Love and gratitude

Shree Mohanji

Enjoy reading these three beautiful expressions of gratitude from our Mohanji family members. Mohanji says his presence is always with us, but we are not always aware of it. These experiences show us yet again that when the yearning is true, he makes sure that his love and grace is felt by us.

Jameela Jeyaraj, India

When I dived into an abyss of darkness and sadness a year back, my friend Mala insisted that I read about Mohanji and gifted me the Power of Purity book.  One look into the extremely powerful eyes of Mohanji on the cover of the book, and time just stood still.

While reading the book, curiously I tried out the Power of Purity meditation, and amazingly, Mohanji’s divine soulful voice transported me into a world of absolute silence and peace.  I love the meditation so much, I practice it often. Through the meditation, I have learned to bless all, people I love and those whom I thought I hated.

Through the Power of Purity meditation, I have learned to evolve to a higher frequency. It also kindles me into the path of spiritualism. Today, I have only expressions of gratitude and gratefulness to my greatest Master, Mohanji.  Without doubt, I am so blessed. I place my koti pranams at Mohanji’s lotus feet.

“Gratitude.Grace. Growth. They are all related and interconnected. Gratitude ensures Grace. Grace ensures Growth. These three aspects deliver LOVE, LIFE and GODLINESS in us.” – Mohanji



Deborah Davidson, Canada

On Thursday, April 9 2020, I was sitting with my tablet muted ready to begin the morning’s 7 am chanting with Eric and Cini, here in Victoria. Sara Sydney joined us this morning.

My phone was sitting on my left, a foot or more away, face up black screen when I saw the screen flash. I had not touched it since signing into the Zoom session. What appeared was a photo of Mohanji and Sai Baba. Two photos superimposed on each other.

Sai was in profile facing right in the foreground. Mohanji was in the background facing forward. They were both wearing headscarves of deep blue and the background was a deeper blue, almost purple.

It stayed on my screen but was gone when we finished the Gayatri Mantra chanting and I cannot find it anywhere in my history on the phone.

What I do have is a deep sense of peace and well-being as it should be with the world, and a strong heart presence of both Mohanji and Sai in my life, with us as we chanted. The beautifully vivid image is stored in my heart.


Jai Mohanji! Jai Sai Baba! With love, awe, and gratitude.


Pravin Thakkar, UK

I am always with you – these are the words we hear time and again from our beloved Mohanji. It was my 70th birthday on the 17th of November. During the whole day, I felt that I really needed to talk to Mohanji and receive his blessings, but for some reason I did not have the courage to either message him or call him.

On the 19th, I read on the Mohanji UK Facebook page that there had been a Mohanji Acharya programme held on the 17th, on the same day as my milestone birthday. It was at the request of a Mohanji family member who wanted to celebrate her birthday and also wanted her friends and relatives to experience Mohanji’s presence and energy through the Acharya programme. At the cake cutting ceremony, Mohanji Acharya Subhasree played a recorded voice message from Mohanji, blessing this lady on her birthday.

I read this on Tuesday night before I went to sleep. Early Wednesday morning, I had a beautiful experience. I am not sure whether I was in a dream state or awake, but Mohanji was speaking to me, and telling me that on my birthday he called me many times to bless me but did not get reply on my mobile phone, neither could he leave a voice message for me with a blessing (I had blocked my voice message). My wish to have Mohanji’s blessings was fulfilled so beautifully.

Once again, I am reminding myself of the need for constantly becoming aware of the countless little pesky flaws in my nature that stand in the way of making my inner aspirations more sincere, true, and complete.

I feel immensely grateful to our ever compassionate Father, Mohanji. My humble prostrations at your lotus feet.




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Miraculous Shirdi Meeting With Mohanji


by Aditya Nagpal

Master’s grace flows on us all the time. He is watching, he is protecting, he is taking care of all of us all the time. He is taking us to our destination with each breath of ours without us even being aware of it. His leelas are innumerable and we all have been lucky to witness them. I would like to share one such small incident from Shirdi.

I knew very little about Sai Baba before meeting Mohanji, but with his grace, I became an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. I visit Shirdi almost every month to do seva. I had a plan to go to Shirdi on 7th December 2019 for a weekend for seva. This travel plan was made in November. On 1st December, I booked a room in a hotel where I usually stay when in Shirdi. That hotel is right opposite the Chavadi and staying there is like being in the aura of Baba all the time. On 6th December, one of our Mohanji Family members called me from Pune and told that she would be visiting with a friend on 7th and needed a room for their stay. It was hard to find a room as it was the weekend and they had planned only a day prior. So I offered them my room as I am a regular to Shirdi and can easily stay anywhere else. She accepted it and I started looking for another room near the temple as I wanted to stay close to the temple. But I was unable to get another room near the temple. I then called Jivanta hotel where I’d stayed a few times during my initial visits to Shirdi. This place is slightly away from the temple, so it has never been my first choice. But I had no other option for that weekend. When I called them, a standard/luxury/deluxe room was not available, but they had only a diamond room which is the most expensive room in the hotel. I was slightly disappointed and started looking for another room again, but did not find any. I called Jivanta again and requested for a discount on the pricing and luckily they accepted it. I got the room but still, the cost was very high which made me a bit restless. But was there something behind all this?


I got onto the bus and reached Shirdi the next morning. I was told by someone that Mohanji was visiting Shirdi before 10th December for 2-3 days but I was not aware of the dates. I checked into Jivanta hotel and went to the Ahimsa Vegan Cafe and came to know that Mohanji was checking into the same hotel that night. I was overjoyed. I realized that this was all arranged by him. But was that it? No, not at all.

I went for Darshan at the Sai temple in the afternoon and asked the other 2 Mohanji family members to check into that other hotel near the temple. After Darshan, I went to that hotel to see if they had checked in. But to my surprise, the hotel owner said that the room was not available as they had given it to someone else by mistake. I was agitated as this was very unprofessional of them. I was also worried for the 2 ladies as there was no other room available. I went to my hotel and found that both the ladies had gone to my room and were taking rest. I was relieved. By then I realized that this was some divine play as Mohanji was also supposed to check into the same hotel. All of us ended up staying there. Luckily, the cost of the room was not entirely upon me now and I have to confess that it was a big relief for me.

So we all knew about Mohanji’s visit and were eagerly waiting to see him. He came in around 11.30 pm. We were all delighted to see him and prostrated before him. Oh! What a blessing it was. Early in the evening, I was told by the manager of the hotel that Mohanji’s room would be one the 4th floor. Our room was on the 2nd floor. Mohanji went to his room before us and we followed him and went to the 4th floor. We could not find his room on the 4th floor. We waited there for some time and came down to the 3rd floor but he wasn’t there either. Then we came to the 2nd floor and guess what, we found that Mohanji’s room was right next to our diamond room where we’d ended up staying unwillingly. We were thrilled to see this leela of our Master. This was all arranged by him. We stayed in a room next to his and spent the next day with him. This was indeed a blessing.

I usually spend a night at Dwarkamai in Shirdi, but this time I was in the room next to Mohanji. I usually stay in a room close to the temple in the aura of Sai Baba, but this time I stayed in the circle of Mohanji’s aura. It is a fact that nothing happens in Shirdi without Baba’s will and this time we were blessed to stay with Mohanji in his aura for an entire night. We were able to spend quality time with Mohanji the next day and that was amazing. A few days later, I met Mohanji again and shared this experience with him. He replied with a smile and said, “I always do my job“. He is always there for us, watching us, protecting us. When he says he is holding our hand, he means it. We are indeed blessed to be in his consciousness. No matter what happens, just hold on to him, he will take care.



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The M-powering Masters

M and Sai

By Aditya Nagpal

One evening, after doing Mohanji Aarati, I got a very strong thought to go to Shirdi. It was late in the evening and I thought it might not be a good idea to start at that time. But the thought was so strong that I was forced to book a bus and leave. Within one hour I was on a bus to Shirdi.

deaf and dumb school
Aditya doing seva

It is a 12-hour journey from Hyderabad to Shirdi. I reached Shirdi the next morning and checked into a hotel which I had booked while travelling. I had learned that one of our Mohanji Family member-Jyoti Bahl was also visiting Shirdi the same day. I went into my room and freshened up, As I came out, Jyotiji was in front of me, and she recognized me as I was wearing a Mohanji Foundation Kurta! This was the first time we met but I could feel the connection with her, being from the ‘M’ Family. We had a small conversation and decided to meet later. After eating something, I went for Samadhi Darshan.

oneself quote

 When I returned to the hotel, I sat in the Ahimsa Vegan café (a vegan café inaugurated by Mohanji). Jyotiji also arrived there, and we started sharing experiences of Mohanji and Sai Baba. While Jyotiji was narrating her experiences, I could feel her devotion and deep connection to Baba. Her bhakti bhaav (devotion) is so strong, that it took me into a different mode altogether and I started feeling a deep state of bliss, as if Baba was filling me up. After that I wanted to spend more time with her and listen to her experiences. Luckily, I went to Dwarkamai with her. Throughout the way, she spoke only about Baba, as if the rest of the world does not exist and only Baba exists. As she was narrating with unbelievably intense bhaav (emotion), I was going deeper and deeper into a bliss state. I was already having the feeling that this visit to Shirdi was the most powerful to date, and would take my faith and devotion to another level. But wait! There was more to come.

I learnt from Jyotiji that they were visiting Meher Baba’s Samadhi the next morning. I did not know anything about Meher Baba, but wanted to accompany them. So the following day, I went to the Meher Baba Samadhi with them. As I entered the place, I felt a deep connection, and silence started settling within me. At the Samadhi, we had to form a queue, and go in one by one into the Samadhi room. When my turn arrived, I went in and prostrated at Baba’s feet. As I got up, I felt a change within myself immediately. I just wanted to sit there and meditate but there was no space as people were already sitting around the Samadhi.  Luckily, a place got vacated soon, and I sat inside in meditation. I went into a deep state of bliss and silence like never before. It was the most intense meditation I have ever had. During the meditation, I felt the strong presence of Mohanji guiding me and instructing me. I wanted to meditate for a very long time there, but we had limited time and had to leave for Shirdi. As I came out, I learned from Jyotiji that Mohanji has visited Meher Baba’s place and she showed me a picture of Him standing near the Samadhi. I understood then why I had felt such a strong presence of Mohanji, and why I was brought there by Mohanji. Given the time constraint, we had to leave for Shirdi, but throughout the way, I felt deeply connected to the Divine: there were hardly any thoughts and nothing else mattered. This was the most wonderful experience I had ever had in Shirdi , and remember, it was totally unplanned from my side.  But wait! There was still more to come!

reality quote


Throughout the trip, Jyotiji was with me and I was totally mesmerized by her love and devotion. I wanted to spend more time with her and requested her to take me with her for Samadhi darshan, which she lovingly accepted. We went for Darshan and as always, Jyotiji kept talking about Baba and Mohanji and inside the temple, told me stories of Baba which I did not know. I was again taken into a state where there was only Baba and me, and nothing else existed. While we were talking, Jyotiji told me to read Shri Sai Satcharitra. I had started reading this previously, but discontinued it because of time constraints, and had not managed to complete it. Maybe this was a signal from Baba to start reading it again. Jyotiji took me to the Parayan hall (place inside the temple where people read books on Sai Baba) and told me to start reading again there. We went in, took the book and occupied places randomly. I hadn’t opened the book yet, and was just looking at it. Jyotiji told me to keep the book to my heart, think about Baba and open any page randomly. Keeping the book to my heart, I prayed to Baba to bless each and every soul and, placing my hand inside the book randomly, I opened it.  It seemed a miracle to me that it opened at the very next page to the one where I had discontinued reading previously!  It was the beginning of a new Chapter in Shri Sai Satcharitra that I was supposed to continue from. With deep love and gratitude, I completed that chapter and decided to read it daily from then on.

If this was not enough, I also unexpectedly got involved in Annadhan (food donation service) arranged by our beloved Mohanji Family members near the Samadhi Mandir of Baba. This was like the icing on the cake! I felt like I had jumped into a river of Grace and it was taking me effortlessly into bliss!

I was having the most amazing trip to Shirdi. Each moment was transformative. I was wondering how an unplanned trip like this could be so transformative. But was it actually unplanned? Here is my answer: Mohanji had arranged it for me. When we were back in the Ahimsa Vegan Cafe and started sharing experiences again, I learnt from Jyotiji that she was with Mohanji the day before arriving in Shirdi- the same day that I got a strong urge to visit Shirdi. I believe Mohanji sent Jyotiji to create this experience for me. I do not know how to express my gratitude to my beloved Mohanji for all that he does for us. This experience has taken my faith and connection for Mohanji to a different level altogether, and made me understand how Mohanji and Sai Baba are one and same.

When I started following Mohanji, I did not know much about Sai Baba. But gradually, I developed a deep interest and love for Baba and became an ardent devotee of Baba. With my limited understanding, I could not comprehend how this connection with Baba was initiated and intensified by the grace of Mohanji. It cannot be a coincidence that the first time ever I visited a Sai Baba temple, was with Mohanji.  It is hard to describe in words how blessed we are that Sai Baba is living with us through our Master- Mohanji. We still have Baba physically present with us as Mohanji. We must have gained a lot of merits in our past lives to be in his divine presence. Can we get any luckier? Can we ask for anything more?

Sai and M

We cannot comprehend how our Master works on us, how he takes us to the right place at the right time and to meet the right people. We are always fine at his lotus feet. We never miss anything, but we get the right thing at the right time, as per our capacity. This amazing transformative experience was made possible by the grace of our beloved Mohanji. I bow down at his lotus feet, and I am always secure at his lotus feet.

I also owe deep gratitude to Jyoti Bahl for being an amazing instrument of the Tradition and for helping me have these experiences.

M meditating




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Surrendered faith 

Mohanji blessing

The following two testimonials are from a Mohanji devotee who wishes to remain anonymous at present. Both stories show us yet again how grace flows when we have love and faith and we surrender to our dearest Guru. 

Prayer miracle

In the first story, the author says, “Recently, my close relative was diagnosed with a heart problem. He has been suffering from blood pressure for many years and was on medication. However, during a recent check-up, the EKG scan was abnormal and he was asked to visit a cardiologist. I was shocked and I prayed to Mohanji and Sai Baba to help him come out of this situation. It was a constant prayer and I even visited Sai temples, offering my prayers and service.


 The day of the visit to the cardiologist arrived and I was very positive as I knew Mohanji always takes care when we totally surrender. I wanted to see the cardiologist myself, so I accompanied him to the doctor’s office. After another scan and a thorough check-up, the cardiologist said that there was nothing to worry and it was a minor issue that could be fixed with diet and exercise. I was mind blown and thanked Mohanji and Sai Baba for everything. This was an eye-opener to me that whenever we totally surrender to Mohanji, he will take care of the situation, even beyond our hopes and prayers.”

“Life has no guarantees, insurance, and assurances. Life is as it happens, in the most unexpected and unpredictable way. All you can maintain within is your Goodness factor, love, kindness, compassion and gratitude. If these are not maintained every moment, only regrets and disappointments will remain within.” Mohanji


 Antidote to fatigue

In the second story, the author says, “The following experience has left me speechless. I was having chronic fatigue yesterday. It was so bad that I could hardly get up from my bed. My body was stiff and I couldn’t even walk to the kitchen and had to drag myself there, both mentally and physically. I wasn’t sick, but it was more of tiredness due to routine work and no proper rest. I decided to go for a massage. I called up many centers and checked for appointments. I also called up a few friends to check for the best massage centers around. I usually never go for any massages, but in this desperate situation, I was willing to go.

M quote

Suddenly, a thought arose in my mind. I have always seen and believed Mohanji’s energy can solve any problem. There is no doubt about it. We just have to have faith that it will work! I started to chant the Mohanji Gayatri intensely in my mind as I had no energy to chant aloud. I sat on a sofa, closed my eyes and chanted for about 10-15 minutes.

In the beginning, I could feel the energy flow through me slowly. It was a very light feeling and then it flowed all around my body, my legs, my hands and my head. I had my eyes closed and continued chanting, and I began to feel fresh and I could chant faster. At the end of 15 minutes, I was completely normal, in fact, more than normal. I could run around, clean my house, cook lunch and dinner, do my work, visit the library and drive about 30 miles, all with no effort and without any massage. I was taken aback by what happened, but what I realised was that Mohanji has taken over and when we believe in him, he is there for us in whichever way we want him to help us.”

 “Storms of emotions are part of life; everyone’s life. Faith is the pillar. Hold on to it and weather all the storms of life. That is the best way. Perhaps the only way.” Mohanji




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Connection with Consciousness

mohanji canada

Here are two blogs by Dr. Nikita Naredi and Namika Keshri. The two beautiful experiences show Mohanji’s presence without presence and the energy that we carry by being connected with him.

Faith and surrender

Dr Nikita Naredi

nikita 2

I am sharing an incident with you all which only reaffirms the love Mohanji has for his devotees. If you are connected to him and completely surrender to him; you don’t need to worry about anything.

Being in a transferable job, we have been staying in a rented apartment for the last 3 and a half years in Pune. Mohanji has visited this house physically when we had just arrived in Pune and twice after that. We love this house and have many times considered buying it too, but due to some new developments, it couldn’t be done. The owner of the apartment had confirmed that we could continue to stay here till we had to move out on a transfer again and this was a big reassurance for us.

Two days back when I returned home from work, I found my husband Amit and my daughter Antara perturbed and anxious. They said there was some ‘not so good’ news for us. They told me that the owner had called to ask us to vacate the house in the next three months as he wanted to sell the property. My daughter’s exams were approaching and shifting to a new house for a year and again shifting to a new place next March (due to the imminent transfer) seemed a daunting affair. I was standing in my bedroom and I was facing Mohanji’s picture when we were conversing. I just looked at His picture and said: “It will not happen”.  Amit and Antara found my reaction very awkward.  I said Mohanji will take care. I told them I will speak to the owner that night and request him again. I called him in the evening and explained the circumstances to him. He said it was difficult but he promised to speak to his lawyer and get back to us. I was still very calm, unlike my usual self. On the contrary, Amit was worked up thinking of shifting in the next two months.  I had reconciled to shifting too if Mohanji desired so.

Next day, our landlord called us up late in the night and said he had spoken to the lawyer and that his financial crisis could be sorted out differently. So he need not sell the property immediately.  He reassured us that we could stay in the present apartment until we were transferred out.  Antara and Amit were jubilant on hearing the news and I was calm again, not reacting at all. They were again amazed.  I said, “If I did not get disturbed yesterday, why should I be happy today?”

It is his grace which makes us sail through all hurdles and obstacles.  Not only does he bail us out of disturbing scenarios but gives us the strength to face them if it has to be.


Transformation through Mohanji’s Energy

by Nimika Keshri

I met Mohanji for the first time when I was in Bosnia in June 2019 for the Kriya Intensive programme. I had many experiences during those 5 days that I stayed in Mohanji’s presence. He made sure that I released all the stored and suppressed emotions within me during the time I was there. Before narrating what I want to share, I am sharing something that happened before I went to Bosnia.


Here in Finland, we have a couple of Shirdi Sai Baba’s devotees and we have a small Sai Temple called Sai Dham. I know many of the people who were responsible for starting and maintaining Sai Dham here. One of them is an Indian lady called Deepa, who is also my neighbour. We had met a couple of times and she was an acquaintance. Before going to Bosnia, I had a dream where I saw myself in an ashram and I also saw Mohanji there. I felt that I was there to get initiated for Kriya and Mohanji assured me that I will be initiated when the time was right. I also saw Deepa, my neighbour, in the ashram. A couple of days later, I met Deepa and informed her about my dream. She was unaware of Mohanji, but she is a true devotee of Sai Baba. During those days, I was doing the Power of Purity (PoP) meditation regularly and could feel a lot of positivity within. During one of our conversations, I informed her that I was doing a meditation that was helping me a lot. After a few days, she messaged me saying she wanted to meet me to know more about the meditation. I welcomed her and told her whatever I knew. I also told her, once I was back from Bosnia, I was willing to help others do the meditation. Maybe I will know more after my visit.


When I was in Bosnia, I bought a bracelet and got it blessed by Mohanji for her. I just felt that she needed it. When I returned to Finland, the very next day, I knocked on her door to give her the blessed bracelet. To my surprise, she immediately hugged me and then said that she could feel so much positivity within me. I knew it was Mohanji’s energy. I had a deep yearning to start Mohanji’s awareness in Finland and started organising meditation sessions in Sai Dham. My neighbour Deepa was the first one to join and she felt blessed by attending the PoP meditation.

Mohanji on how to surrender to Sai baba

The second person was a lady called Priya di by most of us, who is one of the first people to take the initiative to start Sai Dham in Finland. She hugs me every time we meet and she has so much of motherly love that I always liked to be in her company. Once a month, we spend an evening in Sai Dham doing bhajans and aarati for Shirdi Sai Baba. I visited one of these events in June. As I entered the temple, she hugged me as usual. But this time the hug was much longer than usual. I soon informed her about Mohanji and my Bosnia visit. She was very happy and told me she felt something was different in me when she hugged me today. She hugged me again and said that she could see Sai Baba while she was hugging me this time. I felt so blessed and thanked Mohanji and Baba Sai for enabling others to feel the Masters’ presence through me.



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Nine ways to connect with the Guru


By Shyama Jeyaseelan


Mohanji says, “The human mind needs forms to associate with. This is fundamental. It recognizes forms and connects to forms. Human constitution uses all faculties such as body, mind, and intellect to connect to the chosen form. And when the connection through faith increases, individual personality takes a back seat. The individual starts to merge with the object of worship. Non-duality happens. When oneness takes root, often the need for any of the individual faculties that the individual used for the primary connection also becomes redundant. Everything dissolves into oneness.”

In May 2018, towards the end of the Kriya Intensive programme and Volunteers Meet in Bosnia, some of us were sharing our experiences with Mohanji in the main satsang hall. Seated in a circle, heartfelt feelings and emotions were shared, all of us totally absorbed in Mohanji’s love and compassion. When it was my turn, I sang a bhajan that was close to my heart, one that I sing often at home to Mohanji. The words are simple yet so beautiful.

You are the centre of my life my Lord, You are the centre of my day

I open my heart to You and pray for Your grace

I feel the power of Your love my Lord, I feel the power of Your love

I open my heart to You and pray for Your grace.

Mohanji feet
The Guru’s feet

As I finished, Deviji who was also seated with us said with a lovely smile, “I am looking forward to meeting all the bhakti yogis in London soon.” A visit by Mohanji, Deviji, and little Mila was already planned to take place in August 2018 and we were all counting the days for their arrival with much excitement, looking forward to having them with us.

During their stay in London, many of us had the privilege of spending some time with Mohanji, Deviji, and Mila. So many beautiful moments, full of grace and joy, filled our days. Those few days flew by quickly and it was time to say good bye too soon. Afterwards, as I read the blogs and testimonials from others, I realised how each of us experienced Mohanji’s presence and love in our own unique way. We may have all been with Him at the same time during the same programme or event, but each one of us experienced Him according to our own constitution, perception, and eligibility.

During this visit, every moment I spent with Mohanji gave me a different emotion to the feeling of devotion. I recently read a beautiful article on ‘Nava vidha bhakti,’ the 9 forms of devotion, and realised that I had experienced these beautiful emotions and recognised them as such, purely because of Mohanji’s grace.

It is said that of the different types of yoga, bhakti yoga is the easiest way to reach the Lord in the Kaliyuga. When devotion and love for the Lord are pure, free from conditions, desires, and ego, transformation happens within. We become the instrument of the Lord. Through writing this article, I pray that my love for Mohanji becomes deeper and purer. May devotion fill my days and bring positive transformations within me.

The 9 forms of devotion which we feel and experience towards our Guru or God are shravanam, kirtanam, smaranam, paada sevanam, archanam, vandanam, daasyam, saakhyam, and aatma nivedanam.

1. Shravanam (Listening to the names and glories of God)

The first in the nine forms of devotion, shravanam is to listen to the divine glories of our Guru or God. As we listen and contemplate on His words, qualities, and divine plays, our mind merges with the thoughts of divinity. With easy access to social media, listening to satsangs, bhajans, and songs, seeing messages on whatsapp or Facebook were all tools for me to listen or read about Mohanji throughout the day. Listening to His teachings, seeing His messages and reading others’ experiences were all ways for me to connect to Him while being away from His physical presence. Planning His visit with the UK team was exciting and that itself was a satsang too. As I constantly listened and contemplated on Mohanji, love and reverence subconsciously grew and I also realised that these thoughts were purifying me in tangible and subtle ways.

As we cultivate a yearning to listen to His glory and teachings with faith, and as we practise what we have learnt, the act of shravanam helps us evolve in the journey of spirituality.

2. Kirtanam (Chanting the glories of God)

In the second form of devotion, kirtanam, one sings the glory of Guru or God with devotion. Whenever we recite or chant His name and sing His glory from the heart, we automatically become joyous; our hearts are filled with love, not just for our dearest Guru, but towards all those who are around us. Continuous chanting has the power to elevate us.

At the UK retreat, we had bhajans at the end of each day. Even if He was tired, Mohanji would stay and listen to everyone’s offering of love to Him, have a satsang with us afterwards, before retiring to His room. One of the highlights was to actually listen to Mohanji sing ‘Garuda Gamana’ with one of the devotees. We were all mesmerised, listening to His beautiful voice, giving such joy not only to the devotee He sang with but to all those who were assembled there.

Shyama singing a bhajan

One evening, we chanted the Sri Rudram in Mohanji’s presence. This chanting is done in praise of Lord Shiva and I was reminded of chanting it at the holy banks of Manasarovar and also during the parikrama of Kailash. Lord Shiva who was silent and majestic in Kailash had taken the form of the compassionate and loving Mohanji who was physically in the room with us.  Although thousands of miles apart, the innocence, divinity, and purity that I felt was the same in both occasions, and I felt so blessed to have Mohanji there with us while chanting. None of us wanted these evenings to end!

 3. Smaranam (Remembering God)

 Smaranam is the third form of devotion where one constantly remembers their Guru or God and His divine qualities. It is said that namasmarana, the constant chanting, and remembrance of the divine will help us attain liberation. Remembering and chanting the name of our loving Guru, remembering His compassionate form, seeing divinity in nature are all ways of remembering Mohanji’s presence in my life.

Shyama satsang
Satsang with Mohanji

Whether it’s chanting the Mohanji Gayatri, Healing Gayatri or singing devotional songs/bhajans, I feel that simply knowing/remembering that He’s always with me, keeps me connected to Him, making life the joyous journey it is. As faith and devotion increase, surrendering my actions to Him becomes second nature and from small miracles to large, I feel Mohanji’s presence throughout the day. As acceptance and patience increases, pain and suffering are greatly reduced and I am able to face life with equanimity more and more.


4. Paada sevanam (Serving the Lord’s feet)

In the fourth form of devotion, paada sevanam, one worships their Guru or God by surrendering all actions at His feet and serving Him. Recognising that a true Guru is connected to the supreme consciousness, worshiping the paaduka (sanctified sandals) is also a form of paada sevanam.

In the Indian tradition, people often refer to the Guru or God’s feet as paada pankajam (lotus feet), as they are described as soft and beautiful like the petals of a lotus. During this visit, we had the incredible opportunity of doing Paada puja to Mohanji’s feet. It was such a sacred event and all those who took part felt so blessed. Mohanji explained the significance of this sacred ritual and graciously allowed us to wash, decorate and do aarati to His feet. It was a dream come true, something many of us had yearned for but had not expected to happen.

Navavidha_Paada Sharanam
Guru Paada Puja

Bowing down at the feet of someone shows humility and lack of ego. As we bow down at the feet of our dearest Guru with an innate sense of surrender, we recognise His divinity and pray that He will grant us protection and lead us from the many bindings of life to freedom in existence.

5. Archanam (Worshipping God)

In the fifth form of devotion, archanam, one makes an ‘offering’ of love to their Guru or God. It may be ritualistic worship where food, flowers, and many other materialistic items are offered. It can also be singing bhajans, chanting the sahasranamam (1000 names), ashtothram (108 names) or doing aarati, which are all forms of archanam. When the rituals are combined with internal meditation and awareness, our hearts and minds are purified.



While Mohanji was in London, I had the opportunity to make some of His meals along with a few other devotees. Cooking is usually not my passion, but making food for Mohanji is a blessing I will always cherish. I can only imagine this would be how Yashoda felt when she made food for Krishna! Mohanji’s enjoyment of simple food is lovely to witness. The times I spent in the kitchen gave me such a close connection to Mohanji. Nothing else existed apart from Him. In those moments I was not a parent, wife, sister or daughter. There was no personality, just an amazing feeling of not existing as a person with ego, etc., but being an empty instrument for divinity to work through. This state of perpetual meditation which seemed beyond my reach seems a little closer to attain now, a state I should attempt to be in, throughout the day.

My archanam or offering while Mohanji was here in the physical form for a few fleeting days has enabled me to surrender and offer all my actions to Him even when He’s physically not present. Expressing our love for Him and connecting to Him with mind and heart, all our actions become sacred when offered at the feet of the Guru.

6. Vandanam (Offering obeisance to God)

The sixth form of devotion is reverential prayer, vandanam, to our Guru or God. Prayer is a language of the heart and when expressed with sincerity and love, it becomes an intensely personal process which elevates us.  There are many types of prayers; of gratitude, for the well-being of others, for peace, etc.

Prayers and chanting have become a part of life and I realise Mohanji purifies us in subtle ways when we undertake these actions with the correct intent. Whether it’s chanting, singing or simply talking to Mohanji in my mind and seeing answers to my questions or thoughts through someone or something, my faith in prayers has increased manifold. Whether it’s an internal dialogue or an outward expression, prayers make me feel more close to Mohanji. I share an incident here which showed me again He knows everything that we think, say or do, that we always live in the presence of divinity.

On the last night before Mohanji’s family left, I was feeling so sad. I sent a text message to the host family saying, “Tomorrow morning will be the last meal with Mohanji for a while.” I had not asked to help make breakfast as I knew someone else was bringing food in the morning but went to help with other things. Just a short time before leaving for the airport, Mohanji said, “Let’s have some uppma.” I thought He was joking as He knew someone was bringing breakfast and said, “Mohanji, are you serious?” He replied with a smile “I never joke about food.” As we rushed about in the kitchen with last minute preparations, I realised that Mohanji knew my thoughts and feelings and in His usual compassionate way, asked me to make something to make me happy. Always so caring and loving, He spreads joy in every possible way. That morning we had two different items for breakfast, blessed by Mohanji!

 7. Daasyam (Serving God as His servant)

In the seventh form of devotion, daasyam, one aspires to be of personal service to their Guru or God. With no sense of inferiority, one yearns to serve the Guru as well as His devotees. Only those who are trustworthy, truly humble and are not self-centred are given this boon and it’s amazing to see Mohanji’s interaction with such beautiful people. He’s so relaxed and happy in the midst of those who love Him unconditionally and serve Him selflessly.

Serving Guru in any way is a blessing of lifetimes
Serving Guru in any way is a blessing of lifetimes

Hanuman’s devotion to Lord Rama is a great example of daasyam. I have heard Mohanji speak of Hanuman with so much love and share here a story He narrated a couple of years ago. When Valmiki completed the epic Ramayana, Sage Narada who read it said that Hanuman’s Ramayana was better. Valmiki was not happy that a ‘monkey’ had also written a Ramayana and wanted to find out if it was indeed better.

Valmiki found Hanuman in Kadali-vana (plantain grove) and the Ramayana inscribed on the broad plantain leaves. Reading it, he found it to be exquisite and unable to help himself, started to cry. When Hanuman asked if it was that bad, Valmiki replied he was crying because it was so beautiful and no one would read his Ramayana once they read Hanuman’s Ramayana.

Hearing this Hanuman simply tore up the banana leaves and said, no one will read Hanuman’s Ramayana. You wrote it so that the world remembers you, but I wrote it so that I remember Ram.” Hearing this story of Hanuman’s pure love for Lord Rama in Mohanji’s mesmerising voice was simply amazing and it brought tears to my eyes.

Even now, when I think back to this moment, I feel so humbled to be a part of Mohanji’s family, receiving His love and grace, and pray that such intense devotion and purity wells within me too.

8. Saakhyam (Developing friendship with God)

In the eighth form of devotion, saakhyam, the devotee considers the Guru or God as their friend. An example of this is Lord Krishna’s childhood in Vrindavan. He spent the days playing with his friends and taking care of the cows. His friends would chase him while playing, massage his legs while resting and feed him food with love. Their love for Krishna was complete. Mohanji is also our true friend, who accepts us as we are, with no judgements or expectations, interacting with us with pure love.

In the loving embrace of Mohanji
Loving embrace of Mohanji

It is always a joy to see Mohanji relaxing at times, away from His back to back programmes. One evening after Mohanji had retired to His room, a couple of us were talking about a song that Mohanji really likes and we were listening to it on you tube.  The next morning while having breakfast, He started talking about the song as if He’d been there during our conversation! Then He asked us to play that song and started to sing along with Sonu Nigam (a famous Indian singer), His deep voice perfectly complementing the singer’s higher pitch. Very sweetly, Mohanji would explain the meaning of the song to me between singing the verses, as I was the only person there who didn’t understand the language. It was a privilege to see Mohanji’s carefree attitude and joyous singing. How blessed we are to have the eternal friendship of our Guru.

9. Aatma nivedanam (Total surrender of oneself to the Lord)

In the ninth form of devotion, aatma nivedanam, the devotee surrenders completely to the will of the Guru or God with no trace of ego. The devotee if completely filled with devotion, gains the knowledge of his true self and becomes one with the divine and all aspects of His creation. When we offer everything to our Guru with equanimity, we become His instruments, and the Guru takes complete care. He knows what is right for us, all we need is trust and full faith.

Mohanji Energy Transfer
Being Mohanji’s instrument – In the consciousness of Mohanji

Mohanji is a living example of simplicity and humility. He teaches us by being a true inspiration. Mohanji encourages us to serve with love and humility, not just those who visit Him or are in His fold, but all beings of the earth, to the best of our capacity. By cultivating love and serving the needy, we realise the existence of divinity in all forms.


Taking up one or a number of these paths to connect with our beloved Guru, understanding the path and following it with faith and consistency, we can make our lives purposeful and meaningful.  We become the pure instruments of the Guru, spreading unity, purity, and divinity to the world.

“Worshipping the Guru, considering him as representing the Lord Almighty or personification of the Lord is definitely the path of those who are inclined to Bhakti or devotional path of spirituality.”   Mohanji


1 Testimonial-Shyama



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The Guru’s protective umbrella


This testimonial by Manjiri Bhalerao reiterates Mohanji’s protection to people connected to Him at all times, whichever part of the world they are in. Enjoy the two narratives about Mohanji helping Manjiri in her hour of distress and making a major accident turn into a milder one with His grace.  

Guru’s protective umbrella at all times

By Manjiri Bhalerao, Canada

The following prayer conveys my sincere feelings for my Gurudev, Brahmarishi Mohanji.

Tvameva Mata Ch Pita Tvameva. (You are mother and father to me)

TvamevaBandhush-CaSakhaTvameva. (You are my only relative and friend)

TvamevaVidyaaDravinnamTvameva. (You are my wisdom and my wealth)

TvamevaSarvam Mam Deva Deva. (You are everything to me, my Lord)

I would like to share my experience of Mohanji’s grace and protection twice within a year. Both the times, my husband Mahesh was travelling and was away from home.

The first incident happened when Mohanji was in Brazil in April 2018. Mahesh was also travelling with Mohanji in Brazil and I was in Toronto with my kids.

In the Toronto Yoga Conference, where Mohanji Foundation Canada had a booth, I was going to volunteer in that booth. Just couple of days prior to this programme, I had a mishap at home that brought to me yet another incidence of how Mohanji was protecting me. On this day, I was to cook food for the kids and placed a pan on the stove. I poured oil into the pan and as the oil turned hot, before I knew what was happening, my left hand brushed against the handle of the pan and the pan toppled upside down. The entire hot oil in the pan splashed on my leg and foot. Out of the pain from hot oil and more so from the fear of impact on my ability to volunteer for the programme, I cried out to Mohanji! It was just so spontaneous to reach out to my Gurudev in my distress situation. While chanting “Jai Mohanji, Jai Mohanji” in my mind, I held my foot under water and then applied an ointment for burns on it. With the amount of hot oil that came on my feet, I would have surely got blisters. But to my amazement, I got no blisters. Just dark patches of burns in my foot. So the next day when I had to travel for the Yoga event, I was able to put on my shoes and could travel there and was able to volunteer as planned earlier. Needless to say, had the injury been more serious I would not have been able to put on shoes and travel to the location in an unusually cold April in Toronto. I realised how Mohanji took care of everything. A potential big mishap just ended with a minor incident and I was able to  accomplish my commitment. This incident was verified by Mohanji when Mahesh spoke to Him about it.

The second incident happened recently in January 2019. It was a usual cold winter afternoon in Toronto. Three devotees (Alpa, Parmeshji, and Geetaji) and I were returning from Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram, Amaranth after attending Sai Vrat Katha (story of Sai). It was the first month when we had started conducting this monthly ritual in the ashram. I was supposed to drop Alpa at her place in Brampton, and then head back home after dropping Geeta and Parmesh on the way in Scarborough. It was decided that before dropping Alpa, we would deliver Sai Vrat Katha prasad at a Sai devotees’ place in Brampton. As we were on our way, Alpa told me to drop her at her place and she would deliver the prasad herself as I was getting late. I was not familiar with the roads, so Alpa told me to change the lane and take a right turn. As I was about to do it, my car collided with another white car coming from behind. It happened so suddenly and the other car (which was also driven by a lady) halted several meters away. We were all dazed by the sudden impact. We got down from the car and inspected the damage. With Mohanji’s grace, my car was damaged minimally on the front right side. Nothing happened to the passengers sitting on the right side in my car and the other lady driver whose car was damaged was also surprisingly calm. Her car was damaged quite extensively on the left side, including damaged doors and mirrors.

M-family members Ketan and Manisha came to the location to help me with the formalities after the collision. Gauravji (whose house we were supposed to drop the prasad) also came twice to the location to talk to the lady and her husband (who came later). We were out in the cold standing for quite some time discussing the next steps, and after making a few calls to Mahesh in India (who was with Mohanji in Bangalore), we decided to go to the collision centre.

While I was still going through the formalities, I understood that It was Mohanji’s grace that we escaped unhurt with minimal damage to car. Not only this, Mohanji made sure that I was not alone during this incident. Alpa, Ketan, Manisha, Geeta, and Parmesh were all with me till we finished the formalities, which took a couple of hours after the collision. Everyone was tired after a long day (ashram vrat pooja and the collision). Manisha promptly went and bought hot coffee for all of us and we all departed. They also called me later to make sure I had reached home safely. As I thought of this accident, I couldn’t thank Mohanji enough for protecting us, looking after us and comforting us.

damaged car
Damaged car

When Mahesh recounted this incident to Mohanji in India, before he could say anything, Mohanji said He knew what had happened and asked Mahesh what he wanted to say. He had taken care of everything. This incident taught me to be more mindful and careful in the future, though Guru’s protection is always there.

My heart is full of immense gratitude to my Guru Mohanji, for being with us and protecting us at all times. Words are not enough to express my gratitude and writing a testimonial is one of the ways where I can express my gratitude to Him. When He says, “I am with you,” He makes sure we are under His protective shield (kavach) and saves us from any storm in our lives. Only by living His teachings can we fully express our gratitude. My salutations (koti koti pranaams) to my Guru Mohanji and the entire Guru Mandala for showering us with grace and blessings. My prostrations (sashtanga namaskar) and deepest gratitude for everything ‘O Gurudev!’

parabrahma prasad
Mohanji giving prasad to Manjiri

The above picture shows Para Brahma giving me prasad during Pranapratishta at Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram, Canada.

I am truly humbled, grateful beyond words O Gurudev, Oh Mohanji! (Baba), THANK YOU so much for EVERYTHING, a million times.

 Bless us all to live our lives with your teachings.




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The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba – Shadows of Grace – Part II

Mohanji-Rajesh Kamath.jpg

By Rajesh Kamath

This is the second part on Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj (respectfully and lovingly addressed as Babaji). For those who came in late, please read the first part here.


Moving on from where we left. We proceeded with Mohanji on our year-end road trip through the south of India. Babaji, as planned, concluded his Shirdi trip and moved back to Chennai in the first week of January. In between, Babaji called Mohanji and invited him to Chennai in the last week of January. Mohanji chose to be in Chennai on January 30th. We proceeded to Chennai from Palakkad via Coimbatore.

When we arrived, we found that Babaji had personally come to receive Mohanji along with members of the Shri Dattatreya Siva Sai Trust (the trust He founded to build the Sai Baba temple on the outskirts of Chennai in Sriperumbudur). Babaji honored Mohanji with garlands and a shawl at the airport and embraced him lovingly. The picture of them hugging each other is one of Mohanji’s favorite pictures. The mutual all-encompassing love and respect that the Masters had for each other were there for all to see.

Babaji first took us to the Shri Dattatreya Siva Sai trust office where we were introduced to all the members of the trust where they  (along with Babaji) shared the details of the temple construction project. After this Babaji took us to the altar within the trust office and performed Shirdi Sai Baba’s aarti.

Babaji had ensured that Mohanji was booked into five-star hotel. While Mohanji gently pointed out that the extra expense was unnecessary, and that he would have loved to stay with Babaji, and that there was no need to be honoured like this, Babaji insisted that  Mohanji had no say in this matter and insisted that it had to be done like this since this was the specific instruction he received fromSai Baba, including Mohanji’s stay at  the Grand Hyatt.

At the hotel, Babaji came all the way up to inspect Mohanji’s room and the bathroom. He smilingly told Mohanji that this was the first time he had set foot in a five star hotel! He was showering us with a lot of love, grace, and blessings. After he blessed Mohanji in the hotel room, he took both of Mohanji’s hands and placed it on his third eye. He asked Mohanji to rest a while to alleviate the fatigue from the travel, saying he would meet Mohanji in the evening at his temporary residence in Chennai and that he had arranged for Mohanji to be picked up and dropped there. Mohanji later mentioned, “Meeting Babaji was always overwhelming and the way He honoured me was also totally unexpected. Perhaps you can also see how much weight I have lost”. Someone commented that the love showered by Babaji on Mohanji was similar to that showered on Mohanji by Sri Vittalananda Saraswati (Vittal Babaji) a couple of years back in Kuruvapuram. While I wasn’t there to witness Vittal Babaji and Mohanji together, I have been witness to the immense love and affection showered on Mohanji by Masters like Swamy Vasudevanji of Ganeshpuri, Devi Amma from Bangalore, Vanamala Mataji from Rishikesh, Avadhoota Nadanandaji from Kurnool, etc.

In the evening, some of the trust members dropped us at Babaji’s temporary residence in Chennai. The Masters had a long discussion where Babaji shared his detailed plans for the Sai Baba temple that he was constructing in Sriperumbudur on the outskirts of Chennai. The trust members also discussed the current progress of the construction. In the course of the discussion, Babaji honoured Mohanji by requesting him to preside over and lay the foundation stone of the temple. Mohanji readily agreed, saying that he was a loyal servant of Sai Baba and that he considered it his duty to obey any command coming from Sai Baba. Babaji asked Mohanji to provide him with 10 tons of steel, 500 bags of cement and 4-5 truckloads of gravel. That was Babaji’s way. He hardly made any requests. You were just told what he was to be done and your acceptance of the chosen task was implicitly assumed. Mohanji immediately told Babaji that it would be provided before the foundation laying ceremony.

This was followed by an informal satsang where Babaji shared some of his insights on the Guru disciple relationship. He said, “Always follow the Guru no matter what. He may love you, beat you, scold you, hurt you – no matter what never leave the protection of a real Guru. If a Guru tells you to jump into a well and die, do it without thinking. The Guru will never let you get hurt. He will pick you out as gently as one would a flower. He who understands that the Guru’s scolding and hurting takes away lifetimes of karma will never leave the Guru. The one who leaves a true Guru is most unfortunate. He is forever in darkness – neither here nor there. That is why Baba always recommended shraddha (faith) and saboori (patience) as the essential qualities of in a disciple. Remember His name, live His teachings, follow His word – nothing will ever touch you. Anything or anyone that tries to harm you will be destroyed.” He also mentioned that the rudraksha is alive. It’s food is til (sesame) oil. You are supposed to soak the rudraksha in til oil a day before Amavasya (the new moon) and remove it the day after. Subsequently, Mohanji soaked the rudraksha given to him by Babaji as per his instructions and half the oil in the container disappeared. So his observation was indeed true.

Interestingly, most photos taken while the Masters were chatting showed light bodies hovering over them. In one photograph Shirdi Sai Baba and Lord Hanuman could be clearly seen. IMG_20160130_194749_HDR.jpgIt was very overwhelming to be in the loving presence of both the Masters. Both Masters spoke in languages alien to me – Babaji spoke in Tamil while Mohanji spoke in Malayalam. I was curious how they understood each other. Mohanji answered my unspoken question saying that he spoke Malayalam with a Tamil accent and Babaji spoke Tamil in a Malayalam accent. That’s how they understood each other. 🙂

Soon it was time for us to leave. Babaji literally showered Mohanji and all of us with lots of love and blessings as we departed for the hotel. He insisted that he wanted to come to drop us to the airport. However, as we had an early morning flight,  we entreated Babaji not to do so since he needed proper rest especially considering his punishing work schedule.

One of the concerns I had as I left the meeting was getting the material required by Babaji. There was a considerable cost involved and it wasn’t like we were rolling in cash. Mohanji just said, “The material has been requested by Sai Baba (since Babaji was not any different from Shirdi Sai Baba). Hence, Shirdi Sai Baba will provide for it Himself and there is nothing to worry.” Madhusudan Rajagopalan (aka Madhu), the person tasked with delivering Babaji’s request, has separately documented the amazing way in which the funds, resources, and people materialized to fulfill Babaji’s request in the book on Babaji, The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba. (People who are interested in buying a copy of the book  can email the publisher, Gurulight, at

Mohanji subsequently left on his overseas tours while I returned to Dharamshala. It was wonderful to receive Babaji’s New Year packet of blessings which contained Sai Baba’s udi (holy ash), neem (margosa) leaves from Gurusthan and a picture of Babaji/Sai Baba with Babaji’s favorite mantra ‘Om Shri Sai Sharanam mama‘ (I seek refuge in Sai). Of course, it was filled with his wonderful heartfelt blessings. Babaji also sent the invitation cards for the foundation stone laying ceremony that prominently featured Mohanji as one of the luminaries attending the function. Mohanji had instructed a few of us in the group like Madhu, to stay in regular touch with Babaji. If we didn’t call him regularly, he would get chide us saying that we guys had become so busy that we didn’t call anymore! He would then excitedly update us on the progress of the temple construction and his plans for the near future. He would always enquire, “Where is my Mohanji these days?” and get a detailed update on Mohanji’s whereabouts, health, programs, travel plans, etc. He was always interested in knowing when Mohanji was coming back to India. If we called him with the slightest issue, he would tell us, “Why do you worry? I am standing behind Mohanji. My Guru is standing behind Mohanji. What more do you want? Nothing can affect you people.”

He also chided me to do more sadhana. He would say that you should do 10-15min of sadhana first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up straight out of bed. The same before going to bed. As you get accustomed to the practice, you can increase the duration gradually. When you end the call, he would have a long extended blessing that would last a minute or more. So much love and kindness poured out of him for us that it was truly moving. He was such a sweet and loving kindred soul to us which was very unlike the fierce imposing exterior that he projected for others. We felt that it was our association with Mohanji that afforded us this outlook from Babaji. For Babaji, we were Mohanji’s children. Hence, he extended his blanket of love and protection over us as well.


Babaji was working at breakneck speed preparing for the foundation stone laying ceremony. He was planning the function to the minutest detail. This was also taking a toll on his health but that did not stop him from continuing with his backbreaking schedule. It was his all-consuming passion to deliver on the promise he made to his Guru. He was involved in every aspect of the temple project – planning, fundraising, marketing, construction, etc. Leading from the front and rallying the troops to deliver it with the perfection that was expected by his Guru, Shirdi Sai Baba. It was all he thought about in his waking hours and possibly also while he was sleeping.

Soon it was time for the foundation stone laying ceremony. Mohanji and our group arrived in Chennai the evening before the ceremony and headed straight to Sriperumbudur. Once we reached the temple land, we headed straight to Babaji’s kutir (cottage) on the land. It was a standalone house with one room and an attached bathroom. This was the command center from where Babaji directed all the efforts for the temple construction. As you enter the house, there is a giant Shivling in the space between the gate and the door of the house. Babaji would perform an abhishekam of the Shivling daily. We were told that the construction folks had advised Babaji that the soft land would not be able to take the weight of the Shivling and it would start sinking very soon. Hence, it was inadvisable to install the Shivling there. Babaji purportedly told them to do as directed and he would take care of any eventualities. [Almost a year on, the Shivling continues to stand on solid ground and nothing has happened to it or the ground below.]

As we entered, Babaji greeted us. Mohanji prostrated at Babaji’s feet and then Babaji embraced Mohanji. Since it was late in the night, he checked to see if we had our dinner. All the hard work for the ceremony was showing on him – he looked shaken but not stirred. He gave Mohanji an update on what he had planned for the ceremony. He then asked Mohanji and our group to accompany him so he could show us all the arrangements. He took Mohanji’s hand and started walking out the door to the place where the ceremony was to be conducted. He was suddenly like a young teenager sprinting out of the door with us in hot pursuit.

They were expecting a few thousand people in attendance. At the venue itself, arrangements had been made to accommodate several thousand visitors, including their seating, food and sanitation. A big stage had been erected with different areas – some had the different idols that were to be eventually housed in the temple, one had all the Sai Baba statues, there was a place where intricately decorated pots were kept, and so on. The entire place was abuzz with activity – priests were getting the place and ingredients ready for the ceremonial rites, huge garlands were being woven, workers were busy putting the final touches, etc. The preparations for the pooja were in full swing – the statues for the various deities were arranged on the stage (including Sai Baba, Ganesha, Dattatreya, Rama, Hanuman, Shaneeswara, Kala Bhairava, Shiva, Maha Vishnu, Mahalakshmi among others), the ceremonial kalashes (urns) were being readied and the homa kund (fire ceremony pit) was being prepared. The center of the stage was where the dignitaries were to be seated. In front of that was an open area where artists would perform. Towards the right of that place was the area where the ceremonies were to be conducted. Babaji enthusiastically updated us with all the details of the preparations so far, the flow of the program and ceremonies that were to be held tomorrow. He then walked us back to his house.


Our photographer Palak who was in Babaji’s face all the while trying to get the right expressions asked Babaji if he was bothered by her constant clicking. Babaji laughed and said, “My dear child, only Sai Baba bothers me. He doesn’t let me eat, drink, rest, sleep, bathe and keeps me on my toes. Only He bothers me and no one else.” Babaji then briefly discussed our stay arrangements, meeting times for tomorrow and asked a couple of trustees to ensure that everything was taken care of in terms of our stay. We then headed back to the accommodation.


The next day we reached early for the ceremony. It was a truly elaborate affair. Once Babaji, along with Mohanji, reached the venue, the ceremony started with the team of priests invoking Lord Ganesha for his blessings. The ceremony started with an elaborate yagna (sacred fire ritual) where different kinds of offerings were made to the various deities to the chanting of vedic mantras. Several priests sat around the sacrificial fire chanting mantras in unison as other priests prepared and placed the offerings into the fire. The poojas and homas included Sri Ganapathy Homa, Sri Mahalakshmi pooja, Sri Maha Mrityunjaya Homa, Sri Maha Sudarshana Homa, Sri Jayadurga pooja, and Sri Navagraha Shanthi Homa. While these homas were conducted, a leading singer also performed bhajans for the audience and raised the feeling of devotion among all present.This went on for a few hours.

This was followed by worshipping the cow as a representation of the Eternal Mother. Most human beings are brought up by being breastfed by their mother followed by cow’s milk. Hence, the cow takes up the role in most of our lives. Moreover, the cow is probably the only animal that releases no toxins. Its urine is used in a host of preparations in Ayurveda and it’s dung serves as a disinfectant and insect repellant. In most villages in India, the floor of the house and the porch is smeared with cow dung. Further, Mohanji mentioned that the cow was kept in most traditional Indian houses in the past because it kept negative elements at bay and prevented them from entering the house. Hence, the cow is worshiped as an embodiment of the Eternal Mother in most rituals. A cow and its calf were brought over for the occasion. Mohanji and Babaji fed the cow and its calf with their own hands. They first fed it bananas and then the food that was cooked for the occasion. The Masters then performed kanya puja – worshipping nine girls representing Navadurga (the nine forms of Goddess Durga). This pooja is symbolic of worshipping the Divine Mother, the pure basic creative force of nature. The young girls symbolize purity and innocence, the overriding characteristics of the Divine Mother. The Masters symbolically washed their feet, garlanded them, gave them gifts and adornments and took their blessings.


After these ceremonies were completed, Swamiji and Mohanji then proceeded to perform the stone laying ceremony. The place where the foundation stone was supposed to be laid was a short distance away from where the stage was setup. Babaji and Mohanji and some of the trustees went in a golf cart, with us surrounding them to prevent devotees from approaching them for blessings, requests, etc. At a chosen spot, a deep pit had been dug for this purpose. Once we reached there, Babaji himself stepped into the pit that was set up and the foundation stone laying ceremony began. Swamiji  sanctified it with the offerings from the kalashes (urns), and then placed bricks which had been purified from the homas and poojas done earlier. Babaji placed the yantras and all the sacred objects in the pit in the right locations and facing the right directions. The foundation stone was placed on the exact spot. It was covered by all the sacrificial offerings and ingredients. Finally, it was to be covered with udi (sacred ash) from Shirdi. Babaji had got a huge amount of udi from Shirdi but due to some mixup, the organizers misplaced the udi and it did not make it to the site. Babaji was furious and berated them angrily. There was a mad scramble to locate udi among the people that had congregated around the pit. Surprisingly, not one person had a single packet. Just at that moment, there was a person who suddenly appeared behind Mohanji and immediately offered us a packet of udi. We handed it to Mohanji and he handed it to Babaji. Babaji placed it on the stone and then covered it up with other sacred ash. The bricks were then placed over the foundation stone and the pit was covered.


Babaji got out of the pit and got into the golf cart with Mohanji. He was livid at the turn of events. He had planned this event to excruciating detail. Hence, a glaring mistake causing the most important thing to be missed out really enraged him. The single packet of udi had averted it but Babaji was still not satisfied. He expected everything to go like clockwork. As we were headed back, one of the attendees tried to get clever and snuck in around the golf cart in the guise of protecting Babaji and quickly moved in to touch his feet and get his blessings. Babaji swung his arm and with his open palm nicely whacked him square on back of the head with a resounding thud and pushed him out. Like they show in the Batman comics. Bam! Pow! The poor guy was spinning around for a while after receiving this heavy prasad (consecrated offering). Must have definitely knocked some of his latent hard-to-erase karma and some sense into him that you can’t force your way with someone like Babaji.

This was followed by the program where the dignitaries were brought on stage and felicitated one by one by Babaji. Through the entire proceedings, Babaji sat next to Mohanji and held his hand most of the time. The dignitaries had quite a few heavyweights – a central cabinet minister, a state cabinet minister, other local political heavyweights, people from the film fraternity and other leading personalities. The trust had done a wonderful job of spreading awareness of the function, with press coverage in leading magazines, and posters and billboards on the route to the venue. There were letters from the governor of the state, the chief minister of the state and the president of the country that conveyed their inability to attend and their best wishes for the event. There were speeches from the main dignitaries. This was followed by an artistic and captivating Bharatanatyam dance program by a noted dancer and his troupe. The dance troupe was felicitated by the dignitaries. There was a detailed talk about the temple project by the trust chairman. Finally, the program concluded with a vote of thanks by the trust chairman and the other trustees followed by a delectable lunch which was consumed as prasad (consecrated offering). The function had over 7000 visitors on the day. All the visitors received blessings from Swamiji and all the other saints on stage. Every visitor partook of food as prasad and returned home, nourished from every perspective. Throughout the function, Swamiji held Mohanji close to him holding his hand wherever possible, a clear sign of his deep love and affection for Mohanji.


The following day we met at Babaji’s house on the temple land. Barring minor issues, the foundation ceremony went really well. With that out of the way, Babaji looked a lot more relieved. The weight of conducting this ceremony was off his shoulders. He had been tirelessly working nonstop for a long time to plan every little detail to ensure its smooth functioning and execution. Babaji told Mohanji that he was revising and expanding the trust and he had asked Sai Baba to decide on his behalf. He had placed chits with the names of all the people INCLUDING himself in front of Sai Baba. The first chit that came up had his own name. The second one had Mohanji’s name. And then the others. So he said that Mohanji had to be one of the trustees along with him. Mohanji told Babaji that he would not be able to perform his duties properly since he was out of the country most of the time. Since these were Sai Baba’s wishes, Babaji insisted that Mohanji be part of the trust and, keeping in mind the issues, asked him to be the chief advisor of the trust. To honor Sai Baba and Babaji’s wishes, Mohanji agreed without further discussion.


As per Sai Baba’s instructions, Babaji’s Samadhi place was to be in Sriperumbudur in the same complex as the temple. Mohanji told Babaji and the trust people that the details of Babaji’s samadhi plans must be recorded at the earliest. He even requested Babaji to ensure that it is done without delay.  Out of their love for Babaji, the trustees were emotional about Mohanji’s request and even complained to Babaji that Mohanji had requested them to do it but they knew that Babaji would be with them for a long time, and definitely until the temple was completed. Babaji, at that time, chided them that if Mohanji is asking them to do something, then there must be some significance. They should always keep that in mind and do as he says rather than getting emotional. These words were to soon prove prophetic indeed. Mohanji had also reminded Babaji several times of the need to ensure that his Samadhi instructions had to be recorded by him in the presence of witnesses and recorded on paper so that there was no confusion regarding his preferences. It was a very interesting and objective discussion between the Masters, the morbid nature of the discussion notwithstanding.


After all the discussions, we took Babaji’s leave and his blessings and then headed to Chennai. One interesting scenario we would face in Chennai or Sriperumbudur was the lion and lamb aspect of Babaji. He was fire when it came to getting Sai Baba’s work done. Yet, anyone coming from Mohanji would be pampered with a lot of love, kindness and respect. Hence, when we would come down to meet him in Chennai or Sriperumbudur, he would enquire very kindly of our travels and if we managed to get there safely. Then he would turn and scream the head off someone standing there for not doing something properly. Then he would turn and ask if we had our food and ask someone to get us something to eat or just coffee. Then again he would turn and scream the crap out of someone else who turned up with some other issue. It would almost happen in lockstep and was very hilarious and unsettling. It did drill unto us the fact that Babaji’s loving treatment of us was extremely special and a blessing that we received only due to our Guru Mohanji’s grace.


I settled back in Dharamshala after the ceremony and Mohanji was back on his overseas tour. I was in regular touch with Babaji every other week in the beginning and that started to reduce as I got busy with work. One day, I got a call from Madhu early in the morning that Babaji had taken samadhi (Verb – a saint’s conscious exit from the body). Babaji was going through a lot of friction in the temple project and that was causing him much consternation. But, as the temple trust folks said, we thought he would be with us till he built the temple. We just couldn’t believe it. Out of the blue. Just like that. It was a day when I had woken up very late and was feeling lost and listless. I also did not feel like doing any sadhana. Probably a subconscious cognizance of Babaji’s samadhi!


Mohanji had asked Madhu to head over immediately to help out with the Samadhi preparation. And the obvious issue was what Mohanji had been dreading all along from the earliest – a lack of clear direction from Babaji regarding his Samadhi preferences. Madhu mentioned that there was hardly any clarity on how the Samadhi place would be done. He had been asked by Mohanji to call a few established masters on how to setup the Samadhi in such a situation – the rules, rituals, etc. But he was not able to make much headway and proceeded for Chennai without a clue on how to get this done. Just think about it! You are tasked by your Guru to handle the Samadhi of a Master without having a clue. You do it wrong and you have to contend with an upset Babaji who was no longer constrained in the body and His omnipresent Guru Sai Baba. Without a body, he had innumerable ways to get to you and even more ways to kick your butt. Literally up shit creek on a hope and prayer! And then you have to contend with your own Guru who sent you there. Anyways, all kudos to Madhu for handling and tiding over the situation perfectly. By nightfall, things had fallen in place and with the Guru Mandala’s grace, the right people showed up to ensure that Babaji’s Samadhi place would be well prepared for his dispensation ahead. You can read about it in Madhu’s experience sharing in the book on Babaji, The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba. (People who are interested in buying a copy of the book please email the publisher Gurulight at


Mohanji asked me to head over to Chennai to help Madhu. By the time I figured out that I was supposed to go to Chennai, it was too late to catch the last flight (which was leaving early afternoon) out of Dharamshala. The only option I had was to wait till the evening to take an overnight bus ride to Delhi, catch the morning flight the next day to reach Chennai and then drive down from Chennai to Sriperumbudur. As the evening progressed, things started falling into place and it turned out that the function would start on time early in the morning. And I realized that there was every chance that the Samadhi function would be well over by the time I reached! I am not an outwardly emotional person by nature ( I hide my emotions quite well), yet the tinge of sadness I felt couldn’t be washed it away.


To add to it, the fact that I would not be able to see Babaji before it was over made it worse. I was praying that through some major quirk of fate, things would get delayed and I would get a chance to be part of the proceedings. I was praying for obstacles to delay the Master’s Samadhi function propelled by the desire to see the body of a Master who had dropped it to be present everywhere in Consciousness. How egotistically weird can that thought be? The ego attempts to feel self-important even in circumstances like these. I have been sent to help over so I must be important and I have an important role to play. Then you realize there is no role to play, which can be emasculating. And then the ego feels I must be important since I got to be part of the proceedings. And even that is not to be. So even more emasculating. The ego attempts its flights of fancy in the oddest of places and circumstances.


The whole ride was punctuated by moments of sadness, the hope against hope to get there on time to get a glimpse of Babaji and more sadness on realizing the logistical improbability of that occurrence. When I finally reached the temple premises, I saw everyone standing at the Babaji’s Samadhi doing the final aarati to the Samadhi. I rushed to the spot just in the nick of time as they were chanting the final verses. It went down to the wire and I got to register my token presence to the event. Just before the curtain drew to a close. The same way Babaji entered our lives – just before his final bell was being rung.


It finally dawned on me that Mohanji in his compassionate grace allowed me to be present on the occasion given my connection with Babaji. There was neither any role for me to play nor any higher purpose for me to serve. Mohanji graced us to connect to a Master like Babaji and the resulting grace flowing from Babaji to us was, in reality, the outpouring of grace from Mohanji himself. It is the leela of the one light of Consciousness that shows the illusion of being diffracted to many different hues to suit the temperaments of the duality stricken mind.


Interestingly, as I am finishing this piece, I realize that it’s been exactly a year to date when Babaji took samadhi. Babaji may have left the body but his indomitable spirit is still ever present in this world (and beyond). We had a vivid experience of this fact when we paid a visit to his Samadhi December last year, a day before his birthday (December 19th). Out of his love for Babaji and his commitment for Babaji’s temple project, Mohanji had given a week out of his extremely busy schedule to the Shri Dattatreya Siva Sai Trust to use for fundraising/promotion, meeting luminaries, garnering attention for the temple project, etc. In short, for the trust to use it as they saw fit to help with the temple project. It was decided to coincide it with his birthday. An elaborate function had been planned on the eve of his birthday that included the release of the book, The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba. The book is a compilation of experiences by people who were acquainted with Babaji through his more than a century of existence on earth.


There were a bunch of people from various parts of the world who congregated in Chennai to be part of Mohanji’s travelling ‘circus’! Amongst them were the saintly kirtanwallahs – the Ramsells (Natesh and Monnie). Mohanji had asked Natesh to record a ditty for the occasion based on Babaji’s favorite mantra “Om Shri Sai Sharanam mama” (I seek refuge in Sai) and sing it at the birthday function. A day before the function, Mohanji and our group went to Babaji’s Samadhi to seek his blessings and to dedicate the book at his feet before the function. There was a peculiar tiny bird that hovered around us the whole time we were there, following us from Babaji’s kutir to the samadhi. Mohanji placed the offerings and the book on Babaji’s Samadhi and asked Natesh to sing his newly composed number to Babaji at the Samadhi. As Natesh and Monnie sang the beautiful number, a herd of cows grazing in the field came very close to us and stopped at the ditch that separated us and ‘listened’ to the chant. Indeed, as soon as they stopped chanting, the herd went back from whence they had come, going single file like a procession. It was as if they came just to listen to the song.


When the song ended, Madhu noticed that a strong scent of roses was emanating from the Samadhi. He remembered that they had put in a lot of rose water in the Samadhi when they interred Babaji’s body. However, bear in mind that the Samadhi structure was completely encased in concrete and there is no chance that the smell of rose could come from within the Samadhi. It was Babaji’s way of indicating his acceptance of the offerings, the book and the song. It is similar to the smell of vibhuti that signifies the presence of Sai Baba or the smell of chandan that signifies the presence of Mohanji. For some, the smell lingered all the way to within his kutir as well (which is a good 200-300 meters away from the Samadhi). Maybe an eye opener for those who ever doubted Babaji’s living presence beyond death and for the rest an indication that he is ever present with us even in the beyond – even more so after his samadhi than while living.


The temple project that Babaji started is also a living indication of his guiding presence from the beyond. It is also moving ahead at a steady clip with his grace and that of his Guru, the great Master Shirdi Sai Baba. The Shri Dattatreya Siva Sai Trust has been slowly but steadily moving to accomplish Babaji’s vision. Annadaan (food donation) that was so dear to Shirdi Sai Baba is happening on a regular basis in the premises. Babaji’s samadhi mandir and the meditation hall have been built and the Sai Baba idol will soon be consecrated and installed in the temple premises. Babaji is working through the trustees to construct the temple premises and through gracious devotees to support the noble cause with their contributions.

IMG-20160204-WA0015WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 10.54.24 PM

Mohanji had sent across a beautiful idol of Lord Hanumanji for the temple project. It came in a day before Babaji’s samadhi day. He had also arranged for a life size idol of Shirdi Sai Baba to be delivered to the temple. That arrived a couple of days before Babaji’s samadhi day. The trustees welcomed Shirdi Sai Baba to the temple by doing a mahabhishekham (a ritual bathing of the idol) followed by clothing and accessorizing him and decorating the idol followed by a puja (worship) of the idol. The Lord Hanumanji was similarly welcomed. It is an amazing coincidence that both idols came just in time right before Babaji’s samadhi day and were worshipped on that day. It was like Babaji’sa acceptance of Mohanji’s gifts with love.

Finally, Babaji lives within us by being a living example of the teachings of Sai Baba – shraddha (trust) and saboori (patience). In reality, Babaji never existed or existed just as an outer form – inside there was only Shirdi Sai Baba. Every thought was Sai Baba, every word spoken was for Sai Baba, every action done was for Sai Baba. He taught us absolute devotion to the Guru through his total self-effacement by always dedicating every success as a showcase of the prowess of his Guru. There was never a word about himself. Through his nothingness, he showed that he was all-powerful since his Guru had limitless power. Time and time again, he demonstrated his unshakeable trust in the power of his Guru to overcome all odds. There was never an iota of doubt or ego. He completely accepted all circumstances as the gift from the Guru without any complaints – not by preaching but by precept. He had a single-minded focus on his purpose – to spread more awareness about his Guru and to further the teachings of his Guru.

49 (1).JPG

On the eve of his birthday, I wish Babaji a wonderful birthday 🙂 and prostrate humbly at his feet seeking his blessings that we may one day become like him in this very lifetime. Also, my infinite prostrations to Bramarishi Mohanji for the wonderful gift of his divine presence in our lives and for kicking our butts on the ultimate path of liberation.


P.S: Those who would like to experience a slice of Babaji can visit his Samadhi in Sriperumbudur. You can also make a pilgrimage to the Room #3 on the first floor of the Sai Balaji Guest House in Shirdi where Babaji mostly stayed when he was in Shirdi.

P.P.S: People who are interested in buying a copy of the book on Babaji, “The Boy who walked with Sai Baba” can email the publisher Gurulight at


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