages. It’s as if the masters of all lineages are coming together; connecting with Mohanji in that way – from the Siddha, Kriya, Shakti, obviously the Avadhoota lineage; great masters, Siddhas and Saints such as Devi Amma, who gave the title to Mohanji ‘Friend of the Universe’. Then Avadhoota Nadananda gave the title Brahmarishi, Ganeshananda Giri, a staunch disciple of Shirdi Sai Baba, whom Sai Baba actually told: ‘You know, you need to find Mohanji’; then Vittal Babaji gave Mohanji the title Raja Yogi and Vasudev Swami, a great master and a devotee of Bhagavan Nityananda. And there are many more as well, such as Gorkhe Guruji, who I mentioned, was a big master in his right, and he actually wanted Mohanji to sit on his chair after declaring in front of people in public that Mohanji was part of Dattatreya. 

So, such reverence from all these people. I don’t know who Mohanji is, but by observation, there’s something that all these great people are respecting and seeing in Mohanji. 

I hope you have a great day ahead and speak to you all soon.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 13

Day 13 lesson – Blessings from Sathya Sai Baba

By Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday when I went to speak with Mohanji about the Invest in Awareness program I had conducted that day, he told me that Devi Amma talked to him to say that something very, very important had happened. Devi Amma is the saint/Siddha who gave Mohanji the title of Vishvamitra (Friend of the Universe). 

Devi Amma was conducting a full-fledged honour to Sathya Sai Baba for his birthday on Monday, 23rd November, and he appeared personally to receive the offering. There were only her niece, nephew and two German people with her.

He (Baba) spoke to her and told her that he was really proud of the work that Mohanji was doing in the world and how he is doing it. He (Mohanji) has his full support. She could then see Mohanji in a subtle form bowing to Baba. Baba blessed Mohanji and showered him with flowers. 

It was very important for Mohanji and all of us in the Foundation/platforms. We are often unaware of the support, the grace, and the backing that Mohanji, the platforms and all its people have from the Tradition.

Good morning, everybody. I hope you had a great day yesterday. 

For me, yesterday was really busy. And as sometimes can happen, it was also busy for Mohanji. So we didn’t really speak too much. Some days are like that because I don’t want to disturb him and there’s plenty of things to be doing. 

But in the evening, I had some updates to share. I had conducted a program for Invest in Awareness, which I mentioned yesterday. It went really well, and I wanted to share how it went – who attended, any feedback, this type of thing. When I spoke to him, he told me that a very important thing had happened yesterday and he relayed this story. He said that Devi Amma had been trying desperately to reach him. His phone was being unavailable, so she eventually connected to Rajesh. For those that don’t know Devi Amma, she’s an established saint. Mohanji says she’s a living Siddha who’s deeply connected to Sage Agastya and other Masters. And it’s she who actually shared that Mohanji is a great Master who has been sent here to spread unconditional love, both on Earth and beyond – Vishvamitra, or friend of the Universe. 

So Mohanji told me the story – that Devi Amma had called, and he said that he would take the call from his room. She told him something very, very important happened yesterday. And this was on Sathya Sai Baba’s 95th birthday on 23rd November. She was performing a full-fledged honour to him, and he actually appeared. She was with her niece and nephew, and also two German people were there. But other than that, there was nobody else with them. 

Sai Baba came, and Baba actually accepted the offerings from her. He said: “By the way, I’m really proud of Mohanji. I really like his work and the way he does it, and I’m fully supporting him.” And she said she could then see Mohanji in subtle form, bowing down to him. Then Baba touched Mohanji’s head and blessed him, and put a lot of flowers over him. He basically endorsed the activity – our activity, the Mohanji Foundation’s activity. 

This was really big for Mohanji and the whole platform because it’s endorsed then by Satya Sai Baba. And he said these kinds of things are what keep us moving because it’s not easy to walk against such negativities and obstacles. People might not understand that’s the support that all this has behind it. Those who matter, like Sage Agastya, have told Devi Amma numerous times that he’s really proud of the way that Mohanji works. And it’s because Mohanji doesn’t take nonsense, he’s full-action. 

Devi Amma also said that Sai Baba had told her to say this. And she was very, very proud. 

Now, obviously, I’m somewhat naive, and so I asked, “What do you mean he physically appeared – like in front of her, like as you’re sitting in front of me now?” And he told me, “No, no, it’s in an energy form, the same way that other people around the world feel Mohanji’s presence from time to time. And it’s the subtlest visible as the gross can perceive”. So Devi Amma probably could see a lot, but the Germans might not have been able to see, but they would have felt the presence. And apparently, he spoke a lot about Mohanji. And that’s why Devi Amma really wanted to connect, to tell Mohanji about this. 

And so for Mohanji as well, he was saying that he really appreciates it coming from Devi Amma because when all of the people were talking bad things about him, she was the one that supported him. And she said that’s because it was her duty.

He shared as well something of the time before (I think 2014) when Mohanji suffered a really big attack, and many people were out to tarnish his image. And he asked Devi Amma, “Why is all this happening? Is there something I’m doing wrong?” And it was really, quite a difficult situation. And although he’d never spoken to Agastya before, he really wanted to this time because he was disturbed. And he told her that a group of people had turned against him, cut off his money, spoke tremendously bad things, and his partner took away the company. Mohanji just wanted to know if there was something wrong he was doing and if there was, then what lesson he should learn. 

So at that time (2014), she had a discussion with Sage Agastya, and the next day, she and Mohanji met. She relayed what Agastya had said, saying: “I’m really proud of Mohanji; he is my son. Why this is happening is because I have to remove certain things from him. People are not letting him grow. They’re not letting him do his job or progress. And he has a big job to do on Earth. And some of these people are very small-minded, and they’re not allowing him to take steps forward”. So he (Agastya) had to take them off his path. 

And when she asked what lessons he should learn, Agastya said, “No lessons for him. He came accomplished in this life, and he has nothing to learn in this life. He only has to reveal, and he will reveal at his time”. And then he said, “They have to learn, the people with him (including us), because he is sent by us to bring people back to the Satya Yuga, to raise their awareness sufficiently to enter into that Satya Yuga frequency. So they have to learn, not him. And if they can’t handle him, it’s not his problem. It’s their problem”. 

So there was the answer. And I can see a big resemblance to Mohanji there in style. And if Mohanji is the son of Agastya, then – like father, like son – no beating around the bush, straight to the point. 

That’s the story from yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy the day ahead. Speak to you soon.


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Kalpataru series – Blessings manifold during Guru Purnima 2019


By Rekha Murali, India

On this joyous occasion of Guru Purnima of July 2020, I was transported back to the celebrations last year. My heart wells up in gratitude as I relive the moments of the blissful day in the presence of two great Masters. Yes indeed, blessings were showered on all those present there, by both, my Guru Mohanji and the great Siddha Devi Amma.

It all started with a sudden desire to be in Mohanji’s presence for at least one Guru Purnima. This was wish one on my checklist. Things worked out smoothly, I could rearrange my commitments and soon found myself comfortably on the way to Bangalore for a satsang that was announced with Mohanji.

Deep down, I had another wish to meet Devi Amma on this auspicious day. Chances did not seem so bright as she lived far away from the main city and my stay in the city was only for a day. Moreover, the satsang was planned on the other side of the town. But on my way to Bangalore, I got a message from a dear friend that Devi Amma would be present for the satsang with Mohanji. The second wish on my checklist was also fulfilled.

With a heart filled with gratitude, I soon found myself in a taxi on the way to the venue. As I got off at the station, the Uber app which I relied on, stopped working and I couldn’t find a single cab. A man suddenly approached me and showed me his Uber credentials and was willing to take me to the venue for a flat rate which was reasonable. I had done my homework previously. I thought I was very lucky while on my way. But soon he started asking me for extra fare and I slowly started praying to Mohanji till we reached the venue. I did not interact much with him and quickly alighted from the cab giving him the money that we had initially agreed upon. So with thanks on my lips, I went into the venue and was soon involved in the preparations for Mohanji’s arrival.

Aditya Nagpal and I were assigned the seva of manning the front desk.  Soon Mohanji arrived with his parents and Devi Mohan, and all of us assembled in the room waiting for Devi Amma. Mohanji teased Aditya a lot but did not say anything to me.  I had the opportunity in the meantime to present a bouquet of flowers to Mohanji on the request of a devotee who couldn’t be present there. Devi Amma arrived and all of us assembled once again in pure happiness and bliss at this double treat of seeing two great Masters together. They appeared as the powerful Shiva and Shakti! A moment to be cherished for lifetimes!

The satsang commenced and both great Masters answered various questions.  Aditya and I were seated at the back and my eyes were just closing and I could not understand anything of what Mohanji was speaking. I was just floating in the energy of the place and nothing entered my thick skull. Aditya then shared that it was because of the high energy in the room. At the back of the mind, I also had a sudden desire for Shaktipat from Mohanji and felt only then would this trip be complete. Wish number three on my checklist was also fulfilled as Mohanji announced that he would give Shaktipat to all those present. My heart danced in joy and I patiently awaited my turn.

I soon approached Mohanji with a racing heart as for no reason I was simply brimming with happiness. As Mohanji gave me Shaktipat, I was overjoyed and it felt as though I needed nothing more. I was grinning from ear to ear, in joy that is indescribable.  This had never happened before. It was the pure joy of just ‘being’ with no thoughts, completely empty and fully present in a moment of bliss. Usually, I would be solemn and just allow the Master to fill me up. However this time, I felt he had given me everything. After the Shaktipat, he quietly held my hands and gently asked me, “Are you happy?” These three words made me understand how he hears each word that is unspoken and fulfills the smallest of wishes that flit across in our thoughts. Till then I had not spoken to him and in reply, all that I could do was mumble a yes with tears of joy streaming down my face. His unconditional love filled up completely.

rekha gp

With his blessings, I ran into the loving embrace of Devi Amma.  She hugged me, blessed me, enquired about every family member, particularly about my son, and at the same time blessing him. My cup was full and I couldn’t have asked for more.



It ended all too soon and it was time to return. My friend Radha Sreenivas and I had no transport to return to the city and there were no cabs available. We were trying our best to get a cab but somehow I was not worried.  I just assured Radha that we would ask someone to drop us off at a place where we could get cabs. Most of the people had left by then and as we were finishing our dinner, a guest whom I had not met before, joined us at the table. She (Mini Gopinath) overheard the two of us trying to book a cab and gently offered to drop us off in her car. Thank you, Mini. It turned out that she had to go to the exact same area where I was heading! Need I say more? Although he was not present there, Mohanji ensured that everyone returned safely. As he always says, “I do my job!”

On this Guru Purnima, I bow down in gratitude to this wonderful friend, Guide and Master Mohanji who has been a beacon of light leading me gently towards my destination.

Pranaams dear Mohanji with gratitude and love.

Pranaams dear Devi Amma, in whose love I melt and just merge.




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A precious Gift

Mohanji blessing

by Sakshi Gupta, Jammu India

I’m always with you. – Mohanji

Every breath is a gift from Mohanji. So many times in my life, I have experienced how Mohanji has literally saved me in various situations.

16th July was Guru Purnima. I was yearning to be with Mohanji, but due to various commitments, I couldn’t make it to Bangalore. I was upset that I could not meet him physically. However I have no complaints, as thanks to Mohanji Foundation, we had darshan of Mohanji and Devi Amma’s beautiful satsang live on Facebook.

Mohanji and Devi Amma


The next day, on 17th July, I slipped and had a bad fall  at home. Mohanji literally held my hand and reduced the impact of the fall. There were no injuries  at all, except that my right ankle got twisted. A major head injury was prevented. My heart knows this was purely Mohanji’s protection. I sincerely thanked Him in my heart.

Due to the twist in my ankle, I couldn’t walk for 2 days. I did not inform Mohanji about all this, as I felt that He knows everything.

The reason for sharing all this is because what happened couple of nights later (20th July) was just amazing. All these events appear to be linked.


That night I woke up at 3 am. I was not feeling well, so I read a blog by Lata on her experiences at the Kumbh. After reading, I went back to sleep. Then in my dream, Mohanji came and took my husband and me to a very old Hanumanji’s temple. It was a cave which had images of all the Devis and Devatas. At the back of the cave was Hanumanji’s temple. There we did a pooja and Mohanji applied orange colour kumkum on our foreheads. After the pooja, Mohanji asked me, “How’s your foot?” He took my foot in His hands and blessed my foot. He closed his eyes and gave me healing.

Immediately after that, I woke up and the pain was gone. In excitement, I jumped out of my bed and realised that the pain had really  gone. No pain at all! Everything including the swelling had gone. Mohanji  took away my pain and healed me.

mohanji on evolving

I had wanted to meet Him. He gave me darshan, and even took me to a beautiful Hanumanji’s shrine. Not only that, He healed my physical pain also through His divine darshan in the dream.

Mohanji truely means it when He says ” I am with you.” He makes sure that we feel His presence when we need it. The divine dream that I had was a clear evidence of this.

I felt this was a precious and blessed gift for me from Mohanji for Guru Purnima! My head bows to my Guru with gratitude.

I am always at your lotus feet, dear Mohanji!



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The Guru who liberates!

Mohanji on liberation

By Devadas, Palakkad, Kerala


Lord Shiva has said to Devi Parvati in Guru Gita (Shloka # 169),

Maata dhanyaa pitaa dhanyo, dhanyo vamsah kulam tathaa,
Dhanyaa ca Vasudhaa Devi, Gurubhaktih sudurlabhaa.

which means,

Blessed is the mother (of a devoted disciple), blessed is the father, and blessed is the family and ancestry. O Goddess, (such) devotion to Guru is very rare.

When we connect to the Guru, not just we but our families, our lineage, forefathers and even future generations also come under the protection of the Guru.

I recently experienced this eternal truth through a bitter situation in my life. This is a very personal matter and in a normal scenario, I wouldn’t have openly discussed it. However, when I realised how my Guru Mohanji’s protection has worked, I felt it’s no longer a personal matter to keep it to myself. I felt I must share with the world how powerful the connection with our Master can be.

My only brother, in his mid-50s, recently took a drastic action of committing suicide leaving his young family behind. In our entire family or even known relatives, we have never had such an incident. We belong to a religious and ritualistic Hindu Brahmin family and are aware of how a soul goes through immense pain and stays bound when a person commits suicide. In the last many years, our whole family has been going through immense pain and incidents of drastic nature have been happening. Every such incident seems to bring our whole lineage down.

Although a ritualistic Hindu by birth, after marriage my brother converted to a different religion. Going through many ups and down in his life, something made him take such a drastic step. With this incident, I was really worried about the pain that his soul would go through. I cried out to my Guru Mohanji.

Anytime, during any trouble, my heart first cries out to Mohanji. He has been protecting not only me but my entire family too. During this particular time, Guru Mohanji was not in India.


In this condition, Anitha, my wife’s sister who is also a Mai-Tri practitioner, offered to give me a Mai-Tri session. The Mai-Tri session was immensely powerful. It was as if Mohanji Himself came and gave me a message.

Anitha had a clear vision of Mohanji and Kailash during the session and saw very vividly how Mohanji was protecting me. She also received a message that I must speak to Devi Amma.

After the Mai-Tri session, when she conveyed this to me, I was speechless. I understood that this was a direct command from Mohanji. I must tell you that Mohanji loves and respects Devi Amma a lot. Devi Amma considers Mohanji as her spiritual brother.

Hence without further delay, I called up Devi Amma in Bangalore and narrated my brother’s incident to her. Devi Amma assured me that she will ask ‘Appa’ (Rishi Agastya) and let me know. A couple of days later, Devi Amma conveyed an important message. This message left me awestruck. She conveyed that Rishi Agastya sent her a clear message that my brother’s soul has crossed over to the other side very smoothly. He had conveyed that this was only possible because of a connection to a higher Master.

Devi Amma explained to me then in simple terms that my connection with Mohanji has ensured the grace and protection of the Guru for my family and relatives, including my brother. This is why even though the soul had left through a drastic step such as suicide, instead of wandering and suffering, my Guru had enabled the soul to cross the boundaries and set it free from its bindings.

Mohanji connection

These words may seem unbelievable, but I had no doubt about this truth as these were authenticated by a living Master like Devi Amma! She revealed this truth about the power of this wonderful connection to my Guru and how this connection can pull the whole lineage out of any ditch!

Then I was reminded of another important incident. This was regarding my father. Though he was a born Hindu Brahmin, he was an atheist and he did not understand the Guru Tatwa (Guru Principle). My father sold the land which had a century old “Naga temple” to a non-Hindu person who demolished it. I was worried about this mishap and the repercussions this incident could bring to our whole family. I had not met Mohanji at that time. Maybe it was the Guru Mandala’s grace that was working; I was inspired to build a Naga temple in one of my lands. This was my way of penance for the mistake that my father did. Those were the days that my wife and I were desperately praying for Lord Krishna to come to our family as a child! Well, Krishna didn’t come as a child, but he came in the form of “Mohanji.” My Guru appeared in my life. After Mohanji accepted me and blessed me, He also blessed my whole family and lineage.

It was very evident that during the last breath of my father, Mohanji had ensured a very smooth, literally pain-free exit for him. Even though my father was not a follower of Mohanji and was unaware of the protection that he was receiving from my Guru, he had a very smooth exit.

My brother’s case was yet another proof of the Master’s protection for the entire family and lineage. Not only this. When Mohanji returned to India, one day at His Bangalore home, during a discussion with other devotees on this incident, He said,

“I am looking after Devadas very dearly. He and his family have been suffering for lifetimes. This lifetime, I will ensure that suffering is not repeated anymore. He and the entire lineage are being taken care of.”

My friend and Mohanji Acharya Kishore conveyed this message to me. I had no words to express my gratitude to my Guru Mohanji. My tears knew no boundaries. I am so thankful to the Tradition for allowing me to meet my eternal Master Mohanji in this lifetime and guiding me towards liberation.

Thank you Mohanji. Koti koti pranaams at your feet.

With my heart full of devotion, I offer the following poem at my Guru’s feet.

Guru Mohana nayanam sharanam
Guru Mohana Vadanam sharanam
Guru Mohana Charanam sharanam
Bhava saagara taranam. ||1||

Guru Mohana hasitam sharanam
Guru Mohana vachanam sharanam
Guru Mohana vasanam sharanam
Bhava saagara taranam. ||2||

Guru Mohana rupam sharanam
Guru Mohana mantram sharanam
Guru Mohana mananam sharanam
Bhava saagara taranam. ||3||

Guru Mohana dhyanam sharanam
Guru Mohana bodham sharanam
Guru Mohana darshan sukrutat
Mama pooritha layanam
Parapooritha layanam ||4||

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The Lord of the Lions – The Truth

Mohanji with lion cubs

By Rekha Murali

“If you want to grow spiritually, root in EXPERIENCE, not in words, not in theories.” – Mohanji

I learnt the value of these words only through my experiences. As I connect with Mohanji more and more, I realise that it is the experiences that help me understand my spiritual growth. Experiences abound every day but how aware am I of these experiences? How much faith do I have to recognise these experiences as a blessing through the grace of the Master? Pain or pleasure, is it not learning? Is it not a dilution of the pre-destined karma? I bow to Mohanji, resting my head at His feet in complete surrender, with a humble prayer to remove what is not essential for me!

Each day of the past four years has brought forth so many experiences, some very minuscule and some so huge that it has shaken me out of my stupor. Some made me realise the depth of my connection with Mohanji, while others made me doubt Him. But since 2017, there has been a great shift within me, recognising the greatness of my Guru and I am now able to completely accept Him with deep devotion and faith! There may be tests in the journey but now I have the confidence the compassion incarnate Para Brahma is walking with me helping me jump over the hurdles with ease!

I now share with you an experience that showed me the invisible hand of the divine assuring me of protection and unconditional love. It showed me the true stature of my Guru, Mohanji! I felt His presence without presence deep within the core of my being!

The story begins…

On Mahashivratri, there were many miracles that took place at the ashram in South Africa. Reading the sharing by Swami Bhaktananda was mesmerising. Mohanji’s face in the picture had morphed into Lord Narasimha himself – the face of a lion! Lord Narasimha is the fourth of the ten primary incarnations (avatars) of Lord Vishnu, the Hindu God of preservation. The main purpose of the ten avatars was to restore cosmic order.

Going back to my story, I was overwhelmed by reading the beautiful write-up and wondered at the power of the lion-faced God – known as Narasimha or Narasingha. Singha in Sanskrit means lion. The next evening I sat down for my Consciousness Kriya (CK) practice. Those were the days when tears would roll down my cheeks for no apparent reason and during the practice of CK, I would weep buckets. At that time, I was also being initiated into the Mai-Tri Method and so a lot of baggage from my sub-conscious mind was getting cleared. I was being churned inside out by Mohanji! Kriya and Mai-Tri are a wonderful combination of cleansing. But that particular day, my Kriya session turned out to be different and specially blessed!

A key aspect that I need to mention before I get into my story is about Consciousness Kriya. Since my initiation into (CK) in January 2018, I have been very regular with it. I just felt the need to do my practice every day although I could not see any visible changes initially. Slowly I realised the depth of this practice. Initially, the changes were very subtle but soon, the experiences became more visible. That started a stream of many beautiful experiences, revelations etc. CK is such a priceless technique that enhances the practitioner’s communion with the Masters directly. It opens you up completely to the Consciousness and the connection with your Guru and Tradition deepens. I was not aware of this for a long time although I have had visions of great Masters and received many answers through various sources during Kriya. Sometimes it would just appear as a thought in my head! Kriya has opened up so many dimensions within me that I could have never imagined possible. First and foremost, it has helped me connect with Mohanji’s consciousness so deeply. Blessings abound everywhere and it is this sacred practice that helps me to be aware of it! Immense gratitude to Mohanji for opening this unknown part within me through this beautiful gift of Kriya!

So, while doing Kriya after Mahashivratri, I connected strongly with Mohanji’s consciousness and the tears started unabated. Along with my crying, I was aware of each step of Kriya and followed it diligently. Suddenly my breath increased in speed and I was gasping with the tears flowing incessantly. In a flash, I had a beautiful, inner vision (in my mind’s eye) of the most compassionate, the most beautiful face of a lion. The face was lit up with the loveliest of smiles and had the most gentle eyes. I quickly looked down and saw a human body along with the face of the lion. The lower portion was adorned with a beautiful yellow silk dhoti with a reddish magenta silk shawl draped around the waist. A word popped in my head – “Lakshmi Narasimha”, although I could not see Lakshmi. Normally Narasimha has his consort Lakshmi on his lap. My hands automatically joined together in Namaste.

Lakshmi Narasimha
Lord Lakshmi Narasimha

I was dazed and I felt waves of bliss. By then the Insight Timer beeped and I jumped out of my skin still crying. They were tears of joy and devotion. I sensed that the divine had appeared to bless me. I thanked Mohanji for this beautiful experience and relived the vision again and again in a state of bliss.

As usual, later on, the mind started doubting the entire episode. Was I hallucinating? Was my mind playing tricks because of the blog by Swami Bhaktananda? I looked at Mohanji’s picture and questioned Him too. I remembered Mohanji comment that every experience we have is our own.

I did share this with some members of the Mohanji family and a couple of dear friends. The comments I received were mostly ‘beautiful’ or ‘awesome’. I could not receive any clear answers or assurances for my lingering doubts. I was not sure if this was for real. But I could also very vividly remember the whole vision and I would tear up thinking about it. My body would indicate the truth of the vision.

Mohanji on experiences


The first confirmation…

Finally, Mohanji Himself chose to give me the answers. He soon put my mind to rest through Devi Amma. Devi Amma is a highly evolved spiritual Master and a disciple of Sage Agastya Muni. Whenever I pose questions to Mohanji, I always get clear answers from someone and this time I was blessed to get my confirmation from Devi Amma herself. Again, I attribute this to CK, as it has helped me physically be in touch with this Divine Master, Devi Amma. Moreover, Devi Amma and Mohanji are so deeply connected and they always speak as one. For me, speaking to Devi Amma is akin to being in the presence of Mohanji! I sense the same happiness, and gentleness that I experience in Mohanji’s presence. Both of them shower me with the same unconditional love and compassion. So, two days after the vision, it so happened that I got a chance to speak with Devi Amma out of the blue.

Devi Amma
An embodiment of Love

As we were speaking, I described this vision to her and asked her if I was hallucinating. She then explained the beautiful reason behind the vision assuring me that Lord Narasimha had indeed appeared to bless me. My hair stood on end and tears flowed. Devi Amma explained that Narasimha is the most compassionate of all avatars of Vishnu and He appears when a person is going through a lot of internal turmoil and stress. She explained that I’d bottled up all the emotions within and appeared cheerful on the outside. So he had appeared to relieve me of the burdens that I was carrying deep within, cleansing me, of which I may not be even aware of. She mentioned that it was happening because of my deep connection with my Guru. I was thrilled to hear this as I had seen the same compassion and love in Mohanji’s eyes, as I had in the vision. I felt extremely light in my heart and was full of gratitude to Devi Amma as she had in her beautiful way filled me with her unconditional love. I sent a silent prayer of thanks to Mohanji too and I felt extremely overwhelmed. Masters have spoken to me directly and have shown me that they are with me. This physical validation was because of CK which enables direct communication with masters.

Mohanji on experiences 1

My second confirmation…

That night passed peacefully and I was happy with myself. A couple of days later, (it was a Friday), I got further confirmation on the reality of this vision. It so happened that a distant relative whom I am not in touch with called me. After a general discussion, as a religious person, he started speaking about temples and Gods and he mentioned that he had been thinking about talking to me that very morning about Lord Narasimha! I shared with him my vision and he immediately mentioned that my maternal grandfather was as an ardent devotee of Narasimha and it was a genuine blessing from the Lord. This was my second confirmation. There was a lineage connection here as well, my grandfather being a devotee.

And the third one…

Soon after that, my husband and I left on a holiday to a nearby town (Pondicherry). We planned a visit to a temple of Ram on the way. I immediately sent a humble prayer to the Lord himself… My request was that if the vision was true, I would see the idol of Narasimha in the temple dressed in the colours that had appeared in my vision…yellow dhoti with the reddish magenta wrap!

After we worshipped the main idol and walked around, we came across another deity called Sudarshana. My eyes lit up immediately and with heart pounding, I went quickly to view the back of the Sudarshana idol. The reason for this is because, in all South Indian temples, the back portion of the Sudarshana idol has an idol of Narasimha sitting cross-legged in yoga and is popularly known as Yoga Narasimha!

Lo and behold! I turned the corner and saw that the Yoga Narasimha was dressed in a yellow dhoti with a magenta cloth draped around his waist. Normally in such temples, I have always seen the deities dressed only in white dhotis. The Sudarshana idol was also dressed in a white dhoti. I was stunned and with tears flowing, I prostrated with gratitude and surrender. This was clear proof of the vision that I had during CK. The colour of the clothes matched exactly with the vision. So the appearance of the divine during CK was a blessing indeed! What more could I ask for?

Experience and mind

The entire experience was truly enlightening and assurances were given in various ways till I was satisfied. We proceeded to our destination (a resort) and I was unaware of the other plans that Mohanji had in store for me. This was again a blessing! Looking at the beautiful lawn in the resort, a thought crossed my mind that it would be wonderful to do Conscious Walking here for the guests of the resort. Mohanji fulfilled that so easily by helping me approach the Events Manager who agreed immediately to my idea. I also suggested doing the Power of Purity meditation and within a matter of minutes, everything was finalised for the next day. Announcements were made and Mohanji ensured His presence without presence. During the Mohanji energy transfer, a participant felt someone standing next to her although I was nowhere near her. She also sensed a surge of energy, a tingling sensation in her body! It was the first time that she was doing a proper meditation!


Mohanji not only gave me the opportunity to conduct a POP meditation and Conscious walking for the guests of the resort, but He also ensured that every participant benefitted by it. Participants experienced the energy and bliss that everyone feels in the presence of Mohanji. Conscious Walking also had an enthusiastic group of participants and people were happy to have learnt something new during their holiday. They felt energised and were happy to take back something that they could practice at home on their own. He orchestrated everything and all that I had to do was just go with the flow.

Thank you, dear Mohanji, for the various tools such as Consciousness Kriya and the Mai-Tri Method to help me discard some of the deep-rooted karmic samskaras!

The patience with which Mohanji handled me, understanding my doubting, uncontrollable mind and sending me messages through various sources was astounding. He is always there holding my hand, guiding me on my path even if I am not aware of it. He is my Narasimha, wiping my tears, showering me with His love and compassion. Ever smiling and gentle, He lovingly puts my disturbed mind to rest and protects me through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upheaval. In this lifetime, my Narasimha is none other than Mohanji, who is compassionate incarnate. I always experience and see the same gentleness, unconditional love and compassion in Him that I saw in my vision of Lord Narasimha that day.

Dear Mohanji, I pray that you hold this Prahlada (devotee of Vishnu for whom he incarnated), your loving child close to you and never let go. On your shoulder, I merge into you with no worries and the faith that you as my Father, my Guru and My Narasimha will take me with you. You are Mohanji Narasimha!

Prahlada and Narasimha


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The truth beyond revelations

Mohanji as Mohanji

Subhasree Thottungal, UK
May 2019

As I was sitting in our ‘Mohanji room’ and looking at the altar, I thought, I should bring home a Datta idol. Sometime later, I saw photos of Mohanji’s home in Bangalore and saw Mahavatar Babaji’s idol in those photos. I had seen this before too. However, this time suddenly I asked myself, why have I never felt inclined to have Babaji’s idol in my altar? Well, with time, I just forgot about this thought.

Altar in Bangalore Ashram

Just a few months back, in August, just two days before Mohanji’s visit to London, I had a really amazing, unbelievable experience regarding Mahavtar Babaji. I had written this story and published it in Mohanji’s chronicles “Stone to crystal”

The story was about the expansion beyond my body that I had experienced after reading Mohanji’s written blogs on Mahavatar Babaji.

Anyway, a few days later, suddenly during an informal discussion, I was asked,

“For a complete stranger, what age Mohanji would look like?”

Immediately His image flashed as if He was standing in front of me. This was happening instantly.  I spontaneously said 40, or even may be between 35 to 40. Then something just made me write ‘Mohanji is ageless.’

Yes, that’s how Mohanji appeared to me, He is ageless! At this point, I had no comparison of Him with anyone else.

Ageless Mohanji
The Ageless Mohanji (a pic from Rome!)

The next morning, I received a photo of a majestic rainbow in Singapore. Unlike my regular gross mind, I could see little beyond and understood that I was not just being shown a beautiful rainbow…I was being reminded of Dattatreya!

Majestic Rainbow
Majestic rainbow in Singapore – a joy of nature in the presence of Mohanji

As the day progressed, in a miraculous way, I came across a blog that showed me the connection between Mohanji & Hanuman. During this again the reminder of my spontaneous response to a conversation regarding Mohanji as ‘ageless’ flooded my memory.

That night I had knee pain which was getting unbearable. The pain was so bad that I woke up and couldn’t sleep again. This was about 3 am. I kept praying to Mohanji, keeping my own hand on my knee for healing, feeling Mohanji’s energy flowing through.

After some time, I felt better but my sleep had gone. So I took my phone to read something. While I was browsing on my phone, a blog by  ‘Vanamali’ on Mahavatar Babaji flashed up. I wondered, is this author ‘Vanamali’, the ‘Vanamali Mataji’ that I know as Mohanji’s spiritual mother? I opened the blog. It was indeed her. I started reading. She was describing a place called Katargama (also known as Kathirgamam) in Sri Lanka, as the Kailash of the South. She had explained about Lord Murugan’s incarnation in that place. Before I realised, it was time to go to the office. I left the blog reading incomplete and continued with my day’s activities. Later on in the evening, I picked up the story from where I had left off. This reading brought me the awareness of something majestic, that I had so far not realised.

In the blog, Vanamali Mataji explained that Kataragama is the place where Lord Murugan (son of Shiva) had moved to from Kailash. Lord Murugan then incarnated as Mahavatar Babaji, in a small village in South India. At the age of 15, as a young boy, Babaji had travelled to Kataragama in Sri Lanka! That’s where he met his Guru, Siddhar Bhoganathar. At the age of 16, Babaji was blessed by his Guru Bhoganathar with ‘Kaya Kalpa’ – to remain a youth forever. While I was reading this part, suddenly ‘Ageless – Mohanji is ageless’ flashed in my memory. It felt as if an electric current went through me.

Mahavatar Babaji
The ageless Mahavatar Babaji

I continued my reading. The blog explained about Babaji’s journey back from Sri Lanka to India. In South India, Babaji met Guru Agastya, who accepted him as his disciple and taught him Kriya yoga, and the importance of breath. At this point of the story, I was reminded of how Devi Amma of Bangalore, a highly evolved spiritual master, disciple and spiritual daughter of Agastya Rishi, considers Mohanji as her spiritual brother. She says he is none other than Agastya Rishi’s son! Also, the fact that Mohanji imparts the teaching of Kriya, giving importance to the breath, struck a chord, while I was reading about Babaji!

Even though I was reading about Babaji, the image that I had all through this time was of Mohanji.

The story continued. Babaji was in the Himalayas, meditating in the cave. Suddenly a vision flashed to me. I saw Mohanji meditating in this cave! Every word that was mentioning Babaji, the only vision I had in front of my eyes was of Mohanji.

Mohanji in meditative state

Slowly I realised, whom I see in the very ordinary form of Mohanji is much beyond that.

Surely, He is none other than Babaji himself.

Surely, He is none other than Murugan himself!

I was seeing a smile in my own face, a smile of joy. As if I have found a treasure, I suddenly realised, ah, this is why Mohanji loves going to Skanda Vale!

Skanda Vale is a sacred place where Guru Subramaniam has built a temple for Skanda, also called Murugan. He believed and so does everyone else, that Skanda lives there!

I always thought Mohanji goes to Skanda Vale because of the Guru Parampara, Datta tradition, His love for the Skanda Vale community.

Let me tell you a couple of flash-back stories on Skanda Vale here.

In September 2017, I was blessed to accompany Mohanji to Skanda Vale when He was there for a few days enriching the Skanda Vale community with His valuable presence. During that time, Mohanji had told me that Skanda Vale is very special to Him and to give His time there is a very high priority for Him. At that time, I just attributed His statement to His humility and His duty to the Datta Tradition. Again in August 2018, Mohanji went to Skanda Vale, for a purpose even more powerful – to do the consecration ceremony of the Datta idol!

Mohanji doing consecration of Lord Dattatreya at Skanda Vale, UK, August 2018

While I was completely merged in the divinity of Mohanji’s actions in Skanda Vale, I was surely far away from understanding why was He doing all these things!

Coming back, I now realised that reading Vanamali Mataji’s blog was not just any ordinary blog reading. This was a great revelation to me. I understood that Mohanji goes to Skanda Vale, the place where Skanda lives. Because He himself is none other than Skanda (Murugan)!

I then remembered, just sometime back, it was an auspicious day for Skanda and my friend Radha sent me a short video clip of her father, Subramaniam uncle doing aarati to Skanda with a special deepam. This was not any ordinary aarati ritual, it was indeed a very powerful one. Subramaniam uncle is not just an ardent devotee of Murugan, he is a devoted disciple of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and loves Mohanji immensely. To receive the video clip of this ritual to Skanda was not ordinary. I had felt the divinity that time to receive the clip, but I only understand now, why was I allowed by the divine to view this!

Kartika Puja
Special Kartika puja (for Skanda) at Subramaniam uncle’s home

Whether we think of Hanuman or Dattatreya or Murugan or Mahavatar Babaji – all are an ansha (part) of Shiva, and ultimately Shiva himself!

That’s the revelation of this incarnation that I know as Mohanji.

In just one day, I had the visions or realisation of Lord Datta, Lord Hanuman and now Murugan and Mahavatar Babaji. Ah, a truth beyond my imagination was unfolding.

A naïve question that had appeared in my mind a few days back about the connection with Mahavatar Babaji was being answered by the divine in such a beautiful way revealing the utmost truth about Mohanji to me. This revelation was happening to me through my own realisation, not by someone telling me! I was surely more than overwhelmed. I was totally awestruck.

In this state, I couldn’t stop myself from expressing this experience to Mohanji and begging Him to confirm this. However, as usual, Mohanji was far from being emotional. He gave me a straight clear answer,

 “I am Mohanji. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

mohanji ageless
“I am Mohanji. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

I felt so silly to have asked Him this question.

Did I need to? No.

Does the answer matter? No.

The revelation to me was my own realisation. That was my TRUTH. Period.

My story doesn’t finish here.

Mohanji didn’t answer me. But the divine had other plans. 🙂

Next morning, I received Preethi Gopalarathnam’s WhatsApp message. She had forwarded me a message conversation between Mohanji and her, the previous day. Her message to Mohanji was about her urge for visiting Kataragama in Sri Lanka!

mohanji skanda
An unbelievable similarity between the photo of young Mohanji and young Murugan in a calendar!

As I rubbed my eyes, I was reading the message repeatedly. Am I really reading it correctly? The day before when I discovered about Kataragama and the follow-up on the unfolding truth of Murugan, Mahavatar Babaji, and Mohanji, she was at the same time, thousands of miles away, feeling the same pull too! This couldn’t be just mere coincidence. I realised through this, Mohanji has answered my previous night’s question!

This is now so clear, as clear as a crystal, to me.

All through the day, my whole body was shivering but the heart was full of joy. I don’t know what enlightenment means or feels, but I certainly felt enlightened that day.

Like the little girl who receives a very expensive toy beyond her dreams, I had something that I never could even dare to think of! In my naïve mind, simple Mohanji was enough. This truth indeed was a huge realisation for me.

I started writing about this experience. Usually, when I feel the urge to express my thoughts, I just write it quickly and share. I strongly feel that Mohanji doesn’t delay in giving me experiences, so I must not delay in expressing and sharing it, as every experience that I receive, is not just for me. Someone somewhere will benefit from it too.

But, this blog has taken many days, weeks, even months!

In the meantime, ‘Guru Leela’ happened. Mohanji Acharya training happened. Kumbh Mela happened. All three out of the world, beyond this lifetime experiences, happened. But I still hadn’t completed this blog!

Finally, Mohanji’s birthday approached. I thought it’s high time now for me to publish the blog. I must publish the blog at least for Mohanji’s birthday. However, that still didn’t happen.

A few days later, after Mohanji’s birthday, I received a mail from Lisa, sharing the experience of her visit to Skanda Vale on Mohanji’s birthday. When I read her story, I froze. I was dumbstruck after I read what she experienced at the Skanda Temple in Skanda Vale, on Mohanji’s birthday. Following is an excerpt from her blog which is published in Mohanji Chronicles blog site.

“Suddenly, as I looked at Muruga, I felt as if I was not there in my body, and felt Mahavatar Babaji’s presence.”

Lord Muruga, Mahavatar Babaji, and Mohanji – all as one! Here is one more devotee realising this truth and conveying her experience completely independent of the realisation that I had.

Mohanji with peacock

I realised that the Divine was bringing clarity to me about the truth of Mohanji’s incarnation – the one form beyond all forms! Whether I realise Him as  Mahavatar Babaji or Lord Muruga or Lord Dattatreya, ‘Being Shiva’ is His eternal truth. With this revelation, Mohanji taught me once again why I need not run behind any form, any incarnation.

Mohanji is the door for me, Mohanji is the path for me and Mohanji is the destination for me. In this life, my Lord Jagannath brought Mohanji to me and then he merged into Mohanji.

Before that, I had no knowledge of anyone else. After that, I have no knowledge of anyone else.

Everyone is just one and the only one for me – Mohanji! Simple and straight, ‘ageless’.

That is why I can see Him in every other Master or God and  I can see all Masters and Gods in Him. For me, everything is ‘Sarvam Mohan Mayam’ – all manifestations as one and only ‘Mohanji.’.

I would like to end my story with sharing some special moments of my gratitude for my Gurudev, my Mohanji. I remain at His lotus feet as the eternal slave.

An expression of my devotion…

Mohanji Feet.jpg

Jai Mohanji


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The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Mohanji – The Vishwamitra (The friend of the Universe)

By Lata Ganesh, Virginia, USA

The Grace received through one’s Guru is difficult to describe in words. I am totally overwhelmed and overawed by the benevolence and magnanimity of the blessings bestowed on me by my beloved Guru Mohanji, by allowing me to experience the presence of the Supreme Goddess herself.  Let me begin this narrative with complete surrender at His lotus feet.

The Autobiography of an Avadhoota, the fascinating life story of Guruji Avadhoota Nadananda gave me an introduction to the Mookambika Temple in Kollur.  But I had never thought that I will be visiting the temple and walking the same grounds that Guruji had been.  But my Guru had other plans for me!  He wanted to grace me with this divine blessing out of pure compassion.

A few months ago, during a conversation, Mohanji told me to visit Mookambika and offer prayers to Bhagavathi (the Mother Goddess).  What was strange was that, when He mentioned this to me, Mohanji said, “Oh, I was about to mention another temple, but Mookambika just came out of my mouth.”  I thought this extremely strange.  No words ever ‘slip out’ of Mohanji’s mouth! Since Guru’s command has to be fulfilled, I was very certain that I would visit Mookambika soon.

In the following months I was approved for the Mohanji Acharya Level 1 training and the first training was going to be held in Bangalore at the end of October.  My request to be part of that training was approved and with the hope of fulfilling Mohanji’s instructions, I planned a visit to India in October so that I could visit the Mookambika temple as well as attend the training. However, there was a hurdle to pass through. I had just taken some time off from work to attend Mohanji’s retreat in Virginia in August, and was a bit concerned whether my office would consider giving me leave again in October.  But lo and behold, my colleagues surprisingly agreed to my travel and were happy to fill in for me during my absence!

Now, I was wondering how I was going to travel all by myself to Kollur which I believed to be a remote place.  I casually mentioned my travel plans to my mother who was quite thrilled and wanted to join me. She had been wanting to go to the temple for many years but had not told any of her children of her wish.  This gave me an opportunity to fulfil my mother’s wish as well.

On October 25th, after a comfortable flight, I landed in Chennai from Washington DC. I spent the day with my family and was off to Bangalore the following morning.  As soon as I landed in Bangalore, our angel escorts in the form of moths and butterflies, guided my way to Mohanji’s Ashram.  The Ashram located in a quiet cul-de-sac beneath the umbrella of a huge Audumbar tree shelters our beloved Mohanji.


The Audumbar tree (Ficus racemose) is not planted manually but grows on its own mainly through birds which eat the fruits. The Audumbar is associated with Lord Dattatreya who is always portrayed as sitting under its shelter.
I was blessed with the opportunity of partaking lunch (prasadam) with Mohanji, Acchan and Amma. After lunch, Mohanji left the Ashram for the Acharya training which was taking place at a venue on the other side of the city. Taking Mohanji’s blessings I proceeded to Devi Amma’s house.

Most of you may have heard of Devi Amma, a loving saint and Mohanji’s spiritual mother. Devi Amma, the daughter of the revered Sage Agastya and his wife Mother Lopamudra has come back to this earthly plane, as a realized being, to speak the Truth and lead humanity on the right path.  I had made an intention of meeting Devi Amma this time while in Bangalore and Preeti Duggal had kindly arranged a meeting for a small group of us. However, on the day of the meeting, none of the other people who planned to attend could make it to Amma’s house.  I ended up being alone on a long drive to Whitefield where Amma lives.  Even though I was late by over an hour from the agreed meeting time, Amma was so kind and had waited patiently for me.  I was totally blown away by her simplicity and childlike innocence. She seemed like a beautiful fragrant celestial flower, so fragile yet so powerful!  We talked for a long time in our mother tongue, Tamil, and listened together to the audio recording of Siddhar Potri (a hymn offering praise to powerful Siddhas) that I had on my phone.

When I mentioned to Devi Amma about the upcoming first Mohanji Acharya training, she told me that she would specifically seek the blessings of the Guru Mandala, her Guru and spiritual parents Agastya Muni and Lopamudra Ma.


During our conversation, I lovingly asked Devi Amma to speak about Mohanji.

Devi Amma said,

“Mohanji is a very great Siddha who has been sent to this world by the Divine Masters of the Guru Mandala. He is an extremely compassionate being.  His role in this avatar is to spread unconditional love on this earth and beyond.  He is not only a Jagatmitra (friend of the world) but Mohanji is a Vishwamitra (friend of the universe). I am clarifying here that He is not Vishwamitra, the sage of yore, but Vishwa-mitra, Friend of the Universe.  Being an incarnation of compassion, Mohanji can only offer unconditional love, under all circumstances.  That is why in spite of the many negativities and obstacles that come His way, He still offers love.  That is the purity of His nature.”

This is an important message to mankind, revealing the inter-galactic dimension of Mohanji, and comes directly from the Divine Masters conveyed through one of their purest and truest representatives.

We clearly see in the picture above, how Devi Amma is immersed in the love emanating from Mohanji’s heart center – Two divine beings melting in pure love and bliss.

After spending a couple of hours with Devi Amma, I took a cab to the venue of the training, which was at the other end of the city.  And oh boy, did I experience the legendary Bangalore traffic!  Stranded on the streets of Whitefield for over an hour for a cab and then the drive to Banashankari was quite an adventure.  Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a very powerful Master, used to visit his Ashram in Whitefield often when he was in his body.  I had the blessing of spending some time, waiting for a cab, soaked in bliss of being in the energy cradle of Sai Baba, Mohanji and Devi Amma that nothing bothered me.  When I finally arrived at about 10.00 pm at the Subramanian residence where the Acharya training was to take place, all the participants had already gone to bed.

I have no words to describe the hospitality, generosity and love of the Subramanian family.  I felt totally at home when I entered Skanda Vilas and was welcomed by Radha, Sathya and their mom.  I am very grateful to have met this loving family. I thoroughly enjoyed the spiritual discussions with Mr. Subramanian and am deeply grateful to him for including me in his daily morning ritual of feeding the cows and calves at a nearby goshala (cowshed).  The experience of staying at their house where the vel and mayil (lance and peacock – the symbols of my Lord Muruga) reside was simply a divine blessing.

The Acharya training which started early next day was very intense.  As promised, Devi Amma had indeed prayed for us and she received a message after having sought the blessings of the Guru Mandala.  Preeti Duggal had received a call from Devi Amma early that morning to convey that the Guru Mandala was going to be present at the training session and that all the participants had the blessings of the Masters.  And true to their promise, the Masters did make their presence felt and the entire training session was filled with intense divine energies, much more intense than witnessed before in front of and through Mohanji.  It shook us all up!

During the stay in Bangalore, I had mentioned to fellow participants about my upcoming trip to Mookambika and Devadas then shared with me his own experiences when he had visited Mookambika several years ago, before Mohanji had entered his life. He had seen Prashobji (Guruji Nadananda’s spiritual brother) at the temple, who had prophesied about Devadas meeting Mohanji in the future.  Devadas was very excited about my visit to Mookambika.  He had told me that he will share the phone number of the temple priest who could help with any rituals at the temple.

On Monday night, at the end of the training, I took Mohanji’s blessings before heading out of Bangalore.  Mohanji blessed me and said, “Do a prostration at Mookambika temple on my behalf.”

I joined the ride back to Chennai along with our loving Mohanji Chennai family members. With Kishore’s impressive driving skills and Rekha’s non-stop conversation to keep Kishore awake all night long, we reached Chennai in the early hours on Tuesday. Having reached home at about 4.00 am, I was ready to take the flight to Mangalore with my mother in a few hours, filled with excitement and energy.

As I boarded the flight to Mangalore from Chennai at 11 am, I realized that I did not have the telephone number of the temple priest as for some reason, neither Devadas nor Rajesh were able to provide it to me.  However, I was quite confident that Mohanji would take care of that! I was thinking, may be, I won’t need the contact as the temple would not be so crowded during the weekdays. But as the flight landed in Mangalore at 1.30 pm and before the plane doors opened, I got a call.  It was from Devadas.  He called to give me the phone number of the temple priest.

I fell in love with Mangalore right from the moment of landing.  The small airport was so clean and the air was filled with the fragrance of sandal wood or some herb.  We were welcomed by a pleasant and polite man, Bibin, who was driving us to Kollur. Bibin and my mother enjoyed a lively conversation in Malayalam all the way to the hotel.  It was a warm welcome.  My mother and I felt so relaxed and at peace, driving past the lovely green landscape and many bridges over strips of water bodies, the Brahminy Kites with white heads and striking chestnut brown shining bodies, soaring high in the skies over our heads. It felt like we were being enveloped with love and gentleness in the embrace of the Mother Divine. My mother said that as kids, they would run along with the Brahminy Kites soaring over their heads and would ask for wishes to be fulfilled, as they believed these Kites to be Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.  True to that belief, there were hundreds of these birds flying over the skies on the long stretch from the airport to Udupi and beyond.  Udupi is the site of a famed temple of Sri Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.  Garuda was certainly guarding the Master.

After a comfortable three and a half hour ride from the airport, we reached the small town of Kollur.  The highly revered shrine of Sri Devi Mookambika at Kollur is one of the oldest temples of Adi Parashakti, the primordial feminine energy. Nestled among the thick forests of the Western Ghats and the tranquility of the Kodachadri Hills, and on the banks of the Souparnika river, with a gold-plated crest and copper roof stands the majestic temple of the most benevolent and gracious Mother.

Legends of this ancient temple go back to date it as being over 1200 years old and it is believed that Devi Mookambika transformed herself into a Jyotir linga after destroying a demon named Mookasura who was disturbing the penance of Sage Kola.  Answering the intense prayers of Kola Maharishi, for the upliftment of righteousness and welfare of humanity, the supreme energies of the trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and their consorts Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati, have empowered the Jyotir linga (the linga of Grace light) with their divine presence.  The Svayambhulinga (a linga which manifested itself) manifested when Parameshwara (Lord Shiva) drew a Srichakra with his toe.

The chronicles of history teach us that the supreme Master of this yuga, Sri Adi Shankaracharya sat in meditation here, during his travel through this region.  The supreme Goddess appeared in Shankaracharya’s vision in the most beautiful and magnanimous form.  The idol of the Divine Mother was sculpted according to Shankaracharya’s vision and the magnificent Devi stands there today in brilliance, behind the Jyotir linga, bestowing blessings to millions of people who have visited her since then.

The idol of Devi Mookambika is visible in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, but the Jyotir linga is kept covered and is revealed only during the time of offering the archana (offering or kumkum or flowers) or abhishekam (ritualistic bathing of the linga with water, milk and other liquids).  Devi Mookambika has merged with this linga, incorporating both Shiva and Shakti and fulfills all the desires of her devotees.  A golden line (Svarna Rekha) has formed in this linga making a wider left side, where reside the energies of the Goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati, and a narrower right side where the energies of Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Parameshvara reside.


The hotel Mahalakshmi Residency is at the foot of the Mookambika temple and it was close to 5.00 pm when Bibin dropped us there and told us that he would meet us back the next morning at 8.30 am.  After quickly freshening up and having some coffee and snacks, my mother and I were eager to get to the temple.  I called Dr. K.N. Narasimha Adiga, the chief priest or tantric at the Mookambika temple who has deep respects and reverence for Mohanji. The present head of the Adiga clan, who has served the Mookambika temple for several generations, Narasimha Adiga is a charming scholar whose quiet demeanor radiated remarkable devotion and dignity. At the mention of Mohanji’s name, he welcomed us to his home and assigned one of his priests to accompany us to the temple and help us conduct all the desired rituals. After offering some fruits and dakshina to the priest, we proceeded to the temple.


As the evening rituals at the temple were yet to begin, the crowd had not started to gather.  We entered the inner chamber (antaraalayam) adjoining the sanctum sanctorum (garbhagudi) where the deity is installed and were guided to stand in a spot on a platform from where we could easily see the Goddess and also watch all the rituals.  The energy inside the inner temple was supreme and intense.   Goddess Mookambika is the most exuberant expression of the Supreme Shakti. Words are insufficient to describe the effulgence of the Devi, such is her magnificence and brilliance. Standing there, right in front of her, I felt the deepest sense of gratitude and surrender. The thought that She had brought me from so far to grant me her darshan made me weep in gratitude.  The only way I could compose myself was to start chanting the Mohanji mantra.  As I started chanting the mantra intensely, it stabilized me, and I was able to connect with the Goddess. And I began talking to her, pouring out all my own thoughts, desires, fears, seeking for family and friends and whatever was there in me.  As this mental dialogue was going on, I realized that we had been inside the sanctum sanctorum for over an hour!  It was as though Mohanji had literally led me here to make me experience this oneness with the Divine.  This is how the grace of the Guru operates.  And it was awareness that brought me to this realization. It was as if time had stopped and so had everything else – there was only the blissful chanting of the Mohanji Guru mantra in my heart and the brightness of the Mother in front and all around.

There were hundreds of people passing into the hall for Devi’s darshan and exiting the sanctorum.  My mother and I continued to stand there, in front of the deity.  The young priest sent to us by the Adiga came to take our sankalpa (special prayer) for the rituals to be done for the Goddess.  As the rituals for the Devi idol started and the priests removed the covering that was over the Jyotir linga and performed the archana and abhisekam, we were completely soaked in bliss and gratitude and  Devi blessed us with a beautiful darshan of the Jyotir linga and lovingly allowing us to witness those highly sacred ritual offerings to the linga, where all the divine energies reside.

As the pooja rituals of the evening were coming to an end, we proceeded closer to the idol and did one pradhakshina (circumambulation of a sacred place) of the sanctum sanctorum and left the inner chamber.  There are two doors to the inner chamber building where Devi resides; the main entrance facing the deity has two large doors separated by a small platform and the exit door to go out of the inner chamber is on the right side of the inner chamber building.  The normal procedure is for devotees to enter the main temple building passing the two entry doors, walking in facing the Goddess and then to go around the main temple and exit out of the door on the right.  Having completed one pradhakshina, my mother and I came out of the right-side exit door to the outer courtyard and then came back through the front double door to re-enter the inner chamber.  I had mentioned before that the main entry to the inner chamber has two front doors and there is a gap of about 2 feet between them.  There is a platform covering the gap.  This area is not very well-lit.

As I was passing the first entry door, my attention was diverted on an elderly lady sitting on the platform in between the first and the second door leading directly to the inner chamber of the Goddess.  I glanced at the lady who seemed to be in a meditative state, her eyes half closed.  As I passed by her, something was drawing me towards her.  Even though I had entered the inner chamber and was getting ready for another pradhakshina after the viewing the Devi, my mind was with the elderly lady.  All of a sudden, the priests and the temple authorities asked the people who had gathered in the inner chamber to exit immediately as they were getting ready for the deeparadhana (grand showing of lamp to the deity). No one other than the priests are usually allowed to remain inside the inner chambers while they prepare the Goddess for this grand deeparadhana ritual.  The doors to the inner chamber were about to be shut.  There was a bit of a confusion among the crowd inside.  As the temple guides were directing the crowd to exit the temple through the side door on the right, my thoughts went to the elderly lady and I was desperately hoping to see her again.  I was worried that she might have already left the platform where she had been sitting!

As my mother and I were getting closer to the side exit, the young priest sent to us by the Adiga suddenly appeared out of nowhere and guided us to move towards the front entrance of the temple.  This was very odd because, the exit was only through the side door.  But here, we were the only two people being asked to exit the inner chamber through the entrance door.  As we came out of the entry door, I saw the lady again, and this time very clearly.  As they ushered us out of the main temple, I was able to go and sit on the platform very close to the lady.  There was a metal railing dividing the lady and me and both of us were sitting on the platform alongside the wall of the inner chamber.  This meant that all of us were outside the inner chamber, and except for the elderly lady and the temple priests, there was no one within the boundaries of the inner chamber.  Strangely, the priests did not ask the lady to move out of her position, i.e. she was within the inner boundary. Even stranger was her attire.  She wore a silk dhoti deep red in color with a zari border, that was tied to her waist and falling to her ankles. The upper part of her body was covered with a half-saree, with an off-white colored shawl draped over her head.  This was  a most unusual attire and not a single person in the entire crowd was dressed in anything resembling that. The women from Kerala do wear dhoti/mundu, but they don’t cover their heads, nor do they wear a silk dhoti as a mundu, only a cotton dhoti is worn. She seemed to be of about 70-80 years old, but her face was shining bright and she had a large round deep red kumkum on her forehead.

As I sat close to her, with the railing separating the two of us, she came very close to my face and looked directly into my eyes.  It was the most beautiful and glowing face filled with love. She asked me, in Malayalam, “Child, you did recognize me, didn’t’ you?” I was totally numb for a second.  Deep within me, I DID RECOGNIZE HER! SHE WAS NONE OTHER THAN THE MOTHER DIVINE, GODDESS MOOKAMBIKA. I was spellbound.  I replied, “I did recognize you, Mother.”

Meanwhile, my mother, who was sitting on the other side had told me that we should chant the Lalitha Sahasranama till they opened the doors and allowed us back inside. But I could not focus on the chanting at all.  I was so conscious of the energy emanating from this lady – on the one had she looked like a beautiful divine being and on the other hand she was behaving like an Avadhoota too, a bit unstable.  Nobody seemed to be making eye contact with her, although she was making some gestures at certain people.   Since my focus was more on her and not on the chanting, I looked at her again. She lovingly smiled at me and ran her finger on my face as though talking to a child.  She asked me what my name was and took out a small banana from under her shawl and gave it to me.   I accepted it reverently and asked her if I might offer her dakshina.  As I took some cash and placed it in her hand, she took her hand and put it on my head in a gesture of blessing.  She then told me to go stand right in front of the line and to rush inside as soon as I heard the temple bell ring, signaling the start of the deeparadhana.  Most of her communications were by hand gestures.  Except for the first sentence of asking me whether I recognized her and then asking my name, she was making several gestures, looking at some people in irritation etc.

Meanwhile, the people gathered around the temple were getting restless and were ready to charge inside the inner chamber for the deeparadhana.  My mother and I and a couple were standing at a spot the lady had gestured us to.  As the temple bell rang, everyone rushed inside.  We followed the crowd and the lady asked us to walk behind her and took us to a spot, once again on the raised platform, with a fantastic view of the Goddess.  The deeparadhana was an elaborate ritual and extremely beautiful.  The radiance of the Goddess was brilliant and overpowering.  As I kept my eyes focused on the beautiful idol in front of us, and as the lighted oil lamps were being waved by the priests, Devi’s face from the dark inner sanctum sanctorum was becoming visible.  Even though the priests were some steps away from the idol, there certainly was some motion inside the sanctorum.  Devi was alive.  A jasmine flower garland which was going across Devi’s neck and attached to the Vel (lance) to her right side moved and fell on her chest.  It was an extraordinary moment. There was a tiny bird, moth or a butterfly flying inside the inner chamber. The elderly lady who was standing below would every now and then glance back at me to make sure that we were getting a full and beautiful view of the entire proceedings.

As the evening rituals were coming to an end, the lady gestured us to come down from the platform and guided us to stand directly in front of the Goddess as the final aarati was being conducted.  We got an up-close darshan of the Devi and filled our hearts with her image and energy.

As we were doing the final pradhakshina to come out of the inner chamber, the lady returned to me and said that she would see us next morning.

Within the inner chamber was also a small shrine dedicated to Adi Shankaracharya, called the Shankara Simhasana.  This was the spot where the five hooded Nagaraja, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva in the form of Veerabhadra Swamy were also installed.

Almost 4-5 hours had passed thus in the temple.  We came out after the deeparadhana and were waiting outside as the priests were getting ready to bring Devi outside for a procession in the outer aisle outside the limit of the flag post (dwajasthamba). Several hundred people had gathered and were waiting around for the final darshan of the Devi.  I looked for the elderly lady in the crowd but could not find her anymore. Another thing that I observed was that though there were hundreds of people that evening at the temple, the lady had not spoken to a single person other than me, and a brief conversation with my mother which was kind of garbled and non-coherent!

After joining in the three outer pradakshinas walking behind Devi’s idol being carried in a palanquin by the priests, the evening rituals ended.  We proceeded to get some prasadam (consecrated food).  There is a huge hall in the temple complex where every day hundreds of devotees are served prasadam as lunch and dinner for free.

On the way back to our hotel, we visited the house of Narasimha Adiga and collected the prasadam of kumkum (vermilion) and flowers which had been offered to Devi Mookambika during the evening rituals.

As the day ended, all I had left in my heart was unlimited love and gratitude to my dear Guru Mohanji, without whose Grace, this experience could not have been possible.  The deep connection with which I held on to my Guru was the one and only way I could have had this divine darshan.

I was also very happy that my mother who had wanted to visit this temple for several years and was now fulfilled with the darshan. Both of us slept so peacefully that night, like a baby in its mother’s warm and loving embrace.

We woke up at sunrise the next morning and were ready once again to visit the temple.  Bibin, the driver had told us that he would pick us up at 8.30, so we did not have much time.

Once again we got to walk right into the inner chamber as it was not too crowded.  As we entered I saw the elderly lady again.  This time she was right in front near the garbha griha. As soon as we walked in, she turned around and nodded with a sense of recognition.  She was appearing a bit serious today, no smile at all. She just looked deeply and directly. With her standing there, the temple guides did not ask us to move out at all.  Normally, the temple staff usher people out of the main chamber allowing them a maximum of two to three seconds.  But we stood right in front of Devi, soaking in her energy and admiring her timeless beauty for several minutes.  The rest of the people were being asked to leave after taking darshan just for a few seconds.  Standing in front of the idol, I recalled Mohanji’s words to me to offer a namaskaram (full body prostration) on His behalf.  I prostrated in front of the deity. And as the elderly lady was standing close by, I also touched her feet.  The priest then brought out the saree that had been on the idol overnight as they change the clothing during the morning ritual.  The elderly lady gestured to us to come forward and touch the saree as it had only just been removed from the Goddess’s idol.  Another unexpected and special blessing!

After that, the lady told me to keep doing pradakshina.  She conveyed this message with gestures and not words.  She herself started going around the main temple and I followed her.  We did several rounds thus.  While doing the rounds, she came and gave me some grains wrapped in a paper. At that point I asked her if I could take a photo of hers.  She suddenly seemed irritated.  She said, “You cannot take a picture inside this chamber.  I will come out.”  We remained in the inner chambers for about 15-20 minutes more.  Once again we got to watch the full aarati, this time much closer and just in front of the idol of the Goddess.  She was resplendent.  Goddess Mookambika in the temple is worshipped as Sri Saraswati in the morning, Sri Lakshmi at noon and Sri Durga in the evening.

As it was nearly time for us to leave the town, after the mahaarati, my mother and I came out of the inner chambers and were doing a couple of rounds in the outer chamber.  I could no longer spot the elderly lady, who I do believe to be Goddess Mookambika herself, who graced me by taking a human form again.  Unfortunately, I could not take a picture of her!

We came out of the temple, fed a cow and calf and some baby monkeys that were in the courtyard outside.  We then started walking back to the hotel so that we could pack our bags and check out. I was flooded with the memories of the life of our beloved Guruji Avadhoota Nadanandaji.  I remembered that he had walked these grounds several times and with his Guru Maa Taramayee.  I was desperately wishing that Maa Taramayee would come and bless us.  As these thoughts were flooding my mind, a dog passed by and I gave it some biscuits.  I was still holding a few biscuits in my hand to offer some more to the dog, when I saw a lady approaching me – (I get goosebumps as I write this now) – a frail beggar woman with a half-tied saree above her ankles, the sleeve of her blouse falling off her shoulders – I walked up to her and handed her the biscuits which she accepted in her hands and then asked for some money.  I gave some cash to this mother and bowed down to her!

What more could I have asked for?  The compassionate Mother left me completely full of bliss and blessings.

It was now time to take leave.

On our way out, we stopped by at the Shankaracharya Ashrama and the Bhagawan Nityananda Ashrama.

There was a cave temple and a Shiva linga which was worshipped by Adi Shankara.  The priest mentioned to us that it was a doorway to Kailash.  I am left wondering if Adi Shankara astrally left from there for Kailash and if Mother Parvati appeared to him through that doorway, walking behind him!

We then visited the Ashram of Bhagawan Nityananda located a few minutes from the Mookambika temple. As we entered, a young swamiji was conducting an aarati to the idol of Bhagawan.  The ashram was very peaceful and there was no one there except for the swami who was very friendly. Though there were a number of unique photos of Bhagawan Nityananda, what caught my eye was a particular framed photo of Lord Dattatreya on a chair and the Datta Gurus, with a flower garland.  I sought permission from the swamiji to take a picture of that framed photo. He granted this promptly and even raised up the flower garland from the frame so that I could get a good picture. Strangely, though the temple was poorly lit, the picture (shown below), is filled with light, as though Bhagawan has merged into Lord Dattatreya. The other picture of Bhagawan protected by Nagaraja, I thought was very powerful.

A visit to Kollur is not complete without wetting our feet at the holy Souparnika river. I was very keen on visiting the area and also to see the river and the forest behind, since this was where our Guruji Avadhoota Nadanandaji had spent his Gurukula days with Maa Taramayee. We walked to the shallow river where Maa Taramayee used to bathe Guruji by rubbing his body with the stones of the river bed. The dense forest on the other side of the river where Maa Taramayee and the boys had lived does not appear like any ordinary woods at all – one can see slippery walls of stone that have to be crossed over first to get into the forest. I wondered how they lived there or walked across in and out to the river and the temple. It is very hard to imagine living in those forests with Mother Earth to sleep on and the vast sky as the roof. But with the Guru by the side and a surrendered mind, it is of course completely possible. They were no ordinary beings either.

We left Kollur soon after and visited the Udipi Sri Krishna Temple on the way back to the airport.

Though it has been two weeks since I got back to my home in the USA, my experience at the Mookambika Temple has captured my mind completely.  As I began writing this blog, I was quite disappointed that I did not have the photograph of the Mother (who came in the form of the elderly lady) to share with everyone.  I thought that I could perhaps draw a sketch of her.  Someone suggested that I get a painting done by a professional artist.  However, I feel that none of these could ever capture the feelings and the unlimited love that I had experienced at the temple on the evening of October 30, 2018.  That moment when the mother looked at me and had asked, “My child, did you not recognize me?” and my eyes locked with hers, it was a moment of deep stillness – the fullness of emptiness! If at all there was anything existing, it was only PURE LOVE.  That is the lesson I take from this experience.  That is what I believe Mohanji wanted me to experience and learn. The ability to feel that equanimity and wonder at all times would be such a wonderful thing! No photo, no painting or sketch can possibly explain that moment.  That moment of experience I surrender to my Guru Mohanji.  It is only His Grace which made that possible.  And I am ever so much in gratitude for that.  I am happy to share with you the photos of the two gifts that I received from the Mother.

The introduction to Goddess Mookambika began back in April 2016 when Mohanji handed me a copy of the original Autobiography of Avadhoota Nadananda, The Pyre of the Destined.  Mohanji held my hand every step of the way, as we edited the original version of the book and published the now well-known Autobiography of an Avadhoota, so that Mohanji Foundation could take the story of this amazing saint to all over the world. The fascinating life and spiritual journey of this great Avadhoota gave me insight into the divine world of the Masters of Gyanganj, where the Supreme Mother Goddess, the dispeller of ignorance and compassionate giver par excellence, takes the spiritual seeker along the journey.

The instruction from Mohanji to visit Mookambika that came to me in July 2018, as I have mentioned at the beginning of this story, was also part of the divine play! As I mentioned earlier, words don’t merely fall out accidentally.  The Master Mohanji, true to His role of a Supreme Guru – the one who has the power to dispel (ru) darkness (gu) – gave me this experiential knowledge.  Even remarkable is the fact that this knowledge should come after the level 1 of the Acharya training, as I, like the others who attended, was being purified at subtle levels to embark on this important journey in our lives.  To receive this blessing from the Goddess is a boon and I share this blessing with all my fellow Acharya Trainees, and wish that the journey we have embarked upon with Mohanji, bears fruit for humanity. We are also deeply grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us by the Guru Mandala, the Masters of the Tradition.

Although my stay in India during this trip was barely for ten days, a lot had been experienced and learned.  I conclude this blog with the deep understanding from the revelations that came from Devi Amma about Mohanji, His mission and His incarnation.  The Lord of my heart, Lord Muruga, son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati is the Lord of the Pleiades and he is deeply connected to the earthly plane.  He lived on our planet at one time, as is shown by the several temples of worship dedicated to him in Southern India. Lord Muruga is believed to have incarnated again, taking the form of Mahavatar Babaji as a disciple in the ashram of the great Siddha Bhoganathar, belonging to the ancient tradition of Nava Nath Sadhus (ascetics) who trace their tradition to Lord Shiva (Adhi Nath).  The Siddha Kriya Yoga tradition was taught by Bhogar Maharshi and was then carried further by his disciple, Kriya Babaji also known as Mahavatar Babaji.  It is believed that it is Lord Muruga’s will to reveal himself as the friend of the universe to help humanity evolve from the gross consciousness to that of subtle consciousness, which is pure light.  Devi Amma’s words to me that Mohanji is a great Siddha who has taken the incarnation as Vishvamitra (friend of the universe) is a great revelation and has supreme significance.


Offered at the lotus feet of my Guru, Mohanji.

Om Sri Bhagwan Sri Brahmarishi, Mohanji Namah Om

Om SA RA VA NA BHA VAAYA,  Babaji Namah Om

I thank my spiritual sister Geetha, for her constructive comments and help with editing this blog.

Jai Mohanji.

Lata Ganesh, Virginia, USA.


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