Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 185 & 186

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 185 – Don’t let past mistakes drain the energy of today

Mohanji lives his life very practically. He regularly says, “Before being spiritual, be practical.” I’ve been working with him now for over a year, which has given me the opportunity to become involved in many new activities, projects, and work, which I never would have thought of. These have been both great experiences to learn from, and also, in the process, opportunities wherein I’ve made many mistakes. I would even consider some of them as failures on a level, although following Mohanji’s lead, I know that unless we stop, nothing is really a failure. We have to get up and keep moving. This way, we would have learned something, and at least we’re taking steps forward.

I’m a person who likes to do something well, as best as I can, especially if I’ve been entrusted with responsibility. But sometimes, not everything goes to plan. There are difficulties issues, obstacles, or even mistakes. Previously, I would really take these to heart, and what that would mean is that I would be remembering what had happened for a long time, which means I would feel bad, and my motivation, self-esteem, and efficiency too would be affected. Temporarily.

It would take some time to accept that and then carry on. What’s natural is that it completely eclipses all of the accomplishments or progress that would have been made. Following Mohanji’s life, wherein he says that he’s made many mistakes in his lifetime, some of them have been repeated. But the important thing is to move on from those and take the lesson which you get because all of life is an experience. So, taking that lead from Mohanji, it’s learning to take each situation as it comes. We will all make mistakes. But what that does is it creates our present moment at that time, and if we want to be fully effective in that moment, this moment, then we have to let go of what’s happened, even if it’s a mistake, which we really didn’t like at the time, and we have to handle what’s in front of us now, today’s reality, as best we can, because that way, energy is not drained.

If we’re constantly thinking over what’s happened, what could have done, what could have happened better if only we did this, “If only I did that… What if I did this? I should have done this,” then all the energy is completely drained on that mental activity. By being with today, what today’s reality is, all the energies can be focused on the present, and I’ve found that this is incredibly important, especially if there’s something that needs to be corrected, because then you have the right frame of mind to find the solutions at that time.

Mohanji also says, “Be cool in all those situations. Think clearly. Take time, take each step. Remove emotions from the equation. Keep a cool head, so that thinking is more clear. Judgment is better, and then better decisions are made.”

This is an ongoing lesson for me.

Day 186 – With intensity comes quicker transformation

On the path of liberation or the path of the avadhoota, there is a breaking of patterns, habits, comfort zones, and all the constructs and bindings which stop us from experiencing true freedom. Mohanji is guiding people and helping people to cross over those patterns, break the chains, and begin to experience that true freedom from the mind and the senses.

A recent conversation with Mohanji and another, around the dinner table, gave a good example of a pattern that many people hold but can be completely unaware of. I certainly had this until he pointed it out to me in Bangalore, and it was related to food. Somebody had made a comment that in the rush to get to another place, they were eating now because they weren’t sure when they would eat again, but that meant overeating. This was an opportunity for Mohanji to show the mirror and he was sharing that many people are food-orientated, and many people overeat because of an inherent pattern of something that they’ve carried for a long time, especially, if in a previous life, there was a serious lack of food at some point. It would have left an impression, which could be connected to overeating. In some cases, this can be linked to poverty consciousness, or a lack, or not having something, so the compensation for that would be eating more and eating more. This could be something that is carried over into this life. But we still have that pattern, taking that as an example. If we don’t go across that, go beyond it, then that’s something that can be repeated again, especially something which held a deep impression, such as poverty consciousness.

In Bangalore, we would eat a lot, because the food was really good, but it would then also make us sluggish, dull, and tamasic. Mohanji also pointed out to me, at the time, that this is what was happening. It was really intense at the time. That’s also something that is interesting; I now find, spending more time with Mohanji, that sometimes he will deliver a message with intensity, to make sure it’s really felt by the person, so that transformation can happen when he shows the mirror, so that awareness can increase the awareness of that pattern, which then helps them to cross over that pattern.

The other option is if that pattern is too strong, or it’s too uncomfortable for somebody to address, then they’ll prefer to stay with that pattern rather than transform. I use this example of food because it’s something that’s common to all really, and when we speak about patterns, you might think, “Well, what type of pattern?” but this is one, food, overeating, overconsuming, it can be a sign of something else.

Mohanji is guiding people to break old patterns on all levels, even something such as food. Now I see him almost like a precision surgeon, he really can identify within the person what they need to address to help them cross over to help them take the next step. He’ll deliver that with exactly the right intensity to make sure that it’s really felt by the person, that they understand it, because only then can an opportunity for transformation arise.


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Betrayal, awareness and transformation

By Milica Bulatovic, South Africa

What is the Guru?

The Guru is existence itself and is found in all aspects of this creation. The Guru is not separate from the soul; the Guru is our very own self; the Guru is in nature and is nature. That is why Lord Dattatreya, the living embodiment of the Guru principle, took as his own Guru 24 beings and elements found in nature.  

Betraying the Guru is, therefore, a betrayal of nature, of existence and especially of ourselves. It is a betrayal of your very existence as a soul, which stretches far beyond this life across time and countless lifetimes.

Forms and consequences of betrayal

Through lies and negative gossip about the Guru, we make ourselves vulnerable to the influence of negative forces which perpetuate themselves through us, without our awareness, and we become stuck in a never-ending cycle of negativity. Once the cycle of lies and gossip begins, it is a downward spiral. Lies breed more lies, disconnecting us more and more from the truth; from the awareness and connection to the highest consciousness, represented by the Guru, which we may have cultivated through strenuous effort through lifetimes and may be lost in a single moment of doubt. 

One doubt is enough to open the floodgates. When we spread negativity, our frequency drops to a very low level, where we can become receptive to dark energies and extremely low-frequency beings. It can happen to anyone: I have personally seen this happen to people who were almost touching the realm of silence and to people who were on the border between light and shadow most of their lives. 

If we are experiencing doubt, contemplation and speaking to someone who is stable, someone who guides us appropriately and will not feed negativity, who is not easily influenceable, would help. We need tremendous awareness to keep our frequency high and not fall into the daily, seemingly unimportant traps that lead us to the betrayal of life or existence.

Many have betrayed the Guru or the existence at some point by going into gossip, jealousy, comparison, competition, fear, greed, revenge, criticism, ownership, and so betraying themselves. Eating meat that another being had to be killed for betrays our existence. By choosing to drink milk taken from a calf, which is also often killed, we betray our existence because we love the taste! Even thoughts of a negative nature add to negative consumption.

And further, this will influence our actions too. The more we are unconscious, the more we take in negativities that make us heavy, and the more we don’t live our truth. This is how on a daily basis, we betray ourselves. All these accumulate, and we start carrying the vibrations of betrayal and heavy guilt, and we start attracting these into our life more and more, creating situations that we cry and complain about. We disconnect from ourselves by compromising our conscience for the sake of pressures and expectations from the family and society. 

The biggest of the associated emotions that come with betrayal is guilt. Many of us will say that we don’t know where our guilt comes from; it comes from the pattern of repeated betrayal, something as small as an unconscious habit or something much larger. Emotions are sticky and binding by nature, and so bind further heavy emotions into our system. We become very easily disturbed by our circumstances. 

As you can see, there are many levels of betrayal. Betraying the Guru creates very heavy burdens, as they came only to bring higher awareness, to lift people from a fallen state of consciousness to higher levels of awareness and, ultimately, back to ourselves (self-realization). They live a dharmic life, uphold dharma, and have no personal karma. So, to betray such a pure state of being is to create an especially huge karmic debt.

Betrayal of the Guru can be in many forms:

  • Being afraid to speak about them
  • remaining silent at a moment where speaking our truth or speaking about our Guru is what is appropriate and honest
  • hiding from the world that we are following a Guru
  • leaving them when they don’t fulfil our expectations, 
  • talking badly about them and assassinating their character through lies. 

This is directly negating your existence. We are actually influencing our own karma and that of our whole lineage, those behind us, as well as the generations to come.

To reach the level of awareness, wherein we are aware of all of these patterns and emotions that bind us, lower our frequency and take us deeper into unconscious living, we need a Guru who has walked the same path, overcome the mind and stands as a pure example of our potential, and whose presence transforms us and brings this awareness. He is pure consciousness, and the level of transformation and elevation in awareness we experience will be in accordance with the depth of our connection to him. By betraying a Guru, we are sabotaging the only thing that can give us what we have been searching for, for lifetimes. It is self-sabotage, as our patterns are the ones that will disconnect us from consciousness. 

If we leave the Guru because he is breaking our habits, boundaries, and concepts because it becomes uncomfortable, we can stagnate more in our comfort zones, at least keep silent about it. It is always free will if we want to walk the path of self-realization, and nobody forces us to stay. Don’t betray and talk bad out of pure non-understanding of the highest truths they represent and live.

In daily life, if we live selfishly only for our own family, being in constant desire mode and wanting more things, we don’t add any value to our society and take from Mother Earth. This leads us nowhere. 

But we are taught this way even in schools. Be better than others, your value is higher if you earn a lot, and if you have a fancy car or a big house, you are successful. The truth is different. We cannot take anything from this Earth on the day we depart and leave the body, but we certainly leave lighter if we have been kind and loving, if we served our community and the helpless, and shared and cared about all. True wealth is what you give to this world, not what you take from it.

How the insight came

This is crystal clear now after spending five days in silence during the Empowered 5.0 program with Mohanji. A complete software change happened to me with his grace!

Also, by his grace, I have been experiencing stability, fewer thoughts and more silence for many years and learnt not to have any expectations, and so this is how the insight came:

I experienced an explosion of pain in all the nerves of my body. No position was without excruciating pain, but I accepted it, stayed peaceful, and just witnessed it, as I knew that the Guru was working on me, and this is pure Guru’s Grace.

Why do I say that? For me to go through such pain now was to prevent me from experiencing it later on in life, and it is due to my karma. I have done something, and my ancestors have done something for me to experience it.

At some point, Mohanji gave me another important vision, how complex karma is. I saw the karmic structure as a ball of wool. Each strand and layer had some connection with each other and were creating more strands or making them hold firmly together. What holds one ball of karma is similar patterns. It is very difficult merely to understand it and forget about releasing it. 

Soon after, he showed me how he was shaking the whole structure and creating cracks so the light of awareness could come through. This is also part of the reason why it was so painful. 

As days went by, much clarity came my way; all this was coming from the internal Guru Tatwa Principle. The Guru within and the external Guru were guiding me. Suddenly, I felt that I doubted myself so much, and the deep insecurity I had experienced was due to a betrayal of existence or betrayal of Guru at some point in the past.

I became aware of this recurring pattern of betrayal in my life due to experiencing it personally. It created new awareness, and so I contemplated deeper on it. 

Another vision came of war scenes and me being left alone in the rubble of buildings that collapsed and all my family killed. I was shown that on a physical level, my legs and stomach were weak due to past life war impressions, and as I became aware of this, the diarrhoea that started that day vanished, and a surge of new energy came rushing into my legs and stomach. 

The new energy remains after many weeks, and for the first time in my life, I can work on strengthening my legs at the physical level.

When the last day came, I wanted to make as much use of that day’s precious silence as possible. The night before, my mind was racing about where to sit the next day as I needed a backrest with the option of lying down. It was so funny how my mind started acting out just before the end of the program and got affected by a minor issue. I couldn’t sleep for a few hours as I couldn’t decide where to choose to sit the next day. Finally, I surrendered it to Mohanji.

When I arrived at 5 am, all spots were taken; the only one left was my old spot where I was all five days. How typical of the mind to overthink and go in circles about insignificant issues when all is predetermined for us. It was a good lesson to observe. 

That last day I sat without a backrest for hours with an entirely straight spine, which I could not do for the past 15 years. At one point, I asked myself, “How is this possible? What is holding me straight with no discomfort?” The answer came: existence itself is holding me. At the end of the program, all pain had vanished.

A complete software change. A totally new me! Confident, with no fear, and able to fully express myself even in public. I felt a new lease on life. I felt terrified of speaking in public before, but that is all gone now; there is extreme clarity.

Mohanji has washed away so much in me, so many blockages. I always stayed steady in my faith in accepting all that was happening in my life. I never said no to anything that was asked of me, even public programs, but I was terrified inside. I felt like I would be crucified in public each time, although this is connected to other karmic events after betrayal.

Interestingly, the event that marked the times we live in is the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus lived and spoke about unconditional love and oneness and healed many. His popularity didn’t suit the clergy and the people in power at the time. As they had power, they could easily influence people. Isn’t this still happening even in our time?!

Lies are presented as truth. From an early age, we are taught to learn and cram so much unnecessary data that we forget to use our minds and logical thinking. We disconnect from the inner truth and naturalness of our being as very young children. What is served on TV becomes the truth we live by. It is told by someone else. We disconnect from nature too. If something is told in certain institutions, we automatically accept it as truth—something to think about. 

Another incident that marked our time is when Peter betrayed Jesus 3 times before he was crucified by not saying he walked with him when asked, afraid that he would be killed. He carried tremendous guilt for a long time. Did we all inherit this pattern somehow as a society? Is it in our subconscious now on a global scale? Something to ponder about.

Each time we are scared to stand up for the truth, we follow this pattern. I don’t know the details of when I betrayed my Guru or existence itself. Still, it sure felt like that was the main theme for many of us who attended Empowered 5.0, and surely it feels that the burden was lifted simply due to the grace of Mohanji, who showed that he truly is unconditional love incarnate. I can say the Empowered program transformed my life!


Mohanji always recommends selfless service. We don’t know at what level we have betrayed our existence, which is the same as the existence of any being, so by serving all, a lot of karmic due is released as we become much more compassionate and kind human beings. Such positive actions reprogram us.

Connection to a powerful Master changes everything. First, so much awareness comes our way, and we start making better choices for ourselves. Second, over time your purpose shifts in life altogether. And the purpose is everything.

I am sure many people these days think about the purpose of life or have simply lost the meaning of life. Each day is almost the same; work, driving, picking up the children, cooking and then the day is done. And we believe we can’t do better. Masters awaken us to purpose.

When we awaken to the truth within, we realize how much potential is not used and how much potential we have. Another level of awakening is when one realizes that all is done through us. The biggest illusion is that we think we are the doers, which is probably the biggest misconception of our times and difficult for people to understand.

We are not people doing things; we are beings. Human beings have the capacity to be fully aware of consciousness working through us. That energy works through all of us. 

Its nature is abundance. It cannot be depleted. What stops the flow in us is limiting beliefs, programs, perceptions, energy blockages connected to karma, lifestyle choices that make us heavy and adding violence and negativity in thought, word or action.

When we connect to our beingness and our nature and live the highest values of being a human, abundance can flow through us, and even many blockages can fall off in the process. 

The more we observe and witness that all is done through us, the more awareness grows. We are more detached. The truth becomes more visible the more present we are. Again more awareness comes, and more is done through us as our capacity grows. As Mohanji would say, the more you are empty of concepts, the more you are eligible for consciousness to fill in. And absolutely none of this understanding and awareness would have been possible without Mohanji. 

Many people who knew me before are wondering what I am doing following this man from another part of the world, who is not part of our culture. Even a comment that my parents didn’t teach me well has been made. What I would like to say about this is that my parents taught me to be free, think with my head, and make my own decisions. The freedom my parents gave me is my biggest asset, and they taught me about our traditions. 

Still, truly Mohanji has taught me more in-depth what true values are, how to love, accept and respect all and how important it is to honour our roots, family and culture. Mohanji, through his life and teachings, has transformed my life completely.

Deep fulfilment and contentment are within me instead of fears, anxieties, and anger. Nothing that life brings forth destabilizes me, and a great deal of good comes out of the platforms that I am blessed to be part of. All I ask you is to think about it, don’t just accept what I wrote, as the whole purpose of this text is to take us into contemplation and connect to our own hearts and the truth within. 

Mohanji has come to awaken us and bring us back to our natural selves. Humanity has fallen in consciousness too much, and we need guidance from a Master in the physical form to lead us on the path he has walked on and transcended. We are used to many habits, have adopted limiting beliefs and patterns, and see life through filters. Truth is always simple. 

When we support nature and choose what expands our hearts, nature will support us, and life will support us; if we go against nature and what is natural, nature will reflect it. 

With love and respect to all, I surrender this text at the lotus feet of my Guru Mohanji, who is igniting the light of awareness in me, taking me back to myself and showing me the way to the highest. This text and awareness came through me from his consciousness. 

Love and respect to all existence!


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Offering love in Ukraine

By Cathy Johnston, UK

Deliberately flying towards a war zone would appear, on the face of it, to be a completely insane, grown-up choice to make. For some people, yes, but not, however, for the people connected to the ACT Foundation.

Driven by a supreme desire to serve others, these selfless people shine as a beacon of bright light into the darkest of human corners, setting examples for us all to follow. Totally unafraid and stridently stepping forward over the borders into the terrified and desolate arms of those Mothers and children who’ve fled from the bombs and rubble.

More than 7 million displaced Ukrainian people, to date, are living in makeshift homes as far away from the noise of shelling as possible throughout Ukraine. Mostly these people are women and children who’ve also had the added, unimaginable heartbreak of having to bid farewell to their menfolk (and sons of fighting age), never knowing for certain if they’ll ever meet again, leaving them to face destruction and possible death.

Impossible to empathise with this group of people; the only thing left to do is to bring a glimmer of light into their sorrowful lives in the way of genuine, heartfelt kindness and compassion. Helping to make their children smile again and, by default themselves.

The ACT team arrived in Ukraine with truckloads of food, clothing, medical equipment, toys etc. and a plethora of psychological tools to help these once normal, everyday citizens – just like you and me – cope just a little bit better: simple, relaxing, traditional yoga, walking meditations and conscious dancing that all go towards taking one’s mind away from its imminent worries and off into a calmer more peaceful place.

The displaced children are focal to the ACT team’s efforts as they attempt to reignite some sparks of fun in the shape of new toys, face painting, craft making and playground games. Witnessing the unnatural strain and mistrust etched into their young and once innocent faces is something awful to recall.

Six of the ACT4Ukraine group are aged between 11-22, with four adults in tow, one of them me! I was completely blown away by the unexpected joy I felt, witnessing, day in, day out, heart-melting small acts of spontaneous love and kindness from the younger team towards all of the displaced, no matter the age or disability. Their innate and unsullied ability to connect with other children despite the obvious language barriers was a miracle to behold. Once again, smiling became effortless for the displaced children as their trust was reassured in the most authentic ways.

These young people were testament to the natural goodness and love inside us all. A love that’s sadly eventually plastered over as we navigate the rocky pathways of life. The difference their unabashed, compassionate embraces brought to the faces of the less fortunate we encountered as we travelled through Ukraine will be etched onto my memory box for all time.

Coming away from this experience, some find it strange that my feelings aren’t sorrowful (as one might imagine). But on the contrary, I feel a renewed sense of hope, having had the privilege to be part of this selfless team, with the younger gang leading the way, demonstrating a purity of heart that’s a welcome reminder to us all.

Back in the UK …

Having previously received a £250 donation towards the July ’22 truck of Ukrainian aid from our local golf club in Ormskirk, Julie and I were delighted to be asked to their women’s golf presentation event on 16th August. The General Manager, Lee, would present us with a huge cardboard cheque to help garner some publicity for our cause.

The afternoon was well attended, with a festival-like atmosphere; lots of families with younger children came along to support their lady golfers’, and of course, there was plenty of free food – and a free bar!

Julie and I were excited to be representing ACT4Ukraine (T-shirts duly donned and keenly aware of the implications, responsibilities and privilege attached to such a uniform), and saw this as an ideal opportunity to mingle, help spread awareness of the ACT foundation, and perhaps, find some spare moments to highlight the upcoming Acharya event we’d booked for early September at the same venue.

Following the formalities of the awards presentation, Lee informed the assembled crowd as to how the club had supported Act4Ukraine and that Julie and I would be visible in the crowd, wearing the Act T-Shirts should anyone wish to approach us.

Slowly, a trickle of people began to drift towards us, their interest now piqued, as Julie and I continued to engage. One particularly friendly young man (I’d spoken at length to earlier), watching from the side lines as donations of money changed hands, began to ask probing questions about the set-up of the organisation. And just who this ‘Mohanji’ guy was – as was illustrated by Mohanji’s signature on the back of our shirts.

My hackles began to slowly rise, perceiving an overt tone of cynicism as I attempted to quell the growing defensive senses rising within me. Like a lioness with her cubs, inwardly preparing my armour for this unexpected attack, yet, also keenly aware of the alcohol tainting the breath from this once very amiable chap.

Confusion began to cloud my judgement as I wrestled with the instincts of reaction versus the wisdom of responding, as the bubbling emotions, begging for the freedom to defend my best friend and hero, came frothing towards the top. My feelings, lost in their footings, stumbled to navigate this mean, yet ultimately, unconscious and intoxicated assault.

Irrational and as petty as this alcohol-infused onslaught was, in reality, this was the moment my ego decided to march in, shoving down the door of resistance in the face of this perceived slight: masking his so-called concern for the sake of my naiveté, brought forth my tightly held, snappy retort, to put right his ridiculous wrong, but inside, I was crumbling, knowing for sure, I was letting the side down.

(How foolish I felt: own-goal scoring, wearing the sacred team kit, under the divine gaze of Mohanji, in the face of such ignorance. I’d bitten the bait!) Eventually, managing to gather my senses and divert the focus of this attention, the heat, most thankfully, began to abate.

Not, however, the simmering, inner feelings of disappointment; having failed to respond with more conscious composure, with less defensiveness and with more grace, of reacting with confused emotions, peppered with anger, and of momentarily losing my hard-won and well-practised ‘Mohanji cool’ whilst wearing the team kit.

Finally, seizing an opportunity to extricate myself from this sticky situation, I swiftly found fresh ground with another group, eager and willing, with money in hand, wanting to share in this common cause and felt far better armed for any further probing curiosity.

Yet inwardly though, still smarting from the last unpleasant encounter, suddenly, I became aware of tapping on my forearm and, looking down, saw a shy little girl, holding up a tiny black serviette for me to take hold.

Upon closer inspection, Bella had painstakingly chalked/scrubbed the shape of a heart (copy of our ACT4Ukraine logo) with her wonky, child-like writing of the word ‘Ukraine’ written above.

This spontaneous display of innocent love shoved the dark clouds of the previous encounter into their rightful place (out into the ether) and stood loud and proud, as yet further proof of what truly lies within.

Time after time (during my relatively short public journey, volunteering for the ACT Foundation) I am privy to witness such simple, heart-felt episodes recurring, again and again, hammering home the real meaning of our time on this earth, and that are usually delivered by the most gentle, unassuming and innocent of hands.

Volunteering for ACT has been immensely rewarding, enriching my life in so many ways and helping to cement some life-long friendships with memories to treasure.

Thank you, Mohanji, for the ACT Foundation. Thank you for supplying the balm to soothe my furrowed brow. With love from my heart to your heart, my dear, dear beloved Mohanji, for all of eternity.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 129 & 130

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 129 Lesson – Prevention is better than cure 

Good morning, everybody. I hope that you’re doing very well.

Today, I wanted to talk about some experiences and also lessons from Mohanji about the best way to handle negativities in life. This is really about prevention rather than cure. Because he explained to us in the Acharya training and many satsangs that once we’ve taken in all these negative thoughts, words, prejudices, opinions, and stories, it’s very difficult to remove them. They stay for a long time. What helped me understand this more is the experience of the recent boot camp that Mohanji conducted, which basically gave The Manual for Human Life, how we are; our body, our mind, our intellect, our soul, our spirit, and how we express ourselves. Mohanji has shared in a really understandable way that our world is a reflection of what we have stored inside us. So, we can only experience what’s inside. So, if what’s stored inside of us are our prejudices, fears, and things of this type, then that’s what we experience. So, we can only really share what’s inside.

For me, thinking back to the changes that have happened since being with Mohanji, I’ve become much more aware of where I had a lot of frustrations inside, maybe even anger in some situations. And this came out on various people, situations, and places, which probably didn’t have anything to do with my frustration. It was coming from inside. I can recognize that now and make adjustments. But when it comes to negativities, I’m even more aware now that there’s the potential to be contaminated by them. So, we need to be very careful of what we store inside.

For example, now, as I look back, I know that during my work career and also through some friendships, I had a strong view of somebody. I had an opinion about them. And I thought that they were this type of person, maybe they’re selfish, maybe they’re greedy, maybe they’re ignorant, maybe they don’t care, or had some negative traits because somebody had told me so about that person. Then I’ve also experienced that as I got to know somebody, I realized that they were totally different from what I had thought. These have been simple examples for me to understand that it was more about what I had inside me, and I was projecting that onto a person instead of that being the reality. So, with such experiences, it is for me to recognize that negativities can come; this is from what I’ve learned from Mohanji. Some aspects can be very, very negative; people talking bad, criticizing, judging, and there have been awful things which have been said about Mohanji as well, and these can be easily acquired. If we entertain even the slightest aspect of negativity, opinion, or prejudice about somebody from somebody else, that can stay within us.

I was speaking to Mohanji about this a few days ago. He said that you could imagine it like someone has come and filled your house with coal; in the end, you might be able to get rid of all the coal, but still, the dust particles will continue to exist there. And that’s enough for something to sprout later as prejudice or an opinion. That made me realize that even the smallest comment about somebody, even though it might have been pushed away at that time, can still sit there as something that can grow into something much bigger when the right external situation presents itself and can become an issue. So then, it really becomes important to understand that prevention is better than trying to clean that out later, clean the house of all the coal.

We were discussing that there are two ways to exercise prevention. One is that when someone’s saying something bad or negative, or something’s come to our awareness, we can stop it as soon as we can. We can choose not to entertain it. We can say we don’t want to hear that. Or we can say, “Fine, that’s your experience, but I know exactly what my experience is about this person, about this place, about this situation.”

Then sometimes, negativity might come from those who are most close to us; friends, family, and people we can’t get away from. So, in these cases, it’s best to keep a healthy distance from them or to let it happen but not be engaged.

I hope you have a good day ahead.

Day 130 Lesson – More acceptance, bigger transformation 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well.

Today, I wanted to share an observation about the connection that people have with Mohanji. I’ve shared before in previous messages that the orientation of the person determines how they’ll connect to Mohanji and how Mohanji will respond. He’s a friend; he’s available for people; he’s available for the world. And like a true friend, depending on what that person needs or what that person is looking for, he responds accordingly. For example, when someone comes as a spiritual seeker, he responds as a guru. Or if someone has a deep burning question, he’ll respond as a teacher. If somebody is looking for a purpose in their life, he’ll respond with directions for service activities through karma yoga. Like this, there are many different types of connections.

More recently, I’ve seen many more people connecting to him as a trusted business advisor because he has 22 years of very successful business experience in the shipping industry. But something else that I’ve noticed is that Mohanji’s interaction with them is not based on likes, dislikes or opinions or what somebody does or doesn’t do in their work or life. One of the key things that determine how he connects to people is their connection to him. He has no discrimination, and as he mentioned before, he’s available. How I’ve seen that displayed is that if people come to him with a very superficial connection, he responds accordingly. But for people who have a deep connection to him, a real surrender and acceptance of him, he gives it all – a complete transformation to them.

I’ve witnessed this with many people who’ve come in close contact with Mohanji. So, it’s as if the level of change or transformation that’s possible is directly connected to a person’s level of acceptance of Mohanji, of who he is, and of what he’s doing. Mohanji said before as well that accepting him is accepting yourself. He’s guiding people back to themselves. So, depending on that level of acceptance, there is a corresponding effect in transformation.

That’s a short observation for today. Something that is a reminder for me is to always be present with how I’m interacting with Mohanji because although I’m close to him, I still have to make sure of what my connection is. It can be easy to only see the form, especially when we’re so busy with activities, and particularly when we’re travelling, moving from one place to the next. So, it’s a good observation for me to ponder upon.

I hope you have a great day ahead.

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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 103 & 104

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 103 Lesson – Mohanji’s Birthday – Commanding Power ‘Stories of a King’

Good morning everybody; I hope that you’re doing well. 

Today is a special day being Mohanji’s birthday. It is a day of celebration across the Mohanji platforms. People use this opportunity to share their thanks and gratitude to Mohanji; launch events, complete major activities, and serve the needy. Mohanji has always said that serving the helpless is serving him – one of the best gifts we can give Mohanji is to serve the needy. Many food and clothing donations are happening through Ammucare, ACT Foundation, and the Act4Hunger platforms. 

Later today, Mohanji will speak at a live satsang on the Mohanji official YouTube channel. I have spoken before in previous voice recordings that Mohanji is here for the world. Until I started living with him, I never fully understood this because the world I knew was not like that. 

The world has a disposition of greed, competition, conquest and people in this mad rush to acquire as much as they can, trampling over each other in the process. Mohanji is a true living example of the opposite. What he has accomplished and what we are all part of will set the trend for generations to come. 

I was thinking of birthdays and remembered some stories shared by Mohanji at a recent trip to Kerala, where he spoke about a rarely known king from the area called Sakthan Thampuran – ruler of the Kingdom of Cochin. We were in Thrissur, where Sakthan Thampuran lived long ago. The lessons that call out from these stories convey the importance of Iccha Shakti (Will Power) and Aagya Shakti (Commanding Power), especially commanding power. They are a must listen!

Mohanji enthusiastically shared many stories about this king with much familiarity and veracity, which was interesting because I’ve heard people say before that Mohanji spent many previous lives as a king. That’s why even now, he lives very humbly and takes nothing, and he has that character trait, that presence of regency, of royalty. He was conferred the title of Raja Yogi. There is the story of when he visited Saint Ganeshanda Giri, a powerful Master and a devotee of Sai Baba to whom Baba spoke at 6 am every morning. Baba told him to put up Mohanji at a fine hotel because Mohanji had been a royal in all his previous births. 

Mohanji has never confirmed or spoken about his past lives to me. He’s only said that he is Mohanji, and that’s his relevance in the world. But when I heard the story of this king, I couldn’t help but find very similar parallels in style. Mohanji loved this king, his style, humour, and ability to get things done. The king was fierce and ferocious, and some say that he was even an avatar of Narasimha, the ferocious form of Vishnu. People would pee in their pants in front of him because he had a reputation for simply chopping heads, as that was his solution to justice, but all dharmic.

As a thank you to Mohanji, I share this story, and some of the things which I see are similar. This king, Sakthan Thampuran, had a commanding power, and he was completely unorthodox. Some would say probably crazy, but he got things done in his way. During the time he ruled, the law was maintained, people were safe, and the kingdom was peaceful. 

There’s one story where he disguised as a forest dweller and went into the forest with some basic cooking utensils, some basic food, and he would sit there in the forest to check that the animals were okay. One day a Swami passed by and said, “Maharaj (king)?” The king said, “How did you notice?” Swami replied, “You can’t be mistaken; no matter what clothing you wear, you’ll still be known and seen as a king.” 

Whenever there was trouble in a village – like crime, dispute or something stolen; the news would reach the king, whose method of handling this would be to simply give the village 24 hours. “It’s your village, you know the people, and you should be able to find the person yourself.” He would give them 24 hours, and if the culprits were not found, he would handle it himself. Within 48 hours (for sure, the matter would be solved) because he would go there and was very quick to chop heads of the guilty.

This style even applied to his queen. During his time, the queen fell in love with another man. The king said to her, “Well, that’s a good idea. No problem. Now I know where we stand. I know that you don’t want to see me anymore. I also know that this other man wants to see you. So, I know what we can do here.” What he did was he took out both of her eyes with the logic that the other men can still see her, and because she doesn’t want to see the king anymore, the eyes aren’t necessary. So he took them out. Problem solved. 

There’s another story: the king was on his final days and didn’t have any successor. He had no heir or children but had nephews. The logical route was that everything would be passed on to them, but he didn’t respect his nephews, and they knew this too. The nephews discussed together and decided that they would do something for the king. They wanted to prove themselves to the king, so they decided to ask the king what he wanted them to do. 

They asked him, “What would you like from us? What can we do for you?” The king said, “I don’t want too much now. I’ve done all I needed to do. I’ve lived my life. There’s one thing; I don’t have any taste in the mouth right now, so I don’t want much. But a thought that if I had raw jackfruit or something with jackfruit in it would be nice. So if you can, I would like you to get jackfruit and offer this to Brahmins, and I will also eat.”

The nephews were surprised, “Uncle, this is nothing. Are you sure? It’s so small. Are you sure you want a jackfruit curry?” He said, “Yes, I’m sure.” The nephews called their minister and said that they needed jackfruit to cook a meal for the king. The minister sent his people to the market around the area, across all the towns, but they returned without jackfruit. They said that it was not the season, so there was no jackfruit in the market. 

The nephews were disappointed and went back to the king. They said, “Uncle, we are sorry, there’s no jackfruit; it’s not the season.” Obviously, the king knew this. It was again to show how he felt about the nephews. So with a fake surprise, he said: “Oh, really?” He called in his chief captain, his minister and asked him, “Can you arrange for my sake, meals for 101 Brahmins, but everything should have jackfruit except the rice, and also we should give them silk (a full-fledged seva). Let’s do it next Monday, which is only four days away. Can you do it?” The chief captain replied without hesitation, “Yes, sir,” and he did it. 

Now the nephews looked like idiots. It was a grand feast; everything had jackfruit. The nephews were really confused, so they called the chief captain (Minister) and said, “How did you do these things?” The captain said, “See, there’s this thing called Aagya Shakti – commanding power. When your uncle, the king, says something, there’s no such thing as ‘No’. When he says something, it just happens. All we have to do is just follow through. His commanding power is something else. But I’m sorry to say that your Iccha Shakti (willpower) itself is weak. So forget about your commanding power. First, you sow your Iccha Shakti, your willpower.” 

They said, “Okay, okay. But we want to know how you arrange that. How did you manage this?” He replied, “I did something simple. I called the Army Chief and told him to send the army to the villages to get as many jackfruits as possible. If anybody comes without a jackfruit, the orders were to chop his head off. So everybody brought jackfruit, loads of jackfruits, rooms full of jackfruits.” He also said, “In the market, there was no jackfruit. But that doesn’t mean there’s no jackfruit on the tree”. 

I think this is both a great story and a great lesson in itself. 

Here is one more story, much before the king’s last days. There was an island in the area full of moneyed business people and traders. It was a little secluded, an enclosed area slightly detached from the kingdom, and the traders closed the gate at six so nobody could enter. The traders used to send materials to the king as offerings. Being traders, they dealt with the finest silk, pearls etc., but they started becoming very arrogant as they had a lot of trade coming in. They had money. Sakthan Thampuran knew that they were arrogant, but he didn’t have a problem with that. The materials were coming, the palace requirements were being met, and they had high-quality silk, etc. So not a problem. 

One day for a feast, many Brahmins had been invited. It was a very important event, so the king was checking the progress of things, the food, etc. The Brahmins said, “Everything was good with the food. But we have to be honest, the materials you have here, the silks, are not the same quality. They’re not so good at all.” 

The king told the chief captain, “What the hell? We should have the finest! These are Brahmins, and they should have the best silk. Who supplied this?” The chief captain said that the same trader had supplied them, and the king said: “I want the head of that trader, chop the head.” Without hesitation, the chief captain went, and he swam to the island because the gates were closed; it was after six. He tied a sword in his bag around his back, swam across to the island, he knocked and entered the gate. 

The trader was surprised and asked, “Why did you come? You could have just ordered the materials; I would have sent them to you. Why did you have to come yourself?” The captain said, “No, no, no, it’s important because I want to buy some high-quality silk, and I want to buy some cheap quality silk as well. The shopkeeper/trader realized and said, “Sorry, I made a mistake. Last time I sent some things which were not of good quality. But that’s because I didn’t have the high quality. It hadn’t come. But I’ll compensate later, for sure.”

The chief captain said, “Sure, sure, no problem. Give me both, the high quality and the cheap one; I’ll take it.” After the silk was packed, the captain chopped the head of the trader and packed it in the same cloth. As the gate didn’t open until 6 am, he swam back to the kingdom. The chopped head was hanging even before the king had woken up. The pace, speed, and commanding power all wrapped into one story – this is the king whom Mohanji really loves. I’ll leave it open for you to draw any parallels.

Having lived with Mohanji for some time, I can definitely see parallels in style, especially his commanding power. It’s moving mountains as these platforms are strengthening and growing. I’m sure that they’re going to have significant relevance in the world in years to come. (Although now, I’m quite thankful that chopping heads have gone out of fashion these days. 

On this special day, I give my thanks and sincere gratitude to Mohanji for all that he is giving to the world and towards my journey. Have a great day of celebrations ahead.

Day 104 Lesson – Transforming challenges into opportunities 

Good morning everybody; I hope you’re doing really well. 

Yesterday was Mohanji’s birthday, and many activities took place across the world to spread the love, warmth, kindness, and friendship of Mohanji. Animals and people were fed; clothes were distributed; music and testimonial events took place; it was a real celebration. I’m amazed that despite the numerous wishes that come in from different parts of the world on his birthday, Mohanji manages to attend to each one promptly, with complete individual recognition. 

We’ve begun to collect all the events worldwide to create a blog and presentation in the office. Biljana usually pulls this together, and we’ve been assisting in this. Mohanji also gave his birthday satsang yesterday, and it was fantastic. I’ve listened to Mohanji’s satsangs many times, but there was a different quality to this one. The program in Turkey is titled ‘Transform challenges into opportunities’, and the satsang covered this well. It’s available on YouTube to view if you haven’t seen it. 

I found many of the messages were good reminders of some of the voice messages I’ve shared over the past few days. So I wanted to share what stood out for me from the satsang; the main messages are good daily learnings and some recollections. 

The first was, which he shared again, is that life happens now. The only time we have to be happy is right now, about tomorrow, we don’t know. We must cherish whatever is happening in our life with the presence of mind and awareness that there is only now. Even happiness can’t be postponed. The past cannot be changed, and the future is unknown. 

The second was, Mohanji, reminded us that flexibility is now more important than ever. If we begin to assess our life based on what it used to be in the past, this can make the present miserable. We have to flow with what is available now, especially given such changes in the world because of the impact of COVID. If we can’t do that, we become a hangover of the past. So, remaining flexible and present was the key message. 

The third was although we’re all unique by birth, each of us are individuals with a unique retina and thumbprint, yet the world and the existing society has pretty much enslaved us. That’s a strong statement. This was based on the view that there are 7.5 billion people in the world. How many people do we know? He said many are a product of a system designed to sustain itself or a hangover of people’s pasts which we don’t need to be. So through self-love and self-acceptance, the walls which prevent us from being ourselves can be demolished. 

The fourth was: many times in life, we’re against something. Looking back across my life, I can see situations and experiences which make this statement true. He said that we compete with people, judge, criticize or compare, and this never affects the other person; it only affects us. Thus generally, we’re projecting into the world what we are, what’s inside, and then the world gives it back. If it’s anger, anger will come back. If it is anxieties, then these are given. Like that, all life exists. 

The fifth one, which I think is always a good reminder, is that not everybody will like or appreciate you – this is in the context of progressing on a spiritual path, moving away from a group of friends with whom you may have been. He said that we only need to be truthful to ourselves because when we stick with the truth, the right people will come. Those who are not interested in the truth will run away, which is probably good because it’s more likely than not, they’re not the right people for us. Thus, these were the five key reminders that I took away from the satsang.

The most prominent one is the message that what we project into the world comes back to us. I was experiencing this as some emotions and patterns were coming up. I can recognize now that the state of how I am, often comes back multifold as a mirror, especially if I begin to resist what’s happening in life. Through patience and slowly increasing awareness, I understand that these are some patterns. It’s a constant process of patience and awareness needed until they pass. That’s something that Mohanji reminded in the satsang that patterns could take a long time to leave, and it requires a lot of patience and awareness. 

I hope you have a great day ahead and we will speak soon.

You can still watch the satsang on YouTube if you missed the live event.


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EMpowered by Mohanji – 11

Some of the participants share their little nuggets of inspirational and transformative experiences as we inch closer to the big day – December 4th, 2021 for Empowered 2.0

Verina Mohanlal, SA

I was introduced to the Mohanji family and path in 2020 whilst my sister was in the hospital recovering from post-C-section complications. She sadly passed away in Oct 2020, and honestly, I was and am extremely heartbroken. At times my faith was tested, but over the months, I kept reading Mohanji’s messages and watching videos, and as days have gone by, I have recognised myself accepting more. I joined this programme to connect better with myself but most importantly to find myself, and this week alone, decisions became clearer, procrastination became less. It is little things that have made a huge change in my life. I continuously am grateful and pray for a more enlightened path.

I look forward to meeting Mohanji in person one day and also continuing this journey!

Sadhana Subramanian, USA

Dear Mohanji, I am new to this path, and one of my friends introduced me to you and your various platforms. So far, I am happy with all the learnings that I am imbibing from you. Not sure I understand everything, but you actually answered so many of my questions without me even asking. I am able to connect a lot of dots based on your teachings. Thank you.

Cathy Johnston, UK


Clear, crisp and concise, bite-sized nuggets of divine wisdom. How lucky am I?

Trying to digest every word at each precious moment spent in Mohanji’s warm & benevolent presence misses the point. To just ‘BE’ in his presence, to wallow in his glory, to grow with his family, mere words can’t convey the enormity of the privilege I feel.

The only school desk I long to return to – will treasure my notes close to my heart. Jai Mohanji! My Beloved Mohanji!

Prajakta Sonawane, India

I am falling short of words as I may not fully justify what I have gained. In short, I have gained myself, which was lost in the last 36 years. Mohanji’s presence made me realise so many things, and one of them is his talks. I feel it is not me who is operating; it is Mohanji operating this physical form, and I am so happy to serve as his medium. Lots of love to Father (Mohanji) and all the M family.

Ankush Khandelwal, India

I feel that I got some very simple and more practical techniques that can be implemented to increase awareness. This was the most amazing experience. It felt like having one to one session and getting all the answers without asking any questions.

Runa Gupta, USA

I gained a deep sense of immense gratitude, reduction of tamas, one-pointed focus towards my purpose, a loving spiritual family and the Guru’s direct guidance. These words fall short of describing the wealth gained.

On Day 2, I was thrilled when Mohanji shared the Silent Technique because this was a technique I had instinctively been practising last many months and it felt validated.

After the workshop, I listened to the Shiva Kavacham when I started to experience my heart centre feeling softer and more open than before. Part of my Silent Technique practice was to look within/focus on the heart centre to experience the silence. However, I never felt that I was truly able to go deeper.

But now, I suddenly felt like a barrier had been broken, and I was one step closer/deeper to my journey towards the Silence within me. I could even feel the words of the Shiva Kavacham rising from the silence and sensed the silence in the gaps between each word. My heart was opening. I felt a gush of inexplicable gratitude to Mohanji, who is working on all of us. All that I had to do was simply show up for this workshop and be present for this time!

Regula Pfenninger, Switzerland

This workshop helped me gain clarity with a strengthening of purpose. I am automatically observing more of my inner self with the outside. I am grateful for all the guidelines we got in this nourishing workshop and the privilege of being able to participate in this program. There is less fear when confronted with problems that seem impossible to resolve. I feel very happy to learn and to go on learning.

Bhagyashree Parulkar, Malaysia

Honestly, I came to know about Mohanji because I am a Sai Baba disciple. During these 11 days, I was talking to Sai Baba in my prayers that “You made me (your Bhakta) to connect to NOW to MOHANJI. So tell him to hold my hand and show me the right path. This would be for me your direct confirmation. Give me some hint, Sai!”

And unexpectedly, during this workshop time, I got udi sent from Shirdi! I live in Malaysia, and so during this time, getting Udi from Shirdi was a big promise and assurance from Sai to me confirming, “You are on the right path.”

Prafulla Chandra Bansod, India

It can’t be summed up by words. I believe it’s a continuous relationship that I have with Mohanji now, on my journey in this life, where he looks after me in all aspects. I feel very secure and experience different aspects of myself strongly, and I am accepting it with prayer and trust every moment. I have surrendered myself at his feet. Let Mohanji take care of me!

Tihana Frleta, Hrvatska

I am very grateful to Mohanji for this opportunity. I already feel a big change in perception and acceptance; I feel his energy flow helping me to get rid of unnecessary patterns and be more authentic. I’m already attuned to his advice to feel others more. Also, I find it very interesting that my work schedule matched to follow the whole program live.


From the beginning, it feels like receiving a hug in the form of Mohanji’s energy that stays with you continuously. In one session, he made me feel whole again. When he smiles at you, you know that he is with you.

Nirmal Saini, Australia

Mohanji changed my life totally. I have so many experiences and transformations that you brought into my life. When I connect to Mohanji mentally or physically through this online program, I always cry a lot. I feel I just want to be with him—so much energy around me. My body gets tuned into energy in his presence (the body spins and sways like a pendulum). Most of my answers I get when I listen to him and sometimes through thoughts while in his presence. I am looking forward to going deeper in silence in the presence of my beloved father, Mohanji. Love you, Mohanji!

Katarina Knežević-Nikolić, Serbia

I am deeply grateful for this gift. It comes at more than the right time in my life and helps me tremendously on my path of liberation. Somehow, on my path during the last couple of years, I have focused more on helping other people actualise themselves, and forgot about myself, lost my connection and my brightness which created challenges. I am grateful for being reminded of who I am and what is necessary to continue my journey into the light and be the light. Love.

Tamara Tapić, Serbia

I feel encouraged, supported on my path in my insecure baby steps. I am learning by example since Mohanji is pure love and kindness that I can feel. He is providing clear guidance about what, why and how. I feel truly empowered on the long journey in front of me.


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 18th November 2021


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EMpowered by Mohanji – 9

Happy Diwali to all of you from the Testimonials Team!

As the countdown begins for Empowered 2.0, here are some transforming experiences from participants of the first Empowered workshop that was conducted in September!

Nikita Naredi, India

The lid of Pandora’s box got opened!

I never realised I was Pandora’s box of so many emotions, patterns, and inadequacies. I knew a few of them; a few kept surfacing now and then, and the resolve to sort them out was always there since my encounter with and blessings of Mohanji. It would surface with so much impact I could never imagine till 2nd September when the Empowered workshop began.

Since the time I joined this program, I felt I had been put in a washing machine in the spinning mode and believe me, the spinning is very, very palpable. The scum is coming out, and the awareness is profound.

Every participant would be having their own share of a rollercoaster ride, but mine is presently only of negativities. I started understanding my negativities and realised they are patterns repeating over and over again, and Mihanjis golden words brought about a great acceptance.

I had no out of the world experiences which many participants have quoted: no feeling of warmth, no visualisation but only realisations and acceptance.

Through this program, I got the courage to speak out my infirmities to myself, my spouse, and my child, which I would earlier feel very inhibited and ashamed to talk and discuss. 

I indeed feel empowered and going through the recorded videos again and again for better clarity and really looking forward to Empowered 2. 

Amala Sankar, Kerala

I had this true feeling of Guru’s energy entering into my heart centre. Now the heart beats with the Guru. Each moment I look inside me, I can see the light of my Guru handed over to me, making it brighter. This has been essential for me this time; it is Sai Baba’s blessings to me. Faith in Baba connected me with Mohanji. I’m very happy now and feel more focused. Koti Koti pranamams, thank u Mohanji and team. Lots of Love. 

Each and every moment of my life has become more worthy, and I am trying to make myself worthy. Many thanks for your blessings. This program helped me to find what I was searching for the past few years. I was trying to discover myself, and now it finally happened. The process of purification started 11 days ago with God’s grace, the true feeling of Baba hearing my every thought and blessing me when the time arrived. 

Love you, Mohanji!

Carla Hartog & Bas van Velzen, The Netherlands

I feel immensely grateful to have joined Mohanji’s workshop. Especially after his spontaneous visit to our temple, the program was again a blessing and a boost to my/our spiritual path. The PAUSE technique is really helpful! The emphasis on commitment, conviction, consistency is ‘ringing’ in my head. Just once, on the 10th day, I felt discouraged. I had thoughts, “I am stuck in this cycle of birth & death; please HELP!” Thank God, it lasted just for a day. Overall, I need to absorb, contemplate and be alert to go by the flow and go beyond comfort zones. I am looking forward to participating in the next workshop. We have registered already. Meanwhile, there is a lot of work to do, and we’ll stay connected! Thanks, Subhasree, for all your dedication to the work and thanks to all the volunteers.

Maria Lopatina, Australia

And here I begin! More and more, I believe in divine timing, and meeting Mohanji and being part of this beautiful community is not a coincidence. I always dreamt of having a spiritual guru, although I was not actively looking for one, but just trusting the Universe to send me one. Just the day before the Empowered 1.0 workshop, I called my friend to chat. Although we don’t meet and speak with each other often, she is the one true friend you can count on. I hope she feels the same. She passed me the info about the Empowered program. When I looked at it, I felt no hesitation and signed up straight away. 

From day 1, I felt a strong connection with Mohanji; every word by Mohanji was a great reminder and an awakening. The exercise on day one showed me the areas that I need to work on: discipline and patience. I think Mahonji had a strong effect on me from the first day! The next morning, I began waking up with no alarm between 4 and 5 am, meditating, sitting in a lotus pose without changing for an hour or more, where I would previously struggle to sit for 15 minutes. It’s a miracle, and I believe Mohanji has something to do with it. Through the program, I got all the answers without asking any questions.

I struggled in the last three days to keep myself awake, but it seemed like when I needed to hear something important, my eyes were open, and my ears were listening. I could continue to share many things; the most important thing is I thank the Universe for such a gift. My dreams are comings true! Mohanji, I instantly fell in love with you. You are amazing, and you have an amazing team.


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My ride with Mohanji

my ride with mohanji

By Chakradhar Yakkala, Switzerland

I met Mohanji for the first time in October 2017 and have been meeting him regularly since then. More than the teachings and the worldly activities of Mohanji, what attracts me to him the most is the stillness he carries and the energy he exudes. Every time I visit him, I just plug into his silence, and I enjoy that silence within myself so well. It is like a drug for me, intoxicating and invigorating but never incapacitating. In addition to that, he always pushes my awareness a notch higher every time I meet him.

Earlier this year, I attended the retreat that happened in Istanbul in February 2021. I learnt and practiced Conscious Gapless Breathing there for the first time. One day after finishing that practice, as I lay down, as usual, to relax (with closed eyes), Deviji played some soft music. During that period, my breath rate dropped below a certain threshold. As one’s breath and mind are interconnected, not a single thought occurred on my mindscape while the awareness was at its peak. In such a state, I saw an expanse of a blue-colored matrix that had no limits. It was all-pervasive, and various forms were appearing and disappearing on it. I could not recognize any of those forms except Mahavatar Babaji. He appeared briefly, and His gaze had immense love, which I could never articulate in words. If he had continued that gaze for a little more time, I would have definitely gone mad with love.

I enjoy travelling, so after the retreat, I planned to travel across Turkey. After a few days of my solo travel, I felt dull and had severe body aches. I ignored them and pushed myself to quench my thirst to explore without listening to my body. After 90% of my expedition, I reached Izmir, a metropolitan city in Turkey.There I was struggling to talk and developed a persistent cough. I tested myself for Covid-19, and as one would expect, I was tested positive. I isolated myself in a hotel room and took the medication given by Turkish Government health care workers. I suffered from a severe cough and intermittent labored breathing.

I informed Mohanji of my situation, and he wrote back reassuring me that he is with me and watching over me always. He blessed me and asked me to connect more to his form. Thus, I spent a significant amount of time each day just looking at his picture. At this time, I recalled an event that happened during the retreat in Turkey. During our 1-1 time with Mohanji, he gave me a powerful mantra and asked me to chant it every day. That mantra is about being free from all kinds of diseases and having perfect health. I felt that he must have foreseen the situation that would take a toll on my health; hence, he gave me that mantra.  

A few days later, the cough became persistent, and every time I coughed, it felt as if somebody was piercing me with a knife in the diaphragm. I received a message from Mohanji during this time. He wrote I had a severe attack, but he had reduced the intensity of it.The same evening, my breathing was severely impaired, and I had to call for an ambulance to get admitted to a hospital in Izmir. The following morning, I felt it was time for me to go back to the soil. I could accept the severe bodily pain I was going through but could not accept dying in pain, as I had always dreamt of dying in a blissful state. So I wrote to Mohanji, “If I have to die, please make me free of pain”, as I did not want the pain to be my last experience of life. Mohanji replied that he is doing everything he can about my situation, and there was no need for me to worry.

I stayed for almost a week in the hospital on oxygen support.  I constantly watched another Covid positive man that was sharing the room with me. He was in his 70s or 80s, suffering terribly, and looked like he might die any moment. Whenever I felt a bit low, I would close my eyes and visualize Mohanji in the center of my forehead. I would experience a strong presence of him and in no time would feel normal again. After I got discharged from the hospital, I informed Mohanji of my status, and he told me that the worst is over, and I am on the road to recovery. He also mentioned that a lot of cleansing has happened, and a sort of re-birth will occur.

After getting discharged from the hospital, beginning of a new life

From the time I tested positive, my friend Judith from Switzerland wrote to me daily to check how I was doing, updated Mohanji regularly of my status, organized prayers and Mai-Tri sessions for me, where Mai-Tri practitioners from Switzerland and UK took turns and did Mai-Tri for me on a daily basis. She played the role of a Mother when I needed help the most, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to her and all the people who prayed and performed Mai-Tri for my recovery.

Once I returned home to Switzerland, I noticed that no matter what was happening in my life, I was just in gratitude all the time for still being alive. The most precious thing in our life is that we are alive, and most people tend to forget this and take life for granted (and expend a lot of time indulging in petty emotions). There is no guarantee that we are going to live next moment, so be grateful that you are alive now. Every morning I would wake up, look at Mohanji’s pic in my bedroom, smile and remind myself that I am still alive. One day when I woke up and smiled looking at Mohanji’s pic, he sent me a telepathic message, “Look, look.” At that very moment, my awareness got absorbed inward. I could see that although my body was awake, my emotional and psychological structures were dormant (literally sleeping) within me. I could see some energy (like electricity) flowed through those latent structures, and only then, they became alive and awake within me. This process happened within a span of few seconds after waking up.

Thus, my experiential understanding shifted from “I am this body and mind” to “I am the energy that is empowering this body and mind.” There is a world of difference between knowing this fact theoretically by reading some books or listening to some Masters and knowing it experientially. Once your identification shifts from the body and mind to the energy that flows through them (even for a brief period of time), you become inclusive in nature because you realize that it is the same energy that is flowing through and empowering every being.

After a considerable amount of recovery post Covid, I started practicing Conscious Gapless Breathing again. One day while I was lying down and relaxing after the practice, I wanted to get up but could not. Instead, something else got out of me, and I was witnessing myself in a different space. That space was just empty, slightly grayish, a little dark, and was extremely powerful. I was looking at myself sitting in that space and was observing the central axis in me. As I sat there, I remembered my friend and tried to transmit that power to him also. Sometime later, I did not know how to return from that space to my body as I have not figured out the mechanics of life yet. So, within myself, I said, “Mohanji, Mohanji, Mohanji”, and I was able to get back to my body from that space. Only then I could actually move my body and get up from the floor.

Recently, I attended the retreat in Montenegro. I went to Mohanji to thank him for being with me when I needed him the most. His words were, “So you went to hell and came back.” The following day, Mohanji said, “I heard that you were crying a lot”, referring to my struggle during Covid. I replied, “I thought it was time for me to go.” He then said, “It is a good practice, right? Now, when the time comes to go, you are already prepared!” I agreed affirmatively.

The following day of the retreat, the participants that were leaving early were told to come and receive Shaktipat (energy transfer) from Mohanji. When I went to receive Shaktipat, he said to me, Chakradhar, you are leaving! Why are you leaving? I hesitantly replied that I wanted to travel and explore Croatia, and that is the reason for my early departure and not participating in full retreat. Then he said to me, “You should go where your soul guides you, not where your mind guides you. See, you previously went where your mind guided you in Turkey, and you fell sick; before that, your soul guided you, and you were healthy, right?”

I said to myself, all these Gurus use heavy vocabulary such as soul guidance, guidance from the higher self, etc., and I have no clue what they talk about. I went up to him a few minutes later and asked, “How do I know if the soul is guiding me or the mind is guiding me?” He said that it is very simple. “If your mind is guiding you, it is seeking for repeated experiences and pleasures; if your soul is guiding you, it is seeking for transformation and silence.” These words were so simple, yet so profound. He then added, you are a scientist right; this is elementary stuff!

I left for Croatia and was happily exploring city after city. The last stop in my itinerary was Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is a 295km2 forest reserve, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there in the midst of nature. On my last evening there, I walked to a restaurant that was 30min away from my accommodation. On my way back, I felt like walking a bit in the forest before returning to my hotel. I walked on a well-demarcated path on the periphery of the forest for some time.  I saw some marked trails that led into the forest, so I took a turn and walked alone as there was no one around. The marked trail ended at a certain point inside the forest, and I was supposed to go back on the same marked path where I had come from.

I have always had a wild streak in me since childhood. Very few people in my life have seen that side of me. As a result, I have experimented quite a bit in my life and with my life. Sometimes, it turned out to be great and, at other times, terrible, but I have always learnt some amazing lessons. Instead of walking back, I entered the forest. I said to myself, “Although it is an unmarked territory from here, let me explore it. If I continue in this particular direction, I will still reach my accommodation, but through the forest. I have already walked this far in this direction, and I do not want to turn around now. Let me walk all the way!” Thus, I continued to walk inside the forest for almost an hour in the direction I thought was right.

Then, it dawned on me that somewhere I made a wrong turn and have walked deeper into the forest. Otherwise, it should not have taken this long for me to reach my accommodation. I had no clue where I was, and it was already 7:15 PM, and the sun was about to set. A bit of frustration, and a bit of fear started to creep in. I visualized Mohanji in my heart center and asked him, “Could you please guide me?” He guided me to walk in a particular direction. I walked in the appointed direction for approximately 40 minutes. I felt like I had arrived nowhere. By then, I already got a few cuts and bruises, and the heel of my right foot was bleeding continuously. I felt a bit dejected, not able to clearly figure out which way to go. I again got a message from Mohanji, “Keep walking son, even if you do not see any clear path, keep walking in the same direction I showed you.” I continued walking for 20 more minutes in that direction and stopped again, not knowing if I was doing the right thing. Once again, Mohanji sent me a message, “Keep walking, son; you are almost there.”

I continued walking for 15 more minutes. I was so dehydrated that the surface of my lips started to peel off (I neither carried any water nor I had come across a pool of water in that part of the forest I walked). On the other hand, that forest is home to bears, wild dogs and wolves. I took out my phone that was running out of battery and thought of calling the owner of my accommodation. I wanted to inform him of my status in case I managed to survive the night with wild animals and dehydration, so he could send a search/rescue team the following morning. Once again, I felt the message from Mohanji, “Continue in the same direction for ten more minutes; if you still do not see anything, make a phone call, but not now.” So trusting the message, I continued for another 10 minutes, and to my amazement, I reached the village where my accommodation was, just 5 minutes before it became completely dark. Only then, I understood why Mohanji said to me in Montenegro, “Do not go where your mind guides you!” Hahahaha!

Although my story appears to be different on the surface, on a deeper level, I feel that it is very similar to the stories of most people. Most of us walk into traps; somebody who has a physical compulsion will walk into one sort of a trap, another with an emotional compulsion will walk into a different sort of a trap, and similarly for the one with psychological compulsions. The bottom line is that unconsciously most of us walk into traps; what kind of a trap you walk into differs based on the predominant constitution you carry. Moreover, in many cases, by the time one realizes that they are stuck in a trap, they might have dissipated a significant amount of their lifetime and life energies. The only way to avoid it is to enhance your awareness and to connect to a higher frequency that will nurture, assist and facilitate the evolution of your awareness.

Finally, I would like to thank Mohanji immensely for always making my perception and awareness evolve, and would like to stress the fact that if someone connects to him, he is available to that person always. One needs to have the necessary subtlety and receptivity to recognize it and cherish it. 

The Master who never leaves your hand


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Lessons living with Mohanji – days 41 & 42

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 41 Lesson – Round-up of the 41 days – If there’s a transformation, it’s worth it 

Good morning, everybody. 

Today is day 41 of the ‘Lessons Living with Mohanji’ series. Firstly, I wanted to say thank you so much for everybody’s support and the private messages that have been sent. I didn’t have any expectations on how far this would reach people. I’m really happy to contribute to our global family in this way, especially if it’s helping with the connection to Mohanji and our purpose because we have a lot to do in the world. 

Mohanji reminds me of this constantly: what more can we do? How can we improve everything? We have great platforms, and each of them has its vision, purpose and objective in the world. How can we use them to reach more people? 

Mohanji gives clarity and guidance for this constantly so that raising awareness and the collective consciousness of the world can be achieved. He said before that he’s here to bring Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, to Earth. In satsangs and here in the house, he’s clarified a few times that actually Satya Yuga already exists. It never left. It’s a frequency, a higher frequency we can connect to. For this to happen, we collectively need to start living the highest potential of human existence – kindness, compassion, unconditional love. 

This is a potential inside us all. Mohanji is available to take us there. But as I’ve mentioned before, he says that it’s for us to walk; he can only guide us, but he’s holding our hand on the way. 

Over the past days, I’ve spoken about the beauty of the Mohanji platforms as opportunities for our purification and for giving back our skills to the world, which benefits us and our entire lineage. What we invest in now will serve us and the future generations to come. I think it’s worth it. 

I’ve also shared many messages about the operating stature of Mohanji as I experience him. There is no nonsense; there’s only today, no postponement, no delay, no procrastination – it’s now. Also, before being spiritual, he’s more practical, and he doesn’t rest. It is a fire in the house: we either move and transform, or we get burned. There’s no “Okay; maybe I’ll be doing this”. It is being fully committed, or maybe it’s not the right thing for us. 

I’ve shared some overview of the house, daily life, interactions with family, his parents, and all the beings around the house. There’re also some extra dimensions of his work, which aren’t completely perceivable to me, but I know they exist. They are becoming more apparent; the longer I stay here, the more I can observe. 

As today marks 41 days, I wanted to focus on transformation. This is probably the main lesson I’ve been able to take from my time here and from my life generally. Since I’ve been connected to Mohanji, there’s been a transformation in my life for the positive. Sometimes there have been big turbulences and quite challenging situations. As soon as I connected to Mohanji, lots of things started to shift in my life. But what I found is that by keeping steady, understanding what purpose I set for myself, accepting situations as they come, riding with that flow of life – there’ll always be a positive outcome at the end. 

Now, I would say that I’ve come from a relative depth of unconscious existence. I used to spend the majority of my time just crashing through life, from one experience to the next, chasing them. Many of them have been drunk, unconscious states. But now, there’s much more clarity and contentment in my life. I hope that listening to these messages would have helped me share that transformation with you all.

Mohanji has been open about this, too. He said that unless there is a transformation for you, it’s not worth being here. Especially in regards to me staying here, he said, “If it’s going to become too much for you and it starts to become a burden and suffocation, then maybe now it’s not the time. I don’t want to make people crumble; I want people to have a happy life. But if you’re willing to transform, then I’m happy to take you to the highest, or wherever you can reach”. He also said that he’s not here to make followers; he’s not interested in collecting more followers. He’s here to make masters. So, it will be our own progress that will be a benchmark of our connection, conviction and our alignment with this path of liberation. 

He also mentioned that transformation doesn’t have to be dramatic so as to become enlightened straightaway. Even if we’re shifting from a lethargic and no-movement state to one where we have purpose and are taking small steps, it’s worth it. Even if it’s about becoming less angry or less affected by situations of the world, it’s worth it. 

So, I’ll end the recording today with an open “Thank you” to Mohanji for all he’s done for me personally, for the opportunity that I have to speak with you all, and for his kindness and friendship, for the time that I’ve been here with him in Bangalore, as he’s looked after me so well—even with the basics, providing shelter, great food, and deep companionship. 

I had intended to conclude these sessions after 41 days. I didn’t intend to carry on. But as there are people here willing to listen, I’ll keep sharing and keep speaking until it’s no longer useful for people. If you have any specific questions about what it’s like to live with Mohanji, I’m really happy to answer. Feel free to make use of me as I have the opportunity to be here. I’m happy to answer any questions, no matter how small or trivial you think they may be. 

The final “thank you” goes to my office team; they do such great work supporting this, especially the one who’s transcribing all of these recordings. I won’t share the name because maybe they’ll get embarrassed. 

As I’ve mentioned in one of the last messages, we’re looking to extend the team, too. So if anyone reads this and feels a calling, write to me, and we can discuss. 

Have a great day ahead, and I wish you a happy day.

Day 42 Lesson – To serve Mohanji is to live his teachings 

Good morning, everybody; I hope you’re doing very well. 

I was thinking back this morning of the reasons why I started these messages. It was to share with people what it’s like to live with Mohanji because I understand that it’s a unique situation to spend this much time with him here. Also, we have an unprecedented situation (COVID) where people cannot meet Mohanji physically, which could potentially get worse as we see a new strain in the UK. It really is an unprecedented and unpredictable time. 

I also know a number of people would like to serve Mohanji personally, e.g. prepare his food, clothes, administer any medicines, and generally help with personal duties. When he’s travelling, this work is greater than when he’s at home. But now, since he’s here, it’s mainly about preparing meals and making sure that everything is well arranged for the live video events, this type of thing. 

But what I’ve come to know, actually, is that he’s more than capable of looking after himself. He’s very independent and a very private person. He’s spoken in public many times that he’s an introvert by nature. He likes having personal space and time to himself, which is why I try to keep my best focus in the meetings we have in the morning. Then, he just updates me in the evening, so we use his time efficiently. 

Also, I understood that he allows everything from people; whichever way people would like to connect to him, he allows. There’s a lot of people who feel compelled to serve him, and he allows that because they gain satisfaction from it. But I sometimes think that it might be easier for him just to do the tasks himself. However, he’s fantastic in allowing everybody who desires to serve him to do so. 

More recently, it’s been a bit more difficult, and I really appreciate Mohanji’s response to the people who have asked, “How do I serve you? What is the best way to serve you? I’d like to spend more time with you”. He gives them a simple answer, which I’ve heard many times before, but it’s a great reminder for me and for others too. He said: “The best way to serve me is to simply live my teachings, bring brightness to the world, and share with the world your gifts and your talents, and especially help the helpless“. That means he’s happiest when others are happy, when they are looked after and cared for, especially when all beings have been fed, and their bellies are full. This is sometimes why, when I’m speaking to him in the morning, he can suddenly stop, and he will ask me, “Have the birds been fed? Can you hear them?” because he’ll hear the birds chirping away or making noise. I’ll check, I’ll go outside, and I can see that they haven’t been fed. So, I’ll feed them. But it means that he’s felt their hunger. 

So, to serve Mohanji is simply to live his teachings. This is the best service we can give. The best ritual he advises to people is feeding the hunger of all beings because that helps us, and it helps them. 

Before working closely with Mohanji and staying here, I had my own experience of understanding this. It was over a year ago now, when I’d recently become an Acharya. After the training, he sent all of us an email, which was really, really kind; it really touched me. He was offering assistance. He said if there’s anything he could help with at all, we could write to him and ask for help. Then he would do his best to fulfil that.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the kindness which he showed because he had just given us so much during the Acharya training. I thought, what more could I ask for? That night, I thought to myself that I would just like to have something really ordinary, something very human and basic, a human experience with Mohanji, e.g. to share breakfast, a Dosa breakfast. Then I went to sleep and had a dream with Mohanji; it was a very vivid dream, where we were at a Mohanji style retreat. I was packing, but it looked like I was going to be late and miss the bus that was going to take us from one location to another. Then Mohanji came into the room and said, “Don’t worry, you can travel with me to the next stop”. On the way, we stopped for some food; it was breakfast time. We went into a café, and that was my chance to have a Dosa breakfast with Mohanji. So I ordered Dosas to eat with him. I ordered two and had just enough money for those. One was ready, so I went back to the counter, collected it, took it back, and gave it to Mohanji sitting at the table. Then I went back to collect the other Dosa from the counter, when, in a flash of an eye, the cashier turned into a homeless person or a beggar who simply asked me for money, “Do you have money?” I didn’t have any because I had just bought the Dosas. I asked if he was hungry instead. He said yes, so rather than sitting with Mohanji, I sat down with him, and we split the Dosa in half, and we ate it together. I must have woken up then and remembered that. 

That was profound for me because I clearly understood that having breakfast or feeding the hungry and the helpless was the same as having it with him. That stuck with me. 

I didn’t know that I’d have a chance to eat Dosas for breakfast with him after this, especially here at the house. 

So today, this is the message that to serve Mohanji is to very simply live his teachings and help the helpless where we can. When we do this, he actually feels it, and he knows. 

Have a great day ahead.


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Tranquilizers and detoxifiers

In these turbulent times, the best antidotes are the teachings and meditations of Mohanji, which has anchored many people. Here we have three beautiful people from the Mohanji family sharing their experiences about anchoring themselves.

By Charles Ndifon Londi, Canada

Anyone who knows Mohanji or has heard about him will be taken aback by the title of this article, but perhaps those who don’t know him will quickly seek him out for a new panacea for their ailments as they must not have had success with medications earlier taken. Yes, life is stressful with new challenging situations cropping up daily where people either have to face them, pretend the challenges don’t exist, flee, or impotently wish the challenges away. 

Some of the problems may stem from eating and drinking habits, in short, one’s lifestyle. Those who succumb to the challenges of life visit the doctor’s office for help and are given all types of drugs to stabilize their aberrant minds, possibly with side effects that may need other medication. I have personally experienced this and can tell you that being a life casualty is not a good thing. So what do tranquilizers do? They are drugs that reduce anxiety, fear, tension, agitation, and related states of mental disturbance. 

Mainstream pharmaceutical tranquilizers may fall into two main classes, major and minor. Some tranquilizers like benzodiazepines can cause mood swings, hallucinations, and depression. In the final analyses, it seems that one sets out to solve a problem and ends up with an even greater problem. However, this is not to denigrate pharmaceuticals, but only to honestly point out that there are some pernicious effects.

Let’s welcome a new class of tranquilizers and detoxifiers, the impalpable but potent elixirs dished out by Mohanji to all who would listen and whose intent is to be totally free on the physical, astral, causal, and mental levels. They have their etiology in a deep and focused understanding of life and its true purpose, created on the luxuriant playfields of supreme consciousness. I have personally used these remedies that are tasteless but sweet. 

These are the Mohanji quotes, podcasts, guided meditations, conference talks, retreats, Mai-Tri Method sessions, and general exhortations on many facets of life. It is said that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. I am voraciously eating whatever pudding Mohanji places on the table and hope you too can have a taste as I had in the experiences below. They led to the breakage of patterns, bindings, self-imposed restrictions, socially accepted ideas, outmoded thinking, etc. I am fighting hard that these patterns and restrictions don’t return as they are a subtle form of self-bewitchment.

I decided to try out the Mai-Tri Method with a beloved Mohanji Acharya, Preeti Duggal, barely months into Mohanji consciousness. What happened just as the session was about to begin (particulars of it confidential) wasn’t clear to me until the facilitator explained it to me. I thought I had suffered a sudden malaise but it was a divine dose of Mohanji tranquilizer and detox that came in. 

Then in another instance, actually a regular practice, I decided to prepare myself to face a recurrent situation that could lead to a confrontation with someone close. What other recourse had I then to dwell in the sacred place of the highest, in my heart center, where dwells my Master who brings along the great Masters to commune and bond with me. I was surprised by how understanding, detached and calm I was to face the situation. 

So I have decided to fly always to my heart center to be with Mohanji in The Bliss of Silence Meditation. While there the troubles that come sound like waves on a very distant shore. There I am tranquil, purged, and detoxified of all heavy emotions, cares, and worries. 

These all-natural remedies are for everyone who earnestly wants to heal not only the physical body but the four other inner bodies and be free and liberated to stand in the light, love, and bliss of the Supreme Consciousness. Would you like some Mohanji tranquilizers and detoxifiers?

By Raja Sekhar, India

I am from Hyderabad. I was lucky to be introduced to Mohanji’s path by Savithri ji. I feel blessed to be able to participate in the Power of Purity Meditation sessions through Neena didi and Aditya ji. I have participated in annadaan and distribution of cloths to the needy along with our team. Furthermore, I feel so blessed to have seen our beloved Mohanji in person and to have received his magic touch by attending the inauguration of Bhima Pushkaram with him. This happened through Krishnamurty Garu and Rajesh Kamath ji, and I am ever grateful for having had this wonderful opportunity to meet Mohanji.

Every day, Mohanji is blessing me to translate one of his English quotes to Telugu and post it in the Mohanji Telugu group. In this regard, I offer my sincere thanks to Soujanya ji for effective help and support in the group.

Whenever I go outside, either walking or in a vehicle, I keep on continuously chanting the Mohanji Gayatri mantra, which is evergreen and ever effective in clearing all my obstacles on the road and in my mind.

One of the major transformations in me after meeting our beloved Mohanji is quite contrary to my previous immediate and rash reactions to situations; I am becoming decreasingly less reactive to those situations. There is a considerable change in my reactions/responses.

My firm belief is that Mohanji is preparing me to be less burdened with Earthly attachments and is showing me a way to attain Janma Rahithyamu (birthlessness). I am grateful for the opportunity to communicate some of my feelings and experiences with my beloved Father – Parabrahma Mohanji! 

By Jayan Jayamadhavan Palakkal, India

I met Mohanji in Dubai in April 1999. I saw a noble heart and a Philanthropist in Mohanji. Mohanji used to deal with people with a cool mind and organize things on a large scale. Many people got jobs and placements through his contacts.

In August 2000, while on a journey in India, Mohanji lost his daughter Ammu. This was a turning point in Mohanji’s life. Mohanji’s visits to the Himalayas and the formation of the Ammucare Trust happened later. I was able to join Mohanji during blood donation camps and other activities in a small way.

I used to meet Mohanji almost every week while in Dubai or whenever possible during visits to Dubai. Once Mohanji was meditating in his room, I met Mohanji afterwards and received a book on Shirdi Baba, the Sai Satcharita. Mohanji told me to visit Shirdi, which I did in 2006 December, and I started experiencing some amazing miracles of Baba.

Whenever a crisis happened in my life, Mohanji was readily available for guidance, and I continue to receive this blessing. I remember the time when Bless the World meditations started. Mohanji’s Shaktipat was felt by me on several occasions in his presence and without his physical presence also.

Mohanji explains spiritual matters in such a simple and easy to understand manner. Mohanji’s healing powers are felt by people around me.

In 2012, Mohanji predicted the shift in consciousness and the changes happening in the world. He advised people to go vegan and also predicted the virus attacks! Under his guidance, I was always able to plan things better and ride through the complicated situations of life.

Thank you, Mohanji, for the wonderful experiences and your guidance as a Guru.


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