Kalpataru Series – Shaktipat, a wish fulfilled


By Prajakta Sonawane, India.

I work as a preschool teacher. I wish to share an experience which is still so surprising for me, but at the same time, I feel blessed by the grace of my Guru Sai Baba.

About 4-5 months ago, I came across a channel named ‘Sai Baba’s Devotee Speaks’ where Sai Baba’s experiences are shared by his devotees. I happened to watch the videos almost daily and one day I came across Mohanji’s videos. I was quite happy and kept watching them again and again.


One fine day, I thought of getting connected to Mohanji through some source, a website, or through an email. During this time, I got to know many programs that are run by Mohanji Foundation and it started getting me more into knowing Mohanji and his programs. I came in contact with Padmaja ji whom I pay gratitude for bringing me closer to Mohanji’s teachings. She helped and guided me over a phone call. She also forwarded me Kirti Khandelwal’s number who happens to be from the same place where I presently reside.

Kirti ji always cleared my doubts and helped me move forward with positivity. She forwarded me the links where I got to know about Mohanji’s official page, and many more informative articles. I remember reading a post about a person who shared her experiences which was quite motivating for new people like me. I also read that we don’t have to be physically present in front of Mohanji, we just have to think from our hearts and he listens to us. For me, it was like an experiment that I thought I will try for myself. As humans, we always keep looking for validations and I was no exception.

Mohanji Sai

That day, after reading the article, I just closed my eyes and said, “Mohanji, I don’t know what I need, I just want to know that I am looked after and I wish to receive your blessings. Also, I would like to receive Shaktipat from you. I don’t know if I can meet you personally ever, but I really wish to have your hand on my head.” That was it. I opened my eyes and became busy with my daily chores, school, and family. As usual, I would talk to Sai Baba daily, thanking him, and kept reading the Sai Satcharita.

One night Kirti ji forwarded me a link which mentioned Devi Mohan will be going live on social media and Kirti ji asked me to join the live session. On that same day, I was having a general conversation with Sai Baba; I was sharing my worries with him as I was a little disturbed and feeling low. I thought I wouldn’t be able to join the session as my 5-year-old child kept playing around and it was enough to break my concentration. So, I was wondering if I should join or not as I did not want to leave the session halfway or get distracted during it. Something triggered in me and I decided to give it a try. Before the session started, I prayed to Baba and Mohanji and asked them to help me join the session and complete it without any disturbances.

The session started, and I was still having lots of unwanted thoughts and the fear that my child would start disturbing me soon. To my surprise, the time passed and I was able to be present for the complete session of 35-40 minutes. During the session, my eyes were closed and I was just following the instructions given. A point came where I saw myself very tiny and in front of me was Mohanji, appearing immense. He was bending down slightly with his hand touching my head and thumb on my forehead. All I could see was Mohanji’s smiling face and shining white light surrounding us. It lasted for some time. That experience was simply amazing, and I just felt so very positive and happy.


After I shared my experience with Kirti ji, I came to know that I was blessed by Mohanji and he had given me Shaktipat. Since that day, I am still in that phase where I keep recollecting the same image that I saw during the live session and just feel happy. Later on, I remembered my wish that I had made some months back and realised that it’s been beautifully fulfilled.

I am very grateful to Sai Baba, Mohanji, and all the people who were a part of this whole experience. I have no words to express my gratitude. I feel very blessed.




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The M-powering Masters

M and Sai

By Aditya Nagpal

One evening, after doing Mohanji Aarati, I got a very strong thought to go to Shirdi. It was late in the evening and I thought it might not be a good idea to start at that time. But the thought was so strong that I was forced to book a bus and leave. Within one hour I was on a bus to Shirdi.

deaf and dumb school
Aditya doing seva

It is a 12-hour journey from Hyderabad to Shirdi. I reached Shirdi the next morning and checked into a hotel which I had booked while travelling. I had learned that one of our Mohanji Family member-Jyoti Bahl was also visiting Shirdi the same day. I went into my room and freshened up, As I came out, Jyotiji was in front of me, and she recognized me as I was wearing a Mohanji Foundation Kurta! This was the first time we met but I could feel the connection with her, being from the ‘M’ Family. We had a small conversation and decided to meet later. After eating something, I went for Samadhi Darshan.

oneself quote

 When I returned to the hotel, I sat in the Ahimsa Vegan café (a vegan café inaugurated by Mohanji). Jyotiji also arrived there, and we started sharing experiences of Mohanji and Sai Baba. While Jyotiji was narrating her experiences, I could feel her devotion and deep connection to Baba. Her bhakti bhaav (devotion) is so strong, that it took me into a different mode altogether and I started feeling a deep state of bliss, as if Baba was filling me up. After that I wanted to spend more time with her and listen to her experiences. Luckily, I went to Dwarkamai with her. Throughout the way, she spoke only about Baba, as if the rest of the world does not exist and only Baba exists. As she was narrating with unbelievably intense bhaav (emotion), I was going deeper and deeper into a bliss state. I was already having the feeling that this visit to Shirdi was the most powerful to date, and would take my faith and devotion to another level. But wait! There was more to come.

I learnt from Jyotiji that they were visiting Meher Baba’s Samadhi the next morning. I did not know anything about Meher Baba, but wanted to accompany them. So the following day, I went to the Meher Baba Samadhi with them. As I entered the place, I felt a deep connection, and silence started settling within me. At the Samadhi, we had to form a queue, and go in one by one into the Samadhi room. When my turn arrived, I went in and prostrated at Baba’s feet. As I got up, I felt a change within myself immediately. I just wanted to sit there and meditate but there was no space as people were already sitting around the Samadhi.  Luckily, a place got vacated soon, and I sat inside in meditation. I went into a deep state of bliss and silence like never before. It was the most intense meditation I have ever had. During the meditation, I felt the strong presence of Mohanji guiding me and instructing me. I wanted to meditate for a very long time there, but we had limited time and had to leave for Shirdi. As I came out, I learned from Jyotiji that Mohanji has visited Meher Baba’s place and she showed me a picture of Him standing near the Samadhi. I understood then why I had felt such a strong presence of Mohanji, and why I was brought there by Mohanji. Given the time constraint, we had to leave for Shirdi, but throughout the way, I felt deeply connected to the Divine: there were hardly any thoughts and nothing else mattered. This was the most wonderful experience I had ever had in Shirdi , and remember, it was totally unplanned from my side.  But wait! There was still more to come!

reality quote


Throughout the trip, Jyotiji was with me and I was totally mesmerized by her love and devotion. I wanted to spend more time with her and requested her to take me with her for Samadhi darshan, which she lovingly accepted. We went for Darshan and as always, Jyotiji kept talking about Baba and Mohanji and inside the temple, told me stories of Baba which I did not know. I was again taken into a state where there was only Baba and me, and nothing else existed. While we were talking, Jyotiji told me to read Shri Sai Satcharitra. I had started reading this previously, but discontinued it because of time constraints, and had not managed to complete it. Maybe this was a signal from Baba to start reading it again. Jyotiji took me to the Parayan hall (place inside the temple where people read books on Sai Baba) and told me to start reading again there. We went in, took the book and occupied places randomly. I hadn’t opened the book yet, and was just looking at it. Jyotiji told me to keep the book to my heart, think about Baba and open any page randomly. Keeping the book to my heart, I prayed to Baba to bless each and every soul and, placing my hand inside the book randomly, I opened it.  It seemed a miracle to me that it opened at the very next page to the one where I had discontinued reading previously!  It was the beginning of a new Chapter in Shri Sai Satcharitra that I was supposed to continue from. With deep love and gratitude, I completed that chapter and decided to read it daily from then on.

If this was not enough, I also unexpectedly got involved in Annadhan (food donation service) arranged by our beloved Mohanji Family members near the Samadhi Mandir of Baba. This was like the icing on the cake! I felt like I had jumped into a river of Grace and it was taking me effortlessly into bliss!

I was having the most amazing trip to Shirdi. Each moment was transformative. I was wondering how an unplanned trip like this could be so transformative. But was it actually unplanned? Here is my answer: Mohanji had arranged it for me. When we were back in the Ahimsa Vegan Cafe and started sharing experiences again, I learnt from Jyotiji that she was with Mohanji the day before arriving in Shirdi- the same day that I got a strong urge to visit Shirdi. I believe Mohanji sent Jyotiji to create this experience for me. I do not know how to express my gratitude to my beloved Mohanji for all that he does for us. This experience has taken my faith and connection for Mohanji to a different level altogether, and made me understand how Mohanji and Sai Baba are one and same.

When I started following Mohanji, I did not know much about Sai Baba. But gradually, I developed a deep interest and love for Baba and became an ardent devotee of Baba. With my limited understanding, I could not comprehend how this connection with Baba was initiated and intensified by the grace of Mohanji. It cannot be a coincidence that the first time ever I visited a Sai Baba temple, was with Mohanji.  It is hard to describe in words how blessed we are that Sai Baba is living with us through our Master- Mohanji. We still have Baba physically present with us as Mohanji. We must have gained a lot of merits in our past lives to be in his divine presence. Can we get any luckier? Can we ask for anything more?

Sai and M

We cannot comprehend how our Master works on us, how he takes us to the right place at the right time and to meet the right people. We are always fine at his lotus feet. We never miss anything, but we get the right thing at the right time, as per our capacity. This amazing transformative experience was made possible by the grace of our beloved Mohanji. I bow down at his lotus feet, and I am always secure at his lotus feet.

I also owe deep gratitude to Jyoti Bahl for being an amazing instrument of the Tradition and for helping me have these experiences.

M meditating




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Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 9 – “Mohanji’s grace – A gift of new life”

Fire of awareness

Neelu Vepu (Mohana Bhaktipriya), accounts how Mohanji bestowed His grace upon her mother to tide over the unseen complications of the operation, which saved her life.  We are happy to share this third experience in the series – Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 9.

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Mohanji’s grace – A gift of new life!

By Neelu Vepu

To describe a Master’s grace upon us is a very difficult task, as we with our limited human faculties, cannot understand the extent to which a Master helps a devotee to cross the quagmire of Karma.

Here is one such humble attempt of mine of how he saved my mother from a painful health issue.

In the month of March 2019, my mother had developed some gynaecological problems, wherein she was advised hysterectomy, after the usual rounds of tests, including a biopsy. Thankfully the tests did not reveal anything to trigger panic, but the operation was mandatory to avoid any future problems that could occur considering her age.

Mohanji and Neelu's Mother
Mohanji and Neelu’s Mother

Prior to this, my mother never faced any serious health issues, and this would be the first time she would be admitted to a hospital. The thought of seeing her on a hospital bed was making me feel extremely depressed. But then, I had reassured myself that Mohanji was taking care of everything.

We planned to have her operation in May, as it would be summer vacation for my kids, and I could be around with my parents in Hyderabad, to help them through this period.

The morning of May 14th, while my mother was under the knife, I went on a chanting mode (Mohanji Gayatri Mantra) all through that duration. The operation was successful! However, the ordeal started the next day. She was coughing constantly and the X-Ray reports showed a severe lung infection, in spite of all the antibiotics that had been injected, as is always done after surgery. Her coughing continued for two days continuously.


She couldn’t take anything orally even after three days of operation. Her haemoglobin level had dropped considerably. She had become so weak that she was unable to speak even for a minute. Adding to her troubles, she developed dysentery. The oxygen levels in her blood went so low that, she even had to be put on an oxygen mask.

Unable to find the cause of the lung infection in this hospital, the doctors advised her to be shifted to another hospital, to get more tests done, to know the cause of the lung infection.

While my mother was going through all these, I messaged Mohanji to take care of her and relieve her from the suffering. He replied that he was taking care of her. He also said that one has to go through these things and changing their course would affect negatively.

He advised me to do a few things to reduce her karma, which I did immediately. I was very frightened, seeing her in this situation, but I had the faith that Mohanji was working on her.

On May 19th, she was shifted to yet another big hospital, and all the necessary tests and scans were done to know the cause of the lung infection. By His Grace, all the tests were normal, but she was still on oxygen.

She was also given a distance Mai-Tri Method. As a Mai-Tri practitioner, I also tried the Mai-Tri method on her. Interestingly, my mother would feel Mohanji’s hand on her head, even after I would remove mine. She could clearly feel his loving and gentle energy healing her. Slowly but gradually, her condition improved. She started taking solid food and all her complications gradually started decreasing. Mohanji’s grace was clearly visible.

The critical case, which was being referred to ICU (Intensive Care Unit), was so easily transformed into a positively responding case. Her dysentery stopped, the haemoglobin count became normal, lung infection reduced considerably, the persistent cough was gone, oxygen saturation levels were normal. In a couple of days, she was able to breathe normally without any external support. After a week’s stay in the new hospital, she was declared to be fit to be discharged on May 24th.

A normal post-surgery five-day stay in the hospital, got extended into a 12-day long stay!

All is well, that ends well! Now she is recovering very fast, which is Mohanji’s grace in full bloom.

Mohanji and Neelu parents
Mohanji with Neelu’s parents

Dear, if your faith in me is true, unshakeable and intense, your faith in me will never go wasted. I guarantee… – Mohanji

Mohanji, not only took care of my mother, he took care of me as well, in this tough time. I was with my mother, the whole time with almost no sleep and no rest in the hot summer for 12 days. I had to shuttle between our house and the hospital in the hot sun, to take care of my kids and to cook. I could feel his energy take over, whenever I felt exhausted. He always consoled me whenever I would cry at my mother’s painful condition. He gave me the mental and physical strength to go through all this. It was a real ordeal to see my mother lying so helplessly for days together and at the same time to put up a brave face in front of everyone and cheer my mother. He made me take care of my mother as a small baby. It was really MOHANJI everywhere. I always felt, only HE existed, I was nowhere present.

Any volume of words would fall short to express gratitude to the unconditional love and protection, Mohanji showers upon us.

Thank you My Gurudev for everything.
Love you forever.

Mohanji prayer



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Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8  brings to you another beautiful story about the Guru. Meeta Sahai recounts her experiences of meeting Mohanji and the experiences that led her to consider Him to be her Guru. She then realised that this connection was older and deeper than she could ever imagine!

A connection through time

By Meeta Sahai, India

I first got to know about Mohanji when I read one of His interviews in “The Speaking Tree”. I’m not sure why, but the interview stayed with me.

In 2016, I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life. That is when I decided to start meditating, to give me some peace of mind. I went online and I found the Power of Purity (PoP) meditation by Mohanji. I started doing PoP every day and read a lot of blogs by Mohanji. I also got in touch with one of Mohanji’s followers in my city and attended a few meditation sessions at her place.

It became that my day would begin and end thinking of Mohanji. I desperately wanted to meet Him. In 2017, Mohanji came to Mumbai in June, and I was invited for the retreat with Him. I met Him for the first time and He asked me to stay connected with His close followers in the city.

I attended another satsang with Mohanji in August 2017. In January 2018, I was initiated into Kriya, together with my husband. Each time I met Mohanji, I just felt happy and loved. The same year, encouraged by Preethi, my husband and I decided to visit Bosnia for the Kriya Intensive programme. At that time, it felt more of a holiday for us!

We first had a satsang in Zagreb, in Croatia before leaving for Bosnia. When Mohanji came to meet us after the satsang, everyone touched His feet but I could not bring myself to do the same. I loved and admired Mohanji but there was still a slight hesitation in my mind.

On the second day of our Bosnian pilgrimage, we climbed the Pyramid of Moon, where Mohanji and Deviji took us through certain breathing exercises and meditation. The Pyramid of Moon, I was told, was a female energy centre. While doing the meditation, I became aware of the form of Kali and Durga (manifestations of Shakti or the female energy) standing in front of me! I was completely overwhelmed and started to cry, something I rarely do. I felt a great burden being lifted from me, and I could clearly understand the greatness of Mohanji who appeared and behaved like an ordinary man in front of us.

When the meditation was over, I went looking around for Mohanji who was standing at a distance. I fell at His feet crying. All barriers were broken at that moment when I realized I have found my Guru. Mohanji picked me up lovingly and blessed me. From that moment on, I felt a deep connection with Him.

mohanji CK

Back from Bosnia, I wondered how it was possible for me to have such a Master in my life! I got my answer when I met Devi Amma, who told me that I had a very long-standing connection with Mohanji. She told me that in one of my past lives, I had been one of those present when Agastya Rishi’s wife Lopamudra, had distributed prasad (sanctified devotional offering) to all those who were present! I believe that it is a result of that blessing and going through lots of pain in subsequent lives, that I have been able to meet my Guru in this Life!



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Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8 – “Presence without Presence”

Mohanji giving Shaktipat

In this second story of Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8, Pramod Nair shares with us how much he enjoyed the ‘Being in Mohanji’s consciousness’ programme conducted by one of the Mohanji Acharyas, and how he felt Mohanji’s presence not only at the programme but during his journey to the venue. His beautiful experience during Mohanji Energy Transfer shows us yet again, when one has faith and devotion, grace is ensured.

Gratitude. Grace. Growth. They are all related and interconnected. Gratitude ensures Grace. Grace ensures Growth. These three aspects deliver LOVE, LIFE, and GODLINESS in us” – Mohanji

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Presence without Presence

By Pramod Nair, UK

The HSTY yoga, Power of Purity (POP) meditation and Conscious Dancing conducted with Mohanji’s grace, by Mohanji Acharya Subhasree, at the Methodist Church on the 30th of March 2019 was a wonderful experience for me and I wish to share it with others.


Divine grace in reaching my destination

I was working late at night on the 29th of March and was tired. I was not sure if I could travel and reach the venue before the programme started. Nevertheless, having decided to attend, I left this desire to participate at the lotus feet of the Guru. On the 30th, I managed to board the train to Bristol Parkway from Cardiff and then had to get a bus to reach the church where the event was being conducted. I was told by a friend of mine from Bristol to get bus number 73 which would drop me right at the door step of the church.

practice postivity

I had to wait for 40 minutes to get the bus and this meant I was going to be late. I got into another bus (No.75) and checked with the driver if he could guide me. He was a very friendly person. He said he used to live somewhere close to the church many years ago. Though this bus does not take that route, he said he could tell me where to get off and then I could use my Google map and walk towards the church. I boarded the bus and waited for the driver’s instructions. As the bus reached the bus stop, the driver told me to wait. He told me that he would drop me off at the traffic lights which would save me a further 10 minutes of walking. This gesture by the driver was a big surprise for me. The driver stopped the bus at the traffic lights and further guided me with directions to the church. Normally drivers only stop at the bus stops and this was unusual. He smiled and wished me a great day. I thanked the driver and followed his directions to reach the venue on time. In fact, I arrived earlier than the others.

Now I clearly knew that it was Mohanji who was working through the driver to ensure that I reached there on time.

 Mohanji’s presence during the event

During the whole event, I could feel the energy and presence of Mohanji. The interesting thing for me was that during the POP meditation and Mohanji Energy Transfer, I felt the finger of the person kept on my third eye area vibrating. I could feel the throbbing sensation between my eyebrows.

Mohanji Energy Transfer
Mohanji Energy Transfer during POP Meditation

After the Energy Transfer was done, I saw a flame of light appear for a few seconds and disappear. I then saw Mohanji appear in the third eye. This lasted for a minute or two I guess. I felt as if I was the flame of light. It was a beautiful experience. I could connect to my soul. I later checked with Shyama who did the Energy Transfer if she felt anything in particular. She told me about the vibration she felt in my third eye area while she was doing the process.

I sincerely thank Mohanji for this wonderful spiritual experience He gave me that day.

Joy of Conscious Dancing

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Conscious Dancing. I felt that it helps us forget about ourselves and connects us to the core. It was a wonderful experience to be in the energy field of Mohanji without His physical presence.

I should also thank everyone who was involved in organizing the event and also the other lovely participants for making it so lively. Also, the vegan food served was scrumptious.

We are all blessed indeed to be connected with Mohanji.

May many more souls be blessed to receive the connection with the Master and be liberated.



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Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 1, October 2018


“Om Parabrahmaya vidmahe

Shiva tatwaya dhi mahi,

Tanno Mohan Prachodayat.”


On this auspicious day of ‘Dussehra’ (Hindu festival), which is also the 100th Maha Samadhi day of Shirdi Sai Baba, with deep reverence and gratitude to our Guru Brahmarishi Mohanji, we attempt to compose ‘Mohanji Satcharita’, which is a collection of testimonials as pearls strung together in the thread of faith, love and gratitude. These are the true experiences shared sincerely and honestly by followers across the globe.

A Satcharita is not just a collection of stories, it is not about the person who experienced it, nor is it about how big or small the experience was. A Satcharita is about the Guru and His leela – a divine play! 

Shirdi Sai Baba Himself has said about the ‘Sai Satcharita’ “Hearing my stories and teachings will create faith in devotees’ hearts and they will easily get self-realisation and bliss. Let there be no insistence on establishing one’s own view, no attempt to refute other’s opinions, no discussions of pros and cons of any subject.”

Reading the Mohanji Satcharita would help us witness the divine at play. We believe, just by reading it, the reader will experience the same effect as the devotee who shared it. Not just in the present times, this will be an incredible avenue for future generations, to receive the same grace too.

It’s also true that naive souls like us have no wisdom or capability to portray the beauty and magnificence of Mohanji’s divine acts. Every such leela (divine act) has a deep purpose behind it. Hence, surrendering our ego completely, we begged Mohanji to help us put together this Satcharita

Mohanji blessed us, “I will help you.” 

We were not at all surprised but mesmerised by these words! These were the exact words that Sai Baba had told Hemadpant when he was going to write the ‘Sai Satcharita.’

Why did we think of contriving the ‘Mohanji Satcharita?’

Mohanji says, “The greatest teacher you can ever have is life.”

As we learn innumerable lessons and embark on this journey to realise the Guru within, the presence and guidance of God in the physical form of a Guru is invaluable. For many of us, with Mohanji’s presence in our lives, changes happened from within, changes from which there was no turning back. His presence brings intense joy and peace to the heart and mind. His love, compassion and words of wisdom give us clarity, removing doubts and fears, helping us move towards universal truths.

As unique beings, our journey in life is punctuated with interactions and experiences with Mohanji that are also unique. A great many of us have experienced Mohanji’s grace in many ways. When one surrenders with love and faith, miracles happen. 

Mohanji has shown us these miracles in many ways – through His divine presence, protection, fulfilling wishes, healing, divine visions, communion with Masters and life transforming experiences, to mention a few.

This is the first chapter of the ‘Mohanji Satcharita’ with nine such precious pearls. In this chapter, we have classified the stories into three categories:


Divine Vision

The Master works on His devotees in various ways. To an extent it depends on the way we connect with our Guru. Bhakti bhaav (devotion) and deep connection with the Consciousness invokes experiences in the form of visions.  Sometimes answers that we seek are also given through these visions. Experiences belong to the individual and the awareness of these helps us to grow spiritually!

1. ‘Eternal connection with Mohanji’ :  Thea Ivie, Sedona, USA, Feb 2018

This enlightening experience by Thea in Sedona helps us understand the way Mohanji carries us through the ocean of life towards higher levels of spirituality. The physical presence of the Master is not required and the only requirement from our side is acceptance of the Guru with faith and surrender. We become an empty cup which is filled with the highest by the Master and  an instrument through which the Master operates!

Thea narrates:


From the time I met Mohanji in Sedona last March,  my spiritual growth has been extremely rapid.  

I am an old-timer on this path, having visited India in the 1960’s with darshans of Papa Ramdas, Ananda Moyi Ma, Muktananda and Karuna Mayi. 

I knew when I met Mohanji that He was my finishing school for total enlightenment in this life time.  I gave Him total power of attorney to complete any karmic residue in my subconscious. He said that I had little karma left (but what seems little to the Masters seems like a lot to us.) 

Mohanji has been doing His part consistently, as I have tried to do mine. 

When Mohanji gave me shaktipat during the Sedona retreat, I fell on my back to the ground (nobody was behind me to catch me). There was no way to break the fall as the energy coming from Mohanji was so strong. I saw many Masters coming through Him and knew that He was a channel for many Great Ones. 

As I experienced Mohanji’s energy more and more, I had visions of Rama, Krishna and Shiva coming through Him. At times, I felt He was my beloved Krishna, sometimes my Rama, and then Lord Shiva.   

I experience Him almost all the time, and know that His love for me is always there no matter what I am going through. 

I have recently become a Mai-Tri healer and the miracles have been tremendous: a man with an incurable blood disease was healed by Mohanji through Mai Tri Healing. We had three sessions of bliss and the man was totally healed!!!

I feel so privileged to be His instrument, and so grateful that this great Master came to Sedona to find me!!!! He said that He came for me. Wow! Thank God He found me!

The greatest gift we can have in this life is a Sadguru, and I do not take this great blessing for granted. 

I have experienced the merging beyond form at times, but until I am in that state all the time, I am holding onto those beautiful lotus feet in the form of Sadguru Mohanji. 

My deepest love and appreciation for such a gift!

— Thea


 2. ‘The divine gift’: Kanika Gupta, Delhi, India. July, 2018

The love for the divine is enhanced through the gift of Consciousness Kriya, a practice bestowed on us by Parabrahma Mohanji, leading us on the path of liberation! This practice also intensifies divine visions and divine love in the practitioner.  Kanika shares one such experience of divine love which she has treasured since childhood.

Kanika narrates :


I first set eyes on Mohanji in 2011. I faced a lot of ups and downs in my life during these years. One thing which I clung on to firmly during these turbulent times was Guruji, as He always held my hand. My learning so far in life is to have patience and firm faith in the Guru. The Guru always holds you through the good and the bad in life. Yet another big learning is to help people in need through Seva.

I want to share my experience which happened on 5th July, 2018 during my Kriya practice.

I lit a diya and started my Kriya practice. On completing my Kriya, I saw a small beautiful light and so I clicked some pictures. After a few days, out of curiosity I decided to have a look at the pictures of the light that I’d seen earlier. When I expanded that picture, to my surprise, I saw a divine face and immediately recognised it as the face of Santa Claus. Realisation dawned on the reason for this vision. Since childhood I have always admired Santa Claus; even now, I love to dress up as Santa Claus and distribute gifts to my family.  This experience through Kriya reinforced the love of the divine that has always been with me since childhood and continues to be. This unconditional love of Santa Claus that I experienced happened only by the grace of Mohanji, who has always held my hand during difficulties and good times too!

 Love you Guruji, Love you a lot.



3. ‘The state of expansion’: Subhasree Thottungal, London, June 2017

Merging with the consciousness and experiencing the true state of the Masters can happen during spiritual practices such as recitation of slokas and aarati with deep connection/focus and love. Subhasree shares this divine vision of being in the expanded state of Mohanji, our beloved Guru!

Subhasree narrates:


One night, after meditation and Shivakavacha, we offered aarati to Mohanji. While doing the aarati, I felt as if I was removing ‘drishti’ off Mohanji.  (Drishti is an ancient tradition in most Indian homes where  a mother carries out a simple ritual of waving a lit camphor in front of her child to ward off any evil eye cast on the child).  As I stood with my eyes closed, I felt Mohanji was just expanding… getting larger and larger… it seemed as if I was at the bottom of some sea world and could only see one leg of the table (on which we had Mohanji’s photo). Slowly everything vanished… I couldn’t see anything, there was only vacuum…. and Mohanji had just expanded completely.

On completion of the aarati, when I opened my eyes, I felt a jerk and realised I was standing in the same place and His photo was indeed at the same place!

This was an amazing feeling.. I just didn’t understand what it was. The explanation for this vision came as below:

“This expansion is my original state.”

 I was left speechless with this communication and darshan from Mohanji in His original state!

Painting By Mataji T. Villareal Sharma, Philippines

Do I need to expect anything further at all? This is the state of merging – merging with the supreme consciousness, the Shiva!

Gurudev, I have simply no existence. I exist because You DO!

Koti Pranam at your feet, Mohanji.


Life Transformation

A true Master’s goal is to lead us towards liberation which is also the ultimate goal of every human. The Guru may give us visions, experiences, and make His presence felt for us to seek refuge in Him. But it is left to us to transform ourselves  and walk towards moksha. This transformation or change is brought on by the Master to help us let go of certain baggage that we carry which may probably entwine us in karmic bondage.

The following experiences are shared by those who have seen major positive changes in their lives.  Mohanji’s presence has transformed their lives, bringing peace and joy to themselves and those around them. 

4. ‘Discovering the new me’: Dr Pritam Purohit, Pune, India, June 2018

Dr. Pritam beautifully shares the changes which happened within him after meeting Mohanji. The changes need not be through dramatic experiences or visions but could take place in a subtle manner. The learning from this experience is dropping the “I” factor and accepting everything as a divine command.  Read on and enjoy the beautiful but subtle transformation of Dr. Pritam.

Dr Pritam narrates:

 ms_ch1_pritam.jpgI have always wondered after reading the experiences of others whether I am connected to Mohanji or not. I came to know about Mohanji from Dr.Nikita, when my wife was undergoing some treatment. My wife became connected to Mohanji first, and started attending meditation sessions and other activities with the Mohanji family in Pune. I was indifferent to things as I was busy at work and  my mind was cluttered with concepts. However, I went to meet Mohanji in Mumbai at the earliest opportunity. This was in June 2017 and now in retrospect, I see that life has been nothing but a miracle ever since.

I used to be an angry person, dissatisfied with almost everything, annoyed and irritable all the time. Every night while going to bed, I would decide to be a changed person from the next day  but it would not happen, thus making it a vicious circle. Gradually it started interfering in my day-to-day functioning. I would crave for  peace of mind and not being able to  have it would make me jittery.

And after Mohanji’s arrival in my life, I have transformed; initially in a subtle, not so dramatic way and then completely. Everyone around me is surprised and so am I! There is a sense of calmness, especially in situations where I used to get agitated earlier. I have begun to see myself as a witness residing in a body rather than being only the body. I feel the emotions, but they have started to have a much lesser effect on me.

I am a physician working in a government set up. Every day, before starting my work, I would pray to Mohanji in my mind and surrender all I am about to do, to Him. And He takes care. I have started to salvage patients in a peripheral hospital, whereas I have seen similar patients dying in a tertiary care premier hospital during my training days. I do not take ownership of the patients, and manage the cases keeping Him in mind, many a time just on clinical grounds as my peripheral hospital doesn’t have any advanced diagnostic facilities. He would always be there and He would take care. Sometimes I would feel that I am being selfish but then I see Him in His photograph and He would be smiling back, giving me immense strength.

And yes, from a dedicated non vegetarian to being a total vegetarian, the transformation has been awesome. This is something that I thought would never happen.

I have not stopped having problems, but He has given me the power to face it all. And there is a feeling of His constant presence. No worries, no negativity… pure bliss.

With gratitude and prayers, always and forever.



5. ‘Being the consciousness’: Alex Sasa Glusac, Serbia, October 2018

Being highly intuitive, Alex knew deep in his heart that meeting Mohanji would be life –changing for him. That is exactly what happened when he set eyes on Mohanji and instantly connected with Him at the soul level. Everything was Shiva! Total silence engulfed him and this triggered the process of his transformation! Read on and experience the joy of this communion!

Alex narrates:

MS_Ch1_Alex Sasa.jpg

I was somewhere in between the ending of earlier experiences and the beginning of new ones which were nudging me to Mohanji. Something inside me believed that meeting Him would be important. I admit that I am a sceptical person, but the last years have shown me that there is something more to my spirituality that was awaiting fulfilment, something really special and at the same time completely mine. I am not sure if  I would want to name it, but  if someone were to ask me whether I believe in wizards and fairies,  I would say – Yes!

Because of that I had accepted the idea and the call to come to the retreat as a guest and ‘sneak in’ if there was a chance… and that happened. When I arrived, I didn’t even sit down while waiting and then someone came for me to take me into the hall. And there He was! My first Shaktipat happened in silence in the hall in Andrevlje, where for the first time, I saw Him and the people who cry themselves out…  

I kneeled down and received Shaktipat, honestly knowing nothing about what was supposed to happen. I got up and lost myself in His eyes. Something formidable was shining out of Him.  A deep and intense silence filled me full of strength, but what seemed like an abyss, where all of my thoughts had stopped; Shiva, they told me. I sat on a chair lost in some space where there was nothing. Suddenly I heard my heart tingling and my tears started to flow. Those were the tears of a warrior who  finally after centuries of waiting, had put down his armour and recognized and heard himself. It was the beginning of my path with Him. I know I am missing words in explaining this experience but words do not matter any more to me. I know that I am changing and that Mohanji’s consciousness is inside me and building a new me.

I feel a joy in my soul which is expanding me and erasing the common games of power and proving myself to others. I feel that with every Kriya that I do, it connects me more and more to Him. I am becoming what I am; I am becoming the consciousness which is growing through Him. And I know that deep inside, this feeling of love and the feeling of Him, makes me divine. “Be Mohanji,” He said… 

O yes, I will be. Thank you!




6. ‘In eternal peace’: Sara Sydney, Toronto, Canada, April 2018

One single step can bring on life-transforming changes within a person. Sara took the initiative and attended a POP session after which there was no looking back. She was hooked to the Master although she met Him much later. Once she set eyes on Him, the transformation was accelerated! Given below is an account in her own words about the step by step changes that took place in her life.

Sara narrates:

 MS_CH1_Sara.jpgI was introduced to Mohanji by Nilesh.  He had ordered some T- shirts through the phone to my business and when he came to pick up the shirts, I asked who Mohanji was.  Very lovingly, Nilesh explained to me about Mohanji and asked me to check the Power of Purity meditation online.  He even loaded it on to my desk top.  At that time, I hated myself and the world.  I kept it for 3 months not looking at it but was conscious of it being there. After 3 months, I called Nilesh and asked if he does the meditation he was talking about, and he said yes, come over on a Friday at 7pm.  I went with hesitation, not knowing these people and not knowing what it was all about.  I had a very warm welcome. I enjoyed the meditation and have never looked back.  On the first day, my husband had dropped me to Nilesh’s house where they were doing the meditation.  On the way back and also after coming home, he was surprised to see some changes in me.  He asked if I was going back the next week.  I said, “Yes, no one can stop me.”  He was very happy.

Mohanji came to Toronto in March and I went for the 1 day retreat.  That was the first time I met Him.  I was afraid to talk to Mohanji although He came and sat at the table where I was having lunch.  I was asking Him questions in my mind all the time He was sitting there.  I got most of the answers afterwards.  The most important thing for me was, from that time onwards, I stopped eating meat and fish, and stopped drinking alcohol.  Many more changes in me!

Consciousness Kriya has brought many positive life experiences.  I am more confident.  I am cleaner and clearer within myself.  There is always a white light within my body.  I don’t worry as much as before.  I give it away to Mohanji and leave it behind me.  I talk to myself more, analyse it and then try to forget about it.

In conclusion, I am a more relaxed person.  Much more calm, inside and outside. I am happier when I do my Kriya in the mornings before I start my day.  I have gained a lot of peace and happiness within me.  There is no holding back in this material world.  I am at peace with everyone and everything.

Mohanji says “When you connect to the consciousness through the teachings, then you understand the benchmark for it is transformation. Understand whether the teacher is transforming you. Making you more silent inside. Making you immune to the pleasures and pains of life. These are clear signs of transformation.”

Thank you Mohanji for everything that You have blessed me with.



Divine Presence

Brahmarishi Mohanji always urges us to connect deeply to His consciousness and when we do He can be seen, sensed, experienced and heard in innumerable ways. Faster than the speed of lightning, the communication can be strong  and vibrant! Physical miles cannot separate a true Master from His disciple. Stronger the call, quicker the response from Him. Mohanji can never ignore these calls and gets pulled towards a genuine seeker. At times, He even anticipates these desires and rushes to fulfill them or makes the ride smooth for the devotees. A simple utterance of His name in earnest brings Him to the caller. It is then left to the seeker to realise the boon bestowed upon him.

7. ‘At the Nandi Hill temple’: Preethi Gopalarathnam, Mumbai, India, October 2018

This beautiful experience happened during a trip to Thiruvannamalai – Arunachalam with Mohanji – just after the Consciousness Kriya Intensive programme in Bengaluru in October 2018. The temple that Mohanji has never visited previously, in a period that Mohanji was not even in India, the priest mentions of Him being present. Not just being present but doing Abhishekam! This divine vision was mindblowing to the devotees, who became aware of this fact much later.

It has been our experience that during each event blessed by Mohanji, hurdles are removed just as the rays of the sun make dark clouds disappear. During this program too, Mohanji paved the way for a successful and smooth program along with darshan as required well in advance. It is our innate nature to assume that we are the doers in any situation. This experience by Preethi brings in the wisdom and reminds us that we are mere instruments in the hands of our Master. If we work with this awareness and allow the grace to do its work, success is ensured.


Preethi narrates:


Let me share our experience at Nandi Hills.

When we reached the top of the Hills, the overcast sky signalled impending heavy rain. In fact, group participants asked me how we would be able to do Kriya there. I remembered all the past experiences where things like these cleared miraculously with Mohanji’s grace and replied that it probably wouldn’t rain!

Someone told me the temple we came up for was closed. But we decided to do Kriya either inside or near it anyway. Once we went into the temple, the priest ushered us in and took us inside the sanctum sanctorum. He asked, “Are all of you from Mohanji’s group?” We said yes and he replied that Mohanji had been here a month or so ago. In fact he said that Mohanji was right where we were standing and spent about half an hour doing Rudra Abhishekam. We were wearing our ID cards and hence assumed that we were thus recognized as Mohanji’s followers. We had an amazing darshan (view) and received prasad (sacred offered food).  The priest was very accommodating and in fact directed us to a place where we could sit down to do Kriya. Just to put this in context, usually devotees are not allowed to stay for long inside the sanctum sanctorum of temples in South India. We were filled with love and happily did Kriya inside the sanctum sanctorum. The priest later explained the significance of this temple. Yoga Nandishwarar is where Shiva is in Yoga form, completely in union with Parabrahma. We had a beautiful Kriya session and went to the next sannidhi (shrine) where Maa Parvati called Mukthambika was in a separate shrine. The priest said that one should ask Her for Liberation and when She blesses us, it’s guaranteed! 

The significance of this series of events  was huge, as we were a group of Kriya initiates and have taken vows to lead a life which would help us get exactly there! Once we prayed and did Kriya there, we noticed there was also a shrine for Karthikeya or Lord Muruga. He is considered the Gnyana Avatar (incarnation of wisdom) and I remember Mohanji saying Maha Avatar Babaji was Lord Muruga’s amsa (manifestation). I was elated as it seemed as if the entire Tradition had come to bless us. We then went to the Boga Nandishwar temple, had beautiful darshan (view) and did Kriya practice there. Just when we left the place, there was a light drizzle as if the Gods showered us with blessings and we  boarded our bus. No heavy rain, though when we started in the morning we were mighty sure we would get caught in a heavy downpour!

When I reached Arunachalam (Tiruvannamalai)  the next day, I shared with Mohanji that we had great darshan (view) in the temple the previous day and we practiced Kriya there too. I asked Him if He was there a month ago, and did the Rudra Abhishekam?

With a twinkle in His eyes He said, “I was not here in India, a month back, right?”

I was shocked as I then remembered it was true that Mohanji was not in India last month! I also came to know that Mohanji has never visited this temple previously. Then how did the priest see Mohanji doing Abhishek? If he has never met Mohanji, then how did he even recognsied us as Mohanji’s followers? Questions such as these were racing through my mind!

I also remembered my sister Hema telling me that there was a man who asked her and Nikolina to go inside. He spoke in English and said, “Are you guys not the new Kriya initiates, please go in!” How did he know this? My sister assumed I had spoken to some other people about Kriya, but I had not!

Only then did I realise that Mohanji had actually arranged for this even before we came. I felt various emotions then, including shame for thinking ‘I’ was conducting and arranging the program. He came ahead and ensured smooth darshan  (view) and treatment.

I also understood what He meant by,

“If you remember I will do the program, then everything will be fine.”

What a profound lesson! What a crucial and vital learning experience. I was so humbled and at the same felt at peace. As we go about our daily life (including volunteering work) we need to just remember that we have to make ourselves available and everything happens through us. I understood the significance of these words now. 

Thank you Mohanji for your kindness, and  for explaining this to me as You always do, ‘In baby food format,’ so that I could digest it. After this, my only prayer at every shrine is to help us stay in this awareness as we serve our Guru.



8. ‘Divine presence in any form’: Girija Thekkandy, Kerala, India, Sept 2018

As devotees, all that is required of us is to hold onto the loving hand of the Guru through the ups and downs in life with faith. The Master gently carries us through the journey, shielding us and showering us with His grace. Girija’s experience shows how  chanting the Mohanji Gayatri mantra as a silent prayer helped her and her daughter in a new place!

Girija narrates :


I had moved to Kerala from the US this June, and my 11 year old daughter, my mother and I now live in our new home in Vengeri, Calicut. We have a 5 minute walk to the bus stop of her school bus. My daughter hasn’t learnt the local language yet, the walk ways are winding, the pick-up spot is at a busy junction and she cannot cross the road by herself. In short, she is completely dependent on me as she is new to the country. One day, I had to go for some errands, but the place I had to go to was about an hour and half away. I decided to walk with my daughter  to the school bus stop and thought to myself that I would  return quickly  before the school bus would drop her back after school. Unfortunately, it did not happen as planned. It started raining heavily (I had forgotten my umbrella) and I got onto a bus much later than anticipated.  Finally, the situation was such that it would  be  30 minutes before I would reach the bus stop to pick her up.  Time was ticking by and I knew that I would be late. I could not contact my mother at home, or anyone else  for help. I tried to contact the bus driver, but the call did not go through, most likely because of the heavy rains. I was frozen. I did not dare to imagine what could happen! I simply closed my eyes and started chanting  the Mohanji Gayatri mantra on the bus I was travelling on. To make matters worse, that day my bus did not stop at the correct bus stop! I had to take an auto. When I finally reached my daughter’s  school bus drop off spot,  it was still raining and was 15 minutes past the arrival time of the bus. But I could not see anyone on the road.

I called the bus driver and he said that he was still on his way. I was relieved and picked up my daughter from the bus. On our way back, I asked, “Why are you so late?” She said, “Amma, something strange happened in the bus. The bus was going through a narrow place. We saw a big snake coming from between the trees outside the bus, and climbing in through the open window near the driver. It was moving its head behind the driver’s head! All the children were frightened and started crying from the back of the bus. The driver didn’t know. When he looked back and  saw the snake,  he too  got scared. It took us around 40 minutes  to shoo it away and fix everything.  We had to wait  and that’s why we were delayed.”

Realisation dawned! I was speechless with wonder and gratitude as I understood what had happened. My daughter was asking me “Why you are not talking, aren’t you surprised? Do snakes often come into vehicles in this  manner  in India? This never happened in America.” That is true, this never happens anywhere! I could not speak at that time, but will explain to her the miracle that just took place, one day.

Pranaams (Salutate) to my Guruji for taking care of us by playing this leela (divine play).



9. ‘Anytime, Anywhere’: Subhasree Thottungal, London, UK, August 2018

Our Guru’s promise that He will never leave our hand is proven time and again through various anecdotes. Connecting the dots related to a particular incident is what makes us aware of the protection and support given by Him. In this incident shared by Subhasree, this factor becomes evident as both, the person who was with Mohanji at that point in time and the person on whom the grace was bestowed were both aware of His presence by their side!

Subhasree narrates:


I will share something that I witnessed, just as a mere observer…

This was during the London Retreat. I was serving Mohanji then. One afternoon, it was His rest time (He doesn’t really have any rest time…it is a time when He may just lie down, either talking to His people or checking emails answering the innumerable  questions of people etc. That afternoon, when He laid down and I was pressing His feet, He turned sidewise, and I noticed that His hands were spread ahead, phone and glasses put aside and in two seconds He appeared to be in deep sleep! I was stunned and wondered what happened, as He doesn’t sleep like this. My gross mind worried, “Oh Mohanji is so tired that He slept immediately.” Little did I know about the happenings unfolding at that time! I gently started pressing His arms and shoulders.

And to my surprise, His arms felt as if there was no skin, no muscles, no bones… felt like soft wool! Now, I was shocked. This was very unusual. I realized that something serious was going on! I have observed in the past that when Mohanji is working on someone, His legs, or arms become rock solid i.e. hard! This time it was the opposite, His body was as soft as wool; I understood that He was not present in the room! Later on, when I came back to give Him tea, He was already up.

He looked at me and said, “I slept immediately, right? I wasn’t here.”

I replied, “I know. Your arms were as soft as a pillow. This wasn’t normal. What happened?”

He then narrated the events.

At that time, someone in South Africa was in real trouble. The young daughter of a devotee was delayed in returning from a far-off place; the usual arrangement of pick-up had failed. The parents were unable to send the car and if the daughter had to wait for it, it would have caused more delay and it was risky. The parents started praying to Mohanji. Mohanji conveyed to them to ask the daughter to come back on her own and He assured them that He will be with her. The mother conveyed the same to her daughter and also asked her to chant the Mohanji Gayatri mantra while walking.

Painting By Mataji T. Villareal Sharma, Philippines

However, the daughter just chanted “Mohanji” repeatedly. What she experienced was truly amazing. She expressed that, while she was walking through the busy road with so many people around, she felt as if no one was aware of her walking. She felt that some people did look at her but they looked to her side and a little higher up, as if someone taller was walking beside her! She felt as if Mohanji was walking with her. Finally, she reached home, safe and sound.

I understood that when I witnessed Mohanji slipping into deep sleep suddenly and His body becoming unusually soft, He had actually gone to some remote place in South Africa to walk the girl safely back to her parents!

While listening to this, tears flowed from my eyes. It was difficult to comprehend how much and in how many ways Mohanji was protecting so many people/beings all around! There was nothing to doubt, because I had witnessed what was happening to His physical body on one side. Our logical mind sometimes can bring in doubts and weaken our faith. But instances like these cause doubts to disappear! My head bowed with so much gratitude for the divinity of our Master, who is living only for all of us.

What we read in Sai Satcharita is actually happening in current times too. All we need to do is keep our inner eyes and ears open, our  faith intact, strengthen our conviction and surrender completely. Grace then flows.

Mohanji, aapki leela aparamapar( “Mohanji, your acts are incomprehensible”).

Jai Mohanji.

— Subhasree



We offer this souvenir of our gratitude at the feet of Guru Mohanji and present this with utmost love to all the readers.

We are surrendering our intention of continuing further chapters of ‘Mohanji Satcharita’ each month, as the testimonials from devotees all over the world keeps flowing in.

We would like to conclude the 1st chapter of “Mohanji Satcharita” with this sloka from the Guru Gita,


Shri Guroh paramam rupam viveka chakshushomratam,

Mandabhagyaa na pashyanti andhah suryodayam yatha|

Which means:

“The absolute form of the Guru is like nectar to those who can truly see. To those who cannot see through the veil of illusion, the true form of the Guru is shrouded, like the sunrise is to a blind man.”

Jai Shree Guru Datta.

Jai Mohanji.

— Compiled & published By, Mohanji Testimonials Team, 18th October 2018.


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