Living with a Master, serving a living master

Lessons living with Mohanji – days 41 & 42

More recently, it’s been a bit more difficult, and I really appreciate Mohanji’s response to the people who have asked, “How do I serve you? What is the best way to serve you? I’d like to spend more time with you”. He gives them a simple answer, which I’ve heard many times before, but it’s a great reminder for me and for others too. He said: “The best way to serve me is to simply live my teachings, bring brightness to the world, and share with the world your gifts and your talents, and especially help the helpless”. That means he’s happiest when others are happy, when they are looked after and cared for, especially when all beings have been fed, and their bellies are full.

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Tranquilizers and detoxifiers

Anyone who knows Mohanji or has heard about him will be taken aback by the title of this article, but perhaps those who don’t know him will quickly seek him out for a new panacea for their ailments as they must not have had success with medications earlier taken. Yes, life is stressful with new challenging situations cropping up daily where people either have to face them, pretend the challenges don’t exist, flee, or impotently wish the challenges away. 

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Many Masters or this one?

My deepest transformations started happening with Mohanji after this. It has been a rapid journey after that. It took me a while to understand that the connection became pure, and all distractions and loopholes for doubts were eliminated so that the Master could deliver. I could be receptive only after that incident. I still have a long way to go, but that’s surrendered at his feet now. It’s his job; mine is to hang in there however difficult the ride turns out to be!

Ulla Shiva
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Shiva – the place where all rivers meet

While listening, I could feel Mohanji’s energy very tangibly inside me moving up my spine to the top of my head. I spontaneously began to see inside my head the different teachers and Masters that I have connected with and all the different processes that I have practised at different stages in my life. It then dawned upon me that the driving force, the connection and the source of all experiences behind them were Shiva.

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The secret miracles

Since meeting Mohanji in 2014, in my journey on the spiritual path, karma yoga – the path of service has been my purpose. I have found my joy and peace volunteering for Ammucare. After being given the responsibility as the president of Ammucare since 2018, I feel Guru Mandala has bestowed me with a golden opportunity to serve the helpless and purify myself. In this role, I get to see the flow of divine grace in every single seva activity done by Ammucare through each volunteer as an instrument.

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From imprisonment to a life of purpose

When I was sentenced and sent to prison, I was extremely scared. In my first week there, I was made to sleep on the floor. What made it worse was being next to a stinking bathroom where I could not sleep because everyone was passing by to get to the toilet. The only time I could rest and sleep was when all the inmates were already asleep. I can never forget that during my first few days, I was bitten by a cockroach and I really suffered a lot. There was no one that I could ask for help. I got sick because of the heat and congestion but nobody ever helped me.

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