The Journey of the Ring: From Baba’s Boy to Baba’s Son

Written by Biljana Vozarevic and Dirk van de Wijngaard

Biljana V.

Biljana and Mohanji

This year’s Guru Purnima (13th July 2022), a group of close and dedicated volunteers from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and the Netherlands, gathered at the Mohanji Centre in Novi Sad to be in Mohanji’s presence. I also had the great privilege to celebrate this auspicious and joyous occasion with our beautiful Mohanji family. During the function, we gave Mohanji flowers, fruits and other offerings to express gratitude for his divine presence in our lives.

We also bowed down and touched his feet to physically demonstrate our surrender with deep love to his all-encompassing consciousness. I realised the deeper meaning of touching a Master’s feet. It denotes our surrender to rid of ownership, release our burdens and set an intention for our vision and ultimate life purpose. Thus, we can stay focused on achieving and expressing our highest while keeping our egos under control. It does not matter whether we bow down physically in Mohanji’s presence, in front of Mohanji’s image or even mentally. Can it be any simpler?

Touching and kissing the lotus feet of Mohanji, my Guru, Guardian, Guide and Goal, is the greatest gift I can get in all my past, present, and future lives. May He always permit me to be the servant of His servants, nothing more, nothing less.” – Dirk

When we gave our offerings to one of his assistants, he accepted it with a smile and gratitude, yet detached and disinterested. He blessed the offerings and later had them distributed among the assembled people. The pure intention of gratitude, respect and love in our hearts mattered more than our offerings. Sincerity and receptivity were the most precious gifts we offered from hearts melting in gratitude. In return, we received something precious beyond lifetimes, taking us to liberation and complete dissolution. I felt his occasional subtle smiles reveal his inner joy at the transformation he effected as he worked on us.

I realised that he cared not whether we gave him a million dollars or just a flower. From my Consciousness Kriya initiation as a fresher to the many times I volunteered as a photographer at various programs during my decade-plus association with him, Mohanji always behaved the same way. The growth of the mission has not changed him in any way. He always showed the same detachment and dispassion to avoid contamination by name, fame, adulation, wealth, and other Maya’s (the grand illusion) traps.

As Sai Baba has said (from the book ‘Sai Satcharita’- Chapter 13), “Though I have become a Fakir, have no house or wife, and though leaving off all cares, I have stayed at one place, the inevitable Maya teases Me often. Though I forgot Myself, I cannot forget Her. She always envelops Me. This Maya (illusive power) of the Lord (Shri Hari) teases God Brahma and others; then what to speak of a poor Fakir like Me? Those who take refuge in the Lord will be freed from Her clutches with his grace”.

When one is highly active in adding value to the world and increasing humankind’s awareness to being kind humans, one has to contend with opposing forces who aim to keep all beings in suffering and illusion. They even try to corrupt or contaminate Masters, trying to do good in the world, and, if that does not work, destroy them. The Masters of the Tradition know that and support Mohanji’s mission because it is the need of this time – to raise Earth’s vibration and re-establish dharma. Mohanji does this on a wide scale through various platforms that support the many varied and unique expressions of 7.5 billion people on the planet. He reminds people of their full potential and urges them to be themselves. 

One of the function attendees was Dirk van de Wijngaard from the Netherlands. He had lived with Sathya Sai Baba and is now Mohanji’s staunch devotee who is in deep loving communion with Mohanji all the time. Dirk says, “Sai Baba and Mohanji are one and the same. Mohanji is my all-in-one Guru (spiritual Master). If I pray to Krishna, Mohanji will appear as Krishna; if I pray to Radha, Mohanji appears as Radha, and so on. In my meditation, I can see everyone in Him! Mohanji is not his body, just as Krishna, Rama, Jesus etc., were not limited to their respective forms. Mohanji only uses his body so that you can experience His light, presence, guidance, and divine love. Mohanji can also come to love or test your devotion in any form – a bird, cat, dog, crazy man, beggar, weird person, etc. When you become a serious full-time devotee, you will always feel Mohanji’s presence and will never be alone anymore!”

Guru Poornima at the Mohanji Centre, Novi Sad

During the function, Dirk related his extraordinary experiences with Sathya Sai Baba and Mohanji. Before leaving, Mohanji asked us to continue our experience sharing. Then Dirk told us more stories. I could feel how Mohanji was working through him. His rhythm, tone, cadence and messages were similar to Mohanji. Dirk illustrated his learnings with examples from his life. Surprisingly, Dirk had never listened to Mohanji before Mohanji’s program in the Netherlands the previous month. A few of Dirk’s messages follow.

The following message from Mohanji has been the guiding principle in my life, “Turn pain into purpose. All successful people who have excelled in something had some pain in life.”

Do not be arrogant, self-important, or egoistic; else, life will pull you down. Be humble always. He related the following story to elucidate the point better. A lorry driver, proud of his earnings of fifteen thousand rupees, looked down upon rickshaw drivers who earned barely fifty rupees. This went on for a while. Once while driving, he was laughing at the rickshaw drivers when a bee entered his mouth and stung him. The piercing pain shocked him, and he lost control over the lorry. The lorry turned over, and it was severely damaged. When he filed damage claims with the insurance company, the officer inquired, “How did the accident happen?”. He responded, “A bee entered my mouth and stung me.” The officer replied, “Your insurance does not cover this.” He ended up paying his entire salary for the damages. That is how life orchestrates events to humiliate arrogant or conceited people.

Be Humble

In many cases, we don’t know what we need, what is good for us or our eligibility. Hence, we ask for the wrong things or get much less than we can receive. Masters give us what we need, not what we desire. They always give us more than what we deserve and our eligibility. Hence, it is best to leave it to the Master to decide what is best for us. Mohanji always emphasises the need to be focused in our approach. He says, “When you knock on one door countless times, you are a seeker. When you knock on many doors, you are a beggar. Follow One Master – One Path – One System – One Goal.”

A baby cries when hungry, thirsty, tired, or demanding attention. Who attends to it? Usually, the mother or father. If the baby is alone, other people would say, “Oh, no, someone’s baby is crying.” Similarly, who responds when you pray while sad, desperate, or eager for divine presence? Your Master! Because your Master connects to you through the love in your heart. Remember that when you pray to all Masters, nobody is responsible, and hence, none may come to help. If you pray to one Master, they come to help you, just like parents do for their aggrieved baby.

Your deep connection to one Master ensures grace from all Masters since they are one consciousness. Any Master suitable to provide the necessary help may show up. It is similar to your parent’s close family and friends being available to help you because they love your parent and, consequently, their child – you. Were it not for the parents, their close friends and family have no connection to you.

An Answer to my Longing

In striving to be one with Mohanji, a wish had crept in and kept growing. I was longing for regular communication with him and working under his direct guidance, as I did ten to twelve years ago. I already have responsibilities in his mission to lead or work as a member of several global teams. By connecting with Mohanji, I can see what is needed and attend to it or start new initiatives. But this desire was torturing me. I often wondered how to get closer to the fire (Mohanji). Instead of longing for a merger, the Maya-induced separation, slithering like a snake, entered my mind. I didn’t tell anyone about it, nor was I consciously aware of it much.

Translating Dirk’s talk filled me with profound wonder and awe. He told us about his sudden unplanned trip to Novi Sad. He wanted to spend Guru Purnima (13th July) sitting in a corner in silence in Mohanji’s blissful presence. On 9th July 2022, around 3.30 a.m., when Dirk was in deep meditation, Mohanji telepathically told him, “Dirk, I want you to be with me on Guru Purnima. ” Dirk asked, “For silent meditation, Mohanji?” Mohanji replied, “Yes.”

Dirk wondered how to arrange finances to buy flight tickets from the Netherlands to Belgrade and accommodation in Novi Sad. A friend offered to pay for the tickets, and the Mohanji community arranged for his stay. With all obstacles removed, Dirk came to Serbia on 12th July for the first time in his life. Yet, he felt that he had been there in previous lives. In the early morning, as usual, Dirk got up at 2.30 a.m., took a bath, recited his prayers and mantras, and made a beautiful flower garland for Mohanji for Guru Purnima. Later, Mohanji, his staff and Dirk travelled by train to Belgrade and arrived there early in the morning.

Dirk had planned to be in complete silence the whole day! But funnily enough, Mohanji invited him to talk about his experiences at all the sessions. Man proposes, God disposes. Dirk spoke several times in different cities. He held the audience spellbound as they listened to him in rapt attention. People were eager to hear about his experience with Sathya Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Mohanji. Masters orchestrate events based on dharmic purpose, i.e. the cosmic order, not personal desires. 

Mohanji told us about Shirdi Sai Baba’s appearance in different forms after the prana pratishtha (ritual to infuse an idol with the deity’s energy) of his idol in the Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in South Africa. The first time he came as a beggar who spoke perfect English, sat down but asked nothing. Mohanji directed one of the team members to donate clothes and a blanket to him. Later, when Mohanji was having a meal, he heard a voice, “You are eating inside, while I am hungry outside.” He looked outside and saw a dog. Realising it to be Shirdi Sai Baba in a dog’s form, Mohanji asked someone to feed the dog well. Thus, he impressed upon the audience to serve all beings with equal love and respect since deities and Masters can appear in any form.

After Dirk had related his experiences with Sathya Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba and Mohanji, Mohanji turned to me and said, “See! We don’t talk via WhatsApp or any other way. It is all telepathic communication.” Thus, he addressed my longing. I realised that I should strive to communicate with him within- through meditation, Kriya or just deep silence. It was a wake-up call. A huge relief as I understood that Mohanji is always with me. There is no need to see or communicate with him. Of one heart, we communicate internally, and the message clarity will improve with time as I tune in more and more. This ‘innernet’ communication is not bound by time, space, or even the body. I am grateful for that forever.

In this regard, Dirk sounded out a warning, “Please remember- ABC: Always Be Careful. Many mentally sick or selfish, egoistic people may say, “Mohanji speaks through me”. They tell you nice stories or what you may want to hear, offer Shaktipat or promise enlightenment. Some may even ask for money in return. Never believe them. Stay single-pointedly focused on Mohanji, who only wants your love through duty, discipline and sincere devotion. You can achieve the highest through sincere and honest prayers and selfless service to the poor, helpless, needy, animals, flowers, trees, birds and fishes. Just thinking of Mohanji can make your heart warm and the tears flow. Be assured that Mohanji is always with you and gives the darshan in the ashram of your heart.”

He continues, “Mohanji is all Gurus, all deities, all beings – Dattatreya, Krishna, Rama, Sarada Devi, Radha, Parvati, etc. Mohanji’s divine love is always available to those who need pure divine guidance. If you love him, you need nothing else. Only as full-timers can you experience his stature and purity. Your connection and dedication make Him responsible for you. He is helpless before those who surrender completely to him. He has been watching over us over many lifetimes and has come here only to take us back to our real home. Surrender 100% and live his teachings – you will never be alone anymore. I have spoken about my life story (given below) to inspire everyone to become full-timers and unconditionally connect to Mohanji’s lotus feet. Never question where He takes you because if you become a full-time devotee, you are already home! There is no need to go anywhere else.”

In addition to Dirk’s comments, I would close with this word of caution mentioned by Mohanji in his book, ‘The Silence of Shiva’

“Let me make one thing clear. This body, existing today, is called Mohanji, and it will remain so till my last breath. People may confer titles before or after this name, but the name stays the same. This body is not Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Sai Baba, or Jesus. These are names of bodies (of certain people) of the past. Their consciousness is certainly One, eternal and eternally available. Hence, one can connect to them effortlessly. One may see the reflection of their object of connection in me. That does not make me that object. There could be resemblances and character similarities, but one is certainly not the other. A son may resemble the father, but he is not his father. Do not be affected by or connected to me while imagining or thinking of this as someone else’s body. That will lead to disillusionment and disappointment. Do not be disillusioned.”

Dirk van de Wijngaard

Dirk and Mohanji

At just eight years, I lost my mother. She was raped and murdered. Sorrow and grief rent my heart, tearing me apart and accumulating immense pain and heaviness. My drunkard father always scorned me. At twenty-nine, my wife eloped with my ‘best’ friend. After she left, I was no longer interested in life and people and started drinking heavily – two bottles of whisky/cognac and twelve litres of beer daily!

On 25th June 1989, I had a clear dream where a man with a full Afro hairstyle, a mole on his cheek, wearing an orange-coloured lady’s night dress, was sitting on a huge lotus flower.  In a loving motherly voice, he told me, “Now the time has come to tell you about the Love of Life and the Life of Love, come to Me, and I will give you a mission.” I thought I was going mad.

The next day I went to see my doctor regarding my liver issues. I told him about the previous night’s dream of this ‘Turkish’ man with an Afro and asked if I had gone crazy. The doctor replied, “No, you are not going mad. You have a serious liver problem. You are hardly eating food and are coughing blood. Unfortunately, you barely have six to nine months to live!” Then he asked me to wait a moment and went inside to get something. He returned with a book titled ‘Sai Baba Avatar’ and asked if the man on its cover was the one I saw in my dream.

Cover of the book ‘Sai Baba Avatar’

I exclaimed,” Yes, that’s him – the Turkish man with the Afro hairstyle.” The doctor said, “He is Indian, not Turkish. His name is Sathya Sai Baba- an Avatar who lives in India at Puttaparthi.” Puttaparthi conveys the meaning: put apart ‘I’. (No ‘me’ or ‘mine’. No ownership.) The doctor continued, “I cannot save you from death. You have nothing to lose anymore. Please go there.” With help, I arranged for tickets for my maiden flight experience to visit India for the first time in my life, accompanied by the only trusted friends of a thirty-three-year-old alcoholic – two bottles of whisky and twenty-four half-litre bottles of beer.

I went to Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram in Puttaparthi. Being an alcoholic, no one paid me any attention. When I went for darshan for the first time, seva dals came to me and informed me that Sai Baba had invited me for an interview. I thanked them and said, “I am neither religious nor pure or devoted like the others. I can never be with such holy people. Also, I am a dying alcoholic. Please take someone else!” But, Sathya Sai Baba’s commands were words-of-law. Not giving up, the seva dals helped me to my feet and brought me gently to the interview room in Sathya Sai Baba’s presence.

He asked me, “How are you?” I said, “Good.” Baba said, “No, no, no,” and he tapped me on the chest thrice and saying, “Swami knows, mother pain, mother pain, mother pain.” I burst into tears, and they flowed abundantly like a waterfall. Sathya Sai Baba knew everything about me, including the agonising, traumatic wound from childhood. He materialised vibhuthi and told me to eat all of it.

After the interview, I was taken to the hospital. I soon became violently sick and had a high fever. Three holes appeared on my left foot, with puss slowly and constantly oozing out. This lasted for seven days.  The doctor who came to see me looked at the flowing pus and asked, “May I ask you a question?” Sick and ailing, I responded in a weak whispering voice, “Of course.” He asked, “Did you drink a lot of alcohol?” I affirmed. The doctor assured me, “Sathya Sai Baba is completely cleaning your liver!”

I am still with Sathya Sai Baba. He came now in the form of Mohanji. Mohanji has no form and contains all forms of all Gods. His real ashram is in the hearts of His children who live His teachings with pure and sincere selfless devotion.” – Dirk

I soon recovered fully, feeling like a newborn. When I later went for darshan, I was called for an interview with Sathya Sai Baba again. I thanked Him for His help and asked, “How can I honour God?” Sathya Sai Baba laughed and said, “God does not need any honouring. Selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy is the only way to serve and please God.”

I met some people and built my first orphanage in Kengeri, India. Later, I asked the Sathya Sai Baba community in the Netherlands to help His efforts to render selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy. My efforts did not meet much success. Hence, I made good on my promise to Sathya Sai Baba by starting my charity organisation and spoke on several forums, platforms and places about selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy. We built orphanages, old-age shelters, hospitals, job training centres, schools offering free education to ‘harijans’ (literally God’s people – referring to the oppressed lower castes), etc.

Initially, all the donations were used for charity work in India and later also in Nepal. In a few years, we adopted twenty-six villages in India and fourteen villages in Nepal. I attribute all this to Sathya Sai Baba’s grace and people’s belief in me. Subsequently, when I went for Sathya Sai Baba’s darshan, I was again granted an interview. Five other influential ladies, possibly from the government, were in the interview room. As was my usual practice, I kissed His Lotus Feet nine times and sat by His feet.

When one of the ladies came forward, Sathya Sai Baba said, “Don’t touch!” She protested, “But Swami, this boy is kissing Your feet so many times?” He replied very politely, “Yes, he does the same in Holland at least twice daily!” The omniscient Master knew I kissed a photo of His Holy feet nine times, at least twice daily. I have also experienced the same omniscience with Mohanji.

Sathya Sai Baba told me He was pleased with my sincere devotion and hard work for the poor and needy. He then materialised a gold ring with four huge diamonds and put it on the ring finger of my right hand. When I left the interview room, I met a diamond grader from America who exclaimed, “Wow, these four diamonds are of perfect quality. Their value is at least two hundred thousand dollars; you are fortunate!”

On hearing this, I ran to my room, slammed the door and spoke to Baba’s picture, crying profusely, “Why did you give me this ring? I don’t want gold or diamonds. You, my mother and father, are seated in my heart. I only want your love, nothing more, nothing less. I thought you were real, but you are fake! All I believed in was fake! Tomorrow, I will return this ring. If you refuse to accept it, I’ll commit suicide!” I cried the whole night.

The following morning I went for my ‘last’ darshan. When Sathya Sai Baba walked through the audience, he gazed silently at my teary eyes and gestured to let me come for an interview. In those days, the audience would be two to three hundred thousand. Some had visited Sathya Sai Baba every year for 20 years and yet not had an opportunity to touch His feet or get an interview! I have a sincere request to all Mohanji’s followers. Please realise that you have a once-in-a-eternity chance right now. You don’t realise how lucky you are. Sathya Sai Baba is now Mohanji! Shirdi Sai Baba is now Mohanji! Krishna is now Mohanji! There will be hundreds and thousands of people who can attest to Mohanji’s omnipresence and omniscience.

The same five ladies were in the interview room with Sathya Sai Baba. Immediately, I returned the ring to Swami, kissed His feet nine times, and then started to massage Sathya Sai Baba’s feet. After getting rid of the ring, I felt I could fly- so happy, relieved, and free.

Swami then threw the ring among the five ladies. As they scrambled to get their hands on it, Sathya Sai Baba silent spoke to me telepathically. “My boy, I very well know why you came here. You always come just for Me. Those ladies are more interested in miracles or presents and treat me like Santa Claus!  They have come to improve their career, name, and fame. I act like a shopkeeper and ask them, ‘What do you want?’ I give people what they want. If you ask for coffee, I give you coffee. If you ask for me, I give you myself.” Swami’s loving motherly face turned into a fierce, stern countenance as He thundered, “Return that ring!” The ladies immediately returned it to Him.

Sathya Sai Baba said, “Last night, my boy cried the whole night because I gave him gold and diamonds when all he wanted was Me. He decided that I was fake and refused to perform his usual practice of touching my feet and kissing them nine times.” He thankfully skipped mentioning my suicide threat. Thus, Sathya Sai Baba demonstrated His omnipresence. Mohanji does this often as well. However, many people miss the hints, even when they sit right before Him! 

Sathya Sai Baba then touched the ring to His third eye and thrice blew gently on it. The four diamonds were transformed into nine precious stones. He slid the ring on Dirk’s right finger. It was twice as big. Sai Baba said to the ladies, “Oh! This ring is too big.” He gently tapped the ring, which immediately shrank to the perfect size. I tried to take it off, but Swami stopped me and firmly said,” This is for my boy’s protection.” 

I looked at Sathya Sai Baba’s loving gift from a different perspective, “Through love for God, be the brightness that you are – complete, realised and fulfilled.” It is not eight plus one or seven plus two, but nine – fullness, total oneness, completion. With this insight, it made perfect sense. I melted and humbly and lovingly accepted the ring with gratitude. However, I was unsure why I needed protection. 

The protection ring

The ring was called Navaratna (nine ratnas or gems). Nine is a holy number signifying completion. The ring had eight hearts around the ring’s periphery, with a star in the middle that touches each heart. Each heart had a gem connected to a planet, the Sun or the moon. The gem positioned in the centre star was related to the Sun since it is the centre of the solar system. One of the gems was connected to the moon to align the mind and emotions. The single-pointed concentration of the mind devoid of emotions is essential for enlightenment. This is the symbolic meaning of the moon on Shiva’s head, secured by his matted locks. The rest of the gems were connected to other major planetary bodies- Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, etc. The gems are particularly suitable for prayer during the full moon.

The same night, I heard the loud cries of young girls in my meditation. In the morning, I met a professor from Nepal and mentioned the strange crying. The professor asked, “Have you never heard of trafficking?” I said, “No”. He explained how children as young as five were kidnapped from poor villages in Nepal, drugged, taken thousands of kilometres away from their homes, and sold for three to four hundred euros in the brothels of Delhi and Mumbai. I immediately understood my purpose, which required protection.

I travelled to Mumbai and Delhi and started two rescue centres, ‘Rescue Foundation’ in Mumbai and ‘STOP’ in Delhi, with professor Roma Debabratta and then set up rescue teams at these locations. I acted as a tourist paedophile, befriended the brothel keepers and rescued the children with the help of my team. Every rescued child who returned home to her mother made me intensely happy as I felt as if I were returning to my mother. The operation was dangerous and life-threatening. My Indian (brother) friend was indeed killed. The underworld had put a bounty of a hundred thousand US dollars to have me dead. Many a time, I felt the ring’s powerful protection. We have rescued around four thousand children and put hundreds of pimps and traffickers behind bars with sentences of fifteen to twenty years. In twenty-five years, the organisations have become self-sustaining and receive worldwide sponsorship that provides the funds required for this noble initiative.

This is Rama, the first girl I rescued from the Delhi brothels. She was only 12 years old and raped by 20 ‘customers’ daily. After the rescue, she underwent many operations and also HIV treatments. She later worked in our rescue team for ten years. Dedicated to her duty with discipline and devotion, she helped hundreds of victims. She passed away two years ago. I feel she is still with me as my Guardian Angel and always helps me be a good servant for God’s children like herself.” – Dirk

With growth came recognition, name and fame. I became famous and even appeared on television. Once, I heard Sathya Sai Baba’s voice in my meditation, “No name! No fame! Be a star, not a film star!” The next day, I quit the organisations I had run for twenty-five years. 

On 5th June 2022, just when Mohanji visited the Netherlands, Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in my dream early in the morning. They said, “Hey, boy, get up and give the protection ring to our son.” Being unsure, I clarified, “To Mohanji, Swami? Sathya Sai Baba gave an exasperated look to Shirdi Sai Baba and asked, “Are we talking to an idiot?” Turning to me, he said, “Yes, of course, Mohanji. Who else?” I knew it was not just a dream but a real communion. I asked Devi (Mohanji’s wife) for a private, confidential meeting alone with Mohanji and Devi.

In the meeting, I explained the command from Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba and handed the ring to Mohanji. Mohanji simply said, “Ok,” and accepted the ring. With Sathya Sai Baba’s direction, ‘No name, no fame’, I swore my daughter Parvati to secrecy about the handover of the ring. With Mohanji’s advent into our lives, I have also ‘handed’ over my daughter, Parvati, back to her real father, Mohanji!

I always beg ‘my’ daughter Parvati, ‘Please never, ever, be a part-time follower’, because when you become a full-time follower, Mohanji has to be with you full-time and give permanent darshan in the ashram of your heart.

A few days later, Parvati travelled to Montenegro for a retreat with Mohanji. When people enquired about the ring, Mohanji answered, “Oh! Dirk gave it to me. Ask Parvati.” So much for secrecy! No secrets with our divine beloved, Mohanji. He is always transparent as he lives his teachings and showcases his example with his life, just like Jesus did. I pray that we understand the real Mohanji and not wait until He announces, “My Father and I are one.” I humbly beg everyone, “Please become full-timers, not part-timers,” Jesus had only twelve disciples, Buddha five.

I long for nothing else in this world but to remember, live and practise Mohanji’s teachings. I cry daily, knowing and feeling Mohanji’s infinite unconditional love for me. I would gladly refuse a million paradises just to be with Him. I never ever want to be alone anymore. Mohanji is my world, universe and all that I have been longing for all my lives. Helping hands are better than praying lips! I offer my body, mind and soul to be a willing instrument for whatever Mohanji wants to do through me.

Jesus has returned in the form of Mohanji and is asking you to join Him. I implore all to surrender your ‘crazy-horse’ mind that keeps you bound through temporary pleasures to a fake life full of pain. You can walk with Him full time if you attune your heart to Him and practise his teachings. It is as simple as ABC – Always BConnected. Hold Mohanji’s divine hand and never let go. Swami Mohanji is a Universal Atomic Bomb of Divine Love. We all should work hard to put his teachings into practice and please Him with our selfless service. Our faithful, sincere, pure, single-pointed devotion and unconditional love activate this bomb to explode in the whole Universe, thus allowing all beings to feel His divine love. I wish to split into 7.5 billion atoms and inject each living creature with the pure divine love of my all, who has now come as Mohanji.

My humble pranaams at the Lotus Feet of Mohanji, my Guru, Guardian, Guide and Goal. May He bless me with an uninterrupted flow of divine love towards His Lotus Feet and make me the lowest and humblest of His servants. I want nothing more, nothing less.

Jai Sai Mohanji!

Dirk, “Servant of his servants, nothing more, nothing less.”


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The answer

By Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

Every silent prayer and our soul’s call reach our beloved Para Brahma and the Tradition. We get answers almost immediately…

I was very eagerly awaiting my visit to Kerala in January 2022. I wanted to be there for the Prathishta Dina Ceremony at the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Palakkad, and I was also waiting eagerly to meet Mohanji personally.

I had expected my visa formalities which happen every year, to be completed by the 1st week of January. Things did not go as planned, and I got it renewed only on 12th January. By then, flights to Cochin via Dubai had stopped due to the spread of omicron. Other routes cost triple the amount for just one way of the journey. 

The strict quarantine rules in Kerala for passengers from Africa made me very sad and disappointed as I knew I couldn’t go ahead with my plans in this scenario. I could not imagine why things had to go wrong when all I wanted was to be in my Guruji’s presence. Tears would overflow daily due to my expectations of being with Mohanji not being fulfilled.

On 11th January, I had the most beautiful dream of being in Mohanji’s presence. I got up in the morning feeling so happy. My heart was full of gratitude as Mohanji had spent so much time with me. He heard all my accounts on why I could not make the trip and spent a lot of time with me, patiently hearing me out. Then he suddenly disappeared. I was clueless why this happened. 

Yesterday, when I spoke to Savitri Vasudevan, she told me out of the blue that Mohanji had said to her that he astrally visits people who need him, and sometimes they see him in their dreams. I thought, my Goodness, I took so much of his time that Mohanji was delayed and had to leave immediately.

I was in bliss for a few days. But on 15th January, my mind started playing games with me again. Seeing the ceremony photos and Mohanji again, I felt sad that I could not be there. I was inconsolable, and tears would start flowing whenever I thought about this.

On the 17th morning, the first message I saw after waking up and opening facebook was the below message from Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba about the Supreme Soul from Sandeha Nivarini, Chapter IX.

Swami: Oh, you have come! Well. What is the news?

Devotee: What other news do we have except yours? I heard that your Kerala tour was most pleasant and wonderful. I am sad that I was not destined to join.

Swami: Why are you sad about it? Listen to the account and be happy, that is all. Have the confidence and the hope that when such an opportunity next presents itself, you may be able to join. Don’t brood over the past.

I was shocked beyond words. It was a direct message for me; it said ‘Kerala tour’ as well! I read the message again and again. Baba answered me with so much clarity and in a stern and matter of fact manner, but also with a lot of love and affection.

Immediately, all my sadness and disappointments left me. I was beaming with happiness. I thought I would read a few Mohanji blogs for posting on the Mohanji Consciousness FB page, and this was the first message from Mohanji that came to me to read:

“If you really love something, there will be a pleasant, consistent connection. It will be a connection forever, very pleasant, loving and without expectation. Then you are not looking at him and judging, “Oh, is he looking at me? Is he smiling?” Whether he smiles or cries, it just doesn’t matter; the connection is forever. When you are stable and mature in your own inside, your connection outside also reflects that.”

Love Mohanji.

Again, it was a revelation and a clear message to have a clear, consistent connection without expectations. After all, wanting to be in physical proximity of a Master was also an expectation. When time is destined, even that will happen. Tears of deep gratitude started flowing again. 

Thank you, Mohanji. Koti koti pranaams at your lotus feet. I have no words but deep gratitude in my heart to my beloved Baba and Mohanji for always being with us and guiding us every time we falter. 


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Lessons living with Mohanji – days 39 & 40

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 39 Lesson – Making enemies

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Yesterday I shared some observations of being with Mohanji each day; there are some changes in his body, depending on what’s been happening. For example, before and after Satsangs, or the recent Bootcamp program, his stomach swelled up to quite a large size. 

I also gave an idea of what it’s like in the morning here. I’ll normally go into the room, and if he’s busy, I’ll sit down and wait until he’s done. I’ll continue with my work. There’s rarely any chitchat; there’s no idle talk because that’s how I have a relationship with him; for others, it could be different. For me, it’s very matter of fact. We’re using the time well because there are things to do during the day; we come together, have a succinct conversation as we talk through the main points. If there are any messages or calls that come whilst we’re speaking, Mohanji takes them; I’ll sit, and then we’ll get back to talking. 

It’s very informal here. Mohanji will generally be dressed in something comfortable; sometimes, it can even be topless, depending on the state, because he can generate a lot of heat. I don’t know how many people listening have been close to him; if you have been close, sometimes you can feel the heat when he’s at work. Sometimes when I go into the room, it’s tangibly hot; there’s a lot of heat, a lot of fire there. 

We were speaking yesterday because Mohanji had some trouble with his foot in September, which meant he wasn’t mobile for some time. It’s better now. He’s keen to resume badminton in the next few days, quite excited that we will be playing again. This reminded me of one of the other lessons he shared with us when we were on the court one time. 

As I mentioned before, he plays with full commitment. There’s no playing just for fun. When he’s playing the game, he’s playing completely. Usually, we play doubles; I’ll be paired with Rajesh mostly – we are a duo, and then Mohanji and Ananth – the other duo. When Mohanji plays, he makes a joke that he’s making an enemy of us. He says that he has to create enemies so that he has the satisfaction of beating or winning, in a joking way, not so serious. But game after game, we lose many times because those two as a duo are pretty good. 

One day he gave a deeper insight into this. We were talking, and he asked, “Isn’t this what we do through in life all the time, create enemies for ourselves.” We said that we go through life, and we create our own enemies; we tend to find someone or something to be in opposition to. Then we can have that satisfaction of fighting and eventually winning. And he said, “You can see that within the whole of society and people’s lives – how people create enemies and even fight with themselves. In the mind, enemies are created, and then all work, effort, and focus are put into pulling them down or opposing them, or fighting, or being in conflict, and people enjoy this. People are proud as they have the satisfaction or the pride that somebody has been beaten, whether it is an argument, positioning, or discussions, or even something larger, such as big conflicts between countries – an ego is happy.”

Then Mohanji said that in life, there are no enemies if you look at it completely. He said, “We create them. And for what reason do we do this? Does it bring any benefit? Does it contribute to our life? We put in a great effort to create an enemy, maintain them and then defeat them. Time after time, we make new enemies, which give us the temporary satisfaction of winning.”

I understood that this was a good thought for all of us, and this question came to me this morning again – are we making enemies? For what reason? Are there really any enemies?

With the Bootcamp coming to a close yesterday, we had a recap session with Mohanji. He spoke about acceptance. If we accept life as it is, then there are no real enemies because we understand that everybody is as they are, as per their orientation. Again, I was thinking of it this morning – who are the enemies in life. Hopefully, soon we’ll be back playing this week, and we can create our enemies again, have someone to fight and struggle against whilst we play the game. 

I hope you have a great day.

Day 40 Be Alert & Be Aware to catch Mohanji’s teachings

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I wanted to talk about the need to be alert and aware always when you’re with Mohanji and when I’m with Mohanji because it’s very difficult to catch. In the middle of a conversation, even if it’s just general about something practical, sometimes he’ll give a diamond of wisdom or priceless teachings, and it’s very easy to let these moments slip by if I’m not alert. When I asked him about this, he said he’s not interested in kindergarten or ‘feel good’ spirituality. He’s delivering substantial material, and he’s here to make masters, not to collect followers, which means we have to be alert.

I know from being with Mohanji that some people have spent considerable time with Mohanji, and I wonder what may have been lost or are still waiting because it hasn’t been recorded. So, I think it could be a good idea that anyone who has spent time with him talks about it like this, and all these diamonds of wisdom and teachings can be collated. I feel a sense of responsibility to share what comes because some of the insights he gives are real diamonds. Through these recordings, I have tried to do that, but still, due to the pace of the work and activities, sometimes, if my attention is not completely there, it can be very difficult to pick up.

Mohanji will rarely say – this is important, take a note of this, or give any detailed reasons. He’ll deliver something, and it’s up to me or the people who are in front of him to be aware and assess what it is and its value. He completely flows, and what needs to come at the time will come, so most of the time, for him, it’s forgotten because he’s just flowing!

He also really values efficiency, which is why he always looks to complete things within 24 hours, and then we’re moving forward. He also doesn’t stand any Tamas, lethargy. If I repeat something or ask a question to clarify a few days later, it’s a disaster; he would say that we’re both wasting our time. So one has to be alert with him, or one misses it. We all have to be alert and aware; otherwise, we will miss it ourselves. While we have Mohanji, and if liberation is our goal, I think we can make the best use of his time as he’s here for us and the world.

I’ll give a small example of this. And then a bigger example, too.

Once when I was speaking to Mohanji about some event we were planning, he told me to check the Rahu Kalam timings. I didn’t know what this was at the time, but this is the inauspicious time of the day in Vedic astrology. So generally, you avoid doing anything significant like starting a project, or an activity, making decisions, or signing any documents as it’s an inauspicious time. It’s set for each day in the almanac or panchang, so if you’re beginning something or you need to do something important, it’s best to avoid that time of the day, as per Vedic Astrology. 

At one time, we were planning an event, so he asked me to bring his mother’s calendar, which has all the details on there (she keeps good track of everything, in the house and outside). This calendar had dates and had the auspicious times, and he read them out for the week. I took note of that. Then that was it, the event happened, and we chose the right timing.

Then a month later, Mohanji asked me what time we should sign a document; I hadn’t realized that those timings were the same for every day of the week. I thought it was just specific for that week. So I didn’t really take a note beyond that and register it, so we could check it each day, each week if we’re planning an activity. I asked, “So each week is the same?” He just simply said, “Why do you think I told you this? Now we’re talking a month later, and we have to talk about it all again. Why are we wasting time like this?” So, to that level of detail – you might think of it as something small, but you have to be aware. This is the same for the big teachings as well.

Mohanji is always giving clarity at the time, and he says, you can ask me as many questions as needed at that time. But he’ll never explicitly say this is what you need to think about. So, in the above incident, I assumed it was only needed for that week, but it wasn’t the case. Over time, and especially the time I’ve lived with him here, I’ve attended most of Mohanji’s meetings, the Satsangs, and the programs, and he has given a lot of information. Recently in the Bootcamp, he was giving the whole roadmap to liberation, practices, and the processes to achieve the ultimate.

In one of my previous recordings, I spoke about Devi Amma, and Satya Sai Baba visited her. She was performing birthday puja for Baba when he appeared and spoke to her. He said that he is very proud of the work that Mohanji is doing. Devi Amma is also deeply connected to Sage Agastya, who told her that Mohanji doesn’t need to learn anything while he’s here. He has come fully accomplished; all he has to do over time is reveal what he’s doing all the time, that’s if we can catch it.

For example, a couple of months back, on the 10th of October, Mohanji was scheduled to implement just a 10-minute meditation which he hadn’t prepared, but he spontaneously gave an Awareness Meditation that focused on the gap or the space between the inhalation and the exhalation, and it was for 10 minutes. After he finished, he turned to us in the room (we set up the camera and sound) and said that he had just given an Avadhoota practice. If people caught it, they would reach great heights because finding that gap between the breath is the key to heaven.

Then yesterday, during the Reinvent Yourself retreat, he hadn’t planned anything – he doesn’t like to, in some ways. Mohanji connects to the energy of the group and then delivers as per what’s needed. So yesterday, he delivered a process called Chidakasha, which is incredibly powerful, and many people said they felt it. He said that this was an advanced ascension process, which masters give; an incredibly powerful process because it aims to install the guru inside us, behind the third eye, and activates the pineal gland, which opens up people for completely vast dimensions. He said people usually say to install the guru in the heart for connection, whereas this is bringing the state of the guru into you so that you merge with that state and you become it. It was the same with the second process, which was finding silence, and this could also take people deep inside.

I wonder how many people caught that. He delivered perfectly, but then it’s our job to catch it, be alert, and be aware of what’s being provided. So now, reflecting on that, I want to create a section in the office team where I can have a group of people who are dedicated to capturing this kind of information, packaging it as processes, courses, even books. In this way, precious material that comes is properly documented for now and for posterity. I start the search for that team today. 

I hope that was useful for you and interesting. And the key message with Mohanji – Being alert, being aware.

Click here to listen to Christopher’s podcast


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 13

Day 13 lesson – Blessings from Sathya Sai Baba

By Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday when I went to speak with Mohanji about the Invest in Awareness program I had conducted that day, he told me that Devi Amma talked to him to say that something very, very important had happened. Devi Amma is the saint/Siddha who gave Mohanji the title of Vishvamitra (Friend of the Universe). 

Devi Amma was conducting a full-fledged honour to Sathya Sai Baba for his birthday on Monday, 23rd November, and he appeared personally to receive the offering. There were only her niece, nephew and two German people with her.

He (Baba) spoke to her and told her that he was really proud of the work that Mohanji was doing in the world and how he is doing it. He (Mohanji) has his full support. She could then see Mohanji in a subtle form bowing to Baba. Baba blessed Mohanji and showered him with flowers. 

It was very important for Mohanji and all of us in the Foundation/platforms. We are often unaware of the support, the grace, and the backing that Mohanji, the platforms and all its people have from the Tradition.

Good morning, everybody. I hope you had a great day yesterday. 

For me, yesterday was really busy. And as sometimes can happen, it was also busy for Mohanji. So we didn’t really speak too much. Some days are like that because I don’t want to disturb him and there’s plenty of things to be doing. 

But in the evening, I had some updates to share. I had conducted a program for Invest in Awareness, which I mentioned yesterday. It went really well, and I wanted to share how it went – who attended, any feedback, this type of thing. When I spoke to him, he told me that a very important thing had happened yesterday and he relayed this story. He said that Devi Amma had been trying desperately to reach him. His phone was being unavailable, so she eventually connected to Rajesh. For those that don’t know Devi Amma, she’s an established saint. Mohanji says she’s a living Siddha who’s deeply connected to Sage Agastya and other Masters. And it’s she who actually shared that Mohanji is a great Master who has been sent here to spread unconditional love, both on Earth and beyond – Vishvamitra, or friend of the Universe. 

So Mohanji told me the story – that Devi Amma had called, and he said that he would take the call from his room. She told him something very, very important happened yesterday. And this was on Sathya Sai Baba’s 95th birthday on 23rd November. She was performing a full-fledged honour to him, and he actually appeared. She was with her niece and nephew, and also two German people were there. But other than that, there was nobody else with them. 

Sai Baba came, and Baba actually accepted the offerings from her. He said: “By the way, I’m really proud of Mohanji. I really like his work and the way he does it, and I’m fully supporting him.” And she said she could then see Mohanji in subtle form, bowing down to him. Then Baba touched Mohanji’s head and blessed him, and put a lot of flowers over him. He basically endorsed the activity – our activity, the Mohanji Foundation’s activity. 

This was really big for Mohanji and the whole platform because it’s endorsed then by Satya Sai Baba. And he said these kinds of things are what keep us moving because it’s not easy to walk against such negativities and obstacles. People might not understand that’s the support that all this has behind it. Those who matter, like Sage Agastya, have told Devi Amma numerous times that he’s really proud of the way that Mohanji works. And it’s because Mohanji doesn’t take nonsense, he’s full-action. 

Devi Amma also said that Sai Baba had told her to say this. And she was very, very proud. 

Now, obviously, I’m somewhat naive, and so I asked, “What do you mean he physically appeared – like in front of her, like as you’re sitting in front of me now?” And he told me, “No, no, it’s in an energy form, the same way that other people around the world feel Mohanji’s presence from time to time. And it’s the subtlest visible as the gross can perceive”. So Devi Amma probably could see a lot, but the Germans might not have been able to see, but they would have felt the presence. And apparently, he spoke a lot about Mohanji. And that’s why Devi Amma really wanted to connect, to tell Mohanji about this. 

And so for Mohanji as well, he was saying that he really appreciates it coming from Devi Amma because when all of the people were talking bad things about him, she was the one that supported him. And she said that’s because it was her duty.

He shared as well something of the time before (I think 2014) when Mohanji suffered a really big attack, and many people were out to tarnish his image. And he asked Devi Amma, “Why is all this happening? Is there something I’m doing wrong?” And it was really, quite a difficult situation. And although he’d never spoken to Agastya before, he really wanted to this time because he was disturbed. And he told her that a group of people had turned against him, cut off his money, spoke tremendously bad things, and his partner took away the company. Mohanji just wanted to know if there was something wrong he was doing and if there was, then what lesson he should learn. 

So at that time (2014), she had a discussion with Sage Agastya, and the next day, she and Mohanji met. She relayed what Agastya had said, saying: “I’m really proud of Mohanji; he is my son. Why this is happening is because I have to remove certain things from him. People are not letting him grow. They’re not letting him do his job or progress. And he has a big job to do on Earth. And some of these people are very small-minded, and they’re not allowing him to take steps forward”. So he (Agastya) had to take them off his path. 

And when she asked what lessons he should learn, Agastya said, “No lessons for him. He came accomplished in this life, and he has nothing to learn in this life. He only has to reveal, and he will reveal at his time”. And then he said, “They have to learn, the people with him (including us), because he is sent by us to bring people back to the Satya Yuga, to raise their awareness sufficiently to enter into that Satya Yuga frequency. So they have to learn, not him. And if they can’t handle him, it’s not his problem. It’s their problem”. 

So there was the answer. And I can see a big resemblance to Mohanji there in style. And if Mohanji is the son of Agastya, then – like father, like son – no beating around the bush, straight to the point. 

That’s the story from yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy the day ahead. Speak to you soon.


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Guru Poornima mantra chanting


By Nirupma Chowdhary, India

Today (on Guru Purnima), I had a profound experience during our Google Meet get together which was arranged to chant the new mantra that Mohanji had given us during the Guru Poornima week. We were to chant this mantra with all the new initiates.

Yesterday, I received a message from Aditya, our country head. He asked me if I could chant this new mantra live, exclusively for the new initiates for an hour. Then he messaged saying it had to be done on Google Meet. I informed him that I didn’t have the app and could do it only on my phone. There was no reply or message from him yesterday.

This morning I got up and listened to Mohanji’s Guru Poornima message and was trying to finish my daily chores before the eclipse started. The first thing on my mind was to chant this powerful and beautiful mantra 108 times. I lit the lamp and did the chanting. It was around 8:55 am when my phone rang and it was Aditya calling.

He said, “Nirupmaji, start chanting the new mantra at 9 am on Google Meet.” I was shocked and not prepared. I told him that I didn’t have Google Meet. He was as cool as ever and asked me to download it immediately. Believe me, I just had a few minutes to set the altar, change clothes, and start the session.

With Mohanji’s grace, we managed to start at 9:05 am. The chanting began, and to my surprise, it was not my voice that I could hear. Slowly the momentum began. I felt a few souls near me playing string instruments. They were all dressed in white, translucent clothes.

As we were chanting, Mohanji came and sat on a decorated wooden stool with his feet resting on a brass plate. Many people came and started doing abhishekam (ritual bathing) with milk, curd, honey and water. Then he got up, went to change and came back and sat on a chair. Everyone applied tilak (mark on the forehead), placed garlands  on his neck and tied sacred threads on his wrist. And to my amazement, now I was chanting each chant in a different voice corresponding to the person offering prayers to Mohanji.

My spine started burning slowly and heat reached my crown chakra. I felt that I would faint. Suddenly, I felt Mohanji’s hand on my head and it took away all the heat. Feeling blissful at that moment, I continued chanting for an hour. The mantra is very powerful and it took me to a different realm altogether in the presence of my Guru, where I chanted all through his abhishekam and puja.

Do request for this mantra (by writing an email to and experience the bliss it brings.



By Raghvendra Pandey, India

I have had several experiences of Sai Baba from late 2018, after Dussehra. By Baba’s grace, I started overcoming a long battle with depression and was even blessed with a baby boy in December 2019. I started to watch a lot of Mohanji’s videos on YouTube and became curious to understand more about life and its purpose. I began to watch more and more of these videos.

I also started to chat with Mohanji Acharyas on Facebook about my depression. I recently had my first Mai-Tri session and got to know about the Power of Purity meditation as well. I recently had a dream where I could hear a voice saying something about Jnaneshwar and Lord Shiva. It was a long discussion in the dream, but in the morning I remembered only Jnaneshwar and Lord Shiva (these 2 names). Soon I forgot about it, but yesterday I saw a video on YouTube where Gautamji was talking about Jnaneshwar and Guru Poornima.

Sathya Sai
Sathya Sai Baba

Then I realised that I should join the group which was learning the new mantra. While chanting the new mantra, I saw Mohanji throwing ashes and also Sathya Sai Baba. I just finished another session of chanting this new mantra, and my heart is filled with love and gratitude.




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